The Trump Blood Moon Eclipse Horoscope

Here's something strange. The July 27th 2018 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is part of a series - a Saros Series - which hooks up to key developments in Donald Trump's life - including his own given birth date and Vietnam military papers.

The Trump Blood Moon Eclipse Horoscope

The Trump Blood Moon Eclipse Horoscope is so named, because this July 27th 2018 event is part of a series that has uncanny hook-ups with the President’s history.

It’s part of Saros Series 129 which began way back on a very familiar date. 14th June 1946. We’re told that is Donald Trump’s birthdate, although he has also given out a second one. In any case, here’s one version of the form. We had a total lunar eclipse on that date. As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, a total eclipse is always a total blackout of information, facts, the truth! This particular version of the Trump certification of birth can be found on Pinterest.

Going forward in time, the July 27th 2018 total lunar eclipse is part of the same Saros series, and hours before it took hold, we learned of another Trump mystery involving that tower.



July 27th 2018 600x338 - The Trump Blood Moon Eclipse Horoscope


The July 16th 2000, Eclipse – Another Trump Moon Moment

Going back in time again, we find that one day after the July 16th 2000 total eclipse, STATE PROBES TRUMP was the headline. If there is anything we know about eclipses on a Saros cycle it is that they are about 18 years apart but always linked by theme or narrative. The New York Post ran this story within 24 hours of the Moon going dark. The story was about Trump’s Casino plans, which is interesting, as there is another eclipse on this same series, on July 6th 1982, which coincided with his plans for Atlantic City casinos but also – crucially – the topping off of Trump Tower, New York.

July 17 2000 - The Trump Blood Moon Eclipse Horoscope


Different Times, Different Signature, Same Eclipse Series

Here we go again. Harking all the way back to June 25th 1964, when another total eclipse blacked out the Moon, we find these documents which are essentially part of the paperwork that got Trump out of serving in the Vietnam war.

Note the dates – his own alleged/supplied birthdate of June 14th 1946, and then weirdly, a calendar date which is within 24 hours of the next eclipse in the series, June 25th 1964. If you are familiar with the famous spiky Trump signature of 2018 you will also find the handwriting here completely different. It’s on the bottom line.

The bottom line with this Saros 129 Cycle? It shows you a chain of question marks without full and complete answers and that is typical of eclipses. They conceal they never reveal. The next one will be many decades into the future. What do you think about these lunar events? The Trump Blood Moon Horoscope pattern is profound. Even if that given date of birth is not what we should be working with (Trump’s own office supplied a July birthdate to New York authorities years later) – it is still significant in that it marks an eclipse in a long chain across time, which is peaking on July 27th 2018.

The Sun and Moon are in opposite signs each time. In 1946, Gemini and Sagittarius. In 1964, Cancer and Capricorn. In 1982, Cancer and Capricorn. In 2000, Cancer and Capricorn. And now, in 2018, Leo and Aquarius.  Check the supplied Trump birth certificates on Pinterest.



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  1. One thing: Disney and Fox are undergoing a merger, but is it doomed to fail as it’s in Mercury Retrograde in Leo?

    1. Disney own the Lion King don’t they? There is a clue. Without both corporate charts it is impossible to say if it will fall through, but it has certainly been rolled out at the worst possible time. You’ll know more from September when Mercury goes out of shadow!

  2. On your earlier 2017 post about Uranus in Taurus: You stated the last time Uranus was in Taurus was June 6th 1934. Interesting to note that was the date of passage of the US Securities and ‘Exchange Act of 1934! Perhaps there is hope for the future of money after all.

    1. Yes. That act is going to be the clincher in the Mueller enquiry. On a wider scale it has implications for money laundering worldwide. Uranus in Taurus is going to win this one.

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