Blood Moon. Total Eclipse. Astrology Secrets!

This Friday - the 27th of July, 2018, we will see the longest blood moon this century. It’s a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

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This Friday – the 27th of July, 2018, we will see the longest blood moon this century. It’s a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. It’s also part of a powerful, life-changing and mysterious story for you, which began months or even years ago. How is your horoscope affected? First of all, please try not to act or judge on Friday. Why? An eclipse conceals. It never reveals. An eclipse covers up. It never shows. It’s neither good nor bad. It is what it is. A developing chain of episodes about one area of your life, where you will not see 100% and will not know everything you should.

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How Cliff Richard and Mark Zuckerberg are Affected

Here’s the quick guide to your Sun Sign and your Solar Sign eclipse forecast. This is where things have been full of secrets, guessing games, cover-up jobs, mysteries and missing details for 2017, 2018 and maybe going back years. Are you relating?

MarkZ - Blood Moon. Total Eclipse. Astrology Secrets!I’ll give you a couple of famous examples. Taurus Mark Zuckerberg, born on 14th May 1984, head of Facebook, has the Friday 27th July eclipse in his zone of career, ambition, achievement, success.

As I write this on Thursday. 26th July for you, the news is in – Mark Zuckerberg loses $18.8 BILLION in just TWO HOURS! You can bet there’s an eclipse cover-up about that developing, but Zuckerberg may also be dealing with concealed information swirling around his career.

I’ll give you another example. Libra Sir Cliff Richard, born 14th October 1940 has the blood moon and total eclipse in his zone of children and younger people.

Cliff Richard court case e1532633111223 600x483 - Blood Moon. Total Eclipse. Astrology Secrets!

News just in: Sir Cliff Richard has spoken out about the “disastrous” impact of the BBC’s coverage of a police raid on his home after winning his privacy case against the BBC. In a tearful interview with ITV, Sir Cliff said that now he “won’t go anywhere near children.” Yet – it’s not over! The BBC is still seeking permission to challenge a privacy ruling in favour of Sir Cliff Richard.

Blood Moon. Total Eclipse. Astrology Secrets! Do we know the end of this story? Not at all.

Is an Eclipse Good or Bad?

An eclipse is neither good, nor bad, it just shows an unclear picture. The rest of your personal birth chart will show what’s actually going on. If you have Aquarius factors in your Eleventh House of groups, networks, friendships and ‘circles’ of people – that is going to tell the story. If you are a Premium Member, look at anything in Aquarius in your Eleventh House. That tells the background story.

Sure, if you have been building up issues for yourself with your friends, or your group/s over many years, I’m afraid you are not going to like the eclipse on Friday 27th July. Yet, if you have been laying good groundwork with teams, clubs, societies, associations and other friendly communities – this might just be a cover-up for the nicest reasons. You should really be taking apart your Aquarius planets, asteroids, points, angles and seeing what patterns they make – and what they mean – to give you the deeper story about the total lunar eclipse in Aquarius and this very dramatic blood moon.

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Your Sign at a Glance – Which Area of Your Life is Affected by the Aquarius Eclipse?

An eclipse is neither good, nor bad – but you can count on being kept in the dark, on Friday 27th July 2018, where this area of your life is concerned! What does your Sun Sign tell you about your solar sign chart, which always spotlights the public side of your life?

ARIES – Clubs, teams, political parties, trade unions, committees, social media, friendships.
TAURUS – Career, unpaid work, university or college degree, ambition, achievement, success.
GEMINI – Travel, the worldwide web, regional and foreign differences, publishing, education.
CANCER – Finance, property, business, charity, ownership, taxation, buying, selling, banks.
LEO – Former, current or potential partners. Enemies, rivals or opponents.
VIRGO – Lifestyle, body, work, unpaid work, study, daily routine, doctors, drugs, food, drink, fitness, healing.
LIBRA – Babies, children and Millennials. Younger people. Lovers who can bring a younger generation closer.
SCORPIO – Your house, apartment or land. Your household or family. Your home town or homeland.
SAGITTARIUS – The worldwide web. Multimedia. Your ‘voice’ across all mediums. Communication.
CAPRICORN – Property. Finance. Business. Taxation. Charity. Everything you own, earn or owe.
AQUARIUS – Your image. Your reputation and profile. Your name. Your personal appearance, shape and style.
PISCES – The secrets you conceal from other people. Any role you play behind the scenes, unrecognised.

Famous Eclipse Cover-Ups

From Princess Diana to the Assassination of J.F.K. – and Trump?

  • Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on Wednesday 29th July 1988 – when, according to Diana, he was concealing his love for Camilla Parker-Bowles. The first eclipse took place on Friday 17th The second one occurred on Friday 31st July of that year.
  • Princess Diana died near an eclipse. She passed on 31st August 1997 and the Solar Eclipse took place on 2nd September, two days later.
  • On July 20th, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, who allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy some months later, was fired from his job the day before the eclipse.

 The word ‘eclipse’ comes from an ancient Greek word for ‘darken.’ We are left in the dark on an eclipse. We can’t see.

 On 9/11, we had an eclipse in the mix. We saw a Total Lunar Eclipse across the 20th and 21st January 2000. The first 9/11 hijackers secretly arrived in California in January 2000.

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Are you curious about the fate of Donald Trump on this particular eclipse?

News just in: 24 hours before this eclipse on July 26th, 2018 – Michael Avenatti claims Trump conspired with Cohen to pay off multiple women before Election Day 2016. “They were also concerned about a pregnancy” he claims. Most mysterious! Well, we had a Lunar Eclipse on July 15th, 1973 and on July 28th, 1973, President Richard Nixon ordered the White House taping system to be disconnected. So, there is a precedent for White House cover-ups on or near a total eclipse.

On Monday, 21st August 2017, we saw an eclipse which Donald and Melania actually witnessed for the media. How astonishing is that? I made some predictions before it happened, about the young Trumps. Why the young Trumps? Because that eclipse fell in Leo, the royal sign, which rules dynasties and kings. In America, that means the President, his children and their partners and children.

To give you an example of the kind of cover-up or mystery that eclipses can bring, think back to 1982 when we had seven of them. In that year, Princess Diana was pregnant with Prince William and secretly threw herself down the stairs, in a suicide attempt – according to her biographer Andrew Morton, who was given tapes by Diana for his book.

As I’ve mentioned, eclipses are neither negative nor positive. They are what they are. Information is withheld from the public, and in your own life, you are never told or shown the full story! If there are more intense, difficult and negative patterns in your personal birth chart around the eclipse – that can be a problem.

I’ll say it again, with one eye on the White House. Blood Moon. Total Eclipse. Astrology Secrets! Never buy what you’re being shown or told on an eclipse because history will later reveal the truth.

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Have you noticed one or two important episodes ‘moving on up’ in your life in July?  It’s regarding the life area I mentioned above on that list opposite your sign. It’s not your imagination. Things are really shifting here, and you are going to see great changes, in several slow stages, building at Christmas 2020 and then transforming your life from 2023.

One of the reasons is the South Node (karma) in Aquarius!

As of the 10th of May 2017, the South Node moved into Aquarius, and it will stay there until the 6th of November 2018. In your personal chart, if you are a Premium Member and know for sure you have factors in Aquarius, you will see an important repeat of issues involving groups and friends over these timeframes in your past. You will be put strongly in touch with your Aquarian side. Aquarius is about the group – the community – the friendships. It’s a pure expression of togetherness, but without the complication of a relationship.

moon 3182407 1920 600x400 - Blood Moon. Total Eclipse. Astrology Secrets!

Time Travel, Karma and the Past in Aquarius Weather

If you do have Aquarius factors, in your Premium Member personal birth chart, then try to remember what went down with your friendships and groups in the following periods. Why? Karma closure by November 2018. It’s coming. And, in fact, this eclipse on Friday 27th July (your big blind spot, your missing jigsaw piece) will be a crucial part of that closure!

You’re bound to see karmic rewards or settlements involving friends or groups, if you have Aquarius personal birth chart factors, involving these periods in your life:

  • January 30th, 1998 to August 23rd, 1998
  • November 29th, 1998 to March 10th, 2003
  • September 16thto December 30th, 2003

I’ll try to make time across this historic total lunar eclipse and blood moon, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th July to answer your questions in Comments.

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167 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica. Thanks for all you do. I was hoping you could shine some light on the upcoming eclipse for me. Sun in Aries but Stellium in Aquarius including two planets at 5 degrees and one at 6. I am not in a group or union, keep personal opinions to myself online and have no drama with my husband ,kids or friends. My passion for my chosen successful career has disappeared over the last few years and I have zero training for anything else. Any advice for the eclipse would be so helpful.
    With thanks

    1. You have a large stellium in Aquarius and Psyche at 5 Aquarius. This eclipse has nothing to do with your career, A (that is ruled by Virgo and Capricorn, not Aquarius). Aquarius is about communities and tribes. It is very odd that you don’t identify with a community at all. When you realise which group (or groups) you are actually being affected by, come back to me. Sometimes the experience of friendship can be so difficult with a mixed bag of Aquarius factors – which you have – that I’ve seen readers avoid places like Facebook, for example. They refuse to sit on committees and even as children they wrestled with the Girl Guides or being on a netball team! Yet, Aquarius will out. You’re in a tribe of some kind. Which tribe? That is where the eclipse will fall on Psyche, towards the end of July. And that’s why you’re in the dark and may want to decide on an issue much later.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    As always your are amazing, very interesting article. I have 04 Asc/Leo and 04 Desc/Aquarius. Can you please share your knowledge with me?
    Have a beautiful rest of this day.

    1. Thank you. You give a specific birth time so I assume it’s correct. It needs to be, as even a few minutes can put your chart out! You have the Descendant in Aquarius. The eclipse falls right on this. Your DC or Descendant describes your other half. Your opposite number. This can be your partner or your enemy, actually. It is the person on the other side of the scales from you. If the scales are unbalanced there may be injustice or unfairness, so the DC person becomes your rival or opponent. If they are balanced, this becomes your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or work partner. I am sure you can see how an eclipse leaves you in the dark. When choices emerge on Friday, why choose when you can’t see (yet)? You may never see, actually. Eclipses are often mysteries that run for years. That is why pro astrologers always tell you – wait, wait, wait. The late, great Debbie Kempton-Smith was a great one for sitting out an eclipse. In fact, we were due to meet once in New York and she refused to do it, because we’d set the date for an eclipse!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been waiting for this eclipse, like I’m excited to see the blood moon as it is visible accross Africa. And I understand it is the longest of the century.

    I have Salacia and Ceres in Aquarius, what should I expect?

    Also, somewhere on your website, I was reading a reply you gave to one client where you advised her to ask her spirit guides to assist her. So I used my candles too and reached out to my guides, didn’t know how I could reach them. I asked them for a specific need and asked for a specific way of response, and within 24 hours I had a response. Exactly how I asked. It’s eye opening really. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. I am glad you had your spirit guide respond to you. Fantastic. If you have Salacia and Ceres in Aquarius, then in general, you have a lifetime pattern of being quite powerful within a group and quite influential with your friends – teams, clubs, societies, parties, unions, associations are where you have the controls in your world. Yet, you periodically experience a loss of that control and power and are forced to cut deals with friends, or with the groups. It’s rather like being Churchill last century and finding out that you can harness the War Cabinet to win the war, but later on, lose your seat in politics. Imagine that. Without knowing the degrees of Ceres or Salacia it is impossible to say if this eclipse affects you directly, but in general, on Friday, assume that where friends and groups are concerned, you know nothing. This is doubly important if you are on Facebook. Most people I know are not, but if you are, be really aware of the potential for a cover-up or even your own blind spot, about your groups.

      1. You are right about the periodical loss of friendships. I have gone through so many of those periods that I have a fear of belonging to groups or getting close to friends now. Thanks Jessica

  4. Dear Jessica,

    Based on my below chat factors will I have to worry about the eclipse period? Already I’m having work related people issues so will these be effected too?
    Salacia 04° Aquarius 36′ 38″ R
    Proserpina 14° Aquarius 17′ 45″
    Diana 20° Aquarius 56′ 04″ R
    Fortuna 05° Leo 30′ 57″

    Thank you for your guidance as always!


    1. Well, NP, you will have the eclipse falling right on Salacia, and one degree away from an opposition to Fortuna. It is possible that your problems at work may involve friends, or a group. Maybe you work with an old friend, or perhaps you are having issues with your trade union, or a voluntary committee, or a ‘team’ as corporations call them! In general, you are strongly Aquarian and Eleventh House, so you will find your whole life is about understanding how to use people power, and how to figure out relating to a group of people. Friendship is not like a relationship, or a family bond. It has its own way of operating and it is really about lots of space – circulating – connecting – staying loyal – collaborating – keeping the group goal uppermost and forgetting about personal politics! As you have the Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House this year you have karma to complete with some faces in your world. Proserpina was the go-between in mythology. You are also the go-between and yet you need your gang, or your group, around you – just as much as you need your freedom. I think you also escape from the real world via friends and groups. Try to avoid big judgements or actions on Friday. Zero visibility!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the detailed article. I’ve been having so many issues with friends lately so this makes sense. If possible, going by my chart, is there any advice you can give? I’m guessing controlling my temper and not saying things I regret will be a big theme.

    Thank you!

    1. Issues with friends is always Aquarius weather. You have a stellium there so you are going through karma. Old past life debts and credits return in 2018 as the Node also goes through Aquarius. Issues now may date back 19 years, or even to other lifetimes, as you owe each other – something. And are owed in turn. You will have closure by November as the Node changes signs. For now, the eclipse is just one degree away from falling on your Panacea at 3 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. As a lifetime pattern, you always have moral and ethical issues about friendships, old and new, and any communities, clubs, teams (and so on) which affect you. Panacea is that part of you which fixes and cures people and situations, but she always brings a ‘black, white or grey area?’ question. This is intensified by the eclipse. The end of July is a moral crossroads for you anyway and now you can’t see the facts either. You have no idea what is going on. So – just be aware. If you are in a situation where you can solve things, for example, or apparently fix them – you may want to wait until the eclipse is well and truly over. Panacea is associated with drugs in particular, and with drugs that can cure people, but come with a moral question in tow. To the Romans she was the goddess associated with healing, health, surgery and medicine, like her father Aesculapius and her sister Hygiea. Yet, Panacea always raised questions about right or wrong. Euthanasia, for example, puts people out of pain, but is it right? She’s worth finding out more about. She works symbolically in your chart but now and again I see her working quite literally. Don’t act or judge when an eclipse falls on Panacea – give yourself a bit of time and space!

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Another intresting read, I think the Facebook situation is very intresting and I can see from this and the examples in the article how the cover up flows.

    I have 4 elements in Aquarius, can you help me understand how this weather will affect me as this Im not sure, if they flow togther or are potentially seperate areas.

    Moon 18° Aquarius 19′ 51″ – Fortuna 15° Aquarius 48′ 03″ – Salacia 05° Aquarius 28′ 25″ R – Psyche 13° Aquarius 09′ 53″

    Thanks as always


    1. Thanks Andy. The more I see from strongly Aquarian readers, the more suspicious I am about what is going on at Facebook. Facebook is a strongly Aquarian organisation and we all know their share price just dropped. In fact, it set a new record for a plunge. Never mind that, though, your chart shows an Aquarian stellium in the Eleventh House so you are defined by groups and friends. You also define them. This is the chart of someone who was in the Boy Scouts, or some childhood gang, or the local cricket/football team – or he found himself looking after them. The Moon in Aquarius is really about taking care of friends or the groups, the way others take care of their families. Salacia at 5 Aquarius is very close to the eclipse at 4 Aquarius. Salacia shows how you escape from the real world. How you take a holiday from reality. You do it with friends and groups. Just assume you are in the dark about all this on Friday, and maybe the end of July as a whole, as there is one degree’s difference in the pattern. It’s a little bit like being asked to sign up for membership of a fishing club, then realising six months later that the boat never belonged to them! Along those lines. Assume you are totally in the dark. You will be!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the interesting blog. I do have a stellium in Aquairus. A huge one is Saturn and Mercury conjunct at 16 deg. Aquarius. Between 1998-2003, I was just getting my first marriage was ending and my career as an independent consultant was really taking off, so I had a rather very busy social calendar… and traveled quite a bit.

    What do you see that I need to look out for??

    Thank you again!

    1. Fortuna, Minerva and Bacchus are in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, alongside the crucial Mercury-Saturn conjunction, also in Aquarius. Groups and friends define you. You affect your friends’ lives more than you will ever know. You are also a source of great wisdom to your friends, and to clubs, teams, unions, parties, associations, societies, charities, forums and so on. You enjoy it too – Bacchus is like Spinal Tap on tour! The real deal is Mercury-Saturn, though, as every time you communicate and connect, especially online, there is a lot of defensiveness. Quite right too. Prior experience has taught you the hard way about the way groups operate, and the way friends are. So you need your walls up. I imagine that even just using Twitter can put the fear of God into you! The eclipse is not conjunct (or exactly lining up with) your Aquarius factors, as it is at 4 degrees and far too wide. Yet, as a strongly Eleventh House person, you need to hit search to read all about the Eleventh House in general to see where the blind spots are coming from. This is why Friday is unsuitable for a journey, especially a new journey, that involves groups or friends. It’s like setting sail in the dark, without a map, compass or torch. Why do that?

  8. Hello,
    Im interesed to know how this weather will effect me as i have 6 aspects in Aquarius;
    Sun 29° Aquarius
    Jupiter 29° Aquarius
    Vesta 13° Aquarius
    Fortuna 25° Aquarius
    Minerva 16° Aquarius
    Salacia 20° Aquarius
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Many Thanks

    1. Sara, you have an Aquarius stellium, or unusually high cluster in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. In general it’s all good for you. This is where you shine (the Sun). It is where you are brilliant (again, the Sun). It is also where you find it really easy to be generous with others, because you are blessed here. Blessed with great friends, and the advantage of having people power to help you. In fact, teams, clubs, societies, charities, parties, bands, associations, unions and the rest will always be tremendously lucky for you (Jupiter). Vesta shows some gender politics – you will often come across situations where one male has a harem of women around him (or he’d like to fantasises that he does!) A male coach with a female football team is a good example of that. Fortuna tells you, that you affect the lives of your friends enormously, but have no idea that you do it. Minerva suggests you are a counsellor or advisor to friends and particularly within the group, about the group. Salacia shows that friends and groups are also where you escape into a different world. Another reality. This general theme in your life is growing in importance and after you move into your Jupiter Return in Aquarius from 2020 you will be astonished at how a community of people can change your existence. For now, just remember that although your Sun-Jupiter conjunction in the Eleventh House is essentially fortunate, there is really no point in making assessments or taking action based on what you think you are seeing on Friday. Because, you are not seeing it. No, not at all.

  9. Hi Jessica… I have a strong feeling this particular eclipse is going to affect me a lot. It has been a very difficult year so far for me. Infact the last 2 years have been hard but the last 6 months particularly so. Any light at the end of the tunnel you can see? Am really hoping!
    Thank you for your interesting posts love reading your articles. Sandy

    1. The Sun at 17 Aquarius and Mercury at 18 Aquarius dominate your chart. Thank you for your comments, Sandy. This eclipse at 4 Aquarius is far too wide to really affect you – yet because you are so central to your friends, and central to one or more groups – you will be operating in the dark and that does matter. The Sun in Aquarius in the Eleventh House reveals how you shine in life, and when you get it right, you are brilliant at giving your friends what they need, and supplying groups, teams, unions, parties, bands, clubs, societies, communities as well. The Aquarius in Rome was the water-bearer who supplied the Roman baths where everyone swam together. Pooling resources is something that comes naturally. Mercury is about communication, so you are typically the person who connects people, places and ideas within the group, and certainly on social media. Sandy, as this eclipse falls right in your Eleventh House, you may prefer to skip Friday as a day of judgement or decision. I have mentioned Facebook to another reader. I have no idea if F-Book affects your life, but as its shares are crashing I am beginning to wonder if this is not where you are being left in the dark. In any case, even if you avoid F-Book like the plague, there would seem to be an online story here, involving a friend within a wider group, and it’s a story that’s written on black paper in black ink. It is unreadable. So, avoid making any choices about writing that story until the eclipse is well and truly gone!

  10. I have Chiron at 14 degrees in Aquarius. What does this mean for me? Thanks.

    1. This is the punk rock position of Chiron. I am sure you know he was a music teacher. Some astrologers talk about him being a ‘wounded healer’ but actually, Chiron was many things. Herbal medicine was one of them. Being a centaur and galloping around shooting things was his other occupation. He was also famously depicted teaching the lyre, the Roman version of the electric guitar. Chiron was found in 1977 when punk rock broke. In Aquarius, this is about the group. This may be literally be a band, or perhaps you have a history of being a lynchpin within a band. If not, the band is not musical but may be online, devoted to good causes (perhaps) or some other communal goal. People can be in a swimming team and have Chiron in Aquarius and be the ‘punk rock music teacher’ figure within that network. As the eclipse is too wide of your Chiron it won’t be a big deal for you, but you will realise months or years later, that what went down at the end of July was a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. You will be quite ignorant about what is actually going on. So – delay judgement or action – regarding the group and particularly the friend.

  11. Hello lovely Jessica,
    Thank you for this fascinating eclipse information – eclipses intrigue me! I have Jupiter conjunct Part of Fortune in my 11th in Aquarius, and can relate to the dates you specified above (1998 when I got married, 2003 birth of my first child). Can you tell me what I might expect with this one? Cheers!

    1. Thank you. It’s always nice to be called lovely! I don’t use the Part of Fortune, but you do in fact have Cupido at 4 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. The eclipse will fall right on 4 Aquarius. I just replied to another reader who has this same placement. Cupido shows your capacity to fall in love with people, or goals, or structures, or places, or organisations. Cupido also shows your own gift for stirring up ‘the love’ as they say, or the passion. I would imagine that you play Cupid with your friends, or within groups – sports teams, rock bands, political parties, environmental organisations, book groups, social media – and so on. You can also have others playing Cupid for you. This applies even if you are married with children. This eclipse will leave you in the dark regarding a friend or group. You cannot see, and will not know, what is actually going on. No point in wondering what. It may take months or years to find out for sure. In the meantime, avoid big judgement calls or action plans.

  12. Hello Jessica, I am having a lot of difficulty in the group (trade union), the new leadership, however I inly have the north node in Aquarius. Will this eclipse have an impact on me

    1. Trade Unions are ruled by Aquarius. You have the North Node at 29 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends, and so you are experiencing what they call the Nodal Return. It can only happen about every 19 years. After November it’s over, but long-term, this is really a developing story in your life. We have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius from Christmas 2020 and from 2023, Pluto in Aquarius too! This may not always be about the same union. It may be about the principle of a union. How do you deal with people power in a group? How can a community be a good thing, or a bad thing? What about the individual in relation to the group, peer group pressure and popularity issues? All these themes are swirling around now, but will be there long-term too. This eclipse is not going to be anywhere near your Node, but yet – it is like having a spotlight turned on the union, and actually more than that, social media and friendships too – then having someone put a bag over the spotlight. You can’t see. You have no idea what is going on. Bearing that in mind, whatever goes down as this week ends, and next week begins, should be treated as a mystery. Why make massive decisions when you have a mystery to deal with?

  13. Hi Jessica, I’m not usually one for worrying about eclipses but as I have the moon in Aquarius and a few other Aquarius placements then I feel quite anxious. My mum and two female bosses are also both Aquarius. The friend and group aspect resonates with me as I’ve had a very varied experience in this area over the last few years, some long term close friendships have gone through dramatically hurtful periods of separation/endings while my other, sometimes newer, friendships have proven to be a shining light in my life. What do you think I should look out for or be aware of at this eclipse? Thank you in advance

    1. I’m sorry about the hurtful episodes with your friends but as you say, new friends have also become a shining light. Your chart shows the Moon at 1 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friendships and groups. You also have Ceres at 14 Aquarius. Bacchus is conjunct Salacia exactly at 17 Aquarius! This is what they call a stellium in Aquarius, or unusually high count of chart factors. The Eleventh House is worth looking up on Search as you live your life through it. You feed the group. (Moon in Aquarius). In fact, you mother the group. You need to be needed, both by the group and also the friends within it. Aquarius is about those friendly acquaintances who pool resources with us, towards a common goal. Sometimes it is literal, so we’re talking about a baseball team who go for goals. There is always someone who coaches or raises funds for the baseball team, or who is cheerleader. That is symbolically yourself. Bacchus is pure pleasure. You give and receive pleasure through these kinds of friendships, and it can be quite hedonistic. Bacchus is about ‘have a good time, all the time’ and the wildness of the old Roman Bacchanalia is something you can get lost in. The Romans, of course, had orgies as well as banquets! Salacia is about escaping from reality – in fact, having a separate reality – and we sometimes see Salacia in Aquarius in the Eleventh House in the charts of people who are part of a scuba diving group, or a fantasy role playing group online. The most important factor in this line-up apart from the Moon is Ceres. Ceres is always about regular compromise. You have to make a deal with God, to quote Kate Bush, or you have to make a deal with your friends, or the group as a whole. It can hurt. It’s like splitting things up into turf or territory and having to live with it. As this Blood Moon Eclipse neatly avoids hitting anything in your Eleventh House, there is less impact on you. Yet – you will definitely have a blackout period regarding your friends or the group. I am wondering if any of these people happen to be on Facebook, or you do – it could be as simple as that. Facebook is in crisis. If it’s not that, and you may not be on that website at all, then you can count on either a cover-up or just a blind spot (you will literally have it in front of your nose and not see it) with the group and the friends. It’s only later on that you realise just how totally unaware you were. Thus, the advice to not act or judge too quickly on important matters.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Much thanks for this information. I’m curious how this blood moon will affect me. Your thoughts?

    1. As I reply to this, I can see a fox walking onto this property in London. The fox is in the dark – in shadow. I’ll take that as an omen for your question, because the Moon is also in shadow on this Blood Moon Eclipse on Friday! You have Ceres at 4 Leo. This is most certainly a sign, as foxes have cubs, and Leo is the sign of the den mother. To be born with Ceres in Leo in the Fifth House is to have lifelong patterns involving children or young adults, in particular, and often sexual relationships which involve major decisions about pregnancy – termination, miscarriage, IVF, adoption – or even huge choices about not having children which affect the partnership. Ceres is about power, empowerment, control, compromise and (always) dividing the territory with others. You don’t say if you have children or not. Thus I am also in the dark, a little, like the fox in the garden! This may be about your godchild, or the teenagers you lecture, if you are an academic. Ceres in Leo can teach as well be a mother. She is Queen of the court, anyway, and it’s a younger court – her whole life. Dealing with that young court and regularly making deals with the universe, as well as other people, is a central part of who a Ceres in Leo woman is. This eclipsed Moon falls right opposite Ceres and the Sun is ‘on’ or conjunct Ceres in your chart so Friday itself is crucial. You just can’t see, and just won’t know, so you may prefer not to act or judge too decisively. I do think this is massive for you and I can’t say why. I just saw lightning break in the distance and that is always a symbol of Uranus, who is about freedom and independence. This also seems to be part of the story. You are certainly attracting the universe by asking the question. But – judge or act later. It may be many months or even years before you realise what was actually going on at the end of July 2018.

      1. Thanks for the info!

        No, I do not have children, and at this point, I do not intend on having any.

        I am curious if Aquarius will have any affect on my life.

          1. Ceres at 4 Leo in your birth chart is affected the most by this eclipse. Ceres is a symbol of great power, born from great compromise. You have to do deals with other people, or the universe, at regular intervals in your life. These deals always involve sexual relationships, pregnancy, children (or godchildren), nieces, nephews, young people and all plans involving youth. Sometimes you absolutely rule! And I am sure there have been extreme low points when you felt you had to give up, or give in, or give way. Yet, each time this happens, there is renewal and a new way of approaching your life. As Ceres is being transited by the North Node of karma right now and the eclipse passed right opposite, the time has come to look at all this and realise that you can’t know everything and see everything. Perhaps you never will. Yet, by November, you will have achieved completion and closure over a matter from your past that involved a lover having a child, with another woman, or perhaps your own pregnancy history. It is hard to say more than that as you don’t say if you have children, are single, married, straight, gay, transgender, or anything else – I hope you understand.

  15. Looks like my Salacia, Cupido and Jupiter are in the pinging realm of this eclipse. Is this within the work sphere do you think? When will the hidden of this eclipse be revealed? Thank you.

    1. Cupido at 5 Aquarius in your Eleventh House is really the major player here. The other patterns are too wide of the mark, for this particular kind of astrology, which only uses 0-1 orbs (or degrees of difference). The Sun at 4 Leo and Moon at 4 Aquarius are most certainly very close to Cupido. The end of July as a whole is about your desire (Cupido) for friends, but also for groups. This is a very common position for people who have crushes on their friends, or who fall in love with a whole circle of people. Cupido is really about short-term desire. At the same time, Cupido stimulates desire in other people, so it is also not unusual to see someone with Cupido in Aquarius in the Eleventh House, attract crushes from friends. This is also the person who joins a group, like a political party, or a football team, and discovers that her love life wakes up. Cupido is the intensity and passion of short-term longing, though, and not so much a developed or long-term partnership. Because the pattern is not exact it won’t snowball on Friday but it will fall as July ends and August begins. And an eclipse leaves you in the dark. This is a total eclipse, so it’s totally. You may prefer not to make sweeping judgements or act too dramatically about/through the friend and the group, then. It’s really like driving with the headlights off and it may even be rather a nice road to take, but you still can’t see!

  16. Hi Jessica,
    I have:
    14° Aquarius 24′ 04″
    14° Aquarius 38′ 16″
    03° Aquarius 19′ 01″
    09° Aquarius 38′ 36″
    What does this mean for me? Can you please tell me how this weather will effect me as I have 4 aspects in Aquarius…
    1998 and 2003 were difficult years for me…
    Thank you

    1. Salacia at 3 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups is hit by the eclipse at 4 Aquarius, so although it is not exact, you can cover off the end of July by saying you will not see, and do not know, the full story about that circle of people which matters so much. If you happen to be on Facebook (I have to mention that, in case you are) it is very likely about F-Book. It’s losing a fortune. So is its boss. Be aware of the potential for a cover-up regarding your F-Book page, privacy, data and so on. Even if you are not on it, never joined, or left – it may be other people on F-Book who are somehow affecting your own life. Tagging your face without your knowledge or permission, for example. Just scout around that whole area because ‘friend’ is a key word for Aquarius.

  17. Hi Jessica

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a fantastic birthday and best wishes for the year ahead….

    Quick question – The eclipse is very close to my ascendant in Aquarius (6 degrees) and by virtue of that opposing my descendant and also opposing my sun in Leo. In addition, I have both Cupido and Vulcano in leo and salacia in Aquarius however none of these are at degrees close to the eclipse degree.

    Appreciate if you can throw some light or provide guidance on how this will impact. Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you! The eclipse hits your Ops at 4 Libra in your Seventh House which rules your former partner, current partner, potential partner. It’s too wide for your Ascendant at 6 degrees. Essentially your ex, perhaps, or even your current lover – is not telling you the whole story. You don’t say if you are married, single, dating, dealing with closure with a former lover – so I can’t be more specific. Don’t make choices in the dark. He/she is hiding something or there is a massive ‘yet to be revealed’ story that comes later.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Born on 29th oct 1981 at 9am, how does this eclipse period look for me?

    1. You are not being told the full story about a family member, your house, your apartment, a flatmate, live-in partner – perhaps even by the council. You do not know the whole picture and there may be a story, yet to be revealed, that would change everything. So, skip the eclipse for choices/decisions.

    1. Good. I’m glad you found some of the hidden issues. And I did call it on Mark Zuckerberg, but actually this isn’t even the full story yet. We have to wait until October for that. Thank you.

  19. Hello Jessica,

    I have one particular relationship that whenever there is something happening in the sky, seems to show up in our relationship. We are on, and off, and we’ve been off since April, and have recently reconnected just in the last couple of days – which seems very timely with Mercury Retrograde! You’ve mentioned before that there is karma between us that will play out in November and since you’ve mentioned that the South Node was going to stay there until November I wanted to check if there were any particular pitfalls I should be aware of.

    I have Ceres and Salacia in Aquarius and as an Libra I can see that the eclipse could potentially conceal issues around young people or relationships that would bring children. As he’s a Pisces, he’s concealment is around his personal secrets. I’d say both are quite accurate for the relationship we have. He was certainly a person I thought I could have children with!

    I can’t say that I’ll turn the phone off – but should I at least be guarded this eclipse? And is it odd to have a relationship that is so consistently effected by the universe? Or maybe it just feels that way to me…

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I might also throw in his birth details because I think he actually has quite a few more significant Aquarius factors – Venus and North Node – and maybe I’m just being caught up in his tailspin rather than having my own:
      14 March 1971
      Cambridge, UK

      1. You really have to ask yourself what he wants. It is very likely money, though the true Sun Pisces will be evasive and may even pretend he has very little interest in clearing a debt or making a profit (or buying in the right neighbourhood). You will find out more once the Node changes signs in November and suddenly you realise the role his mother or father plays – or played. It’s all about one of the parents and perhaps the family patterns around money, houses and apartments. Take your time with this one.

    2. Further to this issue – the eclipse has nothing to do with your love life unless you were both either trying for a baby, or parents. That’s not it. The reason you are having problems with Mr Pisces is Chiron right opposite your Sun in Libra in the Seventh House. It passes!

      1. Thanks Jessica,

        Is the fact that I’m a parent irrelevant? He’d play the role of step dad if we ended up together.

        Thanks for the advice that it passes. I’ll try and be patient.

        Sometimes I worry that I’m being taken for a fool. When it’s not just you that could be hurt it becomes so much more important to have good people around you. And just because i love him doesn’t mean he’s right for me. Head is so wise. Heart not so much.

        Ps. The moon in Australia is beautiful tonight

        1. You’re a parent and that’s the whole story here – your child or children. Focus on that and the rest will make sense – this is an intense year – but it is the last year of intensity around the whole question of lovers and existing sons or daughters.

  20. In Australia we are having By-Elections in 5 Federal parliamentary seats across the country On Saturday 28th ,and our eclipse is at 06.20 on the day. The reasons for most of by-elections is that the previous members of those seats did not know or did not divulge that they were dual citizens which our federal members are not allowed to be so they had to resign.
    It is believed the government chose this date for the by-elections to severely inconvenience the opposition party which had planned its annual national conference on this weekend. !!!! Did them a big favour in this regard but so far as the results go…. I wonder?

    1. Classic Mercury Retrograde, on top of Mercury Retrograde. Australian politicians are a nightmare when it comes this cycle. They call elections on it and then are shocked when they have a hung parliament. They conduct the census on it and then are shocked when ‘Computer says no.’ Here we go again. There will be mess and muddle here. Maybe connivance on Friday – it is possible. Don’t be surprised if there are legal challenges.

  21. Thank you for the wonderful articles during this time, Jessica. I have a question regarding my Aquarius factors with Salacia and Vesta. Salacia, I think seems pretty obvious to me as to characterise the different types of friends of have (I think, people that have nothing in common with each other – and this was particularly true in high school -1998- where I would hang out with everybody – jocks, nerds, goths, hippies). My most confusing question is regards to Vesta. As a male, with Vesta in Aquarius, does that not indicate me having many female friends? Now, here is the confusing part… for me, as relationships go… having female friends sometimes can blur the line between true platonic friendships and lovers. I’m not someone who wishes to be, or practices polyamory, but I want to point out my Vesta placement because I feel there is something about it’s placement which makes it hard for me to distinguish between friend and partner (romantically) with women sometimes. And not surprisingly, I grew up in a household with alot of women, so I’m used to having many female friends. Anyway, I wanted to share this and perhaps see what your thoughts were on this placement, if it has any significance at all. And those years you pointed out is when I had met my high school sweetheart (1998) and then a close women/friend (2003) who I experienced my first real heartbreak. Thank you so much Jessica!

    1. This is a great thing to read, because so many women who have Vesta placements, or are going through Vesta transits, need to understand what it feels like to be a man with Vesta in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends! Your story at High School in particular in 1998 is textbook. You find it hard to figure out the blurred lines, these days, between platonic female friends and lovers. Classic Vesta. Do you want to know the deeper reason? This may be awkward, but – having a kind of harem makes you kind of powerful. When you say you grew up in a household surrounded by women that is your first clue. You have a pattern of feeling more important, or central, with females around you. You qualify for those cycles in 1998 and 2003 as well so it’s all starting to add up! The question is, how to be happier and make other people happy? Being upfront about the fact that a friendship will go nowhere romantically is a good idea. Having a sense of humour about it is an even better one. I know a man with this placement who wears a fake wedding ring. That’s an extreme reaction and it’s probably going too far! Yet – you can and should be friends with women, as Salacia is your departure from the real world – which you need. You just need to be super aware of the fact that women may mistake friendship for attraction. Also be aware of playing women off against each other. I am sure you’re not Hugh Hefner – not remotely – not even with a brown terry-towelling dressing gown – but just be hip to Vesta in Aquarius while this eclipse is with us, and the Node in Aquarius too!

      1. I know, it’s not something I want to admit (the harem kind of theme), but I feel it’s there… even though it kinda goes against my morale. It’s not just that feeling of having women around me, but it’s been kind of a complex of mine (I admit, and if I’m not conscientious of it happening), that feelings of validation come from the women around me. It’s not as bad or inhibiting as I might make it out to be, but I certainly would be happy without it altogether! For sure, some of my closest friends have been women, but even I have made some mistakes in the past (perhaps recent past) of getting involved with someone I shared mutual attraction with, and it just ended up we made better friends. I don’t want to sound like I’m timid to have anything to do with a relationships (deep down, of course I’d love to have something lasting), but as a Vesta Aquarius male, is there anything in a partner that is compatible/incompatible? Not to mention, I have Diana in Libra (needing space from partnerships). It’s quite a whopping combo, quite confusing as you can imagine! And the Salacia, departing from the real world, does that hint at needing space and solitude as well… balancing out this “power feeling” of having women around with Vesta in Aquarius? Thanks for your very thoughtful reply Jessica, it sure is all starting to add up!

        1. Diana in Libra is really the clincher here. Not everyone needs or wants marriage. I’m glad it’s adding up for you! Have a look at the Reubens paintings of Diana, whom the Greeks called Artemis. Sure she’s a female goddess but I think you might just identify. Working creatively with your chart is the best way to enjoy it.

  22. Greetings Jessica,

    I have Saturn 17 Aquarius 04’ 16” R and Vulcano 16 Aquarius 59’ 56” R
    What would this mean for me?


    1. That’s quite a combination in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Saturn is quite understandable old fear. A few burdens on your shoulders from a couple of experiences you’d rather forget. Vulcano is self-control which gives you control. It means squashing down your passions, no matter if it’s anger or desire, involving friends, or perhaps the group as a whole. You won’t have the eclipse right on there – but it falls in your Eleventh House, so in general, take it as granted that you have low visibility now. Maybe no visibility at all. I am sure your spider senses are telling you about particular communities, clubs, circles, networks and the rest. Maybe specific friends or acquaintances within those groups. Try not to judge or act during this weather in your chart. You can figure it out later when you stand a better chance of seeing, or at least knowing there is a mystery!

  23. Dear Jessica,

    What is the cover up happening for me during this lunar eclipse? My juno and salacia are in Aquarius.


    1. Juno is at 3 Aquarius, Salacia is too wide. I allow one degree orbs when I use asteroids or the chart would look like a pavlova. You commit to friends. You marry groups. You wed yourself to group causes or goals. You tie the knot with friends, the way other people tie the knot with lovers. The eclipse is wide at 4 Aquarius but in general, late July is a time when you will be in the dark. So don’t make big plans involving friends or groups. You literally can’t see what is going on. There may be concealment. There may be something right in your face but you just don’t see it. That’s why every pro astrologer since the dawn of the 20th century has advised people to steer clear of major actions on eclipses. You too, VSN.

  24. Another fabulous blog Jessica thank you would you consider an online course about Asteroids? I have my south node conjunct Fortuna in my 11th house today which 8 realise is Karma of some sort involving a group of friends I think I also have my north node in opposition to this. I am not currently aware of anything involving groups going on but then I suppose that’s because of the eclipse? Could you give me your interpretation of my chart around this eclipse please as I do have other placements in my 11th house too but can’t see any activity around those.

    1. Thank you. I am teaching Sun Sign School online with help from America (Susan Miller) England (Shelley von Strunckel) and Joanne Madeline Moore (Australia) from February 2019. There will be many, many choices within it, but my own special subject is asteroids which complete the Roman family tree of astrology which began with Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. So as a Premium Member you will be invited to waitlist for that first, as I really don’t want to take more than a few students for that particular strand…You do have Fortuna at 5 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. Fortuna is always blindfolded. Look at paintings of her. She steers the rudder of fate and spins the wheel of fortune without seeing what she does. You do this too. That’s why you’re not aware of anything! You can double the blind spot because of the eclipse at 4 Aquarius. So…just take it easy now. Lots of time and space, lots of room for consideration. Try to avoid dramatic actions if at all possible because you are essentially like a pilot trying to navigate her plane through heavy fog on a dark night. Your friends, or those in various groups (even social media) are on the same flight path. Wait.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica and I am definitely keen to participate in your online coarse, I’ll be looking out for this eagerly early next year. It’s a pity Solar Fire does not appear to have all the asteroids available for chart display! In terms of this eclipse and your blog I’ve noticed my husband husband has Chiron at 5degrees in Aquarius and his Sun is at 8 degrees Taurus so he has Karma with the nodes and concealed issues around his business and financial areas I’m assuming,? any guidance on this would be very helpful for us too. And have a lovely sweltering weekend as you do great work and must help so many people!

        1. I look forward to seeing you at Sun Sign School online, next year. Solar Fire in its latest version does offer asteroid astrology using my method, if you search for my name. Stephanie Johnson and Zane Stein have created an instant chart with the whole Roman family there! In fact I’ll be working with Stephanie on Sun Sign School in 2019. Your husband has Chiron at 5 Aquarius? The eclipse is so close, just one degree away. He needs to be very mindful of the blind spot he has about his friend, or the total lack of insight he has about the group. Normally he’s such a risk-taker with friends and groups. Rather experimental and adventurous. This may be a band, a trade union, a football team – whatever. Right now, though, it is ill-advisable to proceed as he normally would, because his Chiron is right in the shadow of that overshadowed, darkened Moon. That’s not useful.

  25. Hi Jessica
    I’m in awe of your work, your articles are obviously deeply thought out. I have 9 factors in Aquarius including South Node at 18, how do you see this affecting me in the next couple of months. Kind Regards C

    1. Thank you very much C that is too kind. You have one of the most strongly Aquarian charts I have seen in months. A huge stellium in the Eleventh House of community. You identify with the groups you join, or are asked to help with, and in turn, these groups very much think of you as a cornerstone or player, within them. If this was football you would be Gareth Southgate. Maybe George Best. Friendship is just as important as marriage to you, or your family, and you relate easily and naturally to friends because you know how to circulate. You can be friends with the opposite sex, without sex getting in the way. You can make friends of your former lovers, even. You prefer a friendship ‘style’ even in intimate relationships or professional connections, because you don’t really do politics. Scheming is not your thing. Nor is social climbing where you only choose friends who can help you get ahead or look good. Actually you believe in people power. This goes across gender, age, race, nationality. Given this life path, how is 2018 treating you? Well, you are in the business of collecting good karma from years ago owing to you from a long-gone group or team – perhaps a club. You are also in a position where you must be eagle-eyed about other friends or those involved in this group, who feel ‘owed’ by you or ‘owed’ by life but have not received. Did you know that? You’ll settle up by November. Just don’t do it on Friday!

      1. Thanks for the insight re Karma Jessica, of course, you are right on the money re the other factors to especially friendships. Someone asked me once a very long time ago what did I consider my greatest achievement, the answer was easy.. being lucky enough to have the great friends that I had. Cheers keep up the great work. C

  26. Hello Jessica

    I have the sun and several other planets in Aquarius. The last months have been quite complicated and I am feeling confused on many aspects of my life. Will this major eclipse clear things up or will it add confusion !?

    Thank you

    1. Strongly Aquarian people like you have been dealing with the past, catching up with the present, in terms of old friendships, former friendship, friends who drifted, group projects, team spirit (Smells Like Teen Spirit, maybe) and the whole question of belonging to a community. This may be a book club, a trade union, or just a circle of people on Twitter who share the same goals. They pool their resources or networks. The reason it all feels so complicated is this – your actual Aquarian patterns in the Eleventh House are quite complicated! Seriously, give yourself time and space before you judge or act about a friend, or a group, Friday through Sunday. It’s like operating in the dark. You’ll be more up on things later and before November I am sure you will see what you owe someone. And what they owe you. And how a group is the gift that goes on giving, perhaps.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for a great article. It’s fascinating. So excited about the blood moon but I don’t think we’ll see it in London due to the storms.
    I have 5 factor in Aquarius. How will the eclipse affect me.
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you A – and the Blood Moon will be spectacular if it’s visible – although it is very confronting for London. You have Venus and the North Node at 5 Aquarius so the blind spot or cover-up will affect you, in terms of your friends, within the larger group. This may be social media, a political party, a private members’ club, a group project, a football team and so on. This is karmic in nature. There is past life credit, or maybe debt to be repaid, and it involves the very heart of a friendship. Perhaps the group itself has repeated many times in many different disguises. It also goes back just a few years in this lifetime! So there is a lot to gain closure with, by November. For now, act as if you were in the dark. You will be.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I am away just now and it maybe a case of mercury retro, I can’t see a reply to my pervious post on the eclipse. Sorry if you have replied already. I am so curious to know what I am not seeing as I do have 4 deg Aquarius and how relevant is Uranus at 3 Taurus on this eclipse too?
    Belated birthday wishes

    1. Jupiter at 3 Virgo and Diana at 4 Aquarius in your chart form what is known as a quincunx. You are blessed when it comes to work, all your life, as you are constantly protected when things are tough, and when things are good, you gain. It’s tied to your friends and groups. Here you are very independent and in fact feel quite at home with your girlfriends, doing your own thing. One helps the other. This is a very common pattern in the charts of people who end up working around large groups of women, or for them. So really, the eclipse at 4 Aquarius, right on your Diana, is going to be about that. The other women in the circle. There is something being held back here, or something you are not seeing. Just assume you can’t see, don’t know. Let Friday pass, Claire. Uranus at 3 Taurus is certainly part of the story, and so we’d have to say the X factor is a financial, property, business or charity situation which is radically changing things either for another woman, or a larger organisation/department. Mystery upon mystery. You’ll find out later.

  29. Hi Jessica – so far it’s been a disastrous Full Moon for me – I work in charity fundraising and the company we use to manage our information has been hacked and four year’s worth of information which I use to do my job has disappeared. I feel like a plumber who’s had their van stolen with all the tools inside. I only hope the information can be recovered – what does the astrology look like?
    best wishes

    1. Mercury Retrograde classic. I should have thought this was about children or young adults for you, or for someone else in the charity. Leo rules that. In any case, this is more than just Mercury – the eclipse is a cover-up. Venus at 4 Gemini in your chart is about the internet and the computer. Gemini rules your Third House of communication. With Venus there, a lot of your time is spent relating in a series of quite complex one-on-one connections with other people locked into your projects and plans. Here we have an eclipse with the Sun at 4 Leo and Moon at 4 Aquarius, aspecting your Venus. You have not actually had the cover-up yet, or experienced the classic blind spot. That comes within hours, but it’s coming. I hope you can all recover.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Can you give me your thoughts on what this means for me please, 1998 to 2003 was a terrible time for me with a lot of upheaval in my life, I am on my own, no children. Thanks so much x

    1. Vesta at 3 Leo is pretty close. This is about your godchild, niece, nephew or the world of children/young adults which concerns your paid or unpaid efforts with those younger faces. Vesta is about one male, two or more females. Not so much on Friday, but in general – late July – you need to balance the scores with those from your past. You will do this by November. A classic example would be the boyfriend who had children with someone else. Another classic example might be the person who would have an affair with you tomorrow, but is married with a son. I am sure you have your own story going on. Expect a blind spot or a lot of secretive behaviour, end of July, and karmic closure by the time the Node leaves Leo in November…

  31. My love life is becoming more tangled!
    I’m concerned about my Leo aspects?
    Belated birthday wishes Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You have Mars at 5 Leo and the Lunar Eclipse falls opposite at 4 Aquarius. The Sun is very close by at 4 Leo. This is about the past coming back to influence the future – July, August, September, October, November – when you can say you have paid your dues, and others have paid theirs. The reason this is about the past is the Node on Mars in your chart. The Node is always about looping the loop. So, some years ago, an unforgettable episode – pregnancy that terminated or miscarried, a partner who disagreed with you about having children, an adoption application, fostering, a stepmothering role, or (most commonly) the birth of a child changed your world. Now you answer for what you got right and what you should correct. So do others. Just don’t do it on Friday but the circle closes by November and it’s closed for 19 more years.

  32. Hi Jessica
    Really interested in how this eclipse will impact on me.
    D x

    1. Jupiter conjunct Juno at 3, 4 Leo in your chart is a big one. It’s ‘wedding’ yourself to the children or ‘marrying’ the children’s project, or needs. It’s committing yourself to offspring, or other people’s children. It always works for you. You don’t say anything about your relationships or marital status or parenthood which makes it very difficult for me to interpret the Fifth House as sometimes we find transgender people who don’t want children at all, but spend a child-free lifetime teaching teenagers, quite brilliantly. You have karma here. It goes back many years. It involves pregnancies which did or did not happen, with a particular lover or partner. And it’s coming back. Don’t try to get closure on Friday though. An eclipse conceals it never reveals. It hides it never shows. It is just what it looks like on the NASA website. A moon you can’t see. So try not to act or judge where sex, pregnancy, babies, children or young people are concerned while it is operating.

      1. Thank you for the reply Jessica. I am married with adult children but also work with children and young people. Are there things i dont know yet ?

        1. You may never know. I’m only ever concerned about the information black out on an eclipse if the birth chart shows issues. You don’t have them. In fact, with your Jupiter-Juno conjunction in Leo in the Fifth House, you are perfectly suited to have adult children, and also work with children and young people. You are ‘married’ to that in every way. Jupiter protects, and when the time is right, he also rewards. Eclipses, across history, always show us enduring mysteries and unresolved questions. I was just glancing at this eclipse series (they always come in a series called Saros) when I noticed a familiar date. It is the alleged birth date given by Donald Trump, although he has given two. On another eclipse, we see his military papers when he avoided Vietnam. This goes back to the 1940’s and 1960’s – so I hope you can see, eclipses can keep us in the dark for decades. Whatever has been going down in the last 24 hours is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle and although you may uncover a good deal of it in years to come, it may be that you never actually know the full and final story about your children, the youth you work with and so on. Nothing to be concerned about. It’s just the reason astrologers advise not to do anything dramatic on an eclipse – because you’re flying blind.

          1. First time I have posted Jessica ( now twice). Did not expect a reply, so I am delighted. Thank you, makes so much sense particularly career wise.

  33. Jessica – sorry to have missed your latest talk in Marylebone. Will be more vigilant next time.

    Feeling like things have been building up – any advice for me re: eclipse?
    Sun in Taurus, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Aries, Venus in Aries, Mars in Pisces? (Not sure what details to put down!)
    Thank you for the great great work you’re doing.

    1. Thank you. You were born with a stunning line-up and it’s mostly about your career. The eclipse will come very close, at 4 degrees. Your chart shows Jupiter 3 Capricorn, Pluto 3 Virgo, Diana at 3 Cancer and Fortuna at 3 Gemini. Taking it apart, you are blessed (Jupiter) by a lifetime of protection and occasional good fortune (Jupiter) with your career (Capricorn) success and status in life (also Capricorn). It works beautifully with your need to control (Pluto) your work for other people (Virgo) and also your control (Pluto) over your own body – you find it empowering (Pluto) to ‘run’ your body as if it was a car, because you know it does the good work for you. Tied into this is the need to be totally free at home (Diana in Cancer) and you need to remember she was the goddess who pleaded with her father to release her from marriage and motherhood. Fortuna is how you affect other people’s lives without knowing what you do or seeing what you do – and this is in Gemini, the sign which rules education, multimedia, the web, publishing and all communication. It’s a really big picture of quite a complicated path in life but although massive, massive decisions are pending about every aspect of it in 2019 – try not to make a decision now or even make up your mind. You just can’t see. You don’t know. Yet, when Uranus moves to 3 Taurus, which he does twice (the second time in 2019) you will experience a grand trine. The most sudden, one-of-a-kind, utterly surprising or shocking event will turn everything upside-down out there in the wider world of business, charity, money, property. This creates a grand trine with your Pluto and Jupiter. Your work and career path will be utterly transformed. Maybe that’s why this eclipse is not the time to make any kind of judgement.

  34. Hello Jessica! I am Aries with 6 factors in Aquarius – MC, Moon, Ceres, Cupido, Chiron, and Mars. I live in Australia but am currently visiting ‘home’ in Canada and am feeling the pull to move back here after spending time with old friends and family. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Pluto at 4 Virgo in your chart is in your Sixth House, which rules your daily workload, the condition your condition is in (to quote the song), your body, your wellbeing, your fitness and strength levels, your vitality – and even your body type and gender. All this dictates what you can and cannot do in your career. Petite, slender women tend not to be employed as builders’ labourers! The Sixth House is really about how it all works together for you, or how it does not – and the impact on your service to others and your sense of duty to others, usually in your career, sometimes as a housewife, or as a volunteer, or student. Pluto shows the level of control you want there and it’s a lot. Pluto in Virgo people feel empowered and in control when they are right across their food, drugs, drink, doctor, healer, fitness. They also feel that when, strangely enough, they are working in a role where others must come first. Where they put their own needs second to make sure others are content. All of this is really important at the moment. You want to move back. You may want to look at lifestyle issues, health insurance issues, your job and the rest another time. I don’t think you’re going to see anything like the whole story about moving back to Canada right now. Can this wait? The North Node and South Node are about to make an angle there too. See if you can gather your truths and facts another time if possible.

  35. Hi Jessica! I am a Libra Sun and my husband is a Pisces (3/12/84 at 4:32p Fairfield, CA). Is it possible that he is keeping something from me regarding our children?! How else might this eclipse affect my chart?!

    1. Your chart is not directly affected. In general, yes – it is about your children. It is neither negative nor positive, it just is what it is! You cannot see what you would normally see. You will be left ‘in the dark’ about what would normally be so obvious. It’s okay. Everyone is being eclipsed by this eclipse. Me too. So just wait, wait, wait until it passes. The astrologer Debbie Kempton-Smith was very big on letting the eclipse pass and so am I. In fact, your children will be at the heart of the biggest changes you have seen in 29 years, starting Christmas 2020, and then the most sweeping transformation of your life, from 2023. So rather than make up your mind about how it’s going to be with them, and for them – now – you may want to leave a space for things to develop. It’s a little like having film that needs to develop in the dark room. This is the dark room. Wait.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    I dont have much in Aquarius – only Aesculapia 22° Aquarius 23′ 54 but I was still wondering whether I should be aware of anything in particular – there is so much going on at present that any guidance would be useful.

    Looking forward to viewing the eclipse though!

    1. You won’t be directly affected by the eclipse, but yes- it will be spectacular. Just be aware that others around you may be in the dark about someone, or something – terribly important. They’re flying blind at the moment.

  37. Hej Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for generous information and answers.

    I have Salacia 13,Cupido 22, South Node 27 and Panacea 29 in Aquarius. Also Sun and Bacchus at 4 Taurus and Diana at 5 Aries.
    How will these affect me?
    Guess what ? where i live in a small village the local authorities have arrange for the whole village a place to witness this event together. I am going to be one of the few foreigners -if not the only one- and the rest are locals. So exited! I want to be a part of the community!

    Thanks a lot.

    1. A Sun-Bacchus conjunction at 4 Taurus in your Second House of values, finances, charity, possessions, houses, apartments and business is important. It’s about how you shine and stand out. How you get your best reviews. It’s also about how you enjoy yourself. The fact that you are actually eyewitnessing this eclipse is very important. Your Bacchus-Sun conjunction will form a T-Square with the Moon at 4 Aquarius and Sun at 4 Leo. By the time you get to 2019 Uranus (the revolution) will also have gone over 4 Taurus. Hit Search and look up the Second House. Radical changes are coming and you will be liberated from what or who restricts you, although you have to be game for a change. Don’t hang on and don’t look back. On no account make up your mind or take action about money, for example, as the actual eclipse unfolds. History and astrology tell us, over and over again, an eclipse like this is a total blind spot. Often, a cover-up. Certainly, zero awareness. So pick another time to talk about that village rental!

  38. Hi Jessica,

    Do the four Aquarius factors in my chart say anything good is coming at all? Could use some good news. It’s been a rough eight years of having to start over, marriage breaking up, ex dying, starting a new career that’s completely different, single-parenting, staff dying. My rock bottom just seems to keep bottoming. Tell me there’s bright news ahead please!

    1. I am so sorry you have hit rock bottom. As J.K. Rowling famously said, rock bottom was the foundation upon which she built her new life. The eclipse makes an angle to your Sun at 3 Cancer in the Fourth House of home, family, property, home town, homeland and household. It is not exact. The eclipsed Moon is at 4 Aquarius and the Sun is at 4 Leo – but it is close enough to remind me to tell you, that now is not the time to make big judgement calls about any of that, or assume you know exactly what you are seeing. You are looking for good news. I can give it to you. Jupiter at 0 Scorpio and Uranus at 1 Sagittarius in your chart will be transited by Uranus at 1 Taurus, for the second time, in early 2019. Just before this happens, you have Jupiter (transiting) moving to 0 Sagittarius, then 1 Sagittarius – from November. This is life-changing stuff and it benefits you hugely. From November, things start to move in your favour. There is a huge opportunity coming to resolve an issue in the most splendid way, or to take full-tilt advantage of a major improvement, and it is directly related to travel, or travel in the mind. Foreign places or people. Regional differences. It may involve education, the worldwide web or publishing. When everything turns upside-down, go with it and fall into the best place you can invent for yourself. It will feel quite sudden and there may be lightning (Uranus) or thunder (Jupiter) when it happens. We’re talking November, December 2018 and perhaps January 2019. After that, Uranus – travelling – starts making these epic patterns opposite your natal Jupiter, so there will be a major shift around you regarding money, property, business that sets you free. It’s freedom and independence if you want it. I think you’ll probably want it. You only get these patterns once in your life. You have never had them before. Look right across the map as 2018 ends.

  39. Hi Jessica

    What effect, if any, will the blood moon eclipse have on me? I have the following:

    Venus 23° Aquarius 48′ 52″
    Juno 12° Aquarius 25′ 27″
    Salacia 22° Aquarius 10′ 48″

    Kindest regards

    R 🙂

    1. You are strongly Aquarian and with Venus and Juno there, could easily turn friends into lovers or partners, over the course of your lifetime. Even if you were to marry, you might still be attracted to a friend. This also happens in groups. You can fall in love with people in a club, team, society, association, party, union, band and so on – but also find that people in groups fall in love with you! Juno is about commitment. You ‘wed’ yourself to friends or groups the way other people get married. Venus is about complicated relationships. Salacia is really about using the group, or the friendship, as a way to escape from the real world. So, R, this is your pattern. And that pattern is now very unclear. That is why you may want to choose or act another time. I am reading the most bizarre things about this total lunar eclipse. It is exactly what you would expect, based on what you will see in a few hours from now. Things go dark! They are overshadowed. They don’t have a normal appearance. And that’s friends and groups. More and more I think I am seeing people who use Facebook, or people whose friends use Facebook (but they are pulled into it because their photographs or names are used) – feeling this eclipse. I am beginning to see that for a lot of readers, R, the issue might be a crisis at the corporation. Yet we will not be told, and will not be shown, what is actually going on – and it will affect our widest circles of friends.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I have Minerva at 21 and Salacia at 12 Aquarius. I also have Diana and Apollo at 4 libra. How might this eclipse affect me?
    Many Thanks

    1. This is about your former, current or potential partner. Diana conjuncts Apollo exactly at 4 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules marriage, divorce, separation, common law marriage – and what happens to couples when they split or commit in various ways. It also describes your work partnerships, should you have them. Diana is about freedom and space. She never wanted to be tied down by a husband or children and so she became goddess of the hunt. She never became a wife. She had a lover, Endymion, who slept through sex! That left her free to roam independently. Weirdly, Apollo was her brother. So you have brother and sister, together, in your Seventh House of partnership. You may want to choose quite another time to move on issues about this now, or even make up your mind for good. This eclipsed Full Moon at 4 Aquarius will not shed light on what you need to know or see. On the contrary, it will ‘shed dark’ or leave you in the dark. Wait.

  41. Hi Jessica, very keen to find out how the eclipse would affect me? I have the following Aquarius factors:

    Ops 22° Aquarius 50′ 16″ R
    Psyche 09° Aquarius 00′ 21″ R
    Salacia 10° Aquarius 51′ 54″ R
    Diana 09° Aquarius 08′ 57″ R

    Thank you xx

    1. You are strongly Aquarian and relate to the group – whatever that might be at the time – and your friends matter a great deal to you, with Diana in Aquarius too. If you look at paintings of Diana you will see her with the nymphs, running free and wild. That was her pack! You also run with a pack, maybe on social media, maybe in the real world. In fact, despite the trials and tests you inevitably have to put up with, where groups are concerned (Psyche) what you achieve as part of people power will outlive you. It will endure. Now, the eclipse at 4 Aquarius is too wide of the mark to be greatly affecting, but it is most definitely not the time for you to be making big commitments or huge judgement calls, either about this club, association, society, team, union, party, network – or about a specific friend. It’s way too dark out there to see. Wait and you’ll see why.

  42. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for the fantastic articles that you have written!
    Can you please tell me in what way this Eclipse will affect me?
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you Maria. The Moon at 4 Virgo and Proserpina at 4 Sagittarius are perfectly square in your chart. The Moon is in your Sixth House of workload and your body. Proserpina is in your Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind. They clash, in other words, so your whole life you have found ways to creatively handle the difference between your need to be needed (Moon) by working dutifully every day (Virgo) and your natural role as go-between (Proserpina) with travel, travellers, study, teaching, foreign places and people. You may manifest this in your actual job, in your studies, in your unpaid work, or in your personal life. Part of you wants to explore, journey, emigrate, be on the move, or connect people who are. The other part of you wants a regular, predictable, daily routine where every detail can be perfected. Now, this Blood Moon falls at 4 Aquarius so it will land in the pattern. Other people, other factors, other organisations, situations – can’t be seen. They are covered up or blotted out. Yet they affect all you are deciding, or acting on, with that Virgo-Sagittarius square. Ask yourself why you would make big decisions at such a time. You wouldn’t!

  43. HI Jessica,

    Another geeat article! Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    I have Venus 16° Aquarius 04′ 55″
    ASC 09° Aquarius 15′ 47″
    Salacia 00° Aquarius 29′ 36″
    NorthNode 05° Aquarius 20′ 14″.
    How would this eclipse affect me?
    Thank you so much again!

    1. You are having your North Node and South Node Return. Your North Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends is about past life karma, and recent karma, where scores can be settled and the balance sheet of give and take, made complete. Your South Node in Leo is about your godchild, son, daughter, the pregnancies that never happened, and also – adoption, step-parenting and the children who might arrive. We now have the Nodes crossing those two points, and this eclipse is very, very close. Steer clear of doing or saying anything dramatic or definite about these areas of your life, until the eclipsed Moon is well and truly out of Aquarius too. Yet – there is something to complete here, from the past. And something to make sure is balanced, for the future. It’s over by November.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I have Aesculapia and South Node (R) in Aquarius. How bad of a news for me? Maybe good?
    Thank you!

    1. In general, this eclipse in your Eleventh House draws your attention to particular friends, associations, professional groups, charities, associations and other networks. That’s the Aquarius weather sweeping through. We are having the most epic thunderstorms across London as I write these words. I do take that as an omen, actually, and thunder is Jupiter. So – there is something else going on for you. Let me take a look. Sure enough, you have a stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House of money, property, charity and business. Jupiter (huge solutions, opportunities, growth, potential, delivery, rapid rewards) is crashing through that, in fine style. You’re going to benefit from a boom, or business will boom – by November. There may also be a thunderclap bonus or delivery. Sometimes it’s family money. It can also be a pension you didn’t know you had.

  45. Hello Jessica,

    The spirits have truly blessed you with the ability to pull at the heartstrings of the soul with your writing style, timing, and grace. I would be delighted to have you take a look at my personal chart, having a very strong Aquarius stellium (natural sun Aries) along with several Pisces factors. My groups more often than not have to deal with secret societies (Rosicrucians, Swiss banks, spies), and family associations with various and sundry three-letter acronym ‘intelligence’ agencies. Karma is calling me in a big way. Thanks in advance, with light and love ..

    1. Thank you! I have been working quite closely with my spirit guides throughout the build-up to this eclipse, as it falls in Aquarius, and that sign and all that it means – the group, friendship, social media, people power – dominates our lives until 2030. This is the tiniest of first clues. It is interesting that you are involved with secret societies like the Rosicrucians. Diana at 5 Aquarius is very close to the eclipsed Full Moon at 4 Aquarius. Let’s look at Diana. She was the Greek Artemis, developed into a different sort of goddess by the Romans. She was lucky enough to be Jupiter’s daughter and when she begged him to release her from marriage and motherhood, he agreed. She is always seen with a greyhound, bow and arrow. She used to run with the nymphs, if not the wolves, and although she had a lover called Endymion he was asleep most of the time. In Aquarius, and your Eleventh House, this side of you is drawn to feminists, independent women, and women who roam free – thus I keep thinking of Women Who Run With the Wolves when I look at your chart. Diana is a potent symbol of fierce independence. I am sure you know she destroyed the man who spied on her when she was bathing naked. Now, this eclipse is right on Diana. So close. If you know who or what I am talking about, you won’t judge or act now. Just assume there may even be a forever mystery here. You may never actually know what was hidden or missing, this day.

  46. I definitely feel some excitement about this eclipse! Jessica can you see what’s in store for me in work and/or love based on what’s happening with this eclipse? Thank you!

    1. You have the Sun at 4 Aquarius and this Full Moon, eclipsed, falls on 4 Aquarius. Nothing to do with work or love. Everything to do with friends. Are you on Facebook at all? Not everybody is, but if you are, then what goes down at Facebook by Saturday will affect you and there will most certainly be a cover-up. Aquarius is groups of amigos and buddies. Pals. It’s about formal groups like trade unions or The Freemasons as well as informal clusters and tribes. You shine here. You are at your brilliant best when you bring people together from all walks of life and use people power. Yet…this eclipse leaves you in the dark about a friend or group. It’s not remotely clear to you. Something is so hidden or concealed. Don’t decide yet. Don’t act yet. Those are the eclipse rules.

  47. I’m a bit nervous about this one, Jessica, as the eclipse is hitting my Cancer Moon at 4 degrees (i.e. family, home). I have Proserpina at 3 Virgo and my only Aquarius factor is Psyche at 23 Aquarius, which is conjunct my North Gemini/South Sag Nodes and Bacchus in Scorpio. I’m hearing lots of thunder rumbling outside right now, so I’m hoping trusty Jupiter is having a chinwag with any celestial meanies up there and telling them to sling their hook! Any thoughts, please?

    1. Your Moon at 4 Cancer and Proserpina at 3 Virgo are sextile, by just one degree. You ‘need to be needed’ at home, or with the family, or the household. You would have been patriotic enough to fight for your country last century. There is a tremendous amount of caring and nurturing for others here, from the tiniest to the oldest family member. It works seamlessly with your role as go-between or ‘piggy in the middle’ at work, or just at home dealing with housework. Proserpina has to time-share her energy. Virgo is about your daily workload. Something about this eclipse leaves you in the dark about all that. It falls at 4 Aquarius, aspects your Moon and is very close to Proserpina. So don’t assume or guess. And have a look at what turned up today, or what appears in the next few hours – in relation to relatives, flatmates, live-in partners, the house, the apartment, your home town or homeland. You may want to park that somewhere for further inspection next week.

  48. Hi Jess,
    Have the following factors in Aquarius – Salacia 02°  Aquarius 16′ 34″ R, Aesculapia 13°  Aquarius 31′ 44″ R & Ops 16°  Aquarius 23′ 17″ R. How does the eclipse effect me due to my Aquarius factors. Hope that something is good in this part of a powerful, life-changing and mysterious story.
    I am also not able to maintain long term relationship with friends and groups..

    1. Jog, I have answered the second of your three questions now. If you can’t maintain long-term relationships with friends, that can mean a lonely life, but it does not have to be like that. As a strongly Aquarian person you need the group whatever that group is. Here is one way in. Find other strongly Aquarian people like Oprah Winfrey, whose lives you admire. Read their life story. Learn from them. They are your Aquarian teachers and once you know how to make it work, Aquarian style, you will be on your way. I suspect that school or High School never taught you what you needed to learn about the art of friendship, peer groups and social circles. Now you can fill that gap. And you will be far happier. Look up Ops as well as the Eleventh House, because you have Ops in the Eleventh House and that’s your whole clue.

  49. Had my 49th birthday on the 23rd July.

    Just came back inside (Sydney, Manly) after watching a red moon eclipse, in company with a bright red Mars, and I had a chuckle, a pkane showing it’s port(red) light flying below.

    Each object projecting red in that part of the sky, with each of course showing a different intensity but what I found interesting was the scale of distance in this projection of red – the plane, the Moon and Mars all projecting red light in the black sky. Not reading anything ‘astrological’ into it, simply an observation.


  50. Wow, another great article Jessica
    Just got news today of a diagnosis which means I’ll be on medication for the rest of my life, this old eclipse is going to have to make a lot of changes

    1. You have the North Node at 4 Aries in your First House of image, appearance, profile, title, reputation and identity. The eclipse at 4 Aquarius made an exact sextile to that. Try not to judge or decide too quickly. I am very sorry you got this news about the diagnosis and medication, but as an astrologer I don’t think this is the full and final story, for the rest of your life. Go into this slowly and find out more. There will be more to find out. It may take some time, so give yourself time. And space.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    It was lovely to meet you last month at the Lodge, thank you for the Pimms! I felt a little out of place amongst your astrology peers; I thought there would be more non-astrologers attending but it was an interesting evening chatting with your Aussie financial astrologers in the pub afterwards. Thank you for looking at my chart too and your analysis of the effect next year of the change of the Nodes. What would your analysis be of the Eclipse when I have Salacia at 4 Aquarius and Moon 4 Libra? I kinda feel like I am living in an alternative world with friends at the moment and not in a nice way. Communication has been strange for the last few months (if not all year really) with phonecalls stopped abruptly by one friend, sporadic contact with another and unanswered texts this month with another and comms that don’t flow with yet another… I have other Aquarius factors as well, with Jupiter 11 Aquarius and Hygeia 21 Aquarius. Mars is nearby at 3 Pisces. What am I missing? What don’t I know?!

    1. I also enjoyed meeting you at The Astrological Lodge of London and the Pimms afterwards is always welcome on a Monday night after an astrology workshop. If you want to understand why you are having difficulties with friends, take apart everything in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of social media and your social life. You can do that just by hitting Search as a Premium Member and accessing that information, or using the ebooks that come with membership. Salacia is right on 4 Aquarius and the eclipse just covered that up. So, actually, you may never know the full and final story about Friday 27th July. I have mentioned Facebook a lot to people. I don’t know if you use it, or ever used it – but even if you have not signed up, it still affects your circles of friends. Obviously the shares value of that corporation plunged on Friday and they will be managing that, probably secretly, which would fit the eclipse which left everyone in the dark in a strange way. I am wondering if that isn’t actually the story for you. Communication after all happens there, for so many people (though not me). In a more personal way, your Aquarian chart signature is about needing to find the group that you feel happiest with, and that is karma. It takes time. 2018 is the second year of karma with friends and you are going to meet people you knew before from other lifetimes. You are also going to settle scores karmically with friends. It stops in November. Then you get a long break from all this – until Christmas 2020 when your life changes. By 2021 you are heavily involved with one or more groups, have new friends, many of whom ‘lift you up where you belong’ thanks to their foreign background or educational achievements. From 2023, you have Pluto in Aquarius and one of those networks will become very powerful. So, there is nothing random about this year. You are learning about friendship. You are being educated about how to make it work. What to do. What not to do. That’s the transiting South Node in your Eleventh House. You are always welcome at The Astrological Lodge of London. I have a funny feeling that is part of the story here.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    Last year was really complicated, when Uranus hit my south node I had to change my occupation, and the arrangement to buy new home also broke. Now I wonder what happens when retrograde Uranus touches my south node again?
    In July 2003 I have changed jobs, now in July 2018 I did the same, and thinking about doing the same again soon. What about this eclipse?
    Thank you so much

    1. That wasn’t your South Node. Wrong sign. Your occupation and your home are Capricorn and Cancer, respectively, and sure enough you have patterns across both signs which were hit by the arrival of Saturn in Capricorn for the first time in 29 years. I am sure you know Capricorn is opposite Cancer so Saturn has crossed one end of your chart in the Tenth House of work and opposed the other end in your Fourth House of home. The eclipse is really nothing to do with that. Yet, you need to know that you are experiencing the slow but steady reshaping of the way you work and live, to your total advantage in 2020. That year Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) goes through Capricorn so you will be given an amazing opportunity to retrain, study, or take a new position – or a far better version of the old one. Why is there a reshape? From November, the North Node moves into Cancer and the South Node moves into Capricorn and you will find past life karma, and karma from this life, takes you back to the future. Across 2019, 2020 you are going to be shown the realities of where you come from and who you are. You will have to make choices about your family, your home town and your home region or country and balance those against your ambition to have more from your life, in terms of success and status. Hit Search and look up Fourth House and Tenth House. That is really where the biggest story is for you. You were born with Panacea at 4 Cancer and the eclipse in Aquarius at 4 Aquarius created a quincunx to that, so hopefully you followed the standard advice and did not act or judge too decisively on Friday. You also need to look up Panacea in Cancer in the Fourth House – take each one apart. She was the Roman goddess of cures, remedies and final answers but she raised ethical and moral issues. You will not be able to think about your career without thinking about your family or household on this cycle. In fact it is the family or household that is the core issue. And that’s karma.

  53. Hi Jessica

    I am strongly Aquarian, just wondering what is in store for me with this eclipse. Thanks as ever for your intriguing work.

    1. You are obviously far more involved than usual with one or more groups. These may be astrological associations, for example, or charities, or professional networks or small circles of people working together on the same goal. There is a feeling of sisterhood or brotherhood (or there should be) about these friends and acquaintances. The eclipse was just your reminder to leave well alone for a day or two until you know more. And it may be that you never, ever know what really happened at the end of July. If you are on Facebook (most of my friends are not, but I thought I’d mention it) then I think that July 27th for you was probably about that corporation and its secret moves, as it lost a lot of value yesterday, and obviously it is a social network. That’s Aquarian.

  54. Helllo Jessica, this total lunar eclipse in Aquarius conjunct to Mars (Transit) fall in my 5th house and it’s conjunct to Mars (Natal) and trine Uranus (Natal) in my 1st house (Libra) and square Uranus (Transit) conjunct Venus (Natal) in Taurus in my 9th house.
    What do you think of these aspects?
    Soon I will do the Yoga school for to become a teacher yoga training and the next year I want to move abroad ..
    Thank you for your kind attention.

    1. I use the Natural House system for prediction as I have found it to be the most accurate of all the 30+ astrological techniques for casting the future and seeing the news before it happens. You sound as if you are using something completely different as Aquarius is not the Fifth House it is the Eleventh House. Libra is the Seventh House in that system and not the First House. Sorry, but I can’t read this. Good luck with your yoga.

  55. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for this intriguing information regarding this lunar eclipse…I have Aquarian factors in Sun, Moon, Ceres, Chiron and Aesculapia. How will the eclipse affect me..many thanks.

    1. Juno at 4 Capricorn in your Tenth House is actually the focus here. The eclipsed Blood Moon at 4 Aquarius formed an exact semi-sextile to it. Juno is about your commitments in life. How you ‘marry’ the job or ‘wed’ yourself to your staff, boss, lecturer, classmates, colleagues or clients. It can also represent a woman who marries and finds herself taking on the marriage like a career. Wife is her job description. What just happened will not become obvious to you for many months, even years. It’s really about how you climb the mountain to get to the top as Capricorn is the mountain goat. It is also about staying there. I don’t think you’ll really get the full picture until you experience Jupiter going across 4 Capricorn and that’s going to take you into late 2019. For now, you may want to suspend judgement or any dramatic action. Just as you saw, everything was blacked out from your certain vision or knowledge!

  56. January 30th, 1998 to August 23rd, 1998 – I immigrated to USA from eastern Europe on March 4, 1998. My life completely changed!! I also met my first husband in April 1998. I moved in with him in May 1998.

    November 29th, 1998 to March 10th, 2003 – I got married in February 1999 and had my only child in 2000.

    My life changed so much during these periods that I have no idea what’s going to happen now ?

    1. You have a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House. A stellium is an unusually high count of factors. Libra is the scales of balance, usually with a husband. The Seventh House is about engagement, marriage, separation and divorce. You were actually going through quite a different cycle to the one I mention here, but your Libra side was still triggered. This eclipse is really about your Minerva at 4 Gemini in the Third House of internet. The Blood Moon we just saw passed at 4 Aquarius. This is about your use of social media. Minerva is your wisdom. Gemini is your way with words and language. The Third House is about the web. You have been left in the dark about changes which went down on Friday but you will eventually see what came to pass. And it will certainly affect how you use the internet to connect and communicate. I suspect it’s Facebook if you happen to be on it.

      1. Hi Jessica! I’m very active on Facebook!! How interesting! I feel I have a way to influence people through my words/pictures/video but for some reason it’s been very hard to express myself for quite some time. I’m very curious what’s going to happen. I hope it will be easier. I have a lot to say. So going back to those years – I didn’t speak English well and couldn’t express myself to people at all!!!

        1. Hmmm, I think the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius was about Facebook. You’ll find out eventually. Aquarius has always ruled groups and friends, and your social life. So if you are on there a lot, I would say that corporate and company changes are going to have a direct impact on your own friendships, but it may take weeks or even months for the penny to drop.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    How does this eclipse effect me with so many Aquarian placements?
    Hygeia 4 Aquarius
    Saturn 5 Aquarius
    Bacchus 16 Aquarius
    South Node 18 Aquarius
    Mars 15 Aquarius
    Mercury 8 Aquarius
    Jupiter 22 Aquarius
    Ops 13 Aquarius
    Thanks x

    1. You may have spent several lifetimes totally dependent on a group, using people power to achieve your goals in life. You would typically have been in the navy, army or air force (or another tight military unit) perhaps more than once in your history, as everything depended upon teamwork and trusting your friends and comrades within the circle. We also find strongly Aquarian people who incarnate with these patterns (yours is extreme) in situations where they have to weigh up their own independence and individuality, against the group. So sometimes you end up with musical differences in a band, or ideological differences within a political party. You are in the odd position of being blessed and protected by your friends, and these groups in your life, but also severely tested by them. There is a fair amount of fear there, as well as some really huge advantages for you! As this eclipse slowly passes out of your horoscope, just remember it is still not the time to assume you know everything, or can see everything. This is particularly true on social media. The more I look at that historic Aquarius eclipse, the more I am convinced it was about Facebook, as the record-breaking drop in the value of that company took place within 24 hours of the eclipse and there have in fact been calls for Mark Zuckerberg to resign. Clearly something is going on at that corporation and I don’t think anybody would be too surprised to hear they are being kept in the dark. Even if you are not on F-Book at all, it still influences your life. So that is one possibility. Another would be far more obvious to you, as you are already dealing with the club, the team, the association, the charity, the organisation and so on. This is a karmic time for you. The transiting South Node in Aquarius is crossing your Hygiea and Saturn. By November you will have made good with people. And they will have made good with you. This goes back a very long way, not only years into your own history, but also into prior incarnations. It’s tremendously important as from Christmas 2020 Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius and that’s going to change your life. For more information hit Search and the Eleventh House.

  58. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article! I have volcano at 4 leo as well as Chiron, Juno and cupidi at 3,4,5 degrees, I also have my NN in leo and an Aquarius stellium. Can you please tell how this eclipse will affect me. Much thanks!!

    1. Vulcano at 4 Leo is the focus here. You were born with Vulcano, a symbol of self-control and powerful willpower, in Leo, in your Fifth House, which is all about pregnancy, children, young adults, the needs of schoolgirls, schoolboys and teenagers – but also about sexual relationships which might end in childbirth, termination, miscarriage, adoption, IVF or step-parenting. Leo is the Queen or King of the jungle and the heirs to the throne, however they manifest, are very important in the Fifth House. Your North Node in Leo tells you that you have spent several lifetimes exploring different ways of ‘ruling’ the young, no matter if you have been a teacher, a parent with many children, or a nanny. Now, we have not only this Blood Moon Total Eclipse so close to this point, we are also seeing the transiting, or travelling, North Node go over it too. So you are having what is known as the North Node Return. I’m assuming you are giving this eclipse period a wide berth, as it very dramatically showed a blackout. Nobody needs to operate in the dark! Yet – now through November – you have karma to complete from the past. Also, perhaps, from your past life. It will very specifically involve the world of children, young people or lovers. It is time to close the circle and go into 2019 feeling as if things are in a settled place. Work towards that, as you put this eclipse behind you. You may never fully know the whole story, actually.

  59. Hi Jessica, I have Ops at 1 degree Aquarius, Juno at 14 degrees Aquarius & Bacchus 25 degrees Aquarius. I am a Taurus Sun sign & Libra ascendant. Will this eclipse affect anything to do with my health?
    Karen C

    1. Uranus at 10, Mars at 12, Pluto at 13 Virgo in your Sixth House of ‘the body’ are really the story here, if you are concerned about your health. The eclipse fell in Aquarius, so nothing to do with that. What might be useful for you is to focus on the time that the Sun goes across 10, 12, 13 Virgo in September, because it will shed light on your mind, body and spirit connection, and illuminate, highlight and clearly show a central issue for you. In fact, once a month, whenever the Moon also goes through Virgo, you will be put in touch with people or organisations which can make things more obvious for you. Karen, you also have Vulcano at 9 Virgo, so it’s very close to Uranus. They call it a conjunction. I would expect your body to act out issues that you feel emotionally. More than most other people you need to know that there is a direct connection between how your soul feels about work, housework, duty and service to other people – and how your physical temple responds to that. In plain English, if you are never content with work, university or unpaid work but will not act on that, sometimes your body will do that for you, so you are forced to change your lifestyle, alter your day-to-day tasks and chores, switch what you do. In astrology Virgo is about both your routine workload, but also your body. You may want to hit Search to look up the Sixth House. Do you do yoga? It is a very good channel for people with this kind of chart pattern which needs a physical outlet which can contain and control the emotions as well as ‘hold’ the physical body.

  60. Hello Jessica
    Please could you let me know what affect the eclipse will have on my chart? So much is up in the air.
    Many thanks

    1. The eclipse, now passed, at 4 Aquarius made an angle to Diana in your chart at 4 Pisces, so the last day or two has really been about accepting that you can’t guess people’s true feelings, situations and motives. I am sure you are aware of that. One or two key people are an enigma and you may have to leave it at that. If you feel things are up in the air now, it is actually because of the retrogrades we are having. So many planets appear to be stuck or moving backwards so nothing is really moving. This lifts in September for you. From November you will be thrilled with 12 months of dazzling opportunities involving foreign people and places, other cultures, and astonishing leaps in knowledge and global experience. You’ll become who you are, in a way not possible in 12 years.

  61. Dear Jessica, this is fascinating and really helpful for me. Your advice not to re ….act on this eclipse has been adhered to at home and at work!

    Firstly my family relations are fractured particularly my relationship with my brother initially starting in 1997 but the real breakdown was in December 1998. I have managed this one way and another for the last 20 years. Strangely the issue re surfaced on Tuesday when a cousin managed to hit a nerve in me on the subject. I really had to suppress my need to show all the hurt and frustration and not let it infect others. In reflection I am managing to stand back and trust time and fate to sort out the issue but not without pain and self constraint.

    I have both Venus and Saturn iin Aquarius. But also psyche and aesculapia at 2 and 1 and Apollo at 1 and I am thinking these are always triggered with this family issue and now with Uranus at 2 degrees. It seems to go on forever and is centred around sexism/ hierarchies with the family. What is it’s future?

    At work on the other hand the wind is also changing – although I am a great asset to the team my peers definitely support me. My boss is not showing me consideration or praise and in her actuons is thoughtless to include or consult me on things that are relevant to my portfolio. This reached a crescendo on Friday but knowing that it was an eclipse swallowed hard actually a few large glassees of wine last night and had a sleepless night ranting. I want promotion and am now wondering do I need to move on or carry on hitting this brick wall?

    1. I am sorry your family situation is so difficult. You were born with the North Node (karma from past lives) at 11 Cancer in the Fourth House of family. You cannot alter the script, storylines, actors or plot (it repeats) but you can change the way you see it. The way you read or view it. Your reaction and response to it. The North Node in your Fourth House makes an exact angle to Jupiter at 11 Aries and Chiron at 11 Pisces. The South Node is at 11 Capricorn. If you were to draw the lines between all this, it would make the letter T in your horoscope wheel. This is the T Square of astrology, which is rare and very hard work. You have an exact T Square from your North Node in Cancer, the sign of family, to your South Node, and across to Jupiter. T stands for tension and yet it also works for you. Hit Search to look at Sacred Geometry to find out more about making a T Square, an opposition or a square function with the least trouble. The fact is, even every month, whenever the Moon goes to 11 Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, Libra, it triggers the T. So you have to learn to live with it and that brings you back to conscious selection of your response. It was Nelson Mandela, a Cancerian, who said he had to release all the emotion when he was finally let out of jail. He told us, if he had hung onto those feelings, he would have been in jail a second time. Now – your career. I am sure you know that Capricorn rules your Tenth House of career and here we come across that other part of the T – your South Node! This is temporary, but you have transiting Saturn hovering over 11 Capricorn, so the planet of tests and trials is triggering your work zone, at the same time that he is opposing your family zone. This does not last. It is also the hurdle you handle, in order to get to the gold medal, and the gold medal comes in 2020 when Jupiter goes to Capricorn. Keep your eyes on the champagne glass on the hurdle, the way they did in Chariots of Fire. Be Nigel Havers. Don’t let it spill. Keep going.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    I have my descendant in 7 aquarius, Diana 22 aquarius, Salacia 4 aquarius and Proserpina in 13 aquarius. i have been having a lot of problems at work with a group of people. How will this eclipse affect me?

    1. The eclipse fell right on Salacia at 4 Aquarius so I hope you tried not to act or judge too decisively across Friday – you would have been operating in the dark with only shadowy information or an incomplete picture. Further to this, 2018 is karma year for groups and friends. It sounds as if this is what is happening for you at work. Past life karma and ‘this life’ karma is here to be settled (perhaps from years ago or into prior incarnations). Scores must be settled. Forgiveness is a big one. There is also the question of what you are owed! Finally the Node in Aquarius now is showing you how to keep life simple so that you do not create complex karma for the future. From November, the whole thing comes full circle and you can leave it.

  63. Hi Jessica, 1998-2003 was quite a difficult time – depression, major marriage crisis, sudden death of a brother. I have some factors at 3-4 degrees. Also some in Aquarius, although not at these degrees. Is there any advice you can give me regarding this eclipse based on my chart?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. I am sorry you began the Millennium with so much loss and particularly the passing of your brother. None of this is really about the eclipse cycle, as you were going through quite a different chain of cycles that could only happen every 240+ years as Pluto changed signs. Right now, we are just passing an eclipse of the Moon at 4 Aquarius, and you have Diana at 4 Libra in the Seventh House. This whole period has actually been about your former, current or potential partner. Assuming that you can’t see the full picture and don’t know the whole story is a smart approach to take. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all the amazing articles lately! This eclipse has been very emotional due to a bit of heartbreak. I’m single, divorced since 2011with a wonderful 12 year old son. I have NN and Fortuna at 25 and 14 Aquarius. I also have some placements near the eclipse degree – Cupid & Chiron at 5 Aries, Bacchus 4 Capricorn, and Panacea 4 Taurus. 1998-2003 were very tough years in my marriage. Is there any good news on the relationship horizon?

    1. It’s actually your Libra placements in your Seventh House of dating, mating, relating, marriage and divorce that have been hit by transiting Saturn this time, and transiting Chiron too. Saturn is in Capricorn, so ‘square’ your Libra stuff and Chiron is in Aries so ‘opposing’ your Libra stuff! It’s temporary. The eclipse? Not so much. It’s really that combination of both Saturn and Chiron at sharp angles to your Seventh House patterns, which are very much about travelling as a pair, or operating as a duet. Your time will come again. For example, Jupiter (opportunity) makes a lovely sextile to your Libra Seventh House placements after November 2018 and by 2019 you’ll be feeling far more cheerful about the world of relationships. It’s always going to be an experiment for you, but the experiment will also show you what freedom and independence truly feels like. Not a lot of women get to experience that.

  65. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for an interesting read. I would like to understand how the eclipse will effect me as I have 5 aspects in Aquarius.

    Venus 11 degrees in Aquarius
    Jupiter 14 degrees in Aquarius
    Ascendant 10 degrees in Aquarius
    Salacia 3 degrees in Aquarius
    Cupido 26 degrees in Aquarius

    Over the past 6 months I have seen the ending of long term friendships which has not been easy. I would like to understand the impact of the eclipse on relationships in my chart.

    Many Thanks

    1. Pirveen the eclipse has now passed, and as you saw, it was about the natural light of the Full Moon being covered up. So, you were left in the dark about friends and groups, which the Full Moon in Aquarius rules. It may be months or even years before you realise what was actually happening at the time. As a strongly Aquarian person you feed the group – and need the group – as much as the group needs you. This may be symbolic, so the ‘community of Batman fans’ is a group just as a political party is. It may also be very personal so you have a very close circle of friends. Why have you seen the end of friendships? The North Node (karma) has been in Aquarius for rather a long time and it will be there until November 2018. This is a cycle of closure and completion, but if there is any feeling you have to reconcile, that is also quite natural. The Node can be about apologies and forgiveness on either side. Try to leave everything in a settled place by November. When the North Node goes to 3 Aquarius and conjuncts your Salacia, you are likely to see a flashback of such a similar situation from around 20 years ago. That memory should help you sort things out. Beyond this cycle, friends and groups change your life from Christmas 2020 and particularly from 2023. This is the kind of cycle we see when people join the United Nations, or get hired by football teams!

  66. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for all the interesting articles, they have been very good reads! And the previous response you gave for me, it has been fantastic help, I sorted out all the paperwork during the grace period! Unfortunately my husband and I have now separated, and am now thinking of filing for divorce. I moved out earlier this week, and there were many difficulties with the moving company..with excuses of breakdowns of their vehicles..the eclipse? Should I proceed with filing for divorce during this period and do you see this being the best path for me? I’m trying to follow my intuition, and trust what is happening but emotionally its really difficult.

    Many thanks

    1. Maria I am so pleased I was able to help. You moved out on Mercury Retrograde and also Mars Retrograde. Great time to rehearse, reschedule, review, rethink – not the best time to do something like move out of a home. I am sorry you had to put up with all that. Maria, if there is no rush, I strongly recommend you wait until after 3rd September to file for divorce. Keep talking but be aware that things could change or be held up, which is why the actual commitment to break up should come later when these eclipses are out of the way and Mercury is out of shadow retrograde. Eclipses conceal too much and Mercury Retrograde is about cancellation, suspension, delay – always. September, October if you can, and get it out of the way.

  67. Hi Jessica, your predictions always come true! I never miss your tweets! This eclipse is in my 1st house (widely conjunct ASC) and it opposes my natal Jupiter in Leo which is at 0 degrees in the 7th house and conjunct my DSC. Been having a tough time with my health since Mars went Retrograde and an ex I still adore has recently gotten in touch after 3 years!!
    Can you please shed some light?

    1. Thank you. We use totally different systems of astrology. I only use 0-1 degree orbs because otherwise the chart looks like a pizza when you use the asteroids which complete the original Roman family tree of horoscope symbols. The eclipse did not oppose your Jupiter at 0 degrees because it was at 4 degrees. Yet, you have Jupiter at 0 Leo, so what I can tell you – which is really important – is that the transiting North Node is moving towards 0 Leo by the end of the year. I am sure you know that the Node is about karma. This really dates from what happened to you about 20 years ago. You have Jupiter (protection, good fortune, generosity, win-win solutions) in Leo in your Fifth House (Natural House system) which rules babies, children, teenagers, paid and unpaid work with young people – and the lovers who can bring children into your life). So, watch the transiting North Node and of course the transiting South Node, opposite at 0 Aquarius. This is your last chance in around another two decades to collect good karma and ‘make good’ any situation which is ragged around the edges.

      1. Thank you Jessica!! Yes I used wide orbs. You are spot on about the transit North Node due to conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 7th house, thank you for the analysis, I never looked at it that way! I guess it’s my last chance to get married as I am single. Forgot to mention that natal Jupiter is Retrograde. This ex who has showed up was in my life 18 years ago, when the Nodes were transiting my 7th house, I haven’t seen him since then! Will see what it brings….

  68. Hi Jessica, thanks for this awesome site. I am very concerned about the Aug 11 eclipse. My BDAY is Aug 12 and it will trigger, my sun at 19* Leo my moon is at 20* scorpio. if you get a moment please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

    1. The August 11th eclipse is a partial solar eclipse with the Sun at 18 Leo conjunct the Moon at 18 Leo. It is a New Moon, and thus a new beginning, in the Leo-ruled Fifth House of your chart, which is where we find your Sun at 19 Leo. However, as about 74% of the picture is obscured at that time, you may want to suspend judgement about babies, children, young people, youth as a whole (a youth market or demographic) and any lovers who are either parents to your children, or could become so. The eclipse unfolds at 10.46am in London so adjust for your time zone. Essentially you have spent the last year or two dealing with Leo ‘weather’ in your Fifth House which has prevented you from seeing the full story in any detail. You don’t say if you have children or not. If you don’t, the incomplete jigsaw has been about your godchild, niece or nephew. It may also have been about a children’s organisation, like a school, or a teenagers’ project, like an internship program, or music aimed at young adults. It is really hard to tell you more than that, other than – you have been kept in the dark. This can happen for nice reasons. Sometimes it is the woman who volunteers with the local Girl Guides who discovers she is to be awarded an OBE for services rendered, but as a recipient she cannot be told about the nomination. The chart usually shows if all the retrogrades and eclipses are an issue if not. You have Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House so are always protected, no matter what. That’s reassuring! But on that eclipse – don’t judge or act – where children are concerned. I had a reader recently who wanted to know if she would end up with her former boyfriend, now married, whose son was also in her life as her piano student. The answer is ‘Avoid even thinking about it’ followed by ‘Don’t go there’ because this Leo weather has been bonkers, since 2017. Hit Search and look up Leo for more!

  69. Good morning Jessica. I kept to myself during the eclipse. Stayed off social media just for but of a break. Had a really unexpected repeated argument with my partner last Monday. Just tried to push through and rethink in my head till after the blood moon. I feel I have definitely awoken a little more. I am having doubts about my partner potentially causing grief to cover up more sinister things for eg an affair?? Am I over thinking ? Or I am on the right vibes ? Would you please shine some light on my Birth Chart for me. Thank you so Much. Xox

    1. You have Ceres at 4 Libra and the eclipsed Moon was at 4 Aquarius. No wonder you argued with your partner. Ceres is about power and control, and how to share it. That is really what this is all about. Without your partner’s chart it is impossible to say if he is having an affair. Yet, you do both need to look at how things are run between you and figure out a compromise. A new beginning that will allow both of you to ‘carve up’ the territory between you. This may actually be about the money, apart, possessions or house as you also have Pluto at 4 Scorpio. Holding the reins in a relationship is very important to you. You don’t always have them all the time, though, and as a lifelong pattern, may have to learn how to share them or swap them. You have Venus at 5 Libra, very close to Pluto and Ceres, and also – again – close to that eclipse. Taking it apart, Ceres (power and control sharing) in Libra (partnership) always goes hand-in-hand with complicated relationships (Venus) which are based on questions about what is fair (Libra) as you seek to balance the scales (Libra, again). Every single time you go down this path you have to deal with the money, the home, the possessions or the business (Scorpio) and your own need to hold the reins (Pluto) and dominate what goes on. I hope this helps you figure things out. Further ahead, Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (finance) will oppose your Pluto, so across the short-term you really need to zero in on the arrangement you have made with your partner about that, or what ‘costs’ (like a shared car, or his flat-screen television, which you adopted). That eclipse definitely left you in the dark, as it was so close to your 4/5 degree pattern, so it’s great that you didn’t do or say too much. Now, have a look at what you earn, own or owe and what you feel about that, and how he feels about that too. It’s likely to be at the hidden heart of it all.

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