Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

As soon as Jupiter enters a new zodiac sign, a new department of your life will benefit. You will also see a global improvement. How can you use your natural Jupiter horoscope luck in Scorpio and Sagittarius 2018, 2019?

Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

From now through November 2018, Jupiter the lucky planet is in Scorpio, the sign which rules your land, house, holiday home, business, bank account, charity and precious possessions. From November 2018 he moves into Sagittarius and stays there for most of 2019. There, he will be in your house of travel, study, teaching, foreigners, emigration, publishing and the web.

In a moment I’ll go into detail about why Jupiter matters, what he does and how you can even watch for Jupiter omens that he’s about – acorns, eagles and thunderstorms tend to signal some synchronicity!

If you are a Premium Member, I will list fortunate Jupiter dates every week in your extended forecast. This is the secret astrology that lines up with your personal birth chart, based on your time, place and date of birth.

The public astrology ‘weather’ is pretty simple, though. In 2018 when Jupiter is mostly in Scorpio, the sign which rules bank loans, alternatives to banks (like PayPal), eBay, Air BnB, Etsy, Fiverr and other sales machines online – you’re in luck. The wheels are going round. They go around on the most record-breaking scale on the London Stock Exchange, Wall Street and other city marketplaces – which is why you’ve seen new highs set in 2018.

Here is a useful rule for Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018. Always glance at the front page of this website to see the planetary positions. You’ll see Jupiter in Scorpio there. Is anything else in Scorpio there too? The Moon? What about the asteroids? Push your luck that day. Push it if you want to save or make money.

This also applies to Jupiter in Sagittarius, current from Thursday 8th November 2018 through the end of 2019. From that day forward, if you see other factors in Sagittarius (like the Sun, which you’ll see from late November) push your luck.

When People Don’t Use Jupiter…

When people don’t use Jupiter it’s because they are not thinking big or seeing the opportunity. I find it really interesting that human nature means we’re too lazy, or not optimistic enough (even) to see an acorn as a future oak. I’ll give you some examples of this, from readers, just in the last few months:

  • The actor who turned down a birthday party invitation from a family with relatives who were big in the film industry. Oops.
  • The cash-poor but property-rich woman who was introduced to a potential tenant but didn’t bother conversing. Oops.
  • The overweight mum on a budget who ‘just happened’ to find a cheap exercise bike at a car boot sale. She bought a hot dog!

I see a lot of people in astrology who think Jupiter is like the Hand of God holding a rainbow and pot of gold, with exploding stars. Most of the time, Jupiter doesn’t work like that. This cycle is really about the tiniest thing which leads to big results later.

Jupiter and Eagles

A good way to understand what the planet Jupiter achieves in each cycle, is to look at his symbols. Our astrology comes to us from Ancient Rome, where the eagle was Jupiter’s messenger. Pliny the Elder described the eagle as one of the signa militaria, or “military symbols” of the army. An eagle would be set free during the consecration of an emperor. Jupiter was associated with power in Rome. Pliny called the eagle “most honorable (or honored) and strongest of all birds”. Jupiter is shown with his eagle in this beautiful work from The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, below.
The thing to remember about Jupiter cycles is this – it can feel as if someone bigger, greater and higher than you (with an eagle-eye across the big picture) is in charge. So, you become part of a wider pattern of beneficial change. Jupiter is also a tremendous healer. If there are long-running issues or deep-seated problems, he can often break up the ground with this thunderbolts and rain, to reveal what needs to be cleaned up. Jupiter can often detox. Then comes the improvement!

Jupiter astride an eagle Met Museum  600x600 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019
Jupiter (Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art)

What Eagles Tell Us About Jupiter Cycles in Astrology

Why the eagle as a symbol for Jupiter? Perhaps, because as Aristotle wrote, it “flies high in order to see over the greatest area” and that “men call it divine among birds for this reason…” Jupiter was considered to be best and greatest of all the gods, and  Herodian gives a description of the use of an eagle at an imperial funeral “…from the highest and topmost story an eagle is released, as if from a battlement, and soars up into the sky with the flame [of the funeral pyre], taking the soul of the emperor from earth to heaven, the Romans believe”.

The eagle gives you a good idea of what to expect from Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018, and Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019. We associate this bird with the idea of flying high and soaring. The eagle sees the big picture and it is associated with people at the top who are elevated in society. I am sure you have read the headlines about various pay rises, tax breaks and other benefits in 2018. That is a typical example of people at the top (Presidents, Prime Ministers) acting out the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle. Scorpio is about finances. The bank. Savings. Big business.

When you think about Jupiter cycles, especially with finance (2018) and travel (2019) think about the biggest of all possible pictures. Let’s go back to that idea of eagle-eyed vision again. The Romans mixed an eagle’s brain or gall with Attic honey as a cure for eye problems, according to Pliny. They believed it could help cataracts. This 2000 year old idea about seeing far and wide, having breadth of vision, taking in everything at once, is very particular to Jupiter. An eagle is a bird of prey (see below). You can be predatory or an opportunist on this cycle, too. We talk about ‘spying an opportunity’ and that is Jupiter!

Predatory or opportunist 395x600 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019
Birds of Prey (Ladybird)

Until early November 2018, with money, possessions, houses, apartments or ‘money saved’ – you can test this for yourself. One area of your life related to this will open up and expand before your eyes. You may see a bigger picture, than you did before. There will be something/someone to prey on – as nicely as you can.

The sign that Jupiter occupies is crucial. Jupiter in Scorpio is about banks and banking. Jupiter in Sagittarius is about travel and travel in the mind.

Watch people flying high and nations soaring, in a new way, in a new direction over both these cycles. In 2019 when Jupiter is in Sagittarius there will be new technology available on the worldwide web which takes education and academia to its biggest and best levels in 12 years. That is how long it takes Jupiter to return to Sagittarius on his cycle. The last time he was there, the web saw an explosion in both official learning (webinar technology) and informal learning (Wikipedia). What will happen in 2019? Your guess is as good as mine, but you can bank on education and even the cherished halls of academia becoming more affordable, accessible, efficient and effective. Jupiter is going to be about expansion, perhaps into faster and easier video conferencing, with new formats – perhaps embracing more countries and cultures, and more languages. This is going to have a huge impact on everybody out there born with the outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius. Children born 2000-2008 with Pluto in Sagittarius who are coming of age in 2019 will benefit enormously from the explosion in online education. If you want luck (use your eagle eyes) be part of that growth!

Will Jupiter Help Your Personal Birth Chart?

These are the pro-level astrology secrets that you need to know, if your have your personal birth chart in front of you as a Premium Member. Look for anything in Scorpio and Sagittarius at these numbers (degrees) and line up the dates. In Scorpio, the opportunities will be financial, charity, business or property related. In Sagittarius, the opportunities will be travel, internet, publishing or education related. We have some Mercury Retrograde interference in the late Scorpio degrees in October so let’s keep life simple and avoid those zones!

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Jupiter 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Scorpio –
OCTOBER 2018 – Jupiter 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Scorpio
NOVEMBER 2018 –  Jupiter 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Sagittarius *This will work well for you as long as you realise there will be a delay or change to the original plans around November 1st-4th and 28th-30th, close to December 1st and around December 13th-17th. The reason for this is that Mercury (communication, information, transportation) is retrograde at the same time.
DECEMBER 2018 – Jupiter 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Sagittarius *This will work well for you as long as you realise there will be a delay or change to the original plans around November 5th-12th and 22nd-30th and again around November 18th-23rd.

Do You Have Sagittarius Factors? Your 2019 Luck and How to Work It

Jupiter keeps travelling through Sagittarius in 2019 and if you have any Sagittarius factors at all, he will trigger them, bringing opportunities, solutions, growth, great timing and all that is required for huge improvements not possible in 12 years. This is all through your Ninth House of ‘travel and travel in the mind.’

JANUARY 2019 – Jupiter 11, 12, 13,14, 15, 16, 17 Sagittarius
FEBRUARY 2019 – Jupiter 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Sagittarius
MARCH 2019 – Jupiter 21, 22, 23, 24 Sagittarius
APRIL 2019 – Jupiter 23, 24 Sagittarius
MAY 2019 – Jupiter 20, 21, 22, 23 Sagittarius
JUNE 2019 – Jupiter 17, 18, 19, 20 Sagittarius
JULY 2019 – Jupiter 14, 15, 16, 17 Sagittarius
AUGUST 2019 – Jupiter 14, 15 Sagittarius
SEPTEMBER 2019 – Jupiter 15, 16, 17, 18 Sagittarius
OCTOBER 2019 – Jupiter 18, 19, 20 ,21, 22, 23 Sagittarius
NOVEMBER 2019 – Jupiter 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Sagittarius
DECEMBER 2019 – Jupiter 29 Sagittarius

The Jupiter rules – when you see a month with Jupiter lining up at exactly the same degree (number) as anything in your chart, plant an acorn, water the soil, protect the acorn and do all you can to help it grow – although destiny will help too.

Anything you did, around 12 years before, in terms of planting acorns or growing oak trees, will reward you. Jupiter moves in 12 year cycles of expansion. Watch!

Rapid Returns From Your 2018 Financial, Charity, Business, Property Efforts

If you were born with chart factors in Scorpio across 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 degrees in your Eighth House of money, fundraising, companies, houses and apartments – I hope you were reading your horoscope this year as you would have been given great dates to start something – plant something.

From Little Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow, is the famous phrase. Your acorn will grow rapidly with special help from Jupiter when he goes back over the same spot in your chart, September and October 2018. The more ‘acorns’ you planted and the harder you tended them, the bigger the results. I love this NASA image of Jupiter. Can you see the acorn? The Romans were linking this planet to oak trees over 2000 years ago!


Jupiter NASA acorns 600x598 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019



Jupiter and Thunderbolts

Jupiter is associated with the eagle, an omen you will see when you are having fortunate Jupiter transits. An eagle may turn up on a TV documentary or as a brooch – or as a statue. Jupiter also rules thunder. Thunderstorms are a sign he’s about. Watch!

The Romans took their mythology and astrology from the Greeks and it was then shipped to the British Isles, where the symbols, ideas and memes took hold. The Greeks believed Zeus (their earlier version of Jupiter) used thunderbolts as weapons to express his rage. When Asclepius (Aesculapius) raised a patient from the dead, Zeus blasted him, because Asclepius was going against fate.

Thunder can be the typical Jupiter blessing in disguise. If a part of your life is desperately in need of repair, rehabilitation, renewal and relaunch – you can have a stormy situation – which then is very healing.

The Romans (who gave us the core of the astrology we use today) moved this idea about thunder and Jupiter forward and for them, the eagle became the carrier of thunder – a sure sign Jupiter was about. Ovid speaks of “the eagle, who bore [Jupiter’s] thunderbolts”, Horace of the “winged deliverer of the thunderbolt”, and Virgil of “the eagle that bears Jove’s lightning.”

Listen for the ‘whump’ of the thunderclaps next time there is a storm. Tune into what is going on around you. Opportunity? Solution? Breakthrough? Check your chart. I’ll bet you are having a Jupiter transit, to the exact degree, of your chart.

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

I sometimes see people getting very mixed up and associating Jupiter with lightning. This idea of Jupiter being linked to lightning is quite wrong, though. It was his grandfather Uranus who was the father of lightning. The two are compatible, though, and in nature they follow each other. The family tree shows itself on a storm! Thus, you get the release, the freedom and the Independence Day moment of Uranus (lightning) and the boom of Jupiter.

The thunderbolt that clears the air and helps healing, renewal and a fresh start is Jupiter. However, the thunder that brings rain is also Jupiter. If you have cleared the area of your life where Jupiter is working already, rapid and big new growth will occur. This has a lot to do with preparation and hard work in previous cycles. If you did the financial work before 2018, then this year will bring you rewards. It’s the same in 2019. If you have been slogging away for years as a teacher or student, or with a particular foreign country or nationality, then 2019 will reward you. That’s a literal boom!

You can still see the gold eagle, clutching thunderbolts in its talons, on long metal poles left to us in art, today. The pole would be planted in the ground by the Roman legion and it became identified with the might and splendour of the Roman Empire. Thus, we associate Jupiter cycles with ’empire building’ too.

Pamela Colman Smith Suffrage Atelier - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

The famous Tarot card artist Pamela Coleman Smith used her understanding of mythology to work with images of oaks and oak leaves, not only in her work on the deck she created with Arthur Waite, which I am sure you know – but also in her feminist endeavours. You can see examples here. She also uses bird images. Although Pamela did not know it, the Suffragette movement she was linked with, would grow (blessed by Jupiter) into the Women’s Liberation movement of the 1970s and Britain’s second female Prime Minister, today. A lot of her Tarot is about growth, and from September 2018 I will be launching Tarot Tuesdays for Premium Members, so we can work with her cards together and try a different way of seeing potential futures and creating them – shaping them – as you wish.

Six Wands  - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019
The Tarot. Pamela Coleman- Smith.

Using Roman Ideas About Jupiter In Your Chart

We can develop this symbolism of ‘acorns into oaks’ by thinking about Jupiter as an astrological sign of construction, empire-building and expansion. The Romans took their religion very seriously and for them, Jupiter was their chief god, who took them from Italy to the world and back. The old astrological concepts of Jupiter as a symbol of exploration and abundance come partly from this. When you look at Italy on the map today it is hard to conceive that this tiny country, let alone its tiny capital, Roma, became the epicentre of the old world. The Romans believed, trusted and submitted to Jupiter and look what happened. Interesting!
Jupiter brings you situations, people and organisations which can help you to grow. You will see this very quickly once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 2018. The Romans took over the world, plundered the planet’s richest offerings and became a superpower in the ancient world. Nobody wants you to romp around doing that but given that the new Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle is going to be about travel, export, import, tourism, emigration, refugees (forced migration) and other Ninth House matters – look there first for growth. Secondary issues are history, religion, languages, art, science and so on. Why? Because when we travel to a foreign country we have to learn about those things. And Sagittarius is about learning.

Jupiter, Acorns and Oak Trees

Along with the symbolism of the thunderbolt and eagle, Jupiter is associated with acorns and oak trees.  As Jupiter Quirinus or Jupiter Feretrius, the old Roman god had an oak staff. Victorious generals wore a gold oak-leaf wreath set with acorns.  eagle on its tip. Mighty warriors carried a quiris, or oak staff, in addition.  The earliest Roman temple to Jupiter was on the Capitoline Hill. The version of Jupiter known as Feretrius was worshipped there, and returning generals would hang their captured armour on an oak tree as a votive to Jupiter. You can read more about this in The Divine Thunderbolt, by J.T.  Sibley. To bring the imagery up to date, here is a wonderful illustration I found via my Pinterest account, below. From Little Acorns Grow Mighty Oaks. If you follow me on Pinterest, you may want to pin this. It’s the Jupiter mantra!

It is amazing how, along with thunderstorms and eagles, the other synchronicity omen for Jupiter is an acorn. It can sometimes be quite complex. I buried a squirrel in London the other day. The poor creature had been killed trying to cross the road. I laid him to rest under a tree (not an oak tree, but a big tree) and it was only later that I realised what an omen he was. Squirrels of course live on acorns. I wondered if there would be a death that opened a door, and there was – the same day. The man who passed gave me an opportunity that could not have come any other way. Watch for Jupiter omens. Acorns. Thunder. Eagles.

Pinterest 600x600 - Jupiter Horoscope Luck 2018-2019

Growing Acorns into Oak Trees

Along with the idea of seeing far and wide (the eagle) the thunder of Jupiter reminds us of the rain that can bring growth and abundance. This links nicely to the idea of acorns turning into oak trees. I’ve talked about the thunderbolts that can sometimes happen on Jupiter cycles in order to fix things! Stormy weather is very Jupiter.

Of course, storms can be dangerous and destructive, which reveals Jupiter’s other relentless side. Pliny is our best historical source for Jupiter’s association with thunderstorms and thunderbolts. He wrote that the thunderbolts came in response to prayer. History tells us that extreme weather patterns in the ancient world mattered so much to them that they altered the course of Rome itself. During the Second Punic War, the Roman fleet was destroyed by them in 249 BC and 225 BC. This was followed by six months of drought. In December 170 BC there was a blood rain in Rome. The Tiber famously flooded, too.

The phrase ‘It never rains but it pours’ might be linked to Jupiter. How does this cycle produce problems, and why does it do that? Astrology proves to us, there is always a higher purpose or greater reason. Jupiter is always good news. He is always about growth, expansion and improvement. Sometimes, though, it has to happen on the back of a storm. There has to be wreckage, or  some peculiar fated obstruction, in order to bring about what is required. 

I am sure this does not apply to you, but if you have lived your life on the wrong path for many years – in fact, for 12 years, since the last time Jupiter was in the same sign – it may be time for a thunderbolt. A crisis may be the only thing to fix you and relaunch you. You will be helped. Jupiter can be benevolent. You’ll get support for making the change.

People who think Jupiter is like Father Christmas coming down the chimney don’t know their Roman history. Sometimes the thunderbolts and stormy weather you experience on a new Jupiter cycle can rock your world – yet time will show it was meant to be. It was for the best. Not so much Father Christmas with a sack of presents – more like a rocket down the chimney! Yet, eventually, even after a Jupiter thunderbolt, you will see it actually was a kind of gift.

Jupiter and the Boom in Your Life

Thunder is actually the sound caused by lightning. It is commonly described as a clap, crack, peal or boom. All these words are associated with Jupiter. A boom needs no explanation. Jupiter in your Second, Fourth or Eighth House natally or by transit can produce an economic boom or a property boom. I use the Natural House system so this is basically Jupiter going through Taurus, Cancer or Scorpio. He’s in Scorpio for most of 2018 as you know. He’s almost halfway through as I write this in July 2018, but you need to know that if you have Scorpio factors 15-29 then he will cross those and help you on your financial way.

The sudden, dramatic turnaround in fortune so commonly revealed by Jupiter (the lucky break) is well described by this idea of a clap, crack, peal or boom. It’s natural yet unusual. It often feels like the most tremendous release and it can bring a sense of relief, excitement and hope. I am writing this in Britain where teachers just got an unexpected pay rise. Boom! (Jupiter rules education, as we know). Sometimes one Jupiter cycle nods to another. Jupiter in Scorpio gave British teachers a bigger salary. That means better teachers and happier teachers. In 2019 this benefits students. Jupiter in Sagittarius!

From Acorns to Oak Trees to Oak Ships and Buildings

When you work with Jupiter, really think about building! This takes us back to the acorn becoming the oak. On these cycles we build for the next Jupiter cycle, so count 12 years into the future. Count 24, 36 years into the future. Jupiter always lasts.

Oak was the wood of choice on high status Viking longships in the 9th and 10th centuries. The most prestigious buildings in British history, like the House of Commons’ debating chamber, were made from oak. It is through this long association that Jupiter builds up a strong meaning in astrology. In the Middle Ages, as in Ancient Rome, oak was associated with the greatest, the biggest and the best. Yet – all oak has to come from an acorn.

Today, oak is used for fine furniture and flooring, and of course the barrels in which the best wine, sherry, brandy and whiskey are produced. Yamaha Drums use Japanese oak because it gives a louder tone – thundering drums, courtesy of Jupiter. The god of the best things in life, even has an association with truffles, which has a symbiotic relationship with oak trees.

James Frazer in The Golden Bough was the go-to source for generations of astrologers, last century. He wrote that the sacred oak was used by priests in Ancient Greece to interpret the will of the gods, by listening to the rustling leaves in the tree. I love that image. Next time you go for a walk, and particularly when your Jupiter/Sign awareness is high, see what the trees are suggesting to you. Are you missing an opportunity? Are you tuned in or is luck going to pass you by? I will get onto this in a moment. People who ignore Jupiter luck and take the wrong fork in the road! People who aren’t listening.

Squirrelling Away and Storing – The Jupiter Cycles

Each Jupiter cycle can be used to ‘squirrel’ away the ‘acorns’ for future use. Storing opportunities and the fruits of abundance on a Jupiter cycle is a very wise idea, because within 12 years, Jupiter will return to the same zodiac sign and area of your chart, to build on what went before.  Jupiter feeds and what it feeds, grows. How will you use the new Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle in 2019? How are you using the current Jupiter in Scorpio cycle in 2018?

Don’t Be a Jupiter Casualty

Jupiter gives you the acorn and the rain, and the soil. You either need to clean the soil if it is polluted, or if you have looked after the ground (prepared the ground) you just need to dig. Don’t be a Jupiter casualty! By that, I mean, you don’t garden. People who do not garden – do the work – even see the acorn – tend to miss out.

I sometimes heard from readers who say they had Jupiter in Scorpio but they didn’t make or save any money. Then they tell you that the business offer wasn’t what they wanted, so they ignored it – or that they don’t have time to follow up on that new banking opportunity they saw in their e-mail tray. They may not even appreciate the fact that they were just given a bargain-basement rental thanks to a family member (saving thousands every year) or that the man who wants to date them has a holiday home for them to share. See what I mean? Not listening to the rustle in the trees means you can miss out.

There is a saying ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth.’ Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the centaur, and we associate this planet and sign with horses. When one gallops towards you, don’t inspect it, critically. Know a gift when you see one!

The illustration at the top of this story about Jupiter is  from Princeton University Art Museum and is by Peter Paul Rubens: Cupid Supplicating Jupiter. Other images, Pinterest, Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Great, great stuff Jessica – I am keen to know what I can expect with Jupiter in Libra – is a romance likely?

    1. If your birth time is correct your MC at 15 Libra describes a partnership which feels like a vocation, or a professional duet which actually is a job. Both are possible as Jupiter passes your MC at 15 Libra in November 2016, end of April 2017, start of May 2017, July 2017.

  2. You are possessed! Not complaining! An inspiration to all!
    May Jupiter bring the biggest bounty to you!
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Jessica
    I have learnt so much from these articles. I have no Libra in my chart so does this mean that I will not benefit from this transit.

    1. You are not the only person who has no Libra in her chart. It just means that you do not define who you are, by your partners. You can still have partnerships and marriages, of course, but your boyfriend or husband (for example) does not exist at the centre of your universe. What will happen from September 9th is an amazing wave of change affecting other people in your household, your friends, your family circle, your colleagues and so on, which results in an incredible number of engagements, new relationships, marriages, separations and divorces by October 2017. This will change your life for the better, at a distance, as of course it turns major wheels in the economy, in the property market and so on. You will gain, in other ways.

  4. Hi Jessica as always am fascinated by your predictions !
    What does Jupiter in libra hold for me please?
    I’m a real novice with planetary placements!
    Regards Shirley

    1. Thank you. Well, as the song goes, ‘When love comes in, and takes you for a spin, ooh la la.’ You will fall in love with your current partner all over again, or remove any obstacle in your path to someone new, as Jupiter goes through Libra. You were born with Jupiter at 1 Libra so you have your Jupiter Return (an opportunity for luck and blessings) with your former, current or potential partner from September 15th to 18th, 2016. From there you move to Jupiter’s pass over your triple conjunction – you were born with Chiron at 5 Libra, Neptune at 5 Libra and Cupido at 6 Libra. I have no idea what you intend to do, but it is going to be out of the ordinary. Two more comments on your Libra pattern. Sometimes people manifest this through ‘fighting the good fight’ and occasionally a juicy battle can turn up on this cycle. If you are in a rotten marriage or dead relationship, this cycle can also release you from it in a stunning way. Do you have a work partner? A professional partnership, with another woman or sympathetic man, is another way to use this line-up in your chart. Enjoy it. Cupid will be firing a very big arrow so desire in all its forms, not necessarily sexual, will blossom. October 2016 is going to leave your jaw on the floor.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    What an awesome article on Jupiter! Fascinating historical background with the Greek and Roman mythology. I learn so much from all your articles always.
    I wonder how Jupiter in Libra is likely to benefit me. Can certainly do with a break in life!!
    I am aware that the interaction of all the other players (planets, asteroids) also will play a part
    I will appreciate your feedback – thank you in advance!
    Juakali (MMS)

    1. Thank you – the mythology is very useful when you are watching Jupiter at work in your horoscope, because sometimes the symbols turn up – so watch out for acorns, oak trees, eagles and thunder. You were born with Neptune at 15 Libra, Fortuna at 14 Libra (a conjunction), South Node at 6 Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships, duets and double-acts. You have never been able to see your former, current or potential lovers straight, as Neptune gives distorted vision, rather like a fish-eye lens or the effect of goggles under water. Fortuna is also blind. If you look at the paintings of Fortuna you will see she is always blindfolded. Is this such a bad thing? It can make life confusing and you may want to become more aware of how you are, in the game of love, as you spin the wheel and send people high and low without seeing what you are doing. You also have karma with your lovers. The South Node shows past life debts and credits. I am sure you know who I am talking about. The good news is, Jupiter will bring huge opportunities to repair, fix, heal and advance relationships no matter if you need closure or someone new. The trick is knowing your patterns and that is where astrology comes in.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Above it says “between September 9th and area of your life will open up and expand before your eyes…” and there is a possibility to be predatory/opportunistic.

    In my horoscope I also have Mars in Sag and the Moon enters Sagittarius on Thursday 8th September at 1.19am in London until Saturday 10th September at 1.03pm. This takes place on the same day as the clash between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is at 10 Sag square Neptune at 10 Pisces. You said this is dangerous wallpaper. It’s an intensely difficult background for Mars with all his impulse, anger and aggression.

    It has been a difficult 3 years with the last 5 months even worse. Wondering how Jupiter and the 9th & 10th will happen with the moon and mars in Sag/ saturn clashing with neptune.
    Thank you,

    1. You don’t have Mars in Sagittarius at all, you have Mars in Leo! What you do have in Sagittarius is Juno at 2 and the South Node at 26 and neither will be affected by these difficult patterns. You should be happy about the relationship with a former, current or potential partner, though, as you were born with the Sun at 10 Libra, Mercury at 1 Libra, Apollo at 8 Libra and Ops at 23 Libra and starting in September, you are in a fantastic new cycle when you can fix problems and pursue the biggest and best with this person.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    so still trying to understand which houses we are looking at using natural and solar..I have sun in taurus…so publicly Jupiter in libra will be 7th house themes and privately it will be 6th house themes? Like a lot of ppl in my generation I have uranus in libra. In my partnerships I dont come across as conventional and privately I have a tendency to go from job to job as I cant seem to find satisfaction even though in the beginning I do and workplace routines tend to be all over the place no matter where I work….My husband has sun in cancer so this would publicly be in his 5th house and privately in his 4th house. He has natal mars in libra…he is skilled in the art of debate, with children, at home though his hotheadedness has calmed down over the years, phew! I am wondering if he and his daughter will finally reconcile their differences. I have property (land) I am trying to sell, would I somehow indirectly benefit from jupiter in his 4th, since jupiter will be in my 7th? Am I going in the right direction in my thinking or???
    Thank you so much for your articles, I keep finding more and more to learn!!!!

    1. You may want to pick up 200 Astrology Secrets and 2020 Astrology (both ebooks, from this website) to explain houses to you. If you have the Sun in Taurus then transiting Jupiter will pass through your Sixth House of work and lifestyle, in your solar chart which shows your public self (the headlines of your life). In your private, personal chart (your natal or birth chart) Jupiter will pass through the Seventh House, using the Natural house system. So you benefit from a very public improvement with work, your body and lifestyle and a rather private wave of change with your former, current or potential partner, helping you enormously. Your husband has the Sun in Cancer so Jupiter transits his Fourth House of home, property and family. He has Mars in his Seventh House in his private birth chart which rules his marriage to you. Your husband has the best chance in 12 years of reconciling with your daughter. Try the New Moon in the first week of October 2016. Go for it and see what happens. You want to sell property? For that you look to Cancer (the home), Scorpio (the bank) and Taurus (the cash) in your chart and useful transits. You have a stack of factors here, so what you might need is the Sun, Mercury and Venus all moving through Scorpio in October, November 2016 when you will be shown, very clearly, what you have to gain, what the numbers are and the rest. That’s a prime moment to gather your information.

  8. beautiful art illustrations included here, Jessica! Each time I read one of your articles I feel like I get so much of a greater sense of who these Roman gods are but also can put them into context better for the oracle cards (love them and find them quite addictive, to be honest). With so many planets in Libra, I am wondering if you are noticing anything with my chart? Thanks again; look forward to these articles so much!

    1. Thank you. Funnily enough I am creating a new ebook for 2017 for you and other Premium Members, called The Astrology Oracle Guide which will help you go more deeply into your readings and the Roman mythology. I understand that partners and partnership is a major part of who you are, how content you are, and what you do with your life. You were born with Jupiter at 3 Libra, Saturn at 5 Libra and Pluto at 23 Libra, all in the Seventh House. You are truly Generation Libra and in fact, will finally feel in tune with the times, as fashion, music, politics, media, literature and all culture will be leaning in the direction of equality and peace, starting with a thunderbolt (a real booming sound) on 9th September. On a more personal level, you can address some of the difficulties of late 2009, 2010, late 2011, 2012 as Saturn made life so stuck, slow and serious for you, with major issues around being single, or being in a partnership – you couldn’t really win, in either direction. This is now your ultimate recovery time so either with the same partner from that period, or a new person, you can explore fantastic new options as you expand and improve your ideas about what equality should mean. You will have your Jupiter Return in Libra from 24th through 28th September, 2016 so that is the moment to take dating, mating and relating to the next level. If you need closure, pursue it then. It may pursue you. Beyond sexual and romantic partnership, Jupiter in Libra is also about professional couples and you can play with both ideas on this cycle. It may be that the highest expression of your Libran side is working in harmony with another person who is on the other end of the see-saw. Two is the magic number.

      1. thanks so much for the thorough response; definitely rings true. Look forward to the book!

    2. Thank you so much Jessica!
      I had forgotten whick article I posted on, finally found it, then also came across the “my comments” in the members lounge which is so useful for backtracking other comments on here. Not sure if that is new or I just didnt see it before but it is really helpful!
      I have downloaded the 2020 ebook….lots of great info in there!
      I think I finally have it straight now with the public/private houses!!
      Working on researching some things going on from last year that I had asked about back then, happened to notice at the time that hygeia was also involved which fits well in the story. Long story short, daughter was back living at home being a total slob around the house, argghh. Its all good now, lol
      I have also printed out the quarterly journal and am printing out my birthchart so I can follow along with the transitting aspects.

      It has been an interesting transition from using other house systems but I think I’m to the other side now!
      Thanks again for all you do on here!

      Oh, almost forgot..yesterday hubby and I were sitting on back deck and saw an eagle soaring overhead…1st time seeing one in our area! Very cool!

      1. Thank you very much. I’m so glad you found your ‘My Comments’ section in your Premium Membership area – I will pass onto James and Justin that it’s been useful for you. Too funny that you had Hygiea involved in your life when your daughter was being a slob! Next year, Janine and I are working on a calendar as an alternative to the journal. As you know, she is a gifted illustrator so we will create something special which also has astrological key dates on it. The eagle soaring overhead was a fantastic Jupiter omen for you. Long-term Jupiter will help you so much.

  9. I agree completely with the previous poster; you are on fire. Congrats and keep going with your gift! I don’t have anything in Libra, but am Sag w Capricorm stellium. My partner has Moon in Libra at 15 and Vesta in Libra at 9. I woul love to know your thoughts about the coming Jupiter cycle. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you – too funny – I work with spirit guides sometimes and they have been very busy lately, so my typing speed has increased (it’s known as automatic writing in mediumship). Okay, so this is pure astrology, but if your partner has the Moon and Vesta in Libra then it is time for him to address the issue of needing/being needed and ‘mothering’ you in a new way. He will enjoy doing that. He will also have the chance to fix any issues he has about being one male with two or more females around him. This begins quite soon, in the second half of October.

      1. Thank you for this. You are still on fire. Keep going!

        A question/concern about your answer. I noticed that currently Panacea is at 22 Scorpio. My partner also has Panacea at 22 Scorpio. This would make an exact match. What does this say about what you wrote about him above?

        I’m curious because the definition of Panacea is that its a solution that’s slightly shady. Yikes? Thanks!

        1. Thank you. Panacea is not slightly shady though she is complicated. She is a symbol (she is an asteroid) of remedies, cures, solutions and clear answers which come with a moral or ethical question mark. Euthanasia is one example. Medical marijuana is another. Abortion is a third. This is not about the body, for either you or your partner. It is about the money, business, charity, possessions, house or apartment. So, to give you an example, you may want to buy land and the bank is charging the usual high interest rates. Your elderly parent offers to lend you the money at no interest, or low interest, yet you know there is a slight risk that it may not be paid back. A slight risk, sure, but it’s a Panacea issue.

    2. Loved this article and such a refreshing change that love may lighten up. Sun in gemini and literally to the day that Saturn went into sag dec 2014 I have been feeling it. Saturn as you do advise has been sobering, hard and the ‘reality’ hurtful. Neptune must have hit my chart some where because also in love I’ve literally been lost at sea feeling like I’m drowning. Mr Gem and Mr Pisces have tested me for some time. As you have said in other areas of your website I am starting to appreciate that I am learning life sessions via teacher Saturn and I can no longer sweep issues under the rug; admittedly I do this often to keep things light. What I’m really interested in knowing whether Jupiter impacts me or maybe lighten the rest of Saturn cycle till he leaves my 7th in a yr and a 1/2? I’m reading all about the best year for gemini re: love but struggling to have any faith. Does Saturn continue to rule supreme until he leaves sag or does Jupiter counterbalance?
      I also wanted to say your outstanding articles have really helped me and your website is now a massive part of my life. Thank you for your work and I can’t wait until my personal reading next yr.

      1. I am not sure who is telling you it’s the best love year for Gemini. It’s actually the toughest time in 29 years because Saturn (stuck, slow serious situations) is passing through Gemini’s Seventh House of partnership. Jupiter always beats Saturn. He was the son of Saturn. He escaped being eaten by him. He grew to manhood and bestowed his mercy on his father Saturn by giving him the scythe as an instrument of agriculture, not of castration, and Italy grew better for it. So in answer to your question – trust Jupiter. Thank you, I hope you will get more out of your 2017 personal reading.

  10. Jessica – I truly thank you for this site and your passion for astrology – it is fascinating stuff and so so helpful as a guide

  11. Thank you for the story about Jupiter, Jessica! I really like how you blend the Greek/Roman mythology with modern history!
    How would you interpret my Fortuna at 14 Libra and my MC at 23 Libra?

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you – astrology is both mythology and synchronicity – so it does work accurately, even over thousands of years! Your birth time of 5.31am is quite specific so you can trust your MC at 23 Libra. Your vocation or life path is about equal partnership with a person who is different to you, yet of the same importance and value. Learning to harmonise the duet is your task and you can do this with one partner, as Laurel and Hardy did, or a chain of partners, as Elizabeth Taylor did. Fortuna at 14 Libra describes how you blindly spin the wheel of fortune with, and for, lovers so that one minute they are the cock of the walk and the next minute they are the feather duster. You do not even know you do this but astrology can show you. Look at the art with Fortuna to see how she rolls. I suspect Jupiter at 22, 23, 24 Libra will change your life in a wonderful way as not only does he transit your MC, he also aspects your Nodes, Minerva, Chiron, IC and Jupiter himself. In other words many different areas of your life will blossom like a flower, at the same time. This occurs because of the duet, double act or partnership, yet it has wider implications as you will see in January, February 2017 and September 2017.

  12. Another really informative read, yet again! I have my ascendant at 7 degrees of Libra. I was wondering how Jupiter will affect me?

    1. Thank you. Your 9.25am birth time may be rounded up or down, so I won’t use the Ascendant but you have Pluto at 29 Libra in the Seventh House, which rules your former, current and potential partners. You also have Fortuna there at 7 Libra conjunct Vulcano at 6 Libra. A lifelong pattern will be repeated in October as Jupiter crosses 6, 7 Libra and you need to look at the way you put lovers up on pedestals so they are ruling monarchs at the top of the world, but then (without realising what you are doing) get plunged down to the miserable depths. You may also ‘cycle’ with the same lovers so you make up and break up, or the relationship goes up and down. Added to this pattern, you hold back a tremendous amount of your desire and also your passion and anger, particularly if there is a third person competing for a lover’s time, energy and affection. October is your chance to fix this. As Jupiter crosses Pluto at 29 Libra in October 2017, another chapter with the same person (or another new story with a new person) unfolds. Then, the issue will be your need to control and dominate, both the relationship and the lover. Again this can be helped, healed and remedied.

  13. Promotion has nothing to do with Libra and the Seventh House. Finding love makes it sounds as if a man will be dropped naked by parachute through your bedroom ceiling. Actually, Jupiter in Libra is about understanding what stands in the way of successful dating. Very common obstacles people put in their own way include (looking at my old client files) – being overweight or out of shape, not addressing teeth problems, being too fussy and picky about partners (the ‘perfect man’ myth), wanting a man purely for social status, breeding or financial reasons (terrifying – and most men can spot it a mile off), not being prepared to work at relationships, falling in love with men who have Buckley’s chance of ever being able to be a proper partner, carrying anger and prejudice against men over from past, horrible experiences – and so on and so forth. Jupiter fixes, heals and repairs all this, if he is given a chance to do so. So there is no ‘finding love’ but you can proactively make it happen. I am sure none of the above applies to you.

  14. Hi Jessica, I am excited about Jupiter moving into Libra (I just love any kind of change of shake up :-)! I’ve only got one planet – Ops in Libra at 24 degrees. I was wondering what opportunities I can expect this to bring.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Ops was the mother of Jupiter in astrology and she is that part of you which fixes relating issues with former, current and potential partners and makes duets work, no matter how challenging they are. You will have a rare opportunity to do this in a brand new way when Jupiter moves to 24 Libra (he is close by in January and February 2017) and exact in September 2017. It would be a very special solution. The big win-win.

  15. Hi Jessica
    I hope you are well.
    I have quite a bit of planets/ asteroids in Libra.
    I would love your input/ guidance as to how Jupiter is going to trigger/ play with my astrology.
    Have a peaceful day.
    I’m hoping I’m not going to get leap-frogged . . . . . (Holding hands in prayer. . :0)

    1. No leapfrogging and no prayer required! You have a vast Libra stellium in the Seventh House which shows the symmetry with your partner, the harmony with your ex partner and the equality principle in your marriage or key relationship. This is who you are and what you do in life. You have Mars at 14, Jupiter at 2, close to a conjunction at 3 – and Fortuna at 9, Cupido at 17, South Node at 7. The South Node shows past life karma with your chief partner in life. You two knew each other before and the same patterns repeat. You will love your Jupiter Return at 2 Libra from September 19th to 23rd as you can expand what a partnership means to you, fix any issues and look at an ambitious holiday, renovations, new home, new child, shared business and so on – to enhance what is there.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Not sure my messages are getting to you, so just reposting ( hope that’s allowed!)

    So much to learn!

    Can you explain what impact Jupiter will have on my life over the next few months. My ascendant is in libra. Will my ex feature in my life again, will we meet up this yr? Thx you

    1. I am seeing all the messages but as I’ve explained to a couple of people, there are now 1100 in the queue and I receive about 1 million hits every month so there is a lot of traffic and it can slow the whole website down. The Ascendant depends on a 100% accurate birth time and actually it’s not the whole deal with partnerships, because it’s just your image – your shopfront. Uranus at 5 Libra is far more important. You were born to constantly invent, innovate, reshape, reject and rethink how you are in partnerships with people and this area of your is never still, nor peaceful. Uranus typically makes people ‘churn’ especially with issues like love, sex, commitment, separation, divorce and so on. Jupiter is the great-grandson of Uranus in mythology so the two are naturally related and you will move forward emotionally, sexually or psychologically when Jupiter crosses Uranus at 5 Libra in the first week of October 2016. That’s progress time, either with this person or another lover. Sometimes the work is done alone so you may see a therapist who helps you fix your ‘churning’ patterns. It is very common to create a particular kind of partnership here, then reject either the lover or the partnership itself, only to find it takes on a life of its own. Then the world turns upside down. Thus – the lack of stability or peace. You can read more on Uranus in my book 2020 Astrology to understand it better in your chart, as it will be brought home to you in October.

  17. Hi Jessica, reading this reminded me of the oaks in my yard and all the birds that feed from my bird feeders ❤️…can you ou please tell me what my Libra placement will bring for me? Also my husbands sun sign is Libra. Thank you so much

    1. You’re lucky to have oaks in your yard – ruled by Jupiter. Your husband shines and basks in the limelight when he is seen as one half of a successful marriage with you, or perhaps one half of a professional or social duet. Think Sonny and Cher or Bonnie and Clyde. Also the Wright Brothers. A special moment in the Sun for him regarding this is on the way within 12 months.

        1. Your only Libra placement is your Ascendant or Rising Sign at 26 Libra and that depends on a precise birth time. If you really were born at exactly 10.40pm then your image, profile, reputation and ‘branding’ is about being in partnerships. People who are very much one half of a married couple have Libra Rising. They cannot be seen without their partner, who provides the context. People who form business partnerships or professional duets also have Libra Rising. They often become well-known for their battles too; Libra cannot bear to see what he/she believes is injustice or unfairness and will declare war if necessary. I am not sure how much you are relating to this, but if your birth time is correct, a stunning opportunity to relaunch your image, in terms of this, arrives when Jupiter transits 26 Libra in the second half of September 2017. What you choose to do with your Libra packaging is up to you.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Isn’t it fitting-I saw on the news just the other day photos of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno mission and here we are talking about Jupiter on the verge of changing signs.

    Can you please interpret my chart:
    Sun in Libra, 15 degrees
    Ceres in Libra, 28 degrees
    South Node in Libra, 20 degrees

    I also have Pisces in Jupiter, 14 degrees. With Jupiter about to go into Libra, which house for me will be the focus?

    1. Seeing Jupiter on the Juno mission is very interesting synchronicity. You shine brightest in a partnership, be it sex or work. You will have a chance to do this shortly. You will also be dividing up the territory, emotionally, with your former, current or potential partner in a way that benefits you. The Pisces element in your chart is not relevant to this but the Libra part is.

  19. Dear Jessica hi,
    What an awesome article about Jupiter and that he is not Father Christmas !! So well written.
    I would like to ask you how Jupiter in libra will affect me?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. No, Jupiter is certainly not Father Christmas, but the cycles can be so useful in balancing the scales with your former, current or potential partner. This will happen for you when he crosses 9 Libra (conjunct your Uranus) in the second half of October 2016 and Minerva at 15 Libra in the second half of November, same year. He then moves to 15 Libra again May 2017, July 2017 and as he was Minerva’s father in mythology, there is a part of you which is forever wise about one-on-one relationships and partnerships which will blossom, grow and thrive.

  20. How can I find my natal chart? Sun is in Leo but I don’t know the South Node or Ceres like others do. Can you help me with a detailed natal chart so I can understand?

    1. You can try Premium Membership for around the price of a sandwich and coffee, and you can pick up your full birth chart with Ceres and the Nodes, instantly. Just hit Search. Thank you.

  21. Another insightful and super interesting article! You make astrology interesting and easier to understand.
    Please tell what does Jupiter in Libra hold for me? Many thanks for the blogs and your time to answer this question.

    1. You have Mars the fighter and Diana the freedom queen, both in your Seventh House of partnership so I suspect your exes have been at the heart of your need to push and pull with people – and Diana has raised a lot of issues about being committed and tied down, as opposed to being independent. With Fortuna there too you tend to send people up high or down low in your love life, without seeing what you are doing. All this means you are never bored but there may be some repair work to do on your heart, or with a particular lover. This will happen more easily than you imagine, starting tomorrow. In fact, as Jupiter passes 1 Libra and conjuncts Fortuna, September 15th to 18th, you will find you are made well aware of your inner Fortuna. This time she spins the wheel in your favour. Look at paintings of her online to see this part of yourself – you may relate!

  22. Hello Jessica, I have a number of planets, including Vesta in Libra. Is there anything in particular I should be looking out for. Vesta has been coming up ALOT for me in the oracle, but I’m having trouble working out how it applies to me. The reading I’ve done about gender politics/ female competition doesn’t ring any bells for me. Thank you.

    1. You may be peering into the future too far, or unclear about what time-frame you are looking at. Is that possible? If Vesta keeps repeating, it’s the truth – yet perhaps you are seeing later into 2016 or even 2017 and nothing has yet come to pass. Vesta in Libra in your chart is joined by Uranus, Pluto, your MC and Proserpina so the noise of that may be shutting out the typical one male/two or more female scenarios you get with this pattern. I’m amazed that nothing went down when Saturn crossed your Vesta at 15 Libra in December 2010, March 2011, September 2011, though! It’s important to note that like all chart placements, Vesta is not ‘on’ all the time. She has to be woken up. Saturn would have woken her up and I suspect you would not have forgotten its impact on the relationship with a former, current or potential partner at the time – or maybe a conflict with another person.

  23. Dear Jessica,

    As a newly minted member of this website, I am soaking up all the information you have made available here. Simply love it!

    With the impending move of Jupiter into Libra to conjunct my Minerva, I was wondering what you see in terms of my career, especially in light of the recent Sep 1 eclipse activating my MC/moon. I have formally left my old employer due to the machinations of a very open female “enemy” but have continued working for the company under an unprecedented freelance arrangement for the past four months. I loved the work I did at the firm and believe that it is in my best financial interest (and best outlet for my talents) to go back full-time.

    Do you see this happening based on my chart/transits? Would appreciate any insight you may have!

    Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Thank you very much. I think you’ll end up being your own best astrologer, by the way – you have that kind of chart! Okay, so the issue with work has nothing to do with Libra or the Seventh House (that is about partnerships, quite another concern). However, the answer to your question is Mercury Retrograde, along with the eclipse. You had the 1st September eclipse at 9 Virgo conjunct your Moon at 9 Virgo, as you say, and also conjunct your MC at 9 Virgo (assuming your birth time is precise). That particular blind spot or information gap is yet to be revealed. You were also born with Jupiter, Saturn and Apollo in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, and it’s this which is holding everything up. Long story short, you will know exactly where you stand when Mercury makes his final pass over Saturn at 22 Virgo in your natal chart, near Monday 3rd October. To decode all this please hit Search or use your ebooks. Saturn is always hard, hard work for you. Mercury mucking around on your Saturn has been behind all this, not to mention the eclipse! You can draw a line under everything and figure out your next move once Mercury is well and truly out of shadow retrograde on 7th October/8th October, depending on where you are in the world. Sometimes you have to make a hard decision. That’s okay. Hard decisions make you what you are. By the way, there is past life karma operating here, because the True North Node is also in Virgo in your Sixth House and so this woman may have ‘previous’ with you, as they say on The Bill. Long-term you will be very, very successful as you have Jupiter in Virgo too, and you were made to be invaluable to employers/clients.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica! I didn’t realize my True North Node was in the Fifth House (assumed it was in the Sixth) and that makes a lot of difference. I am hoping October will roll around soon enough so I can make it on to the waitlist for the 2017 horoscope. Thanks again!

  24. Hella jessica

    As always you are an inspiration and ray of hope .thank you for this article . I had this long relationship of 20 years which I ended this year . Feels fantastic so far .but then I am seeing someone born 11.11 . 1977 . He is going through separation and has to pursue divorce . Another thing with me is the relations I have attracted so far they land up being toxic like I have been reading g your vesta article as well . It’s not something I cannot help . But can you please guide a bit how can I create healthy relationships. I don’t want to loose something I can work upon though . Somebody told me long time back that I will always have deception in my relations and if I get married I won’t remain married for long either it will turn out to be divorced or one of us would be no more . Pretty sad prophecies people make sometime . But then reading on Ur saturn articles where you say that one should be away from such soothsayer I am keeping up my hopes . I am ready to go all the way provided I can see some definite future with this one I am so keen on . Don’t mind taking on his son and his wife as a past if the divorce goes through . But then I don’t want a toxic relationship . Please guide . Another thing even though I keep avoiding this guy although I have such soft spot for him he keeps coming back to me . He was seeing someone in midst and they always break up on mercury retro. .THis time his this friend came back again during mercury retro . Something I discovered online only but haven’t confronted him as yet . I am just being patient as said in my birthday chart by you . Last time he went back to her I suppose there was mrcury retro somewhere in may june this year . Please guide . Thank you

    1. Thank you. Your Scorpio will not be out of this very long compromise until Ceres is finally out of Taurus, so give him lots of time and space, well into 2017. You also need to be aware that he would be very hard work from May 2018 (or you would be, with him) when there would be lots of excitement but absolutely no certainty, nor predictability! Moving on from Mr. Scorpio, let’s look at this prediction made where you would ‘always have deception in your relations and if you get married won’t remain married for long’ – that is total bollocks. Please forget you ever heard it. Let me see why you are so anxious about your love life and where it is coming from. You obviously went through hell when Saturn was in Libra in your Seventh House, which describes the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. You were born with Venus, Mars, Pluto, Panacea, Ops and Proserpina in Libra, so Saturn formed a very serious, slow, stuck conjunction to all these factors in your chart, from the end of October 2009, on and off, until the end of 2012. I am sure you think you should have ended your relationship sooner than you actually did. Anyway – it’s all good news. There is a ton of healing and helping that needs to happen, and it will start as soon as Jupiter moves to conjunct Proserpina at 0 Libra then onto conjunct Panacea at 2 Libra so we’re looking at September 10th through 23rd. Either with Mr. Scorpio, another person (possibly your ex) or even a newcomer, you are going to find out how to fix your own problems. A long slow process of transformation then unfolds, so that by the time you reach October 2017 you are in a different space sexually, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. You are going to be shown what equal partnership is. You are also going to be shown what fairness and justice between two people actually are. You can look all that up in my book 2020 Astrology, free to download.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    i’m constantly enthralled by your blogs, and how much the predicted patterns materialise. And I’m so grateful for all the free material you have also made available to us – so much to learn, all provided in such a readable way. Thank you.
    I had to laugh at my weekly Pisces horoscope which talked about doing some work in jewellery since I’ve just done a few days helping out in a friend’s jewellery business to help stave off my depression about lack of work/income and constant delays and obstructions for getting my home and garden in good order, which is now affected by planning official’s restrictions, as set out in the Cancer reading (stelliums in Cap and Cancer, so am I right that it’s worth looking at those?)
    My real question is “How accurate does birth time have to be?” My mother said 8.30 a.m., some years ago a Vedic astrologer rectified that to 08h 26m 27s, which I’ve used. Is that a difference that would have any impact? I ask because over the last months there’s been lots of movement e.g. Uranus which should have transited my chart but my life remains as stuck as ever from the outside. so am I using the wrong time? or does it mean things are happening on a hidden or internal level that I’m not registering? or is there some other factor holding things stuck?
    I’d really appreciate any help with what i should be looking at and concentrating on in the readings and which are the important factors in my chart.
    And thank you again for sharing all your insights.

    1. Thank you, that is a wonderful compliment to read as I sit with my cup of tea on Friday morning. Please keep learning your astrology, it will serve you all your life. And I’m glad the Pisces horoscope about jewellery was so accurate! (I was using your fellow Pisces Elizabeth Taylor for inspiration; she took jewellery in lieu of cash as her divorce settlement on the same cycle you have now). Regarding the birth time, it will only affect the IC, MC, AC and DC – which you should ignore if you don’t know it. It will also affect, possibly, anything at 29 degrees or 0 degrees of a sign, as you could have the wrong sign for a particular horoscope factor. You have Neptune at 0 Scorpio so you can test it. When it comes to money, houses, apartments, shopping, collectors’ items, business and high finance, do you use it as an escape from the real world? Have you frequently been left floundering, all at sea, because you were quite out of touch with reality when it came to what you owned, earned or owed? Did you find October 2012 hard, financially? If so, you have Neptune at 0 Scorpio. That’s just one example of how to test for a birth time. Everything else in your chart is firmly in its sign, so just read the chart as normal. Another way to test your horoscope is to watch what happens from 9th September when Jupiter enters Libra at 0 degrees. This triggers all you have at 0-10 degrees in a wonderful way, until Halloween. So ask yourself what, and how. Chances are, other people’s decisions on business partnerships, marriages, engagements, divorce, separation, diplomatic agreements and other typical Libra areas will happily ‘massage’ your own chart, even at a distance.

      1. Just FYI. I have been helping out an elderly neighbour with health problems and last week she said she wanted to give me something. At the weekend she turned up with a box of antique jewellery for me to take my pick. Not Taylor/Burton gems, but fine costume/collectables, with value. Payment in jewels indeed! Also looks like Neptune in Scorpio 8th is right. I am dreadful about money issues – I blank it all out, ignore it, go into dream that somehow some day it’ll all be OK, (and when I see the reality of my situation my anxiety goes sky high!)
        (And it was good to reread the symbology associated with Jupiter. I have moved to an old house with Falcon name (baby eagle?) on large estate that was in the past known for its oaks, and the symbol of the estate is 5-pointed star with wheatsheaf. I feel surrounded by Jupiter, Venus, Ceres. And my house is a square tower, so I guess that’s Saturn, too.)
        Thanks again. now gripped by the Hillary story…..

        1. Thank you so much. I love what you are telling me about your neighbour and the antique jewellery. It is such a good example of how astrology works. The house is phenomenal synchronicity – Jupiter, Ceres and Venus are definitely with you.

  26. Dear Jessica, Jupiter in Virgo in the 12th house has taught me so much (about myself and astrology with this wonderful site….thank you!) while Uranus in Aries has made me feel a little like a lightning conductor this past year! Would love to know what Jupiter in Libra has in store..we’ve just moved back into our home 🙂 after being away for 12 months and funnily enough we purchased this house on the last Jupiter in Libra cycle..thank you!

    1. Aren’t you nice. Thank you, I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters. So you’ve moved back home and you bought the house on the last Jupiter in Libra cycle. You have amazing timing, as you were either using astrology quite deliberately, or you unknowingly did exactly the right thing, at the right time. You are going to love returning and will successfully renovate, redecorate or do even more with your four walls, and of course your local area. You were born with the Sun at 3 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership, conjunct Juno (commitment) at 2 Libra also in the Seventh House of partnership. You also have the Moon at 4 Cancer in the Fourth House of property, so there is a square there, which motivates you to fix what you cannot square about the partnership or your home, and is about to produce fantastic results for you. It is often the squares which produce great things. The Beatles had a ton of them. Watch wonderful opportunities as Jupiter passes 2, 3, 4 Libra and triggers the whole pattern, September 19th to October 2nd.

    1. It’s a boom time for your relationship with your former, current or potential lover, with a clear commitment choice as Jupiter crosses your Juno at 7 Libra, in the middle of October 2016. Jupiter will then cross your Moon at 14 Libra in November 2016, May 2017, July 2017 so this is a year for equal partnership and quite frankly, the next step – baby, home, business – whatever spells progress to you. If you are very miserable in love then there will be astonishing answers.

  27. Hi Jessica, Been so busy with work I have only just had this chance to read this fascinating insight into Jupiter. Loved it.
    I started renovating my apartment a couple of weeks ago. Even though finances are tight, I am gutting this old girl and looking at possibly selling it end of next year as my business is going through a slightly rough patch so if it gets worse, I can at least downsize and have some money left over. Not to mention my husband wants me to retire. Just interested to see what you think Jupiter in Libra holds for me and if I am doing the right thing.

    1. Thank you! I am not surprised you are renovating and thinking of reselling. You were born to do so, as you have the Sun, Mercury, Apollo, Panacea and Psyche in Cancer in the Fourth House which of course rules your apartment. You are moving into a fabulous New Moon on 30th October – the New Moon in Scorpio at 7 degrees which will trine your Sun at 8 Cancer and trine your Apollo, just next door, at 7 Cancer. This is going to work really well for you but it may take longer than you thought. Your timing would be immaculate at the end of 2017, though, as Jupiter moves into Scorpio and starts to trine everything you have in the Fourth House of property from the Eighth House of finance.

  28. Dear Jessica, unfortunately, my mother never remembered my actual birth time other than it was after lunch but before dinner time (big help hey!) – however, the past 12 years have been rather challenging, but adventurous so no complaints. A move to Perth, WA in 2002 from the UK, a divorce in 2009, a redundancy due to the mining economic issues in WA so a return back to the UK in 2013. As I don’t know my exact birth time, I can never have a truly accurate chart written up – what advice would you give me to follow your reports? By using a midday ‘birth time’, does this give a more generalised guidance that can still be interpreted? Many thanks for your help, I really do enjoy your reports and predictions.

    1. No birth time is not a major issue if you just ignore the Ascendant (AC), Descendant (DC), Midheaven (MC) and Immum Coeli (IC). Your Jupiter-Saturn opposition from Taurus to Scorpio won’t alter and that is hugely important. Decode the two planets and two signs involved, and the opposition itself, in my new book 2020 Astrology, free to download here. Your entire financial future is about to change from May 2018 so you need to know about those two. Uranus will move across Taurus and radically revolutionise the way you used to earn, own or owe money. By the way, one way to check your time is to look at your Aquarius Moon. Do you need to be needed by your friends, and particularly the people power you find in groups? Have you always been in clubs, teams, charities, bands, societies, associations or big group effort projects? If so you have the Moon in Aquarius and by checking what happens to that, over time, you can retrospectively assign a degree to the Moon. It’s detective work. You can also pay an astrologer to do this (not me, though, too busy, sorry!)

  29. I have been extremely tied up with home repairs and haven’t been able to log in as often as I used to earlier. Finally I see light at the end of the tunnel and will be able to move back in a fortnight or so.

    I plan to get back to investment planning that I used to do twelve years ago. Will this cycle help me there?

    With Vesta and proserpina alongwith Pluto and Uranus in Libra in my chart, will Jupiter help balance scales with my partner? I dread Vesta. What’s the best and healthiest way of handling her energy?

    Day one of the cycle and I am writing to you with a lot of hope…. 🙂 any insight on any other aspect of my chart is also most welcome.

    1. Jupiter in Libra is not about investment planning but do think about this long term. If you can be on top of the massive changes coming to currency, tax and banks from May 2018 you will be ahead of the curve. Yes, you do have a stellium in Libra. Don’t dread Vesta, just manage her. Use your sense of humour to get over the usual gender politics and don’t buy into any situation where one man controls a harem, or the harem tries to control him! Vesta can be made to work you just have to be upfront about it. In general, yes of course, you will balance the scales with your partner. Only bad marriages collapse on Jupiter in Libra and they always end at the best possible time, astrologically speaking.

  30. As if on cue; was offered to have an eagle perch on my arm, yesterday September 9! Not a falcon, definitely an eagle! Blessed!!

  31. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for writing such an interesting article. I’m hopeful that the change in Jupiters position will bring some open change, does it hold any potential for development in love for me? Thanks again Jessica!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it. You were born with Pluto and Cupido in Libra in the Seventh House of relationships, love, sex, engagement, marriage, divorce and separation. Pluto suggests you are passionate – even obsessive – as Pluto was himself. If you look at the art and sculpture of Pluto taking his love object, Proserpina, you can see all the intensity! Every single time, either other people or the universe forces you to back down, give way, and share – as there is no way you can control people or love. Cupido was very big in Oscar Wilde’s horoscope and we know he was imprisoned for love. Cupido is about short-term passion – the mad longing for someone – which lasts about as long as an arrow wound takes to heal. Again, you can get a lot by looking at Cupid in art and painting. Look at the famous sculpture of Cupid and Psyche. There is a bunch of stuff here that needs to be healed and helped, and it will be, as Jupiter the repair man of the horoscope, passes through Libra and sits on both Pluto and Cupido in your chart. This will be an unforgettable 13 months. The more you understand this planet and asteroid in your horoscope, the faster you can get to fixing any issues there and having a happier love life with more equal partnerships. It’s your best chance in 12 years.

  32. Hi Jessica. I am not sure Jupiter always delivers. As a Cappy with Aquarius ascendant I was told by many astrologers that his passing through my 7th house in Virgo (intercepted) would bring a loving new partner into my life and change it beautifully. Much success and happiness would follow. My Sun is at 27.32 degrees Cap. But 2016 has beem the most stressful and debilitating time ever and I feel trapped, uninspired and you guessed it, alone. I’m feeling that at 57 I wont find any of the things I’m looking for unless a huge change of circumstances happen now. So, as an astrologer I hold in high esteem, I am hoping your predictions will shine brightly soon. So convinced by your recent articles am I, that I informed my friends all the Brexit dates you gave in other articles, only to be thoroughly put down and castigated for day dreaming and called lots of ‘racist’ epithets!! I really hope these predictions come to pass just to stop them in.their tracks! Any thoughts about when the European Union will be swept away for something better? Good luck with everything you do and thank you.

    1. You’re a Sun Capricorn with an Aquarius Ascendant. Thank you for your good wishes and I am really flattered that you told your friends about my Brexit prediciton. Jupiter was not passing through your Seventh House in Virgo, using the Natural House system and Solar House System (which I also used to predict Brexit) – he was in your Eighth House (solar) and Sixth House (natal). The Eighth House rules finance, property, charity, possessions and business. The Sixth House rules your workload, lifestyle and body, as you may know. So you just has 12 months to work with some pretty good raw material involving both. Beyond that it’s hard to say anything as I do not have your chart. You are enquiring about my predictions regarding the EU? These were made quite a long time ago, when Greece was voting for a Grexit. I can only repeat what I said. The EU will end. The Euro is over. If you are actually in the British Isles, you will love the new opportunities which open up for you across your country but also abroad. You will see the first one staring you in the face near 1st October. Please take that and run with it. Plant an acorn and watch it grow. A place which is miles away from you, quite ‘foreign’ or unfamiliar (or its locals) is your key to a huge new door.

      1. Hi Jessica. I am really grateful you responded to me. I.know how busy you must be. My birth time is 18 Jan 1959 opposite the Houses of Parliament. London at 08.58 am. Does that help more? Whatever you can tell me is happily received. I have felt empty for a long time and want to get back to Los Angeles. Ideally, I want to settle there, but since 2007, opportunities and ideas have been frustrated or haven’t really transpired into anything concrete.Good projects Ive been working on for ten years havent yet fully manifested. I have to move home in mid Oct; though I am in London at the moment, I think I should be in L.A. Thanks for your thoughts

        1. It’s a pleasure. You’re a Sun Capricorn with Uranus in the Fourth House of home town and homeland so you may need to spend up until May 2018 inventing what ‘home’ and belonging should be. Los Angeles was actually founded in the same year they discovered Uranus. You will be doing a lot of rejecting, now through then. Distancing yourself from people, places, homes, households, countries which you can’t put up with. In this way you invent a new way to have a home life, and after May 2018 the process is over. You will have reshaped everything about ‘home’ for good.

          1. Hi Jessica, I just thought I would update you as you have been kind enough to have responded in.the past. I am getting pretty desperate and run down, since nothing seems to be changing and the 1st October opportunity for new business overseas doesn’t seem to have presented itself or, at least, hasn’t developed in a way I can recognise. My strongest planet Uranus in Leo opposes my Venus, Chiron and Ascendant in Aquarius. I like Uranian energy, but having learnt from your articles that he means ‘no’, I have seen the pattern of neing offered opportunities which have dissolved into nothing or have gone nowhere, or indeed where I have walked away from.good things due to prevailing circumstances at the time. I have heard Uranus opp Venus means denial of marriage. I don’t want to continue in.this pattern and am yearning to leave the UK where I feel so frustrated. I am trying to get some international film projects off the ground. Would you have any thoughts about those for me? Thanks once more,Terry

          2. Thank you Terry. 1st October would tally with the slump in the value of the pound so I am wondering if you have missed something in the huge business shifts happening around that time as the whole of global trade/tourism has been affected. Film projects with overseas investors would make sense because the UK has become a super cheap option. They will all be using British locations soon – have a look at that. Uranus opposite Venus does not mean denial of marriage. Pick up the new free ebook on this site 2020 Astrology to find out what it does mean!

  33. Hi Jessica. Great article, beautiful illustrations and mythological references. The cycle that has just finished, Jupiter in my Twelfth House, was very rough. As soon as Jupiter entered Virgo last year in August, my life started to change and I initially thought it is for the better. On one side, things were happening in terms of my physical condition; I got back in shape in an amazing way in years all throughout the cycle which continues to this day (I was seriously out of shape for years – which made this year feel miraculous from this point of view). On the other side, I started working on a very confidential and personal project which was involving my potential partner, something that I couldn’t share even with my closest ones. That wasn’t by choice; it just sort of happened. At the time, I didn’t know Jupiter is passing through my twelfth house, I didn’t know anything about astrology. At some point, I have, by coincidence, read some articles on astrology and this is how I discovered your website. All of this cycle I have been immersed in this confidential project and in the beginning it was bringing me a lot of joy but then my whole life, the entire foundation of my life started to completely change because of it. Many times, I wanted to just leave it and forget about it. Whenever I wanted to leave it, there was one thing or another, very gently, outside circumstances, that was pulling me back into it. And then something big really happened when Jupiter was at 26 Virgo which i guess triggered Panacea in my chart. I was given a solution for the very exact situation that I was in, a solution with a bit of a moral dilemma but I have decided to go with it. And yet after that, nothing happened; it feels like a standstill; the result, the conclusion that I thought this solution will bring me simply didn’t materialize. It’s like the twelfth house has not wrapped up in my life, it feels as if this energy is still there. And now, although Jupiter is in Libra, I feel this chapter has not ended yet for me and that is connected to the first house, however the situation is completely out of my hands and still, nothing is happening. Would you be so kind to tell me if you see me anything in my chart that could explain this? Thanks a lot for your time.

    1. Thank you. I wish you had come to me earlier with your question, as astrology could have saved you some time and trouble. In any case, Ceres 18, Diana 10, True North Node 13 are all in Pisces in your Twelfth House, in your personal birth chart. As you know I work with two systems. One shows your public life, and you have had a double whammy, as Jupiter was indeed going through your Twelfth House of secrets. At the same time you were actually born with Ceres, Diana and the True North Node in Pisces, in the Twelfth House of secrets in your personal birth chart, which is private to you. What is going on can only happen once in your life. Neptune is at 10 Pisces moving over Diana at 10 Pisces. There is a part of you which always wants to go her own way and do her own thing, when it comes to secrets, confidential matters or classified information. In fact, you express your need to be free (totally free) and wild by operating in a clandestine, confidential or classified way – perhaps out of sight, below the surface or behind the scenes. What is going on now, and into early 2017, is a confused and confusing situation, like heavy fog or sea mist, descending. I know you can’t tell anyone about this but could you perhaps be anonymous and use the internet, or a counselling telephone service, to get a second opinion from someone who is outside the situation and who does not know you? Alternatively write it down, get it on paper where you can see it clearly and try to get real about what is, frankly, not very real at all. I hope you know exactly what I mean.

      1. Oh my God!
        Dear Jessica I can so relate to this kind person’s dilemma as I have the same placements in pisces- diana 10, NN 12, ceres 17. Almost a year ago I decided to get complete closure over a relationship when jupiter was in my public 11th house and particulary on the night of taurus full moon in oct 2015. Though i still feel healing is a long way away from me.
        I have a huge stellium in libra- panacea 2, venus 10, ops 22, moon 27, vesta 28. I am really not looking for love right now but can I gain the healing of a lifetime?Can you please ask the spirits for me..I am so thankful to you!

        1. If you have Panacea, Venus, Ops, the Moon and Vesta in Libra in your Seventh House then 2017 will help you repair the past and pursue a very different kind of future with someone new. Watch what happens when Jupiter moves to 10 Libra and conjuncts your Venus. That is an incredible opportunity and one thing may well lead to another.

  34. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this insightful article as always. Any information how Jupiter transiting my 7th, would play out, is more than appreciated. 7th is the most crowded (more than 3 planets) house in my natal chart.

    Using natural house system:
    I have in the 7th house(Libra)
    Moon at 14 degrees
    Uranus 28
    Pluto 6
    Eros 21 Degrees (I know Eros is Greek- don’t know his equivalent in Roman system)
    Sun in Cancer 22
    Ascendant in Leo 11
    Natal Jupiter at 23 Aries
    Natal Ceres at 26 Taurus
    North Node in Scorpio 28

    Thanks a lot,


    1. So you have the Moon, Uranus, Pluto in Libra in your Seventh House. Uranus is in aspect to your North Node and South Node on the Scorpio-Taurus axis so whenever you fall in love, the money, house or apartment question comes along for the ride. This also happens when other people fall in love with you. I am sure you have had a very tough time with Saturn in Scorpio at 28 degrees on your Nodes recently – and also semi-sextile Uranus. In general 2016-2018 (from this point on) are about help, healing, wholeness, repair work and restoration. Collect 2020 Astrology free from this site to read more about Uranus, Pluto and the Moon and how they are best managed in love.

  35. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you.
    I picked and read your 2020 Astrology. But, I will read it again having this new information in mind.
    Yes, Saturn was merciless when transiting Scorpio:-). Although it was intense and deep, I believe this experience was useful or might serve me in a way or another in the future.

    Thanks again,

    Have a nice weekend


  36. Dear Jessica,

    I am reading 2020 ebook and your other articles on this site. I am trying to have a full picture of my chart, however, it is overwhelming to interpret it as I am just starting to understand the astrology. Hope I will be able to soon enough
    Could you let me know how I will be affected by Jupiter in Libra cycle? I have Proserpina 9, Vulcano 14, and SouthNode 17 degrees in Libra.
    Also, how these will work out with other transits and aspects of my chart?

    I was delighted that you took time to reply my first comment.
    Many many thanks Jessica!!!

    1. Jupiter passes through the Seventh House of your chart and conjuncts (or sits on) your Proserpina, Vulcano and South Node on the way through. The Seventh House describes the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Jupiter is about problem-solving and opportunity. It improves, enhances and uplifts everything. Sometimes it does this after a detox or issue comes up. Sometimes it just starts right away. By October 2017 you will have been given many chances to enjoy life more with a certain someone. As the time comes closer you can start by looking at karma, as the South Node describes past life debts and credits with this person – watch when Jupiter gets to 17 Libra.

  37. I am a premium member. I am very grateful for your comments about thoughts about my buying a home and/or a new life this year or next. My partner, like me, is an Aries with Gemini rising and has Jupiter in Scorpio 1 degrees in her 6th house whilst I am Jupiter in Pisces in my 10th. I would be grateful to know how this affects her or will be affected?
    I have been trying to follow your website avidly which I think is wonderfully laid out and always offering a new take as a resource but would love more speed as my computer seems very slow and on top of this I am quite slow at understanding how the astrology all works.
    Thank you

    1. Hello there. First of all, if there are any actual website questions you have, please hit Support and one of the chaps can help you. We did actually crash recently and so we had some problems – my apologies for that. I’m looking at your chart and seeing slow but steady progress with buying a home, for both of you, with some pretty good indicators in November 2016 about the long-term future, and from October 2017, really good news, as you will find you can either bag a bargain by 2018 or save/make money to the point where you can make the property market work in your favour. The United Kingdom in particular is going through massive change, with some people making a lot of money from selling in the right area to the right buyers (foreign investors from Asia and America are going to come in) and others finding just what they want a hugely reduced price. There will be an awful lot of moving around across the country and that helps this wide variation in prices. Watch London and watch who goes in and comes out of there once it all starts – that is your first clue – and in fact the news in November 2016 will help you there too.

  38. Hi Jessica
    First of all let me begin with thanking you for allowing all your readers to not only seek astrology but understand it as well. Not everyone shares their gifts so beautifully. An example is myself- a year ago I just read horoscopes and today I am studying the aspects for 2017 in my chart!
    My question is about the jupiter(scorpio) trine neptune 11 degrees transit.
    I have pluto 12 scorpio in public 1st house and personal 8th like everyone.
    NN pisces 12 degrees.
    Will this be a significant transit for me?
    Also I have-
    Diana 10 pisces
    Vulcano 11 Gemini
    Venus 10 Libra
    Psyche 10 Sag

    Nonetheless I am enjoying Jupiter in libra. So much healing!

    1. Thank you, that’s really kind. The Jupiter transit through Scorpio is a long way off, but the conjunction to your natal Pluto is important. It’s about your money, house, business or apartment. It’s about control. It’s about growth. This is more than just a financial or property story, when it comes, because of the angles to your other chart placements. There is a semi-sextile to Venus so it involves a former, current or potential partner. If you have a look at what happened when the Sun recently passed 10, 11, 12 Scorpio in November you will have a small idea of how this pattern plays out in your chart.

  39. Hi Jessica

    I have jupiter in libra in my natal chart and I was wondering what does this jupiter transit in libra hold for me for the coming year?

    Thank you.

    1. You have a stellium in Libra – not just Jupiter – so you are defined by the relationship you share with your former partners, as well as your current or potential partners. Being one half of the scales or one side of the see-saw, describes who you are. You have already had your Jupiter Return, but you have Jupiter moving to conjunct your natal Pluto at 22 Libra and Fortuna at 29 Libra, now through the end of 2017. Old patterns in dating, mating and relating that need to be fixed, will be fixed. New opportunities to have a bigger, better relationship, or to pair off with someone who balances you, will appear.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    Should I expect a (stable & lasting forever) relationship when Jupiter crosses my Cupido in Sagittarius at 6 degrees!? ;))
    I also have Neptune at 13 (along with a bunch of other planets at 13), and Minerva at 17 Sagittarius.
    Besides that, I’ll probably want to apply for my American citizenship (I have a green card), right!?

    Thank you so much!!!

    1. That stable, forever-after marriage that you want is about Libra placements. You only have one. Pluto at 10 Libra! It might be useful for you to find out more about what it means to have Pluto in Libra, and also Pluto in the Seventh House. I am sure you know that Pluto is a symbol for control, dominance and power. Pluto is also about passion and obsession. Pluto in Libra always means regular compromises over this. So really, stability isn’t in it. You only have to look at the sculptures and paintings of Pluto to realise that he was hardly a model of a white picket fence and 2.5 children! Yet, you will never be bored in love. It will also feel intense, dramatic, life-changing. And in fact your relationships will always transform both you and the other person, as you learn so much about power and empowerment, and also willpower as a result of being together. Cupido is about falling in love for a short time. You are very likely to have a huge crush when Jupiter crosses Cupido, but it will last as long as an arrow wound takes to heal. A few months. You need more than that for a lifelong marriage. Yet – kiss the joy as it flies, as the poet said. You want to apply for American citizenship? Go for it. You just read your chart accurately. There will be red tape and delays across December 2018 but from January 2019 Jupiter in your Ninth House will help you.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another interesting article. I have Jupiter in Aries, what does it mean in my case ? Take care.

    1. Jupiter trine Jupiter is pretty good. By this time next year you will have found that a worldwide boom in travel, emigration, and advances for the worldwide web in education – benefits your image. In fact you will relaunch. A classic example would be moving to another country to gain your PhD and ending up with letters after your name. Another common example would be a foreigner moving to your town, marrying you – and your getting a new surname.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you for replying to my question and all the others I’ve already asked. Thanks for spending time on each of us. Take care.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    Firstly, I have to say that this is the best subscription I’ve ever purchased in my entire life. I recently started taking Reiki and Crystal Healing courses and talk about your site to all of my colleagues in these workshops. They have also now signed up and rave about how much more prepared they are for life everyday just by reading your insights and horoscopes so thank you from all of us.

    I was hoping you can tell me what this Jupiter cycle means for me? I have Libra in Pluto and Cupido but my Jupiter is in Leo. I’m not even sure if that means anything. Can you shed some light as to what this might mean for me in the next coming months?


    1. Thank you very much AJ, I will pass that on to James, Justin, Alyas, Jodi and Kerry, who work together to create this website. It’s a lovely compliment to read on my birthday! Jupiter cycles are worth tracking as it is all too easy to overlook the opportunities unless you know what is on offer. The Uranus at 20 Scorpio and Neptune at 20 Sagittarius placement in your chart is very important and is about to be crossed twice by Jupiter. To be born with Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House is to ‘make it up as you go along’ with finance, property, charity and business. You are open to alternatives with money and some of them might be considered by more conservative people to be radical, to the point of crazy. Yet, you find your own way and invent your own approach to saving, spending, borrowing. Scorpio is very much about sex and money, but also death and money. I am sure you know that Scorpio and the Eighth House are associated with the ‘promenade a deux’ of the two scorpions when they mate. Thus, marriage or even common law marriage is ‘until death do us part’ and it can feel deadly serious and sometimes dangerously about survival, for both partners. Scorpions can cannibalise each other or sting each other to death when they have sex. Marriage or even living with someone can raise immediate issues about the last will and testament of either partner. In the old days, brides had a dowry so the family was brought into it. From all this we get the meaning of the Eighth House and Scorpio – so, life insurance, mortgages (mort is the old French root word meaning death – you sign until death with the bank when you borrow money for an apartment), health insurance and the rest. To be born with Uranus in Scorpio is to always be creating, producing, inventing in this area and I imagine family or partnership finances would be the testing ground. Yet, every so often, there is a revolution. The world turns upside-down. AJ, this is set to happen again by November 2018 but it will be to your benefit. It will be to your total advantage as a problem will be solved, or a huge door will open. At the same time as Jupiter passes Uranus at 20 Scorpio in the Eighth House, he will semi-sextile Neptune at 20 Sagittarius in your Ninth House. The Ninth House is about travel, emigration, relocation, foreigners, the worldwide web, publishing, academia, education and your beliefs. This is where you escape from reality. This is where you explore alternatives which come as a relief and a release from the real world. Given that Jupiter will then keep moving and ultimately conjunct your Neptune in 2019, I am sure you can see how 2018 and 2019 will play out. First, the world turns upside-down to your benefit, financially or with property. It automatically pulls in foreign places and people, and perhaps the chance to teach, study, emigrate or even publish. This is the first gate that opens. Then, later in 2019, a second gate opens and this one will show you why it’s time to take a vacation from ‘real’ and surf the wave that comes. You are a student of life and a born explorer and you are about to come into your own.

      1. Holy moly! Wow, thanks for this detailed explanation, Jessica! And a very happy birthday to you as well!

  43. Hi Jessica
    Can you please tell me how my Libra factors will be lucky with Jupiter in Sagittarius or for that matter my Sagittarius factors.
    Once again a wonderful article, thank you.

    1. Saturn, Fortuna, Bacchus and Psyche are in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of your chart and Psyche is in the early degrees of Sagittarius so you will feel that first, as Jupiter begins his voyage through that sign, starting in November 2018. I am sure you know Sagittarius and the Ninth House embrace travel, study, teaching, publishing and beliefs of all kinds, including astrology. Emigration features here and so does the business of being ‘a student of life, for life.’ You have very mixed experiences with all this, looking at your chart, as Saturn can be very difficult (especially around age 29) and we often find this placement with people who disliked their school or university, or had serious issues with it. It’s the same with travel or relocation to a foreign place. Saturn can make this very tough, in terms of learning experiences. Yet, with Fortuna there we also see that every low is a high in the making. And Bacchus is about enjoyment. As much as you have had hard knocks with the education or university system, you have also found some natural highs. The phrase ‘highs and lows’ is presenting itself here! Psyche describes what you achieve that lasts forever. That outlives you. You do this after tests and trials. So, more highs and lows. Have a look at the Moon in Sagittarius every month, because for a couple of days, all this will come to your attention. Then, when Jupiter changes signs in November, look for the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to fix any past problems which linger; to resolve and overcome any issues which get in your way in life; to reach for something very special.

  44. The analogy of the eagle caught my attention. Many many years ago I was told by an old woman that I would rise like an eagle – as a writer. As it so happens, I’m a painter, so I write with images if you like. Anyway, my attention aroused, I would like to hear your side of the story. I’m a Capricorn with seven Libra placements. Katharina

    1. Jupiter, the Moon, Bacchus and Salacia are in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of publishing, travel, study, teaching and travel in the mind. The worldwide web is also the Ninth House for obvious reasons. Rising like an eagle as a writer is a perfect image of what it means to have this placement. Jupiter and his eagle can be found all over the world in every museum you visit. I find it really interesting that you asked this question now, Katharina, as starting in November 2018, you will have your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, but this planet will also conjunct your Moon (the need to be needed), Bacchus (pure pleasure) and Salacia (escapes from the real world) too. You’ll be published for all of us to see and enjoy by November 2019. I assume you want this. In any case, an opportunity will appear.

      1. Thank you, Jessica, you are giving me hope. As it so happens, I have seven first-draft novels lying in the proverbial drawer. Maybe I should revise one of them, after all. What would we not do without you? K

  45. Good Evening Jessica,
    I hope you are well. i truly enjoy reading your articles And mostly the feedback you offer the members! (I get to know the answer to my questions indirectly while your feedback alerts me to other areas I may have missed -smiles! I don’t leave a comment just to allow other members to receive your feedback but for sure I read all your articles!!! Please allow me to call Jupiter in any sign Joyful time I am personally excited about mine. It is about time! What do you see in my chart? Thank you

    1. Thank you. Actually, starting planning your 2019 holiday (or holidays, plural) now as Jupiter (abundance) goes into Sagittarius (foreign people and places, regional differences) from November. Every time you see the Moon in Sagittarius on Planetary Positions, put out feelers online. Lucky!

  46. Hi Jessica I will experience Jupiter conjunct Ceres in my 8th house in October, I’m keen to take your advice during this auspicious time to invest in some sort of crypto currency. Is there a known birth chart of block chain or bit coin I could explore? Or can you share when you think crypto currency may be successful as I bet it’s currently very volatile

    1. You’d need the chart of the actual organisation (like Ripple or Bitcoin, for example) based on time, date and place – and that can be rather hard to come by. Plus, there are a huge number of them now, so that’s quite a lot of time spent, checking each one! (Now you know why financial astrologers charge a fortune for subscription). Ceres in Scorpio is actually about the family money, or the money, house, apartment or business in a relationship or marriage. I am sure you can look back and see that around 12 and also 24 years ago, when Jupiter also crossed Ceres, you gained or saved from a partner, or a parent, or other close relative. It’s really common to find family loans, for example, or an inheritance, or a new relationship where you benefit from your partner’s financial position or property. Ceres is really about sharing the control and power, within an intensely personal relationship. It is classically a marriage or love affair in Scorpio in the Eighth House but it can also be about the ‘dowry’ or family money of one or both parents, grandparents and so on. As you also have a near-perfect trine to Venus, I reckon this is probably about a relationship and you won’t even have to try! There will be intense emotion. Most definitely, a carve-up. With Jupiter around, though, you benefit.

  47. Hi Jessica

    I never thought of the Scorpio side of the EBay or Divert. Always thought they were more of Saggitarius. Why not Amazon?

    My online store delayed due to my technical knowledge. I hired this girl in Fiverr doing the final tweeks. Hoping to open for sale on Sep 11. It is completely new area for me. Listed products in Amazon
    & EBay . No sales but learning the art of seo. Steep learning curve for me.

    Do you see progress?

    Thank you

    1. Just to repeat something I am saying to a few readers – people starting new ventures on Mercury and Mars Retrograde need to be aware that it is a dress rehearsal not a final performance. That comes in September or later. Use this as a first draft or beta test.

  48. Happy Birthday Jessica !

    What a wonderful post. It is so helpful to hear your balanced perspective – not just Jupiter being lucky but also a thunderclap “Sometimes, though, it has to happen on the back of a storm.” Unfortunately this has been my experience, through Cancer 4th (Jupiter25º) – bad neighbours 12 years apart. Libra 7th (Mars23º) – ending of business/friend relationships, 12 years apart. This resulted in finances going south when Jupiter hit Scorpio 12 years ago. I think I have learned some lessons but there isn’t much leverage to go any further…I really do need Jupiter to bring help to my ninth though, as I will be aiming to finish a course end of November – despite my abilities I have failed to completed a few courses…self sabotage and now dreams are on the line and time/energy running out…Neptune 23º Scorpio, Vesta 29º Scorpio (inconjunct Sun in Aries 29º)

    Thanks again for more insights and a great read !

    1. Thank you. You think time is running out? Wrong. Jupiter on 23 Scorpio on your Neptune at 23 Scorpio is the best hot air balloon ride with money, a house, an apartment, a charity, possessions or a business you have seen in 12 years. Control the balloon ride and it will work for you. It’s coming.

  49. Happy Birthday Jessica! I hope you are having delicious cake and some fizz to celebrate in this glorious weather, preferably while lounging on your boat! Thanks for this great article which is full of positive news about the future – we can all do with some of that right now. I’ll be watching for acorns while walking my dog today in the woods (and may even hug a few oak trees! Did you know it takes at least 40 years before the tree is able to produce acorns?). The quantum tarot idea sounds intriguing/great fun by the way.

    1. Thank you, I did have a lovely birthday in Brighton (though as hot as Australia in July). I think you’ll like Tarot Tuesdays, once we begin in September. I’m just finalising that now.

  50. Hi Jessica. Happy birthday , can you tell me a little of what I can expect when Jupiter goes into sagg and also is there anything being triggered in my chart with Jupiter In Scorpio ?

    Thank you

    Ps I have been travelling in Europe and have been seeing bachus statues and I went to Versailles and got to see all the astrology references in the Art there … loved it

    1. I’m glad you went to Versailles and saw Bacchus there. He’s ‘very’ Versailles! Indulgence, hedonism and also rather a good cafe, from memory. The French do love their wine and good times. If you have Jupiter in the later degrees of Scorpio then transiting Jupiter will cross that, and you will have your Jupiter Return. A rare opportunity to make or save money, on a huge level not possible in 12 years.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Finally after 5 years of fighting my ex-husband agreed to sign the separation papers. And at the same time my boyfriend of 4 years told me that he changed his mind about his own divorce and he went back to his wife.
    Can you please tell me how my Libra factors will be lucky with Jupiter in Sagittarius or for that matter my Sagittarius factors?

    Thank you,

    1. Alina, you have a huge stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Libra in the Seventh House of divorce, separation, love, sex and marriage. This means it never rains but it pours for you. And I am so sorry to hear you just hit a storm. Without the chart for your former husband or your boyfriend I cannot say who this is. It could be either man. It could even be a third man, believe it or not! Yet – by November, because there are opportunities which cannot wait with the money, the house, the apartment or perhaps the business – you and your ‘other half’ must choose. Do you take the same path together or do you go your own separate ways? It’s really about your home/homes. There is this terrific opportunity to save or make money with Jupiter in Scorpio. It’s not going to hang around forever. From early November, it’s over. This is why I think instead of daydreaming/avoiding/denying you two will probably get real and either commit, once and for all, or split. If this is either man, then it is true to say this is not over. Yet, as I say, it could even be with a third potential partner. Something that will really help you is this – you may think you are totally different, but you are the same underneath. Okay? This will be with the person who is apparently not like you at all, but if you go beneath the surface, you come from the same species. And I reckon you both know the value of the property market, in terms of renting, sales or purchase. Don’t hang around. If you split, that’s fine, but there will be a crucial crossroads ahead.

  52. I am certainly a lifetime learner. I study any interests to the max including astrology, you are correct. This last sentence in your answer gives me hope Jessica and I thank you for it.

  53. Hi Jessica. Thank you for connecting planetary energy with signs and symbols. Stimulating. Anything that opens up the poetry of living! I’ve used them throughout my life, especially at turning points. I was unaware of the connection between Jupiter and the Oak tree and acorns. (I was married under an enormous live oak called the Angel Oak which is thought to be over a 1,000 yrs old.)
    Does your house system have an ascendant? In another house system I have an ascendant at 3 Sag which Jupiter will hit later this year. (Natal Jupiter at 5 Taurus) My wife and I have written projects that grudgingly ooze ahead. It has been frustrating. Any chance some timely jupiterian thunder could jar some loose? Less goo, more honey? One project has been 6 yrs in the making. … thnx. E

    1. You married under the Angel Oak? I love that. Jupiter was looking down upon you. Yes, Natural Houses use an Ascendant. It just goes into a house. It doesn’t sit on the cusp of the First House. So you have a project with your wife – that is either a Libra matter (marriage and work partnership) or a Scorpio matter (sex and money). You actually have Uranus opposing your Mars. That has never happened to you before. It cuts across the Scorpio-Taurus axis of your chart and it can be very hard work. You may want to ride that one out, especially in 2019.

  54. Hi Jessica

    So much to look forward to.
    I’m wondering if you can tell me how my Sagittarius stelium will benefit from this and particularly how my natal Jupiter in Sagittarius will play out.
    I work in education as a librarian in schools but getting close to retirement and looking for a new phase of life .
    As always thanks for sharing your wisdom

    1. Thanks Baroona. You’ll be offered a paid or unpaid position with books from November 2018 and by this time in 2019 will have made your choice. Foreign people or places will be involved. You’ll enjoy it so much. You’ll feel like you’ve come home.

  55. Dear Jessica

    Another fascinating read; what please do you think that 2018/2019 looks to be shaping up for me?

    Warmest regards

    1. Mars at 22 and Bacchus at 25 Sagittarius are in your Ninth House of foreign people and places. Regional differences, expressed through culture or beliefs. The Ninth House is also about seminars, webinars, academia and weekend courses. It is also very much about the worldwide web and the digital publishing industry! Mars is your action woman side. Bacchus is how you give and receive pleasure. You tend to get extreme highs and lows with everything I have mentioned, because events sweep through as planets go across 22, 23, 24, 25 Sagittarius so you find your life as a traveller, explorer, publisher, internet user, student, teacher – tends to be ‘it never rains but it pours.’ The most fantastic outcomes in 12 years are possible for you in the second half of 2019 and the planning is done now. It is happening in a subtle but important way. A creaking sound announces that a gate has been opened. Later on you will see the path. By Christmas you see the map. By this time next year you’ll be so glad you tried!

  56. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks for your article. I was wondering if you
    have any comments on how Jupiter will affect my chart.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate then your MC or Midheaven at 7 Sagittarius in the Ninth House (using the Natural House system) will be crossed by Jupiter, the planet of hope, opportunity, expansion, largesse, generosity and benevolence soon after he actually changes signs in November. Once he gets to 7 degrees your true calling in life will open up for you in another country or region, or with a different culture or nationality. It will involve being a student of life, or a mentor and guide for others. You may even emigrate or move, study or teach overseas. Just remember – your birth time had to be accurate. This is the path of the explorer! You will find fate entwines you with foreign people and places in the most intense way so that your understanding of their language and culture becomes absolutely pivotal to your vocation in life. Knowing how vastly different cultures see the world, particularly in terms of their philosophy, or belief, or perhaps their religion – is an essential part of not only who you are, but what you achieve as part of a bigger plan.

  57. WOW Jessica!
    Another brilliant article. I am in awe at the rate you pump them out.
    I will be looking out for eagles, thunder and acorns when Jupiter enters at my 00 degrees Sagittarius.
    What would you expect for me at that placement in November?
    Would appreciate you comments. Thankyou. Candy

    1. You have your Jupiter Return coming at 0 Sagittarius, Candy, so you will be given a rare and special opportunity to travel, emigrate, move, or welcome a new subject into your life drawn from a foreign country or unfamiliar culture which expands your mind so much it feels like a vacation for your head! this is the gift that goes on giving and in fact, 12 years from that point, you could collect again.

  58. Hi, Jessica, the story you gave about Jupiter is indeed clear and inspiring. Thanks for the sharing. I have Jupiter, ASc and Neptune in Sagittarius, what should I expect for 2019?

    1. You will feel Jupiter on your Neptune at 2 Sagittarius first. Expect a dream holiday to come closer – it becomes a lot affordable, either because of a huge drop in the value of the currency where you wish to go (against your own country) – or because of airlines dropping prices. There may be quirky ways to get abroad, too (we’re talking November, December 2018 and January 2019). You may be asked to house-sit for nothing. A friend or family member may donate you their air miles or points. You benefit right the way through the cycle so there will be a second vacation to remember, or even a move, at the end of 2019.

  59. Hi Jessica, I have another double wammy question. I have Jupiter in Sag for my birth chart. Hoping this means I get a bit extra! I know I’m being greedy but is this possible?

    1. Your Jupiter Return is coming and that will change your life if you accept the solution and take the opportunity. By this time in 2019 you could have travelled on your most ambitious and fortunate trip for years, or moved/emigrated. It would not be just another shift on the map. It would educate you about a matter you would normally have to attend university to understand in depth. You will also be passing your own knowledge on to others – guiding, mentoring or steering them. You may do this informally or in a more formal capacity. All of this is unlocked potential but you will know about it from November 2018. Plant the little acorn then. Certainly no later than Christmas.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    Is it possible that Jupiter can provide benefits a few months after he leaves a sign? For example, when Jupiter was transiting Libra, it was my solar 4th house and I didn’t see anything happen when he was transiting, but a couple months later, I was offered an opportunity to work from home (which I love). Now that Jupiter is in Scorpio in my solar 5th, I am not seeing much in that area either. If I look at the natural house system, when Jupiter was in Libra, I should have grown in my partnerships (which really didn’t happen, but my enemies got the better of me) and now Jupiter in Scorpio with sex/money/transformation seems to be happening a little (mainly the transformation part). Is it better to look in the solar house or the natural house? Or combine both? Kind regards!

    1. No, Jupiter does not benefit you after he changes signs. Your work opportunity is very simple. You were actually born with Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, so any time transiting (travelling) Jupiter makes patterns to natal Jupiter, you experience the most fantastic breakthroughs with your daily routine and workload. You recently experienced Jupiter at 4 Scorpio, sextile natal Jupiter at 4 Virgo and that was your gift from the gods. You are wondering why your regular Cancer horoscope is not showing the solutions and opportunities you would expect from Jupiter going through your Fifth House (Solar Sign system) of babies, pregnancy, children, young people and the sexual relationships which take you there. Actually you have been offered a few solutions already and a door has opened since last year. Sometimes people ignore those chances, or don’t see their value and decline them. Sometimes they genuinely forget what happened! Jupiter will be with you until November and there is a stunning trine to Neptune in the skies, so you will find that you are given a stunning chance to be the monarch to a younger court – those who inherit the influence of your personality. And you can do that any way you like. You don’t have to have a baby. Regarding houses, use both. Your Sun Sign horoscope is your public life. Your birth chart horoscope is your private life. One tells the story for everyone who knows you, the other tells you the inside story.

  61. Hi Jessica Very good article. How the upcoming Jupiter in Sagitarius will benefit me…and going furter how the encounter of Jupiter and Saturn encounter in Aquarius will benefit me.


    1. Well, O, despite the gloom and doom about Brexit, it will go ahead and the world will change its regulations on trade, travel, emigration, borders, passports, visas and so on. You will gain as everyone will gain, as Jupiter (progress) goes into Sagittarius (foreign people and places) from November. This isn’t particularly personal, but you will find the holiday of a lifetime, or even the chance to move, and uproot yourself, in 2019. It’s not just Brexit. Other countries will redraw the map. Europe herself will redraw the map. This will affect airlines, tourism and so on – and you will gain.

  62. Wow! Excellent article, Jessica! Thanks
    I have Jupiter in Gemini, for business/income opportunities do I explore communication based industry? Looking at my chart, how do you think I avail myself of Jupiter opportunities in these next couple of years? Thanks!

    1. Watch the Moon every month as she moves to conjunct your Jupiter in Gemini. For 1-2 hours you will always have a lucky window of opportunity with the internet, multimedia, education, publishing, public speaking, languages or other forms of communication. So you can literally build a project, course or plan on a monthly basis. The Moon at 19 Gemini can be tracked on the front page of this website.

  63. Hi Jessica, am a sag asc, leo sun . My Jupiter is in seventh house gemini with Venus. My time of birth is 15: 48. What does it mean .

    1. You have the Sun in Leo. All you need to know is that from November 2018 the path to fulfilment, solutions, rewards and expansion will come through the world of babies, children or younger people. You will mentor, guide, lead and set an example and also complete your Leo soul mission by 2019.

      1. Thanks a lot Jessica for the insight. I have had a tumultuous year from 2017 and much before if I remember. I was pushed to quit after 12 years of job. Terrible boss for one year. It’s all about kids as you say. I haven’t got one and my family has not been supportive, especially the female heads are toxic. I m still looking for a job. It’s so exhausting. Will there be good times at all. Ten years back I was happy as a bird.

        1. Forget the women in the family who are critical of your child-free life. I am sure looking for a job is exhausting as the whole world is going through this pile-up of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which rules career. Watch for opportunities to find work with foreign faces in foreign places next year using the internet. Gather one, gather a few. It will open door after door. It starts November.

          1. Hey Jessica thanks so much for the path. It means a lot to me. After I shared with you, I feel half the problem is solved. You are so magical. Love.

  64. Hi Jessica, today is August 15, 2018. I wanted to share…
    Transiting Jupiter this week smack on my natal Venus @ 15 Scorpio 8th house: Received unexpected $ from in-laws to assist in purchasing a new (used) car – since old car overheated beyond repair July 3, 2018. Also another bit from my Dad (not to be out-done? lol); earmarked to assist on small mortgage on a summer cottage (which is falling apart, carpenter ants, etc).
    Nice Jupiter influence, coming after truly bad luck summer full of family crisis (still somewhat ongoing).
    Only monkey wrench in it all? Currently Mercury Retrograde + Shadow dates: Partner wants to buy car immediately as there is one at dealership that fits our budget & he’s afraid it will be sold by the time the retro/shadow is done. Researching tons, but as we are not mechanics there isn’t much you can know simply looking at a vehicle in a showroom… Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for Jupiter articles Jessica!

    1. Fantastic feedback about Jupiter luck landing on your Venus in Scorpio in the Eighth House and the in-laws giving you money, and your Dad also helping you with the cottage. Mercury Retrograde is an absolute doozy this year, though, so be aware of that. You can’t have everything!

      1. Thanks Jessica. So…After tons or REsearch online, we bought car Aug. 18. At one point, we had been thinking of going ‘new’ car (making payments vs. buying outright) but then, we REceived new info that 2018 models were no longer available due to a flood in Mexico factory, and even the 2019 model will not be back in production until November. So we REturned to our original plan which was to get a gently used vehicle= another customer’s 4 year lease REturned car. Got extra set of (winter) tires thrown into the deal, plus dealer took our old vehicle as a small $ trade too. This bit was a big surprise as it literally barely made it to the car lot; overheating within 5 minutes and running on “safety” mode.
        The 2014 new “ish” car made her maiden voyage to the inlaws yesterday; a two hour highway drive there and two hours back. All went great.
        Fingers crossed still that it will remain good in the time to come ~ as we really had no other choice but to buy something during this mercury retro time.
        I am curious though: please explain: What makes merc retro this particular time ‘worse’ than other times it has been retro?

        1. I like the Mercury REtrograde REsearch. This particular Mercury Retrograde has been worse, because it’s been in Leo and we have had a ton of eclipses in that sign for the last couple of years. So it comes at the end of one blind spot or total cover-up after another. The ‘what’ of the blind spots or cover-ups is shown by the house/sign in your chart. For example, in Australia, the government is in turmoil as the Scorpio Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has fought off challenges from two Scorpio rivals. Can you believe it? Three Scorpios with the crazy Leo weather in their career house!

  65. Hi Jessica,
    I am a Virgo, asc Cancer with Jupiter in Leo. I also have Scorpio in Neptune and Mars to
    19 and 21 both in my 5th house. What does that mean for me?

    Many thanks!

    1. You have Jupiter at 19 Leo in your Fifth House of children’s entertainment, sons and daughters, teenage interests and activities, education and so on. The heirs to your kingdom – which also obviously is a son or daughter. This is important when Jupiter goes to 19 Sagittarius next year and trines your natal Jupiter you’ll find a wonderful opportunity to expand your ‘court’ and polish your crown.

  66. Hii Jessica,

    So Jupiter in Sagittarius will be the perfect time to launch your webinars so we can join you from anywhere in the world. Looking forward to the British Museum series too! I hope I am not being too cheeky!

    Very best wishes for a lovely weekend,

    1. Thanks Patricia. You are welcome to come along to the British Museum days in London in 2019, across May-September. And of course we’ll be online with all that you need, if you want to join our course, Sun Sign School…

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