The Leo Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Leo, do all you can to improve your house or apartment situation before November 2018. You will not get this chance again for another 12 years. If you want to buy or rent a new place, do it soon. Renovate or decorate too. 


Leo, do all you can to improve your house or apartment situation before November 2018. You will not get this chance again for another 12 years. If you want to buy or rent a new place, do it soon. Renovate or decorate too.

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35 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,
    with a stellium in Leo:
    minerva 4
    uranus 24
    moon 27
    fort 27
    what is coming to me?
    my life will be complicated or liberated?

    I thank you

    1. This entire cycle is really about children, Vivi. It is about the pregnancy you had in the past which ended in termination or miscarriage. It is also about choices you had in the past to have a baby. You don’t say if you have a son or daughter or not. If you do, this cycle across 2017, 2018 is about them. Sometimes we find this cycle is about karma involving a godchild. It may also be about a project which allows you to ‘mother’ children, either unpaid or paid. I am whistling in the dark here because I have no idea if you are a parent, lesbian, straight, step-parent and so on! Yet, I can tell you that with the Node having crossed half your Leo stellium and on the way to conjuncting Minerva (wisdom) you have a chance to complete karma, close the circle, conclude karmic debts which were unpaid, and pick up karmic rewards which are long overdue. There has to be a sense that you have left things in place with children, unborn children or the fathers involved in those pregnancies. Just avoid eclipse time, please, as the forthcoming Full Moon on Friday 27th July falls right on Minerva. Try not to act or judge then.

    2. Dear Jessica
      your whistling was so bright and right outlining the specific part of my life -two children (son: 24/9/1990 / daughter: 25/1/1994), divorced and straight
      I feel as if I’m approaching to a conclusion and if I manage to left things in place I will be Happy.

      I like your dark.

  2. Hey Jessica, have a very very happy birthday. Thanks for the annual birthday horoscope. Need a serious and quick suggestion. One of my professional friend, staying in US, wants to open his branch office in Canada and for that he wants my help. Basically he cant do this directly amd I have to be the owner of the company in papers. Now i told him that while i agree for this, but i also wanna do something so that i can earn as well. He has one more friend in canada (but already having a company on his name, so cant open a new one), who will be a part of the company and according to my friend he will help me get contracts and clients and teach me to become a consultant as well. Please suggest if this is worth it. I mean if i start a company like he suggested, would it be beneficial for me on the long run? What does my chart say? Please note that i am trying to go back to work but i am silent rejections coz of the maternity gap.

    1. Thank you so much! The sun is shining in London at 6.45am as I am at my desk, actually on my birthday, so I now very close to my Solar Return. Your question is probably about Ninth House matters (Canada-USA is travel and relocation) but also the Eleventh House (it’s your friend). Let’s have a look at what is going on. Anything which involves you taking business trips, using the worldwide web extensively, relocating or expanding internationally is blessed by Jupiter in Sagittarius, starting in November. You have a huge Sagittarius stellium so Jupiter (abundance, expansion, solutions, growth) will pass over every factor there, helping you enormously. The stars are aligned for Canada, at least, or any other country across the water. Now, the issue is your friend and the lack of data for this person. The study sounds great, as it’s also Sagittarian/Ninth House and you are a born student. But the friend? I would use your Astrology Oracle cards for this one, as you don’t have a chart for this person. Test the present first. Then ask the question – what can they do for you by 2020? What should you be wary of? I have my eyes on your Ceres in Aquarius, you see, which is always a carve-up and compromise between friends, and it can sometimes be emotional. Saturn crosses Ceres in Aquarius after 2020 so if this is a long-term contract you need to read the fine print. Make sure that the controls/the power is clearly shown in terms of what is balanced, and what is not! There should be a fair and square deal between friends, here. It’s worth taking your time with this, even if you need second and third opinions.

      1. Hey thanks for your opinion, Jessica. I am moving ahead to open this company l. Not sure where it takes me in 2020. But i think it will at least get me started now what i crave for, thats earning. Its a major up down part of my chart where i could never see exactly what and why is it going this way? I have also been desperate for success and financial independence. Hoping to get on my way woth this venture. Also i wanted to say its eclipse time. So i am avoiding these days ( i can stretch it till aug first week). I hope this eclipse wont mess up.
        Thanks again. Keeping my fingers crossed when i am going to do something totally different than i was trying till now( the business and partnerships, instead i was looking for jobs for long now). Congrats on ur solar return and may u get the best of everything in life!
        Ur opinion gave me confidence on what i am planning to do.
        Many many best wishes.

  3. Good Morning and Hapoy Birthday Jessica,

    I have a 6 factor Leo stellium and I’m excited to see how I can best work with these factors as they are transited. I’ m divorced with 3 children 18,27,29 and just closed on my own home in May ! Income and relationship are where I hope to focus next. What does the remainder of 18 into 2019 have in store for me?

    1. Deidre, your huge Leo stellium is really about the three children. It is interesting to see the closure with karma by November. There are some very old gaps which need closing. I am sure you can see what you would call unfinished business for/about the children from years ago. That is coming. If your focus is money, your natal Diana and Hygiea in Scorpio will be crossed by Jupiter (opportunity) by November. You have two great chances here. One to be more independent and free. Another to secure the future. You’ll know it when you see it. It will be big and make a lasting difference. I assume you are single? You will have a milestone decision about your former, current or potential partner at Christmas 2020. Even before then, though, the whole and entire story is about the children, or perhaps a blended family with somebody else’s children. That starts in a small way in November and it’s rolling to your total advantage by 2019.

  4. Hello Jessica,
    I am coming to the end of my 17 year marriage to my Gemini husband (born 17 June, 1966 in Rome, Italy at 10:30 pm). At present, another Leo man has already appeared on the horizon (we met during the Uranus transition in Taurus last May). I am doing my best to make closure with my husband BEFORE getting involved in another relationship. It all feels so karmic (I have 6 factors in Leo), and like you often say, “we’ve been here before”. Is there ANY help, advice or insight you can offer? I’m free-falling here, and trying to just go with the flow and stay in control at the same time.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Karma. You said it all. I am very sorry about the end of your marriage but you are strongly Leo and have a stellium in the Fifth House. I wrote a long feature on Leo weather and heavily Leo people because it is always about the pregnancies that ended in miscarriage or termination – or the pregnancies that were deliberately avoided, for years, with a partner. It is also obviously about your son or daughter. You do not say if you have children. You are now going through the very last heavy dose of karma around this, for 19 years. We just don’t have any more Leo weather on this scale. However, it is intense. It will take you back and forth by September then still keep you making choices until November. Then, just like that, the karma is complete. You have closure. Do not take on a lover before you end the marriage unless you want to answer for that later. This man also has the Sun in Leo in the Fifth House of children. Does he have them? Another question. It’s all about the babies, the children, the pregnancies and what is owed, by one person to another, and owed by (usually) parents to children. You all knew each other before. Further ahead, you could easily commit at Christmas 2020 or meet another lover then – a serious one.

  5. Hello Jessica,
    Happy birthday!
    I read carefully your article but I still have no clues about my love life. I have so many factor in Leo…
    I’ve been on and off with this Pisces man, born on 08/March/1969 on the same city as I. It’s not a real boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, maybe it’s more like platonic love because sometimes I step back as I don’t feel I’m going anywhere with him, and sometimes I feel he’s the one. The truth is that he doesn’t show his feelings but I know he really likes me, but not sure if he feels real love. So confusing!!! I just feel very happy when I’m with him.
    This has been going on for more than a year. I really don’t understand myself as I’m a real Leo woman and I don’t like this type of slow stories in my love life.
    I’ve tried to push him away but, he’s still very present in my life, and I just don’t know what to do. Is this karma? What is this?
    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Love, exciting and new, as they used to sing on The Love Boat. It can also be such hard work. Let’s look at your chart. A Pisces born in 1969 has the kind of chart where he could basically enter the ‘Mr Confusing’ contest and win first prize, and then enter ‘Mr Confused’ the following years and also come first. The sign of the fishes. Those born in the 1960s also have Neptune in Pisces, which doubles the fish factor. Often these men seem fishy. Are they lying? Or do they just seem slippery even if they are telling you the truth? They are notoriously impossible to pin down. I’m going to tell you what you already know. Friend. Not partner. Friend. What matters more? You are going to end up saving or making a huge amount of money, if you believe in it, reach for it and make it real. You will have your Jupiter Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House. That money will help you travel. When you travel you can meet anyone, anywhere and try anything. You have no idea until you pack your bags and get away. And I think you will.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Sometimes “awaiting moderation” is a good thing as it gives you an opportunity to rethink what is the important question. So I have 7 factors in Leo, including sun at 15 Leo. I am planning away for the future. I should finish a doctorate by the end of the year which frees me for all new sorts of possibilities. One that I am looking at is going overseas as an observer in a conflict area to try to assist in protecting civilians. The training occurs in January and I have committed to this (around the time of the big blindspot for sun 15 Leo). i am deeply drawn to do this as I cant stand watching on whilst so few help, but I am interested in how the end of next year sits as well, as that is the most likely time for me to actually go. Added to this is that kind of karmic revelation that in 1998 I walked away from a potential long term relationship to follow my dreams overseas, and I have a sense that I might do this again, although no-one is currently on the scene. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on all of this. And a very happy birthday to you!

    1. Thank you. You were awaiting moderation on my birthday, Zigi, so I am sure you understand! Thank you for the greeting on my Wednesday off…all that you mention here is Sagittarius ruled. Nothing to do with your Leo stellium unless you are talking about these civilians in conflict being children or young adults – in which case – totally Leo ruled. You have Fortuna at 3 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places. You affect the lives of people from other countries and cultures without knowing what you do. You take them up, then down. You may appear to others as ‘fate’ in fact. Jupiter crossing 3 Sagittarius soon after he changes signs in November 2018 is a fortunate opportunity to ‘grow’ this role. It sounds about right. Just be aware of how very great your responsibility will be. I think you’ll get the offer or see the path no later than January 2019. The other Leo factors are really about your godchild. Your son or daughter. Your niece or nephew. A potential pregnancy or adoption. Maybe, a role with children or teenagers. If you are curious about that, hit Search for a long feature I wrote on Leo weather and Leo the sign.

      1. Thanks, Jessica. I certainly appreciate that one should have their birthday off to enjoy! I hope that it was wonderful for you. I am grateful for your response as well as my time to reflect on the question.
        Best wishes

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I am new here and I don’t understand much of the astrology jargons but trying my best to learn as much as I can.

    I am an Aries with Leo Ascendant. My husband and I have been trying for a long time and we started IVF last year. Failed twice with one success but miscarried after. We are considering doing another round of IVF. However, my husband is currently working on project in London and I am basing in Melbourne, Australia. We are thinking to start a new IVF round in mid Oct. Just wondering if it is a good time? Or can we wait till mid Dec? But I am in my early 40s, I am racing against time, so my specialist doesn’t like me to wait till mid Dec.

    Also, I am indeed looking to buy property soon. Question is, can I put an offer now but it is mercury retrograde. is it a good time? Or should I wait till Sept?

    Thanks so much for your time. Much appreciated.


    1. IVF is about parenthood, and parenthood is about Leo. You have Saturn in Leo. That is hard work, and you are experiencing it, as you have failed twice, then miscarried, which I am so sorry to hear. You can see you have Saturn at 10 Leo and Uranus at 11 Scorpio. That means, you were born with Saturn square Uranus, which is also hard work. They are only one degree away. Scorpio is about sex and money – usually marriage and mortgage – but in your case it is also about your husband or you, paying to have children together. Near Sunday 19th August, you seem likely to have one of the most important discussions of the year, about this topic. Mercury is standing still, or station retrograde, right on 11 Leo, so it’s really close to that whole pattern. Don’t worry too much about the astrology jargon, but I do need to let you know the information is coming from somewhere! Essentially, this is tough – and you have tough decisions to make. Without your husband’s chart it is impossible to know more than that. He is half the equation and may be paying for some or all of this. The Mercury Retrograde we are having now, has nothing to do with property. It is in Leo, again – in your Fifth House of parenthood, adoption, IVF and child fostering. So it’s not really going to have any impact at all, long-term, on your investment in an apartment or house. You may as well start the process. Your Ascendant at 0 Leo is about how you appear to the world – your image – and I am sure you know Leo is the Queen of the jungle who has her lion cubs to raise and look after. If she cannot have cubs, or does not want them, she often gets into a ‘court’ of younger people as a teacher, babysitter, nanny, fundraiser for children’s charities, author for teens and so on. There has to be a role there, somehow, as Queen with ‘heirs and spares’ on whatever level, who inherit the influence of her leadership. I am guessing that you are hanging everything on becoming pregnant through IVF to fulfil your Leo image. It might help to feel more relaxed and comfortable to find yourself another role with children or young adults in the meantime. Maybe you are doing this already. If you are not, then have a look at what is possible. It may be volunteering with/for a younger generation, or taking a deeper interest in, and responsibility for, your younger nieces or nephews. It may be talking to a friend about becoming a godmother – or becoming an active godmother. Beatrix Potter was strongly Leo and never had children of her own, but she became Queen to a younger court, by taking on her husband’s nieces and nephews as her own. She also left her money to future generations, leaving the children of tomorrow protected woodlands in England to enjoy. So…there are many ways of ‘doing’ the Leo in your chart in the Fifth House. With Saturn there it is always going to be something heavy to carry. We all have Saturn somewhere in our chart and we all have a lot to take on, in our lives. I am sure you have been really feeling it, as the North Node (karma) goes through Leo. By karma, I mean past life lessons, as well as lessons learned around 19 years ago. One thing I can tell you that will make 2018 easier is that when the North Node goes to 0 Leo and conjuncts your Leo Ascendant, also at 0 degrees, that is the last time for many years you will have to deal with the question. In fact, the question becomes totally different from Tuesday 6th November when the North Node leaves Leo for the final time, and moves to Cancer, the sign of family and property. I hope you can see those two key points in your year, around 19th August and then 6th November (allow a few days either side). One way or another you are going to have to make up your mind about how you are going to play your role as Leo Queen. There are many ways to do this and they are all satisfying. One is to become pregnant through IVF and obviously that is what you are both aiming for. However there are alternatives and I need to remind you of that. Give yourself permission to be open to alternatives, genuinely if you can (no point in pretending) and see what comes. There is typically a lot of fear around Saturn in the chart. We defend ourselves pretty heavily and can overdo it, or end up with very strict methods and systems, that are actually tougher to live with, than the outcome that we dread! So have a look at that too. If you hit Search and read about Saturn, the Fifth House and also Leo itself, that may be useful. Try to loosen up around the issue of babies and children and accept what comes. Yet, I very much doubt this will be such a big deal again, as we have no major transits in Leo after November this year. The karma is complete then. Whatever you had to finish off in your life, you will have finished off. Sometimes the karma is surprising. For example, I had a reader in her 40’s who wanted to marry her live-in boyfriend and try IVF. He did not want to do that. She ended up fostering a local child who was unwanted by his own mother, who could not afford to entertain him or educate him properly. This reader could and did. She felt she knew the child from the first instant. It felt like a past life bond. Fostering did in fact fulfil her, and later on she left her boyfriend and got married. When she got married, she inherited her husband’s nieces and nephews (the Beatrix Potter tale again!) and became a much-loved Aunt, almost like a second mother. I wish you the very best with your IVF but most of all, I wish you the relief and release of finishing the Node in Leo cycle in November when at last you will know where you are, who you are, what you are dealing with – and why you are making particular decisions.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thanks so much for your long, thoughtful and caring prompt reply. It nearly moves me to tears.

        Thanks so much for your accurate reading, it is almost spooky! This is because I will be flying from Australia to London to spend one month with my husband on 20th Aug Australian time, which is 19th Aug UK time! The date you predicted that I will have an important discussion! As for 6th Nov, as I previously asked if to do IVF mid-Oct is a good time. If I go ahead with mid-Oct IVF, if things go smoothly, then I will find out if I fall pregnant around 6th Nov! And you also mentioned ‘karma’ means lessons learned around 19 years ago. Not sure about lessons learned but it was about 19 years ago I met my husband for the first time in a foreign country! I also read Aries Birthday Forecast written by you here, and you mentioned about I may relocate end of this year or next year. I have been thinking if I do fall pregnant then I will move to the UK to be with my husband. Jessica, WOW, you are so spot on! Having said that, I just moved back to Australia after a long 10 years of globetrotting with my husband, I am quite reluctant to move again. I decided not to move with him this time, because I am worried what if I never have my own children, then I want to grow my career and start my own business in Australia as this is where I have the largest professional network. The only reason will make me relocate with him will be baby(babies)!

        Yet, the above is my wishful thinking. If it doesn’t go as above, then I won’t know what will happen. I am also ready to just let life unfolds. Whatever happens, I am looking forward for this karma to complete and I don’t have to think about it for a very long time. Although I am learning a lot spiritually. it has been a very tough journey
        As for my husband, he is a Taurus (05/07/1964) born in Hong Kong. Time unknown. Not sure if you can see anything from his chart.

        You mentioned finding other roles related to children. The weird thing is, I often find myself don’t know what to do when surrounded by children, yet I want to have my own. Thanks for reminding me about other alternatives. I will definitely look into it more.

        Thanks a lot again for your time and guidance! Last but not least, Happy birthday to you ! 🙂


        1. I like exact timing in astrology so thank you for confirming and also for the validation. The dates do line up for your IVF don’t they. The key to everything is in the last sentences you wrote. Read them again. It is important that you are ‘there’ body and soul with this decision to be a parent, because if there is anything the soul is not sure about, the body will hold you up. Please do look at every possible angle you can. Good luck.

  8. Hi Jessica, I’m looking for a new career just now and any thoughts would be great, many. Thanks x

    1. You are a Leo wanting a new career? You will have it within 12 months. In fact it will be a revolution and a revelation. You will be able to set yourself free from an aspect of your profession or chosen field that you find intensely boring or quite limiting. Rebel, rebel. You may well invent a brand new, quite radical pathway within your chosen special subject area (which shocks the more conservative types) or actually leave it behind and go in search of something else. May 2019 will show you.

  9. Hi Jessica – just like the song Kaleo wrote…feeling like “way down we go”…
    Got also in 5 signs
    Sun 23° Leo 16′ 29″
    Mars 18° Leo 46′ 20″
    Minerva 27° Leo 30′ 33″
    Apollo 06° Leo 36′ 24″
    Ops 01° Leo 19′ 15″

    Moon 15° Aquarius 18′ 28″
    Married for almost 19 years (August) to an Aquarius (Feb 18th) with Sun 29° Aquarius 22′ 58″
    Any guidance for me?

    1. You are strongly Leo and are completing karma this year as the North Node in Leo crosses over Apollo and finally Ops, just before it leaves for good in November. Debts and credits, from past lives, but also this lifetime, now need to be settled. This may be an awkward or uncomfortable situation around a pregnancy, child, termination or miscarriage from many years ago that you find can now be balanced, even if there needs to be no actual discussion about specifics. Sometimes a gesture is enough. In other cases we may be talking about paid or unpaid efforts with/for children. Teenagers too! If you feel a wheel is turning in 2018 you are right. Try to leave things in a good place. You will also be shown how not to create future hard karma, once again with the issue of children in your world.

  10. Hi Jessica

    Its almost my b-day, the last day of July.. always thought it was kinda special . Can you check my chart for the year ahead concerning my love-life and battles that im currently seem to be going through?

    Much love as always


    1. You need to balance the scores with your former boyfriend, or boyfriends, plural. Obviously you can’t do this with all of them, but try to reach out, as they say, at Christmas (good opportunity) and send an e-mail or e-card and see if anything comes back. Peaceful co-existence is a good thing to aim for, rather than having old boyfriends in your life who you’d cross the street to avoid! All this is the Node in Aquarius, in your solar Seventh House of partners, lovers and spouses. The karma actually ends in November and you’ll realise that 2017 and 2018 was really about that. When I say ‘karma’ I mean righting wrongs, collecting rewards, receiving apologies or giving them, in some way. Picture the scales! Once you do this you enter a fascinating new cycle when pregnancy, step-parenting, adoption, or other roads to the world of children and young people appear. You could so easily end up putting parenthood or substitute parenthood first, ahead of all other factors about a lover. You’ll see it just before Christmas into 2019.

  11. I am in the midst of career change any insight for that area of life.

    I also just started (July) working with the college I graduated from and helping out with the mentoring program and just started talking to a principal of a junior high school and been asked to help with fundraising!

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I am hoping in the next year my life will look very different, i am planning on moving abroad and have been wanting to start my own youtube channel, (I do spoken word but am shy about my talents), no children planned here, as i am single and have no children. As i am rather exhausted in my connections romantically atm. Could you please shed some light on my year ahead.

    Sun 11° Leo 52′ 07″
    Moon 23° Libra 32′ 45″
    Mercury 09° Leo 56′ 01″ R
    Venus 25° Leo 58′ 48″
    Mars 05° Gemini 32′ 10″
    Jupiter 15° Virgo 43′ 19″
    Saturn 15° Aquarius 23′ 30″ R
    Uranus 14° Capricorn 59′ 35″ R
    Neptune 16° Capricorn 54′ 40″ R
    Pluto 20° Scorpio 09′ 11″
    Chiron 13° Leo 07′ 51″
    Ceres 01° Aquarius 13′ 41″ R
    ASC 26° Sagittarius 52′ 15″
    NorthNode 29° Sagittarius 51′ 31″ R
    SouthNode 29° Gemini 51′ 31″ R

    1. Born with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, you are part of Generation Capricorn, so have a look at the feature I wrote on that. You are typically ambitious – wanting to move abroad and start your own YouTube channel. You are also in line for the biggest career reshape of your life, as Saturn slowly moves up to cross 14, 15, 16 Capricorn and is then followed by the South Node, which brings past life experiences back to you ,in terms of your success, mission and position. Saturn is always a reality check and you may have to accept the core facts about your skill set, chosen industry or profession, experience – and the market place as a whole. Older people in particular will be good sources. In your Leo chart (not your birth chart) you also have this heavy Capricorn weather in your Sixth House of work so essentially 2018, 2019, 2020 are about knuckling down and really dealing with the basics. You can read more about this if you hit the Tenth House on Search, on this website, and also Saturn. You only get this cycle once every 29 years so it’s worth knowing about.

      1. Appreciate it Jessica. Hopefully love will follow with this new adventure I am planning.. 🙂

        1. Falling in love, and having someone fall in love with you, often comes down to total preparedness. It’s very interesting. Everything has to feel right to you – your body, your heart, your soul – and you have to have the nest ready. Your home. Spirit people tune into it and if they are satisfied it’s the right timing, it can happen in a finger-snap. It’s so interesting. Often, you are brought together with someone in the strangest of ways because they have to move heaven and earth to get you together with a mate. Rita Rogers, the brilliant medium, wrote about this in Soulmates.

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