2018 Earth Sign Horoscope Karma

Dear Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - Your horoscope karma is decided by the cycles of the North Node and South Node in astrology. Until November 2018 the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius.

Dear Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – Your horoscope karma is decided by the cycles of the North Node and South Node in astrology. Until November 2018 the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius. Expect familiar, repeated, events, themes, people and developments. These will come back to you from this life, but also past lifetimes which is why things may feel so uncannily ‘known’ to you!

Your Sun Sign chart or Solar Sign chart based on your regular zodiac sign is a useful guide to what to expect. Because we have a lot of heavy Leo weather from July-September I am going to focus on the North Node in Leo as it passes through, in relation to your chart. What follows is an extract from my favourite Penguin astrology book, 2020 Vision.

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You’ll go round and round with the same financial, property and business issues now. In fact, you may feel as if you’re hitting the repeat button, as there is a strong sense of ‘seen it all before’ with cash, houses, flats, paperwork or your precious possessions now.

This can help you to remain wonderfully calm and philosophical about what is going on. In fact, the whole experience of having the North Node in the Eighth House can feel like watching a film you’ve seen a hundred times before. The names, faces or amounts on the cheque may change, but everything else is extremely familiar. Or…you may even have exactly the same set-up, with the same person, to contemplate. It happens!

Past life debts and credits also turn up now. If you are indebted to someone (or a group of people) from a previous incarnation, that issue will now be on your agenda again – which might explain why you feel such a strong sense of deja vu. This also applies to the money, possessions or property which other people owe you. Many astrologers believe this cycle is directly related to reincarnation, and sometimes it’s the same issue or person, over a number of different lifetimes!

You can choose to stretch yourself further with your own financial, business or property situation now – or you can opt out, because it’s easier to lean on your experience and prior knowledge. This cycle can make you feel detached, jaded, cynical, or over-relaxed! The choice is yours. Do you now want to turn your back on those ‘same old, same old’ people and situations, or are you prepared to use everything you have seen and learned and make a really adventurous move?

On the plus side, this cycle can make you feel remarkably cool, collected and calm about other people’s money, other people’s property and other people’s possessions. You have amazing inner knowledge now. You can afford to reflect on all those ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ situations which are now being fast-forwarded again. If you have difficult financial, business or property-related issues to deal with at this time, the North Node can help you cope.

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While the North Node is in the Fourth House you will meet some past-life issues with your family, and also burn off some career karma too. To read more about the career issues, see the section headed South Node in the Tenth House, in the next section. You’re going to have to work extremely hard at that one!

There are compensations, however – the North Node in the Fourth House being one of them. Questions about your career and status may haunt you at this time, but when it comes to family relationships, your previous incarnations with your mother, father, brother, sister – or other family members – will help you bring some amazing intuitive experience and wisdom to your home life.

When we reincarnate, according to astrologers and mediums, we bring forward debts and credits from our last life on earth. At this time, you’ll develop a strange sense of Deja vu as you replay situations with family members that make you feel you’ve been here before…and you probably have. Who owes what, to whom? It may be a moral obligation, a financial debt, a practical favour, or an emotional IOU note. Right now, you’ll have a strong sense of this, as the universe hits the repeat button, and you rewind and replay family scenarios which you’ve seen so many times before.

This can lend you a detachment and wisdom that exceeds your years. Wonderfully, you can now lean on a kind of inner knowing, that will help you decide your next move. This in turn will give you a solid grounding, in terms of the family, which will help you find a strong emotional platform to work from, so that you can handle those frustrating professional issues.

The Fourth House also rules your house or flat – and any temporary accommodation – and on a wider level it also rules your homeland. If you move to a new place now, you’ll ‘know’ it, even if it’s relatively new to you. The North Node describes places you’ve lived in, or worked in, during previous incarnations. So, don’t be surprised if you house-sit for a stranger, and find your way around the neighbourhood without even having to ask.

If you shift to another country now, you have past life credits and debts to sort out there. Take a deep breath and listen to your inner voice – you’ll have some fascinating insights about the place, and the people. Accents, languages, local customs should all come easily to you now, as you’ll have ‘lived’ them before.

On a more mundane note, the domestic, decoration, renovation and DIY situations you experience in these years will make you feel as if you’re stuck on a loop – but in the nicest possible way. The North Node will enable you to relax and take the long view of any home-based situation, because it’s either a repeat of what you went through last month, or it’s a repeat of what you know from another lifetime! When that building work starts, or when that flatmate moves in, you may even have feel that you know the end of the story!

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You will now come across an extremely confidential, top secret issue which makes you feel as if you’ve seen it all before. Perhaps you have! The North Node in the Twelfth House delivers people and situations which are familiar to us, because they tend to recur in an endless loop. Famously, it can also serve up past-life experiences and old soul connections, in new disguises.

Even though you can’t reveal anything about the situation you’re involved in now (it’s strictly for your diary) you’ll still find it easy to manage. That’s because you’ve acquired so much experience, thanks to the ‘repeat, repeat, repeat’ nature of what you’re seeing.

The Twelfth House describes what is secret, delicate and almost impossible to reveal. It’s a matter for you and your mirror. The possibilities are endless – it could be a skeleton in your closet, a work contract with the FBI, a private phobia, a clandestine love affair, or your own version of Watergate.

If you have other planets in the Twelfth House at the same time as the North Node, this X-rated matter in your life will assume incredible importance, very quickly. As it goes to the top of your list, though, you’ll notice that you have inherent wisdom about what’s going on. That you feel intuitively ‘right’ about what you’re seeing and experiencing. That is the gift of the North Node. It serves up what you’ve already had on another life menu.

As the Sun, New Moon, Full Moon, Mercury and Venus make their regular voyage through the sign just before your own, they will join the North Node in pushing all your past life memory buttons. Alternatively, these planets will reheat an old secret, or rehash a recurring question, in connection with that Extremely Confidential Matter.

At this point you will have a choice. Remain complacent (and calm) about what is unfolding, or roll up your sleeves, lean hard on everything you know, and take a great leap forward. Astrologers, irritatingly enough, insist that you do the latter. It’s not as easy, or as comfortable, but it will do your karma a world of good, if you get it right. Do you want to cop out, or do you want to progress?

The Twelfth House also describes the time you spend alone, and particular places where you develop a relationship with yourself, in peace and quiet. If you leave normal life to retreat to a special location now, you may know it from a past life (ah, so that’s how you know where the nearest loo is.) It’s also extremely common to become heavily involved with meditation, dream interpretation, psychic work, astrology, therapy and other navel-gazing pursuits in this cycle. If so, once again, you may be drawing on ancient past-life experience and wisdom here. Just don’t use it to rest on your laurels. The whole point of having it, is to feel safe enough to experiment and explore. Just because you’ve been there, done that, doesn’t mean you have to give up.

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14 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica , I am feeling this very strongly right now . I’m feeling a very strong connection to my cousin who is an aquarius 10/2/67 and I can’t tell anyone as it’s slightly taboo ( although we are in the UK ! ) Nothing has happened between us , but I feel there is a lot that is unspoken . This has been going on since about October 2017 when Jupiter went into Scorpio , where it is in my chart . Can you shed any light on this or give any advice from what you see in my chart . I know a bit about synastry and we have a sun / moon conjunction and sun / pluto conjunction , so it’s definitely karmic . I’m feeling very blocked and frustrated now and wish to move forward

    1. You’re secretly attracted to your Aquarius cousin. Boy oh boy. I knew a lovely woman who married her cousin. They looked a tiny bit similar. She was mad about him and had loved him since she was a teenager. Okay, I am going to put down my cup of tea and look at your chart in some depth to see what on earth is going on. Scorpio and the Eighth House is about deadly serious sex. The most common manifestation of having a transit of Jupiter in Scorpio where you have Venus, Jupiter himself and Neptune – is the promenade a deux. I have mentioned this to another reader. When scorpions mate, they dance. During this dance and also during ‘the sex act’ as I am sure David Attenborough (never) described it – there is a real risk of death. They can sting each other. They can eat each other. Thus, the Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio, is associated with the very dark side of love. This is why weddings are so frothy. The big cake, the big frock, the big honeymoon and the rest is really to distract us from the truth. Marriage is about money, and ’til death do us part’ is a deadly serious vow. So is ‘in sickness and in health’ which brings in insurance. And ‘forsaking all others’ is about adultery and expensive divorce! So I hope you can see just how massive this transit is for you. You are correct in saying it is karmic if you have conjunctions which are exact, within one degree. It is also karmic for him, if you look up 2018 Fire Sign Karma. He has the South Node going through his Seventh House, which rules his former, current and potential partners. I dare say a lot of the intensity and in fact a resolution will come when the South Node changes signs in November. Yet, is this about you, or another woman? Interesting question. Please look at the law. There is a legal matter here, and I don’t know if it’s because you are cousins (!) or because either of you is married. You don’t say if you are both single. There is a huge issue here and you are right to be so emotionally caught up with it. Justice must prevail. It will prevail, actually. I mentioned his Seventh House (Solar Sign house system for Aquarius) transit of the North Node. Have a look at that. The Seventh House is associated with Libra the scales in astrology. You will find that the scales are meticulously balanced and you and he will have to accept that, because you are going to be operating in a system which is bigger than you are. If it’s fair and right that you be together, you will be. Yet, if there is anything which goes against the letter of the law in the United Kingdom, or just against a higher universal law – you will have to accept that. Phew. You also have Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House in your own birth chart and this is under transit, quite heavily, in 2018. This whole issue of being judged, accepting judgements, being trialled, is karmic. I have a faint feeling that you and your cousin were involved in a court case some lifetimes ago.

  2. Hi Jessica:
    This karma article is so spot-on for me. I have both HOME and WORK issues and choices to make within the next month or two. I am a soon-to-be empty nester. I am trying to find work, unsuccessfully so far. I’m in my early 60s and keep getting told that I’m “over-qualified”…. So I see that, karma-wise, finding a decent job is going to continue to be a trial for me. I want to work overseas again, but it would appear that getting an expat job is going to be difficult. So – should I stay or should I go? Even though I’ve mentally prepared myself for it, I am finding it difficult to pull the plug and put my home on the market. I can’t stay in this town if I don’t have work. I guess it’s a matter of “the path not taken”.
    Thanks so much!

    1. I’m glad the article is spot on, Kris. You’re actually calling this too early. We have Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde and a number of other planets. So there is a backward pull, taking place, right across the planet. The time to move forward is from 3rd September. Have you also explored the full expanse of the worldwide web with all its myriad opportunities to work and earn money? You will gain hugely from Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) crossing Saturn at 1 Sagittarius from November. This only happens every 12 years. Another part of town which is foreign to you, or a distant region (even another country) will open a door then. Try to think right outside the usual box.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Can you please explain if you get any benifits if you have Scorpio planets but at earlier degrees?
    I’m particular interested in my Neptune at 8% Scorpio.
    Also any info on how my asteroids Vulcano 14% Scorpio and Aesculapia 27% Scorpio will play out?
    Thanks for all the wonderful interesting blogs.

    1. Hello again Baroona. The way astrology works is this – Jupiter moves across 1, 2, 3, 4 degrees of Scorpio at the start of the cycle and ends up travelling all the way to 27, 28, 29 at the end. So if you have anything in the first 13 degrees of the sign, he will already have triggered that. And beyond 13 degrees, the best is yet to come. Jupiter will indeed move to cross Vulcano and Aesculapia in Scorpio in your Eighth House, which rules finance, your house or apartment, land value, possessions, charity, the bank and valuable assets of all kinds. For example a reader just added to her net worth by picking up a new career skill. Vulcano is about your personal power and self-control. Aesculapia is about how you revive situations which were virtually over. Jupiter is about opportunity, growth and problem solving. Line those up together and now through November you will gain.

  4. Hi Jessica, fascinating post! I’m a sun sign Virgo and am absolutely intrigued by what all this means for me. I’ve definitely been feeling into past lives as well as yearning to connect with one particular soul from this lifetime – possibly several together – I say that because of the depth of connection I feel for this soul. It’s not easy to keep both feet firmly planted in the present at the moment because the past life/karmic/connection stuff is so strong. I’ve been calmly waiting for quite a while now and am tired of that, how do I take a great leap forward in regards to this without really overstepping my welcome? Or is that the risk I must take to get what I want? Thank you

    1. You are a Virgo having a Neptune transit of your Solar Sign Seventh House and a Pluto transit of your Solar Sign Fifth House. Solar Sign is the house system used by astrologers who predict trends for the 12 zodiac signs, based only on that knowledge. To find out what you are experiencing hit search and look up Neptune and the Seventh House in particular. This cycle has been with you for some years and will be there for some years, too. It does need a bit of management. Otherwise you can drift off into crushes or infatuations with possible lovers who never become real for you. That’s fine as far as it goes but if you want to have a baby, adopt or become a step-parent you are going to have to get real about people who never kiss you, let alone get into bed with you! Of course some women enjoy a hopeless lovestruck odyssey like this, as it does in fact mean they have to avoid the grown-up questions of marriage, mortgage, baby and fertility! It really depends on your whole chart.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I am another Virgo Sun lost in a Neptune transit. I’m ready to roll up sleeves and I want to progress.
    But the situations with possible lovers are not real, everything is beneath the surface. How to make a connection real and bring it to the daylight?

    Is there any strategy that might work?
    Any insight would be great.


    1. Justina, you and Prince Harry, both. Neptune transits of the Seventh House of marriage, love, sex, separation, divorce and partnership are so strange. On the outside it looks like the most fascinating mystery, ever. A compelling enigma. On the inside you realise how confused and confusing life is. There are no boundaries. It is also way too easy to fall into ‘not real’ like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Hit Search and look up Neptune. These cycles are easily controlled . You just say ‘no’. You say it to them, and you say it to yourself. Only you can contain and control Wonderland.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Where do I start! Talk about overwhelmed much… I am a Bengali Virgo 17/09/89 of and my significant other is a Anglo Saxon/English Taurus 02/05/65. I certainly can’t wait for Uranus and Saturn to complete their cycles, it feels like I have been juggling contradictory situations in regards to him for quite a while now, aka lack of boundaries.

    He has a tenancy to say one thing and then do another. Throughout our relationship I have been forthcoming/patient/considerate of his mother neglect/relationship issues, which he projects negatively upon me through narsacist patterns of behaviors. His mother is a Capricorn, he mentions/feels there is a nurturing/emotionally invested side that she projected towards her Scouts and not on to his ambitions or his siblings for that matter. His father is a Sagittarius and both his father and mother used to argue about finances. I have had the attitude of our finances being “ours” since it is what his soul seeks, however he contradicts himself by the actions he acts out so to speak. He contradicted himself inregards to a particular female friend (Jamaican Gemini) just before our wedding. He being the prominent earner (myself not being in employment not because I didn’t want to, more because no work has been coming my way) put parameters to our spending. I wanted to purchase a view things for everyone who was attending our wedding, the response was no because “I am paying for everyone’s stay and food, they can pay for their own outfits and travel.” I also suggested getting an outfit for his Mother… However our finances are ours and then his own when it suits his personal objectives of the time. Whilst I respecting the budget made nessarily savings, he then purchased a very expensive outfit for her just because she ummd and arrrd. He dared to suggest my own preciples of “if you can help you should help” was the reason why and compared it to my sister needing (not wanting) money for IVF. This Gemini that I have been forthcoming towards over the years has taken advantage of his generous nature. Before myself and my partner met 2011/2012 she helped him out of a depressive rut from separating from his Ex Wife. My intuition and instinct has over the years told me otherwise. She only communicates with him when she wants something to further her career since they work for the same company. It’s not reciprocating, she keeps him at arms length in regards to her personal life. I know it isn’t a 50/50 relationship and has out stayed it’s welcome. I questioned why he is soo adamant on keeping this person in his life… Comes back to the duel aspect of his mothers personality. He has always had a female friend who is boisterous/direct/social extrovert which he has always played me against. Prior to this Gemini, there was another female friend who was obviously rasist. He only let this friend go when another Gemini who has the same boisterous/direct/social extrovert personality traits wasn’t happy with her being unkind towards me. Due to his insecure/narsacist personality he would go into chronic critique syndrome in front of any 3rd person that we socialise with. I think I am the nurturing side of his mother and these female friend he aligns himself with are the more direct no nonsense side of his mother. He is in a relationship with two women and then because he can’t see his negative patterns of behaviour, he insists on keeping this personality type as a protective mechnism whilst further pushing the women he is in a relationship wih away.

    Furthermore, he has serious issues with growing up with not having money or a higher education. That trickles down to our relationship having class/culture based issues since he regrets not going to University. He’ll ask my advice or listen to statements that I make and mirrors them. It feels like he is always trying to have one-upmanship asked vilify me indirectly. He dared to suggest I was only with him for his money…. To which my response was short handed, “I have dated wealthier men than you”. Why had I said it in such a way…. Because I have been tired of it and the lack of interest he has in my past and why I have come to be the way I am. Don’t get me wrong I know I am a Virgo and can sometimes not share because my introverted side deals with stuff and moves on, rather than projecting outcomes negatively to him. I come from humble beginnings since I come from 1st generation migrants. Which he knows of the lack of engagement my parents gave myself whilst I was a child in regards to education and getting everything last. I am 1 of 7 and myself being mature enough understand I couldn’t have things. All the while bigger sibling personalities you to become loud for what thy wanted at times. I get the impression he dislikes that fact that I have come well rounded for the past I have had. Because he can not see past his concise and unconscious patterns of behavior he vilified.

    I know we attract to those to whom are simular to our male/female influences whilst exploring our childhoods, but I am really getting tired of this same replay. Same replay of him not acknowledging his hindering patterns of behaviors. He is the narsacist to my echo psychologically speaking. I know everyone has issues, who doesn’t? That why I feel I have been tireless in being an emotional/psychological support to him because the romantic in me says; you love him. And I question, for what? Why am I staying in this toxic relationship with no boundaries. Should I stay or should I go is the question I am asking myself whilst sitting a pub garden having a G&T. I was originally en-route to go to my parents after he told me to “take your stuff and f**k off” After trying to talk about a sensitive issues that regards most of the above. I am not afraid of leaving him, I left my own fathers home out of wedlock to be with this Taurus because I do not like being controlled. I am not basing this relationship on how long I been with him, rather the patient emotional investment in have put into this so called union/companionship. His advantage of being with me is one of learning. What validation or soul connection to I gain from it? Nothing is the answer since I am the mother in this relationship dynamic.

    I’m looking at November as a deciding factor. But do not intend to wait that long for a breakthrough with this Taurus as effort is lacking from him to actually help and not hinder this soul union.

    I am a member and read your posts when I get every opportunity and have purchased your e-book, you are brilliant. Would you be able to shed some reassurance Virgo that is tired of life(and the people in it) at the moment?

    My warmest regards,


    1. Okay, so your life path is being reshaped now through Christmas 2020. You are heavily Capricorn and the social status and position of marriage is really what this cycle is about. You married a bad Taurus. One day he might become a good Taurus, but at the moment he is overly concerned with possessions, telling you to ‘take your stuff and f**k off” (note the emphasis on your stuff!) and now you realise you are his mother. This may be uncannily true, actually, as the North Node going into your family zone from November suggests past life matters are now to be decided. The North Node enters Cancer and your Fourth House of home, family and property on 6th November 2018 and remains there until May 5th 2020. Do you work? It is very important that you have paid or unpaid work – a proper ambition or goal – to take some of the strain off your marriage. At the moment it sounds as if you have completely identified your position in life, your aspirations and your view of success through marriage. Actually, given the Capricorn/Cancer transits you are involved with until 2020, it would help you a lot if you had some kind of professional role, student life or even charity work to really give your Capricorn side something else to focus on. You will experience Pluto, Saturn, the South Node (karma, again), Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn and this is major activity in your Tenth House of achievement, position and status over a period of about three years. So really, this is not so much about love and sex, as what it means to be a wife – and his wife. Beyond that you need to find out why you are here, what you should be striving for, and how you are going to get there. The Nodal cycle will bring back past life themes, as much as it brings back 1981, 1982 and 1983. You were a child then crossing into adulthood. What happened with your family? Your father, perhaps? What did you meet, through your parents, siblings or other relatives, like a grandmother, which so strongly affected you? That experience will be replayed in a new way, on this new North Node in Cancer cycle and once you reach 2020 you will absolutely have decided if you are going to stay…or go. Yet, you have to complete debts and credits with your family, perhaps his family too. The Nodes move backwards through the zodiac signs and they take you back in time. Much of this has to do with your passage from childhood to adolescence.

      1. It is only recently that I have had paid work. I myself was born in 1989, my partner was born in 1965. He had a resentful childhood/adolescence, where he feels both of his parents focused more on other people’s children rather than on him and his siblings through their Scouts work. Many a times they/he would have one or neither parents home to support him and his siblings. He has always been rather bitter about his childhood and adolescence. If I have heavily Capricorn factors, what factors does he have being born in 1965?

        My warmest regards,


        1. If your partner was born in 1965 he is in the Virgo generation and he might find it useful to look up Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House to see how it has affected.

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