Fated Horoscope Days

As a Premium Member you will often see me singling out particular zodiac sign ‘weather’ at degrees – shown as numbers – asking if it affects your chart. The reason for this is that we sometimes see unusual patterns in the heavens that will trigger your personal horoscope, exactly. These are fated horoscope days! I’ll go into this more in an edited extract from my book 2020 Vision (Penguin).

As a Premium Member, you will often see me singling out particular zodiac sign ‘weather’ at degrees – shown as numbers – asking if it affects your chart. The reason for this is that we sometimes see unusual patterns in the heavens that will trigger your personal horoscope, exactly. These are fated horoscope days! I’ll go into this more in an edited extract from my book 2020 Vision (Penguin).

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208 Responses

  1. Oh Jessica, I have 14 Libra! It’s my 50th birthday the next day. Do you have any insights?
    Thank you.

    1. 2019 is probably more important than just this placement. You will be involved with a man or younger male who is a dreamer not a doer. He is like the muso who never gets out of the bedroom. He is the wannabe writer who never does the work. You can help – if you want to. The project or product would be interesting for you and it could actually succeed. You’re the missing link as Jupiter (opportunity) goes into Sagittarius (the worldwide web).

  2. Hi Jessica, this is pretty exciting – I have Fortuna at 14 degree in Sagittarius – it feels like this date might be a lottery drawing for someone like myself – not for money but for my global network of friends/contacts etc. Would that be a good read of this date? Thank you so much for all you do!

    1. Thank you. I’m afraid winning the lottery has nothing to do with astrology. If we could use a horoscope to predict lottery wins, there would be no astrologers working!

  3. Hi Jessica. I have MC at 14 Scorpio and IC 14 Taurus. How that affects my life?

    1. In 2018 you will be asked to give your time and energy to a charity project or a good cause. This is the highest expression of Taurus-Scorpio. You have done it before and it worked really well for you.

  4. Salacia
    13° Aquarius 07′ 07″
    15° Taurus 08′ 09
    these are the closest I get….maybe not effecting me much. Does a 1 degree tolerance reallly matter

    1. The thing to remember about Aesculapia, especially in 2019, is that this is a symbol of resurrection. You have what it takes to get back up again, no matter what, and constantly reinvent yourself. Rebirth and reincarnation happen now, not only after we pass, and you appear to be on the brink of another great comeback. The old you will need to be released. The new you will be born again.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Wow, so this the second blog post in a row that I have heavy asteroid aspects. Thanks for your book, Asteroid Astrology. It’s helping me understand it all. I have Fortuna and Minerva at 14 degrees Gemini. Since they’re at the same degree in the sign of the twins, is that significant? I have Aesculapia and Vulcano retrograde at 14 degrees in Sagittarius and Diana at 14 degrees Cancer.

    Is gender significant here since the woman in Gemini are opposed by the men in Sagittarius at the same degree? Except for Vulcano, this is all Jupiter’s family. Is this is a mirror of my family? Is the Sun’s aspect to Diana, the spark to this set up in my chart? I have to think my work with seed saving is reflected in Aesculapia, and that bit about Minerva rejecting Vulcano is interesting.

    Thank you as always. YOu’ve given me a lot to think about. I hope all is well.


    1. Thank you Jeff. And I loved the photograph of your tomato plants you posted on Twitter. Actually, more important than this, is your Pisces patterns in your Twelfth House of solitude and spirituality, being brought to life. You are seeing transits to this which suggest you will play the hermit and gain by it. You need to get your soul back. You need to find out where your spirit is. You can only do this by being alone, so even though you are going to be busy travelling, it looks as though your Pisces solitary side is about to be reborn.

  6. Wow! With my 13 Libra/Aries planets, Jupiter 13 Cancer, and Minerva 14 Gemini, it looks like October 7th will plug straight into my chart with a tug between freedom, control and compromise, around partnerships, but with some deep wisdom and benevolence being pulled in as well?

    1. This is a lifetime pattern which is activated shortly – but understanding the lifetime pattern can help too. Gemini is about projects, ideas, concepts and brainwaves. You have the wisdom and knowledge to make them happen. This is why, since school, University or College you have attracted men who want you to help them achieve results. That is your Libra side. You work well in pairs and attract men or males in general who want to meet you halfway with their budding achievements – Gemini obviously rules words, ideas, paperwork, multimedia and the web. The big trick here is making it work for you as well. And being real about the fact that this is going to be strictly business. Minerva didn’t have sex. Yet, with Jupiter moving into Sagittarius from November, 2019 is pretty tempting. Jupiter is about opportunity and Sagittarius is about the big regional or global picture. You will have a special chance here to help a man/a boy find just the right space and place for what he wants to do, and as long as you make sure you get what you want from the deal it could be highly successful.

      1. Thank you so much, that’s really illuminating (as always) and makes lots of sense for my situation. Really, your premium membership is a bargain! Enjoy the World Cup final, hope you have a glass of something bubbly to hand xx

        1. Aren’t you nice. Thank you! And I’ll be supporting Croatia – my old boyfriend Tom was Croatian, and I never did date a Frenchman!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    You may have mentioned it before, so I apologize if it’s a repeat. I was wondering if there is a certain size orb you’d use for how much of an impact things like this will have? I noticed I have two things at 13 degrees (Pluto in Sco and Psyche in Sag) and three items at 15 degrees (MC/IC in Leo/Aqu and Minerva in Vir). Thanks in advance!

    1. I use orbs (gaps) of up to 1 degree in the work I do. Nothing more than that. Mainstream astrology uses up to 9 degrees and it can sometimes go to 12 degrees. I don’t do mainstream astrology – in fact I stopped using it when Elle magazine hired me and I realised it did not work for the kinds of demands of accuracy in prediction I was dealing with! In your own chart, the main story here in 2019 is not about anything else except your need to get back to the real world. You have a relationship, or emotional bond, which is special, precious, not normal, not conventional and it may baffle you next year. You have a ton of Libra and Scorpio factors (sexual or romantic attachments) which are under transit from both Neptune and Salacia. These two were married in myth. He ruled the ocean and she ruled the sea and sea shore. You will be ‘all at sea’ in 2019 unless you get real, get moving, stop pondering, daydreaming and imagining – and start acting. You need to get back to the ordinary and everyday with this connection in your life. Plant it somewhere sensible, where you can do something with it. Given your chart I would say that past pregnancies, children or even past terminations or miscarriages are behind all this. You may want to dig deeply into your own past as a parent or as an almost-parent (or never parent). If you can do this in 2019 you will have a much easier time with this relationship, because you will be able to find a place for it in your life. Otherwise ‘confused and confusing’ is often the outcome with Neptune and Salacia transits. You don’t tell me if you are single, married, living with someone, a parent or anything else so I am whistling in the dark here, and don’t know if the person is with you now, or will be in your life in 2019, but I hope you can see why the better option is to get right away from La La Land then!

      1. Thank you for all the information, Jess! 12 degrees seems like a lot! So, I’m glad to know to look at small orbs.

        I’m single and have never been pregnant. However, the idea of being in La La Land is 100% me. I do constantly daydream, and most of these dreams are about being a mother.

  8. So intriguing! Great read as always…
    Jessica I have Vesta in leo at 14 degrees but many others at 13degress. Can you tell me what this means for me please…

    1. Thank you. This is actually about a lot more. The North Node returns to Cancer (the family) in November. Jupiter (abundance) is in Scorpio (family finance) until November. Uranus (change) is in Taurus (cash and property) from now onwards, for many years to come. This is a perfect storm in your chart as you have a big Scorpio-Taurus signature. You need to figure out the family inheritance, the will and the relationship between seniors and juniors in your clan. There is potentially a lot of money here, or solid property gains, and it needs to be figured out.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    On my 36th birthday a few days ago, there was an incident that happened that I now realise means that like 2001, this is going to be one those years that change my life.

    I had planned a quiet day to celebrate my day in delicious solitude. A massage, a walk, listen to a podcast (ha!, should have known better than to plan such indulgence!)

    My soon to be 3 year old Lioness was unwell so I changed my plans and spent a day with her.

    As we walked down a main road in a suburb I have lived in for nearly 15 years now, a woman was sweeping outside a shop. She looked annoyed that we were walking down her street, that our presence was an inconvenience that needed to be shooed away.

    I was on the phone and had just been told to pick up my son as he was also sick at daycare so my daughter and I had to turn back and walk back past her. This really annoyed her. She glared at us and shook her head “ you’re just waking back and forth” her eyes narrowed, her voice pinched with familiar tones of hate.

    I used my most effective ‘weapon’,
    My ‘ ABC news reader voice’ that sharply contrasts my physical appearance ( thank you Venus in Gemini).

    “ I’m not walking to inconvenience you, I’m just walking”

    ( No response from the woman).

    Something bloomed inside me.

    Usually I would just have swallowed her attitude, permitted it by making myself small…. but it was my Birthday, I was 36. I could not let her actions be the narrative of the day.

    I rang the shop she was sweeping outside and told them that she was
    ‘ unpleasant’…And while I have no idea how that message was conveyed or if she even cares, the point is that I feel like I took an incident that could have made me feel sad and stood in my power to say, I am no longer going to apologise for taking up space in the world.

    A fuse has been lit. It’s very unnerving for a Crab who is quite happy to remain in my shell.

    I don’t know how this will manifest further for me.

    Could you please tell me what you think?

    With much love and light.

    1. We currently have Mars Retrograde – the planet of assertiveness, even aggression – going back and forth. This intensifies the Mars weather. You are not the only person who is ‘mad as hell and not going to take it any more.’ The biggest change is in you. Forget her. You took a stand. You don’t normally do that. You complained about her. The fact that is was your birthday is part of the story as you were having your Solar Return. But the larger question here is the Mars weather. Mars rules swords. People often say ‘cut it out’ to others who cross a line on this kind of cycle. Or they cut people out. It’s often a very good idea. Unless you get an apology, or flowers, then forget her/them/him. When you say ‘I am no longer going to apologise for taking up space in the world’ you have labelled something huge about yourself and your history. This may go back years. So, even though Mars can create wars – Mars does have a purpose. He can help you get rid of old patterns which do nothing for you. Stop taking crap from people.

      1. Thank you Jessica, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for your reply.
        It means more than you may ever know ❤️

  10. I have planets and asteroids within a 1-2 degree orb of this. Vesta at 15 Libra, Cupido 14 Scorpio, Juno 13 Sag and Venus 12 Capricorn. That all seems a little up-close and personal!

    1. You will actually have a few patterns swirling around 12, 13, 14, 15 ahead – so what can you expect? Cupido is how you stimulate affection and also what and who you love. In Scorpio in the Eighth House this is about money. It’s also about property. You really do become quite infatuated with security and lifestyle benefits and gains – it’s a prime mover in your chart – and the good news is that of course Jupiter is in Scorpio this year. The planet of gain, abundance, opportunity and the rest. The only issue here is the Cancer North Node moving to 12, 13, 14, 15 degrees in the fullness of time (the Node changes signs in November 2018). Cancer weather can encourage us to cling on. To be too wrapped up with hanging on and holding on, to money. Not spending it or investing it. Just be aware of the market out there for houses and apartments more than you normally would on this cycle, which dominates 2019. You don’t want to be hanging on and holding on to the point where you miss a chance. It’s also pretty obvious to you, I am sure, that money can’t become you. You are not your cash.

  11. Hallo Jessica,

    I have Moon 15 Sagittarius; Mercury 14 Gemini and Juno 14 Aries. What does that mean?

    1. By July 2019 you will have made a decision about a male who is not living in the real world. He has an idea or concept which needs your input and help as you have Mercury in Gemini and are very good at those details, particularly with worldwide web matters. Gemini rules communication. Mercury is the messenger. With your Moon in Sagittarius you are also very good at figuring out which part of the region, or the world, is right for success. Now, what can he do for you? Be realistic about this. Would a successful project benefit both of you? Or would you be helping someone who is a dreamer and not an achiever? He has a bit of an ego too. Don’t get lost in his ‘Me’ world but do try to negotiate something with him that you would gain from.

      1. Thank you Jessica. You make me feel like a valued client by your prompt responses. You are doing a good job.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    I have Ceres in 13deg Gemini, Panacea in 13deg Aries and proserpina in 13 deg in Aquarius. Could the 7th of Octobre be life changing day for me as for astrology even if I have not asteroids exactlyy in 14deg? If yes in which way?

    Thank you!

    1. No, the orb is too wide – but I am sure you know that with Ceres in Gemini in the Third House it’s going to be about a website, social media channel like Twitter, multimedia or some other communication issue – perhaps language, literacy, hearing and so on. Ceres is about the compromise. Gemini is about the project or the outlet for your words. With Ceres you always have to give way and make way.

  13. I seem to only have Chiron at 14 degrees and the North Node at 13 degrees.

    How will this affect me?

    1. The crucial thing about July 2018 to July 2019 (noting October’s patterns too) is the need to wake up about a relationship. The North Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex, property and money is triggered in October. However it is part of a longer cycle about love, marriage and partnerships. By July 2019 you will be in possession of a relationship or partnership – perhaps even a crush or affair – which you don’t know what to do with. It does not remotely look normal – it is hard to explain or understand. Yet it is also precious. Your issue is actually you, not the strange relationship. There could be a place for this in your world but you will never know – until you come back to planet earth. You are being well and truly ‘Neptuned’ until July 2019 with Uranus at 0 Taurus right opposite your Neptune at 0 Scorpio so there is a lot of fantasising, escapism, distraction, denial going on. The best thing you can do is begin by looking at the pregnancy or toddler stage of a son or daughter in your life now and see how that has contributed to where you are now. If you pursued termination or had a miscarriage you also need to look at that. It all helps you get real and get grounded. From there, comes the task of plodding back to the real world. It’s nowhere near as enchanting as La La Land but once you are back on solid ground you can genuinely seek the right space or place for this precious but peculiar emotional attachment! I hope that helps.

  14. Hello Jessica and thanks so much for your work.
    I have Diana @ 14 Libra, Nth Node 14 Taurus & Sth Node 14 Scorpio. Do you have some ideas
    please on what this may mean to me re Sun 7th October? Thanks Han

    1. Thanks Han. Saturn in Leo and Fortuna in Aries are also very close by this pattern, so Sunday 7th October itself is more likely to be the centre date of a month full of action. Your Fortuna in Aries is assertive, sometimes quite aggressive, fearless, active, energetic and unstoppable (unless someone seriously challenges you). You are a natural winner and fighter. Diana in Libra is also rather like this. Diana in the Seventh House is basically ‘Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough’ and boxers and footballers thrive on it. You’re rather like a footballer in October 2018 and may be fighting the good fight, or battling the opposition. So far so good but get grounded before you go charging off. There is a fair bit of fear and stuckness there too with Saturn in the picture and you’d be better off coming up with a Plan (capital P) so that you feel you are giving yourself the best possible launch possible. It is also entirely worth asking yourself in October 2018 if you actually need to do battle. Do you?

  15. HI Jessica I have Salacia at 14 degrees in Capricorn in my 10th house and lots of other placements at 13 degrees around my chart. Feels like this may affect me personally any advice what to expect or look out for as a have a very strong intuitive feeling this is a big year of change for me. My husbands business may be changing significantly in terms of potentially a new partnership he may be getting involved with which in turn would affect me. I’m open to this but it would change my own role within the business as I’d be out of it and in many ways I’d welcome that but in other ways I’ll need to replace the energy I’ve invested in this with something else. Our property also still has a question mark over it whether we’ll stay here or not and if this new business is successful this would make this decision easier in many ways. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    1. July 2018 to July 2019 (with major patterns in October) is principally about finding that combination of home, family and the things money cannot buy, like emotional satisfaction. You will be thrilled with the outcome with the property within 12 months. The key here is the North Node moving into Cancer (the extended family). The place that is right for you is the place that the younger faces in your clan feel happy about. Work is work, and business is business, but there is no substitute for putting your roots firmly down in a place which offers so much fantastic fulfilment.

  16. I have 14 Libra Jessica….surely it will trigger my chart? Minerva is wisdom so does the Sun put a spotlight on my marriage? Thank you for your time best Jos

    1. You ask quite a lot of questions about your marriage so I will look at your whole chart and your whole lifetime in respect of that marriage. Jos, feeling alone is useful. When you are by yourself you can look inside and find your faith or belief. There is a ton of propaganda out there, mostly put out by banks (who lend money to couples to buy apartments) that marriage is the answer to everything. Actually you have more to gain by being by yourself. You can do this even with a wife or husband. You can meditate, or find an interest (hiking) where you get to be by yourself. You need to find out what you trust, in terms of a higher power, and connect with that higher power. It may be God. It may be Buddha. It may be Ganesha. It will be time well spent. Things change. When we wake up and come back to ourselves we can make decisions. Big decisions. That’s your pathway with this marriage. October will help that process but there is a massive issue here about your soul and it is not going to be sorted out in one month.

  17. HI Jessica – wonderful work as usual. I have a number of planets at 14/15 including Jupiter and would be grateful for your thoughts. I’m going through a lot of change at the moment – triggered by Uranus in Taurus from May and I’m trying to dance in the electrical storm! Many thanks

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are having that classic Uranus in Taurus electrical storm cycle now. Keep dancing. July 2018 through July 2019 for you is really about deciding what to do. This is a really important ‘stuck’ period in your life when you will gain in understanding, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, soul education and all the things that don’t make sense to people who have no faith or belief of any kind. Actually it is your time to wake up, on the inside, yet nothing can happen quickly or easily. One of the reasons for this is Uranus Retrograde. This planet goes out of Taurus before the year is out, is away in Aries for a while, then comes back. So, although you no doubt want to liberate yourself from a situation which makes you feel tied up, you cannot. The time is not yet right. When that time comes, however, reach for your new destiny. We have the North Node coming into Cancer which rules your home, apartment, family tree, home town and homeland. Perhaps you need to reach for a different way to make that work for yourself. Don’t feel uncomfortable while you wait. It’s constructive delay. Meditation or yoga will seriously help you.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica – really appreciate your reply. I’m about to take a 3 month career break… I’m going to take up yoga as well as attempt to tame this mercurial mind by meditating more! Marvellous articles – learning so much – thank you! x

  18. Hi Jessica, what will the 7th October highlight for me? I have 2 direct hits to my Libra and Gemini placements @14° and other factors around 13 & 15°….. How best to handle this life changing day?
    Looking forward to your helpful and kind words. Jen xx

    1. Jen, October 2018 for you is mostly about understanding how to balance a one-on-one relationship with a man who is as Aries (assertive, tough, potentially quite difficult) as you are Libran. It won’t all happen on the 7th October as your chart patterns are not exact. The gap from 13, to 14, to 15 degrees can mean around the date, not actually on it. You need to read his heart and mind. This may be your boss, your husband, your male friend or your male enemy/competitor. He does deals. Strike a deal with him. Make it work for him, emotionally, or for practical reasons and he will see a reason to negotiate and navigate in a way that works for you too.

  19. ooh, I have asc 14 cancer, desc 14 cap, sun 15 Leo. An interesting little group and I have no idea how I should interpret that, but I am looking forwards to oct 7th anyway!
    I would love your insight!
    Zigi 🙂

    1. Zigi, October 2018 for you is chiefly about choosing to take your ideas, qualifications or projects into new areas, either across the region, or even across the world. This is classic Cancer-Capricorn stuff, as Cancer rules your home base, and Capricorn rules the ambition to go further. You were also born with Fortuna at 3 Sagittarius and you will be weeks away from Jupiter (opportunity) crossing Fortuna, for the first time in 12 years. This could go any way – up or down, or sideways. That’s fine. I think you need to get your concepts or plans right away from the usual home environment though as you are in the wrong city or country for anything to thrive. See what you can do in October.

  20. Hi Jessica – I seem to have some of the big hitters – saturn 14 Pisces, uranus 14 virgo, pluto 15 virgo and then minerva 13 leo – in play. What should I watch for during this transit with this natal line up, please?

    1. This is quite a tight pattern in your chart, as Saturn at 14 Pisces in your Twelfth House of secrets and mysteries is opposite Uranus at 14 Virgo, and Pluto at Virgo as well in your Sixth House of workload and the body. Minerva matters just as much as these planets, even though she is an asteroid, and she makes an angle at 13 Leo in your Fifth House of children and young people. For your whole life (not just under transit) this pattern manifests as an itching to be free. It’s rather masculine so you have a definite male side to your character – swashbuckling, fearless, assertive. Not that women can’t be any of these things (and they are) but it’s worth noting that Saturn, Uranus and Pluto were all male gods and thus are male symbols in the chart. You have this real conflict going on between needing to get away, travel, be on the move – often, to quit – and to find that good grounding, centring, security and sense of place that Pluto in Virgo in particular needs. You actually need to find a way to ground yourself and get settled with work and home, for your whole life, that means you can still have the freedom and space, without losing the security. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with you too. That’s the Pisces/Twelfth House story. It is like a huge smokescreen and you’re not looking behind it. You would gain a lot from meditating in silence so you can go deeper and find out what or who is hidden in your life. There is a fair amount of denial going on there – by rushing around, always cutting loose or ‘moving on’ you can get right away from the masses of stuff that is there, hidden from view. Just a few thoughts there. You feel this quite a lot as every month (for a start) you have the Moon transiting those patterns so it’s virtually habitual with you. I would say you also need to get in touch with your own anger/aggression too. That’s rather a lot of information for a short website space, but if it’s useful, that’s good.

      1. Thank you. Yes, that kind of resonates. I am restless, but always put that down to the sagittarius in me. Anger/aggression – well, yes I am very competitive. I am generally at my most content when I know I can get away and do new things but have a bolt hole to come back to if it all goes pear shaped. I’ve been a bit trapped for the last few years but things are starting to come together so I can spread my wings again, safe in the knowledge I have my bolt hole to return to. So, may I ask, does this mean all this is likely to come to a head during this particular transit?

        1. You will find the issues repeat right across this transit, but at regular intervals over the next 12 months. One of the reasons for this is Mars Retrograde and as you know, this is the planet of action and ‘fighting the good fight’.

  21. Hi Jessica, I’m new here so pardon my ignorance in advance 🙂 I don’t see much at 14 in my chart, except my Pisces Sun at 13 deg 51, does it apply to me and what can I expect if so? Thank you!

    1. No problem at all, and there are many Premium Members here who don’t know anything about astrology so I am happy to walk you through, as I have been doing this since I was a teenager at High School. What I am picking up from your whole chart, July 2018 to July 2019, is a very important teacher, guide, guru, educator or other learned figure. We have Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth, choices, abundance) moving into Sagittarius (academia, education, workshops, philosophy, faith, belief) from November 2018. He stays there until 2019 and Jupiter in Sagittarius will probably turn up as some kind of lecturer or master/mistress of the big picture, for you. You were born with Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of mind expansion and you will have the most stunning patterns, not possible in 12 years, as Jupiter conjuncts (or lines up with) these two planets in this sign. You will learn so much. Be particularly open to alternatives as it’s from the non-mainstream that the knowledge will come. You can gain from it financially, emotionally – in so many different ways.

      1. in the Ninth? I thought I had Uranus in the Second and Neptune in the Third house?

        1. If you were born on 4th March 1982 you have them in the Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius. I use the Natural House system. There are over 30 house systems in astrology and although I started out using Placidus House and Equal House at Elle magazine, way back in my early 20’s, since then I have tested all the house systems and found Natural House is the best for accurate, date-stamped prediction. I hope it helps you.

  22. I have Sun at 14 Leo, and Saturn at 17 Libra. It seems this triggers my natal Sun*Saturn. What can this mean for my future?

    1. The orb is too wide but I will look at your whole chart for 2019. I’m interested in the transits in Aquarius which will continue for some years, actually, and your Vesta, Salacia and MC (the Midheaven, very important) in Aquarius are all being triggered. It’s really important that you turn to friends and groups when you are looking for relief and release in your life. Old and new friendships, networks, Twitter, associations, clubs, teams and other communities are a wonderful way out and through for you. Remember that next year. You also need to make some crossroads decisions about more intensely personal relationships – rather emotional, blood-sweat-and-tears attachments – in 2019. Do you change them, walk away from them? You have choices. But let friends help.

  23. Hi Jessica

    I have Ceres at 14 degrees Gemini, what will this mean for me?

    Many thanks as always.


    1. Ceres turns up for the second time in this story, as another reader has been asking about her. Ceres is a great example of how astronomy and astrology work together, as she was reclassified (promoted) to dwarf planet status in 2006 to become the equal of Pluto. We associate her with elevation and relegation, rather like the English F.A. Cup league tables. She is a symbol of how things shift downwards and upwards in terms of power, status and potency for people and ‘every dog has his day’ is not a bad way of thinking about Ceres. In Gemini in your Third House she is about your life on the worldwide web, in multimedia, in publishing or education. And under transit, particularly in 2019 when Jupiter at 14 Sagittarius will oppose natal Ceres, you will be focussed hard on a crucial project, blog or website which requires you to make allowances, make room and make way for others. This has been going on since you were at school. Well, here’s another episode of a continuing story!

  24. Very interesting article! Thank you. I have Sun 14 Capricorn, Uranus 15 Scorpio, MC 15 Leo, IC 15 Aquarius, and Diana/Psyche 13 Scorpio. My fiancé has Saturn 14 Pisces, Uranus 14 Virgo, and Pluto 15 Virgo. The reason I mention him is we are planning on getting married sometime in October 2018. We have been through a lot during 2018, with my ex husband giving us issues with paying his child support. And our most recent bump of my fiancé losing his job as Pluto in Capricorn hit his Salacia/Ops 21 Capricorn on July 3rd. Hoping we will come out better though. But I’m always nervous about Ceres. I’m never sure if I’m the one who needs to compromise and will lose or perhaps I’ll be the one gaining? And factor in Diana, Sun, Neptune in Pisces/Libra I’m definitely feeling lost on this one. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    1. No need to be nervous about Ceres. The best way to think about this dwarf planet is as follows. She was found on January 1st 1801 when the United Kingdom was created. The U.K. is about a major compromise and new deal between territories so they share the same flag and space. Even the Irish situation dating from 1801 was about that – those who can’t join, or won’t join, in a new deal still have to figure out a way to continue in the mix. Ceres is ignored by mainstream astrology, possibly because of sexist attitudes within the establishment going back to the 20th century. As she was originally classified as a planet in 1801 (and only lost her status some 50 years later) you have to ask yourself why old astrologers bypassed her and did not include her in an ephemeris along with, say, Uranus. He was found in 1781, she was found about twenty years later, so why was Ceres so rudely ignored and sidelined? She is a symbol of female power and can be very threatening to women who prefer to think that ‘female’ means the Moon or Venus, or men who can’t accept female potency outside of a role which revolves around them. Ceres is truly important when you think about the future, as she is on the move towards Capricorn and she will be the deciding factor in a final compromise for you. Remember the female power.

  25. Hey Jess! Hope you’re doing swell. My last 1-2 questions have been stuck in moderation for weeks so I really really hope you see this one.

    I have the North Node & South Node in Leo & Aquarius respectively at 14 degrees. I’m guessing this is significant. Could you shed light as to what is in store for me?

    You’ve also been mentioning frequently in my forecasts about karma in the coming months – I always find that a bit unnerving 😐 Anything to worry about?

    Love to hear your thoughts.


    1. I’m sorry for the delay as I have been travelling around Great Britain in July and the internet here can be non-existent for travellers as I am sure you know. Please don’t worry about karma. I’m not sure why people think karma is always hard work! You can gain from rewards like acorns planted a long time ago, which now begin to bear leaves. You will see why you have earned and owned any good karma from November, with tenants, family members but also with employers, colleagues, clients as the Nodal cycle goes across Cancer (home) and Capricorn (career). In general, when I look at your chart from July 2018 to July 2019 I can see the need to put down your burdens. You are one of those people who gather too many projects, concepts, ideas or plans and as a result you can feel weighed down, psychologically and physically. You are strongly Sagittarian and with Jupiter in Sagittarius (a symbol of excess) it may be all too easy to take on too much. Yet, happily, you can either ditch or delegate and streamline your whole approach to achievement and make it work better for you. Your MC/IC is also at work here. It’s that classic combination we see when someone is overworking in order to make enough money to pay off the mortgage, invest in a new property or buy their first apartment. Yet, with Pluto and Saturn weighing heavily in Capricorn (you have that Capricorn-Cancer MC-IC axis) you need to figure out what is worth taking on and what you need to drop or hand on to someone else. Otherwise what is the point? You could end up with the house or apartment situation you want but getting there would be so demanding you might wonder if the journey was worth it. Work smarter not harder in 2019 if you can and look (really look) at that goal to renovate, move, fix a property debt and so on. You need to put that in context.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I have 9 factors around 11-16 degrees!Hygeia, Chiron, Ceres13 Libra, Fortuna, IC, Pluto,Psyche, MC and Neptune. How all these will affect me?
    Thank you very much!

    1. July 2018 to July 2019 is about your Gemini Ascendant and Leo personal chart factors working together in a major image relaunch as you push forward your great idea, concept, brainwave or project (anything from a blog to a work-related plan) and repackage and promote yourself as the messenger. In fact, you have everything to gain from presenting yourself as Queen (Leo is the royal sign) and owning your throne by July 2019. This may be a case of mentoring, guiding or teaching younger faces, as is so often the case with Leo, who is the Queen who sets an example to a junior court. You’ll be looking very good here. The only issue is finding the right place to plant your concept. Maybe you need to delegate. Queens do that!

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I don’t have anything at 14 but my Vesta is in 15 degree cancer
    Pluto in 12 degree libra (r)
    Uranus in 11 degree scorpio (r)
    Neptune in 16 degree saggitarius (r)
    Moon in 17 degree cancer
    Saturn in 10 degree Leo (r)

    Does this apply to me as well? If yes then kindly also let me know what effect it can have upon me n my future?? My dob is 28-3-1977, 11:37 pm, india
    Blessings to u always.. Thanks

    1. At 15 Vesta is too wide as is Neptune. It’s hard to say without a whole chart in front of me. However, if you have Neptune at 16 Sagittarius, very close to the Moon at 17 Cancer, then in 2018 you will be given an opportunity (Jupiter) to gain from (Jupiter) your holidays from reality (Neptune) in another region or country (Sagittarius) which also has an impact on your ‘need to be needed’ (Moon) with the family (Cancer) or with property matters (Cancer). This is obviously an important holiday or relocation. It involves a family member, or your home. Air BnB or an Uncle welcoming your visit?

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I have 14 Juno and 14 Diana and my birthday is 9/23/76. Is there any chance this means a romantic relationship for me? Thanks so much!

    1. Your love life now through July 2019 is really about travel and travellers. We have Jupiter (expansion, hope, growth) moving into Sagittarius (foreign people and places, regional differences) in November and Jupiter will trigger your chart for some time, so it looks as if the answer for your heart is really elsewhere – the welcome mat should be out for someone who is coming from afar, or if you pack your bags, you should be open to what comes romantically when you are away. This is about huge cultural or national differences. There may be two different nationalities here. You may find you go between two different homes or have to choose to be ‘here or there’ as a result. It’s all open for you.

  29. I’m glad that you can recognise the pattern of male-female gender politics. You need to make it clear that you are not interested in the game – and do that as soon as possible. A sense of humour can often rescue Vesta situations. In fact it may help to have the women gang up against you and make you the butt of their jokes. It’s not so much Uranus at work in your chart here, but definitely Vesta, daughter of Saturn. A powerful little asteroid.

    1. Watch Man About the House on YouTube. A sense of humour with one male/many females can often fix things. Just avoid being King of the Harem, Nishant.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    I have ten factors in 13, 14, and 15 degrees, out of which a stellium in Taurus. What is fated for me in October?


    1. Fiery, I see this chart pattern a lot when a new baby is christened. It also turns up when there is a birth or rebirth in a spiritual sense. People become born-again Christians. The patterns below which trigger your Cancer factors (family) also coincide with the Node going through Leo (children, lovers). This cycle can turn up on naming ceremonies for adult children, or ‘rebirth’ situations for work or personal life situations which affect babies, children and young people as a whole. The old advertising phrase comes back to me about October for you ‘It’s very refreshing!’ I think the advertisement was for Australian beer – sorry – but October feels like new start, fresh beginning, birth or rebirth and it’s very, very special.

      Sun (14 li 5’10”) conjunct Ceres (14 li 5’10”) 
      Neptune (14 pi 18’16” Rx) semi-sextile Diana (14 ar 18’16” Rx) 
      Sun (14 li 17’15”) opposite Diana (14 ar 17’15” Rx) 
      Sun (14 li 18’9″) quincunx Neptune (14 pi 18’9″ Rx) 
      Ceres (14 li 14’57”) opposite Diana (14 ar 14’57” Rx)  
      Neptune (14 pi 17’49” Rx) quincunx Ceres (14 li 17’49”) 

  31. Hi Jessica,

    I have many factors in 13-14-15 degrees, I also have Sun-Asc-Dsc-Mc-Ic at 0-1 degrees that will be again hited by Uranus, and that sounds frightening. How do you see that?
    Many thanks!

    1. Astrology is never frightening. You negotiate with destiny when you enter into astrology world…let’s have a look at your whole chart from July 2018 to July 2019. Jupiter (abundance, growth, opportunity) in Scorpio (money, property, business, charity) is your friend until November. Uranus (freedom, new beginnings, radical change, revolution) in Taurus (cash, values) is your friend in 2018, 2019. You will end up with enough money to do pretty much anything. To finish a project. To start a plan. Maybe, to go back to relatives in your family tree. Maybe, to pursue a massive ambition. You will love your choices. Be clever. Is there a way to use this sum of money wisely, to perhaps invest in work, to make even more profit, so you can go and reconnect with the family – but also make your approach to a massive ambition? If you need the best advice you can afford, go hire it.

  32. Hello Jessica . It’s my birthday on 7 th Oct and I have my sun at 13 libra and proserpina at 13 Aquarius . Currently I’m going through a rough patch with my partner who has mars at 13 Capricorn , Ceres in 13 saggi , Saturn at 13 gemini , Chiron at 14 aries , appolo and panacea in 14 libra and north node in 15 Capricorn . The relationship has gone from bad to worse in the last but 5 -6 years and I am continuing this relationship for the sake of our teenage son . I fear what the situation would be near that date . Please give me some insight into what to expect near those dates and in near future .

    1. You are continuing the relationship for the sake of your teenage son – that is a really noble thing to do – you deserve a medal. Please do not be scared of October! Ceres is about new starts. Dividing and sharing. In fact, Ceres is basically the United Kingdom from 1st January 1801 when the Act of Union joined Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland together. The planet Ceres (as she was then) was actually discovered on the same day. Ceres is always a difficult compromise, between rivals, but it works out – somehow! Let me look at your partnership and your son. What can you do right now to improve things for the future? Money is the answer. Money changes everything. When there is a slow but steady increase in money, there is potential. Contribute to that slow and steady growth. This may be your partner, adding to the bank account – help him, if so. It may be your son, who has a part-time job and a bank account – encourage him. It may be you, tracking your investments, shares or savings. Keep going and growing. We have Jupiter (growth, abundance, opportunity) in Scorpio until November. We have Uranus (freedom, independence) in Taurus, the cash sign, for many years. This is impacting your chart. The very best answer I can give you is – ‘Show me the money, grow me the money.’ It’s going to be the answer long-term for the marriage and your son.

  33. Jessica
    I have several 14 degrees…
    What do you see for me in my birth chart….
    How will this life changing day October 7 affect me..

    ❤️ ❤️❤️ Jessica

    1. Your Ascendant and Descendant and Fortuna at 14 degrees are the issue here. The difficulty for an astrologer, Rose, is that the AC Ascendant and DC Descendant are based on a strictly accurate birth time. Your birth time is given as 11.00pm on the dot. That is really unlikely so there is always going to be a question mark about the AC or DC. Your mother may have been right, along with the midwife or surgeon, but round-hour birth times are always a little odd and so we tend to avoid them. I think I’ve answered a few of your questions about the future on other features – I hope that helps.

  34. Hi Jessica! I have 13 Libra at Pluto and 15 Libra North Node. Does that 1-degree difference apply in this case? I feel like this year has been one long winding road filled with fog. Encouraging signs appear here and there, but I still haven’t arrived at anything concrete and solid regarding my career/family/home. Ugh, so frustrating! Will this day affect me directly?

    1. The orbs are a little wide so it won’t be specific to October, but in general, the final quarter of 2018 for you is about learning. You’ll love what you learn and be astonished by your guide, mentor, guru, teacher. This person may just be a friend, not necessarily an employed lecturer – but he or she is going to change your life if you are open to that. What I am talking about here is the arrival of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is expansion, growth, opportunity and ‘more’ from life. Sagittarius rules education and academia. It rules workshops, seminars and evening classes. It also just rules the knowledge you gain from the worldwide web, no matter if it’s YouTube or a website. Neptune, Bacchus and Aesculapius in your chart are all in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. Very, very soon that is going to take off for you. You will gain financially and emotionally from the learning experience. For more on the Ninth House hit Search and a feature I wrote. But – this is big. This time next year you will know it.

      1. Thank you! You are very generous with your time and knowledge. Much appreciated!!

    1. Sue, what we have here is ‘weather’ which affects everyone else around you, as they pursue a massive compromise, deal or new order in their lives. Business partnerships and marriages will be affected in your world and this has a domino effect on you. Neptune is right opposite your Pluto, which is in your Sixth House of workload and lifestyle. There is also an issue here about your body and how you employ healers, doctors, personal trainers and so on. Everything from the Special Relationship between the USA and UK, to the North Korea war games will have an impact at this time. So how on earth does it trickle down to you, with your Pluto at 14 Virgo? Well, October for you is about empowerment. Pluto does rule that in your chart. This is about your lifestyle and how much you feel you can control your day-to-day existence. I can look at your whole chart here and see Ceres, the Descendant and South Node in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveller, the Happy Wanderer, the explorer and the adventurer. You are going to be experiencing Jupiter (opportunity) in this sign for the first time in 12 years. That, in combination with this intense pressure on you in terms of daily routine, housework, workload and the rest – makes it very likely that you’ll be in a totally different place and space by 2019. Just don’t go too mad when you pack your bag.

    1. On Wednesday 1st August Jupiter is at 14 Scorpio sextile Ceres at 14 Virgo, aligning beautifully with your Neptune. On or close to that date, you will be given an opportunity only possible every 12 years to take a holiday from financial reality. It’s a big beautiful bubble. A hot air balloon with cash stuffed inside it, which – if you navigate carefully and cleverly – will fly and land safely for you. Just get some rules.

  35. You seeing a high profile marriage being featured on this date makes me curious, since I have
    Juno at 14 Libra. Mine is far from high profile, but it is long term, and facing important decisions now and during the next couple of years. Any insight you can offer, Jessica, would be welcome.

    1. Let’s have a look at your marriage in 2018, 2019, 2020. The most important thing I can tell you is that mental attitude can be changed. The Sun, Saturn and South Node in Virgo are in the Sixth House of your chart. Do look up the Sixth House in a feature I wrote, to see how it plays out in your life. Essentially, the great lesson of 2018-2020 is that the mind controls the body, and the body controls the mind. Obviously this marriage is not happy. The marital bed is not a lovely sanctuary, nor is it some kind of four-poster romping ground that Henry VIII would have enjoyed! You are going through a cycle when just to share the marital bed with someone is so difficult. Take a deep breath and return to your Virgo side. What Virgo types know (and you have a strong signature in this sign) is that meditation, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, hypnosis, Reiki and all alternatives can help remove fears and worries. With Saturn in Virgo this is your great task in life. To take on the discipline of using a technique which leaves you feeling peaceful. If you master it you can teach it to others, or show others. You also need to look at your history as a parent, or as a parent who never was. You don’t say if you have children or not, but there is a lot of buried stuff there about a son or daughter who arrived – or failed to get here at all, either because of miscarriage or termination. Take another deep breath, as the great comfort about your situation is that your home is actually lovely. In fact, if it wasn’t for the head miles that you or your wife are doing – you would love to be in the space you are in. Instead, it looks as though negative thinking (nothing more) means it is impossible to appreciate just how much is on offer to you, under your own roof. I hope this helps. Your path in life as a Virgo Saturn person is to master the art of controlling your thoughts in order to pursue comfort. If you can do it, you can show others how to do it. It doesn’t matter if you do this in the context of a bad marriage, a bad job or anything else. Master what you think and imagine and you will be delighted at how much better you feel. Even in what Noosha Fox called a S-S-Single Bed.

  36. Hi Jessica, although I don’t have any planets at 14 degrees, I have Neptune 13 Scorpio, MC 13 Scorpio, IC 13 Taurus, Bacchus 13 Capricorn and psyche 15 Virgo. With all this planetary action close to 14 degrees what does this mean for me? Thank you.

    1. The orbs are wide, so the timing may be rather loose, but in general – now through Christmas 2018 – the most crucial thing I can tell you is that your Descendant at 16 Cancer is also pretty close – and the historic arrival of the North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House of home, roots and the family tree is going to have an impact. Obviously when we talk about your house, apartment, family home and so on – we are also talking about finance (Scorpio and Taurus) and lifestyle (Virgo). There will be a period of non-action while you are caught between the past, present and future. Yet, everything about your horoscope suggests that while you are stuck – thanks to retrograde planets – you will also become far more aware, far more tuned in and much more conscious of your intuition and sensitivity to your surroundings. It is amazing how stillness can produce those results. You will be at a standstill for a short time, then when the moment is right, you will be given a chance to summon up all your energy and go back to the family tree – go back to questions about the house, apartment, home town or homeland – and make a decision. It’s a big one!

  37. Hi Jessica!

    I have Juno at 15 Capricorn and Ops at 13 Gemini. Is this indicative of some sort of commitment with a happy ending, or do you think I read it wrong?

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. It’s a little bit wide (orbs of one degree difference) for the actual day, and actually that combination of Juno in Capricorn and Ops in Gemini is really about work or academic commitments involving the worldwide web or multimedia. I’ll look at your whole chart over the longer time-frame of July 2018 to July 2019. You have a Neptune transit, and also transits to your natal Neptune. You may want to look that planet up on Search when you finish reading this. With your Sun and Mercury in Pisces you appreciate people who let you escape from the real world. Colourful, fascinating, other-worldly people who are more at home with the world of imagination, than mere knowledge (as Pisces Albert Einstein said). By July 2019 you will have made a choice about how deeply to get involved with a person who is not remotely interested in ordinary, boring life but prefers the alternatives. Your challenge will be how to get what you want – which is that super Neptune-Pisces dose of the unreal – without losing the plot with this person. Do you just dive in or do you figure out a way to make the attachment work? I do feel you will be offered a chance to throw yourself into a situation where you can float, drift, cruise and do the Pisces thing! Yet, you could also get lost. This person, probably a man, is the gateway to that. Be aware.

  38. Hi Jessica, I have Aesculapia at 14 Virgo. Does this have a significance for the Oct 7 planetary position.

    The other closed to 14 deg are Moon – 13 Leo and Nepture – 13 Sagittarus.


    1. You do have a lot of patterns at 13-14 degrees, which means in your life ‘it never rains but it pours.’ Let’s have a look at your horoscope as a whole because there may be trends which are even more important than those we have in October when we experience this little lot! The one degree gap means you won’t actually see major events right on the day, but it will be around that date instead. Transiting Diana is the main player here. She is a symbol of female friendship. Ceres is about compromise and unity, despite differences. Ceres was found on the same day the United Kingdom was founded, so what we have here is a group of women, who overcome their intense individuality and independence, to unite. You sometimes find this pattern when women start a project together, or a business, or when a women’s football team does well. You also get it when females pull off a work triumph, or there is a celebration over a pregnancy (for example) and the appointment of two godmothers. You’ll enjoy this.

      Sun (14 li 5’10”) conjunct Ceres (14 li 5’10”) 
      Neptune (14 pi 18’16” Rx) semi-sextile Diana (14 ar 18’16” Rx) 
      Sun (14 li 17’15”) opposite Diana (14 ar 17’15” Rx) 
      15:17:11 UT – Sun (14 li 18’9″) quincunx Neptune (14 pi 18’9″ Rx) 
      18:40:05 UT – Ceres (14 li 14’57”) opposite Diana (14 ar 14’57” Rx)  
      21:11:34 UT – Neptune (14 pi 17’49” Rx) quincunx Ceres (14 li 17’49”) 

  39. Hi Jessica,

    I just want to say how much I appreciate your ability, thank you for an amazing article.


  40. Hi Jessica, amazing work! Even your daily horoscopes are right on the spot. Since October 2017, my life has been upside down and reading your horoscope peedictions provides some kind of guidance, thank you, your work is much appreciated!
    I have Neptune in Sagittarius in 14, what should i expect? Hope there is not another challenge on it’s way, i think i have had quiet a few of them already…
    Thank you in advance! Tc

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Let’s look at your chart, TC and see what matters most as your life has been turned upside-down for quite a while now. July 2018 to July 2019 is really about your Neptune at 4 Sagittarius being transited by Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius. You also have a strong Neptune/Pisces streak in your personality which is triggered by July 2019, as you were born with Diana in Pisces and Neptune will also pass across Diana in your chart. Neptune was the ruler of the ocean and he is associated with alternative realities. Pisces is ruled by Neptune in turn and is about the loss of boundaries. You need to get back to planet earth. You are all at sea with these Neptune/Pisces chart patterns and should think seriously about how to get back to the same world as other people! It is lovely to drift, cruise and float. You can do this travelling to places by the water (the great escape) or just by going into a different headspace from other people. The risk here is that you end up drifting so far out that you get lost. If ever there was a time to make a connection with people who can get you out of that situation, it’s the next 12 months. Actively look for those who can transport you. They can move you out of this rather odd situation and back to something where you can put both feet on the ground. You really do need to do that according to your chart.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    What does the next year look like for me?

    I must say – again – this Leo/Aq node transit has brought so many old friends back to me in a positive and healing way. It’s almost like the film “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

    There is one friend in particular, a friendship, that needs mending, and we are not there yet.

    I have a Sag stellium so we’ll see what unfolds there with Jupiter next year.


    1. Just what you have said. The Leo and Aquarius Node transit has returned friends to you. The friendships are central (and yes, you will mend the broken connection). We have a long Mars Retrograde in Aquarius which may explain why the friendship will go through circular stages. On the Aquarius front in your Eleventh House, 2019 is really about understanding that the group will be everything from Christmas 2020, so it pays to invest time and energy into it. This group for you may have financial, property or business implications after Christmas 2020 as you could easily pool resources together and make a purchase or investment.

      1. You are wonderful. Did you know that? 🙂

        My friendship in need of mending – their natal Mars is at 8 Leo, opposite the Mars R in Aq, combined with the Leo weather, their personal astrology is not good right now, so I am trying to keep a polite distance at this time, til things shift later. Staying out of the drama zone.

        #1 right now is new paid work opportunity.

        Many thanks, will let you know what happens.


        1. And the fated Oct 7 with the 14 degrees in Libra etc etc will hit their chart intensely, with their north node in Libra and many chart factors at 14.

          Me and this person have our Cupidos conjunct in Libra, at 25 Libra, so I feel like our story is not over.


  42. The idea of a nuclear crisis is distressing. Is there anything fated about November 6, 2018 when the US has its midterm elections? We are already anticipating voter suppression, Russian interference, and all-round shenanagans by the Republicans so they can keep power from the people.

    1. Astrology is really about negotiating with destiny. The Company of Astrologers have a saying ‘Destiny is negotiable’ and I completely agree with founders Geoffrey Cornelius and Maggie Hyde on this point. Warnings are there to be heeded and problems are to be avoided. The reality is, we don’t get to the new world order from Christmas 2020 (the beginning of an Aquarian age for the planet) without a serious crisis that transforms the way the United Nations and NATO operate. I will cast a horoscope for the November 6th 2018 mid-term elections in America today and give you a longer answer on that in a feature. Thank you for the inspiration.

    2. Trump’s chart isn’t even necessary anymore. Putin’s chart would be more useful in deteriming the midterm election results.

      1. I am amazed astrologers still use the data Trump supplied (or even just one version of the data he supplied) as if it was real. It’s not his chart. One thing we can rely upon is the United States chart, though. If you are curious go back and look at old predictions about The Special Relationship with the United Kingdom. He made that trip on an eclipse. He has no idea what the U.K. has been up to!

  43. Hi Jessica, after my own annus horribilus (times 3) I am looking for some good news. I have 15 Vesta in Pisces, 15 Chiron in Libra and 15 Uranus in Gemini. Recently I lost my husband and my mother, two legal cases and my two adult children not speaking. Any good news coming my way?

    1. You have really been through the mill. I am very sorry that you have been working through major loss like this, as well as the stress of your children at odds with each other. Let’s see what you can do, right now, to progress your situation and create a far better future. Salacia, Cupido and the South Node are all in Sagittarius in your personal birth chart. This is great news. You are a born student or teacher. A natural ‘student of life’ perhaps or a genuine mentor, guide, lecturer or rather special academic. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, breakthroughs, opportunity, gains, satisfaction and fulfilment will enter Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years in November. Yet, you are being given a sneak preview now as the Moon is in Sagittarius once a month and Vesta will soon enter Sagittarius too. Have a look at what I wrote about the Ninth House on Search. You are about to experience all the wonder of a Ninth House transit and although I know the personal side of your life has been distressing, the answer lies in knowledge. If you really take this cycle to its full conclusion you will finish 2019 with a qualification, a book, an important essay or paper, a script or similar. There is a lot of anger there. You do need an outlet for that and physical activity is the best way. If you are not already a walker, a swimmer, a tennis player or similar – think about it. Yet, a lot of that anger will be channelled into the most intense concentration too, so you will find your build-up of energy after the annus horribilis can be converted into fierce study. Proserpina is also showing in your chart. She was the go-between who connected her husband and her mother, who were also not talking! You have backing and support from several people, actually, who will take on the task of bridging the gap between your children. Yet I have to say, your children are poles apart. They are strangely alike but also remarkably different. You may have to accept that but also – there is hope – in that this go-between or ‘piggy in the middle’ will connect the two siblings and that will make you feel more secure. The piggy in the middle, or Proserpina type, will have your back – as the saying goes.One final point. Sagittarius is about faith. You also need to find who or what you have faith in and return to that. It may be religion or even astrology.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I have Neptune at 13 and Ceres at 13. What this means for me?


    1. Alina, the most important thing I can tell you about your life until Christmas Day 2018 is Virgo-Taurus-Scorpio weather sweeping your chart. Virgo is hard work. Taurus is cash flow. Scorpio is the house, apartment or holiday home you can buy, renovate or invest in – in the future. You are going to be churning out the products or projects until Christmas, but it is completely worth it, as fortunate Jupiter the planet of abundance is in Scorpio, the sign which rules savings and investment. Uranus moving through Taurus suggests the eventual excitement of putting those savings into home improvements, a vacation retreat or even a stunning new residence. You are a true artisan or craftsperson with your work and there will be a steady flow of it, so stash the cash.

  45. Hi, I am sorry to bug you again, but I have a few factors within the 1 degree orb and would like to hear from you… I have noticed for whatever reason August -October seem to be big months for me! I am wondering about Jupiter at 15 Gemini and Minerva in Virgo. Thank you 🙂

    1. I enjoy sitting down with a cup of lemon tea when the sun comes up in London and going through your questions (now I am off the yacht I have fast internet). So, you are not bugging me at all. The central thing about your personal horoscope August-October is the eclipse and its impact on you. It’s time to go hiking, take a break, plan a holiday or visit a retreat. You will want to do this alone. When you return life will look very different. You have a ton of people around you – all solid gold people – but the astrological weather August-October suggests you can’t make it work for you, for whatever reason. Thus, the need to go off by yourself, and as the astrologer Patric Walker said ‘Let distance lend enchantment to the view.’ When you come back it will hopefully be to a brighter, better day with these people.

  46. Jessica,

    You have been so generous with your knowledge, I’m hoping you can tell me what to expect in regards to love and money. I have Venus @14 degrees in Virgo. Also,
    Salacia 15° Capricorn and Proserpina 14° Scorpio . (Sun is 12degrees Libra).
    Appreciate your insight tremendously. It’s been a rough year.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have had a rough year. Now through July 2019 the most important thing for you is to understand that there are health or medical answers, but they have to come from the money – and the money is there. It may be a bank loan or credit card. It may be health insurance coverage, or cash from a friend or relative. Your Venus is in Virgo in the Sixth House of doctors, hospitals, surgeons and healers. Virgo can go both ways – it can be the advisor or counsellor where illness or injury is concerned – or it can be the person affected! Over the next 12 months have a look at the way the mind influences the body. The way the spirit or soul influences the body. Mental attitude is so important. Rather than give in, give up, become a ‘victim of’ or ‘suffer from’ whatever…it is much better to be optimistic, proactive and hopeful. And most of all, to realise tht the cash is very close, it just needs to be claimed and made real. Throw money at the problem while Jupiter (abundance, timing, luck) goes through Scorpio (banks, insurance, loans, donations) and triggers your chart.

  47. With Putin’s natal sun at 13 degrees 40″ of Libra (DOB 7th Oct) could place him (Russia), well and truly in the frame, so to speak…

  48. Hi JESS,

    I have Jupiter at 14 Libra and my Sun is at 15 Libra. The person I want to get back on track with after years of not speaking has MC at 14 Taurus, IC at 14 Scorpio, Hygeia at 14 Capricorn and Sun at 13 Taurus (don’t know his exact birth time so these factors are from using 12:00 as birth time)

    1. You have written about this person before so it obviously nags at you. Years of not speaking can be very painful. Sometimes the fault is the other person’s. It’s a fact of life that some people are too lazy or thoughtless to make good with us. That lovely Australian word ‘slack’ comes to mind and it is amazing how slack people can be. Let’s see what is going on. And what you can do. Is this about money? Was it ever about money? Perhaps it is for the other person. This may also have been about business, or income from a house, land or apartment. To say this is a mystery is an understatement. People can be funny about money. They operate on one level with you, but if there is ever a question mark about the sale, purchase, loan, debts, shared bond, possessions or whatever – peculiar things happen. It will take a very long time and a great deal of effort to get to the bottom of this. Can you really be bothered? Maybe the other person needs to get to the bottom of it. Again, can they really be bothered? This looks very, very hard work to me and it is possible that nothing will ever turn up to be paid, or repaid, or whatever. Maybe life is too short. Your call.

  49. Good Morning Jessica,

    Wow! I’m reading this with jetlag nipping at my heels and having flown on a retrograde – you can imagine the usual hours and hours of delays that we experienced. 🙂

    So, in my haze, I read this magnificent piece. I have quite a few hits at 14, and Saturn near 15. Oh, pray do tell me what message you might share?. Fingers crossed I do not target practice with hits at 14 and this is good karma. Always x

    1. Always fun to have a Mercury Retrograde cycle when you fly (or take the train – I can vouch for that, thank you Southern Rail). These aspects are not exact so the timing is out. Yet, now through December 31st it is obviously time for your Cancer good karma to come back. I am sure you know the North Node is going back into Cancer, the sign of home, family, household, holiday home and property – for the first time in 19 years. You have your MC and South Node in that sign in the Fourth House. Hit Search for the Fourth House to see what is possible for you. This is more than just another Christmas gathering. It has huge symbolic importance for your feelings about your people and your place. Of course this may not just be Christmas or even Thanksgiving. We could be looking at a major development with your clan or your sanctuary. The younger faces are the key. Create a future.

  50. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for writing this very interesting article. I have Jupiter 14 Aries, does it mean anything for me ?

    1. Your whole chart until December 31st is really about your Virgo side. You have a signature in Virgo, the sign which rules the mind, body and spirit, in the Sixth House of ‘Work, rest and play’. I call this the Mars Bar house in your chart, even though it is not related to the planet Mars. You need to understand how your mind affects your body. The thoughts you have – the worries, fear or anger – affects your entire physical system. This is a feedback loop. This then affects your mind. The truth is, with the North Node going back into Cancer, the sign of home – you will have the lucky position of being in just the right space, or environment, to be content. To feel comfortable with life. You have earned that good karma so there is nothing to stop you from being peaceful under your own roof. Yet, what I am also seeing is a major trigger to your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House so you need to think about meditation, healing, Reiki, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, Tai Chi or other well-known ways to control your mind so that you can set mind, body and spirit on the right track. This will make a huge difference to you by Christmas.

  51. Dear Jessica,

    I have Pluto in 14 Libra, Uranus in 12 Scorpio, Cupido in 12 Leo, Ceres in 15 Capricorn, Prosperina inam 15 Virgo, Diana in 16 Scorpio, and Neptune in 16 Sagittarius.

    What will be the fated event happening for me in October?


    1. These orbs are too wide for an exact event in October. They range from 12 to 16 and I only use a one-degree orb at most. Looking at your chart as a whole to December 31st 2018, the most important thing is recovery. You need to recover, repair and relaunch. When you do that, you can make a very special parent-child relationship real. This may be someone you know. It may be you. You have Cupido in Leo in the Fifth House which rules your niece, godson, nephew, goddaughter, grandchild, son or daughter. It also rules symbolic parenting – like raising money for children in UNICEF. That is the potential for you. The need to take time out to rest, meditate, be alone, recuperate spiritually, emotionally or physically is very real. You are going through a Pluto opposition to your Sun.

  52. I love to read these articles, firstly for your insights Jessica, but also in the hope that it will actually mean something good is on it’s way. 2018 has been quite the tough year so far!

    Forewarned is forearmed, I suppose.

    Thank you for all you do!

  53. Hi Jessica, Thanks for writing another great article. I think this looks to be quite momentous. I have Panacea at 14 Libra, Apollo at 13 Libra, Saturn 14 Gemini, MC 15 Aquarius, IC 15 Leo, Chiron 13 Aries, Ops 15 Pisces, Psyche 15 Scorpio, Cupido 15 Sagittarius. I think that’s about it. But what does it all mean? Thank you for all of your insights. Blessings to you and your work.

    1. Thank you for the blessings. These patterns are a little wide, in terms of orbs, so October specifically may not be the whole story. I’ll look at your chart through December 31st, 2018. You will be teaching, writing or committing yourself to a wonderful period of learning with a really special lecturer, teacher or professor. Jupiter (opportunity) is in Sagittarius (academia, workshops, seminars, online learning, schools) for the first time in 12 years and although the line-up around 13-15 degrees is important, it’s actually Jupiter entering your Ninth House which is most important. You have a stellium in the Ninth House (hit Search for that once you’ve finished reading this). An exceptional and unforgettable opportunity to be behind a blog or website, a book or journal article, is coming. The thing about your chart is – you never stop learning. Even when you pass on knowledge to others, you go on studying. Your Saturn in Gemini in the Third House gives you the self-discipline you need to take this to a very high level on the internet or with multimedia. Saturn was ultimately an educator. After his trials and troubles with Jupiter, he was given his scythe and told to go to rural Italy to teach farmers agriculture. You are a born teacher even if it’s not easy. However, you also have Cupido (lust for life) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House so you adore those books.

      1. Thanks for this. You’re right about the books. But possibly not teaching. I don’t think the same way others do and have learned this the hard way when Saturn was in Scorpio. Those lessons are still flooding in. But thank you – the rest is true. I will look forward to Jupiter in Sagittarius later this year and will stop concerning myself with the Capricorn / Cancer oppositions that are also on the way. You’re fantastic at what you do. I’ve been following you now for over five years and your message always overlays perfectly with what’s happening day to day / week to week.

  54. This is intriguing, thank you Jessica! I have my angles at 13. AC Libra, DS Aries, MC Cancer, IC Capricorn and Diana at 14 Aries. Would you please interpret this for me? I’m happily married, childless and recently relocated to start a new business in farming specially pasture raised pigs. Always I’m the adventurer! Any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you!

    1. The pigs sound interesting – I love these details – they show me how the astrology works in real life. You have a stellium in Virgo which rules small animals. Why? Because you have to fit your lifestyle around them, doing the chores every day with the squeaking pink ones. Okay, so let’s have a look at your whole chart until 31st December 2018. There is a small but important sum of money coming in. Jupiter (opportunity) is in Scorpio (finance) until November, helping you. You will need to strike a deal or negotiate to make sure it goes to you as smoothly and quickly as possible. This should then go straight back onto the farm. There is huge potential in that land of yours. I am sure you know that. This goes beyond the piggies into other possibilities for you. The money will make that difference.

  55. Hi jessica,
    I have Sun 14° Gemini 38′ 54″ and Vesta 14° Aries 11′ 06″ Since November 2015 I have been dealing with a major financial situation involving a legal matter with my husbands ex business partner (scorpio). I feel like i haven’t been able to breathe for 2 and a half years and this scenario is almost an exact repeat of a situation i was involved with over a decade ago. I lost my home then and i suspect that is about to happen again. I feel i am surrounded by financial disaster and i just don’t know how i can recover from it again. I have trusted people in my life i should never have trusted (including my husband, Aries born 18/04/1967). With the legal matter i have the option to settle for a large sum of money (which means I will have to sell my home and pray I have enough to cover ALL my debts) because i don’t have the energy or resources to fight any longer. I feel like there is no moving forward and no future for me now having just turned 50 and I have 3 children to support. My career is in doubt also.My eldest son born 12/8/1994 is struggling also. The fear and anxiety i feel on a daily basis is debilitating. The constant worrying about whether i will be homeless or to be able to provide for my children leaves me terrified. Your thoughts as to when and how and if this entire mess will resolve would be greatly appreciated. Will I ever be happy again?
    kindest regards,

    1. This sounds like a dreadful thing to go through for over two years – and you have obviously been put through a very tough situation with your Aries husband and his former business partner, the Scorpio. So you have to sell your home and settle (with three children as well!) or face other options. Maria, I will look at this in some detail. The first thing I have to tell you is that you are not alone. I occasionally have spirit guides with me when I answer these questions in Comments and this is the case with you. A member of your family, in spirit, is with you. You are being helped and supported. I was just given the word ‘jackdaw’ or Jack Door. I am not sure which. This might make more sense to you as time goes by. Okay, the astrology shows you are in a strong position. You have the MC (Midheaven) in Leo. Your MC is your true life path and ultimate achievement during your lifetime. In Leo it shows leadership, courage, power, strength and dignity. You are being called, Maria. The North Node of karma is going through Leo at the moment, so right now, on July 17th 2018, you need to own your Leo MC. Please look up Leo and the Fifth House on Search when you have finished reading this. Think about Leo role models like Barack Obama, or the Queen Mother. Super tough. You need a strategy. Call for help. You need people to come in and advise you. You need allies and confidantes who can use their expertise or experience with your situation. Call. You also need to find a position of defence which is comfortable for you. It is possible that you have kept up the same defensive position for so long that it actually physically hurts. There are other ways to let people know you are serious and you mean business. You can protect yourself and keep them at bay – and continue to remind them of the consequences – without making yourself tired or strained. Look at new ways to do that. Changing your defence position will allow you to relax more and settle into a more comfortable position. You can then afford to do the one thing you have been avoiding, which is looking at one of the children in particular. Go right back to the time this child was a baby and then a toddler. This is part of who you are. It supports you. It is actually a huge part of this whole story but it has been buried, forgotten or not acknowledged. Again, this is your Leo MC. You are the Queen to a younger court (the children) and you are here to guide, mentor and show them by example. Underneath all this is your Psyche in Scorpio. This sign is about your Eighth House of finance, business and property. The fact is, one or all of the children will inherit from you and/or your husband. Look at this too, it’s really important. Perhaps you need to go back to discussions you had, or paperwork you signed, when one child was born or very small. Psyche describes what lives forever. This is an inheritance. Maria, I am not saying you’re doing it wrong. It’s just that you need to change the way you are handling the situation. There are so many different ways to do it. Be really clear about your approach.Even if you get just one person to stand by your side and deal with this, that may be enough. Sometimes it is the single person (who has no other ties, and has plenty of time for you) who is the best ally. Sometimes it’s a lone wolf – someone who operates as a one-person business, who also has plenty of time to assist you. If someone immediately springs to mind as a solo operator, call them in. When you sort out these issues you can then turn to the family tree as a whole which needs to be sorted out. Get rid of the dead wood. Help new growth with the family by removing what/who is not actually doing anything useful! It may help you to read about other Queens and how they managed threats, or even just potential threats. Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II are good places to begin. Have a look at Madonna’s life story. She’s a Sun Leo. Most of all remember you are the Queen and you need to look closely at your strategy, as all Queens do. Own your power and get a different strategy. I also strongly recommend you start using the free meditation, Reiki and other healing clips on YouTube and find one which suits you. You need to balance your chakras and clean and protect your aura on a daily basis. Maybe twice a day. You are living in a black and white, grey world and you need to get your colour back. Do that now.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you so kindly for your invaluable guidance and insight and for taking so much time and effort to reply to me. I really do appreciate it. Makes me feel a little less alone. Huge thanks, Maria.

  56. Hi Jessica,

    I have two heavy hitters at 14 degrees! These are Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo. I also have Fortuna in Libra at a close degree of 15. What might this mean for me? Thanks!

    1. Yes, those are two heavy hitters indeed. Ceres is at large in your chart, and so an important compromise or carve-up in your life is unavoidable. There will be questions about who or what is in control, or has the power, in October but the answer will be – you all do. You just all need to share it. There will be a lot of adjustment needed, and a ton of tolerance, space and time – but this will work. Looking at your chart as a whole until December 31st 2018, I can see Jupiter in Scorpio at work, in your Eighth House, which rules family legacy and also inheritance. This may be financial, about property, or just as much – karmic and spiritual. We also have the North Node in Cancer (family) for the first time in years, also in this final quarter. The Cancer/Scorpio side of your chart will be triggered at this time so your grandparents, great-grandparents (even your great-great-grandparents) side of the family now comes full circle with you, karmically. I have seen this pattern turn up when people finally use their inheritance as a grandparent would have wished. I have also seen it when a person comes of age and picks up their trust fund. Finally, it is common to see it when decisions are made about career, or personal life, that would have thrilled the family for the most personal reasons. A granddaughter, for example, may enter into a line of work which her grandfather excelled at. Interesting final quarter of 2018 for you.

  57. Hello Jessica!
    I only have Psyche at 14 degrees…this has been a very trying year for me…I’m hoping this means I won’t have too much to worry about around the 7th October? Cheers!

    1. I am sorry 2018 has been hard work for you – we have this very tough Uranus in Taurus transit, triggering your chart, which you’ve never seen in your lifetime. The final quarter of this year, September through December, is really about making a brand new start with money. You are being affected by the instability, uncertainty and general ‘Whoaaa’ craziness which is about the world economy. Not your exact fault. You are being hit by everything from uncertainty over the American trade deals with the rest of the planet (thank you Donald) to Brexit (thank you Theresa May). This is getting you where you live, but as you are strongly Scorpio, the finance sign, you are in luck. Jupiter, the planet of breakthroughs and solutions will cross slowly but surely through your Eighth House, which rules banks, credit cards, loans, mortgages, accountants, taxation, sales, purchases, property and the rest. Stop juggling! You need to trust yourself on this. You probably deserve a medal for keeping all the balls in the air, financially, but there is a better use of your energy and insight. Take a deep breath and commit to a system that is going to work for you. It means putting both feet firmly on the ground. Get clear and get real about your finances. Ask for a second or third opinion from people you trust with a good reputation. I am not sure you are seeing straight as you are also being ‘Neptuned’ by the planet which rules confused and confusing situations. Try to centre yourself, change your perspective on the money and get yourself to a point where you can stabilise and have a sound system and structure. Then you won’t be so affected by what is going on ‘out there’ in the new wild, weird world of global finance.

  58. Hi Jessica, I have Venus at 15 libra and my asc (and Cupido) at 16 Libra. How do you think this fated day will impact on my life? Cheers eac

    1. The one degree difference will mean it’s not actually on the day itself, but in general, October 2018 for you is about a man who is very Neptune/Pisces around you. He may actually be Pisces or have many factors in that sign. The true Neptune/Pisces type is not in the real world! He does really well in entertainment or art, but not so well with basic, everyday jobs. He is asking you to lose yourself, just a little bit, in another world which is far more about imagination, inspiration, escapism, alternatives – than anything else you know. You have Jupiter, Chiron and Hygiea in Pisces, you see, so you are very open to that. He’ll trigger it. Do you just get your feet wet or do you plunge right in? Make sure you know where the lighthouse is.

  59. Hi Jessica
    Ion addicted to reading your articles and trying to deepen my knowledge … im not succeeding very well.
    I don’t believe that my chart is affected by the 14 degrees except my son was born on the 7th October 1997 … will any of this effect him? He is still young , a hard worker in retail and I feel he maybe destined for a bigger career? . He will also likely have a legal case this year that is to do with a medical malpractice suit from 7 years ago.
    I’d love to hear from you regarding your insights
    Thank you

    1. S, let’s have a look at your whole chart now through December 31st 2018. I am sorry your son is going through a legal case dragged out over such a long period of time. You are strongly Aries and have what I always think of as a boxer’s chart. Rocky or Henry Cooper? Your choice! I filed a long piece on Aries earlier this year which you may want to look up. Essentially, you need to figure out what to repair in your life and what to leave behind. Are particular attachments worth picking up and fixing, or do you walk away? You also need to be aware of people who are solid gold, who have your back, but whom you are not seeing or appreciating. Just sorting all that out will help you so much. It will liberate you and enable you to make changes to yourself, but also changes to your future, as there is the most delightful trip or move waiting for you in 2019 or 2020. This would be the holiday you never forget, or a fantastic new place to live. So, there is a bit of ‘people’ work to do, and some work on yourself, but you will get there. You have Ceres in Aquarius, the sign of groups and friends, and you will find relief and release with these people, once you’ve completed your tasks with the more intensely personal relationships in your life.

  60. Hi Jessica, such a good article. These momentous world events seem to take on a new depth of meaning when the astrology behind them is revealed. Curious to see which high profile marriage is traversing rocky ground and with a large cluster in my personal chart around 14 degrees also curious to see how this plays out personally. Any insights?? All the best to you, Victoria

    1. Victoria, I’ve had a few suggestions about this high-profile marriage – everybody from David and Victoria Beckham to a rather Royal couple! Let’s see. This is not just more media gossip though, the situation with this marriage will be symbolic for all of us – like a life lesson that we all need to accept, about our own world too. Taking a closer look at your chart, the final quarter of 2018 (September-December) is really about the money. Jupiter (abundance, good fortune) is in Scorpio (banks, business, shares, property) and in your chart, you have a large stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House. Have a look at the Eighth House on Search when you finish reading this reply, as this is where you will learn the most about yourself. Essentially, you have to choose how to handle the money. Nice problem to have! Do you hang on and hold on, spending nothing, or do you invest? You really need to look at the property market. Don’t be so focussed on the actual cash that you forget about the new trends (very new trends) which will be affecting houses and apartments – right around the world – once the North Node moves into Cancer, which rules property, from November.

  61. Hi Jessica

    I have been following your website for the past year and have just recently become a premium member. I just wanted to say that your Astrolgy Posts have kept me going through what I can only describe as the worst time of my life. I recently left my controlling and abusive husband and am trying very hard to move on. I have found a new home and am starting my own business, going back to something that I started 18 years ago. I just wanted to ask, am I on the right track?
    Nikki x

    1. Nikki, I am so sorry you have been put through the strain of a bad marriage to the wrong man. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member. You can now use the Astrology Oracle which will help with your more personal questions. Let’s have a look at your chart now that you have a new home and are starting your own business. What is the main story until December 31st 2018? Jupiter (opportunity) moves into Sagittarius (big ideas) in November but you will feel it earlier than that. This is about business and success, as you could meet a male halfway. He is typical of Jupiter! He is optimistic, hopeful, larger than life, thinks big, wants ‘more, more, more’ from life too. Sagittarius is about projects, ideas, brainwaves, websites, books, projects, schemes – the kind that could be planted anywhere in the world. This man is a dreamer. To make his idea work he needs input and help. You will have to figure out what you get from it. How are you going to play him? This is quite an important episode in your business interests or even with your unpaid interests outside work. You will need to speak his language but also negotiate to get what you want. This does have potential. It has huge potential (Jupiter in Sagittarius) but he is not a realist and you will have to figure out how to make it work.

  62. Hi,
    For some reason the entire year of 2018 so far feels ‘fated’. The challenges I am facing seem like the ones I asked for – a long time ago. The people I meet seem like the ones I asked for – the difficult ones, the ones who I have a lot of stake with, the ones I don’t really like but I need to publicly approve (while I secretly grit my teeth!).

    Any insight on how to approach all these fated circumstances to drive a different result this time than what I did in 2000-2001? Really really want to maintain the discipline to get a different outcome this time around.

    1. The most important thing I can tell you about life until 31st December 2018 is to remove all possible sources of trouble. There is certainly people politics around you. I don’t really like the look of some of these faces. Why aren’t they more upfront? Anyway, the key for you is being clever enough to get rid of anything that could be used in a conflict, either with them, or other people. Get in first. Get in quick. Pre-empt the problem before it becomes a problem. In the military they call this a pre-emptive attack. Nobody has to get hurt, you just have to keep your sense of humour, use your brain and get rid of whatever could be an issue. Just be careful. Don’t be so pleased with yourself that you make a silly mistake when you do it.

    1. You have Chiron at 14 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friendships and groups. Chiron is a symbol of audacity, temerity, chutzpah and daring. Dennis Elwell used to call Chiron a heretic or gadfly. This is how you operate with your friends, networks and groups. In October as Chiron is under heavy transit you will need to compromise with these people. A new deal will be struck.

  63. Hello Jessica. I’m Hygeia
    14° Virgo 10′ 21″. I know nothing about Hygeia and how it would relate, but I will say that I’ve felt like early October is very pivotable for me and I’m already feeling anxiety. Your insight is appreciated.

    1. Don’t feel anxious about October – it’s just a compromise – for you and everyone else you know. We will all be making huge ‘deals’ with each other, and organisations around us, so that the controls are shared. Looking at your chart until December 31st 2018, I can see the most delightful Aquarius transits in your chart. I am sure you know Aquarius is the water-bearer who supplies the group with what it needs. When we pool resources it is always an Aquarian type who feeds everybody with support, understanding, encouragement and sometimes practical help. You have Juno, Ops and the Descendant in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. The South Node (karma) will cross slowly through your Eleventh House until November and trigger that pattern in your chart. So destiny will offer you the chance to become powerfully involved with ‘feeding’ or supplying friends, or the group, in a way that is quite special and rather wonderful. Just remember. It is very common for a group to have a star. The Rolling Stones had Mick Jagger. The Supremes had Diana Ross. Sometimes a big star (or high profile friend, or more popular friend) is required to make the whole group shine. I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode in your life. Look up Aquarius and the Eleventh House on Search now.

  64. Greetings Jessica! I’ve suffered from earaches, infections and headaches for a long time. Every time I went to a doctor they couldn’t find a problem. On May 31, 2018 finally met with a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist where he found a perforated and retracted eardrums in addition to eustanchian tube dysfunction. On 26 Jun they did surgery and tried a new procedure. I was normal and pain free for a few days but the pain and headaches have returned. Met with Dr. again today and he wants to make an incision in my eardrums to relieve my pressure and pain. I’m desperate for relief but would like to know what you see in my chart. Today is Monday and he wants to perform the new procedure Thursday. Shall I let him or wait until after Mercury Retrograde? Thanks in advance.

    1. This Mercury Retrograde has nothing to do with your health, so don’t worry about it. Go right ahead. It’s the zodiac sign and house that Mercury is in, which tells us where the delays and reversals will be. Mercury is Retrograde in Leo, which will have an impact on your home or family (until September) and perhaps on the world of children or young people. Not your earaches, infections and headaches. I am very sorry you have been through so much pressure and pain. Here’s a little tip. Along with the medical procedure give yourself some Reiki. I am a huge fan of Kerry McNally and her work. She has a website where free Reiki trials are offered. Take a look via Google now. Reiki, or distance healing, is quite remarkable and Kerry is the real deal. You might also want to look at a healer called Lourdes on YouTube who generously offers free video sessions. It all helps. Good luck.

  65. Hi Jessica. I have a 14 degree Libra ascendant with Pluto conjunct at 13 degrees Libra. Venus is on my descendent at 14 degrees Aries. Volcano is at 14 degrees Aquarius with Mercury at 13 degrees Aquarius… Right now, retro Mars and south node are conjunct my natal Mars. Reading this has me now concerned. Should I be? Any incite would be so greatly appreciated!

    1. Heather, you shouldn’t be concerned – Ceres is just the work involved in reaching a compromise. Ceres is always a carve-up. Think of the United Kingdom being carved up between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. In mythology the new world was carved up between Ceres, her daughter Proserpina and her son-in-law Pluto. Essentially, October is about Ceres. What you are talking about is something different. Overall, looking at your chart, your main ‘story’ now through Christmas 2018 is appreciating the circle of people behind you. With Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, friends can be like family. Any club, team, society, association or other network of people who ‘have your back’ are also very important. I am sure you know Aquarius was the water bearer in Rome who supplied the Roman Baths where the community gathered. You also supply people on social media, or through real world friendship. People power benefits from you. Now, this is all great – but with the Aquarius transits you need to check each person as an individual. Don’t just assume. Really investigate who each of these people in the group is, why they matter, and attend to them in turn. One person in particular could slip away and that might affect the next person, and the next…I hope you can see what I am talking about, Heather. It’s just a bit of care and attention, yet if you can do that, you will come to see that these friends or others in the group are solid gold. So very precious.

  66. Hi Jessica very interesting article , thank you very much . I have Psyche at 13 leo , Merc at 15 Virgo , Salacia 15 Cap , MC 15 Leo/ IC 15 Aquarius .

    Is this information about the body and a job in another world ? I’m guessing ? Would be lovely to know more . Thanks for this great and interesting site . Love reading every ones questions as it helps me understand some of my own stuff .

    Thank you

    1. Thank you – I am glad you like seeing the other questions and answers too – sometimes the information will apply to you as well. The most important thing I can tell you about your chart, now through the end of 2018 is to make sure you negotiate a good outcome with a project, concept or plan being suggested by a man in your world. This is the Jupiter (opportunity) in Sagittarius (big ideas) cycle which begins in November. It’s foreshadowed right now. Jupiter is quite important – he has a lot of clout and power – so this man is likely to be a manager, a self-employed business success, your boss or an influential colleague. You actually have Jupiter in Capricorn (career, ambition) so eventually transiting Jupiter will semi-sextile natal Jupiter. This brainwave of his could really grow but he’s going to need your input.

  67. Hi, Jessica, I have Cupido 14° at Libra 51′ 38″ and Vulcano 15° at Cancer 17′ 53”…. What might it mean to me? Thanks a lot for your generous sharing!

    1. That’s an interesting square in your chart, because you are in love with love – it’s like the old hit ‘I Love to Love’ and I’m sure you can’t resist getting on the dance floor either. Cupido was the son of Venus the goddess of complicated relationships and he was the charmer with the bow and arrow who aroused passion but was also victim to it himself. Yet, you have inner conflict about that because every time you ‘go there’ sexually or romantically there is a lot of tension too -Vulcano is like the volcano bubbling underneath. You will hit a situation in October where you get a chance to master that through a compromise.

  68. I’ve read through every comment and nobody seemed to have a Mars placement (lol). I hate to bug you but Mars 14 Gemini?!

    1. This is a one-shot, single story outcome as Mars is literally the only thing within a country mile of 14 degrees. Mars in Gemini is really about using the ‘word’ to attack or defend yourself. We see this in the charts of ‘Angry of Mayfair’ letter writers (I seem to be quoting Kenny Everett a lot today, not sure why). It’s also there with debaters, parliamentary debaters in particular. Mars is fight. Gemini is words. Multimedia. The worldwide web. You are the person who comes up with just the right words on the placard for the protest, or who frames the ideal message on a petition. You use the web to lash back and lash out, just as much as you use the post or e-mails. In fact, you can burn people with your words. Did you know that? The most constructive use of Mars in Gemini in the Third House is to join a campaign or ‘good fight’ and harness your skills at communication, delivery and natural journalism to help the cause. And you will have the biggest chance to do that in October 2018.

  69. Hi jessica
    I have sun scorpio 15 degrees. What should I take into account beforehand, as you say destiny is negotiable!
    Thank you.

    1. With the Sun in Scorpio in the Eighth House at 15 degrees you shine, when you get it right – financially. The highest expression of what you own, earn or owe (in connection with the family, or your partner) is to give the money away, or at least establish a tithe system. With Jupiter passing through this house of your chart for the first time in 12 years you have an exceptional opportunity to do just that, before he leaves in November.

  70. Hi Jessica,

    I’m reposting as my question may have been lost amongst the hundreds of comments on this post.

    I do hope you are well.
    Could you piece together my 13 & 14 degree factors for and around the October days?

    1. I have answered your question, if you want to check. Focus on the project, idea, concept or brainwave. Maybe the qualification. This needs to be exported or transported, by you, to another part of the United Kingdom or the world – where it can thrive, prosper and flourish. It’s important.

  71. Mercury 15° Leo 10′ 55″ – Ceres 15°  Scorpio 58′ 51″ – Salacia 15° Aquarius 15′ 29”

    Venus – 13° Cancer 18′ 48″ – NorthNode 13° Cancer 15′ 01” – SouthNode 13°  Capricorn 15′ 01″

    I’m not sure what to make of all of this. Even though they are not exactly 14 degrees, they are pretty close! Squaring of the Nodes and Cancer any significance? Or perhaps semi sextile of Ceres? Could this event possibly affect immigration policies around the world, or create visa issues I wonder?

    1. Jupiter going into Sagittarius will change the way the world does trade deals, exporting and business – and the way the world takes vacations – by fixing glaring problems and opening the doors to the biggest and best. So we will all benefit from that, starting November. In your own chart, October 2018 is really about dealing with Mercury in Leo men. I am sure you know Mercury was the messenger of the gods. He is retrograde (and how) this year and you have a fair amount of Leo weather to clear, as the North Node continues in that sign. This man is stuck. He has the concept, plan or proposal and it could be huge eventually, but he is almost paralysed – not wanting to let go of the concept but also far from active! This is where you come in.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica. This is all very interesting. I happen to work closely with two Leo men (and in a way an additional third), and the four of us are all born between 28th July and August 9th (different years however, and not sure if they are all Mercury Leo like myself, but a good chance at least one of them is). I’ll be curious to see what happens. I’ve been told some time ago that I would help some people some how, so I suppose I will have a chance to test that theory! Thanks again, very interesting indeed!

        1. The Leo types around you are a good lesson for you – how do you deal with Kings and Princes? Yet, you can make a project happen for them. Go for it.

  72. Hi Jessica, Ready or Not second Saturn return and it’s 14 degrees in Capricorn…anything you can advise with my Life Changing Chart is appreciated. Thank you

    1. The Saturn Return is always a big deal as the planet of wisdom through experience, returns to the spot he inhabited when you were born. I am sure Capricorn is well known to you in the Tenth House as this sign and horoscope zone is about climbing higher, like the mountain goat, seeking higher status and success, on whatever basis – for the whole of the life. The most important thing about your second Saturn Return is actually your Leo stellium. I have mentioned this to you before. You are Queen to a younger court. This may be your son, daughter, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Your adopted child or stepchild. Your godchild. We have a ton of Leo traffic which will blend with your Saturn Return! You will be required to use all your hard-won life experience and wisdom to guide a younger person – perhaps a son, or your daughter’s boyfriend – maybe a much younger person in your ‘court’. We have Mars retrograde in Aquarius right opposite your Leo stuff so he seems headstrong, rather pushy, fiercely determined, potentially troublesome and – he needs to slow down. You can help with that. He needs to know there are other ways of operating!

  73. Hi Jessica, I only 15° in my chart: Aesculapia 15°Leo 22′ 23″ R, NorthNode 15°Pisces 30′ 04″ R, SouthNode 15°Virgo 30′ 04″ R. Will this affect me and how?

    1. I will look at your chart until 31st December 2018 for the most important story. You have Mars (action) at 3 Pisces and Uranus (change) will arrive as he crosses 3 Taurus. This is big. It will be in your career, your unpaid work or your life at university. If you are married and do not work this is about your partner’s career instead. Expect a sudden moment of truth. A new leadership role or a challenge to the leader. This is the C.E.O., the manager, the boss, the president of the company and so on. The man or woman at the top. All change!

  74. Hi Jessica,

    Will it affect all my 13 degrees, including Diana at 13’43” Aries!? And how!?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Diana in Aries in the First House is simply your fierce need to be independent (Diana) about your own authority and autonomy (Diana) regarding your image (First House) appearance (First House) and profile (First House). When Diana is woken up in October, you wake up too. It’s all about you.

  75. Hi Jessica
    Life changing days you predict with chart factors 14 deg Libra and 14 deg Aries
    I have
    North Node 14 deg Libra
    South Node at 14 deg Aries
    How will this affect me personally
    Thankyou for your time ..and wonderful knowledge

    1. Candy, thank you. Uranus at 13 Leo and Minerva at 15 Pisces are also pulled into the pattern so you won’t experience it all on one day. Pisces is about your dreams, your sleep, your unconscious mind, your imagination and actually – the life of your inner self, or spirit. This is the chance of a lifetime to use Minerva (your wisdom) to get control over your thoughts. Understanding that what you think, imagine, sense and feel actually has a real physical impact on the rest of your existence is a very big step in October. Meditation, yoga, cognitive therapy or hypnosis are all good ways to learn this and you will be given an opportunity to do that.

  76. Hi Jessica – Sun 15 degrees Aries and Ceres 14 degrees Aquarius. My ego and drive impacted? A rebirth with trine to Ceres in humanitarian, group activities?

    1. Yes, Ceres is the main player here, both by transit and natally. I am sure you know Ceres is a symbol of difficult and forced compromise which results in a new, dramatic beginning – with a change in the balance of power, and a redistribution of control. What begins is often more potent than what was there before. The United Kingdom was created on the day Ceres was discovered. The Union Jack is a visual metaphor for Ceres events, as you can see the St. George Cross of England woven into the other flags. Separately they were weaker than they ever were, united – yet the compromise was hard and Ireland was never wholly content with the deal! Aquarius rules your friends and the groups you belong to. You will reach the point of no return here. It’s very important as from Christmas 2020 Jupiter (opportunity) and Saturn (life lessons) go into Aquarius and from 2023 Pluto is there, so what appears to be a fierce new agreement between you all at the end of 2018 or start of 2019 is actually laying the foundation for something life-changing later on. A classic example would be a political party with a reshuffle or a band with a change of line-up.

  77. Hi Jessica

    I have IC 13 degs in Virgo of daily workload, health, service and duty to fulfil. MC at 13 degs in Pisces of role behind the scenes, secrets , faith and beliefs. My Vesta 13 degs in Cancer of homeland, mother, apartment, family tree. My descendent 16 degs in Sagitarius. I am trying to find my own independence and space. Is there anything I could look forward to in the next few months to December 2018 ? Thank you for your kind response . Appreciate your good work so much.

    1. Thank you very much E. You have Neptune at 26 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership, marriage, business partnership, separation and divorce. Neptune in your chart at 26 degrees is tied into exact or close patterns (25 degrees) with other factors so it’s quite a big pattern. I am looking at this now because we are about to see a lot of traffic over your Neptune at 26 Libra, so within 12 months there will be a legally binding decision or outcome which involves the person who is with you as a partner, or perhaps someone who is against you – for whatever reason. Justice will be done. Is this what you are talking about when you say you want your independence and space? Do you need space in the marital home so you can get away from your partner or do you want a divorce? Within 12 months Neptune in Libra in the Seventh House of your chart will be triggered and I do think you’re either going to enter into a partnership or get out of one. Sometimes you stay in the partnership but there’s a legally binding agreement to share differently – perhaps to share the space in a more even way. That would also give you more room to move. And sometimes people move in with men who live in vast properties so they end up with space! But – again – a common law marriage like this, is legally binding.

  78. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto @ 13 in Virgo and Bacchus @ 14 in Capricorn. What does this mean for me?

    1. Well, in common with all Pluto in Virgo people (this pattern dominated the 1960s) you find control when you use your self-control to lead an efficient, organised life. This means a regular work routine, a swim or walk (maybe a workout if you are feeling particularly disciplined) every day – and a real commitment to serving others. Doing your duty, on a daily basis, and trying to perfect the finest details of your tasks, projects or products is empowering for you. Pluto in Virgo individuals lose it when they become messy, disorganised, work-shy and so on. This goes beyond just being chaotic, it actually means they feel disempowered, as if they have lost serious control over everything! People who don’t have this placement don’t really understand that. They can slack off work, or fail to eat properly and it’s just a holiday. For Pluto in Virgo people (who are also very, very concerned with their bodies) there is a constant reminder that if they don’t use their willpower to eat properly, they actually lose a sense of having any power at all. When you line this up with Bacchus (pleasure, given and received) in Capricorn (ambition, the system, status, success, the establishment, climbing the mountain) you have a clear picture of yourself – you get so very, very much from work – and yet it all hinges on your ability to have a structured system in your life and to stick to it. When we have transits over this towards the end of 2018 you will find you have to compromise with others, quite deeply. Emotions will no doubt surface. A classic example would be a reshuffle at work, or in your chosen field. Another example would be someone using their power to ‘lean’ on you. You don’t want to make changes to the project but you have to. It’s important.

  79. Hello Jessica, I have some placements at 14 – Moon, Salacia, the Nodes – and many others in the range 12-16 degrees, with Ceres at 15. Mid degrees seem to be a busy area in my chart. Any advice on what to expect? Any insight you can offer would be welcome!

    Thank you for your wonderful work and sharing,

    1. Tess, thank you. Until the end of 2018, the focus is on religion or another belief system for you. I am sure you know that Sagittarius rules Christianity in all its forms, from the Vatican to the Church of England. Then there is the ‘bible’ for astrologers – the Ephemeris. Everyone has their faith. As Jupiter (opportunity) goes through Sagittarius and your Ninth House of dogma, but also sincere belief, you will be asked to examine your soul and to think very carefully about what a particular bible is telling you. You were born with Jupiter in Sagittarius, you see, so you expand your knowledge, wisdom and life experience through all that you hold dear, no matter if it’s His Holiness the Dalai Lama or just the faith in which you were raised. You also have the South Node (karma) in Pisces, in the Twelfth House, which is where we find your soul or spirit. So, this is an unusual and very important period in your life. I sometimes see this pattern when people marry a Jew and go into sessions with a Rabbi. It also turns up when people reach a point when they want to train as wedding celebrants!

  80. Venus 14 Aries, Pluto 14 Leo, neptune 13 Libra. I should be able to see this for myself by now but it’s a muddle. Let me try. Pluto, transformation, in the lives of my children or grandchildren, that will profoundly affect them and me, such as a divorce,separation or death. Neptune is deception, confusion, in communication, wishing it wasn’t so, giving mixed messages. Venus the planet of lust, partnerships, maybe it’s my relationship that goes south and affects the family. Being the deceivee rather than the deceiver? Looks like a possible shake up in the family, does that make sense?

    1. Oh my God, what astrology have you been reading? Pluto is never death. And there is no key word for ‘divorce’ in astrology either! Let me look at this and take it apart for you. You are correct in seeing Leo and the Fifth House as children or young adults in your world. You are also correct that Libra is the Seventh House and former, current and potential partners. With Ceres (the compromise, the adjustment, the new beginning) passing across those points in your chart, the final quarter of 2018 will be about a new deal, in the most personal way. You do have Pluto opposing your Moon as well. And your Descendant, which is also a kind of opposition, is in Aquarius, the sign of groups. That is of some interest because you don’t get this cycle more than once in your lifetime. It takes over 240 years for Pluto to achieve those patterns! In general, if you want to avoid any issues by the end of the year, just be more watchful and attentive than usual, particularly where groups of people are concerned, and be very aware of the politics with those groups. Make yourself your number one priority and be sharply aware of what you need to do, to sidestep particular outcomes. If this was Ancient Rome and you were Julius Caesar I would tell you to track those groups out there much more than you usually would! You need to read the ‘hive mind’ as they say. What’s going on in one particular team, club, society, party, or similar? It would be a group where they all act as one.

  81. So, I first found your website when researching what Uranus in Taurus might mean for us Taureans. Have to say all the talk of lightning bolts and unexpected events has had me peering round corners rather cautiously in recent weeks. Now I see I have Sun, Neptune and Chiron at 14 degrees and other planets at 13! Yikes, should I be worrying? My partner has had an alcohol detox and my elderly mother is getting less and less able, and work patchy all in last few months.

    1. Uranus in Taurus is really about the global economy and the shock of banks being hit by money laundering charges, as well as the arrival of cryptocurrency in the suburbs. It’s going mainstream. It will take many years for you to be personally affected as your Taurus placements are in late degrees (the sign of Taurus spans 0 through 29 degrees of the sign and it can take a whole year for Uranus to just move 2 or 3 degrees). So think about the financial revolution later! (But you may never use your bank again). In general now through the end of 2018 for you is about Pisces weather. That means taking time out to be by yourself. You have an unusually high number of Pisces factors in your chart in the Twelfth House so you need to be alone in order to find your faith or belief. You will be given an opportunity to do this by the 31st of December and it will help you reconnect with Christianity, Spiritualism, Judaism, Buddhism or any other ‘ism’ you feel is part of your soul.

  82. Hi Jessica,
    Your articles are always so fascinating.
    I have 3 sets of 14 degrees in my chart:
    Bacchus 14 Virgo
    Salacia 14 Capricorn
    Psyche 14 Aquarius
    (DOB 11-6-1959, 7.45am Sutton, Surrey, UK)
    They seem to be relating to my body and feeling better with/in it, achievement in maybe two areas rather than one? And a group of some kind that becomes more than the sum of its parts? I’m not very good at this so please tell me if I’m on the right track? My burning issue is really rather more whether the relationship that started last March is going to become something lasting (oh, I do hope so!) . He doesn’t have anything directly at 14 degrees, based on the birth time I think is relevant for him, but he does have Moon 13 Aquarius and Venus 12 Aquarius. (His DOB is 18-3-1966, 4am, Newbury, Berkshire, UK).
    Any comments or advice on going forward and making the most of standout astrology would be so appreciated. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are interpreting this correctly (Virgo and Capricorn are about career, workload defined by your physical state and physical condition – and Aquarius is in there,so a group with one or more friends will be involved). Ceres is doing the transiting so there is a compromise here. It sounds very much like a reshuffle of rights, roles or responsibilities with a bit of people politics. You want to know if your relationship is going to last. Let’s have a look. Very strangely, you have the same patterns as the last reader. You are being ‘Neptuned’ so you have transits to your natal Neptune, but this planet is also triggering your chart. There can be a fair bit of imagination and unfounded fear when this happens. So try to keep it real. That will have a bigger impact than anything on not only this relationship but life in general. Try to avoid projecting things onto people (seeing them as the enemy) but also face your fears and realise they are in your head. There is no evidence at all that what confronts you and confuses you is real. This is really a message about the short-term future as much as the present. On the plus side, with this kind of cycle you can make your dreams real. So if you want a particular home or holiday home, reach for it and bring it into being! It’s out there for you.

  83. Hi Jessica,
    First time posting and all this is very new to me. I have Mars 21° Gemini 13′ 35″,
    Hygeia 04° Aries 14′ 44″ .Panacea 04° Capricorn 13′ 35″. If you could please explain what this means, I would greatly appreciated it? Thank you

    1. Welcome to the website! As you can see, Comments are a place for everyone to ask questions and hopefully learn something from the other replies too. It’s obviously anonymous but I can see your birth chart, if you are a Premium Member, so can get the whole picture at a glance. Your own horoscope reveals that the most important story until December 31st 2018 is the end of an era – involving your own or another family. Take your time to make the ending complete so you feel as if yourself and others have absorbed the full enormity of what is taking place. A brilliant new beginning (a new era) will replace the old, but first you have to let go. The North Node of karma brings the wheel full circle and the North Node enters Cancer and your Fourth House of family, in November. Even before then, Jupiter in Scorpio will be doing his work.

  84. Thanks Jessica, that feels right to me, it jives with my intuition. Although I never would have figured it out. Again, I appreciate your generosity.

  85. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto at 14 degrees in Libra (Oct 7th event) and Juno at 4 degrees Aquarius (Full moon eclipse)… could you please shed some light on what to expect with these transits? I’ve recently met someone new (4/6/81 11:05P).

    I have also been going through a lot with work, things are fairly start and stop in a new business — I have high hopes, but have been dealing with a stubborn confusion in this regard it seems for most of the year as I dealt (and continue to deal) with family issues and just feel unsure of what way to go and how to package my work in a way that’s I’m comfortable with. I’m also hoping to launch another venture in September related to home furnishings. I’m slowly getting things together for that now.

    I remember you advising me that I have a rare Ceres aspect that has been negatively impacting my career, as I was telling you that I felt that I always seemed to have such a hard time finding stability in the workplace and was being hit really hard by a lot of sudden endings related to work, abuse, and just overall disappointment.

    I’ve been through a lot. I feel like I’ve healed a lot. I’m still full of faith in the future. Sometimes I question why or where that comes from, but I’m really praying for some brighter days because I could truly use a them.

    Any light you could shed would be so much appreciated.

    1. You have Ceres in your Tenth House of career, with Pluto going over her (Pluto conjunct Ceres) and so, take heart – this can only happen every 240+ years and once it’s over, it’s over! You are actually going through a long-term reshape of success, status, achievement and ambition as I probably told you last time – 2018, 2019, 2020 are part of a pattern. By 2020 you will be given the best opportunity in 12 years to sign off from an issue, or accept a promotion, sought-after new role, award or a hit project. That is when Jupiter will pass over Ceres and in fact you also have your Ceres Return around then, so the path from 2019 to 2020 is huge for you. Everything you are doing now will either make sense then or pay off. The eclipse falls on your Juno at 4 Aquarius. You have a lifelong pattern of ‘marrying’ friends and groups and ‘wedding’ yourself to people power plans and projects. You are the person who seriously commits to teams, clubs, societies, unions, associations and so on. Don’t commit, or even recommit, across the eclipse. Why not? Because you can’t see and don’t know. Never assume knowledge about friends and groups when the Moon is in shadow, right on Juno in your chart. Thus, it’s smarter not to act dramatically or make huge judgement calls. Months later, maybe years later, you will see why!

  86. Coming out of 2017, 2018 so far feels like a ‘different’ year. On one hand, I had a surprising and significant pay raise at work after I had put in my papers. The raise made me feel valued and I accepted the raise. On the other hand, I have not been able to find my significant other even though I feel ready to settle down.

    I have 2 matches, both at 15 degree Capricorn. I wonder how it will unfold for me.

    1. You are gaining from Jupiter (abundance) in Scorpio (finance) which is great. The 15 Capricorn patterns spell ‘career reshape’ now through 2020. You may add a separate skill to your existing skill, or actually replace the old job with a new job. It’s happening now. Marriage, love and sex has nothing to do with Capricorn, by the way!

  87. Your are so on the point about the reskilling part. Tremendous learning going on at the moment.

    Thanks, Jessica.

  88. Hi Jessica,

    For Oct 7 with the line up around 14 degrees in Libra/Aries, I wanted to ask about a friend born June 14, 1959 in New York City.

    North node 10 Libra
    South node 10 Aries
    Natal Juno 10 Libra
    Natal Uranus 13 Leo
    Natal Ceres 15 Scorpio
    Natal Salacia 14 Capricorn
    Natal Psyche 14 Aquarius
    Transiting Jupiter 23 Scorpio conjunct natal Jupiter 23 Scorpio
    Transiting Saturn 3 Capricorn almost at their natal Saturn at 4 Capricorn
    Cupido 25 Libra conjunct Mercury 25 Libra

    It looks like a productive time for work/career/Capricorn factors.

    The personal factors in Libra/Leo/Scorpio I am not so sure. It looks very ‘fated’ as you say.

    Can you tell anything?


    1. This is a huge period for finance (Scorpio) and career (Capricorn) with big opportunities and serious commitments in 2018 and in 2020 the opportunity of a lifetime. The issue for them has been instability in sexual or business partnerships, as the Cupido-Mercury conjunction in Libra in the Seventh House has been opposed by transiting Uranus. This cycle is technically over now, but returns for a short period, until it is gone for good in 2019.

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