Friday 13th! Eclipse Astrology

On Friday 13th July 2018 we will see an eclipse in the zodiac sign of Cancer. In astrology this affects your personal horoscope through a blind spot, cover-up or missing information. This Cancer eclipse is your introduction to new karma in 2019 thanks to the North Node also moving to Cancer that year - triggering old issues from 2000 and 2001 - and a chance for total closure.

Friday 13th! Lucky or unlucky? The truth is, it’s an eclipse and so that new beginning which starts on the New Moon is very hard to fully know or understand. All eclipses conceal. They never reveal. Just as you might expect when the Sun and Moon are dimmed – your view can be dim. This particular Friday 13th July 2018 eclipse is important because it falls in Cancer. It falls in one place in your personal birth chart, and your regular horoscope too, which is set to dominate 2019. Why? Karma! The North Node will be in Cancer from November 2018 and you’re up for closure from the years 2000 and 20001. Keep reading to check your personal chart and your sign to see how this eclipse is going to affect you and what you can expect from your 2000-2001 karmic flashback over the next 12 months.

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97 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    Interestingly this eclipse is conjunct Proserpina in Cancer. The north node was also conjunct Proserpina at a pivotal/defining moment in my life in 2000! I’d love it if something similar albeit less stressful were to happen again in 2019 when the north node is again conjunct Proserpina and this eclipse point! Could this be a possibility?

  2. Hello Jessica.

    I’ve had the most amazing year. You’ve been there for the ride and guided me somewhat too, thank you! I left my corporate job end June and have started my own internet based business. I’m travelling to Manila from Sydney on Monday to train staff for the week, and will travel to the US probably in November (before merc retro) to branch out there. The experience from 2000 to 2001 for me I believe is that I ran an internet start up in Australia that don’t work out. That experience, and the more corporate ones since have been invaluable to my new business. Another financial astrologer gave me August 9th as my optimal public launch date to start the business and things have been lining up well for that. I signed a pretty important contract on Tuesday which I’m hoping was far enough away from the eclipse? I bought an important piece of machinery Wednesday too and avoided moon void as part of that. Lots of twists and turns and things have been a little tougher in gaining clarity with communication and agreements recently but I hope things are headed in the right way. Anything you can see ahead for me would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are taking guidance away from this website (three of us are Reiki attuned so I like to think a fair bit of distant healing goes into the site itself every time we work on it!) Your own internet-based business does owe a lot to the karma of 2000, 2001 and in fact the Nodes were opposite each other in Capricorn (career) as well as Cancer, then. You have been given August 9th as a launch date by a financial astrologer. I would not have done that, because of Mercury Retrograde, but let’s have a look at your whole chart! You would benefit from slowing down and centering yourself, first of all. The main project is full of fantastic potential and you have the energy, enthusiasm, style and personality to export this successfully, but we have Mars going retrograde at the moment so this can mean too much speed and not enough thought. Mars is a symbol of assertive, sometimes aggressive masculinity. He is the brave knight – in your case the words warrior – who seeks to strike deals, do business, get his message across and plant his idea somewhere it can grow, for years to come. I feel you will benefit hugely from Jupiter (expansion, luck, optimism, growth, exploration) in Sagittarius (foreign people and places, the worldwide web) from November so your plan to go to America is spot-on. Just be aware that we have another Mercury Retrograde around that time. I wrote a long piece on this if you want to hit Search. So, slow down. It may be 2019 that is better for your biggest plans and if you work with Jupiter in Sagittarius you won’t go far wrong. Look at your image too. Look at how you present, promote and package yourself. We have Chiron in your First House of profile and Uranus about to go back in. Look at the impression you make and see what does and does not help you connect. I think you also need to reveal more of your idea to people. It is not enough to show them such a brief amount of work. To really make this work I reckon you might need to be far more open, and have much more to offer up. If you do that, of course, it may change your journey. That’s okay – you have time – I am really questioning what the hurry is, I guess, and I think that’s Mars retrograde accelerating everything. Most of all, get the location right. Do all the hard research you can on the right city or country (perhaps plural) for what you have. Everything depends on being in fertile ground on fertile soil to make this grow!

      1. Thank you so much Jessica.
        I pondered this deeply and have made some really positive changes. This first Australian site is a test for the much bigger prize of the US. I have a cornerstone client that I need to demonstrate the quality of the execution too to get others interested here and in the rest of the World. I’ve decided to slow down as you say to ensure the launch goes well for them first, then expand from there in a quality way with a pull strategy versus pushing the service onto others.
        I’ve also have a long hard look at how I present myself. The original website idea was too narrow and meant that I’d have to launch other sites in the same country, so I’ve consolidated them into one site and it looks awesome! Professionally I’ve also been quite secretive about the idea and myself so I’ve decided to let the idea out earlier and I’ve. Set myself up on social media platforms to engage more broadly as the founder. I’m positive this will make a big difference overtime.
        Thank you as always, your the best! AC

        1. I’m really pleased this made sense to you AC – slowing down is a good idea – and I’m pleased the new website looks great. The packaging and presentation side of the story is also really important and it will pay off for you long-term.

  3. Thanks, Jessica. I have one placement in cancer if you care to share 😉 Also, why aren’t the nodes posted on the homepage w/all other degrees/planets? Thank you and happy early birthday! XX

    1. You just need to assume that you don’t know the full story about the council, your tenant, your landlady, your father, the necessary repairs – it’s hard to say more without knowing your exact home or family situation. Just let this pass.

  4. Hi Jessica thank you for this post. Sometime ago you had indicated that I had some money to claim. Well I have recently got to know that I was underpaid and have asked for a review. Tomorrow I am expecting an update by the hr people. I am praying that this comes through as it is pretty big. Would love your insights. Many thanks Jx

    1. I really hope that this is the money coming through for you. If not (relax about it) money will come from another source. But it does sound as if the unclaimed money I saw is this. Let’s hope Human Resources sees what is fair.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I have my North Node in Cancer at 19 deg. Fortunately, I do not have any domestic decisions to make during this eclipse.
    However, I am writing a novel about a binge eating disorder I had from the age of 16 to 18 – that was from the years 1980 (May) to 1982 (February). I am presently writing about the teenage years that lead to the disorder, as well as the binge eating years afterwards and the recovery from it. Interestingly, the North Node was in Leo and Cancer in those years. North Node Leo was the disorder and North Node Cancer was when I found the resolution. So rather than going back to 2000-2001, I am going back to 18 to 19 years prior.
    With my North Node in Cancer, I am obviously meant to be writing about it at this point in time.
    Thanks for the valuable article.

  6. Hi Jess,
    Can you please look at my chart and explain what the eclipse will yield for me? Back in 2000-2001 I was in Yrs 8 & 9 at boarding school-not always happy memories there and not much going on except lots of studying. Sure wouldn’t like to go back to this point in time again.

    1. You gathered karma from boarding school (your home away from home – your home away from your family) that needs closure in 2019. It is really that simple. You won’t repeat the unhappiness of the experience but you will be given a chance to forgive your mother or father, for example, or a teacher, or the other girls.

  7. Dear Jessica,
    How will these Eclipse affect me…
    Do you have any advise for my…
    What do you see in my birth chart…


    1. The most important thing about 2019 for you is a man who is very good with words, ideas or images. He may be a communicator by profession – so in marketing, advertising, the media or involved with the web. He is definitely looking for someone to help him plant his idea. I know, because you write a lot, that you want love and sex in your life. It is possible with this man but he is actually more interested in the head, not the heart or loins. He is your Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle for 2019 and he is good news. He has breadth of vision, a fiery, warm, enthusiastic, energetic nature. He has a key concept or idea with vast potential and he is looking for someone to help him. Together you could do this. You would need to read his mind and heart so you know where he is coming from. He is definitely one of life’s movers and shakers and may be a boss, a C.E.O. or self-employed in a very successful business. You would gain by connecting, communicating and helping him turn what is just a budding brainwave into something which could grow for years, right on the Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle.

  8. hello jessica,
    I have cancer at Juno 20:29 can you please look at my chart and let me know if i have anything to look forward to? I met my lover in april 2000 but she is no longer with me that was the only significant thing I can recall in this period you mention. I dont have a Job as at yet , can this be positive for me?

    1. Yes, your lover from the year 2000 was your Cancer Node cycle – probably because there was a chance she would have become pregnant and you would have started a family. This eclipse does have an impact on you. It can feel quite hard to go through, actually, because the Moon is a symbol of emotion, feelings and life’s highs and lows. Can I suggest that you think about taking a day off to go hiking, or walking in the countryside, or just near some water? If you can afford it, take more than a day off and actually give yourself a holiday. This may be now or later on, but you would benefit so much from getting right away from people and situations that do not satisfy you. Being by yourself can help you get your mojo back and when you return, life will look very different. Even if you just dream about planning this trip – start dreaming.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        thank you….based on my rising sign which is libra this exactly falls onto my 10th house of career, I was just wondering if my career might pickup again.

        1. That’s stretching it – sorry. Your Libra Rising Sign is just your image. Nothing more. And in the Natural House system it’s not in your Tenth House it’s in your Seventh House. However, I will look at your whole chart to talk to you about 2019. What is the most important thing next year for you? It’s actually about a baby or child. You have the North Node at 28 Leo in the Fifth House of babies, children and young people. This may also be people in their teens or early twenties, full stop. If your career involves younger people or it could do, this is your answer. New work or career highs will come from this generation, born 20+ years after you. Failing that, you are being given a clear message (from Jupiter’s trine to your North Node, which follows the Uranus trine to your North Node) to pursue the connection with Millennials or the Aquarius generation. This may be because you actually have a child in 2019 or because a godchild, niece, nephew or similar comes into your life. If you are curious about Generation Aquarius hit search. They are very special and were born around 2000. The Parkland Kids are Generation Aquarius.

  9. Tks Jessica, every time I read your articles I am amazed. Accuracy and insight.
    I must say I almost dread what is to come. I have Fortuna at 20 Cancer. And I have been through a lot these last couple of years. And I used to think I can deal with everything with equinanimity. The waves just keep crashing into what are the private shores of my mind and my life. No reprieve at all it seems. Or maybe I am too emotional. Too many fronts seem open right now.
    Any practical advice for me?

    1. Thank you. Dread is not necessary! Fortuna in Cancer in your Fourth House is just your ability to change the lives of family members, flatmates, tenants, landladies, builders, councillors, politicians and anyone else who rules your house, land, apartment, local area or homeland. Fortuna does not know what she does, when she spins her wheel of fate and fortune. You have no idea just how much you affect the fates of those tied to your home or family! An eclipse right on Fortuna is just a message – do not act, nor judge, until you can see. That will take a little time but eventually you will realise how much you didn’t know about July. It’s just common sense.

  10. Hello again Jessica, I’ve been trying to understand what having moon at 20 Cancer will mean for me. I’m guessing it means I’ll be blind to goings on regarding the things that the 4th house governs? So property and family? Maybe someone in the family could make a deal on property without telling anyone else, sort of thing? And karma, something I did in 2000- 2001 that comes back to either help or hinder. I will keep my eyes and ears open for glimpses and whispers 🙂 Thanks again for your time and teaching.

    1. Yes, the eclipse (now passing) is about what you don’t know, and can’t see – either about your tenant, or the council, or your mother, or the water tank or the state of your country! That is why a ‘wait and see’ policy is best on eclipses, because you literally have to wait, to see what was actually going on at the time. As this also pulls in the Cancer Node cycle of 2019 let’s have a look at your whole chart – your 20 Cancer Moon is right in the middle of this. Actually, the Aquarius and Eleventh House is far more important in 2019 than your Cancer side. You have a stellium (more than three factors) in Aquarius the sign of friendship, team spirit, people power, Twitter and networked thinking – the hive mind. We have the South Node completing a circuit in Aquarius by November, then what you achieve at that point will return to you (as the Nodes rule returns) to your total advantage, and in a life-changing way, from Christmas 2020. Beyond 2023 Pluto goes into Aquarius so when I say this is the most important thing about 2019 I really mean that. Long-term, the crucial thing is to find what binds you to friends and fellow travellers and make sure you all push the button on a really important shared goal. This is like being The Supremes in the Sixties or The Slits in the Seventies or Bananarama in the Eighties. Together you can do miracles.

  11. Very interesting. Thank you. My husband is a Scorpio and is definitely going through the sort of spiritual re-awakening you describe. He studied religions (PhD), so it’s not unusual for him to immerse himself in the topic; what I’ve noticed lately is that he’s returning to certain daily rituals he hasn’t practiced much since around the time we were married, which was, yes, 2001. It’s almost like a craving for him. And those two years, 2000-2001, were full of changes for me, personally: I moved away from my home for graduate school, became disillusioned in what I was studying and switched programs/careers, moved again, and got married, as I just mentioned. It was a time of lots of highs and lows. I’m wondering if you might describe the karmic cycle as it applies to my chart: should I assume that it’s related to all of those changes and themes, or just certain elements? I’m a Cancer sun with a stellium there–trying to figure out how it all fits together. Thanks.

    1. Cheers. Your husband is repeating his 2000-2001 experiences with his PhD in religion but in a new way – and you are also repeating your huge experiences moving away from home and transforming your career – also marrying. Your whole chart reveals that the most important thing about 2019, previewed now, is freedom. Saturn is at 2 Leo and Uranus is at 3 Scorpio in your chart, and we have Uranus (liberation) coming along at 2, 3 Taurus at the moment. You need to be released from a situation which binds you. Much of this is to do with past battles or problems. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have imprisoned you, to some extent, but in your own mind! In other words the freedom you can gain in 2019 is about your liberating yourself from ideas, thoughts, feelings which aren’t actually real. You have a blind spot. You need to get rid of that blind spot so you can see who and what you are actually dealing with, here. Try to focus on seeing clearly in 2019 and waking up. Once you take the strong measures required to remove who/what ‘blinds’ you, it should be possible very quickly to walk right away from a situation which does you no favours. When you walk away, you will be able to travel, move, explore, take any adventure you like. You have literally not had Uranus making this transit in your lifetime. To find out more about this transit hit Search and Uranus.

      1. Thank you very much, Jessica. Your message resonates for sure. It’s my professional life that has been chaotic and has felt debilitating. I’ve been craving both clarity and freedom, trying to get enough momentum in that area in order to move geographically. Thanks for your advice. I’m grateful.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this detailed explanation of this eclipse. Interestingly enough, I just came across a couple old postcards from Paris that I bought back around 2000 when I was doing millinery. They are Catherinette related, and the Catherinette tradition in Paris with its connection to hats always fascinated me. I even created a character based on it. I just booked a trip to Paris, my first, before going to a food conference in Turin that I’ve been invited to participate in a international panel discussion about seeds. That panel discussion is Sept. 22, which is a honored date in my life. A dear aunt, my mom’s sister, and my brother share that as birthday.

    I have a tomato that crossed in my garden in the early 2000s long before I started doing seed advocacy. I forgot that I saved those seeds, and found them when the bottom of a drawer fell out when looking for something else. The drawer is in a table from maternal grandmother’s house.

    It was a late developing tomato that never fully ripened. I saved the seeds anyway. The year I started I doing advocacy for heirloom vegetables, I tried growing the seeds. I ended up with one small pant and one tomato. From that plant I got three different kinds of tomatoes, which is normal when you grow out vegetable crosses. The one I chose to continue growing, I grew for a couple years and stopped. I decided then that it will be named for my aunt who shares my brother’s birthday referenced above.

    I felt this sudden urgency to grow them this year, and they are thriving. My mom was a Cancer and I have a Cancer stellium. The last time I was in Turin, which was the same year I first grew the crossed tomato seeds, I had two deja vues that are a whole different story. This trip will be the first as Italian citizen, which I started the process the same year I grew that tomato, and started my advocacy. I got my Italian citizenship through my paternal grandfather, who was a milliner. I’m also traveling to Bologna to meet a couple paternal cousins.

    Astrologically, it seems like I have a trine between Venus in Taurus, Vesta in Capricorn and Ops in Cancer, all at 17 degrees. My natural Uranus is also 17 degrees in Leo. Does this make it a square? Salacia is one degree away at 16 in Capricorn, and Saturn is one degree away at 18 in Capricorn. It all seems fairly potent.

    This eclipse impacted my day job. I will have a new boss soon. I also feel burnt out. With this amazing and mind blowing trip on the horizon, money is a concern, but when I look at the story above, I have to follow it through.

    Cheers! I hope all is well.

    1. Jeff, that is definitely your Nodal cycle manifesting symbolically but also literally. I had dinner with a woman from Turin last night. She told me the town was a centre for the occult, so that is interesting. Turin is one of those places! As an Italian citizen you are going back, but you may be going back in time too, to a past life in that town. The Node will cross your Ops at 17 Cancer and set off the whole pattern (not a square, more complex) in 2019. You are right. It is potent. And it comes from Ops in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, roots and heritage.You will be extremely successful if you can make your idea or project real. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of big ideas, publishing, the worldwide web and education from November 2018. By 2019 Jupiter will also move to 16, 17, 18 Sagittarius and trigger that pattern again. In fact you will experience Jupiter trine Uranus which is one of the most exciting and potentially successful transits you can have. The big question is location! Where, where, where to plant your concept? You need to find the right place. Are we talking America or somewhere else more exotic? I heard the word ‘discipline’ for you clairaudiently. I hope that helps.

  13. Hi Jessica, I was so looking forward to your piece of writing on this eclipse. I am waiting for a career track to change by itself for me( though i am taking online classes for it but this transition does not seem to be getting easy anytime soon!). Also I am looking for relocation to my home country ( a decision to which my husband does not agree at all right now, but i have my own reasons for this). Can you have a look at my chart and let me know if this eclipse can do something to help me out in any of these cases. Also the career, i am very concerned, what i am studying right now, will serve my purpose (of financial freedom and my independence and what actually success means to me) or not!
    Thanks a lot for putting it all up together for me in advance!
    Also, i realise u cant answer every query being posted here so keeping fingers crossed for my query to be answered!

    1. Thank you. I have read all kinds of weird (and not so wonderful) things about the meaning of this July 13th eclipse on the internet, so I thought it might be useful to read some actual astrology! It sounds as if you are yearning for change, as you are studying and trying to go back home. You want to be free financially and of course it must be partly because you can be your own person, no matter what your husband thinks. Let’s look at the whole chart. You will find Jupiter in Sagittarius (due in November) helps bring you an opportunity to co-create a project with a person who needs to be practical. This is probably a man as Jupiter is a male symbol. Jupiter is positive – optimistic and potentially about growth and reward. So is this person. The trick is connecting and communicating so that you two can take what is essentially his ‘possible’ product, project or success story and make it real. It’s rather like musicians I used to meet when I was working on music magazines and interviewing people like Kurt Cobain. There were a lot of dreamers! I think you will really enjoy this new phase of your life and this person’s inspiration and stimulation but you are both going to have to find a way to make ‘potential’ actuality. It’s worth it.

  14. OMG! I have my Sun in Libra and my main focus is my career and hopefully changing jobs soon (I am currently employed). I applied but did not get the last job I really wanted but when Jupiter turned direct, a new and better position was posted at the same organization (birth date July 1, 1870). My intuition tells me that I didn’t get the last job because something bigger was in store i.e. this new position yet I am hesitant to apply. I have Cancer factors at 27 Chiron and 07 Fortuna. In 2000-2001, I was graduating from the 5th grade/elementary school into 6th grade/middle school. Is there any indication in my chart that I will be ‘graduating’/leaving my current job to this new one that has my interest? I am so ready for a career shift!

    Thank you in advance! You are wonderful.

    1. I’m glad the astrology is making immediate sense, in terms of a new job. You also had the classic 2000-2001 ‘graduation’ which now comes full circle again as you go into 2019 and ‘graduate’ one more time in terms of your achievements and ambition. Actually my eyes are drawn to the transit of the South Node in Aquarius which ends in November. This is big. You are heavily Aquarian (group and friendship oriented) and this is a rare cycle, triggering your Eleventh House of networks, team efforts, unity, social media, comradeship and the community. You can and will do more together, probably with other women, than you do alone. Is this about your career or your unpaid work? There is a chance here to pull off something really big with your mates. Hit Search and look up your Aquarius factors and be strongly aware that the group is everything. It’s rather like waking up and realising you are in the Croatia football team in the World Cup. Fortunate timing.

      1. Thank you again! I have the 2020 Astrology book as well so I will look more into it. I am really hoping to grow soon in terms of my career!

        1. Thank you. I’m glad you have the book – it will help a lot with stories like this. You’ll get so much more out of the information!

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for such a great article, I am super excited and cannot wait until November, I have Cancer in the North Node at 29 deg, I am hoping for a job change, my youngest son was born 15/6/2000, 19 years ago how exciting for him too.
    thanks again, I love your work its brilliant

    1. Thank you Sandi. You will have an interesting Virgo-Scorpio pattern unfold in your chart and may in fact get a new job, or a second job. This would be absorbing, fulfilling and give you a chance to make solid, steady income. There is a sense of the craftsperson or artisan about people who are Virgo-Scorpio influenced, which you are. So, this is not just churning out projects or products, or meeting a quota. There is a real integrity about what you do, and the money is the reward, but so is the work itself. Your son is not really part of this story but of course the money will help (if you can save it) with a new property one day, or a holiday home/hotel you can both look forward to.

  16. Hi Jessica, thank you for this post. I feel jittery about this particular set of eclipses – I have my North Node in Cancer 11 degrees (activated by today’s Solar eclipse) and my Sun is Aquarius 4 degrees (exact on the 27 July lunar eclipse). What does this mean for me? Will I be walloped into oblivion?!?! Or (hopefully) there is good news on the horizon? Appreciate your guidance 🙂

    1. Feeling jittery about eclipses isn’t necessary and in fact your chart isn’t affected. It’s essentially just assuming you can’t see the full picture or know the full story yet, so why make up your mind? Your North Node in Cancer is important, sure, because it is in your Fourth House and you are going through transits of the Fourth House (with increasing importance in 2019). Yet – it’s more about Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio rules sex and Jupiter rules opportunity. By 2019 you will realise the opportunity to break free of someone – or to break free WITH them – is the key to everything. Jupiter will be there until November. So, looking at your entire chart as a whole, with Juno at 27 Scorpio, when Jupiter passes 27 Scorpio for the first time in 12 years there is chance here to separate, divorce, have an affair, get into bed with someone, seek counselling, get marital/sex therapy, change a sexual partnership – I hope you can see the choices. Juno was Jupiter’s wife.

      1. Thanks Jessica. In looking back at the time around late 1999 and mid-2000, I did have a strong attraction and a very intense emotional affair with a Scorpio. Does this eclipse series mean the person will be coming back into my life in the coming months?

  17. Hi Jessica..Eclipse on my natal Venus 21 degrees in Cancer..2000 i went to Canada to work for 2 months..Came back in the december to the news my landlord died.i was gutted,I was one of a few who got on with him..a multi millionaire but lived in poverty,rundown farm, his son took over the running of his houses..I then gave up work to stay and mind my son and neice,nephews at home for 15yrs..Now im in council was reduced this week..i got a little rise in my wages at begining of july..Im not sure of the effect the eclipse will have on venus..only that theres now a little distance between me and a guy.. long distance romance..which i dont think is going to work..Thanks Jessica..

    1. This is an astonishing example of the Cancer Node returning to the Fourth House of your chart – your landlord died in the year 2000. You then had family choices too. Of course the Node on your Venus (by one degree) is the key here. How does the Cancer Eclipse and new Cancer Node cycle affect you? Well, you have earned your rewards. You will reap the reward of knowing that so many people have your back. You have a really terrific circle in terms of the extended family and perhaps your household – or the other locals. It’s secure. It’s comforting. You can even afford to feel smug. This is classic Venus in Cancer – you have the ‘relationship’ with the whole clan. The only thing I would say is that you need to pay more individual attention to each person in the tribe or circle, so that he/she feels like an individual who is special to you, not just another face in the crowd. One person in particular is close to going. Did you know that? Make him/her your priority.

  18. A great article as always Jessica, really interesting to read and from my propsective its easy to see the similarities.

    2000 / 2001 saw me take a new job which was based overseas and involved a lot of travel by air working for a technical consultancy, meeting and forming a long term relationship during that period. Fast forward to 2018 and Im just about to start a new job ( 16th ), overseas in Germany with travel by air to other places for a technical consultancy, very oddly familiar, maybe I might just find that relationship I would like this year to complete the circle 🙂 . When I read the taurus section it really really sings to me .. I do think I have the t shirt and certainly been there and done that …..

    Thanks for the insight. Andy

    1. Thank you. That’s fascinating – you are now going back, back, back to the future. Germany may well come back to you in a familiar way by 2019. Andy, the most important thing about next year for you will be keeping it real. You are not going to be bored as there is plenty to distract you, no matter if it’s recreation or creativity. You’ll be in the perfect place and time for that. Just remember to come back to the world so you don’t get lost out there! You are about to go through a major Neptune transit of your chart and this planet is associated with fishing, surfing, film-making, art, poetry and so on. It can be lovely to take a cruise or go surfing but you have to remember where dry land is in 2019. You will attract people like this too – the world is full of men who prefer non-reality to reality and they can be fascinating company.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    This new moon will be opposite my Salacia at 21 Capricorn. Also with respect to the node transit, what should we expect with our Capricorn factors?

    I must say, the Leo-Aquarius node transit so far has been really positive for my life, very healing. Many friends from the past came back, some that really shocked me. Some old business is still not resolved but there is time hopefully.

    Thank you,


    1. Your Salacia at 21 Capricorn is about living in two worlds professionally, either with paid or unpaid work. We find this is common with people who have two different careers. Or, they juggle two very different projects at the same time – all the time. None of it is real, in the sense that it is ordinary or everyday. Pluto going across your Salacia and the Eclipse opposite (I am allowing 0-1 degrees orb) is really about realising your blind spots in relation to business and also to cash flow/work flow. Salacia was Neptune’s wife. She lived in the ocean and on the sea shore. She had no relationship with the real world at all and was in her own reality! That’s fine as far as it goes but right now there is tremendous need to get real, wake up, take stock, do the budget and review business/career/money issues.

  20. Hi Jessica can you tell me more specifically what might be coming back for me. I got married in 2000! I also qualified as a lawyer. Bought a house! It’s v intriguing.

    1. There you go. You married and bought a house on the last cycle. Now you are entering the debt/credit next stage which will directly hark back to what you did, all those years ago, spiritually. Because we also have Jupiter (abundance, opportunity) in Scorpio (money) there is a chance here, by November 2018, to ‘plant’ a sum of cash back into new growth. This may be the garden, another property, a business idea and so on. It’s investment. Take your time deciding – this is obviously about more than just you.

  21. Hi Jessica. As always, you astound me with your intuitiveness and astrological expertise! Thank you from Canada. What do you see for me with tomorrow’s eclipse? Is 23 degrees, sun in Cancer, too wide to have an impact on me? I remember 2000-2001 very well. I left my very abusive husband of 15 years and met my second husband. I was separated again 15 years later, from him,. Sadly it seems to be my limit for relationsships. Both turned out toxic. Ive been separated for 2 years and Just met someone on the day that Venus in Gemini trined the north node at 9 degrees. I fear the worst because when our relationship progresses , it’s on a day when Uranus transits another planet. Please help me understand? I feel my destiny is 15 years of back and forth of heartache and bliss. And Uranus…well, you’ve taught us what that planet is all about.
    Thanks so much!

    1. I only use orbs of 0 to 1 degree so I would not personally count this eclipse having any impact on your Sun at 23 Cancer. What you say about 2000-2001 does ring true with this cycle I am writing about, however – the historic Node cycle. I understand you are worried about the future of your love life so let’s have a look. You are actually more affected by the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle than anything else. Jupiter is about abundance and in Scorpio it’s about the money, the assets, the shares or the possessions. What we have here (until November) is a picture of amazing potential and growth but there also needs to be a wake-up call. Stop dreaming and start doing. Once there is financial security all things are possible in love, but your chart is telling you, it’s the bank account, not the bonk account (sorry for the pun) that matters more than anything else. Both of you need to be aware of this. Time is of the essence. Some things don’t hang around forever. Growth is important!

  22. Hi Jessica, another great post! I am Cancer Sun and Aquarius moon. How does having both the eclipses in my sun and rising affect me. Thanks in advance!

    1. Your South Node at 13 Sagittarius is more important. You have Jupiter (opportunity, exploration, growth, optimism, hope, the big picture) in Sagittarius from November and by this time in 2019 will be overjoyed by a special chance to travel, move or emigrate.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for delivering this information. Great to reflect and plan and perhaps be wisely dispassionate with a view to November & beyond. I guess I am expecting a double whammy with this eclipse due to my natal North Node at 20 Cancer ? Also have Apollo 21 Cancer, South Node 20 Capricorn, Salacia 19 Capricorn. Pluto is currently on my South Node at 20 Capricorn and past issues with family have been surfacing – connected ? Am I correct in saying the South Node is what we know and have experienced previously and the North Node what we want to be ? I think there is going to be a conjunction next year with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, will that impact South Node issues for me ? Again, sending thanks and appreciation for sharing your skill with us.

    1. An eclipse is always part or total cover-up, or missing pieces of a jigsaw picture. If you think about the Sun and Moon blotting each other out, this is what happens on a New Moon eclipse. A New Moon is usually a new beginning, and it’s clear cut, but on an Eclipse it’s a new beginning with a lot of patchy or missing information. As this one falls on your North Node in Cancer it’s about your house, family, apartment, tenant, household, land, hometown or homeland. Don’t assume too much right now. Someone may be holding information back or there may be a ‘twist in the tale’ with your rent, mortgage, council rates, local council plans and so on. Your family issues seem the likeliest thing here. There is a lot of confusion about the Nodes. Hit Search to read more about North Node and South Node!

  24. HI Jessica, does it look likely I will get to travel overseas again next year? I am currently investigating my likelihood of obtaining a citizenship o/s due to my Maltese heritage, but frankly going that far overseas is simply out of the question with our limited finances. My soul is however, yearning to go somewhere new! Thank you for your time xx.

    1. You will travel regionally, perhaps, rather than overseas though depending on relationships in your life (friendships, family, personal life) you may decide to use one city in your own region as the hop-off point for a wider trip. You will certainly take time out to go off – on your own – and get some space. It will help you ‘come back to yourself’ later and also to the people who matter to you. I see a hiking or spa trip or similar – it’s about replenishing mind, body and spirit.

  25. Thanks for the great article, Jessica. All I can remember from 2000 is being in a serious relationship, ending it in 2001, deciding I needed to leave the nest (which was not well received and was the start of the end of the familial relationship) and meeting my future husband. This eclipse is affecting all my angles and my Sun. I wonder what karma is going to bring to the surface next year.
    Keep the insights flowing.

    1. Leaving the nest in 2000, 2001 was the Cancer North Node as this was about your Fourth House of family and home. You left the nest. Let’s have a look at 2019 and see what is the most important thing for you. I am sure you know Jupiter is in Scorpio (opportunity and finance) and Uranus is in Taurus (revolution and money). The Friday 13th July eclipse and new Cancer Node cycle is not as important as the Scorpio-Taurus transits and you will in fact have a huge amount of money next year, if you are prepared to make it real. It is potential wealth but if you want to reach for it and make it part of your life, it will enable you to either improve your home, or travel. Jupiter at 5 Virgo in your chart will be trined by Uranus at 5 Taurus which is quite liberating on a lifestyle level – thus this idea about improving your house or apartment, the garden (perhaps) or just going travelling for a while and doing what you have always wanted to do. As a Sun Sagittarian we also see patterns, again, in the Second House and Eighth House of your chart with the Nodes across there, and Pluto and Saturn too. So in both house systems I use for you there is a lot of money!

  26. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this insight into the eclipse, I love reading your work it’s absolutely fascinating. I am a complete novice as far as Astrology is concerned and don’t really understand the terms used. What is fascinating for me with this insight is the significance of 2000/2001. I was unhappy in my marriage but went through IVF to have my second baby which was successful only to miscarry at 12 weeks, this happened in April 2000. After that I made a conscious desicion to end my marriage and spent the next 2 years planning my departure. My husband was a bully who drank far too much, he was consumed with insecurities (which I didn’t recognise as such at the time) and I finally ended the marriage in August 2002. I sold the marital home and moved with my son to a new home in Jan 2003. At the same time I became very successful in my career until 2006, I had an affair with a married man and my now ex-husband continued drinking, his abusive and controlling behaviour and I struggled to break away completely. I had a couple of relationships but none that culminated in a full time partnership and certainly non that I felt the desire to introduce to my son. My husband passed away in 2010 after a serious drinking binge brought on by a very upsetting event involving our son when he virtually abandoned him on a foreign holiday for alcohol. My son was 12 years old and had to fly home alone as my husband was too intoxicated to be allowed on the plane! His death left us bankrupt and we have struggled since. My question is the thought of this cycle repeating fills me with utter dread. I believe my son and I have paid our debts. I work for myself now and still struggle financially (although I am useless with money) so could be construed as self inflicted! My son is at uni and the hurt from his father’s behaviour has manifested itself over the last 5 years The older and more aware he becomes the angrier he is which really is affecting his progress into alduthood. I have been single for years now but have just met a man (literally over the last few months) who seems lovely and we have quite a connection although I’ve been In similar situations over the last few years with guys only to be let down so I guess the jury is out on this one at the moment and my guard is firmly in place. You will see from my chart my Sun is in Cancer and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Apollo and Hygiea are in Leo. Minerva is at 20° Cancer 26′ 11″ therefore I feel this is so relevant to me but I’m too old for babies now and whilst I am tentatively exploring new opportunities in my career my confidence took such a knock it is only very tentative. Your wonderful insight here would be greatly appreciated 🙂 My son, if it helps has his sun in Aquriaus and moon in Cancer and was born in England 14/02/97 at 13.59hrs. I very much look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a wonderful weekend. Many thanks xx

    1. You well and truly had your Cancer North Node experience across 2000, 2001 with your miscarriage, your decision to become a single parent, and that fork in the road you took with your alcoholic former husband. You are also dating someone interesting. Your Minerva at 20 Cancer is right at the heart of the eclipse and of course we will see the North Node in Cancer again from November. So yes, this is a big moment in your horoscope. No need to fear the Nodes. They are about karmic gain and reward as much as the debts you need to pay – and it sounds as if you have done an awful lot of very hard work following a dreadful situation which was not your fault – alcoholism is an illness as we all know, too. It’s great that your son is at university although he is feeling anger. So let’s look at what is going on and where you could take this next year. It’s all about work and money. Slow and steady wins the game. You are strongly Virgo and know how to commit yourself to service and duty, perfecting the end product, the service or the final project. You do it on time and you do it very well. You also have enough Scorpio in your chart that you can make decent cash. You say you struggle financially and are useless with money, but actually you are moving into a new cycle you have never experienced, with Uranus (the change) in Taurus (cash) for the first time. So, in 2019, put your head down and start earning and saving. Money does not grow on trees, but this is going to help you a great deal, with your own agenda to move (eventually) or travel (that could be easier and faster). Get on with your life. There is nothing you can do about your son and his anger – that is his issue. However, money changes everything and it is amazing what you can do with it, to help your son, in some way that really works for him. Once you have completed your 2019 tasks, which you will derive enormous fulfilment from (by the way) you can deal with the other side of your Virgo nature which is to honour your mind, body and spirit. Work 6 days a week if you must, but on the 7th day consider saving some tasks for later and take a break before it starts all over again. You wear a lot of heavy burden, spiritually, and that needs to come off. This is probably habitual darkness or even depression (black moods) left over from the bad marriage or the years when you have to survive. It is no longer required. Get rid of it. Yoga, meditation, Reiki and similar will help and you will certainly have time for that, as you will be on a roll with cash and work and that will enable you to walk free. Remember – the holiday or property is not that far off.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you so much for your response. It’s so considered and thoughtful. I really appreciate you taking that time. I am now off to the gym I have started this year as I mean to go on. To keep the black moods at bay I have changed my diet and lost weight and as you say I just need to practice yoga and mindfulness to get back on form. I look forward now to a bright and secure future, particularly the holiday! Thank you again, wishing you love and light xx

        1. Good on you. Black moods are very difficult and yet we are lucky to have so many alternatives for dealing with them, from cognitive therapy, to yoga, to the endorphin production of running/fast walking – to Reiki, which I strongly recommend. There is a very special place waiting for you out there.

  27. Dear Jessica,

    I find myself at a crossroads. Maybe it’s the moon but suddenly today, I felt overwhelmed with a feeling of certainty that I want to try for a third child.

    In 2000 I was in my last year of school. In 2001 I shocked all my friends and family, went off the rails and fell into an emotionally abusive relationship- by December that year I gathered the strength to walk away.

    Could you please tell me how this weather might show up in my life?

    With love and light x

    1. You had a classic Cancer-Capricorn experience in 2000, 2001 when you had to look for your first job and deal with your family. Your chart shows the North Node and South Node actually along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, so you in fact had your Nodal Return. It’s big for you. Wanting to have another child is very, very similar to this pattern so let’s take a look. You or your partner or lover are currently gaining from the abundant Jupiter in Scorpio cycle until November 2018. Of course this is not about having a baby, so much, as wanting to fund the future in some way. Your answer will be financial. Will the money be put back into business, into property, or into family? One thing I would say – strictly practical, seriously sensible decisions about the money, shares or assets need to be made sooner rather than later as Jupiter does not hang around forever. Jupiter in Scorpio is very much your friend, though!

  28. Hi Jessica,

    So interesting.

    I came to the US in early 2000, and started my long relationship with my ex about April 2000. As “coincidence” would have it, this week I mentioned to him what he still owes me, on many different levels, and I just feel it’s his last chance to settle it before my life changes and I won’t give him that opportunity anymore. I might be wrong?!
    Early 2000 is also when I left my parents’ home, so it might be connected to that too.
    2001 is when my godson’s mom came to the US (gived birth to him in 2009) and we’re having issues now concerning him, a Leo boy, with a Scorpio mom. Feels like karma in some way, that I really would like to see through and be done with.

    Would love your opinion on what this Cancer eclipse / node means for me… I do have my Sun at 21 Aries and Ops at 21 Pisces, besides my Cancer factors.

    Thank you so much!

    1. You were tapping into the Cancer weather, several months before the North Node of karma goes into Cancer – the sign of household family, and that includes live-in partners or husbands who shared a home with you. You were already feeling the sense of debt from your former partner and wanted him to settle up with you. Good (though a bit early!) You also left home in 2000 which is classic Cancer Node stuff. Looking at your whole chart, 2019 is really about the Leo boy, or perhaps another child. I am not sure if you ever had children or terminated/lost a pregnancy. However – what we have here is a strong picture of a parent-child relationship that needs to be made real. In 2019 it is pure potential, nothing more. Yet, when the time is right you can both restore the richness of the relationship of adult to child with this godson of yours, or even another child, if there is one in the mix. I have no idea if you have a son, daughter, young niece, nephew and so on – but it is probably your godson we are talking about. For you, there has to be RRR. Recovery, repair, resurrection. I will add another R for rebirth. You have suffered a lot, emotionally and spiritually, and may have been defending yourself to the hilt with your ex or others who made you feel as if the only option was to opt out! Good. You needed to do that. When the time is right, and you are restored (another R) you will come revving back to life. In fact you will be born again in 2019. That is when if you want the richness and beauty of this child in your life, on whatever level, you need to make it real. Reach for it and make it happen.

  29. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks for this. Can you check my chart as I have 21 cancer and am curious how this can/will affect me in terms of my secrets 🙂

    Thanks and have a beautiful day


    1. Actually, the most important thing I can tell you about 2019 is to deal with medical and health issues affecting you – or those who are close to you – by making the money real. You have Venus, Ceres and the Descendant in Virgo and Ceres is going across Virgo in 2018 (your Ceres return). Virgo is about the body. It is about doctors, the NHS and Medicare – Obamacare – and it is also about healers, drugs, surgeons, drink, food, fitness and the rest. You have a lot of Pisces ‘traffic’ coming the other way in 2019 so there can be a blind spot about the body. Again, I am not sure if this is your own health or the health of 1-2 people who are very close to you. Pisces is about distorted vision, the kind you get when you swim under water. It is about cloudy sight or foggy lenses! This makes it really hard to see what is in front of your face and there is money there to help you or others pay expenses or medical bills, but it needs to be seen! It needs to be seen, believed, trusted and ultimately used. This might be something as basic as insurance which needs to be collected. This Virgo theme in your chart is really big and we see it with people who help the needy (medically) just as much as we see it with people who need to be helped by medical professionals. It’s being triggered in 2019. The money issue is there because Uranus is in Taurus next year and Taurus is about cash – and banks – and insurance, and allowances or benefits too.

  30. Hi Jessica
    2000-2001 was a standout career wise. I was thrown in the deep end and thrived in a large corporate start up. Now there is a restructure at work about to be revealed. IMy energy is all over the place as I would love to be rewarded again creatively and financially as before but wonder if you can see from my chart if this will be in another field or even through cutting back in work? Thanks!

    1. This sounds like something else entirely – not the Cancer North Node – and what you were probably experiencing was your Virgo stellium being triggered. You are quite strongly Virgo and are one of those indispensable people to any corporation as you work hard and very well at your job, seeing it as a point of pride to complete tasks as perfectly as possible, with a strong sense of duty, service and commitment to others. Let’s have a look at 2019 to see what is going on as you obviously have a work restructure to consider. We have some Mars/Pluto/Saturn patterns in 2019 which will trigger your chart. You will be dealing very directly with an extremely tough man, who is either a force to be reckoned with in business, or has retired but still has the power. He’s the boss or the self-employed head of his own company. I am fairly sure he would be behind your restructure as he’s in charge of axing jobs – essentially – and one of those heavyweight authoritarian types whom intimidate others. You gain by reading his heart and mind. I see you have strongly identified with Libra in your chart and actually, ‘two’ is what you do best. You know how to make ‘two’ work and can figure out gender balance but also any one-on-one situation, even if it is with a man like this who is so potentially dangerous! He’s married. This is not romantic – but there is a flicker of something there. Try to see what he wants and needs, and figure out how to meet him halfway. That’s the most important thing I can tell you about 2019.

  31. Hi Jessica. Big THANK YOU for the amazing post. I always learn so much from you…
    Please could you kindly look at my chart and advise how will this eclipse and the North Node affect me? In 2000-2001, I moved to a new town to do my PhD leaving my boyfriend (now husband and father of our new baby you told me last year we will succeed in having after many difficulties-Thank you for giving us hope) behind until he found a job in the same area. I loved my PhD and did well and also led a very healthy lifestyle. Sadly, I didn’t click with my housemates or my fellow students. I always helped them but it wasn’t reciprocated and I’m no longer in touch with most of them. More recently I found out by chance that my brothers, who I adored and trusted implicitly, have been extracting large sums of money to build houses for themselves from our elderly mother since about 2000. Mum unexpectedly died Mar 2010 having found out what my brothers were doing and warned me about it but I didn’t want to believe her. Since then, my brothers went further and stole my part of the inheritance from our mother’s estate whilst playing good brothers to me (i.e. blindsiding me). They told other ppl they paid for my education and financially supported our mother. They did neither. When I asked them for inheritance, they didn’t deny they took it but tuned nasty. Am in shock. It’s like I never knew them. To me, it’s not even so much about the money, but why do that to my mother who was wonderful to us and why me when I always helped them.
    With the North Node being karmic, is there a happy end to this or do I just move on?
    Thank you.

    1. This is dreadful. Your own brothers were using your elderly mother’s money and she warned you, but you could not believe it. Your inheritance has been partly stolen. They also lied. This sounds like a very difficult Cancer/Fourth House pattern in your chart (which rules family) being triggered by a Pluto opposition from Capricorn. As you probably know Pluto is in Capricorn right now for the first time in 240+ years and he is clashing directly with anything you have in Cancer. Well, you were born with Ops at 15 Cancer in the Fourth House of relatives. She is a symbol of solutions after trials and troubles. She was married to Saturn and he kept eating her babies, so she was forced to trick him so one of her children could escape and return to overthrow his father. I hope you can see Ops is about pushing back and winning in family situations of being ‘eaten’ or devoured on some level. You have Ops at 15 Cancer in aspect to three other factors either at 15 degrees or close by, so it’s a big deal in your chart. And, as you might have expected, Pluto has been transiting 15 Capricorn setting the whole thing off. The good news is, you should and must be optimistic about the outcome. In fact, when the North Node goes to 15 Cancer and South Node goes to 15 Capricorn in 2019 you will see the wheel of karma turn full circle for your brothers. In 2019 you will be helped by a man who is a miracle worker. I am not sure if you already know him or not. He is a true multi-tasker who can work magic with money, with relationships, with plans of all kinds – and also with anything which needs to be cut out of your life. So you are not alone. You should sit down with this man and talk about what has happened to you and see what can be done, either in terms of direct action against your siblings, or by making it up to yourself in other ways – for example with other business or financial outcomes. You will have someone quite remarkable to lean on here who has a track record in being a multi-tasker and has what it takes to sort things out!

  32. Hi Jessica, Thank you for the interesting article. It does make me a bit nervous though as I think back to the time period 2000-2001. I have my sun at 03 Cancer and my North Node at 02 degree Cancer, as well ASC 23 Cancer, Fortuna 18 Cancer, Diana 12 Cancer, Prosperpina 5 Cancer. Back in 2000 I was diagnosed with a life changing illness that forced me to quit work and become a stay at home mom. Here I am still living with my illness and the children are moved on and I am wondering what direction my life will be heading. I think back to that time period as such a difficult one, but one I have lived through and made the best of , I guess I am just nervous that the dark times will return. Can you give me some thoughts about this? Thank you!

    1. I am sorry you were put through such a hard time in 2000 and 2001 when you were forced to become a full-time mother because of your illness. There would have been more to it than just that. Virgo rules your Sixth House, and your body, and you have Uranus at 6 Virgo, Pluto at 11 Virgo, Ops at 10 Virgo and Apollo at 11 Virgo. Those last three are what we call a triple conjunction – very unusual. It may be useful for you to look up Ops, Pluto and Apollo and also The Sixth House and put them together. There is hope. There is a lot of hope. Actually, Ops is hidden in the word ‘optimism’ and she is a symbol of fierce faith in a better future, no matter how hard the challenges. Pluto is about using your self-control to control your life and yourself. Using your willpower to become empowered, even against powerful situations. Apollo is about leadership. That is a pretty potent combination and when you say you live with your illness, you are also teaching others how to live with it too – by example. There is no need to be nervous about the return of the North Node to Cancer. What is most important about 2019 for you is the money, actually. You need to find out if the money is actually there for you, where it is – and how much is there. Make sure you get the right help to do this. It may be an insurance claim, an allowance from the government, an inheritance claim and so on. Seek properly professional help to figure out the mystery. Let’s hope it really is there and it really is yours, because it makes the wheels go round. On a more cosmic note, you are strongly Cancerian and even if the illness was not there, you would still find yourself being Mother with a capital M because you know how to protect, to care and to nurture as very few others can.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I’m an MC Cancer. In Oct 2000, I started my dream job in sport journalism and loved every minute of it. I am in a different job now and enjoy it. I’d love your thoughts on how the eclipse and north node karma will affect me.
    Thanks ever so much.

    1. The sports journalism sounds wonderful, but it would not have been about your Cancer Node in 2000. That was far more likely to be aspects to your stellium (unusually high number of chart factors) across the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, which is very common in the media. In 2019 the most important thing of all will be a Christening, birth or key life stage for an important child in your world. You do have the MC (highest achievement) in Cancer which is about your path as a godmother, mother or aunt. The Node is moving slowly towards the MC and we also have quite a few patterns around your South Node in Leo, which describes your relationship with a younger generation – Queen to a younger court. It feels as if this birth, arrival or key stage involving children and young people has a fascinating impact on your relationship with a group of friends. It’s more than just another young face. It has spiritual significance and deeper meaning, in terms of the club, society, network, group, association, team and so on. 2019 will be a really interesting year for you. I see this pattern a lot when women are asked to become godmothers by their girlfriends and of course this means a Christening which brings all the old gang back together. You have that Leo-Aquarius axis in your chart too which is very much about that.

  34. My Sun in Capricorn at 18 degrees felt for Good this Eclipse as during the last days many women from my family or friend zone seek “protection”. I am so happy i can give them a (goat) hand however, maybe because my Venus is at 16 degrees also Capricorn i find myself thinking of my past relationship though it wasn’t recently terminated. A Taurus man with intense Capricorn scent (Neptune, Uranus, Saturn in cap) and moon in Aquarius.
    Though during last years i chose not to be in anything romantic or similar (as i respected my natal moon in sag conjunct Uranus need) i find myself QUITE emotionally ,thinking of the roots i used to have …romantically and family. My solar 7th in Cancer does easily stop and have past instead of future visions especially when it comes to love relationships but then again it strongly feels as i prepare myself for something rooted in the past. Dear Jessica thank you so much for your precious insight.

  35. My NN is at 21 Cancer, and I’ve had one of the most disappointing and stressful weeks, both work wise and re relationships. I wonder if this is a forewarning of what’s to come when the NN enters Cancer and hit my natal NN? I could really use a break 🙂

    1. I am sorry you had such a bad week. No, the North Node return in Cancer will not deliver problems. Looking at your whole chart, the most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months (July 2018 to July 2019) is financial. You probably know Jupiter (opportunity, abundance) is in Scorpio (money) for the first time in 12 years. He stays in that sign until November this year. Meanwhile, Uranus (freedom, change) is in Taurus, which rules charity, banks, settlements, payments and so on – so these two are right across your chart. It is very important to put a value on money correctly when the time comes for the payment or donation. Translate the dollars, pounds or euros into the things money cannot buy. Gratitude. Generosity! The transaction that happens will be far more than just coins or notes. It has tremendous spiritual, psychological and emotional meaning and you need to understand that, appreciate it and work with it – then the door is open to even more potential change, and even more interesting options for the money-go-round in your life. You have a strong Scorpio-Taurus chart signature.

      1. Thank you for your detailed replies Jessica! Looks like signing up to Premium membership was a good idea and I will recommend you! It’s the first time I hear that I have strong Scorpio-Taurus signature, that’s very interesting. The eclipse actually had more to do with a former partner, who hurt me deeply, and who I bumped into right before the eclipse. He hurt me again, but this time and for the first time after one year it hurt a bit less than before, so I hope the silver lining is that I’m, maybe, finally, gradually, letting go. He’s an evil Gemini…

  36. Hi Jessica!

    The detailed articles on your site are really helpful for getting to understand horoscope factors better! I understand that my nodes are definitely going to be impacted from the 6th of November. In addition, I think my Chiron is being aspected by the Friday the 13th eclipse. It doesn’t stop there, though, because the Leo weather hits my ascendant at 12 Leo and the 27th July eclipse opposes my Jupiter at 4 Leo. Would this impact my luck? I’d love to hear from you about both these eclipses for my chart factors! 🙂 Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    I have north node at 19 in Capricorn, and south node in 19 cancer. I also have jupiter at 5 in capricorn. There are no other stellar objects in capricorn. Could you please shed some light on my relationships? Things don’t just seem to work.

    Looking forward to your reply,


    1. Let’s have a look at relationships in your personal birth chart. Jupiter, the Ascendant and the North Node are in Capricorn, the sign of the mountain goat who has made it to the top. I expect you are very successful, or have a pattern of making it – professionally or academically – and then dealing with the task of staying at the top, too. There is a saying – “It can be lonely at the top” and you are going through this. Capricorn the mountain goat is also associated with social climbing. The best example of this is Kate Middleton, the commoner who married the future king. Perhaps you have also engaged in social mountaineering and found it has affected your ability to form relationships. I think if you want to pursue love, sex and marriage (or even love and sex) you are going to have to seriously question your ambitions, your position and your mission. What is the point in getting to the top if it isolates you from people who are either competing with you (they are on their own trip) or down below, in terms of social status or success within your particular organisation? It’s rather like being the C.E.O. with the penthouse office who is there all alone because the secretaries are too frightened to speak to him. Or, perhaps, the female Prime Minister who realises that her position intimidates men and puts off potential lovers. I hope this helps. You are going through major transits across your Capricorn factors now, with Saturn and Pluto there and your chart suggests the time has come to look at the price of success. If you want love and sex, you are going to have to do a bit more exploration down below, where people who are not as important or successful as you actually live. Most interesting, grasshopper!

  38. The eclipse sure has left me with a feeling that there is something hidden, which I can’t quite see yet. I really resonate with what you said. I’m still trying to figure out my place with everything, what the north node will bring and whatever lessons from 2000-2001 I have learned or will repeat. The main theme in my mind has been leaving home (2000-2001) and never going back. But finding home elsewhere. Now I’m in a situation where others have taken me in (as family, and significant other), yet I feel more strongly my desire for independence and the need for solitude. It’s like I desire both company and solitude, but never a middle ground. And I cannot work on creative projects when there’s always people around me (inget distracted so easily). So much happening yet not exactly clear how it’s all unfolding. I love the sense of belonging, yet I love being alone. How does all this play in my chart and with what’s happening now and through Nov 2018? Great article, and thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You won’t know what the eclipse was hiding until the Moon comes around again to reveal. None of us will, actually. It’s rather like the World Cup and the Putin-Trump announcement about the USA and football. We can’t see and won’t know for quite a long time. On a more personal note, your task until December 31st 2018 is to figure out those Nodes. You are repeating yourself thematically. Go versus stay. Free versus committed. You are lucky to have the North Node in Cancer returning good karma to you. There is a way to be very, very happy with your surroundings but also by yourself. You need to think outside the box. You are either going to move by the end of the year; gain a second ‘home away from home’ or … discover a part of the space, the garden, the local park or surroundings where you can be alone and be inspired. I recently found an apartment in the house owned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote much of Sherlock Holmes here in London. It’s lovely and as he was a spiritualist I was very excited to be writing in the same place as the man who was such a part of psychic life in the United Kingdom. Drum roll. It took me weeks to realise there was a shed in the garden. A shed with a desk and chair, just made for a writer. Something about your chart reminds me of this. You are not fully up to speed with what is possible for you, outside the actual house or apartment. Either the one you are in now or the one you move to, or stay in.

      1. I can relate, a place for writing is definitely what I’m looking for and wishing for (big influence from Neil Gaiman, Brian Catling, and Alan Moore – self proclaimed magician – all Englsih writers! That’s so fascinating about your apartment, and the shed in the garden. The energy must be inspiring for sure! Like I was saying, you definitely called it, I’m searching for my “shed” as well, a place for inspiration, as I’ve lately felt distracted (perhaps mostly self inflicted, but a mix of outside influence as well). It sure is possible that my next destination will have some quietude that I’ve been looking for. It will be in a place with beautiful Parks (from what I hear). It’s definitely not a cointry I’m moving to permanently (no don’t about that) but perhaps then I’ll know where I’ll go after that (second home?). And regards to the north node, I just so happen to be in a city at the moment where there is a dragon bridge… Synchronisticty at work! Will for sure think about the choices, “staying vs leaving” “free vs commitment”. and looks like it will be clearer in due time… Thank you so much!

        1. It’s a pleasure. Seriously, go back and see what you missed. I’ll give you another example. I realised that one of the country’s best swimming pools (Olympic training standard) is very close to where I am working in London this year. I just found it today. Go back, back, back to what you clocked at the time but did not follow up, some weeks or months ago. Jupiter direct is changing direction and you are right to go back over old ground.

  39. A belated thank you Jessica. I’ll keep your insight in mind as I go, and look for what has been concealed. Am looking forward to reading the new items on your blog, always interesting and thought provoking.

  40. Thank you for your insight Jessica, you were spot on. Appreciated.

    But I would like to ask a specific followup question, does my chart show any time in the near future that I will be in a serious relationship? Or the distant future? Or will I be struggling throughout……

    1. You want a serious relationship in the near future. The near future is, say, by the end of 2019? Let’s have a look at where things are at now, and how you can move them. You are over-burdened by projects and plans. You can’t possibly get involved in romance while you are so weighed down by everything in your email in-box. You desperately need to stop and delegate or ditch. Pass on work and tasks to others or get rid of them. You have some vague notion of a home life in your mind and that is what motivates you. Yet, what is the point of labouring quite so hard, to get ‘there’ if the journey actually stops you from having a life? That would be my first thought. That you need to stop overloading yourself. You also need to get back in touch with your body. If you are going to use your body for the romantic stuff – dancing, walking hand-in-hand and what Kenny Everett used to call ‘The Naughty Bits’ then you need to get a different relationship going with your physical temple. Your Moon in Virgo can be played so many different ways. You need to be needed, at work – or with housework, gardening, unpaid work – and that’s great. God knows you do your duty by other people! Yet, you are using your body (ruled by Virgo) to take the strain of chores and plans, not for any of the fun stuff. Try to get rid of what you can. You need to properly plant and develop a few of these ideas, or all of them, but you personally cannot go on shouldering this much longer. Then you can find time to swim, to do yoga, to dance, to become used to your body as a sensual ‘machine’ not just a work machine. From that, you get yourself into a position where you can go off in search of romance with a body that says ‘I’m ready’ and that’s what makes the difference.

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