The 2018 Solstice and Your Horoscope

The 2018 Stonehenge Solstice reminds us a major Cancer Node cycle in astrology is here.

The 2018 Solstice and Your Horoscope

The 2018 Solstice and Your Horoscope is about something even bigger – the North Node karma cycle from November 2018 through May 2020. The action takes place in the zodiac sign of Cancer, which rules your house, family, household, apartment, home town and homeland. Do you have Cancer personal birth chart factors? It’s personal.

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120 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, hope you are well. Thanks for the heads up, all the above reflects my current situation spot on. Could you please help me understand the meaning of my cancer placements, how to blend Diana, Panacea, and Vesta together? Back in 2000 was the only time I had ever had a chance to buy a flat, but I didn’t, thinking I had time, was too young etc. Now in my 40’s and still renting in London, where buying a property has become a far-fetched dream for people like myself. Can’t see a way out of this. Can you? Thanks in advance.

    1. Those three placements in Cancer are about finding a way to be free, independent and have space – yet have a home. You went through it karmically in 2000 when you did not buy the flat. Okay, so from November 2018 you are going to see major changes with interest rates, property prices, new kinds of housing, fresh council or government decisions which affect the London market and also Europe as a whole. From this change of the pieces in the property jigsaw puzzle will come a huge choice for you by 2020 when you can fix the past and find a way to put down roots. It may or may not be in London. It may or may not be what you originally rejected in 2000 – but it would be a secure place.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Im a Capricorn but have Apollo in cancer 4 degrees and Ops in cancer 13 degrees how is that going to play for me ?


        1. It’s a really interesting choice, now through 2020, about the house, apartment, local area that spells status to you – the hot spots, the (probably) pricey places – and what or who actually spells home. You may have been the Capricorn type who quit your home town or childhood suburb in order to make it. And you made it. And now you are looking at the place you left behind and stroking your chin. There is an alternative way of playing this and it is to cling on, and hang on, so tightly to where you know/what you know that you deny yourself success. It’s going to be an interesting 2-3 years for you figuring this out. You will solve your own problem though. Ops and Apollo in your chart say – you know how to fix property or ‘home’ issues.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Another riveting read so thankyou.
    I have cancer at – Panacea 28, Psyche 21, Cupido 19, Sun 8, Apollo 7, Mercury 3 and Ascendant 0. I would be very interested to hear what you have to say for my personal horoscope over the next 3 years. I am sure it will be very interesting, given I have 7 factors ranging from 28 degrees to 0.
    On a family note, I have 3 distinct families in my life. 1 – my relations who I adore, my children, grandchildren and my other relatives,both on my side and my husband’s side. 2 – my close friends. 3 – my staff. I have been quite ill requiring hospitalization the last couple of weeks and I returned to work yesterday, expecting to be on my own as my business partner is overseas. Those beautiful girls (my staff) set up a roster system, that I was unaware of, so that they could each in turn be at work with me so I was not on my own. Made me cry for the love that we all share. Family to me is not only my immediate family but all the other groups of people that I cherish as well.

  3. Hi Jessica, I have my IC at 2 deg Cancer. After years of procrastinating, I’m finally making updates and repairs to my home. I have also been considering moving across the country to be near my mother’s side of the family because I feel like where i’m at now was never my home. Back in 2000-2001 I was debating about colleges near or far from home and by the end of 2001 regretting the choice that I made. I’m feeling very similar now to how i felt my first year of college, namely alone, lost, and that people I thought were my tribe prove that they’re not. How do you see the karmic debts/payments play out in this respect or am I completely off target here? Thank you in advance

    1. You are on the karma path with your Cancer IC and Capricorn MC and I think your birth time might be slightly out, actually. Thank you for this feedback. Yes, the college/home crossroads of 2000, 2001 was a deep choice involving your mother’s side and father’s side of the family, notions of home, ambition, success, status and ‘moving on’ to move on in life – or not. You have done this a few times across several incarnations. A classic example would be departing the family and home in a humble situation to make it in the big city, then returning to find you had sacrificed some closeness with a parent or sibling! Okay, so from November (you will feel the bump as the Node moves to Cancer) and well into 2019 you may need to make amends with yourself about any success chances lost as a result of not moving, but also amends with family or school friends, childhood friends from your home town. For more on this general theme look up Cancer, Fourth House, Capricorn, Tenth House. It will work out with an astonishing fresh start in life from Christmas 2020.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I have Cancer in the North Node at 29 deg does this mean I will leave my job or move house soon, (I really want to leave my job).
    thank you Sandi

    1. Yes, from November 2018 the transiting North Node goes to 29 Cancer and the South Node goes to 29 Capricorn, the latter in your Tenth House of career. This is a total career reshape actually with a new project, promotion or perhaps a second switch in 2019 when Jupiter is also in Capricorn in your Tenth House at 29 Capricorn. What happens will hark back to 2000, 20001, perhaps with a subject you studied or a part-time or full-time workload then, paid or unpaid.

  5. Hi Jessica
    The big theme for me from 2000 was when I published a book through a venture that did not go well for me. I am working on turning it into an e-book and republishing on Amazon this year. As this is a work from home venture, would that be relevant in this cycle?
    Thank you

    1. Actually this is all about your Gemini Moon. Wow. Huge opportunity coming to educate yourself further/evolve the project as Jupiter (opportunity) in Sagittarius (publishing, the web) opposes your Moon for the first time in 12 years, peaking in 2019. Reshape, relaunch, rethink what you have.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I find this very interesting thank you.
    I have a large stellum in cancer, could you please help me understand what all those factors mean? Also the nodes will go over my natal nodes prior to November, does this change anything?

    1. From your Cancer Sun through to your Cancer Mars you will feel every month of this long karmic catch-up with your past. Go back to around 2000, 2001 and look for your contribution or reward, involving your home town, actual home land, children, godchildren, young relatives – or much younger people as a whole (infants through to teenagers) who you may have had paid or unpaid work with/through/for. As you can see Cancer and the Fourth House is a pretty broad church, but even if you were in your very early twenties, there may have been a crossroads choice about becoming a father (for example) or even some kind of temporary work gig involving the young. It’s about kin/clan/tribe or home/residence/sanctuary. Perhaps for you this was about your mother and the family, or your home town, versus making it elsewhere. It’s coming back. Hugely. With big hints right now!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Am I right in thinking that as I have Cancer in SouthNode that I will be less affected by the NorthNode home and family karma issues? As I have 7 cancer placements altogether ranging from 4 – 24 degrees there may well be other factors that play out karmically? Although my focus is on establishing a writing career, I obviously keep a hand on the tiller of the family boat and watch for any concerns that may arise. Well, actually it’s a permanent watching brief! Great post as always.

    1. Thank you. You have an astonishing chart and you will find that the North Node in Cancer, which begins its transit in a small way now (June and July 2018) changes your relationship with your home town, homeland, family tree – and also with your house or apartment, the garden, and any other residences. You need to know the family member or ancestor who steers you. I know that you are, as you say, keeping a hand on the tiller of the family boat, but someone is always giving you the map and the compass. Sometimes it’s a grandparent. You may go back to this relative in some way as the Node passes through. He or she will be ‘returned’ to you spiritually. There is also quite an obvious renovation or relocation ahead and again this is about deepening your roots within a particular place. On a broader level there may be very good reasons for you to ‘own’ your home town or country – perhaps by becoming involved in local projects or campaigns. The more you read about Cancer and the Fourth House, the better you will understand yourself. To feel whole it is important to own your Cancerian side and understand the crab within who has her home with her always, and never goes far from her kin and tribe.

  8. Hi Jess,

    How do the positioning of the nodes in my birth chart affect me please?

    1. Mars at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of your chart will be crossed, or conjuncted by, the transiting South Node at 29 Capricorn and as Mars is a symbol of action, self-assertion, energy, competition and sometimes conflict – I am sure you can see why it is time, once again, to deal with a recurring theme in your life with career matters. Mars in Capricorn people tend to have tremendous drive and energy in their careers, and can push their way to the top. Along the way they may sever ties with bosses, colleagues, clients, staff or competitors. Age and time make it easier to avoid really big blow-ups but it looks as if a lesson about your past, with your career as it stood around 2000, is coming around again.

  9. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for yet another fascinating article! Although I got no factors in Cancer, in a sense, it hit home as I seem to be in a never-ending cycle concerning my property abroad; it’s either mortgage concerns or Home Owners Association nerve-jerking activity or whatever. Since I have Nodes at 26 degrees, I wonder if this Solstice and the Big Karma-notion are something additional I should be wary about.


    1. Saturn in Taurus is your answer there. Taurus rules the Second House in the Natural House system and this is where we find your mortgage and your property investments. Taurus is the sign of the bull and it rules gold bullion and bull markets, so symbolically it is about everything you own, earn and owe. Saturn is very hard work, no matter which sign he appears in, and in your Second House this is very much about taking on burdens you cannot change. Acceptance is necessary! Saturn is not the only Taurus factor you have LL, as Venus, Hygiea and Vulcano are also in the sign of the bull. Venus actually rules Taurus so this is important. Here we have a picture of complicated relationships with other people (Home Owners Association) but also a great need to feel secure about the future (Hygiea) and quite a lot of self-control (Vulcano). I suspect this is about far more than just bricks and mortar and your actual family is where you do a lot of your learning in life. The family tree may need a lot of gardening duty. I mention the Taurus signature in your chart because Uranus (the revolution) is slowly crossing that sign and you are thus in for several years of quite radical changes – revolutionary new paths – with the bank, currency, property prices and so on. You need to hit Search and look up a series I have completed on Uranus in Taurus and see it in the context of your own chart. Take a deep breath. When Uranus crosses your Saturn, in particular, you will have to question all the ‘walls’ or defences you have created in your life to make yourself feel secure about your apartment or house, and restructure. This is also very true with the family.

  10. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this heads up. On Solstice, opened a new business account for my online business. My title is Director . Selling modern modern 3d wall arts etc. In 2001 I received a promotion in CARE International.
    I also got engaged it started so well agonising marriage which ended last year.

    My mother, My twin daughter & i all have S Node i cancer. Any insights please. Thank you so much.

    1. Congratulations on your new business. The North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn will return you to the work you did with CARE International either literally (a position comes up) or thematically (the same general issues about non-profit organisations, the developing world, charity fundraising). I am sure you can see that one Node is automatically opposite the other, so you became engaged and looked at starting a family (Cancer) but also moved up within CARE (Capricorn). As the whole family is strongly Cancerian there is major karma here going across several lifetimes. You owe each other. And are owed. Starting at the end of this year you are going to see the past coming back to you, with those debts and credits in store.

  11. Thank you Jessica for this beautiful article. I have cancer and Capricorn on the nodes angled across Mercury, Venus, Saturn at 11 and 18, what is this mean? Family member boundaries serious discussion is coming up mid July. I am also at cross road with my job, will I take on new job or stay where I am? Have a blessed weekend!

    1. You are living your chart. Capricorn is your career in the Tenth House and Cancer is of course the family in your Fourth House. You have a huge pattern across that axis of the mountain goat and the crab, and it will be crossed not only by the North Node and South Node, but also by the slow transit of Saturn in Capricorn, together with Pluto in Capricorn, then Jupiter and Ceres. This is a life reshape. It is about every aspect of your home and career and it will take 2018, 2019 and 2020 to transform how you live and work – and where. I am sure you have developed a lifestyle or pattern over the last few years which involves a particular way of working, or a specific industry or business. That just won’t last. You may in fact switch to a completely different field of achievement, or a radically different way of doing the job you already have. This may involve a new home, or some other quite revolutionary arrangement. The reason I say this is that you also have Uranus in Taurus aspecting this pile-up in your chart so in a way, you are being liberated from what used to confine you or restrict you. Life reshape!

  12. Hi Jessica, thank you for another interesting article. So much has resonated with me, particularly your comments regarding homeland/citizenry. I’ve been an expat for more than 25 years with my home quite literally on my back. Any thoughts on what the cancer patterns might mean for me in terms of international relocation and/or career changes?

    1. Thank you. The Sun, Mercury Mars, Apollo, Hygiea and Ops are all in Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family. You will find that the Node going over this Cancer stellium brings back some familiar themes from the last time this happened – perhaps last time you had to choose between ‘home or away’ for career reasons, or you were dealing with issues about passports, visas and so on. There may have been a family crossroads for you. You shine brightly and are at your brilliant best when you make it work with the family, and property too. I was just in Hastings at the home of quite a well-known Sun Cancer woman whose beautifully renovated and redecorated home is her shining jewel. She has no children but has an extended family of godchildren and stepchildren. Mercury and Mars suggests you need a place to call your own and this may be far more than just a roof over your head. It may be a strong sense of identification with your town or country. We see this combination a lot in the charts of people who are activists and become involved in town planning, or conservation, or political questions about immigration or national identity. The asteroids in Cancer are also very much about ‘my people and my place’ and although you have been away for a very long time, it may in fact be the Node that brings you home, or brings you to a point where you commit to something/someone so that you finally get a deeper sense of place. A lot of strongly Cancerian people are stunned to realise what a difference it makes, even to own a plot of land and a shed. Something about this sign only clicks once you put down roots.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I was wondering what the impact could be with a lot of water elements in the chart, especially as the node gets close to my Chiron? I generally saw my Chiron there as issues relating to my adoption. Additionally, I do have an internal struggle with the idea of having children. The only thing I’ve wanted for a long time is to be a mother; however, due to student loan debt that I won’t be able to pay off long after my fertility goes away and am against having kids when in debt. Thank you for any insight!

    1. Chiron in Cancer in the Fourth House of your chart is about home and family – home town and homeland – and houses, apartments and all residences in your life. Cancer is about belonging to something or someone and identifying with your people and your place. Chiron is a symbol of audacity, temerity and daring. Chiron was the centaur who became a music teacher. How on earth could a half-man, half-horse teach the lyre? He is often seen with a bow and arrow and this represents hitting ‘impossible’ targets. Chiron in Cancer is about getting away with the so-called impossible, with the family, or with your home(s) and it is very likely to relate to your adoption. The Node going over Chiron will bring the literal or symbolic return of a story in your life from the turn of the Millennium and you will once again find yourself experimenting with what other people find quite audacious. The astrologer Dennis Elwell identified Chiron with heretics and gadflies! Hit Search and look up Chiron as he will wake up in your chart.

  14. I’m so confused! I hope you can help me sort this out Jessica! I looked back to my calendar and in May 2000 I left grad school to go home and live with my father whike i tried to write my diss. I am ready to return to home, now really but these signs dont reflect home but lovers….
    21°  Cancer
    03°  Cancer 30′ 05″
    16°  Cancer 13′ 58″
    25°  Cancer 12′ 08″ R
    Am I reading this right? There was nothing in that area…..believe me – nooooothing. lol
    But then sagitarius is in the area of my fourth house, so I wonder if i should only look at the planets there! Please help!

    1. You just answered your own question. You have a stellium (unusually high number of chart factors) in your Fourth House in Cancer. The Fourth House is about your home and family. The last time the Node was in Cancer, you left school to go home and live with your father. None of these symbols in your chart in Cancer is about love. Sometimes Venus is called the planet of lovers, but actually she is about her son as much as her husband. Venus was the mother of Cupido (Cupid) and so we just associate her with complicated relationships. Diana is a symbol of freedom and independence. Vulcano is a symbol of powerful self-control. The South Node itself is about karma. I suspect that you and your father have karmic relationships going back many lifetimes and the last time this was triggered, you went home to live with him. This may indeed happen again, this time round, or there may be another milestone decision involving a parent. Sagittarius does not rule your Fourth House in the Natural House system which I use. It rules your Ninth which is in fact grad school, college and university.

  15. Hi Jessica…thank you again for your work.
    Given that my husband and I are desperately wanting to secure the purchase of our own home and jump off this paying rent rollercoaster we’ve been on of the last 2 years since relocating interstate, how do you see the arrival of North Node in Cancer in November 2018 playing out when it goes over my natal Saturn conjunction Mars placements which are both in Cancer at 27 and 28 degrees? I know these signs aren’t usually seen as favourable…
    We dearly want a place to call our home.

    1. This is a matter for the Fourth House and your astrological placements in Cancer, but also Scorpio and the Eighth House which rules sex and property – and Taurus and the Second House which rules the bank. It’s tricky without your husband’s chart here as well, but in general, the main factor here is Uranus (the revolution) going through Taurus for the first time in your life. He triggers just about everything in your chart over a period of many years and as this planet is a symbol of radical change, upheaval, and most certainly a lack of stability, you do need to be sharply aware of the agreement you are making with your husband. At 4 Taurus, for example, transiting Uranus will oppose your natal Uranus at 4 Scorpio and that is not really about settling down – at all. It is about the need to adapt and adjust to the most tremendous changes and because this is an opposition it is unlikely to feel very secure to you. I understand you want to stop renting, but you need the best financial advice you can afford about what you are considering, and a very clear written agreement with your husband, too. The more leeway you can give yourself the better as Uranus transits like this one are easier when you have room to move with the bank, for example. The fact that the Node is going over your Saturn-Mars conjunction in Cancer in the Fourth House of property over the short-term is also pretty hard work. So just be aware of that!

  16. Hi Jessica,
    I have Saturn and Juno, both in Cancer. Will this mean a reformation in partnerships? Or simply a greater need for (self) discipline? thx!

    1. Saturn is the learning experiences of life you cannot avoid as they are visited upon you by fate – in the Fourth House and Cancer they obviously concern your family tree, but also – likely – recurring issues about houses and apartments, or more broadly, your ties to your home town and homeland. Saturn is really about how you deal with the simple business of being human, no matter if it’s an issue with a parent, sibling or other relative – or just the quest to find a home. Juno is about commitment. She was Jupiter’s wife and she describes who or what you ‘wed’ yourself to. Put those two together and you can see why the Node going through the Fourth House will return familiar learning curves to your door. This time round the idea is to improve upon what you did last time.

  17. Afternoon Jessica,

    How might this cancer mix effect me? It’s my MC and my South Node. I think 1999/ 2000/2001 was a fairly happy time socially for me from what I remember. Curiosity spiked in wonderment.


    1. The South Node is the key factor here – you will have the North Node in Cancer conjunct your South Node, so this is karmic and it involves a close family member, with whom you have shared one or more lifetimes. The themes will be classically Cancerian – a sense of place, belonging, blood is thicker than water and so on. It will feel like a return.

  18. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your articles and for being so acccessible.

    I have my moon and Jupiter in cancer and Ceres ( opposing my moon) and Juno in Capricorn.

    My 1999/2000 were possibly a time when I felt I was “home” – I was in palm beach, USA at that time – first job after college.

    I sometimes wonder if I should have tried harder to stay back ( my 2 year training was up) – I came back home however to Bombay.

    I plan to quit my job next month as I simply can’t go on and am dealing with severe politics with people who are dark and petty more than I have every met ( and don’t have anything lined up as yet) – any insights on how the nodes will impact would be appreciated. The last time they went through cancer was a happy time however I fear we have Pluto and Saturn opposing my moon and Jupiter.

    Thanks so much in advance

    1. Yes, this is a karmic return for you. The dark and petty people are typical of this hideous Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn cycle we are going through in your Tenth House of success, achievement, career and professional status. You will hit jealousy. You will also hit stupidity. There is a time limit to this though and I am sure you know you are already winning! In fact this structure which supports these people with all their rubbish will not last that much longer. People get older. They leave or they – frankly – die. In the meantime, you have your sense of home, belonging, family, home town, homeland and also property to look into. This will be fiercely important to you from November when the Node hops over there and I think it will put this other matter in perspective. Further on you will be tremendously successful and will dismiss what you have gone through. Don’t fear Pluto and Saturn by opposition but do use them. You do have allies and supporters in your chosen field and they are quite powerful people actually so go looking for them.

  19. Hi Jessica, Thanks forawesome posts. I am contemplating a total carreer change in the next one year, if I look back in 2000/2001 it was very eventful time with major shift in my career in April 2001 which defined where I am today which lines up with the timeline you mentioned for 10 Cancer in North Node. Do you think this upcoming Cancer cycle is why I am at the crossroads ?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes this is karmic return time. It’s so interesting. You paid out, or were paid ‘into’ by others and it all comes around again, but in a different way. I am sure that you realise some faces in your life are past life – and even past, past, past life. This is the case from November although it will be hinted at in June, July by subtle clues. Your issue here is success. Can you be successful without making family members feel you have gone far, far away from them? If you look back at your life patterns you will see it’s a raging issue. In fact, often events have occurred which push you straight back to family. Then, they let you go again. Or you let them go again! You are going to through the similar issues about career as the Nodes swing around again, because career means being some place else/someone else and that brings the family into sharp perspective for you. Figuring out the family thing is worth the effort, despite the effort!

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Could you help me to understand what is happening with my home and my family. I feel deeply saddened by the lack of emotional or physical support from them right now. Is it something that I have done in the past? Looking on the positive side I did meet with a wonderful support group, just as you mentioned to me before.

    1. I am glad you found your support group and the prediction came true. I am very sorry about the lack of support from home and family but they are also going through stuff. And sometimes people go into denial or minimisation. They try to ignore or shrink your situation because they cannot handle it. People can be human – oh so human. You will make family of your new friends in the group and vice-versa. You will get them through so much. There is an Italian or (other European nationality) woman in your group who is a very powerful person.

  21. I’m not sure where to post this.

    Wow Jessica,
    Your weekly Capricorn horoscope seemed like you wrote it for me personally,
    “the need to find success and status………. and the instinct for home and family” is so where I’m at right now. Plus, I have a stellium in Cap with Psyche 5 Cap practically conjunct transit Saturn at 6, AND, my Saturn return all happening. I have an interview on Wed (not quite full moon time) which, if successful, would take me away from my home for 4 days a week and back to my old corporate life which is not where I want to be at all – need to earn a crust! Further complicated by the opportunity to deepen my yoga knowledge with a course that would be in conflict should the interview produce a job offer – not sure I could do both.
    I now realise why I’ve felt so very heavy and down, even fearful of late, our friend Saturn!
    How to make the right decision for me and my family – do I finally and completely walk away from the old me and take a chance on new ventures, or ‘suck it up’ and do what needs to be done short term to make provision. The cards don’t seem to help as I never seem to be able to interpret them.
    Anyway, my decision I just wanted you to know you were so spot on.
    Cheers x

    1. Actually a compromise is called for. Cancer and Capricorn can be all-or-nothing signs in the chart. Capricorn says you absolutely have to move right away from who/where you come from, to make it. No going back. Cancer says, you can’t make it without ignoring/shunning/neglecting/abandoning home and family. Both are too extreme. There are creative and inventive ways to serve both sides of yourself. June, July is the preview. There is no black and white but a lot of interesting grey areas if you reach for them.

  22. Thank you Jessica for this article , It resonates with me , there a lot that reflects on my current situation ‘ The Fourth House is about sanctuary, safety, security ‘
    I have two major issues i need your advice on , will be so grateful for your insights –

    I have struggled with rent in the current flat and bit behind but don’t have options to move , as would have to find money to pay deposit & movers for a new place and clear owing money here before I can move , there seems to be a payment coming end/ mid of July that will stabilize things for us if it comes through and we can continue to be here , do you think it will materialize , will we continue to live here or do you see us having to move .

    With my child’s schooling we dint have many options left as money was the big issue , even looked at home schooling and took him to different interviews , we just got another offer of enrolment from a school , the first place he was unsettled with , will this be good for him . its a Christian school and he is a bit religious but not much into sport at the moment so a bit concerned . (25.3.2005 )

    I have some cancer factors
    11° Cancer 51′ 29″

    15° Cancer 31′ 48″

    14° Cancer 38′ 54″

    08° Cancer 24’ 05″
    Thank you so much for your valuable time and insights , blessings .
    J xx

    1. When Jupiter (opportunity, improvements, assistance, win-win outcomes) reaches Scorpio (finance, business, property) at 24 degrees and crosses (or conjuncts) your Neptune (holidays from reality, escape routes) you will be given a massive way out, and way through. It will not be real, yet it it’s real. I hope that makes sense. For example – interest-free loans can be real money, yet not real money! As you have a stack of stuff around 24 degrees of the zodiac signs, I think this is a crossroads for you and it will obviously help you with your quest for a home. A classic example would be house-sitting and paying no rent. Neptune rules bubbles and you have a bubble around your residence, finances, possessions and so on. When Jupiter comes along it makes the bubble better and bigger.Jupiter gets there in October 2018 and very close to the 19th you are going to be shown a way to get out, or get through. Soon after this the Node does in fact move to Cancer and your Fourth House of property and family, so any good karma you earned around 19 years ago comes back. It may even do so through a place or person you know very well – and a return!

  23. Hi Jessica,

    In 2000/2001 I was having a difficult time with my mother after my father passed and the only way out seemed to marry a man I loved (yet knew was not a terrible choice for me). I did it anyway and we ended up divorcing and re-marrying twice. How is my chart affected? Thank you.

    1. I am very sorry you were put through this. You have incarnated with your parents and also with this man at least once before – perhaps many times before. The North Node and South Node go through Cancer (family) and Capricorn (status) about every 19 years. In fact some people believe Stonehenge was built to show that cycle. It truly is that important and you had it across your Ascendant (name, image) and Descendant (marriage, divorce). Actually, the thing you need to look up is your massive chart signature in Leo and the Fifth House. You don’t say if you had children or not, but actually that is what your life path is about. Finding a way to guide, mentor and teach younger people, no matter if you proceed to babies or not. You will find this theme is very strong in 2018 and in fact July and August ask you to make choices, on top of previously made choices. You simply must find a way to ‘rule’ a younger ‘court’ of heirs to your throne. It’s what truly matters and 2018 is the year. Even if it’s about paid or unpaid work with the next generation, you just have to plant yourself there – go there.

  24. Jessica,

    Can you give me some general insights on what to expect on this node karmic cycle for nov 2018 to 2020? Especially in my 4th and 10th house since its a major influence in my life.

    Something tells me its going to one hell of a ride since I have scorpio stellium in the 4th house.

    I remember clear as day the 2000 to 2001 cycle. I was pregnant and moved away from home. It was a very temultous and difficult time for me.

    The major themes I have going on now is I’m in the process of purchasing my first home….I am having a few issues with getting a mortgage even though I am financially sound. If all goes well, I see myself purchasing investment property or be a developer in the future.

    I am also creating a fashion business that is a social enterprise to benefit the women in the country of my family roots. My products will also be made there and will be sold in U.S. and U.K. I also came to the realization that my lifestyle brand will be very much focused on my familial roots!

    Very fascinating article it resonates so much with me!

    1. You were pregnant and left home in the 2000, 2001 Cancer-Capricorn karma cycle which is typical with people who have big patterns in these signs, and go through those transits. Congratulations on your social enterprise fashion business, tied to your family roots. So Cancer-Capricorn! I can see you have a huge pattern in Scorpio too. Do all you can to make or save money before November when Jupiter (opportunity, abundance, solutions) moves out of Scorpio. Please also look up what I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in the final quarter of 2018 as this applies to you. You are in the best position in 12 years to accumulate money, or cash in kind favours (like a free office) – but also to make a lot of money. Now, to the repeating Cancer-Capricorn nodal cycle: you have Mars conjunct Juno (action and commitment – quite pushy, fierce, assertive and also tremendously ambitions) in Capricorn. Mars is at 11 and Juno is at 12 Capricorn, almost exactly conjunct. This is where you are pulled, far more than home or family. Yet the Nodes are also pulling you home. The real issue for you will be doing the right thing by your people and your place, versus the realities of international business. You are playing this Cancer-Capricorn opposition at a very high level in this lifetime and I suspect master each level of the two signs every time it comes round. This is the big one. This is also about family members or household members wanting in on the action, so be aware of that. Or…what you feel you owe family faces, in terms of your own success. That’s truly assured this year, even if it comes from a secondary source, outside the actual business.

  25. Hi Jessica, Wow, this article is incredible, it links with what is happening in my world, thank you for your insights.

    I’ve just applied for a promotion in another part of the country (that I absolutely love!) but I feel very emotional about it, more than I assumed I would. The potential reality of leaving my home town, family, friends and house is weighing on my heart. I’m waiting to hear if I have been successful for interview.

    In 2000, I left home to go to university.. so the repeating pattern you talk about is there. I always return home from my various adventures and travels around the globe. I’ve never been away for longer than a year.

    Do you have any insights when you see my Cancer Stellium?

    I’ve also started dating a lovely friend of mine, a beautiful Capricorn man, who wants children as do I. He’s been positive about the possibility of me moving, as he works for himself and can be flexible about where he is based within reason.

    Usually, my Aries pioneering spirit wouldn’t think twice about an adventure and opportunity such as this, but it feels different this time.

    All and any of insights are truly appreciated. Thank you x

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is working for you. You are repeating 2000, as you guess. Leaving home for university. Your relationship with Mr. Capricorn who wants children (Cancer rules family) is also classic. Let’s see what is going on here. Ceres is the big one. She is at 15 Cancer and she will be crossed by the transiting North Node of karma at 15 Cancer, over the short-term. Ceres is also under slow oppositions with Pluto at 15 Capricorn and Saturn at 15 Capricorn too. So, you have weather here. Do look up Ceres here for more information. She is essentially that part of you which is very powerful, forced to win and lose at family and property, quite dramatically, every few years. When it’s good, it’s amazing and when you have to bow down, give up, lose or let go – it can feel so tough! Ceres is about knowing winter and autumn are as good as summer and spring. You will always have quite dramatic seasons with houses, apartments, family members or flatmates – even your home town or homeland. This is being triggered now through 2020. Yet, your Ceres in Cancer also teaches you how to share. How to strike a deal. Capricorn will ask you to figure that out.

  26. Hi Jessica!

    Is there an astrology version of an arbitration board? I (and my whole family) can’t seem to catch a break at the moment & having read this it looks like that’s not about to change? I have Vesta & IC in Cancer, & sun in Capricorn (+others). Can I appeal, or should I just hibernate till whatever year you think it will be safe to come out? I feel like even speaking, at the moment, is a dangerous activity, with my words & motives misinterpreted, and can now see the appeal in a vow of silence. Am I right to be worried?

    1. You will be overjoyed by Jupiter in Sagittarius hitting your witty Gemini-Sagittarius axis, from November 2018 and by 2019 will be flying high thanks to a project, course, book, website, blog and so on. This is the ‘words’ combination and a lot of people use it on YouTube too or even ‘in 25 words or less’ contests! Okay, so the Cancer-Capricorn axis of your chart is under karma transits. No doubt about that. Also from November 2018, through 2019, you need to choose between success, status, ambition and ‘making it’ and your own family, origins, roots, culture, history and birth place or home town. Can you do both? Yes, you can juggle. But you still have to make some kind of serious choice. This is karma, coming back to be repaid, and future karma, being created, with these souls in your family tree. Going beyond this – you will catch a break by 2019 and will be using your gift for words, ideas and images in the most rewarding way.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the great write up as well as the Tweets! I’ve read through the other comments… But I do have a nodal return at 28 degrees Cancer and Capricorn stellium… I guess my nodal return won’t be exact until Nov. 2018… but how should I understand the implications of Capricorn stellium opposing transits of Cancer North Node??

    1. Thank you. I do like Twitter – it’s great when you come in from a swim at the beach and just have time for a few quick messages with friends and fellow astrology fans. Now, your Cancer-Capricorn axis is already under transit, as Pluto and Saturn are both crawling slowly through your Capricorn zone – the Tenth House of success, status, social position, achievement and ambition. It’s been tough but you’re either still making it, or hanging on. Now, what is new, is the North Node in Cancer from November and in fact all the Cancer ‘weather’ of 2018. At some point, you are going to have to make a choice. Nobody could possibly expect you to change who you are, in terms of your family members, home town and so on – or your own place in the world. Yet, I have to say, the Node will not come again in Cancer for another 19 years so this is really it, for your soul karma, debts and credits – and future soulful karma – with your parents, siblings and other close relatives. Get on that.

      1. Thank you for the explanation…
        I am slowly getting into caretaking my mother (Taurus Moon)… one of the larger projects is to help my mom sell our childhood home (sale due to close around November-early 2019?). My siblings will probably have a fit about this as one of them is extremely attached to this childhood home and the hometown (I’m not attached at all…)

        Don’t know I’ve got close relative stuff, but few uncles (close and distant relatives) have passed…

        All these right in line with what you’ve discussed?

        Are there more?!

        1. You want to help your mother sell your family home and you think at least one brother or sister will protest. All this is Cancer stuff in the Fourth House. You were born with the North Node at 28 Cancer and from November, when you plan to close the sale, the transiting or travelling North Node will move to 28 Cancer. This is karma. The North Node and South Node (passing through at 28 Capricorn) are about the return of past debts and credits from other lifetimes, and you and your mother have at least one soul bond in another life, perhaps more. You may even have been married – or she may have been the child, and you may have been the mother. No doubt one brother or sister is also involved in the karma. To see how this will pan out, we look to anything else at 28 in your chart or close by. You have Vesta at 27 Virgo, which is pretty close. Vesta is about one male/two or more females involved in a competitive situation where there are lots of issues about favouritism, popularity, loyalty, betrayal, gender politics and the rest. This is no doubt a sister or perhaps another woman in the story, as you are male and your mother is the first female in the pattern. It may help to look up Vesta on Search. The situation is best handled with humour! At all costs try to avoid a situation where you are encouraging your mother and any other female to compete for your approval, attention, favour and so on. Equally, do not let two or more females manipulate you! Vesta patterns in a chart can feel quite intense and this one will be triggered at about the same time you sell the home. I hope this helps. The sale and also your care of your mother is meant to be – you may be curious to read more about soul contracts, and lives between lives, as you have all agreed to this very moment, before you incarnated.

  28. I always get so much from reading your blog, especially your replies to the questions and comments. Really interesting and thought provoking.

    My 2000-2001 story was about the focus on career but sacrificing a overseas opportunity for my relationship at the time (and it didn’t work out). I went on to reinvent myself and have been all about career since then. But now I’m in the midst of some really complicated issues with home, family (including starting one) and work. And the compromises and gymnastics required to bring them all into balance. I guess this is what is called karma.

    Appreciate your insights with my placements in Cancer. Is it time to come home?

    1. Thank you. You do have quite the Cancer-Capricorn axis being triggered by so many transits, and it’s previewed in a minor way in June, July. You did this before, in terms of giving up on an overseas opportunity (ambition – Capricorn) in order to make your relationship work (home, potential family – Cancer). You are now being brought back to Cancer again. This axis often flips around. It happens so that you can dig deeply into one sign and its house (Cancer, Fourth House) and then the other (Capricorn, Tenth House). Success, status and ambition will test you more, challenge you more, demand more and yet be very hard to resist, now through 2020. At the same time, you cannot shun or ignore close relatives; home; home town; property; home land. I don’t think you want to do that anyway, but the trick for the next 2-3 years will be finding a way to literally pay to have balance. It’s going to cost you to do that, but you also need to get real about who and what is at stake. Some things will never come back, ever. Last Chance Saloon as my Twitter friend Marian Keyes says.

  29. Jessica, thanks for this article. It is speaking to me, as I’m currently experiencing severe family crisis; specifically parents and my responsibilities toward them, combined with home locale which is the furthest thing from warm and fuzzy. Do the aspects upcoming show any relief on the way in my chart? Thanks.

    1. You have to do the hard yards, as they say in Australia, with the Nodes across Cancer and Capricorn. They have not even moved in yet, with all their karmic payback, but as you have your IC or Immum Coeli at 3 Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family, you have only recently experienced Saturn at 3 Capricorn, right opposite. Ultimately you will end up with the transiting North Node at 3 Cancer too, so you really have to accept that this is a 19-year cycle of acceptance, then just get on with it. Once the karmic transits of the Nodes across Cancer-Capricorn are gone, you then have Ceres at 3 Capricorn, Jupiter at 3 Capricorn across that IC/MC axis one more time. So it may be that you have to sort out your parents and your home base over a slow period of adjustment, 2018, 2019, 2020. If your birth time is spot-on then Jupiter across your MC at 3 Capricorn will bring the biggest opportunity for success in 12 years and you would be crazy not to go there, yet you will have to sort out a compromise with yourself about your parents, your family and where you come from. What will really help is understanding both your Cancer and Capricorn side and trying to find a way to make peace with them.

      1. Thanks so very much for your time & insight; it does feel correct when I check in with my instincts.

        1. Thanks again Jessica. For the record, the astro timing details are Spot-on:

          * Late night (Eastern Standard Time) June 20, 2018 my Dad (89 yrs old, happily living alone since divorcing my self-centred Mom in late 1999) fell and broke his hip.

          * He had surgery on June 21, 2018, and, as of today July 2, 2018, he is in a convalescent nursing home for unforeseen time period – perhaps even permanently.

          This creates extreme stress:
          My mom had never accepted divorce. So, due to the nature of their co-dependent relationship, my Divorced Dad simply Continued exactly as if it had never happened (he’s basically been her Slave; emotionally, physically, financially for 50 years).

          It’s as if SHE is his daughter, instead of his ex-wife. His main focus has always been her needs and well-being, and she milks this for all he’s worth! If she doesn’t get her own way, she throws a tantrum like a two-year-old and he has always caved.

          Also after their divorce, he had insisted on me accepting his unhealthy rules of engagement towards me: either accept her/participate in the “pretend” family, or else, he’d cut off his contact with me.

          It’s only been a week but I’m already drained.
          I’m an only child, so there’s no siblings to help.
          At the end of each day, I have zero energy left to work on my career (which I love).

          If this Solstice event is just be a Preview of things to come, heaven help me!

          But, thanks to your insight & astro knowledge, I am encouraged to hang on:
          there will be an end to this cycle.

          I will work on acceptance and seeing this place (locale, back in my home town) for what it can do for me, vs. what it can’t (career wise).

          In the meantime, I will be counting the days until December 2019 when Jupiter crosses that pesky ambitious MC of mine!

          Thanks again Jessica. You’re the best astrologer on the web!

          1. Thank you. At some point you may want to rethink the family and how to handle it. July is not a bad time as the Sun highlights, exposes and illuminates every detail of the dynamics. You will probably find past life relationships here. When you say your mother is more like your father’s daughter – that may be exactly who she was, one or more lifetimes ago. Families which do not function in a regular way require special handling and strategies. It may be that you are outgrowing your old strategy. Time for a new one. If you are drained, then your current point of view is not working. Interestingly, I have had two brushes with unusual families in the last 24 hours. One troubled son found his solace in music and in making his peace with his dead father and sister, in his own way – to some extent – even getting a sense of humour about them. In the other family I heard from a person who just decided to detach and not feel guilty. It was for her own survival. You have a really good month here to explore, experiment, think, plot and plan.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. As I am new to astrology, please let me know what do you see in my chart about love, about a relationship this year. I am a scorpio with ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn, stellium in Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn. Pretty hard/heavy chart…
    Thank you!

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Any insight as to how my karma will play out? I’ve done some things that I’m not proud of. Also I am currently talking to a Pisces man that I met during May 2018. We are just friends at this stage.

    1. The Pisces man either had a child about 19 years ago or he was in a sexual relationship which ended in an unplanned pregnancy, termination – or was just with a woman for whom motherhood, parenthood or fatherhood was a massive big deal. He will go through all the karma associated with this from November 2018 and by 2019 you will realise that is where his sexual and romantic choices are coming from. You have a stunning stellium in Sagittarius and in 2019 will either move, emigrate or take the most important holiday in years. It will be the making of you!

  32. Thanks for this, I am an Aries gal with no real luck on home or career fronts but happily with someone I love.
    Please can I expect anything with the following cancer Capricorn placements?
    29° Cancer 24′ 50″
    29° Capricorn 24′ 50″
    Vulcano Psyche
    08° Cancer 19′ 40″
    22° Capricorn 05′ 36″
    18° Cancer 47′ 03″
    13° Capricorn 05′ 42″

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate then your IC (family tree, roots, heritage, family patterns, culture, background, origins) is at 29 Cancer so you come from people who were dedicated solely to motherhood – they never worked – being a mother was their only job – or perhaps to property and real estate, which are ruled by Cancer. The transiting North Node across that will bring karma from around 19 years ago, and perhaps through past lives, back to you – with new choices about your own house or apartment, or your own mothering role. This triggers the MC in Capricorn at the same time which is rather ambitious. The MC in Capricorn woman does not want to be a full-time mother or even stay close to her home town. She wants to achieve, and achievement comes from moving. As I say, you need an accurate birth time for this to happen – but November will bring the ‘mother’ of all decisions about success, or the need to be needed. Can you have both?

  33. Dear Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Leo (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Ceres, Apollo, Psyche) and am wondering what the month of July might hold. I’ve been thinking about the nodes and karma and going as far back as 2000/2001, when I got married, divorced and remarried to the same man I later divorced a second time – it was an exploitative, emotionally abusive marriage. Last year, I miscarried and husband walked out 2 days later because he met someone else. We divorced after 6 months. He’s back now, for only sex it seems, but there is someone else around too, an older man who works at the same place. It’s not a sexual relationship but I find myself attracted to him. Thank you for your insights!

    1. You are living your Node cycle in the most intense way. In 2000, 2001 you married, divorced, remarried, then divorced. So there is a ton of karma there with the husband you had at the Millennium. I am very sorry to hear you miscarried last year. And really, the father of your child walked out? This is so much to bear in one body and soul, and I am going to look at your chart in some detail to see what on earth is going on. It would be more than just your Leo stellium, although it is complicated and dominates your chart in the Fifth House of parents and children. Pluto, Vulcano, Aesculapia and the IC are all in Libra the sign of marriage and divorce. I am sure you can see the very tight pattern in your Seventh House there. Mercury 8, Venus 10 Leo and Pluto 9 Libra are tightly tied in what is known as a sextile. This means it never rains but it pours. Mercury is how you think and speak, and pass on your messages and news – how you communicate – and he is very close to Venus, who loves complicated relationships full of jealousy, tests, trials and rewards. They are tied to Pluto, who is all about passion, domination, obsession and ownership – and it all happens through Leo (the children, pregnancies, terminations, adoptions, step children) and Libra (love, sex, marriage, divorce). The good news is, it will never be this intense again! You will not have any major Leo horoscope action for years. 2018 is your last stop for karma balancing with your former husband. By the time you get Leo transits again all this will be a memory. One way through this is to understand that you *must* have a role with children or young people, mentoring, guiding and setting an example to them. However – they do not have to be your own, and they do not even have to be in your family or among the godchildren. These younger faces can come from any paid or unpaid effort you throw out there. They would also be your ‘heirs to the throne’ and bear the influence of your personality and the legacy of your guidance. Think seriously about this as a way of using your Leo side without the drama and pain of these very, very difficult relationships. Good luck with your older man, but remember – he also very likely has karma with you, or is there to only assist you in completing karma with your former husband. Complicated!

      1. Thank you Jessica for this detailed explanation, which really hit home….and for sharing your gift with all of us. I’m truly amazed.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating stuff! I have ASC at 6 Cancer and North Node at 29. In 2000 – 2001 my then husband and I bought a condo. We sold it 7 years later when we split. I haven’t been able to purchase another and the market has gone up, up, up.
    Any thoughts on what this might mean for me?

    Thanks! JD

    1. If your North Node is 29 Cancer in your Fourth House of family and property, from November 2018 the transiting (travelling) North Node will also be at 29 Cancer bringing you a very rare Node Return. This is karma. It goes all the way back to the actual purchase of the condo with your ex-husband and the past life debts and credits from that year will return to you in disguised (or perhaps literal, exact) form enabling you to ‘pay out’ anything you owe him, and anything he owes you. It’s very much about your husband. Looking closely at your chart I am sure you can see that your North Node at 29 Cancer, South Node at 29 Capricorn (your position as his wife and your ambitions in life) and Vesta at 28 Virgo are very close by. Vesta is one male/many females and is always about gender imbalance and how to fix potentially toxic issues with other females. His mother, his daughters, his new lover, his former lover and so on. Can you think that far back? Virgo is about your Sixth House of daily life, workload, the body, lifestyle and daily routine. Have a really, really good look at what went down in 2000, 2001 because it does involve those other females and it does very much involve him and an awful lot of payback. The Nodes in transit tend to produce events/developments even when you don’t look for them so stay tuned!

  35. Hello Jessica
    Do you have a recommendation on how to find the exact conjunction dates and times for Moon conjunct GC helio based for
    2014-2018 (GMT or otherwise noted.?)

    Or if you have them handy it’d make my task faster to finish.

    Or both a fillet of fish and a fishing lesson.?

    Thank you very much once again.

    1. Chris, I am afraid I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Moon conjunct GC? What is GC? And what is helio-based? I think we are talking fillet of fish here. Make mine with mushy peas on the side.

  36. Hi Jessica
    Hoping you can help me to understand my astrological influences… I am a complete novice !
    I have a trine in Cancer… ops, Apollo and my Asc. What does any of this mean?

    Many many thanks for your generosity 😎

    1. Sandie, you don’t have a trine at all. A trine is an exact angle between a horoscope factor in, say, Cancer and another one in Pisces or Scorpio. What you do have, which you should read all about, is a stellium in Aries. A stellium is an unusually high count of factors in just one zodiac sign. You have yours in Aries in the First House of self-promotion, appearances, branding and profile. This is very common in the charts of men who become lead singers in rock bands, or women who fly the flag for their team at the Olympics and are asked to walk upfront. It is about ‘fronting up’ to the world. We also find it in the charts of flight attendants who must be on show many times a day and ‘fly the flag’ for their airline. Hit Search and look up Aries and the First House. With Chiron now transiting or travelling there, this is a major time of ongoing rebirth and relaunch for you with a new look and a new way of being upfront.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in both Cancer and Capricorn. I’m very curious as to how the solstice affects me.

    1. Deidre, if you are a Cancer and Capricorn stellium person, then July is a preview of 2019, 2020 choices about balancing your ambitions for success and status, with your need for a proper home. So far this is a very lopsided matter for you, as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have not been balanced by any long-range transits in Cancer, so essentially you have put your own achievements and ambitions first, and your sense of strong belonging to a place has come second. What is new about July (in a small way) and very strong from November 2018 is the chance to really dig in deeply and get some roots and find a way to actually use that, to make yourself more successful.

  38. Hello… thank you yet again for an on target article of particular interest to me. I’d be grateful for your time to look at the impact on my own chart. Blessings!

    1. Actually it’s your Sagittarius stellium that is of greater interest and importance. You were born with an unusually high number of horoscope factors in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, which describes travel and travel in the mind. You are a natural traveller, explorer, student of life – and a mentor or guide for others. The worldwide web is one way of doing it, but actually emigrating or criss-crossing the world is another. Starting in November you have a stunning new cycle of opportunity, expansion and growth and even now in July 2018, every month when the Moon goes into Sagittarius, you will have 1-2 days of subtle contacts, discussions or fleeting possibilities. Later on these will knit themselves together in a cohesive way and by Christmas I really hope you will have agreed to a brand new way of learning, teaching, travelling, perhaps even writing or publishing – 2019 could be wonderful. A foreign face or name is very much involved in what comes.

  39. Hey Jess….trying my luck again…hope you see this 🙂

    I have a stellium (4-5 in each) in Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Taurus & Sagittarius. I understand the individual themes of these houses but I’ve never been able to create a big picture of ‘me’.

    Back in 2000-01, I was heading off for college in a different city and met super interesting people and had a great 3 years. Life now is extremely different – with my new-ish career, I feel part restless & part settled. It’s a weird conflicting feeling that drives me nuts. I feel like there are so many directions to take and I’m obsessing over which one — I wish one option would present itself and I would just instantly know!

    What do Nodes have in store for me? Hope it’s some radical change (career, city or love) which sweeps me away (in a good way!). Any chances of that happening Jess? I could really do with a gust of fresh air….

    Love to hear your thoughts.

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself wherever you are. As always, thank you so much for everything you do.


    1. You will find that July gives you a preview of the way your home-career balance will be in 2019. New issues will come up that require you to sort out your living space for the next 12-24 months in a way that solves some of your career issues. For example, you may want to save or make money from your living space or property investment (if you have one) which counter-balances any losses you are taking in your career (losses you don’t mind making, if you prefer a particular way of working which pays less). I hope you can see how Cancer-Capricorn works. Or – you could find a way to work harder/better/differently which brings in more revenue so you can actually make a far more drastic decision about your current living space or residence. July is a tiny taste of what is to come. Meditate or just go for a determined walk and see what arises for you. Often it is in those zoned-out times that huge answers emerge.

  40. Hi Jessica!

    My MC is in Cancer. Earlier this year you mentioned that this year was going to have a huge focus on children – my own or others. At the moment I’m talking to a family lawyer to settle some outstanding issues regarding my daughter (and I fully expect Mercury Retrograde to play havoc with finalising this!) but I’m interested to know if my Cancer MC is being triggered and how at this time.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, children are a major focus in 2018 – but for the last time in a long time. This is ‘children’ from the perspective of the Queen and her dynasty. The more emotional, personal, side of parenthood comes in 2019 as the Node goes through Cancer. Your chart shows great happiness with the world of children and there may be a new arrival by next year – perhaps a grandchild or godchild, niece or nephew. In other cases the theme of children will come through paid or unpaid work you do, that involves small people. There is a lot of brilliant action crossing your chart so make the most of it.

      1. Thanks so much Jess! A psychic told me to be careful about falling pregnant in the next year or so – your message made me laugh and think and think I should make myself a little note to carry in my wallet that says ‘just say no’. I’m single, all of my family have finished having kids and I don’t work in a field where I ever come across children. So let’s hope it’s just my darling 3 year old that I’m enjoying! Lol

          1. Well, you did say a couple of months ago that the one man that comes in and out of my life might reappear again in November – and that there is some karma between us around whether or not he’s prepared to be a dad or step dad.

            His details:
            14 March 1971 Cambridge UK 137am

            My legs are crossed already! Lol

  41. Hi Jessica I have read this post at least 3 times now and keep discovering more details, it’s wonderful work thank you for your dedication. As i have learnt astrology in the equal house system & then with Regiomontanus with Deborah Houlding for horary, as these are both quite different from the natural house system and sun sign Astrology i have a couple of questions which affects my own chart for you. I have my Moon and Vesta conjunct at 29 degrees of Cancer & my MC at 12 degrees. When the north node hits my moon & Vesta conjunction how much of an orb if any should I work with? And how much consideration is given to the MC & Vesta in terms of planetary importance in your work as they aren’t planets as such? Finally how much focus when I’m trying to work with these should I look at all the oppositions this affects in my 10th house in Capricorn which I think i have 3 or 4 placements in Saturn. Thank you in advance if you have time to help me with this.

    1. I am a huge fan of Deborah Houlding and she wrote an excellent book on houses. Horary is obviously about 500 years behind the work I do with modern asteroids and dwarf planets, but as my friend Sven once said, if a particular technique is any good in astrology, it will combine easily and well with others! To answer your question, I only use orbs of 0-1 degree. Anything wider means the chart looks like a mess, as we are working with over 30 chart factors, not just a tiny handful as William Lilly did. All factors are of equal importance in the chart, so Vesta matters quite as much as Saturn. In fact Saturn was her father. You will find this Cancer North Node transit at 29 fascinating as it crosses your natal Vesta at 29 Cancer in the Fourth House. This is slow-moving karma with the family, a live-in partner, or your flatmate – from around 19 years ago. Vesta is about the dynamic between one male and two or more females. We find it with Prince Andrew, his former wife Sarah Ferguson and his two daughters. We also find it with King Henry VIII and his six wives! The Moon describes your ‘need to be needed’ which you learn from the kind of mothering you had, for better or worse. The Moon in Cancer in the Fourth House is the very image of nurturing, caring and protecting, yet conjunct Vesta there are issues about other females within the family or household. For you, this Nodal transit over your Vesta-Moon conjunction will manifest as a useful life lesson about a particular man. This may be your father, grandfather, brother or uncle. It may be the man you share your home with now, or a man you once shared your home with. I hope you can see it’s all about the Fourth House. Digging deeply into understanding this man’s attitudes, his opinions, his heart, his soul and his psyche will really help you move forward. It’s been a long time coming. Hit Search and look up Vesta too. We always get a ‘Pontifex Maximus’ character with this transit and this man is certainly that.

      1. Thank you Jessica this is really, really helpful for me. I understand what your saying re my 4th house and I first met my husband 19 years ago although it was for the first couple of years a purely professional relationship and we were therefore not living together. I was however previously married 19 years ago too and that marriage was definitely unraveling around this time too, and I was still living with him. I have not heard from or seen this man for many, many years so not sure which one of these men it may apply too? I don’t suppose Astrology can answer this for me? Finally I am very keen to take part in your online Sun sign Astrology course early 2019 – I’ll definitely be doing it!

        1. Hard to say which of the men this describes without the charts, but I am glad this is helpful for you. Please do come on board with Sun Sign School, and you’ll learn all about the Node cycles and how to predict the past, present and future for other people too!

  42. Hello Jessica, thank you for the quick response.
    I resent a better question and it looks like the internets ate it.

    I’m looking for dates from 2014 ,2016 and 2018 when the moon returns to the same spot on the chart @ 26 or27 degrees Sagittarius with the sun @ 26 degrees Gemini

    Or from a Heliocentric view, when the earth is in Sagittarius and the moon is @ 26 Sagittarius

    (do you have a preference for the location of the GC – Galactic Center?)

    Thank you for the patience while I figure out how and which questions to ask .

    1. Okay, so the Moon returns to 26, 27 degrees Sagittarius every month, which I am sure you know. What you seem to be looking for is a Full Moon when the Sun was also at 26, 27 degrees Gemini. You need Solar Fire software to conduct that kind of search – do you have it? I don’t use the Galactic Centre or Heliocentric astrology. If you actually had a question for me about your life I could answer it!

  43. Hi Jessica, another thoughtful, informative article, thank you. I have a few planets in Cancer, Moon 20 deg.; Apollo 4, Fortuna 4, Bacchus 11. It feels like my cancer moon is a strong factor always. Recently my mother-in-law died, someone I will truly miss. My mother died in 2000. So there’s a link. And I’ve just been involved in a very successful project, the committee worked amazingly well in the end, and now I’m at the centre of a conflict with a person I had managed to keep at bay for the entirety until now. I’m not worried about it, will not back down (surprise, surprise) but am perplexed about what that’s all about. It doesn’t connect to anything I remember about 2000. I am more adamant about standing my ground on the particular issue that is in contention than I have been about anything in a long time, and I don’t care how it looks to anyone else. That certainly fits with your description of a strongly aries type but I think the uranus transit has made that aspect of my personality come forward. Do you think this group experience will have consequences over the next year? Thank you.

    1. There is past life karma with both your mother and mother-in-law, and you have just seen the Node cycle complete – as you say – your mother passed in 2000 and now your mother-in-law has also passed to spirit. I am sorry for your loss, both times. The situation you mention with this difficult person is nothing to do with the Node cycle, but I will have a look at it. You are a strongly Aries person and ‘fight the fight’ in common with many born under this chart signature, but you need to find out where it gets you and everybody else! Perhaps you should put more energy into a family reunion, an extended family vacation, a house warming or some other happy event. We only get this kind of delightful Cancer Node/Scorpio Jupiter weather very rarely and you have it this year. This will help you put the battle in perspective and you may glean some wise advice from other members of your clan. If this is not a family it is a share household or group of friends which feels more like family. It reminds me of the U2 song, ‘A Kind of Homecoming.’

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Are you going to write something about Ceres transiting Virgo? I have a big stellium there.

    Thank you,


    1. CG, Ceres in Virgo is not so important, as she is not accompanied by any other major slow-moving transits through Virgo. In your own life this will obviously be about the Sixth House – ruling your lifestyle, workload, body, routine, service and duty. You can expect a carve-up here and a compromise. You can hit Search to read more about both Ceres and the Sixth House.

      1. Okay thank you, I am almost vegan for health reasons but this is actually a good thing, and my health is a top priority including more exercise so time at the gym takes away time I would be doing something else. It’s ok.


  45. Hi, Jessica! Thank you for the fascinating article! I have so much happening in my life right now, I could use some guidance! I have a cancer stellium (moon, venus, ceres, diana), but I imagine my Scorpio and Leo factors are coming in to play as well. I have a young Gemini son, with a daughter due early October. Much of my time is spent at home, mothering! I’ve been writing stories, on for children and one on motherhood, that I am worried may not go anywhere, but they feel absolutely vital for me to write. Is there a hope of publication in the future? I am not in contact with my family, nor do I love where I’m living right now, so this Cancer weather is a little exciting/unsettling. My Libra husband has been working very hard at his job, and we’re hoping he might see a promotion in the next year or two (money’s been tight). What should I focus on and look out for? In 2000-2001, I was a student, and stuck at home while my parents fought horribly with each other and temporarily separated. They are no longer in my life, and I’ve done everything I can to release the karma between us and heal. I would appreciate any insight you have!

    1. There are a lot of questions there, so let me focus on the most important issue right now, which can be developed and worked with to best assist your long-term future. This is really about your daughter, due in early October and also your young Gemini son. Focus on her arrival and understand that she is coming into the world with the North Node in Leo in your Fifth House of motherhood. This will be a spiritual, sacred experience for you. This little girl will connect you to a group of good friends and acquaintances you need to make more of. In fact, it is the group I am watching. This may be Mumsnet, or a book group, or a post-natal yoga class, for example. Her arrival connects you to the Aquarius transit of the South Node (Aquarius rules the group, and friendship) and that is crucial long-term as at Christmas 2020 Jupiter and Saturn are both in Aquarius and from 2023 we find Pluto there. So, this feels like a growing concern and a going concern, as a result of your child’s arrival. You will find this is also rich inspiration for you as a writer, enabling you to access a well of creativity and inspiration.

  46. Thank you Jessica for pointing me in the direction of a stellum in Aries … I’m not sure how to interpret any of this in my love life … Aries have been Stuck for what feels like an eternity … I’ve been stuck with a Virgo man since 2012 .. does it have a future ?
    Or is there no more love in my life ?
    I’d like to thank you for the generous gift of time that you give to your reply’s
    You are truly amazing
    Cheers Sandie

    1. You don’t say if you have a child, Sandie, and that would be my first concern. If you do have a son, then he is the focus, not your marriage or partnership. This boy needs to be guided so he can do his own thing and go his own way. Then you can figure out the future of your love life with your Virgo. If you do not have a child together, then what I am seeing is actually your Virgo, who appears to be a fiddler, not a doer. Does this sound like him? He’s so interested in the details of his projects/schemes/interests that he does not see anyone else on the landscape including you. If this is Virgo, then you need to meet him halfway on the actual hobby/plan/idea and become a co-partner in making it happen. Making it real. If you do that you will at least move things on and the stuckness will cease.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I do not have any Cancer factors in my birth chart. Does it mean that I will not be affected by this cycle?


    1. Justina, you will still be affected by the Cancer Node cycle but through other people – so, people in your circle who decide to move, for example, will affect your life through six degrees of separation. When they sell their homes and buy or rent new apartments/houses in 2019 this affects your life, at a distance.

  48. Hi Jessica, great article and thanks for answering our questions! I have a Cancer sun…. lots happening personally and professionally. The new moon eclipse on 13 is on my birthday….. any insights into how this will affect my chart? Thanks

    1. An eclipse is always a cover-up or missing information, and this is regarding how you shine (your Sun) as a family person; as a home renovator or homemaker; as a patriot; as a classically Cancerian ‘roots, heritage, history and culture’ individual too. Shining brightly is your birthright – doing brilliantly – and being admired for it. That does not mean it is always easy. There is a lot of bollockstrology (a term invented by me and my friend, Nikki) out there that says Cancer is ‘home loving’ which is not true. A lot of Cancer people have very complicated relationships with their relatives and have very mixed feelings about where they come from, or where they live. Yet, it is part of the Sun Cancer person’s quest to create a family, or find one, and to pursue what home should be. This is what you are all about, yet allow time and space the day before your birthday, the actual day – and the day after – as there is something here you are not seeing, or cannot be expected to know. It may be about a parent, for example, or it may be about the price or value of a particular house or apartment. Let time pass before you judge or act, on an eclipse.

  49. Hey Jessica! I have noticed this year a lot of the ‘cleansing process’ you have mentioned before in another article, and the group overtaking the leader kind of things,power shifts, etc….I have noticed a lot of this in my life…particularly with my partner (aquarius) but the people fighting him are not in the right…and i have noticed a lot of people delusionally interpreting rules…a lot of people in a group found to be traitors for no reason or weak links…what is the best way to deal with this and is there an end to the ridiculous and unneeded fights that are so draining? A blessing in disguise to become stronger and learn (Saturn-lessons?)..maybe? lol…any planets or dates to keep an eye on? thanks for your help as always- 🙂

    1. Your Aquarius partner is battling people. Let’s take a closer look. Sometimes when there are two or three really good ideas or projects, they have to be taken somewhere else. And sometimes this has to happen by yourself – not with other people. There are clearly a small number of very large-potential plans here, or perhaps qualifications – and they need to be taken right away, either to another part of the country, or overseas. This will mean breaking with everything and everybody which is familiar, but it’s time. Jupiter (expansion, opportunity, growth, abundance, reward, solutions) is moving into Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years in November and that is the moment to export – or even to move/emigrate. This will put those battles in perspective. In fact they may come to seem very distant indeed from elsewhere.

  50. Hi Jessica, everything you analyze is bang on target for me…gemini solstice… Hats off to you. So accurate predictions. I was at sea job for years and now suddenly in a foreign country since may working on computers internet shooting email to 200 people every day. I finished building my house in 2000 dec. Now I request you to guide me.. Do i have a good future in this country as of now I am on 3 months temp visa. If I do not get this permanent position then I plan to go to other country for higher qualifications to get promotion suited for my age. Can you please advise me what are the stars telling or which is the best option exams in foreign country or choosing job in a foreign country. Pay will be same but after exams i will have to be at sea until retirement… As u have mentioned two things good for body.. And matter of self respect… In coming years… So would be grateful for your advise. Thanks and loads of good wishes to you.

    1. Thank you, I am glad the astrology is accurate for you. You have Jupiter in Sagittarius to look forward to from November and for most of 2019, and as the planet of opportunity, solutions and good fortune will be passing through your Ninth House of academia, emigration and extended travel – your choices are wide open. Things will be on the turn very quickly from November and you will soon have a good range of options, no matter if you want to pursue exams overseas or find a career abroad. You’re a little too early at the moment although you should check the Moon in Sagittarius every month as clues, hints, signs, contacts and connections will appear then.

  51. Hi Jessica, I am a cancer Sun with a cancer stellum. I am a premium member and I’ve been following your astrology for years and learned so much. I’m just so stuck in life the past few years and I’m wondering so much about the karmic debts and rewards. I went through a really hard Divorce in 2000-2001 and funny enough November was my anniversary and the same month I split with my short year long marriage to a cheating Scorpio, I am now in another struggling relationship with an Aries Brit (I’m in the US) and I’ve been struggling for over a year to find a job, acquire my security nest back and get back on my feet after spending a year abroad. Will things ever lighten up!! Where is this Jupiter luck haha!! I mean I’m educated masters degree and I have never had such a hard time finding work!! I’m at such a loss lately in life something has to give well I hope haha… thanks for all you do for us Jessica ✨

    1. Thank you so much I appreciate your very kind comments here. It sounds as if you have been well and truly ‘Plutoed’ and in fact this is the case. You have a Master’s Degree and a couple of dodgy relationships behind you. So what can life offer you in 2019? The most important thing about your life next year is the Seventh House/Capricorn transits in your Cancer horoscope and and the Seventh House/Libra transits in your birth horoscope. Both relate to the scales of justice. There will be a crucial decision made law, or passed, in 2019. This will directly affect you so be open to what comes. Respecting the fairness of the law itself is important. “Fair’s fair” is the phrase that springs to mind. Yet, the law also has to be fair to you. I reckon a bit of research could be required here. Don’t just take this at face value, really go into what is involved, when it comes to pass.

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