Cancer Birthday Horoscope


The Cancer Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Power and partners, children and young people, friends and groups - all will be part of your monthly horoscope Cancerian! Happy Birthday!

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Understanding the balance of power with your former, current or potential partner takes time and effort. His (or her) situation becomes highly political every so often, thanks to wider changes affecting career, family dynamics and so on.

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58 Responses

  1. Hi jessica
    I AM a new membre i take it because i have a lot if questions about m’y boy Friend born on thé 25 june 1965 at 5 am oclock at Chalon sur Saône un France
    I AM born thé 13 décembre 1963 at 02h45 AM at Chatou France
    I hope you tell me if WE’ll have a chance
    Excuse me for m’y english

    1. Salutations. The answer rests with your feelings about having a baby. Do you want children or not? Does he want children or not? This question will remain until the first quarter of 2019 and then you will know. The answer will decide if you stay together or not. I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Jessica
    The partner effect has already kicked in bigtime. My husband of 29 years a Pisces has just been diagnosed with cancer in the last week. We are certainly in for a difficult time. Thankyou for your wonderful forecasts, they are really informative.


    1. Lisa I am so sorry. I wish you the very best for his treatment. It will take willpower but it will also empower you. You control this journey not, not the illness. Push back. That is the very best thing to do with a Pluto and Saturn cycle like this one. Deep breath and take the wheel.

  3. Thank you Jessica!
    I always look forward to the birthday horoscope each year. Last year’s was incredibly accurate. I am hoping this year will be easier than last year since Uranus was creating havoc with my career from 2015-2017. I learned to check the ephemeris thanks to you!! It looks like I might have some “interesting” times ahead! Coming up on July 12, 2018, the new moon eclipse conjuncts my sun. In April 2019, I have my Chiron return and in May-June 2019, every single outer planet is aspecting my sun at the same time! The Nodes, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all aspecting my 19 degree sun at once!! (though Pluto has been aspecting my sun for quite some time now) At least Uranus isn’t involved! Something tells me I may be in for a wild ride. I was just started to feel settled again after the past couple of years. I am a little confused about natural house VS solar house. For example transiting Neptune, is it affecting 9th house or 12th house stuff? What do you make of all this? Do you think it will be positive? I can’t take any more crazy stuff and I need a break!

    Thank you for all you do and I’m sorry if this posted twice, I was trying to edit. Blessings!

    1. Thank you very much. I’m waving my cup of tea from Hastings, on the coast of England, this morning. The houses work as a pair. The Natural House system always puts 0 Aries on the cusp of the First House and it uses equal houses, so 0 Pisces is always on the cusp of the Twelfth House. I am sure you know there are over 35 house systems in astrology so it’s really a choice – like choosing a pair of glasses to see through. I like this system because it predicts the future, often to the exact day, as I am sure you can see from the predictions on this website. The Natural House system is personal to you, based on your birth chart. The other house system is more general, and this is the Solar Sign house system, based on you being an Aries, Taurus, Gemini or whatever. This is also an excellent prediction system, though it is like a weather forecast for your whole town, rather than your back garden. Scanning your chart, Diana at 0 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, household, property, residency, belonging and ‘home’ is the biggest deal. Why? Uranus is moving across 0 Taurus for the first time in your life, so you are experiencing Uranus sextile Diana. Those are two symbols of freedom and independence and quite revolutionary change to your ideas about the family tree, or your home, will unfold now through 2019. Further ahead, the North Node in Cancer will ultimately reach 0 degrees. You can read more on that, in a feature on the Solstice/Cancer Node I just posted here.

  4. Hi Jessica! I know this isn’t about Cancer, but I didn’t see any recent articles about Aquarius generation people to comment this on. I just read this article today and I instantly thought of your predictions about the Aquarius Millennials… as they get older they’ll bring communal living spaces back in a big way. Maybe you can use this in a future article when Pluto/Saturn/ect move into Aquarius. This article talked about new businesses related to Google, Facebook, and WeWork. They’re looking at blending/blurring the lines even more between “home” and “work”. It basically looks like digital nomad/tech workaholism on steroids! I can totally see generation Aquarius/Capricorn being SUPER into this. 😉

    1. This is great, thank you. I am working on a substantial feature on Generation Aquarius and The New Age of Aquarius (which begins December 2020) at the moment and will use this. Communal living (also, ‘the new communes’) is the future and tiny house communities will be part of it. Clever idea in a world where young people are being shut out of apartment purchases in the cities they were (even) born in by greedy property developers and governments! I’ll pursue this research shortly but you are right. This is going to be the future.

  5. Dear Jessica I really enjoy reading your astrology articles and have been learning many things. I am a sun Cancer with other factors in Cancer. I am married (husband is sun Capricorn who is going through a mid life crisis currently – although he doesn’t want to admit it!) with children. I read with interest the Cancer 2018-2019 horoscope, especially the “balance of power” with “current partner”. I feel this has been my whole married life. I was just wondering what I should look out for in the coming year to address the power imbalance? Thankyou

    1. Thank you. This is actually a long-term cycle for you and it may take you all of 2018, 2019, 2020 (right up until Christmas that year) to figure out what you are going to do. You have a big Scorpio signature in your chart which is about marriage and mortgage – finances and the partnership – and this is common in the charts of people who wed for practical lifestyle reasons as much as they wed for love and sex. You are in the rather lucky position of having Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) going across this Scorpio pattern in your chart until November, so if you do need to strike a deal with your husband, try to do it this year. That would at least take care of the situation with your bank account or home. Further down the track you do have big decisions to make about the future of your marriage, yet from Christmas 2020 you can park all that to one side and get on with other things in your life. The mother of one of you (his or yours) is a key factor in how you are together as a couple.

      1. Oh boy! Spot on with the mother thing. My husband and my mother (sun Sagittarius) do not get along at all! Clash of the titans or of the strong wills. Cannot even speak to each other and each have their own strong opinion regarding how we relate as a couple. This was very evident when I gave birth to my last child in 2007. Fireworks! My husband’s mother (sun Pisces) who passed away in 2013, was a dreamy, spacey type of person but very definite and incisive about how my husband and I relate

  6. Hi Jessica, My son is graduating from school this year but struggles sometimes with his Asperger’s. I can’t help but worry about what his first year out next year will be like for him, job and potentially relationship wise.

    If you could take a sneaky peek at his chart for us, I would be so grateful. Thank you xx
    21 July 2000
    Sydney Australia

    1. Your son was born with the Sun in the late degrees of Cancer so he will experience the North Node in Cancer ‘on’ or conjunct his Sun in the Fourth House. The issue for him will be moving out, versus staying at home. Leaving for his own apartment or share house, versus going back to you. It may take him 2018, 2019, 2020 before he really sorts that out. This is a bigger deal than a job or relationship for him. It will be about where he belongs and why. Once he sorts this out, the decision will be made for some time.

  7. Hi Jessica, I don’t see any cancer in my chart? Can that actually be? Thank you

    1. You don’t have any Cancer factors so your Fourth House is empty – you are not defined by your family tree, house, apartment, home town, homeland and so on. You do have a stellium in Leo, the sign of parenthood, so you are far more defined by your own role as Mom (Queen of the Castle/Queen of the Kingdom) with your own children, and in fact, young people in general.

      1. Absolutely true, the only thing I wanted to be was a Mom. After my third child, I knew there was one more baby to be born although my family thought I was nuts. Thank you

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I am not fully understanding my chart and find I need a bit of help figuring myself out. To narrow it down, I seem to have some interesting points in my chart, but I am most curious about how my career and relationships are affected by my planet positions and houses. I feel stuck in the career arena and am desperate to get myself from where I am to another point. I am also Struggling with meaningful relationships, both plutonic and especially romantic. Am I a celestial misfit? Lol…. but seriously though.

    1. You are strongly Taurus and need a paid or unpaid position raising money for charity, selling goods and services, negotiating shares, arranging finance, or delving into currency or property. This will fulfil you more than anything else you could do. In fact, Uranus going through Taurus from now onwards, means the next 7 years will be a time of radical experimentation with this side of life. This will set you free.

  9. Jessica, thank you so much for your wonderful writing – I am truly blown away by the themes you have chosen for the birthday horoscope as I feel they all apply and were written just for me!
    The last few years have been extremely difficult – I hate change but in this time my life has been turned upside down. I separated from my partner last January, sold my house, got a new job and moved with our son to my hometown where I don’t feel like I really fit in. After an acrimonious split, I am still heartbroken but there has recently been a positive shift in the balance of power with my ex in the sense that we are now working together to fight for our son and ensure he is happy (he is currently awaiting a diagnosis for autism and is having a hard time having his needs recognised at school) I am (understandably) sick of complicated! Will it really take that long to sail through these stormy waters and come out the other side? Here’s hoping for some good luck in the coming year! Many thanks x

    1. You have many, many Cancer factors and for the first time in over 240 years, Pluto (transformation) has been in Capricorn, right opposite, and was recently joined by Saturn (life lessons) also in Capricorn. What you are going through is unusual and notoriously hard work so you have done brilliantly well to come this far with your former partner and possibly autistic son. I am sure you know Cancer rules home and family. There is karma to fulfil in 2019. Past life debts and credits with your child and his father. By 2020 you are on your way to a completely different way of living and working and may easily move. I am sure you know Cancer also rules home town. This does get easier even though it must seem so very hard. In astrology the South Node and North Node (which also move to Cancer, Capricorn in November 2018) are about reincarnating to honour agreements made between souls, between lives. So you, your son and his father have lived out at least one lifetime together, maybe more, and quite possibly in different roles – as friends, colleagues, partners. Sometimes the karma is very intense and it is about deep soul debts and credits – compassion, forgiveness, humility, self-sacrifice, loyalty – and that is why you have to take a deep breath and try to do your very best to stick to what your soul or spirit tells you is right. You do come out of the other end and in fact you will have exactly the money, house or apartment you need by 2021 and from 2023 could end up being quite powerful in terms of your finances or property. You are being protected where your son is concerned and you have already attracted at least one person in the right time, right place, who will help you unconditionally. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you will see just how very lucky you have been. Take full advantage of who and what is on offer and try to meet this person’s needs too as he/she will be an absolute godsend where your boy is concerned.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are well.
    I am a sun Cancerian, as well as having a Cancer Stellium, would you be able to tell me a bit more about the year ahead please? Also as I’ve also just read your 2018 Solstice article too.
    2000/2001 where major years for me, I graduated, left home moved to the city, began my career and I started my 1st and probably most significant relationship (ended 11 yrs ago). I always feel torn between my 2 homes – my family and the life I built here. I feel at a bit of a cross roads what is really keeping me here vs what actually is calling me back, I ace at living in indecisive limbo!!
    Thank you

    1. I’m glad you also saw the article on the 2018 Solstice and the forthcoming cycle of the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. Yes, the past will come back to you in quite an obvious way by 2019. You had to juggle home and career choices in 2000, 2001 and figure out a compromise between success and status, and the strong pull of home. This time round it may feel rather more intense as we also have Saturn, Pluto and eventually Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn so you can expect major choices ahead about where you belong, and how to make it work with (for example) your parents or siblings. The Cancer-Capricorn axis is about the difference between the crab who carries her home on her back and never strays far from her clan and kin – versus the aspirational mountain goat who patiently scales the heights to get to the top. There is a fundamental question here about making it, versus grounding yourself in your roots – your home town, perhaps, or your family tree, or your homeland. You will need to make some crossroads decisions and it will very familiar to you, as you have in fact been down this road before! By 2020 you will have sorted things out so that the crab and the goat can exist side by side in your chart.

  11. Jessica thank you for the birthday horoscope. Always great articles!
    I certainly hope that the karma that comes along is credit not debt. I feel I have been paying my karma debt since 2002 when I decided to leave my millionaire husband of 24 years. I didn’t take half of what was legally mine as I had my own money. No court battle as I didn’t want to put our kids through that.
    It’s been rough as I lost all my savings a few years after leaving my husband . A man I was living with emptied my bank accounts. I was left with all his debt to pay.
    2007/08 were the rock bottom years. If I knew how to start writing a book about what really happened, the unbelievable ending, might help other women recognize the warning signs . I was living with a sociopath.
    I have Sun, Mars, Uranus and Venus in Cancer. Please tell me that this long winding cycle is coming to an end .
    Thank you!

    1. Heavens. You left your millionaire husband after 24 years and you then lost your savings after that. Then your lover emptied your bank account. This is just dreadful. Let me look at the chart. You were born with Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. Scorpio is associated with sexually powerful agreements and deadly serious ones – until death do us part. Saturn is at 14 Scorpio and trine your Sun at 15 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, property, family tree, culture, roots and heritage. This is one strong and simple pattern in your chart which has ruled your life. You derive your pride in yourself, your identity, your admiration from others (Sun) through your house or apartment; through your family; through your belonging to your place, as well as your people. Yet – every time you try to shine this way, you hit the most serious life lessons and difficult experiences (Saturn) regarding sexual/financial relationships or family/property relationships. Did you know that in 2018 you have your best chance in 12 years to heal this? Strange but true. Jupiter, the great symbol of opportunity, solutions and improvements, is at 13 Scorpio as I write this, moving slowly towards 14 and 15 degrees. This is your chance to heal and walk away. Also promise yourself. You will never again make your home or family your sole reason to shine. Why? Because it always drags in Saturn and that’s too much hard work for one lifetime!

  12. Hi Jessica

    I hope this message goes through. I’m experiencing trouble posting comments. I have Saturn and Pluto in Libra in the 7th house, my natal Jupiter is in Sagittarius. Will life get better anytime soon, are there chances of a “normal” relationship for me? The past years have been such a challenge. Also, I’m about to open a business that will enable me to assist my fellows with professionalism. I’d be mentoring. What are my chances of success and when is the ideal time for me to open shop?

    1. Excellent time to start a business involving people from other nationalities, locations, backgrounds, cultural or religious upbringing. You are very, very lucky to have a Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of travel, export, import, tourism, immigration, foreign people and places, education, academia and the worldwide web – this house of your chart also involves publishing, libraries and books. You are in the best place in 12 years to expand and explore and I am assuming your business/profession involves what I have listed. Even if it doesn’t, (it may be plumbing for all I know) you will be attracting people who are bilingual or multilingual who are very well-travelled or have emigrated, from November and these faces are heaven-sent to help you have more, do more, achieve more and become more. You will benefit partly from a new wave in border control, passports, visas, trade, export agreements and so on. There will also be a new wave in holiday accommodation, flights, cruises, road trips and so on – very similar to when Air BnB began, and the affordable airlines like Jetstar in Australia, Jet Blue in the United States, Ryan Air in the United Kingdom and so on. Phew! Okay, a normal relationship – let’s have a look at that. You were born with Saturn (learning experiences, life lessons) at 27 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, common law marriage, civil partnership, divorce and separation. You have already done it tough, as you had your Saturn Return a few years ago. Saturn at 27 Libra is locked into patterns on, or within one degree, which dominate your whole chart. So there is a ton of quite justifiable fear there about getting married, being in an equal partnership, divorcing, or even moving in with someone. You have been put through so many tough lessons about the reality of partnership in the modern age between a boy and a girl, or a man and a woman, or the realities of being bisexual or lesbian, perhaps. No wonder you have created walls and defences, like a moat and a drawbridge, to protect you. Here is the million dollar secret with Saturn. You will always need walls to feel safe. That is who you are. There are really good reasons why you feel vulnerable, exposed and unprotected in sexual relationships. Just make sure the walls are comfortable to live with. Make sure the protective barriers and defences feel okay to you. That they serve you! I will give you two examples of people who did it wrong – readers. One was very fat. This stopped men coming near her. Another was so critical, so incredibly negative/fussy about new men that she rejected them before there was even a chance for a normal relationship to evolve. Very sad. Fortunately astrology is about wake-up calls and I assume both readers are now over all that and on their way as they have not been back to me. You need to stop and ask yourself what or who you fear, why you fear it, and what you do to protect yourself. Then ask yourself if it serves you or not. Maybe you need new walls, or different walls. Meanwhile enjoy 2019 it is going to knock your socks off.

      1. Thank you so much. I have not figured out what walls I have up yet, but I know that I seem to attract unavailable men only. I’m tired. I told you sometime back that I was seeing a guy then he went on to get married and we somehow continued, and you told me to get away from him, which I did. He is Taurus born 28 April 1969. Shortly after, I met a Pisces guy on 2 May 2018, and we liked each other instantly, just to find out he is engaged to get married. I’m tired Jessica. Why did I have to meet mr Pisces and connect at such level? His wedding is in December 2018. I have since stopped talking to him but it hurts and funny too. From married guy to engaged guy. Really? ‍♀️

        1. These are the walls you have put up to keep yourself safe. I am sorry you are tired but there is a way forward. First of all, if you fall in love with people who are married to other women, or who are on the road to engagement, then you are making it impossible for you to find marriage yourself. I hope you can see that. You can connect with any one of the billions of single men on the planet so why do you choose to fall head over heels for men who have no intention of being with you? If they did, they would be single too. And they are not. This is a very good way of protecting yourself from the risk of pain in a proper relationship or marriage. I hope you can see that. If you can never be with someone, then you will never know how awful it is to divorce, or to deal with them dying! This is the very real agony that occurs for so many women who marry and deal with the realities of marriage. There may be a conversation you need to have with yourself here. You also need to know that your love life will be so much more relaxed and comfortable long-term. The future looks good for you, okay? But yes, you have a bit of work to do on yourself first.

  13. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your articles, I’m always looking forward to reading them, especially if they are cancer oriented like this one. And you are so right, you have no idea how much I live in my own “bubble”. Btw last year I was asking about moving and was still confused about kids, guess what 🙂 I’m now moved and settled in my own apartment. I can’t believe how right you were. The subject “children” proves to be a challenging one. If I couldn’t decide until now or the moment was never right, now I’m going through some testing for BRCA and based on the result I have to take a decision either have then now or decide against having any and just eliminate the risk as soon as possible. I know the result is not a 100% thing, but knowing the risk is higher and having lost my mom and grandma (mom’s side) due to it, what’s the responsible thing to do?! Life never gets easier. Based on my chart, could you please give me an insight about the personal aspect like having children or love/partnership aspects for the next cancer year? I appreciate any insight you can give me. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the prediction was useful for you last year. You are now at a massive crossroads involving parenthood and your own gene pool, having gone through those sad losses of both mom and grandma. The zodiac sign of Cancer rules your family tree in the Fourth House of your chart and here we find the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Hygiea and Panacea so you have what is known as a stellium, or unusually high number of Cancer factors. These range from 7 to 26 degrees so you are set to experience both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and the South Node too, in opposition to your Fourth House patterns, which are all about your own self-created family as well as the family tree you were born into. Oppositions are what they sound like – opposing forces, or opposition from other people – so you have to be honest with yourself about 2018, 2019, 2020 in particular and how many obstacles or how much pressure you are content to put up with. In other words, even though parenthood may be the goal, you also have to ask yourself if it’s going to result in the kind of comfort and joy you are looking for, or if you are just in for challenges. That is the reality of pursuing family under these patterns in Capricorn which will only take place once in your life. Ultimately the choice is yours.

  14. Hello Jessica, just want to say thanks for your advice, it helps me to have an awareness of the Moon cycle. I’m Sun in Cancer, I found the Capricorn Full Moon last week to be an emotionally traumatic experience, which has damaged my confidence. However, it would have been far worse had I not known about this aspect. I’m waiting for the Cancer Eclipse of 2018 with great interest. The Leo Eclipse of August 2017 has opened up several new Leo-linked situations in my life in recent months, I have Jupiter in Leo in my natal chart. One of them was discovering your website! You are a new Leo in my life, so to speak.

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad the astrology is useful. That Full Moon triggered tough situations for many people, yet once it’s over, it’s well and truly over. If you have Jupiter in Leo in your natal chart, then you were born to teach, lead, mentor and guide younger people – this is a very common placement in the charts of educators, but also mothers, godmothers and aunts who play a special role in the lives of younger people. You have experienced the transiting North Node at 29 Leo crossing your Jupiter so by now you should have moved forward with that role as ‘Queen to a younger court’ no matter if it’s paid or unpaid efforts with younger people, or children within the family. You will now have some mid-year Leo weather also crossing your Jupiter, so just remember ‘A perfect woman, nobly planned, to calm, to comfort and command’ which is the Jupiter in Leo role.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the birthday horoscope! I am definitely feeling the bubble you mentioned. As background, I’ve been experiencing expansion in our home life since late last year – we moved, gained two properties, and a new, very close friendship developed that I treasure. Then, out of the blue, I was laid off work in June – quite a shock! The root issue seemed to be a power struggle with my boss, and maybe something karmic(?). While it could have been perceived as unfair, I haven’t reacted to that situation negatively, or resorted to blame/victimhood. I’ve taken the position that this is a blessing and a gift, and part of the expansion I am feeling.

    So now it feels like everything in my life has shifted, and I’m in a safe bubble, but not sure what to do next, how to explore the new cycle, how much to push, or what direction to push in! I want to make the most of this opportunity, which I feel could set the tone for the next major focus of my life. Can you give any advice based on my chart? Mostly about what direction to take the “work” aspect of my life – which I see as integral to my inner work. Some of the general work areas that have crossed my mind are artistic; financial; and spiritual study. Also what timelines I should be aware of? Everything feels very open-ended at the moment.

    Thank you! Tandi

    1. Tandi, you were born with the Sun in Cancer so in your Solar Sign horoscope, you have Uranus (shock, freedom, independence) going in and out of your career zone, with Chiron (experimentation) just arrived. I am sorry you were laid off work in June, but it is also characteristic of this cycle, which can pull you up short. Uranus will ultimately come back to your career zone one last time in the first quarter of 2019 so after that point the instability will end, to be replaced by an invitation from the universe to see what you can get away with. Chiron was a music teacher in mythology and as he was half-man, half-horse, he should not have existed – and should certainly not have been teaching music – but he did! When we look at your natal birth chart using the Natural House system we also find the MC or Midheaven at 8 Capricorn, and of course Saturn (reality checks) is passing over 8 Capricorn on his way through that sign. This also takes place in the Tenth House – or the career house – of your birth chart, so it would have been a miracle if you had gotten through 2018 without some kind of huge challenge. The good news is, Saturn will ultimately move on, to be replaced by Jupiter (opportunity, growth, solutions) so although 2019 is your transition year, 2020 will be packed with rewards and in fact you could either switch fields or professions by then, or stick to the old sphere of work, but travel, export or welcome international and overseas faces. Either way Jupiter is about expansion.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you for all that info. It does make sense that the Uranus shock in my career zone would lead to this sudden lay off. So if I may ask one more thing: until 2020 when it sounds like my career path will settle down, does the astrology indicate that it would be good to explore lots of options? Or just tread water and wait it out? Or really push to create something new?

        I also read your solstice north node article – which was really fascinating, by the way! – and with my stellium in Cancer in the 4th house it sounds like I will be processing much karmic history during this same period. Maybe this is a break to get back to my roots?

        1. Thank you. 2020 is an astonishing year of opportunity when you will be promoted; win an award; gain a sought-after new job; land the project that everyone wants. Of course you can say no, but if you have done the work in 2018 and 2019, you pick up rewards in 2020. If you are a Cancer stellium person it is time to explore others in the family tree you never got to know – there is a lovely potential bond there – and yes, to very much to back to where your family came from, on either side. I’m not just talking parents here, this may be about your Aunt, Uncle and cousins too.

  16. Greetings Jessica from India.

    I have a cancer sun and my husband is born Jan 20- aquarius. I am now pregnant and my baby is due in July. My husband is very broad minded however we do have occasional clashes which are manageable. My concern is regarding our financial situation since we are welcoming our new baby. My husband is currently not earning and not sure if he will get into anything soon, he has dreams of having his own business and nothing has worked out till date for him. We married last year August and I am the one taking care of everything financially. Will things get better for us ? I already see my financial situation did improve and I have some investments, I plan to have my own house in future, but all of this is not possible without his support I feel… Please suggest

    1. Your husband is in a fantasy world about money and business but he will wake up in September and realise he has to earn. This will be two months after your baby is due. Even if he has part-time work it is better than nothing and there could be two or three part-time opportunities for him. I can’t wake him up – you may find you have more success if you ask a male to do it. You will find the baby is the key and fortunately (you are very lucky here) the new child will attract better circumstances your way. Long-term, though, you absolutely have to get a firm arrangement with this man. You literally cannot afford to have any more children in this situation as he is in long cycles here affecting both property and family.

  17. Dear Mystic, we’re only halfway through 2018 and I am already emotionally exhausted from relationship drama – terrible breakup this spring from 3-year relationship that’s been off-and-on since (with person whose Pisces sun = exact my descendant). Plus Pluto and Saturn are headed to my NN in Cap. in 2020 opposite Sun/SN conjunction. I also know my Sag moon/Neptune will be badly aspected for some years to come so I’m vulnerable to picking more bad partners. I’m a single mum and just want some stability, just a basic, ordinary, nothing-special emotionally supportive relationship. Too much to ask? Is it best to just pull back on relationships and count on traversing this transit alone? Help….

    1. Are you confusing me with Mystic Meg? Too funny. You are forgiven because one look at your chart and I can see you are going through a very difficult time as a single mum, after a bad break-up. You are also doing ‘doom and gloom’ astrology which is not what it was designed for. Let me help you. For a start, your Sagittarius Moon has nothing to do with love and sex. It is about travel and study and you will do both, very happily, in 2019 as a door opens for you. This may be evening classes or a summer free workshop, or online education which you are drawn to. You have the Moon in Sagittarius in the Ninth House and Jupiter (opportunity, luck) is crossing your Moon for the first time in 12 years. Go through the open door. The travel will come if you take the course or even do the informal learning – perhaps teaching yourself using your local library, about a subject you adore. As you are obviously all caught up with men/the man let’s go there and see what is happening. You two are unresolved. There is unfinished business about a house, an apartment and the future. I can see why you might ultimately, finally decide to go your separate ways. Yet, this would be a shame. You are very similar even though you are different species! You are so much alike, even though you are different, partly as a result of your gender or background. What we have here, until November, is Jupiter (again, opportunity) in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and property, snapping at your heels. If you two were to get back together it would be a very smart move, in terms of the future of your apartment, house or property investment. The issue is a total lack of communication and connection. Perhaps you only see the differences. I see the similarities. There is potential here. I do not want to give you false hope, but you could easily make a massive change with each other and yourselves and take the same path, or create a new one. Or do you split up once and for all? What a choice. But you’ll make it by November at the very latest as then Jupiter moves on. Even if you do say ‘goodbye’ forever, you are on the right track towards exploration, both intellectual, spiritual and geographical. As we all know, Jupiter through your Ninth House is about travel and travel in the mind in 2019. Good luck.

      1. Sorry about the mixed address, Jessica 🙂 thank you so much for your reply!! You’re right on target – there is a property-related question hanging in the mix here (will we move house together/buy separately/future up in the air)….I will think positive and take your advice about learning plans for next year. Lots of possibilities. xo, Bella

  18. Dear Jessica,
    I’m at crossroads with my mum (06May1965, Tripoli Lebanon 12:40pm). I live with her, we have been through so much (external pressure) in the past and always held strong, now it feels like its breaking apart. I read my birthday scope, and in it the theme of power will continue till 2023… I am trying to not engage but 5 more years of this…? Is there anything in the charts that is causing this knocking of heads and what do I do in terms of the next 5 years with Pluto…? I would appreciate any feedback/insight you could provide….

    1. Your mum is going through the last round of karma with you and the rest of the family for 19 years so that may explain why this feels like a crossroads. The karma (debts and credits from this and previous lifetimes) with all of you ends in November so the circle will be complete. You do have Pluto opposite your sign until 2023 but that is not the issue here. Your mother is not your enemy nor your partner! You are just going through pressure and ‘the knocking of heads’ because she personally has to figure out what she owes all of you, and what you owe her. This brings me to money. You have a large lump sum or will shortly receive it. Do you know what I am talking about? This huge sum of money is currently not quite real. It needs to be valued, accepted, trusted and ‘made real’ – so you have some work to do. This may be a tax return, family money, a pay rise, and so on. Money changes everything, as the song says. With money, it should be possible for you to make very specific plans about either property, travel or her living situation and that will give you so much more space and room to move. Decisions will have to be made but you will be happy with the sense of possibility and scope in your life, regarding her. She (and you) can then be moved around a bit – sometimes it just comes down to decisions about a garden, a house or an apartment, or some other residence. Jupiter (abundance) is in Scorpio (finances) for the first time in 12 years – again until November. So if you can make this real, you won’t have long to wait before you can make practical decisions which ease the situation.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Many thanks for your reply and insight. Your perspective has inspired new hope. We do have a property situation that we are waiting on, but completely blocked- so it seems to be a waiting game. Unfortunately, the karmic debts seem to be quite high. I wanted to also ask if you do private consultations?
        Thank you and best wishes.

        1. I am sorry you are blocked with the property situation – there is a lot of delay at the moment – we have so many planets retrograde, or appearing to go backwards. As they all slowly start to move forwards from September you will see progress. Private consultations are something I only do for charity these days – the last one was for the Red Cross Grenville Tower auction. Thank you very much for asking, though – and whenever I offer readings up for auction I do post it on my website first so you can have a chance to bid!

  19. Hi Jessica, I have a Cancer Sun and Cancer stellium. I divorced recently but still feel quite tied to my ex-husband who is the father of my two young kids. I want my kids to be happy and for me to have a happy, committed relationship. Any advice would be appreciated.
    PS. I’m not sure if my previous post went through.

    1. Thank you. All posts go through but I have 5,550 messages in my Comments file at the moment so it can take time for questions to be answered, unfortunately. Let’s have a look at your situation. You need to withdraw for a while to get over what has happened to you. You have suffered what Shakespeare called ‘the slings and arrows’ of outrageous fortune and fate. You can and will get back to the joy of parenthood – there is a delightful potential relationship there with one of your children in particular. However you need to give yourself the luxury of time, space, peace and quiet so you can restore. Divorce has knocked you around spiritually, emotionally and also on the level of your chakras/aura so I think meditation (YouTube has a wide range of choices) would be a very good idea. When the time is ready you will be reborn. You will go through the kind of resurrection/rebirth that can only happen every 19 years as you were born with Aesculapia at 28 Cancer and the transiting North Node will move to 28 Cancer, right on that point. Look up Aesculapia to find out more about this side of yourself. The future does potentially look very bright between yourself and the children, but first you have to go through this transition and transformation – and then you have to reach for what you want and make it real.

  20. Thank you Jessica. I know I need space to heal so have mixed feelings about my children’s father coming back on the scene soon. I want our kids to have a good relationship with him but have unresolved feelings for him and fear he will try to undermine my parenting (as he has done in the past). His chart is :
    Sun Gemini 10°
    Moon Cancer 25°
    Mercury Cancer 0°
    Venus Gemini 4°
    Mars Gemini 15°
    Jupiter Leo 28°
    Saturn Aries 21°
    Uranus Virgo 25°
    Neptune Scorpio 24°
    Pluto Virgo 20°
    Asc node Aries 17°
    Will we be able to co-parent amicably and work through some of our unresolved issues that are impacting on our interactions now? Thanks again!

    1. He has karma to complete from November as the Node in Cancer triggers the Fourth House of his chart, where he deals with family matters – so most of the work will be in 2019 – he will sort things out with you next year – though be aware he will have more than one opportunity to form a new partnership too.

  21. Thank you for another great post. I hope you are able to say anything as I am hopeful that my home property situation will change with the New Moon in Cancer from dire to beautiful, lovely, nurturing and harmonious and somewhere I want to be, I am sun aries and also have an IC in Cancer at 29° 24′ 50″.

    27° Aries 48′ 48″
    18° Virgo 12′ 30″
    17° Taurus 31′ 56″
    18° Taurus 16′ 27″
    29° Taurus 38′ 33″
    01° Scorpio 31′ 35″ R
    10° Taurus 14′ 49″
    05° Libra 51′ 37″ R
    00° Sagittarius 21′ 02″ R
    25° Virgo 14′ 39″ R
    07° Aries 33′ 34″
    12° Leo 45′ 59″
    23° Pisces 29′ 52″
    02° Aries 26′ 10″
    29° Capricorn 24′ 50″
    03° Gemini 17′ 44″
    13° Capricorn 05′ 42″
    29° Cancer 24′ 50″
    03° Sagittarius 17′ 44″
    22° Capricorn 05′ 36″
    Minerva Bacchus
    18° Cancer 47′ 03″
    27° Taurus 40′ 12″
    14° Gemini 33′ 13″
    06° Gemini 48′ 44″
    13° Taurus 23′ 52″
    05° Leo 49′ 41″
    26° Scorpio 38′ 33″ R
    26° Aquarius 00′ 01″ Moon
    08° Cancer 19′ 40″
    17° Aries 23′ 53″
    NorthNode SouthNode
    11° Pisces 02′ 24″ R
    11° Virgo 02′ 24″
    Oddly, I have a lot of Cancer in my chart as pointed out by you which I had not realised as I normally feel Cancerians difficult.

    1. So you are worried about your house or apartment situation, which is very common to people with Cancer placements. Why? Pluto has been clashing with, or opposing, your Cancer factors very slowly since 2008 and does not stop until 2023. Thus, we find discomfort with the actual building itself, ranging from electricity problems to water issues (very common, again) or there are difficulties with the plumbing, slow repair work, indifferent landlords or a poor council, and the rest! On the plus side we have a lot of wonderful new patterns set to unfold so let’s look at 2019 and see what you can do, and where you can head. You will see a legal decision, a new law, or a decision made by a barrister, judge or lawyer which sees justice done. Fair play! Balance is coming. Are you already aware of a court case pending or new laws coming in? Even if not, by 2019 you will be fully aware of what is to unfold and this will have a powerful impact on your life. The best advice is to agree with what is reasonable and just – to err on the side of justice. We have Chiron back in Aries, and soon Uranus, opposing the Libra/Seventh House side of your chart.

  22. Thank you for your insight Jessica. Do you mean we will sort things out in terms of co-parenting amicably and/or reconciling romantically? He has made it clear that he would like us to move to his country of origin which I would consider down the track if we reconciled. While it is hard to hear that he will have multiple opportunities to start relationships with other people, I’d rather be informed than blindsided. Will his decision to possibly start a new relationship be based on his free will or do you think it’s fated? If it’s the latter, I’m not keen to open myself up to heartache…Thank you again! It is wonderful that you are able to share your gift with others.

    1. It’s really about the money for your former partner. He will have a significant amount of money to invest and the question is where – back into work, perhaps, or towards a new home life? If you can meet him halfway then he would be ready to talk seriously about both of you investing his money, and both your time and energy into the future. It would be starting from scratch, so moving back to his homeland may well be the story here. Yet, you have a choice. You can say no! He is very hard work. Be aware of that. It takes a great deal to get past his defences and there is a fair bit of anger there he needs to sort out. I can see why you are attracted because he is powerful and that is a drawcard, but you do need to be absolutely aware of what you are getting yourself into, if you strike a deal with him. All this is happening on the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle (opportunity to expand financially and sexually) which ends in November.

  23. HI Jessica,

    I’ve been feeling the Pluto effects since 2008. I got divorced in 2009 then met someone in 2011 who I thought was ideal only to have that relationship fall apart. It felt like a betrayal in both cases but I’ve realized it was largely due to financial issues and the women’s mothers meddling behind the scenes. I keep reading how this Jupiter cycle is supposed to be ideal for new relationships or meeting someone. Yet I feel this year has been my worst regarding dating and not connecting with anyone. Just wondering if things will improve or if I have to wait till 2023 to have positive-personal relationships.

    1. Where on earth are you reading that Cancer people will have an ideal year for new relationships or meeting people? Sure you have Jupiter the planet of opportunity and solutions in your Fifth House of parenthood – but you also have Pluto and Saturn in your Seventh House of love, sex and marriage! Pluto and Saturn are very, very tough planets no matter if you are single or in a relationship. So Cancer people are having an intense time and you are one of them. Let’s have a look at your situation now and how you can move it on and progress it. Okay, I mentioned parenthood. This is a really major issue. There can be no future marriage or relationship until the past is faced. This may be terminated or miscarried pregnancy from years ago, which obviously affects women very strongly. Then, there is the question of sons and daughters and the link between parent and offspring, in very early childhood – the baby to toddler years. Again, this needs to be really absorbed and understood in terms of its impact on future sexual relationships. There is a woman there for you but she is confused and also confusing, because she has not come to terms with the children she had, or the babies who never arrived! You need to be aware of that with her. There is a tremendous lack of reality showing in your chart. You are being ‘Neptuned’ in other words. Neptunian women do not live in the real world. They are fascinating and attractive, but they either live in their imagination, or spend so much time escaping from the plain, simple, everyday world that they are very difficult to partner with. You are also ‘Neptuning’ women in that you present them with a relationship which they cannot understand or compute! Love is love. Lust is lust. Astrology cannot tell you to avoid being attracted to this kind of person, because ‘the heart wants what it wants’ as Woody Allen once said. The woman you find most alluring is not the sensible type, on this cycle. So what can you do? Well, you could strike a deal with her, and get her to come back to the real world with you. Back to plain existence. There is most certainly a place for this rather peculiar, unique kind of relationship you are offering her, but it needs to be grounded. I don’t know if you can change people. Can you change her? If nothing else, it’s a learning experience for you. At the very best, you would be finding a new space for your relationship together – and she would stop trying to escape from the real world! As Jupiter is in your Fifth House of parenthood, it is entirely possible that you will attract a single parent or a woman who wants to become pregnant or adopt, because she has built her entire life on the ghosts of pregnancies past, which never came to term. A lot to think about!

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