Italy, Spain, Astrology, Pizza!

What does astrology say about Spain and Italy in 2018, 2019 as the Euro is at risk? Can these beautiful countries transform? Will the E.U. and the Euro survive? Even with a horoscope that looks like a pizza?

Italy, Spain, Astrology, Pizza!

On 18th February 1861, Victor Emmanuel assembled the deputies of the first Italian Parliament in Turin. He didn’t know it, but he was creating a horoscope for Italy. A horoscope that in 2018 and 2019, looks like a pizza.

Astrologers who work with planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest may also not be aware of it, the whole time – but those symbols are Italian. Our astrology actually comes to us in a straight line from Emperor Augustus, who was deeply into the zodiac. Maybe it’s no surprise that the horoscope for Italy is so powerful. But – the cycles of time say – this is going to be messy.

One of the reasons for this, as we’ll see in a moment, is that Spain and Italy have strangely similar birth charts. And fate has decided that 2018, 2019 is the moment that both will be cooked. Expect a lot of heat as Italy and Spain decide if they are going to stay in the E.U. kitchen.


ITALY 471x600 - Italy, Spain, Astrology, Pizza!
The Italy horoscope as seen at Astrology Research.


Italy and Her Astrology Chart – Mama Mia!

I was recently on Twitter talking about the chart set for Italy’s birth moment, with other astrologers like my friend Kate and Mr. Capricorn Research – when something became strangely clear. Italy is tied to Spain. And this is a Euro crossroads.

This chart above, is from the Astrology Research Twitter feed @CapricornResearch, and I find it really interesting, because it shows how different astrology techniques can say the same thing. I don’t use this house system. I would never use a chart without asteroids, for example – but this is the same story about a currency crisis in Italy – told from a different angle.

This is something that really works well with horoscopes – it’s like second or third opinions from doctors – if you drill down into two or three different techniques but get the same result, you’re seeing something major. Like a horoscope that heats up and gets seriously messy, just like pizza. (The stargazer Debbi Kempton-Smith often compared astrological charts to pizza, too).


0jpjeqtsyg 600x400 - Italy, Spain, Astrology, Pizza!
Photo Carissa Gan


Uranus in Taurus, Italy and Spain

What you’re looking for in the horoscope at the top of this page, if you’re hunting for a Euro or European Union crisis,  is Taurus or Scorpio, the finance signs. Always go straight to the bull and the scorpion. In the Natural House system, this is the Second House or Eighth House.

In this chart for Italy you will see Taurus the Bull (gold bullion, bull markets) straight away, tenanted by Mars at 0 Taurus and Pluto at 7 Taurus. That’s a real concern for astrologers. Why? Uranus (the revolution) is sitting on 0 Taurus right now, on Tuesday 29th May 2018. That has not happened since 1934.

Uranus moves backwards and forwards through Taurus, taking Italy from a white-hot moment in May, June 2018 into the first part of 2019. So this is not just about a panic on May 29th. This is about many months of radical change. Uranus crosses from 0 Taurus to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and then onto 7 degrees in quite a short space of time, where he will conjunct, or sit on, Italy’s Pluto.

As readers will know, I used a few different astrology techniques to predict that England would leave the European Union (three years ago) and also, more dramatically, that the end of the Euro would come. I did this three years ago, with my eyes on Greece, but it’s now abundantly clear that this 2018-2019 story is also about Italy and Spain. You’d have to say that the usual umbrella that shields and protects Italy is wobbling in a storm.

Italy 1959 - Italy, Spain, Astrology, Pizza!

Before we all start throwing our umbrellas in the bin, though, there is an answer. In fact, with Uranus, there is always an answer no matter how wild and stormy the climate becomes. That answer is the replacement of the Euro with one-world cryptocurrency. This may sound like the last kind of thing anyone could expect or even accept in Italy, with all her tradition – but it’s coming. Uranus is about invention, innovation, anything powered by electricity (like cryptocurrency), shock, change, awakening, freedom, liberation, excitement.

If you work with the idea that we are on day one of a seven year cycle, and that Uranus only just got to 0 Taurus, you can see why Italy is now taking her very first step towards nothing short of a jaw-dropping, complete change in her economy.

What’s the other clue here? I’m sure you know Aquarius is about groups. It’s about the community. You can see the Sun at 29 Aquarius in this chart. That’s the Italy we know, this century. She’s all about those groups of gondoliers in Venice. Italy’s Aquarian Sun is also about her place within the European Union – her economic community. She’s also very much identified with her famous football teams (more groups) and her wartime liberation friends and allies, the Americans. Italy is also very much about the worldwide Catholic community of churches. Aquarius itself is an old Italian word. It means ‘the water-bearer’ and this was in fact the job of those who supplied the famous communal baths of Ancient Rome.

We will see Uranus (again, the revolution) go to 29 Aries for the very last time this century, as we cross from 2018 to 2019. We are also going to see Jupiter (opportunity) move to 29 Scorpio (banks, cryptocurrency, sharemarkets) as Italy looks forward to Christmas and New Year 2019. That is a massive moment of truth for Italy.

When we see Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, her sign, from Christmas 2020 and then Pluto into Aquarius from 2023, Italy will deconstruct her place in the European Union and Europe – and with America. This cycle can only happen every 240+ years and slowly but surely it is coming her way. Spain is one of those friends.

The Astrology Chart for Spain and the Italian Connection

I mentioned before how astrology works with different techniques, which say the same or similar things. This is the case with these two horoscopes for Spain. Again, one is from Astrology Research UK and the other one is from the seriously popular horoscope website Astrology Weekly. (You can also see these same charts on my Pinterest page).

The chart for Spain (top) is set for Saturday 22nd November 1975, when she incarnated in her modern form. That gives her the Sun in Scorpio. There is also another chart! You can see it below. This makes her an Aquarian, like her E.U. friend Italy.

I am sometimes asked if two or three charts for a country can be ‘right’ and although this sounds like a wishy-washy and confusing answer – it’s quite true. Every chart shows a different stage in the country’s history and every chart will work. You can see why Spain is all about sex and money (Scorpio) since the mid-1970’s. It’s also very much about death and taxes, which are the other Scorpio concerns. Yet – she is also Aquarian, in the sense that like Italy she depends so much on her famous football teams – and her friendships within Europe.

What we are looking for here, again, is Scorpio and Taurus signatures. In the top chart you will see the Sun at 29 Scorpio. Out of interest, you can also see Mars at 0 Cancer, the sign of patriotism. In the bottom chart there is no real action across 29, 0 Scorpio or Taurus – but there most certainly is at 0, 1 Sagittarius and again at 0 Aquarius.

Taking the zodiac signs apart here, what we end up with is a picture of ‘two Spains’ old and modern, both of which are about to experience the revolution (Uranus) as he crosses 29 Aries for the last time, by early 2019, and then goes back and forth in the early degrees of Taurus (the world economy) at 0 and 1 degrees.

You probably know that Sagittarius rules foreign places and people and we’ve already discussed Aquarius and its connection with groups, friends, teams and the community. You really don’t have to be Sherlock to work this one out. This is a firestorm for the European Union and the Euro and again – once Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius at Christmas 2020 and Pluto goes into that sign from 2023 – we are talking about the end of what used to be the E.U. back in the 20th century. Why? Cryptocurrency!


SPAIN capricorn research 471x600 - Italy, Spain, Astrology, Pizza!

SPAIN astrologyweekly com - Italy, Spain, Astrology, Pizza!



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48 Responses

  1. Great article, Jessica! Time to break out the popcorn and watch the show. I’m watching Banco Sabadell. It’s a Spanish bank whose portfolio and tier 1 capital are almost entirely Italian and Spanish bonds.

    I’m in the US and this mess could spread here quickly if the currency derivativte market gets disturbed (which will happen).

    This almost happened in 2008. Thankfully, this time there is an alternative system to transfer value globally (crypto). Its still going to be a brutal transition. I hope you have some food and water stored up in case of supply chain interruptions! We can’t eat Bitcoin, lol 🙂

    1. Thank you. Banco Sabadell has a huge Taurus stellium and will be repeatedly affected by Uranus in Taurus over several years – bouncing across its entire Second House. I guess the other synchronicity here is Spain and El Toro. The symbolism is quite strong. The stubborn bull who puts his head down and stands his ground against the matador – staying firm, fixed and not yielding – is not going to last unless he learns how to dance. It’s interesting what you say about the currency derivative market. I agree with you about supply chain interruptions. Where are my baked beans?

  2. Hi Jessica, Thank you! This sounds like what you mentioned for the week of 5/15th, just two weeks off. Typically, in the past we have seen a resolution sooner rather than later whenever a crisis occurs, especially in Europe. But, this feels different and possibility to accelerate and causing and exposing a larger global wide contagion this week and in June. Is that what you are seeing in the charts when you say global financial crisis 2? Meaning this is just the start and the worst is yet to come? Thanks again!

    1. You really have to trust the Jupiter cycle on this one, until November 2018 – which has a funny way of making even the biggest shock and upheaval rewarding – for some, anyway. Yet, once Jupiter leaves Scorpio (banks, mortgages, shares) the world is definitely on its own. There are a crazy number of countries, banks and credit card companies all showing this same pattern. Hit Search and see an earlier post on the banks for timing.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Re the post above – don’t Banco Sabadell own TSB?
    Could you do TSB’s chart sometime? What’s happening there is quite scary for a lot of people right now.

    Thanks so much for all these insights. x

    1. TSB. Now we’re talking. Thank you. What would I do without my readers? I’m going to take a look. Don’t be scared, do be informed.

    2. TSB make up a large part of Sabbadells profits. This isn’t good as deposits will be strained by recent IT issues. Italian banks will be in for a tough time also with their bad loans and sovereign debt.

  4. A question from a panicking italian superfan. Am I going to be stuck in this backward country that never take responsibility for its problems, or will I be able to successfully relocate in a more open minded and forward looking place, over the next years? This crisis is hitting me hard. I genuinely feel like I never belonged in Italy and was born here by mistake, and now more than ever I’m scared of ending up stuck here and seeing the ties I’ve grown with other countries cut off due to the growing nationalist climate everywhere. Was born in Rome, 13/9/84 at 9.25 pm. Thanks.

    1. Italian superfans are great news for me this morning, as I love Rome and want to return there in Autumn. It’s odd that you were born there but do not belong there. You would need to compare your chart to the Italian chart to see why. It is very common for people to hate a country or city, or move there and realise it was a mistake – or never feel at home somewhere – then realise why, looking at the astrology! A very simple thing to do is just to travel for a weekend to somewhere that calls you. People often try out a new place for two days and realise they belong there. Usually the chart of the new place and their own chart chime.

      1. Thank you Jessica, please let us know when you’re in Rome 😉 From the italian chart you posted above, I can see Italy’s Mars at 0 Taurus opposes my Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Also Italy’s Uranus at 8 Gemini (conj. my Chiron) opposing my Mars at 8 Sagittarius. They don’t seem like smooth aspects :/ The problem with me and Italy is that it is a very conservative country in regard to everything whereas I am the opposite and most people here are obsessed with things (appereances, food) I just don’t care about. So I always end up being the weird, misunderstood “different” one and it has always felt disempowering for me. Well, I truly felt at home in London but apparently it wasn’t meant to be…Anyway, speaking of italians and food, I can totally see why Italy has Pluto in Taurus. The country is pathologically obsessed with food, which is regarded as a metaphor for love and power. Here, if you’re a woman, cooking is regarded as the way you take power over men; by preparing delicious meals…What a good deal for a girl, isn’t it? 😀

        1. There you go. Even the very first opposition you mention between Italy and yourself is enough to make you uncomfortable in that country. Italy has Mars at 0 Taurus which is about her economy, and her food is at the heart of her economy. You don’t do the pasta-housewife thing, and in fact with Pluto in Scorpio, it goes up against your need for control. Astrology is alchemy and it is the mix of person, country and year. 2018 and 2019 find you, with your need to feel empowered and in control of money, right up against Italy, with her masculine (Mars) economy, in the middle of the biggest storm since 1934 as Uranus travels through. See if you can find a way to earn, particularly online, in another currency from another part of the world. That alone would make you feel more empowered and with Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House you need to know you hold the reins.

      2. I really enjoy your work and appreciate your insights. Might we at some point see a blog post about astrological considerations for geographical relocation? I’m not trying to make a request. I’m just being encouraging. [If I could, I’d insert some sort of cheeky emoji here.]

        1. Thank you. Relocation charts have never worked for me personally – so I don’t use them for anyone else. What does work well for charts in general is the connections between your birth horoscope and the ‘birth’ horoscope of the country where you are living. There’s a story there.

  5. Sorry about this second comment, but since I am trying to relocate away from Italy I’d also appreciate if you could point me at some resources in Relocation Astrology that you find valuable and consistent with your approach – which I adore and I’ve come to understand. Thank you Jessica!!

    1. Relocation astrology involves quite a lot of time and effort. I don’t do it, but as a general rule, look to the Jupiter sign and degree of where you want to move to. If it falls on something useful in your horoscope, particularly if it’s a chart factor in your Fourth House of apartments and houses, that’s where you need to start your research.

      1. Thanks, will do! By Fourth House, you mean Cancer, or my “Sun Sign” Fourth House (which is Sagittarius?).

  6. Yikes, what about Portugal? The country seems to have weathered the financial crisis in recent years and has become a tourist hot spot but I’m hearing that real estate has hit sky-high limits and prices are about to fall.

    1. That is interesting. I think I need to look at all these EU hotspots, actually, as there is clearly something odd going on at 29, 0, 1 degrees. And it pulls in the banks. Thank you for the tip, I’ll try to find a good chart for Portugal now.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Gosh, two of my favorite toppings for pizza, yet I never though to try them together. I know what my next pizza will be!

    This is very interesting. I could say I’m glad I haven’t moved to Italy yet because of the turmoil, or I can say, I should go since reinvention is in my chart with Uranus, and perhaps I can work the synchronicity of it. You’ve written about the Italian connection before in other conversations.

    I plan on being in Italy mid to late September. I saw something yesterday about September being a possible date for an election, so if they have the election then it would be quite an experience since I’ll be a delegate at a Slow Food conference. I will get some intriguing insight.

    Thank you, as always.


    1. Jeff, Italy may end up being your Jupiter in Sagittarius experience (starts November) as you have enough in your Ninth House of foreign people and places to deliver a fantastic opportunity to travel, export or relocate in 2019. This would make sense if you are at a Slow Food conference. This is possibly important – I spoke to an astrologer and cheese seller yesterday about the fact that Italians once used Parmesan instead of cash, as a trade commodity. Seriously. Uranus is in Taurus and anything could happen. The Euro is already wobbling. Revolution is in the air in Italy!

  8. Okay. Jessica, I feel nervous an hour after I got a strike on YouTube’s community guidelines due to inadvertently hurting someone. I made an error inadvertently. Do you think it’ll get worse for me thereon? Or will I recover?

    1. It sounds like you spend a lot of time online so you may want to update yourself on the rules of YouTube and other social media or Comments sections as the new EU rules are reshaping the web.

  9. Hi Jessica ,

    Can you do an update on how Australia will fare with all this disruption?



    1. Baroona, Australian banks like the ANZ are similar to other banks and credit card companies, in that they all show these patterns at 29, 0, 1 degrees and so 2018 through 2019 is a huge shake-up for everybody. The heart of the matter is money laundering. It’s followed by legal tax avoidance in offshore bank accounts, and the anonymity and secrecy of those accounts. The attitude by Christmas 2020 will be ‘we the people’ and this kickstarts the new mainstream financing, which is group-based, friendship-based, community-based and has nothing to do with the 20th century way of saving and borrowing money. It will of course be powered by cryptocurrency. Because this is about ‘we the people’ you can feel reassured that we are all in it collectively. The only people who ultimately will really be knocked around will be the elite. Why? Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn won’t let them off.

  10. Hi Jessica!

    This is fascinating considering the Italian President vetoed the appointment of a euro-sceptic minister & then installed an IMF, EU loving technocrat as PM.

    People are now seeing & waking up to the democratic deficit at the heart of the EU, as it pushes faster towards a Federal State of Europe.

    Soros has now openly said he’s paying for Brexit to be stopped. It’s all gone a bit Star Wars.

    Will new elections in Italy see a bigger mandate for the so called ‘Populist’ parties & will they ever be allowed to govern? And will the UK ever really leave the EU?

    1. You’re so right. It’s all gone a bit Star Wars, as you say! We are seeing history repeating here as Uranus goes into Taurus for the first time since 1934. Although (thank goodness) Pluto is not in Cancer, which brought all the terrible nationalism of the Thirties in Italy, and fascism across Europe (patriotism gone mad), there are still some similarities. Essentially Uranus in Taurus is about ‘we the people’ in full revolt against the old economic and financial system. We are only at 0 degrees of this cycle and have 29 degrees and 7 years to go. Asia will feed the United Kingdom, which will proceed to Brexit, and the European Union nations will be fighting over an increasingly scarce economy. When that happens you may find quite a few nations decide to fly the coop and become independent. I am gazing at the long-term future here. We’re talking as far ahead as 2023.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another great article. I really admire you extraordinary work and insights! Being a Portuguese nacional, I am concerned with what the coming turmoil may bring to a small country like Portugal, with a fragile and dependent economy. As you mentioned the country in the comments, please check these links as they might be of help. I would really appreciate if you could have a look!

    Thank you, as always,

    1. Thank you. I have Indonesia and Portugal on my list an I am sure you are very concerned with what is happening with Italy at the moment. I’ll run these charts through some tests and come back to you with a feature on this website soon, I hope.

  12. Hi Jessica, You were totally right on Deutsche Bank! We talked back on 5/14th about the Deutsche Bank crisis.

    5/31/18 – Deutsche Bank US business put on federal problem bank list
    Link to article:

    Now – 6/1/18 in Australia – Australia’s competition regulator says charges to be laid against Deutsche Bank and ANZ follow extensive criminal cartel investigation

    How can DB or any bank take a daily beating like this – are we seeing the Lehman Brothers moment right now? Is this imminent? I think because the people aren’t talking about it – the chances are in this scenario could shock global markets.

    Just wanted to find out if Germany would have to step in to save them?


    1. Thank you. Astrology is astonishingly accurate if we have firm data, and we are lucky to have that, with the banks – because so many of them have legal paperwork – or are on the public record. Shock is certainly what Uranus represents. What we tend to see with Uranus is that public assumption is always wrong. Brexit happened in the early hours of the morning across Great Britain and jaws hit the floor. Because celebrities had opposed Brexit and the opinion polls suggested Britain would stay in, everyone was stunned at the result. The other big clue about Uranus is that it sets people free. If people feel trapped, stuck, confined, frustrated, antsy and the rest – they tend to bolt for the most radical changes, if they think it will liberate them. The big two problems for most people are a) no choice with banks and b) they are shouldering the burden of paying tax because the top 1% are legally avoiding it and using private bank accounts to cover up what they are doing. You might also add c) which is the massive burden money laundering places on the entire planet. Guess what happens next. And it will be shocking, when it comes, and the shockwaves will not stop!

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I have just read my horoscope for June and it mentions physical condition and physical state. This is interesting as I have just made an appt with a specialist for 19 June to hopefully get some answers to my condition. I’ll see if I can ask as many questions as I can. Hopefully everything will turn out all right. I haven’t got any Gemini in any houses in my personal birth chart that I can see.

    1. Good on you. In your personal birth chart you have Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House so it is very important that you take control of your body, and it is empowering to go (even) beyond the professionals into self-care, using your own approach to food, drink, fitness, relaxation, sleep and healing. Your Solar Sign chart for June finds a stellium in the Sixth House. So your timing makes sense.

  14. With the U.S. government about to enter a huge crisis, will this crisis be even bigger than the last few weeks of Watergate before Nixon’s resignation?
    Will this be the biggest constitutional crisis in American history? And what will be the repercussions from that crisis?

  15. Will there be a chain of labor strikes in the US over the next couple of months, with the government going into chaos?

  16. Dear Jessica, I have problem to find the horoscope chart of countries, for example I heard before that Italy is Leo but now here in this chart that you shared is Aquarius.
    I am living more about 10 years in Italy but I never have good feeling and I never choose it myself to transfer from Germany to Italy, instead of Italy I love Germany and now after your comment for Lilypad, I wanted to check the Germany chart but there is many different chart in webs and I am confusing .
    It is very important for me while after my divorce I have possibility to return to Germany or others country
    thanks as always for your helpful topics

    1. There are always many astrological ‘birth’ charts for a country with a long history (the United Kingdom has a long list, for example). Astrologers decide which chart to use, based on how accurately a national horoscope is reflecting the news. Different horoscopes will show different phases of a country’s history and identity. For Germany I use this chart which shows her as Libra. Libra, as I am sure you know, is the scales of balance and Libran countries are all about symmetry between two sides. This is really East and West Germany in the new nation, as I am sure you would agree. For news events, we only have to look at Uranus at 1 Taurus for the first time since the 1930’s, making an exact quincunx to Venus at 1 Libra in Germany’s chart. This is the global economic revolution (Uranus in Taurus) encouraging Germany to create a new relationship (Venus) in partnership (Libra) – and Angela Merkel literally just met Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang to make a deal. I hope you can see that Venus in Libra, and Germany’s Libra Sun, is also very concerned with equality in marriage, partnerships and relationships as both fall in her Seventh House. This is not only the fact that Angela Merkel is a global symbol of women’s equality, but also – as Venus at 1 Libra was aspected by Uranus at 1 Taurus – we just saw Germany’s President apologising to gay, lesbian and transgender people for their treatment in the past. I wonder why you feel so drawn to Germany? Why you love this country? You would have to suspect that you have Libra placements and feel in tune with Germany’s new pursuit of equality, partnerships, and balance. You have Pluto at 13 Libra. Ceres at 4 Libra. North Node at 24 Libra. So – this country reflects how you feel about yourself. You mention your divorce. Well, this is also a Libra issue as Libra the scales rules the Seventh House of marriage, partnership, separation and divorce too. You have just been through a very difficult cycle as Uranus in Aries (the sign he was in since 2011) opposed your Libra placements – and Germany’s too! I am sure that you know the criticism Angela Merkel has been under, and the impact that Brexit has had on the European Union. Well, this all happened as you were going through the break-up of your marriage too. So in a strange way, what happened to Germany, happened to you. Have a look at the Libra side of your personality as it is very important. And do have a look at that Germany astrological chart which is set for 3rd October 1990 at 00.00am in Berlin. At that point, in astrology we would say Germany was ‘reborn’ and she was certainly reborn with a horoscope that chimes with yours too. I hope you find happiness there, no matter if you holiday or emigrate!

      1. woow now I have lots of facts to study more about my chart .
        Thank you also for the chart of Germany that now I have a reference to compare with my chart too.

        you are fantastic

          1. Fascinating article but I do believe the chart for the Italian republic should also be brought in too. I couldn’t believe quite how revealing it is down to the last asteroid. It even seems to recapitulate history. See article: “A Picture of Italian Life and Mind”,

          2. Dear Jessica, thanks to Rollan McCleary comment, I checked ,too.
            I am interesting to learn about Archetypes that C.G.Jung mentioned in Psychology and I find out more signs for Italia as Gemini in my personal life.
            I understand why I was searching always my “Persona” in the Hermes Type persons while the energy of Hermes as an Archetype is like Mercury the Ruler of Gemini. (Just as remember my ex is also Gemini and I myself am Gemini Rising)
            And again I checked in Italian birth chart as Gemini, Jupiter is in Libra, where my North Node, Pluto and Ceres are located and I am moving from Germany to Italy years a go.
            I experienced the most hardest time in my personal life in Italy.
            Again back to Psychology, I think Pluto shows our “Shadow”, isn’t it?

            That is how I heard your advice ” Have a look at the Libra side of your personality as it is very important.” 😉

          3. Hermes is of course the Greek predecessor of Mercury, and he in turn rules Gemini and the Third House. Carl Jung found Mercurius (as he called him) to be quite powerful in his life – the symbol was invoked in his famous experiment on the Sun and Moon. Pluto does not show your shadow in any personal way, unless you have that planet making exact degrees with a great many of your chart factors. He aspects Minerva in your chart, but that is all. You are in the Pluto in Libra generation, though, and the collective shadow is about divorce and separation.

  17. Dear Jessica & team!
    Wow THANKS for all the continuously fantastic education – I read this when it was posted and meant to comment on how a few hours later on the same day there was an article in the Financial Review about how unstable European markets had become because of Italy’s political instability (which they don’t see resolving itself anytime soon).
    I also wanted to thank you on all the Roman history and asteroid complete pictures – your Ceres information is so spot on, it gives me chills. I was born with Ceres in 7th house directly opposite my sun, and am coeliac (have to avoid wheat and actually most grains for optimum health), and as such have to be incredibly economical with my energy expenditure (seasons). Ceres women I have had no end of experience with, from my step-mother in early childhood through to (in Leo recently) sharing control of my children’s educational experiences through their teachers.
    It has made it all easier to understand (if not bear) through understanding ‘celestial timeframes’.
    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Yes, keep watching Italy and Spain. Uranus in Taurus will be lingering in both charts into early 2019. The Ceres symbol in your horoscope sounds as if it is literally manifesting for you, if you have to avoid grain. She was of course the goddess of grain and it is very unusual to see Ceres in painting or sculpture without corn or wheat in her hand. Your stepmother also sounds like a Ceres symbol. You have Psyche at 5 Virgo in your Sixth House, too, and Ceres at 4 Libra is semi-sextile, by only one degree’s difference. You might want to have a look at that. Psyche was also on the receiving end of jealousy from women, and one of her tasks was sorting grain. You can find Psyche online in mythology and also through paintings, which may trigger an insight for you. I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodi.

      1. Thank you ever so much for your continual guidance, Jessica & team. It is much appreciated. I did as you said and looked up Psyche mythology – not least because she is almost directly opposite Vulcano, which in turn is conjunct my natal Mars, which in turn is conjunct my MC! Quite the configuration – and yes her tasks ring so, so true. I will give her more attention from now on. Thanks for the history too – love it!! Keep up the good work – and thank you again. E.J.

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