Minerva Astrology Cycles

Minerva astrology cycles show you where the big answers will come, every year, in your horoscope. Do you know your Minerva sign? That's your inner wisdom. What will Minerva in Aries in 2018 deliver?

Minerva Astrology Cycles

Minerva is the daughter of Jupiter. She is the asteroid which reveals where the answers are in life – where the knowledge is. The Roman goddess of wisdom was his counsellor and when she was imported to Great Britain by the Italians, she quickly became a familiar sight with her helmet and shield. Minerva is a symbol of female intellect. She was found in 1867, the year that Marie Curie was born. Curie won the Nobel prize in Physics in 1903, and in chemistry in 1911.

When will the cycles of Minerva appear in your life to help you solve problems? Minerva often appears in the same zodiac sign as the slow-moving outer horoscope factors, so she can deepen and intensify what you are experiencing in life – and give answers. Astrology is all about timing, and using asteroids, you can reach specific, time-stamped, date-stamped prediction.

Minerva and Owls

0j6ctw0v2le 600x400 - Minerva Astrology Cycles

I am sure you know that both the name ‘Minerva’ and the symbolism of the owl is central to Harry Potter. Of course, J.K. Rowling is known to have written at least one horoscope. As you will see when you begin working with modern astrology and the family tree of Roman-named asteroids, omens often appear. I have lost count of the times I have been giving workshops or lectures on Minerva and people rush to tell me about owl synchronicities or sightings.

IMG 5286 448x600 - Minerva Astrology Cycles

Why is Minerva always pictured with an owl? Part of this comes from the popular idea that owls watch and wait, silently, for their prey. They time it right, before they make their move. It is probably more likely that the owl’s helmet appearance reminded both the Romans and also the Britons under their rule, of Minerva’s famous helmet. Wander into the British Museum Enlightenment Room any time you like, and you will see her, watching the room, with that strange owl-like visor on her head.

Minerva Cycles in 2018 – Minerva in Aries

On Wednesday 30th May at 8.08am in London, Minerva enters Aries. She joins Chiron, also in Aries, and will immediately make a statement to you about self-promotion, branding, labelling, presentation, packaging, profile, reputation, title, name and image. Using the Natural House system, Minerva will enter the First House of your chart and immediately start showing up as smart women, female professionals, or male advisors with a particularly feminine brand of wisdom. It’s Minerva time!

The British identified Minerva so much with strong, intelligent women that even Wedgwood made matching Britannia and Minerva cufflinks (below). Her name has become a byword for all that is reliable, trustworthy and dependable. It’s interesting that Britain has produced so many female leaders, from Boadicea, to Queen Elizabeth I, to Queen Victoria, to Margaret Thatcher and today Prime Minister Theresa May. Perhaps it’s because Minerva took up residence in the British Isles.

Minerva/Britannia is such a part of the United Kingdom that she has appeared on the coins of the realm for centuries, most recently turning up on a new £2 coin (below). Thus, your Minerva cycles are really like a combination of Queen/Prime Minister leaning over to advise you.

Sometimes the answers on a new Minerva cycle will come, not from particular women, but just out of the ether – tune in, close your eyes, think about the issues that Minerva is raising, by her tenancy in a particular zodiac sign and house – and see what comes to you. This is a really interesting way of working with astrology. I’ve set up a Minerva board on Pinterest for inspiration.

Minerva vintage advertising 02 1951 600x410 - Minerva Astrology Cycles BRITANNIA MINERVA CUFFLINKS - Minerva Astrology Cycles britannia 1 507x600 - Minerva Astrology Cycles

Key Dates for Minerva in Aries in 2018

The aspects, or patterns, that Minerva makes as she travels through Aries are useful. This is when you are most likely to find the grand solution you are looking for, or the right person to work with (or work for).

Thursday 1st November
Minerva 1 Aries trine Mercury 1 Sagittarius

This is quite an interesting day (you may experience it within 24 hours either side). Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and responsible for news of all kinds, usually via letter or e-mail – and sometimes in the media. Here he makes a stunning trine to Minerva. Diana is also in Aries this day, and we find Aesculapia and Salacia there too. It’s an Aries stellium, populated by the asteroids. You probably know that Diana is Minerva’s sister and Aesculapia is also in their family tree, so this is a key day.

Tuesday 6th November – Uranus Enters Aries Alongside Minerva

This is quite a big deal, because Uranus has been in Taurus since May 2018 and now he moves back one sign. Again, if you use the Natural House system, this is about you ‘flying the flag’ for a particular belief that you have, or something that matters to you. It’s about how you present, push yourself forward and go upfront. Uranus is a symbol of quite radical change and often, a revolution or rebellion. On a world prediction level this day is about Facebook. Why? Aries rules the face and head. Facebook is about self-promotion. Watch how Minerva with all her wisdom and advice works along Uranus at this time.

On Friday 23rd November  the Sun at 0 Sagittarius trines Minerva at 0 Aries, which is another important aspect. If you have Aries factors in your First House around 0, 1 degree then November is really important in terms of your relaunch, rebirth and reboot for 2019. As we approach January we go into the zone for New Year’s Eve resolutions and – often – diets or new fitness goals. If Minerva is sitting on, or conjunct, anything in your chart at 0, 1 Aries then listen up. Wisdom is on tap then.

This is an ancient goddess (around 2000 years old) and yet she keeps time with us. In her year of discovery, 1867, the asteroid Minerva found herself coming to prominence, just as the National Society for Women’s Suffrage was created in Britain by Lydia Becker. This took place in response to the rejection of the motion to give women the vote, in the House of Commons, proposed by John Stuart Mill. Fate decreed that in the same year, the first woman to vote (because her name was accidentally added to the electoral register) made history. Her name was Lily Maxwell.  In the United States, 1867 was the year that the first women’s fraternity (sorority) was formed. BRITANNIA 600x600 - Minerva Astrology CyclesThe synchronicity around asteroid Minerva is powerful. It goes back to 1672 when Britannia (looking a lot like Minerva) began appearing on coins in Britain under the reign of King Charles II. Minerva takes around 4.5 years to orbit – going through all the 12 zodiac signs. When she enters a new sign, as she does – into Aries – from May 2018, by all the laws of astrology you’ll feel it.

Minerva in Your Chart – Where is Your Inner Wisdom?

L080 - Minerva Astrology Cycles

I discuss this in my book 2020 Astrology, but Minerva in your chart by sign and house shows you where you have the answers. Where you were born ‘knowing’ and find it easy to work as a go-to source for people who need solutions. It is very common to pursue a degree, or career, based along the interest areas, represented by your Minerva sign. If you’re a Premium Member you’ll have your personal birth chart with Minerva clearly marked, so you can see at a glance. 

Using the Natural House System we find that Einstein had  Minerva in Leo in the Fifth House (where you lead a younger generation) – and this is common in the horoscopes of lecturers, teachers and professors. You also find it in the charts of wise parents who give their children what amounts to a home education, alongside their school education.

Einstein  was born on 14th March 1879 at 11.30am in Ulm, Germany. Super teacher!

Minerva Museo Nationale Rome August 2014 448x600 - Minerva Astrology Cycles

Thomas Edison also had Minerva in the Fifth House and created the first industrial research laboratory. He held 1093 patents and gave us the lightbulb. The younger generations who came through his laboratory were also the heirs to his wise Minerva in Leo throne.

Minerva’s symbol in your horoscope looks like a lightbulb. It’s the one that hovers over your head when you have a great idea, or crack the solution to a problem.

If Minerva makes aspects to other horoscope factors in your chart, she becomes more important. Your wealth of knowledge about a particular area of your life (shown by Minerva’s sign and house) may dictate many other things too.

Johannes Kepler, who lends his name to the American astrological college, was born with Minerva at 0 Cancer making a spectacular pattern with the True North Node at 1 Leo and True South Node at 1 Aquarius. He came into the world on 27th December 1571 at 2.30pm in Weil der Stadt, Germany.

Note the Leo signature again – a younger generation who inherit Kepler’s influence.

Marie Stopes was the first female science lecturer at Manchester University. She was born with Minerva at 1 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career aspecting Apollo at 2 Leo in the Fifth House of youth. More teaching!

Simone de Beauvoir, born on 9th January 1908 at 4.00am in Paris, had Minerva at 6 Capricorn in her Tenth House of career aspecting Aesculapia at 6 Leo in her Fifth House of youth. Her book The Second Sex has educated generations of young feminists.

The Confusion Over Pallas and Pallas Athena/Athene

You will sometimes see people using the Greek-named asteroid Pallas, mistakenly called Pallas Athene or Pallas Athena, in horoscopes. She is actually the forerunner of Minerva, who replaced her. This muddle usually arises when there is a misunderstanding about the nature of our modern astrology, which is Latin – it comes to us from the Italians, via Britain.

We don’t use Greek symbols, as astrology today is an Italian system of thought, based on their Roman deities and religion.

card minerva - Minerva Astrology CyclesAs with all modern astrology, the Romans took Greek gods and goddesses and renamed them, and gave them new characteristics. When Rome conquered Britain, these archetypes took hold in the culture and found their way into astrology, as the nature of Jupiter, Saturn and the rest was slowly developed and defined, over time. The astrology we have today is British, from the Roman.

Pallas was found in 1802 and is Greek. Later on in 1917 another asteroid was found, named Athene, the other half of her name, adding to the confusion.

I say this a lot to teenage astrology students in workshops and lectures, but if you begin using Greek asteroids instead of Roman asteroids, you’ll end up with a seriously messed up chart.

Here’s why. Asteroid Aphrodite, found in 1935, is basically our Roman Venus, in her primitive Greek form. They are the same goddess, moved on, developed and renamed.

It’s the same with asteroid Hermes found in 1937 – this is the raw form of our Mercury. And how about the asteroid Poseidon found in 1987? If you begin using this Greek-named asteroid then bear in mind he’s actually the forerunner of Neptune.

Modern astrology is based around the family trees of the old Latin/Italian/Roman gods and goddesses, which is why we use Jupiter not the asteroid Zeus, who was found in 1988.

Jupiter’s daughter was Minerva, not Pallas, or even Pallas Athene.  And she still is. Asteroid 93 – Minerva, daughter of Jupiter!

Astrology is like Tarot or the I-Ching in that it is a system of divination, with its own inner logic. Everything is related to, or connected to, every other thing. That’s why you won’t get very far mixing up Greeks and Romans.

It’s the same with Lilith, who is a Hebrew goddess from Jewish mythology. She’s just not in the family tree that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest. It’s the same with Haumea, who is the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth. The Romans would not have known who you were talking about, if you tried to slip her into a horoscope. Eris is Greek (not Roman – Discordia was her later Latin version). And Makemake? Well, that comes from the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. A long way from Rome.

The modern (since 1781) convention of adding new symbols to a horoscope as the family tree of Roman gods and goddesses is added to by astronomers, comes to us from Johann Bode, who helped astrologers find new inspiration, when he declared that the brand new planet found by William Herschel, in his back garden in Bath, should be called Uranus.

Bode’s thinking, was as follows –

“In mythology Uranus, the god of the sky and husband of the earth, was the father of Saturn, and grandfather of Jupiter. Furthermore, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Apollo (or the sun) were children of Jupiter. Thus, if the new planet were named Uranus the solar system would represent one mythological family.” (The Naming of Uranus and Neptune, O. Gingerich, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Leaflets.)

As astrologers took their cue from astronomy in the exciting new pursuit of a reborn, rebooted, horoscope, post 1781, they found logic in the idea of adding to Jupiter’s family tree. Thus Ceres in 1801, Neptune in 1846 and Pluto in 1930. All were considered planets at one time or another.

minerva 23393 md 425x600 - Minerva Astrology CyclesAsteroids filled the gaps. But only a select few who fitted with astrology’s Italian roots. After all, it was the Roman Emperor Constantine in AD 321 who gave us Saturday – dies Saturni – the day of Saturn, father of Jupiter. We still look forward to Saturn’s day, in the 21st century.

The planets themselves acquired their personalities and symbolism because of Roman thought. The Gazeteer of Planetary Nomenclature (Batson and Russell, 1994) makes interesting reading in this regard.

Mercury was Mercurius, the messenger – because he moved so swiftly across the heavens. Venus was the goddess of love, because she was the brightest and most beautiful object in the sky. Mars became linked to the Roman god of war because of his blood red colour. Jupiter was the largest of the planets and came to represent excess, growth and abundance. Jupiter Optimus Maximus, the Romans called their god.

If you are a Premium Member you can not only find Minerva instantly in your personal birth chart, you can also access exclusive weekly diary dates showing her patterns throughout the year. Watch out for her. She’s the wise old owl who knows.

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90 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica..I have Minerva with Volcano at 3 degrees in leo..Im a single parent to my son..whos 23..and still trying to guide him through life..I used to work with small children now i work in nursing home where most of the residents have Alzimers..How do these asteroids play out in my chart?..Thank you..

    1. Minerva exactly conjunct Vulcano in Leo in your Fifth House is crucial to your life and career, as you have seen, working with small children. The Fifth House is about parenting. You actually have a stellium in Leo, as a whole, so the relationship you have with a younger generation, always guiding, mentoring, teaching or helping – will be lifelong. You will achieve this in many and varied ways, notwithstanding your own children (should you have them) or godchildren, nieces, nephews and so on. You are Queen to a younger court. Your elderly residents are not so much about this. You will find that as the North Node in Leo continues to travel across to 3 degrees, where it meets your Vulcano-Minerva conjunction, you will end 2018 feeling that karma has been completed. To be born with this link between your inner wisdom and your fiery self-control is very powerful and also quite empowering. I suspect this karma will be about a pregnancy that never went to term – or a child who did in fact come into the world, and who now has special meaning and importance for you, all these years later. Sometimes the karma is about future stepchildren or new babies – that can happen too. It will be memorable for you.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    So interesting.
    How do I connect/use my MC, IC and Minerva in my chart, all at 17?
    …and the fact she’s going to touch my 5 Aries points soon?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. It’s unikely you were born right on the half-hour so don’t invest too much in the degree of your angles. More important is Minerva in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places, academia and education, philosophy and beliefs, and publishing and the web – next year. Jupiter will conjunct Minerva. Father meets daughter! Remember, she was his counsellor. 2019 will be astonishing for the knowledge exchange but also the trip away, or even the big move.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I gave Minerva in 04deg in Libra. What will be the most impotant lesson for me as Minerva enters Aries in November.

    Thank you!

    1. Minerva, Pluto and Cupido are all in Libra in your Seventh House of partnership and conflict. You will experience Minerva in opposition to this pattern in your chart – slowly but surely – so there’s a fair bit of learning to be done about your sex life and love – past, present or potential. You can find out more about what you need to learn, just by looking up Pluto and Cupido.

  4. Interesting article Jessica. I have Minerva at 01 Virgo which aspects my Asc, Desc, MC and IC. Would that mean that I have innate knowledge in how I appear, my mission, from my family and from current/former partners?


    1. More important, Deirdre, is the fact that Minerva is in a stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. So you are a natural advisor and counsellor when it comes to food, drugs, drink, fitness, medicine and healing. Much of that knowledge might be instinctive. You’ll go through quite intense cycles with your own physical state and physical condition, throughout your life, when you find you take major forks in the road.

      1. Thanks Jessica ! And I see I have my moon @ 2 cancer which is sextile Minerva !

  5. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your interesting posts! I love to learn more about the asteroids to gain more insight. What can you tell me about Minerva in Libra in my Pisces sun chart? Thanks!

    1. Minerva is alongside Pluto in Libra in your Seventh House of partnership, so you take marriage, common-law marriage and professional partnership very seriously. Conflicts and feuds as well. I am sure you know Minerva was frequently involved in issues about war and peace. You have had a couple of challenging years since 2011, with Uranus in Aries opposing both Minerva and Pluto in this zone of your chart. The scales of balance or fairness were met with some pretty harsh winds of change and I am sure it took the scales a while to recalibrate. You have learned so much about making ‘two’ work and also in fighting a good fight. This will stand you in good stead over the next few years. I hear the phrase ‘silver wedding’ for you.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Interesting article as always, thank you.

    Can Minerva in Sagittarius be related with astrology? How to interpret Minerva in Sagittarius as a go-to source for people who need solutions. Do we look for the answers in travelling, foreign people and education? How is it all connected?
    Hoping to find clues. However, I am finding more questions than answers.


    1. Justina, you were born to teach, and will either take on that role in 2019, or acquire the skills which enable you to teach. It does not have to be formal teaching. You will be involved with foreign people and places next year and gain hugely from it too. Jupiter will conjunct your Minerva. If this is astrology, it will work out very well for you.

      1. Thank you for your reply Jessica.

        I’m now considering a career change. Even thinking to go back to university, or at least to take a short course.
        But I have never thought of myself as a teacher! But maybe I will find my true calling there.


  7. Hello Jessica
    I am really enjoying all of the articles. I have Minerva in Leo. I do have a teaching degree but I am not actually pursuing teaching as a career (I have been a stay at home parent to 4 children for like ever!)When Minerva enters Aries on November 1 (which is the birth date of one of my children coincidentally) what should I be looking out for? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Minerva will go on/off your whole life so your teaching degree was down to that time when you had slow moving planets in Leo in your Fifth House of young people. Being a parent to your children is your other Minerva role and you are doing it brilliantly. Minerva in Aries will slowly trine Minerva so you will develop your role as Queen to a younger court. You also have the Node in Leo this year so you are sorting out a fair bit of karma with at least one of the children from another lifetime. The Node is karma.

  8. Hi Jessica..I have Minerva in Sagittarius and a stellium in Leo.. how would this play out in my chart..Im about to start college next week and I’m a bit worried about it.Im a apprentice electrician..And I’m starting a new relationship with a girl who’s baby is my goddaughter..Thanks Jessica..

    1. Great. You are doing your karma with this girl and her baby. You knew each other before – the Node (past life karma) is in Leo this year and this is your big moment to balance old debts and credits from other incarnations. You will love next year – perfect timing with college – Minerva is your knowledge base, in your Ninth House of education and academia, and Jupiter (opportunity) goes across Minerva in Sagittarius in 2019. I think you’ll learn more than just electrician skills, by the way.

  9. Hi Jessica, thanks for the enlightening article! In my chart Minerva is conjunct Venus in Virgo in the 5th house. How would you interpret this placement of Minerva?

    1. They are not in your Fifth House in the Natural House system but in your Sixth House of workload and the body. If conjunct (0-1 degrees away from each other) then this is unusual and important. You would want to work, volunteer or have part-time passions with the fitness, wellbeing, self-care, medical and healing industries to get the most from it. And work would be like a relationship. Not work.

  10. I have Minerva in Libra, Uranus in Libra. Does this mean that my insights comes from partnerships? My relationships are revolutionary, possibly non conforming to society. I married out of my community and religion. Just trying to put it altogether, some of my working relationships (job and career wise) have been rewarding. Appreciate your thoughts and time. Regards Jos

    1. Yes, Jos, you have revolutionary Libra Uranus relationships but you are wise enough to know not to be completely crazy! You will actually teach, guide, mentor and advise others who also want to marry out of their community and religion. Minerva is the go-to person for solutions. It’s an interesting combination, actually. Uranus means periodic disruption but Minerva knows what to do.

      1. That is just spot on!!! I think I have known you in my other lives Jessica Adams. Bless you and your gift. Xx

        1. Thank you. I think I was probably a dish pig in a restaurant kitchen in a previous life because I never do the washing-up in this one!

  11. Hi Jessica,
    thanks for another interesting article. Would love to know what my Minerva in Leo at 26 means. I also have Proserpina at 26 in Aquarius if that signifies something? Also Gemini Sun.

    1. The opposition is important. The Leo-Aquarius opposition is about the challenge of leading a group of friends and acquaintances without being affected negatively by it – and hanging onto leadership. It works the other way too. Leo is about being better than everyone else – royal – and Aquarius is about honouring the fact that you are the same as everyone else. It is about people power versus class and position. It’s almost working class Communism and hippy communes versus the aristocracy or upper middle-class. A real split. These two players in your chart mean you have to figure it out. You may find you are a bridge (Proserpina) between those above and those not. Minerva suggests you can come up with the answers. This is really King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. He had to be King but he had to respect the group or the group would have left him.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    How does this play out for me with Minerva in Pisces? It’s all still a mystery to me. I’d love to know more. Thanks always

    1. You had your Minerva in Pisces Return not that long ago in your Twelfth House. The Twelfth House is about mediumship, the Tarot, channelling, dream interpretation, astral travel, magic and the Occult. If you are straight or mainstream – in the non-alternative camp – then it is far more likely to be about one or two major secrets you have to cover up, even from family or lovers, and keep for most of your life. Minerva knows, you see, how to keep a secret. It is a common placement in the charts of professional psychics but also women who work for the police, MI6, the CIA, FBI and so on. You need a room of your own or you won’t be able to think straight. Or a shed.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve wondered about the significance of the placing I have in my chart of Minerva at 6 Aries? I also have a number of other factors at 6-Mercury in Scorpio, Saturn in Sagittarius, DESC in Gemini and ASC in Sagittarius.

    1. Aries is your First House of image, presentation, packaging, hair, shape, weight loss and gain, wardrobe, shoes, lipstick, photographs, videos, Twitter gossip, YouTube comments, Wikipedia entries, bylines, brand names, changed names, titles and all the superficial things in life. Minerva shows you have a PhD about this, gained from other lives.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I have Minerva 20* in Aquarius and it conjuncts my natal moon, what does this mean for me?

    1. You look after friends – mother them, actually – and can sometimes end up in parent-child friendships which are just as rewarding, if not more, than your own family relationships, or your connections to godchildren. There is a maternal bond there, in a cool, friendly, Aquarian way. The message is ‘I’m there if you need me’ and yet it means so much more. Minerva is very much about understanding the way a community works. You should be in a club, team, ensemble cast, secret society, charity, book group, political party, rock band or similar – your whole life – to get the most from Minerva.

  15. Thanks for this! I love learning more about the asteroids in my chart which is all very new to me!

    Am I correct in thinking my Minerva in Scorpio in the seventh house points to some financial investments with my partner?

    This definitely makes sense in terms of what is happening in my life now… Just not sure how Aries and the first house further influences this. ?
    🙂 Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have Minerva in Scorpio in your Eighth House using the Natural House system, which I prefer for prediction. The Eighth House rules shares, business, charity, property, life insurance and taxation. It also rules your last will and testament and the legacies you gain from. Jupiter is conjunct your Minerva for the first time in 12 years so you would expect a big new opportunity and this is it. Your partner and your investment. Just be aware that you also have Saturn at 22 Scorpio, so whatever you agree to, needs to be able to ‘take’ the radical changes coming far into the future when Uranus (the revolution) moves to 22 Taurus and opposes that. Read the fine print about the next few years. Your Minerva will help you. You are wise when it comes to all that you earn, own or owe in connection with other people.

  16. Hi Jessica

    I have Minerva at 12deg in Virgo conjunct Saturn and Venus? What does this mean for me? Thank you?

    1. You have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, also in the Sixth House alongside Minerva, and that matters more. Minerva is not conjunct Saturn or Venus, she aspects them. That matters too, but in general, you need to know that you incarnated in the 1960s in order to teach your peers how to take control (Pluto) of their own bodies (Virgo) rather than give their power away (Pluto) to doctors. When you learn the impact that raw food, vegetarian food, yoga, running, walking and the rest has on your body, you teach by example. The 1960s was the decade that supermarkets began to take over the world with fast food not far behind. In addition, the pharmaceutical industries began to transform our lives, notably through The Pill. All this has had an impact on you, all these years later, and you are on this planet to develop alternatives, using yourself as a guinea pig, to pass on to others.

  17. Interesting article! My Minerva is at 08°  Libra 53′ 14″. I’d love to know what that means. Thank!

    1. You are the woman to whom people come for advice on their love lives, and sex lives. You have a deep understanding of marriage, common law marriage, separation and divorce.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Great feature on Minerva! I have Minerva in Scorpio making aspects to my IC, MC, and a few other factors too. It’s only in the last 8-10 years when the heavy Pluto transit hit, that I realised I was really good at managing whatever little money I had, limited resources, and have helped my partner break away from many bad patterns to do with money. I realise this is likely to be with my Minerva placement. Any advice as Uranus opposes this factor or any other transits I need to be aware of?

    I would make a great money manager I believe, or even a PA. Perhaps this could become a career calling?!

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is accurate then this is your destiny and it sounds as if you have found that out. Look at Minerva as part of a whole pattern. You were born with Minerva at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, life insurance, mortgages, houses, apartments, charity, shares and business. She is semi-sextile Venus at 2 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places, education, publishing, travel and academia. She is sextile Uranus at 1 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Vulcano is at 0 Libra in your Seventh House of partners and your angles are very close by on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, as you say – your MC (Midheaven) and IC (Immum Coeli) are about your life direction. You are at the very first stages of a cycle which will change your life, regarding this, as Uranus goes across 0 Taurus and will eventually move to 1, 2 degrees of that sign. You need to find out as much as possible, as widely as possible, about blockchain, cryptocurrency and where the next eBay, Air BnB, Paypal and the rest is coming from. Your Minerva in Scorpio will help you. The world is about to turn upside-down. It started on 15th May when Uranus changed signs to Taurus and soon after this the Queen gave royal assent to a massive United Kingdom initiative on money laundering. Get right across this. Use it.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Great article and i am trying to understand how this impacts me. I have Minerva in 11 Pisces. Can you please help decode / provide guidance. Thank you so much.

    1. You’re a natural psychic. Also a natural spy. Of course a lot of spies are psychic – it helps them survive. But you should work with mediumship or Tarot if you do not already do that.

  20. Hey Jessica 🙂
    I have Minerva in Gemini conjunct my DC. But it’s also my Solar first house… so I’ve wondered if it meant I would end up dating/long term with a woman or man who was wise or if this is about me more? She makes other aspects of course all around my horoscope since I have quite a few late degree planets. Love to know what you think. 🙂

    1. Good morning! Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House (your holiday from reality with foreign people and places) and Saturn in Libra (relationships with former, current or potential partners in the Seventh House) are also locked into your Minerva in Gemini conjunction to your Descendant in the Third House (the internet) which is of course opposite your Ascendant in Sagittarius – again in the Ninth House of foreign people and places. Now, you don’t have to be Mr. Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. I expect this has already happened to you. You get involved with people from other nationalities, cultures or countries, online, and it could so easily become a partnership for you. Maybe it already has. When Jupiter goes into Sagittarius late degrees in 2019 this pattern will blossom in the most wonderful way.

  21. Jessica, can you tell me how my Minerva in leo affects my life? I have no biological children.

    1. You will mentor one of your godchildren when he/she is older and teach a younger generation, either formally or informally, with what you do. You may also find fate involves you in a children’s charity where you lead the way.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t have the Aries 01 but I have the Saggie 00 in the North Node…how will this directly impact me as a mother of children under 18, with my Minerva in Leo?

    Thank you! xx

    1. You actually have a Sagittarius-Gemini Node axis and although Minerva isn’t tied into that (too far away) Uranus at 0 Taurus will certainly affect what you do online, now and again in 2019. This just has to be cryptocurrency. Also exchange rates for foreign currency against your local currency. Some people are already finding their Italian holiday just became affordable, for example. I am sure you know Gemini rules the web and Sagittarius rules foreign people and places. Uranus is the revolution and Taurus is the global economy.

  23. Hi Jessica. I have Minerva in Leo which aspects my north node Gemini as well as Psyche and Panacea….also aspecting my south node Saggitarius. Can you tell me how that works out for me? Thanks!

    1. The Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius pattern is about mentoring, guiding or leading younger people (children through to young adults) by using the worldwide web, multimedia, education, publishing or academia to teach, no matter if you do this professionally or just through powerful example. This is a common pattern in the charts of super-parents, educators, lecturers and children’s authors.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I have Minerva at 5 Sagittarius in my natal chart, I looked up the Sabian symbol for 5 Sagittarius 5 and to my amazement it said ‘ An old owl perched up in a tree ‘ isn’t astrology amazing, I am moving into an old cottage in 3 weeks time and the original door knocker is a small owl…
    I guess that the Owl is an important symbol for me.

    1. Beautiful piece of synchronicity! Thank you for passing it on. Minerva will be huge in your chart – expect to learn – and perhaps to teach, as you learn – once you are in the cottage.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I have Minerva at 7 Scorpio I was wondering what this means for me please. Thanks so much for all your articles they are amazing and I always look forward to reading them.

    Very best wishes
    Margaret x

    1. Margaret, you have a ‘nose for business’ as they say, no matter if you are raising funds for a good cause, or generating income. You also know how to save money. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to take this. You may want to invest in shares, for example, or get behind a serious cash-raising venture. It’s really a personal choice. Yet – you will often surprise yourself at how rapidly you put a jigsaw together if money is involved. You can do this for other people, too. You’ll just ‘get’ the solution.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating piece on Minerva! How would a Taurus Minerva 27 deg, play out in one’s chart? Does this give one insight on the natural world, world resources, or even sustainable living related topics? And conjunct with my Chiron as well. Surely this is a dynamic duo!

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. There is usually a sure sign that ‘Minerva is in the house’ in childhood. This is the child who manages to organise a mini bartering system at school and will merrily exchange (or even sell, much to her parents’ horror) unwanted Christmas and birthday presents. A great deal depends on how the parents felt, or feel, about money. In some families money is not even discussed. If you were encouraged, though, by this stage of your life you should be a whizz at making money for good causes, but also generating business for yourself. You have a nose for it. An instinct which is hard to explain, any other way. I have known a few Minerva Taurus types to instinctively downsize, for example, and pay cash for a cheaper home and keep the change, only to find they were absolutely right as the market was in a bubble and a mortgage on a more expensive apartment or house would have scuppered them. You will have your own examples. It’s not a bad idea to keep a diary and to check what comes up for you when the Moon is in Taurus once a month. What are you discovering?

  27. Hi Jessica

    Would it true to say that I have Minerva in 25 degs Taurus of all that I earn, owe, own in connection with family. I am trying to find a vocation that pays me after being a wife and mother forever. Can you enlighten me on how it affects my life? Thank you for your teaching.

    1. You are strongly Gemini as well as Taurus, so the worldwide web is your natural home, as Gemini rules the written and spoken word. At the same time you have a nose for business, charity, selling and buying. You are one of those people who could research online earning opportunities for half a day and make it work for her, for the rest of the year. You could do this from home, very easily, and of course you relate to mothers, having been through that experience. See what’s possible. With Uranus (the revolution) slowly crossing your Second House now, the more open you are to what is changing out there, the better. Listen up when you’re around innovators.

  28. Hi Jessica
    I have Minerva at 1degree in Capricorn what career and lessons are in front of me?
    Thank you.

    1. You also have Hygiea and Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House of vocation and calling. It’s common to find Salacia in Capricorn when people pursue projects, plans, professions or just pastimes which are an escape from the real world. Salacia was Neptune’s wife in Roman/Latin mythology, from which our astrology comes. She is often pictured draped in seaweed surrounded by crustaceans. We know Neptune is god of the sea. She was goddess of the sea, so this idea of your career or unpaid work (Capricorn/Tenth House) being a departure from ‘ordinary’ is very strong in your chart. It’s a superb combination with Minerva, who is of course the goddess of wisdom from old Italy. Hygiea completes this trifecta of asteroids and Trans-Neptunian objects in your chart. She is about the maxim, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Wait for Jupiter to move to 1 Capricorn to see an opportunity and solution, not possible in 12 years, at the end of 2019. By 2020 you will be on your way. Jupiter was Minerva’s father and she was his counsellor and right-hand woman. When Jupiter goes to 1 Capricorn and conjuncts Minerva, you will be given an opportunity to teach, mentor or guide. The other placements in Capricorn suggest it will be out of the ordinary, or even out of this world!

      1. I write fantasy and sci-fi young adult novels and some are literally out of this world, although I have not had a lot of success as yet, hence the unpaid work. I am just learning to publish myself online, so hopefully by the end of next year an opportunity will come along. Thanks you very much for your comments.

  29. Hi Jessica, always love your interesting information! How will all this affect me…..I have Minerva at 04 Gemini and I have the sun at 4 Virgo. I was thinking of starting a health blog this month. Thanks for your help.

  30. Hi Jessica

    Great article. Like Einstein I’ve got Minerva in Leo! That does indicate guiding and mentoring generally for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Minerva in Leo people make great natural teachers with both children, but also university-age students. Even less formal guidance of godchildren, nieces and nephews seems to be Minerva in Leo’s particular talent.

  31. Thanks Jessica – this insight into Minerva and the Family Tree Roman origins of astrology is absolutely fascinating. I knew next to nothing about either of these, made me want to study Classics!! The Minerva/Britannia link makes so much sense. I immediately thought of the 1940’s wartime movie ‘Mrs Minerva’ with Greer Garson. I have Minerva in Gemini so will be paying her much more attention now. Thanks again for the great articles.

    1. Mrs Minerva is a great tip – thank you. I need to have a look at that clip on YouTube right now. I’m glad you have discovered your Minerva in Gemini!

  32. Dear Jessica, out of my curiosity, how would you interpret my Minerva alongside all other planets at 1, 2 or 3 degree? Thank you very much in advance 😉

    1. This is really common in the personal birth charts of ‘students of life’ who are the people who never stop taking workshops, educating themselves with library books, or enrolling in online learning. It is also very common in the horoscopes of people who are regularly asked to take on roles as mentors, guides or teachers, either in a formal capacity at work, or informally. This is your path, if you want it.

  33. Hi Jess,

    Have Minerva 11° Pisces while Chiron 17° Aries the only Aries factor in my natal chart along with Psyche 11° Virgo. How does Minerva new cycle effect me…

    1. Minerva in Pisces in the Twelfth House is about your mediumship and clairvoyance – although you may be clairaudient or clairsentient. The Twelfth House is oceanic in nature, ruled by Neptune and associated with Pisces, and it is really about the lack of psychic boundaries between yourself and others, along with shared psychic space (across time) with spirit people. Once you enter into that zone, usually through meditation, you will find you can pick up knowledge not normally available to other people. Minerva is all about that inner knowing, or inner knowledge.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    I have Minerva at 0 Aries in my chart, close to Vulcano, could you please tell me how best to use this energy, please? It’s all getting really bizarre for me these days. On the 30th of May, I found myself on a movie set, full costume, make-up, red lipstick and all. It was a great adventure, but I would never have imagined myself even close to the film camera before. I only ever got the job for the money, I have no acting aspirations whatsoever.
    My dream is to be behind the camera. So what is that all about now? Dealing with self-shame first, in order to move to the next level? What do you think? Thanks

    1. Love that. You ‘did’ your Minerva in Aries in the First House by appearing for the camera on a movie set in full make-up. I realise you want to be behind the camera, but actually, you will gain just as much from being in front. In fact, being in front will help you as a camera operator, director and the rest. Have a look at what is possible!

  35. Hello Jessica,

    I would like to learn more about Minerva in my chart. She is in a stellium in Virgo, in my 6th house. Am I able to channel her at this time to help with my health concerns?
    Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your past responses, which are helping me through this tough time.

    1. Absolutely, Claire. I realise the pressure you are under at the moment, but your birth chart is really clear. Minerva in Virgo in your Sixth House is about your natural wisdom regarding your body. You know what to do, to be healthy. You also have Apollo in Virgo in your Sixth House, alongside the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and the North Node. This explains why all that you do for your mind (like meditation, mindfulness or visualisation) also helps your physical body. Virgo and the Sixth House are all about the loop between how your state of mind affects how things are, physically. This is not the first time in your life you have been given a major health challenge to deal with, and just like last time, you will find you have what it takes, to walk that road. If you haven’t already done so, have a look at the different kinds of meditation out there. Colour-based chakra and aura meditation is something to look at as a complementary therapy alongside your treatment.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    It was so interesting to read your thoughts on Minerva in Pisces in response to a few reader’s questions, like “Minerva in Pisces in the Twelfth House is about your mediumship and clairvoyance”. I understand it can also relate to what we hide in life and I certainly keep my family background under wraps – for good reason! I left my family and hometown as a teen and never went back. Found work, studied at night for my A levels and toddled off to Uni. Never looked back!

    But back to Minerva and Pisces. I also have Minerva in Pisces (2). What is intriguing for me is that I have four placements here and two are siblings to Minerva and all with Jupiter as father: Bacchus (6 Pisces), Diana (9 Pisces). I wonder if your interpretation would see me more ‘spy’ (hilarious as I hate lying, and find liars so difficult to deal with) or ‘psychic’ ?

    Bacchus (hedonistic pleasure), Diana (freedom and her dogs – love my dog), Minerva (wisdom), and Ops (4). Just thought, isn’t she Jupiter’s mother? I think it is the Jupiter connection I can’t quite get. I’d really value your thoughts if you have the time.

    Thank you anyway. x

    1. Yes, Minerva in Pisces in the Twelfth House is also about your wisdom regarding what is buried, secret or under wraps in your life. There was obviously a reason why you left home as a teenager and your home town. Of course Minerva is just part of a stellium in Pisces, as you say, and Diana, Bacchus and Ops are also in this sign, which is ruled by Neptune, the Roman god of the ocean. We associate the sea with everything which is hidden below the surface and this applies to your subconscious mind, which usually shows itself in dreams. Also far below the surface, we locate your spirit, which can travel through time and space, if you pursue mediumship or the Tarot, and astral travel too. This is the part of you nobody ever sees. You do in fact have a spy’s chart, as Minerva in Pisces in the Twelfth House is a symbol of Mata Hari as well as Nancy Wake. In this placement, Minerva is undercover. Your ‘intelligence agent’ if you like. Joined by Bacchus, Diana and Ops, she describes a part of your personality best suited to life away from the public gaze. You would enjoy it very much (Bacchus) but also find your freedom there (Diana) and your solutions too (Ops). This is why strongly Twelfth House people so often end up working as psychics, or developing an interest in the I-Ching or similar. They actually need that outlet. Strongly Piscean people also need to be alone. Sometimes the outlet is the ocean itself – swimming or scuba diving – but it is much more common to find the Twelfth House person analysing her dreams, or reading an astrological chart with spirit world guidance, rather than mere facts! This is also the pattern we associate with people who end up working, or pursuing outside interests, which mean they must guard secrets very closely and take people into their confidence. There are many ways to play your Pisces stellium and I have only mentioned a few of them. It’s worth exploring. Your dog will be very important in this, as Diana and her greyhound are a symbol of female independence, freedom, space and autonomy.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica for such a detailed reply. You have to be one of the most generous people around – love to say “most generous people I know” but we’ve never met – not yet anyway). I’m so inspired by your approach to Astrology, and your generous spirit, that I’m keen to study Astrology. I’m really looking forward to learning with you next year – also looking at Diploma from Faculty of Astrological Studies too.

        My dog…… not wishing to bore – I’m such a dog (and cat) bore! He has three factors in Virgo: Apollo (9), Psyche (10), and (drum roll) Minerva (21). We’ve been on quite a journey these past 11 months (I have relied on your kind advice on this previously). Very nearly fully recovered, but now hit with new auto immune disorder (annual vac kick started this whole auto immune dysfunction last year) – wailed at the Universe last week but now fighting back. Sort of mirrors my own auto immune issue with hives which kind of took over my life for a while – found my ‘medicine’ in yoga/meditation. Anyway, just an update.
        Thanks again xx

        1. It’s a pleasure – thank you. The relationship you have with your dog is much more like Diana and her companion animal, than a regular pet-owner connection. I love that you have his chart. And yes, you are on the same Virgo/healing path.

  37. Hi Jessica, Minerva has fascinated me, and I have had owls flitting in and out of my life symbolically. I have have an owl painting, earlier hung outside my door, now indoors.
    Could you please tell me how she features in my life? Also my Minerva is exactly square my husbands mercury at 27 Pisces and conjunct his Saturn at 29 Gemini. Would that explain the constant difference of opinion we have?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. The Minerva issues with your husband (you do actually know best, but he would disagree!) have been aggravated by Uranus going across 27, 28, 29 Aries. You have a long break from this now, with one final round (ding, ding) in early 2019 after which you will find life a lot easier.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I have Minerva at 3 degrees in Gemini which is in aspect with Ceres and Salacia (also 3) in Aquarius. How do I interpret that and also that my Minerva is part of a Stellium in Gemini?
    Thank you!

    1. Your Ceres-Salacia conjunction at 3 Aquarius is exact in the Eleventh House of friendships and groups. The Eleventh House is about the community. Your clubs, teams and other circles of friends and acquaintances. In childhood this is the Brownies and the Puffin Club. In your adolescence it is your netball team, and debating team, and Amnesty International. In adulthood it can become a professional commitment to paid or unpaid work involving your friends, in specific collective projects. The trick to understanding Aquarius and the Eleventh House is knowing that there is no intimacy or complication with friends. There is space. There is tolerance. There is mutual respect – but it is in the nature of the kinds of communities Aquarian types embrace, that they only work if they are kept light, easy and breezy. Even when the goals are very serious, like humanitarian aid, or charity, there is still a fair amount of arms-length about Aquarian camaraderie. Ceres is rather possessive, passionate, controlling and emotional and so she is not particularly at home in the Eleventh House, but I am sure you are used to this symbol in your chart by now. You have learned to let go. To give and take. Salacia there shows the unreality, or non-reality, of the groups and friends. They may, for example, be in a scuba diving class with you, or in a surf team or in a prog rock band, or an art class. None of this is particularly real-world. The trine to Minerva shows how well this works for you overall. In fact, it is a massive part of yourself and your life. If you dedicated yourself to your friends, and the common goal you all share, then your people power can move mountains. It can change the world. It would be a shame to just fritter your Aquarian side away on mere socialising, though of course you can do that too!

  39. Hi Jessica, I’m interested to know more about Minerva in my chart. I have Minerva in Pisces 10 degrees, could you share some of your thoughts please?

    1. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom who was her father Jupiter’s counsellor. She proved herself in a battle of wits with Neptune and was considered to have superior intellect in Rome. When she was imported to the British Isles along with Claudius, she became adapted as a symbol of strength in Britain and in fact Britannia herself can be easily identified as Minerva, with her helmet. Knowing that you have Minerva in the Twelfth House should help you see that you are at your most brilliant when you are alone. The Twelfth House describes your subconscious mind, but also your hidden depths – your very soul. Silence is one way to locate Minerva. Another is dream interpretation. Another is meditation. The Twelfth House is also associated with mediumship, the Tarot and channelling. These are all good ways to access your inner wisdom. Psychic art is another, and automatic writing is also less common, but an obvious outlet for Minerva in your chart. The inner dialogue is likely to reveal great truths and insights and often your best problem-solver will be you!

  40. Just stumbled upon your article and what a precious find! However I’m having trouble piecing everything together? I have Minerva in Cancer in the 10th house, it trines my Pluto in Scorpio.. To make an attempt at an interpretation.. I’m guessing it may indicate I have an ‘inner wisdom’ about how to deal with the public? And I do this in a Cancerian way (nurturing, emotionally, etc.)? You also said it’s common to pursue a career based along the interest areas represented by your Minerva sign.. however I am not interested in a ‘Cancerian’ career (nursing, real estate, historian, etc.) which is strange considering I have a Cancer MC as well. How would you interpret this?

    1. Thank you. Okay, so your Minerva is not in the Tenth House. Using the Natural House system, it is in Cancer in your Fourth House. You are a natural counsellor and advisor about family matters (Cancer) roots, culture, history and heritage in your family tree (Cancer) and property. Is your MC really in Cancer? I doubt it. You would know Minerva was there, though. You are the first person people go to when they have a house or apartment question, perhaps, or a deeper question about their home town or homeland. We find Minerva in Cancer in the charts of politicians and councillors who deal with major questions about ‘my town’ and ‘my country’ as well. I think you probably need to get your chart done!

  41. Hi Jessica
    I have an exact conjunct Minerva and Sun in Capricorn, do you see any other asteroids or planets impacting on the meaning of these in my chart especially this year?
    Thank you

    1. The Sun at 14 Capricorn conjunct Minerva at 14 Capricorn is in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and success, using the Natural House system. You were born to be an academic, a teacher, or some other kind of outstanding mentor in your chosen field. You shine brightest when you advise others and are a natural counsellor. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs slowly to the top of the peak and gets there in the end. This is why this conjunction is associated with outstanding achievements over the long-term and you would excel in any organisation or institution where you work the system, for many years, and respect that system too. People within the university system, or politics, or big business with pyramid-like structures tend to thrive if they have Capricorn placements. This is not the only pattern at 14 in your chart. Cupido at 14 Sagittarius and Neptune at 15 Scorpio are there too. The former is about the passion you inspire, and the passion you feel, for travelling, but also travelling in the mind. It is really about the journeys you take but also the intellectual journeys you take too. Neptune at 15 Scorpio is quite close and this is the holiday from reality you take, with your finances, property or business interests – perhaps charity. This is quite a complex little pattern in your chart and it will serve you all your life. In fact, just the Moon going across 14, 15 degrees of those signs, every month, will trigger it. For really substantial change you need to look at slow moving outer planets or Nodes across 14, 15 degrees and you’re going to adore 2019 as Jupiter (opportunity, growth, expansion, solutions, breakthroughs) moves to 14, 15 Sagittarius and sets the whole thing off. You will travel ambitiously or relocate next year and the place, and the people, will stay with you for a very long time. You could easily do this in connection with a new project or job, or a course. You then find Jupiter moving to 14, 15 Capricorn in 2020 and that’s when you will receive an award, promotion or score an astonishing hit. Phew. Just follow the stepping stones that appear for you and walk that walk.

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