The Gemini Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Gemini, it’s been 12 years since you experienced this kind of potential with marriage, work partnership, separation, divorce, common-law marriage or relationship commitments.

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Gemini, it’s been 12 years since you experienced this kind of potential with marriage, work partnership, separation, divorce, common-law marriage or relationship commitments.

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56 Responses

  1. Love, love, love it! Thanks for your work, which always matches what I’m experiencing at the ftime
    I’m curious about relationships: 1967 Gemini or 1971 Libra? Which one will stick?
    And where to look for my next clue in the fulfilling career department?
    Thanks so very much!

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is useful. (That is what it is there for – to predict the future). Libra will not be settled nor stable in love until you are into the second quarter of 2019 as the push for space, freedom and independence by Libra, or you, or perhaps a third person – is not allowing very much to settle or take hold in any permanent way. Libra is being shown what he or she can get away with in terms of love and sex, and so it’s really an ongoing experiment. Anything about a white wedding, white picket fence and 2.5 children is not really going to be where it’s at. Gemini has a ton of past damage to repair from this or a previous relationship/marriage some years before, yet for the first time in 12 years dazzling progress is possible with the first sign at Christmas and more progress ahead in 2019 if Gemini puts his/her head down and works at it. The potential for moving in together or an engagement is extremely high, but it depends on Gemini’s personal chart, of course.

      1. Hi, Jessica, thank you for your posts, they have been very enlightening. My birthday was on May 28th and I definitely felt that full moon! I was curious if you see anything in my chart that I should watch out for? The past two years have been incredibly rocky and I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum as of late. I was very close to giving up but something told me to just continue to hold on. From what I can see, things should be easing up around November but if you have any advice regarding the next few months, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

        1. Thank you. Actually the most important thing I can tell you, is that you were born with Aesculapia at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload, daily routine, lifestyle, duty, service – and your body. Your physical condition and whole self are not easily separated from the paid and unpaid work you do, with that asteroid in your Sixth House, and you are now going through a 2018-2019 cycle when you can work miracles for yourself and others. I am sure you know Aesculapia was the Roman god of healing. Beyond healing, he transformed people, resurrecting, reviving and repairing even when it seemed as if there was no chance. In the ancient world, huge temples were set up in his honour and this famous god lends his symbol – the staff with the snake wrapped around it – to modern medicine today. The Hippocratic Oath taken by the medical profession through the ages, cites his name. So, you have (for the first time in your life) Uranus the planet of revolution sweeping through at 0 Taurus making a perfect trine to Aesculapius. Your paid work, unpaid work and your body are at the heart of a huge, life-changing revival and something you had assumed was virtually over will come back. This story in your life began last month when Uranus crossed from 29 Aries to 0 Taurus.

          1. This gives me so much hope, thank you. My best friend and partner broke the news to me that he is moving away last month and I have truly been struggling with that. He is my heart and anchor and this has culminated from a huge fall out that we had in February so I am not sure if he will even keep in touch. I feel like he’s died and it’s dominoed into the rest of my life. I’m told I need to just give up and move on but I feel so strongly that this cannot be the end. I used to light a candle for St Jude, one of the patron saints of lost causes, so the fact that aesculapius is such a prominent factor in my chart really resonates with me. I will give an update as soon as I am able. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Jessica..In 1994 I had my son,In 2007 I broke up with my long term boyfriend,havent had a long term relationship since..I have met up with some one this year who you described our relationship as Cupid and Psyche..And it is a affairs only our family wouldn’t approve.I have in Leo..Volcano,..Minerva at 3,..Aesculapia 19…Moon 22..Vesta 27..In Cancer..Ops and Hygeia at 00..Apollo 2..Mars 4..Venus 21 ..Bachus at 23…and Libra planets.. MC 2..Uranus 4 and Jupiter 26…Scorpio Prospina 16 Neptune 29…Capricorn Diana 10..Fortuna 25 and Salacia 29…Is this my turn for happiness or is it all going to go pear shaped for love and Career..Thank You

    1. Your good fortune turns from November and by 2019 you will have the choice to move ahead with your current or an alternative partner. There may be some baggage and obstacles to move, yet you will go further, faster than you have for years, if you focus on the bigger picture of what you want. A fair amount of repair work is now possible and that will make all the difference.

  3. Wow, Jessica what an exciting horoscope! Thanks as always for your terrific insights and for all the great blogs of late. If you had anything to highlight or caution in my horoscope (gemini rising), what would it be? Many thanks, realize you may not be able to respond. Cheers and thanks!

    1. Thank you. Gemini Rising has nothing to do with a Sun Gemini horoscope so don’t apply anything here to your chart, by the way. You have a Scorpio stellium which is about sex, death, money, business, property and charity. We find Scorpio in the charts of men accused of murdering their ex-wives, men who lose a fortune to their ex-wives, women who marry pillars of the community (who use brothels on the side). We also find Scorpio in the charts of billionaire philanthropists who donate most of their money to help people in poor countries – and in the charts of top business women who leave their husbands to pursue feminist causes. As you can see it’s complicated. It’s impossible to say more to you than that as you don’t say if you are married, single, straight, gay, transgender or anything else that is at the core of Scorpio. It’s about marriage and mortgage, you see, just as much as it is about Mafia and mistress. Essentially Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House in 2018 gives you one fantastic opportunity after another to have more, do more, make more, save more and gain more – through the house, cash, business, possessions, apartment or charity. Just be aware of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio right at the end of the year. Hit Search for those dates!

  4. Dear Jessica,

    The sweet time of the year finally arrived, I was really looking forward to reading the horoscope, thank you so much, this time it is so hopeful. Looking back to the last time that Jupiter in Sagittarius, I had my very first job abroad (although it was volunteering), which then opened wonderful doors for me and I am where I am now, then same year I was admitted to my masters degree in abroad (which then leads to a wonderful job opportunity (all abroad and international development related) and doctorate degree later on) and I had a loving relationship (no happy ending, but it was loving, caring and sweet:) in the same year too. I was showered with happiness, I would say.

    So, I was born in 02 June 1983 in Turkey (00:15 am) and I have Jupiter (05), Uranus (06), MC (05), South Node (25), Neptune (28) in Sagittarius and Saturn (28), Pluto (27), Hygeia (20)in Libra and DC (19), Apollo (01), Panacea (25) in Leo.

    I am now still working in international development in abroad however I want to change the organization and country as well as my position and I would like to have my own family, although no candidate so far. I still have difficulty to get over my ex partner (DoB 10 May 1978, Chester UK, 16:30pm).

    Do you think that this time I would be lucky as the previous time ? I cannot really interpret both having Saturn and Pluto in Libra, does that mean every love relationship that I have is destined to be broken?

    Thank you so very much for everything !


    1. From Jupiter at 5 to Neptune at 28 Sagittarius you have a spread of horoscope factors in the sign of the explorer, traveller, student of life, mentor, guide and worldwide web expert. The stellium is in the Ninth House of your chart and Jupiter will re-enter the Ninth House in Sagittarius from November this year, spending most of 2019 there. International development will certainly develop faster and further than you dreamed as you have your Jupiter Return coming up. You’re asking two questions here, one about love and one about your career. Your career is the easy part. Reach for the most you can and you will be stunned at what comes back to you. Love and sex are really Libra and Leo. You had to clear karma with your ex in 2018 as the Node went through Leo. The issue was children, for one or both of you. This is usually about pregnancies that never happened; the desire to have/not have children; rating or judging a partner on his/her suitability as a parent; fertility; stepchildren and so on. Once you get to November you will have well and truly ‘done’ your karmic debts and credits over this issue and 2019 will be a lot easier than 2018 and 2017 were.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. The only reason we broke up was the issue of religion (we belong to different religions and I am not religious) despite being in love with each other very much. He was the one could not compromise and eventually took the religion issue very seriously, every our discussion ended up on how to raise our children in the future that we really want to have – based on which religion, which values etc. All of religion issue shattered my heart as I believe that those things should not be important if there is love in between the two people.

        If this is what you mean, Node goes through in Leo and the issue is children, yes I went through that, the issue was the children that we never had but had a lot of arguments about it. However I do not know how to do my karmic debts around this issue over this issue.

        Cheers !

        1. You are fulfilling your karmic debts just by going through the experience itself, yet from this year the karma is complete and this will no longer concern you so much. Religion was probably part of the story last time round too. It often is.

  5. Dear Jessica, my husband is a gemini and my AC is in gemini too, It is interesting because we had 3 years separation exactly in 2007 until 2010 and now we are going to be divorced finally this year , it is something that had to be ended 12 years before but under pressure of separating me from my child I decided to return him by force! But now is time to act as Aries stellium individual 😉

    1. A lot of Gemini Sun people went through that Pluto in Sagittarius cycle pretty intensely before it ended in 2008 (Seventh House: marriage, divorce, separation, common-law marriage, de facto relationships). In 2019 they repair the damage and move on. Some go into improved commitment. Some break up and find happier relationships. Some – who are single and want a partner – get seriously lucky. ‘There was movement at the station’ to quote a poem! I am sure you wish him well. That within itself will help your own momentum. Tip – Always look back and figure out what a Gemini ex was actually telling you. I also have a Gemini ex and years later, I am amazed to find myself recalling what he probably thought were random comments, but were actually tremendous insights!

      1. You mentioned something that I believe always that my ex made my soul growing up and I found “me” myself during living with him , I found my soul destiny and many many more

  6. I have Moon in Gemini at 0° and had a very smooth lovely day at work. Absolutely joyful. Not like 3 days ago when every co-worker seems to be on the edge of eruption. Could this be because Sun in Gemini at 0°?

    1. Your Moon in Gemini will have no bearing at all on the Gemini birthday horoscope, which is set for a Sun Gemini person using the Solar Sign house system. But I’m glad you have a joyful day at work. The imminent eruption with your colleagues is basically because you are a Leo and they and you are dealing with tension-making changes not seen for years. Your Leo Birthday Horoscope will tell the story there!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the insight and guidance for us Gemini’s! It is so appreciated! I’m wondering if you are able to forecast which aspect of partnership is most likely in my chart? I’ve been divorced for many years and have built a successful career. I also have a small business with 2 partners. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    1. Saturn at 16 Scorpio opposite Diana at 16 Taurus in your chart tells you the whole story about love, sex, marriage, divorce, money and property. It’s also very much about the business you have with your two partners. If you want to look this up, you have Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House in opposition to Diana in Taurus in the Second House. This can often be hard work in a chart, when it’s triggered, as there is a part of you which wants financial independence and total freedom without compromise when it comes to your own bank account, property and possessions. Every time you pursue that, you run into your Saturn (fear, caution, method and order, pessimism) about other people’s involvement in your cash, company and so on. If you want to get married again or just have a lover, bear in mind that every time money comes into the arrangement you’ll run up against Saturn-Diana. Of course marriage is very difficult without transactions and the bank manager hovering – but at least you can be informed, DPD. Know your Diana. Awareness is everything.

      1. I’m a free and independent spirit with a hard work ethic. The opposition makes sense now especially since Diana is my namesake! Cheers!

  8. Hi Jessica. My younger sister just suffered a miscarriage last week during her first pregnancy, and it’s been particularly difficult for her. She’s seen some intense hardships over her 36 years, but this is definitely one of the most challenging things she’s ever faced. Her DOB is June 7, 1981, 06:17 AM in Fort Stewart (Liberty), Georgia, United States. Would you mind taking a peek and seeing if kids are a possibility for her and her new husband? I realize this is a common thing, but I’d like to know if her chart sheds some light into what may have happened. Thank you as always. <3

    1. Very hard news to take, and I am sorry she has been put through this miscarriage. Without her new husband’s chart it’s hard to see what is going on, but in general, the biggest and best for her love life is yet to come, and begins in November, with a major breakthrough at Christmas. A tragedy like a miscarriage does commonly move a marriage on – it progresses it to where it needs to go – so that issues can be faced and fixed. 2019 will be a lot happier for her emotionally than 2018. Jupiter will trigger her chart offering her answers and solutions. It is up to her, to take them.

  9. SO happy the Gemini birthday horoscope is up!! Thank you Jessica!
    I am a Gemini 25degrees and Scorpio 27 degrees ascendent, my Venus and mercury are in Gemini as well….and the ups and downs with my relationship(Pisces) and my career have been so draining. There is still so much uncertainty, am I ever going to be in a stable place in life with both my relationship and my career?? Will it all go well, or tank miserably?
    Thank you so much!!

    1. You are strongly Gemini and from November Jupiter (expansion, hope, opportunity, solutions, growth) moves into Sagittarius, right opposite that stellium in your chart. So, from November into 2019 you are going to have a very Third House-Ninth House 12 month period. Focus on your career. Your love life will sort itself out without too much effort from you and things will look a great deal better by Christmas when there are answers for you. In general, your career will gain from your use of the worldwide web, multimedia, publishing, education and/or other forms of communication as the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your chart is about being heard and read. Simple luck and timing will assist you with that, from November. Don’t sit around waiting for Jupiter to change signs, though. Do a little work on your chart. You were born with Saturn (challenges) in Leo (pregnancy, children) and Uranus is now triggering that. This is why your relationship is on the rocks. The sole and single factor now through 2019 is the children you never had, the children you’re going to have, and the rest. This brings in questions about pregnancy, fertility, adoption, termination, stepchildren and the rest. Once you have had that particular conversation with yourself it will make more sense. And once Uranus is well away from 0, 1 Taurus that square to Saturn will end and you will no longer find so much tension with love and sex.

  10. Hi Jessica. I’m an Aries/Gem Rising/Leo moon/Venus in Taurus. I’m trying to follow your instructions on how to anticipate what may be coming up for me, but I’m having a hard time of it… or I understand very minimally, but still end up with 1000 questions. I’m wondering what can I expect on this new cycle? — quite frankly, I’m borderline frightened! I’ve changed (me) tremendously and have had tremendous changes in my work/personal life over the past 2 years or so… much of it spiritual, but mental, emotional, financial change also and while I’m not dying financially, I feel I could do much more or better…. I ended up leaving a career in IT and focusing solely on my YouTube channel; while offering spiritual coaching and intuitive/tarot readings… somehow I still feel stuck. Just last week I had a startling revelation/premonition about values… real values! … the markets and a solution that may just spell financial freedom for me in the future. On the new moon in Taurus I also reconnected with an old love from almost 20 years ago! I don’t know if this will amount to anything, maybe just a strong friendship, as we have a connection that can’t be denied… but circumstances seem to be in the way. He’s a Gem (06/15/1978).

    Any help or light from you would be very appreciated!! And I’d also like to thank you so, so much…. I love you, your knowledge, your articles. They never fail to get my mind moving! You are always accurate! I’ve been a member with you for several years now and think you are absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for all you do 🙂

    1. All you need to know is you were born with Jupiter at 0 Cancer in your Fourth House, which rules land, apartments, houses and other residences, like house boats or caravans. Jupiter describes your natural good fortune, abundance and protection. Even during bad times you are always helped; you will always have somewhere to sleep and stay. During good times you can buy an astonishing property at a bargain price, or find you gain in vast profits as the value of your home rises. There are many more examples. When Uranus (the revolution) comes along at 0 Taurus to sextile your Jupiter you will have a new door opening onto a rare chance to expand, improve and explore – via your home or property. I am sure you know that Uranus in Taurus landed on the same day that blockchain went mainstream. The other big changes we will see include a switch from petrol cars to electric cars (oil prices are affected) and a major change in the US-UK trade economy. The end of paper and metal currency and start of competing universal digital currencies is also evolving. By 2019 this will have a useful ripple effect on your property situation. Prices may drop. Or you may find the value of your place increases. It’s all coming.

  11. Love this! I am a bit confused as to how to analyse the Leo/Libra factors…

    I believe I have a Gemini stellium… And then just Vesta in Libra and Cupido in Leo.

    Do I read about these asteroids in the fifth and seventh houses to see what might be coming?

    1. Yes, for love and sex, always look at Leo and the Fifth House (pregnancy, stepchildren) and Libra and the Seventh House (marriage, common-law marriage, divorce, separation). You might also want to look at Scorpio and the Eighth House – sex and money, death and property. This is commonly about marriage and mortgage, but also about couples who change their legacies when they marry or move in together. Until death do us part.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I would like to know what I should look out for this year as my birthday is approaching. Not too concerned about love life as I’m not looking and would be reluctant to start something in middle age as I don’t have the energy or inclination to deal with anyone’s baggage but my own!
    I am more concerned with work, money and where I live. I can see that I have a lot of trines in Cap. and Virgo coming up due to Uranus’ movement through Taurus.
    As you mentioned in a previous piece in relation to Uranus in Taurus, I am indeed having a clear out as my home looks like a pop culture shrine, and I want to sell the bulk of it, but keep some things which are dear to me. I will also sell lots of clothing as I need room. I have at long last decided to grow up and make this look like the home of an adult – or at least someone trying to be one.

    p.s. I was at your talk last night in London, thank you.

    1. Thank you for coming along to the talk in London on Monday night. Your Venus-Apollo conjunction at 4 Taurus in the Second House of money, possessions, charity, property, business is the first and most important aspect to work with, evident most strongly from 2019. You were born to lead the way with complicated relationships about all this, no matter if this is a lifelong pattern of striking deals with lovers, or the ins and outs of a career which involves doing other trades. Venus is always about complex relationships as she was married to one man, slept with another, was jealous of her daughter-in-law and controlled her son. Apollo is about leadership. Put that together in Taurus and it is powerful stuff, yet Uranus (the revolution) will come along to conjunct this from 4 Taurus so radical change is on the way. What kind of radical change? Well, it will be macro affecting the micro. So, the arrival of the electric car to replace the petrol-fuelled car, and thus wipe out the oil share market. At the same time, cryptocurrency will replace the old money and this will place massive demands on the electricity grid so perhaps solar energy will now be more highly valued. All this has a knock-on effect on you. On a more personal level look at the debts and credits between yourself and lovers, relatives, partners. You are ahead of the game with your clear-out but actually this has not even begun yet. 2019 is the year.

  13. Hi Jessica, have been looking forward to Gemini 2018/19 horoscope and once again so totally on point for me. My whole life has been turned on it’s head!! I left a steady job that was making me ill and started a business venture that is so different but so me and I enjoy every day. Business is good and to expand I have to take on staff, Saturn/Pluto part me thinks. It’s all scary stuff and pushing me into decisions that make me feel totally out of my depth. My husband (Leo) is my partner in the business and we hit a major wedding anniversary this year and have never been happier. My sun sign Gemini, Moon in Scorpio, no Taurus or Capricorn elements but stellium in Leo. Anything else I should be aware of to keep me going in the right direction? Thank you for such a valuable road map in all you write about.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the astrology is on-point for you and useful. Your issue is Uranus 0 Leo in your chart in your Fifth House of children, young people, godchildren, stepchildren, junior relatives and ‘youth demographic.’ Uranus is at 0 Taurus and square that in 2018, early 2019. You don’t say if you are a parent or not. Have a look at your honest feelings about being the Queen to a younger court. That generation behind you, and maybe the one behind that, inherits the influence of your guidance, mentoring and example. Are you okay with what you have created and invented in your life or are there issues? Uranus in Taurus is about the financial revolution – blockchain, cryptocurrency and turmoil to come with the banks, and particularly Swiss bank accounts. This will have an impact on the first issues I have mentioned. Dig in deeper to really go over it all and be sharply aware of any new arrangement involving children, godchildren, grandchildren and so on – and money, business, property.

  14. Hi Jessica, thanks for the birthday horoscope- it’s my birthday today so it is great to see that there are plenty of positive and exciting things on the horizon for the next year! I am having some difficulties in reading the horoscope in combination with my birth chart, however, and I was wondering whether you can help.

    I am looking forward to/hoping for some big changes in my life this year but things so far have been rather slow. My husband (13/04/1979, 25.6866° N, 100.3161° W) and I are just in the process of buying a new house, which has not been going very smoothly; we have also been trying for a baby for a year without success; and I would really like to move on professionally to something that would give me a better work-life balance and satisfaction than my current position. So, everything is there but things are just not quite happening and I feel in need for changes in my life(I am even contemplating to quit my job and take some time off working just to make that change happen but my Gemini nature is not helping, as I am constantly thinking about the pros and cons, and the risks in the long-term!). Any advice or insights would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you and Happy Birthday. You do sound stuck, in terms of your house purchase, conceiving a baby and also progressing your career, so I’ll see what’s going on. Babies and children are Leo and your Fifth House and sure enough you have Apollo at 22 Leo and Aesculapia at 29 Leo, and you have been experiencing some old karma (past life debts and credits, probably with your husband) as the North Node has been in Leo lining up with these, at 22 and 29 degrees. I’m sorry you have had the frustration of trying for a baby at this time but it is not unusual to have to go through a process/a journey and the reason is often a soul agreement, based on another incarnation, and some kind of spiritual transaction has to take place. You will be pleased to know the Node leaves Leo in November and with it, goes any more need to sort out old karma. Your husband’s decision to buy the house with you is beautifully timed and although you have been jumping hurdles with this new home, by November you will be so pleased you made the big move this year as you will realise how lucky your timing actually was. You should definitely think about changing your lifestyle – difficulties in conceiving may have persuaded you to do that anyway – but you were only recently made a small but important offer, which would make a great difference to how you feel physically, how you sleep, relax and use your body – and there will be more open doors to come. Step through those doors and take a look.

  15. I’m not sure if you’re still taking comments as somehow I missed this post when it came out even though I’ve been looking forward to it. 🙂
    I’m a Gemini with a large stellium in Gemini and Sag. I also have one in Libra and a few things in Leo. I’m excited for my Jupiter return as he is such a wonderful part of my chart. Maybe from the stellium, grand fire trine, or the Sag Asc…. but he is a big player for me. Brings me a lot of luck most of the time.
    In 2006 when he was about to move from scorpio to Sag I had a big breakup (with a Taurus sun). I often feel/experience the big planets a few months before they actually get into a new sign.. my theory is my many late degree placements tho I’m not really sure. It was with my last long term partner who was one of those twin flame/soulmate type of things. Messed me up greatly. A lot issues with his drinking and emotional abuse and me being codependent and us both being very young. I had a few flings for a few years after, but nothing too serious and for some time now I’ve been completely single. I’m not too interested in a relationship, but I am a neptune in Sag and Sag stellium girl so I don’t like boundaries if I don’t have to have them. LOL I’m always open to fate basically.

    I am most interested in maybe some money and career stuff happening. That is most important to me. I’m hoping maybe a nice sextile to my MC in Libra or Uranus stuff might help… or even the nodes going through solar 2nd and 8th (cancer/cap) later this year might bring something. Even though I don’t have much in either of those. I neeeeeeed to figure out career/money. Quite desperately really. I have been working at a tarot side business possibility and I’m hoping maybe Uranus eventually (I have later degree placements) will help me out there. Any suggestions/advice for this coming Jupiter luck for me?

    I know you don’t seem to do solar return charts, but I do have a strange one this year. I have multiple exact conjunctions of sun/apollo, ascendent/venus, mars/south node, proserpina/pluto, fortuna/ceres, and jupiter/psyche. It’s a little crazy. I’ve wondered why you don’t do solar returns? Do you do them for yourself and just not for your website?

    1. Venus at 2 Leo and Diana at 1 Aquarius are central to your horoscope, and I am sure you know that Venus is about complicated relationships, while Diana is about avoiding them! In fact you are ‘speaking your chart’ when you say you have had flings and been single for some time – and are not too interested in a relationship. Uranus at 0, 1 Taurus will create a T-Square there, so one way or another, now through 2019 you will have to deal with your inner conflict between wanting to have all the passion, drama and complexity of Venus in Leo in the Fifth House, versus Diana with her tremendous craving for freedom, space, liberty and independence in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. Aesculapia is pretty close at 0 Aquarius and so this is really about a friendship or group involvement which comes back from the brink – it is resurrected or revived. I know your focus is money, but actually, your chart is telling you the next few months will be rather more about relationships, friendships and particularly the world of children and younger people.

  16. Dear Jessica, everything you mentioned for me gemini is so PERFECTLY true… Out of the blue I got call for visit to my head office in Dubai and exactly on 12th may i joined the office for a special project. This is a big change from what I do for a living in the sense that the whole atmosphere has changed. I never dreamed of being here. I hope I can make it big here… Everything you mentioned about friend etc circle is all true. I would like to thank you for so much great guidance and wish you great happiness. I hope you continue to enlighten us with your predictions and be a source of trustworthy knowledge for US to make better decisions. I also take the opportunity to say that you are not only a great Astrologer but also so wonderfully educated on all matters… That make this world… Vow….. Simply amazing.

    1. Thank you. I am glad your horoscope is useful. You’ve written a really kind comment here, and I’m very pleased that Dubai is working out so well for you. I often stop in that city between Melbourne and London and have to say, those beaches are just astonishing. Enjoy it.

  17. Happy Birthday to all fellow Geminis! Wonderful article Jessica, I see it applies to so many of us, it is a relief to know there is a lot of us in the same boat. In 2006 I started my previous relationship and ended it very quickly in 2016, although I have been distancing myself in my head and emotionally years before that. My ex seems still not to be over me, so I really hope by next year he will move forward. He is a Gemini too. So when I met my current Libra partner I thought I was not ready for a new relationship, but everything felt so right, I didn’t think twice when we decided to get married last year. I also never really wanted children, but lately I am starting to have thoughts about having a baby.. so I do not know, is it just hormones or maybe something more. I would actually really really really want to start working a “real full time” job (as close to as that is possible to my airy nature) but somehow just cannot find myself in a practical position to do that. I have Gemini stellium (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Diana, Ceres, MC) and a few Sagittarius factors (Moon, Uranus, IC, Fortuna) and feel that my moment is coming. I just do not know from “where”. Do the stars say anything? Thank you and a happy lucky full moon to all!

    1. Thank you. One look at your chart, which is so heavily Gemini and Sagittarius, and it is easy to see why you are hankering for a new career or other direction in life. These two signs are associated with The Getting of Wisdom, to quote the book, but also passing knowledge on. You are the eternal student of life and tour guide, mentor or teacher for others. You can do this casually and informally, or pursue something more formal. You will come across a part-time course from November 2018 which has seriously tempted you by 2019 and will add to your skill set. What appears to be just something light and fun could end up having a huge impact on your life direction as a whole. You may also find yourself in the role of advisor to others in 2019 even if it’s not official. You’ll move or travel more ambitiously next year too. It may feel as if you’re fitting into your purpose.

  18. Thank you Jessica. What an exciting year ahead after a couple of turbulent years. It’s time for Gemini to shine. Looking positive with Gemini sun and my Leo moon.

  19. Hi Jessica, I always look forward to your updates.
    Thank you! I just got yet another rejection on a job search. Thoughts when my luck turns, if at all? Or, is the reference to “Independence” indicative that I’ll never got another job? Sun 
    09°  Gemini Moon 15°  Capricorn Mercury 04°  Gemini Venus 04°  Cancer Mars 12°  Cancer Jupiter 06°  Capricorn Saturn 09°  Gemini Uranus 14°  Libra Neptune 03°  Sagittarius Pluto 29°  Virgo


    1. Keep going. I know it must be awful to hear that ‘No’ word, but every time it happens, you are forced to do what you don’t want to do. Uranus transits like this one are all about the rejection dance, that makes you find a different kind of music. This is not the only transit you are having. Of course you will find another job (or jobs, plural) with that chart! The issue for you is not just repeating what you did in 2017, 2016 and previously. Ask yourself what others in your position are experimenting with, so successfully. It probably feels odd, difficult, strange or (similar) to you. That’s probably your best clue for research. Find out what you are automatically naysaying because 9 times out of 10 on a Uranus transit, that’s the path. But – you need to do your own research. You know yourself better than any astrologer.

  20. Thanks Jessica, so well written as usual. What you said about relationships is so timely for me as I have Leo Sun, Gemini Ascendant, am divorcing a Libra and dating a Gemini!

  21. On this my birthday I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wisdom and guidance. You show such empathy to your followers. And you’ve certainly helped me through some rough patches. 🙂 Thank you! Xxx

  22. Hi Jessica,

    See anything in my chart in the Love department? My 4 year relationship ended a few months ago. We’ve been trying to reconcile but there’s a lot of ego and fears controlling us both.

    Any insight would be amazing.

    Thank you!

    1. I am sorry your relationship ended. You could easily reconcile but it may not be until November, December that you spy an opportunity like no other. If you two do not get back together, you would find a new potential date for 2019 and this person would expand your horizons and knowledge of the world.

  23. HI Jessica,

    Thanks for this post! Happy to hear 2019 will be a better year, as 2018 has not been treating me well so far. My husband who I have been married to for only 1.5 years (together for 8.5 years) recently dropped a bombshell on me and asked to separate. It’s as if he has become a completely different person. We now live on opposite sides of the world and don’t speak. I am lost and don’t know which direction to turn to. Are you able to look at my chart and give advice? My partners birth info – Nov 13 1978, birth time unknown, birthplace-Dublin, Ireland.

    Also wondering if this year would be a good time to jump into business with family, or look for a job with a new employer?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. You will be thrilled with your love-life opportunities from November and by 2019 could be dating someone from a foreign background, or who is well travelled, or well educated. This person would open up your world. Your husband has gone slightly mad – as in Freddie Mercury singing ‘I’m going slightly mad’ with Queen. Try to accept that sometimes people do this when freedom matters more to them than security or love. I am sorry you are not speaking but anyone could understand why. Healing is possible in 2019 and it may begin at Christmas. This is an excellent year to look for new work, projects, roles or goals – do all you can before November.

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