Barack Obama Comeback Prediction

A Barack Obama comeback? His horoscope says it's irresistible.

Barack Obama Comeback Prediction

Okay, so legally, according to all the old rules in the American constitution, Barack Obama can not return to the White House as President of the United States. Yet – he will find it hard to resist making a huge comeback, according to his astrological chart.

I am sure you know that various astrologers use different house systems and techniques, but when you see the same story being told four times, in four different personal birth charts – you just know you’re seeing Obama coming back – in a big way.

These four charts come from Astrodienst, Solar Fire, Astrotheme and E-Tarocchi. They all say it’s time for a relaunch!

Why? It’s a perfect storm, really. That exciting, shocking, astonishing line-up of horoscope factors which can only happen once every few decades. If you’d written Barack Obama off, or thought he was retiring to the sidelines, forget it. He is set to experience transiting Uranus at 0 Taurus, square his Jupiter at 0 Aquarius.

At the most basic level of astrology, that shows a shock to the American economy triggering an opportunity to revive his place within the Democrats. Uranus is the shock. Taurus is the economy. Jupiter is the opportunity. Aquarius is the group – his party.  600x422 - Barack Obama Comeback Prediction

Barack Obama Astrology Predictions 2018 and 2019

Beyond that amazing Jupiter-Uranus square, which has never happened in Obama’s lifetime, or ours, we are also seeing other astrological weather that suggests the most surprising and exciting return.

Obama was born with a horoscope signature at the crucial 0, 1, 2, 3 degrees which so many people (who have similar patterns) will find leads to a revolution in their lives, now through 2019. I am writing this on Wednesday 16th May, so looking quite a long way into the future, but using astrology we can see his world – and America’s – will turn upside-down in the months ahead.

The Democrats – Fate and Fortune

I don’t use any of the house systems you can see on this page. Yet, one thing that is astonishingly true about astrology, is that future events can be shown in many different ways, using different techniques.

Using the Natural House system and asteroids, which I prefer for dated and timed prediction, all these separate methods still agree – the horoscopes clearly shows us dates when Obama will be offered the most stunning and surprising opportunity to take his place as King of the Round Table again, no matter if Hillary Clinton was formerly its Queen.

We begin with the long transit of Mars at 0 Aquarius which is the timing trigger, as Aquarius is the ruler of Obama’s Eleventh House of groups and teams.

I am literally writing this on the day it all begins, when most people in Washington are asleep, but –

Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, Saturday 19th May 2018 is the first door that opens for Obama’s comeback.

I’ve posted elsewhere on this website about the stormy weather, literally and symbolically, right around the world at this time. Well, some people know how to dance in a storm and Obama is one of them.

Chiron is also very close by, at just 1 degree of Aries. This is really important, because of Obama’s chart cluster at 0, 1, 2, 3.

We then move to later on in the year, about three months into the future as I make this feature live.

Now we’re in August 2018 and things are really heating up for Obama.

Close to August 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th Mars is back at 0 Aquarius, the sign ruling groups.

Then, the final pass – September 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th.

I mentioned the whole pattern at 0, 1, 2, 3 degrees of the zodiac signs, in Obama’s chart, and in fact it is really part of a storm in his chart which runs until 2019. This same pattern also triggers the USA chart exactly.

download 2 - Barack Obama Comeback Prediction

The True Patriot Who Hears the Call

Astrology is really about triggers. Becoming who you are. Hearing the call and answering it. This just happens to be a former President we’re talking about, but there is a Gemini-Leo-Cancer signature in Barack Obama’s chart which translates as ‘the true patriot who hears the call’. He’s already heard it twice. Now, because of shocks to the world and certainly the American economy, he’ll hear it again.

This is a media figure waiting to happen, all over again, with Uranus at 3 Taurus semi-sextile the Moon at 3 Gemini. This is a leader to youth, waiting to happen all over again, with Uranus at 2 Taurus square Mercury at 2 Leo. This is a patriot, waiting to happen all over again, with Uranus at 1 Taurus sextile Venus at 1 Cancer. Watch this space! Watch those charts!

e  600x473 - Barack Obama Comeback Prediction  - Barack Obama Comeback Prediction

Solar Fire - Barack Obama Comeback Prediction

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59 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, This makes sense – this would be historic!. Obama came to power because of the 2008 crash and won against McCain. If there is another crash, they should def. turn to Obama as he is the only person who knows how to do it. Plus, if they can bring Mueller back as special counsel, they can bring Obama back as special counsel to the Presidency or interim President until the White House is cleaned up.

    So what happens today through Saturday that opens the door for him? Seems like something big, but wanted to see what you saw.

    Also, if Trump is out, and Pence is out, this could be big news for Obama to come back. It took only 9 days for Mueller to become special counsel after Comey’s fiing. So, it might not take long for the people to realize Obama is needed and for them to take action. But, seems like it would be impossible for it to occur become the midterms, unless more Republicans are out (resign) along with Trump and Pence and that would set the stage earlier than Nov. 2018. Is that why you say Aug/Sept. 2018? That’s when Obama may come back?


    1. Fascinating. I love it when history and astrology collide like this! May, August and September 2018 are the Obama comeback months. Beginning, middle and climax. Across this time, America and the world will go through a revolution we have not seen since 1934 when Franklin D. Roosevelt brought in the New Deal. Watch the banks. Watch the credit card companies. As Snoopy once typed in Peanuts, ‘It was a wild and stormy night…’ This will go on for many, many nights and it’s going to be a wild and Stormy Daniels.

      1. Intriguing!! Once the government had fallen into pieces, do you think that there’ll be an emergency interim government in the fallout?

        1. I am beginning to wonder. I realise this all sounds outrageous on Wednesday 16th May, but the last time we saw Uranus in Taurus from 1934 onwards, stranger things happened.

          1. Yeah. You never know. Good point. Thanks, Jessica, for answering my questions. Like Kyra Oser, you really keep me sane.

          2. Hi Jessica, I think you mentioned in one of your articles that we will see a stock crisis/crash like we had in September 2008 just before the election of that year that helped Obama over McCain. Are we going to see this any day now – feels like its right around the corner? or will it before the midterms in August to September 2018 timeframe

            The stock crisis in Septtember 2008 cemented the need for new leadership from Bush to Obama, a new deal hybrid. If we are going to see Obama and a new deal part2 hybrid (like FDR time) will would not only need a presidential crisis with Trump and Pence out, but an economic one that a void that only Obama would be able to fill.

            Point – when there is the presidential crisis and the economic or stock crisis/crash as your article seems to foreshadow Obama coming back? This is taking shape, like a movie script, just need some dates to plan for the chaos this will cause. Thanks!

          3. You don’t even need to be an astrologer to know that from May 15th, when Uranus entered Taurus, a few elements of a perfect storm began to take hold. In Australia, the Royal Commission into Banks moved forward as a top-ranking official at The Commonwealth Bank of Australia resigned. In America, a whistleblower claimed there had been a cover-up involving a Trump-linked bank account and payments to Stormy Daniels among others. In Asia, the HSBC pioneered Blockchain at the same time that Amazon announced its entry into cryptocurrency. The problem with Uranus is that it turns the world upside-down on a regular basis and it only takes one crash in a country like Ireland, or the departure of Scotland from the United Kingdom, for everything to spin. Billions of people were born with one or more planets in Scorpio (banks, banking, borrowing, credit) right opposite Uranus as he passes through and that’s a Mexican wave that’s global. How long does this go on for? Seven years.

          4. Thanks Jessica! Maybe another analogy could be for the current time period: more fissures opening for the volcano or Trump situation or similar situations occurring globally = big eruptions in volcano or Trump or the like = earthquakes/shocks = tsunamis.

            We have been seeing the fissures around the board including for volcano in Hawaii and everyday for Trump situation, we are just on BIG Eruption Watch now and seeing some shocks already, but not the BIG One yet it seems, just waiting for the tsunamis, so We can get out of the away… 🙂

            Therefore, Obama can help us-Globally clean up the mess as has done in the past

            Keep up the good work!

          5. Thank you. It is fascinating to see how the weather and the earth so often mirrors what the astrology is telling us. Synchronicity is really what astrology is all about. That’s why I was so concerned about American storm predictions for this weekend. The horse pulling the royal carriage in London at the wedding of the year is called Storm. The Stormy Daniels case is gathering speed. And the Archbishop who will wed Harry and Meghan says he has been listening to Stormzy. One thing I will say about storms – they bring relief and release once they’re over.

  2. He’s still very young, would be great to see him having a major role in gov again.
    I have Moon 00° at Gemini, Mars 01° Sagittarius and Jupiter 03° Capricorn, NorthNode and SouthNode at 02 also two asteroids in 00 and 02, I guess I will have a revolution in my life too? So happy Uranus has finally arrived Taurus. I’m showing all sign of impatient wanting to change just like I’ve decided to change my career 2007/8, deja vu! Could it be because of my Aries stellium? I have to constantly remind myself be patient and let the universe show me the way.

    1. Yes, you’re feeling Change, capital C – and although you may not be taking it all so seriously – you will be amazed at how a couple of offers or options just in the last few days become front-and-centre for you, within weeks. If you are strongly intuitive you may be getting the sense that you have something to complete or fulfil. You may not have even known it was going to end, but whatever wave you have been riding for the last few years, more intensely in 2016-2018 is now coming to shore. A new voyage awaits. This would be typical of transits starting across your 0, 1, 2, 3 pattern.

  3. Hi Jessica — what does Pence’s chart look like? Is there something in his chart that would indicate he will not succeed Trump?

    1. We don’t have confirmed data for Pence any more than we do for Trump. What does work really well is the USA chart! What we are seeing here is a huge message about the United States constitution. It rejects dynasty. It rejects inherited position. And this is why it (weirdly) rejected Hillary who was in the Clinton dynasty and is already shutting down on Donald and his family. Astrology is really clear on that. This nation rejected King George III and his son back in 1781 and it has been proudly independent ever since. Right up until the Clintons and Trumps. Michelle Obama just turned down the chance to run. Smart move. This country does not really want nepotism or inherited help. As for Pence – he’s part of the Capricorn structure, with top people at the top of the towers. That structure is going down and it’s gone by Christmas 2020.

  4. Bingo Jessica ! A lot of my questions were answered in your article. I find it curious that I was knee deep in the turmoil of 2008 , owning multiple investment properties. My thriving business took a dive. I’m now curious how Uranus in Taurus , Mars in Aquarius will affect me with my 8/7/61 birthday. Would you mind taking a look?

    Thank You!

    1. Jupiter at 0 Aquarius – the Obama pattern – go back to the group which always served you so well, which you also served – and renew the relationship!

  5. Hello Jessica,

    It’s 2am as I read this and I am covered in goosebumps- please Obama’s come back!

    I too have Jupiter at 0 degrees but in Scorpio. So- Applying your analysis of his chart to my own: Uranus is the shock. Taurus is the economy. Jupiter is the opportunity. Scorpio is the sex? The marriage?.

    I can’t wait to look back on this time in years to come and see how this manifests!

    Thank you for writing this!

    Kind regards,

    1. Barack Obama is coming back and you’re feeling it. I am almost at the point where I wonder if there will not be some constitutional loophole and he actually takes over a crisis situation, from the White House itself. At least we have a verified birth chart for him. President Donald gave us two different times and two different dates – it’s so tough to be an astrologer like me right now, as I can’t rely on any of the so-called ‘natal’ charts for him. Okay, so your chart Jupiter 0 Scorpio and Mercury 1 Cancer are so close together, N, that the transit of Uranus across 0, 1 Taurus now through 2019 is going to allow you to use your natural good luck and good fortune with money (Jupiter in Scorpio) to deal with the shocks and aftershocks of global and American economic revolution and change (Uranus in opposition). The story is all bound up with your house, apartment, family, household, residency, home town, homeland, property investment, Air BnB and so on. Mercury in Cancer in your Fourth House is about your way with words, ideas and images, directed right at real estate. So I have no idea if you want to renovate, buy, sell, rent, lease or whatever – but right now through early 2019 one electrical storm after another is to your advantage with land, houses, apartments, residency/residences.

  6. Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, is considering running for President in the 2020 election.
    Obama may play a major role in his campaign. Holder’s birthdate is January 21, 1951. His Sun in
    0 Aquarius receives the next Jupiter Saturn conjunction during primary season.

    1. Thanks for that. It’s all about 2020 isn’t it! He seems like a good Aquarian symbol for the new mini Age of Aquarius to come so I’ll have a closer look today. It’s all very interesting – 2020 is really not that far away, is it?

  7. Hi Jessica, wow…stuff is about to get real! Obama coming back would be amazing, I do remember reading your prediction on that in an earlier post and given there is a big mess to clean up he would be perfect. I have Chiron in Pisces at 3º and Hygeia in Sagittarius at 2º, can you see any big changes for me during the period of time you talk about here?

    1. Hygiea in Sagittarius is the biggest deal here. Uranus will quincunx this as he passes 2 Taurus then Jupiter will make a conjunction after he changes signs to Sagittarius in November 2018. This is about your relationship with foreign people and places – different cultures and nationalities – and how to reshape that to your total advantage. You may also schedule in an ambitious overseas itinerary as part of that, by 2019, or make another huge commitment to other faces from other places. It’s part of a learning experience for you, yet you will also teach other people, by it.

  8. And the pendulum swings. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to have the person whose legacy Trump is systematically dismantling come and ultimately replace him? Part of me is giddy with joy at the mere thought, and part of me winces at the notion of what kind of civil war that would bring. This country needs Obama, much like the deserts need monsoons. I just hope you’re right, Jessica…and I hope by the time this all happens, our democracy won’t be eroded beyond repair.

    1. This cycle is bigger than we are. You only get Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn (ruling the people at the top) once in your life. It is gathering speed by now, but is all over by 2020 and we are on the way to a mini Age of Aquarius (ruling people power, horizontally, not coming down from the top 1%). That is massive. It can only happen if the Trump administration is emptied – perhaps as one tower will be – or dismantled – again, as one tower might be. Watch the towers by 2020. They are the symbols of the Capricorn process as Capricorn the mountain goat climbs to the top and in modern life, the mountain is a Manhattan skyscraper like 666 Fifth Avenue. Jared Kushner is a Capricorn. Strange but true!

  9. I wonder if he could legally come back as VP…?

    We’re so lucky that he was such a young President as he’ll have so much more to give – especially when his youngest finishes school.

    1. This feels like a constitutional crisis for the United States by 2020, so it is possible – stranger things have happened when an entire country has a Pluto cycle that can only happen every 240+ years!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    For the sake of the world I hope that Obama makes a comeback – we need someone like him in power. What do you see for me please 19/01/1951 southern UK location at birth.

    1. Long-term your Aquarius stellium will draw you back to a group you already belong to, or pull you into a new group, which changes your life, as much as you change the community itself. This begins in a small but important way at Christmas 2020 and from 2023 it’s so powerful. A political party is one example, or you might be looking at some other long-term commitment like the Freemasons!

  11. I guess that there definitely will be an interim service in the government once the truth gets out and the whole administration is ousted and indicted as frauds?

    1. You can imagine that if North Korea plunges America into a security crisis at the same time that the Trump administration is in crisis, a safe pair of hands would be required in the White House. This blows my mind slightly, but it’s possible.

  12. For what it’s worth – the Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga predicted in the 1930s that the black president of the United States will be the last one. In her days a coloured president was unthinkable. If she was right – and things are getting spookier and spookier – then this could mean a re-drawing the constitution?

  13. It’s perfectly legal for him to be vice-president. People have suggested that Joe Biden runs for president, with Obama as VP

        1. I will certainly search for an accurate birth chart for The Joe Biden. Let’s hope we get lucky. There is no point in using The Donald’s horoscope because we have two competing times and also two different birth dates, both supplied by his staff. Sigh.

  14. Hi Jessica, I have to say, I feel incredibly simpatico with Obama and his chart … but then we were born just a few months apart in the same year. I can’t wait for his comeback – his grace, intelligence and genuine passion for what seems now like almost old-fashioned ideas of “goodness” have been sorely missed!! I have a 0-3 pattern in my chart – and a Jupiter-Uranus configuration at 29 Cap and 29 Leo. Do you see revolution also writ large in my chart?

    1. Obama is one of those cool-cat Leo men. Pink Panthers. King of the Jungle and Lion King. He knows exactly what he is doing, but the astrology also predicts he will find this open door irresistible. Your chart is interesting from the point of view of internet use. Pisces-Gemini patterns are so often about using a false name, false identity, and so on – online. That’s being triggered now through 2019 and as you also have this Capricorn-Leo pattern it’s very much about your profession, or your part-time passions. Most interesting. Pisces-Gemini also turns up with Tarot card readers and psychics. This is about your mind, or your use of the web.

  15. I am so relieved to read this – like rain on parched land! We need him now more than ever. Reading about this got me thinking – does Uranus in Taurus lead to job changes or career shifts? I am curious if I should be considering one myself! thanks!

    1. Yes, you were born with Jupiter at 5 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, so when Uranus moves to 5 Taurus and makes a stunning trine, you will be in prime position for a new job/career shift which benefits (Jupiter) your lifestyle (Sixth House). June, July 2019 is your timing.

  16. I’m with you on this one and won’t even begin to think Trump wins again.

    1. The Capricorn towers are shaking and breaking all over the world and we haven’t even started this cycle yet – Trump is part of the old structure – so are all the Trump people – so watch the towers, as a general rule, because they’ll time it for you. This is the last part of the past, breaking up.

  17. Hi Jessica, the uranus taurus shift is concerning me at the moment! I’m an aries (4/4.61) with BOTH 0, 1 Taurus aspects (11-Apollo, 01 Desc) and 00 Hygeia Sag and 01 Asc scorpio plus 01 Moon Sag. So I feel like this is major but no clue how to interpret. I got these off the premium member chars. Any insight to what I’m looking at for this change?

    1. Your Moon at 1 Sagittarius conjunct Hygiea at 0 Sagittarius is the important pattern in your chart here. They are both fused together, so more powerful, in your Ninth House, which rules foreign people and places, cultural and geographical differences, the worldwide web, education, academia and the publishing game. In one or more of these areas, across the course of your lifetime, you will find a project, job, task or plan where you ‘need to be needed’ as much as a mother hen does, with her chicks. At the same time, you have a lifelong pattern of being particularly cautious in this area. It’s a pattern we might see in the chart of a travel agent who is particularly caring and hands-on – or a Foreign Minister who is very defensive about national security! However you have used this in your life, the Uranus 0, 1 Taurus and Chiron 0, 1 dance will make this a developing story in your life. Changes in the outside world – revolutions, in fact – will impact you. You will be in the most fantastic position in 12 years from November as Jupiter crosses 0, 1 Sagittarius. That’s when a trip, course, book, website, foreign connection would open massive doors for you.

      1. Thanks! This is very fitting as I’m a full time author! Too bad it will take 12 years for that opening of massive doors. lol

        1. Jupiter will take 12 years in his cycle, probably because you are waiting for the next wave in enhanced e-book technology to take you to number one around the world – or an Oscars nomination for best original screenplay! Massive doors take years to shift, but it’s worth it.

  18. Thanks for this post Jessica I’m quietly both very excited about Obama coming back, I’m a huge supporter of him and his wife. I’m also anxious about the stock market potentially collapsing as I can feel it coming and have my retirement funds invested in it. Any guidance you can offer on the US chart and timings of this in relation to my own chart in terms of getting our funds out of there pre crash would be very helpful and appreciated. Keep posting Jessica your work is fascinating and your website is now my first visit of the day, love it!

    1. Thank you. You would not be the only person to be anxious about the stock market with Uranus in Taurus for around seven years. You are also not the only person to have your retirement funds invested there. For money, we go to Cancer (for your house or apartment) and for your own savings – Taurus – and for savings entwined with other people – Scorpio. What we get is – The North Node passing over 29 Cancer near 6th November 2018 at the same time that Uranus goes back to 29 Aries. This is about property, your house or apartment, the family or household. You will see a repeat of something you have seen before as the Node is about repeated cycles from the past. So given that Uranus has already passed 29 Aries and squared your Moon and Vesta before, none of this is new. It may, for example, be a repeat with interest rates or property prices. Uranus is always a shock – ‘I wasn’t expecting that’ – and a sudden need to change things, quite rapidly. Vesta is about one male and two or more females, so this may be your family or household. A father with two daughters, for example. It may also be the financiers you are dealing with, or tenants. I really don’t have enough information about your situation which is why I am going to urge you to use this astrology as just one tool, in the tool kit of your life, and use your common sense and the best financial advice you can afford as your priority. In terms of timings, Uranus at 6 Taurus will oppose your Neptune at 6 Scorpio and that is a concern, in terms of the ‘weather’ and the climate change we’re going to see. We find Uranus at 6 Taurus in July, August, September 2019 on the first pass. That is when you will first become aware of a shock (Uranus) which challenges the ‘holiday from reality’ (Neptune) you have had with shares, property, finances. It will not be just you. It will be you and vast numbers of other people all born in the 1960’s with Neptune at 6 Scorpio. This pattern is repeated in 2020. In April Uranus goes to 6 Taurus. He is there again in December 2020. So, just taking the next couple of years as an example, you would be wise to try and keep it real with finances. Neptune is about the ‘not real’ and he rules bubbles. Distortion. I would urge you to think about getting expertise and experience from advisors who are tried, tested and trusted about your position, in terms of being one of huge numbers of people banking on something that is not really there. I don’t know what you have shares in, which is why I am just going to remind you that what you are reading here is about 30% of what you need to know. The rest I cannot supply. The other caveat is that your MC at 12 Cancer (Midheaven) and IC at 12 Capricorn (Immum Coeli) would very much be about property, but they depend on a strictly accurate birth time. Yes, they would be affected by transits in Cancer and Capricorn, and again, this is within the time frame – next couple of years – but your clock time of birth would have needed to be 100% for timing on that. Given all these variables, the best thing I can tell you is that you were born with Ceres at 24 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, shares, property, charity and business. She is a symbol of power, productivity, creativity, compromise, power sharing and ‘carve up’ in your chart. You are very fortunate in 2018 in experiencing Jupiter at 24 Scorpio, conjunct your Ceres, and that is the moment to seek advice and make decisions about your future. You would need to divide, subtract and do a new ‘sum of the parts’ with other people or large organisations but you would be doing it, astrologically speaking, at the most fortunate time in 12 years. This is exactly October 11th to 15th 2018. By this stage you would be well aware of just how unpredictable and volatile things are out there, as Uranus would have been in Taurus for some months. So, second week of October, if you want to be proactive, the Jupiter-Ceres conjunction will help you so much.

      1. Thank you so much for this response Jessica it really helps and my birth time I believe is accurate as I’ve had it rectified, so I’m pretty sure it’s as near as possible to the exact moment. I’m still very interested in the US chart predications as regardless of the current weather and political climate I still have a lot of affection for that country.

        1. Great. I am glad the astrology was useful. America may have herself a new constitution by 2023. The chart says it’s very likely.

  19. It feels like we haven’t seen the true power of Obama yet from what you are predicting so this is heartening news. Indeed, he seemed destined to change the world but then seemed so hamstrung by the existing systems of government once in office as President rendering him weak and ineffectual. A lot of disappointment and cynicism surrounds Obama and one can’t help but feel that this gave fuel to Trump’s f(ire) and those of his supporters many of whom had voted previously for Obama in the hope of positive change. Trump’s presidency already feels more anarchic as if he’s clearing the way, albeit chaotically, for change to the systems of government. Perhaps by Trump bringing his ship to wreck he will help clear the way for Obama’s return and a new constitution? It all feels quite exciting now – unstable, yes, but not the business-as-usual that would have resulted had Clinton been elected…

    I have tried to meditate on my 0-3 degree chart factors – there seem to be many coming into focus. Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated, Jessica.

    The 1 degree Cap/Jupiter seems to be related to my work in trying to create more access to higher ed. 3 degrees Mars in Taurus and 1 degree Pluto in Libra feel like new experiences that I can’t quite relate to yet as I have been so pulled asunder from matters of money and my domestic partnership in the past 5 yrs or so but somehow both have hung in there with me despite it all. The 1 degree Salacia in Aquarius has me wracking my brain trying to think of parallel existences and experiences of escapism that I may wish to cultivate (and for what reason?) – I have felt very isolated with my work which involves a lot of travel away from home and trying to build and keep a semblance of home seems like something I need to get better at for sanity’s sake. My mother also just passed away and she was my most grounding home figure and a true force of nature in bringing disparate family members together so family life feels quite empty now that she’s passed. The 3 degrees ASC/DSC related to image projected and reflected has also got me thinking…

    1. Thank you. The Obama chart is all about revival, resurrection and rebirth and that is very interesting, given that former presidents usually disappear into the background. I am sure you know he was born in Hawaii and we have a volcano situation there – ongoing – at the moment. Nature often talks in mysterious ways! Now – Jupiter at 1 Capricorn and Pluto at 1 Libra are what you need to watch in your chart. Uranus at 1 Taurus and Chiron at 1 Aries both aspect that. What you will see in 2018 and 2019 is an economic, financial and business revolution (Uranus in Taurus) sweeping the world through cryptocurrency which has an impact on your career (Jupiter in Capricorn in the Tenth House) and also your relationship with a former, current or potential partner (Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House). I am very sorry you have lost your mother recently but I am sure you also know that the soul or spirit goes on, through the other side of life, and if you both want to communicate, that is always possible. She’ll find a way.

  20. Hi Jessica, you re correct, the Obamas have signed a production deal with Netflix, announced today in the New York Times. They will be producing a variety of programs highlighting the themes that were important during his presidency and giving voice to unique individuals who do not have a platform.


    1. Thank you. I think there will be a second story here, later on. But the ‘media’ part of the prediction certainly came true first up!

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