Your Chiron Return

Your Chiron Return is your chance to go further than you ever knew was possible. Outrageous? Too much? Maybe!

Chiron in your personal birth chart shows where you can go further, faster than you knew. The so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable all moves within reach when Chiron returns to the same degree and zodiac sign he occupied at your birth. What does it mean for you?

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57 Responses

  1. Amazing, as usual Jessica. 🙂

    Yes, stuff happened to my “image” when Uranus passed over my Chiron. ;)))
    And yes, I’m an Aries planning to work closely with two people whose Chiron is in Aries.

    I would like to know how does it affect my chart having Saturn and Apollo in Cancer at 25/26?!
    And, having just read your other post on Chiron, I do have Venus at 4 Aries, and many planets between 1-6 degrees.

    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Thank you. It will take Chiron a long time to square your Saturn and Apollo in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, property, nationality and home town. When he passes that point, late in Aries, there will be temporary issues about your surname, given name (by the family), or perhaps your appearance or profile, in connection with relatives, apartment, house or homeland. A typical example would be you using one name online and it conflicting with password details for your other name, elsewhere. Anyway – you will know what to watch out for.

  2. Hi Jessica, this seems to be the time of many big changes for everyone what with the outer planets doing their dance and the asteroids doing theirs. my Chiron is in 3 Aries and Vulcano in 3 Scorpio. Are these two linked in any way to influence my image and reputation? Your articles are so thorough, illustrative and make for fascinating reads. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You will find your Chiron Return (relaunch, rebirth, renaissance) takes place alongside your Uranus-Vulcano opposition, so there will be a change affecting your finances or property, as a result of a global storm blowing through. This will not have a direct impact on your title, image or appearance but the two will happen at around the same time, so a classic example would be the decision to leave a marriage which is based on money and go back to your maiden name. Another example would be ditching an old budget after a flatmate leaves your home and deciding to make do with less, which means growing your hair and saving cash rather than having it cut every month.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I’m one of those 70’s babies with Chiron in 26° Aries 03′ 01″ R. What can I expect during Chiron return?

    Many Thanks, NP

    1. It’s the kind of cycle when you just know that Beckham will laser his tattoos off and start wearing a skirt. It will take some time for your Chiron Return but you will see what you can get away with, in terms of your hair, face and wardrobe. He might even put weight on – shock. Without knowing what you look like or how invested you are in your appearance it is hard to be specific, but we see people going for laser eye surgery and hair transplants on this cycle, or using a false name, not their real one.

  4. Hello Jessica.
    As you can see, I have Chiron at 29 Pieces, and another 5 factors at 28/29 making 6 in total. With the coincidence of Uranus (29 Aries) sitting on top of my moon at 28 Aries, what could this all mean for me?
    Thank you as always, you’re the best.

    1. Thank you. That is a lot of 28 and 29 and a storm is blowing through as Uranus goes to 29 as well. I am sure you saw the upset at the Eurovision Song Contest (or heard about it). The song in question was ‘Storm’. Now through June you are going to see a lot of old cobwebs blown away and a lot of things revealed as they actually are. This will help you pursue progress and reform, as a new and better version of your life will be on offer, yet it will take a fair amount of resolve to get there, AC.

  5. Gotta say I love your work Jessica and the current situation with the astrological chart is so on point with my personal chart its spooky. I currently have Pluto & Prosperpina in my ASC & Chiron & Diana in my IC. I’m a Chiron in Pisces at birth so it comes as no surprise that I’m in job hunt situation that’s looking really positive with the only conundrum being I have more than on possibility. The sun & moon are also at exact areas of my chart (not my sign Aquarius)… Geez talk about decisions. Keep up the good work

  6. HI Jessica…It is my Chiron return. I am one of those with Quiron in Aries. How this will affect me?



    1. You’ll be tempted to take on a new title or role which is quite a wild variation on how you were seen before, or whom you appeared to be. Just doing that might also encourage you to add something new to your social media or work profile description and perhaps to try a different way of dressing or selling yourself. All very exciting and liberating, Oscar.

  7. Thank you for this article and secrets of astrology! This is awesome. I am trying to decode my chart with Chiron at 7 Taurus. Why aren’t I Beyonce right now? I see Apollo in 8 Scorpio and Salacia 8 Aquarius and Fortuna in 8 Scorpio? Right? OR, do I bring in my JUPITER with 6 in LEO? Does this mean I would be dealing with some sort of leadership in groups and money or lovers/children? I don’t get which way to go…how does this play out with my chart in general? Thank you, Jessica. 🙂

    1. You will be experiencing changes with all this as Chiron eventually reaches 6, 7, 8 Aries and Uranus also moves to 6, 7, 8 Taurus over the short term. You also have Jupiter crossing 6, 7, 8 Sagittarius once he has finally moved on from 2018, so what you are really dealing with is a huge financial shift as these patterns pull in Scorpio and Taurus and you will need to adapt your values, budget and personal economy to what is going on out there in the wider world. Yes, children or lovers – perhaps young adults – will be part of the story, but in an indirect way. If you were a single mother, for example, we might expect that your usual government benefits or your former husband’s payments to you, would change, thus delivering a budget change.

  8. Hi Jessica..My Chiron return is at 9 degrees Aries..I only have 1 other planet around that number and that’s Diana in Capricorn at 10 degrees..Are they connected?,, I like changing jobs after a while because I get bored,currently I’m 3 years in my job..i do like it but planning on moving on this year to something that just might pay better than just above min wage..Also I noticed today that the new moon is beside or conjunct my mercury in Taurus..communication emotions?…Thank you..

    1. You have a stellium in Aries in your First House of image, appearances, self-promotion and ‘flying the flag’ for something bigger than yourself. This is common in the charts of flight attendants who wear the whole Virgin or Qantas uniform, right down to their hair bun, but it is also common in the charts of heavy metal bands, when the front man stands upfront wearing a look that represents the whole band. As Chiron goes through Aries he will return to his own position but also conjunct your other Aries factors so the question, from this point forward is – what can you get away with, and how far can you take things? This is about how you look and appear. It may well end up involving a new job. The New Moon will be about your money or values.

  9. Hello I am quite new to astrology. I have Chiron at 10 in Aries 22 retrograde. I have sun in Cancer, Asc in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. I have 6 factors in Taurus, 6 in Virgo and 5 in Cancer. I have read the Chiron predictions article, but I am still a bit confused. I do have a premium membership. I was wondering what is in store for me in the near future. Thanks.

    1. You have a lot of factors at 1, 2, 3 degrees of the zodiac signs and both Chiron and Uranus are moving past 1, 2, 3 degrees until 2019. When it comes to work and money you can expect climate change – nothing is going to be where it was back in 2017, 2016 and earlier. The onus is on you to be as flexible as possible so that you can adapt and adjust. You will need to be quite ‘bendy’ and malleable in order to figure out a new pathway with all that you own, earn or owe which suits you, as conditions shift around you. Yet, you will also find it quite liberating and you’ll have independence.

  10. I have Chiron 08° Gemini and two other factors in 08° too and many 07° and 09° ! Just had a look at Chiron in Gemini it’s about Communication and that’s exactly what I’ve been learning and trying to improve. Just started a career as a teacher and hope I can build up my communication skills in the next few years so that I can have a strong foundation for a long future.

    1. Fantastic. Chiron is woven into so many other factors in your horoscope that teaching (maybe also having a blog) will be woven into every other part of your life too. Gemini is also the sign we associate with short journeys and commuting so maybe you will arrive by hot air balloon!

  11. Hi Jessica! Just wondering what all this may mean for me? I believe I have Chiron in Taurus, also Jupiter in my 2nd house with Cancer at 0 degrees? I’m having a hard time trying to understand what exactly I’m even looking for (if anything). Any light you could shed on this would be amazing!

    1. You are about to benefit from the biggest wave of change to hit the banking system in decades. Chiron at 4 Taurus and Jupiter at 0 Cancer tell the story in your chart. To begin at the beginning – this is a week of shocks. It’s not just the HSBC. They are the first. Take a deep breath and keep tracking what is possible with your house or apartment (Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House of property is extremely fortunate) or property/land investments, if you have them. Yet – get the best financial advice you can afford in 2019 as when Uranus lands on your Chiron in Taurus in your Second House next year, you will need to put a price tag on freedom and independence. This is a game-changer and a life-changer for you. Starts now. Watch Four Corners if you are in Australia. What begins on that programme will go on for years and it will drag in Swiss banks and the super rich.

      1. Thank you so much! I wonder if this has anything to do with these revelations I’ve been having about values and the market. I’m going to watch 4 corners, ironically I stumbled across this show on yesterday. One of my subs was telling me that Australia recently passed a law requiring all transactions 10k and above now must be cashless.

  12. Hi Jessica, it seems that Chiron impacts my life greatly as I have many planets on or around the same degree?

    1. Chiron is exactly opposite your Moon along the Aquarius-Leo axis of your chart, so this is really about an inner tug-of-war between groups and friends (very important) and the children, and co-parenting. You will feel it all the time as whenever the transiting or travelling Moon reaches this exact point in the signs of Aquarius and Leo, every month, this point of tension within you is triggered. People who have this pattern tend to naturally find creative ways to embrace the difference within themselves. It’s really like that Country’n’Western classic about the Harper Valley P.T.A!

  13. Such an interesting article – thanks Jessica. I have Chiron at 0 degrees Gemini and my husband has Chiron at 18 degrees Taurus !

    1. Chiron sextile Chiron happens when he hovers around 0 Aries and this is essentially people, situations or organisations which pass through, which enable you to experiment and explore, regarding your image – with a corresponding chance to push past the usual barriers or obstacles with the worldwide web, multimedia, public speaking, writing, or your ‘voice’ across other mediums. This pattern will come and go in 2018 but return in 2019 so it’s long-term.

  14. I have really enjoyed your recent Chiron articles. And particularly as what I had read online in previous research (‘wounded healer’) did not feel positive. I am now delighted I have Chiron in Taurus at 19 which lined up with other 19 factors. At the moment I am on a drive to make earnings the basis of decision making and to significantly improve my quality of life. I’ve never felt or been very ‘good with money or very money focused’. This needs to change! You must have so many questions coming at you in these days Jessica so I’d be especially chuffed if you had some feedback to share about my chart / Chiron (and how to max my Chiron in Taurus) – but also know you may be at your personal limit with the Uranus U-Turn! [Onto a new Monzo account spurred on by reading your work]

    1. Thank you. For finance, always look to Taurus and the Second House and Scorpio and the Eighth House. Jupiter 8 Scorpio, Chiron 19 Taurus, Ceres 26 Scorpio, Apollo 12 Scorpio, Aesculapius 7 Scorpio suggest that 2018 is a milestone year for figuring out your money, charity, business and property. The slow-moving planet Jupiter (growth,expansion, opportunity) will be in Scorpio and your Eighth House until November, and when he passes 26 Scorpio in particular, as the year draws to a close, there will be an open door, as Jupiter conjuncts Ceres in your Eighth House and shows you a grand solution or a huge new option. Ceres is about compromise – the deal – and a certain amount of carving-up – so it will involve time and energy. Get the best advice you can afford. Further along, Uranus (the revolution) will be in Taurus and opposite your Scorpio placements, before moving on to meet Chiron. This suggests many years of ongoing transformation – life will make that necessary – and your values are likely to shift quite a lot. I am not aware of what Monzo is, but if we’re talking cryptocurrency here, just be aware that this will be an unpredictable game to play and you’re in this cycle.

        1. Africa really interests me because ‘the world turning upside-down’ which is the key phrase for Uranus brings to mind the Third World, as it was once called. What would turn the world upside-down is the rich West suddenly being flipped around so Africa and other developing nations which have always been on the back-foot, go front and centre. Monzo sounds fascinating. Just remember Uranus moves like lightning and there are no guarantees.

  15. Hello Jessica, Thank you for this article and the “Uranus in Taurus and You”. Great, as usual! I have been doing a lot of research and I am still I am trying to understand how does this apply to me with my Chiron at 09° in Taurus 46′ 20″. Specially with Uranus in Taurus from next week!
    I am a Sun 20° Leo 31′ 06″, Moon 13° Sagittarius 51′ 57″, ASC 17° Sagittarius 59′ 42″, MC 08° Libra 44′ 48″ and Uranus 12° Scorpio 32′ 57″.
    Could you please throw some light on it? Many thanks! Maria.

    1. Maria it will take some time for Uranus to reach 9 Taurus and for you to experience transiting Uranus conjunct Chiron in the Second House of money, credit cards, banks, charity, houses, apartments and the rest. You will have 2018 and 2019 to update yourself and get informed/stay informed about the changes to come regarding cryptocurrency and also the banks themselves. You will be offered freedom from/freedom through (insert a name or situation here) when the time comes. Much sooner than this, you have Jupiter transits in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of exploration and adventure so 2019 could bring the holiday of a lifetime, or an amazing relocation/move which is also an education.

  16. Hello Jessica!

    I have my Chiron return at 13 Aries but also five others between 12 and 13 degrees in Aquarius, Leo, and Virgo. May I ask what I should pay attention to?

    1. Chiron will take a while to get there, but this will be a challenge to you, regarding your title, profile and personal appearance, that you may want to accept, as for the first time in many years, you will be thrown a chance to go further and experiment with ‘Me’ and the link to Virgo in particular suggests a new and different way of eating, drinking or using your body – by the time you are ready to make the changes, there may also be groundbreaking new ways to reshape your shape. Have a look at Virgo/Sixth House closer to the time and Aries/First House.

  17. Hi Jessica, thanks for another great article. With my Chiron in Taurus, what you say about education is resonating. I’m now seeing someone with Scorpio and Taurus stelliums who’s really good with money and inevsting (no surprise there) and they’re showing me all sorts of interesting things about both areas. As Uranus and co cross natal Chiron I’ll now be looking out for how all that works together. Thanks! x

  18. Hi Jessica,
    You mention Beyonce swimming in money but I also have Chiron in Taurus and have always struggled with money. I’ve been long term unemployed twice is my relatively short career (13 years); I’m highly educated but never seems to get anywhere. Suffice to say, a lack of money has been a massive theme in my life. What could explain this?

    1. Probably time to dig into your chart using The Astrology Oracle and ask. She obviously has a completely different horoscope to your own. Chiron in Taurus is not about being rich. It is about seeing what you can get away with – bending and breaking the rules – financially – or when it comes to getting something for nothing, or trying your luck, and so on. This can obviously make you vulnerable to lack as well as abundance. Uranus going into Taurus is a good moment to start a bit of detective work on your chart and the Oracle will line up with it. Ask ‘Why?’ and keep asking until it’s clear.

  19. Fantastic reading! Im a bit excited. I have Chiron in Aries 24 at the same degrees as Sun in Aquarius 24 and Aescapulia in Virgo at 25. Im waiting for a change in my health &Specialists and starting to promote myself again after a break both on Youtube my web and social media. (interesting i just last fortnight took out my first paid add on FB $5 in total lol never done or needed before but thought ‘why not’). Fingers crossed this is where things are going to shift IN A GOOD WAY!!

  20. Born 1976. Chiron at 28 deg Aries. How does this “return” affect me ?

    On a slightly different note, It feels like things have changed so much in the last few years, that the area I am working is obsolete. So, I am cross-skilling/up-skilling to work in a different area , same industry though. When will be a good time to make the move to use my new skills ?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. It’s a relaunch of your title, role or brand – and quite possibly your face or wardrobe. You have so many factors at 0-5 in your horoscope that 2018 and 2019 are reshape and relaunch years for your entire lifestyle as well as your job. When is a good time to use our new skills? Now through next year. In fact, destiny may well seek you out. There is a revolution going on out there with cryptocurrency and blockchain and it will affect you.

  21. Hello Jessica, wow this article is exciting however can you enlighten me regarding I have Chiron 05′ Aries, Moon 16′ Aries, MC 24′ Aries, Sun 06′ Virgo, ASC 04′ Leo & DESC 04′ Aquarius? That seems like a hugh weather pattern to me. So excited to and hope you respond with your expertise. Have a beautiful day since here it’s night.

    1. Your Juno at 0 Capricorn in the Tenth House is what you will feel first in 2018, 2019. Uranus at 0 Taurus will trine your Juno. Juno is the commitment you make. Who or what you ‘wed’ yourself to. Capricorn is your ambition to go higher in terms of status and success. The Tenth House is about your role, vocation, calling, career. Paid or unpaid work. Uranus at 0 Taurus is all that is new, different, shocking in world currency and business. Put all that together and you can see why by 2019 you will have been thrown a choice to commit, or re-commit, to your own position, mission or ambition in a brand new way, because of radical changes affecting money and business. A typical example would be the bookstore manager who realises Amazon is adopting cryptocurrency for payments and reacts to that with a new business plan.

  22. Hi Jessica. I know it’s still early, but what major eye-popping themes will there be for the Chiron in Taurus generation when we all reach our 50’s? I’m also curious about my Chiron and Minerva being conjunct on the same degree, what that could mean as well. Thank you, and really enjoyed the article!

    1. The only rule with Chiron in Taurus is to keep it legal. This is common in the charts of people who see what they can get away with (for example) by insider trading on the share market. Then someone finds out what they are doing! It is also not unusual in the charts of people who work for large charities and benefit by that added lustre on their profile – yet are quite cheap when it comes to helping others. This is all quite negative and you do not have that kind of chart at all. Rather, what will come up for you as you go towards your Chiron Return and also Uranus on your Chiron is a completely different view of money and possessions. Jewellery and clothes. Uranus tends to flip people around. So what you valued so much in 2018 is really not relevant by the time you get to your Uranus-Chiron conjunction many years from now. In fact, you may have a totally different life budget. It’s common to see women who marry for money, divorce their husbands for penniless actors, for example. Chiron usually leaves jaws on the floor!

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Earlier this year I worked with an animal, turning her from (as the newspapers described her) a rogue into winner of 4 of her next 6 races.
    I had always associated Chiron in my chart with horses and assumed my “image” to the outer world would receive a boost with this achievement. Or there would be some type of positive recognition/financial opportunities etc.
    And there hasn’t been.
    A recent horoscope referred to a loss of security combined with financial independence. The loss of security has occurred (literally, armed robbery) does this mean the financial independence is imminent?
    It has been a long time coming and I had given up hope -recent events not helping. All I see are problems, health, housing and otherwise but not the money to solve them.
    What timeframe am I looking at for the financial turnaround?
    Exhaustedly yours:(

    1. Blimey. A winning horse and an armed robbery. You are reading Chiron quite literally there and I’ve not seen people do that with a centaur before! Actually we are talking about cash, here. Not gee-gees. You have a big Scorpio chart signature in your Eighth House. This spells betting on horses but also robbery. You are in luck with Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House in 2018 as you will make or save a small fortune by November. Sometimes it’s the offer of a house for rent at a rock-bottom price because a friend owns it. Sometimes you sell an animal at a profit. Don’t be exhausted MB, do keep the faith. By all the laws of astrology when Jupiter the planet of solutions, remedies, opportunities, open doors and big answers goes through Scorpio in your Eighth House of money, charity, possessions, houses, apartments for the first time in 12 years you get lucky.

      1. Thanks J.
        Only offered exhorbitant rentals so far.
        Hopefully that guy I am supposed to re-connect with comes with subsidised housing (actually he would, due to his job.)
        Here’s hoping I can keep it together long enough to meet up again.
        Thanks for the +++ vibes!

        1. Yes, I remember your chart. Carry on with life as normal and don’t try to make anything happen. But you can and will be with someone you can fire up a relationship with. Good luck with the ponies too!

  24. Hi Jessica – long time subscriber, first-time commenter! I have Chiron in Aries at 3 degrees in the 10th house, exactly square by Cancer Ascendant 3 degrees. I feel like most of my adult life I have had to learn lessons through ‘work’ or professional relationships -some good, some very hurtful. I’m finally at a place in my life where I realize I don’t “work” like everyone else does and am ok with that – not a chained at the desk, 8-5pm office cube person. With my Chiron return fast approaching, I’m wondering what to expect – do you think I’ve already learned the Chiron lesson? Any feedback would be fantastic – thank you so much! Debbie.

    1. Debbie, work in your birth chart is Virgo and/or Capricorn so let’s start there. Okay – Salacia at 26 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Mars one degree away at 25 Capricorn. Pluto at 26 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload. This is a huge pattern in your chart and you feel it twice a month when the Moon goes through Virgo (check this website to monitor it) and Capricorn. You were born to inhabit a couple of unreal, non-real career spheres, or domains where you are not paid to work – yet work. Salacia in Capricorn is about dwelling in what some would call a non-realistic, escapist or ‘holiday from everyday’ existence in terms of what you achieve. I had a reader like this recently who had three roles in life. One was in TV and one was scuba diving instructor (voluntary) for children with mixed ability. No way are you 9 to 5. You need to multi-task and keep it unreal. Have a look at paintings of Salacia to be inspired. Hit Google/Images. You will see Pluto and Mars are in the mix. This is heavy. You say you have had some hurtful relationships. Yep. Mars is the god of war. Pluto is about people or organisations which take over. Deep down you are as powerful, potent, driven, energetic as any seriously heavy Roman emperor. Space does not allow me to go into this, but as you are in a massive career reshape to 2020 as Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres go right through Capricorn and your Tenth House – please do hit Search and use your ebooks to see what it means to have the patterns I’ve mentioned. They will be triggered. You essentially belong in politics, but not. Politics is too real. Yet, the politics of projects or concepts which are outside the everyday would be something you could take on. I think your challenge might be to figure out the higher moral, ethical, spiritual or philosophical purpose of what you can do. So – it can’t just be about winning, although winning really matters to you. It has to achieve something for the greater good. Once you crack that, you crack everything. I was at Bletchley Park a couple of nights ago and I am drawn to tell you about that place!

    2. wow thanks so much for the in-depth reply – I will definitely start paying more attention to the Virgo/Capricorn Moons and the other aspects you mentioned – thank you!

  25. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for another fascinating report.
    I have chiron in Pisces and my moon sign is pisces, is this more about my dark side?
    thank you very much sandi

    1. There is no dark side with Pisces. There is a hidden side. Your Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House is about getting away with outrageous things, as a lifelong pattern, while covering it up. Keeping secrets that would make jaws hit the floor if they were revealed. Also, getting away with some astonishing things in terms of the spirit world, the Tarot, mediumship, apports, second sight and the rest. You have already had your Chiron Return quite recently so I am sure you pulled out all the stops in one or both areas of your life. Chiron in Pisces is common in the horoscopes of people who live a lie, on some fundamental level – usually because they have to – but it is also about remarkable paranormal ability.

  26. Hello there Jessica!
    Been out the loop for a bit…browsing around online then came across this article which reminded me my Chiron return is around the bend! I feel a change is a coming and know it relates to my image, reputation, and marketing, publishing. I have been contemplating getting professional photos done and finding help with written material for website, brochures etc and getting the word out about my business. Should I hook up with an Aries?!? Thanks Dear!!

    1. Juno, Ceres, Panacea and Psyche are also in Aries in your First House, so Chiron will slowly but surely trigger each of them in turn, waking you up to the importance of image. Any Aries person in your life will make you intensely self-aware. Only you can decide if that is a good thing or not. You would certainly be relaunching anyway, with this transit, but the fact that you are steering it yourself will help you create the kind of photographs and website content – or brochure copy – you feel most comfortable with.

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