Chiron Astrology Predictions 2018-2019

Astrology, Karma, Past Lives. How does history repeat in 2018 and 2019? Does your personal birth chart show cycles of time?

Chiron Astrology Predictions 2018-2019


If you are a Premium Member and have your personal astrological birth chart, look at any factors you have at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in any of the zodiac signs.  The great teacher of your horoscope, Chiron is also passing 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  in his new sign of Aries.

These beautiful artworks by John Singer Sargent and Peter Paul Rubens show Chiron the centaur teaching Achilles how to use a bow and arrow to hit a far-off target. To pull off what seems unreachable, or even impossible. Chiron can take you there. You will have to be ready to ride – gallop – into the wildest global economic storm of your life – but if you have chart factors at 1-6, either right on, or very close to, those Chiron patterns – you’ll feel the rush.

You will sometimes see Chiron called a ‘wounded healer’ by astrologers. He did use herbal medicine, but he was best-known as a music teacher, who taught the Ancient World version of guitar. This, together with his archery lessons, made him a special symbol for the Romans, who gave us the basis of the modern astrology you use today. I hope you’re getting a sense of Chiron from these paintings and illustrations (below). He was found in 1977 when Punk taught us that music could mean anything!

In a moment I’ll look at how Chiron crossing 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 degrees of Aries, making rare patterns with Uranus along the way, will give you a whole new set of lessons about image. About self-promotion. About social media. About money. About business.

The other details can be found by looking at what, exactly, you have at those degrees (what is the planet, asteroid, angle or point actually all about) and the sign and house that it is in (which area of your life will be pulled into these rare new lessons?)

You know how radical and exciting Facebook once seemed? Instagram? The Selfie Stick? The Selfie on your iPhone? What we are about to see will take that one step beyond, and if your chart is triggered, you can use that too. Chiron, by his very nature (half man, half horse) challenges us to accept what seems to be unthinkable, unusual, unnatural, unlikely. All the U words.


peter paul rubens achilles educated by the centaur chiron - Chiron Astrology Predictions 2018-2019

Chiron and Achilles c1922 1925 John Singer Sargent 529x600 - Chiron Astrology Predictions 2018-2019


Chiron Astrology Predictions and Uranus in Taurus

Just about everyone who reads a horoscope column or goes deeply into astrology, knows that Uranus (the revolution) enters Taurus (finance) on Tuesday 15th May, 2018. Everything from your bank account, to currency, will be radically changed over a number of years. It will start with a shock. There will also be aftershocks. Uranus is about independence, freedom and liberty. This cycle will set you free from organisations and situations that held you back, financially,  more than you probably know. That’s what astrology and history tell us!

What happens when Chiron forms patterns with Uranus? When they both travel together at the same degrees, just one zodiac sign apart from each other? For that, we go to history for the clues, because this is going to transform the way you use the worldwide web, in terms of your face, name, profile and online identity.

Chiron and Uranus and Great Britain in 2018 and 2019

The United Kingdom astrological chart set for 1st January 1801 shows Pluto at 2 Pisces, Salacia at 1 Gemini, Jupiter at 1 Leo, Ops at 2 Virgo, Uranus at 1 Libra. The ‘Special Relationship’ with the United States will be transformed from the very first day that Uranus and Chiron dance around 1, 2 degrees in May and June 2018. In fact, it looks like a separation or divorce is waiting, unless a good marriage guidance counsellor can be dragged in. Who else is involved? The younger generation of the Royal Family. Prince William and Prince Harry and their families and partnerships. This is how astrology works. Big rocks thrown into big ponds, create smaller ripples, which reach out to touch your own life. If you have 1, 2 degree patterns then what happens between the United Kingdom and the United States will definitely have a ripple effect. You will be taught new lessons about yourself, partly because of the most astonishing financial changes  also influencing the U.K. and U.S.A.

The United States and The United Kingdom – Karma Comes Round

The Compromise of 1850 made the difference between free states of America and slave states, clear. The karma from that time is coming around in 2018 and 2019. A free state was against slavery, which the English had established. These old debts and credits will be part of the story between Britain and America, according to the astrology. 

Astrology is circular. History repeats. Karma goes round in time. Your horoscope is a circle which shows that, and so are the horoscopes we have for these two countries.

Uranus in Taurus can be sudden or shocking. Politicians can die unexpectedly in office, which means everything else changes too, and that is a risk from May 2018 through December 2019. When we saw an earlier version of this cycle, in 1767, the English taxes on America’s glass, paint, paper and tea were knocked sideways when British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Charles Townshend died.

Astrology cannot, should not and never does predict death. But it is also true that Uranus in Taurus (the shock, the revolution) sometimes occurs when a powerful politician dies suddenly and unexpectedly. It always means a door shuts and opens.

Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the United States. On July 4th, 1850, Taylor consumed contaminated raw fruit and iced milk while attending holiday celebrations and died at 10:35 p.m. on July 9th, 1850.

Taylor was the last president to own slaves while in office. As I’m sure you know, Uranus is a symbol of freedom, independence, liberty and liberation. He was replaced by the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore.

Despite being a Southerner and a slaveholder himself, the doomed Zachary Taylor did not support the expansion of slavery. Yet, The Compromise of 1850 brokering peace between the slave states of the South and the free states of the North only became possible because of Taylor’s shock passing and the arrival of Fillmore.

Oil and the World Economy

If you have factors at 1-5 in your birth chart, then taxation, trade and tariffs and the bigger global changes there, will be the ‘big rock’ splashes which trickle down to you. It’s the same with the foundation of the world economy. Oil. Splashes mean trickles which reach you. In this part of the astrological predictions across 2018, 2019 I’ll concentrate on the early degrees of the pattern, at 0, 1. Later on we can look at 2, 3, 4, 5 degree patterns and specific dates for your Uranus revolutions and Chiron life lessons. I hope you can see how astrology operates! It’s macro-micro. What shifts in the world, shifts for you. And you also shift the world, depending on how much you want to embrace the revolution.

The Euro, The European Union and Brexit

The European Economic Community was created on 25th March 1957 with Neptune at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House of banks, currency, trade and taxes. The name Euro, for its coins and notes, was adopted on 16th December 1995, with Pluto at 1 Sagittarius. That’s a match. That’s also a drama, starting in days as I write this on Friday 11th May, 2018. Why? Because for the first time in the history of the Euro and the EEC (the founding core of the E.U.) Uranus – the revolution – is here at 1 Taurus.

As Chiron, the radical teacher, catches up with Uranus (the revolution) you’ll begin to see why you, your friends, partners or family who might have chart factors at 0, 1, 2 degrees will be affected by the storm in Europe in June 2018.

How Chiron Teaches Us – Lessons From the Second World War

On 7th May 1945 Germany surrendered and the Second World War was over. Saturn stood at 7 Cancer. Pluto stood at 7 Leo. The Federal Republic of Germany was born with Chiron at 6 Sagittarius so those patterns were almost exact. They could not have happened in over 240 years and we will not be alive when they happen again.

Germany is on my radar as an astrologer, because this same ‘birth’ horoscope shows Jupiter at 2 Aquarius. Saturn at 29 Leo. Uranus at 29 Gemini. This country has several competing astrological charts, but the Federal Republic of Germany horoscope is powerfully accurate for prediction.

Close to Sunday 13th May 2018, Germany will suddenly realise why freedom and independence are on offer. This is about her worldwide web and internet. If you live in Germany, or have professional or personal connections in that amazing country, then you will also be affected – if you have patterns at 29 or 0 degrees.

Germany will either join a new group of countries in 2018-2019 (an alternative to the European Union) or take part in a sweeping transformation of the E.U. to her total advantage. It’s not going to be smooth, but it will work out.

Why? Uranus at 2 Taurus squares Mars at 2 Aquarius more than once. That’s a major clash between the financial revolution and the need for friends to stay friends, within Europe. My friend, Susan Miller, pointed this pattern out on Twitter recently. Watch Germany on 1st, 2nd, 3rd August 2018.  This is a difficult transition into a new kind of European Union, or a rival to it. It will be triggered by a crisis involving the Euro in June 2018.

Brexit, Great Britain and Waves of Change

The Brexit vote took place on 23rd June 2016. The Sun was at 1 Cancer. In the United Kingdom chart, Jupiter is at 1 Leo and Uranus is at 1 Libra, as we’ve seen. If you do have 0, 1, 2 factors in your chart, then what happens with Brexit in June, will also affect your life. Again, it’s this idea of big rocks, making big splashes, that create smaller ripples touching your pond!

Let’s look at some dates where this 1 degree pattern is triggered, most dramatically.

Wednesday 13th June 2018
Mercury 1 Cancer sextile Uranus 1 Taurus

This day also sees a New Moon in Gemini. That’s Boris Johnson’s Sun Sign. It’s also Jeremy Corbyn’s Sun Sign. If we can believe Donald Trump’s first supplied date of birth (he has two) it’s also his Sun Sign. A New Moon is a relaunch. Everyone has been waiting and wondering with Brexit, but – Aftershocks with world finance spelling a revolution with banks, currency and the global economy, will put the 2016 Brexit vote centre-stage close to Wednesday 13th June, 2018.

The End of the Old European Union and the Birth of the New

We recently published my latest book, 2020 Astrology, in Bulgaria with special new sections for readers there, and in Europe. It seemed like the right time to talk about the future of the Euro and the E.U. in a new edition, given the revolution ahead. It seems really clear, looking at the various horoscopes for European capitals, cities and countries that there is a shared hotspot at 1 degree, and that includes the Euro as an actual form of currency.Again, if you have 0, 1 patterns, you will be affected. I’ve mentioned America. She just can’t be separated from any of this, because she also has that 1 degree hotspot. Let’s take a closer look. 


Bulgaria Via Lettera - Chiron Astrology Predictions 2018-2019



The United States, The Declaration of Independence and 2018-2019

Some of this comes from July 4th 1776, when the United States Declaration of Independence was born. Venus stood at 1 Cancer. In the other chart for America, based on January 2nd 1776, Mercury stands at 0 Capricorn and Aesculapia is at 0 Aquarius. Mars is at 2 Aquarius. This brings us back again to that ‘special relationship’ between Britain and America, and the shocks and aftershocks which are going to affect Europe too.

Watching Donald Trump, the United States and AT&T in 2018, 2019

There is so much noise around Trump and his team that it can be hard to hear clearly. What matters most? Astrology can be a great guide. I was having a conversation with my friend, financial astrologer Olga Morales, on Twitter about the incorporation date of AT&T to see if it was part of this sweeping Chiron-Uranus pattern. Sure enough, September 4th 1901 passes the test. In fact, the chart for the corporation is so accurate, that it was affected by both The Communications Act of 1934, signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 6th that year – and the November 20th 1974 antitrust suit which broke it up.

What is most jaw-dropping about AT&T is that we have another chart for the corporation too, based on March 3rd 1885 when the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, as it was known then, came into being. And we see the same thing. A rare and historic crisis, blowing in like a storm, commencing with rolling thunder and the odd flash, from May 15th, with a full-blown hurricane by 2019. Keep reading the scoops about Cohen and AT&T and remember – as Snoopy once didn’t type, ‘It was a wild and Stormy Daniels’ – the source here is The Washington Post


ATT 1 600x375 - Chiron Astrology Predictions 2018-2019


The Bigger Picture in Your Horoscope – The Web
What’s the astrological weather telling us? The Worldwide Web is taking away our freedom and independence. Why? Too much power in too few places. Beyond the most publicised question about Trump’s colleagues and AT&T – there is a bigger storm sweeping through and it will permanently and dramatically transform the way you use the web, if you have 0-1 patterns.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton and Jay Z

Anything born when Uranus in Taurus first crashes in, through June 1934, is about to have its Uranus Return. That’s a revolution, crashing into a revolution. Step up, SEC. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. All eyes on Jay Clayton, who runs it. And this man. The one and only Jay Z. He’s in trouble with the SEC  as I write this on 11th May 2018 – and although this simply won’t affect your chart on a personal level – the stones, waves and ripples of the huge  Jay Z saga which unfolds across 2018, 2019 will also reach your shore eventually.


Silver, Gold, Currency, Coins, Notes and Cryptocurrency

The Silver Purchase Act of 19th June 1934 when America purchased large quantities of silver is also having its Uranus Return from May 2018. In astrology, history repeats sometimes literally. So – there may in fact, be a whole lot of silver on purchase. Astrologically is more likely to repeat thematically, though, so the only question has to be – what kind of currency/mineral?

Here’s another Uranus Return moment – the revolution, crashing into a revolution.

The Reciprocal Tariff Act (enacted June 12th 1934) saw American duties dropping off dramatically, and global markets liberalized. World trade expanded at a rapid pace. Business freed up, and there was a free-for-all. I’m really passing this on so you can see how this cycle works, and how to be across it – so you get the best from it. Remember, Chiron was a teacher. Uranus might be the revolution, but Chiron is here to take you over the divide.

Dates to Watch Using Your Personal Birth Chart

If you’re a Premium Member you can always check your extended weekly reading for updates on the Chiron-Uranus patterns as they unfold past 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – the crucial degrees. I’ll give you days to watch and likely outcomes, especially on the financial waves and ripples, as Uranus moves through the money sign, Taurus.

March 7th and 8th 2019

On Thursday 7th March and Friday 8th March, Uranus at 0 Taurus is accompanied by Chiron at 0 Aries. This also hits the astrological charts for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, which will have been in crisis (by this time) since May 2018.

This combination may hit your chart 0, 1 degree (allow a few days either side). What you’re going to see, is either a new version of Facebook using cryptocurrency as a reward for content – or a rival to Facebook which gives you Bitcoin (for example) in exchange for your words, photographs, videos and so on. The idea behind this Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile is ‘free to be me’. And I think you could also say ‘I want my face back, Facebook!’ Will we be handing over our credit cards, cryptocurrency or Paypal details to have our profile up on social media by March 2019? It seems likely.

Google ventured into social media, too – of course – and the Google chart is also hit, just as the Facebook chart is hit, by the Chiron-Uranus patterns. From May 2018 through Christmas 2019, Facebook and Google social media will be hit by a crisis and revolution that transforms the way we use the worldwide web, forever. The changes to come will accelerate the spread of cryptocurrency, which will be mainstream by 2020.

May 20th, 21st, 22nd 2019

Uranus at 4 Taurus and Chiron at 4 Aries reach the second wave of people in this sweeping change in social media. Why social media? Because Chiron in Aries is about self-promotion, your face, your online identity, your name, your profile and so on. Chiron is here to teach us how to go beyond the limits. Uranus in Taurus is about a financial revolution. If you have factors at 3, 4, 5 then this seems very likely to be – as I’ve mentioned above – a radical change in social media where you are paid for content with cryptocurrency, tokens or Bitcoins. You might also be rewarded for followers or friends. The other likely outcome, as people are already suggesting as I write this in May 2018, is that you will pay to use social media.

Watching the United Kingdom in May 2019

This is a year away as I write this, in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s old home in London (where he wrote many Sherlock Holmes stories). Astrology is a great tool for a detective, even if you take just a brief glance at the chart for the United Kingdom. She was ‘born’ with Chiron at 4 Sagittarius, which is why when Uranus goes to 4 Taurus, and Chiron goes to 4 Aries – we can say that near May 20th, 21st, 22nd 2019, the U.K. will attempt her most outrageous, impossible and audacious feat yet, with foreign relations. Jaws will hit the floor. This is going to directly involve the revolution in currency, banks and trade. If you have factors at 3, 4, 5 then once again – waves from the United Kingdom will create ripples reaching your shore.

June 2019 and Factors at 4, 5, 6 Degrees

June 8th to 30th 2019 is a huge period in global financial and economic climate change. If you are Australian, for example, this is the end of your financial year. It’s tax time down under, and what we’re about to see is revolutionary. Does the Australian horoscope show patterns here? Yes. We have a few horoscopes for this country, where I spend half my year, but the most reliable chart shows that June 2019 is an exact time-frame for wild and stormy budget weather.

In your own chart, if you have anything at 4, 5, 6 then the Chiron patterns at 5 Aries and Uranus patterns at 5 Taurus will show you what is possible with social media and how you pay for it – or are rewarded for it. What we seem to be seeing here, is a great, rolling wave of change with Facebook and its competitors, which hits all of us in stages. The idea of ‘free to be me’ is very strong with Chiron in Aries but with Uranus in Taurus, it’s going to cost – but it’s also going to pay.

Merry Christmas December 2019

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas 2019? Well, it’s now Spring in London, 2018, and the answer is ‘Give me a break.’ Yet, a break is exactly what we will have, in December 2019.

By this stage we will have been pulled forwards, sideways and sometimes backwards, through the biggest global financial storm of our lives, with social media (and its sources, like Google) front-and-centre in the climate change.

So what’s our reward? Well, Jupiter – the planet of abundance, growth, expansion, hope, solutions and breakthroughs – makes a stunning pattern in the heavens which may affect your horoscope. It will certainly affect the horoscopes of everyone around you, which also helps. If you have factors at 1, 2, 3 then you gain. Merry Christmas!

December 14th, 15th, 16th 2019

Jupiter 2 Capricorn trine Uranus 2 Taurus





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  1. Dear Jessica
    what an amazingly interesting article. It’s from the ones you have to go through it, several times to make the most of it!
    In my personal chart I have Chiron at 13 Aries and also Proserpina at 0 in Aries.
    I am a bit confused of How will this affects me? Any info will be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you

    1. Marina, Neptune at 0 Sagittarius is what you will notice most. Your name is actually linked to Neptune the God of the sea. You take holidays from the real world when you take actual holidays as when you lose yourself in foreign places or people you escape ‘real’ and everyday or ordinary. This will be in sharp focus within days as Uranus goes to 0 Taurus and quincunxes your Neptune. Chiron is also very close by in Aries, so your need to be a student of life, a guide for others, a wanderer, explorer and navigator is coming to life. When Jupiter moves to 0 Sagittarius in November you will be given the opportunity of the year, and by 2019 will easily have moved, or booked your flight.

      1. And didnt even think about Neptune,at all!
        Thank you for your answer

  2. Hello Jessica,
    Looking at my natal chart I have Juno 00’/Cap, Uranus 02’/Libra, Mercury 03’/Libra, Venus 01’/Leo, Chiron 05’/Aries, Psyche 03’/Aqu and my Desc/Asc 04’/Leo&Aqu. Can you please give me some insight to the significance this might have on me?
    Thank you and have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Juno at 0 Capricorn is what you will feel first as Uranus goes to 0 Taurus in days. Juno describes how you make commitments or ‘wed’ yourself to people and organisations. In Capricorn this is about your social status and success. It can be how you ‘marry’ a job, or a university degree, or even literally marry a partner who gives you a certain social position. This is where the biggest change will come from as not only Uranus (the global financial revolution) but later on Jupiter (opportunity, growth, solutions) triggers this area of your chart. Starting now with a huge peak at Christmas 2019, you will climb higher up the mountain of your own ambition and figure out a new way to get to the top.

      1. Thank you so much for the response. Today 5/13 You have a reading on Chiron in Aries and I have 05′ Chiron in Aries. Interesting.
        Hope your day has been beautiful

  3. Hi Jessica I’m so glad I’m so glad a premium member! This has become my new passion ! I cleaned out the fish pond and accidentally knocked a big rock into the pond .Thankfully it didn’t land on any of my 11 gold fish .Ha Ha I hope this is a good omen for what is likely to happen ! Fish are supposed to be lucky ! I have Vesta at 00 deg in Gemini , Chiron at 4 deg in Pisces , ( FISHES ! ) my Asc 4 deg Scorpio , Desc 4 deg Taurus , Fortuna in Libra at 5 deg and Apollo at 6 deg in Leo and Bacchus at 6 in Libra I feel relieved that Chiron has moved out of Pisces ! My Mother and son are Pisces Mum at 8/3/ 1936 and son at 16 /3/1979 ! I’m determined to have fun and get through this long running Counselling Dip after changing education provider from Anglican to TAFE ! ( GOVT ) Relationships work life and personal have been tough ! But I feel every thing is on the way up now for me and changing my appearance is helping as well as updating skills ! England is home and I do think about going back for a period of time , working may be as a Counsellor , I’ve been in Australia since 1970 . Any light to shine on my situation would be very appreciated , thank you so much for the great Articles ! Regards Katrina

    1. Thank you Katrina. Your Sun at 3 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, housework, unpaid work and the body, is the most important feature of 2019. Uranus at 3 Taurus will trine your Sun, and then from Christmas 2019 we see Jupiter also preparing to move to 3 Capricorn and trine your Sun. It’s really clear that next year will reshape your role in life; your sense of duty to other people; your skills; your service to your fellow human beings and perhaps any animals in your world too. It will happen in a remote way, because of wider changes with the world and local economies, tantamount to a Reformation or Revolution. The impact in your own world is to remind you what a Virgo is, and what a Virgo can be.

      1. Thank you so much for the reply and I am looking forward to being all I can be my body has come along way from breaking my spine in 3 places in 2010 being overweight ( which I never was before in my life ) being unable to be a Nurse at the same physical level .Only doing light work . I was determined to not let it beat me . And although I cant lift people any more Im standing straight and updating my nursing skills and studying Dip of Counselling , which has been very trying . I have lost the weight had braces on my teeth and improved myself , actually transformed all of me actually . I’m thinking of working in some way in foreign places with both my nursing and Counselling to live adventure ! Or returning home to the uk for a work holiday kind of thing . Again thanks so much I needed to hear some good news .Regards Katrina

  4. HI jessica, and thank you for this article. I have quite few patterns in my chart at these degrees.
    Moon 0 Leo
    ASC 1 Sagittarius
    DESC 1 Gemini
    Proserpina 2 Virgo
    North Node 1 Aries
    South Node 1 Libra
    I have Chiron at 7 Taurus.
    Could you please tell me a bit about the effect Chiron will have in my chart?
    Thank you again for the great astrological insights.

    1. Chiron conjuncts your North Node (karma, past lives) at 1 Aries (reputation, appearance, image) and opposes your South Node (also karma) at 1 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules your former, current or potential partner. Sometimes your enemy, opponent or rival. One or more past lives are being triggered and you need to live out some karmic debts and credits with one person in particular. If your birth time is strictly accurate then this is also about your Ascendant (profile) and Descendant (partner, as above, or opponent) so it’s a double whammy. The choice to have children/not have them made some time ago is also involved as the Moon (motherhood) in Leo (Fifth House of parenthood) is part of the pattern. This is about love, sex and marriage. What you had, what you have or what you could have. It is also about realising that you are on a see-saw with someone and you need to balance the see-saw. That will take time. But you can do it. Chiron tempts you to do more than you ever thought was possible.

  5. Hi there Jessica
    I have early degrees in Psyche, Panacea, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune and Mercury. Can you please tell me how I will be effected? I only have one Taurus factor in my chart as my Descendant (amazingly only one degree less than my daughter’s Sun sign but even more amazingly, to me at least, my Ascendant is exact my son’s Sun sign, just blows my mind). However I feel that something big is brewing there in the near future as they are early degrees. Also given that Taurus in Uranus is immanent, and that I have a stellium in Scorpio, being opposite all this Taurus stuff, is that something I should be looking at as a crystal ball into the future? Thank you for your amazing posts and for opening my mind to the perfect synastry of astrology.
    Just a side note though. I looked up Martin Luther’s horoscope on, making reference to you using him as an example of Uranus in history and I note he was a Scorpio, which is why I ask the question about the opposite sign to Taurus.
    Many thanks Jessica

    1. Mercury at 3 Scorpio and Pluto at 3 Virgo are in a perfect sextile and Uranus will come along eventually at 3 Taurus and bring that alive. You were born with Mercury in the Eighth House sextile Pluto in the Sixth House and Uranus will transit your Second House in 2019 and change the way you work, the way you live, your lifestyle, your attitude towards money and the rest. The change will come as a result of what happens with global finance. The tiny hints will be there in days but by 2019 the first lightning bolts of May 2018 will have turned into climate change, in terms of the world economy. This will also challenge you to alter the way you think (Mercury) about other people’s money and property, or their possessions (Eighth House). In fact you will need to change your mind, full stop. You will also find that you need to take control (Pluto) of work (Virgo) and unpaid work as well, which empowers you (Pluto) to transform (Pluto) your whole lifestyle. I’m glad you looked up the Martin Luther King horoscope. We are entering the new Reformation. Emphasis on Reform. You will be swept up in the reformation next year!

  6. Hi jessica, i have been experimenting with my career coz i found out the skills are not serving my purpose of earning well. I am already looking for courses but confused if i shud go with old enhancing my skills or go with the mArket total new field to which i am also very new. Can u suggest something. Also, If i move permanently to my home country the next yr, do i see it as a positive step professionally and personally for me?

    1. Mercury at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House is about your ability to connect and communicate at work. Uranus at 0 Taurus will trine that. The door you need to open, will be there within days and stay open until 2019. Mercury in Virgo is about perfecting language, written and verbal skills and communication in general and if you want to improve, you can. And it will change your life if you do.

  7. Hi Jessica..I have quite a few 0-5 degrees in my chart
    Aries IC 2
    Gemini Desc 3
    Cancer Hygeia and Ops 0…Apollo 2 and Mars 4
    Leo Vulcano and Minerva 3
    Virgo South Node 5
    Libra MC 2…Uranus 4
    Sagittarius Asc 3
    Pisces N Node 5
    And also Neptune 29 Scorpio and Salacia is 29 Capricorn..
    I’m single,1 son who’s 24 this year and thinking of going abroad to live with my boyfriend,
    maybe England ..I rent an apartment in Dublin,work in a job that pays just above minimum wage..All the U words that you said are actually on point to what we would like to happen..At the moment it seems impossible as much as I want it to be possible to move,Will Chiron help? Thank you

    1. Jupiter will cross Neptune at 29 Scorpio in Autumn and give you a welcome Autumn breeze to sail your ship on. This will be an escape from the real world in terms of your money, possessions or apartment. As millions will experience it with you, I suspect there will be a wider global or Irish taxation or financial trend that helps you put up your hot air balloon! On a more personal note you could easily go abroad to live with your boyfriend, as the other part of your chart is about property and family. Of course you can find any number of ways to rethink and reshape how you live, where you live, and how you deal with money. It does not have to be that sole pathway. Quite a few are open to you – start thinking outside the box. Uranus is very much about that. In fact, get rid of the boxes and see what happens.

  8. Hi Jessica! Since I am new to astrology, I need your help understanding all this in relation to my birth chart. Venus 1 degree Leo, Neptune 0 degree Capricorn, Pluto 2 degrees Scorpio, Ceres 4 degrees Leo, DESC 3 degrees Sagittarius, ASC 3 degrees Gemini, Aesulapia 2 degrees Gemini, Hygeia 1 degree Taurus, Panacea 2 degrees Aquarius, and Sun 5 degrees Virgo. That’s a lot of factors from 0 to 5. What does it all mean? 🙂

    1. This is a life reshape, starting in May and taking you to Christmas 2019. Neptune at 0 Capricorn describes the career that is a holiday from reality. Success, status and ambition are not ‘real’ in the sense that older people would call it real. Uranus will trine that, from 0 Taurus and you will find wider revolutions in the global economy have a direct impact on your job, unpaid work or college/university career by next year. There will be upheaval and radical change, yet it is the storm upon which you sail your ship, into waters that make life feel like a vacation from ‘real.’ There is no way anyone with Pluto at 2 Scorpio in the Eighth House can get through this two-year period without being forced to change course. You will have to throw away the map or compass you had in 2017. It’s the same with Uranus crossing Hygiea in your Second House of values. This goes beyond all tha you earn, own or owe into questions about what you will or will not sell out for. Who or what you call priceless. Here, too, you will need to be very flexible and ready to change. Try to keep your ship steady even as the water around you rises and falls. By the time you get to your destination at Christmas 2019 when Jupiter crosses your Neptune at 0 Capricorn you will be staring at the most sensational opportunity for 12 years. Everything you will have learned on your journey will help you take that opportunity.

      1. Thanks Jessica! Out of curiosity, what pattern was I going through 12 years ago (i.e., 2006)? I have noticed some recurring themes this year as seen 12 years ago.

        1. Jupiter moves in 12 year cycles – you can look up Jupiter on Search. Your Asian astrology also moves in 12 year cycles. In fact I am writing a new book about this for Penguin to be published next year.

  9. Thanks Jessica,

    For another very detailed post.

    With North Node Gemini to South Sag at 4 I assume it will affect me karmically. I have the U.K. Australian. Connection. The name Chiron came tnto my mind many years ago before I had heard of Chiron so even more connection.

    What should I be most aware/wary of? I have mentioned previously I am hoping to do the U.K. reunion trip next year.

    You have prompted me to get a Twitter account and I am loving your posts as well as being opened up to a global view again.

    Many thanks,
    Patricia M-L

    1. Thanks Patricia. Your Nodes across Gemini-Sagittarius will be transited by Uranus in 2019 so you are very likely to travel or even emigrate. Sagittarius rules foreign people and places. Gemini rules the worldwide web and also language differences, communication and short journeys. You have many lifetimes (karma) of being a gypsy, traveller, trader (across ports or cities) and also a teacher and student of life. This will be more than just a holiday or long stay reunion. You will both teach and learn. Uranus will form a quincunx to your Sagittarius Node in the Ninth House and a semi-sextile to your Gemini Node in the Third House. You can find out more about that on Search. Look up the houses in particular because 2019 is about that.

  10. Dear Jessica,
    Just wonderful! You covered each affected area, gave precise dates and degrees and have given us causes and explanations for events and outcomes beyond star placement on charts. Thanks!

  11. Hi Jessica , I going to have my Chiron Return, its 3 Aries, Can you tell me what this might mean for me in regards to my personal chart. Thanks In Advance


    1. Sure, MR, I am posting a long story on The Chiron Return today. You’ll likely give yourself a makeover, though. Completely new look. Maybe start using a different name, too.

  12. Hi Jessica, I’m loving the explanations and I’m trying really hard to use the info in my chart to explain some changes in my life and possible outcomes. I have a few planets on the 0-5 and was wondering if you could give any insight? My love life and brand new business have really been at the forefront past few weeks. Can you tell me if I can expect positive changes or how I can potentially lessen negative and improve chances of success. Would love any feedback. Thank you lovely.

    1. Juno at 2 Sagittarius is the first/only thing you will feel, now through early 2019 and this is about the commitments you make to foreign people and places. To the worldwide web and its global reach. To books, perhaps, or education/academia, locked into this! You will find that as 2018 develops and Uranus makes a quincunx to Juno, you are in a position to ‘wed’ yourself to a place, a person or organisation which expands your intellectual and geographical horizons. It may be a website. It may be emigration. It may be a long vacation or working trip. This is big as Neptune at 2 Sagittarius in your Ninth House will also be conjuncted by Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years so by Christmas you should be well aware of who and what is possible and it’s going to be great. Nothing to do with love and sex unless he/she is foreign or wants you to travel/move.

  13. Thank you Jessica
    I love and respect your work .
    This may sound like a strange question given the Chiron in Taurus status but I feel like my currency is more emotional than financial.
    This guy ( 24/8/63 @ 2 am) has been in my heart for almost 5 years.
    Is there a future there ?
    Love is everything to me.

    Thank you xx

  14. Dear Jessica,
    thank you for this great article, and all the work you share with us, I love reading it, though often not easy to grasp for me 😉
    I am trying to see how this would play out in my situation, having Sun at 1 Leo, Jupiter at 0 Capricorn, Neptune at 2 Sagittarius, Salacia at 1 Aquarius, Cupido at 1 Libra, and Hygeia at 6 Scorpio, as at this time I am still contemplating by own business (after corporate layoff last July), crystalizing the ideas. I have never been on social media, always disliked FB and never was there, so just have a basic LI profile. I know I will have to change this as I go forward being my own boss.
    Your insights would be highly appreciated, thank you!
    All the best!

    1. I am sure you can put this together and see Jupiter (good fortune, generosity, mutual expansion, growth) in Capricorn (career) is about to be trined by Uranus (the revolution) in global finance (Taurus) and it begins in days – evident no later than June. From there you have quite a swift sequence of events triggering Neptune (the holiday from the real world) in Sagittarius (foreign people and places). A group would also be involved, and a group numbering one or more friends (Salacia in Aquarius) Don’t worry about Hygiea so much, but Cupido at Libra brings in a former, current or potential partner and a lot of passion. If you are your own boss you need to brand ‘Me’ and so the general technological and internet changes out there with Chiron in Aries will draw you in. Yet the real story is a life direction reshape as above. Capricorn is usually paid work but it can also be paid work or full-time study. 2018-2019 is ‘life begins again’ for you as a result of your personal exposure to wider, radical financial change.

  15. This is such a great post Jessica and I for one will be bookmarking for near future reference.
    I have Jupiter 0 Virgo, MC 3 Scorpio, IC 3 Taurus, Diana 3 Aries, Apollo 6 Libra, Ops 0 Libra and Cupido 1 Cancer.

    1. Thank you. Your IC at 3 Taurus is about your house, apartment, home town, homeland being tied to all that you earn, own or owe. If your birth time is strictly accurate your IC and also your Cupido at 1 Cancer in your Fourth House of property, sanctuary and belonging – are triggered as part of a sequence. It starts in days and continues into 2019. This looks like a reshape of how you live, where you live, and to whom you are related, or co-habit with, and it would begin partly as a result of the ‘six degrees of separation’ effect of Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (world finance).

      1. Thanks Jessica, I have been desperate to leave where I currently live for the past 25 years, which is when I first arrived in this town. My new partner of two years is also desperate to leave but we have to wait until his business sells. So hopefully this is not to far away!!

  16. Hi Jessica,
    A great article. I have early degrees in my Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Aesculapia, Hygeia, Salacia, North and South nodes as well as my Chiron in Aries return. I am going to be travelling in Europe in June this year. How does this all play out for me? I am feeling slightly nervous.
    Thanks for your insights.

    1. Saturn at 0 Gemini is what you will notice most if you are travelling, Agnes, as Gemini rules the Third House of your chart and so, short journeys (short haul flights) and train or bus trips. Also, naturally, internet on the move. Saturn can slow you down or put obstacles in your path, and Uranus at 0 Taurus suggests a wider shift with currency exchange rates, credit cards or similar that may have an impact on that. So, in general, you may want to check details of forthcoming bookings, trips, more than usual – and have some kind of back-up with your phone and computer and also the ISP or carriers you use.

  17. Jessica – I’m breathless, head spinning, heart thumping – is all this going to shake me up, shake me out, upside down, and inside out – WHAT? I have 12 factors from 0 – 5 degrees? Count them, 12! AND my natal Uranus is at 0 degrees with Saturn at 2 (YIKES!) and Sun at 4, all conjunct in Gemini. Don’t know if I should look for the highest bridge or the thickest duvet and stay under it for 1.5 yrs. The only thing that gives me slight relief is that I don’t use social media. The closest I’ve come to ‘going public’ is posting a few times to a few sites usually under a pseudonym. Otherwise my DNA shudders at the idea of being ‘public’. Who cares? However, global issues/politics do interest me and your remarks re the UK, the EU and Germany are most interesting. Russia doesn’t make an appearance in any of your posts yet it seems to be very busy these days. And have felt for a few yrs that the Royal Family will face some very troublesome days ahead. It’s a very visible, ages-old institution that is top-heavy re wealth distribution – all the earmarks of big trouble ahead. Think Harry and Meghan would be better off leaving……

    1. It would appear the storm is already blowing in for Meghan in the U.K. media this morning, but it goes beyond that – there is a global top-heavy wealth imbalance, as you say, and unfortunately the Royal family are a symbol of that. As Uranus will suddenly and rapidly cross that 0 Taurus-Scorpio point in the horoscopes of the Queen and the next King, this is not going to be simple. I did post about Russia quite a long time ago if you want to have a look at Search. Putin is another example of imbalance and in astrology it never lasts long. The rule of Pluto.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I will be traveling from the US to England and France in June and I am wondering if I should get pounds and euros now or wait until I get there, since you indicate that there will be financial upheavals. My chart has Saturn at 04 Capricorn and Bacchus at 03 Capricorn but nothing else in the 0-5 range. Thanks. J

    1. It will take you until 2019 to have Uranus in Taurus trine your Saturn and Bacchus and it will be about your career, study or unpaid work. Jupiter is also on the way into Capricorn at 3, 4 by the time you get to the end of 2019 so you would have to say, a major shift with the way banks operate, globally, will have a ripple effect on your career or study, with benefits to you ultimately coming your way once the world adapts and adjusts, which will be end 2019 into 2020.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I have Venus 3 Scorp, Pluto 5 Scorpio, Fortuna 1 Gemini, Neptune 3 Cap, and Ops 2 Pisces – I’d love to hear what this means for me!


    1. The early degrees of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are where we also find brand new weather in your chart with Uranus and Chiron moving across 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and as these two objects are associated with revolution and experimentation, you will find that as the people and organisations around you are pursuing all that is new and difference, you are also affected. This will be most obvious with your money, house, business, possessions, charity and/or apartment which are ruled by Scorpio and the Eighth House. You will experience Uranus opposite Venus and Pluto, for example, and Chiron will move up to square your Neptune. This is a reshape of career and money and it will come from outside factors you have to adjust to, not so much your own initiative to change. As everything and everybody around you in 2019 will be determined to reform, or progress, you’ll have to be very flexible and shift position.

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you. Does this mean my money, possessions etc will be affected negatively and I should start adjusting soon?

        1. Venus at 3 Scorpio, Pluto at 5 Scorpio in your Eighth House of possessions, shares, business, finance, property are what you will notice first, from 2019, as Uranus moves to oppose them. What you’re seeing here is transiting Uranus opposite Venus, and transiting Uranus opposite Pluto. It’s really about dealing with the difference between your values and those of someone close. It’s also about making wise choices when you are in situations which obviously cross a line or pose a potential challenge – it might be about a car, it might be about a contract – it might be about the family money. Just be aware of that next year. Get good outside advice when it comes your way.

  20. Dear Jessica,

    I have Mercury at 04 Cap, Apollo at 03 in Leo, Salacia at 02 Cap, Psyche at 05 in Gemini. I am wanting to make some big changes in my finances. Can I proceed or should I wait until things settle? I don’t want to miss the boat so to speak.

    1. Chiron and Uranus will both start moving through Aries and Taurus at the early degrees soon, and by 2019 you will have experienced all the change without necessarily needing to make anything happen. The only issue with finances is that everything will be unpredictable for quite some time owing to either government intervention over issues like tax and currency or some bigger X factors, so you may want to get the best advice you can afford.

  21. Hello Jess,
    Looking at my chart I have load of factors. Sun 01° Cancer/Jupiter 03° Capricorn R/Neptune 03° Sagittarius R/Ceres 00° Virgo/Diana 01° Gemini/Bacchus 05° Gemini/Hygeia 02° Scorpio/Salacia 02° Aquarius R/Proserpina 00° Gemini. Can you please give me some insight to the significance this might have on me as they are so many? it is difficult to interpret.

    1. Sun at 1 Cancer, Ceres at 0 Virgo work together in your chart, Jogs, and as Chiron goes across 0, 1 Aries and Uranus goes across 0, 1 Taurus – you will see the effects on your home life (Cancer) and daily routine and lifestyle (Virgo). You will be able to reshape this, in great detail, in 2018 and 2019 and in fact it’s quite liberating. This may involve renovating, moving, or rethinking your home space with one eye on your work – perhaps we’re talking about a home office or study – and certainly on your wellbeing. Have a look at what changes out there in the world of money by 2019 as it will be yours to use.

      1. Jess , further question my earlier comment in Chiron-in-aries-2018 – I could not post as it is closed. By end of Nov 17, I was had a work opportunity which started in Jan this year, but was ask to go by the Feb 5. The corporate need my skills set but wanted to save money as the director I would be replacing would take 3 months and kept me in loop open (they wanted to rehire me later which was not informed to me), Is this part of New Ceres Cycle and Your Big 2018 Compromise which I am trying to understand.
        The CEO has a tight fist on the people and was expected me to join in very low salary. Further I have Vesta in 3 Capricorn which was direct in Jan and now having a retrograde on the same degree.
        Does the factors allows to rework with this company as the opp is big.

        1. You have your Jupiter Return in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success in 2020 so just do what instinct says. There is no point in second-guessing what is going to happen in 2018, 2019 as even if you go through highs and lows, it still takes you to the top! Sometimes it’s the lows which do that too. Use a notebook to draw and take notes of what you want to achieve in the broadest possible sense. What are you aiming for? Then stick to that big visual picture and sense of what matters most to you. You stand an excellent chance of achieving awards, a promotion, a sought-after position or some other huge coup in 2020 and so the time to start goal-setting is now. Don’t waste your time on people’s personalities and politics; see a big picture.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    Just a quick question, would the shock of a serious disease be a likely outcome of Uranus in Taurus? Could you have a look to see if anything apparent in my chart.

    1. Claire, astrology does not predict the shock of a serious disease, but it can offer you information about the relationship you have with your mind, body and spirit. For that you always look to Virgo and the Sixth House of the horoscope and you have a huge stellium there – an unusually high cluster of Virgo factors. With Saturn there you are more cautious and concerned about your body than the average person, but with Jupiter also there, the solutions and opportunities are always at hand for you. You will find that when the Moon passes through Virgo and your Sixth House (every month) you are far more in touch with your body and what it is telling you about the rest of you. This is also a good time to seek advice from doctors or healers, for example, as the Moon conjuncts or ‘sits on’ your useful Jupiter. You can always see the Moon’s sign position on my website, and it’s actually on many sites across the internet.

  23. Great loved it! See it here in Aussie already, big banks in big trouble, budget issues and a few class action suits against the corporations! Wonderful read Jessica.

    1. Thank you. What really astonishes me is that we have not even started. The New Moon in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus are still almost a day away and already Australian banks and global banks/blockchain are making massive waves.

  24. Fabulous, Jessica!
    In my chart I have:
    Venus 00° Libra 06′ 11″
    Juno 01° Leo 06′ 36″
    Vesta 02° Leo 21′ 08″
    MC 05° Taurus 09′ 47″
    IC 05° Scorpio 09′ 47″
    Fortuna 03° Sagittarius 14′ 02″
    Hygeia 03° Pisces
    I am wondering if you could make sense of all of this for me.
    Thank you

    1. Chiron is opposing your Venus and trine your Leo/Fifth house placements and it’s really the Seventh House and Fifth House which matter here. This is about your former, current or potential partner. The world of pregnancy, children, stepchildren, godchildren. It is about knowing what you want and need, and why. Uranus is also going to pass across 0, 1 of Taurus in a similar-time frame so things may get shaken up by change a fair bit but it will mean you set heartfelt priorities and really commit to who and what you know is true for you.

  25. Hi dear Jessica, I am a little bit excited reading those last dates. Will that be a Grand Trine for me ? Thanks for all the information, exciting times ahead.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to say your writing was spot on and I found it when needed. I was wondering why I feel like I’m on a ride I can’t get off of; I was thinking it was just Uranus leading me to a mental breakdown. Chiron is now conjunct my Mars and sextile my Jupiter! I didn’t realize how painful Chiron could be.

    1. Thank you. Remember it’s always good to talk to someone if you feel like this. Make sure you have a kind person listening on the other end of the phone, or across the table.

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