Stormy Taurus Weather May 2018

Wild, wild weather in May 2018 will be unleashed with the Royal Wedding, the banks, Stormy Daniels, the Euro and in the skies above your horoscope.

The Taurus weather in May 2018 is wild and stormy. Expect lightning and thunder around the Royal Wedding. It may even be literal (better bring an umbrella if you are a fan of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry). How will Uranus in Taurus hit you?

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99 Responses

  1. I feel excited about this, nervous yes, but after years of uncertainty, changes, relocations and house moves for me and my girls, I do feel that my financial stability will require another move, most likely abroad for work. It will mean moving away from my children who will start University in a few months. Jessica, can you see if my 0’s and 1’s, in my chart, point to these new beginnings for me please? Many thanks, as always.

    1. Saturn at 2 Taurus and Neptune at 0 Sagittarius suggest a sweeping pattern of radical change which begins with your Ninth House (Sagittarius) which rules foreign people and places, and also university, as it happens. Uranus at 0 Taurus will quincunx your natal Neptune. You prefer a holiday from reality when you travel, move, emigrate, deal with foreign people and places. It’s not really ‘real’ real! This is challenged and changed when Uranus arrives next week and in fact for all of May. You may need to blow a different balloon shape. Saturn at 2 Taurus is a bigger deal because this is about all that you earn, own or owe. The chances are high that on your Saturn Return in 1999 you put up walls, fences and barricades because of a situation you hit with your bank, credit card, salary, rent, mortgage, inheritance and so on. Now Uranus will come along at 2 Taurus in 2018 and 2019 and ask you to look at what you built and how well it still serves you. The faster you can adapt and adjust to this ever-changing new currency world in particular the better.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for all usefull and interesting information. I would like to ask you , when I look at Taurus as my 9th house (i am Virgo) and when as a 2nd house? Should I expect that Uranus is going to influence my part of life which is about foreign people and travelling (9th house) or more earnings and value system (2nd house). Upon what you choose in which way you look at our personal charts?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you. Saturn at 0 Leo, Uranus at 0 Scorpio are in a square in your chart and transiting Uranus at 0 Taurus will make a T-Square which is pretty tense. To untangle potential trouble with your money, house, apartment, business or possessions (Uranus is transiting Taurus and your Second House of cash flow and ownership) you need to add people to the situation which starts with a bang in May 2018 and continues through early 2019. By adding people you break up the pattern. A financial advisor is one example. A helpful friend or lover, or family member is another. Saturn is in your Fifth House of children, young adults and lovers who bring a younger generation into your world. That’s quite hard work. Natal Uranus is in Scorpio in your Eighth House of shared finances, property and business. This is going to be a radical change for you and you need to assume your most flexible yoga position and start bending and stretching. Try not to hang on or hold on to pre 2018 ideas about what should happen, or what must be there. This is a major transit.

  3. Hi Jessica. I have Pluto 01 Libra, IC 01 Libra and MC 01 Aries. Does this mean financial gain in my career and the purchase of a home? Thanks so much!

    1. I’ll focus on Pluto at 1 Libra as you can work with that now through 2019. Essentially you like to control (Pluto) the relationship (Libra) you have with your former, current or potential partners (Seventh House) and also your enemies (Seventh House). Power is very important to you (Pluto) and many past relationships (Libra) have been centred on the balance of power and how to compromise (Pluto). When Uranus (the revolution) moves to Taurus (finance, banks, property, the global economy) from May 15th you will slowly be moving towards the 1 degree Uranus-Pluto quincunx which takes place from June 5th through 30th and again in October 2018, March 2019, April 2019. So, this is not what you were asking. But – there will be a major opportunity for freedom and independence on a financial and property level happening ‘out there’ – and it will have a profound impact on how you see the balance of power with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps an enemy rival or opponent too. A classic case would be your divorced former husband who has a childcare arrangement with you and makes a ton of money on investing in Tesla Inc. He is now able to pay you more. You see?

  4. Jessica, can you plz have a look at my chart to let me know how this transit can affect me overall? Many things going on in life right now. Career wise, financially, relocation, property, new courses and much more! Which areas u think i may get affected strongly and more important positively! Many thanks for ur time!

    1. You have Mercury at 0 Virgo so Uranus at 0 Taurus will trine your Mercury. You communicate (Mercury) through computers and telephones (Mercury) in Virgo (work or unpaid work) in great detail (Virgo) and with routine in mind (the Sixth House). This will be hit by a bolt of lightning when Uranus (revolution) moves to 0 Taurus (the world economy) seven days from now. It’s a trine (easy) so it works for you (great!) so start focussing hard on your current project or role or another one you could take on!

  5. Thank you Jessica for this interesting post. Can you please help read my personal chart as I have several Taurus or 0/1 factors in my chart. Thanks for your help

    1. Cupido at 1 Taurus in your Second House of money, property, business, charity and precious possessions is the first thing you will notice. Cupido (Cupid) was the son of Venus and he is a symbol of desire. You have what it takes to make people fall in love with your values, your money, your possessions, your charity, your property. At the same time, you passionately desire cash (perhaps) or ‘stuff’ (objects and objets d’art) or particular houses, stocks, shares or apartments. Sometimes you can be in love with an economic system like Marxism! Uranus conjunct Cupido will send that sideways and upside-down. Something about this way of life, for you, prevented you from being free, yet from May 15th into early 2019, you will be offered space and independence.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I am more looking for success and recognition than possessions. But I guess your analysis still make sense. And to be set free is anyway a good news !

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate then your calling in life is towards home, family, household, home town, homeland. Uranus sextile that will translate into radical changes affecting the banks in particular, and currency, which challenges you to rethink that life path and how you are to proceed by 2019. It will feel like the electrical storm that calls you to act.

  6. Hi Jessica, very interesting as ever! I’d thought about Scotland’s independence when reading this. On a personal level, I have several planets in Taurus, so I am wondering how the entry of Uranus to this sign will affect me. Many thanks for your help

    1. Scotland will become independent, quite possibly as a result of Uranus in Taurus – her chart has been suggesting her own path for a long time. Saturn at 0 Scorpio is your first focus as Uranus at 0 Taurus will oppose that in your chart. You built walls, barriers and protective fences around yourself in relation to money, property or business some time ago. That will now be tested to see if it still works for you, the way you assumed it would. You will need to allow for far more flexibility on your part than usual as you can’t really stick to the past on this cycle. You have to be pretty adaptable and open to change. I do feel you’ll be directly affected, now through 2019, and May’s stormy weather begins it. You are part of a generation who have come to just accept the way things are with banks (credit cards, borrowing, interest rates, paper notes and coins) and it’s honestly not the future.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for writing this article. Very interesting. I have Venus in Leo at 0 degrees. Does that mean my relationship will experience troubles? I hope not


    1. Carmen, Uranus at 0 Taurus will square your Venus at 0 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules your godchildren, nieces, nephews, children, and all young people involved in projects or plans with you. This is also where we find lovers or partners with whom pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting may be an option. So – yes – the big storms coming with the banks, and currency, will have an impact on that. A classic example would be government budget policy on child care or education which is impacted by sudden changes affecting that country’s economy. The key to this transit is to zig when it all zags.

  8. Stormy indeed!!! When you first told us about this weather pattern last year, I was very scared and still am a bit. Only because I am a small business owner, whose business in interior design is directly affected by the economy. I now have the attitude of “what will be, will be” and this is beyond my control so just make the best of it. I have 1 Virgo and my husband who is a Taurus, with hardly any Taurus factors I might add, has 0 Virgo. As you said above, this is clearly about work and our bodies. Hoping you can elaborate on that for me as I prepare to fly to Melbourne for the birth of our second grandchild next week. Thanks again for an amazing article. You are not just a gifted astrologer but a gifted journalist as well.

    1. Thank you. Whenever people get the wobbles about Uranus, I always remind them that this is the planet associated with the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution. Every single one of those revolutions was correct. The Americans were trapped in a dreadful slave economy partly because of King George III and British rule. The Industrial Revolution liberated people in untold ways, thanks to the new inventions all around. The French Revolution set the peasants free from starvation and exploitation. Obviously, it would have been hard to find a slave-owner on the sugar plantations with a portrait of the King on the mantelpiece, who was waving a big flag when the storm broke. So there we go. We’ll all be affected by what is looking like stormy weather for the banks – and the Euro – and that’s just a small part of it. Yet, if we can dance in the storm and see where the freedom is, for ourselves and others, we’ll be on track. Independence Day. Your grandchild is being born at a huge point in our history!

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I have Mars 00 Aries, Saturn 00 Gemini and Hygeia 00 Scorpio, Can you help decode what this means for me in these exciting times. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hygiea at 0 Scorpio is the one to watch. This is how you protect tomorrow or insure the future, with finance or property. Uranus opposes this, in a week or so, and you will need to radically alter your old way of thinking about this – perhaps your old way of dealing with your own shields/guards is no longer going to be so useful. It looks as if there will be a domino effect from what is happening with the banks in Britain, particularly, and there would be changes also affecting your use of the worldwide web/phones (Gemini) and this in turn affects your profile or image (Aries). This would make sense as your profile is probably online. In general the biggest impact will be with your Hygiea at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House.

  10. Hi Jessica, I have been only focusing on my Taurus charts and I am having difficulties on how to connect all my other 0-1 degrees on other sings when Uranus enters Taurus.

    00°  Taurus 09′ 38″


    00°  Virgo 46′ 06″


    00°  Virgo 14′ 47″ R


    01°  Aries 56′ 52″

    Thanks a lot for your guidance and stay blessed.


    1. Your natural need to protect the future when it comes to money, business, property, possessions (Hygiea at 0 Taurus in your Second House) is going to be rocked by Uranus at 0 Taurus from mid-May onwards. At the same time, you will find that whatever alters in terms of the world of finance, business, houses, apartments might force you to think very differently about how to guard tomorrow – yet it makes it very easy to work as you wish. Work, and unpaid work, for you is really about giving back. There is also a suggestion that when you do your duty/service (Virgo) and benefit others (Jupiter) by caring and caretaking (the Moon) you also find yourself playing the part of the go-between (Proserpina in your First House of image). All of this comes together for you, as a result of what goes down with Uranus in Taurus. It just makes you think about it in a brand new way!

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Today, just few hours before Uranus Taurus transit (which will conjunct my 0 Hygiea) an email I have been waiting from bank come and dropped the bomb, rejecting my application for a Business account and the reason was “We simply don’t understand your business”

        The shocking part is it is actually a common business practice and my company doesn’t require finance from the bank! It was Just a simple business account!

        It seems to me unreasonable and it really made me mad.
        I am wondering if this rejecting has anything to do with the transit.

        1. TG, this is the Rejection Dance which Uranus is famous for. I am sorry you have had the bombshell and shock. It is kind of classic and if you hit Search you will see that Uranus often comes with this ‘No’. Banks are really all over the place at the moment. You have the most fortunate exact conjunction with the Moon at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, next to Jupiter at 0 Virgo. Uranus is at 0 Taurus trine this. So, this is too soon. You are too early. Try to see what comes, rest of May, because it is the wild and stormy, slightly mad new financial weather which you can surf on, as regards your lifestyle, job and wellbeing. We are literally only two hours into this, as I write. Early days.

  11. Dear Jessica

    This is all really interesting article; your comment about being born in Sept 1984 is relevant to me as that was the month and year when my career was ‘born’ in that I started my first job in banking. Noting that you refer to the 15th May in the Libra forecasts, what please will the effect be for me?

    Thank you very much, as always

    1. Thank you. Cupido at 0 Cancer in your Fourth House is the one to watch as this is about your mortgage, rent, property investment or actual house/apartment price. I wonder if you began your job in banking because you had fallen in love (Cupido) with the idea of owning your own home? Or helping others buy their own homes? With Cupido in Cancer, desires run deep when it comes to bricks and mortar. Uranus will sextile your Cupido starting in around one week, with more to come by 2019. Massive changes in the banking sector across the HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest, Barclays suggest if you are prepared to also make radical changes in your own life, you’ll reboot your passion for property in a new way. Just be aware – lightning strikes.

  12. Great article Jessica, I have a lot going on at the moment and would be very appreciative if you could tell me what the next few months in particular hold with my planet placements, as i have Mars, Vulcano and Psyche all at 0*?

    1. Thank you. You are a Mars in Cancer person, and have that 0, 1 pattern which means you will be picked up by wild winds, never experienced in your lifetime, starting next week. You will be carried somewhere you like, but it will really change everything from the way you relate to your friends, to the way you feel about the most personal, heartfelt and emotional issues. At first glance the issue will seem to be a house, apartment or wider location question, yet by 2019 you will realise it was about so much more. Do try and go with this. It’s like being Mary Poppins and using your umbrella to ride the cyclone. I mention her because she was all about the family, the home town and ‘cosy’ and you are too, to the point where you are quite furiously passionate about it at time (Mars in Cancer in the Fourth House). Try to concentrate on the journey not the landing.

  13. Hi Jessica, I’m really enjoying the articles about Uranus in Taurus! I have a few placements at 0,1 and 2 and would like to know what you think. I have my asc/desc at 0 Capricorn/Cancer, Ceres at 0 in Gemini, Juno at 1 Cancer, Salacia at 1 Aquarius, and Ops at 2 Virgo. I also have Vesta at 29 Capricorn but I think that already showed itself about 2 months ago when I had a minor work drama with 2 female co-workers. I am invested in crypto and am hoping to be able to buy a home later this year with the profits. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Your chart is so interesting because I think we’re seeing currency/trade/tariff revolution from June 2018. You were born with Juno (commitment) at 1 Cancer in the Fourth House (property, family) and Neptune (the escape from the real world) at 2 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign places, faces and spaces. What goes down with Uranus crossing 1, 2 Taurus, starting in June (and continuing into early 2019, with a few breaks) is likely to bring quite sudden, radical and revolutionary changes with currency, exchange rates and trade agreements, that has a useful impact on your plans for a house or apartment, and specifically involving travel, emigration, foreigners. In this space you get to create. But you stand to gain if you can ride this wave. I am sure you know crypto is the future, but watch those electricity issues!

  14. Hi Jessica Super interesting article. Your articles are always packed with so much information. I feel excited about this time of change and illumination and this feels like the calm before the storm! I have a number of factors in Taurus as well as factors at 0,1 and at 29 degrees.Can you provide any insight. Many thanks

    1. Mercury at 1 Cancer and Hygiea at 2 Scorpio are trine, so your Fourth House of apartments, family, houses, home town, property and homeland is where you are at your very best, in terms of using your way with words and ideas – and the web. It automatically pulls in your safety mechanisms with finance in general, as this is what Hygiea is all about, in the Eighth House of your chart. It won’t happen right away, but you’ll feel the climate change next week, and through June in particular, realise that you have to think on your feet – and do a lot of fast talking – to deal with what is happening. This is really about using your brain to its full capacity (Mercury) about property or family (Cancer, Fourth House) and making it work with those complex relationships you have, with anyone from your bank manager, to your partner, to your mother. The cost is loss of certainty and security. The reward is freedom and independence. You may not have realised how shackled you were, but June will show you the new, bright space.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another very interesting article. From your series on Uranus entering Taurus, I got the impressions that 24 and 29 degrees are some of the ‘hotspots’. I have Sun 29 Pisces, Venus 24 Pisces, Neptune 24 Sagittarius, Diana 24 Taurus. I also have Moon 23 Virgo, Pluto 23 Libra, which are very close to 24 degree. My natal Uranus is at 0 Sagittarius and Hygeia 1 Gemini. There are 4 Taurus factors and 1 Scorpio factor in my chart. Will the upcoming change brought in by Uranus be very intense on me? Will you please provide some insights on what all these means to me?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. The hotspots are 29, 0, 1, 2 degrees of any zodiac sign. Natal Uranus at 0 Sagittarius is the big one. I think we’re talking about currency change, because Sagittarius rules your plans to take holidays or move by 2019. This may also be a work or academic connection with foreign faces, places and spaces. You’ve not seen this cycle in your lifetime and I am beginning to wonder if it’s not a devaluation of one currency that makes a particular place affordable – or perhaps some scheme whereby you benefit from being in (say) a Brexit-led Commonwealth. The reason Uranus in Sagittarius is the biggest deal of all, is that Jupiter goes across 0 Sagittarius at the end of the year and you’ll have an opportunity and a solution not possible in over a decade. Life will be wild and stormy, crazy and exciting, but it will benefit you, if you have any ambition at all to travel, or travel in the mind (the worldwide web may be where you do your journeying). Watch currencies like the Euro and Pound Sterling in particular. And cryptocurrency!

  16. Hi Jessica..I have a few planets at the 0.., my chart..hygeia and ops in Cancer at 0 and Apollo at 2..i cant figure out what Uranus effect will have on them..I rent off council the last 10 years and if they did turn around and say I could buy it,I’ve no money to do so.I am thinking of moving to another country with my boyfriend,Libra, at end of year..His Jupiter is on my asc at 3 degrees sag..,is that good? My son is moving out beginning of June to start college,and he is Scorpio 29 degrees,also a is Uranus going to effect my chart..Thank you.

    1. The 0 and 2 Cancer placements in your chart are about your family, your household, your apartment, your house, your home town, your homeland. As Uranus comes along at 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus (starting next week) and takes you into 2018, you are looking at the most unusual, unexpected, unique circumstances that come very suddenly, to show you new possibilities with all that. I think you’ll very likely say yes to the door that opens. No point in trying to guess or speculate, as this cycle has never happened in your lifetime. Just be open to what comes. And know that home matters so much to you, and a sense of belonging to spaces, faces and places. Hang onto that, and this wild weather will carry you.

  17. Hi Jessica! Interesting article. Was looking to see what I have at 29d and have Proserpina at 29 Sag and Vulcano at 29 Leo, any insight? While I have a lot at 0 degrees, I was also looking at my husband’s chart and he has a lot at 1 degrees – Mercury at 1 Cap, Mars at 1 Libra, Uranus at 1 Sag – would love your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. Mmmm hmmm, as they say in America. You don’t say if you have children, or ever wanted them, or didn’t want them, or did want them and could not proceed with them…yet that is a major issue with Vulcano at 29 Leo in your Fifth House of parenthood. Especially as your husband has Mars at 1 Libra in his zone of marriage, just across from that. You also have that Sagittarius theme picking up in both charts, so you’d have to say, the rest of 2018, early 2019 is about foreign people and foreign places. Sometimes ‘foreign’ can mean across town, but it is more usually about faces or spaces overseas. This may be indirectly or directly connected with this other story going on, about the actual partnership and the children question. Uranus works like lightning. It comes from nowhere, changes everything and releases, on whatever level things, situations or people need to be released. Keep moving and stay flexible.

  18. Thankyou Jessica, it will be interesting to see it all unfold. Can you please look at my chart and see that I have Mars at 0 Leo in 5th house, as I have two small children I am feeling a little nervous with Uranus transit into Taurus. Thanks x

    1. Don’t be nervous but do be ready to change, as change comes. Mars at 0 Leo in the Fifth House squares Chiron at 0 Taurus in the Second House so there is a lifetime pattern here about parenthood, and pregnancy, and young children, and younger adults, in general. Every time you take action (Mars) about these matters (the Fifth House) you run into questions about what you can get away with (Chiron) financially (Taurus/Second House). Every time you have to be upfront, competing, pushing or even defending/attacking where children are concerned – you automatically find a bit of tension around the money, the business, the house, the apartment, the possessions – and quite provocative questions about what is possible, or impossible, or acceptable, or ‘out of the question/outrageous!’ All this will be triggered as Uranus goes across 0, 1 Taurus and you will need to do as much research as you can on the financial or property side of it. Sometimes the issue is possessions, but it’s more likely to be the ripple effect of what is going on in your country, and the world, touching your shore. A classic example would be the tax rules governing childcare or child allowance. The golden rule with this cycle is that ‘when you see the zig-zag, zig-zag.’ Uranus is really about liberty. Don’t be nervous. It classically liberates us from situations we have become very used to, so initially it can feel confronting, but once enough time passes, we realised how trapped we actually were, and how much more exciting the new world is. You should, by rights, be experiencing this May through early 2019.

  19. Great article Jessica. I have 0 Virgo Sun, 2 Scorpio Moon, Ops 0 Leo, 29 Venus in Leo, as well as having a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio, so I expect lots of happenings. Hopefully good ones. But I have decided recently to only buy things that I know I will use. Honestly, I went through my wardrobe and there are clothes that I have never worn from years ago. I have a bookcase of DVDs that I never watched – which includes the Godfather and The Crown! I have CDs that I still have to listen to. About the clothes – I packed some into bags and they will go to charity shops. It’s wonderful having resources and things, but they are only useful if you use them. I heard someone say recently that a wise person collects experiences, not objects. Too right. Money should be about freedom.

    I am presently trying to write a novel about binge eating but I keep on procrastinating, so I have to push myself in that area.

    About the royal wedding, some have also commented about the strange energy that day including this English channellor. Here is the link I too feel something extraordinary will happen with that Uranus in Taurus. I hope everybody is safe on that day in London. I wonder if anything large scale will happen to stop or hinder the wedding apart from the rain. I also wonder if the Queen will abdicate in favour of Charles in the next 12 months?

    Anyway, thanks for the intriguing article.

    1. Thank you, this is really interesting. Uranus at 0 Taurus will trine your Sun at 0 Virgo, starting next week so try to use May 2018, in particular, to surf the financial, economic or property wave of change, as it does have an impact on your workload, daily routine, lifestyle and wellbeing. I have heard from three astrologers, now – all successful professionals – that they are very concerned about the wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I looked at her birth chart many months ago and was immediately reminded of Princess Margaret, who was divorced like her, fell in love with a captain like her – and was even called Meg! It’s very hard to be in that family where marriage and children are almost your terms of employment. And we have to remember Harry is his mother’s son. She also found the establishment hard. So Diana and Margaret are both hovering over this wedding, JC. What does it mean for most of us? Uranus in Taurus sends a message about taxation and values that goes down through the ages. So it actually is about royal privilege, wealth, and the working classes and middle classes funding the monarchy. I’m just shaking my head at the timing of this wedding. Uranus (the shock, the revolution) goes right over the charts of Prince Charles and The Queen. Unfortunately, it does look as if this wedding will be the container for those shocks. Yet – you get the feeling Harry and Meghan can deal with it.

  20. It’s a common mistake but one that needs to be corrected because it leads to a great deal of misunderstanding. I’m referring to your remark “The Royal family manage their inheritance because they produce the ‘heirs and spares’ who rule Britain and the Commonwealth”. The Royal family doesn’t “rule” Britain or the Commonwealth. In fact, it doesn’t “rule” at all! Wars have been fought, many people have died so that it doesn’t “rule”. The Queen and her successors ‘give assent’ to parliamentary decisions which is quite a different matter.

  21. My Taurus sun sign is right at 0 degrees and my Virgo is at 0 degrees. The energy around me has been so erratic and in a sense, rushed. I’ve been eating when nervous, and not getting a lot of sleep…EVERY SINGLE MORNING I’m thinking “I need to change my life.” I’m hoping Uranus can make this happen. I’m over for RADICAL life change…and a much need vacation.

    1. Aries, Taurus and Virgo patterns across 0, 1 degree of your chart talk about work and money. Unpaid work and expenses. If you are experiencing tension – not sleeping properly – and wanting to change your life – you may be psychic. Nothing has happened yet. Uranus is still hovering on the 29th degree of Aries, before moving to 0 Taurus and ushering in a global economic wave of change, set to take us past 2020. You will be directly affected by that. Uranus will trine your Jupiter at 0 Virgo so you stand to gain (Jupiter) through your work (Virgo) when the revolution (Uranus) in your country’s economic/financial system (Taurus) unfolds. It’s a developing story through June 2018, then into early 2019. It’s really like being a New Yorker in 1781 and realising that the British are vanishing from the scene and the new America is being born – anyone with savvy jumped on that and used it in her/his career. That’s you, in whatever world we all wake up in, weeks from now!

  22. Jessica, thank you so much for this article! I’ve been following your posts on this Uranus transit and staying open to the winds of change. I’m a 27º cancer rising, with my midheaven at 12º Aries. My experience with Uranus in Aries was mainly of extreme financial hardship. I left work that was underground in nature, struggled with underemployment, eventually becoming fully unemployed and financially dependent on family and close friends. I’m curious of any insight you might have on how this transit may affect me and my ability to make (any) money. I have natal Chiron (retrograde) in my 11th house at 27º Taurus and my 5th house cusp is at 18º Scorpio- Uranus (at 1º Sag) and Mars are both in my natal 5th house (both in Sagittarius) and I have natal Jupiter in 10º of Scorpio (lots of healing this year but still no money).

    The last 7 years have been a hard drought with many things in my personal life falling apart, including health. I do feel like I’m coming out on the other side. I have all the basic resources (housing, food etc.) but have not been working for a long time and unsure of how to get back into it. I now know I want to work for myself but still unclear of the how. I am grateful to have gotten to this point and all the help I’ve received but it would a huge breakthrough if I could make my own money. Any insight into what I can expect would be immensely appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

    02° Libra 48′ 01″
    14° Capricorn 11′ 07″
    14° Libra 52′ 13″ R
    22° Virgo 43′ 31″
    04° Sagittarius 14′ 38″
    10° Scorpio 37′ 45″
    22° Libra 26′ 46″
    01° Sagittarius 32′ 12″
    24° Sagittarius 23′ 10″
    25° Libra 54′ 08″
    27° Taurus 26′ 23″ R
    28° Sagittarius 10′ 43″
    10° Aquarius 57′ 19″
    01° Sagittarius 19′ 42″
    12° Aries 09′ 47″
    12° Libra 09′ 47″
    27° Cancer 56′ 25″
    27° Capricorn 56′ 25″
    17° Scorpio 47′ 42″
    24° Aries 18′ 36″ R
    06° Gemini 20′ 21″
    20° Virgo 12′ 49″
    28° Cancer 09′ 55″
    20° Scorpio 12′ 46″
    19° Virgo 22′ 52″
    17° Leo 20′ 29″
    13° Sagittarius 10′ 05″
    14° Aquarius 12′ 32″ R
    25° Virgo 43′ 54″
    22° Libra 33′ 26″
    24° Capricorn 23′ 05″
    10° Libra 34′ 55″
    09° Cancer 33′ 51″ R
    09° Capricorn 33′ 51″ R

    1. You are probably stuck in a pattern. You have Jupiter (good fortune, protection, abundance, windfalls) in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, business, possessions and property. I am surprised when you say you are broke. Yet, sometimes people lean on their Jupiter, or rely on luck, to get them through and this prevents them from being proactive about making or saving cash. The rest of the chart is usually the clue to this. Sure enough you have Chiron in Taurus in your Second House so you need to see what you can get away with. You may have a pattern of trying to get something for nothing, for example, which is common with Chiron in Taurus, just as gambling is, or serial lottery cards. On Wall Street you see the most daring brokers have it. So already there is a sense of trusting to luck or seeing what you can wriggle out of or into. None of this is really great for saving or earning the old-fashioned way. Diana in Scorpio in your Eighth House is the largest clue of all. She was actually Jupiter’s daughter and she begged her father to release her from the confinement of marriage and motherhood. He made her the goddess of the hunt. She had affairs with lovers like Endymion but she won her precious freedom and space for the rest of her life. You essentially do not want the mortgage and marriage, nor the ‘living together’ and shared possessions and bedroom. It ties you down. So put all that together and you can see a pattern. I think it’s interesting that you have gone for essentially a free reading, using birth data from the time you were a paying Premium Member! I’m not knocking it, because I”m happy to read for you, but it’s just so Chiron-Diana-Jupiter. And now you are wondering if your horoscope can make you rich. The irony is you could earn vast amounts or be given ‘cash in kind’ which saves you a fortune and then do a substantial amount of fundraising for good causes and charity. Yet you have to identify your patterns, know them and then change them.

      1. Thank you Jessica. You said I had Jupiter in my 8th but it is actually in my 4th, and Chiron is also in my 11th house, not in the 2nd. Diana is in my 4th house as well. I’m trying to take in what you said about the Chiron-Diana-Jupiter aspects and bring awareness to myself so I can shift this (seems like stubborn) pattern in me- Thank you for this. I have actually felt very stuck not knowing how to break through. I’ve taken many jobs over the years that fell apart sometimes in completely unpredictable ways- like businesses closing down right after I was hired etc. It felt pretty hard internally and externally.

        My motivation this time is not to get rich. I’m looking for meaningful work and will continue to search for and develop that. In the meantime, I still need income. I’ve been out of the game for a while, and the last few years have hit me so hard I think it wore down my spirit. I find myself worrying if I will ever earn income again. And scared to put myself back out there.

        1. I use the Natural House system which you can look up on search as it is most accurate for prediction. Work and money are Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, Scorpio. Of course you’ll earn again and work again but when Uranus goes through Taurus it is time to let go, not hang on, to the past and experiment.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I have been trying to find out more about Uranus opposite venus and juno but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on this.

    Many thanks,


    1. Venus at 1 Scorpio and Juno at 3 Scorpio are symbols of marriage, affairs and ‘complicated relationships’ to put it nicely, Georgie. They always involve the money, the possessions, the business, the house or the apartment. You have lifelong patterns of creating particular arrangements with lovers or partners, to this end. Look up the Eighth House to see what it’s all about, in more detail. Venus is the planet associated with women who are ‘men’s women’ and who have complex involvements with everyone from their husbands, to their lovers, to their sons. Juno is about commitment and describes who or what you ‘wed’ yourself to. Uranus coming to 1, 2, 3, 4 Taurus starting in June 2018 will radically alter these old ways of thinking or acting in your life, and by 2019 you will realise that you have to question yourself about how you function in financial or property relationships, or did so, in the past. I am sure you know that when scorpions have sex they engage in a promenade a deux. It can be deadly. One scorpion can sting the other to death or even consume the other lover! There is a little bit of this dance in your history and it is time to forget you ever knew the steps, or heard the music, because it is time to hear the beat of a different drummer and find a radically different way to move.

  24. Hi Jessica, just joined and uploaded my birth data (leo). Super concerned about financial affairs during this whole Uranus in Taurus transit. Could you please look at my chart for any insights? Thx!

    1. You have 0-1 Scorpio and Cancer patterns in your Eighth House of finance and Fourth House of property, apartments, houses, family and your household. No need to be overly concerned, but do be flexible enough to adapt and adjust your plans now through 2019. Uranus is really about the unique situation – the unexpected, the unlikely and the unusual. All the ‘u’ words so you may have to abandon any idea of a cookie-cutter existence in terms of how you live, where you live and the rest – by 2019. The more open you are to change, the better. In fact change could end up working really well for you.

  25. Hi Jessica, driving long distance today , I thought back to when I felt Uranus transition to Aries in 2011. The people in my changed almost overnight. However, it was my sister’s exit that was most dramatic. One evening a month AFTER the transition to Uranus in Aries ( April 8, 2011) I witnessed her outside a resturaunt through a window, stumbling down the old brick street. Time stopped for me as I watched her, it seemed like everything was in slow motion and I was very much struck in the moment that this was feeling was happening. I got up and called her in to sit, she was drunk. Later, she said she had to go to the restroom and she disapeared. Of course, I was worried…Later that night she called us from jail. She was soon taken away for a year in rehab, as she had reoccurring issues with drinking for many years. At the same time she was wisked away, I was invited to join a new group of friends who I am still close to. Question… you’ve said 0 degree feels things right away but can that last a month? Wondering about the timeline of being hit with that Uranus in Taurus energy… thank you!

    1. You have Vesta at 6 Cancer in your Fourth House of family and Vesta commonly turns up when there are sisters and the father (or male partner of one sister) creates tension. I suspect that when your sister got into trouble and had to go to rehab – the full Amy Winehouse song – your Dad may have been an issue. So, nothing to do with Chiron, but definitely transits to your Vesta. Have a look at Vesta in more detail – on Search.

  26. Jessica, I wonder if the surprise Uranian development next week which you refer to is linked to the USA moving their embassy to Jerusalem on the 14th and then the Palestinians having a day of protest and rebellion the following day? That could fit with the transits, especially with transiting Mars involved.

    1. That certainly fits the timing of that transit – thank you for letting me know. I agree about Mars. There is so much anger building out there.

  27. Hi Jessica, reading about this is fascinating (if a little terrifying!), especially seeing how many countries, people, institutions etc are going to be affected. I’m also interested as to what this will mean for me on a personal basis given my Scorpio stellium and Sun so late in Libra. I took out my first ever mortgage at the start of March (to cover renovations on a property bought for me by my family – they wouldn’t approve of the loan) and it makes me nervous to see what lies ahead! I’m also due to have a baby at the end of September, so I’m interested what that means for her, or how her arrival might be tied in. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Lx

    1. This is really the year to get the best advice you can afford and look seriously at every big answer and opportunity presented to you, with your house, apartment, superannuation/pension and so on. You are in fact already ‘doing’ your chart as Jupiter – expansion, answers, open doors – is in Scorpio this year and you have taken out a mortgage to cover renovations on a home purchased for you by the family. Perhaps instinct and intuition are at work here, as you are about to become a new mum and so you are nesting. Get yourself into the most flexible position you can, as although you are ‘gifted’ with Jupiter crossing Mercury and Venus in the later degrees of Scorpio, which is where he’s about to pass through, you were also born with Pluto at 6 and Ceres at 4 Scorpio so in 2019 in particular you need to be aware that nothing is nailed down any more. It won’t just be you. Your entire generation will experience Uranus opposite Pluto, but it makes sense to get yourself into a position where you can be a bit bendy…money or property yoga.

  28. Hello Jessica,

    It already happened… today I got fired. It happened because I didnt agree with my employer’s ethics and method of work and I expressed my opinion openly. My employer is a Capricorn. This makes me think of her Uranus in the house of children and values she transmits to future generations.

    Anyway, I have been having doubts about staying in this job as there was no opportunity for me to grow and my communication with the employer was not very good. So, it is not a shock for me that they fired me, but the fact she lied to me when I asked her about 2 months if she intended to do so.

    Today, her husband told me I was fired while I could see the new employee already at work. This might be explained by my Stellium in Scorpio as I was not just an operational employee, but I was also working from home to come up with improvements for the business as a whole. I use these improvements I contribute on the side, to write on my blog and work on my course for small entrepreneurs. So, on a positive note, this is an opportunity for me to have more time to write as I have Uranus at 00 Sagitarius.

    At the same time, my writing depends highly on me working and making money in a context (business or job) where I have to produce results or at least influence others to make them. At this point I feel that I have to go on my own to make money, maybe online, I am not sure exactly how. I ve never made money on my own. So, it would be something new to me. I ve always been tied to an employer. But, this time I dont see myself starting all over with another employer.
    I just wanted to tell you how I interpret this Uranus change in my personal situation. What do you think? Do you have an additional perspective?

    Thank you very much for your time and answer!

    1. I am so sorry about this. Uranus at 0 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is about to be hit by Uranus at 0 Taurus tomorrow and for some time to come. The shock and upheaval is so typical, isn’t it? At the same time this is a quincunx aspect which is fine to live with once you know the Uranus rules. I am sure you do, by now, or you can hit Search and find them. It’s time for you to study, train or update skills. Jupiter moves to 0 Sagittarius in November and that is an astonishing opportunity. It may well be online or using new technology we don’t know about yet. Have a look at transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus and see what liberating and good things can be in store if you pursue new knowledge. This will help you in your work. The Ninth House also rules publishing and the book world, of course.

      1. Thank you Jessica for your quick reply! Yes, updating my skills makes sense. If I look back at the past 7-8 years, I think I have learnt a bit about the flexibility I need with an Uranus transit. Where can look for the transit Jupiter conjunct natal Uranus? Thank you!

        1. Here’s a tip. Type ‘Ephemeris 2018’ and ‘Ephemeris 2019’ into Google. Click on the link to the free planetary tables from Astrodienst. Find Jupiter and look for the numbers. If you don’t know how to read the ephemeris I am happy to discuss this in a post here at some point.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I am nervous about what this month may bring, as we are already in debt and I’d hate for a financial storm to hit us since we don’t have a good umbrella, even though we survive off two income streams…my partner is the major breadwinner here. I keep looking around at all the 00 and 01’s in my chart and can’t help but think…good golly, Miss Molly…what is May going to surprise me with? I never liked surprises anyway…but please can you reassure me that I might be welcoming in some good surprises for once? Many thanks, as always.

    1. I think you are not alone in being in debt there – just look at the national debts of various countries! You were born with Ceres at 1 Taurus in your Second House, which describes your own income, savings, credit card, any loan or mortgage repayments, your possessions and of course rent if you pay it too. It’s your share. Ceres is about understanding that every so often, you have to make serious compromises with others over who or what is in control. This may be with your partner, or the bank. Even as a child there may have been ‘share’ issues about toys, or loaded questions about pocket money being carved up. As Uranus moves to 1 Taurus he will conjunct Ceres (Uranus conjunct Ceres) so the wider revolution in your country and the world, will directly affect you. Uranus gives you a choice. Make the changes, join the changes – be the change – or be left behind. For example on Monday 18th June, Vulcano at 1 Taurus conjuncts Uranus at 1 Taurus, conjunct your natal Ceres. At this point (give or take a day) you have to be as flexible and malleable as possible, in regards to all that you own, earn or owe. This is Independence Day, for yourself and a lot of other people – you will go through it together – and it is very important that you take it, astrologically speaking, because history and astrology tell us that Uranus always brings independence and liberty, and unless you move with that tide, you tend to get stranded by history. In 1781 when Americans became free, and crucially – American slaves saw their first legal victory against their white masters – you could either get on board with the liberty train or get stuck at the crossroads. That’s an example of the kind of thing you are going to see, but it will be with currency/banks. As I don’t have your partner’s chart I can’t comment on your specific personal situation but in a general way, if you use astrology for yourself, you need to get the best financial advice you can afford in June 2018, and again in early 2019, and put a price on freedom. Then you make your own decision – independently of me or anyone else!

  30. Hi Jessica. I think my Uranus into Taurus has started. I received a letter home loan provider informing me that my interest rate on my loan is going up on 16 May.

    1. Yes, this is the beginning. We are not yet at the New Moon in Taurus (the new beginning) or the actual revolution (Uranus in Taurus) as they are hours away now, but this is the warm-up act. I think you’re going to find a huge tide of protest out there, particularly as something is clearly very wrong with the banks in Australia. Minerva at 0 Taurus and Cupido at 0 Scorpio in your horoscope are right there. Uranus moves to 0 Taurus in about five hours, where he will conjunct your Minerva and oppose your Cupido. He hovers around 0 degrees through May and is back there in 2019. I’m not saying this won’t be a difficult decision for you, but you are not the only one making it. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom. She is your ‘wise old owl’ when it comes to money and property. When Uranus (the revolution) hits her, she will be triggered in your chart. Time to talk to as many people as you can, read as widely as you can, then make that smart choice.

  31. Hi Jessica , Tank you for a great article , I am a bit concerned about what this may mean for my son (25.3.2005 , 4;07pm ) & me , we’ve just had to leave school ( financial issues ) still waiting to get confirmed in another .
    Will i be able to keep our rental home in this stormy weather . i am in debt . do you se us having to move home this month .
    Your previous insights on this matter last year were spot on , I will appreciate it if you could please see my charts . many thanks for your valuable time , am so grateful , blessings

    1. Well, Jo, the answer with this cycle is to stay open and keep moving. You were born with Jupiter at 2 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, lifestyle and wellbeing, so when Uranus moves to 2 Taurus you will be in a great position to take advantage of the wildest and most unpredictable weather regarding taxation, benefits, discounts and so on – which will help you to have more, do more and enjoy more. Just be open to the most unusual and unique circumstances and never dismiss anything just because it’s not what you expected, or not what you were used to. I am sorry you have had to go through this with your son – the poor child – but hope as a Mum you will get such better news by November as Jupiter (again) is travelling through your zone of parenthood. So actually, you may find that what turns out is for the very best for him. Stay open to part time work of the new, new, new variety too.

  32. Hi Jessica- While I have a few factors at 0-2 I am most curious about my Jupiter @ 0 Aquarius. Since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, I wonder how this will affect me. Any hints?


    1. Barack Obama has this pattern. I predicted he would make a comeback on Twitter yesterday! Deidre, this is about a group or network of people (like the Democrats in America) which you were once so much a part of, or may still belong to, yet not be fully active in. From this point forward, into early 2019, you will find it’s time to reboot that relationship with your group and use a set of circumstances which spell ‘cometh the hour, cometh the woman’ for you. You will find the open door irresistible and must go through it, please. Just like Obama.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    I am having difficulties on how to connect all my other 0-1-2-3 degrees on other sings when Uranus enters Taurus.
    What all this means for me:
    01° Pisces 37′ 54″
    02° Taurus 38′ 20″
    02° Scorpio 38′ 20″
    00° Libra 36′ 17″
    00° Taurus 15′ 57″ R
    03° Aquarius 19′ 01″

    1. Hygiea at 0 Taurus is the most important factor here. Uranus is at 0 Taurus in May 2018 for the first time in your life. Hygiea describes how you protect the future of your possessions, money, house or apartment. Uranus is the revolution. If you are not already up to date with the new and sudden uptake of cryptocurrency by organisations like Amazon, you need to be. It will change your life.

      1. Jessica,
        Will it change my life to better or to worst as my life went up side down from March 2018 to now…

  34. Hi Jessica,
    My son is currently experiencing a very difficult situation and I am not sure if you can provide some guidance through my chart. He has recently been wrongly acussed of sexual assault. The woman does not wish to press criminal charges at this time and is requesting a restraining order which would prevent him from playing on the varsity rugby team which he has trained for since he was a young child and has become an important part of his life. The team is like family to him. The reason she does not want him to play rugby is because she wants to go see her boyfriend at practices games where he coincidently plays the same position as my son. If my son does not agree to the condition of the restraining order she said she would press criminal charges. To make matters even more difficult, even if he agrees to the restraining order she can still proceed with the criminal charges. Looking at my chart I have Uranus at 0 Virgo, Moon & Saturn at 0 Aquarius, asculipia o Pisces and Chiron close by at 3 Pisces. Is this situation some how reflected in my chart? Any guidance you can provide would be greatly apprappreciated. Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry about this hugely stressful and difficult situation for yourself and your son. When you need to know about children in your life, you always look at Cancer and the Fourth House of family, and Leo and the Fifth House of parenthood. Let’s see what is going on. Okay, you have the Descendant or DC at 16 Cancer in the Fourth House. This is your son’s father – who was, or still is, your partner. You don’t say if you are married or not. The DC can also be your enemy, opponent or rival, which would be this woman. My only issue with using this is – you must have a strictly 100% accurate time. If you know this is the case, then you must automatically go to your son’s father about this issue. Neptune at 16 Pisces is trine your Descendant at 16 Cancer so 2018 is the year to try and pursue this with him. The Leo factors in your chart in the Fifth House of young adult children, show Vulcano at 4 Leo and the North Node at 18 Leo. You can be very powerful when it comes to your children, controlling and containing all your most heated emotions. It makes you very strong, although it can be quite stressful to hold all the feelings in! The North Node, I am sure you know, is about karma. What you are experiencing in 2018 is your North Node Return in Leo. This is very unusual and it is about past life debts and credits with your son, whom you must now protect and help, no matter what – and also, again, your son’s father. Essentially the travelling or transiting North Node is going right through your Fifth House and will conjunct, or sit on, the exact same spot as Vulcan in July, August, September 2018. I do not have your son’s chart or his father’s chart, or her chart – the woman making the charges. Therefore I can’t comment on the situation, but I can talk to you – about your own case. It is possible there is a slight feeling of familiarity or deja vu about the issues with your son. If so, your intuition is telling you that you have been here before, with him, although not in the same way, and not in this lifetime. It is also possible that your son was actually born when there were major patterns in Leo, so you are being taken all the way back to that 9 month pregnancy and the birth, and his first months with you. Without knowing his date of birth or chart it is impossible to say, but even if you remember nothing at all, this is about past life debts and credits and soul contracts created between both of you, between lives. You have to do, what you have to do. There will be a second karmic moment when the North Node moves to 16 Cancer in August, September 2019. This depends on you having had a strictly accurate birth time, as I’ve said before. You were born with this Leo and Cancer signature in your chart, and for the first time in many years, the North Node is coming along to trigger those placements. It may help to remember that you are the Queen to your heir to your throne – your son – and must lead the way, set an example, guide and mentor. ‘A perfect woman, nobly planned, to calm, to comfort and command’ is the line that springs to mind. Cancer is quite different’ That’s your instinctive ‘mom/mum’ side. So one leads like a Queen and the other is a comforting pair of arms. In between this, you will find out who you are, and realise that although this is a ghastly situation to be in, you were born to be the one to do it. So, nothing to do with your Uranus, Moon, Saturn, Aesculapia and Chiron so much – but really about the Nodes on Cancer-Leo. The obvious thing about the rugby team is obviously that it is ruled by Aquarius (groups, teams, clubs, friends, community, social media) and you have this quite demanding Moon-Saturn conjunction there. You mother the group. You are the mother hen in the den. It also comes with a great deal of fear, hard work and a certain amount of burden. Now we have Uranus going to 0 Taurus and squaring that. So beyond those Cancer, Leo karmic roles – you also have the central question of the team itself. You don’t say how involved you are with it – perhaps not at all – but if it’s not this team, club, community it is certainly another. What may be helpful at this point is to go all the way back to when you were aged 28, 29, 30 and going through your Saturn Return as that Aquarius pattern was triggered then. Ask yourself what you learned. Ask yourself what is still not yet fully figured out. THAT is where the work will be done – and again, it’s karmic – what you get right this time round about the difficult business of being part of a group, or community, will help you for the rest of your life and beyond.

      1. Hi Jessica, I greatly appreciate your quick and caring response. This is a difficult situation and your advice is extremely helpful. I am married and my husband is involved. I don’t have an intuitive feeling that my son and I were connected in anyway in a previous life, but as you said I have to trust that we were regardless if I could remember it. I am trying to piece together what was going on in my life and how I could make things right from a karmic perspective but I don’t recall anything similar to this situation. My son’s DOB is Dec 4,1997 at 21:02 if this helps. I can’t say for certain that my birth time is 100% accurate as this information was given to me by my mom. Every year on my birthday she would call me at 7:55 am because she recalls when I was born the nurse yelled out to her, it’s 7:55 am and it’s a girl.
        Regarding when I was 28-30, I cant recall an issues with a group of friends or a community. During that time I was recently married ( who is currently my husband) and I had two very close friends, the three of us did everything together. At that time, they started an interior design business together without involving me or even telling me. I found after the business was up and running. This was very hurtful and left me searching for my own meaning/purpose for my life.
        Once again I am extremely greatful for your advice and insights and I will continue to look at the areas you have mentioned above so I can find the best possible way to proceed to do everything in my contrl to assist my son and “make things right” this time around. You are a gift to all of your readers!! Thank you!!

        1. This is what I meant – when you say “I had two very close friends, the three of us did everything together. At that time, they started an interior design business together without involving me or even telling me. I found after the business was up and running. This was very hurtful and left me searching for my own meaning/purpose for my life.” – that episode is important now, as Mars goes across 0 Aquarius, which is where you have your birth chart Saturn. Aquarius rules groups of friends. Have a look at that, now through August as it’s coming up again, so you can heal some old scars.

  35. Hi Jessica, so much going on here! I have 2 heavenly bodies placed later in Taurus (8th house), Chiron/Minerva both at 27 degree Taurus…. however I have natal Jupiter at 2nd degree Scorpio (second house). My Ascendent is Libra 20 degree, and I have a stellium in libra with Saturn, Mars, Pluto. What’s happening? I definitely feel something coming around the corner…

    1. Uranus at 0 Sagittarius is the most important thing. You are making radical changes – quite revolutionary moves, from the point of view of other people who are more conservative or traditional – with your travel, foreign, web, publishing, academic or educational agenda. This really spans May, June and again the early part of 2019. It’s unprecedented, original and quite unique to you and your situation. It’s also quite liberating and exciting. Be prepared to shake things up and also, perhaps, be ‘shook’ as they say. Do you benefit? Yes. When Jupiter goes to 0 Sagittarius after November you realise this was meant to be.

  36. I just read this article online in today’s featured headlines on sky news it set me off exploring what Argentina’s chart is currently looking like. I used sun sign Astrology and it’s very clear as Uranus at 0 degrees of Taurus in the 10th house of the government, leaders etc is opposing Jupiter at 0 degrees of Scorpio in their 4th house of real estate and living conditions, in addition Mars at 0 degrees Aquarius is in the 7th house of agreements and foreign relations is square with both of these planets too, so all not well in terms of their current situation. However there are some positives in this chart too both Jupiter in the 4th & Neptune in the 8th of National debt are in trine with their Sun in the 1st house of their citizens and country. I’d be very interested to know your thoughts on this Jessica for my own learning of how to interpret both the challenge and positive aspects in this chart currently.

    1. Yikes. Argentina sounds vulnerable. I’ll go and find the chart later. There is also some karma there with Great Britain, from the Falklands War, and that kind of thing matters in astrology. I’ll see if I can find this, thank you!

  37. Hi Jessica, i feel all of a sudden that I have woken up from a deep sleep/being in limbo to feeling like I need to make something happen. My IC is in Taurus and I am at a place in my career where I feel I am underpaid and going nowhere.

    I have Jupiter in my tenth house as a transit and I really thought by now I would have had a break through – but sadly none.!

    Given Uranus is also the ruling planet in my chart, appreciate if you can throw some light on the impact of this on my chart vis a vis my career and life direction.

    Thanks so much in advance

    1. Jupiter is not going through your Tenth House by transit, he is going through your Eighth House, using the Natural House system. What you are experiencing in terms of your career – feeling underpaid and going nowhere – is your Sixth House (work) placements of Saturn 0 Virgo and Mercury 2 Virgo which are quite close together. For the first time in your life, Uranus (revolution) is going through Taurus (world economy) and will slowly trine your Saturn and Mercury as he moves 0, 1, 2 degrees in 2018, and again in 2019. Your challenge will be to face the inherent fear you have, and no doubt the extreme caution, which comes from Saturn in your Sixth House, as radical changes are sweeping through, particularly with cryptocurrency, and this will affect how you operate. It will be liberating and exciting, if you want to make changes, but you’re going to have to let go and perhaps allow some of the walls you have constructed in your life to be rebuilt. Uranus trine Mercury is an electrifying, galvanising pattern to experience and it could change your entire lifestyle but you are going to have to allow Uranus trine Saturn to also do its work.

      1. Thank you Jessica. It makes sense in a way that Saturn is in my 6th house… a nagging fear and being cautious is very inherent to my approach ( and a lot of hard work to inch my way ahead).

        Sorry to be a bother and I feel a bit stupid asking another question ( truly appreciate if you would be kind enough to respond)- it’s just that literally later in the day once you wrote back my ex contacted me ( Uranus again perhaps…)

        I was shocked and in awe of your response when I had asked you on him in jan this year ( you had mentioned erections were a problem and that my focus should be on my own healing…I guess you are a pyschic and hence you sensed the core problem) – however, I had never been more heartbroken in my life when iit did not pan out. We have not been in touch now for over a year and just when in every sense I thought I wasn’t out of the long dark tunnel, he pops up!

        Please Jessica – do let me know what you foresee with this guy. Is there any future/chance of reconciliation and if so would it be good for me. I ultimately walked away last year because everyone similiar to guys who have this problem he seemed to blame me for everything… I am ok to work through the problems if there is a chance… again I feel terrible that given you just kindly responded on a query here I go again asking one inmediately and I am sure there are many in queue…

        Thanks in advance

        1. Fear not. What I am seeing in your chart is that this man served a purpose. This goes beyond him. Forget his actual personality or who he is/who he is not. This is really more about you and the function he served in a lesson that you needed to learn. You have Diana in Scorpio in the Eighth House. Diana is independence, feminism, freedom and liberty. Scorpio and the Eighth House are sex and money. Marriage and mortgage. You do not want to be tied down and trapped by a joint bank account, or by having your budget covered by a husband. One way of avoiding that, is to fall in love with people who will never marry you and have no intention of merging with you financially. You can fall in love with anyone on this planet – so why did you become obsessed with this person? Have a look at Diana in your chart. Just knowing who you really are will save you a lot of time and hassle.

    1. Donald is doomed, because even though we have four competing sets of birth data for him, all we really need to know about Donald is that he is a symbol of Bad Capricorn. I am sure you know Capricorn at its worst is about social climbers who use other people to get to the top. Bad Capricorn is also about doing anything to make it. Anything at all. What happens when Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Jupiter all pass through Capricorn for the first time in our lives? The person who is the symbol of that, along with his towers (the modern day equivalent of a mountain) gets taken down. So yes, we are looking at impeachment, resignation or death in office. Who knows which? But one of them. It will precede the mini Age of Aquarius we are seeing from Christmas 2020. We can’t have that new era of people power, diversity and equality without the end of a bad Capricorn goat-cycle!

        1. Hopefully the sight of Donald’s famous bottle blonde quiff, emerging from a gigantic sink-hole, absorbing Washington. No, I am joking.

  38. Morning Jessica the stormy weather continues with Deutsche Bank just announced their cutting 10,000 jobs globally. And Mr Trump cancelling the North Korea meeting, what astrologically should we be looking for and to expect re the ramifications from that and his recent withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement? Which I’m also reading is pressuring the UK & the others still scrambling to save that deal. Any insight you can offer re Trump and these current world events would be interesting. Every time he does something the markets are reacting, not sure how much longer the supposed ‘Bull’ market can continue even though Uranus is now in the sign of the Bull. Is this sign change in anyway relevant with the current Bull market? Or is it only the aspects it’s making we should be looking at? Sorry lots of questions in one post!

    1. Morning! Yes, I saw the cuts at Deutsche Bank too. This Uranus in Taurus transit is slowly but surely working its way across the ‘birth’ charts of major banks and as we began, literally on the first day, with the HSBC and its venture into blockchain, and a few days later – with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle virtually advertising electric cars – there are two big clues about the next 7 years and the global economy! I suspect Trump’s issue will be Stormy Daniels. I hope you can see the connection there. Uranus rules storms, lightning and electricity. Cryptocurrency needs huge amounts of electricity. Stormy Daniels was born to shock (and she will). That royal Jaguar was also electrifying. As we are literally at 0 Taurus with 29 degrees to cover, you might call this Chapter Zero of a very long story. It suits the astrology with Jupiter in Scorpio to clear up, fix up and heal anything which has always been about sex and money – and we’ve seen that with the Me Too movement, as well as the abortion law changes in Ireland. Prostitution is the next big area for Jupiter to sort out and that just has to be Ms. Daniels leading the charge.

      1. Thanks Jessica, lots of lightening strikes over the last couple of days too! I’m still keen to know if Uranus in Taurus which in Astrology is the symbol of the Bull is also symbolic with the Bull market we are still allegedly in?

        1. The lightning and thunder across Britain and the storms across America are very much part of the same pattern. Ask yourself where the surprises have been, even in the last few days – and there is the clue. You also have to recognise a couple of doors when they swing open. Jupiter is the thunder and he is in Scorpio – matters of a joint financial nature. Uranus is the lightning and he is in Taurus – the immediate cash or currency. The bull market goes on, and in fact the London Stock Exchange closed at an all-time high just before the Royal Wedding, with Burberry stocks making a magnificent showing (by royal appointment). That’s just one example of what can happen with Uranus (shock, surprise) in Taurus. Brexit made everyone predict doom and gloom but the LSE was riding high. The big, big caveat here is that Jupiter is protecting everybody from everything. In Scorpio until November he is the big buffer and the ultimate fixer. No matter how hair-raising things get with Uranus in Taurus and the imminent madness of universal blockchain and cryptocurrency – along with the banks karmic fate – Jupiter helps. Yet…watch what happens when Jupiter moves out in November. Have a long look at that Mercury Retrograde that ends the year. And of course 2019 is a whole different bull fight.

  39. Thank you Jessica, your writing and interpretations are fascinating and almost addictive!

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