Astrology Bank Predictions 2018

Uranus rules shock, electricity, revolution, radical change, upheaval and liberation. Now he is in Taurus, we will see a series of shockwaves hit the banks, Bitcoin, credit card companies like American Express and even the world's largest oil company, Exxon Mobil. Why? Strangely, they all share the same pattern in their 'birth' horoscopes.

Astrology Bank Predictions 2018

I usually have a long list of your comments and questions, but one subject sent it way over the 5,000 mark this week, and it’s our shared financial future. I can’t think of a single professional astrologer who isn’t giving workshops or writing long features about the arrival of Uranus in Taurus. Uranus rules revolution. Taurus rules banks. Uranus rules freedom. Taurus rules cash.

Stop Press – I am now updating this feature on Tuesday 22nd May 2018, following the original 9th May post. I do love my readers as you all have eagle eyes – and an Irish reader on Twitter has pointed out that The Bank of England may fit the fated pattern below. Here it is!

Which pattern? Horoscope factors at 29, 0, 1 degrees in the chart. We see this right across the horoscopes of major banks, credit card companies and even individual people like Prince Charles and Her Majesty the Queen.

It starts May 2018 and sweeps into the first half of 2019. Keep tracking this. Keep a particularly close eye on what is taking place in the world of big business, banks and currency if you also have 29, 0, 1 patterns in your chart. They’ll be crucial.

These unusual patterns at the very end of a zodiac sign, and start of another, are being triggered for the first time since 1934 by Uranus (shock, revolution, radical change) in Taurus (currency, banks, shares).

We are taking the very first baby step into a new age, as Uranus only entered Taurus just a few days ago. But keep watching that Bank of England chart – and the Royal Family and their business interests, too!


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Uranus also rules shock as well and we will see a series of shockwaves hit the banks, Bitcoin, credit card companies like American Express and even the world’s largest oil company, Exxon Mobil. Why? Strangely, they all share the same pattern in their ‘birth’ horoscopes. People are surprised when large corporations have astrological birth charts too, but the rules of astrology tell us – if it has a launch date, or incorporation date, it also has a horoscope. That means you, too, Amex.

Astrology has a good track record for specific, dated prediction. So what happens when Uranus – the planet which rules the snapping of chains, the release of locks and the excitement of freedom – goes into Taurus, the sign ruling credit cards? We will be gazing as far ahead as 2025 and it’s now Wednesday 9th May 2018, as I publish this online. A lot can happen in seven years!

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Change and Your Spare Change

Bitcoin was born on 3rd January 2009. Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, was also born with patterns across 29, 1 and 2 degrees of the zodiac signs. Uranus will cross 29, 0, 1, 2 degrees in a dramatic pattern, starting on Sunday 13th May in London, which will ultimately reshape our shared future. Banks as we knew them in the 20th century will no longer rule. It begins with a storm. A shock. A lightning bolt – just four days away as I write this on Wednesday 9th May.

The fact is, not only Bitcoin has these astrological chart patterns across 29, 0, 1, 2 degrees. So does Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest oil company. So does the Standard Bank. So does Mastercard. Visa. The Standard Bank. In Australia, where banks are under investigation for corruption, the Commonwealth Bank. The ANZ bank. The National Australia Bank. In Britain, the HSBC. Lloyds. Natwest. Barclays. To highlight just how unusual this is, you need to know that in your own horoscope, you can have planets, asteroids and the rest scattered around 0 through 29 degrees of any zodiac sign.

The odds of this happening are fairly low if you work with a small number of factors – 13 factors in a chart, not including the Moon. Yet, it’s there, as a consistent pattern, with my bank – and possibly yours, or at least your credit card or debit card.

How big will the change be, in terms of your spare change, starting in just a few days? Massive. This is a revolution.

Everything astrology and history tell us, going back 2000 years to the days of the Romans (whose emperors put their zodiac signs on the coins) tells us a clear message. When the known financial world turns upside-down, as it will from May 15th, you need to change too. Don’t hang onto the past. That’s a golden rule with transits, or cycles, involving the planet Uranus.

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Dates to Watch in 2018 and 2019

We begin this chain of ‘all change’ patterns on an otherwise quiet Sunday, 13th May, in London at 11.50am. Mercury, the planet of paperwork, meetings, phone calls and e-mails lines up exactly with Uranus, that symbol of shock and revolution. It happens in the sign of Aries at 29 degrees. Then, quickly, Mercury then moves to 0 Taurus. Uranus will move to 0 Taurus (the bank and credit card sign) just a few days later on Tuesday 15th May.

Bitcoin was founded on 3rd January 2009 with Venus at 29 Aquarius, Jupiter at 29 Capricorn. This is about Bitcoin.

Exxon Mobil was founded on 1st December 1998 with Neptune at 0 Aquarius. Watch Exxon Mobil on Wednesday 16th May. Why? On that day, Uranus at 0 Taurus will square, or clash with, Mars at 0 Aquarius. Exxon will not know what hit it, that day.

The Standard Bank was born on October 15th 1862 with Saturn at 29 Virgo.
Lloyds was born on 3rd June 1765 with Mars at 0 Cancer.
Natwest was born on 1st January 1970 with Neptune at 29 Scorpio.
Barclays was born on 17th November 1690 with Uranus at 29 Taurus.
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia was born on 22nd December 1911 with the Sun at 29 Sagittarius, the North Node at 29 Aries and the South Node at 29 Libra.
Mastercard was born on 16th December 1966 with Mars at 29 Taurus

I’ve written a post for those of you who are also Premium Members about the May 2018 weather. It’s wild and stormy. There will be storms hitting the Royal Wedding where a horse called Storm is pulling the carriage for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and Donald Trump will also meet his climate change, thanks to Stormy Daniels.

The Trump Towers – in fact, many towers right around the world – will shake in the storms that begin in May 2018 and they will not stop shaking until Christmas 2020. Why? Historic patterns in Capricorn, the sign which rules the top 1% of the mountain goats who climb to the top of the corporate headquarters. We’re seeing a major take-down and reconstruction with Pluto, Saturn, Ceres and Jupiter all in Capricorn – unbelievably – at the same time that Uranus (the revolution) starts to climb through Taurus (banking). The Trump Towers are Capricorn symbols. Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is a Capricorn with a tower of his own. May begins the electrical storms and lightning bolts. By Christmas 2020, New York in particular will not be the same – according to all the laws of astrology.

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Watching May 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th

If you are tracking storms affecting the banks or your credit card, watch the days when we see astro-weather at 29 and 0 degrees. So we’re looking at Sunday 13th May, Tuesday 15th May, Wednesday 16th May. Allowing for world time zone changes, we could predict – unpredictable storms for the global financial industry, May 12th through 17th 2018 which start a revolution which will not be over until April 2026. That is how long it takes for the planet Uranus to complete his cycle in Taurus.

From May 13th on, if you are not completely across Bitcoin, Blockchain and the rapid rise of competing cryptocurrencies, you need to be. The astrology is really clear. We are seeing a crisis and transformation for the banks and the finance industry. The money men in suits will ultimately be separated completely from a totally different demographic – people who don’t wear suits, who want to use their friendships, within a group, to do what the banks and stockbrokers used to do.

Facebook is already trying to crack this, but Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook also have heavy astrological weather near that crucial 0 degree mark and a crisis is on the way. This is not about corporate social media, this is about alternatives to it.

In fact, it seems likely that Facebook’s plans to mix cryptocurrency with social media based networking may be one of many catalysts which starts a revolution as May, June 2018 chime with its own ‘birth’ chart. Actually, forget chime. It’s clang.

When Pluto goes into Aquarius (friends, groups) from 2023 we will find these Facebook alternatives – the close-knit financial/social communities using tokens, rather than real ‘old’ money – become tremendously powerful and we are going to have to handle them with extreme care.

Yet, once Jupiter and Saturn both enter Aquarius together at Christmas 2020, we’ll see a stunning rebirth of what the 20th century would have called an  old-fashioned union, together with a Friendly Society or community-based credit union. Just be aware – it won’t be with notes and coins – and beyond 2023 it’s going to be intense. Friendship was never so critical or crucial.

pgnqt0rxwls 600x400 - Astrology Bank Predictions 2018

End of the Old, Birth of the New

Uranus can be exciting. Liberating. Enthralling. Imagine an internet where you were paid in cryptocurrency, to write content or post illustrations or photographs, on a social media network that was genuinely friendly. Where you earned and traded. We’ve seen attempts at this – start-up experiments – but once Uranus is in Taurus for good, from May 15th, they’ll start to replace the privacy invasion and worse, that Facebook is associated with.

Does this all sounds like Imagine by John Lennon? Not so fast. We’re talking about a cycle that has form. In fact, once upon a time, this same cycle (Taurus-Capricorn transits) replaced power, wealth and corruption at the top, with simple people power.

In 2018, 2019, 2020 we are seeing something that just has not happened on this massive scale since Martin Luther and the Reformation in the 16th century. Back then, with rare Capricorn-Taurus cycles,  it was the fall of Catholic wealth. What will it be over the next three years? The fall of the old system of lending and borrowing money. Astrology is basically history. Cycles of repeated time. The clock and the calendar are really not up to the job of measuring that. Astrology rests on something called an Ephemeris, which is rather like a Tardis manual for Doctor Who. It shows alternative time. A different kind of time keeping. The strange thing is – it works.

The World Turns Upside Down – Africa, Electricity and Cryptocurrency

One of the interesting things about Uranus is its link with a 1781 folk song called ‘And The World Turned Upside-Down.’ It’s what they were playing when the Americans beat the British in Yorktown. If you think about our world in terms of that old 20th century term ‘third world’ it’s really fascinating to see what the 21st century might bring for Africa in particular. Electricity and cryptocurrency by 2025? It seems certain. A jaws-on-the-floor reversal of that nation’s relationship with the West? Why not?

The other interesting thing about Uranus in Taurus is that in 1934 when we last saw this astrological cycle, the American government subsidised the supply of electricity to farmers. It revolutionised the future of the U.S.A. Now, history repeats.

DcnKguKWsAEompe 600x302 - Astrology Bank Predictions 2018

Bitcoin and the Banks – Patterns at 1 and 2 Degrees – Dates to Watch

Beyond the initial shock as Uranus goes from 29 Aries to 0 Taurus, we then watch Uranus (the revolution) moving across 1 and 2 degrees of Taurus. This planet was discovered in 1781 when The American Revolution, The Industrial Revolution and The French Revolution all peaked or began. It is associated with people power, shock, and the world turning upside-down.

One thing to watch from May 2018 is the developing world – sometimes called the Third World – and its new prominence in global economics. It’s very interesting that Bill and Melinda Gates are using the new currency technology to assist vast numbers of people – who don’t have a bank account – to become financially independent. Watch countries where traditionally the white men in suits, have exploited people for a profit. According to all the laws of astrology, that old world is going to flip over.

Bitcoin shows Pluto at 1 Capricorn, Mercury at 2 Aquarius
Mastercard shows Venus at 2 Capricorn, Ceres at 1 Cancer
Visa shows Jupiter at 1 Scorpio, Neptune at 2 Scorpio
American Express shows Mercury at 2 Pisces, Mars at 1 Cancer
The Standard Bank shows Neptune at 1 Aries, Chiron at 2 Pisces
The ANZ shows Neptune at 2 Aquarius
The NAB shows Mercury at 2 Scorpio
The HSBC shows the North Node at 1 Scorpio and South Node at 1 Taurus
Natwest shows Jupiter at 2 Scorpio, Saturn at 2 Taurus
The CBA shows Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius, Chiron at 2 Pisces
The Bank of England reveals Sun 0 Cancer, Pluto 0 Leo, Mars at 2 Virgo, Saturn at 1 Capricorn. That’s a pattern!
The Bank of Scotland (thanks to Anne Whitaker) shows Pluto at 2 Leo
The Royal Bank of Scotland, out of interest, founded by Royal Charter, shows Pluto at 2 Libra. Watch the Royal Family.

Of these (above) the biggest dramas will involve Visa, the NAB, the HSBC and Natwest. Why? Their patterns fall in Taurus and the Second House of currency and credit cards and/or in Scorpio in the Eighth House of global trade and investment.

If you’re a Premium Member please be sure to read the extended weekly horoscopes where I will give you specific dates for these patterns across 1, 2 degrees as they develop. This will be the case, intensely so in June 2018, and well into early 2019.

Bitcoin, with its group-focussed, friendship-focussed Mercury at 2 Aquarius will be with us, well past 2023 and in fact when Pluto in Aquarius makes its historic pass over 2 Aquarius in February 2025, you’ll really need your horoscope by your side.

i0tdrp0fj6y 600x449 - Astrology Bank Predictions 2018

Saturn at 2 Capricorn Trine Uranus at 2 Taurus on August 27th 2018

Watch the historic trine from Saturn (reality, life lessons) in Capricorn (the top 1%, the system, the establishment) to Uranus (freedom, invention, independence, revolution) in Taurus (currency, savings, debt) on August 27th, 2018. You can allow a few days either side. This has not happened in our lifetime. Because it falls at 2 degrees, it will have a tremendous impact on Australian banks in particular, but also Mastercard, Visa and Amex. Fantastic plastic.

What do we take away from all this? Well, astrology is as much about sociology as it is about history. It’s about knowing if you are among the billions of people born with factors at 29, 0, 1, 2 degrees.

It’s also about knowing if you are among the billions born with the money signs (Taurus and Scorpio) or the mortgage and property sign (Cancer) or the two employment signs (Virgo and Capricorn) dominating your chart, specifically at those degrees.  If so, the astrological weather which affects the world, affects you.

I’ll give you an example. If the Bank of England devalues the pound, Brexit crashes into Bitcoin – or some other shock takes place which sends The Queen’s head on the pound coins stage left – you may gain. How? Well, if you have factors at 0, 1, 2 Cancer in your Fourth House of apartments, and Uranus comes along at 0, 1, 2 Taurus to sextile that – astrology tells us it’s an easy ride for you. Maybe you’ll suddenly find rental costs or purchase tags on apartments come down to your price bracket.

It really does depend on all the factors in your personal birth chart, though, so if you are a Premium Member, do make sure you have all your ebooks (free with membership) to hand, so you can quickly check the patterns in your horoscope.

Electricity Supply and Cryptocurrency

Uranus has always been a symbol of electricity. His discovery in 1781 chimed with the discovery of ‘animal electricity’ by Galvani, which later became the basis for the battery. Uranus turned up when eccentric Americans were flying kites in electrical storms in dangerous weather.

Astrology is sychronicity, a word coined by Carl Jung, who was a psychologist but also a passionate astrologer. The other piece of synchronicity about Uranus is that, as Ouranus (to the Greeks) he was the father of three kinds of lightning.

All of which brings me to the most important story The Guardian has run in recent years. Even beyond its Cambridge Analytica, Paradise Papers or Panama Papers scoops.

The intense data processing required by blockchain pulls in an extraordinary amount of electricity, and widespread use of it would drag global energy markets into the abyss – and bring the world’s carbon emissions budget down with it. 

As an example, just a single bitcoin transaction has been calculated to devour as much energy as what powers 1.57 US households for a day – roughly 5,000 times more energy-hungry than a typical credit card payment. Would you prefer to pay by cash, credit or planet-wide blackout?” Max Opray.

Screen Shot 2018 05 09 at 09.19.43 600x375 - Astrology Bank Predictions 2018

Who and What Gains From Uranus in Taurus?

Over the short-term, until November 2018, Jupiter (abundance, solutions, breakthroughs, advantages, opportunities, growth, expansion) is in Scorpio (shares, finance, business, charity). For a limited time only, some people will feel very fortunate indeed. I will leave you to ask your own financial experts about this, and do your own research. But – watch Elon Musk. Watch Tesla Inc. Watch something as simple as the overdraft. These people, organisations and inventions are linked by Scorpio factors which just happen to be the beneficiary of lucky Jupiter. You will, however, need to know exactly what you are doing! As with everything you read here, astrology is just one tool in the tool kit of your financial life. And you’re doing the work, not me.

What Did Uranus Ever Do For Us?

Uranus describes the rise of the Trade Unions in Great Britain after the Industrial Revolution and the creation of the Labour Party. It is essentially about ‘freedom from’ or ‘freedom through’ and you’re going to have a choice about that, starting within days as I write this in a small way – and certainly no later than February 2020 when Uranus makes his last pass at 2 degrees.

Uranus is also about America’s independence from Great Britain and her divorce from the monarchy. It is about her break away from the British tax system. It is very much about taxation and that is the biggest revolution you will see. Another very good reason for this is that the French Revolution, also associated with the discovery of Uranus, was about a tax revolt.

For now, I hope this takes care of some of your questions, at least. I travel a lot so time does not always allow me to sit down and focus on what you need to know. But – rest assured – one thing astrologers have learned about this cycle, is that the future belongs to the people who invent it together.

It will involve new inventions and new technology, both ruled by Uranus. It will frequently be exciting and liberating, as much as it is disruptive and challenging – particularly to people or organisations which want to live in the past. Uranus favours people who give each other the space to experiment and explore, honouring each other’s need for freedom. Within the context of money, debt, credit, loans, currency, mortgages and taxes – you will be given more than enough room to move.

It is in the nature of Uranus to be shocking. It is also in the nature of this cycle to give us aftershocks. The last thing, that anybody expected to see happen, usually does! Yet, the thing I love about astrology is that it reassures us over the long-term. The revolutions that occur on major Uranus cycles like this one are always meant to be, and for the people – by the people. As one of ‘the people’ myself I am quite looking forward to experimenting with what comes, and I’ll be doing that on this website – using myself as a guinea pig – in connection with a feature from my friend, author and editor, Phil Barker (not an astrologer)!

If you’re a Premium Member and need to know more, please make sure you are logged in with your personal birth chart details when you leave a question in Comments. Thank you.

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58 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica, thanks again for great article. I know I am (none of us) not able to prepare for an unexpected but at least i can watch the signs and that is great that you give info on these signs. I just wanted to share my experience with bank in last two weeks and I think maybe it is connected with Uranus approaching. There was one day when my bank was out of order for full day – no transaction, no possibility to withdraw money from ATM. Whole day! When you are addicted to “virtual” money or credit cards and internet shopping, buying… it was quite strange to feel totally powerless! And second event followed soon… my credit card identity was stolen by someone who use my money from bank account (i am very cautious in using of credit card)…money just flowing out …. while bank noticed it and canceled credit card. But money already was taken! Thinking about that – maybe this will be a challenge to keep save our money in banks from hakkers? Maybe cash will be “value” for some period! Thanks for sharing and your ability to read these signs with us! Best!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me/us know this. It’s incredibly useful, because you have 29 degree patterns, so you are feeling things early. Uranus, the planet of radical change, unusual situations, surprises, shocks and revolution – is moving slowly across 29 Aries, to 0 Taurus, in a matter of days. What you have experienced is peculiar and it will not continue beyond next week, yet it is also a sign of the weather to come. You describe it really well. In fact, I think you’re being more than psychic with your last comments. I will share with you an omen I saw today. I found a credit card, sliced in half, in the street. It was issued by one of the British banks who have those 29, 0, 1, 2 patterns!

  2. Jessica, I am not an astrologer, I’m a businessman however I believe there has been a storm brewing for years. This is around huge government (sovereign) debt and artificially low interest rates that do not take asset inflation eg property, into consideration because governments do not want to hike up interest rates that will cripple their debt repayments- novwinder young people can’t afford to get onto the housing ladder! I am born on May 13th many years ago and I have your birth chart however I have no idea what all these numbers and signs mean, much as I’ve tried – my mind doesn’t work that way! However I know you are correct in that, when the interest rate explosion occurs, it will turn the world on its head!!
    Jeremy Hobbins

    1. Thank you Jeremy. I agree with you about the storm brewing. You can feel the tension, as people who are not the 1% are being stretched and none of it makes sense, in terms of the work being done out there – and the actual cost of living. There is something rotten, as Shakespeare said. The huge debt is really down to the Neptune in Scorpio generation, all born in the 1960s, now in their fifties. Neptune is about artificial reality, illusion and bubbles. Sometimes we get bubbles of trouble and as Uranus slowly moves across 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus and beyond, he will clash with, or oppose, the Neptune in Scorpio position of billions. This is all about pre-retirement and you really have to wonder what is happening in the world of pensions and superannuation. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the future and a few shocks and aftershocks will take us there. As a businessman you are no doubt already across this, and your Taurus Sun makes this kind of understanding and knowledge quite instinctive!

  3. I also suspect that sooner rather than later, the bull, as in gold bullion, will charge!

  4. Ignore my question Jessica, I’ve just seen the recent India post, can’t believe I missed one of your articles!

  5. Hi Jessica. I’ve been separated for 2 years and this past week I met someone who’s been single for about a month. I realize it’s too early to expect anything other than friendship, but do you see something in the future for us? He was born September 30, 1976. I have saturn in Taurus 7 degrees and neptune in scorpio at 26 degrees, will you let me know how this affects me, please?
    Thank you so much, in advance!

    1. Jupiter at 0 Libra in your chart is in your Seventh House of love, sex and partnership. It always helps you, even through separations (!) and next week, for the first time in your life, Uranus at 0 Taurus arrives, making what is known as a quincunx to your helpful Jupiter. This is your open door to a new relationship with him or another. Uranus can be unpredictable, so I am allowing for ‘another’! The reason the door swings open is changing financial, business or property circumstances around him, or you, or a third person. Do check out his situation with the bank, or real estate, before you go any further, though.

  6. Thank you for this, I have read this with interest particularly the bank births with Taurus and 29 degrees and Elon Musk’s Jupiter in Scorpio. was born in April 1970 with Jupiter in Scorpio at 1 degrees.
    with Mars in Taurus 29 degrees
    4th house in IC Cancer 29 degrees
    10th house in MC Capricorn 29 degrees
    Apollo Aesculapia
    27° Taurus 40′ 12″
    Bacchus 13° Taurus 23′ 52″
    I am extremely interested given I have Taurus and Jupiter factors but no matter how I try, I cannot or do not quite understood how to relate astrology to myself but would really welcome some guidance on the Uranus in Taurus transit given it will be here for sometime. If you are able to respond, thank you and if not thank you so much for the article.

    1. This is an incomplete chart but you have given me Jupiter at 1 Scorpio and Mars at 29 Taurus, which is pretty big. The other developments with your career will come later, but from next week through early 2018, you will be personally affected by what is about to unfold with everything from credit card companies, to the worldwide web itself, and the impact that our ‘free’ internet has on business. In general, try to read the ever-changing financial and business weather as it shifts in front of you. This will sometimes be every week. Get in touch with other people who share your values. That’s really crucial. You need to find friends, or friendly acquaintances, who are on the same page in terms of how they see taxation, Wall Street, the environment, charity/philanthropy and the rest. It’s actually your future.

  7. Thanks for another insightful analysis Jessica. There’s certainly a lot going on here. I have some key factors that you mention, including Mars at 2 Cancer, Saturn at 2 Leo, and several in early Scorpio. Any thoughts on how to navigate the upcoming storms in banking, finance or other areas?

    1. Mars at 2 Cancer in your Fourth House makes you a born renovator, and action-gardener! You also have a period passion for property, no matter if you rent, do Air BnB, invest, or own a home. Uranus at 2 Taurus later in 2018 and again in 2019 will see you taking advantage of the most sudden, unexpected events in the bigger financial or economic climate. A classic example would be a big currency change, making property more affordable for you in a particular part of the world. Another example might be a glut of builders looking for work, so you get to pick and choose. A family member or flatmate could also experience a rapid spike in his/her financial position which benefits you, in terms of a home to enjoy. Dance in this storm.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Just a note of thanks for this, the Stormy Taurus Weather post, and everything else.


      1. Waving back from the eastern USA time zone. The global village does exist!

        Last night you got me thinking about patterns, so I went to an Ephemerides to see when Uranus was 26 degrees in Aries. My sun is 26 degrees Taurus, and lo and behold it was on my birthday last year. That day was when I hung my first solo art show. And the kicker, Saturn was 26 degrees in Sagittarius!

        And Psyche is there to greet him on Wednesday, along with the Taurus new moon which is the same degree as my natal Panacea, 24 degrees Taurus, and my natal moon, which 24 degrees Aquarius. This is wild! I’m going to pull a card and sleep on this.


        1. The solo art show with that 26 line-up is pretty amazing and even though you are interested in astrology, you were not consciously using it – so that’s typical astrology. This is a horoscope hotspot for you. Watch what happens when Jupiter goes to 26 Sagittarius next year. That will be amazing and also involve a foreign or distant place/person. Thank you!

          1. That interesting about the foreign place/person. He might be here now. My cousin is a curator and sociologist who writes about modern art. He asked me to write an article about that show for a digital art journal he publishes. He’s working on a book and film project now about Faust, and he he had me review the English translation. I got a credit too! Hopefully, I’ll meet this September when I get to Italy.

            However, the unexpected is going to be normal, so just flow with it.

            Thanks again! Cheers, Nick Lowe and some local blueberry port on this Saturday night.


          2. That sounds like your cousin – the translation is the clue – and of course the Italian stay which will be a gateway to more of Europe in 2019 or a return trip as Jupiter goes through your Ninth House. I am a Nick Lowe fan so that’s right on cue, thanks Jeff.

  9. Great read as always, Jessica. My question for you is regarding the American student loan crisis. I, like millions of others in this country, are being crushed under massive student loan debt. It’s ballooned past $1.48 trillion dollars, which is over $600 billion more than our country’s combined credit card debt. How will Uranus in Taurus affect this issue, especially given that roughly 11% of these borrowers are in default or delinquent status? Will it implode somehow? Will the powers that be continue protecting the lenders rather than the borrowers? Is there any relief in sight?

    Thank you in advance for any guidance. It’s something often that keeps me up at night.

    1. Really interesting question. There are three things going on here. One of them is teenage/young Millennial voting power as statistics show you have the numbers to make changes. It won’t really happen until Christmas 2020 but from that point, picking up powerfully from 2023 (triple transit in Aquarius) you will get what you want. Millions of teens have outer planets in Aquarius, you see – they are Gen Aqua – and they demand change. The other thing that is going to help you, enormously, is Jupiter (abundance, growth, solutions, expansion) in Sagittarius, the sign ruling college/university. He moves across from November and takes up residence in 2019. If you put all this together with Uranus, the revolution, in Taurus – the debt – we’re looking at not just relief, but also release. The way you get there will be entirely new, unprecedented and down to the inventiveness/innovation/teamwork of your peers. But wow, the stars are aligned for this.

  10. Thank you Louisa. Don’t be nervous about Bitcoin and the rest. It will work out, but do stay informed and pick up all you can, about what is going on out there. One day there will be one global cyber-currency and it will enable people who could never even afford the right to a bank account, to have a proper standard of living. For now, you have an appointment on Saturday, so just go right ahead. You have Diana (independence, freedom, self-reliance) in Gemini (the internet) in the Third House of your chart (communication, ideas, social media, projects, websites, plans) at 29 degrees. This, more than anything else, is where you will feel the changes. It may be Facebook or Google, or new rules about the internet as a whole. Watch this space.

  11. Hi Jessica, This is great. isn’t this Michael Cohen bank statements the same panama papers you have been saying? It looks like some companies from Trump’s Business Council maybe on this list and bank statements linking Trump Org. and Kushner Org. So, this feels like slow leak every day, when is it all going to come out on Trump once in for all? what is the big day(s) to watch next? can we be shocked any more, feels like we are numb to the news at this point.

    Why doesn’t the UK just tell the world that because of Facebook and Russia was the reason for Brexit and just say we aren’t going to Brexit? Also, feels like Cambridge A. crisis has been a distant memory with Facebook getting off the hook, Hopefully this changes soon starting next week. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. The big concern about Michael Cohen is AT&T. There is so much noise around Donald Trump that it can be hard for all of us to figure out what is important – and what is not. Yet, the astrological chart for AT&T which has been named in the Cohen scandal shows a serious crisis, starting next week, into June. It’s on a level with the events of 1974. We are also seeing a lot of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s laws from 1934 in the frame, and they revolve around communication, information and monopolies. That’s Facebook, Google, quite possibly Apple and the rest. The Brexit chart set for the day the United Kingdom decided to leave the E.U. clearly shows the Sun at 1 Cancer, the sign of patriotism, roots, family, history, heritage, culture, land and…property prices. When Uranus moves to 1 Taurus in June, that’s a sextile. The revolution in currency/economy/trade/tariffs actually supports Brexit.

  12. I’m somewhat concerned as I have a modest inheritance and am in the midst of moving it from my bank where it is earning very little to an established investment firm where it will be making at least 5-7% a year in interest. I have visions of losing this money–the only money I have set aside for retirement–if something happens to either the bank or investment company. I am a multi Gemini with 1 Virgo in Uranus, 3 degrees MC in Cancer, 21 degrees Capricorn South Node. Another astrologer told me that Pluto transiting my south node–which is pretty much all of this year– could bring bad karma. He told me any decision i make re investments, starting a new business, moving, etc. would be very bad at this time and that I should stick with the status quo until next year. I’m in Canada, looking forward to you writing one day about our country’s prospects.

    1. The astrologer who told you Pluto transiting your South Node is bad karma is talking a load of rubbish. You sound concerned about money but it is impossible to comment on finances without seeing a chart, and you can’t make predictions based on just a handful of factors unfortunately.

  13. Hi Jessica,it’s Tash from acupuncture Bellingen, all those years ago! Hello 🙂 thanks for the fantastic article! Exciting times indeed. I am about to support some crypto traders with an investment. They have been earning no lower than 5% and around 30% from trading daily. They are paying out 2%-3% on dayin earnings, better than any bank ever did. I am feeling GOOD about the investment, I will recoop my investment after 5 weeks and continue to be earning the consistent 2 % … Just being overly cautious. I have venus 2nd house pisces 28 degrees, sun conjunct jupiter, pluto and mars conjunct my mars, jupiter 6 deg orb from my uranus scorp,….any heads up appreciated. Love your work and HELLO again xxoo

    1. Hello Tash. I do remember you and your lovely salon in Bellingen! Here is a favour. Don’t do anything until you know just how far and fast the world is about to turn upside-down. Watch Four Corners on Monday night. The HSBC is only the beginning. You are right to back cryptocurrency but Uranus is about shock and unpredictability. You will know far more if you make your move after Tuesday because a storm is about to begin and it will blow for years.

  14. Hi Jessica. New join. As Uranus joins Taurus, I have Jupiter at 5 T, Ceres at 8 T, Mercury at 13 T, the moon and Venus at 22 T and my sun at 1 Gemini. All in 5th and 6th houses. I have Mars at 3 Scorpio in the 11th and my ascendant at 3 Sag. I work in the arts, previously as a performer, now as a writer. I could really use some guidance about the impact of this on me and my family. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you. I use the Natural House system so I need to spin your chart. Your Gemini stellium is in the Third House of communication so it is not surprising to hear you are a writer. You also have a stellium (unusually high number of chart factors) in Taurus in the Second House – it’s really like the Depeche Mode song, ‘Everything Counts in Large Amounts’! Jupiter at 5 Taurus in your Second House is about that as you have the kind of horoscope where you receive large windfalls, refunds, prizes, property or business favours and so on – there is usually one around the corner, every other two or three years. You also have the Moon exactly conjunct Venus in Taurus so you show you care by lending or giving money, or ‘cash in kind’ – perhaps through your apartment or house – maybe through charity. It will be many years before Uranus brings the revolution in currency and banking to your front door, but the biggest favour you can do yourself is to be completely across the changes to come, starting this week. Right now. Everything which is still going on, years from now, with the money world, begins with a bang on Tuesday.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I want to make certain I understand “the biggest favour you can do yourself is to be “completely across” the changes to come…” ? Thanks. I’m really enjoying reading your posts.

        1. Yes. The field is now wide open financially, and in business, so even if you don’t normally read the financial pages, or newspapers, try to be as well-informed as possible about what is happening. Amazon are going to adopt cryptocurrency, for example. This only just happened when Uranus went into Taurus a few days ago and it is going to change the world economy. You need to be across that.

  15. Dear Jessica, Thank you for another helpful article.
    My younger sister has a stellium in Scorpio with Sun at 3rd degree, Mercury retrograde at 5th degree, Pluto 9th degree and Venus at 20th degree.
    She has Moon conjuct Neptune in 5th degree Capricorn.
    I am Capricorn and besides by Sun Venus conjuction at 17 degree i have my Mercury conjunct Neptune at 3rd degree.
    On May 18th we will meet (we live in different cities) for our (3 year) parents memorial.
    We both feel a Spiritual Connection but also very anxious about that particular day.
    Maybe it will signify a liberation… Our Taurus Dad inherited us with many principals and also two houses..he was born on April 23 1940.
    I suspect connection with the upcoming Uranus entrance. Your insight would be very helpful.

    Thank you for making astrology approachable!

    1. Your sister’s Sun at 3 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property and business is about the legacy she received from your parents, including your Taurus father, but also the legacy she passes on to her own children, godchildren, young relatives or other benefactors. Uranus will move to 3 Taurus in slow stages, but by 2019 you will both be aware that she needs to rethink how she handles all that she owns, earns or owes. There is no need to be anxious about your parents’ memorial and of course as a medium I believe that both your parents will be with you in spirit. It may be that your father with all his principles/values has a message for her which will be useful over the next year or two – Taurus Sun people usually have strong and firm ethics and values which transcend what a dollar is supposed to be worth. I am being told to pass on that lighting a candle connects you to him.

  16. Thanks for this Jessica. You gave a great talk on the asteroids at my Penthouse in Bath when Minerva was conjunct (or was it trine) my own Jupiter. I have not forgotten it. It opened up a new arena of interest for me. I completely agree with your relating this ingress to banking but I have another area of interest I think that is also involved. I have already published this on Facebook but will attempt to add it here.
    I am a revolutionary thinker and for me this entrance of Uranus into Taurus is profoundly meaningful. Many years ago in 1984 I stumbled upon a model of the human cognitive system within Liz Green’s update of Jung’s Animal Mundi – living Earth. In my model Earth rules Taurus; she took up her ruling position the first time we looked upon her from space just as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, took up their positions when we looked upon them. Many years of serious study has convinced me this model of the brain has integrity but it is a mind-blowing idea for scientists and astrologers alike and they have not, up to now, been ready to accept it. I understand the massive import of this information in relation to the collective and have been patient – I also understand that the introduction of this model is the doorway to the New Age of Aquarius and I can see how this entrance of Uranus, the awakener, into Taurus, opens the door. We are set to revolutionise our understanding of our relationship with our beautiful planet. I have Saturn conjunct Uranus on my MC in the last degrees of Taurus. Stephen Hawking had this conjunction too. His last message is that life is a virtual reality. He has set the scene for the introduction of this amazing revelation.
    I have not been able to attach the poster that was put up in Bath Royal Literary and Science Institute for a week last year during a conference put on by Sophia. But if you want to check it out it is on my own Facebook page. Uranus, the first of the modern rulers, was discovered in New King Street, a very short walk from the institute for which he gave a lecture about his discovery. Uranus in Taurus, here we come! Uranus mates with Gaea just as he did in myth. He didn’t like his children then, Lets hope that this time we are more to his liking. I have posted lots of information regarding this discovery on the web for anyone who is interested.

    1. How lovely to hear from you! I’ll be in Bath in September so let’s meet up. I did read your piece in the Astrological Association Journal and liked it very much. Stephen Hawking is very much around us at the moment and I guess the first thing he wants to do after the transition to the afterlife is to begin following up on unfinished business he left here, with regard to quantum discovery. I hope other people can also follow up with you on Facebook. I left a few years ago. Thank you.

  17. Ah the perfect Uranus in Taurus anthem – by the Propellerheads and featuring the legendary Shirley Bassey:: The word is about, there’s something evolving,
    Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving…
    They say the next big thing is here,
    That the revolution’s near,
    But to me it seems quite clear
    That’s it’s all just a little bit of history repeating. . .

      1. I love this. I think I will be reaching to this song, when ever the world seems to be a little to cray cray in this revolution or the my human fear takes over. I’ve found my anthem for 2018/2019 and beyond. Thanks for sharing Helen Watts. x

  18. I’m not on Twitter Jessica otherwise I would have share this there, but since you are you might like to retweet it, here is what the CEO is saying on 4.51pm on 16th May 2018, reaffirming his belief that…

    “The world ultimately will have a single currency, the Internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin.”

    1. Fantastic,thank you – the astrology was a year ahead of Jack Dorsey here – and it nailed the day he made this statement. I’ll do a round-up of recent true predictions next week, once the Markle and Windsor family business is complete.

  19. OMG!! Conference in Sydney held on Wedneaday the 16th of May 2018!!. Welfare payments in Australia could be delivered over blockchain. The article also talks about other Australian governments service pilots using blockchain, from ‘new digital identity solution’ ( sounds so big brother is watching..urgh, but this reminds me of what all Estonia’s have an online identity that is visual to all), to Tax file numbers linked to Australia Post ( that pilot will be available in Oct 2018) , alos used for grant applications, student services and business registration.

    I’ve not seen any of this discussed or even mentioned in any Australian newspapers or news. So, slightly blown away that this is happening and so bang on time with the Uranus Taurus change over.

    “The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has revealed its intention to probe the use of blockchain for Centrelink welfare payment delivery.

    Acting CEO Randall Brugeaud told the CeBIT Australia conference in Sydney on Wednesday that a prototype could be in the market come mid-2019.

    “Our plan is to look for use cases across the Commonwealth with an initial focus on the welfare payment delivery system, then working with our digital service standard, we’ll conduct user research with a view to having a prototype by the end of next financial year,” he explained.”

    1. This is going to change Australia – and you are right, it escaped mainstream headlines – welfare payments delivered by Blockchain!

    1. Thanks so much for this. Yes, it sounds as if Goldman Sachs are working with an astrologer, to have them enter the cryptocurrency market on the very day Uranus goes into Taurus. It’s rather like HSBC pioneering blockchain just before. It’s either fate, or everyone is secretly using this stuff!

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this. The little girl facing the charging bull on Wall Street has produced her first victory. Uranus in Taurus is shaking things up!

  20. Wow Jessica ! My first thought when I heard about the visa problem was how you had predicted this fallout on your website! Am waiting now to see how the euro fairs in the wobble around Italy Spain etc ! I can’t quite believe that the euro is still holding its own with all the Southern Europe colossal debt ! Yes

  21. I finally checked to see if I have anything at 29 degrees.

    MC 29° Cancer – literally weeks away from baby #3 and planning a quiet 4th trimester, but…
    IC 29° Cap – next book coming out in weeks (on Money) and book deadline for #3 at the same time.
    Bacchus 29° Libra – I’m wanting to pitch a project about weddings, worried about contracts.

    It all feels very much “hurry up and slow down”. I really wanted a quiet year with baby #3 but it’s also sounding like all systems go for my publishing, book, blog, visibility, script projects.

    What to do!?

    1. At least you know your birth time is right – your MC (Midheaven) ambition in Cancer in the Fourth House is about family and home – so three children covers that! Uranus at 29 Aries will square your MC so that, of course, is the issue of self-promotion (Aries and the First House) versus your role as mother. Uranus at 29 Aries will also square your IC or Immum Coeli at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, which is a different way of saying the same thing. Bacchus at 29 Libra completes this Grand Cross, which is very unusual in astrology. This goes beyond your wedding project idea, into your actual marriage or partnership. A good way to help a Grand Cross is to bring in other people whose horoscope patterns break it up. You can hit Search and read more on this, in a piece on Sacred Geometry.

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