Your Taurus Stellium

Taurus stellium people are deeply concerned with money (holding onto it, sharing it or giving it away).

How your Taurus stellium (more than three factors in Taurus, in the Second House of your personal birth chart) affects your money, your lifestyle, your business, your profession, house, apartment and attitude towards charity and tax!

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66 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica
    What a fantastic post, I really appreciate it . I have a lot of factors in Taurus including the moon and Jupiter. It seems Uranus will change my generous approach to everyone , the way it manifests. The same with my hardworking organic no debt thrifty lifestyle. I have nothing g against becoming rich right know .

  2. Being a small business co-owner for the last couple of years, and I have noticed a big change in the last year. My shop is situated in a small village in the south of France. My small little business is starting to thrive, namely because bigger stores in cities are closing and only big chains remain. Consumers now want to go back to small stores. So I now have many clients coming for a week end stay in the area and going on shopping sprees in our village.
    But here’s the thing… it has been SO HARD financially the last seven years that I am still in this type of lack mentality, thinking that it’s not going to work out. I’m really intrigued what will Uranus in Taurus will bring me. I have made progress though : I have hired a full time webmaster to redesign my e-shop and hired a photographer to take photos. As I have also a strong aries stellium, I realize that my image sells (I wear dresses and the clients buy what I am wearing, hello Jupiter in Aries ! ). I am also going to be the sole owner of the business (co-owned with my husband right up till now)…Do you see anything in my chart relating to business and finances ? Thanks !

    1. Such an interesting question. It will take years for Uranus in Taurus to touch your life, but Jupiter in Scorpio is a different matter and you stand to gain enormously in 2018. Ops at 21 and the North Node at 26 Scorpio are in your Eighth House of business, mortgage, life insurance, investments, possessions, shares and the rest. Jupiter is the astrological symbol of gains, solutions, expansion, growth and turnarounds. He can only be in Scorpio every 12 years in your Eighth House and he is there at 21 degrees in and at 26 degrees in September and October, so the French Autumn is your very good friend. Small acorns you plant now will turn into thriving oaks by then and you can harvest. You could even toss a small acorn in September and end up with an oak grove by October. I love the way you are using your Aries First House signature – you wear the dresses and the clients buy what you are modelling. As Scorpio rules personal relationships + finance it may also be that your love life, or your family life, contributes wonderfully to the money you are about to save or make, in Autumn. Enjoy this time.

  3. Jessica,
    Really interested in your work on Uranus in Taurus from a personal level as I have a Taurus stellium.
    I am also from Ireland which is closely connected with Taurus, would you consider a blog post on how Ireland will be affected by Uranus?
    Issues like the border and brexit in particular could change Ireland in the next 8 years.

    1. I have in fact posted about Ireland and from my point of view there will be a crash – yet, from this crash will come your radical new economy – coins and paper currency may have nothing to do it. Wrapped up in Brexit you are looking at the new Ireland and it will be very exciting at times. You have small villages and communities which is ideally suited to the new online eBay-based sites which don’t use money but tokens (cryptocurrency) so you are all seeing your own local values manifest. It is also possible that you might be doing your trading tax-free – let’s see. On which subject – at least part of the Irish crash I am predicting will come from Facebook which has of course been exploiting its tax status in Ireland. So search Facebook and Ireland to have a look at the astrological charts and how I have interpreted them.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    Please reveal what the people with north node in Taurus should expect. I also have Taurus in Vulcano.
    Thank you for the nice article!

    1. Thank you. You were born with Vulcano at 3 Taurus in the Second House of money, property and possessions and it is sextile Apollo at 3 Cancer in your Fourth House of houses, apartments, land, and other residences – also the family or household. This will start slowly from mid-May 2018, yet by 2019 you will be taking radical action on a matter which tests your self-control and power, regarding something you earn, own or owe. It will be directly connected to your leadership over the house, apartment, family or household. I would call this a revolutionary moment in your destiny. Watch what unfolds May, June for early clues about where the revolution is likely to be. It would set you free if you agreed, but you would lose certainty and predictability in the situation. This has never happened before in your lifetime, either, so you need to make it up as you go along.

  5. Dear Jessica thank you for this post. My husband born 18 May 1964 has a taurus stellium..we are owner of a small business. He is a very different taurus though never interested in money property or any kind of wealth. He loves his job though but I always have to remind him that we need money to live. Is there anything wrong. Where as for me i have north nodes in scorpio and south nodes in taurus. Any comment from you will be much appreciated. Regards Mina

    1. Pretty hard to say without his chart, or any sense that you have children – children being the key factor in your own chart – emotionally. Emotional currency = $$ as we all come to see! You have a talent and knack for arts/crafts/painting/design based on realism. That will be so much fun. He is obviously in his own space. I will leave it with you. I heard 19 as a number so I am passing that on! Grandmother on either side is helping and lovely…just gorgeous human being + jellybeans.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    A very insightful piece of information, as usual, thank you. I have a Taurus stellium, and I have always been stubborn, yes, the problem is I don’t really know anymore what am I stubborn about (Uranus approaching?). I have experienced many highs and lows throughout my life, up until now I had spent all my money either on travels or by giving it away to friends or family. Financially, I’m a ruin. Having just turned 41, the question is how to stabilize in that department? I always have great ideas, good at advising others on their careers etc., but can’t really choose a direction for myself. I studied photography, but with the advance of technology, it has also lost its magic and truthfulness. I’m very happy about the slow downfall of social media, been waiting for that for years, I hate facebook and everything related. It has made us into a bunch of mouth-dribbling idiots, completely desensitized to the real needs of human nature. You told me the other day, that 2019 might be a great year for me, but I would like to ask what’s in store for me at the moment? I feel like I’m starting my life over again. I once dreamt of having my own photography studio, but as it stands today, I might not even have a place to live soon, so that really feels like a far-fetched idea…Yesterday I played Lotto, so I got into thinking what would I do with the money if I won, and I imagined opening a community center, setting up a youth club, a place, where people could come for tea& cake, share ideas, grow veg maybe…I have one last question, Jessica. Uranus is conjunct my Chiron already, and besides lots of general pain being felt at the moment, I can’t really pin him down in my chart? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hmmm. Interesting. The real reward is not financial, it is in terms of serving/doing your duty within a community. Making the bread, singing the songs, doing the dance, assisting the vulnerable. You attract the interest of a male eye, significantly, but what do you want, with husbandry? Hmm?

      1. hmm, interesting you say that…I’m married, to a solar Aries, since 2012. We met in 2005. At present, we are separated across the pond, so that department of our lives is now unclear, but I know we’ll find the way. Neither of us is really conventional I believe so it’s been a wild ride, but I know him from past lives, I knew the moment I met him. Yes, service/duty feels like a calling, but I lack boundaries when it comes to other peoples pain, I take it in too much, and my physical body suffers. I then start looking for that recognition thing again, to success as an individual..and the circle continues. So I thought there was a middle ground somewhere in between maybe? As for the male eye, yes, it’s always been there, but I don’t care, I mean how does that help me with anything? haha! What’s my husband’s role in all that?
        Ok, so basically, I’d fancy myself as some warrior women but my path seems to be baking cookies and drinking tea with local grannies, right? Fab! Thank you!

  7. I soooo hope you see this message Jessica. I was at the shops this evening and the EFTPOS was down. I asked the bloke and he said that a lightning had hit a wire and burnt a bank end of that ATM line and hence it was down! I thought of you, wouldn’t that be a good sign of Uranus in Taurus?
    And again today, in despair, I started looking for a job just to fund my own practice. I found one as a consultant more to do with wellbeing etc again in a bank!!!!
    Now, your article, what an awesome day it has been. I have worked out that I do have a stellium with 3 factors in Taurus. Saturn in Taurus makes me struggle for every cent!!! Ceres in Taurus so I will be part-time and Mercury in Taurus, I do earn by communication, well I am a health practitioner!!!
    Have I got that correct? Do you see my application going anywhere? Love you Jos x

    1. It’s really all about margins, troughs, highs and lows. This is how Starbucks and Costa started. From bean counting comes Bean Counting! Use your astrology to help. A female relative or friend who passed over, always used a powder puff or compact. Possibly bronze or faux gold with flowers? She is with you helping. I am also seeing a tractor. This is about AGRICULTURE!

  8. Hi Jessica
    I am a first time “poster” here,so go easy on me. Being a long time reader of your articles,this one,as I’ve come to expect from yourself hits the spot perfectly. Very interesting and fascinating times ahead for the world over the next few years. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds and plays out.
    Hopefully the revolution that is about to start may,even if in some very small way, eventually lead to people,and in particular countries,treating each other in a better way? Or am I being too optimistic? Or is it really the “age of Aquarius” that I am awaiting for? (another article you wrote I know! 🙂 )
    On a personal note I have 4 factors in Taurus including Mars and Saturn. Thank you in advance for any reply.

    1. You are quite right to ask, as the next few years will change your life. Deep breath! It’s okay, because you are no doubt vastly experienced with that Saturn/Mars signature in your zone of cash flow, credit, mortgage, loan, taxation, house, possessions, charity, apartment, possessions and the rest. It takes years to develop a position on that stuff. Also years, to price the things life experience cannot price, especially when we come to love, sex and money – or family, children and ownership. You will be interested in a group, club, network or team venture in the next few years. It is seasonal – people come and go, or the venture does. Keep a hanging interest in it. I will not have to persuade you!

  9. Hi Jessica, could you tell me what does Ceres and DESC about in the chart? I have Ceres 22° Taurus and DESC 07° Taurus, wonder which part of my life will be affected by Uranus to Taurus in May. Many thanks

    1. If your birth time is correct, then your angles at 7 Taurus-Scorpio are really about the difference between your own value system (what you will and will not sell out for – who or what you consider to be priceless) and that of other people. In sexual relationships or marriages, for example, you may find your partner wants different things from the mortgage, investment, shopping than you do. Perhaps (another example) you are committed to philanthropy and the environment, but the other person wants to spend, spend, spend and develop the property. You often see Scorpio-Taurus angles when people get into business relationships with others, who do not have their values. That’s also a classic outcome. It will take some time for Uranus to reach 7 degrees of Taurus but May 2020 is the revolution. This will challenge everything you ever thought you believed about yourself, in terms of the money, house, business, apartment, possessions or charity. Uranus is famous for flipping the known world. When it flips, go with it!

      1. That’s the perfect example about me and my relationship partner. Different value on lots of things but somehow still get along with each other. For my career I think I have found someone who has similar vision and value recently. Still working on the details of the level of partnership. Hopefully it will work out fine. We both know there’s a revolution coming ahead and don’t want to miss this train.

  10. Hi Jessica, I have been drawn into work in the textiles industry, which I suspect is true to my Taurus stellium. Just recently, my soul hasn’t been in my work but i’ve taken on new projects in the hope that something will change. Would you mind, if you can see if it’s worth sticking with my current plans, for little reward or if you can see a special area or talent where I could thrive.
    T H A N K S

    1. It’s actually your Virgo stellium too – Virgo rules meticulous work, with tremendous detail, done dutifully day after day. Virgo is associated with attention to the small things and a desire to deliver! You are going to benefit enormously from Uranus in Taurus which will trine all of your Virgo factors. At the same time, he will obviously cross your Taurus factors in the Second House of income. I think you will probably be the beneficiary of the new online business models to come from 2018-2025. If you can imagine a combination of Twitter, eBay, Paypal and then insert cryptocurrency into that, this is the new kind of outlet which will change your life. In fact, it will set you free. You will find it changes day to day, though, in terms of earnings/price/costings so just be aware of that. Start your research and your engine in about a week.

  11. Jess, I always love your articles but lately you’ve been knocking it out of the park!! This really touches a chord with me.
    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of about my relationship and attitude towards money and there’s a strange inner conflict I can’t explain. Although I like expensive things and would love to be financially comfortable, I feel like I’m almost depriving myself of it thanks to a reluctant/negative mindset.

    I have FIVE planets in Taurus (Moon, Asc, Chiron, Hygeia & Diana). Could the upcoming transit finally help resolve this for me? I’m dying to get rid of it. Thank you for everything.


    1. Thank you. Diana at 0 Taurus is what you will feel first, as Uranus goes to 0 Taurus in around one week from now. Diana is a symbol of freedom and independence in your chart. Diana in Taurus is in the Second House of shopping, money, charity, houses, apartments, business and philanthropy in your horoscope. Diana in mythology refused to get married or have children because she wanted her own space. She got it. You are like this when it comes to the areas of life above. Uranus in Taurus will bring government intervention in people’s everyday financial lives, to a point where everything is profoundly altered, for years to come. It may be Brexit. It may be Donald. It may be India. This is going to be global. There will be a domino effect and it will touch you directly. Just remember, there is always a price tag on freedom and you need to figure out the cost to yourself.

  12. Dear Jessica,
    I have Chiron at 1 degree, Moon at 7 degree, Vulcano 11 degree all in Taurus. What do you think they mean to me from this point of view? Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. Chiron the centaur is in Taurus in your Second House of possessions, money, business, houses, apartments, taxation, charity and shopping. You have a lifelong pattern of getting away with things! You are like the economics lecturer at university who is the biggest punk on campus. When Uranus moves to conjunct Chiron at 1 Taurus – which he does repeatedly, until 2019 – you will find that the revolution taking place in your own country, and across the world, has a direct impact on how you feel about the matters above, and I suspect you will be very tempted to hurl yourself right in there. When Uranus conjuncts your Moon at 7 Taurus in May 2020, your ‘need to be needed’ will be challenged and changed, in respect of the above. Choose freedom.

  13. Hi Jessica, very interesting article as usual – there’s been a lot in the media about Tesla Cars, do you think this is related to Uranus in Taurus? Best wishes

    1. Find out as much as you can about Elon Musk and Tesla, because Jupiter (abundance, growth, expansion, solutions, rewards) is going to hit both his chart and the Tesla horoscope later this year. Look at what happened with electricity in 1934 as well. Hint – the American government lent money to farmers so they could connect electricity to their farms. I think we’re going to see massive government investment in Musk’s alternatives, based on those horoscopes. But – over to you, to find out your own answers. I’ll be happy if astrology gave you a little secret, though.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica, very enlightening – my husband, whose worked in the engineering (whose birth chart is uploaded on my premium membership) has 6 Taurus factors and has long held the belief that Tesla will transform the future of transportation and remains a staunch supporter despite all the recent turmoil. It would be wonderful to see green technology succeed for our planet :). Best Wishes and thank you for your fantastic predictions and analysis xx

        1. Thank you – your ‘extreme Taurus’ husband is correct. I’m fairly sure Elon Musk secretly uses astrology. Why talk about launching candy, when Uranus is about to go into Taurus? When Uranus went into Scorpio in November 1974, sugar hit an all-time high. I’m also very suspicious of the date chosen for Tesla Inc. to launch. Musk was born on 28th June 1971 and Tesla was incorporated 1st July 2003. Tesla has the North Node at 28 Taurus and South Node at 28 Scorpio across the Second House and Eighth House of money and business. The Nodes are in almost exact aspect to Musk’s fortunate Jupiter (abundance, expansion, growth) also at 27 Scorpio and powerful Pluto at 27 Virgo, the sign ruling work. Now, is that a coincidence? Maybe, but I thought the candy comment was odd until I looked up Christeen Skinner’s excellent book on shares and astrology! Maybe Musk has read it too.

  14. Hi Jessica, hope you’re well! I absolutely LOVE your work and look forward to reading something new everyday! What can you tell me about my chart please:

    Mars 21° Taurus
    Vesta 08° Taurus
    Minerva 02° Taurus
    Bacchus 28° Taurus
    Panacea 27° Taurus

    Many thanks in advance!


    1. You will feel Uranus at 2 Taurus conjunct your natal Minerva at 2 Taurus in your Second House of finance, business, charity, possessions and property first of all. This transit takes many years to pass through your Second House, yet your values will change as he does so. In fact, there may be an astonishing turnaround or reversal of your old value system. What you would (or would not) sell your soul for. Who (or what) you once considered to be priceless. Minerva is a symbol of deep wisdom and intuitive ‘knowing’ in your chart so you are no doubt a source of information and answers about money, business or property for other people. What happens when Uranus moves to 2 Taurus in July, August, September 2018 and April 2019, December 2019 – plus January, February 2020 – will revolutionise your life. The most radical changes to the world economy since 1934 are coming, and it starts one week from now. Surf that wave. The wave will break out all over the place into currents across every nation. Make it your business to know everything you possibly can about the new business world. What is happening is a global shift in values, which means everything from legal tax avoidance, to banks, to donations to political parties, to money laundering, to currency itself – is about to be flipped. Minerva and her owl are a symbol of answers, to the most difficult questions. You could become that person on this cycle. Time to start your research.

  15. Jessica, this post really applies to me. I have both a Taurus and a Scorpio stellium. Financial security has always been very important to me. Almost exactly 1 year ago this time, I gave up a very well-paid job to plunge into an education business that is completely foreign to me with 2 business partners (1 of whom I barely knew). It has been a crazy roller coaster in the past one year.
    Strangely on this very week, my business partnership looks close to being broken up. Instinctively, I do feel the break-up is for the better but as of now, there’s a lot of uncertainty on how we can proceed with the least possible damage so that we can quickly re-build a replica of our current business without 1 of my partners. My business was officially incorporated on 16 August 2016. How would the Uranus in Taurus affect both the company and me?

    1. Proserpina at 2 Capricorn in your chart is your answer here. Uranus will cross to 2 Taurus and trine Proserpina, the go-between or ‘piggy in the middle.’ This takes place July, August, September 2018 and again April 2019, December 2019, January 2020, February 2020. This is a long term shift for you. The massive new changes coming with currency, cryptocurrency, shares and taxation – also the online shopping and business world – and particularly the banks (!) will directly affect you. People want to be free. They want a revolution. They want to be their own person, and that is coming in a huge wave, which we have not seen since 1934. This has a trickle-down effect on you and your company. Read up on Proserpina and the Tenth House because this is what will come alive in your horoscope. In mythology she was the sought-after and rather powerful young woman who spent half the year with her husband Pluto and half the year with her mother Ceres. I suspect you will find you become divided in terms of time, energy and loyalty between two people or two organisations, yet it will work for you. The trick is to please both sides equally and also please yourself.

  16. Dear Jessica, what an article..! Thank you, so much for sharing your knowledge, with all of us. I have also many factors in my chart, in the sign of Taurus. And Scorpio, as well… And, of course I am a little bit afraid what that might bring to me..any ideas…? I work for myself…thanks a million times for your answer. As a Libra my life been destroyed in the past 7 years, completely …in all departments..but I am a fighter..thanks..!

    1. You have a strong Taurus-Scorpio chart signature and your financial life, property situation and lifestyle will be reshaped over the course of the next few years, starting with a lightning bolt in about one week from now – no later than June. Uranus at 0 Taurus will oppose your Hygiea at 0 Scorpio, encouraging you to look at what real change actually is. This is the start of a long cycle when you will see government intervention on benefits, taxation, allowances, pensions/superannuation in the most extreme way – and also with currency and cryptocurrency. You will need to update yourself on a constant basis to take full advantage of what is on offer. Try to take every solution or opportunity you can before November as Jupiter (opportunity, remedy) will be on your side, across the Taurus-Scorpio chart axis. When Jupiter moves back to 16 Scorpio in the second half of May, he will cross your North Node and South Node patterns at 16 Taurus-Scorpio and that is the moment to look hard at who and what is out there for you. As a general rule be open, flexible, adaptable and alert. One of the biggest changes online will be cryptocurrency eBay. Companies like Listia are already trialling this. Essentially you will become a member, with your friends, and ‘sell’ goods or services for the brand of cryptocurrency of your choice. You will earn Bitcoin, Ripple or whatever – and then spend. The kicker is, the actual perceived value of the c-currency you are using could change by the hour. That is just one of many, many examples of the wild new world of finance we’re going to see! You need to be across everything like a tight suit, but with your Taurus-Scorpio signature you will be in a good position to understand it all.

  17. Love the article Jessica, within a week of my Birthday, I’ve just accepted a new job in a new country and change is definitely happening. This change should bring the means to grow and at the same time rebalance my debt for which I’m guilty of not addressing previously. This year seems like a massive leap of faith ( the girl I love is in this new country, a slim chance but a chance neither the less ) and opportunity. How does it appear that I can relate to this Stellium above all others when the rest of my chart seems to make no sense to me in the rest of the year. Thanks Andy

    1. Andy, the rest of your chart makes no sense to you for the rest of the year? How very odd. You’ll move by 2019 or take the holiday of a lifetime. An escape from the real world, in fact. Just remember, you need to have a long conversation with yourself about how you really feel about commitment, children and marriage. Yet – this country and its people are calling you. And 2019 will be so rewarding.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have a Taurus stellium but find that no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get myself out of the cycle of debt. I would really like to purchase a property this year but the company I’m contracting for told me that I must become a permanent employee at a 12K pay cut or I’m likely to lose work with them as a contractor.

    Is there light at the end of the tunnel shown in my chart? I’m losing faith and it breaks my heart.

    Thank you for the time you put into writing these articles to help guide us astrology junkies. And for responding tongue hundreds of thousands of emails/comments you receive.

    Best regards,

    1. AJ, it is not unusual for a heavily Taurus person to be in debt. Actually you have the classic Taurus-Scorpio combination which means ‘it never rains but it pours’ so the debt was probably gathered in the tough years Saturn (restriction, lessons) was in Scorpio 2012, 2013, 2014. As we have Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018 and Uranus in Taurus too, it’s now or never. Uranus will move to 0 Taurus in just over a week from now, and conjunct your Apollo at 0 Taurus for the first time in your life. The revolution is here. You are a born leader (Apollo) when it comes to budget, economics, finance, business, charity, buying and selling. This is a moment of truth for you. You will be offered freedom and independence in a brand new money world, and it will be with you on and off, into early 2019. Uranus will ultimately move onto your Chiron at 5 Taurus in June 2019 and again, you will feel the full impact of ‘the revolution’ out there. That is your moment to see what you can get away with. Chiron was an audacious centaur. Forget what ‘they’ say is impossible, or outrageous, or unacceptable. It’s your life. It’s your value system too. There is a ton of stuff in your chart about breaking free, cutting away the past, doing it your way, putting a price on independence and the rest. While transiting Uranus is aspecting your chart, you also have natal Uranus at 20 Scorpio under conjunction by Jupiter at 20 Scorpio. This is tremendously beneficial. A huge solution, offer or opportunity will come and it will involve a house, apartment, lump sum, precious possession or business option. The world will turn upside-down when it happens. Try to take a deep breath and go with it. Jupiter at 20 Scorpio will conjunct your natal Uranus at 20 Scorpio September 19th to 24th. Allow all of September, actually, as even at 21 Scorpio you will feel the transit. Get yourself into a position where you are flexible enough, and adaptable enough, to be able to adjust rapidly to the most dramatic changes – yet Jupiter is what they call a benefic in old astrology and he has been associated with benefits since the days of the Romans.

  19. Hi Jessica. I have two factors in Taurus (Moon and Mars), but with my South Node it becomes three. How do you see this Uranus transit affecting me? Thx!

    1. You will actually feel Jupiter (solutions, growth, abundance, expansion) in Scorpio (complex finance, property, business) sooner than you feel Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter in Scorpio across 20-21 and 28 degrees will chime with your birth chart exactly. As some of this is opposition/polar opposite patterns it may not be a straightforward decision. There may be pros and cons. Yet, overall, you stand to gain in the biggest and best cycle in your Eighth House in 12 years. For more explanation look up the Eighth House on Search and your time-frame is September, October but avoid the final week of October/first week of November (Mercury Retrograde) unless you really know what you’re doing. I’ll talk more about this tricky Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio shortly on this website. Apart from that, September 19th through 30th looks pretty tempting in terms of open doors.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thought you might be interested to know that a recent news report from New Zealand said they would have to reduce the cow population because if environmental damaged to their river system. I thought about your post about NZ and cattle.
    Regards Baroona

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your wonderful insight and interpretations! I am wondering about timing. I have 5 factors in Taurus and 3 in Scorpio with most of them, except Venus 10 Taurus and Psych 5 Scorpio, in the 20s. When is the affect felt? Keep up the great posts!

    1. Well, you know, it’s a trickle-down effect on your own shopping, ownership and saving – from a very wild ride with the world economy. Try to get the best financial advice you can afford in 2018 as Jupiter in Scorpio (growth, expansion, solutions) in your Eighth House won’t be there forever. We are all on our own once Jupiter has left Scorpio on 8th November and we will then be left with the full reality of Uranus (the revolution) from March 2019. I think it’s from May 2019 that you’re really going to see what this cycle is all about, hopefully with some assets or savings tucked away from what you were able to save, exchange or make the previous year. What you need to know is that the old system is breaking down. The top 1% of government and corporate life – the social climbers and ambitious ‘mountain goats’ who trekked to the top – will never be the same again once Ceres in Capricorn has done her work in November, December 2019. We are edging closer to what you might call a mini-age of Aquarius, DPD, and you need to be across that. Groups of friends will use their laptops and phones to trade/swap using tokens of cryptocurrency, set against a backdrop of pricing which changes every hour. Maybe every minute. Social media will meet banking. With your three factors in Aquarius you’ll intuitively understand this. And I expect you’ll be an early experimenter with the new ‘share’ and co-operative economy. The more you can research from this point on the better. Look at what happened to petrol stations the last time we had Uranus (the shock) in a money sign, like Scorpio. We saw an oil crisis. It’s details like that, which you need to be across, as you have the kind of chart where the macro affects your micro!

  22. Hi Jessica, I have my moon 25 taurus and ic at 3 taurus. For the past three years i have been really strugling to get my ex husband to agree on a fair financial settlement so therefore have been living on a very small wage. So hopefully from the 15th of may the financial scales will start to balance fairly!!

    1. Actually Uranus in Taurus won’t do that. But you are being psychic there – talking about ‘financial scales balance fairly’ which is a Libra concern. You were in fact born with the ‘karma’ placement of the North Node at 27 Aries and South Node at 27 Libra, right on your Sun at 27 Libra, and those last two are in your Seventh House of divorce and marriage. The reason you have been struggling with this man, is Uranus (unpredictable, erratic, occasionally shocking astro-weather) passing through Aries at 26, 27, 28 and thus opposing or clashing with your Libra placements. If you are curious about this look up Libra and the Seventh House. In about one week from now Uranus quits Aries and you will get a break. He’ll be back very briefly November, December 2018 and January, February, early March 2019 – but then he’s gone. Goodbye. No more pressure. This will either occur because by then you have gotten some/all of what you want from him financially – or (big bell ring here) because you no longer care. Your IC at Taurus 3 and MC at Scorpio 3 are very important, of course, and Uranus crossing 3 Taurus will both turn the known financial or property world upside-down but also offer independence. This does depend on a strictly accurate birth time and so I have to ask if you were really born right on the dot of 12.30! Yet, if you were, you will feel wild and stormy weather – the kind you can fly to freedom on – in May 2019 – as Uranus moves to 3 Taurus and triggers that whole MC-IC pattern. If it’s not May (but another month) you will know your birth time was out.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks! It looks like I have an earthy chart according to your article, and my work with food, seeds, sustainably and the environment reflects that.

    I have Psche at 0 degrees Taurus so that’s good.. I might as well get this energy working on my core from the start. It will benefit me with handling this change that’s coming.

    I could use it to bring a new perspective to my community work,. The last year has been a real eye opener, and Friday night was an exclamation point about how much dysfunction I will accept. It came from an unexpected source.

    What are your thoughts about kicking this off with Psyche?

    Cheers and thanks!

    1. Thanks Jeff. You have an extremely earthy chart and were lucky enough to be born with an almost-exact Grand Trine. Fortunate Jupiter at 2 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, powerful Pluto at 3 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, Psyche at 0 Taurus in your Second House of money, charity, property, business and possessions. When Uranus moves to 0 Taurus in around one week from now and slowly begins to pass 1, 2, 3 Taurus by 2019, you will go through a slow revolution which personally affects your value system (Taurus) and asks you to join a wave of radical change, which people are ready to pursue, in the interests of their own freedom and independence. Psyche is a symbol of ‘forever’ in the chart and in Taurus it suggests that what you leave behind, in terms of all that you have owned, earned or produced – will outlive you. It’s very much about a legacy. In mythology Psyche was granted immortality after a series of tests and trials. She lived forever. There is something about this tucked away, very possibly in your will, which is triggered from next week through May 2019 as Uranus makes that pass over your chart. The dysfunction you experienced on Friday may be part of Psyche’s tests and trials. Venus put her through her paces.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Really enjoying the updates and learning so many facinating things about astrology!! Just wondering about my own chart as I also have a Taurus stellium. What does it mean for me in the coming year?

    Sun 23 degrees
    Desc 12 degrees
    Minerva 22 degrees
    Ops 25 degrees

    1. You are strongly Taurus if your birth time is accurate (the Descendant depends on that) but it will take many years for Uranus to reach those degrees of Taurus and conjunct your Minerva-Sun conjunction! Yet, your birthday in May 2024 will be unforgettable as Uranus moves across 22, 23 Taurus and triggers your ‘wise-woman superstar’ pattern. It will happen because of economics, charity, business, finance, property or precious possessions. Jupiter will also be very close to 22, 23, 25 Taurus at this time (mid 2024) so when he also goes to conjunct your Ops (his mother in mythology) we’d have to say you achieve the trifecta. May 2024. Remember that! Rebirth, relaunch, revolution, radical change, independence – and a place in the spotlight.

  25. Wow – you hit the mark: “wanting to own your own business”…that is soooo me! Is that my MC talking? What do you think will come out of that for me with my chart!?

  26. I have 6 factors in Taurus, so I guess I should buckle up. I’m just learning chart reading but you had mentioned something to the effect of being wary if you have 0-1 degrees in either Taurus or Scorpio during May 15-18. I have both, in my North and South Nodes. Those areas kind of terrify me!

    1. Your chart is so unusual, in that you have a massive stellium (cluster of horoscope factors) right across Taurus in the Second House of your own income, savings, credit cards, debts, possessions, investments – and Scorpio in your Eighth House, which is where you bring in partners, children, parents, siblings, and the bank (if it has a claim on you). I am sure you are terrified of change as you are very ‘fixed’ and Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. Please don’t dig in, though, as the past is not where you are headed. You stand to gain enormously from what goes down with your council, government, financial institution or similar, as Jupiter – the planet of solutions and opportunities – reaches 21 Scorpio and opposes your natal Jupiter at 21 Taurus. I’m not saying it will be straightforward and you might have to wrestle with yourself a bit, but you only get a huge answer or reward like this every 12 years, so jump on it, when it comes your way, late September through early October. The rest of the year and beyond? Get right across the alternatives springing up. Old money rules are over, new money rules are coming, and you could even co-create them.

      1. Jessica I’m invested in crypto currency…and one that I think could be life changing (Ripple/XRP). It could explode this year…or not. But if it does, then my chart makes a lot of sense and I am making a huge cross country move with my family and we will have a very different life!

        1. Ripple is a watery word and everybody born in the Sixties has Neptune (the ocean god planet) in Scorpio (finance) so I agree with you, Ripple is life-changing. That’s how astrology works – symbolically. We also associate Neptune with bubbles, though, and bubbles can only float for so long before they pop. At a certain point everybody with Neptune in Scorpio will experience Uranus in Taurus, right opposite, and the ripple effect would be substantial if the bubbles burst. Be aware.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Any thoughts on my Taurus 0 degrees North Node … is it happening? What is it?

    1. You also have Mars at 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work or study – so this is really a whole developing story, starting now, about wider financial and economic revolution (like Blockchain) sweeping your country and the world, now through 2019. As Uranus goes 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus you will see a reshape of all that you earn, own or owe – and much of this will feel oddly familiar. There is a reason for that. Your Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio in the Second House and Eighth House of money, business, charity and property suggest you have had several lifetimes knowing exactly what it is like to be rich and poor. Uranus will always challenge you to invent, to innovate, to choose what is new, defiantly different and radically alternative – to what you know is false, but safe. So that’s your deal, starting now.

  28. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your interesting posts. I am working on a legal professional area, but until this time I was always a sub-contractor of some big firms, and the big sum of the money went to them of course. I struggle with this dependence from a long time, but I do not know which is the best path for me, with in view Uranus in Taurus. I have a stellium in Taurus, and looking forward excited to the new changes – but what will they bring for me? Another question, my Moon is in Taurus also, it could mean another child maybe? Thank you for your kind help, if you have advice for me.

    1. Pregnancy is Leo and you could easily become pregnant in 2019 as Jupiter trines your Jupiter. The rest of your chart (your Taurus question, which actually has nothing to do with babies) is really interesting. Saturn 17 Virgo, Uranus 17 Scorpio, Neptune 17 Sagittarius, Pluto 17 Libra. It never rains but it pours for you. When Jupiter goes to 17 Scorpio and Pluto goes to 17 Capricorn, it will trigger this pattern with work, finance, partnership and foreign/international options all wrapped up together. Huge life reshape. You will be very close to this on Wednesday 12th September this year. Jupiter at 18 Scorpio will sextile Pluto at 18 Capricorn, which is just one degree away from firing up this birth chart destiny. What you’re watching is Jupiter in your Eighth House in 2018. Next year, yes – open door for a baby.

  29. Hello Jessica,
    I am new to your site and find your articles fascinating and very detailed, thank you. The paragraph about decluttering really stood out to me as Ive had a sixth sense that this is what i need to do with my possessions, but its a never-ending struggle to reduce stuff. I would love to be settled in my own home instead of renting but feel this is a long way off. Would appreciate your insight.
    Warm regards

    1. Renee, my experience with decluttering and space clearing is really from Karen Kingston, who I met many years ago, in Australia. She wrote the bestselling book on how to do this – and it is very inspiring. Essentially when you get rid of the stuff you do not need or particularly like, you change your life. You alter your past. It’s quite radical! Getting rid of (even) photographs that make you uncomfortable helps you rewrite yesterday and this is part of the reason that space clearing and decluttering can alter your future too. I strongly recommend Karen’s website and book. She used to run testimonials on the site which are well worth reading.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    We both with my husband have Jupiter conjunct Lilith in Taurus, and also Sedna in Taurus. As Lilith is a negative factor, what could we expect from this Uranus transit? Thank you.

    1. I think you need to read a feature I wrote for the audiences at The Astrological Lodge of London recently on astrology’s family tree. In our modern astrology which comes from the classical Roman gods and goddesses like Mercury, Venus and the rest – the inclusion of Lilith, a Jewish archetype, and Sedna (definitely not Roman!) doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It’s a bit like putting an ordinary playing card into a Tarot pack. You are not going to see a reading that really works. Our astrology today is the result of the Romans bringing their archetypes to Britain, along with their passion for horoscopes, and there is a family tree you have to respect if you’re going to engage in divination – and that family tree is Italian and about 2000 years old. If you’re asking about your marriage, I would look at your Seventh House or Eighth House, but for some reason your chart is not showing – sorry – perhaps you haven’t logged in?

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