Horoscope Perfect Storm Predictions

Major events in your life are predicted by 'perfect storm' conditions when a number of patterns in your horoscope all unfold on the same day. If you think about it, this makes sense. A new job, for example, can result in changes to your finances, to your house or apartment (you might move) and thus to your household or family.

Horoscope Perfect Storm Predictions

Major events in your life are predicted by ‘perfect storm’ conditions when a number of patterns in your horoscope all unfold on the same day. If you think about it, this makes sense. A new job, for example, can result in changes to your finances, to your house or apartment (you might move) and thus to your household or family. So, you might be looking at exact line-ups in Capricorn (career), Taurus (salary) and Cancer (home life).

This takes a fair amount of work, but actually, it is the best way to make pinpoint predictions. What you are looking for is transits which line up precisely with not just one, but a number of patterns in your chart.

This old astrological clock (below) is a good illustration of the ‘tick tock’ of fate. When things spin around at the right time, and not just one – but two or three patterns – are triggered, major events take place.

admykvd6rs4 600x400 - Horoscope Perfect Storm PredictionsPhoto by Josh Rangel

Australia and Black Monday 1987

On 19th October 1987, the world experienced a devastating sharemarket crash. Australia was no exception. I remember being at the pub in Sydney as people wandered in from the Australian Stock Exchange offices to get drunk. Some had lost a fortune. Some were very happy. What was going on in the Australian chart?

There are a number of different horoscopes for Australia. The most modern, which acknowledges Indigenous/Aboriginal rights, dates from May 27th 1967 when the nation voted for a new constitution.

Venus is at 18 Cancer in the Fourth House of property – apartments, renovations, houses, back yards, council approval, property developers and the rest. Australia has a love affair with builders and building.

Uranus is at 20 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and employment. This is where we find the trade unions, the majority workforce, employees and staff. Not so much the top end of town, but the rest of us.

Neptune at 22 Scorpio is the financial and economic bubble which Australia is in. She bobs around in a bubble of borrowed money – mortgages on inflated property prices.

Pluto is at 17 Virgo, again in the Sixth House of work and employment. Pluto is closely tied to Venus at 18 Cancer.

The North Node and South Node, which show the nation’s karma, are in the finance signs, Taurus and Scorpio. The North Node is at 5 Taurus and the South Node is at 5 Scorpio.

I hope you’re getting a feel for this Sixties incarnation of Australia. This is the lucky country. But what happened on Black Monday 1987 when she became seriously unlucky, along with the rest of the world? What happened to create so much panic, on October 19th that year? Sunny Sydney shook!

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Photo Leio McLaren

How Black Monday 1987 Shows Australia’s Perfect Storm

We can see that 5, 17, 18, 20, 22 are key degrees in the Australian chart. They spell out her economy, her work force, her property market and the security she has.

On 19th October 1987, Black Monday, we find

Mars 6 Libra (very close to 5 degrees)
Saturn 17 Sagittarius
Uranus 23 Sagittarius (very close to 22 degrees)
Neptune at 5 Capricorn

This is a powerful example of how the astrological weather can create unusual patterns – unique patterns – which trigger a country’s horoscope in many different houses, or life departments, at the same time. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are slow-moving outer planets which usually bring about historic changes. It was so in this case.

Australia’s Big Woolworths Float in 1993

The highs and lows, the ups and downs, can all be seen in a perfect storm. The record-breaking Woolworth’s float of 1993 is a case in point.

Triggers for the 5, 17, 18, 20, 22 degree placements in the Australian horoscope were, on May 19th 1993 – Jupiter at 5 Libra.  Uranus at 21 Capricorn. Neptune at 20 Capricorn. Chiron at 18 Leo.

Sometimes the ‘perfect storm’ of a number of patterns unfolding at the same time can be brilliantly colourful. You’ll note Jupiter (abundance, boom, optimism, growth, expansion) is in the pattern above. Woolworths was seen as a ‘Mum and Dad’ investment. Jupiter was in Libra, the sign of husbands and wives. Capricorn is the sign to be associated with big business. Leo is about parents and children.

fhxp17axoek 600x394 - Horoscope Perfect Storm Predictions

Predicting Your Perfect Storms

How do astrologers make predictions? How can you make predictions too? Look for ‘perfect storm’ patterns which repeat through time. The zodiac signs tell the story. Sagittarius (above) is the sign that rules foreign people and places, and Australia’s economy was knocked sideways by foreign countries and their sharemarkets. Capricorn, of course, rules the people at the top of business and government.

Checking your own history is a good way to begin. Use the free Ephemeris archive (one for every year) and look for highs and lows in your life to see recurring patterns!

An Ephemeris is really just an astrologer’s calendar. It’s non-mainstream time. It shows you past, present, future. We use Astrodienst software to produce your personal birth charts here if you are a Premium Member.

Where are the ‘perfect storms’ in your personal birth horoscope coming from? If you are a Premium Member, take a look at your chart, and watch the movements of Uranus in particular, as he goes through Taurus from May 15th 2018. You have probably never experienced this cycle in your lifetime so it is worth watching.

I am sure you can see that as Uranus moves from 0, 1 Taurus across to 3, 4, 5 he will trigger Australia’s North Node and South Node at 5 Taurus and 5 Scorpio. I’ll write more about this ‘perfect storm’ for the nation’s economy as we get closer to the time.

This is a massive transformation which will only be hinted at in May 2018. But there will be a very strong clue about a revolution in the years ahead, especially with Australia’s banks, taxation, exports and superannuation. Why? Because we have such heavy Taurus weather that month. In fact, close to Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th May, 2018, Mercury (the media) will cross that crucial 5 degree spot in Taurus in the Australian chart. That’s some announcement. That’s some statement. That’s some press conference. 

Australia’s Perfect Storm June 2019

We’re seeing an astrological perfect storm for Australia in June 2019. Do you know about the free astrology tables provided by Astrodienst? They show the horoscope weather far into the future, and my eye was caught by June 2019. This is really like a time-travel calendar.

We can see a range of transits, or travelling factors, either at or close to  5, 18, 20, 22 degrees. As we’ve seen, these are the economy/jobs/property hotspots in the modern Australian horoscope.

Uranus – shock, revolution, radical change, independence – is right on 5 Taurus and conjunct and opposite Australia’s Nodes in the ‘dollar’ signs of Taurus and Scorpio. That’s big. It’s never happened before, in terms of this new version of Australia, and her new chart.

Neptune is at 18 Pisces. Saturn is at 18 Capricorn. This picks up Australia’s natal Saturn at 17 Sagittarius, by just one degree’s difference. I hope it’s clear that June 2019 is a global economy issue that hits Australia directly. Sagittarius, as we saw back on Black Monday, is about Down Under in relation to her exposure to Wall Street and the rest. The Nodes are at 18 Cancer and Capricorn too.

8koeusir1zm 600x352 - Horoscope Perfect Storm Predictions

The Astrological Weather for Australia in June 2019

Jupiter begins the month at 20 Sagittarius. Again, this is about Australia’s dollar currency tied to the British pound, American dollar, Euro and no doubt cryptocurrency, by this stage.

I am writing this on Monday 30th April 2018, and so we’re looking just over 12 months into the future, but it’s a safe bet that Bitcoin, Ripple, Lightning and the rest may be directly affecting the Australian Stock Exchange here.

Just to recap, in that modern Sixties chart we have for the nation, she has –

Venus at 18 Cancer in the Fourth House of property – mortgages – and high-rise apartment developers. House prices and renovation loans.

Uranus at 20 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and employment. Trade unions and the working class/middle class, and their superannuation too.

Neptune at 22 Scorpio is the financial and economic bubble which Australia is in. Her ‘unreality’ if you like!

Pluto is at 17 Virgo, again in the Sixth House of work and employment.

The North Node and South Node, which show the nation’s karma, are in the finance signs, Taurus and Scorpio.  This reveals her debts and credits, which she achieves by her actions as a nation, over the fullness of time.

On Thursday, June 27th 2019, allowing a day either side for world time zones to catch up with each other, Australia has her horoscope triggered by the Sun at 5 Cancer, Uranus at 5 Taurus and Chiron at 5 Aries (just for good measure). June 26th, 27th, 28th 2019 are crucial for Australia’s economic and property future and because Uranus is involved, this will be a shock, a revolution and a radical change in direction. A perfect storm.

If you really want to zero in on June 2019 you’ll also be tracking the ‘perfect storm’ conditions of other nations, sharemarkets, stock exchanges and so on, which lock into Australia’s patterns – and particularly those at 5 degrees.

What do you think? What are you seeing here? I’ve tested this Australian chart several times against major events in her history and it chimes accurately. Something to watch here will be Indigenous/Aboriginal land rights, compensation and settlements in particular as this is very much a horoscope which was born from a landslide vote in favour of Australian reform regarding the First People’s legal status. Yet – it looks like just one lightning strike in an overall storm.

June 2019 600x375 - Horoscope Perfect Storm Predictions

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53 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I have Hygeia 6 Taurus and Ops 5 Cancer which will be impacted by the transit of Uranus crossing the North Node. Would really appreciate your insight on this. Many thanks.

    1. Uranus won’t cross your Nodes – it will aspect them – but not for many years. You have Uranus at 2 Virgo in your Sixth House of the body, workload, daily routine, lifestyle and the way you divide the 24 hours in your day – 8 hours to sleep, play and do your duty. This is important as Uranus at 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus will create a trine to your natal Uranus. A revolution in the world economy, which spills over to your daily life – perhaps through your bank, insurance, allowances or salary, or shopping – will give you an unusual chance to lead a completely different 9 to 5 existence, with major clues in May itself. The road to 2019 should be about experiments for you. It’s liberating.

  2. Hi Jessica. Except for Venus which is at19 Gemini, I have almost the same patterns as this chart, including the NNode and SNode. Plus I am a Taurus Sun, starting to worry about this Stormy Uranus… do you foresee a common pattern for 1967 born people ?

    1. It’s the get-real cycle! You have a lifetime of borrowing behind you, with credit cards, personal loans or mortgages. They used to call it ‘living on the Never-Never’ and Neverland in Peter Pan is a good description of your chart. At the same time your Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio suggest many lifetimes of being rich and poor. You know this stuff backwards! It will take a while for Uranus to reach your Nodes, but when he does, you will accept a revolution and also set yourself free from bank debt. The old model of borrowing money from banks whose profits come from companies which donate to governments, whose main players avoid tax – well, forget it. We are going into the Uranus in Taurus cycle which changed America forever in the Thirties and it’s a New Deal for you just as it was a New Deal for Roosevelt. With smart phones and cryptocurrency. You will see the tiniest beginning in May and then from 2019 forwards get ready to change, change, change.

  3. Hi Jessica, I find myself in the hardest battle of my life going through a divorce. I have a series of lazy toxic masculin professionals dominating my life, it’s a complex series of unfortunate events. My Gemini sign sits with 17 sun, 21 moon, 4 IC. The southnode 6 Scorpio, north node 6 Taurus with Fortuna 00 and Cupid 02 as well. Leo has 6 heavenly bodies in its sign around these numbers as well. I would appreciate your guidance over this time as I head towards court end of October 2018. Regards Carolyn

    1. Carolyn, if it’s any comfort, the last of the male dinosaurs are lumbering over the cliff. Not just the toxic suits and ties, but also the men who are failing in the system, set up by the Tyrannosaurus Rexes. They are not coping. Neither (as we will see by 2020) are the ‘successful’ men and as we slowly go towards the end of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn, the sign of the male establishment, we will also see the end of an era. What you are experiencing is a bit of pain from them, as they struggle to hang on to a crumbling world. A court case in October 2018 is really about a) the nature of the dispute and b) if you see this as finance/career/personal. Without knowing that it could be a Scorpio issue, a Libra issue, a Virgo issue, a Capricorn issue. In general from November 2018 you will find that you gain from anyone against you. In fact by 2019 you will come to see that any lazy, toxic male who is still foolish enough to take you on, will end up being your asset. A weak opponent, I believe they call it. Another way to use this cycle is to create a new kind of professional partnership, or sexual partnership, which is as precious as diamonds and pearls. You will see why from November with major developments at Christmas.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have a lot of Taurus and Scorpio in my chart at the moment which means May is going to effect me in a big way. Your predictions for April have been accurate, ive just been offered a new job after a turbulant time at work. Id like to know how bigger impact May will have.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have a birth chart here to work with, but if you are strongly Taurus-Scorpio, then you need to know that from 15th May you have to read the business and financial sections of the newspaper with a magnifying glass. Two really big clues to watch are the crisis in Australian banks and the Walmart/ASDA/Sainsbury’s merger in Britain. Throw in the Facebook enquiry and you can see why things are starting to peak in intensity. Make it your business to know what is going on because from big rocks in the big ocean, smaller ripples will come to your shore.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Dear God!!! Shock and horror but probably to be expected. You previously stated that I will not be directly affected for some years by the turmoil of May 2017. I am concerned about June 2019 though. We are currently renovating our apartment on the northern beaches of Sydney and have had to put a hold on that as the outside of our building is being renovated for the rest of this year and we cannot get things like kitchens etc in or out. We will not be able to resume till next year but that did not concern me till now as we were planning on not selling it till late 2020 or early 2021. As we are both self employed and most of our money goes back into the business, we are selling our apartment to downsize and gain funds for retirement as we have little or no super to speak of. Is 2020-2021 going to be bad timing and should we move heaven and earth to try to get rid of it before June 2019?

    1. The more you can ‘keep it real’ with your money and home, the better. So, downsizing in order to minimise dependency on the banks is smart. You have enough at 5 and 6 degrees in your birth chart to make it clear that June 2019 (end of the Australian financial year and a perfect storm) will affect you. Actually, you could gain. You were born with Jupiter (advantages, opportunities, solutions) in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups, friends, communities, networks. What goes down in June 2019 means you gain, from those people. In general, just one look at the situation on 1st May and you can easily see why in two weeks from now, economic/financial/business changes will be peaking. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia just got fined. The ANZ is muttering warnings. In Europe and America, Walmart/ASDA/Sainsburys have announced the biggest merger of the year and it will affect all of us. So, with Uranus in Taurus for many years, the revolution in shopping, currency, business and obviously banking will be a rollercoaster. The more simple your life is and the less affected you are by spikes, highs and lows the better. It is hard to say more without your partner’s horoscope or the horoscopes set for the start of your two businesses.

  6. May monthly horoscope has left me overwhelmed, maybe because there was so much for my sign Libra sun and Libra rising 10 18 1938 along with my understanding Being limited .I do not know where to begin and how to accommodate all the activity. Is there some one out there that could put it in perspective or a nut shell. I have gone back and forth with my premium membership but cannot seem to make heads or tails HELP

    1. No worries, as we say in Australia. Basically, all you need to know is this. From 15th May, the world will go through the biggest changes to its economy in your adult life. Did you see the headlines about the Sainsbury/Walmart/ASDA merger yesterday? That is part of it. You will suddenly be offered more freedom of choice about shopping, and your bank, than you have ever known. It is important that you find out as much as you can about the new ways to save or make money. You can put that to good use from November 2018, as the holiday of a lifetime is on offer to you from that point forward and you could in fact have (even) a second amazing holiday, or move, in 2019 as well. You have a stellium in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign places and people – and distant regions. Fortunate Jupiter crosses into Sagittarius from November and stays there most of next year. You’ll love it.

      1. Thank you so much. What knowledge you have……always put to great use. I will watch and read your words and hope I can increase my understanding

  7. Let’s hope Australia keeps it’s reputation as the “Lucky Country”!

  8. Thanks for showing the constitutional date for Australia and how it seems to chime. Would you please look into Canada? The Queen was on hand to sign the our constitution: April 17, 1982, in Ottawa. One copy was smudged on the day and the back up copy ended up with a blot of red ink as an act of protest.

    1. Fascinating to hear that about Canada and the smudged constitution! This particular version of your nation makes her an Aries, and I wonder if you would agree with that? There are a few contenders for the Canadian chart, so I’ll have a quick look. She is of course known for her red-jacked mounties (an Aries archetype – the action-man hero in red). Her ice-hockey players are also feared the world over. Canada was a key player in the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany too, so even though this date is some 40 years after the war, it ‘speaks’ her wartime role. Aries is also associated with rivalry and of course Canada’s rival is next door! I’ll see if there are some more specific dates we can run a test/check with. I love Canada and in fact, my cousins are Canadian.

      1. When I was searching for the date, I found out about the smudges and stains. On the day, it started to spit with rain and apparently there was another smudge from a a cuff. A year or so later, someone requested a viewing of the back up copy and then spilled red paint on it. The results are rather dramatic, a large blot just underneath the Queen’s signature.
        At the event, the Queen was just short of breaking out in laughter. Years later, one of the signatories explained; when it was his turn to sign, he ended up with a broken pen tip, his swearing in French provided for the amusement.
        It’s somewhat heartening to me, that such a momentous occasion had a lighthearted moment at the core.

        1. That is quite astonishing about Canada and the Queen! There are no such things as accidents. You have to wonder about the nature of the Commonwealth and Canada in the years to come, after Brexit and also once her successor takes the throne. At that point, that dated chart will become very important. I need to look at the Trudeau family charts alongside it, to test it – I will report back. Many thanks for this.

          1. The video recording of the event had the announcer saying: “The moment the Queen puts her signature on this document, it becomes law.” (no mention of the time.)

            With a bit more sleuthing I came across a Toronto Star report, from the following day.

            “…at 11:37 a.m., as trumpeters heralded a moment of Canadian history, Canada constitutionally came of age.”

            “A drenching downpour began with the first few words of the Queen’s address. A forest of multi-coloured umbrellas popped open as the crowd groaned…”

          2. Superb sleuthing – 11.37am it is for this Canada chart. I am also watching the birth of the Bank of Canada in 1935 as we have a replay of Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus this year – just as they did in 1935. I’ll report back! Many thanks.

  9. HI Jessica,.It’s daunting, fascinating, intriguing and a bit scary, all at the same time. It probably feels that way to me because I still have so much to learn about astrology. Since becoming a member, It has been an epiphany for me to discover that history has a basis in astrological fact. It always makes me laugh to hear people say that although the moon affects our global rhythms, such as tides, plants, animals and seasons, that planets couldn’t possibly affect people. Many thanks for another great read , and for the effort you put in for your readers. – much appreciated.

  10. Hi Jessica, I have my North Node at 19 Taurus and My South Node and Neptune at 19 Scorpio. There seems to be a lot of activity around these degrees in May. I was wondering how that might effect me? Thank You

    1. Neptune 19 Scorpio and South Node 19 Scorpio/North Node 19 Taurus is a fascinating placement to have. You have past lives spent being both rich and poor, and have an innate understanding of business, charity, money and property. You also have the Moon at 19 Aquarius and Uranus at 19 Virgo and the MC/IC close by (though they depend on a strictly accurate birth time). This year will change your life. Pluto at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work or academia suggests that a person or large organisation will seek to take, and take over. Sometimes it’s the universe itself which appears to be dominating! There will be a deep change in the balance of power, in your chosen field. This will be most obvious around dates like Friday 17th August, when Pluto at 19 Capricorn trines Juno at 19 Taurus, right across your Nodes. This seems to bring in other issues too. Your friends and groups (Aquarius). Your whole work-life balance (Virgo). You will gain through the money, house, apartment, assets or possessions, so without knowing anything about what you do for a crust, I would have to say that you will have both bread-and-butter, and icing on the cake, this year. You’re going to see demotions, promotions and/or mergers which have a useful impact on your situation. By Friday 14th September we find Jupiter at 19 Scorpio quincunx Diana at 19 Aries, so this looks like an August-September rolling development.

  11. Hi Jessica! In my natal chart I have Lilith 10 degrees Taurus, Venus 16 degrees Scorpio & Neptune at 25 degrees Scorpio. Jupiter will be transiting at 17 degrees of Scorpio, Ceres transit 4 degrees scorpio, juno transit 12 degrees scorpio. I hope I wrote that all correctly. Could you please give me a bit of insight on what to expect with all of this especially with finances? Thank you so much and I love, love your work. xo

    1. Don’t use Lilith. For some bizarre reason this symbol ended up being printed in the Ephemeris some years ago. She’s not in the family tree of astrology and in fact the Romans would have thought we were crazy to even try and relate her to Jupiter, Saturn and the rest! If you are curious about money, you are really looking at 14, 16, 25 Scorpio placements in your chart. Jupiter (growth, good fortune, solutions, expansion) will cross those degrees in your chart, in your Eighth House, which can bring everything from a financial gift from your parents, to the offer of a free tent/camping equipment to borrow for the holidays. Of course, Jupiter takes 12 years to cross your Eighth House of property and finance, so I suspect the outcome will be a lot bigger and better than a tent! Jupiter is at 19 Scorpio Retrograde today, 1st May 2018. This means he has already passed 14, 16 so you had one opportunity to save more, earn more or have more. I hope you took it. Luckily his back-and-forth movement means you get a second chance/a new chance up ahead. From Tuesday 10th July when Jupiter stations direct (stands still) you are ‘game on’ again and should go through every open door which appears. Keep your eyes on those doors right through to Thursday 8th November when Jupiter finally leaves your Eighth House.

  12. Oh Jessica, I think I will be joining Australia in the Perfect Storm! Saturn at 5 Aries, Jupiter 5 Virgo, Venus and Psyche conjunct at 5 Scorpio and Minerva at 5 Aquarius plus Pluto at 22 Virgo and Ops at 22 Libra, Sun at 19 Sag (close enough) and my ascendant at 19 Aries (close enough) and then Proserpina at 18 Aries, Vesta at 18 Capricorn and to top it off, Ceres at 17 Libra. I think I’ll be donning the wetsuit and riding the waves or body surfing.

    1. Your chart does chime with the Australian chart in June 2019 so the end of Australia’s financial year will have an impact on your job (Virgo) and your finances (Scorpio) or property. This may be direct or indirect – via another person or organisation – but it does look as though you’ll need to keep paddling rather than dropping anchor too firmly or finally. Correct.

  13. Fabulous I am an Aboriginal Australian and it’s time for change get rid of the monarchy make Australia a republic and let’s all sit at a table where fairness and equal rights are the main ambition for all Australians

  14. After having Uranus in my 7th house I’ve learned that nothing is permanent. Now my 8th? Good Grief. What is it that I need to prepare for? I’m scared.

    1. Try spinning your chart to use the Natural House system as Uranus has not been in your Seventh House, but your First House, since 2011. What he has done is create a Grand Cross with the Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn angles of your chart, so no wonder you feel as if you have had no permanence, nor security. Those days are almost over. Uranus in Taurus will enter your Second House of money, business, property, possessions and charity on 15th May and take the long path to meet your fortunate Jupiter in Taurus, some years from now. You will ultimately gain, as you benefit from the most radical changes affecting your earnings, investments, business interests or charity commitment.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Further to your comment below. My husband is a Taurus with Mercury at 6 Gemini and Chiron at 5 Aquarius. That is all he has at 5 and 6 in his chart. Obviously as he is not a member you cannot see his whole chart. The business is mine and he works for me. It was born on 4th September 2004. I understand if this is not enough information but hoping you have some insight from this.

    1. Okay – your husband is affected by what goes down in the Australian economy and budget in June 2019. This is really about his use of the web and also the phone, and any media in his life. It will kickstart a new approach. There would also be a group, team, union, committee or similar at this point, next year and he may well do something that leaves jaws on the floor. He’ll work around this and use it – I think we’re obviously looking at huge government, bank and big business shifts.

  16. Reposted.

    Hi Jessica,

    I have decided to resign from my constricting regular job with unpredictable bosses by end of May. Though the finances will be affected, I can have more freedom and more time for my kids. I have financial support from family and planning to take up tuitions, online trading, and some part time work. Maybe I will relocate to my hometown by April 2019 with kids, or, put my kids with their grandparents for 1 or 2 years and setup something in another part of the world – this is only in thoughts if my part time endeavors doesn’t bring me much financial luck.
    Let me know your thoughts from my chart?


    1. You’ve done the Uranus in Taurus thing before it happens. You have put a price on the things money cannot buy. Freedom is worth it, you will find, but yes – 2018, 2019 is the year to study, upskill, and the rest. You will have one helping hand after another from November 2018.

  17. HI Jessica, I am been feeling somewhat anxious and unable to decide if I should continue with shared accommodation or rent an apartment unit on my own. I am after a peace of mind and a sense of freedom, and yes finally a sense of home and no longer just a room in a shared house. Feeling bipolar and often having two minds about things for several months. Am I having bipolar tendencies with some influences from the transit happening in May and for the past several months? Look forward to your advice.

    1. Home is ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer in your birth chart, and of course the Fourth House. Proserpina at 24 Cancer and Apollo at 25 Cancer in your horoscope are important and so is Venus at 5 Cancer. I am not surprised you are uncomfortable about how to live/where to live. You have been putting up with Saturn at 5 Capricorn, for the first time in 29 years, right opposite your Venus at 5 Cancer. He has gone away for a bit but will return there in weeks, so there is no perfect solution here – but there is hope and there will be light at the end of the tunnel by October. Venus is of course about complicated relationships! They have all the complexity of (say) mother-son or mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. They can also be as multi-layered as husband and wife, and lover and mistress. With Saturn right opposite your Venus in the Fourth House of shared accommodation, you would find the connections with flatmates extremely hard work on this cycle. You would in fact be better on your own for a while, while Saturn is lingering at 7 Capricorn, but of course with a lease you need to think long term. If you did move out it is very important that you try to keep a good connection with your former flatmates. You don’t say if you had a sexual relationship with any of them, but if you did, that would be a classic case of Saturn opposing your Venus – and you can double that message about needing to stay on good terms. So when to proceed with your own space? Avoid the period around 16th June, as we find Mercury at 6 Cancer and Saturn at 6 Capricorn, which is way too close. You are really waiting for Saturn to move right away from 7 Capricorn rather than going back and forth over that spot, and as he is right back at 7 Capricorn on 24th November, I reckon you need to think about 2019 as the big shift, if you can wait that long. November as a whole is way too much like hard work as Saturn sits on 7 degrees, yet from December you are in the clear, as he is finally moving off that degree and by 2019 your issues are over. What you really want, I suspect, is a lovely trine from Jupiter to your Proserpina and Apollo, at 24 and 24 Cancer – from 24, 25 Scorpio – and that takes place in October. I wonder if you could hook up a 2019 home in the first 2-3 weeks of October, ready to move in at the end of the year, or January? Of course by then your issues with the actual *people* in your shared house may be gone. In the meantime, don’t ‘do’ your Venus in the house. Read up on Venus, Cancer and the Fourth House to help you deal with that. Avoid sexual relationships or any hint of them like the plague and be particularly careful when dealing with other women, or men who are prone to straying. The less you manifest your Venus the less trouble you have with Saturn. I feel that in 2019 you will finally move towards somewhere that actually feels like Home, capital H. It may even take you back to your roots, birthplace, culture, family tree or history as the North Node goes through Cancer.

  18. Jupiter at 4 Virgo in your Sixth House is close enough to the 5 patterns in Australia at the end of the 2019 financial year, to suggest you will gain through a part-time or full-time job. In fact, what goes down with taxation, the budget, big business, banks and so on will have a direct impact on your career, or you will gain through six degrees of separation.

  19. Jessica,
    You share profound work! I have several Taurus factors. 18 degrees being one of them. I also have 21 & 22 degrees Scorpio in my birth chart. I keep reading but only have more questions. What is the possible triggers or what should I be looking for??
    I’d like to add that my question is rooted in fear. I’m scared of what this transit will throw at me. The last 7-10 years has been one heart breaking reality check after another. Accepting that my acceptance of toxic people/situations for the sake of being right for loving them caused a great purge. In the final hours (last 6 months) I left a 17 year abusive relationship, manifested the loss of a job I loved for egotistical reasons, made final cuts of all toxic people who ever only wanted to take advantage of my good heart. So now that I’m free from abuse, jobless, have no friends, and no prospects for love but cleansed non the less. I don’t know how best to embrace Uranus coming for my home and family. All I want to do is throw my foot down and say enough is enough.
    I’ve been doing the self work and for once would just like to be one step ahead even if that’s only in theory.

    You are brilliant!
    Keep sharing!!

    1. Jenna, Jupiter crossing your Uranus at 21 Scorpio later this year will give you a huge opportunity to liberate yourself from situations which keep you tied down, frustrated or stuck – just as much as they keep others restricted or trapped. The issue will be the money, house, business, possessions or apartment and the other person will likely be a relative or lover. You need to read more about Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House as this will be well and truly triggered. Choose the new world. It is waiting.

  20. In Australia today. bearing in mind your suggestion that the U in T thing might very well begin with a lightning strike in the country from which the whole thing will kick off, we have had a lightning strike that affected the telephones for all of our emergency services state by state until all but 1 was affected. Then the ATMs(hole in the wall banking) for our big banks were affected.
    This last week we have seen dramatic cranking up of gaol times and massive financial penalties for financial mis-doing, resignations at the top of big organisations and a loud call to make directors of businesses accountable for what happens within their companies. The latter came from our federal Treasurer.

    1. Thank you Han. I am a long way from Australia today, on a yacht off the South Coast of Great Britain, but this sounds like Mercury Retrograde to me. The final day of the shadow was May 3rd. I also had problems yesterday as Gmail blocked my use of the account, sending a message that I had been misusing spam. (I have never sent spam in my life). So – this does sound like Mercury screwing things up. But there is a more serious issue here which you have pointed out, about bank corruption. In Australia, the big four have ruled for years. Uranus in Taurus says, expect new banks. I must do the Commonwealth Bank of Australia chart!

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I feel I am stuck in a career and no option to move out due to financial commitments. Finding another job – can’t meet another with my current pay and position. On top of that my close friend is moving away due to change in her career. I can’t explain what I’m feeling. How will the Uranus in Taurus cycle affect me? Will I see any improvement in my career and will I be able to have my precious friend back in life like before?


    1. You will have a golden opportunity to study, upskill or retrain in 2019 and you should grab it with both hands, VSN. The close friend is hard to call, as I don’t have birth data or a chart to look at, and you don’t say if you are lovers or not!

  22. Jessica, this is fascinating stuff! I’m American, but was born on a Pacific island near the Philippines, and also not awfully far from Australia. I’m a Libra sun in a happy marriage, so no concerns there. But money is always a concern. I lost my prior career while Uranus was transiting Aries and Neptune’s transit of Pisces also had an effect, I’m sure. I’ve been studying astrology on my own since 2008 and have been strongly considering going professional with it. Do you feel the stars aligned for me to formalize my training and make a go of astrology as a professional? Thanks so much for your excellent example—you are quite inspiring.

    1. Thank you. You do in fact have a stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, charity, business, possessions and property. When you say you lost your career, it would not be unusual to have an impossibly difficult time with money when Saturn was slowly conjuncting every single one of your Scorpio placements. I am sure you know Saturn is about tests, trials, obstacle courses and waiting games. You were hit from October 2012 when Saturn sat at 2 Scorpio on your Cupido at 2 Scorpio, right through to August 2015, when Saturn reached 28 Scorpio and conjuncted your Minerva. I would welcome you as an astrology student for 2019 if you are curious – we are creating what I’m calling Sun Sign School for distance learning right now. You can be your own researcher, until then, by watching the transit of Jupiter (solutions, abundance, opportunities) across your Scorpio placements, now through November. You also need to begin taking notes on what happens when Uranus at 2 Taurus opposes your Cupido at 2 Scorpio in July 2018. Be sharply aware of that opposition and look up Uranus, Taurus, Second House, Cupido, Scorpio, Eighth House. Uranus remains at 2 Taurus in August, September 2018 and returns there April 2019. Keep an eye on finance, property, business, possessions in the context of a family member, partner, lover!

  23. Dear Jessica
    Thanks for such valuable insights!Life for me has been about a lot of struggle and restrictions and finally when everything was looking good,something out of the blue has brought a tough phase again.I would really like to know that better times are ahead and also if I would join my love in the faraway country where he is presently or we will stay in our home country and travel the world together ?He was born on 24th April,1987,12.20 am,Lat 30.90,long 35.85.What do you see for us as partners in life and travels?What advice would you give to improve our future karma as partners and as individuals?

    1. Love and sex are Libra, and travel/emigration is Sagittarius, so let’s see what is going on. You could actually pull this off, next year. The signs would be there November, December. Strangely enough, if it was not him, it would be somebody else – also in another far-off place. You have a horoscope which suggests a lifetime of change with lovers and partners, perhaps because you invite it. You set up the chopping and changing, as opposed to the commitment! So – just be aware of that. Go for the journeys not the destination. You’ll love all that is foreign about both the lover and the location next year, though. The path will be open near Christmas and you just need to freely choose the guide book, compass and map – then pack.

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