Taurus Birthday Horoscope


The Taurus Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Taurus, you have to ask yourself why you have consciously or unconsciously put so many road blocks in your way since 2008.

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Taurus, you have to ask yourself why you have consciously or unconsciously put so many road blocks in your way since 2008.

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51 Responses

  1. Jessica, thank you for yet another article. My hubby has his Sun in 11 Taurus, Moon is 2 Taurus and Venus in 16 Taurus. He has been struggling in his professional life for many years and fees stuck! Is there relief in sight for him? I love him dearly and want to do anything I can to help him. Thanks much for your time.

    1. Struggling for a Taurus means he is too stuck in his ways. He has at least three factors there – I don’t have his chart but there may be more. Uranus on his Moon at 2 Taurus will force him to shift. This is about his personal budget. His life budget. He will need to put a different price on the things money cannot buy, in terms of the work he does, and be quite radical about it. Time to mooooove. (Moo!)

  2. Unbelievable! Jessica you just decribed my life. I had a not so good experience with friends the past few years. I just wish we could have at least one personal reading with you. please take care, we need people like you in this earth right now.

    1. Thank you. I only do personal readings for charity auctions these days, but if you come along to an event and bring your chart as a Premium Member, I am always happy to take a look.

  3. Thank you for your brilliant articles regarding Uranus in Taurus, Jessica. I am Virgo with Jupiter 20 degrees, and Hygeia 27 degrees, TAURUS – and Panacea 7 degrees Scorpio. Your thoughts on how I might be affected, financially? Mary

    1. Thank you. With Jupiter at 20 Taurus you were born both protected – and often fortunate in quite grand-slam ways – with large sums of money, bargain houses or apartments, free gifts, possessions – and the rule with Jupiter is that the more you give away, often the more comes your way. When Jupiter moves to 20 Scorpio and opposes your natal Jupiter (Jupiter opposition Jupiter) in September 2018 you will have an opportunity to make so much more of your natural luck factors. That’s the first thing you will notice. Uranus will take many years to reach those other points in your chart, but it’s actually Jupiter-Jupiter you should be watching.

      1. Wow… Really apreciate your reply. Renewing my membership in May – your insights are invaluable – can’t live without them. Many thanks Jessica.

  4. HI Jessica, thank you! This hits home for me quite a bit actually, as I have the whole shebang stellium of Taurus and have been working on myself from a spiritual perspective for quite a number of years now and it’s been quite a beautiful adventure, as I’ve learned so much.

    So back onto my chart, as far as the ‘radical new me’ goes…how will Uranus help me create the new version of me I’ve been trying so hard (behind the scenes) to work on. I am a radically different person to what I was even a few years back and I’m ready to jump out of the box and go join a circus (well, perhaps not quite literally, but I think of the Queen song “I want to break free” in terms of being more confident and managing my anxiety and embracing life…in the real life form, not the f%^*book profile way.

    I just feel like a whole lotta brand new, and Mr Scorpio wants the same old, same old, but the kids and I are needing more fun and happiness in our lives………….

    what do you see with my chart in terms of new adventures and opportunities in life during this birthday year ahead? Many thanks to you!

    1. Uranus is by its nature unpredictable, arriving like a crackling electrical storm, with jagged lightning flashes and strikes that we cannot predict. When Uranus enters Taurus I think that Queen song you like, I Want To Break Free, will become a theme song around the planet, but you may well feel it most in terms of income, money, the bank, the house, the apartment, possessions and the rest. You mention anxiety and that’s actually something you can work with in quite a specific way. I am sure you know Mercury rules the mind. You have an exact pattern with Mercury and so many other chart factors at 6 degrees, that you may find a diary or journal useful so you can see how the pattern plays out in terms of your stress levels – you would be looking for days when the cycles of the planets and other bodies are also hitting 6 degrees, and a quick look at this website should show you that. In general the pattern you have is about getting out of your head and getting back into your body. You may find you live in your head but forget you exist from the neck down. If that rings bells, you know what to do. Yoga or Pilates? Swimming? Something will call you.

  5. Dear Jessica, Amazing. This is my story!

    Traveled a lot since quite young age (2001). Success and breakthroughs in almost all aspects of life until it all hit the ground around 2008 as a result I was not empowered anymore, made the wrong decisions, a lot confused and trapped too till the end of 2017. I can honestly say the only good happened to me was my marriage to a foreigner and Aquarius whom I met in a foreign country. We moved to his home country- Denmark in 2016 and we are settled there now.

    It’s funny I have just launched export import company from Denmark to my homeland and vice versa. My partners are my Aquarian husband and my Taurus brother who lives in my homeland. I am quite excited and have a good feeling about it and I strongly intend to succeed. Would you please have a look into my chart for any insight and advice you may have about this new business I have just launched?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guidance. Stay blessed!

    1. Marrying a foreigner and moving to his country – Denmark – is a solid example of what Sun Taurus people can experience on this cycle. Thank you for letting me know about both this, and your export/import company, TG. You have a strong Taurus chart signature in your Second House of business, money, property, charity and possessions. What you need to be aware of most, over the next few years (starting with a bang in May 2018) is that Uranus – the revolution – will be passing through Taurus. You can expect a long period of quite radical change and very unpredictable trends – up, down and sideways – with your business interests. A typical example would be a major shift in world currency which makes the old banking systems, or the old currencies, increasingly unimportant to the future of online trade. It will help you a lot if you can stay flexible, remain open to change – and make it your business to stay right on top of the financial and economic news, as there will be times in the next few years where it alters like lightning, in the space of just a day.

  6. Hi Jessica! I have just given my notice at my workplace and am considering options. Super confused actually, any advice to get through the next bit?

    1. You always look to anything in Capricorn and the Tenth House of career for resignations and new jobs. You have Salacia at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success and sure enough, on Friday 20th April we find Mars at 18 Capricorn, Bacchus at 18 Aries, Proserpina at 18 Capricorn – so it looks as if you really ‘feel’ your horoscope quite specifically. What does it all mean? It may help to know that Salacia is a symbol of ‘other worlds’ in your chart. She was Neptune’s wife. Salacia is the female ruler of the ocean and the seashore, and in Capricorn in your Tenth House of professional life, she is really about looking for roles/projects which take you away from ‘real’ into other realms. When Jupiter moves to 18 Scorpio and Mercury moves to 18 Aries on Saturday 5th May, I would really hit those employment advertisements in the newspapers if I were you. Jupiter is all about opportunity, solutions, breakthroughs and expansion. Terrific pattern.

  7. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this perfect article. I am really concern about two case. first I have a bunch of major planet at R phase approximately do confirm that it means ” late bloomer” in life? the second one Uranus will be opposing my natal Pluto R so soon & I have red I will be expose to many bad things like accidents &…. .
    as you better than everyone how hard will be the last long square between my natal moon in Arise & my natal Pluto. I ask you kindly to have look on my chart & any insight which illuminate my life path.
    it would be nice to share with you that : actuellement j’apprends Français et j’habite très loin de mon pays comme vous avez mentionné.

    En attendant de réponse de votre part je vous adresse Jessica, mes sincères salutations

    1. See my other comment about being born with Mercury Retrograde. You have also posted twice! It might be useful for you to keep a diary to see what happens when transiting planets cross your Mercury Retrograde and it comes to life.

  8. Sorry I re-wrote my comment because it needed some correction so this one is OK for me.

    Hi Jessica. Thank you for this perfect article. I am really concern about two cases. first I have a bunch of major planets at R phase approximately. do you confirm the idea about, that it means ” late bloomer person ” in life? the second one, Uranus will be opposing my natal Pluto R so soon & I have red I will be exposed to many bad things like accidents &…. .
    as you better than everyone how hard will be the last long square between my natal moon in Arise & transiting Pluto in Capricorne.
    I ask you kindly to have look on my chart & any insight which can illuminate my life path.
    it would be nice to share with you that : actuellement j’apprends Français et j’habite très loin de mon pays comme vous avez mentionné.

    En attendant de réponse de votre part je vous adresse Jessica, mes sincères salutations

    1. Thank you. I like the way you break into French at the end of the question! Having retrograde planets does not mean you are a late bloomer. If you see R next to your planets or asteroids, it just means that whenever you have a transit involving that factor, you go back and forth. So, for example, you have Mercury at 27 Aries R (Retrograde) and whenever a transiting or travelling planet crosses 27 Aries, you will find that you are heavily involved with the internet, multimedia or other communication (Mercury the messenger with all his messages) but whatever you put in motion will go back and forth, or there will be errors, or corrections, or several attempts. I am sure you realise that you have just sent me a question in two languages so perhaps that happens a lot to you! The most important thing I can tell you about the year 2018 is this. You were born with Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Uranus will oppose Pluto from 0 Taurus in May 2018, and again in early 2019. This is going to change your life in terms of everything you own, earn or owe. You urgently need to read as much as possible about the world economy, cryptocurrency, blockchain, the sharemarket, banks and so on. Stay informed every step of the way on this rollercoaster.

  9. Hi Jessica! Can you please give me some more insight about my career and love life. My husband’s dob is March05 67.

    1. Cupido at 21 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is the one to watch. This important asteroid, in the Venus family, will be reached by Pluto at 21 Capricorn for the first time in 240+ years – several times – and 2nd May is just one date on your calendar. Cupido describes how you create passion and desire, but also how you are swept away by strong ‘lust for life’. In Capricorn it suggests that your professional life, your ambition, your striving for success and your need for higher status all push your buttons. Professionally you can stir up strong passions too. This is going to be a very big deal in 2018 so hit Search to find out more about Capricorn and Cupido and the Tenth House. In fact, it is the start of a transition period in your chosen field, going to 2020, as Jupiter, Saturn and Ceres will also stop at 21 Capricorn along the way. This is a long job reshape. Your love life is really dominated by Pluto at 1 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, and when Uranus moves to 1 Taurus mid year, and again in early 2019, you will need to look at the balance of power with your husband, and any other person involved (it happens) and figure out a new way to make the scales between you function. There is a tremendous need on your part to control the scales – you on one side, him on the other – and very suddenly, like an electrical storm, you are going to see all kinds of changes affecting the world, your nation, the people around you – which have a ripple effect on your marriage. Change is the only option. This is going to have to change to survive. Look at control, power and other questions in the light of your Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House. This is an even bigger deal right now as Chiron is also crossing 1 Aries, so right opposite. Awareness is everything!

  10. Thanks so much Jessica. Am going to re-read this information several times over! I’ve been filled with trepidation about this year as it’s my second Saturn return (which I’d known about them when I had my first!!) and I’ve just had Saturn in my financial zone (that was huge) plus in my rising sign of Sag. I’m 29 April 1960 at 23.26. I’ve got Mercury at 21 Aries and Venus at 25 Aries.

    I’ve had chronic health since the end of the 90’s and only got a diagnosis in 2010 – having scoured the globe for answers (it’s a mitochondrial disease). This year though things seem to be feeling a tad different and I’ve had some more energy and been able to start some significant improvements to my home and am quietly hoping this may be my turning point. Thanks for all the great information, I’m really enjoying my premium membership.
    Cheers Jules

    1. Thank you Jules. Pluto at 3 Virgo in your Sixth House of the body, is the key to your health issues, and as this planet aspects so many other factors in your chart, you will find it useful to decode the pattern and see what is going on, not only for your body, but also for your mind and spirit. As Uranus slowly crosses 2, 3, 4 Taurus in the years ahead, it will be particularly helpful to explore anything near those degrees in your chart, as it all leads back to the Sixth House, which rules your work ethic, attitude towards service and duty, and the realities of the physical condition you have.

  11. Hi Jessica
    My employee emigrated to England in January, leaving my alone abruptly in a not professional way. He is an Aries (Sun 28), Asc (Pisces 26), Saturn (Virgo 21), Venus (Gemini13,21), Mars Leo (26,40) Jupiter (Virgo 0,21) conjuct my Pluto (Virgo 1,40) and my Aesculapia (Virgo 1,23), his Chiron (Taurus 12,44) conjuct my Proserpina (Taurus 11,41), his Ceres (Taurus 15,34) conjuct my Sun (Taurus 16,49) and his South Node (Aquarius 27,29) conjuct my Chiron (27,21). All this happened at my Saturn return (Capricorn 6,41).
    He was precious to my business and as a friend, and it was my forgiveness and efforts that we keep in contact. I have the feeling he wants to come back from England to my business again, but I feel very insecure and betrayed. Can I trust him again or it would be better to reject him. If rejected as an employee do we have any future as friends?

    1. The friendship was the most important thing. You are having this cycle in both chart systems I use for you. It’s an Eleventh House cycle when you are taught so much about who your friends are, how to be a friend, and how to have a friend. In your Taurus chart, which is based on the Solar Sign house system, you have confusing and confused Neptune in your Eleventh House. Your unprofessional friend who left you was acting out Neptune. I do wonder if you were not both crossing the line together, in terms of career and friendship. Neptune can blur the boundaries. In the other chart system I use for you, the Natural House system, you have (natally) Ceres at 27 Aquarius, the MC or Midheaven at 7 Aquarius and Psyche at 10 Aquarius in your Eleventh House. So friends and groups of all kinds are a massive issue for you. If your birth time is correct, it’s your calling in life. To feed the group, team, club, society or other circle of people. I’m sorry that you were put through this, but it is karmic in nature. The South Node of past life experience is passing through Aquarius now and so it is triggering Ceres, Psyche and the MC in your chart. You and the Aries have been through at least one incarnation before and possibly many. You may have been partners or family. This is why it’s all been so painful. This cycle does not last! The Node moves out of Aquarius at the end of the year. Yes, this can be repaired. It could be healed, relaunched and renewed from Christmas 2019, with results by 2020 if you both work at it. From 2023 it would change your life. The choice is yours – and his. The connections between your charts tell you it’s past life. You made a soul agreement between lives to come back and ‘work’ unresolved things from last time. No wonder this has affected you so much, but yes – it does get better – and there is hope. Hit Search for Aquarius, Eleventh House, South Node.

  12. Hi Jessica, I only have 2 factors in Taurus- Vesta and Ceres at 25 & 20. While I was trying to figure out how my Vesta in Taurus is impacting me I saw that I also have Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Leo, and Vulcano in Gemini all at 25 degrees and Mars in Virgo at 24 degrees. I can’t figure this out ! Help !
    Thanks – Deidre

  13. Dear Jessica, thank you for those wonderful articles, and post cast. I am so glad to be a part of your community. I stumbled upon your site when my marriage, my health, and everything around me was falling apart….I started to look at astrology to understand what was happening. my marriage of 20 + years was hit pretty badly. 6 years already and still the divorce is not happening. please Jessica is there any blokage in my chart or is there any indication that can show me the best time to file….spouse date of birth is 9 13 1963 . thank you

    1. You were born with Neptune conjunct Psyche at 14 Scorpio in your Eighth House of marriage and mortgage. To find out more about this placement look up Scorpio and the Eighth House on Search. You might also want to know more about Neptune and Psyche. Neptune is a bubble. It’s borrowing on credit cards and thinking the shopping is yours (it is the bank’s until you pay it back). It is also any aspect of a house, bank account, possessions, an apartment which is an escape from reality. Psyche is what lasts forever. It is what endures. Psyche is a symbol of eternity. So put those together and we have a story about a will. An inheritance which you can leave to those who come after you! On June 1st Venus trines Jupiter just one degree away from that 14 Scorpio pattern so keep trying. You are in the best possible place in 12 years to find a solution regarding the money, property or business. Proceed through May and June. It will help to write down what you want to take away, in terms of money and possessions and property, from the divorce. And what you would then leave to the children or younger generation on either side of the families. That’s essentially what this is all about.

  14. Astrology is amazing! I’ve definitely felt things stall for me since 2008, not saying that everything has been awful since then, but I definitely haven’t made the same sort of progress that I made pre-2008 when everything seemed possible. I do feel, without having anything really substantial to back it up, that things are beginning to move forward again. I have started to take ownership of my life again instead of just drifting. I have sun, venus, mercury and saturn in Taurus so I am interested to see what this Taurus season will bring. Thanks Jessica.

    1. Anyone with a Taurus stellium finds her life and character defined by her values. This is why so many Taurus-dominant people end up working in banking, antiques, art – or at the other end – socialism, Labour, Communism, charity. In your entire life, you have never experienced a major outer planet through Taurus, or your Second House of all that is valued and valuable. So, this will be a wake-up call. It’s rather like realising you have some nationality in your family tree you never knew about. What happens in the world and within your own country, economically, will be mirrored in yourself and your own life in a macro-micro way. I just heard the word ‘Metropolitan’ clairaudiently which may make sense to you now or later.

  15. I was born 5/5/63 and have a sun Taurus at 14 degrees and MC Taurus at 27. Things have gone wrong largely since I walked out on a job in 2008, with a few bright spots here and there. I have worked hard in a media business that I have tried to establish with a friend and although there is progress, it is tantalisingly slow, and I need to be able to make at least a little money soon. Also huge problems with the health of my partner. All this Uranus in Taurus stuff is making more than a little nervous. Is there light at the end of the tunnel. And how far away is the end of the tunnel! Any help appreciated.

    1. Uranus in Taurus will take many years to reach your Sun and MC, so cross that bridge when you come to it. By then, you will have had the advantage of seeing how the move towards one-world digital currency is affecting business. Work in general in your chart is shown by your Ascendant (AC) at 5 Virgo, along with a huge stellium – Uranus at 1 Virgo, Pluto at 9 Virgo, Juno at 11 Virgo, Vesta at 16 Virgo, Ceres at 5 Virgo. You were born to serve. You are here to perform a daily duty for others, and yet you have been having problems with work progress. Why? For this, you have to look to see, if you are getting in your own way. After all, most heavily Virgo people are treasured members of any project, organisation or team – they are utterly reliable and always put others first, to get the job done. Anything you have at Pisces 1, 5, 9, 11, 16 will clash with, or oppose, your Virgo stuff. Because Pisces rules the Twelfth House and the unconscious mind, you may be blocking your own path without realising how you do it, or why you do it. The Descendant at 5, and Minerva at 10 Pisces fit the bill. Your partner is of course ruled by the Descendant or DC and although I am sure the health issue is a deep concern and you must both obviously have to do whatever it takes, to deal with it – the truth is, your chart says it gets in the way of work. Beyond this, Minerva at 10 Pisces in your Twelfth House suggests you need to factor in time out, and time off, every single day – just to meditate, to dream, to daydream or to go for a swim/surf/walk where you switch your brain off. It is when your unconscious mind or intuition is allowed to take over, that you actually have some of your most brilliant insights. Minerva is a symbol of wisdom. At the same time, Minerva is at war, with your Pluto and Juno in Virgo in the Sixth House of day-to-day work. I reckon you could get a lot from keeping a dream journal or a diary. You need to see how one part of you is strongly Pisces and longs to escape from the real world – at the same time that your need to control work, and be ‘married’ to work – is pulling the other way. You have the kind of chart where the answer rests with a new daily routine. A different lifestyle, actually. Go into every tiny detail of the 888 split (eight hours sleep/work/play) and see what you can do. This is going to happen in any case, as Uranus in Taurus will trine your Virgo side, over the course of many years, starting in May. You will also be helped to reshape the future by Jupiter in Capricorn, which will also trine your Virgo side, in 2020. There is no time like the present, though, so do hit Search and look up Virgo, Pisces, Twelfth House, Sixth House, because your questions about your media business rest right there.

      1. Just to say thank you for the incredibly detailed reply. I work (when I do) very odd hours and then need lots of sleep to catch up. Interested in this “born to serve” notion. I feel a great pull between that and self-fulfilment I suppose. Do I need to make a choice between one or the other – I do seem to need to “shine” in some way, if that makes sense but also feel a deeper calling. Anyway, any further explanation gratefully received although I appreciate that you have many other people who need guidance. Thanks again.

        1. What would work best is a new, creative way to please both sides of yourself. Dig deeply into your Pisces and Virgo sides as the Twelfth House and the Sixth House both pull you in two different directions. There may be a way to rethink the 888 split of hours in your day. Some people feel they need to allow two hours for a swim, for example, and are prepared to get up earlier to work, to do that. It might be interesting for you to explore meditation, auras, chakras and your sixth sense as well.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well. I have to say, I’ve never felt this way before. I can sense something big is coming, and I’m kind of serene.

    Last year on my birthday, I hung my first solo show. That’s been a gift that will last forever. This year, I want to spend my birthday researching at the National Museum of American History Library, which is part of the Smithsonian Institute. Since my birthday is two day after Uranus enters my sign, it seems appropriate.

    Here’s why, I’ve had two contacts in the last month during the retrograde, which were Uranian in nature. They put a couple pieces in place of a concept that I’ve had for 5 years. Now, I can open the starting gate to the other surprises that await. This is an untapped trove of ephemera. I’m excited, and bit spooked, but in a good way.

    I’ve done research at this library before, and it’s a spectacular experience. Now, to have a practical application for it, which I didn’t have at the beginning of April is cool. I’ve had a lot of practice fighting my fixed signs to let the story tell me what it wants to say. That will help as I scale it up.

    Thanks, and Cheers!

    1. Jeff, I am so happy that you’ll be at the National Museum of American History Library for your birthday. You have a Cancer chart signature too, which is about your roots, heritage, culture and past. This sounds like it might be leading somewhere important, and in fact the North Node (karma, past live experience) moves into Cancer at the end of this year and dominates 2019. Maybe this all feels familiar!

      1. Thanks Jessica! Yes, it does feel familiar but not in a deja vu way. That’s interesting about the Cancer signature. My cousin was the longest serving agriculture secretary in NJ, and had his own TV and radio show back when TV first started broadcasting. Once I found that out, I thought of a new media version.

        I never met him, but I live close to where he taught before he took the secretary’s job. I just finished the draft email to someone who could help with a grant, so onward and upward as they say.


        1. The family tree is always worth a closer look on a Cancer Node transit and your cousin could easily be the story, late 2018 through 2019, in terms of what you’ve inherited from his influence. You could also look back at your last Cancer Node transit around 19 years ago to see if he was a feature then, or some aspect of agriculture/media!

          1. Interestingly enough, no agriculture, but there was media. I was a milliner then, and I developed a children’s theater show set in a hat shop. There was a few opportunities to develop it further, and what came out of it was an activity kit that’s still hanging around. .

            My grandfather was a milliner, and I was born two years to the day after he passed. My cousin who was the agriculture secretary is from my grandmother’s family, so the family tree connection is there, along with a media.

            Today, was wild. The day before the Buddha moon, and Weseak, a spiritual channel opened up, and I stumbled right into it. It was a very good day. I ended up hanging out with the professor I’m going to be working with at this festival on campus. He showed up with two tubs of freshly picked spinach, which is quite symbolic. Is there a spinach Lenormand Card? 🙂


  17. Hello Jessica, Thank you for the Taurus birthday scope. very difficult though in terms of reconciliation.
    I am 70 on May 1st and yes am super stuck ( and loving it). Could you please give me a few clues as to influence of U in T for me ? I have Sun at 10, Merc at 11 in Taurus and Chiron @22, in Scorpio.
    I have Aq rising and Moon which I feel as a major influence. Thank you Han

    1. Happy 70th for May 1st and congratulations on your seventh decade. I see your Jupiter Return in 2019 so I hope you are daydreaming about a holiday or even a relocation (if you are feeling adventurous) as Jupiter the planet of expansion, opportunity and solutions will be passing through your Ninth House of foreign people and places. Of course sometimes cultures or regions of our own country can feel foreign to us. The Uranus in Taurus transits will take many years to reach your finance and property sectors, but by then you will have had the advantage of seeing how the new ‘people’s banks’ work, as groups of friends and acquaintances pool their resources using cryptocurrency and blockchain and bypass the bankers altogether. This has been a distant ideal for a long time but the new technology will make it possible.

  18. Hi Jessica thank you for your brilliant articles! I have been following you since your prediction on Brexit! Amazing! Just wanted to ask… I have also been having difficulties since 2008…though had a wonderful period during 2013-16. I married in June 2017 after 13 years of being together. It has been nothing but difficulties since then. Major wedding problems with people who we thought we could rely on, burglary shortly afterwards, husband putting his family/friends first, and no honeymoon still. Lots of miscommunications too. I also relocated and am finding it so hard to get a Job. I am so lost with everything. I do love my husband. Is there anything I can do to make the process easier? His date of birth Jan 06 1986

    1. I am so sorry about the stress you are going through. Problems with the wedding, being robbed, no honeymoon and marriage issues too. You do not mention children. For your husband, the son or daughter he has/he never had will be the number one question starting two weeks from now. That question does not go away for years. He is going to have to figure out his marriage to you in the context of fatherhood. For you, the issue is really financial, or about the house or apartment. Starting May 15th, into June, and also into early 2019 again, you will need to deal with the karma you share with him, regarding all that you own, earn or owe. In mid May you will need to hang a price tag on freedom and independence, both yours and his. This may go into the will or legacy you have with each other, in a general way – what you owe/leave/share/give. It’s the big stuff of life that also has so much emotional or sexual meaning. Mid May looks like a big switch to me and you two have choices to make.

  19. Hi Jessica, Spot on! 2008 was the year when it all started to go really wrong for me. Was deceived, slandered & discriminated against in my career. 2009/ 11/ 12/ 13 onwards was bouts of severe ill health & injury. Met my soulmate in 2010 & self sabotaged the relationship. From mid May 2018, will I get justice from my former employer? Will my career restart successfully (after a 6 year sabbatical)? And will my soulmate (DoB 21/09/76) re-enter my life for a fresh start? Thanks.

    1. Some people have been hit very hard by that 2008 cycle and it sounds like you are one of them – this has been very difficult. There are two questions here. Career and partner (there are no such things as soulmates, by the way, although there are certainly past-life karmic connections!) You are essentially fixing karma in your career in 2018, while we are on the subject, as people or situations from your past come around again, so you can pay some dues, or have dues paid to you. The path to closure should be clear now and although it is not easy, once the South Node leaves Aquarius on 7th November you should have a feeling that the wheel has come full circle. This frees you up for an important new job or project from Christmas 2020. In fact, it could change your life from 2023. Don’t sit around waiting for ‘the one’ role or plan, but do know that a completely different path is open to you. It may be study, paid work or unpaid work but it could give you more power than you’ve ever known in your life. This year, get the closure! The return of the lover born 21st September 1976 depends entirely on his/her attitude towards babies, children, parenthood, adoption and step-parenting as this person has a Leo chart signature in the Fifth House of pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, termination and single-parent families and as the North Node is in Leo in 2018 (and has been there since 2017) this is a two-year stretch of karma for your ex, as well, specifically in relation to these issues. Whatever decision he/she makes about love and sex, will be based on that. The karma finishes, end of 2018.

  20. Wow Jessica! I’m so grateful for your premium insights and your references lately to the searches. Just read about Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. It’s giving me some life perspective. I wasn’t sure how the whole “

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