HANG IN THERE! Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn

Do you have factors in Capricorn or Cancer? Are you finding life seriously hard work in April 2018? Hang in there. You are being put through a heavy Capricorn cycle - extreme Capricorn - which you have not experienced in your life.

HANG IN THERE! Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn

Do you have factors in Capricorn or Cancer? Are you finding life seriously hard work in April 2018? Hang in there. You are being put through a heavy Capricorn cycle – extreme Capricorn – which you have not experienced in your life.

You have never experienced Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and certainly not with Mars. These three may be crossing your Capricorn placements, or opposing your Cancer placements.

If in Capricorn, the issue is your career, your unpaid work or your university degree. All kinds of position.

If in Cancer, the issue is your house, apartment, home town, homeland, family or household. All kinds of home.

Capricorn rules the people at the top of the towers and the top of power. In London (below) it is about Theresa May at the top of Westminster. She has just made the decision to join Trump in attacking Syria.

Of course, if you are in Syria, this is literally about your homeland. I hope you can see how a heavy piece of Capricorn weather (below) rolling in like dark clouds over the landscape, can make everything feel so weighty and loaded.

Hang in there. This does not last. In the meantime, know that the strange combination of feeling dominated (Pluto) and made to wait (Saturn) but also frustrated or even downright enraged (Mars) is really about these three planets in a sign which  is all about the system. Structure. Rules. Tradition. You could be meeting this at work or at home.

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When Did It Start? When Will It Stop?

Mars entered Capricorn on Saturday 17th March, 2018 cranking up the (already very difficult) combination of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. As you will know if you have Capricorn factors, this is affecting your ambition. How?

It’s common to see people who are all about ‘the system’ doing anything for that system! So they forget about the human parts of it all and instead go for the goal. And their own success. Which naturally stretches you very hard.

If you have Cancer factors then this Capricorn trifecta is slowly opposing your notions of home, belonging, sanctuary, people and place. And if you have both? Well, it’s a double whammy.

Mars leaves on Wednesday 16th May 2018 and the intensity is over. The extreme ‘Capricorn’ feeling is over.

Bosses, dominating fathers, women who ‘make it in a man’s world’ and suits-and-ties in general are all Capricorn.

How are Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn Playing Out Globally?

Syria is the worst example of this triple line-up. However, as Mars is the god of war – and soldiers – unfortunately we are also seeing a toxic male backlash (and women can express it too) against anything which speaks of peace, equality, harmony and the rest. In other words, it’s Mars in the front row with Pluto and Saturn, two more heavy male archetypes and it’s proving very hard to take for many of us. So if you are dealing with any of this (below) you are dealing with an extremely unusual line-up which is wholly masculine, very weighty and hard to take – it’s okay. It’s really not a surprise on this triple Capricorn transit.

  • Authoritarian male swagger
  • Masculine ‘heavy’ tactics
  • Women who’ve sold out their femininity
  • Manels (all male panels) or manspreading (male takeover of space) or mansplaining
  • War and the threat of more war
  • The worship of violence as a solution

There is an exit for this and it’s the middle of May, when Mars enters Aquarius and we all wake up to a very new, very different kind of thinking. It’s Aquarian thinking and it’s going to get stronger from Christmas 2019. That’s the exit.

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The Capricorn Detox Before an Aquarius Age in 2019

We enter a mini Age of Aquarius at Christmas 2019 as Jupiter and Saturn are in that zodiac sign, and from 2023 it will change the world as Pluto finally quits Capricorn to enter Aquarius too.

Power and control will be with the group. The community or the circle will be at the top (below) rather than just one person. This is the return of ‘we the people’ after a very difficult period in which Pluto and Saturn have both been in the sign of Capricorn, which is about the solo mountain goat who successfully ‘makes it’ to the peak.

Of course this is about skyscrapers, high-rise penthouses and corporate headquarters – and palaces. The goats are those who will do anything to get up there. And there is only a small amount of room, so power, wealth and control go into the hands of a very few.

Aquarius is radically different. You will see why from Christmas 2020 but the double line-up of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will be on the way out by then, and from 2023 it’s history.

So, take a deep breath. Whatever you are going through with your Cancer or Capricorn placements in 2018 is really the last gasp of old set-ups and systems which are not going to make it beyond 2020.

You will not see Pluto in Capricorn again in your lifetime. It will take over 240 years for him to return. It will take Saturn another 28 years to return.

So – this really is the end of an era and also a massive detox.

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38 Responses

  1. Hi Jess, fascinating as always. I have quite a few Cap placements I don’t know where to start. Would you mind giving me a lookover. Feels like all I deal with recently are pushy cranky people. Warm Regards

    1. The trick with this triple transit is to understand that everything improves in time. In fact, 2018 and 2019 are the worst of it and by 2020 we’re into a whole new ballgame. Anyone or anything which ‘heavies’ others is unlikely to last. People who are pushy are Pluto in Capricorn. People who are cranky are Saturn in Capricorn! They need to learn and they will. Meanwhile get on with your own life.

  2. so what is the benefit to people out of this detox? you said career I have no Job?

    1. You have Neptune at 22 Sagittarius and will have an opportunity to escape from the real world by studying or training in 2019, with fresh skills that enhance your value to employers. When Jupiter crosses 22 Sagittarius this is your best chance in 12 years to gain more qualifications relevant to a changing world. English is a good one. I’m not being facetious. Good English and great manners make you irresistible to employers, especially in a world which is largely online.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    This is not totally related to the above topic but I wanted to try and reach you if I could. I was going to wait for my Taurus birthday horoscope due in a few days but I am heavily weighed down and challenged right now. If you have time go back and see what you wrote to me last year on my birthday! Scarily true. What a tough year it’s been for me. I was on the other side of the world July/August 2017, was in a short relationship and got pregnant around August 2nd-5th 2017. Totally unexpected and a bit of a miracle without going into too much detail. On the 15th of August I was home in Europe and found out I was pregnant that day. Eclipse time! To say I was shocked though is an understatement and terrified – its certinaky never the way I thought this would be. The dad has been so incredibly difficult to deal with and hasn’t been interested at all but I decided to carry on by myself. Such a big decision for me. I’ve gone through it all alone and felt very lonely at times. He is also a Taurus and has appeared and disappeared over the 9 months. He has lied a lot too about everything which I find so hard. He came back a few weeks ago in contact with me and said he wanted to come here for the birth at the end of April. I was delighted and agreed so he could see his baby being born and spend some time with her. Then on the full moon on March 31st I heard there was another baby on the way for him later in the year but he never told me. After everything he has said and done over the last 9 months I feel fairly devastated and heartbroken again with this news but have to try and hang in there and keep it together to give birth to this baby. I am due on the 27th of April and it’s a full moon that weekend on my birthday so I think this baby might come around then. Read back what you wrote to me last year. You mentioned late April/early May!!!! I hope it still applies – that like you said once I get through this few weeks things will be better. I really wanted the dad to be here to see her being born but I am finding him and his lifestyle and the other lady who he is not with either and the other baby so hard to deal with. It all feels so unfair and difficult for me to accept right now and I feel emotional and vulnerable on the verge of giving birth. Will you have another quick look at things in my chart for me if you have time? I would love to know what you think and how I might get through the next few weeks and months. I am just hoping I get through this next few weeks and keep it somewhat together. I am such a tough cookie but all the last 9 months has floored me. I really don’t know whether to let him still come here for the birth or not or just batten down the hatches now for a few months, block him out and get used to being a new Mum. I also lost my house this year, my lovely dad passed away on the 9th of February 2018, I have very little family support and my job is not secure but I have amazing friends who keep me going. Things are very tough but I am trying to stay strong and accept all that is happening as the way things are meant to be and I am going to try and bring this child into the world despite everything I’ve been through the last year. I have too. Sorry this is so long and detailed. I wanted to try and contact you all year.
    Your time or any thoughts greatly appreciated x

    1. I can understand why you had a lot to say. You have been through masses of stress with your father passing so recently, and the loss of your house. I am glad your friends have your back. I did mention April/May to you when you wrote last year and it seems your baby is now due at that time. There is an opportunity for you to gain from a commitment with money or property later this year. You were born with Juno at 25 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, houses and apartments. Jupiter (solutions, breakthroughs, good fortune, win-win outcomes) will cross 25 Scorpio later in 2018 so this has a happy ending. You could easily find he commits to you actually. If not him, then someone/something else will be there, so please do not worry. Sometimes it’s family. You also have Fortuna at 18 Scorpio so Jupiter arriving at 18 Scorpio is also going to be a huge blessing for you. Jupiter will be at 18 Scorpio in early May, and although it may feel as if the Wheel of Fortune is spinning in quite a random way, it is also true that every low point is a high point just waiting to happen. Apart from lifestyle and security, which will be fine – right time, right place, right situation – the actual parenthood is Leo and Fifth House stuff. Sure enough you have Saturn at 10 Leo. The North Node is hovering around 10 Leo. You will have known your child in a previous life and probably the child’s father. The North Node is about karma. Saturn is hard work. No doubt about it. However, you can make Saturn serve you, by being practical. You need to find out as much as possible, as soon as possible, about how others have done this. Saturn always tells you to go back to the voice of experience, so older, wiser people or organisations will be a fantastic help to you across the end of the pregnancy. Once this year is over the karma is over. You’ll remember all those eclipses were in Leo last year. This is part of that cycle. You have to be a realist with Saturn in Leo, especially with the Node going across it, but that’s fine. We all have to be a realist about something as we all have Saturn in our chart somewhere. You were born with it in the Fifth House of parenthood! You will be exhilarated and liberated by the next few weeks as you have a lot of factors near 1 degree and both Uranus (radical change) and Chiron (getting away with the experiment) are moving across 1 degree into new signs. To say you’ll feel reborn and relaunched is the understatement of the year. This goes beyond getting your body back. It’s on every level. Take the time to light a candle and have a conversation with your Dad in spirit.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica for replying to me. It really helped and made sense. Spent time today lighting a candle and with my dad. Appreciate your time writing back to me x

        1. I’m glad. Your Dad is always a thought away. The candle brings very pure light and a very old, pure message about connection with spirit and that atmosphere really helps connection and communication. Take care.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I have my Sun, IC and Aesculapia in Capricorn and Desc and Fortuna in Cancer. Having read this I feel quite nervous as home and career will be impacted in someway. I’ve got my appraisal coming up at work this week and all of a sudden I don’t feel confident about. I had a career upheaval 9 years ago which was unsettling. Will it be the same again.

    1. Agnes, Saturn is at 9 and Pluto is at 21 Capricorn this week. Your 5, 14 and 4 Capricorn placements were triggered (exactly) a long time ago. What you are more likely to feel is ‘the system’ or particular men who control that system, from the top, having a heavy impact on you. Your Cancer placements at 14, 16 are also wide of the mark. In a more general way, though, Mars zipping through the Tenth House of your career, will just add to the feeling that you need to judge the system for yourself! Don’t feel judged by it. You have to figure out if it is something you can live with long-term. Even if you deal with women this week, the whole structure is old-school male.

  5. Dear Jessica- this is making sense of the last couple of weeks and now – I’ve had a cold that has left me exhausted and now everything feels an uphill battle and left me feeling almost Depressed. I was also wondering what the impact of Uranus moving over Diana at the end of Aries in my chart ?

    1. You’re one of those Pluto and Uranus in Virgo people whose souls command their bodies to stop working – for a time – so that inner work can be done. I am sorry you have been so exhausted and almost depressed, but you needed to go to bed. To do nothing. To sleep or dream a lot. Virgo rules the Sixth House and the body and Pluto and Uranus in that sign/house can often take over, so that your spirit gets what it needs. Obviously the issue here is your paid work, unpaid work or university degree – you don’t say what you do. There is a major block there that you need to look at. It is pretty common to feel you ‘should’ do a certain kind of work, or amount of it – and then your soul disagrees. The body gets caught in the middle. Figuring out work/career more honestly with yourself will help. Uranus going over your Diana in Aries in the First House may be part of that. New image. You need to be ‘free to be me’ and I wonder if this is also about Linked In as it is social me-me-media but it is also about your work or studies. If not that, it may be another online part of who you are.

  6. Gosh Jessica! .. You’ve hit the nail on the head! With all my capricorn and cancer placements hanging in there is all I can do. In fact, it’s exactly how I’ve been getting by of late (coupled with a few glasses of wine). I feel like I’m waiting for something to end before I feel happy again. What can you tell me?
    Also, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching about uranus moving into taurus and had to laugh when I realised my mum is a taurus (26/4/1944) and dad is a scorpio (25/10/1944) and I’ve been tasked with helping them manage their investments.
    Thank you for your help

    1. I’m sorry you have been hit by this cycle. It’s so heavy. Jen, if you are tasked with helping your parents with their investments, you may want to do three times as much homework and research as possible, and step it up once Uranus goes into Taurus. This is really like a big ripple effect from some massive rocks, thrown into the world economic pool across May and June. It may be money laundering. It may be corporate collapse. It may be cryptocurrency craziness. If you are not in a tearing hurry, you may want to wait and see where things land before you start to set a course for your parents. Have a look at the period before they were born, as Uranus was in Taurus then too. Mad times for global currency and global debt. Your issues with the Capricorn-Cancer weather will fade once Mars moves on and that’s not far away now. Long-term you will be astonished by how much lighter and brighter life feels, once the weather has passed. You will be offered the holiday of a lifetime in 2019 or access to a holiday home. Just say yes.

  7. OMG, this perfectly describes my workplace at the moment. New company takeover at Christmas, the honeymoon period, since March the dominating, heavy handed processes & people’s true personalities coming out. Not sure I can work there any longer. My position has been completely down graded. I have moon in Capricorn in 1st Hse? Ascendant Capricorn

    1. I am so sorry you have been downgraded. That’s just typical of this cycle. Don’t worry. These people and organisations are doomed. Like big dinosaurs tumbling over a cliff, their time is already up, and it’s a case of tick-tock, tick-tock until 2020 when you will be astonished at what you have learned and how far you have come. Work on yourself. Your chart suits long-term ambition so set yourself a goal for 2025 and do whatever it takes to get there. Forget their personalities.

  8. Dear Jessica
    As long as Capricorn is basically my 12 house, I feel I am manipulated from behind the scenes by powerful dangerous women at work, and other cold major players. I had major raise of income when Pluto trined my Moon and Jupiter in Taurus. But still I dont have much power. I will definitely feel a relief while all these players like Saturn and Pluto will leave Capricorn…
    I have already survived Neptune and Uranus crossing of my ascendant in Aquarius, i hope I will nsurive Pluto opposing Mars and Saturn on DSC in Leo.

    1. Capricorn isn’t your Twelfth House in the Natural House system, it’s your Tenth, which rules your career. Does that make more sense? Capricorn rules your Tenth House of career, and you have difficult women at work to deal with. Have a look at your chart from that point of view. You can find out more about house systems on Search!

  9. Hi Jessica, interesting article! I’m Sun-cancer, rising capricorn and moon aquarius. Career, or lack of one has been a struggle since 2011. Opportunities come and fizzle out before taking off, or demand heavy choices and still nothing happens. Could you please tell of I need a new direction or how to work with this astrological climate. Thanks in advance!

    1. You have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of work ethic, service, daily routine, regular tasks and duty. Have you read How to Be Free by Tom Hodgkinson? He created The Idler, and has a similar Virgo signature to you. A lot of people born in the Sixties have this and they have to figure out how to work – but also how to be free. That’s your whole issue. With Pluto in the Sixth House you want control and you want to feel empowered, as if you are the boss of your own life. With Uranus in the Sixth House you will upset the apple cart (invite sacking, or unstable jobs in high turnover industries) if you feel you are trapped on any level. You probably do this quite unconsciously. Being unemployed is the most common choice Uranus-Pluto Virgo people make but it’s obviously not the the best one. There are many, many ways to be free and to be your own ship’s captain. Time to read Tom’s book or at least The Idler and see how other people are doing it. It’s the secret.

  10. I have Jupiter in Capricorn , Saturn in Capricorn and Salacia in Cap Im trying every thing I can to update Nursing skills and studying Counselling .

  11. “You are being put through a heavy Capricorn cycle – extreme Capricorn – which you have not experienced in your life.”

    Spot on.Jessica Just as I was about to put my career dream in to action recently when, within the space of 5 weeks my mother became ill & passed away. My dear Mother-in-law succumbed to cancer & passed. And now it looks as if my husband may be made redundant this week.

    I feel like I’m in quicksand and about to go under – solid earth has disappeared from beneath me. Any idea if this will pass and get better soon?

    1. I am very sorry to hear that you are having these family situations, one after the other. The IC at 16 Cancer in the Fourth House of your chart describes your parents, family, household and foundations. Pluto, Mars and Saturn are crossing (or will cross) 16 Capricorn so that is an opposition in your chart you will only have once, but it does make you feel as if you have no ground beneath your feet. This can and does get better, and in fact once it’s gone, you will never have this cycle again. Your IC shows the family tree and your ancestors and it may help to remember where you come from, and who has gone before you. They also survived (particularly the women) and you can draw strength from that. This cycle will also put you strongly in touch with your roots, heritage, culture, history and that’s a gift. Once the cycle ends – sooner rather than later – you will have a powerful sense of where you come from and later on you’ll be able to enjoy it. I want to tell you to do your family tree.

      1. Thank you for the reply, Jessica x I’ve called you ‘Spooky Lady’ before, and you just keep giving me evidence for it. These two women showed a strength of character and level of courage that left those who knew & loved them in awe. I think their example has imbued me with a sense of ‘you can survive anything’?

        Since they passed, I have been trying to research our family tree, It’s been a ‘distraction’ and a focus for when I feel myself becoming overwhelmed.

  12. I have only one Capricorn 28′ Mercury, perhaps why its felt like im going backwards or stuck in career, but working on a way to make it work better for me, it takes risk, what can i get away with.
    My home yes aggressive 21 Son Virgo Sun Aries rising, home issues, we really need to end this chapter, been 12 years in this home, a lot of sadness, trauma and happy times and memories here, time to move. Nesting getting things done in the option to selling later this year. New chapter new start, end of an era.

    Again Jessica your article hit home and relate to me. Thanks for the effort and information. Good to see im on the track i should be.

  13. Thanks Jessica! Having Jupiter Capricorn, I think I’ve been blessed with new opportunities for my new career! Yeah I do feel the pressure to renew and relaunch something lately but I managed to get it sorted. Im lucky to have my day job to pay all the bills and building my new career on the side. But mind and body is getting really tired for my day job which I’m ready to leave behind at anytime. Saturn definitely teaching me to work work work to get what I want!

  14. Hello Jessica, I have planets in Cancer and my asc. I am wanting to move house and buy another but because I can’t get the financial aspect sorted until I sell this one I can’t get the other one. It’s all a bit difficult and would appreciate any advice.

    Best Wishes

    1. Mars at 0 Cancer will do it for you. When Uranus moves to 0 Taurus in May, June 2018 he will make a sexy sextile to your Mars. A sudden, rather shocking turn of events in the national and world economy – perhaps involving your bank, or the property prices you are considering – will enable you to get cracking. In fact, you have a great property chart with Jupiter (blessings) at 26 Cancer in your Fourth House, alongside Mars, which is the classic renovator/DIY pattern. Even when things have been tough for you with a house or apartment, you have always been protected or helped. I can also see you have Saturn at 16 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and investment, so we could narrow this down to August 2018 when Jupiter goes to 16 Scorpio and you have your best, biggest opportunity in 12 years to create a massive solution for yourself. As Jupiter keeps moving, he will go to 24 Scorpio and make a beautiful trine to your natal Uranus at 24 Cancer, again in the Fourth House of property. He then completes an unforgettable year for you by making a trine to his own natal position, so when Jupiter goes to 26 Scorpio in your house of money, and trines natal Jupiter at 26 Cancer in your house of residence – you just know that there will be a chain of options for you. If you can make your choices any time you may want to wait until after you know where things stand in the economy, and with (inevitably) new laws coming worldwide across May, June. If you absolutely have to do things now, that’s fine, your Jupiter will pretty much look after you. For the most satisfaction I suspect you would be looking to radically renovate an existing home or co-create your vision of a really unique place – and maybe work with that idea in terms of investment or revenue. There was a time when AirBnB seemed quite radical, wasn’t there? And the tiny house movement too…I wonder what you might pioneer here? The North Node in Cancer will cross your Fourth House factors in the near future so there will be a huge flashback to the past, too.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. I shall let you know how it all pans out. Very best wishes x

  15. wow, first of all, poor, poor Syria, being under the triple whammy. From a personal perspective, i’m totally feeling every bit of the triple threat. The Mars archetype is someone in a position of power over me who pretty much fits all the bullet points listed and my work and career are in serious jeopardy due to this person’s antics. Talk about astrology playing out in life. In addition, Saturn and Pluto are also killing me with their tough, tough love. Being on the lookout for a new job is frustrating and the waiting and effort seem endless. Even my romantic relationships are adversely affected.
    I know I have a Capricorn stellium but I don’t understand it and would love some illumination on what exactly is happening and if there may be any relief in the future. Warmest Regards.

    1. The long-suffering people of Syria – especially the children – need all the money we can give. And if we can’t give money, we can give our time and energy to help others make money for them. This Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn transit is heavy, but one has to push back. Now, you were born with Uranus, Juno, Neptune and the Node in Capricorn in your Tenth House so this stellium describes your ambition to get to the top of your chosen field, but also to have ‘top’ status in terms of how society sees successful people. The Node there suggests this is a really familiar story in your life, going back several lifetimes. In fact, the karma with one or more family members is essentially about deciding to stay at home, in your home town, close to the family – or being aspirational enough to move to a bigger place, away from everything and everybody you know, in order to make it. Making it, may take you away from who and what your family were. You are going to have your Node Return from Tuesday 6th November, reaching into 2019, triggering this Capricorn/Cancer opposition in your chart. You will feel the ‘bump’ from that day forward, and next year you will make a decision about home/success, family/status, familiar/unfamiliar and be tempted to move for work, or even go back home altogether. You have to answer Cancer or Capricorn in your chart, you see. This awful person at work is just part of the bigger story and he/she will be a thorn in your side until you decide just how much you want from success, what you are prepared to do to get it, and where you need to be. You also need to look at that age-old Cancer-Capricorn question: What happens if you earn more than your parents did, or reach a higher position socially? Uncomfortable but important. Once you are at Christmas 2019, you will find the issue is over and done with and you can move onto other things. Until then success really does have to be sorted out. Hit Search to read more about the Tenth House, Capricorn and the particular horoscope factors you have in that sign. Look up Cancer and the Fourth House too, and the Nodes.

      1. I’m always amazed by how eerily accurate everything that you write about happens to be! I have already moved to the other side of the world to pursue my ambitions because there truly was nothing for me back home. Now I’m all alone here, but even success seems really far away. What’s even more eerie is that my Node return begins on my dad’s birthday, and wow, are those themes playing out. Is there an article about Node returns to better understand what happens during it? Its true that my stellium does define my desire to be at the ‘top’, I guess I have no idea how to get there.
        As for Syria, hopes and prayers are not enough, for sure. They definitely need all the aid we can give them.

        1. You are living your chart, as they say. Your father’s birthday is tied into the Node pattern and of course, you two have been involved in previous lifetimes. Sometimes the connection is not family at all. Old soldiers in army units can agree to reincarnate together as father and daughter, the better to act out karma! You will learn so much more about your Capricorn side by Christmas 2019.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have sun in Capricorn and Saturn in cancer. Spot on! ….If in Capricorn, the issue is your career, your unpaid work or your university degree. All kinds of position. If in Cancer, the issue is your house, apartment, home town, homeland, family or household. All kinds of home…. This perfectly describes my situation at the moment. No job and home alone for six months. Feeling really depressed.

    Would mind giving me a look when I can get a job?

    1. I’m glad this is spot on. Depression is an illness, though – I assume you have seen your doctor for help. You will be given an opportunity to study in a new field, retrain or upskill in 2019 and this will get you a role working with people from other regions, countries, cultures and nationalities. Of course you can always say no. You are strongly Aquarian and should be in or around groups, clubs, teams, charities, networks, societies, associations of all kinds. It’s actually your life path. One of the reasons you have been job-free is to give you the freedom to put time and energy into these circles. Have you done that? It will be huge for you from Christmas 2019.

  17. Anything has a horoscope in astrology including a business account and a Full Moon is not your best time, to be honest. Louisa, you may want to wait for a useful aspect involving Jupiter (expansion, growth) in Scorpio (finance) and so that moves you to Friday 25th May and the Jupiter trine to Neptune. That’s unusual and these two are important planets. Jupiter is at 16 Scorpio and Neptune is at 16 Pisces and you have Neptune in Scorpio natally, so this suits your chart – you are inclined to seek an escape from the real world through money, shopping, business and so on.

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