Chiron in Aries 2018

How will Chiron in Aries in 2018, 2019 and the end of Uranus in Aries affect you?

Chiron in Aries 2018

Chiron is entering Aries. Uranus is moving out of Aries. What does this mean in your personal birth chart and also in your sun sign chart? Where are you about to be taught new rules – or even throw out the rules?

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70 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, another great article! I’m a sun Cancer with my Chiron in Aires, does this add anything to what you’ve written?

    1. Your Chiron Return is in your First House of name, profile, online identity, face, shape and style. You’ll be challenged and also tempted to try something which is pretty astonishing. You need temerity to pull it off, but you can do it. If you told me you were thinking of masquerading in a virtual reality world with a name and face unlike your own I wouldn’t be totally surprised. Yet – we also see people having big hairdresser appointments on this cycle – and the new hair colour/cut seems to inspire them to pursue other identities for professional reasons too.

  2. Oh I love this ! Imagining Chiron as a Punk rock artist and I’m ready for a whole new world and new possibilities. I’ve been working for a while on my website started from scratch and have come to travel for new projects but too complicated…I have gotten a lot of experience out of my U turns and mistakes and what not. I think I can this could grow into something interesting ! And the fact that I do have Chiron in Aries is funny too ! Thanks Jessica !

  3. Thanks Jessica! So many great articles lately! You are very right about me as Sun Leo – Lots of training (Academia, Informal Education) My website, social media (Publishing, Websites) always travelling (Travel) I’m working with lots of foreigners (Foreigners) Mindfulness and mind-body related things (Spirituality/Belief) Research and study for things related to my new career in wellness industry (Science). I have Aries in Aesculapia Diana Bacchus Proserpina, not sure how should I read into it. I only know for sure from now there are lots of work in progress happening for next few years. So much to learn!

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I have Chiron in Aries—is there anything that I need to know?
    Thank you.

    1. You will be among the first to feel your Chiron Return as he is at 0 Aries in your chart. You will also have Uranus at 0 Taurus semi-sextile your Chiron in May, June 2018. So it’s all about you. As in ‘me, me, me’ and how you use your title, reputation, physical appearance and the rest to do the work for you. I am sure you have a really great track record in getting away with all kinds of things in that department, but this is bigger than that. This is a real jaw-on-the-floor achievement. I’ve seen it in the charts of women who lose two stone and get the bodies of gymnasts. And use a second name and write a radio script and don’t tell anyone!

  5. Hi Jessica: I just notice that I have Aries in Chiron in my natal chart. After reading this article, it seems that is significant, but how?. Please help!
    Thank you 🙂

    1. You are having your Chiron Return in Aries so it is time to see what you can get away with, when it comes to yourself. What ‘impossible’ goal in regard to your personal appearance, name, reputation, title or profile can you attempt? Chiron was an archer and he hit targets that were quite unbelievable. He was also half horse, half human, which many found difficult to believe. So, as Chiron returns, you could easily experiment quite wildly with who you are online, for example.

  6. Hi Jessica, thanks for another fabulous post, I’m loving these recent blogs, I’m learning a lot. The one thing I do have trouble understanding though is the houses. I have researched on your site and tried to figure out how to know which signs are in which house but am still confused. How do I figure that out? I have MC in Aries at 7º and sun in Virgo at 22º. Any super simple instructions on how to find out what I have in which houses would be awesome. Thanks again x

    1. Your MC is in Aries in your First House of image, so the way you look/appear is actually your whole life path and calling. Your title, name, reputation – what you wear – how you present – how you go up front is your path. (This does depend on a 100% accurate birth time). Your Sun in Virgo is in the Sixth House of work, and the body. So you shine when you honour your work ethic and also when you look after your health and fitness. Putting all this together we would say it’s all about the shape you’re in and in fact this First House-Sixth House combination is common in the charts of yoga teachers who ‘sell’ their courses based on how amazing they look. There are many ways to live it out.

  7. Hi dear Jessica,
    now I have more question in my mind, because as my natal chart, Chiron is 29°41′ Aries and I saw that you said Chiron was found in 1977 ( at my birth year ! ) you told from 17 April it would be a real turning point for me and of course I feel it good from March, I want to know if it is more effect when our dear Uranus, will pass also from my natal Chiron in Aries?

    1. Haleh, you have a stellium in Aries and actually, Chiron will conjunct the Sun in Aries in your First House, before he does anything else. He will eventually reach his own spot, though, and you will have your Chiron Return. You are the kind of person who should push image, profile, appearance, brand, style, name and the rest to get what you want. People will took twice, three times because of the image you radiate and this will help you – for example – in your profession. We sometimes see people who trade purely on their exterior with this placement. As Chiron crosses your Sun in the First House of ‘Me’ you will be given a chance to use a different name, maybe two names – but also to dramatically reshape your body – maybe explore what is possible with hair, glasses, clothes. You’ll relaunch.

  8. Hi Jess… I was born with chiron in Aries is this a double dose for me and its communication? As always gracias…


    1. Oscar, you have Minerva there too and actually Chiron will conjunct Minerva first of all. Do you have qualifications? Minerva is the wisdom in your chart and in Aries she is in the First House of name, title, image and profile. You may be about to get them, or use them in a new way. This is also significant as Jupiter in Sagittarius in your Ninth House (education, training, academia) will be there from the end of this year and trine Minerva and then Chiron while this is under way. Just a thought!

  9. Thank you for this post. The wounded healer archetype always seemed so self-defeating and hopeless so a different definition is welcome. I have both Chiron and Mars in Aries and not sure whether to be nervous or feel a sense of relief regarding the impending transitions. Not sure if a Chiron return is meaningful and what that would mean or how to best work on that. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Chiron gathered herbs on Mount Pelion, we are told, and he certainly had a hand in some kinds of medicine, but when he was wounded, he did not leap up with his bag of potions and start curing people. He crawled into a cave ready to die! He is usually pictured with a lyre, teaching the art of what we would have called ‘guitar rock’ about 2000 years ago. The fact that he was found and named in 1977 is a pretty big clue as this is when punk rock began to transform the music industry so that bands learned how to become independent in every aspect of music production and promotion. So, if you have Chiron and Mars in Aries in your First House, and Aesculapia too, that is quite significant and you will really feel your Chiron Return, but also Chiron slowly conjuncting both Mars and Aesculapia as the years go by. In actual fact it is Chiron right on your Aesculapia that comes first. The latter is about rebirth, resurrection, miraculous ‘reappearance’ and revival – even after one assume that something or someone is over. This is your image. It may be your physical appearance, title, name, role, profile or identity. This triple line-up means you can use self-promotion and ‘being front and centre’ to achieve your goals in life and Chiron Returns are usually about seeing what you can get away with. It’s time to do ‘Me’ on Social Me-Me-Media or in the real world and actually, until you do that and work with the idea of being out there/up there Chiron is not going to let you rest. This is a really common placement in the charts of people who become their own brand or are the ‘outline’ or ID of their own cause/product.

  10. Hi

    Thank you Jessica . I was waiting for this post. I have a few questions, if you don’t mind me asking.

    Chiron is audacious, but his end, how does it affect?

    When I am about to have Chiron return, I am told that I am menopausal. Usually chiron return takes when we are about 46. Is there a link?

    Chiron is going to opposemy libra planets. What can I expect?

    Thank you kindly

    1. Chiron is often described as a wounded healer, which is very confusing, as healing was only part of his range of abilities, and in the Roman/Latin myths passed down to us, he was also a rather unconventional teacher. He challenges us and confronts conservative ideas. Your Chiron Return in Aries in the First House could easily coincide with a change in your hair, face (cosmetic surgery, make-up), glasses, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, weight loss/gain, body reshaping, wardrobe transformation. You may also experiment with your name, profile, persona and title. Chiron is about seeing what is possible even if it is supposed to be impossible. Dennis Elwell has written the best work on Chiron I have seen. Google him – and also Zane Stein – who is a great astrologer.

  11. My moon and descendant are in Aries. I actually have a new beginning right now, newly separated, I will be coping entirely on my own financially.
    My Taurus friend and deep love, is overseas for now. We agree that patience will let our lifes unfold, we have no way of controlling anything.

  12. Hi Jessica, I have my natal Chiron in Aries too. My ascendant is also Aries. Can you please share what strikes you as possibly in store with Chiron moving into Aries?

    1. You have Saturn, Hygiea and the North Node all in Aries in your First House too, so the whole business of pushing yourself forward, being the front person, fronting up to life – putting your best foot forward – getting your face, name and title across – is complicated. It is very likely you have one or more past lives where this was a real struggle for you. Your Chiron Return will teach you about how to make the most of your reputation, appearance, image and style and use it to get what you need from life. You often find people who are ‘all brand’ like Jeremy Clarkson or Vivienne Westwood with this pattern. He uses cars to push himself forward and ‘say who he is.’ She uses her clothes.

  13. Jessica. I have Ceres in Aries at 0 degrees. What can I expect with the Chiron conjunction? As it happens in my 8th house, can this affect finances/property?

    1. Not in your Eighth House using the Natural House system, but your First House of image, profile, name, title, wardrobe, hair, attitude and reputation. All the external things of life, but they say so much about what is happening on the inside. Ceres is really about how you strike deals with the world. How you compromise about how you look and appear. When Chiron goes across that, you’ll find you are able to relaunch yourself. New look, new you, new profile – your choice.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for such interesting posts of late with so much movement coming in May… I can’t WAIT to see how Uranus in Taurus plays out on the world stage! Can you tell me what’s in store as I have Chiron in Aries as well as Mars, Jupiter and Panacea all in Aries in my first house.
    Thanks again for thought-provoking and illuminating articles.

    1. Thank you. You will have a new look, actually two quite radically different new looks, if you want them. This says something about what is happening on the inside, which is a new excitement about how you can experiment with your name, persona – attitude – hair, clothes and the rest. It’s like putting on a new uniform. The trick with Aries is to always step outside yourself, to see ‘you’ as others see you. And if it’s too much all about you, to pull it right back. Make it about them. Do you, but do you, for them! Your very presence becomes a gateway for others to also experiment with life.

  15. Hi Jessica

    Given I’m Sun Libra, and this effects partners and rivalries for me, practically, is this a question to myself on how far I can push certain boundaries, and I will be given signs and so on?

    Or can I actually propose a push in boundaries with someone else and see where it can lead? If so, is there a proper timing for when I can discuss these or any times that I should avoid? If I actually wanted to communicate now, with Mercury retrograde, it would seem that I would have those boundary pushing communications well into May instead? And since natal chart wise, chiron is in Gemini for me, ruled by Mercury (if I recall correctly), that’s more the reason to wait?


    1. Shaolee, Mercury Retrograde Shadow in your solar Seventh House of love and sex, is not the time to talk and get firm answers. Keep this going back and forth (it will anyway) and you will find out where you stand by May!

  16. Hi Jessica, I’m a little bit concerned have 6 planets in Aries, one being Chiron. Any advice pleeeeease

    1. Chiron can be quite enthralling, so no need for concern – but you will feel him right across all your Aries placements. You will relaunch once, twice, maybe three times on this cycle with a new look and perhaps a variation on your name, reputation or title. Chiron gallops around asking you to think about what is allegedly impossible or unthinkable. This is your punk rock phase. And it’s all about you!

  17. So interesting! I have also just noticed that I have Chiron in 27 Aries and it got me thinking. Two days ago I cut my long hair. Last time I did the same thing was in 2003. I am a bit introvert, shy person and not really good in communication when it comes to relationships and love and somehow wearing short hair makes me at least just a bit bolder…It really looks good on me, can’t stop looking at the mirror 😉 But I think I cut it again now just to fight the shyness and get courageous again. I like when you connect music and planets, my song for the previous week was Pavement’s Cut your hair, saying “darling don’t you go and cut your hair, do you think it’s gonna make him change” 😉 Thank you for another great article!

    1. Cutting off your long hair is one way of starting the new Chiron in Aries transit in your First House of image. The short hair change is making you bolder. I love this comment you sent, thank you. Keep playing Pavement!

  18. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks a lot for the articles. I have Chiron 26° Aries 03′ 01″ R, Jupiter 19° Aries 23′ 43″ R & Panacea 08° Aries 10′ 18″ R.
    Based on these placements what can I expect? I’m taking up a new higher profile role as of Monday the 16th. Will these have an impact on my career/role?

    Many Thanks, NP

    1. There you go. Your new, higher profile role is coming to pass, as your Aries stellium in the First House of image, is shaken up by Chiron entering Aries. Can you get away with putting a safety pin in your lapels? John Lydon did. Can you change your surname to something you invent? John Lydon did that too! You’ll get the hang of this cycle in 2018 and by April-May 2019 when the Sun goes through Aries you will realise it’s all about seeing where the new rules are – because you just changed them all.

  19. Hi Jessica, I’ve come across articles about how Chiron is going to relaunch some of us. Could it be that powerful?
    I have only two aspects Apollo (16 deg) and Prosperina (21 deg) in Aries and Chiron at 15 deg in Taurus. Is this significant for me? If yes, could you shed a little light please? Thank you so much!


    1. S, it will take a while for Chiron to cross your Aries factors, but you will feel the ‘bump’ as he moves into your First House of image, profile, appearance, title, name and reputation. What is typical of this cycle is a feeling of being invited to do something which is very confronting for more traditional or conservative people. It will be something that some doubt you could even pull off, but you could! It is very much about ‘me’ on social me-me-media, but also in the real world. See what you can do.

  20. Hi Jessica, thanks for so many great articles. I have a much better understanding of astrology from your blogs. My Chiron is in Pisces. Does this mean its affect is waning off? How does Chiron in Aries affect my chart? Thanks!

    1. You’ve had your Chiron Return in Pisces and that part of your life is over. You have Ceres at 2 Aries so when Chiron crosses 2 Aries (Chiron conjunct Ceres in the First House) you will be challenged to strike a deal with other people – or maybe the world in general – about your appearance, reputation and image. All change. New you.

  21. Hi Jessica, with Chiron at 07 Aires (and also retrograde), is there anything else you can tell me about my chart? Thanks Jessica

    1. The Chiron Return is a little way off but it will involve your Hygiea in Leo as well, as the two are trine. You have what is known as Chiron trine Hygiea. In plain English, the issue will be a lover, pregnancy, children, godchildren, nieces and nephews – or youth as a whole. This is about you, and how you look and appear. Who you seem to be. Yet, it has a great deal to do with the way you feel about the younger generation who need your guidance, influence and example. Without knowing anything else about you, that is a pretty broad message but you can apply it to yourself. When Chiron moves to 7 Aries (watch the front page of this website) it will be triggered. A really bog-standard interpretation of this is that you become pregnant and get engaged, so you change your name and go from single to married – and single to mother. Your own life will show you how this transit pans out because I don’t know if you are straight, gay, transgender, married, single, child-free or a parent!

  22. Hi Jessica i have Chiron in Aries 24″ The Aquarius list above is this where the significant revolution of Uranus moving in 15 May comes or Chiron over the rest of 2018-2019? I have brain tumour which give me seizures that leave me paralysed and unable to speak double vision and migraines blind or coloured spots (communication sight). So unable to work when unable to speak or stand. Frustrating as heck!
    I am working now on my business web getting help from friends to try and achieve complete online or 95% so when i am severely ill i’m still earning money. Im also working at adding products that go along with my Hypnotherapy work, ie 30 day eating plan 30 day exercise for overall health and wellbeing for all my hypnosis sessions.
    How will this change affect this? Will this be a positive change?

    Thanks as always great read.

    1. Your speech issues, and also your reading issues, must be so hard to live with – but yes, they do fit what is happening in your horoscope, if you were born with the Sun in Aquarius. Looking at your chart, and the Third House of communication, it occurs to me that you may need to make a deal with the universe whereby you accept time out from talking/typing/internet and just ‘let it be’ and wait for everything to come around again. Meditating, for example, and sitting in silence is one way of doing it.

  23. You present Chiron different, I didn’t like to read that all he was was wounded and where he is in my chart I must sufer What kind of positive perspective that is? 😀 Would you Look at my chart and tell me How my Chiron is doing and How much of a impact will have after moving to Aries? Aries is stronger in my chart than Taurus, where I have Choron

    1. You have Chiron at 12 Taurus in the Second House of money, charity, business, values, houses, possessions and apartments. Chiron was never a wounded healer. He used herbal medicine sometimes. Yes, he was wounded, but he didn’t go on healing after that! Chiron the centaur is an unusual teacher. In your chart by sign and house he reveals how you also educate people. You set an example, influence and guide them – but not in a regular way. You do this through everything you own, earn or owe. Uranus will enter Taurus in mid-May with a bang, and suddenly move into this Second House of yours. So you will certainly feel the shift, right around the world, as well as where you live. Educate yourself as fast and as far as you can, because when Uranus eventually conjuncts your Chiron it will be the biggest rollercoaster of your life, and you will bring everything you learned since 2018 into a brand new situation that takes your breath away.

      1. Thank you. I’m trying to educate my friends and everyone who is in blind on Taurus matters, That’s true. Mostly by example, Wow 🙂 I didn’t see the connection to Chiron. I don’t like amusement parks, but rollercoasters and my attitude “try me, i dare you” hope will be fun combination, not only scary 🙂

  24. Hi Jessica,

    I have 5 factors in Aries so clearly Chiron will have a huge impact. How do I make sense of all these planets in Aries and affect of Chiron.

    Thank you for this detailed article and always responding to additional questions!

    1. You are strongly Aries and will feel Chiron immediately across your Mercury in Aries in the First House. The First House is worth looking at, if you hit Search, as your whole life and personality revolves around yourself, because you are the product – you are the brand – you are the badge/flat for something bigger than yourself. We sometimes see this with people in the army, navy or air force because they are all about their rank, uniform and identity tag. They are not the human being inside – they are ‘flying the flag’ for their country via their appearance and name. You also see this in the police force and even with flight attendants. I don’t know how your Aries stellium has manifested in your own life. Sometimes people become famous (or YouTube famous, anyway) with it, because it’s all about being upfront, being the front person and pushing to the front. You will be well and truly familiar with your Aries stellium destiny by this time next year. The best use of this pattern is to find a good cause – fight the good fight – and be courageous enough to step up and be identified with it. To become a spokesperson for something you believe in, even just on Twitter.

      1. Thank you, this is interesting. I am not sure how to look at Aries stellum and how it has affected my life. I will definitely read more and pay more attention on this phase.

  25. Ooh, interesting! I’m really glad that I found this article because my natal Chiron is in Aries. I think I am right in saying that Chiron is in my ninth house (?), which feels pretty apt as there is a possibility that I will be getting funding to do research over the next 12 months (fingers crossed!). I have felt that my life has been lived behind the scenes over the last few years, which I suppose makes sense since it’s in the 12th house of my sun sign chart. It fascinates me how astrology constantly works!

    1. In the Natural House system Chiron is in Aries in your First House of image. Your name, title, appearance, role, profile and general aura. You have Neptune at 0 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia. When Jupiter moves to 0 Sagittarius at the end of this year, you will have the biggest and best opportunity for over a decade to study, teach, travel and even live in a foreign place, or a location which is foreign to you, yet within your own country. It would be the ultimate holiday from reality. Keep watching Jupiter. (The Chiron transit is about how you are seen, and how you appear – and it’s a relaunch you will see when Chiron moves to 8 Aries and you have your Chiron Return and are tempted to push the boat out).

  26. Morning Jessica,

    I’ve been reading your replies to others who have Chiron in Aries seeing if I can glean any insights that might illuminate me in what I might expect. I have one more Aries placement on my DC. Aries isn’t my favourite sign, having been in opposition to one many moons ago and been ripped to pieces by how brutal they can be, and their narcissism, sense of entitlement and lies or untruths to make themselves right.

    So, I’ve been pondering this article. Mostly trying to understand how this will impact my sun sign area where you say might be impacted – House. Land. Apartment. Holiday Home. Home Town. Homeland. Boat. Caravan. Family. Household.

    The Aries mentioned above already cost me my house, my hometown ( moved countries), and systemic changes in family and life. Yes, I have freedom. I totally appreciate that. Yes, I have moved on and slowly feel at the helm emotionally again. So, the combination of Aries near my House, Land, Homeland, Family does make me a little cold at the thought of them impacting the new me.

    Am I right, hoping this will be a period of time that gifts me to release finally and feel secure and emboldened not looking over my shoulder every now and again. And able to stand my ground when attacked by Aries because the wounds have healed.

    Thanks in advance x

    1. You have had major cycles in the Fourth House (your people and your place) in both the chart systems I use for you. In your public chart, the Capricorn horoscope, you have been going through transits affecting property, relatives and your sense of place. In your private birth chart, you have also had cycles in the same spot. No wonder you have been unable to settle. You were born with the MC (your life direction) at 14 Cancer and the South Node (karma) at 14 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, home town and house. For the first time in over 240 years, you have seen Pluto – total transformation – going slowly across 14, 15, 16 Capricorn which is the opposite sign to Cancer. So, you have felt powerless to push back against changes which are beyond your control, affecting your sense of belonging to a particular family or a specific part of the world – even your own four walls and roof. This cycle is fading. You will feel it improving in 2018, starting from the middle of May, as the constant sense of uncertainty or unpredictability stops. Then, in 2019, for the very last time, you will experience the final row of question marks. By this time next year you will have a completely different direction in terms of where you see yourself belonging, and to whom you belong, in the family tree. It may still be quite experimental and rather adventurous, but it will at least allow you to feel settled. You’ll feel a series of ‘clicks’ in 2018 and then by the end of 2019 feel absolutely sorted out. Sometimes the family is an animal companion. I have seen a similar chart to yours, with a man whose family was his dog. He has been unable to settle or feel at home since 2011 and has sold a house, built a house, and is now selling that and considering moving to the other side of the world, where his roots and heritage are (he is a migrant). So, you see, this cycle can manifest in all kinds of ways. The main thing is that you know for sure 2019 can give you some kind of certainty and stability, if you want it.

      1. Thank you so much, Jessica, for taking the time to answer my ramblings. Umm, animal companion indeed. Sadly, my two furry soul mates had to be rehomed in Feb 2015 which was absolutely heartbreaking. I don’t think one ever truly forgets or has complete closure like when your beloved pet passes over when with you. Lord, I still remember their birthdays every year, and we still talk about them. Bless.

        My tribe would love a dog, which would only be possible if we can own a house with a garden. Financially, I can’t afford a house (unless the cryptos have a terrific run in late 2018 early 2019), so we buy tickets in prize homes with gardens since my little #4 monkey has some Taurus and Scorpio placements (25/1/2014 – 6.46pm) and is adamant about having super “activate winning house powers” to be able to one day have a beloved dog again. Little 4’s belief that we WILL have a house and more than enough money, is unwavering so I scrimp for the tickets. Little 4 is happy to not have treats, toys or special clothes to make sure we have the ticket. Little 4 is never heartbroken when we don’t win and quite matter of fact that the house will come to us if we stay focused. It’s not every house that Little #4 chooses to enter either it must meet the exacting standards of what a home is for Little #4 (must have nature around it, a large garden and a nice sunset. A pool obviously makes the list too but it is not as important as nature and garden to grow things and have a woofie. Oh, and the Master Bedroom is always Little 4’s :-). I get bedroom 2 or 3 down the hallway) .

        So, I nurture it, indulge it, and hope that it inspires a love for architecture in later life or a development/ property empire. Let’s hope the revolution allows me to get enough $$’s together and have a lucky break to able to to get that ” perfect house with a garden for the said chosen one/ dog to join our family and complete the family unit.

        Blessings for your guidance and for helping give us hope and some light in the fog that has past and all that is coming.

  27. Hi Jessica , I have Juno and my desc in Aries.
    . I’m thinking that this means that I am committed to my home and family as Chiron now conjuncts with them at 0 and 1 Aries. Am I on track in my thoughts ?
    Thanks ! Deidre

    1. Deirdre, this is quite wrong, so I am not sure where you are getting your information from! Juno is about commitment. Who and what you ‘wed’ yourself to, almost as if you were tying a knot and making a promise. The Descendant is the other person in a partnership, a former partnership or a potential partnership. It can also describe your enemy, opponent or rival. Put those two together in Aries in the First House, and as Chiron passes by, there is a major question about your title, role, reputation, image, profile and appearance. Look up the First House on Search because this is where you have a lifelong pattern of making big commitments – and they always involve being married or single, for example, or being seen in the context of opponents. This is a common pattern in the charts of people who marry and have major issues about changing their surname, or leaving it standing. Or they date someone who has a major impact on their reputation or ‘how they are seen’ socially. You also see it when people are obese and lose weight and their marriage breaks up! I am sure you can see the variations on the theme, but it will always be about you, you, you and how you look to the world. Chiron is going to force a massive decision out of you regarding this in 2018.

      1. Thanks Jessica ! Apparently a drink or 2 and astrology doesn’t mix for me . I was thinking IC for some reason when looking at my descendant. At any rate this should be an interesting time for me !

  28. If you dont mind me asking a second question, how would it affect Libra’ s relationships after uranus’ s rampage.?

    Thank you

    1. You have a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House (more than three factors is unusually high). Libra the scales is about balancing partnerships of all kinds – sexual or professional. Libra is also about the scales of justice, when you are doing battle with a rival, opponent or enemy. You are strongly Libran like a few of my readers, and have put up with Uranus in Aries opposing, or clashing with, your Libra factors since 2011. What you have been dealing with is selfishness. Self-interest, narcissism and Social Me-Me-Me-Media. Facebook is the worst offender here. Your former, current or potential partner has been acting out the Aries weather for you, or perhaps you have been dealing with someone against you, who has also been manifesting (or channelling) extreme Aries! As you have had about seven years to learn about this kind of attitude, and these types of people and organisations – which encourage and in fact cultivate self-interest, ego and self-promotion – you are now truly experienced. You have Chiron in Aries yourself, so you know that side of you which likes to be upfront, first, front-and-centre and the centre of attention. Yet, you are more Libran than Aries so your natural instinct is to form duets and pairs with others. As Chiron goes through Aries and opposes your Libran factors one more time, you will be shown another lesson about the best way to make ‘two’ happen and how to avoid people who are all about ‘one’ (themselves). If you hit Aries and the First House, and Libra and the Seventh House, on Search – you will find out more about these two zodiac signs and how the new Chiron in Aries weather is likely to play out. At a certain point you have to ditch people who are self-obsessed and do not know how to play nicely with one other person. They suck time and energy. At a certain point you also have to wake up to any Aries issues in your own life, personality and chart as it is so easy, with all this Aries weather (first Uranus, now Chiron and eventually Neptune) to become lost in yourself. The future is actually about groups, not even partnerships, so the more you can do to ‘think group’ the better off you will be long term when from Christmas 2019 Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius together, the sign of community. Then from 2023 Pluto enters Aquarius. Again, the world will revolve around friendships (genuine friendships) and groups of all kinds. The sooner you can sort out your Aries side, and other Aries types, the better off you will be. Any strongly Aries person needs to remember that he/she is the flag-bearer for the group – the fearless, feisy and forthright ‘face’ or ‘name’ of a really good cause. Yet, the cause comes first and so do the friends, and the network as a whole. Not the Aries type. I hope you can immediately see who and what I am talking about, as you have come across this at least twice, in an unforgettable way, since 2011.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I am so pleased that Chiron is moving out of Pisces, as there is only so much pain a person can take(!). Thankfully, I only have an asteroid, Vulcano, in Aries. I have researched Vulcano in the asteroid download and what I gather it is about controlling fire or passions. Please explain what it could mean when Chiron meets it in Aries.

    1. Vulcano at 6 Aries in your First House of image, profile, name, reputation and appearance will be well and truly brought alive by Chiron when he finally gets to 6 Aries in your chart. Vulcano is a symbol of self-control and self-mastery, which is empowering and potent. I am sure you know he found his wife Venus and Mars in bed together. He was the blacksmith who ‘steeled himself’ not to react in the heat of the moment. Instead he made a net to throw over them so the gods could laugh at them. Vulcano is like a volcano – you feel all the heat below the surface and it stays down below. I suspect this will be more about your reputation or brand than your physical look, but Chiron will teach you a lesson about how to use your willpower to handle matters of ‘Me’ and it will probably be on social me-me-media. I have seen this pattern in people who lose a lot of weight as well.

  30. I am so amazed right now. Right when I was reading up on my Capricorn factors, I found this gem of an article. 17th April has definitely been the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me, and my image, finances are all affected. Would you be able to shed some light on the chart factors I have in Aries, please, Jessica? And how will that progress and change till 2019?

    1. Thank you. Actually, the Capricorn weather will affect you far more than anything else, and by Christmas 2019 the total reshape of your ambition, position, mission, status and success is complete. You will be affected by what happens to governments and big business through six degrees, or closer. The old system of white male privilege is breaking down and will reach collapse as we leave the Capricorn stellium behind and go into a mini Age of Aquarius when diversity and equality are the norm. It is very important that you understand your Capricorn side and lean towards a structure which is going to last, rather than one which is wobbling around like Trump Tower in the wind.

  31. Hi Jessica

    Hope you are well , so many fabulous articles , thanks so much .

    Your astrological forecasts and articles have worked so well for me ,I have come to rely on them for guidance and decision making . I have Chiron in Aries , will appreciate it if you could please let me know how things are going to pan out in the coming months , my son is an Aries 22.3.2005 and so is my ex

    There is also a pressing family matter I am currently dealing with , do you see me having to go back to court , will it sort itself out .

    I have been told by so many people that … he is coming back ….is he ? and really want to know your insights on this , so grateful for your time and kindness . blessings



    03° Aries 22′ 11″

    1. Jo, I am glad the astrology is helping you. Now, those questions are many and varied. Your Chiron Return in Aries is really simple. When it happens, you will find yourself tempted to go further – do more – break a few rules – see what is possible. The experiment is yourself. Your hair, face, shape, clothes, name, image, profile and personal brand. You might dye your hair bright red and invent a fake name for a particular website, for example. Family matters are Cancer placements in your Fourth House and you have a ton of those, which have all been opposed by Pluto in Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer. This is about karma stretching back years and even into previous lifetimes. The last detail of the family issue will be sorted out when the North Node in Cancer cycle finishes. It does not begin until the end of this year, and is there through 2019, so you will need to be patient regarding the ‘soul debts’ and the balance sheet on a karmic level, no matter what happens with the law. Yet, once it’s finished, it’s over with, Jo. Family matters just won’t be an issue once the North Node is out of Cancer. Not for 15 years anyway! Your last question is so popular with Tarot readers, astrologers and psychics as ‘Is he coming back?’ is one of the most repeated things we hear. Without his chart I can’t say. Use your Astrology Oracle and try a Romeo and Juliet reading. This is the Oracle I use for myself, my family and friends when they ask me. It really works. Take a deep breath…

  32. Hi Jessica I have Chiron in Aries. My work lifehas been a non stop roller coaster since 2011 and now it seems more change is on the horizon, did I mention I hate change? Is there anything you see I
    In my chart with both Chiron and Uranus changing signs

    1. You have your Chiron Return in Aries at some point. Chiron is a symbol of chutzpah, temerity and audacity. Chiron encourages us to see what we can get away with. If we do get away with it, jaws are usually on the floor. There may be a sense of outrage, even, or people may say something or someone is ‘out of the question’ or ‘beyond the pale.’ You don’t say what degree your Chiron is. In Aries, in the First House, we are talking about matters of self-promotion, self-advancement, image, profile, reputation and appearances. The best analogy I can give you is the behaviour of the North Korean leader at the moment.

  33. Hi Jessica I have Chiron in 17°  Aries 02′ 48″. My work life has been a non stop roller coaster since 2011. Been in Aries my image has taken a good beating in relation to my career. My personal chart is available as I am premium member.
    Is there anything you see In my chart with both Chiron and Uranus changing signs.

    1. You are also a Sun Cancer person who has been dealing with Uranus (rollercoaster) in Aries in your Tenth House of career since 2011. The question about Chiron and Uranus is a good one. In your public life, which your Solar Sign House chart describes, you are in transition from years of ‘the rejection dance’ into life the way you remember it. I suspect you have been knocked back/ignored/sidelined rather too often, yet at the same time, you have slowly been pushing right away from particular people/organisations/ideas/situations in your chosen field which just don’t work for you. What you will notice from mid-May is that you have found a new way to go back to your past (pre 2011) in the way you used to handle work. The radical experiments are over. You are being offered something that harks back to 2010 and before. At the same time, you will only accept it, if it allows you to ‘flip’ things or spin the system in some way. This would be an ideal use of the transit and I think the faces or places or projects may already be in front of you. Essentially you’re going to take everything you learned, so successfully, during the years of ‘the rejection dance’ and apply it to this weird mixture of old world/new world coming up. Despite the rollercoaster, you will look back at how much you have learned, gained and stockpiled eventually and realise that the rollercoaster was the only way it could have happened. In your personal chart, I am sure that Saturn crossing your Jupiter in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success was the last straw recently, but don’t worry. Your Jupiter Return is not far away and you’ll have the best opportunity in 12 years to get to the top of your mountain.

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