Uranus in Taurus and You

What will happen when Uranus moves into Taurus in May 2018? How will you be affected? For Scorpio, this is about marriage. For Leo, it's about career. The planet of radical change is about to call a revolution.

Uranus in Taurus and You

What will happen when Uranus moves into Taurus in May 2018? How will you be affected? For Scorpio, this is about marriage. For Leo, it’s about career. The planet of radical change is about to call a revolution.

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93 Responses

  1. This sounds terribly exciting! I have a theory about Trump and this time. I think he was necessary to start the revolution. He’s the epitome of what we need to jettison. If Hilary had won, we would have accepted incremental change. But, because Trump won, and most people hate him, people are already at Level 10. Doesn’t take much to push them over the edge. I don’t think the “Me, too” movement or the Parkland Students’ movement would have occurred unless Trump was in office. I think Goddess, in her infinite wisdom, used him to start the REVOLUTION.

    God knows, we are long overdue for one.

    Viva la revolución!

    1. I agree with you. I’m looking at the Age of Aquarius we move into, after 2020, and realising that this is the end of our Capricorn transits. We don’t get to people power, equality and diversity from nothing. It has to come after an old system has been destroyed and of course Capricorn is the political and business establishment, right around the world. Some of it is money laundering. Some of it is voter manipulation, as we have seen with Facebook. Some of it is legal tax avoidance offshore. All this is classic Capricorn stuff, but once Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres have swept through together, the old ‘mountain’ or pyramid will be in ruins and ready for a rebuild. Along comes the Aquarius weather which will also trigger Generation Aquarius – those people born with outer planets in that sign. Trump, as you say, is a symbol of what must come crashing down and we would not have a planet quite so eager to embrace the radical Parkland-style movement (equality, diversity, shared power) unless they were so repelled by what has been going on, in those towers and on those golf courses. You know, I think it might even be the end of golf as we know it!

    2. Shortly after the shock of his win, I came to believe the very same thing while all my friends thought I was madness incarnated. Only someone like Trump could trigger (unintended pun!) for the type of changes in the US political arena that Uranus is known for. He’s the antithesis of conventional. Of course I deplore his stance on about 99.9% of issues, however, he’s an instrument even if he doesn’t interpret that as we do.

      1. This is such a perceptive comment. He is the Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn we had to have, before we get to this mini Age of Aquarius with Generation Z (today’s teenagers) leading the way.

  2. Hey Jessica

    Wow, such fascinating times just around the corner- although I feel it already! I was born with my Sun in Libra in the 2nd house, conjunct Uranus, so have had a good amount of my life getting acquainted with all the thrill that Uranus brings, through good times and bad (and believe me there was some very bad, happy and sad over the last few years) but I’m slowly recovering and emerging into my new life. BTW I think your description of the Helter-Skelter ride is so apt – that’s exactly how it feels. I am also about to take your advice on crypto-currency and have been doing my research to start easing myself into this ‘brave new world’ with a small investment in the coming week or two, and with a stellium in Taurus was wondering if there is anything else I should pay attention to (or look forward to?) as I try and work with the incoming energy. I’m so grateful for your gifted insight. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you. I use a different house system (Natural Houses) so your Sun-Uranus conjunction at 9 Libra is in the Seventh House, which rules former, current and potential partners. That pattern locks into your whole chart, so the people you marry (or don’t marry) change your life, far more than is the case for others…I’m glad you are researching cryptocurrency. Yes, your Taurus and Scorpio factors are both the placements to watch, as Taurus is your Second House of investment and Scorpio is your Eighth House of more complex finance. Transiting Jupiter at 28 Scorpio towards the end of this year will conjunct your natal Neptune, so if you want a financial holiday from reality, that has to be it. I mentioned Helter-Skelters. What happens when Jupiter moves to 28 Scorpio is a big hot air balloon ride and you’ll enjoy it. It’s hard to say if this is c-currency rewards or something entirely different, like a legacy, insurance payout and so on. One thing to remember about Uranus is how utterly unpredictable it is, but yes – towards the end of this year – you will have a very Merry Christmas based on that Eighth House transit, which is always about the house, the money, the apartment, the charity, the possessions or the business.

  3. Thanks Jessica for the reminder, I have put your prediction date on my calendar!
    I’ve been working hard on my career change and the road seems to get more and more clear. I’ve met a great mentor and we have a similar vision to create a future in the mind-body wellness industry. However, I cannot leave my day job yet as the scale is not big enough to support myself financially. With Uranus moving will it speed things up? Jupiter retrograde is happening now so does Pluto and Saturn retrograde soon, what’s the role they play in this Uranus revolution? When can I leave my current job and truly step into my new career? I still enjoy my day job but getting really tired of it. It feels like 2007/8 again before my big career shift. Any insight would help. Thanks X

    1. For career, always look to Capricorn in your chart, which rules the Tenth House of success, and Virgo, which rules the Sixth House of work on a day-to-day basis. You have a stellium in Virgo and you also have Capricorn factors, so 2018, 2019, 2020 is a total career transformation. Why? Because transiting Uranus which will revolutionise the world economy, will trine your Virgo and Capricorn factors, at the same time that we see Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres conjunct your Capricorn factors and trine your Virgo placements! Your focus on mind/body wellness is perfect for your Virgo placements, which I am sure you know are about the connection between mind, body and spirit as well as the work ethic. You will spend now through 2020 on the career ride of your life with the real rewards from Jupiter (expansion, growth, opportunity, solutions) in Capricorn in 2020 itself.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    actualy Uranus is still in Aries – 27 deg where my Chiron is. I feel as last 4 years where most challenging fir me because I have a lot of staff in last degrees in many signs in my birth chart.
    As for Taurus I have South Node in 23deg.

    I would like to ask you two questions: what could happen when Uranus conjuct chiron in my birth chart in aries and how I am going to feel conjuction uranus and south node in taurus.

    Thank you very much for these interesting and very helpful articles! You do a great job!

    1. Saturn at 0 Leo and Uranus at 0 Scorpio in your chart will be met by transiting Uranus at 0 Taurus forming what is known as a T Square in astrology. This is going to take effort – and you will see why from May 2018 with more by 2019. The best way to handle the transit is to understand that you were more restricted and confined than you realised, by the situation you were in. If you need to be honest with yourself in May and June, then do have that conversation – particularly about money, but also perhaps about the world of children, young people or lovers, which Leo rules. Scorpio of course rules the money, the house, the business, the apartment, the company and so on. What happens in your country, or right around the world, with the economy and currency will have a direct impact on your life. At that point you need to step back and look at things from a distance, trying to appreciate what is actually going on, which is a necessary independence day for you. Some situations are just a yoke around your neck and although you may have become utterly accustomed to them in every way, they are still preventing you from being as free as you should actually be. So that is what Uranus in Taurus will achieve.

      1. Thank you very much Jessica even if it scares me little bit what you have written. These last 3-4 years are permanent change and evolution as for money and my independence (i decided to be freelance even i prefered somthing predictable and stable). And I understand that this uncertainity doesn ‘ t come to end:-((. And i don ‘ t have chldren. We tried a lot last few years (ovf) and now I accept to not have them. So may be as for my saturn in leo there will be no surprise. I am more scared that I can end up without money and poor no matter how much I try to manage all situations (and I really do my best) after all I read. Is there this risk?

        Thank you for all<3

        1. I am not sure why everyone thinks Uranus in Taurus is bad news! Uranus cycles set people free. Of course I can understand that you have Uranus at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of property, finance, charity and business. So in 2018 and 2018 when transiting Uranus at 0 Taurus opposes that, you are not going to save, earn and spend as you once did. You need to remember that billions of people have Uranus at 0 Taurus or Scorpio, though, so you are going to be swept along in a wave of change. It won’t be what you knew. That’s fine. It’s not bad. Sometimes Capitalism and Communism need to shake. They will. Any system that keeps masses of people small, will not last. You will be offered alternatives, so when they come along, take a serious look at them. It’s rather like being a white American slave owner with a sugar plantation in 1781 when they discovered this planet. You either woke up, got real, freed your slaves and found another industry, or you got stranded by time and never recovered from the loss of your business. Anyone who became part of the ‘new’ United States of America and embraced The Declaration of Independence thrived from 1781 onwards. Anyone who still bought into the slave sugar economy did not.

          1. Hello Jessica and Iza,

            I hope it’s ok that I comment here. Iza, your chart is amazingly similar to mine! I have Chiron at 26 Aries, South node at 22 Taurus, Saturn at 01 Leo and Uranus at 01 Scorpio. Jessica, after I read your comment above regarding a T-square when Uranus moves to Taurus, I looked closer and discovered that Mars will be moving to Aquarius at the same time making a Grand cross in the early degrees with Uranus in Taurus, and our natal Uranus in Scorpio and natal Saturn in Leo. How does this affect Iza and me? Also since Chiron is moving to Aries soon, there is also the aspect of Chiron trine Saturn for both Iza and me in the early degrees. Does this offer us protection from the grand cross?

          2. This is fine by me and of course everyone on the Forum uses the name of his/her choice and Alyas, James and Justin go to a lot of trouble to make sure your privacy and anonymity are assured. Let’s look at the Grand Cross and T-Square questions. What is a T-Square? It stands for tension. It’s when three factors in your chart are at the same numbers, or degrees, but in signs which are in square to each other, forming the letter T shape in the horoscope wheel. In astrology a Grand Cross looks like exactly that – a cross. Four factors in a birth chart form a cross. It can be hard to bear unless you bring in other people, or other organisations, or move. Doing this will also bring in new factors which break up the cross and turn it it something you can live with. You can hit Search and read what I wrote about Sacred Geometry to figure out how to do that. Saturn at 1 Leo in the Fifth House and Uranus at 1 Scorpio in the Eighth House form part of the square here. Fortuna at 2 Leo is also very close. When Uranus moves across 1, 2 Taurus you’ll see that famous T Shape form. By 2019 you will know all about it, but essentially Leo tells you – it will be about lovers, children or the world of younger people. Taurus and Scorpio tell you it will be about money, a house or apartment, personal values, business, charity or possessions. You sometimes see this when people spend a lot of money on an IVF program to fall pregnant. They have to decide what a baby is worth. You also see it when couples break up and divide child custody and child maintenance. I don’t know anything about either of your personal lives. It could also turn up when a high school teacher is confronted with a salary cut but chooses to stay because she/he adores the job. See how it works? The best way to handle a T-Square or indeed, a Grand Cross, is to add particular faces to the story. They will come with (very likely) factors at the same degrees or numbers, but in other signs, which help to turn the cross or T into a different pattern. The Beatles had a Grand Cross between them. They fought a lot. It was hard. When they added Brian Epstein, and other people to the mix, like Mal Evans – the cross turned into a beautiful new structure as they brought their own chart factors into the mix. That is Sacred Geometry. Do use it when it comes.

          3. Dear AJ,

            thank you very much to add your comment. I am open to this way of conversation because I find it richer and I can still learn new things. And thank you for your attitude to find someting possitive in hard situations (comming T-square).
            And Jessica, I really appreciate a lot your willingness to teach us to understand astrology – and through that better live our lifes:-)

  5. Viva la revolution (I think)! I’m feeling a bit dizzy from all this fairground stuff – merry-go-rounds and helter skelters are exciting but you have to get off the ride at some point. I’m looking forward to the time when my head stops spinning and I’m no longer stumbling around like a mad fool not knowing what comes next! I’ll think about veganism, but there’s no way you’re feeding me tofu (bleeugh!)

  6. Spot on as always, Jessica! I was expecting this kind of blog for this revolutionary cycle going to hit us all soon. I am out of track in my career for so many years. Hoping to get on track and some good positive news vibes n energy. What can i expect this in this new cycle? Many thanks for this awsm work and ur dedication that u r putting in to help the world.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius is the one to watch in your chart, in the Ninth House of travel, emigration, publishing, study, teaching, foreigners and the worldwide web. You have enough at 0, 1 and 2 degrees in your horoscope that Uranus at 0, 1 and 2 degrees of Taurus is going to radically change your life. It will start with a bang, very suddenly and 2018 and 2019 will be the years that you take a ride on what is going on, with the world economy, currency exchange rates, and big business trends. You will have your Jupiter Return once he changes signs at the end of this year, so when transiting Jupiter goes across 1 Sagittarius and conjuncts your natal Jupiter, you will have a stunning opportunity not possible in over a decade to move, take the trip of a lifetime, or involve yourself deeply in a course, book or web venture. Maybe a mixture of many things on that list. Just say yes and it will be a Merry Christmas 2018.

  7. Hi jessica, I wonder if changes already started. I’m an Aquarius and Uranus is going to affect the area of my home. So a month ago (actually I signed a lease on March 20) out of the blue, completely unexpected I found a great 2 bedroom rental apartment in a great area REALLY cheap. I mean the price is unreal and I’d never believe something like this exists but voila here I am and very happy about it. It’s truly a miracle and it happened 2 months before Uranus move.

    1. The changes haven’t happened yet. The really cheap rental was actually the Pisces weather going through your Second House of property, money, charity and business – which I guess you read all about in your February and March predictions. When Uranus moves into Taurus for the first time in your life, you will experience it very specifically with the apartment, the block itself or the local area – and there will be no mistaking it. Rather like lightning, Uranus is unpredictable. We can never know when exactly it’s going to come (though we can narrow it down to mid-May) or what shape it’s going to take!

  8. Hi Jessica I am a cancerian with Virgo rising and I know you have said you only use sun sight when making your predictions but in this instance of Uranus do we look at both ? I have Uranus in Virgo too
    Thank you

    1. I use Sun Signs (Solar Sign house) charts and also natal charts – birth charts – using the Natural House system. You have Minerva (wisdom) at 2 Taurus in your Second House of finance, charity, business and property. You are the go-to person for others regarding money, fundraising, budgets, saving, shopping, houses, apartments because you have the knowledge – intuitively. Minerva was the Roman goddess of answers! When Uranus crosses Minerva, as he will, at 2 Taurus – you will find destiny asks you to completely change what you know, and learn radical new ways of investing, spending and saving – also buying and selling. Hit Search to find out more about Minerva because she’s about to wake up.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. I keep reading that May 2018 will be a very month for me. Is this related to Uranus in Taurus? And are you able to help me understand what the changes will be? I have my Uranus in Scorpio but I’m not sure if that’s what I should be looking at.

    I am also wondering what the internet means for Pisces. Could this be something like launching a business online? Or because I’m in the banking industry something to do with online banking etc?

    Thank you for your insights and advice over the years.

    Kind regards,

    1. If you are in the banking industry then you will find Uranus going through your Third House of internet revolutionises the way you deal with finance, starting in May 2018, but going for many years. AJ, banks as we know them now will cease to exist – not only because of Uranus in Taurus, but also because of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres all in Capricorn (the sign that rules big business). You will need to learn a new ‘language’ with smart phones and computers that translates cash into a radically different set of terms – it’s best to embrace it when it comes rather than resist it, if you can. You have Apollo (leadership) at 0 Taurus in the Second House of finance, property and business. So I am not surprised to hear you work in banking! Yet, when Uranus (shock, revolution, freedom, independence) goes across 0 Taurus from May 2018, and hits your Apollo for the first time in your life – you will need to see the way the wind is blowing and move with it. Stay right on top of this, no matter how long you have to do that. You have a stack of Scorpio-Taurus patterns so this is of many years’ duration.

  10. Thanks again for a neat post. Jessica, I have Uranus pretty close to my Ascendant in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus – I have been feeling very stuck (for years) in terms of Life, Career, Money – everything really, my attempts at setting myself free have been Abismal to say the least. Would Jupiter in Taurus mean an extra big roller coaster ride for me? I have 8 planets /Asteroid s / North Node In Cancer And I’m a bit of a home body). I’m curious about your thoughts if you have time. Thanks in Advance. Kim Joblin

    1. Thank you. First up, Jupiter is not in Taurus, he is in Scorpio. Uranus will be entering Taurus. Let’s look at your chart. The Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn at 0 degrees will definitely be hit by Uranus at 0 degrees. What does it mean to have the Nodes in the Tenth House and Fourth House? Karma with the family. You have known your parents and/or siblings in at least one past life, maybe more. In this lifetime the challenge is to figure out the obligation and loyalty to the relatives, versus your own direction in life – your own ambition. I’ve seen this pattern with child migrants whose parents force them out of school into a new country and their school results/academic career is affected. Even when they are older these same people might face the reverse issue – in order to make it in the world, they have to move right away from home. This tussle between position, ambition and mission – versus home town, homeland, roots, family tree – is pretty typical of those Node signs. Yet, when Uranus comes along, you will be given a chance to liberate yourself from that, Kim. It will be sudden, it will feel like a bolt of lightning and you will know it when you see it. Forget about being stuck. A radical change is on offer.

      1. Thank you very much. A radical change sounds exciting at this point. Healthy regards from Kim

  11. HI Jessica, this blog post sounds like a boom for everyone! thank you so outlining it so clearly! As a Taurus, I am well overdue to have my cosmetic surgery revision, which will fall under this lengthy Uranus transit…my only question is, as Uranus is shocking, unpredictable, etc………then surely this can’t bode well for my surgery?? Please tell me, not again, I’ve thoroughly investigated my new surgeon, but please, tell me this won’t be another heartbreak story when I awake from theatre…

    1. So you already had a heartbreak story with cosmetic surgery? Yikes. I have to ask you, why are you doing this again? Actually, you have a ton of stuff in your chart at 0, 1 degrees as you can see. Thus, you may want to pick a different time for surgery anyway, as when Uranus enters Taurus at 0, 1 across May-June 2018 there will be enough change going on in your life, without the added challenge of hospital. It will be as liberating as it is confronting – and you will be set free from someone or something which has trapped you then. Yet – if you really do want surgery and you can do it any time at all, you may prefer to schedule it well away from Uranus at 0, 1 Taurus.

      1. Thank you so much! Your reply has been priceless to me. I need to have it fixed… it’s a horrible mess that has literally turned my self esteem upside down. But I will take careful note of those degree factors… money is still an issue with it though. Thank you very much for your time.

  12. Hi Jessica

    Should we be worried that there might be another global financial crisis or stock market crash? I’ve been saving for years for a deposit on a first home. Since the 2008 GFC, I’ve become well read on the global financial system, so don’t risk leaving all my savings in the banking system. I’m diversified across savings in a bank account, gold bullion, cryptocurrencies (mostly bitcoin) and stocks (mostly lithium miners that will benefit from the electric vehicle revolution that’s just starting). So I feel like I’ve done the best I can to prepare for what may come, but there’s still that fear of losing my hard-earned savings and suffering a big setback.

    Thanks, and I love your blog.

    1. Your Chiron at 4 Taurus is what you will feel first. Not immediately, but you will see the ‘climate change’ in the world economy across May and June 2018 with more to come later. In fact, 2020 seems like a turning point as you are waiting for Uranus to cross 4 Taurus too, and for Jupiter and Ceres to cross 4 Capricorn and trine your Chiron! You need to get into what it means to have Chiron in Taurus, Simon, and as Chiron is a symbol of the maverick – the gadfly or heretic, according to the astrologer Dennis Elwell – I am not surprised to hear that you have gone into bitcoin and lithium. Chiron was the centaur who challenged perceptions of what was acceptable or even physically impossible. He was a music teacher who was half man, half horse, and it doesn’t get any more challenging than that. Chiron was discovered and named in 1977 the year that punk rock broke in Britain. So – you are a punk, in business, charity, property and financial terms. To find out how this works for you in the madness and excitement of the years ahead, we see if Chiron has any easy or challenging aspects in your chart. Jupiter is at 5 Cancer in your Fourth House, in an almost perfect sextile. That is property. You stand to gain. In fact this may go beyond electric cars into a new kind of housing, either for you personally, or on a business level. Cancer as I am sure you know rules apartments, land, houses, real estate, building, architecture and the rest. When you see astrological transits of any kind at 4, 5 you are always going to see your Chiron-Jupiter sextile take off. Second House and Fourth House. The punk rocker and the opportunist. Jupiter always protects you too. You can be very lucky here but you’ll also be okay, no matter what.

  13. Hi Jessica, wow, exciting times ahead! I can feel it in the air actually that it’s the calm before the storm and I’m fascinated about the changes coming. Even though I’m excited about the revolution, the Virgo in me still feels a little nervous. I certainly don’t plan on emigrating but I would love to see some big changes in my life, in several different areas. Can you shed some light on how Uranus in Taurus will impact me? My sun is at 22º in Virgo and I have stelliums in both Leo and Scorpio.

    1. Your Hygiea at 2 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel is what you will feel first. Uranus at 1, 2, 3 Taurus will quincunx that in your chart. This all sounds like astro-lingo gone mad, but what it means is that your natural inclination to protect and insure yourself, with travel, will be challenged by very sudden, quite radical shifts with global currency. So if you always have a particular way of planning your holidays, and particular ideas about dollar/pound/euro conversion rates – you’ll need to put that aside. Uranus says ‘The Euro is crashing, how about finding a country where they don’t even know what a Euro is, this holiday?’ That’s just one random example. A hypothetical!

  14. Thank you for this new article Jessica.

    I am Virgo Sun so perhaps it’s time to seek out new horizons!
    I also have Hygeia at 0 degrees Taurus and North Node at 10 degrees Taurus. I was wondering if that might trigger my work life? As I’m planning to leave my current job.

    Thanks so much for any comments you may have.


    1. Justina, you also have the South Node at 10 Scorpio, in your Eighth House of finance, property and business so long-term this is a fundamental change in the way you make money, spend it, save it and use it. This goes into issues like your home, of course, and your values as a whole. You will feel Uranus on your Hygiea first. Hygiea is a symbol of caution, prevention being better than cure, forewarned is forearmed and the rest. This is probably your insurance or any situation which ‘insures’ you. Uranus will ask you what freedom feels like instead. You also have Neptune at 0 Capricorn so this is about your career as a whole and any social position you have – your status. Neptune is how you escape from the real world, so there is a sense here that Uranus across 0, 1 Taurus in 2018 and 2019 will challenge your holiday from reality and ask you to pit independence against security. You planning to leave your current job is an expression of that but there will be other outcomes too. Uranus being Uranus they will be unexpected, unprecedented, unusual and unique. Keep surfing.

  15. Hi Jessica, should I be really nervous…I have sun in Libra. And have in the last 7 months changed my whole life…am about to step more into the world with some products and a new business idea…I have never been able to manifest money personally…I have been in a very stuck place. I feel like things are going to take off. Can you advise me please. Thank you

    1. You have Psyche at the early degrees of Virgo, in your Sixth House of work. Psyche describes what lives forever. When Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus trines your Psyche, radical new developments in global business and finance will help you pursue a product or project which will outlive you. In fact you may leave it in your will. I’ve just said this to another reader, but if you imagine Portobello Road Market in London, online, using digital currency which is one-world based – and if you imagine Africa and India are invited – then you have an idea of how crazy and exciting this is going to be. Individual small business people will be invited to set up a stall. Whatever this ends up being called, it will exist outside a country’s usual tax space and it will definitely touch you – if you want change.

  16. HI Jessica,
    Lots of new blogs from you! Great! Thank you!
    I’ve just realised that as Uranus hits 0, 1 and 2 that this will trine my Saturn 1 Capricorn (career) and my Pluto 2 Virgo ( work and health). Is this what they call a Grand Trine? How significant is this for me? I can see it is about big changes in those areas but wonder the input of Saturn (hard realities) and Pluto (power). I’m just not sure how to put it all together. If I get lucky with an answer it would be brilliant and I’m sure informative.
    Again thanks for all you do. X

    1. Thank you. Yes, as Uranus crosses 0, 1 Taurus he will create a Grand Trine and you are reading your own chart correctly. Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House is about the quite natural defences you have put up – the walls you have created – to make yourself feel more secure about your career, status and success in life. You have done this for the very good reason that life has knocked you sideways a couple of times so these days you tend to be quite well defended, professionally. Sometimes it’s about social status, so your actual social position too. This naturally trines Pluto in your chart in Virgo in the Sixth House of duty, service and daily workload. Again, you have very good reasons to want to control this, as Pluto is about taking over – taking – taking charge. You probably have the kind of career history which has trained you to be pretty rigid about your own rules, where bosses, staff, colleagues are concerned. Along comes Uranus in Taurus with its shockwaves to the national and world economy and naturally your chosen field will be affected. Suddenly you realise you need to alter your entire approach. It may be rather exciting if you are open to change. I suspect we’re going to see a massive challenge to the banks and to the global tax system by at least one online entity, maybe more, and a ton of business people will want to get on board. You may be affected by that. If you think about Portobello Road Market in London, and apply that to the world, and then give people e-currency to spend (not their own country currency – a new global trade) you’ll be close. Africa will be on board too. The developing world. That’s really exciting – to see proper fair trade/free trade with people who haven’t even been able to have bank accounts before!

      1. THank you!
        Already working my way through ‘The Internet of Money’ and ‘Mastering Bitcoin’. Also now looking T Fintech courses ( thanks to earlier reader question). After so many career set backs of late I’ve rather despondently stopped doing what I’ve always done, which is no longer working (used to work brilliantly). Ready for more change – had SO much of that re home last three years! But all worked out for the best. Cheers xx.

  17. I love your work. There is a big difference between your astrology and others.

    Uranus will trine my Jupiter in Capricorn 0 degree. New career using new technology?

    Will I get away just because I dont have much in this Uranus /Scorpio axis?

    Thank you for your kind replies.

    1. Thank you. I think the biggest difference between my astrology and others is that I don’t use Donald Trump’s supplied birth date and time! (Actually he has four). In fact I don’t use Donald Trump’s alleged ‘birth’ chart any more whatsoever. Now, over to you. You have Juno at the crucial early degrees of Scorpio so Uranus at the early degrees of Taurus will oppose your Juno. Yes, Jupiter in Capricorn is also tied in. You know about Jupiter in Capricorn and it is, of course, your inherent good fortune and protection in all matters which are career or status related. You give back because you can afford to give back and I am sure you have helped a lot of your professional contacts and network along the way. Uranus will bring this alive in 2018, 2019. At the same time there is a challenge here to a commitment you have made over property, business, charity or finance. Juno is about the commitment. In Scorpio in the Eighth House of finances, she is about shared agreements or joint ‘deals’ and Uranus will challenge that. I would say this is a total reshape of how you approach savings or salary.

  18. Dear Jessica hope you are doing well. what will happen to me with my uranus at 00 scorpio things are already bad can it go worst? As for Virgo you said migration and travel. I was in Mosman Sydney in December with my family We just loved it. Any chance for us to move there? My husband is a Taurus born 18 May 1964 if that can help you seeing us there. Thank you.

    1. Uranus is not ‘bad’ and never was. Uranus is just new, different, shocking, exciting and the last thing anyone ever expected to see. If you can imagine what it felt like to be a slave in America in 1781 – then to hear that a female slave, like you, had just taken her white master to court and won the case against him – and been freed – you might have an inkling of what it feels like to go through a Uranus transit. This is exactly what happened in 1781 when they found this planet. No slave in the U.S.A. ever expected it but it was the beginning of the revolution which would see a black American President in the white, White House about 200 years later. Yes, it is absolutely true that you will travel or move, perhaps more than once, in an astonishing new way – starting in the smallest way from May 2018. By 2020 you will have surprised yourself. I know Mosman well, by the way. My old boyfriend used to live there. Keep your bags packed for the next few years.

      1. Thank you so much. We had the best holiday till date in Mosman. My boys just loved it but we were a bit sad to return to our boring life back home.

  19. Hi Jessica!
    Just realised that Uranus will square my natal Uranus at zero leo and will trigger the waning square. Do I need to hold onto my hat? Feeling very restless as I enter this later part of life. Stuff to do…places to go.. X

    1. Your entire life is going to radically change now through 2019 as Uranus goes back and forth from 0 Taurus and makes aspects (of all kinds) to your stellium at 0 degrees. Uranus in Taurus will manifest as a global or national event, affecting everybody’s finances, which has a ripple effect on you. So, for example, if people set up online rivals to the banks, and find their own online tax havens (just like the super rich) this will have a ‘wave’ effect on business and you may find your career is at the heart of it, or your plans to travel – as particular countries may now become affordable for you – or even to move. You get the picture. Change makes change. The trick with Uranus going back and forth across 0 Taurus is to change (yourself) when it happens. See the way the wind’s blowing and start surfing.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have the most number of my planets in Taurus, 6, and Scorpio, 3. Plus 5 in Aries. I definitely feel my Taurus/Scorpio side the most. What should I expect? I’m looking forward to making $ (or bitcoins lol), as the situation is not good right now. Just started a biz (construction/real estate), and would love to do a new one in (green) skincare. Both with a (different) partner – one Cancer, one Scorpio.

    Thank you so much!!!

    1. That amount of business activity sounds about right for a strongly Taurus-Scorpio person. You need to remember Uranus is about freedom. When it changes signs, billions of us will be set free from something that trapped us. I expect this is going to be a) tax and b) the banks. Uranus is also about new technology and new inventions. Whatever wave we catch will be online or via our phones. Keep an eye on that, because it’s where so many people will head, once the revolution begins. This will go beyond Bitcoin as we already know about that!

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Can a Scorpio get back with a former partner under Uranus in Taurus? Thank you

      1. What if this is the last thing the Scorpio person in question expects? As in the Scorpio is adamant that there is never ever going back to the former, lol.

  22. I am so excited for this transit, Jessica! Positive changes already started in my career few months ago, as soon as Sat went into Capri – I can only hope that I had sown the seeds of hardwork in the past 8 years to get this positive outcome. Now Uranus will be conjunct my MC and also trining my Capri factors – exciting times! Wonder what this will be bring?!

    1. The MC in Taurus is about the highest possible calling you can have, and in the sign of charity and philanthropy, you may well find yourself involved in fundraising or money-saving for a good cause. On another level, Taurus is about being in business for yourself – making your own money. Uranus is of course about everything that is original, unprecedented and unexpected so you can bet this will be a bolt from the blue.

  23. Such a fascinating article! Changes are already hanging in the air and when it comes to the global changes, those just might rhyme with drama more than anything else. As for changes, based on my natal chart, I see that my Uranus is in Virgo, which might spell relocation, right?

    1. Uranus in Virgo won’t bring relocation, but you do have Venus at 2 Taurus in your Second House of money, charity, business, property, possessions and values. You’ll feel a bang, crash and wallop in the middle of May as Uranus moves into your Second House. This is like having a really unusual house guest coming to stay for a few years. He unpacks his bags, arranges the furniture and suddenly you realise – he’s fused all the lights. When the lights go back on, they are neon and they turn the whole room a strange electric blue. Suddenly the house seems more energised. More tense. A more unpredictable place. Let’s play with this image and say Venus was already in your Second House, in that particular place in your home where you keep your bank accounts, your tax returns, and your most valued possessions. She has been there for years, conducting complicated relationships with lovers, family – anyone at all. What do you think she is going to do when Uranus arrives, slams the door and unlocks his suitcase? When the lights fuse? It’s time to get to know your Venus in Taurus because by 2019 she and Uranus are going to have to share the same room and make it work!

  24. Hi Jessica.
    I have so many planets and asteroids at 0 – IC SCORPIO, MC Taurus, Apollo Leo, then 1 degree psyche in cancer, 2 degrees Venus in Taurus , 2 Mercury Gemini and 2 cupid in Sagittarius. I have no idea where to start ?!
    Will Uranus affect all these points? And which ones assume the most importance when reading my chart?
    Thanks for your time and another great blog.
    Dianne G.

    1. Dianne, start with Venus at 2 Taurus in your Second House of money, charity, business, shopping, selling and property. Uranus will conjunct Venus when he moves to 2 Taurus and you will feel the door bang open in the middle of May. Understanding that Venus is a symbol of complicated relationships – between women and their lovers, wives and husbands, mothers and sons, mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law – you need to know that everything you have pursued in your financial or property life is about to be challenged. The emotional and personal systems you have set up over the mortgage, the rent, the shares, the investments and so on will need to change, radically, in order for you to stay on top of the national and global transformation of the banking industry, taxation and currency. I am sure you realise that these financially based relationships in your life affect so much else, from travel (Sagittarius) to how you connect and communicate. That is why this sudden, new option to be totally free – to be quite independent – will have a ripple effect on so much. I suspect you are one of the people who is going to see huge currency falls and gains in particular countries as the Euro, dollar and pound (and Asian currency) swings around and in 2019 this would most certainly affect your travel plans. Thank you for the compliment.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I have MC and Fortuna in Cancer and 5 factors (incl. Venus and North Node) in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra How is this all going to play out for me? Thus far, I feel I have been stuck when it comes to my love life and home/property. Thanks for your insights.

    1. Feeling stuck is usually a sign that you are living in denial about the changes going on around you. Or resisting change. Uranus (necessary change) is going across 28, 29 Aries as he prepares to move out and this does trigger your chart. You’ll have a chance to travel or move next year Agnes and should think about it.

  26. LOVE! I am in this REVOLUTION! I need a change and I know you cannot predict what you can’t predict, but can you see what’s in store for me with my chart as far as Uranus goes? And, is this like a “Uranus return” in my case? Does that mean anything? 🙂 cheers! XX

    1. You are not going to feel this personally for some years, but in general, your Scorpio stellium – including Uranus in Scorpio – will most certainly be rocked by Uranus in Taurus. The challenge will be the difference between individual money and the money held by the banks and governments. So the choice is – do your own thing, your own way – or fall in line with their agenda. You’ll need top financial advice later.

  27. Hi Jessica

    I love your posts and I want to say just how accurate they are.
    Can I get your guidance on the impact of Uranus for me. I have 3 factors in Taurus : 0 Chiron , 22 Asc and 29 Jupiter. I also have 0 and 29 degree factors in capricorn and Scoprio.
    It seems like I will be one of the first to be impacted and perhaps there is another big bang before Uranus leaves Taurus ?
    My question is , how do i take advantage of the freedom of Uranus in Taurus in respect of money/work/ business?
    I would love to do a business – is this where my focus should be?

    Thank you!

    1. It’s really about putting a price on freedom so whatever happens as Uranus conjuncts your Chiron in the Second House of business, charity, property and currency – you need to ask yourself what you would pay to be independent of people or organisations which currently confine you so much. I suspect like billions of others you will find you wake up in May to a radically new series of launches in the finance, c-currency and online trade sectors. You should certainly investigate but remember – Uranus is like lightning. Erratic and unpredictable.

  28. Hi Jessica

    I am a Taurus Sun with Venus in 00 degrees and Moon in Taurus, I have Minerva in 25 degs Taurus and Diana 12 degs. Both my husband and I have Saturn in 17 and 15 degs Scorpio. Husband lost his job end December and we returned to our hometown. It was an upheaval for both of us and he is depressed. Fortunately, we have no mortgage loan and our home is fully paid up. We are living on our savings. Can you have a look at my chart to see how Uranus in Taurus will make a radical change for us in terms of finance, property and business. Thank you for your time and effort . It is much appreciated.


    1. I am sorry your husband is suffering with depression and assume he has seen a doctor? There is also a website called Black Dog which is very good, as a source of help, advice and links. You have the Moon conjunct Psyche at 1 Taurus (both are at 1 Taurus, the zodiac sign, so they have a conjunction). This is in your Second House of money, property, banking, business, charity, shopping and possessions. This is a major part of who you are and what your life is about. You earn, own or owe – and it defines your personality. When Uranus moves to 1 Taurus from May 2018, you will need to look at your values. What or whom you consider to be so precious it is priceless. What you refuse to ‘sell your soul’ for, but also what price you think something is worth paying – for the things money cannot buy. This is an awakening for you, E, and you will need to radically change the way you have always seen money, property and the material world. It has never happened in your lifetime. The challenge will be to accept that you are in a new world, and that you have to co-create this new world with your husband, and other people. L.P. Hartley wrote in The Go-Between, “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there” and by 2019 you will see that ‘That was then, this is now, and over there is the future.” The trick is to let go and move on. To keep changing, as the financial world changes around you. By its very nature Uranus is unpredictable and who knows what kind of winds of change will blow your way? Yet, the smart thing to do is to use them to soar higher, wider and in a new direction, relishing the new freedom you are being given. Freedom is a very special thing E and you can’t put a price on it. It’s worth more than diamonds and pearls, and freedom will be offered to you by 2019.

  29. Thanks for a number of insightful blogs on the subject of Uranus in Taurus on countries, currency etc. Would like to hear about how India will be impacted by this event. Hope you have some thoughts.

    1. India was on my mind the other day, because so much religious art and other symbolism is tied to the cow – the sacred cow of course – and the bull. Astrology can be quite symbolic and literal as we know. What you will find is a gradual separation of the Indian economy from the rest of the world. She will do her own thing and go her own way, with her own cryptocurrencies. The earth is very clever and Mother Earth is moving us away from globalisation to local trade/local agriculture. Less air miles, less plastic, less harm to the environment. India herself may split into trading regions and markets which are far less concerned with the rest of the world. That’s what I’m seeing anyway. I don’t have local knowledge and Indian astrologers are far better qualified than me, to comment.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article and all the insight into this transit, I don’t know whether to be worried or excited! Something very strange has happened to me in the last week, after a period of feeling like I was trapped and stuck in my current role with no way out/up, I’ve been offered two opportunities out of nowhere.

    One is a promotion with my current company that I’ve been with for ten years, more responsibility but not necessarily more autonomy. The other is a role with a young company in a period of growth, that I was contacted about via a former colleague (perhaps mercury retrograde at work!). This option presents more risks but also more freedom and possibilities. With Uranus moving into Taurus I wonder if you had any thoughts on what my best move is?! I have a lot of thinking to do!
    Thanks in advance

    1. Congratulations on the two job offers. If either of these begins in May/June then you have Uranus in Taurus at 0, 1 degrees moving over your Moon, Vulcano, Saturn and Mars T-Square in the financial zones of your chart (Taurus Second House and Scorpio Eighth House). So – I would say you need to look at the money very carefully, along with ‘cash in kind’ benefits. Ask a lot of questions about salary, pension/superannuation, bonuses and the rest and do some homework on what is going on, in both organisations. Get everything in writing. Long-term you will have fantastic opportunities to travel and even move in 2019.

  31. Hi Jessica

    I am wondering how Chiron moving into Aries and Uranus moving into Taurus will affect my career. I have ambitions of getting into the insurance industry and the process has been very slow and as of today somehow at a stand still. Is there any hope? I’ve also been applying for jobs over the past 5 years but no luck at all. I feel I have the requisite knowledge and qualifications but I hardly get called for interviews and on few that I went for interview I was not successful. I’m bored at my current job.

    1. You’ll be given an opportunity to retrain or study from November this year as Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, growth, expansions, improvements, answers) moves into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of education and academia. Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, MC and Node in Sagittarius all in your Ninth House suggest you are a born teacher/mentor/guide or natural student/student of life as the knowledge process works both ways. In fact you could easily travel, move or be dealing with faces from very distant places, once you are on your way. The doors closed to you for five years must be very frustrating and confusing, but I have learned one thing from astrology and that is to try a different door. There is usually a really good reason why you are being pushed and pulled in a particular direction. If you keep hearing ‘No’ (which is typical of this cycle – they call it the rejection dance) it may be that you are not radically changing course quite enough. In other words you are not being as revolutionary as you should. Think about that possibility. In the meantime you will be training/trained if you wish for this, from the end of the year into 2019 as the chance will be quite irresistible.

  32. Already feeling it with Pluto–that Great Eclipse point was significant for me, and karmic–people returning from the past (unfinished business, who knew?), with whom I had creative partnerships. Now trined/activated again in with Uranus in the last degrees of Aries, and about to hit my significant Mars-Neptune opposition at 2 degrees Tau/Sco. Then next up, Uranus square at 4. And that’s just the opener:-) Ironic that all of this expected/unexpected change is rocking the fixed signs who typically resist it. I have a feeling this will be my spirtitual practice for the next eight years lol. Thanks for all of these outstanding articles, as always.

  33. Good afternoon Jessica!!
    Interesting and extensive articles, I don’t know if to scare or cheer me up, many things will come, these last years have been very hard for me, i hope the next ones are better. I have Sun in 1degree Gemini and a stellium in Taurus (1 dg moon, 5 dg juno, 5 dg mars, 6 dg venus, 10 dg Kiron, 24 dg mercury) these are the positions in my house 9.
    But Jupiter in Scorpio is in the opposite house next to my 18 degrees Uranus in Scorpio, it can be positive this time for a business that I am preparing or not?
    Thank you very much for your articles again. You do a great job, thank you Jessica!!

    1. Astrology is there to warn and inform. I don’t want my readers locking themselves into really heavy, fixed financial or property arrangements before Uranus goes into Taurus, because the entire world is going to move under their feet. I also want my readers to know ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ on this cycle. Dancing in the storm, surfing the waves and helping to co-create the new global economy is the smart thing. You’re actually going to see a wild ride until November with Jupiter throwing opportunities, in business, finance, charity, sales, purchases, currency. Your Taurus Moon will be hit first so expect a kind of lightning/electrical storm sensation sweeping over everything you thought you knew. The lightning will enlighten you. You will see everything sharp and clear. Jupiter is going to help you a LOT this year and there will be that Chinese truth – ‘crisis is the same word as opportunity.’ Keep studying.

  34. From someone who has only recently become interested in astrology, I am really impressed with your website and all its content Jessica. I am very excited / apprehensive about the year ahead when Uranus enters Taurus. Myself and my husband have recently (Dec 2017) moved back in with my parents to save for a house, do you think that our financial situation will improve or disimprove once this shift happens? At times it’s testing being at home with my parents- I crave freedom but I’m hoping it will all pay off! My Sun sign is Taurus with Scorpio rising.

    Thanks for your insights,

    1. Thanks Laura. You could easily move, quite radically, in 2019 as Jupiter goes through Sagittarius and your Ninth House. People sometimes emigrate on this cycle. At the very least they move to another part of town that feels new and foreign to them. You will be given an opportunity to do this, and it’s up to you. Uranus in Taurus will also have an impact of course, as you are a pretty fixed kind of person, with rather entrenched ideas and attitudes, especially about the way you handle banks, taxation, shopping, credit cards and the rest. You’re going to need to be super flexible in the years ahead and question so much in your life. The gift you receive in return will be the most exhilarating feeling of space and freedom. We associate Uranus in Taurus with ‘freedom from’ and it will be freedom from, whatever organisation or institution you feel keeps you small, in terms of all that you earn, own or owe.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all the blogs about Uranus in Taurus. I am both scared and excited. Scared due to the aftermath of Uranus in Aries that ultimately made me decide to end my marriage based on it’s transit of my ex’s 7th house. His behavior was all the words that are used to describe Uranus. However, I also did my own rejection dance as well.

    Now, as a single mom, I hope any changes to my career are the for the best. Based on my chart can you see how this may unfold?

    1. You have a fantastic Sagittarius cycle in your Ninth House of travel, foreigners, regional differences, the worldwide web, knowledge and higher learning in 2019. It kicks off November/December this year. Your career is certainly going to take a brand new, radical direction from May as Uranus (the revolution) goes into your Leo professions zone. Yet, you have to ask yourself where it’s coming from and where it’s going and the answer to that rests with Jupiter – expansion, opportunity, growth – crossing your personal birth chart in 2019 right over those zones of travel and travel in the mind. Looks good. I think your child’s progress in life will be linked to yours that year too.

  36. Hi Jessica , I am writing to you after a long time. I am scorpio sun, venus and uranus. I am scared of the word divorce as I want things to work out between me and my husband , a pisces ( 20/02/1976).
    But its I who is refusing put up with things that I am not happy with. Could ypu look at my chart and see how Uranus in Taurus will effect my life.
    Million thanks…

    1. You don’t say if you have children or not and that is the biggest question of all. Do you have a son or daughter; is there a possibility of a new pregnancy; is there an infertility issue? All this matters a great deal more, starting November 2018 and in 2019 you will both be making decisions about your marriage based on karma. Karma from recent years but also karmic debts and credits from previous lives. You will be pleased to know that once you have gone deeply into the issues with your Pisces husband you can get on with the rest of your world!

  37. I’m loving the anticipation of Uranus and his revolution! Before he enters Taurus however, he will transit my North Node at 29 Aries. I’m curious~ will you interpret this for me please Jessica.? I also have Descendent-Saturn-Diana in Aries and Proserpina nearby at 2 Taurus.
    Spot on re. Leo career change btw….I’ve left my career in yachting to run a family farm! Polar opposites! And Proserpina seems to be well and truly active as I am indeed the bridge between my mother and my husband.
    Thank you and be very very well!

    1. Bacchus at 29 Scorpio in your Eighth House, the North Node at 29 Aries and South Node at 29 Libra are really about the family farm, and also your husband and mother. I’m sure you know the Eighth House is ‘matters of a joint financial nature’ and of course Libra and the Seventh House are about marriage. The Aries part is interesting. That’s you, you, you and nobody else. Uranus crossing this pattern is really about what astrologers call Uranus quincunx Bacchus, Uranus conjunct North Node and Uranus opposite South Node. You’re quite strongly Aries so self-promotion, being upfront/front-and-centre is a big part of what you are all about. I have to tell you that Bacchus was the god of wine and banquets in Ancient Rome. Please don’t tell me you have a vineyard on the farm! I think for you the greatest challenge will be Uranus opposite your Libra Node as you and your husband have a ton of past life karma credits/debts to sort out and change is always hard work. Yet – once you’ve done the hard work you will both/all be liberated in some way. Uranus tends to announce himself very suddenly, with ‘Aha!’ moments of realisation and acceptance, once you’ve gotten over the need to shift your position.

  38. Hi Jess! Now that there is so much buzz around Uranus in Taurus (and I had an atrocious time with it in Aries) that I can’t wait for this transit to begin!

    This particular line caught my eye: “On whatever level you are kept small, trapped, confined, restricted or boxed in – this cycle will throw you out of it.” For the longest time, my inner world feels conflicted with who I am on the outside. Something or many things ‘keep me small’ but I can’t figure out what’s ‘shackling’ me. I want to be much bigger and much more than who I have been so far – especially in my work life.

    You mention, for Scorpio it is marriage. I’ve however been single for a while – could you perhaps tell me what I can look out for in coming few months? Thank you for your wonderful insights.


    1. You will change your love and sex life more in the next seven years, than you did in the last 17 years. Take a deep breath. By this time next year, if you accepted an offer, opportunity or invitation – you will be in a new relationship. And you may have had two.

      1. Deep breath taken! 🙂 Thank you Jess…your insights always perk me up. We’re all so lucky to have you.

  39. WOW. Hi Jessica, I’ve just reread the Uranus in Taurus and what that means for Gemini, when I first read this post I thought, oh yeah, that’s nothing to do with me. BUT this morning I booked to see a psychologist to talk about a secret I have had for 28 years which all of a sudden has completely changed dimensions. What I want to ask is, will this somehow impact on my Gemini stellium (ten things in there) and be connected to writing?
    Thank you for your prescient posts and articles and will be fascinated to see how the world is come mid-May

    1. This will change your life, actually. Have a look at your Diana, Vesta and IC in Pisces in the Twelfth House of your birth chart as this is very specific to your secret, and to the work you are doing with the psychologist. If you are interested in the impact on your writing, the book you were always meant to write will take off from Christmas 2019 and by 2020 you are on your way. Beyond 2023 this could also change your life – if not a book, then a script.

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