Paradise Papers, Panama Papers Predictions

What's coming on Tuesday 15th May, 2018 is going to make the Paradise Papers and Panama Papers scandals look like a Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Paradise Papers, Panama Papers Predictions

What’s coming on Tuesday 15th May, 2018 is going to make the Paradise Papers and Panama Papers scandals look like a Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

Legal tax avoidance (even by Her Majesty the Queen) offshore has been reported around the world by The Guardian in ongoing investigations. Bono of U2 has also been accused. Both are Taurus.

Facebook is under investigation. That is also run by a Taurus.

What’s new, though, is the arrival of Uranus – the shock, the revolution – in the actual sign of Taurus, which rules multi-millionaires and billionaires- at 3.16pm in London, on Tuesday 15th May. Aftershocks will follow for years.

As the world’s sharemarkets obviously move across different time zones, we could nail this down to Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th May. But it’s coming. Not so much, Rattle and Hum. Shake, rattle and roll. 


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The great thing about astrology is that it lets you into the secret before the hackers and whistleblowers even get started.

I am writing this on Tuesday 3rd April, so looking about six weeks into the future, but you can bet your bottom dollars. The hackers and whistleblowers are working on this right now.

The fact is, on Wednesday 16th May at 7.03am in London, Mars at 0 Aquarius squares Uranus at 0 Taurus. A shock to the share markets doesn’t cover it. This is  some seriously organised whistleblowers and hackers launching an attack on multi-millionaires and billionaires. Royalty, rock stars, corporations and banks will be swept up in it.

The shock comes partly from the fact that everyone is asleep in April and the first two weeks of May. In fact, there may be stealth operations across this period which lull the super-rich into a false sense of security so that the come-down near May 15th, 16th is even greater. That’s what this astrology is telling us.

The New Moon That Fools Everyone – Tuesday 15th May 2018

The New Moon that fools everyone (as history will no doubt show – astrology and history work hand-in-hand) takes place at 11.47am on Tuesday 15th May. Uranus does not arrive until 3.16pm, so there is quite a remarkable gap between the share markets, treasurers, politicians and accountants going about their business as usual – and then realising – this is not business as usual and it will never be business as usual again.

Aquarius Versus Taurus – The Future

That Mars in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus is the future. It begins with one firework in the middle of May 2018 and from 2023 it’s a fire storm.

What we are going to see is:

  • Cryptocurrency replacing paper notes and coins.
  • Banks being replaced by Blockchain.
  • Boycotts destroying corporations.
  • Hackers ending the financial assets of multi-millionaires.

The fact is, we are about to see Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto (from 2023) go into Aquarius and that’s going to change the world. That little Mars transit in Aquarius in May 2018 is a small but fierce beginning. Aquarius rules groups, friends, the community and people power.

Taurus rules the top 1% of the world economy who (until May 2018 anyway) seem to have been there forever – and seem set to remain there, too. Not so.


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Skyscrapers and Towers – Living Symbols of Corporate and Corruption Takedown

Beyond reading the Aquarius-Taurus weather of May 2018, which changes the world forever in stages – with the real revolution from 2023 – we also need to look at something else here. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Capricorn rules the mountain goat who climbs to the top of a rocky peak. In modern life, we associate Capricorn with the corporate and social climber, who ascends to the very crest of New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, London or Sydney. That is where the offices are, at the top of the skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers are symbols of banks and corporations and skyscrapers are going to come down or be left empty. Why? Astrology works on symbolism and synchronicity.

Just watch. The logical outcome of Uranus in Taurus, which is the end of banks and the top 1%, is the end of at least one Trump Tower and maybe all of them.

They may physically collapse or disintegrate, which would fit the astrology. They may stand empty, or be emptied. They may be repurposed.

We’ve seen nothing like it in our lives and it’s starting in May. Hold onto your hats.



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52 Responses

  1. Hi

    Your writing is very inspiring Jessica. My marriage was already bad, then came Uranus which made it hell . I was freed at the end. Would it be the same for a sun in Scorpio (my brother)., He is born 10/11/1975 at 6:15pm Jaffna, Sri Lanka . He has a lot of planets in scorpio including Venus. I love my brother so much.

    Thank you Hi

    Your writing is very inspiring Jessica. My marriage was already bad, then came Uranus which made it hell . I was freed at the end. Would it be the same for a sun in Scorpio (my brother)., He is born 10/11/1975 at 6:15pm Jaffna, Sri Lanka . He has a lot of planets in scorpio including Venus. I love my brother so much.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are free of your bad marriage. Your brother is a Sun Scorpio who is about to see Uranus enter his Seventh House of marriage – from the middle of May. Uranus will pass through this zone of his horoscope for many years. This cycle is really about everything that is new, liberating, different, unique and revolutionary. It famously sets people free from something or someone which confines them. Now, if your brother would agree that he is trapped in a marriage which makes him feel blocked, I have to say – this cycle is notorious for bringing either a crisis, or the actual end of the commitment. At the very least, a marriage for a Scorpio on this new cycle has to transform in order to survive.

  2. I love reading your predictions Jessica! I find this one particularly exciting. However I’m a Taurus (3:54 pm 18/05/78 Brisbane) and I feel like I have to say that we’re not all top 1%- ers. I’m probably a bottom 1%- er and things have been really tough for about a decade. I really do hope there is a toppling of the current greedy few and I long for a revamp of our current system that is unethical and inequitable.

    1. Too funny. No, not every Taurus is in the top 1% – yet Taurus is the sign we associate more than any other with money. I am sorry you have been doing it tough. Yet, the time has come for a relaunch for you. You will see why, from May. You are actually one of those people who could put herself out there, as a name or face, that people can attach to the new way of thinking about money, or even just our values. Glenda Jackson did. She’s a Taurus like you – she chose politics (and tax issues) over actually making money, but she was also true to her sign.

  3. Hi Jessica how will Uranus into Taurus affect me? Will it be an opportunity or a disaster? I have good financial instincts but have missed the ball sometimes, because I was afraid to take a risk. How can I capitalise on this as an opportunity? I want to earn and invest more money, I want more in my life, not material things, but to visit more countries, for instance.

    In some ways I’m really looking forward to this, even though I have very little Aquarius in my chart, inside I have strong Aquarian beliefs, I detest big coporations, and they way they try and manipulate the consumer over “what we need” and the false “sale” prices they use! If you want a big ticket item such as a TV track it’s pricing for 6 months, you’ll soon see the sale prices is the real price!

    Fab article scary and exhilarating!

    1. Thank you. Your Moon, IC and Aesculapius are all in Taurus in the Second House of your chart, so you do have good financial instincts. It will take a while for Uranus to conjunct (or cross) these placements in your horoscope, but you will still see the climate changing, instantly and dramatically, from May 2018. When a planet like Uranus enters a new sign, it goes into a new house (or life department) and it is exactly like having a new flatmate move into your home. Uranus will enter with a big bang of lightning and suddenly, this area of your life – money – is going to be all about ‘new, different, new, different.’ You will personally hit your own revolution, not only with finance and business, but with your entire attitude towards materialism and money, within a few years. All I can really say is – be your own expert. Make it your business to check out what is happening online, as soon as it happens. Beyond blockchain we are going to see unbelievable new inventions and innovations in the world of trade, debt, shopping, saving and spending and with your Taurus chart signature you were born to pursue some of this – if you detest big corporations, the universe is listening!

  4. Hi Jessica

    My sun sign is Taurus and I recently quit my job in investment banking for health reasons. Shortly after quitting, my mother passed away unexpectedly from heart disease which had never been diagnosed (my heart was what I was already having checked out…).

    When I quit my job my plan was to start up a new cryptocurrency/fintech business with friends which we’d been working on for a year and was due to launch shortly. Unfortunately while I was grieving a number of them fell out over the venture and I’m now uncertain whether this will go ahead as planned.

    I now find myself in a position with no mother, no employer and an uncertain future with my new company so am debating whether to return to university and study until while I get my head together.

    Life has literally turned upside down since the beginning of March and I’m feeling a bit lost. Would really appreciate any guidance or thoughts you might have on what my next steps should be please.


    1. I am so sorry that you lost your mother, which must have been devastating. I work as a medium sometimes, as well as an astrologer, so all I can say to you is that we leave the earth, and move into a different way of life – the afterlife – or, as it’s sometimes called, the ‘life between lives.’ So nobody and nothing is ever lost to us and your mother is always a thought away. I’m sure you’ve been reading your astrology as a Taurus regularly enough to know you are in a karma cycle with the family, as the North Node in Leo has been passing through your Fourth House, and still is. The balance sheet with one or more close relatives is being rebalanced. Let me look at your whole chart to put everything in perspective. The issue with your friends – which I guess you have also been reading about in your usual horoscope here – has been the lack of boundaries. One or two of these people fall into the ‘confused and confusing’ category and although the angle is correct (the future is fintech) the concern has been the actual personalities of the people in the group and the structure – or rather the lack of it! Feeling a bit lost is common when you have Neptune going through your Eleventh House of groups and friends. As this cycle goes for years, if the group does sort itself out, try to get everything clear, in great detail, and in writing so that there are no more boundary issues. I would not be totally surprised if you told me one of these people drinks too much or is affected by drugs, by the way! (Neptune rules both). Your instinct about university or other study is correct, though. If you look at your chart you will see that you were born with Uranus, Neptune and Ops in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of education and academia. This is also where we find ‘students of life’ and born teachers, mentors and guides for others. There is usually travel involved, or a big foreign connection. You are on the path to the best cycle in 12 years for all of this, as Jupiter (growth, expansion, fulfilment) moves into Sagittarius at the end of this year. In fact, even if you did nothing, the luck would probably find you in 2019 and it would do so, via a college or university. Quitting investment banking was a smart move. You will have the time and space to be right on top of the wave, as it arrives in 2018 and 2019 – not just the currency and banking revolution, but also Brexit – and you may well find that you end up teaching others as fast as you learn. I have someone in spirit confirming that with me!

  5. Gosh Jessica, this seems phenomenal. Your March forecast too was spot on. Is there a way to find opportunity in this May mayhem?
    I am rebuilding my financial life after last year’s eclipse in Leo. This rebuilding is in part from legacy funds from my Mom. And am wondering if one should continue to keep money in the banks and financial asset classes at all? Will gold make a comeback?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    God bless you for the amazing future vision you share with all of us?

    1. Thank you. You need to become your own best accountant and financial expert – as soon as possible – and start reading widely around the subject of blockchain and cryptocurrency. You have a chart signature in Scorpio in the Eighth House of inheritance and legacy, and with Jupiter in Scorpio, you have received funds from your late mother (Jupiter rules expansion). Jupiter will stay in Scorpio until the end of this year, but he won’t be there forever, so the faster you can update yourself on what is going on, the better off you will be.

      1. Jessica, thanks. I do keep myself updated, but it is almost never enough. I am also in the midst of some messy complicated negotiations-gone-bad on real estate. I am trying to get a better bargain for myself this week, but am wondering whether the pain is worth it… If it degenerates into litigation, my siblings will never forgive me for it… As a Scorpio I have the nerves for it. I think I am right too. Just wondering should I lose the battle to win the war?
        Is litigation worth it?

        1. You’ll find that the world of business, shopping, finance, buying and selling moves so fast from 2018 – it is a rollercoaster by 2020 – that you will be on top of things if you make sure you are a day ahead, at the same time that you are living for the day. This cycle has not even begun yet. Your Scorpio side is classically drawn to family financial drama, but be careful here, because Uranus in Taurus will slowly oppose every single one of your Scorpio placements for years ahead. If you ask ‘Is litigation worth it?’ you have to get real about what it will cost you in terms of emotional energy, your peace of mind and the rest. You also have Fortuna (random swings of fate and fortune) at 20 Cancer in your Fourth House of family. Pluto is hovering around 19, 20, 21 Capricorn right opposite that for years. You have to be so careful about what you create with your relatives on that cycle. Have a look at your Fortuna in the Fourth House, in the zodiac sign of Cancer. That’s the story.

  6. Dear Jessica
    Thank you once again for your incredible work , the research you must do is mind boggling. I have been a follower for several years and so take what you have to say very seriously. I have been reading your posts about the future events coming in May with trepidation and your latest one fills me with rising anxiety. As a business woman I have sacrificed an awful lot in the last 12 years and am worried that my business will be a casualty in the forthcoming weeks. If the banks are badly hit, the economy of the U.K. may not be strong enough to cope with the chaos that will undoubtedly follow. I have no experience of block chain or crypto currencies and no idea how these things work or what the pitfalls are. The prospect of our banking system failing in some way fills me with horror even with many bankers being paid astronomic salaries. Some of them work very long hours. Is there anything we can do to cushion the impact of what is coming?

    1. Thank you. If you are not yet up to speed with blockchain and cryptocurrency, have a look at BBC Ideas and watch their short clip. It explains it better than anything else I’ve seen. It is really important that – if you are in business – you start looking at the alternatives which are coming. None of this is mainstream in Britain yet but it’s only a matter of time. Don’t be in trepidation about Uranus in Taurus but do be in the know. Uranus has ruled new invention and revolution in astrology since he was discovered. Put that together with Taurus and you have the most radical change to currency in your lifetime – and mine.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article, will be watching with great interest.
    This issue of aluminium cladding could have huge repercussions.
    35 minutes ago
    Leaked report urges suspension of aluminium panels on high-rises
    The expert fire engineer hired by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to audit the certification system, recommended the suspension of six certificates covering 13 types of panels.
    Melbourne expatriate engineer Tony Enright pointed out in his confidential report that a key test in Britain in response to Grenfell had failed these panels.

    1. Grenfell was on my mind too – the most tragic example of a Capricorn tower being hit by Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Aluminium cladding issues should go right to the top of our lists across this transit! Thank you.

  8. Hi Jessica, I’ve been having such a crazy past month, career wise, financially, and most of all romantically(with a specific person)- what is coming up for me? should I stick with the path I’m on in my job, or try to branch out? Should I stay with my partner or is it time to move on, or be alone even? thank you so much, your predictions have always been spot on

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the predictions have been spot on for you. The reason you are feeling this tension about staying or leaving your partner is the arrival of Chiron in Aries. As Chiron slowly starts to move across 0, 1, 2, 3 Aries, he opposes your Jupiter at 0 and Saturn at 3 Libra, in your Seventh House of marriage, engagement, separation and divorce. That is a really big deal and you will find that 2018 is the year you simply have to choose – ‘Should I Stay, or Should I Go?’ as The Clash sang. Chiron opposite Jupiter, or Chiron opposite Saturn, would be enough by themselves but the transits come one after another, so if you do stay together, you will have to radically change the way the relationship works. Your career is really about Virgo or Capricorn in your chart. We look to anything in Virgo in the Sixth House of work, and anything in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, to see what is going on. Sure enough you have your IC at 18 Capricorn and Pluto has been going back and forth across 18 Capricorn for some time! Your IC is where you come from; your roots; your heritage, family tree, culture and sense of belonging. Pluto is about deep transformation, and Capricorn is of course about ambition. I think this goes beyond your actual job into the powerful influence that the family tree has on you, in terms of the mountain you want to climb in life. Pluto can only make this pattern once every 248 years, so no wonder you are going through so much at the moment. What you should definitely consider is part-time or full-time study or retraining. You are strongly Gemini-Sagittarius and are a natural ‘student of life’ and Jupiter will go through Sagittarius from the end of this year and by 2019 will be making some stunning aspects to this part of your chart. So yes, you should branch out and expand your knowledge and contacts, particularly in other regions and countries, and do all you can to use that cycle. It will pay off for years – the very first opportunities will appear just before Christmas 2018.

  9. Hello Jessica,

    I found this prediction on a future oriented website that seems to agree with what you have been saying all along. Here is what it says “From 2020 onwards, there is a shift of money and resources away from senior citizens and towards those in their middle years. Property and inheritance laws, pensions, retirement plans and a number of elderly benefits undergo significant changes, as Gen-Xers work to stem the gap between themselves and their parents.”

    Based on your predictions we might not have to wait until 2020 to see these changes. I am excited about the future!

    1. Thank you. Yes, there is a major focus on superannuation and pensions in the astrology ahead. Part of this is Uranus in Taurus (the revolution to hit currency and banks) but there is also that crisis for corporations and governments too, with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, followed by Ceres and Jupiter in Capricorn too. I suspect the outcome will be mini-markets online where groups of friends and acquaintances create their own banks and trading posts, using their own digital currency, as patience with the old banking and taxation system will soon be at an end.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    With Chiron and Cupido in 15 degree, Prosperina in 13 degree, and Diana in 25 degree Taurus, what should I look forward to Uranus in Taurus cycle. Money is a major concern, I know I will be free of few debts soon, but that does not make much impact in finances. A business partnership is in the dreams, will it work out and eventually make me my own Boss.


    1. Long-term, your Taurus side will be well and truly triggered by Uranus in Taurus in your Second House but it will be some years before you radically change your approach to shopping, borrowing money (credit cards, mortgages), online financing and the rest. Short-term you need to look at your Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House of ‘deals’ and deal-making, particularly with family members or former/current partners. When Jupiter – opportunity, growth, solutions, expansion, improvement – crosses your Uranus in Scorpio towards the end of this year, you will be in a fantastic position to make so much more of your ability to produce, create and invent – and to adapt to a new world. In other words, what happens out there, in the world around you, will also fit in with who you are. Have a look at your natal Uranus in Scorpio.

  11. Hi Jessica. Interesting how you mention the Queen. I was only looking at her chart last week and saw her 0 degree Taurus Sun and wondered what in the hell is going to happen when Uranus 0 Taurus conjuncts her Sun. Obviously, it’s this financial mayhem that will hit her. Prince Charles’ 0 Taurus Moon shows he’ll be affected by what happens around his Mum. Intriguing!
    Regarding Trump, many have predicted he won’t last his term. I wonder if something regarding a money scandal brings him down rather than an impeachment? Fascinating how it will all begin to unfold next month.

    1. Thanks JC. Yes, Her Majesty the Queen is tied to Prince Charles in quite a fated way, with those Taurus and Scorpio patterns they share. All eyes on May 2018. The fact that her head is on the currency of Commonwealth countries is one issue. A related concern is the finances of the House of Windsor. What develops across May and June as the Sun moves through Taurus then Gemini will wake us all up.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Your Astrology is so fascinating!
    With my South Node in Taurus and no other placements in the sign of Taurus, can you see how this will relate to me in May?
    Interestingly I used to work for the big banks, however a few years ago, due to workplace injuries I had to leave. But when I first started working for the banks many years ago, it was quite a privilege and honour to mention that you worked for them. However, during the last 15 -20 years or so the reputation of the banks has declined rapidly. Definitely not an honour to say you work for them!
    Many thanks, Maria

    1. Thank you Maria. Venus, Neptune, Vulcano and the North Node are all in Scorpio in your chart in the Eighth House of finance, and of course you have your South Node in Taurus in your Second House of everyday money, so I’m not surprised to hear you worked for a bank. Your Vulcano at 19 Scorpio is quite powerful and it’s coming to life in your chart at the moment. You have what it takes to reshape the situation with your money, house, apartment, charity or business interests all year, actually. Have a look at Vulcano in Scorpio in your chart, in the Eighth House.

  13. Hi Jessica. And thank you again for your insights. You had previously told me that the jupiter in scorpio weather would bring me numerous chances for advancement for my career since I have been jobless and unable to find a job since 7/17. I breifly obtained one during the Nov/Dec 17 Mercury Retrograde and had to accept it and ended up being let go as soon as the retrograde was ending. I have been searching since. Now that mars will be conjuct my IC and opposite my MC can I expect even more issues? I am already struggling as a single mom and heavely dependent on my parents to just get by due to my job situation. Please advise.

    1. I’m glad you got the job as predicted, but sorry about Mercury Retrograde! Don’t worry about Mars. With your huge Aquarius stellium you were made to work with groups, and for groups – communities – and this applies online and in the real world, too. Tap into your Aquarius side and use it – you belong with associations, clubs, teams, charities, bands, political parties, trade unions, social media communities and the rest and looking further afield, we are moving into a mini Age of Aquarius when Jupiter and Saturn are in that sign, followed by Pluto from 2023, so you will really come into your own as the ‘supplier’ of people power within a group. In Ancient Rome the Aquarius was the water-bearer who supplied the Roman Baths, which is of course where the people came together. Being a single parent takes up a lot of time and energy, but look online and see who needs you – sites like Fiverr now have quite a few competitors and they are good sources. Armed with your computer spellcheck program and a genuine interest in helping groups function, there is nothing you cannot do. You can also make new friends that way. Aquarius is very much about friendship!

  14. Hey! Thank you! I have my MC and Chiron in Taurus. What should I expect? I would love to be a 1% -er! Can Uranus take me there!!!?? Lol – hope you’re well!!

    1. Uranus might indeed liberate you from the old taxation and banking system over the next few years – you’ll feel as if you’ve moved on up!

  15. Hi Jessica, I am curious as to how Uranus in Taurus will affect Julian Assange? Thanks

    1. I’m not totally sure about the birth data we have for Assange, but if he is genuinely a Sun Cancer person, then the shockwaves of May 2018 will in fact be about the group – so in his case, that is his Wikileaks friends and perhaps Facebook, as a social media group. Uranus is of course about liberty, freedom, independence and breaking away from who/what confines you. As someone who is essentially trapped where he is, you have to wonder if May and June won’t bring a necessary parting of the ways between Assange and Wikileaks itself. If not them, then certainly another community of people. Let’s see how he lives out the aspect – that Mars-Uranus square is pretty decisive.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have 5+ factors each in Taurus and Cancer. Kindly check my chart and let me know how the changes in May 2018 are likely to affect me.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You are strongly Taurus so you have an instinct for knowing what is valuable or priceless. You have very shrewd ideas about what is worth paying for, and what is not – also what is likely to go up in value. Your life will be changed forever by Uranus in Taurus as he slowly moves from 4 degrees right through to the end of the sign, conjuncting your Taurus factors in the Second House of money, business, property and charity along the way. From May 2018 the global economic picture alters quite dramatically and although you will not be immediately and directly affected, from 2019 onwards you will be aware that you need to be part of the new world of currency and particularly online business, shopping and trading – or be left far behind. One property bubble after another around the world will burst, along with other ‘bubbles of nothing’ – particularly tech stocks. This is where you come in, as you have an instinctive grasp of what is real, what is solid and what is actually worth something. Try to stay up to date on everything as it transforms, because it’s going to happen virtually on a weekly basis, starting in May, with matters snowballing in 2019, 2020 as the old world of money laundering and tax evasion collapses, along with the end of paper and metal currency. The trick is to keep changing, and contributing to the wider changes. This is a revolution.

  17. I have read with concern your blog posts on the impending crisis of May 2018. What will happen to the banks? and the life savings of 100s of 1000s of people ? This thought sends shivers down my spine as my entire life savings is tied to the banks in Europe and Asia.

    1. Everybody’s money is tied up in the banks! Some of mine, too. Think of it this way – when America beat Britain in 1781 it was the end of British taxes, and that same year Elizabeth Freeman beat her white masters in court, and it was the beginning of the end of the slave trade, which was at the heart of the American economy. That was the year Uranus was discovered. Anyone with sense got on board with the revolution and today, their descendants are the most successful people in the USA. So…you can either see 1781 as a crisis, or as a crisis for a system which should not have existed anyway! I hope you can see what the planet Uranus is all about. Necessary, radical change. It will shock us, the way the revolution shocked people in 1781, but this has to happen. The point of my writing this story for you and other readers is to inform you ahead of time so you are prepared and know exactly what to do. Which is to get educated, quickly!

  18. Hi Jessica. This is spot on. I did an online course on Fintech and the view of many experts is exactly the future you predict. After working for myself for some time now I am considering taking up an offer outside the country for a senior position at a development finance institution. Should I accept the offer I will likely start in May. I’m excited by the prospect but also concerned in the context of this Uranus transit. Am I crazy to even consider this?

    1. Thank you. You have enough at 0, 1 and 2 degrees of your chart to suggest your entire life will change from May onwards as Uranus begins to move across 0 and 1 degrees – and then ultimately across 2 and 3 degrees. Well done on taking the online course in Fintech as you will be right on top of the wave. As I don’t have the charts of your company, the countries in question or the rest – I can’t say if it’s wise to accept or reject the offer – you have to decide that. Yet, my eyes are on your Proserpina at 2 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. This is literally the mark of the go-between who operates with two different countries or nationalities and when Jupiter (expansion, good fortune, solutions, growth, big answers) crosses 2 Sagittarius towards the end of this year you’re going to love the outcome. In the meantime have a look at your Astrology Oracle cards to see the pros and cons of the current offer. I have to say, whatever you do, you’re going to be travelling or moving after October – certainly by Christmas. And it will be great.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Can you tell me how Uranus into Taurus will affect me? I’m not a 1% er but have worked and saved hard all my life and getting close to retirement. Uranus will be in my 12th house.

    1. You have a Moon-Mercury conjunction at 0 and 1 degree of Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, study, teaching, publishing and the worldwide web. This is also where we find foreign people and places. I use the Natural House system so your Moon-Mercury conjunction ends up in the Ninth House of ‘travel and travel in the mind’ which I am sure makes sense to you. Mercury is of course your life online, but also with communication in general – and the Moon is how you need to be needed. The very first thing you will notice is that your travel agenda, your connection with foreign people and places, perhaps specific projects like books, websites or courses – are affected by global currency or economic shifts from May onwards. The reason for this is that Uranus across 0, 1 Taurus will quincunx your Moon-Mercury. A classic example would be the pound crashing in Britain, so that suddenly you find a London holiday workshop in a subject you like, becomes affordable. Even cheap. Your own life will give you the outcome, but I hope this gives you a general idea. What is unleashed globally with currency means a dramatic impact on your 2018 and 2019 plans for vacations, informal or formal education, book or website projects and also, perhaps, the plans of those from foreign countries which are wrapped up in your own. I have to say, this looks like massive rises and falls with particular currencies like the U.S. dollar, the Euro, Pound Sterling and so on.

  20. This is hard to get my head around Jessica, but coming from you I’m taking it seriously. I’ve been avoiding trying to understand bitcoin and blockchain because is seems preposterous to me that a currency based on nothing can be manufactured out of the ethers using computers that require a lot of electrical power. Now Uranus governs electrical power so there must be a ‘connection’ there. It just seems more a magic trick than a real currency. The details of how it’s used, how it’s exchanged are a mystery to me too. It makes me want to put our savings into gold coins and hide them under the bed until I better understand what’s going on. Is my love/hate/indifference relationship to money going to change? Or, is there a chance I could die broke and homeless. Kidding, sort of :). Thanks

    1. This is a really common response to what is going on, and this is quite tame actually – once the winds of change have started roaring through the world economy – we will have to decide if we are going to hang on to the old ways, or go with the new. History and astrology tell us, always go with the new! It may help to remember that when Uranus was discovered in 1781 the French were shown the King’s tax affairs for the first time. It was the match that lit the flame, that sparked the French Revolution a few years later. In 2018 we are going to see Uranus at work once again and you’ll be in the same position as Paris locals back in 1781. You can either resist the revolution and stay loyal to the King and be swept away by the forces of time – or get on board with the new rules. Anyone who tried to hang on to the past in Paris in the 18th century was really on a losing ticket. I hope that helps! Have a look at BBC Ideas for their superb clip about Blockchain. In fact, I may see if I can post it here.

  21. Hey Spooky Lady! 😮

    “Donald J. Trump

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump
    Fire at Trump Tower is out. Very confined (well built building). Firemen (and women) did a great job. THANK YOU!”

    1. Thank you. I’ll take Spooky Lady as a compliment! Keep watching all the Trump Towers – around the world – now through 2020. This is not over.

  22. Thank you for another insightful observation. As usual the comments (and your responses) are often as interesting and helpful as the original post. I have yet to see a comment dealing with a North Node in Taurus. As you can see from my chart; mine is at: North Node in Taurus 28° 59′ 12″ Rx.

    1. Thank you Patrick. Your North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio across the Second House of your money – and the Eighth House of joint finances – work as a pair. Uranus will ultimately conjunct your North Node and oppose your South Node, many years from now. You also have other Scorpio factors which will be opposed, long-term. You stand to gain, actually, this year as Jupiter (abundance, expansion, growth, solutions, opportunity) slowly crosses those Nodes and you’ll notice it more as we approach October, November and the Sun goes through Scorpio too. Yet – check the paperwork as over the extreme long-term, whatever is there needs to be flexible enough to take the unpredictable astrological weather some years from now.

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