The Aries Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Read on to find out why you are on the brink of a money revolution, Aries - and why a different region or country will be calling you by Christmas 2018, with the holiday or move of a lifetime next year.

Read on to find out why you are on the brink of a money revolution, Aries – and why a different region or country will be calling you by Christmas 2018, with the holiday or move of a lifetime next year.

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15 Responses

  1. Jessica, I have just moved to a distant location! A call came from nowhere and here I am in North Dakota! Could there be yet another physical move or do you think this is the THE move? My husband thinks we will be here a long time. We have left our children and grandchildren though and wonder if we might convince them to join us. We have also at this moment, left our home of 10 years and our 7 animals ( We need a place for them to join us ) Money is a short term concern but we think long term we are in a better position. Thank you for all the effort you put into giving a light in this life. I am feeling amazed. This has all happened in March and it’s been so glowingly easy!

    1. I’m very happy that you are so happy to have moved to North Dakota. There will be quite ambitious travel in 2019 and believe it or not, yes – you could move again. Even if it’s just house-sitting or home exchange.

  2. Hello jessica ,
    I have dob 28 th march 1977, female born around 11:37pm India…. Could u please shed any insight how personally this coming year can affect my life… Both personally n professionally? Thanks

    1. As a Sun Aries person you should take full advantage of the offers, opportunities, help, repair work, solutions and improvements affecting your finances, property, business interests in 2018. You stand to make or save money. Near Christmas you will begin to see how easily you could travel more ambitiously in 2019 and may well be packing your bags. You’ll love it.

  3. Hi Jessica thank you for your wishes. I have retrained and started a private practice in nutrition by renting out a room in a multimodality centre. I have designed a Facebook page (before the leaks), contemplating designing a website. Now I need to earn to pay the rent! Where do you see this going? Best Jos

    1. You need to reconnect with your family or home town/home country. There is a lot you can tap there. This is the family community. I know that you have emigrated to Australia but actually you could do so much more with a person who is a leaf on a branch of your family tree – and don’t forget your roots. You can do a lot here. They may have advantages and favours you can use.

  4. With a sun in Aries I have felt in transition with work and home for a long time, not sure where I will end up in either place but I do know what I want now. I would really like to know what to do or expect this 2018-2019 and if there is something in my life I should be working on.

    1. I can see you’ve asked me a question in the Big Luck Astrology – Simple Rules story so I will address this, there, along with your question about your Scorpio factors.

  5. Reposting from Aries weather.
    Hi Jessica,

    I have stellium in Aries and Libra, it has been tough work with ‘Me vs We’ situations. Sun in 2, Mars in 4, MC in 14 and Panacea in 17 degrees Aries and Jupiter in 5, Saturn in 6, IC in 14, Pluto in 23 degrees Libra. In fact relationships doesn’t bother me much now.
    My concern is money and career now. I don’t see any tangible results in my company, no doors have been opened. And I’m not getting any good openings other places as well. All I know is I’m putting lot of effort. To think out of the box – I am not in a position to take any kind of risks, go for a part time job, invest money on business, or do something creative.
    What is in it for me this year?

    1. That’s too funny – ‘What’s in it for me this year?’ is such an Aries question! You are very good at the energy and effort part of the equation (the forward thrust is typical of strongly Aries people) and yet you are not looking at your chart over the long-term. This is not really about 2018 at all. You also have a lot of factors in Taurus in the Second House of money, values, property, charity, business, philanthropy and what/who is most valuable to you. That is going to radically change starting in the smallest way from May 2018 and by 2018 it will be a huge, emerging wave. You would benefit from reading more about Taurus and Uranus, as the Uranus in Taurus cycle will revolutionise your world. I am sure you are across Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, but just in case you need to update – update. Fast.

  6. Hi Jessica, Thank you for these great Aries 2018-2019 insights! My husband and I recently separated and moved back to Australia with our two young children. I have not worked in many years while I’ve been raising the kids and now really want to focus on increasing my financial abundance, but am now faced with the challenges of being a single parent/co-parenting/finding childcare etc. Will I find fulfilling work that is flexible around the children, or shall I focus solely on the kids for a while longer? I also have unexpectedly developed romantic feelings for a long-term friend of mine, he is single and has no children – do you have any insight on this? Thank you!

    1. You are strongly Aries, so actually – you are the brand. You can certainly find part-time work, but think about a role where you are upfront and are your own best advertisement. You become the product, in a way. A typical example would be your fellow Aries Vivienne Westwood whose personality and image sell the clothes and the perfume. You instantly know what you are buying because she ‘speaks’ her brand so well. You will have quite a few choices workwise now, but actually looking at the long term, your career will transform until 2023 and you will be fully involved with some very powerful people and organisations, which in turn empower you – if you can figure out the power relationship with them. It’s hard to say more about your friend without knowing his chart, or even his sign, but in general it’s all about the children. You have a lot of karma involving your two children to complete in 2018 as the North Node in Leo goes through your Fifth House of parenthood. This may be past life stuff. So – you have to factor that in. It’s all going to depend on how your friend feels about your two small offspring. You owe them, karmically, so it’s being put to the test. Go ahead and ‘feel all the feels’ and do what you have to do. Once you do it, you will have a chance to live out some karma, according to your horoscope. This is actually the last year you will ever have to focus quite so intensely on the children and in fact 2018 onwards will be about learning (so much) about business, money and career. You have the energy to juggle quite fast, and you are one of life’s action women – so I think once you throw yourself into the massive financial and economic changes which are set to sweep the world (like Blockchain) you will be one of the pioneers. This is all far away now but every journey starts with a single step.

  7. Hi Jessica, missed the forum due to short term traveling (no laptop), but yay so glad to be rejuvenating myself again even with a short trip! I have a definite stellium in Aries, and appreciate your recent Aries birthday article, as the astrology is certainly applicable to me. Any specifics you see that I should be aware if in April? Your psychic sense tunes in well, so I will just leave it you to zone in on any particular areas of importance. Thank you again 😉

    1. I’m sorry you missed the forum but obviously glad you had a good holiday. In general, 2018 and 2019 are about career transformation. You have a Capricorn stellium too, along with the chart signature in Aries. As Pluto can only cross over your Capricorn stellium like this once every 240+ years, what you are seeing is an empowering and powerful change – perhaps of your entire profession – maybe of the way it all runs. This takes time and yet once you have reached 2020, that four-way transit of Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success will be finished and your C.V. will not be the same. The trick with this cycle is to use willpower and self-control so that you are ‘the boss of you’ no matter how potent a particular individual or organisation is.

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