Big Luck Astrology – Simple Rules

Call it my present to you, but - this is my absolute number one secret for creating big luck in your life.

Thank you for being a Premium Member! Now, here’s a little something for Spring – or Autumn – as the seasons change. Call it my present to you, but – this is my absolute number one secret for creating big luck in your life. How does Big Luck Astrology work? It’s all about the timing. So get ready to grow something amazing in your life using these simple, secret, ancient rules. I’ve used this with bestselling books, hot dates, hotel room upgrades, the lot! And now it’s time to share.

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37 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Happy Equinox and best wishes to you.

    Would this be a favourable time to launch into a new property right now. I have had my nose to the ground for sometime, now something has come up on the radar. Could it be a flash in the pan or is it worth a shot using the dates above, even though mercury is retrograde?


    1. If you are in no tearing hurry Claire, wait for May. You need to see what is happening to the British economy across May, June when wild forces are unleashed. Radical change can mean radical drops in property prices/people’s circumstances with renting/lending/exchanging property. So you are too early. Watch interest rates as well.

    1. Ok, I submitted my CV (on 2nd of April) for consideration of any potential positions that could come up in the coming months. It will be in an international development organisation and if I am considered it involves a move that would make me extra happy. I am not in rush and can wait patiently.
      I will the write the updates.

  2. Wow Jessica, my boss got me in the office yesterday to tell me I’m getting a promotion, and pay rise starting April 1st , amazing, I’m hoping to be getting a new flat soon, so the extra money will really help xx

  3. Hi Jessica, First of all. Love this article !!! I have Ops, Neptune, Diana & Hygeia in Scorpio at 5,8,19 & 22 degrees respectively. Taking into consideration the Moon transit, how can I most effectively take advantage of the conjunctions ? Thank You!!! Deidre

    1. Deirdre, you could do a lot of good work on the family tree – tidying things up with family members, perhaps really sorting it all out. You are also in that fantastic phase when you can cut out anything or anyone not supporting you. This particular April is time for chopping and changing, sifting and sorting, and getting active. I think you could also address the issue of a baby you once had – or perhaps never had, for whatever reason – and that would unlock something quite powerful for you too.

  4. Hey Jessica,
    Thanks for these – We are Really wanting to change our current housing situation (moving or renting, we seem to be stuck in indecision land) – so will try to use the dates above to try to make something happen. Please let me know if there is something (anything?) in my chart that supports this.


    1. Okay, right now you do also have Mercury Retrograde operating so be aware of that – there’s a chain reaction of delay and change across the planet. Yet, you have enough Scorpio factors in the Eight House of your chart (finance, property) to benefit from the ripple effect of throwing a few stones across these Big Luck Astrology dates. Without knowing the other person’s horoscope it’s hard to say if your good fortune will specifically be about a house or apartment (as he/she is 50% of the deal) but in general, see what you can create with property, money and the material world. Grow things!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Cap sun with a scorpio rising and Sag moon, Mars in Sag , jupiter in Aries, venus in Aquarius, Neptune in Cap, Uranus in sag, pluto in Scorpio, Saturn in sag fortune in Cap and MC in Leo.
    My life has been one bad day after another since February . How would I take advantage of this if I have absolutely nothing positive going on in my life now? I have a few ideas I’d like to see come to life, but I have no one around me to help. This is the first time in my life where I have no clue what to do. It’s extremely frustrating.

    1. Sure. I hear your frustration and can see it in your chart. See all that stuff at 24 and 25 degrees in your horoscope, like the Sun at 24 Capricorn? It’s all being hit by Uranus at 25 Aries. You are being pushed to change – radically – but you are not doing it. Frustration is always because we are stubbornly refusing to alter course – we are hanging on to the way we operated in 2017, 2016 and before. Ask your Astrology Oracle ‘What do I need to change in myself and my life in 2018 for the best outcome?’ and then work through the cards until you see the light. Further ahead you will be thrilled with the trip you take, or move/relocation coming, end of this year. The dream is real in 2019.

  6. Thank you for this incredibly practical article. I have two retrograde Scorpio aspects if that is the right word. Please could you advise me on what areas of life I should be working on.
    01° Scorpio 31′ 35″ R
    26° Scorpio 38′ 33″ R

    1. Thank you! Your retrogrades (R) are really about going backwards and forwards with money, houses, apartments, charity, business, possessions and you tend to this as a recurring pattern in your life. Despite this it always works out for you, and in fact if you think about your childhood you may have a long history of achieving/acquiring abundance and also sending it out there too. I have seen charts like this before for people who used to enter competitions as teenagers and win quite large prizes, and in adulthood became philanthropists. (Jupiter is abundance flow). Proserpina is the go-between; the piggy-in-the-middle who keeps two sides happy. I do wonder about your inheritance, actually, from either parent and this applies no matter if you collected it already or not. In terms of Big Luck Astrology, you are certainly one of the people who should be using those dates! In fact, you absolutely must. Put out there, near 1st April. Offer, ask, request, and get stuck into life. I don’t need to tell you of the financial potential, no matter if this is money saved, or money made.

      1. Thank you as this is incredibly helpful, I feel as if I am at a crossroads, I cannot say I’ve won any prizes but you are right that things always do work out in one way or another and I shall apply that to the ups and downs from now while also putting out there for the 1st April.

  7. Hi Jessica

    Thank you. You have given me wonderful insights to me. I think I picked it up correctly.

    I am waiting to launch my online business in May after Mercury retrograde ends.

  8. Thank you. You have given me wonderful insights. I think I picked it up correctly.

    I am waiting to launch my online business in May after Mercury retrograde ends. As you said, opportunity came in Feb 2018.
    I am a bit worried about Astrology Oracle reading. .Mars along with First House . Is it about a big push forward or a conflict?

    Thanks for your kind replies.

    1. Saru, it really depends on what your question was – and what time-frame you were asking about. You need to be specific with that and write it down. I don’t know what you asked! If you asked ‘What do I need to do to succeed in 2018’ and Mars in the First House came up, it would obviously be to promote yourself, push forward and be front-and-centre.

  9. Hi Jessica, Jupiter is in Aries in my natal chart, so would it equally apply to ‘put it out there’ for competitions, offers, opportunities related to improving my personal appearance? And would that then translate into financial benefits (e.g. large discounts on services/free treatments, etc.), given that we are working with the Jupiter in Scorpio potential? Or have i totally missed the mark here?! Thank you.

    1. You have a lot of 11 degree factors in your chart, including Jupiter himself at 11 Aries, so when the Moon goes past 11 degrees of any zodiac sign (at all) it triggers the whole pattern. It does this every two days, believe it or not. It could be interesting for you to watch the hour that this happens on a regular basis. Jupiter in Aries is really about giving by pushing yourself forward. Giving back by being upfront, front-and-centre – the ‘front person’ for a particular cause or organisation.

  10. Hi Jessica, I’m ready and open to Jupiter Luck. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

    1. You are another Neptune in Scorpio person who could be doing so much more with her resources, assets, talents, possessions, property – there is a way there to make or save money. Push your luck.

  11. Hi Jessica, thanks for your insight and thoughtful words, through the blogs and horoscopes. Accurate and allows reflection in some of the most difficult times. But I love that Jupiter is about optimism. This weeks Lenormand card of Sun for me, in opposition to the full moon, captures it. I have Sun 22° Sagittarius and Moon 07° Pisces. Lots going on family wise – trying nourish and sustain my three sprouts through it all. Today though, I am going to use the Big Luck to sow a seed on a job, I wasn’t sure whether to go for it, but now I have decided to put it out there. Thanks, and I hope your Jupiter big luck delivers well too.

    1. Thank you. This is a great time to push your luck/try your luck as you have Neptune in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, business and property, so planting seeds now will pay off later in 2018.

  12. Hey Jessica,

    I’m past ready for Lady Luck to start bring good things my way…any suggestions on the area I need to work on for that to happen?


    1. Jenn, Neptune at 26 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and property, is about a holiday from reality. A great escape. It’s out there for you this year, when Jupiter (opportunity) also crosses 26 Scorpio and you can build it in stages, right now, as the Moon goes over 26 Scorpio! So start creating and dreaming.

  13. Hello Jessica, the Big Luck material is so innovative and so clear and practical. Thank you.
    I read a fabulous article you did “Uranus in Taurus” and loved all of the historical references to what happened
    during previous U in T. Hope you like this article…just another variation o the theme of money changes; which I hope is interest to you. Han

    1. That’s fascinating. China is deserting the dollar. This is something I did not mention in the Uranus in Taurus list of predictions, but it’s a classic example of what is going to happen! I’ll pass this onto other readers, thank you Han.

  14. Thank you for this good news! I needed a little hope. I’m not clear how to interpret my chart in relation to these lucky junctures because I have a largely significant number of asteroids in Scorpio, but I don’t know much about asteroids in a chart. My scorpio bodies are: 24 Neptune, 11 Juno, 14 Ceres, 25 MC, 26 Bacchus, 12 Panacea, 25 Ops, 24 Vulcano and 20 Psyche. What would I look for as lucky opportunities and how would I narrow down my focus based on all these Scorpio asteroids?

    1. It’s happening now, actually, and you really only have until November to ‘seize the day’ and make more of your assets, money, possessions, house, apartment, business ideas and the rest. You are strongly Scorpio and would benefit from looking up the asteroids either on Search or in the ebooks which come with membership. Juno, for example, is about commitment. Ceres is about making deals with others. Bacchus is about the pure enjoyment of spending or making money. Of all this, Psyche matters most, because she describes what outlives you. What lasts forever. This is clearly about what goes into your legacy, or last will and testament. There is something substantial here in 2018, no matter if you are leaving money to a good cause, or creating an aspect of a home or garden which would be there for generations. Keep using your Big Luck Astrology. I used it myself yesterday and was astonished to find a company who specialise in renting out yachts as floating offices, which is exactly what I plan to do with mine when I’m not using it! Try your luck, all year, with those placements – you’ll be thrilled.

  15. Hi Jessica

    This is such an interesting post. I love testing things out with astrology and thinking about and trying to make sense of how it played out. I have Scorpio rising. The timing and astrology seemed to align to go after a legal matter with a big company around April 2 & 3. It was leading up to these dates anyway and I just took the action to find an attorney at this time with Jupiter luck in mind. I was worried w Merc retrograde but it needed to happen now. Interested to see how it all plays out- the facts are on my side. Does it sound like this would align with Jupiter, Scorpio and my chart? Thanks!

    1. Uranus at 25 Scorpio in your chart is the clincher. You are part of a generation all born with Uranus at 25 Scorpio, who will invent, create, produce, innovate in the field of finance and business. Your generation essentially is about new technology, using computers and smart phones, but also inventions which top even those. Given that you all feel the luck together, and expand together, you can benefit from surfing a new wave with your contemporaries, on this lucky Jupiter in Scorpio cycle. From little acorns, big oak trees grow. And did you know about the new app Acorn? It’s exactly that kind of thing.

  16. Hi Jessica
    I work in fundraising for a charity specialising in grant funding. Successes have been few and far between recently but I went back to work after the Easter break on 3rd April to find a cheque for £5,000 sitting on my desk from a small trust that I really thought wouldnt support us. They’ve also promised us the same amount next year! Big Jupiter Luck indeed – really cheered me up 🙂
    Best wishes

  17. Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for this fantastic article!
    I have the Moon conjunc5 Jupiter in Taurus natally, i may get a lot from your method!
    Last week I used the moment when transiting Venus was conjunct my Jupiter and the Moonand i got what I wanted although It was almost impossible
    Many Hugs

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