Pisces New Moon! March 17th 2018

The Pisces New Moon falls on Saturday 17th March at 1.11pm in London (adjust for your time zone). The whole planet will feel it all weekend. But where will the new beginning in your life come from - and how can you make this new chapter work for you?

The Pisces New Moon – March 17th 2018

The Pisces New Moon falls on Saturday 17th March at 1.11pm in London (adjust for your time zone). The whole planet will feel it all weekend. But where will the new beginning in your life come from – and how can you make this new chapter work for you? It all begins with Space Clearing. This is a term which appears in books by Karen Kingston and Denise Linn. The idea of cleaning up and clearing up – making space in your life – is also behind the recent Spark Joy movement. I also wrote about this in the book 21st Century Goddess, with my friends Jelena Glisic and Anthea Paul.  The key to this New Moon is simple. It’s in Pisces, the sign of the fishes, ruled by Neptune, the planet we associate with the ocean. You’ve attracted flotsam and jetsam in the last few years. Seaweed. Driftwood. Foam and pollution. It’s drifted in. Now, get rid of it! Then you can make a fresh start.


download - Pisces New Moon! March 17th 2018 51OwUmZKZLL. SX323 BO1204203200  - Pisces New Moon! March 17th 2018When I worked with Anthea and Jelena on the Energy Clearing section of 21st Century Goddess (published in Australia and Great Britain) we had the opportunity to  road-test the decluttering and de-junking techniques in our book. I loved the results. To this day, if I am dealing with people or situations which seem murky, messy or muddled, I always begin with my home, hotel room or even my moat. Where are things ‘gathering’ like so much plastic or rubber pollution on the sand? It is amazing what you can miss on your own computer. You may find all kinds of flotsam and jetsam has washed up there. It’s the same with your e-mail in-box.

A New Moon in astrology is always a new beginning but you can’t make one until you have cleared away the mess of 2017. Maybe your situation (I will describe it below, opposite your Sun sign) began  as far back as 2015 or 2016. In any case, you can read more about the New Moon here, if you are curious. And of course, I recommend 21st Century Goddess as a how-to book. Some really interesting things happened for Anthea Paul, Jelena Glisic and I after our ‘girl’s guide to the universe’ came out all those years ago. Anthea went on to critical acclaim and bestselling success with her famous Girlosophy series. Jelena found her soulmate and life partner and I went to her wedding! In my own life, using Energy Clearing/Space Clearing transformed my career. Together with Fiona Walker, Chris Manby, Maggie Alderson, Nick Earls and Imogen Edwards-Jones I edited Girls’ Night In, Girls’ Night In/Boys’ Night Out and Big Night Out in aid of the charity War Child – and ended up dating one of our heroic field workers in Afghanistan.

My point is, cleaning up and clearing up can have powerful and profound consequences. It makes things very clear in your mind, because your bedroom (even) is one of the biggest influences on how you see yourself and your world. It’s the last thing you see at night. The first thing you see in the morning. What if your wardrobe is like a forgotten and neglected museum? Well, exactly. You’ll be amazed at how just a closet/wardrobe clean-up across March 17th and 18th can help you move on.

The trick with Energy Clearing is to also use Feng Shui or creative visualisation to bring in who/what you want. Here is a really important point about this Pisces New Moon. It’s also about getting rid of who/what has wasted your time and energy. We are coming to the close of a very long Salacia and Chiron cycle in Pisces, alongside Neptune. Who or what has washed up in your life that you now realise was a bigger mess than you thought? Clear your bedroom (at least) and clear this person out too.


Get Real and Get Clear in March 2018

You need to get real and clear on any Pisces cycle. That means clearing the hair off your face and getting the full measure of where you stand, on shifting sand (below). Then you can use this Pisces New Moon of mid-March 2018 to make a genuinely fresh start. If you want to know more about what a New Moon does, read here.


d7qzq234n0o 600x383 - Pisces New Moon! March 17th 2018
Photo by Yoann Boyer

Which Area of Your Life is Affected by the Pisces New Moon?

I’ll look at your personal birth chart if you are a Premium Member in a moment. If you are curious about the headlines of your life, though, look to the main story. Your Sun Sign gives you your Solar Sign house system reading. And I’m sure you will identify. Where, in March 2018, do you feel others are muddying the waters? Where do you feel all at sea, confused or unable to get a good, firm, grip on what is going on? Where is it time to space clear? The New Moon weekend of March 17th and 18th is ideal.

ARIES Roles behind the scenes where others are the name or face. Secrets. Confidential or classified matters. Mysteries.
TAURUS Friendships. Groups of all kinds from ensemble casts to good causes. Social media. Your social life and networks.
GEMINI Your career. Your social status. Your unpaid work. University or college. Success. Position. Mission. Ambition.
CANCER Publishing. The Worldwide Web. Foreigners. Emigration and travel. Academia and education. Beliefs of all kinds.
LEO Philanthropic or charitable plans. Business interests. Banking. Taxation. Houses, Apartments, Land, Boats. Possessions.
VIRGO Legal opponents. Enemies, rivals or other opposition. Marriage or common-law marriage. Ex partners. Potential partners.
LIBRA Your lifestyle as a whole. Your paid and unpaid work. Your daily routine. The link between mind, body and spirit.
SCORPIO Your children. Godchildren. Nieces, nephews or grandchildren. The young, from school to university age. Sexual bonds.
SAGITTARIUS Your house, land, boat, apartment or property investment. Your family. Your home town or homeland. Roots.
CAPRICORN Multimedia. The Worldwide Web. Your Telephone. Communication at the core level – speech, writing, hearing.
AQUARIUS Donated time, energy and money. Business agreements. Money making or saving ventures. Taxation. Your will.
PISCES Your role or title. Your profile or identity. Your job or unpaid work if it describes your status. Your reputation. Name. Look.

For Premium Members – Do You Have Pisces Factors?
Pisces factors at 25, 26, 27 are triggered now, but if you have any Pisces placements at all, it’s time to get real and get clear about the hidden side of your life. By that I mean, very specifically –

*How you lie to yourself.
*Denial. It’s not a river in Egypt!
*Deceiving others.
*Your involvement with the occult.
*Secret or classified information.
*What you cover up.
*What you do unconsciously – passive aggression, for example.
*Games you play with yourself and other people.
*Psychic work, Tarot, mediumship, palmistry, scrying.
*Dreams and dream work.
*Imagination and visualisation.
*Theories not facts
*Spying and all hidden information gathering
*Alcohol or drug abuse.

All of the above is ruled by Pisces and this New Moon is the ideal time to look at it. Are you curious about Pisces and the Twelfth House? Read more here.

Who to Get Rid Of – What To Get Rid Of – Pisces New Moon Action Plans

I am going to recap something I wrote some years ago about Neptune people who may have been messing up your life in regard to the above! If you immediately identify a man or woman who has been muddying the water, you know what to do. It’s time to put boundaries in, or even decide to axe them from your life.


Watch out for new people in your life who have exact aspects in their horoscopes involving Neptune, when a particular aspect starts a Neptune story in your life. You can check their charts at Astrodienst.  Neptunian types often have issues with boundaries. The most basic boundaries of all are time and space, so if someone in your world now is too late, or too early, or doesn’t know what day it is – welcome to Neptune made manifest. People with Pisces horoscope placements or exact Neptune aspects are classic candidates. They seem all over the place, all the time. Too early, too late. Clocks and calendars are not their thing. The expression ‘she doesn’t know what day it is’ describes a Neptunian very well.


30wq9w8zbe 600x450 - Pisces New Moon! March 17th 2018
Cristian Alvarez


Goodbye Mr or Miss Flakey?

Boundaries revolve around territory, so when you are considering a potential Neptunian in your life – look for shambolic or chaotic patterns where the territory seems to be irrelevant. So – perhaps this person drives all over the road, or is messy by nature (their stuff spills over into other people’s space). Other classic Neptunian traits? A dependence on alcohol or drugs to give them an alternative to the real world. A life half-lived in fantasy (television, computer games, meditation). The longing for the spa, the addiction to the ocean – it’s all Neptune! Other Neptunian classics include meditation groups which are really cults in disguise – and anything else which is as addictive and transporting as surfing or swimming, but to an addictive degree. The surfing or swimming becomes a substitute for the real world because the true Neptunian seeks an alternative to reality.

In my Penguin/Viking book 2020 Vision I wrote about the confusing and confused impact of  Neptune, based on your solar chart (your sun sign).

Neptunians – those people who are both confused and confusing – or lost (and who lose you as well) are managed fairly easily. You have to treat them like fish being put into a tank, or salmon being put into an enclosure. You can even give Neptunians exactly what they want, which is the illusion that they are free to be all over the place, everywhere, all the time – yet ring-fence the experience by creating strong boundaries, walls and parameters around the situation. Sooner or later they will wake up and bump into these – an awful experience for a Neptunian – but it won’t be too long before they are caught by the next current and swim away again. In the meantime, you have the satisfaction of knowing that Miss or Mr Neptune is actually being curtailed and contained. The idea of containment, enclosure, marshalling, directing and channelling Neptunian people and experiences is a good, strong one to work with in this cycle. There have to be rules. Fences. Laws. It’s boring and dull and the true Neptunian dislikes it, but he or she gets over it soon enough.

There are worse kinds of Neptunians too. These people may be strongly Pisces or Neptune. They are slippery and slimy. They undermine you. They go behind your back. Nail them. Let them know you’ve caught them. Then figure out how to throw them back in the sea and steer your ship right away!

Are You a Premium Member?

Premium members, check your birth chart now, If you have  heavenly bodies in Pisces then Neptune will form a conjunction to one or more of these placements, either now or in the years ahead. Because this planet operates like water – seeping in, creeping under, washing over – it can help to be completely aware of the transit before it happens. You’ll feel him, too. He may even turn up in human form (people with horoscopes dominated by the sign of Pisces or Neptune are good contenders for this role in your life).

Neptune will either feel like a process, or manifest as a person. Either way, your viewpoint helps, as this cycle is utterly new. So you can still remember enough of your life, pre-Neptune, to understand what is shifting! Before too long it is all too easy to be dragged under. It’s rather like scuba-diving and losing connection and contact with those on dry land. A Neptune conjunction to the heavenly bodies in your horoscope is subtle, tempting, confusing and confused. It operates like gas seeping under the door, or the gentle wash of foam on stone. If someone or something lacks clarity, organisation, precision, parameters or boundaries then you are being Neptuned. If they can’t remember what you said, or they can’t remember what *they* said, then you may be with a Neptunian. Forgetting is often a side-effect of being put to sleep under anaesthetic. And remember, Neptune and anaesthetic were both born at the same time.

Fakes and Imitations

The word ‘cod’ refers to Britain’s most famous fish, but it’s also a slang term for fake. Cod was once the cheap imitation of more expensive fish, so a ‘cod’ is a version – not the real thing. The internet is full of fake names and faces. Avatars and false identities. All these Neptune/Pisces ideas are typical of the cycle. Beware fake friends who spend a lot of time swimming around on Facebook, also known to some people as Fakebook!

Flakes and Flakey People
Flake is another famous fish, this time in Australia. We speak about ‘flakey’ people who are unreliable, late, missing, slippery, elusive, evasive and all the rest. It is very common to be strongly affected by flakey people on a Neptune cycle. In relation to the list at the top of this story, who/what can you contain, control or clear out on the Pisces New Moon?

We’re very close to the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. So think of your life as a chrysalis waiting to become a butterfly. Before that can happen, though, you have spring-cleaning to do.

Space Clearing is a good way to do this in your actual room, house or apartment. Drawers full of muddle are a sure sign that there is muddle elsewhere in your life too. So is a muddled or messy computer! If you are curious about this then please see Karen Kingston’s website. 

Here’s an old tip from 21st Century Goddess (Allen and Unwin) which I wrote some years ago. Hold objects in your hand. Do they bring your energy up or down? Unwanted presents? Expensive mistake purchases? Simple junk?

If your energy is brought down, bin-bag everything. Leave it for a month. Do you miss it? Give it to the charity shop!

If any arrangement in your life is unclear, because of poor communication/no communication, this New Moon is time to fix it. Space clearing can help you. It raises your awareness of what is in your life and why it is there. This helps you order your plans. It’s time to put yourself front and centre after months or even years of classic Pisces/Neptune messiness. YOU HERE. YOU NOW!


h9gatybxewa 600x400 - Pisces New Moon! March 17th 2018
Marion Michele



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58 Responses

  1. Your articles always seem to be strangely aligned with what’s going on in my life ! I have been looking at my wardrobe and general accumulation of mess for some time now telling myself that I should do something about it. Well now with the Pisces new moon in mind, I will get down to it now ! I also have been feeling that decluttering my “mind” “emotions” is also a big thing. Needing to let go of the past emotions that are no longer serving me to rise up to the new ! Happy Pisces full moon !

    1. I am very happy to hear this and hope next week you get to see the ‘wow’ factors that usually follow a proper space-clearing and declutter.

  2. Timely advice, Jessica, as I am trying to organise a major clear out of my home in order to herald a new life elsewhere. This can be difficult when you’re married to a hoarder who even keeps ancient messages etc. on his phone – his chaos works well for him, though, if only as a comfort blanket! He has been known to sneak items back into the house that I have put in bags for the charity shop, he just can’t let go!

    By the way …… what’s this about your “moat”?! Haha! Do you live in a castle? Is there an Adams family country seat somewhere like Douglas Hogg’s manor? Lol, or was this a Neptune typo and you meant “boat”?

    1. This is hilarious. Your hoarder husband actually takes the stuff out of the charity bags? I am glad you are space clearing, though. Like the reader below, you felt the astrological moment without even knowing it was happening. I do have a moat and a boat, for the record! (Though not a castle).

      1. How lovely (about the moat and a boat)! It sounds like you are never far from the water. I can understand that – I’ve always wanted a boat and a sea or river view. Takes you out of yourself and you become more yourself at the same time.
        Is de-cluttering still auspicious if done after a new moon period?

        1. Decluttering is great any time. A New Moon is particularly useful, though, because it’s ‘in with the new, out with the old’ and it is a very conscious, focussed way of working with the rhythms of nature. It also ensures that whatever is new, coming in, is something you want. The process of rejecting ‘stuff’ in your home helps to crystallise what you do want, as well as what you don’t want. It clears your head. Even getting rid of a whole lot of old staplers and rubber bands in a drawer can do that.

          1. Thanks Jessica. The de-cluttering is going to go on for quite a while. I’ve ordered your 21st Century Goddess book for more good advice! Incidentally, I see that Minerva is at 00 degrees in Pisces today. Minerva or Athene have been pinging for me for a week or so – in thoughts, in Tarot (Justice) and even an owl tooting the other day while walking my dog. Is this a sign I should be paying more attention to my Virgo side and get on with practical things and put aside the Pisces dreaminess for a while?

  3. Dear Jessica,
    Iast month I renewed my premium membership again, so this will be the 3rd year . My IC is at 28 Pisces. Throw a glance at my chart please, what does mean this new moon in my case? Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. Three years – I am very flattered, thank you. Okay, so your IC or Immum Coeli depends on a strictly accurate birth time. Assuming you have that, you come from a family tree where a Pisces type had a huge impact. This may have actually been a Pisces grandparent, for example, or Pisces parent. This sign is about people who do not live in the real world as their heads are full of their own inner visions or alternative realities. We find great scientists here as well as great psychics. We also find alcoholics and drug addicts – and sailors who prefer the Navy to home! Someone like this has passed on his/her DNA to you. This New Moon is at 26 Pisces so not right on your IC, but certainly in your Twelfth House, which is where you find Pisces rules. Look at the family tree this weekend. See how this one person and a very Pisces situation has affected the way you think.

  4. This is well written and consise. And has answered my thought’s centered around my brain feeling muddled and full. Have already started clearing accumulated junk out of my life literally. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for this, I understand you may not be able to answer but please could I ask two questions, will this new moon impact on me based on my chart and my second is a more practical question, can a Pisces new moon directly affect those with degrees that are the same or within one or two degrees but in a different sign to Pisces.

    1. I just got back to my desk today after being on board The Barge at Brighton Marina, so happy to answer your question. You are quite right. The New Moon will pick up your chart. The best way to think about this is ‘weather’ travelling through which helps you come alive in some new way. The New Moon at 26 Pisces makes patterns with your Scorpio and Aquarius factors, exactly, so this is about finance, property, business, charity or philanthropy (Scorpio) and friends or groups (Aquarius). It may take a day or two to kick in but this is a chance to start something new. A classic example would be friends on Twitter who would like to pursue a fundraising or business idea with you. But you’ll have your own story.

  6. Hi Jessica, I think I have an exact aspect between Neptune in the 12th and Venus in the 1st house. Even though I only have two asteroid placements in Pisces, I still feel like I’m very Neptunian. All the things you describe as being Neptune behaviour apply to me and yet I also have a large amount of steady Capricorn placements (?). I’ve never related to being a Capricorn and none of my friends or family would say that I fit the Capricorn profile. Any tips you could offer in relation to my chart would be appreciated. Thanks for writing this article. It feels like a significant marker for me. The last five years have been confusing with communication and friendships. I get the impression there is so much I am unaware of (going on under the surface). Blessing to you & your work.

    1. I need to spin your chart because I use the Natural House system. You have Neptune at 6 Sagittarius and Venus at 6 Capricorn, exactly semi-sextile, from your Ninth House (Neptune) to your Tenth House (Venus). That’s actually about escaping from the real world by travelling or ‘travelling in the mind’ (usually on the worldwide web, but sometimes by taking inner journeys – head trips). This works very well with professional relationships. In fact every time you strike up a career connection it is close, complicated and probably involves your longing to escape by immersing yourself in foreign places, ideas or connections. So because Capricorn rules the Tenth House of achievement, ambition, success and status, every time you ‘do’ Capricorn you get Neptune. Being aware of it can help you manage it. You can actually use it.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have a Pisces stellium and the last year I have felt very fuzzy and underwater. I feel like all the water has doused my Aries fire! Please let me know if you have any insights or advice for me. Thanks so much for all the great work you do.

    1. The solution for Pisces fuzziness is to do Virgo, the opposite sign. You have a Virgo side you could use more. Start with sleep. It needs to be organised and regular. Beyond sleep look at food, drugs, drinks (even legal drugs) and how it affects your mind on a regular basis. You also need a routine and schedule. All this is the ‘Virgo’ part of you which will push back against the fuzzy Pisces side. It really works, try it, even for a week or two. Making lists is the way to go.

  8. Hello Jessica.
    This is a wonderful time for me in that I have given notice from my corporate job Thursday, and will leave and start my own very exciting business July 3rd. So there is a new beginning for me but I’m struggling to relate to some of the changes in your article. Can you see anything particular to my chart?
    LOVE your work!

    1. You must be so excited about the new freedom and independence. There are no guarantees or certainties just yet, but from 2019 the zig-zag nature of it all will flatten out and by 2020 you will have stability and a smoother ride. I hope your business involves foreign people and places (or they can be in your own country but ‘foreign’ to you). If so, Jupiter in Sagittarius from the end of this year will help you skyrocket. I strongly recommend you pursue export/import in 2019. Actually it may pursue you!

      1. It is a global idea and very much depends on overseas agreements, travel and the World Wide Web. The intitial business is already agreed for Australia (before retrograde), I just need to do it well to get the other countries off the ground. I’m very excited about being the controller of my destiny and leaving the corporate bureaucracy behind!

  9. Hello Jessica – very interesting. thank you. I have saturn 14 Pisces. I have just looked at the ephemeris and looks like Neptune will be conjunct several times due to retrogrades. I am struggling to see how I an contain my situation as it looks like it is going to be on going into 2019.

    1. With Saturn in Pisces in your Twelfth House you need to ‘hear your own confession’ and that means time alone to have necessary conversations with yourself about the secrets you have been forced to keep in your life. At your age, given the cycles of your life, there will be at least two, possibly three. You had no choice. You had to bury things. Some may have been the kind of thing you can share with your best friend. Others – perhaps not even your best friend. You will find that the currents in your chart reveal what you have let sink far below on the ocean floor like old relics from journeys taken long before. You might not want to see these sunken or buried things revealed again, but they will be. And you need to have that discussion about it all – with yourself. That’s what this transit will do. A practical plan is very important but you can’t get to the plan without ‘feeling all the feelings’ so be gentle with yourself. This needs to be about you and your conscience.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    A very interesting(curious) read – Thankyou.
    I can relate to the need for strengthening boundaries in dealing with slippery Teflon coated individuals and clearing out the unnecessary stuff in my home and life. Chiron, Jupiter and Hygeia feature in my 12 th house and I think both Jupiter and Chiron form a trine with Cupido in my 9th house. Can you shed any light on when and how these heavenly bodies will be triggered? And if Jupiter is associated with positive growth and opportunity will this necessarily warrant boundaries? I wonder also if the “me too” movement and focus on calling out unacceptable behaviours has been triggered by theNeptunian transits and will the new moon trigger more “calling out”.
    Thanks again, love here blogs

    1. Thank you Fran. You have an unusual chart when so much at 5 or 6 or 7 degrees leads back to that Jupiter-Chiron conjunction at 6 Pisces in your Twelfth House. This pattern is triggered all the time, every few days, as the Moon passes 5 or 6 or 7 degrees of Pisces, Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio. You are a natural psychic and need to find a method that works for you. If you don’t recognise, contain and control your sixth sense then it may confuse you as it’s ‘on’ all the time. The Moon crossing 5,6,7 of any zodiac sign at all, every two days, will bring it alive so you are probably a psychic dreamer and may of course ‘hear’ information clairaudiently without even realising it’s not you who is popping words into your own head! You got it right about this weekend. The ‘calling out’ of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ has been Facebook. Right general idea, wrong target (it was not Me Too) but otherwise bang on. If you train your ability you will benefit hugely from it. Start with YouTube and look at Google too – you are tracking Gordon Smith, Betty Shine, Margaret Dent and other great teachers.

  11. HI Jessica, Thanks for this. Wondering how this space clearing will work out in my love life? Thanks a lot!

    1. Space clearing is an interesting thing because we can’t predict the results – in love, work, money or anything else. It just seems to open up a new space for new people, events, places or objects to come in. One thing that strongly influences your love life this year is the Node in Leo. Have you become totally clear on issues like pregnancy and stepchildren? Being oh-so-sure about that will help you make smart dating choices.

  12. Hi Jessica, I’ve been cleaning, clearing, and donating cloths and objects I know longer want or need for a week now. Whatever you can offer with the Pisces in my charge is grateful. My husband has Pisces in Chiron. I’m unsure of what to look for in someone’s chart to see if they’re Neptunium? Thank you

    1. Keep space clearing. This really helps with a difficult relationship or marriage. If your husband has Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House then his time alone is really important to him. He needs space so he can pursue his secret life, solitary world, inner visions. This man needs a shed!

  13. Dear Jessica,
    My birthday will be in 2 days, on March 20. I’ve got 4 factors each in Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries, 3 each in Gemini and Sagittarius, some in Scorpio, Cancer and Leo, many of which are at the same degree as those you’ve highlighted in the Pisces Weather blog. I’m not sure if these concentration of factors have been affecting my current conditions, as I’ve submitted my PhD at the end of last year – which normally takes around 3 months for the results to come back, and sent the manuscript of my novel to publishers and literary agents – who sounded enthusiastic on reception. Yet I have not heard from anyone, nor the result of my PhD. I consulted the Oracle Cards this morning with the question about what can I expect from my submissions, and received an Ascendant card with the 10th House. I read that this house is associated with career and achievements. Please help me decipher what lies ahead for me, what should I do in preparation for possible changes, and what should I do to make the most of the opportunities should they open to me. Thank you so much Jessica for your time and guidance. Your amazing work has helped many of us over challenging situations.
    Wishing you a good Sunday and a wonderful year ahead,
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you – it is a cold Sunday in London, but a good day to put the kettle on and look at your chart. You have a PhD and novel to manage and your Oracle Cards say ‘Ascendant and Tenth House’ – this is your name and your achievements. You will get the letters after your name and you will also see your name on a novel. What time frame did you use, though? If you specified 2018, then it’s certainly this year – but if you left it open that’s quite different as the Oracle would have reached years ahead for you, and it may come to pass in 2019 or later. Try again, perhaps, with specific timing? Essentially, though, your Gemini-Sagittarius patterns develop beautifully next year, and these are of course about books and academia. You will be very, very happy next year and it begins just before Christmas. You could easily travel ambitiously or relocate then, too.

      1. Dear Jessica,

        THANK YOU for your quick reply and encouraging message. I’ve been working around the clock and have not had any chance to try the Oracle cards again until now. The first time I opened it, only thinking about your message and without asking specific question yet (I thought it was still loading), and I was given Psyche and the Eleventh House. I asked again about the specific timeframe for this year, I’ve got MC and the Twelfth House – it’s another Pisces influence isn’t it? Please share your thoughts on what these new combinations are signalling for me this year. I’m working hard and hoping for better times ahead. Wishing you and your family rewarding year – a new astrological year is about to begin isn’t, Jessica?
        Very kind regards, TH.

        1. Thank you. It’s best to start your Oracle reading with a ‘What is my present?’ question. You may actually have pulled Psyche and the Eleventh House because it was exactly what was going on (a situation with a group, involving a friend, which would be forever – it would give eternal results). It’s best to check in with the present first, then go to the future.

  14. HI Jessica,

    I so loved this article. Not only did it really resonate with me, but i loved the personal anecdotes as well. Thanks for sharing!

    I wanted to ask you how this new moon period will particularly affect me with regards to my career. I have recently applied for an online freelance writing gig, which I am yet to learn if i am successful or not. However, I am hoping (even though it is primarily like being a ghost writer aka behind the scenes/Pisces stuff), whether this will lead to more financial opportunities in this realm.

    I would love some notoriety for this along with extra cash in my hand, of course. How do you see this panning out for me? Many thanks xx.

    1. Thank you. My spirit guide suggested I pass on anecdotes to keep it real. So I did! Your freelance writing and ghostwriting is of course your Gemini-Sagittarius pattern in your Third House (worldwide web, multimedia) and Ninth House (publishing, e-books, podcasts). Right intention, possibly not perfect timing. But stay with this path. See where it takes you. You will be very, very successful once Jupiter moves to Sagittarius at the end of this year and by Christmas should be more hopeful about your future as a writer than for many years. So focus on your goals and just keep going for it. Sometimes you find you end up making it, precisely because of a wrong turn you took a few months before. You are yet to find your dream 2/3 channels or outlets for your way with words but when you do, you’ll be on your way. Further ahead we see the Nodes crossing to Gemini-Sagittarius and that will be extraordinary for you as the wheel of karma spins your way.

      1. Thank you so much for replying! I’m definitely going to keep plugging away and look forward to a positive outcome with my writing. So glad you followed on your spirit guides… I feel it made all the difference to that article.

  15. Thanks for this. I feel like I can use some de clutter- ing! I have 26 Pisces in my chart. How else will this new moon work for me? Thank you, Jessica!

    1. You have the South Node at 26 Pisces so you have several past lives in isolation, dealing with your inner visions – and keeping secrets. You are very at home with the idea of alternative realities and other worlds. This is being triggered now. This weekend is about taking the time to be alone so that you can understand ‘what lies beneath’ in yourself. It may be mediumship. It may be psychic dreams. It may be a gift for ‘channelling’ quantum science concepts! But it’s a new start. Sometimes what lies behind/beneath is classified or confidential, so I would say the same to anyone involved in the police department, or with Wikileaks. It’s about the inner vision.

  16. I see this all refering to my husband who I am now divorcing, I’m struggling massively though. He moved out after the worst of his alcoholic outbursts.

    Then I wonder if my potential partner overseas is going to be part of my future, you may recall he appeared in October.
    I would never have imagined being involved with a man again for a long time.
    Should I try and look to a future without this new man, however much it feels like it would destroy me and him also?

    1. I am glad your alcoholic husband has gone and you are divorcing. Yes he is your ‘Pisces weather’ person. There is no ‘should’ about the potential partner, or even a ‘should not’ – he is in another country and you don’t sound as if you are moving or emigrating! Sometimes men are like library books. We borrow and return them. And sometimes we find the right book in a shop and buy it, to keep. You’re in a borrowing cycle right now, but eventually it will change. Meanwhile keep ‘reading’ and learning from these people. They are helping you un-learn some things from your ex.

  17. Thanks Jessica for explaining this March 18th Aussie, new moon. ( I do not have any plants in Pieces) ( the only degree link may be natal Jupiter 0 deg Leo and natal Pluto #8 deg Leo.). I found this period of March, 2018 very confusing. In fact from the start of the 2018 year I will say that so far, un settled, confusing and just do not know how to plan any more. For a Capricorn that not good

    Hope mercury retrograde may sort out confusion of past few months

    1. Mercury Retrograde does not sort out confusion, unfortunately! You do sound baffled. This is Pisces weather, operating with someone who has a chart which responds to that. The antidote to Pisces is Virgo. Make lists. Get a routine. Do the work. Get a schedule. Have a diary and calendar synched in. None of this is particularly fascinating but my God, it works, for people who are being Neptuned – or who are affected by Pisces weather!

  18. Interesting article – have been letting go of bad energy in preparation for Chiron return this year. Last year was draining for me. I have Pisces 4 at the ASC but also a Neptune retrograde. Will 2018 be better?

    1. You’re a New Moon Leo. Most interesting, grasshopper. I can see the Node going over that, in 2018, so your true life path is emerging. It involves children or young people. Perhaps, paid or unpaid work involving a younger generation. This may also be intensely personal, so there is a son, daughter, godchild or pregnancy about go to centre-stage this year. You are being put on your natural course in life which is to mentor, guide and lead younger people, for personal or professional reasons. It’s time.

  19. Hi – this is really interesting . I have jupiter, chiron and MC in pisces . I have had a few disappointments in my career recently – will the new moon provide a reset for me to move forward? Grateful for any advice.

    1. Pisces is not about your career unless you work in quantum mechanics, mediumship or for MI6 (and I don’t know what you do, because you don’t say). In general, career is Capricorn. Sure enough, you have Salacia at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, and Pluto has been crossing 18 Capricorn, back and forth, for quite some time. You have to use your willpower and self-control when this happens, to become the boss of you. You have no doubt been well and truly power-tripped by people or organisations taking – and taking over. This is very boring but typical of a Pluto transit. The idea is, that you take a deep breath, summon up all your self-discipline and run yourself and your life, no matter what others are doing. Eventually they come a cropper. They always do. Just watch this happen in the years to come as the individuals or the organisations concerned leave, get sacked, or even just disappear. What you will have learned will stay with you for life. And that’s self-respect and self-believe and self-trust. Eventually the cycle breaks. In fact you’ll be thrilled when Jupiter goes into Capricorn in 2020 and be promoted or get the job of your dreams – or some other big break!

      1. Wow, thanks for that ! You are spot on – my place of work has been through two dramatic changes in the last three years, and the fall out has been considerable, impacting not just on me but many. Power tripping has been an understatement! As always your insight is uncanny – THANKS!

  20. Hi Jessica. Thanks for the great articles on Pisces weather lately – got me thinking quite deeply about how Chiron and Saturn in this area of my chart has shaped my internal and external world in recent years. Could you look at my chart please and give me a steer on the influence / impact of the new moon and astrological weather in the months ahead – Uranus moving into Taurus perhaps? Earlier this year, I proactively made a decision to walk away from corporate life and have started a journey to train in a healing modality which for the past two years I have had strong intuitve prompting to follow. The plan is to develop this skill into a full-time career although it will take me two years before I can support myself financially in this way. Looking at my chart, do you have any advice on how I might navigate this transition without finding myself dragged back into a corporate transactional wasteland? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Uranus (radical change, innovation, invention, revolution) will cross your Venus (two-way relationships) in Taurus (business, money) soon, and you will feel the climate change in your chart in May 2018. This feels like the kind of highly unusual business connection which can only occur once in your lifetime and you would have major choices in 2019, 2020. You are also going to hit the useful Jupiter in Sagittarius transit from the end of this year into 2019, so that’s when you begin to use the media, multimedia and the worldwide web to either sell your services or promote them.

      1. Thank you Jessica – appreciate your response and open to what the next two months bring leading up to my solar return. I’ve signed up to your 2019 Waitlist in anticipation of a further steer on what those major choices in 2019/20 may bring. My compliments to you and your team on an site which gets better and better all the time – both in the richness of content but also intuitive navigation and stunning visuals.

  21. Saturn @ 25 Pisces and Chiron @ 23 Pisces could you please throw some light…. halfway through my sabbatical, treatment and training done in Kalarippayattu; a healing martial art…. good progress in health… life already stripped down to nothing… can’t think what I could discard… no home at the moment.. still no idea where next!

    1. The Martial Arts is the key to everything with your Mars/Aries chart signature. (Mars is hidden in the word Martial). You’ll figure out your home December 2018, January 2019 and could actually settle down permanently in 2020, making a spiritual and emotional connection to a particular part of the world.

  22. It has been a ride with the Eclipses in Jan.& Feb and having the effect of flakey person manipulating the new career situation to get more responsibility with half the Salary. He has been aware of my situation on financial side and using it, The job is out of country and game changer but not at this cost. How does this new moon and trend effect …. in this situation.

    1. Hard to say without a chart, but this manipulative person sounds like Pluto in human form. And Pluto people always crash out eventually. Wait.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I have Minerva in Pisces 27 deg and a couple of hours before the new moon I got quite a shock. I found old school photos on a Facebook site and saw a photo of a childhood friend called Anne who I haven’t seen since I was about 12 or 13. I always wondered about this friend and tried to find info about her a few years ago but to no avail.
    On this webpage it had a link to her Facebook site. She uses a different first name now and when I clicked on her page it was confronting. She’s unrecognisable with her hollow cheekbones, dead eyes, falling-out hair, poor skin and teeth. She looked like a very damaged soul. I was told by reliable sources years ago that she got involved with shady characters and was intrigued with druggies. Obviously, she became one too.
    I felt so sorry for her that she had taken that path. I remember when I last saw her she was a rebellious teenager who started to hang around the older kids. She was wearing the latest fashion shirt which had newspaper prints on it and was talking about older guys who fancied her. I was an innocent kid who was amazed, yet that older world she was embracing was too overwhelming for me. I still enjoyed being a young 13-year-old, enjoying pop music and the latest fashions. I think she found me too goodie two-shoes for that was the last time I ever saw her.
    Maybe her rebellion came from having strict parents for her dad was a policeman. But she did come from a generation – those born in the 1960s – when it was fashionable to be rebellious. Teenagers of the 70s, like those characters from the film Puberty Blues, rebelled for the sake of it. Clean-cut guys were nerds, and long hair hoons were so cool.
    I, who went to the local Catholic all-girls high school, was a nerd. Anne went to the local state high school which, at that time, had the reputation for having very bad rebellious teenage students. They were cool.
    Anyway, I am glad I was uncool and was sheltered from that world that Anne naively thought was so cool and stepped into blindly. Anne was a beautiful and friendly girl, born on May 21, 1963, and had so much potential. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a world of shady people who encouraged drug use.
    Anne’s fate has made me feel so grateful that I had good, protective people in my early teenage years who steered me down the uncool, but right path.
    That was my natal Minerva New Moon in 12th house light bulb moment – having gratitude for the people I have had in my life. And realising how easy it is to go down that dark Neptune 12th house (drugs) path in your formative years if you don’t have good people and guidance around you.

    1. Interesting, JC and Minerva does move in mysterious ways. Minerva might also be telling you to check your Facebook data. Please do find out if your phone calls have been noted down in the Facebook data files on you, as is the case with quite a few people – check Twitter for this information. Minerva was and is the goddess of wisdom and this asteroid is alive and kicking right now. So be wise. Check.

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