The Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Pisces expect great things in 2018 in terms of success and the possibility of a big trip or move to happen by November.

deanna ritchie 227649 unsplash 600x400 - The Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Pisces expect great things in 2018 in terms of success and the possibility of a big trip or move to happen by November.

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17 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for these birthday horoscopes. The detail is amazing very helpful.

    I’ve noticed in the past few months that I’ll be ok finacially but worried on the relationship front.

    The biological clock is ticking in a big way and I am single hoping for a reconciliation with a Taurus.

    I’m not sure why I’m feeling the opposite of what you’ve said – that this is not a big deal.

    I was hoping you might take a look at my chart and provide some insight.

    Thank you kindly,

    1. You want to get back together with a Taurus, AJ. You also want a child. Uranus, that great symbol of freedom, liberation and independence is touching your chart this year. You are in a position to break free and finally see clearly. When you can see straight (you are somewhat blind to things) you can move on. And when you move on, you can see for yourself who and what is out there for you sexually and romantically. Use who or what hurt you in the past to break free. I include Taurus in that. Do not feel imprisoned by what or who threatened you so much, before. It’s not your jail. Take it on, bravely and make this the way you break free. Then you can actually see straight and ultimately start looking around for relationship opportunities. They are out there but you’re never going to get there, while you are so seriously stuck. I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Jessica, great article, so glad I discovered you, learning a lot from your website…being a Piscean I can relate to some, will be travelling back to my homeland sometime in July/August this year…(never been back since emigrating to Australia at 12 years of age)….. Although life has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride since 2011, I’m swimming through though quite literally…I’m a bit concerned as I’m also doing my 2nd Saturn Solar return in my 10th house this year….my first one wasnt so great, hoping you can shed some light on it for me as I’m a bit tired to be honest of just being in survival mode for some time now…(job is unfulfilling, lowly paid, but a job none the less)….hope this isnt going to be more challenging than it has been already…would so appreciate your guidance…thanks so much for your wonderful website, keep up the great articles…

    1. Thank you. Your Second Saturn Solar Return in your Tenth House? I think you just mean your Saturn Return in the Tenth House and I can understand why you would be concerned. The most important thing I can tell you about 2018 is really about the trip to your homeland. This will actually involve more travel than just going home, or you may take a second trip later. You’re in explorer mode. Jupiter (opportunity, growth) is going to move across your Sagittarius factors, late 2018 through 2019. This will be quite an extraordinary experience for you. Unforgettable. And all kinds of adventures could be waiting. Just do lots of checking, research, homework (and reality checks) before you take your suitcase. This applies to all destinations. That little voice you hear saying ‘What about this?’ and ‘Make sure you look at that’ is worth listening to. I really mean that.

      1. Thanks so much for that Jessica, will take heed of the “little voice” as I struggle to listen to it sometimes…:)

  3. Jessica, I have Pisces rising at 26 degrees Pisces. Should I read this forecast for the year ahead? I have just learned my mother has breast cancer. We also miscarried a baby last fall. Does the future look up?

    1. I am so terribly sorry about your mother’s breast cancer – and you are obviously still adjusting to the miscarriage. Let me have a look at 2018. (And please don’t read your Rising Sign, it won’t work – I use the Solar Sign house system). Based on your whole chart, the most important thing I can tell you about this year is really about coming back to the real world. The relationship or marriage is not conventional. It’s not regular! But it is very precious and special. I would call it unique. The issue with handling such a unique connection is – what to do with it. This year, you or your partner need to try and come back to the real world. One of you is quite ungrounded. Perhaps living in a world of imagination, or just not very connected to reality. I am sure the miscarriage is part of that. There is quite a lot of avoidance going on here. It is very important to face the loss of this or any other pregnancies from the past – this may even be opportunities to have babies that were never used, by one of you, along with the child you so sadly lost. Dealing with it will really help. And then you/you both can find just the right setting for the relationship. I know the ordinary world is not always as colourful and fascinating as the other little world that takes us away … but you need it. Then you can figure out what to do with this odd but very valuable emotional connection and how to make it work back in reality. I hope that helps.

  4. Hi JJessica, This is about my son. He was born 28th Feb 1985 and although I cannot give you his full birth chart, he does have Uranus at 17 degrees in Sagittarius and his Descendant at 3 degrees also in Sagittarius. I did his chart through He suffered a brain injury a few weeks ago and it slowly recovering so hoping for a good year or two ahead for him. He did however book a trip to Europe with some friends at end of last year and is leaving on 2nd July. I know it is hard without his full chart but you did mention Sagittarius factors in your post above so thought I would mention those.

    1. I am so sorry about your son’s brain injury – this must be such a worry for you and for him. He does have a Sagittarius chart signature and Jupiter in Sagittarius from the end of this year will really help with travel – I assume he is still away after November, when Jupiter changes signs? I can’t read his chart but I will read yours in relation to him. For children we look to Cancer and Leo. The family – and the son and heir. He could make you very proud if he takes a great idea, brainwave or plan and runs with it. Is he going to a particular part of America? That is coming up for me psychically for him, if not this trip, then later on. The thing to tell him is that despite the brain injury, his ‘little grey cells’ are working fine, but the trick to success is to actually act on ideas. Lots of people have them and they come to nothing. He could take this and plant it in a different region or country and it could grow.

  5. Ah, Jessica, thanks for this. I know I leave a lot of comments on your posts, it is a turbulent time, please forgive me 🙂 Thankful for your writing as always, and that you generously answer so many of your commenters.

    I am asking on behalf of my partner, born in Zagreb, Croatia 24/2/85 at 23:50. Happy with his industry but not his job. We moved out to the country for it, where a spousal hire was promised for me but never delivered. We are financially a little strained on only one real income, his ambitions are not really fulfilled due to the mediocre quality of his institution, and public schools here aren’t very good here, which brings worries about our daughter’s education and general upbringing.

    He wanted to ask if there was any hope, mostly in terms of his career. He came very close to a dream job this past November but did not get it. Should we give up, buy a house here and get used to it?

    Always thankful for your writing.

    1. That is perfectly fine, that’s what this website is for. So, in 2018, should you give up, buy a house where you are and get used to things? That means you need to look at what money means to you all. You really have to look at how you feel emotionally about that. Some people really love receiving from whatever source, and don’t feel it’s charity or that it makes them dependent or needy. Other people really have an issue with it. On the other side of the coin, some people love giving or lending money for the sake of it, and others use it to puff up their ego or feel powerful. Or they charge interest! So, staying put and getting used to life means having to deal with extreme financial situations like that, and the emotions they produce. If you were to move, this year, it would be because of an exceptional idea, project or plan. I’m going to go into this quite deeply with you and your partner, here. It is very important that when a magnificent brainwave arrives that you make it real. You have someone in the spirit world on his side or yours helping you with this so please light a candle whenever you pass a church or have one around at home and try to connect with those who have passed on, because they are assisting you. Basically, you could take this concept and run with it. You could move. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen, though. The plan itself would need to be exported or transported to a different place. You would be moving across the region or actually leaving the country. It has massive potential for the future but you have to believe in it, feel that you deserve it, and reach for it. Plant it and nurture it.

      1. Thank you! Got the candles 🙂 So interesting of you to intuit that just when I got a typed-up list of ancestors and their birthplaces back to mid-1800s.

        I hope you are well and busy, in all the best ways! Best wishes & warm thoughts.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you as always for providing excellent food for thought. The over-arching trajectory for those of the Pisces persuasion looks spectacular, with many areas of expansion and growth. However….it does appear that love is not on the docket? You do say that area of life is not of primary importance this year, but I wonder if that means there are still opportunities of that nature afoot or if it means off to the monastery/nunnery for the Fishes? You’re commentary on such matters is greatly appreciated!

    1. So you want love. This is not actually a Pisces or Twelfth House matter but I will look at your chart for 2018. Not so much the nunnery or monastery (too funny) but you do need to capitalise on the money first. You will be in a seriously good financial position this year as Jupiter (abundance) goes through Scorpio (finance, property, business). This of course opens up opportunities to date, mate and relate – in the big wide world. You need to get out there! Undoubtedly your financial position will speak to potential dates. Beyond that, of course you want to be appreciated for who you are. I think there’s a bit of clinginess or possessiveness there about money. Maybe it’s just security. You are strongly Cancer-Scorpio and can hang on and hold on. This stops you spending and living your life – getting out there. Have a look at that this year. It could make all the difference, because you’ll just never know who is out there for you until you go there.

  7. Hi Jessica
    I have a stellium with 5 planets in Pisces with an impending birthday of 16 March. Its been an interesting 12 months for me to say the least and hoping you can help me interpret the Pisces weather. Many thanks

    1. I love your name tag, it is so Piscean. Okay so you are an escape artist like everybody born with a Pisces stellium. Practical is not your thing. you want the holiday from reality. You will be on the verge of the most ambitious trip or relocation in 2018. This is down to Jupiter going into Sagittarius (different regions, countries, cultures, places, spaces, faces) as well. So far so good but do your research and know what the risks are.

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