Astrological Meaning – Super Blue Blood Moon

How does the Aquarius 2018 Eclipse Weather affect you - and the South Node in Aquarius too?

Astrological Meaning – Super Blue Blood Moon

So what is the astrological meaning of the Super Blue Blood Moon? You will be able to see this in America and Australia across Wednesday 31st January and it’s a Total Lunar Eclipse, which means there will be a blind spot or cover up affecting all of us. In a moment I’ll have a look at your Sun Sign prediction and also your personal astrological birth chart, if you have one from me as a Premium Member, to see how you are affected. This superb infographic is from CNN.

Why is January 31st, 2018 a blind spot for you? Because the earth blocks sunlight. And the Sun puts the moon in shadow. This will be a time of cover-ups involving famous people. In your own life it is time to avoid judging or acting dramatically about the areas of life affected. Why? You can’t see. You don’t know.


CNN 600x337 - Astrological Meaning - Super Blue Blood Moon
The Super Blue Blood Moon in astrology (CNN)


Where Can You See the Super Blue Blood Moon?

Those in North America, Alaska or Hawaii will be able to see the eclipse before sunrise on Wednesday, according to NASA. For those in the Middle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand, the Super Blue Blood Moon will be visible during moonrise on the morning of January 31st.

If you’re a Premium Member your personal birth chart will appear now. Check to see if you have anything at 10, 11, 12 Leo in the Fifth House of your horoscope. If you do, this is about children, young people as a whole – and sexual relationships. You’ll be ‘flying blind’ now so be aware of that.

If you have anything at 10, 11, 12 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of your horoscope, this Super Blue Blood Moon is about friendships and groups. Don’t act or judge if you can avoid it. Why? Same reason. You’re flying blind.

Do you have anything at 10, 11, 12 Leo in the Fifth House of your horoscope? You are also experiencing a lack of insight, knowledge or information. About what? Sexual relationships. Children. Young adults.

In either case, try not to take any new direction in your life, regarding either, near Wednesday 31st January. You could be heading off on the wrong track for years. That’s how long the impact of an eclipse can last.


[contentblock id=show-chart]




Eclipses are Cover-Ups – From Diana and Prince William to Princess Grace

To give you an example of the kind of cover-up or mystery that eclipses can bring, think back to 1982 when we had seven of them. In that year Princess Diana was pregnant with Prince William and secretly threw herself down the stairs, in a suicide attempt – according to her biographer Andrew Morton, who was given tapes for his book by Diana. In 1982, Princess Grace (who befriended Diana) died in a car crash after being linked to a secret cult. This Press Association photograph from 1981, the year before, says so much. The eclipses were a year away when this was taken.

In 1982 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son Mark went missing. Remember that? Files about him are still classified.


Diana Grace 600x509 - Astrological Meaning - Super Blue Blood Moon


How Your Zodiac Sign is Affected

Your Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign shows you the headlines of your life – the big, public news. Sun Sign astrology is the most trusted kind on the planet, as 2 million of you showed me in 2017, when you visited this website. So, let’s look at your sign and the two areas of life where you have a blind spot; won’t see clearly; may be affected by a cover-up; won’t have the full picture!

ARIES: Sexual Relationships. Children. Young People. And – Groups. Friendships. Communities.
TAURUS: Property. Home. Family. Homeland. And – Career. Unpaid Work. University or College.
GEMINI: The worldwide web. Telephones. Multimedia. And – Travel. Foreign people and places.
CANCER: Money. Property. Business. And – Charity. Taxation. Legacies.
LEO: Image. Reputation. Profile. And – Former, Current and Potential Partners. Enemies and Rivals.
VIRGO: Secrets. Your Inner Life. Your Mysteries. And – Workload. Your Body. Daily Routine.
LIBRA: Children. Sexual Relationships. Young People. And – Groups. Friends.
SCORPIO – Home. Family. Property. Homeland. And – Career. Unpaid Work. University or College.
SAGITTARIUS – Multimedia. The Worldwide Web. Telephones. And – Foreign people and places. Travel.
CAPRICORN – Money. Property. Business. And – Insurance. Pensions/Superannuation. Taxation.
AQUARIUS – Image. Profile. Reputation. Appearance. And – Rivals. Enemies. Former, Current, Potential Partners.
PISCES – Secrets. Personal and Private Matters. Your Inner Life. And – Workload. Body. Routine.

Why do Eclipses Have a Bad Reputation?

Eclipses have a bad reputation for common-sense reasons. When people commit crimes, or there is a crisis, or they are taking great risks – they often cover it up. This does not mean eclipses are bad news. It just means they do exactly what you would expect – they hide and conceal.

Eclipses can coincide with good news. Your friends are secretly nominating you for the O.B.E. behind your back. Your girlfriend is three months pregnant and saving it up as a nice surprise.

You have to take every eclipse in context. Is it hitting your personal birth chart and if so, which bits?

Eclipses can hide or conceal good news, as much as darker truths. As a rule of thumb, though, try to assume that you’re in the dark (for whatever reason) about someone or something that matters a great deal, on the day of an eclipse.

The Super Blue Blood Moon meaning in astrology is really about trying not to take any big new pathway in your life, just because you would never drive with a broken headlight, or find your way into a new town without street lights. So be sensible. History and astrology tell us – eclipses mean – we just can’t see, sometimes, what we’re even doing!

Did you know that the explorer Captain Cook was an eclipse chaser? He saw more eclipses than any other man of his generation. Do you know what he was blind to, all those years? He was unfortunately opening up the world to colonisation, invasion and exploitation of local people. Eventually he was murdered for it.

See – eclipses can be dark. But it really depends on your personal birth chart. You have everything on your website you need, if you are a Premium Member, to look at that now and decode it.

Aquarius Weather in 2018 and Eclipses in February and July

Beyond the January 31st  eclipse of 2018 also known as the we have another on February 15th at 27 Aquarius –  this is a partial eclipse, with the Sun and Moon both at 27 Aquarius. There is another one, quite dramatically, on July 27th 2018 when the Moon is at 4 Aquarius opposite the Sun at 4 Leo.

Aquarius is about groups. It’s about friends, clubs, teams, bands, political parties, secret societies, associations, communities, communes, and all networks which involve friends. I really like this eclipse photograph (below) because it shows the impact on a group of you. Aquarius rules social media groups like Facebook, so you really want to watch what is going on there in 2018.

This applies to everyone. All of us. On a global level there are a ton of cover-ups taking place in 2018 regarding social networks and particularly organised groups.


we1ky8 zthg 600x415 - Astrological Meaning - Super Blue Blood Moon


Do You Have Aquarius Factors in Your Personal Birth Chart? Are you an Aquarian?

Quite apart from these eclipses in your Eleventh House of friends and groups in 2018, the South Node in Aquarius brings back familiar faces –  old friends, but perhaps old groups you were once a part of. In 2018 you may find a blast from the past coming back. An old ‘friend of a friend’ would be typical. If you left a trade union or political party, charity or (even) a bridesmaid line-up the last time the Node was in Aquarius, or you had other Aquarius weather – well. In 2018 maybe it’s time for final closure. You may literally have an old, old friend walk back into your life so that you two can finish something you never truly closed.Patterns repeat too. So, there may be a theme or symbolic story unfolding for the second or even the third time in your life in 2018, involving friendships or groups. It’s really worth watching your chart if you have Aquarius factors to see it pan out. Just don’t pass judgement or act about these friends, or these groups, across any of the eclipses – even if they don’t hit your chart exactly. The ‘weather’ in the Eleventh House of your chart is still affected. It’s like heavy cloud cover. You can’t see.

Your Aquarius Factors at 0-15 Degrees in 2018

The Node moves from 15 Aquarius as I write this on 10th January 2018, all the way back to 0 Aquarius, before it vanishes on 6th November. If you have Aquarius factors at 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 – then watch the Node as it moves across Aquarius at those degrees (there is always a list showing this on the front page of this website).

As you may know – of the famous Roman Baths, in Bath, England. All our ideas about Aquarius come from Rome, the home of the astrology you read today. An Aquarius in Rome was actually the water-bearer who supplied this communal pool. From this, we get the idea of a community pooling its resources, or a group pooling its talent. This is fine – but just be aware, if you do have Aquarius factors in your Eleventh House, or you are a Sun Aquarian, that in 2018 you may want to avoid those eclipse periods if you’re thinking of changing the pool, or changing the membership.

January 31st, February 15th, 27th July – blind spots, cover ups and ‘Can’t see, don’t know.’ Be aware of that in 2018.





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75 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I’m a Cancerian and always aware of full moons, let alone eclipses. This eclipse is conjunct Psyche in my chart, the last full moon on 2 January was conjunct my MC and Mercury. I just knew something would happen and it did.

    By coincidence, I met a former lover, on 1 January. It was an on off relationship because he wouldn’t commit and I’m careful around him nowadays. We had a brief chat, I love you, I love you he repeated several times. Since then we have had a couple of phone conversations, I’m still careful as he caused me much hurt in the past. I’m seeing him the day after the full moon – which is conjunct my Jupiter and opposite my sun, not for a date, a catch up.

    I have a gut feeling that these moons are going to be important with regard to him, have you any idea in what way? Lots of thanks if you can help.

    1. Hard to say without his chart, I’m afraid – which is a boring answer. In general you may want to avoid Full Moons + 24 hours for any kind of important date or decision/conclusion. Hit Full Moon on Search to find out why. Yet, if there is anything there, you have a lot of other days to connect.

  2. Thank you for the south node discussion. I was un aware of the importance of this. This is interesting to read, as this period of time I am going through transit Pluto conjunct my ascendent. ( a topic Again I do not understand and have not found a cleat define meaning on the transformation). Jessica may I please ask if you could try to bring the south node meaning ( of past life) and explain how my natal charts plants of Aquarius have these (natal Venus at 15deg. Chiron at 4 deg. And mercury at 2 deg.). Jessica I have just survived the most terrible legal battles with government authorities. ( transit Pluto conjunct my sun in Capricorn 14 deg ( became very sick) although recovered. /. 2018 Either go back to work under these authority bosses or retire. How would youI the south node passing my Aquarius plants.
    Thank for your effort. Life been to difficult. It is a challenge to feel positive. I very tied. Cheers trish

    1. Trish, Pluto conjunct your Ascendant is really no big deal. It’s just image! The Aquarius story is more important as we go into a new Age of Aquarius from 2020, intensifying from 2023. You are strongly Aquarian so focus hard on groups and teams. Circles and networks. This is where your energy and learning should go. The Node in Aquarius this year asks you to join or rejoin a group which can help. In fact you will come home.

      1. Jessica, update, I awoke this morning in a panic (Uranus) 29 January. re tracked my resignation ( nervous) gear box issues in car, unclear answers what really wrong with my car gears or clutch. Now I watch and read the eclipse cover up, – which I fear. ( car or the friends ) ( i am tied Jessica, ) body say retire, bill say work. Transit south nodes creposs crese and close to natal Venus. (No lover) , so natal Venus acq must be bills I must pay and earnings or lack of. How would you explain my Ceres at 12 deg acq and natal Venus at 15 deg acq. Thank you Jessica, hope I understand soon.

        1. Fear and panic are physical symptoms and you need to deal with those before you do any more head miles, thinking about things like astrology. I hope you have seen a doctor or alternative health professional by now, or have an appointment, as you are dealing with anxiety, which begins in the body but affects your thoughts too. Please do seek help. As for the eclipse – yes, it falls on Ceres at 12 Aquarius in your chart, so in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Managing the eclipse is simple. Just avoid making up your mind, or acting, regarding a friend – or the group – across this period, so let’s say 30th, 31st January and 1st February. You wouldn’t drive your car without headlights, or street lights, so don’t ‘drive’ your decisions about these people during the eclipse. You can do that later. In the meantime please address the anxiety and take care.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for this great article. I have 5 factors in Aquarius, and seem to have been in a constant group situation in my working and home life (family business – work and home is all the same!) since 2008. I left one situation in 2015 and have now found myself in another, with a sun Aquarian and an almost-Aquarian (bday 20 Jan). My husband is the connector, he is 11 June 1983, Rockhampton QLD.
    My question is that will I always be in these group situations, not that it is bad but I seem to have this eternal internal struggle with wanting to do my own thing yet finding myself in family businesses. Is it my many sagittarius factors? I was on my own path pre-2008, or so I thought 🙂 Thank you

    1. Thank you! Aquarius does follow you round. I think the problem is more emotional. You seem to have gone through some kind of loss or upset, emotionally and this is preventing you from appreciating what a group can actually do for you. You need to heal. When you are good and ready to come out and get moving again, you can fix things up with particular relationships and then really work those 1-2 connections in your life which I personally think are solid gold, on the level of your feelings – but you may have forgotten they were even there. Once you are ship shape you will be feeling so much better anyway and can then take a ride on one or more groups, to cross the bridge to a really massive piece of potential with a house, apartment, business premises, residence or similar property. It’s a fair bit of work but wow, the results could transport you.

  4. Hi Jessica, it’s interesting that you mentioned “a friend of a friend” for an Aquarius because out of nowhere I was contacted by a friend of a friend with a very attractive business proposition. I’m an Aquarius and the person who contacted me is a Leo. I feel like it’s going to be a breakthrough in my life if I follow that path but I do have doubts too. I have a lot of planets in Aquarius also. This idea is promising to eventually make both of us a lot of money. I’ve been struggling for so long, I really need a break…

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for another great article!

    I have several factors at Aquarius and Leo but no major planets. Can you tell me what you see in my chart? I’m single and wondering if there’s something karmic on the horizon for me!

    I really appreciate all the insights you share on here.


    1. Thank you T. You are the second reader in a row who could potentially be with a younger man. First you have work to do. You need to ‘get’ how that younger generation feels about cash. Really try to understand how they relate to money, what they value, how they see women in the context of financial commitment and the rest. These are not like other, older men. This generation was born with big Scorpio chart signatures which are about to go off in 2018. So tune into that and you will tune into the chance of an affair or possibly something much more with someone years your junior. Truly, I think you have to understand how they see rent, mortgage, wealth, shares – the lot – because it’s where they are coming from sexually and romantically. That’s where the potential is for you in 2018 and you would have to start now.

  6. This is more about me being heavily Leo, you may recall me.
    My aggressive alcoholic husband is now not with us, after a violent outburst he has moved in with his family. I am progressing with the divorce.
    A family friend is now on the scene, unbelievably from nowhere, we are completely smitten with each other, albeit separated by a few thousand miles.
    He has a teenager, who I know well, with autism and ADHD.
    I had a chance to apply for my boss’s job, you did query if I should do this as I had my role as a mother to consider.
    It never happened, and rightly so, I am looking at the role of a single mother now.

    So potential ex husband, new lover, job and youngsters new and old, are all four areas of my life of equal importance?
    They are all tugging at me.

    1. Working with the raw materials of your chart you are already victorious because your aggressive, alcoholic husband has gone. You are leading the divorce. You have a joint crush. You have Jupiter (hope, opportunity, expansion, growth, good outcomes) passing at 19 Scorpio (sex and money) right across your own Neptune at 19 Scorpio. This can only happen once every 12 years and you’re having it now. Keep it real. You are quite right to feel triumphant but you need to ground and come back down to earth. Try not to project into the future too far. You could miss seeing what is ‘yet to be revealed’ elsewhere. Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from November 2018 and spends 2018 in this sign, across all your Sagittarius factors in the Ninth House of moving, travel, foreigners, education, publishing and the worldwide web. So I really mean it when I say nothing is on the table yet. You may want to sharpen your awareness of that. There is potential right underneath you but you are so caught up on the natural high of winning your Scorpio (sex, property, money) battle that you’re quite blind to it. So take a look and go deeper/further. Look at your Sagittarius transits, yet to come. When you say ‘a few thousand miles’ I have bells ringing about that one.

  7. I’m invisible, I commented as soon as the blog posted. I’ll just call it Mercury Retrograde issues.

    1. You are not invisible, because I can see this comment now – but when I have the time to stop and answer questions – of which there are now 4,719 in the queue – I take them from the first page that appears and answer them in that order. Not so much Mercury Retrograde.

      1. OMG, 4,719! Ok I feel bad now, I’m sorry Jessica. However, I must say this last Mercury Retrograde was a daily struggle.

        1. Don’t feel bad. You are entitled to feel frustrated by that Mercury Retrograde cycle. One thing I will say, though – if you ever get a chance to make a comment, pose a question – your message is now at the top of the list of 4,720 people today but there’s nothing for me to work with! Sorry. Let’s hope you are first on the screen when I open it up again tomorrow to answer my digital mailbag.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    I have my south node smack dab at 27 Aquarius which will conjunct the sun and moon on February 15th along with the eclipse occurring at that time as well.
    Are there some areas in my chart to focus on which will give me more detail on what will be repeating in my life at that time?

    Thank you !

    1. Thank you Deirdre. Fortuna, Apollo and the North Node are pulled into this pattern as well as you have a cluster around 27 degrees of Aquarius and the Partial Eclipse on 15th February will see the Sun and Moon at 27 Aquarius, as you say – triggering all of them. Leadership is the issue. Guidance and leadership. You can show it and take it. Yet – you are blind to what is really around you then. Try to make your decisions later. You’re not seeing what is actually there. It could be fascinating, later, when things are more obvious.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Happy new year! After reading this piece it sounds like things are going to get pretty intense. Can you please tell me how I will be effected by the Aquarius weather? I have the Sun in Virgo at 22º, a stellium in Leo and I also have Aquarius at 16º in Aesculapia and at 26º in the South Node.


    1. Thank you. Actually your South Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is all you need to think about at the moment. Anyone with at least one factor in Aquarius at the moment, is being put through situations with groups, friendships, networks and other circles of people which teach them about the classic Leo-Aquarius polarity. This is really about figuring out if you want to lead a group or not, or how to cope with being the Queen of your social milieu. It is also about the group and its feelings about the Queen, which often manifests as jealousy. This is an ancient tale, which astrologers have been watching for centuries. I am sure you can imagine how Queen Elizabeth I (who used the astrologer Dr. John Dee) felt about the fake friendships at court, or the difficulty of being head and shoulders above just about everyone in her kingdom! At the same time she needed to find her place in that kingdom and her place, socially. That eclipse suggests you skip that whole 72-hour period as you won’t see/won’t know what you honestly need to be aware of. Once you’re beyond that, figure out the Leo-Aquarius polarity. A very common outcome of this is that you cleave towards your Leo ‘Queen’ side and realise you only really want to mix with/be friends with – those who are up to your extremely high standards. February will be useful for this as the Sun goes through your Eleventh House and you see, in some detail, who is a class act in your social life and who is not!

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another intriguing read.
    I am Cancer with Capricorn Rising and Venus at 7o in Capricorn.
    What could this entail for me with this message of Saturn passing through? thanks

    1. Thank you. You don’t actually have those ‘ouch’ patterns at all – they are really for people with 1-8 Cancer placements who also have Capricorn factors pulling the other way. Your year is far more about Neptune in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which rules the Worldwide Web, regional/foreign connections and communication. I really love what is in store for you when Jupiter passes over Neptune. Make sure you do something with your idea though. You will need to travel, or travel across the internet, to do it – it’s worth it.

  11. Hi Jessica, Thank you for the post. I am 30/10 scorpio with moon in cancer and ever since January started I have a feeling of restlessness in me, as if something keeps pushing me to do things or take action or confront. I am in my mid thirties and single and starting over newly after I finished a course recently. The only trouble is everything old is crumbling down so fast and many options are opening up simultaneously. I need to choose.

    1. You are feeling Uranus (the revolution, freedom, radical change, independence) in your Sixth House, using the Solar Sign house system. This is the last year you will experience this, fully, and Chiron will also be in the same house. Hit Search for more on Uranus, Chiron and the Sixth House. Then you will understand why you want to break free, but you haven’t. Actually you could stage a full-tilt rebellion if you wanted to. It’s too early yet. By April, though, if you are still sick of something/someone preventing you and others from being free to do what comes naturally – you might well do something drastic. Take your time choosing. You will never regret what you ultimately decide to do – but there are so many ways of getting it – an adolescent hissy fit is not a choice. A very, very clever strategy is! Looking ahead, from 2020 onwards you will never again be troubled by the ‘churning’ that has surrounded work for so many years.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    After reading this article i am concerned about the sun cancer and Capricorn factors section.. I believe i have this in my birth chart and would appreciate any help or guidance you can give me furhter to help me make this easier for me. Thank you so much.

    1. It really depends on what you have been doing with your life, and what you did earlier in January, at that Full Moon. If you have been using this cycle to promote yourself and push yourself forward, then your First House, ruled by Cancer, is going to be pretty demanding in 2018 and the whole business of selling yourself as a ‘name’ will be somewhat tough, given that you have a ton of opposition from Capricorn factors coming the other way. You don’t say if you did this, or if this is your plan for 2018 (it usually isn’t, except for people who are selling own-brand used cars, or ‘name’ branded jam!)

      1. I am currently unemployed and looking for work; so am trying to to secure employment. January has been quite good so far. Hoping to secure a new position soon. My friends are also helping me by making recommendations.

  13. Hi Jess, I was really young in 1999-2000 and dont remember much of significance. I have loads of factors in Aqua and Leo. My ASC is exactly on the eclipse degree. Being a very Aquarian type, I have loads of friends, involved in groups, friends, political, sports. Should I be concerned or cautious about anything in particular?

    1. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign describes your profile, image and reputation. This Total Eclipse is at 11 Leo and 11 Aquarius – and your Ascendant is at 4 Leo, which is far too wide. It’s 7 degrees away. The next Partial Eclipse on 15th February is at 27 Aquarius. Again, you won’t be directly affected. In general, though, what you will see among your circle of friends and acquaintances, is the odd blind spot or cover-up, only partly revealed later on, as having occurred in January, February. It will always be a bit of a mystery. Your chart is fascinating as you are part of a generation of people who have incarnated to transform the way government and business runs in the world. You will be in a position to do this from Christmas 2020 and from 2023 will be ‘the change you want to see in the world.’ Power is going to move sideways, shared between groups and communities with equality and diversity being the buzz words. Power will no longer come from the top down, from the privileged elite 1%, who are usually white and usually male. You’re part of the shift. Keep a diary, now to 2023, if you can, because you will see how everything evolved!

  14. Dear Jessica

    I have a hearing on parenting on Feb 15 eclipse day. The court decided this date.

    Lunar eclipse 31/ Jan involves Asteroid Ceres (compromise related to children ) . Court will decide fairly as the father lives alone now and I have taken everything. He was removed from the property by police with restraining order. Since then he only had supervised visits with children.

    I am a bit nervous about this moment. I will not react like Ceres. I want to use this free time to establish a second source of income online

    What do you see for me? Thank you kindly.

    1. I am so sorry this man has had a restraining order put on him, when he is the father of your children. And yes, the court hearing has been set for the Partial Eclipse on February 15th with the Sun and Moon at 27 Aquarius. This is really about groups and friends in your life, though, not your former partner and children. You also have nothing at 27 Aquarius, so you will not be affected. You have the IC at 13 Leo, so your Immum Coeli (where you come from, your family tree, your roots, heritage, culture and history) is all about guiding, teaching and mentoring young people, usually children but sometimes adults. You have a relative in your family tree who was a leader or teacher to a younger generation, either because this person was a super parent, or actually had a job instructing juniors, or somehow being a figurehead to them. You have inherited this and so you are now being asked to set a good example to the children even though the situation with their father is difficult. I know you have been to hell and back with this man because I can see your chart. The worst is over. Now, 2018 is about karma. You have some past life debts and credits to sort out, regarding the children, as the North Node crosses your IC at 13 Leo at the end of March, start of April. You have then fulfilled your karma. Take a deep breath and shine like a star. If you need role models or inspiration look to people like J.K.Rowling who is a good Leo-style example for so many single parents. Find out which member of your family was ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ to a younger court. You have that in your DNA too.

  15. Hi Jessica, I am a Cancerian with Mars, North Node and MC in Aquarius, just wondering what this eclipse period will mean for me? Thanks Jo

    1. In general, if you have an Aquarian stellium, avoid big judgement calls or dramatic decisions about/with the groups in your life, especially if friends are involved. You don’t want to fly blind, do you? Further ahead, you will find that friendship becomes as important as marriage, from Christmas 2020, and that the groups/communities/teams you are involved with from 2023 change your life.

  16. Not sure if it has anything to do with eclipse or Aquarius weather but I just found out some people I once considered friends were bad mouthing me, they were selfish, judgemental, filled with hate and jealousy which I was totally surprised and disappointed. I’m not close to those people and I choose to forgive and let go as I believe they play no part in my life in the future at the same time I still wish them luck as I believe we all walk on different paths and someday they might be able to walk towards love and light. I had this kind of betrayal many years ago around 1996 and 1999 (not sure the exact year but I was very young and deeply hurt by betrayal from who I thought were very best friend at school). I wonder what this eclipse has for me. Is history repeat itself in my life already but I have learnt how to deal with it or there are worst to come.

    1. You have a stellium (unusually high number of horoscope factors) in Aquarius so I am sure this has hurt. You are one of those people who takes friendships and the group very seriously. You are also a Leo. What you have been experiencing is a theme of the year. If you are a natural leader, or ‘Queen’ in your social sphere, you attract jealousy and spiteful behaviour sometimes. Also gross disloyalty as there are those who would also like to be Queen. Unfortunately for them you are made of sterner stuff. In 2018 you will learn to cherish and cultivate the friends and ‘court’ which is genuinely loyal to you, so that you can make important shared goals come to fruition. You will also learn how to get inside a group – to become ‘at one’ with friends and the tribe – which Leo can sometimes find hard to do. Understanding how others are feeling and thinking is your big secret in 2018. This helps you pursue group goals which are your own goals too. Anyone who doesn’t get it will have to quit your life. Good!

      1. Thank you Jessica that’s exactly what I’m going through – learning to be in a group of like-minded people and achieve a similar goal together, collaboration. I’m moving away from my current job slowly and put more effect on the industry that I’m relatively new to and very grateful getting help and advice from others. So much new things to learn that I understand I can no longer trying to work out everything just by myself. I’m also learning to value myself and other’s service. My awakening journey began when Jupiter entered Leo in 2014 and it took me awhile to find my path. Since I have a stellium in Aquarius, will Jupiter have a similar effect when Jupiter enters Aquarius in late 2020 or do I have to wait until 2026 when it enters Leo again? So much Aquarius-Leo weather this year I really hope to catch any opportunity for a better future, scared but also very excited yet also keep telling myself to be patient ( A very important lesson I have learnt from Dec to Jan).

        1. You’ll be part of the new wave of ‘shared power’ as opposed to ‘power coming down from the top 1%’ that starts Christmas 2020. It builds slowly now, as the Node goes through Aquarius and you use old memories and past life experience to help you figure out group psychology and community sharing. By the time Pluto goes into Aquarius from 2023 it will be quite clear that the world we knew back in the old dinosaur days of Donald, has vanished. Friends, communities, tribes, communes, crowdsourcing, powerful (on a business level) social media and above all, a new world government will be on the way. You will play your part in that, and that will play its part in shaping you. Use all your time and energy to learn about what makes groups work, and what makes them not work. Why did Communism and collectives fail and why has eBay (for example) worked? All that stuff.

          1. Does it mean I have to work hard catering the mass market instead of finding high ticket clients? Or it should work both ways? Thanks

  17. Thank you Jessica. It is interesting you talk about cover ups. There is one going at the moment in a political organisation I am in. Everything is likely to blow at a meeting on 31st January, which the public will attend. I would like to ask. Whilst an eclipse hides, surely once it moves off, all is revealed? I have aquarius factors at 11, 17 and 29 degrees. As it involves a group I am in, though by no means have instigated the process, could yet be implicated. I guess the participants will bring their own factors along. One I know to be an aquarius sun. Many thanks for your warning to withold judgment. I will keep my powder dry and wait for the truth to out.

    1. So your political organisation has a meeting scheduled for the Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse? And there is already a cover-up? Wow. Definitely keep your powder dry. You make an interesting point about everything being revealed when the eclipse moves off. Actually, what happens, is the patchy release of the truth over a period of months and sometimes years. The best example I can give you is the assassination of John F. Kennedy being pinned on Lee Harvey Oswald. We’ve had scraps of truth since the Sixties but never the whole story. Nor will you all ever get the whole story with this cover-up now. Looking further ahead, you are one of the community-minded, tribal and ‘group’ thinkers who will change the world from Christmas 2020 and from 2023 you will also be changed by it. We are moving towards a level playing field in terms of politics and power when diversity and equality will become quite normal within the parties. Believe it or not!

      1. Thank you Jessica. That is reassuring. I care about my community and I am group minded. I want to change what is wrong and preserve what is right. I am a cautious liberal. I will take it softly, softly for the next few days. I am hoping after next year’s local elections, politics will be an entirely different colour. Regards and best wishes Jane.

  18. February eclipse at 27 Aquarius is exactly opposite the August 21, 21 eclipse point I am hoping for some
    detached sense of completion of that eclipse, and some revelation too as for me Leo being in House 12 this one will be out in the open. August 21st events were kept secret from me and were supposed to have consequences around this time of year. We will see. – about the completion.

  19. one more try

    re-repost with update:

    am i looking for answers in the wrong place?

    i’m gonna repost this. maybe it’s too heavy for the comment section but i have an update and i need guidance …

    Hi. I am Aquarius rising 6 degrees my Ex is Leo Rising 8 degrees. We are in the middle of a battle at the moment. Really she is at war with me and has dragged me into a fight. We have a court date Feb 1st. I have mentioned her to you before. We have opposition all throughout or charts in addition to Ascendent. Me – Her: Sun Capricorn-Cancer; Moon Cancer-Capricorn; Mercury Capricorn-Cancer. She also has Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn. She has somehow painted me black and turned me into this enemy. You told me to be very, very careful about this relationship in the past. I still love her. I wish we could reconcile. I would like to be allies at least if not friends and lovers. But i cannot do anything right. If I walk away I get dragged back in even as she is yelling at me to leave her alone. If I try to engage her she sees it as a threat to her freedom and happiness. Throughout our relationship there was a tendency on her part to see everything that I did which she didn’t understand in the worst possible light. Or to assume that it was ill intended. She complained of how much power I had over her — even though I never asked her for that power. Prior to me she had only dated women for many years and I was the first Man she had dated as and adult. She loved how little I made her feel. She loved that I made her feel like there was nothing gross about her or her body. She loved how comfortable she was in her own skin around me and how I had no expectations of her sexual or gender expression. She loved how it felt to be seen for the first time. But, she complained that being with me made her question if she were ever really queer at all. As if my love and our sexual relationship were to blame for her questioning her identity. After the relationship ended, she asked me to stay away so that I wouldn’t ruin her healing process and need to figure out who she is. But staying away has made her hate me even more. Two of her male friends (lovers?) started stalking me in and around my neighborhood. I reached out to her after 3 months of no contact to ask her what the heck was going on, and her response was to seek an order of protection, hence court. She has vowed to destroy me in the past. I don’t know what is going on. I love her. There was so much potential there. She is the most talented person I know — even if she is a bit of a piece of work. (who isn’t?) Can you make sense of any of this? Advice? Insight? I would marry this women tomorrow if she’d have me. But somehow I have become this monster in her mind.

    update. all of my best female friends have confirmed that she is communicating with me through social media posts. mirroring and answering things i post. what is this i hate you, go to jail, don’t leave me stuff? is this a psychiatric problem? should i consult a counselor not a psychic/astrologer? one more opposition: she is leo venus.

    update: her north node is aquarius.

    there is something going on with our charts. no? and this ‘aquarius wether’ is everything coming to a head. no?

    1. Timmy I am sorry you are being put through this. Let me see what is going on in your chart. Essentially you have been ‘Plutoed’ but the worst is over. You were born with this line-up: Sun 15 Capricorn, Moon 15 Cancer, Mercury 16 Capricorn. Pluto crossed 15, 16 Capricorn and triggered the whole pattern in 2016, 2017. What does Pluto feel like? It can manifest as a person who is power-mad and wants to take over everything and everybody. A little Hitler, or a little Lady Hitler. If it manifests as a situation not a person, you get this intense ‘weather’ which feels like the entire world is trying to run you and your life. Pluto can only pass over that sign and degree once every 240+ years so you will never go through it again. You have a split between wanting to be a family man, probably with your own or other people’s children – and wanting to be successful. Space does not allow for me to go into all that but I would strongly recommend counselling if it feels too painful. Your mother is a major part of this story. Cancer rules mother, home and family. Capricorn rules success, status and moving away from the family tree to make it. You are stuck between both and this woman has come along to really hammer the issues for you. Capricorn is about climbing to the top and gaining in status, ambition, social position. Cancer is about putting home, parenthood, mothers or family before all that. Maybe she somehow brought out this essential conflict inside you. When I say the worst is over, I really mean that. But Pluto is still passing through Capricorn and he is conjunct Vesta in your chart. You were born with Vesta at 19 Capricorn and he is right there at 19 Capricorn. What does this mean? Vesta is a symbol of one man in a powerful position with two or more women dancing attendance trying to be number one with him. Again you can only have this cycle every 240+ years! Vesta was the goddess of the Temple of the Vestales and the VestaL Virgins were all women who had to deal with the most intense politics between them, as one male controlled them. Taking your comment apart, I can see that ‘all my best female friends’ are playing Vesta to the hilt. Please, for your own peace of mind, avoid the female friends thing – especially on – let me guess this – it just has to be Facebook. You are guessing correctly when you talk about Aquarius, which is very much about the group, but there is something far more serious going on and that’s Pluto on your Vesta which will only happen once in your life. Get off social media if it’s not social. One or more of these women wants to sleep with you, perhaps, or just prove she can have your attention and approval so she point-scores of at least one of the other women. Not healthy, not good, avoid, avoid, avoid. (If you really want to know about Vesta look up Vestal Virgins on Google). Timmy what is the absolute best thing you can do, right now, today? FOCUS ON YOUR PROJECT. I want you to take the project, the idea, the brainwave, the qualification or the concept and find the right place for it. Put this woman, and these woman right out of your mind. I know it’s hard. But I believe you will be wasting massive potential with a particular plan you have, if you don’t do something with this quickly. There are no guarantees and it may not grow as you wish – but at the same time it would be such a loss if you didn’t use the end of January, February to find the right environment and setting for what is essentially oozing with possibility. You do have a natural talent for the worldwide web, multimedia, words/images/ideas and communicating so please use it. Seriously, this would do a huge amount to balance everything. And it would lead you somewhere far, far away where a different face can connect with you.

  20. Hi Jessica, I am feeling a little nervous of the SuperBlueBlood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, as it will hit my Jupiter 11 Aquarius. As I have 2 other Aquarius Birth chart factors, I am more interested how this will affect me using the Natural House system – friends, rather than the solar house system – career. Either way, I am hoping Jupiter in Aquarius can only be a good thing and not something to be wary of this week? However I am interested in two aspects of my friendships 1) I have had an intuitive feeling that two of my friends know each other, are in contact and keeping it a secret from me. I have ignored the feeling as I don’t want to cause any upset, but could this be a cover-up that will eventually reveal itself? 2) I have a close friendship with one of these friends, a male Aries and it is a fun, caring, lovely friendship that is a little complicated with a ‘can men and women really just be friends?’ vibe sometimes. We have had two nights out recently, one last week and I felt there was a certain undercurrent, shall we say! Will true feelings eventually be revealed? I find the concept of the Nodes a little hard to understand. In 1999/2000 period, I was given notice on a flat and was also made redundant, so of course I am apprehensive of what could repeat using the solar house system. Looking forward to your expert analysis, Much Love x

    1. Vesta at 1 Cancer in your chart – boom – you just had Saturn opposing that from 1 Capricorn, for the first time in 29 years! I am sure you know Vesta was the goddess who presided over the Temple of the Vestales (the Vestal Virgins) in Rome. These women were in a group full of highly political ‘friendships’ and they were dominated by one man. Whenever women tell me about a complex situation involving female friends, plural and a possible male lover, single, I just know I’m going to find transits to Vesta! Be careful. Vesta can hurt. Your Jupiter in the Eleventh House is terrific and always up to give back to friends and groups, and I am sure you do. Yet, across the eclipse, you won’t see or know what you need to see and know. So just let it be. In months or even years you will realise just how blind you were, or how much wasn’t revealed, end of January 2018. Nothing ominous, as Jupiter is both a blessing and a protection in your chart, but do be careful with your Vesta. It’s really easy for women to get sucked into competing with each other for a man’s attention and approval – ask yourself what it’s giving you in your life, even if you win.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you so very much for your quick reply. Apologies, I have not explained myself properly. There is no competition. She is my BF and doesn’t quite agree with my friendship with him – he is taken. It’s just, I had a weird feeling that she knows him somehow. It’s just a feeling and it is all probably benevolent in that, together they may secretly looking out for me, in their own way – had difficult times after a devastating split and a few job losses over recent years. Does this affect your analysis? Interesting to know about Vesta in my chart though – but in Cancer, thought this would affect family 4th natural house/communication 3rd solar house.

        In terms of friendship, yes I am a good friend and place a great emphasis on keeping in touch and ensuring I spend time with them in their busy lives – married with kids. My friends are important to me, always have been, but I lost ‘couple friends’ and even one of my own friends following the break-up. I have had to start again and I have fun with the guy, with witty repartee and great conversation. It’s good to know that Jupiter in Aquarius is a blessing and offers protection. I have also had weird feelings that my/our friends knew more about the break-up reasons than I did, which has not been easy to live with, but maybe they were protecting me.

  21. Hi Jessica, I have my DC at 12 Aquarius and Venus at 29, so don’t know if the eclipses will have much impact, but will wait out the dates you noted. However, I do have an Aquarius stellium. I thrive in groups when I am teaching or learning, but am not a ‘joiner’ by nature, and cannot tolerate too much togetherness, whether friends or acquaintances. I can collaborate with other independent minded people to an extent, but am largely accustomed to flying solo. Thus I wonder how my activated stellium will assist or challenge me to transform in this arena?

    1. You’re classically Aquarian. People with a strong Eleventh House signature and stellium in this zodiac sign do not want the intimacy, complication or politics of getting too deeply inside a group. You find people like you around groups, and at their parties, and always at their fundraisers and the rest – but you are never fully in there. An Aquarius in Ancient Rome carried the water to feed the pool but never got in the pool. You help others pool their resources and pool their talents but you don’t get in! The eclipse is just a heads-up to avoid judging or acting, regarding groups and friends, across this time. Months or even years later you will realise just how patchy the end of January 2018 actually was.

      1. Thank you Jessica, my personality confirms the astrology, and it’s true I have zero patience for people politics, which many consider normal! I was wondering though regarding longterm transits of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter heralding the Age of Aquarius…it seems to bode well for my teaching in groups and/or collaboration, which are also part of my goals after publishing. Does that fit the upcoming planetary patterns (Sorry, I should have been more specific)?

        1. Yes, the patterns work in that order. Jupiter (expansion, growth, solutions) goes through Sagittarius from the end of this year and spends 2019 there, in your Ninth House of publishing. You then find this planet going through your Tenth House of career and into your Eleventh House of groups so 2020 is the career part and 2021 is really the group.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    Over the years, you have helped me to avoid several “potholes” and to prepare for upcoming astro situations. As a Scorpio, my personal horoscope appears to be rife with several hits regarding the upcoming eclipse season. I have Juno, Ops, and MC at 11 Aquarius and honestly, it feels like I’ve been feeling the effects since beginning of the year—what should I be doing now to ease some of this upheaval?

    1. It’s not upheaval. An eclipse is exactly what you might expect. Things are partly or wholly in shadow – hard to see – and you will miss what you need to know. There is sometimes a deliberate cover-up. In Aquarius, it’s always about your friends and groups. So just bide your time and let the eclipse go past without acting or judging too dramatically. An eclipse is never ‘energies’ or ‘chaos’ or anything else you might read from amateur astrologers or students. History tells us, over and over again, it’s just a blind spot. The reason it has been associated with dark stories in history is simply that when people want to commit a crime, or a grave sin, they usually do so covering it up. I don’t see anything like that in your chart. But doh’t join a new club across the eclipse. They may be hiding something from you – like the fact membership fees are going to go up!

  23. Hi Jessica, Sun Pisces here with stelliums in Pisces, Leo, Virgo and Aquarius. Aquarius has the most (7) which are Diana 03, Desc 04, Saturn 08, Hygeia 13, South Node 17, Ops 25 & Jupiter 27. Based on the above, and recent, article(s), the next few years are going to be interesting. I have always had trust issues but notice the last few months that colleagues value me more as a friend and that the ‘secret’ I don’t divulge very often, I was born Male, is gently being released. Can you tell me if this is the developments re friends, groups and secrets that have strongly been mentioned in the last year in daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes or is there still even more developments to come apart from what I have experienced?

    1. You’re strongly Aquarian and your Eleventh House chart stellium is fated. You have been strongly involved with, and affected by, many groups over the course of your lifetime. It may be anything from a coven to an army unit! How fascinating that you were born male. I am reading SPQR by Mary Beard at the moment and of course Ancient Rome had much more fluid sexuality than most of the world does today. I mention Rome because she moved through a huge Age of Aquarius around the time of Nero. And an Aquarius was the water bearer (literally his job) who supplied the famous Imperial Baths with water. In those baths, the Aquarius groups really took off. People of all gender, sexuality, colour, age, class, colour walked through the doors of the Baths. They pooled resources and pooled talent. The ‘Aquarius’ supplied the pool. This is what you are also here to do. Don’t worry too much about the secret. Yes, it is a big part of 2018, but it is also part of your gradual evolution across 2020, when you will find an Aquarian Age, equal to anything in Rome, comes through. Groups, cults, tribes, communities of all stripes are going to have tremendous weight and ultimately power from 2023 and we’re really moving towards one world. You will be part of that. So try and see the big picture and the long term here. You will teach others and they will also teach you, what it means to be a true friend, and what it means to be in a human ‘family’ of equality and diversity. That’s the way the world is heading and you have your part to play.

  24. Hi Jessica, I have Bacchus 13 Leo in 5th house, so will today’s blue moon eclipse have any significance for that house? Also Trump is giving an address to the nation on today’s eclipse day – I wonder if that speech will be a cover-up for other issues. I think Trump’s Pluto is aspected by this eclipse. Cheers JC.

    1. The orb is too wide for you personally. A global Total Lunar Eclipse like this is always about global issues so the Trump address is part of that general cover-up. Even more important is Hinkley Point Nuclear Reactor. Britain and China. The whole deal was put together over an eclipse and here is another one, just as Theresa May holds talks over there. We should all be so concerned about this. In true eclipse fashion nobody is watching.

  25. Hi Jessica, I have Apollo at 10 deg. Leo. How do I check if that’s in my 5th house? and Salacia at 10 deg Aquarius too. What type of combined impact would that be?

    1. Apollo’s at 10 Leo in your Fifth House, which rules children, young people as a whole – and sexual relationships that may/may not end in pregnancy. Meanwhile, Salacia’s at 10 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. I can see this Total Lunar Eclipse now as I look out of my window in Melbourne. This is really about the younger generation – probably in your family, or a family close to you. It’s important and it may not be fully clear to you for a while. You’ll need time and space.

      1. Thanks Jessica….my business involves me teaching big groups of kids….would that be related??

        1. Absolutely. Leo is the Queen or King of the children’s kingdom or the ‘kingdom’ of teenagers and people in their early twenties – and understands how to lead by example.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Lots of confusion surrounding family issues right now with siblings and how to care for an older parent. As a Cancerian with Mercury in Leo at 9 degrees will this eclipse still affect this? Thanks, as always I really appreciate your insight!

    1. It’s essentially about the money, house, apartment or possessions. It is very important that you are all clear about the legacy. Nobody likes talking about these things, or indeed the cost of caring for an older parent, but it has to be done. In writing. E.C. if you can trade e-mails with every relevant family member and hopefully the parent concerned, or even texts, that is one way of getting it all in place. This is not so much about the eclipse, but it’s most certainly about your own financial position regarding the family. This is the year to sort it out if you can.

  27. Hi Jessica, Happy Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse!! And much thanks for this wonderful blog piece … truly fascinating. I was wondering if you could shed some light on what this eclipse might mean for my career. My midheaven is at Leo 11 almost exactly conjunct the eclipse with my moon at Leo 13 very close by. I also have the north node at Leo 24. Is this an auspicious time to launch some career dreams? I’m a songwriter hoping to pitch my work to some amazing publishers in the next few months … I’m also torn between going OS to do this personally and setting up a private tutoring business teaching English to high school students (to keep the money flowing). Unresolved romance in this very same OS city I hope to visit again is also on my mind … any insights would be gratefully received 🙂 Thanks Jessica!

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is correct to the minute, then your MC at Leo 11 has been well and truly covered by the Moon, which as you’ve seen has not been at all normal, these last 48 hours. So, truly, if you are ambitious about teaching, songwriting and the rest – you don’t know enough yet. You may be totally blind to something/someone right in front of you – or there is a lot being covered up. I have to say again, your birth time has to be accurate for this to be true. You may want to wait. Your MC is all about teaching, by the way, and it would be songwriting if your market was children through young adult.

  28. Hi Jessica, my boyfriend’s Sun SIgn is Libra which is my South node while my Sun SIgn is in Leo which is his South node. Do we have an important spiritual lesson coming together? He is born 22 October 1980, 6am, Melbourne. His North Node is in Aquarius. What are the prospects towards a long term relationship involving living together? I have a series of health problems which have led me to read a lot about possible causes and cures and I am still on a search and will I be able to overcome my health challenges?

    1. I am sorry about your health issues. The most important thing I can tell you about 2018 is actually about money, which of course can help your health and also affect your relationship. You have quite a lot of factors in Taurus (cash flow) and Scorpio (investment). Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, hope, growth and expansion will cross this axis of your birth chart in 2018. As he will not be back for 12 years, it’s now or never. You either need to negotiate with someone who could strike a deal with you – and you could ‘grow’ some money or assets together – or you can personally do this alone. There are real future investment and productivity gains to be made, long term, with work or property, or some other kind of ‘acorn’ that will one day grow into an oak. Oak trees then produce forests, and forests of oak can be felled to build ships and mansions – empires! Jupiter moves in 12 year cycles so whatever you (or you both) can do in 2018 will be the gift that goes on giving if you can nurture it.

  29. Hi there Jessica. I would like to re post please as to all of the aquarius/leo weather at the moment and how this will impact my life, as I have many factors in opposition natally. Thankyou in advance.

    1. You are quite strongly Aquarian, so in 2018, again very strongly from Christmas 2020, then peaking strongly again from 2023, you need to look at how people power works within a circle, community, network, team, club or similar. It is a two-way process. First of all you have to put yourself in the shoes of every other person in the situation – as much as you can. What does each of them individually need and want? Then, you have to create one giant ‘shoe’ for the network as a whole and see what that feels like! It is this rather tricky thing about trying to do the right thing by yourself and others, as individuals, within a circle – but also making sure that the big, shared, intended aim of that circle is honoured. In other words you can’t go out of your way to please Jack, if Jack wants something that isn’t going to work for everyone. More and more, for some years, you’ll find this becomes a super skill. We are moving into ‘an age of Aquarius’ and you will be needed.

      1. Thanks so much for your reply. Yes the power play is already very active and I can see I need to change the way I react! Onward and upward to being much wiser…tempering the steel so to speak. Cheers and thankyou once again.

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