Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles

Lucky, lucky Sagittarius cycles start in a small way from 27th January 2018. How are you affected?

Jupiter, the planet of optimism, solutions, growth, breakthroughs and lucky timing, enters Sagittarius  around November 9th 2018, depending on your city. He stays there until near December 2nd 2019. That’s almost a year of big answers, twists of fortune, open doors and green lights.

If you are a Premium Member and you know your personal birth chart, then check now. Do you have Sagittarian factors in your Ninth House of exploration, education and adventure? You’re in for quite the ride. And it starts in the smallest way as early as January 27th 2018 when Mars moves into Sagittarius. By 2019 you could have travelled ambitiously on an unforgettable holiday; started on serious qualifications; published a book; been offered a lecturing job; swung an exceptional digital deal; fallen in love with a bilingual charmer; emigrated; moved.

I will go through dates and details for any Premium Members reading this at the end of the story, as in astrology I work with two systems – public and personal. There are some tips and tricks even if you are not a Premium Member, though!


Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – in Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles

If you were born with the Sun in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius you are going to love 2019. Stick with these signs. In pairs or threesomes, your working relationships, unpaid work connections, study commitments, business interests and professional friendships will take off. Why? Jupiter will trine your Leo Sun or Aries Sun if you were born under those signs and conjunct your Sagittarius Sun if you are a November or December person. Monthly patterns for most of 2019 with the Moon in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius will help trigger all your horoscopes together. What can you build in 2019? Because it could be huge.

Leo has Jupiter in her/his Fifth House of children and young adults. Sagittarius has Jupiter in his/her First House of title and reputation. Aries has Jupiter in his/her Ninth House of education. Put all that together and we may see Leo using that famous leadership with teenage students, alongside a Sagittarian who picks up a B.A. as a teacher (and new job title) and an Aries who just longs to do more within the education system.

By the way if you are college/university and are lucky enough to have these three taking you through your studies in 2019 you could not hope for a more inspiring year.

Sun Signs are not about love and sex. They are about letting each other shine. Encouraging each other to glow in the warm bask of recognition. They are about ego-feeding between two or three people. So any combination of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius will do that in 2019. It’s those monthly moon cycles in particular which will help all three create something remarkable.


Fotolia 123708806 S copyright 560x600 - Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles
Combinations of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius in 2019 will be very fortunate.


How is Your Sign Affected by Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles?

Jupiter is the great problem-solver of astrology. He always makes everything alright. In fact, more than alright. If you look at your zodiac sign below, you will see a list of situations, people, plans and places which have seriously tested your patience and faith from December 24th 2014 through December 20th 2017.

In other words, you had Saturn (stuck, serious, sombre, sometimes sad) in Sagittarius 2015-2017 and you are no doubt still getting over that. Here’s a checklist of what may need closure or deeper healing – and what will open up for you with astonishingly fortunate timing, from November 9th 2018, beginning with repair work from January 27th 2018.

ARIES Foreign and regional differences. Education and academia. Publishing and the worldwide web. Beliefs of all kinds.
TAURUS Finance and insurance. Wills, legacies and bequests. Mortgages. Business. Divorce and separation settlements.
GEMINI Professional or romantic/sexual partners. Former partners and exes. The dating game. Enemies, rivals, opponents.
CANCER Daily Workload. Lifestyle. Duty and Service. Housework. Paid and unpaid efforts on a daily basis. Health. Body.
LEO Children. Young People – Generation Y or Millennials, for example. Sexual relationships. Godchildren. Pregnancy.
VIRGO Family. Home. Property Investment. Tenants. Landlords. Home Town. Homeland. House. Apartment. Builders.
LIBRA The Worldwide Web. Multimedia. Publishing. Education. Computers. Telephones. Speech. Writing. Hearing. Mind.
SCORPIO Debts. Banks. Credit Cards. Shares. Cryptocurrency. Possessions. Charity. Houses and Apartments. Salary.
SAGITTARIUS Image. Personal Appearance. Profile. Reputation. Name. Body Size/Shape. Style. Identity.
CAPRICORN The Naked Truth. Secrets. Diaries. Password Protected Websites. The Unconscious. The Occult. The Spirit.
AQUARIUS Friends. Groups. Clubs. Teams. Bands. Political Parties. Trade Unions. Social Media. Your Social Life.
PISCES Success. Ambition. Achievement. Your Paid Role. Your Unpaid Role. Career. University. Social Status.

What I kept telling my Cosmopolitan readers throughout 2017 in particular is worth repeating. Even though you’re swimming against the currents in 2016, 2017, you will be making a huge new splash in 2019. Think of it as going from doggy-paddle in stormy seas, into some beautiful new beach resort, ready for the biggest and best yet.


cosmo cover - Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles

What to Expect From January 2018 – How to Surf Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles

In astrology we have waves of impact. It’s like having waves rolling across a beach rising to a swell. The swell is the end of this year. The very peak of that swell is 2019, in terms of your good fortune, solutions and big answers. What I’m going to do now is give you some dates for the start of the current. The first major ripples.

Mars in Sagittarius 2018

What you will notice from January 27th until March 17th is a big increase in action and speed. The one or two situations which left you with the worst taste in your mouth in 2016, 2017 can now be sorted out, confronted and moved forward. Instead of just sitting there, sighing heavily at the bad behaviour of some people – or the unfairness of the universe – you get a chance to be proactive.

January 27th until March 17th is absolutely key for those areas of life I listed for your sign. Why? What you are doing is preparing the ground for new growth in November and big harvests in 2019. Please don’t underestimate this period. You’re not going to have big rewards and sparkling repair work right away. In fact, you’ll be ‘dealing’ rather than receiving. But all the dealing you do is going to be so, so worth it once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. Like everything in astrology it’s about timing it right. You have to let the ‘clock’ of your horoscope tick around in the right way, at the right speed. What you’re going to find in February, March 2018 is a sudden speed-up of all those Sagittarius life departments I mentioned above. The clock hands of your life will be whizzing around twice as fast. Why? Because you need the biggest possible push into a new cycle.


ibpzztr3vxy 600x338 - Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles

Planet Changing Benefits – Watch Airlines, Border Control, Globalisation, Education

The Sagittarius cycles are a huge deal because billions of us have Sagittarius horoscope placements. Maybe you have a lot of them (check if you have your Premium Chart) in which case your entire life is about to change in slow stages. Even if you are just a ‘generational’ Sagittarius type, born in the years when a slow-moving planet like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto was in this sign – you stand to gain.

The global change affects you personally if you have anything at all in Sagittarius. The personal changes you make affect the world. In what areas of life? Airline Travel. Cruises. Car Journeys. Vacations and Working Holidays. Export and Import. Race Relations. Foreign Relations. Emigration. Border Control. Passports. That’s the pure ‘travel’ side of Sagittarius.

The ‘travel in the mind’ side of Sagittarius is about mind expansion. Astral Travel? Maybe. Certainly academia, workshops and education. Seminars and webinars. Books and digital publication. The worldwide web. Vast subjects like philosophy, quantum mechanics or classical music. I hope you get the picture. Universities in general are ruled by Sagittarius. Books, publishing, libraries and the rest of course cross over many categories at once.

I can tell you first-hand – these industries have been suffering in 2016 and 2017. The rise of independent digital publishing in particular has really had an impact on the book trade, as has the competition from websites and blogs. But – change is coming. How? It may be new technology which allows for win-win outcomes or perhaps a cultural change in the publishing industry. All things are possible when Jupiter is around!


How The World Suffered in 2016, 2017

The world only gets one serious, stuck, sombre, sometimes sad cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius every 29 years. And we had it (oh goodness, how we had it) in 2016, 2017. How did it affect you, in relation to the above?

I stopped going to Paris because of the constant threat of terrorist attacks. My luggage was searched at another airport and I was detained. I am sure you have your own story. Checking the list above, you had two years of restrictions, paranoia, heavy-handed people, stuck systems, and the rest. That’s Saturn in Sagittarius and if you were born even with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in that sign, you would have felt it – as you can only feel it every three decades.


Moving Forward in 2018 and 2019

The entire planet is going to move forward, starting very quickly with the arrival of Mars in Sagittarius from January 27th as governments and big business want to thrash things out. They don’t have closure from last year – yet. There is ‘life gardening’ to do and a lot of rubbish, junk and life pollution – especially regarding globalisation, immigration, airlines, racism and terrorism – must now be well and truly dug from the soil. These are all ruled by Sagittarius. And they need to shift.

I am sure you can see how big waves around the planet create little ripples that hit you where you live. Maybe your job was affected. Maybe it was your love life. Perhaps it was your finances. Your friendships. Your family. Maybe it was your health.

Let’s say you were a Pisces having Saturn in Sagittarius – thus having major career challenges –  but your personal birth chart also shows you have a planet in Sagittarius – so it would have been your life as a librarian that was affected. (You work in the public library sector and Sagittarius rules publishing).

I hope you get the picture. But don’t dwell on the past too long as things are moving quickly in your chart! In fact hard lessons we all had to learn about Sagittarius ‘stuff’ in 2016, 2017 will help us go higher, faster, further in 2019.

bvgmrrfqcf8 600x400 - Lucky, Lucky Sagittarius Cycles

Are You a Premium Member?

You should be watching for the day that Mars passes the same number (degree) as your Sagittarius factor. And if you have lots of them, count all days. You can always find where Mars is on this website, in the list of Current Planetary Positions. He generally takes a couple of days to go through one degree or number, so if you have Jupiter at 23 Ceres you would be watching and waiting for Mars to cross 23 Ceres on March 6th, 7th.

In general just set aside February, March to accelerate, confront, manage, deal and do the work. You also have a little more to do on the Full Moon in Sagittarius which occurs on 29th May 2018. Give yourself more time and space across the 28th, 29th, 3oth so that you can take another look at what needs to be fixed and what you want.

You will then go into a pretty quiet time. But don’t worry – the ground you prepared is developing. The soil is slowly becoming richer and more fertile ready for new growth. Boom! Jupiter then moves in near 9th November.

Those of you with Sagittarius factors at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 who did the work earlier in the year will be first to benefit. That is when I know you – dear reader – will be in touch to let me know you got a scholarship to New York, or your new website finally got launched. That is when the 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sagittarius people will realise all they learned the hard way in recent years paid off.

[contentblock id=show-chart] 


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Merry Christmas 2018

After the first ‘bump’ of news headlines near 9th November which lets you know that at last the big, wide world of travel and travel in the mind is yours to explore again – we have a few delays and changes. Mercury is Retrograde, also in Sagittarius. From Christmas Day, though, Mercury is out of shadow and we’re good to go.

Those of you with Sagittarius factors at 5-11 will have a very, very Merry Christmas in 2018 and then others will follow. Sagittarius factors at 11-17 are triggered in January 2019. Factors at 17 to 21 are triggered in February 2019. Factors at 21 to 24 are triggered in March 2019. Factors from 25 to 29 are triggered in November 2019.

For more specifics, again, closer to the date – please refer to your birth chart as you are reading your extended Premium forecast as Jupiter will often cross your Sagittarius factors more than once, so it’s double your luck.



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13 Responses

  1. Thank you! At long last some promising news. You’ve described the past few years so accurately, I am looking forward to this analysis to bear fruit. Please, could you take a look and let me know in which areas to expect the luck you describe? I would like to be able to do my best to prepare or help that area along. And lastly, how will the Capricorn activity in my personal chart hurt or help this luck? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. Your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of travel, and travel in the mind, benefits from Jupiter (solutions, growth, good fortune, expansion, hope, opportunity) going through Sagittarius in slow stages from November 2018 to the end of 2019. You will take one of your most ambitious trips in years or move. You will learn or teach, either formally or informally, at an amazing new level. Enjoy it.

  2. Hello Jessica,
    I cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward to a post like this – something positive after a few (nearly depressive…) years of saturn going through Sagg . I have already started the ball rolling, with moving to a different country (back to my home country) with my two kids and setting up my own business. Now, I am “waiting” for most of (if not all…although I do not want to sound greedy & ungrateful for what I have already) the issues I have to get smother:
    1) issues with taxman that claims a big amount of cash from me (unfairly) to get resolved
    2) business & money to come in…
    3) heal my difficult marriage…although I cannot see how this is going to happen any time soon, given that husband is commuting between the two countries (visits us every 4-5 weeks…)
    Thank you, I look forward to hearing your astrological wisdom

    1. Saturn in Sagittarius hit your horoscope quite hard. Healing your marriage is possible, as Jupiter (solutions) crosses Venus at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House of divorce and settlement. That happens now through February, and again in September. Your financial situation is best treated day by day, rather like sailing in uncertain waters. You’ll have to keep ducking and diving around the currents. The reason I say this is that Uranus will cross your Chiron at 2 Taurus in your Second House of money in July, August, September. Think like a surfer then and get the best advice you can afford. Further ahead, yes, you will love what Jupiter in Sagittarius brings in terms of travel – and travel in the mind.

  3. Nothing to do with your computer – I have 4,863 people in the queue today and I only just got to this message. I live between England and Australia and I appear on the radio in Los Angeles and Seattle sometimes. I get to your questions when I can, and always answer the first comments I see on my screen, as they pop up. So yours is one of them, right now.

  4. Yippeeee!!!!

    Thank you… Thank You…Thank You….Dear Jessica!

    It appears hope is on the horizon!

    I am a sun Leo with several factors in Sag. including JUPITER!

    I am so excited for a very positive transit to finally (hit) me!

    If you would be so kind to elaborate as to what I may personally have to celebrate and where I

    should put my focus, energy and time, that would be absolutely fantastic!

    I have been quietly negotiating the acquisition of a small resale shop. This is something I have

    wanted for a very long time! Is the (timing) lining up for me to accomplish the purchase of this

    business and be as successful as I believe I will?

    Many thanks and blessings to you!!

    1. Small resale shop, sure, but be aware of Uranus (radical change, uncertainty, the ‘shock of the new’) going into Taurus (shopping, cash, selling) from May 2018. He will be there for years. You need to be super flexible so you can adjust your business plans for that – going forward through 2019, 2020 and beyond. The old world of selling and money you knew will not be there. You need to be right on top of that. Keep watching cryptocurrency and the web.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    What an exciting article, thanks for writing it ! I’m wondering how this Sag. cycle is going to affect me, especially as I’m publishing the second part of a novel in about a week. I’m wondering if it’ll be successful or not. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. You are way ahead of yourself here – Jupiter does not enter Sagittarius until November. But you’re on track as Mars is in Sagittarius. You will either develop this into something bigger for 2019 which will succeed or you will use what you learn now to help you with another project that year.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    Such a positive article that I absolutely needed it, thank you so much !
    I have Jupiter (5 deg.), MC (5 deg.), Uranus (6 deg.), South Node (25 deg.) and Neptune (28 deg.) are all placed in Sagittarius. In your opinion, what should I expect from this Sagittarius cycle in terms of love and finding a higher position in an international organisation. Currently I am working abroad in an international development organisation and struggling to find a closure with my ex partner, which I still have feelings for.
    Cannot wait for Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle!
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad. You could easily get back together with your former partner. Without his or her chart I can’t tell. Yet, Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring a fantastic opportunity to move in with someone; get engaged; have a child; make some other commitment, probably to a house or apartment. Why? Your Descendant or DC is in Leo and will be trined by Jupiter.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Not sure whether my reply was went through. Thank you so much for such delighted comment. I would love to have a child 🙂 The Saturn cycle in Sagittarius was too hard and sad for me, I have to admit that I have never had such pain and unexpected sad events in my love life before. In case you want to see date of birth of my ex boyfriend is 10 May 1978, 16:30 pm, Chester UK. However I am also aware that Jupiter is transiting in his 7th house till November 2018, so he might already with someone else :((
        I will be patiently waiting Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, maybe it will be “my time” finally !

        Thank you once again.

        1. Sometimes the rewards in life are not love, sex, marriage and children – but work or unpaid work. That can be as thrilling as becoming a wife and mother, or a husband and father. You will be given a tremendous gift in your life. An idea or project with fantastic potential. It could end up being as formidable as Tommy, the opera by The Who – or Harry Potter by J.K. You-Know-Who. You have the kind of personality which can pour yourself expressively into special concepts or plans, and then promote it. So it says who you are, but you are also the right person to present it or package it. This may take a while. It’s not right here and right now. But when you have got something special in your hands please look outside your own city or region – perhaps your own country – to take it further.

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