The Aquarius Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

By 2019, you will be in a much stronger position, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Karmic rewards and all the healing you have given others in your life will be returned to you. By 2019, you will be in a much stronger position, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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27 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Great insight and your blogs are always great to read and shows your vast wisdom and mastery of the Astrology

    Just wants to know about stability in my health (one medical issue leading to other), financial security and owning a house (had relocated a few times)

    As u mentioned in January Capricorn horoscope about scorpio factors at 20,21,22 and I got Vesta 22° Scorpio 27′ 52″ So my lucky breakthrough is coming around 30th January


    1. Thank you, that is a swag of compliments for a Sunday, and you are very kind. You are reading your Scorpio Eighth House patterns correctly and yes, Jupiter moving through Scorpio back and forth will bring you an opportunity or a solution about the money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. Freedom, actually. Freedom from something, or freedom as a result of something. Watch Jupiter going back as well as forward, and dont overlook Jupiter going back to 15 Scorpio on your Uranus. Okay – you will be amazed at how much can come from friends. The power of friends in a group is amazing. The Women’s March is on today across the world and it is going to change the world, too. You have friends, probably female, or maybe male/female and masculine/feminine. They’re fun. Lovely atmosphere. Very different. To get so much of what you want from life, tap into the group and really build it together. Abundance is all around this group. These friends. There could also be so much more – solutions to problems you have, opportunities to take emotionally. One friend leads you to another person. Networks are powerful.

  2. Hi Jessica , I hope you could see this.
    Thank you for this most wanted post.
    It is about a friend’s son, born 30/1/1992 Colombo 11:54am
    He has a relationship with a woman much older and she has 2 children plus there is a former partner as well. Mother is worried about her son in this mix. How is this relationship going to go?

    The boy is so smitten by her.

    Thank you for anything you could tell me


    1. Thank you SK. The law may get involved here. This may be literally a legal issue. Otherwise it’s the law of the universe. Justice has to be done. The scales have to be balanced. Two sides have to be equal. It feels very fair – whatever the outcome is. Right, true, just and fair. We have a ton of Libra chart pattern triggers here!

  3. HI Jessica, Quick question. You state: ” The Node is associated with karmic rewards.” Is this the North Node or South Node? Would one’s natal placement of the North Node indicate where there are karmic rewards? Or only transits to the North Node? Thank you!!!

    1. Endless amounts of chart research I’ve stashed away over the years on everyone from Sir Winston Churchill to Kylie suggests that the North Node is difficult karma and the South Node is easier karma. What do I mean by karma? You did it before in another life. You do it again and again in this one about every 20 years. The North Node feels like ‘Oh not this again, does it never change?’ and the South Node feels like ‘Too easy, know it backwards, don’t have to repeat myself, though I could.’ I hope that helps.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the birthday forecast. I’ve just started learning about astrology and your website is so incredibly informative. I’ve just moved to my country of ancestry which has been my dream for a long time. But how do my astrological aspects look for finding work? I work in the healthcare industry. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much I am glad to hear it. So you want to work in healthcare or something else you like. You have taken a massive leap of faith, haven’t you? A real mission of belief, hope and trust. You need to communicate, fast and loud and right around the place. If you do not connect across the regions/distances where you are, you will honestly not be given/thrown the vacancies or options. So you need to figure out how best to communicate and network where you are, geographically. Your fervent belief is lovely to see but it’s not enough. I also think you need to get your feet on the ground. There is something slightly wobbly about where you are and it’s not like you haven’t been cautioned by the universe about pulling back, being sensible and getting real. For example – do not go through your savings! Please heighten your awareness and snap your fingers so you can see where you are and whatever risk you might be running. Get back to solid earth where it’s secure though it’s not as much of a big leap. Then really, really advertise and broadcast who you are, what you want and what you do.

      1. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your spot on advice! I’d prefer a healthcare job but the outlook here doesn’t look great. I think I just have to go for anything. I’m feeling on wobbly ground but I feel drawn to the country, I’ve always wanted to experience life here. Have I made the wrong choice at the wrong time? I’ve been wondering that since the job outlook is so rotten. Thank you once again for your amazingly insightful response!

        1. Give it time. But you’re on track. Keep your eye on the country, if that is what pulls you. There is a lot waiting for you, but find out what is on offer.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this detailed article. Was looking forward to it. I’ve tried to ask several times about improvements in love but never got your attention. Could you please take a look?
    The eclipses, Jupiter transits, and all the activity never triggered my empty 7th house. Been entangled in what I know are karmic patterns; is there any moving forward soon?

    1. I’m sorry but my list now says 4,718 people so it’s not my attention (I am not overlooking you) … I literally can only see two questions on my screen at a time. So if I’m online for an hour going through the list I may literally never get to that page. Anyway…You are in the wrong location. It’s not your fault. Wrong city, region or country. You are strongly Sagittarian and connect sexually and emotionally through ‘travel in the mind’ or ‘travel’ and in fact relationships now through the short-term future are really just excuses to strut your stuff intellectually or spiritually. Maybe academically. The lover is less important than the experience the lover brings which is a cultural education. PLease know that you advertise who you are, what you want and the rest through your worldwide web ‘self’ and that when you explore other people in other parts of town, your country, the world – the right people will find you. I think you’ll travel ambitiously or relocate by 2019 and then having done the groundwork of making friends/potential lovers in advance, you can hook up and meet up. No guarantees but with a little luck the right potential lover would already be there – helping you with your suitcase.

      1. Thank you so much! It’s really kind of you to reply to so many public posts and am so glad this time my comment reached you.
        I’ve started to worry a little as I age because of the whole biological clock thing. I have actually traveled alone to different countries and met wonderful people throughout. I’m also planning meetings with people abroad in the coming months for my www business, so it seems I’m in sync with my stars. Thank you again; here’s hoping for the best.

  6. Thank you Jessica for sharing this.

    It seems the year that to come will be quite on the introspective and the spiritual. This sounds a bit scary to me but the outcome sounds highly positive !

    Yet, as of today, my main focus is my work as I am launching a new business. Do you have any views on this ?

    Thank you

    1. Launching a new business. Okey dokey. I am not sure why you are scared of a year when you are healing, or being healed. But anyway…You’re basically looking at the worldwide web or other regions and territories, correct? You need to be elsewhere to make things work because your location is just too hard. Not fertile ground – whereas you see others heading off for what could possibly be the right ‘climate’ for what you do and want to join in or follow. Maybe they even have quite different projects/ideas but are still heading for the same general region. Two things – figure out how fast and slow you need to go. You are weirdly caught between ‘no action’ and tremendous revving impatience. It’s uncomfortable and does not help the projects. Really figure out why you are not moving, yet also want to move so fast! Also you have two more plans or ideas which are of equal merit. Equal potential. Do not neglect those in your quest to find the right environment for what you have to offer. I would suggest a ton of research about these other locations. Don’t just go in blind on a faint hope or idea. Really do market research about these locations and the locals. That will save you a lot of time. This chart reminds me of a Chinese person wanting to join the Gold Rush in Victoria, Australia in the 19th century.

      1. Thanks Jessica for taking the time to answer and for the quality of your feedback.

        I might see healing as “painful” process, maybe because of past experiences.

        And you’re absolutely right on ALL the points you mentioned: my new venture is in the tech / web, there is a too fast / too slow dilemma, location is also a key topic and i have several plans/ ideas too. You just read my mind in a quite accurate way !

        I will take your advice and ask myself the key questions you mentioned.

        Thanks again

  7. Hi,

    I’m mystified by your focus on the node in Cancer for 2018, when it doesn’t enter Cancer until November 2018, though I acknowledge you say it won’t play out till end of 2019. Wouldn’t it be very important for Aquarians that the node is in Leo most of 2018, its opposite sign, with the south node in Aquarius? What would this signify?

    This Leo-Aquarius nodal axis will touch Aquarians charts directly via conjunction & opposition — at least those born before 15 January, given that the node starts the year at about 15 degrees Leo and takes until November to go backwards into Cancer.


    1. Angela, the new cycle began back on 2nd January (about three weeks ago) with the Full Moon at 11 Cancer. I am sure you know the Nodes are based on the Moon. The next big shift happens on 13th July with the Partial Eclipse at 20 Cancer but even before then Aquarians will have experienced Venus also entering Cancer from 20th May. So things are already under way in the Sixth House of any Aquarian’s Solar Chart.

  8. Thank you Jessica for such a welcomed good read. I always look forward to your articles.

    Late 2016 and 2017 were very trying and difficult times for me. I went through a “surprise” breakup with a longtime partner (8 Aug 1973 USA) and lost a close family member to cancer. I feel like I have spent the last few months trying to sort everything out. On January 11th, I accepted a new job and start on the 29th. On a side note, I work in the healthcare industry.

    Can you provide any insites to my chart please? I’m hoping this new job will be great and love will find its way into my life again. Thank you for all you do to help others learn more about astrology. It is so interesting!

    1. Thank you very much. I am sorry you had these big losses in 2016 and 2017. There are no guarantees with any new job but it is untried territory, fresh to explore, and once you feel you have landed on the other side, there is a great deal you can do. I feel that you need to move on psychologically from past wounds and hurts from life, but also geographically. In other words, you need a whole new location to feel the shift. This is unfolding. Your Aquarius side carries you. It supports you. It holds you up. Don’t ignore that it is very useful. You only have to reach into the pool of people around you – the friends, the groups, the networks, the circles – to get what you need. Your situation reminds me of the Split Enz song Six Months in a Leaky Boat. It will take time to adjust and adapt to the new setting but it will make the biggest difference.

  9. Hi Jessica!

    I read this forecast with a weird mix of excitement, apprehension, sadness and relief.

    I have very recently broken up with my partner of 4 years. It was a mutual split, respectful and caring, but obviously still painful. I have started a new role at work, have a 7 year old son and am caring for my elderly father.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what I should be doing to move forward, and how the NN will help me do so?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Nicole, a break-up is very hard, along with responsibility for your child and father as well. The most important thing I can tell you, right now is to liberate yourself from the hurts of the past. This is the healing. You could wait for someone else to come along and do it and cry ‘Help, help’ like Doctor Who’s assistant – and it may happen – but it will be faster and easier for you to do the work yourself. You are trapped and confined. This goes beyond the actual realities of your father and your seven-year-old son, or the new role at work.You are being ‘Neptuned’ by transiting Neptune, the planet which can blind you to what is really there. Neptune rules the ocean. He was god of the sea in Rome. Our astrology is Roman so we take the symbolism of the planet from that. Just as everything is fuzzy, distorted and bent out of shape when you swim under water – at the moment I think you are also not seeing/not aware/not ‘getting’ what is really out there for you. The fact is, in the fullness of time, you could move to a new home or work location. It’s out there for you and anything could happen with that switch of faces and places. I do feel you could be looking in that direction, but not when you can’t really see how close you are to freedom. What would it take to liberate you from feeling so tied down or tied up? A willingness to use the undoubted pain of all you have been through, to cut through what is preventing you from being at liberty to explore and to experiment with life. The ouchiness of that is obviously potentially there – but with care, thought, patience, time and trust I don’t think you will be at all hurt. I think imagination and ‘not knowing’ is keeping you stuck. Stop guessing and start seeing the way things really are. You will be amazed to see how much you can master. So much of this comes from the past, and it will rust and crumble, just as the past always does. Why are you using it to let it imprison you in the present and stop you moving on (literally moving, actually) in the future? I hope this makes sense to you!

  10. Hi Jessica
    What are your thoughts on true node/ mean node matters? My north node is either very late Cancer or very early Leo. Mercury and Saturn are in early Aquarius so just trying to apply your overview of the upcoming astrological weather for my chart.

    1. Thank you. You have the North Node at 29 Cancer opposite the South Node at 29 Capricorn. Just as it says on your Premium Member birth chart (natal char). I use the True Node, never the Mean Node. (Mean being ‘averaged’). How can I prove to you that these Nodes are correct? You have a past life connection with an older man who is a symbol of Capricorn the goat. He is ambitious. He is at the top. He may have Capricorn planets in his horoscope. Serious, senior, strong, steady as a rock, sometimes severe. You knew each other before. He is connected to your thoughts about houses, apartments, family, belonging, security – just as one Node in Capricorn is opposite the other Node in Cancer. This may be your grandfather, father or husband. You two share karma.

  11. Thank you Jessica, I feel like I’ve be a Nurse/Caregiver all of my life. People usually say that I’m very maternal. In fact my Mom was in the hospital recently and prior to her getting her room she was in the emergency room with countless patients I realized a few days after how I helped people or got help for them, I pretty much took over and it comes naturally. I just find that I’m their for so many people because I want to be and at 58 it’s hardly reciprocated. What’s up with that?

    1. You are living out your Sun Aquarius prediction in 2018, but you are right – what’s up with your chart and with life in general? The most important thing I can tell you is – Leo. You know Leo is the Queen. She is the leader of children and young people. The royal mother – actually the Queen Mother. Even strongly Leo people who have no children end up teaching them, or fundraising for them, or being a kind of Super Godmother or Super Aunt. If you want a different life you have to find another way to attack and defend. Put your big sword down. You will get a very particular kind of reaction from family, friends, partners if you send out that over-the-top Leo message. Don’t do Boadicea and Good Queen Bess unless you want a battle, basically. You do need to sort out your family tree. So maybe go off and do that. Mother’s side or father’s side – perhaps both sides. There is a better way to protect yourself and get what you want than the old system. Queens need different military strategies every so often! You also need to go deeply into the baby or infant years of one child, which is such a massive part of who you are. If there was ever a miscarriage or terminated pregnancy you need to go deeply into that as well. More Leo stuff.

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