2018 Supermoon Astrology

The Full Moon over London on Tuesday 2nd January is a Supermoon. It falls in the zodiac sign of Cancer. On 31st January we also have a Supermoon. How does it affect your horoscope?

The Full Moon over London on Tuesday 2nd January is a Supermoon. It falls in the zodiac sign of Cancer and will bring inner conflicts and real world issues too. A second Supermoon falls on 31st January in the zodiac sign of Leo.

How can you handle it and what can you expect?

2018 Supermoon Astrology

January 2018 is unusual as we have not one, but two Supermoons. These Full Moons are big and bright and act like neon lights, drawing your attention to issues that need a lot more time and energy. Let’s look at them in turn. First of all, the Cancer Supermoon which the world experiences slowly across January 1st, 2nd, 3rd – depending on your time zone.

The 2018 Supermoon  and Your Personal Birth Chart

If you have your personal birth chart from me as a Premium Member and have anything at 10, 11, 12 Cancer then part of your personality is strongly tied to your mother, your family, your home town and your homeland. It may have been easy for you, or hard, but it’s who you are. This part of your identity is at the heart of major questions across January 1, 2, 3 so please give yourself more time and space. I strongly recommend not overdoing it on New Year’s Eve.

This is the ‘second strand’ of your reading. The public side of your reading will be decided by your sign, below. yet if you have Cancer factors at 10, 11, 12 then the other really big story for you is about where you come from, where you live, where you belong, and to whom you belong. Your people and your place.


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2018 Supermoon Astrology and Your Zodiac Sign – Karma Calls!

Beyond your personal birth chart, your usual zodiac sign shows you what is publicly going on. Your own Sun Sign horoscope will advertise the karma for you at the end of 2018. Why? Because we have the Node (which rules past life debts and credits) going into Cancer too.

This happens on Tuesday 6th November 2018 and the Node remains in Cancer in 2019 so you’re in this for the long haul.

Thus, the situation around 2nd January will have its second chapter from 6th November, in terms of the karma to be fulfilled.  As you start the year you will be dealing with a push-pull situation. Maybe a tug-of-war. What you create then will have to be answered for, at the end of the year.

2018 Supermoon Astrology – Full Moon Alerts and Karma for January

ARIES – House. Apartment. Property Investment. Holiday Home. Home Town. Homeland. Family. Mother. Household.
TAURUS – The worldwide web. Telephones. Multimedia. Writing. Education. Publishing. Communication. The Post.
GEMINI – Money. House, Apartment. Insurance. Taxation. Inheritance. Shares. Assets. Debts. Banks. Valuables.
CANCER – Image. Identity. Brand. Name. Title. Profile. Reputation. Personal Appearance. Personal Advertising.
LEO – Secrets. Skeletons in the closet. Confidential matters. Classified information. Mysteries. Psychology. Psychics.
VIRGO – Friendships. Groups. Clubs. Teams. Societies. Associations. Charities. Bands. Good Causes. Political Parties.
LIBRA – Success. Career. Role. Ambition. Position. Social Status. Title. Rank. Class. Achievement. Profession. Degree.
SCORPIO – Travel. Education. Academia. Publishing. Foreigners. Travel. Emigration. Cultural and religious difference.
SAGITTARIUS – Taxation. Investment. Accountants. Shares. Banks. Charity. Possessions. Debts. Allowances.
CAPRICORN – Partner. Former Partner. Potential Partner. Past Partner. Enemy. Opponent. Rival.
AQUARIUS – Workload. Duty. Service. Health. The Body. Wellbeing. Mind, Body and Spirit. Routine. Lifestyle.
PISCES – Children. Babies. Termination. Adoption. IVF. Godchildren. Nieces. Nephews. Courtship. Sex.

cancer profile pic - 2018 Supermoon Astrology

The Cancer Karma of 2019 – how the January 2018 Supermoon Sets Up Next Year

The Cancer karma of 2019 is set up by the Supermoon Full Moon of January 2018 so allow for plenty of wiggle room, when it comes to what is decided or under discussion across New Year’s Day, January 2nd, January 3rd. This is a stressful time of year anyway as people are dealing with massive family or work decisions around them; more alcohol and drugs; more queues and waiting time; more pressure to be happy!

January is nuts anyway. The Supermoon Full Moon is a very useful big, bright reminder (like a red STOP sign) to slow down, cool down, pull back, play for time, take your time – and take care. Work around. You’ll see the rest of the story, which will all make a lot more sense, from November and by 2019 you’ll realise that January was so much the beginning.

Supermoon Astrology and the Leo-Aquarius Patterns

We have a second Supermoon in astrology on Wednesday 31st January. The Sun stands at 11 Aquarius while the Moon is at 11 Leo. This is a total lunar eclipse, exact at 1. 29pm in London.

If you have your personal birth chart from me and have anything at 10, 11, 12 Aquarius then there will be mixed feelings about friends and the group. It’s a moment of truth about shared wants and needs. Give yourself time and space then. It’s not the best time to push hard for a group outcome.

If you have your birth chart from me and have anything at 10, 11, 12 Leo then please hit Search and Leo to find out more about how this sign plays out in your chart in 2018. In general, your inner conflict or real-world conundrum is going to involve the world of children, young adults or lovers.

No matter what your birth chart looks like, karma is at work with the second Supermoon too. Why? Because we mostly have the Nodes in Leo-Aquarius in 2018. So this is really a time of reckoning for an issue which goes back years, and also back into past lives. Take your time with it.

Supermoon Astrology and Full Moon Rules

When the Sun is opposite the Moon, and particularly when the Moon is so big, bright and rare – we always see conflicts inside people (a tug of war) and frequently conflicts in the world itself. Allow for people to be conflicted around both Supermoons and create ‘wiggle room’ and space for that. If your personal birth chart is directly affected then you obviously need to be kind to yourself at these times. Any opposition in the heavens is always a huge stretch.

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40 Responses

    1. The Sun in Cancer is associated with houses, apartments and households – and possible family building too. The Full Moon/Supermoon on your Sun is a classic indicator of a relationship which either begins, or could be revived. The long view of such a relationship would be a special home or holiday home. The Sun is the man in astrology and the moon is the woman. I am assuming you are straight, not gay, bisexual or transgender – so forgive me if you are, but you haven’t really given me any information here. Sun/Moon polarity is always man-woman politics and although this is hard work, challenging and all the rest it is utterly worth it. You two knew each other before. This is karmic as I said in the story.

  1. Wow! Janurary 2nd is our final night at a wonderful vacation apartment we have enjoyed off and on for the last year. It lifted my spirits SO much! BUT, I must sublet it now as our careers and industry are being rocked by instability. My Libra partner seems sure he will change careers and has spent the last week applying in every far away place so we can have new vistas and options. He does have the credential thankfully. Dear Jessica, do you see any particular dates to move our home? And do you see any connections for togetherness or having to be separated for a time? Also, thank you very much for all your thoughtful work, truly.

    1. You will be alone for a time in 2018 but you will love the surroundings and environment so much. It will feel quite comfortable actually and as you really respond to beautiful clothes and beautiful furnishings – and nature – you should be very happy with this Instagram-perfect phase of your life. The relationship is at the bedrock or foundation the whole time. I feel it needs to be revived, resurrected, reborn. Don’t forget it supports you. It is rather like realising you spend your days in a stunning garden lying on a chaise longue which is gathering moss on the base. Get the moss off. Clean the chaise longue.

  2. It’s funny that the pic of Lady Liberty is there, so much a part of my own Cancer/Capricorn node story, all connected with mothers and children, struggle and sacrifice.
    My question is – how do I balance these two sides? The home, the family, with the Capricorn ambition?
    As I write that, I think I know the answer….

  3. Hi Jessica! I have several factors in Cancer. On December 21, I had a final and relationship-ending confrontation with my adopted daughter (from India) that has been a long time coming. She is an Aries (born April 14, 1994, or so we think – no proof and she could well be older). I am devastated but also relieved as raising her was the hardest thing I have ever done and just staying away seems to be the most peaceful option (although it gives her the position of playing the “poor orphan” victim – sigh). I can’t do any more as she won’t open up about her Indian childhood or get real about her problems and issues and she “blames” me for every bad choice she’s made. There’s a new baby in the mix (born April 29, 2017 in New Zealand). Do you see any hope for our relationship going forward? Should I just let go? I just cannot deal with her anger, aggressive behavior and lies anymore, but I worry so much about the new child she has brought into this world. Do you see a time in the future when she may open up and allow us to begin a REAL healing process? Or are we just so different that any real relationship will remain impossible. Thank you for any insight you may have based on our horoscopes. Happy New Year! Kris

    1. Happy New Year Kris. This is a textbook Cancer situation – your adopted Indian daughter – and I am so very sorry you had to go through it. The new baby is also textbook Cancer stuff. It must be heartbreaking to have taken care of a girl who has now turned out to be so angry – and also deceitful – and now you are a grandmother too, with this new little child. Let me have a look at what is going on and what can be done, using your chart. Let’s start with you, you, you. There needs to be a time of mourning. Grief, in the way that you need to grieve who and what you have lost. You may need to be quite alone to do this. I also feel that becoming an adoptive grandmother has made you more aware of your age. It will take time, space, peace and quiet for you to come back to yourself. Grey hairs can be dyed but actually the ‘grey’ or darkness you feel spiritually, emotionally and psychologically is like a heavy black coat that has to be taken off – only when the time is right! Mourning is a stage. I am sure you know the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. She tackled death and dying but what we have here is the end of your youth; the end of the mother-daughter relationship you had such hopes for; the end of your daughter as your own child. You were born with Ceres at 26 Pisces in the Twelfth House and this runs very deep. If you are curious about Ceres hit Search. Ceres has been well and truly triggered all year and intensely so, at Christmas. No wonder you need to heal. When you are ready, it will be New Year, New You. If you need help from a doctor or alternative health professional ask for it. You may need a confidante or counsellor. At a certain point, when you are genuinely ready, you can step into 2018 as a different version of yourself. You must then address the three relationships which have fallen over. Pick them up again. Mop up the mess. I understand there are three not two. Her and two other people – maybe this baby or the father, presumably. Time heals! I really want to emphasise this. The sheer passage of time means that what is so raw and confronting now will be a thing of the past and ultimately leave only the faintest trace. You have some massive work to do, to restore these relationships, but you can do it. When you have healed and are at your most determined, positive and energetic – you can do this. I come back to your own healing because Ceres in the Twelfth House is about what lies beneath. You have hidden depths, mysteries and layers which probably only Jung or Freud could really get to. You need to look at your dreams because they tell you about your unconscious. You also need to find out – who you are! Because you are a mystery to yourself and to others at the moment, hidden away, utterly unknowable. This transformation of yourself will enable you to find what is required, in your own character, to set things to rights emotionally. At that point you will realise you have three restored relationships – and then two you forgot about. In your mourning for what is such a mess, you have completely ignored two very special, fulfilling, solid gold emotional bonds. I am very cheerful about 2018 and beyond for you because once you have your precious people back, you can then move on. There is a group you need to join or rejoin which is refreshing, restoring, useful, and life-changing. It is rather like a yoga class or online forum. You will ultimately cross a bridge into the future where an important house, apartment or holiday home is waiting. Take the people with you, there. A property is just a property until people make it a palace. This place needs warmth and light and once you have done the work on the messes of the past you can enjoy something so amazing in the future. All this is open to you. You will have to do it, not me, but your chart is telling a hell of a story!

  4. Hi Jess,

    Firstly happy new year to you!

    I have my Jupiter in Cancer opposing my fortuna,Vesta and Neptune at the degrees you have mentioned. I start a new job next month and while I m excited I have also been feeling low and inadequate over the past few weeks. Think it might just be the cosmic weather ?

    1. Happy New Year. I am sorry you have been feeling low and inadequate. You need to learn or teach. You can do this formally or informally. There is a mountain of wisdom available to you. Passing it on will make you feel fulfilled. Picking it up will change your life. This is philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology or astrology – maybe quantum mechanics. It’s the stuff of which centuries of academia is made. Seriously, if you do nothing else now, hit the books and the people who love them.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I find myself intrigued about the supermoon astrology with regard to Leo. Mysteries, secrets??
    Both of my parents have passed and it’s just me and my brother. I’m divorced with 3 kids. I can’t imagine where or what this would entail. Any hints in my chart?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. You are a Sun Leo with the Supermoon in Cancer in your Twelfth House, which is ruled by Neptune and Pisces in the natural horoscope. Neptune as you might imagine is about hidden depths and buried matters. You also have Chiron in Pisces in your birth chart so it’s a double whammy. People sometimes repress memories and they surface on this cycle. There are also good reasons why people cover things up from their past. This is another possibility. I have also had clients who are high up in the secret service who have this transit.

  6. Happy New Year Jessica and all the JA “family”

    I always get excited when I see “House, apartment, property investment” but am still paying debts of Mr Abuser19/2/57 and despair of being able to ever afford my own little abode.
    Worried about running out of time … is Uranus turning direct going to assist?
    With Full Moon conj Juno can I expect any developments that would culminate in walking down the aisle. Again, your post about being out of time ringing true!
    Looking forward to the Full Moon ending all the stuckness and shepherding in a bright new start.
    Best wishes to everyone out there struggling.

    1. Happy New Year. And I will pass that onto James, Justin, Alyas, Jodi and Kerry – thank you so much. You will be brought together with a former lover, or potential partner, in 2018 and this could easily be marriage. There would be a feeling of fate at work, as if ‘this thing is bigger than both of us’ was in your script. There is profound sexual chemistry there, which is of course very important, but there is also a sense of this being divinely guided or assisted in some way, as if it was meant to be. You two can go anywhere and do anything. Of course, you can walk away, but I don’t think either of you can ignore what is staring you in the face.

      1. Thanks for that interesting snippet of information!
        Gazing at the FM as I write – well it’s almost Full, definitely looks Super.
        Glad to hear that I am mot too old to experience Profound SC:)
        If it’s a “do over” then it can only be Gemguy 24/5/71 and
        I won’t be walking away from profound sexual chemistry!!
        It’s just as vital a component as trust, mateship etc.
        This has really turned me round from feeling despondent and hopeless to feeling like one of the luckiest people on earth.
        Thanks for the positive kick up

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I noticed my natal Minerva in the 1st is speaking nicely to Jupiter in the 12th and you mentioned there will be a nice transit on the 7th in this area, will this help me as I try to figure out this big change that seems to be on the horizon this year with home and career? I feel a bit nervous as I am single (which I don’t mind) and a Scorpio who doesn’t necessarily like change, AND loaded up with many projects as it is. I’m phasing out a long held job, for a career to emerge and now moving house is appearing on the horizon as well. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed on how to best work all of this for the best possible outcome by years end. Any thoughts? Thanks so much. Lea

    1. Thank you Lea. The year ahead is about finding yourself again. I think you will be travelling or moving, perhaps because you are not getting what you want emotionally from the usual faces and places. You could easily do one big move or trip, or perhaps spend a lot more weekends hiking, camping and so on. We have the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which rules relocation and new destinations, well and truly under transit this year. I do think that if you take time out to heal, recover, repair, rethink, renew – you will either be in the perfect frame of mind and emotional shape to find new faces and places which do satisfy you. Alternatively you would be able to return to the people you left behind and enjoy them more – by then the whole atmosphere or climate around you, spiritually and psychologically, would have transformed anyway. Charles Dickens used to walk from Dover to Folkestone when he was writing his novels, but also – one suspects – when he was searching for something else from life. It’s a very long walk, along the cliffs with the English Channel ahead. You’ll be doing your ‘Dickens’ in 2018.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have NorthNode at 23° Aries 59′ 21″ R and Sun 19° Capricorn 46′ 47″. What do you think this will do a long standing legal dispute that I am involved in this week?

    Thank you & best wishes for 2018

    1. You have had many lifetimes as a soldier, warrior or fighter and the Node in Aries suggests you are ‘doing’ your karma at the moment. It’s impossible to comment without knowing details, or the chart of the other person/party unfortunately. In general, I think you need to sort out your family tree. It could do with some work. And there is a group, club, team or other circle of people which you should also be paying more attention to. It’s not on your mind at the moment but I feel you would gain by at least observing that.

  9. I have South Node at 11 Cancer. Will this effect me, and if so how? My daughter is going to college starting August – that’s the only change in home that’s happening this year. Thx so much.

    1. You are slowly moving up to your South Node Return in Cancer and the Fourth House of family, home, home town, homeland. Early January is a hint of what is to come from 2019 and there is karma to be balanced, particularly with your daughter, as Cancer rules motherhood. It is entirely possible that when your daughter was born the Node was also in Cancer so take a look at that. If so, you two have definite past life connections.

      1. Hi Jessica! Yes, my eldest, the one who’s going off to college next year has her NN in Cancer. Wonder what type of Karma balancing there usually is ? I give to her or she gives to me?

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I was born on 23rd June. 1983. Would you let me know, what this new year will bring to me?


  11. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year to you! I was born on the 5th June, 1968 in Sydney Australia at around 4.30pm. Over the last decade I have gone through an extremely difficult time in my personal and financial life. My husband of 18 years passed away 10 years ago from brain cancer and I lost everything financially and had to start again. We had one child together, a Leo, who was 12 at the time. I since remarried, (he’s an airies) however that hasn’t been the best situation for me. Because of certain decisions and partnerships from his past he has left me ridden with debt and I feel I am almost back to the same place I was at 10 years ago. He has embroiled me in a legal matter involving his ex business partner which has been ongoing for 2 years and still not finalised. The legal fees alone are astounding. This has taken a huge toll on me mentally, physically and emotionally and as I have another 2 much younger children to support now I am anxious and exhausted from the worry. It has also impacted on my ability to work effectively. My biggest fear is that we will be homeless, again, with a great deal of ongoing financial stress. Do you see this situation resolving in a positive way for me and my ever finding peace and stability, both emotionally and financially?
    Kindest regards,

    1. I am so very sorry to hear about this terrible story in your life. Whenever people tell me about sexual/financial issues I automatically look to Scorpio in the chart, and the Eighth House to see what is going on. You have Ops, Psyche and Neptune in Scorpio, the sign which frequently rules marriage and mortgage, but also the legacy one receives when a partner passes away – or unfortunately the financial problems. You may know that Ops was married to Saturn in mythology. Saturn ate his children because he was fearful that one of them would destroy him. Ops defeated her husband by tricking him and Jupiter, the best and luckiest of the children, escaped. Ops is thus a symbol of overcoming problems and it can sometimes manifest as a literal retelling of the myth. If you ever felt that your first or second husband was threatened by one of the children and trying to sabotage that child in any way you may have been right. As for Psyche, the second asteroid, you may know that she was the daughter-in-law of Venus, who was jealous of her and tried to obstruct her. Psyche triumphed and in the end was made immortal as her reward. We associate Psyche in your chart with challenges, with a victory at the end. As for Neptune, I am sure you know about this planet – it describes the alternatives to reality and the unreal, non-real, real world. In the Eighth House of finance, business and property you classically end up with borrowed money, or mortgaged property, which is of course not yours – it is the bank’s – even though it feels like your own! I mention all this because you may want to dig more deeply into Ops, Psyche and Neptune in Scorpio later, when you have some time to explore. In the next 12 months, 2018, the most important thing I can tell you is that you will have financial recovery and security. Mythology tells us that Ops was the mother of Jupiter, the symbol of solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities, growth and expansion. She saved him and he came back to her when he was an adult, to likewise rescue her. You are going to have your Scorpio-ruled Eighth House visited by the planet Jupiter for the first time in 12 years and you will gain. This time remember – if you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves. Don’t rush this. Something or someone is moving at a snail’s pace. About the same pace as Brian the Snail in the old Magic Roundabout series! Yet – you will have money.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I am Cancer ascendant 11 degrees. There’s a man I’ve known for 40 years who is Sun Cancer at 10 degrees. It sure feels like we’ve known each other before. Any interesting implications here?

    1. It is unlikely to be karma between you as the Ascendant is only your profile or image and his Sun there will just illuminate or highlight that. What he does, essentially, is expose and draw attention to your home-loving, garden-loving, local environment-loving qualities. The very image of a Cancer Ascendant woman is the pregnant goddess. We also see her masquerading as interior decorator or gardener. His Sun on your Ascendant casts you in that image. If there was anything else going on between both charts we might, of course, be looking for love.

  13. Hello Jessica,
    The timing of the Super Moon is amazing. I have a 10 degree Cancer ascendant and I’m taking time off from my caring duties on Tuesday January 2. I planned it a couple of months ago. I intend on having me time and a beauty treatment or two. Thanks for the article. Have a happy new year.

  14. Dear Jessica,
    First of all, I would tell to you the new star sign’s icons are so beautiful, I like them . Last year, the sun-moon eclipse was exact to my Saturn. It’s effect, that a 20 year old relationship was left behind by me. I have never thought, that it can ever happen. Now I am alone on my own, and I am so busy by my job, as never before. From the autumn of 2013 I was in a holding pattern, till 11th november, this year. The story, which seemed to begin (nothing serious) with another somebody in 2013, perharps earlier, seems to be continued, espacially around this Christmas. And now it seems, it will be serious. I have known him by a job, in 2011-2012. The client in this job now also came back to me, within two days difference, at 14th november. I think, they both are carmic to me. I feel, ‘big wheels are turning’, as you say. Now, here is the new year, and I do not know, what will be. The new moon in this month will be born exact to my birth date’s degree, within some minutes difference, and there is also the lining up, with the six planets in capricorn. I haven’t got any planets in Cancer, but I feel this full moon’s effect, I think so. ‘Astrology is clear’ you say. It is true. And it is a big fortune, because astrology helps me to understand and accept certain events of my life, and by this it is easier to bear some things, which seemed too hard and cruel to me in the last 3-4 years. What kind of events can I count on this month? Thank you for your answer.

    1. Thank you, I like them too and will pass that compliment onto James. Saturn slowly approaching your Mercury at 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is a big one. It takes 29 years to happen. Slow down and get the best advice you can trust. Be very careful with new contracts or other paperwork. Watch communication in general – your computer, smart phone and the mail.

  15. Hi Jessica, so when you don’t see the actual sign of cancer in your chart do you look to the ruling planet? Since my moon is Leo ruled by the sun how does this play out for me? Also I’ve read that if you were born at night you’re more of your moon sign than your sun sign, what are your thoughts? I can say the Horoscope for Aquarius has been right on for me. I’ve definitely been in Greta Garbo mode.

    1. Avoid the ruling planet malarkey. It is a 20th century idea, really, based on some very old astrology. And no, being born at night does not make you more like your Moon sign! Enjoy being Greta Garbo!

  16. Hi Jessica

    Happy New year!
    Thank you for a fab article. I have Leo and Aquarius factors which might be impacted. Are you able to share some more details Pls?
    Ps I’ve been separated for 2 years and finalising the divorce now…

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Karma is not yet complete with your former partner – you don’t say if you have children or not, but this is about past life debts and credits involving a son, daughter or a pregnancy that never came to term. The Node (karma) in Leo is moving slowly across your Leo factors in the Fifth House of children and young people. Allow the process to complete in 2018. From 2019 it is well and truly over and in fact, you will not have major issues or concerns for many years to come. This is about as intense as it gets.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I would like to know the impact of this supermoon for me. It hit my Psyche at exactly 11 degrees which also opposes my Prosperina at 11 degrees Capricorn. I have been reading up on the asteroids, and to me that means the moon will magnify my ability to handle life’s trials – which, by the way, don’t need any more magnifying – and it opposes the part of my character which is a people pleaser? I am a lot of things, people pleaser isn’t one of them!
    Please shine a light. I get the feeling this might be a big year for me.

    p.s. Thank you for working so hard on this site. It looks like the President is getting the results of the eclipse in August.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that feedback onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodi. The President is indeed going to see the results of that August eclipse in 2019 although it will actually be his daughter, son and son-in-law who deliver the full impact (the heirs to the throne). Okay, so let’s look at your chart and see what is going on. The most important thing I can tell you right now is to get real about a relationship which you find very odd. It is not a conventional or regular emotional bond by any means but is is precious and special – if you can figure out what to do with it. This is a little like both Psyche and Proserpina felt when they were dealing with the people around them. It just didn’t add up. The issue of pregnancies, babies, other people’s children, adoptions or perhaps real, grown-up children is buried in your past. So buried you are not even aware. Yet, a very old Saturn cycle has put this in your life and it will help to turn and see what your foundations are. In other words, the reason I think you feel slightly all at sea about who/what is on offer, emotionally, is your own history in terms of pregnancies that did it did not happen. If you possibly can, divert your attention away from ‘this’ connection, and towards yourself. Work on yourself. You need to get grounded and get real as people often do on the kind of transits you are having. Step away from other realities and back towards solid ground. A better sense of place in the world would help you to do something constructive with this, admittedly, unusual relationship.

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