Capricorn Birthday Horoscope


The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Capricorn will find freedom in 2018 - from financial burdens or restrictions and from the past. For some this may come as changing your accommodation or through travel.

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For Capricorn, freedom is a central feature of 2018 – from financial burdens or restrictions and from the past. As well as experiencing the type of freedom that changing your living accommodations and traveling brings.

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20 Responses

  1. This all sounds very promising. Currently, workwise it is quite unclear what path I’m heading to as one of my clients is relocating next year and I may go back to being an ’employee’ if the right position interests me enough. I do enjoy self-employment as a PA/EA, but financially, long-term as it currently stands, it is not viable.

    My priorities are my daughters who will have their final year of exams before (fingers crossed) starting Uni in September 2018. Lots of unknowns but I don’t have the deep sense of dread and anxiety that I have felt for most of 2017. It would be lovely if ‘love’ came along again although ‘singledom’ really does have its advantages and freedoms.

    I do look forward to filling in the blank pages and feel positive, for the most part, that 2018 will throw in the right amount of challenges and new opportunities. I would love to move house again but this time to where I ‘want’ to move rather than ‘have’ to move which has been the case since around 2008. Whether I lease my current property so I can rent elsewhere, this is an option but I won’t really know until my daughters’ exam results are granted as to what decisions we make as a family. All good stuff though, bring it on I say.

    Here’s to 2018!

  2. Hi Jessica ,

    Thanks for the post and the one on Capricorn weather. I have seven planets in Capricorn ( Sun, Saturn , Ceres , Mercury , Opps, Cupid and Ascendant ) and was wondering how you see the year playing out for me. I have recently sold a farm and have almost too many choices when it comes to houses and money and not sure what I want .

    Thanks for the advice and a Merry Christmas to you and your team.

    1. Your Saturn Return is the big one, and also your Ceres Return is coming up. In general November 2019 through January 2020 is a major compromise over your ambition and position – you’ll be making a major deal with a person or organisation. Now through 2020 is challenging, ultimately rewarding, very slow-moving and occasionally pretty confronting. Elaine, take your time with this. Mercury is retrograde and you are basically waiting for him to get back to normal, second half of January. In fact, a ton of things will become obvious to you in January which you did not know before, so you may want to wait before you figure out just how ambitious you want to be. Merry Christmas to you and I will pass that onto James, Justin, Alyas, Jodi and Kerry too. Thank you!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I know you don’t think the ascendant sign holds any great meaning other than image you portray but I have Capricorn at 3* as my ascendant and this blog resinates so much with me. Is it possible this plays a part or is it just because of the other factors in my chart?

    1. If it resonates with you, that’s good. You may be a Capricorn Ascendant person who identifies so much with the business card, title, work clothes, work identity, social media status and the rest, that you think this is actually who you are! It makes sense to me. Capricorn is so ambitious to do really well; climb higher; reach the top; have the best. This is really like presenting as a Capricorn to the point where you begin to ‘own’ it and of all the 12 zodiac signs who are concerned with appearances, we would have to say Capricorn and Aries are the top two. Leo maybe ties for second place.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this Birthday present all year :-). I love this little blog gift you give to everyone throughout the year.

    Very curious, since I have Aquarius little one 25/1/2014 @6.46pm, what the Nodes that you discuss above mean for me/us? I personally don’t have any Aquarius, but one Leo. Is this the ying to my yang?.

    Also is there any pitfalls/ transits in the heavens that I should watch out for or any specific transits that I should look maximum?

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your team. xxx

    1. Your Aquarius child is one of those children who are part of the Age of Aquarius, after we get through 2020. We’ll all be globally so ready for group power and by then your child is approaching the crucial age 7! Schoolfriends and little school groups, clubs, teams, gangs are part of the evolution and once this young person is an adult, Pluto is in Aquarius, Saturn and Jupiter will have ‘educated’ while in Aquarius and you are basically parent to someone who is on the ground floor of the new crowd thinking. A lot of those Millennials you see wandering around now who are eccentric, unique, interesting, free, disconnected emotionally/sexually – but part of big friendships and posses – will be like uncle or aunt figures to your child. Tune into them, and tune into this soul connection you gave birth to. In time, when you are so much older, you will see why community/communal thinking was the key and why your own child taught you. That is Pluto in Aquarius!

  5. “Uranus in Aries has been with you since 2011 and in that time, it has helped you write a book, rather than a life story. That book has been about home and all that it means to you.”

    Wow! This gave me goosebumps – I know you probably didn’t mean a literal book, but I wrote a book that was basically a history of the locality where I grew up, which was published in 2013 – astonishing!

  6. 2018 sounds so promising! And for me the Astrology is spot on! Turing 40 this year and selling my house which I should make a substantial amount on. Then moving to a large city! My youngest is going off to a residential high school her junior and senior year so the freedom that brings is something I have not seen in 20 years!! Free to travel and free to do my own thing. Although I’ll miss her dearly lol. But overall 2018 just feels lighter already and full of interesting adventures! Thank you for a peek into the year ahead. The Astrology never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Thank you for this is really great news for cappy’s 🙂 and all the amazing blog/articles throughout the year. I cannot wait for how amazing 2018 will be! Wishing you and your family happy holidays, lots of love and light..Mehtab xoxo

  8. Dear Jessica thank you again your blog is amazing – this aligned with some of your other blogs is helping me to piece together my story and so helps to give me insight to a very difficult family scenario that has been a theme of my life since 1992 when my mother died on the 31/10/92. My horoscope for this day is extraordinary the sun is on my moon and the moon on my sun with a Uranus, Neptune conjunction in Capricorn within 2 degrees of my sun – it was a sudden traumatic death. This has given me pain and grief ever since and tortured family relationships particularly in this last Uranian transit.
    This is in part about male status and power in my family supported by spouse -I am the only woman of my and my parents generation alive – it feels like my voice and my mother’s legacy is being undermined.

    It would be wonderful to think this part of my life and the strife it has caused me is turning a cornerand I can look to happier times?

    1. Thank you, I am really pleased the astrology is helping you after your mother’s passing. Aesculapia at 1 Cancer and Psyche at 2 Capricorn in your chart leaps out, along with your Cancer/Capricorn Nodes. I am so sorry that the passing itself was not peaceful although as a medium I can tell you that your mother would have been met and immediately taken care of by her people in the spirit world. If you are the last woman standing that is a big deal. The Nodes suggest past life karma in one or more incarnations between you and at least one other family member. Aesculapia is about your capacity to resurrect, revive and relaunch who/what seems to be going, going, gone. In Cancer it is sometimes about a flat or house (renovation) but also frequently about the family itself; a relative; a household. Psyche right opposite is another huge hint as she shows what lasts forever about you and your life – what is immortal. Now through January is absolutely crucial for all this. In fact we have a Full Moon in January (look up and you will see it) which will underline all these issues. If this was me, I would also light a candle and have a quiet word not only with my mother, but also with the other ancestors. In the other chart I use for you (I use public and personal charts as you probably know) I can also see that your choppy waters and stormy seas are coming to an end, with a long break in the weather from May 2018 and from 2019 smoother sailing – certainly with the family and/or property. Often it is the bricks and mortar which reflects the internal turmoil, or we have issues with the council or even our government about our homeland or home town. If any of this has also occurred over the last few years of this transit, it will also cease, by all the laws of modern astrology.

  9. Jessica, I have retired, purchased a motorhome and I am travelling throughout the US. I, unfortunately, purchased the motorhome during a mercury retrograde period but I had been researching this lifestyle for years previous to the purchase. Anyway, I have a small pension and some money investments, etc but not as much as I should have to never have to worry. I am thinking of starting a vlog to log my travels and build a community of followers. This also would provide some income, hopefully eventually. I am truly blessed in so many areas of my life. And I am happy and content. Single by choice. My birthday is December 22, 1955 at 1:20pm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As you can see I have Capricorn as my sun sign and my Mercury and Venus. I have also been told that I have an “Enchanted” chart as almost all my houses are in their native sign. I am going to be working hard starting in 2018 to chart a path to more financial security. Do you see in my chart that publishing will be successful? Any support that you can provide would be appreciated. Or should I chart another direction? The best to you in 2018, Jessica. I truly enjoy perusing your site and you are so knowledgeable. Your method of delivery speaks to me and you often provide insight that I had not considered previously. Your perspective is insightful and I want to thank you for all the work you put into your site. Thank you, thank you.

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that praise onto everybody at Asporea too as the website you see here is created, designed and cared for by them. Let’s have a look at your chart. You will have a new sexual and romantic relationship in 2018 if you want it. You might not want it, of course, because like me, you are single by choice. Some of us like being free, don’t we? Nevertheless, you are strongly Scorpio and this is the sign we associate with erotic adventures. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, expansion, exploration and growth is passing through Scorpio in 2018 for the first time in 12 years. This is an unusual chance to have a relationship with an unusual person. Take a trip with a natural traveller, or travel with a naturally ‘trippy’ individual – in the sense that there is zero interest in the boring real world, but much interest in taking head trips of all kinds, be they academic, educational, geographical, spiritual and the rest. This is a really interesting, intriguing, unusual person and yet totally ungrounded. No real world capacity at all. I hear the Enya song ‘Sail Away’ (which I am sure you know) with this most tempting human being. You don’t have to. But wow, what a journey.

  10. Hello Jessica,

    I’m commenting here, but also a huge amount of what you had to say in ‘The Capricorn Effect 1 & 2’ resonated with me.

    Pluto has been transiting my 12th/1st house since around 2009. Over the past six/eight years there’s been chronic stress around money & property, together with deaths, including late last year, the death of someone I cared about very much, with 2016/2017’s events resulting in my recently selling the house. I do feel strongly that 2018 will bring in massive changes. I’d like them to be for the better.

    These are my basic chart factors: ASC 10° Capricorn, DESC 10° Cancer, MC 15° Scorpio, IC 15° Taurus, NorthNode 11° Cancer, SouthNode 11° Capricorn, Sun 12° Sagittarius, Moon 12° Leo, Mercury 28° Sagittarius, Venus 07° Capricorn, Mars 00° Capricorn, Jupiter 09° Aries, Saturn 18° Aquarius, Uranus 10° Virgo, Neptune 16° Scorpio, Pluto 14° Virgo.

    I’m curious if my chart shows a lifting of these very dark circumstances, involving a new relationship, career surges or any other positive factors.

    Thanks, and also thanks for such a great blog, and such insightful horoscopes. Have a great New Years and 2018!

    1. Thank you. I am glad The Capricorn Effect is also making sense in your life. I need to spin your chart because I use the Natural House system and Pluto has been transiting your Tenth House, not your Twelfth/First. You are talking about death, money and property stress. That’s actually an Eighth House matter ruled by Scorpio so I will just quickly check your horoscope to see what has been going on. Juno at 12, Neptune at 16, Ceres at 24, MC at 15, Bacchus at 25 Scorpio will do it! This is an unusually high cluster of Scorpio factors – a stellium – in your Eighth House. Do hit Search and look up Scorpio for more on this sign and how it works. It is of course about sex, death, property and money as entwined matters, along with family and security. You were going through Saturn in Scorpio for 2-3 years quite recently and I suspect this is when it all became very tough going. You sold the house when Jupiter went into Scorpio. Good move. Saturn as I am sure you know is extremely heavy going; Jupiter is the solution and opportunity. Now, enough of the Scorpio! I am more interested in Sagittarius in your chart which rules the Ninth House of foreign places and people. Jupiter is headed there too, at the end of 2018, by which time you will have emigrated, moved or welcomed at least one huge new relationship into your life – work or personal – with an American or European. This is the cycle where you travel or ‘travel in the mind.’ Focus and choose. You will be stunned by just how many choices you have, but as you are obviously interested in a sexual relationship, make that the priority. Reach for who and what you want and make it real. They will have to come to you, with a passport or even packing crates. However I reckon you will be very, very tempted to take off yourself and it may be a one-way trip or at least a long one!

  11. Reposting the comment.

    Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the great articles you put on recently, I had been looking forward to them.
    Could you look at my chart and tell me what I should be doing and expecting from Capricorn transits since I have Capi stellium. Also, how will I be affected from Uranus in Taurus?

    Many many thanks, as always.

    1. Thank you. It’s actually started. Saturn is slowly crossing your Tenth House of ambition, mission and position. You will find you and others take your success far more seriously from this point on. Getting real about your role and your competitors is typical. So too is feeling the weight of your chosen profession or job (I assume you work). A really deep period of soul-searching about what you do, why you do it and where it is taking you, is coming for 2018. By 2019 the South Node begins its journey so familiar faces, themes, choices and stories from your professional or academic past will come back for you by 2020. That year you could make your big breakthrough *if* the goal of 2018 was the right one and *if* you do the work. If you feel your ambitions are changing that is fine…but do some serious research on the realities, if so.

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