The Capricorn Effect

In this special two-part series I will look at The Capricorn Effect between December 2017 and December 2020 as your horoscope is affected by Saturn, Pluto, the South Node, Ceres and Jupiter in Capricorn.

The Capricorn Effect 

In this special two-part series I will look at The Capricorn Effect between December 2017 and December 2020 as your horoscope is affected by Saturn, Pluto, the South Node, Ceres and Jupiter in Capricorn. As Capricorn rules governments and business, and the  American and North Korea astrology charts are hit hard, we’ll see crisis – then huge change and improvement – in 2020.

The road to 2020 is challenging for all of us. In part one of The Capricorn Effect I will look at how your zodiac sign is affected and – for Premium Members – how your personal birth horoscope is affected, too.

Do You Have Horoscope Factors in Capricorn?

In the Natural House system which I use for your personal birth chart (if you are a Premium Member)  any Capricorn horoscope factors you might have are always in the Tenth House and if you have any planet, asteroid, point or angle in Capricorn then it will show your feelings about success and status. Your profession, vocation, career or calling in life. These are all ruled by the Tenth House.

Bigger changes will have a ripple effect on your own career. If you have anything in your personal birth chart in Capricorn, then 2018-2020 will put your ambitions to the test, challenge you to rethink your career and ultimately reward you (in 2020) with an opportunity that can only come every 12 years. Capricorn rules mountainous ambition. With personal chart factors here you climb to the top – from December 2017 to December 2020 you will see your career deconstructed and reconstructed. If you have Capricorn factors at 0, 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 you will be first to experience this in December 2017 or January 2018. You may change your profession dramatically within three years or even your whole attitude towards success.

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Photo by Inspire Toud. Capricorn rules mountains.


The Capricorn Effect and the New World

In this special feature about Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn I will look at the major dates and ‘weather’ to hit your own birth chart and life, which will affect you, if you have factors in that zodiac sign, or know people who do. I will also look at the general ripples which are going to reach you from the people at the top – and that will most certainly include Trump, Merkel, Putin, the Royal Family and other leaders who are on the world stage as I write this in December 2017. Of course, there will be more by 2020.

Entire countries will be affected, like Greece – and her leaders – as the European Union is swept up in the Capricorn Effect. We are going to see many leaders on top of the mountain fall. In fact January 2020 will be like an earthquake.

How Your Sign is affected in 2018, 2019, 2020

Which area of your life will be given a workout and then a transformation over the next three years? Remember, this long story in your life will peak and bring great, permanent changes in 2020.

ARIES – Career, status, ambition, mission, position.
TAURUS – Foreign people and places, foreign projects and plans, regional and cultural differences.
GEMINI – Finance, property, business, charity, valuable possessions, taxes, shares.
CANCER – Wife, husband, former partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, professional partner.
LEO – Body, workload, lifestyle, duty, service, health, fitness.
VIRGO – Pregnancy, babies, children, sex, young adults, teenagers.
LIBRA – House, apartment, land, family, household, home town, homeland.
SCORPIO – Worldwide web, publishing, multimedia, education, communication.
SAGITTARIUS – Finance, salary, banking, taxation, business, charity, property.
CAPRICORN – Appearance, profile, reputation, identity, name, image, brand.
AQUARIUS – Secrets, confidential subjects, classified information, the occult, psychology.
PISCES – Groups, Facebook, friendship, associations, clubs, teams, networks, circles.

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Photo by Niklas Rhose. Capricorn rules time.


Are You Affected by Saturn, Ceres, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn?

Let’s say you are a Capricorn. You were born with the Sun in Capricorn. (Alternatively, you may know a Capricorn.) Whenever these slow-moving outer planets like Ceres meet your Sun, landing at the same spot the Sun occupied when you were born – your place in the world is affected. And your place in the world is really in a particular career, field, profession, vocation or calling if you are a Sun Capricorn, because your Sun is in the Tenth House, using the Natural House system.

You identify with your business card or title. Quite probably with your company or institution. You shine when you stand out within it, whatever it might be. It is probably pyramid-shaped or hierarchical. It is a mountain to climb. When you are promoted inside it, or gain other special treatment or attention, you shine. You dazzle. You glitter like gold. This is what the Sun does in your chart when you ‘do’ the Sun.

Losing your job, being demoted or otherwise suffering in your profession can hit you very hard, because it affects your self-esteem, self-confidence and pride far more than the other 11 zodiac signs. That’s what happens when you’re a Sun Capricorn. Similarly, being promoted or given a highly responsible new position, can feel like a concrete crown. You need it (and want it) but it weighs a ton.

Writing in The Cosmic Loom, Dennis Elwell noted, “Saturn-ruled Capricorn makes for self-containment in its various guises, a well-defined identity. A keyword for this sign is ‘distinction’, with its double meaning of being both differentiated and distinguished. For Capricorn also signifies all the tokens or confirmations of identity, like status, honours, promotion and so forth.”

Now, let’s consider the global trends of 2018, 2019, 2020 when we are going to see so many climb-downs by executives; so many mergers; so many takeovers and dramas. What happens when your company, department, industry, profession or organization is absorbed by another – or vanishes? What happens on the big Saturn in Capricorn restructure? This is the great test of Saturn and Ceres in Capricorn, as they pass over your Sun. Saturn is associated with tests of patience and trials of all kinds. Are you actually your business card after all? Are you your high-status marriage? Capricorn is the mountain goat who can also operate as a social mountaineer, artfully clambering up the slopes towards the next class up; the next income bracket up; the next neighbourhood up. If you can identify with that, then you’re going to be tested.

Saturn always asks ‘How much do you really want this?’ and that is the case here. Ceres is about making deals with other people, but often with God. This is the Kate Bush song, Running Up That Hill, which claims ‘If I only could, I’d make a deal with God, and get him to swap our places.’ You are bound to experience this in the most intensely personal way in November 2019 through January 2020 as Ceres conjuncts your Capricorn Sun.

This seems very likely to be about your vocation or role, just because the various corporations in your country and world will be going through crises around this time, and also negotiating their own terms with God. You may find that you are asked to be part of a reshuffle, for example, which affects your entire identity and image. This can happen if you are moved up, as well as sideways. What we’re going to see here is a domino effect, as one skyscraper affects another, across the rooftops, right across the world. It will get you, right where you live, in your office window. Then, as 2020 rolls on, the mighty Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn will help you to get up where you belong – at the same time, helping raise your entire chosen field, profession or industry higher. As always, if a path was never really right for you, it may disappear. You may decide to leave it, or that pathway may shut, making it necessary to find another.

These patterns seem profoundly fated to an astrologer’s eyes. First, the tests and trials of Saturn in Capricorn, then the change in the balance of power that comes with Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn, making patterns in January 2020. Then, the restructure, repair, reform and renewal of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn together, for the rest of 2020 as a whole. It’s a story. If you have Capricorn factors, or actually are a Capricorn, then it’s also your life story too. The specifics – the dates you are affected – and the shape of it all – will be decided by the patterns in your chart at the time.

I’ll give you an example of this. If you were born on, or close to, 1st January (New Year’s Day) then when Jupiter and the South Node conjunct your natal Capricorn Sun around your birthday (let’s say December 31st, January 1st, January 2nd) in 2020, you will be given an opportunity to expand and improve your career, partly based on what professional tests you experienced in March, April, May and/or December 2018.

Space does not allow for me to go into detail about each and every Capricorn birthday, and I do have a long waiting list of questions and comments – but please know that if you are a Premium Member, then your extended weekly forecast will carry all the dates and specific details, as they happen – so you can check your own personal birth horoscope in real time.

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Buckingham Palace, Westminster, the White House in January 2020

Pluto rules transformation and a deep, permanent change in the balance of power and he has already been in Capricorn and your Tenth House of achievement since 26th January 2008. This is the case no matter what your zodiac sign is, or what your personal chart is like. There is always a change in the endless world game of control and status, when Pluto comes along and it always has a domino effect on your job, or the job of someone close to you. It usually begins right at the top. There is a shift at Buckingham Palace, Westminster, the White House and so on – and a knock-on effect which has an impact on your own situation.

Pluto takes away power and then redistributes it. People who had no power before, find they acquire it. Those who dominated, lose that dominance.

When I look back at my career before 2008 I can see I was writing and editing books for Penguin for a brilliant publisher. Penguin has since been merged with Random House. A deep change in the balance of power in the publishing industry. My old editor at HarperCollins has gone. The arrival of Amazon as a publisher has transformed the way I release my books. Thanks to my wonderful friends and colleagues at Asporea, this website has expanded and grown.

What’s your story? Because you – or those around you – will see life-changing career transformation by 2020.

How has the deep transformation in the balance of power, affected you? Given that Capricorn rules the business world, the public service/civil service and government, you will have either been directly affected by Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, or by six degrees of separation. Your career, or that of someone close, will have been on shifting sand.

Since January 26th 2008 when Pluto – the transformer – first moved into Capricorn and the Tenth House of your own personal chart, we have seen the following outcomes in America, Australia and Great Britain alone: I would guess that at least one of these has influenced the conditions that surround your chosen field, if not that of someone close. Often, the results have empowered those who historically had no power at all.

  • The first black first family in the previously all-white White House.
  • A Watergate-style enquiry into the current President’s ties with Russia.
  • The arrival of the first woman to ever gain a multi-million vote majority in an American presidential race.
  • The debut of a middle-class woman as wife of the future King and Head of the Commonwealth.
  • The departure of Britain from the European Union.
  • The resignation of a British Prime Minister.
  • The arrival and replacement of the first Australian female Prime Minister.
  • The arrival of a London mayor from a non-white, working-class background.

Status Shift, Social Shift – How Pluto in Capricorn Works

These examples of dramatic changes in the world, above, give you some idea of where the power has shifted to in the world, in the last eight or nine years, as I sit at my table writing this in December 2017. You no longer have to be white to be in the White House, for a start. And – thanks to Mueller and his investigations, it seems Russia may be secretly more powerful than anyone thought, in global politics. This brings in questions about the world order, which is a typical Capricorn concern. Who or what is actually in charge?

What else took place, over the last eight or nine years that Pluto was in his new sign of Capricorn? Well, women are now serious players in global politics. The middle-classes are now free to rise and rise in the ranks of royalty, as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have both shown. Europe is no longer the major player it once was and anyone opposing Brexit, from former Prime Minister David Cameron to current (in December 2017) Prime Minister Theresa May is also meeting with furious opposition. Cameron stepped down. As I write this in December 2017, May’s job is under threat.

Meanwhile in Australia, the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is a Republican who once campaigned to separate his country from the Monarchy. As Pluto is in Capricorn until November 19th 2024, Australia may yet remove some of the power of the House of Windsor and the Commonwealth too.

Since 2008 we have also seen the social status of gay, lesbian and transgender people rise, thanks to the legalization of equal marriage. This is a classic example of a Pluto transformation – deep, permanent, profound – which has slowly but surely appeared since his arrival in Capricorn. In so many different ways this has also crept into your own world, no matter if it’s a woman who just became your boss, or a gay man who just invited you to a high society wedding. When you think about the lack of power which has plagued women, people of colour, gay men, transgender people, lesbian women throughout the 20th century, the massive, rapid empowerment since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 is pretty persuasive evidence for astrology. Status shift. Social shift.

How the Historic Capricorn Effect on 12th January 2020 Will Change the World

We have an exact line-up of Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury at 22 Capricorn on 12th January 2020 which signals an unforgettable drama in the power-shift cycle. Ceres rules necessary compromise and deal-making. She’s actually Pluto’s equal in astronomy. Saturn is tough reality checks.  Mercury rules the news of the day. So – starting on December 21st 2017, and peaking in major corporate or government headlines close to 12th January 2020, you will see the difficult, historic shift between the old world and the new world of 2020.  The other astonishing thing about January 2020 is that we find Jupiter exactly conjunct the South Node at 8 Capricorn. These are two unusual ‘clusters’ in the same zodiac sign, both taking place in the same month.

As 2020 draws closer, keep an eye on the usual round of retirements, corporate announcements, resignations, promotions, appointments and the rest – which will typically reach you from November 2019, into December and then onto January of the landmark new year. We always have that kind of movement as the year ends, and the new year begins, but as you approach 2020 it’s going to have a striking and substantial effect on your career as a whole, or that of someone close. It’s more than the usual empty desk drawer, or signature on a contract. It’s going to change your professional world, for at least 12 months, maybe more. The depth to which this happens depends on your personal chart, but even if the transits of Saturn, the South Node and the rest don’t hit anything for you specifically, in a general way, the big ripple effect of the new hirings and firings, closures, mergers and launches of January 2020 is going to reach your industry, field or business eventually.

t6gkcfd1atm 600x403 - The Capricorn Effect

Old Age, Retirement, Pensions and 2020

Margaret Hone published her classic book, The Modern Text-Book of Astrology, in 1951. She associated Capricorn with old age, with politicians, with civil servants and business. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top, in her book, but also – interestingly – she writes, “In the countries where astrology must have begun, the goat is a domestic animal, a sad-looking creature kept to provide milk. It is seen limited to the sphere of activity by the rope to which it is tied. If free, it is stopped from making its way through the surrounding hedges of its field by the wooden cross bars on its neck…He never ceases his efforts to “get somewhere” but actually goes round the same stake on the same rope for ever.”

This brings in questions about old age, retirement and pensions and the part they play in the mountain that the goats must climb. Astrology does not operate in isolation and you have to read other cycles to get the full picture. The whole time that we are experiencing this severe life exam for corporate and government types, Uranus (the revolution) is in Taurus (banks).

This cycle runs alongside the Capricorn Effect planets, starting on May 16th 2018 and running until April 26th, 2026. You can also see why Taurus, with its rulership of inherited wealth, inherited property and also legal tax avoidance is a zodiac sign to watch from 2018-2026. The transit of Uranus with all its radical change and upheaval, through Taurus, will frequently be shocking and ultimately revolutionise inheritance and taxation.

This goes beyond the scandal of the Panama Papers and other hacked information about tax avoidance by the rich and powerful. You have to remember that Uranus (rebellion) in Taurus (money) will slowly oppose the Scorpio planets of billions of people as he passes through, from 2018 to 2026. You may have Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio, for example. Well – that’s really about the banks, for you, and Uranus is likely to overturn the old banking system. This takes us into tax havens, but also into the murky world of money laundering – which is just starting to show on the world radar in December 2017 as I write this. Beyond the basic criminality of some banks, Uranus in Taurus is also likely to show us the corruption of big-money donation to political parties.

A lot of people see Uranus, with all his shock and upheaval, as a terrifying prospect when he enters Taurus. Actually, Uranus transits can sometimes wake us up, as well as shake us up. We are never woken up without good reason and the smart money is on people who realise this. When an old global system has to go – it has to go!

vzmhv7c8nfy 600x400 - The Capricorn Effect

The System, The Establishment and The Capricorn Effect

The mountain of old astrology is the high-rise headquarters of a corporation today. It is Goldman Sachs. Will Goldman Sachs survive 2017-2020 in the same shape? Absolutely not, according to the company horoscope. Capricorn is symbolically their New York skyscraper – but it is also the penthouse suite in any tower, the better to house the people who have made it to the top. In any hierarchical structure, based on a pyramid shape (like a mountain) there is a well-worn path to success and it involves going in on the ground floor and ending up on the top floor.

Wall Street 1 - The Capricorn EffectYou typically have to be old – mature – to get the wealth and status you deserve. There are no short-cuts unless you are born into white male privilege and given a leg-up by the system. The tower itself is usually part of a structure that began in infancy. Baby boys have their names put down for Eton by their fathers or grandfathers. The gateway from Eton to Oxford is assured, and then onto Westminster. Your local politician, if you are British, may be part of that system. There are other systems in other countries.

I mentioned Uranus in Taurus and the money revolution to come. I am sure you know the Wall Street charting bull sculpture and the defiant little girl who suddenly appeared in front of it, with her hands on her hips. She is a symbol of women everywhere, who are not paid the same money, for the same work, as men. She is also a symbol of what is to come, as the boys’ club of global banking is doomed, by 2020. Remember those Wall Street protests? This will go way beyond.


How The Capricorn Effect Hits Your Career

Capricorn is symbolically white, male and wears an old school tie. It’s the man at the top, in the global success and status system.  Ruled by Saturn itself, that symbol of permanence, noting much changes in the world establishment, or so the story goes. It is about both David Cameron and Boris Johnson effectively running London, for a time. Capricorn is about high places –  penthouse suite or high-rise corporate headquarters a building with a glass ceiling. Women bang their heads on it, all the time – or they used to. Now that we are halfway through the Pluto in Capricorn cycle, the ceiling (as Hillary Clinton illustrated in her campaign) is shattering at last. By the time your career has been directly or indirectly affected by not only Saturn, but also Pluto, Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn – in 2020 – you may have a restructure of your restructure.

The natural ‘climb’ of the corporate and political world is to start young, stay in the system, work the system, and end up with a top job, retirement package and the kind of family life, status, house and wealth that lets you and everybody else know you’ve made it. The climb is usually helped by a shove at the start – being white, male and from a privileged background helps. If this sounds like your company or department, then you’ll see the climate change from December 2017. The system? The establishment? Well, goodbye to all that. The historic line-up in Capricorn means all this will be put to an extremely hard test, and by 2020 the stage will be set for the new world. Not only because of Saturn, but Pluto too. Whatever/whomever unfairly dominates on a Pluto cycle, always meets a downfall in the end. It’s one of the rules of the cycle. If you have someone at work who takes over or is over-controlling, Pluto and Saturn will intensify the situation for a time, but history and astrology tell us, these people never last. They surrender, depart or even leave the planet.

How 12th January 2020 Brings in a New Deal for the New World

When Pluto, Saturn, Ceres and Mercury line up on 12th January 2020 it will be the beginning of the end for this way of working and living. It will not arrive suddenly, it will arrive naturally and organically, after a very difficult two years, as 2018 and 2019 brings us Saturn’s hard realities and Pluto’s powerful changes. The other reason 12th  January 2020 rings loud bells for your horoscope – and the world’s – is the exact line-up of Jupiter at 8 Capricorn and the South Node at 8 Capricorn, from January 7th to 11th. This is the preceding week.

Jupiter is a welcome sight in this pile-up of such intense, relentless, astrological patterns. Thus, there is hope. In the middle of all the intensity on 12th January 2020 –  the emotion, the tough reality checks and the drama for all those politicians and business people –  there is a better future waiting.

You are going to hear a lot about Saturn in Capricorn, by himself, but he is just part of a larger pattern of welcome and overdue improvement, specifically in the field of corporate and government life, but also in terms of your own career, because you will be affected, one through six degrees of separation – or in a personal way.

It begins with a hard reality check, especially in January 2018 when we have a smaller line-up in Capricorn. You will have to deal with the way life is, not the way you would wish it to be. Yet – building slowly over three years, in the area of life most affected (according to your zodiac sign) you will see a detox, and then a healing – and then a supercharged new start.

Of course, Pluto continues in Capricorn. He will not leave until November 19th 2024. Even after the drama of 12th January 2020 we have more planet-altering patterns on the way. Jupiter the master of solutions and grand cures will meet Pluto in Capricorn in March and April 2020, so it is easy to see that January will bring a crisis and a compromise for big business, government and royalty around the world, followed by a necessary clean-up and repair job, a few months later. Remember this in December 2017, January 2018, when life may seem tough. 

It’s a process!

Thus, we all proceed to March 29th through April 6th,  2020, when Jupiter at 24 Capricorn will conjunct Pluto at 24 Capricorn and the renovation and restructuring is done, in the most spectacular way. Anyone left standing at the top of their high-rise, skyscraper, tower or palace after January 2020 will deserve to be there. Anyone replacing those who fell, will be here to bring about welcome change in these old structures of class, society, status and power. These two players are together again at 24 Capricorn from June 23rd 2020 to July 1st, then from July 6th to 9th they both stand at 23 Capricorn. The final Jupiter-Pluto pattern unfolds in 2020 for the last time in the sign of government, business and royalty at 22 Capricorn from November 8th to 13th.

Again, if you have Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of your personal birth chart, you are going to gain. This is especially true if you have Capricorn factors at the degrees where Jupiter and Pluto will line up in 2020. Skyrocketing success is very likely if you have done the work. Awards, promotions, prestigious new roles – all could be yours.

Do You Have Capricorn Factors at 22, 23, 24?

Pluto and Jupiter conjunct at 24 Capricorn in April, June then 23 Capricorn in July, then 22 Capricorn in November.

Even if you have Capricorn factors away from these degrees, when Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, expansion, growth, improvement) passes over the exact degree of your planet, asteroid, point or angle – you are going to see a door open into a better professional future, that can only open every 12 years. This will be all the more rewarding, because you will have seen particular ambitions put to the test, leading up to 2020, and been asked by Destiny to either deeply commit to what you want, or to walk away in search of something new. Another project. Another job. Maybe another career. In all cases, no matter what you have in Capricorn, and at what degree – 2020 is the big resolution year.

Global Brands and Household Names in 2020 – What Changes?

For specifics, let’s see what’s being triggered worldwide which may have a ripple effect on you. What we are looking for here is any agreement, institution or family which has factors at Capricorn 8, 22, 23, 24. It may be that your profession is strongly affected by Canadian-Mexican-American trade, for example, because the chart for their old free trade agreement is well and truly hit. Perhaps you are affected by the House of Windsor, even indirectly. These are just two examples of a number of historic entities which have factors at Capricorn 8, 22, 23, 24 and will be swept into the January 2020 transformation. Should you have Capricorn 8, 22, 23, 24 factors as well, then your career, status, success, vocation or calling will be profoundly affected. I will go into the ‘what’ of that in a moment as you need to read what the best astrologers have been writing about Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, the South Node and Jupiter over the years, to get the full measure of what is in store. You can allow one degree’s difference (orb) either side, so if you have Capricorn factors at 7, 9, 21, 24, 25 you will also feel the impact of the cycles.

9cces9sg6nu 600x400 - The Capricorn Effect

Canada, Mexico and American Trade

Nothing comes from nothing in astrology and the big shift with American trade begins almost a year before January 2020’s dramas. There will be a sweeping transformation of trade between Canada, Mexico and America, starting when South Node (karma, repetition, the past) at 23 Capricorn aligns exactly with Pluto in Capricorn at 23 degrees, between March 31st  and April 5th, 2019.

Astrology is about history. Uranus, the planet of freedom, stood at 23 Capricorn, the zodiac sign of business and government, between January 25th and February 11th, 1994 and was back there from July 27th to August 23rd 1994. The final pass came at the end of that year, when Uranus was at 23 Capricorn for the last time between November 9th and December 4th.

The North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico (NAFTA) came into effect in 1994. It’s an exact fit for the Uranus in Capricorn cycle then, as free is a key word for Uranus and trade is a key word for Capricorn. Business between these nations will change dramatically, in 2019, thanks to leadership reshuffles or shifts in agreement (Pluto), in the first week of April 2019, with the second critical chapter in January 2020. This is going to affect your job, income or home if you are in America, Mexico, Canada and by degrees of separation, in other countries.

qstzxtwnxy 600x337 - The Capricorn Effect

Education – Eton, Harrow, Oxford and Cambridge

Are you a teacher or do you know someone who is? Are you a student or do you know someone who is? The public school system in Britain is a good example of a Capricorn institution which will be utterly changed by the line-up of Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury in Capricorn in January 2020, although the transformation may begin in 2018 or 2019. Why these establishments? Because they are part of the establishment! This is where white male privilege lives – the kind that produced David Cameron and Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party.

Generation Capricorn, the Harry Potter fans who are so passionate about Potter’s Hogwarts and its house system, will be most affected. This generation understands class, and hierarchy, thanks to J.K. Rowling, whose stories have spoken directly to them – even if their parents sent them to a non-fee paying school. Student life is at stake in 2018, 2019, 2020.

Paid education has always been the gateway to status, rank, privilege, success and High Society throughout the centuries. It is very unlikely that paid education is going to survive the slow tests and trials of both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. More so, because we have important cycles in Sagittarius and Gemini (which both rule education) alongside Capricorn.

When will the changes begin? When Jupiter goes into Sagittarius, the sign which rules higher education and universities. This will take place from November 9th 2018 until December 2nd 2019. This general theme of review and reform, continues when the North Node goes into Gemini (schools) and the South Node goes into Sagittarius (academia) on May 6th 2020 – complete by January 18th 2022, when the Nodes change signs.

Knighthoods, Honours and the House of Lords

Rather like paid education (privileged education) you can see why Capricorn is associated with the honours system, knighthoods and also the House of Lords in Westminster. This is also a sitting duck for the onslaught of Saturn, Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn, as these are surely symbols of the establishment which are going to be put to the test. Normally a Saturn transit like this would come and go, as it happens every 29 years, but the presence of Pluto and Ceres too is strictly a one-off and as it is about a transformation in the balance of power, and a change in the controls, we are bound to see these reformed after a crisis by 2020.

North Korea 600x563 - The Capricorn Effect
The North Korea astrological chart


North Korea and Kim Jong-il

KimJongTimw 449x600 - The Capricorn Effect

The other key event of 1994 which will come back to us in April 2019, with a second ‘bounce’ in January 2020,  is the death of North Korean President Kim Il-sung to be replaced by his son Kim Jong-il. Again, that was a classic Uranus in Capricorn milestone, as the old North Korean establishment, headed by a suitably old man, was replaced by a new establishment and a young, ambitious face. In 1994, Neptune stood at 22 Capricorn and Uranus stood at 22 Capricorn, too.

If you want to know when The Capricorn Effect begins for North Korea, look no further than the country’s horoscope (above) which shows Uranus at 0 Cancer. We are going to see Saturn oppose this from 0 Capricorn within days of this feature appearing on December 20th 2017. That’s a crisis.

As astrologers, 1994 gives us all the clues we need in this next prediction about North Korea.  There is a change in the balance of power in April 2019, when Pluto and the South Node both move to 23 Capricorn,  that will directly involve Kim Jong-il, no doubt with nuclear-level importance.  In January 2020 we see that exact line-up at 22 Capricorn by Ceres, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto – and the 23 Capricorn position of the Node and Pluto in April 2019  is so close too – that you can see the North Korea story evolving in two critical steps. It’s all about Kim and the legacy of his father. He could easily be moved out of the picture by January 2020, or remain in power, but produce an heir and successor. This would suit the echoes of 1994 we are about to see.

How January 2020 Tests World Leaders

Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury line up in Capricorn in the same position on 12th January 2020 and transform business and political leadership across the world, as we see reshuffles, departures, appointments, resignations, demotions, coups, elections, promotions and the rest. We will all be affected. Let’s take a closer look at the four planets involved, along with the sign.

Writing in Cosmos and Psyche, Richard Tarnas considers Saturn as follows –

‘The principle of limit, structure, contraction, constraint, necessity, hard materiality, concrete manifestation; time, the past, tradition, age, maturity, mortality, the endings of things; gravity and gravitas, weightiness, that which burdens, binds, challenges, fortifies, deepens; the tendency to confine and constrict, to separate, to divide and define, to cut and shorten, to negate and oppose, to strengthen and forge through tension and resistance, to rigidify, to repress, to maintain a conservative and strict authority; to experience difficulty, decline, deprivation, defect and deficit, defeat, failure, loss, alienation; the labor of existence…’

He goes on to associate Saturn with suffering, old age and death – and as if that wasn’t enough, pessimism, inferiority, inhibition, isolation, oppression and depression!

One really easy way to locate Saturn, is to think about your own horoscope by sign and house, Saturn shows you where you live with necessity, not choice. Where you are burdened. Where you have some of your most difficult life chapters.

If you consider all this, in the sign of Capricorn (the people at the top of society) alongside Pluto, which always brings a change in the balance of power, you can see why January 2020 brings a tough time of reckoning for our leaders around the world and for the institutions which surround them. It’s actually not just the goats at the top. It’s the goats in the middle and at the bottom as well. The entire system of government, monarchy, corporations, the United Nations, UNESCO, the European Union, the Commonwealth and so on.

January 2020, then, looks like it’s going to be hard, heavy, challenging and difficult for everyone who has invested time, energy, money or trust in the system, or the establishment. Saturn is conjunct Pluto. That’s big.

Donna Cunningham, writing in An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness (CRCS 1978) believed that Saturn was about reaping what you have sown. “If you’ve sown and tilled things that are good for you, then Saturn brings a joyous harvest, and you are rewarded by getting what you richly deserve. If you’ve sown things that are harmful for you, then Saturn harvests that too. She continued, “Saturn transits force you to face up to reality…a jolt when you’ve been fooling yourself about the problems you face. But the positive side of this is that once you’ve finished emoting about the unfairness of reality and of Saturn, you can then get to work on establishing something more substantial and solid.”

She had this to say about Pluto, exactly alongside Saturn in January 2020. “In a nuclear reaction, one kind of matter is transformed into another, and tremendous energy is released in the process. Pluto’s transformations in our lives can be like this; and as in nuclear reactions, the released energy needs to be strictly channeled or it can run away with itself and create the havoc and destruction of a nuclear explosion.”

This brings us back to the ultimate question about January 2020, which is the entire world order. The nuclear weapon hierarchy.  This seems very far away to me, as I sit here on 17th December 2017 writing this feature, gazing at a beautiful sunset over the water in peaceful Tasmania. Yet – astrology is about truth, and the truth is – there are two very good reasons why Donna Cunningham’s words are going to haunt us in 2020.

Read Part Two of The Capricorn Effect

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190 Responses

  1. Oh gosh! It’s going to hit so much of my chart, I don’t know what is going to happen but it look like my world will be very very different in 3years time!
    I’m kind of worried!
    Amazing article Jessica , thank you

    1. Just think about a three-year reshape and remodel of your ambition, position and mission and a thorough cleanse-and-repair process, but you will be stunned by the doors that open for you in 2020. It is a very good idea to set a goal that you think will take three years on this cycle and then approach it like Hillary approaching Everest. Research, preparation and tools!

  2. Thank you Jessica for such a lengthy, informative and well written article. So much rich goodness in there.

    Thanks so much for all your incredible work. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings for 2018!

  3. Hi Jessica!

    Could you kindly provide an insight into my career up to January 2020? I am a Sun Aries with Saturn in Capricorn in my 8th House at 18 degrees and Jupiter in Capricorn in my 7th House at 3 degrees. I have Venus in Aries in my 10th House at 0 degrees. I was thinking of retiring a bit later than 2020, but maybe I would be forced to go a bit earlier?? What do you think? Also my husband is a Sun Capricorn with his Ascendant and Mercury in Capricorn all in his 12th House. Could his career be affected to?

    Many Thanks



    1. Thanks Lynda. Saturn is in your Tenth House using the Natural House system, and so is Jupiter – maybe that makes more sense to you – your life is all about success, status, achievement and ambition. Mission and position, in fact. It’s also the case with your husband’s chart; using that house system he has his Sun, Mercury and Ascendant in the Tenth. You two are on a life reshape together. Saturn will cross your Jupiter first, so that is your natural luck, good fortune and blessings in life – manifesting through your success in the world – being put to the test as Saturn crosses 3 Capricorn at the end of January. You have Pluto at 18 Capricorn right on your natal Saturn at the same time, and it’s that time of year when we see reshuffles, so I suspect you and/or your husband will be powerfully affected. Pluto goes back to conjunct your Saturn in October, at the end of 2018, so you may want to find out more about this planet, and this cycle, as it hangs around. Classically this is about being forced to find out how powerful you are by using your willpower. If you feel others/life is trying to control you, as you probably will, then use your self-control to get the controls back.

      1. Thank you vey much! Gosh, that’s us to a tee! Haha! Both my husband and I suspect as much. We’ll see how we go. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction of the Natural House system. Happy Christmas to you and your colleagues. X

        Love Lynda

  4. Hi, I know I will revisit this writing again and again. I left the civil service 2001 and became a civil servant again in 2014 which I place at the feet of pluto in capricorn as this was not a choice merely government/organisational change!! My job has led to PTSD/burn out, and I am having therapy. Due to return in the new year God help me with that one. I am filled with dread/optimism in similar measure. My heart isn’t in it anymore and I fear I will just get ill again but other options haven’t transcended yet… I can do the work on me but if the system/environment hasn’t changed…well?! I was getting ahead of myself with Saturn buggering off out of sagittarius! But virgo stellium with Saturn in capricorn….aagh.

    1. Thank you! I am so sorry you have burned out in the civil service and understand, given all that is going on in the heavens. Okay, so your Virgo stellium is the key to the whole thing and you should be optimistic. This is actually Part Two of The Capricorn Effect when I talk about heavily Virgo people, who will change the system at the same time as they change themselves. Basically, now through 2020 you have Uranus (the revolution in economy, currency) trine your Virgo side and Capricorn side too. You also have the Capricorn planets themselves trining your Virgo stuff. You are going to develop an entirely new relationship with the world of finance but also with your own body. It will take three years. It will work for you, but it is going to be intense. Just keep going – yet you should read the fine print on contracts so carefully and constantly update yourself on your trade union situation; workers’ rights and the rest. Beyond that I don’t think either you or your horoscope would be surprised by a radical lifestyle and career change.

  5. I have Capricorn in the 10th house at 7 degrees so I’m nervous and excited! I’m considering a job switch in January 2018 involving a move cross country. Is there any way to know if the timing is favorable or not for this big move? So much big stuff is happening in the next three years that I’m not sure what to do!

    1. January 2018 would make sense as Saturn crosses your Capricorn 7 degree placement at the end of February, but please do your homework and get in as much research as you can about what you are shouldering, as Saturn can feel like a lead suit to wear. If you only have one Capricorn factor and it’s only at 7 degrees then Saturn will not move until December 2018, so be aware of that. You have to ‘wear the lead suit’ in any case, but there are different kinds of suits, so to speak, and you need to know every detail about them. I have seen people walk into jobs assuming they knew exactly what they were in for, then someone quit, a new boss arrived and you know the rest. Just be super hip to Saturn – read Search for more on him, or pick up my ebook 2020 Astrology. Further ahead, you will of course love the career opportunity of 2020 – so much.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for all your guidance this year.
    As 2017 draws to a close, I find myself on the precipice of separating from my husband.

    As you know, I also have an intense, past-life connection with the Virgo I work with.

    I am feeling torn.

    Could you please tell me what you see for me?

    With love and gratitude,

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry about your possible separation. Take a deep breath because you are going through Mercury Retrograde and you may want to get to the paperwork stage after January 10th, along with any serious discussion. In fact, any kind of sensible talk should probably wait, if you can possibly stand to go through Christmas without that. Without your husband’s chart or Virgo’s chart it’s impossible to really comment at all, except to say that if you have the Capricorn Effect opposing anything in Cancer in your chart, you don’t need me to tell you that 2018, 2019, 2020 are a total remodel and reshape of home and family. Go slowly and get the best advice you can afford.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    What a great article! So much detail. There’s a lot to take in. I’m going to read this again.

    I’ve had one lousy year this year. I thought the full moon on my birthday was suppose to make it great somehow, but not so much. I’m very Capricorn and I’m getting Pluto conjunct my Cap. Sun I believe in March of next year. (I was born Jan. 12 1964).

    I’m so ready for a new me, more courage – less fear, a new life, new work, a new love, new everything. I know you have a lot of requests for insights, I hope you’ll have time for mine.

    Is anything looking up for me? Will love find me again, for real this time)?


    I hope you have a lovely holiday season and a great 2018.


    21° Capricorn 39′ 35″
    05° Capricorn 01′ 21″ R
    29° Capricorn 40′ 21″
    06° Capricorn 08′ 42″
    00° Capricorn 13′ 20″
    16° Capricorn 45′ 10″
    20° Capricorn 02′ 23″
    03° Capricorn 40′ 58″
    11° Capricorn 14′ 57″

    1. Thank you Anna. Not sure why a Full Moon was supposed to be good news. You may want to hit Search and Full Moon to find out what it actually does! Your stellium starts at 0, if your birth time is strictly accurate and goes through to 29, so the end of the sign. Even without a strictly accurate birth time, you will still find that when Saturn crosses your Psyche at 3 Capricorn in the second half of January 2018 you will have a forever statement about your career, ambition and mission written into your life. I am not going to pretend it will be easy. Yet, it begins a process of total reshape. You have the Node in Capricorn so you have trodden one particular career path before in another lifetime. Perhaps it feels very familiar to you, or you just had an interest in it as a child – a sure sign. When Saturn crosses your Node in December 2018, January 2019 (a classic time for work reshuffles around you) you will have an epic decision to make, which is karmic in nature. Needless to say it all ends up in 2020 with Jupiter crossing your Mars in December…so it either feels like your job has projects which begin/end at the Christmas crossover, or you’re actually switching roles at that time. Take a deep breath and take your time but you will end up at the top of Everest.

  8. Dear Jessica,

    I have MC 24° Capricorn 51′ 44″ therefore I assume I’ll be directly effected by this in 2020. Can you see these transits having an effect on my career next year?

    Many Thanks,


    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, and if this is the only Capricorn factor you have, then you have a career decision only possible every 240+ years in January, February 2020 when Pluto moves to 24 Capricorn and Saturn also moves to 24 Capricorn. That whole year is an earthquake for you, as much as Obama was an earthquake for the White House. Jupiter moves to 24 Capricorn in April 2020 so you have the change in the balance of power (Pluto) the tough reality check (Saturn) but also the biggest opportunity in 12 years (Jupiter) too.

      1. Thanks Jessica for enlightening us as always. These changes/opportunities positive or negative for me?

        Thanks! NP

        1. NP, it really depends on how well you can deal with massive, ongoing changes in the business and government world around you. Obviously you have already been affected at a distance, as we all have – since 2008 we have been in a cycle of deep instability with Prime Ministers resigning or being pushed out around the world – and Presidents under official investigation. This all filters down! So do the changes, mergers, takeovers and departures in your own chosen field. Well, now you’re going to have to really box clever. Duck and dive as much as you can around what is coming in 2018, 2019 and for the best possible results, set yourself a very tall order ambition for 2020 and see how close you get. You might just do it.

  9. Wow, wow, wow. I swear, every time you write something, I get out the diary and mark everything on my calendar and set up the calendar reminders to alert me in advance. It’s like trying to learn and discern the future movements and trends and being scared witless at the same time as to what the “if’s and but’s” might be. It’s foggy, and lord help me, I hope I’m nimble enough to make this country mouse some $$’s.

    I might join you in Tasmania to be away from some of this seismic quicksand. Could you kindly give me some headlights into the fog on what this might mean for me? Given I’m one of the early 1,2,3,4 Cappies to get a hit. I’m slightly confused by what might be on the table for my “Appearance, profile, reputation, identity, name, image, brand”, as you say. Aside from nearing the age when your face starts to melt off your bones and gravity takes hold of your body in the downward dog direction. Can I assume that making money in the changing bank/ crypto revolution could impact those areas by moving me back into feeling more like my pre-2012/ 2013 self.? The one when I thought my worth and brand was my name and my business card, until some malicious twat (who’s Karma is coming), wiped that out. I’ve very happy now with no name or business card, and happy to be learning, building and growing skills to read the markets to climb a new mountain that is built on real self-belief and self-worth, not one that is given or observed by how many high flyers you worked with, how much money you made that quarter etc etc. A hard mountain to fall from but I do feel that this time, I’m in it for me and couldn’t give a stuff about who I know and what corporation I work for, or how grey my hair is. I’m happy having the freedom and climbing my own mountain called building wealth and yes, owning that larger house with a swimming pool and a garden and a little bit of land to leave a legacy for my family. That’s more important that all the rat race chasing and ego rewards I got from clients call me for their next air drop assignment that meant not sleeping for 3 days straight to sort out some crisis. I can’t believe I thought I’d made it working without sleep for days on end flying around the world and being so dog tired all the time because I thought I had made it to the top of the food chain and I was on speed dial to top executives. I was so trapped in my own slavery and didn’t know it.

    This time I want to get rewards from looking after myself and others and staying conscious. Do I still want the nice house, that shows I’ve made it to the top again – HELL Yes. But the rules I’m creating for myself. Well, I hope I am. 🙂

    All insights and nuggets will be treasured and digested with serious intention. Blessings xx

    1. Early Capricorn isn’t so bad actually, if that’s really all you have – because once Saturn has ducked in and out, from 0 through 11 degrees in 2018, the transit is over and you also end up, eventually, with Uranus in Taurus trine your Sun in Capricorn. Your professional identity and career profile/sense of self will obviously be tested quite heavily by Saturn next year. Take your time with it. Yet, you will be amazed at how the Uranus in Taurus currency and banking revolution – also the business revolution – will enable you to shine brighter as Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus over the next few years will also trine your Sun. Shine on.

  10. Jessica, first of all merry christmas and happy new year! Your writings are spectacular and this is no exception. You have such an ability to connect real situations, history and the future to use astrology as the tool it’s meant to – thank you! I’ve got the sun at 8 capricorn, looks like I’m right in the center of the activity in Jan 2020 along with my north and south nodes 24 leo/aquarius, and potentially venus 23 scorpio?

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you very much, you’re very kind. You may want to look at your Saturn separately as a career question and that’s basically March, April 2018 and perhaps May, December as well. This really does feel like an end-year professional situation with a role/project starting or ending, which would give you the usual Saturn weight to take on your shoulders as Saturn conjunct the Sun is very much about your identity, self-confidence and sense of ‘Me’ – and this can only occur every 29 years. The Node-Venus T-Square is really about you getting all the way to 2023 with Uranus at 23 Scorpio triggering the whole thing, so in 2023 as a whole, you may want top-level advice about your finances, property, business – particularly in the context of personal or family relationships – and as Leo rules children and younger people, and also lovers, that message is doubled.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    It is so interesting how you can see the patterns in the world, and the effect astrology has! I personally have no Capricorn factors in my chart, does this mean it will all just pass me by?

    1. Jo, thank you so much. No, this won’t pass you by. It won’t pass any of us by. As you will see in Part Two of the Capricorn Effect I am afraid the N for nuclear word is coming back. It also looks as if the change in the American constitution which just has to happen, will also have a global impact. I should also mention our pension funds and superannuation at this point because what we thought we knew – we don’t. But by 2020, one way or another, we’re on our way at last.

  12. As much as I love the weekly and monthly horoscopes, these epic, all-encompassing blogs are the bomb!
    The world right now feels like we’re constantly feeling low, rumbling earthquakes, wherever you are. Interesting times, indeed.
    I’m not heavily Capricorn, but the nodes are involved, and Cupido. My goal for 2018 is to self-publish, get out there and put a tough cycle (since 2011) to bed.
    Kinda excited in a way, butterflies in my tummy. Ready for change, any wisdom greatly appreciated.
    And a happy holiday season to all!

    1. Thank you! You are the second person to mention earthquakes to me and I really need to look at that – it’s not my subject area – Richard Nolle covers that in astrology, but I think you’re picking something up! Your Nodes are really your past life experiences and karma, both with your career, but also with your family. I am sure you already suspect that you have incarnated to figure things out with both your Mum and Dad and perhaps other family members too. At the same time you have the interesting situation of having done exactly one job before. As Saturn slowly crosses your Nodal axis you do need to put aside more time and energy for that. And you obviously need to accept what you cannot change about family, property, career as a great deal of this is karmic in nature. It passes.

      1. Jessica, I kid you not, every time a politician or powerful person opens their mouth, or Twitter, these days, I have a sense of rolling Earth, even distant grumbling thunder. My life has shifted greatly since 2011, thought I was the only one. Now, I’m settling, and everyone starts! Give a girl a break!

        1. Too funny. And the earthquakes are noted – I really must get onto that – Taurus rules the ground beneath our cattle’s feet – and Uranus shakes, rattles and rolls, as we all know. Thank you.

  13. I don’t have anything in Capricorn, but my husband has north node and Cupido there. My daughter has a Capricorn sun.

    I was thinking Saturn would ease off for me, but now I’m confused. It’s brought a test of health, bad health, with no solution in sight.

    The next few years will also be about health for me then? It’s extremely challenging each day. 2 years of a chronic condition. Does this continue, or does this change for the better? Do I finally get a solution and not just bandaids?

    Thank you,

    1. Health is not really a Saturn issue L, as he’s been in your Ninth House, not your Sixth House and he’s going into your Tenth House. Health, particularly chronical medical issues, is always the Sixth House and always Virgo factors so that is where you need to look.

      1. Thank you Jessica.

        I think I was confused, because of the statement regarding how this impacts our particular sign during the period:

        “LEO – Body, workload, lifestyle, duty, service, health, fitness.”

        It needs an overhaul for sure, and definitely has negatively impacted work, family etc… due to not being able to do anything.

        I appreciate the feedback.


        1. That’s your Leo (public) horoscope which everyone sees and knows, L, so obviously your health and medical issues are pretty obvious. One thing that may help you as a Leo is knowing that you are in a cycle which can only happen every 240+ years, affecting your body. It has been with you since 2008 and has been intensifying. Why? Because you are being shown that if you want control you have to use self-control. If you don’t want to feel powerless in a situation, or even disempowered by what is happening to you (and even the medical/pharma industries) then you have to use your willpower. The specifics will be up to you, based on your own medical advice, but the general principle now through 2024 is to ‘own’ your body and also ‘run’ your mind, body and spirit connection. To do that you need knowledge. Maybe more than you have gathered to date. That knowledge is power!

  14. Another excellent post, thanks, Jessica.

    I have the Moon at 5 degrees Capricorn, Diana at 13 degrees Cap and Fortuna at 23 degrees Cap, as well as Saturn in my 10th house (at 11 degrees Taurus). I just wonder will there be any improvement in my career in 2018? I feel that I have achieved a lot in 2017, with two academic articles and a book published, but I don’t have a steady, regular income and am dependant on freelance work. I am hoping to get funding to do research that I am passionate about.

    Have a lovely Christmas and thanks again for all the astrology this year. A x

    1. Thanks A and Merry Christmas. Your Moon is the biggest deal here and as it describes your need to be needed (in fact you play a mother role professionally) Saturn at 5 Capricorn in February, June, July, November does rather suggest you will be stretched to do this. In fact, your whole commitment to a project or organisation will be tested. It may well be the research. Further ahead Saturn is in your Second House of money in the Natural House System and Uranus opposes that in 2021 before he goes on to trine Diana, so you’d have to day May-June 2021 is extremely important in terms of your budget and you need very good advice that year as well as the freedom to be pretty portable/flexible.

  15. HI Jessica,

    I only have Capricorn (02° Capricorn 28′ 57″) in Bacchus.
    But i do have Uranus in Scorpio (06° Scorpio 30′ 21″)
    How would this affect me in 2018-2020?


    1. Ben, Bacchus is really how you give and receive pleasure, so you’re a natural at climbing the mountain of success and status – you enjoy doing it, and other people enjoy your part within the organisation/workplace/industry. Saturn crossing that in January 2018 and again in August/September this year, is rather like the weather turning cold on the mountain face – it may be a person, project or trend that crosses you on the rock – but just try to slow down and keep going, unless common-sense tells you to find another mountain. Uranus in Scorpio is a bigger deal. In common with billions of people in 2019 you need to have the most flexible, adaptable plans for your money, house or apartment so that you can adjust to Uranus in Taurus. You also need the best advice you can afford, that year.

  16. Hi Jessica, I have the moon 19 degrees, ops 23 degrees and salacious 21 degrees Capricorn. I am still waiting on the defective equipment case, court date October 2018 (I emailed you about this on October 18th 2016) and still trying to sell our house (on the market for 18 months in London UK). It has been horrendous and my husband and I are so stressed and it has affected our health. Do you see any resolution, such as a settlement before court, they made an offer last May for 1/3rd of the amount or the house selling? Do you think it would be wise to sell my businesses, or close a couple and keep one with the current economic and Capricorn astrological climate, I really can’t take anymore stress or am I able to recover from this and reshape the business and succeed again? Have a very ‘Merry Christmas!’ and thank you for everything you post, it is fascinating x

    1. Thank you. You have Pluto right on (conjunct) your Moon in Capricorn for the first time in 240+ years so you are feeling tremendous pressure to change your professional life. You ‘need to be needed’ in your career, but that is now being put to the test. Pluto will slowly cross Salacia and Ops in Capricorn as well, now through 2020, so you need to find out as much as you can about Pluto transits and this planet’s effects in astrology. This is actually about examining, in some depth, your ideas about status and success. If you are having health problems as a result, that is a bridge too far. You may benefit from a lot of soul-searching about what it actually means to be successful. If stress is there, then you are not somehow ‘hearing’ what your soul is trying to tell you. You may be carrying ideas about achievement around with you which are no longer useful to you, and indeed your husband. That’s the bottom line with this cycle. Feel free to change. You are always free to change. Give yourself that luxurious option and see what happens. You have time – and all things are possible. This goes way beyond actual dates or specifics about selling houses, court cases and the rest. You basically are being shown what it means to be a triple Capricorn and to be pushed to a point where you have to figure out if you want to hang onto the mountain, continue to climb to the top, or just find another mountain. Maybe you need another mountain. See where this thought takes you and see if your body *physically* relaxes. If so, listen to your body!

  17. Hi Jessica

    Merry Christmas to you and thanks for another great article!

    I am Sun Cancer with Cupido at 18 and the North Node at 7 degrees of Capricorn.

    My husband’s career all throughout his adult life is in University Academia and he’s born 12th May 1958.

    Please how will these transits affect our lives and careers?

    Thank you and bless you for all you do.


    1. Thanks DQ. I can’t comment on your husband as I don’t have his chart in front of me, or a birth time and place, but your Nodes are the key to everything. You will have Saturn crossing the Nodes in 2018 so testing situations that move very slowly will have an impact on your career path, which is karmic – you used at least some of those skills before in a previous incarnation. At the same time Saturn will oppose the Cancer node in your Fourth House of home, home town, homeland, family, household so you’ll also need to dig deeply into your past life experience with that, to pass the test. Once it’s over, it’s over, though – and from December 2018 Saturn is moving far away from your Nodes – which are the key to your chart. Past life placements always are.

  18. What an amazing blogpost, Jessica! Exciting but also anxiety-inducing times ahead. Can you give me some insight into the next 3 years for me? I only have my Sun at 7 Cap. I have MAJOR plans for 2018 – move to a different city, new job, completing my novel, and more! I’m raring to go. I’m thinking I’ll probably get the Saturn transit over with a bit early and then settle down to a year of intense but fun hard work. What I’m actually worried about is how my enormous Virgo stellium is going to fare in these next 3 years.

    1. It’s a total reshape of your work ethic, as the trines to Virgo will ‘bring out’ your Virgo side in a new way. Saturn crossing your Sun first of all, then eventually Jupiter in 2020 suggest a new job or project, or the end of the same, in January that year. You’ll get to know your Virgo side extremely well and it will work for you – just as you work so hard for other people.

    1. You operate in another world professionally, and can sometimes work in two roles, or two projects, at the same time – neither of which have any relationship with what most people would call the real world! This is in sharp focus Christmas 2019, January 2020 so it feels like the end or start of a project – or job. Pluto will also be hovering in 2019, 2020 so it’s life-changing stuff. The trick with Salacia is to know the rules. You have to keep some reality with the non-reality of it all.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for this interesting article. However I have no planets in Capricorn, I have North Node in 23degScorpio and South Node in 23deg Taurus.
    Please can you help me to understand in which way wiil work Pluto in 23 Capricorn and Jupiter in 23deg in Scorpio? Now I am not totally sure but I thin I have Aesculapia in 23 Leo too.

    Thank you !

    1. Okay, so you have karma from past lives where you have been both rich and poor, and have come back to the planet one more time to figure out your value system in a new way. You begin with a stunning opportunity to make or save money, when Jupiter moves to 23 Scorpio at the end of February 2018, March 2018 and again in October this year. Do all you can to secure your situation then. Looking much further into the future, Pluto will sextile and trine your Nodes, so general transformation in business and government around you, helps you dig more deeply for what matters to you financially, in business, charity or with property and it will change your life. Pluto goes to 23 Capricorn in April 2019 and that year as a whole is really important – you would benefit from good professional advice then, as by 2020 you are at a crossroads that can only happen once in your life, with both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn at 23 degrees. This feels to me like global or national currency change affecting you – a ripple effect – but in an intensely personal way. Make sure you are constantly updated on what is going on out there with cryptocurrency, the banks, and even government taxation changes.

  20. Hi Jessica! Thank you for another amazing article. Looking forward to part two! I am a Sun Capricorn with a Capricorn stellium so no doubt the next 3 years will be very interesting. Must admit I am a little nervous. I work in healthcare the ever changing field so anything goes! I will be hit first with my Juno 1 Capricorn. I also have Fortuna 9 Capricorn and Aesculapia 25 Capricorn so it looks like I’ll be affected directly later on. I also will be affected by the Uranus Taurus/Jupiter Scorpio story as well with stelliums. Then might as well add in my Virgo stellium too! Anything I should prepare for now as I go forward for the next 3 years? Thank you for the insight as always. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! And Merry Christmas. Your Juno at 1 Capricorn describes how you ‘wed’ yourself to particular people or organisations, as you are prepared to commit, if it means you can climb higher with your status or success in life. A really tough moment of truth about such a commitment is coming, but no need to be nervous. It’s just heavy, and in general, the beginning of a slow cycle which will reshape your healthcare industry role through 2020. Aesculapia at 25 Capricorn suggests who/what was considered by you to be almost finished, professionally, will come back to you in February 2020, and that year in general is all about miraculous resurrection and revival as Jupiter crosses 25 Capricorn in April 2020 too. It would be typical of astrology if you were actually in a medical field where lives were saved – I am sure you know Aesculapia was the greatest healing god in Rome.

  21. Thanks for the insights Jessica. You’re right, I have more than just the cappie at 3, 4 but my have Jupiter at 16 Capricorn, North Node at 16 Capricorn and IC at 14 Capricorn. ERK!!!!

    So does this add more to the testing you mentioned in your reply before?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Near Year.

    P.S The Green Bull I mentioned (Cardona crypto ) in another post has taken off.

    1. Life-changing stuff, basically. Karmic in nature, so past life experience in a particular career path returns, and with Jupiter in your Tenth House you are protected throughout. You will be making some of the toughest but most important choices of your life in February 2019 when Saturn moves to 16 Capricorn and again in July that year with the end of the episode in November 2019. This tips you neatly into 2020 when you will be thrilled at the amazing opportunities and solutions which come for your success in life, as Jupiter moves to 16 Capricorn in February 2020.

  22. Hello Jessica.

    I have Capricorn factors at 23 and 25 as you can see from my chart. I’m currently on a World family trip for 5 weeks and feeling the full force of the retrograde, 2 delayed flights, one delayed transfer, a defect hire car, late key delivery and still have 3 weeks to go but thanks to your advice I’m coping with back up plans and patience! My question is that before leaving my boss asked me if I’d like to work to an agreed separation date from March to July as I’ve been in my role for 5 years and there aren’t any other options for me there when I missed a potential promotion opportunity late this year, and they’ll be a restructure then which would allow others to move up as I’m quite senior. Reading your blog it looks like July might be best given the 23 Capricorn timing you mentioned for new and exciting doors to open? I’m ready for a move so are thinking about other companies, progressions and even semi retirement managing my investments

    Sincerely. AC

    1. Your Mercury Retrograde experience sounds dreadful AC and I am sure you are quite fed up with it, though I am glad you had Plan B. The career situation makes sense given The Capricorn Effect is in full force, but actually, what you are experiencing is transiting Uranus at 23, 24, 25 Aries exactly square your Capricorn factors. That can be a little tense, but it does force you to change. You also have Jupiter at 23 and 25 Scorpio (very useful) sextile your Capricorn factors at the end of February, March and again in October. Looking further ahead do be mindful of where you want to be in 2020 as that is an epic year for you, with Jupiter at 23, 25 Capricorn (huge opportunities to succeed in whatever field you want) and Saturn also at 23, 25 suggests it’s a crossroads like no other. Pluto will also be right there, on 23, 25 in 2020, 2021 so whatever path you are taking that year is likely to be challenging, empowering, life-changing and in many ways, a reminder of December 1996, January 1997 when you may have begun/ended jobs or projects. You planted a seed then which will produce growth in 2020, 2021 with new branches from the old situation.

  23. Hi Jessica really interesting as always! Merry Christmas! I am just wondering if we have no planets in Capricorn as i guess with the natural system this is still the same area of life being influenced for everyone? Does this mean we will all have some level of career/success challenges?
    In my own chart I have Jupiter in cancer so that make me wonder if this next 3 years is going to be about balancing career/success and home/family?
    Ha ha naturally i am hoping after a personal heavy Saturn cycle that for some of us this may be an easier cycle?! Many thanks and wishing you an amazing 2018!..x

    1. Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House is incredibly fortunate in matters of property, family and ‘belonging’ and actually the highest expression of it is through conservation of the environment (earth is your home) and also conservation of your home town or homeland – the National Trust springs to mind. The everyday expression of it is big opportunities with houses, apartments and land. The Saturn Effect will certainly have an impact on all this – difficult, passing weather, you might say – but Jupiter is a tremendous protector. Just keep an eye on any new leases or property moves you might be making and always check what the council or government has in mind first…

  24. Merry Christmas Jessica and a happy 2018!

    Thank you for all the writings you perform for us. To give us insight. Im still a newby, but everything about capricorn really shakes me up. So if i look at the house system then Capricorn is also in my 10th. At 9 degrees. I also dont have any factors in Capricorn. I thought that Saturn now is trine my natal saturn in virgo.

    What would this Transit mean for me? I am always scared of saturn transits. When Saturn moved thru taurus my brother died. Its in a whole different sign now i know. But i can’t shake the feeling of fear. And also upcoming Uranus opposite my natal Uranus.

    Looks to me i could lose money/job? and get in dire straits financially?

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Saturn is really feared in astrology, which Liz Greene wrote about in her book Saturn – A New Look at an Old Devil. It is not necessary to feel that way about this planetary cycle, and Saturn in Taurus would have had nothing to do at all with your brother passing. (In any case, death is not shown in any horoscope). You won’t really feel the transit at all if you don’t have Capricorn factors. And your Uranus opposition to Uranus is certainly a big deal, regarding your finances, but billions of people will be going through it with you, so you are not alone – I suspect it will be an issue about the banks, in general, which is why it would be a smart idea to keep your situation flexible that particular year.

  25. WOW! Great article and much work on your part, thank you Jessica. I thought these last few years was preparing me for my second Saturn return because it’s been hellish and somewhat shocking. No career and I’ll be 58, need to figure out how to make money and preferably lots of it,, I need to take care of my Mom and help my daughter with student loans so she can get her career going (she has Uranus & Neptune in Capricorn both in the 6th house) ….any insight/guidance with my chart and Saturn in Capricorn is appreciated. Thank you

    1. Thank you! The second Saturn Return is something I cover in Part Two of The Capricorn Effect next week, but in general, if you identify your calling in life as daughter/mother (you would call that your vocation) then you do need to take it very slowly and carefully in 2018, 2019, 2020 as Saturn is definitely at large in your chart. One thing you can use is your experiences of being aged around 28/29 to remember what to do, and what not to do. Your Mom is definitely part of the story there.

  26. Amazing, Jessica!
    Still I’m so worried. There have been very very though years behind me and I don’t know if I can take all those planets in capricorn, too.
    I’m a virgo with aries moon and capricorn rising. Besides that, I have a stellium in libra: mercury, jupiter, saturn and pluto.
    And a Scorpio venus which has been always on my mind since I’m involved in a passionate love relationship, which is also impossible. House payment problems, career problems, big parent’s health problems. I can’t take it anymore. Or at least, that’s how I feel.
    Shouldn’t it be easier for those of us who have saturn in libra, ruler of the chart, since it is its exalted position?

    1. You’ll have challenging squares to your Libra stellium, ruling your partnerships and ex partnerships, now through 2020 but you will also experience Jupiter in Scorpio, on your Venus (if you have not already done so) which is naturally an opportunity to save or make money, through partnership – very fortunate. You will also have Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 sextile your Libra stellium so actually, you’re in a very good position.

  27. You will notice the older men in your world taking the strain in 2018, 2019, 2020 and you will have to decide if you are going to support them, or pursue your own life instead. This will be most obvious at work but you’ll also see it in your family and personal life. Men in general are going to have to alter the way they organise their business and career existence and that means reforming themselves as well as the system. That means pressure on them so you do actually have to decide if you’re going to prop them up, or not.

  28. Hi Jessica as you’ll see from my birth chart I have 6 factors in Capricorn, ranging from 4 – 28 degrees.

    You have previously said that my entire career will be re-shaped by 2020, as I am always worried about having no money, having only myself to depend upon.

    I run my own business which has been very very tough this year but over the last year I have become very active involved in politics, in England.

    I am involved with the party of the “privileged white men” and I want to sweep them away!

    I want to help make this the party that actually changes the lives of ordinary working people – so often this party isn’t a natural fit for me, but I support it because I believe if real people lead it, it can change lives, at the moment I feel it is a 20th century political party operating in a fast changing 21st century world.

    I am standing for local election in May, in a very tough seat to win – I want to change things, make a difference. Is this my time? Will I be part of this change? Are there any particular dates that will be important for me?

    A million thanks for this article, it will take several reads for all of it to be digested. I think I need a Jessica Adams important dates diary 🙂

    1. You are very kind and I am very flattered, thank you. I am fascinated by your comment. One of the nice things about the Forum which James and Justin set up is that it is private. So neither I nor anybody else knows who you are, which political party you are talking about (though I can guess) and where the election is! Okay – so you are going to have to box clever in 2018. There will be potential for conflict – real conflict – either within your party, or coming from the opposition. Be super aware, literally, of people politics. It is unfortunate but true that people are attracted to politics for the plotting, and the fight – not the ideals, as you are. When you realise that you are in a position to quietly and quickly remove the possible future means for a battle, or even some kind of attack, do it! Nip in quickly and pre-empt a problem before it happens. Don’t be too smug about it, or too carefree about it – try to do it with your eyes wide open. No point in congratulating yourself on being such an ace people politician, if you come a cropper. The lesson you learn doing this will stand you in good stead for a career in politics should you wish to stay there beyond 2018.

  29. What an extraordinary time this seems to herald – thank you!

    Personally, I’m feeling very under the cosh (Saturn?) at the moment & wonder whether this is linked to Capricorn 12 degrees in both Salacia and Bacchus & also having my Descendant at 7 degrees Capricorn, too. Can I do anything to make life easier or is it just a case of putting one foot in front of the other until we get through it & it eases…?

    1. Feeling under the cosh is sometimes just Pluto at work in your chart in Capricorn, in your Tenth House of career, as this cycle can feel relentless. If you have Capricorn placements at 7 and 12 degrees you won’t actually feel anything major, or see any events/choices, until Saturn gets to 7 degrees, which happens in February, March, May, June, November, December 2018. This is very much about your Descendant, though, and that depends on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have it, then 2018 is going to be about the person on the other end of the scales with you. This person would have a massive say over your success or status in life and he/she would be different, yet equal to you. He or she would be enormously hard work that year, if so. The Bacchus-Salacia conjunction at 12 Capricorn is more important in strict professional terms and here it is easy to see a project or role that ends/begins for December 2018, January 2019. This would be a classic case of a New Year reshuffle in your industry, or just the usual finish/start of projects that happens then. Bacchus is about giving and receiving pleasure, which you obviously do in your career. Salacia tells you it’s not real-world. It’s an alternative to reality, in most people’s eyes. Saturn crossing that is going to be tough, no two ways about it, so be very mindful of what you take on, or drop, for January 2019. Further ahead 2020 is astonishing, one of the very best years of your life, when you could hit the heights professionally.

  30. Good day Jessica,
    I have many factors in Capricorn , I don’t believe it’s my 10th house ? Best I can see it’s my
    7th house. Could you please shed some lite on this for me ?

    1. Your Capricorn stellium (unusually high cluster of factors) is in the Tenth House using the Natural House System. Astrologers can choose any way to read the horoscope, and that means selecting a house system. They are all very different and yet having begun with the Placidus system when I started out as a baby astrologer at Elle magazine, years later I found my Cosmopolitan readers having rather downbeat readings with it. Then I realised why. Placidus was a monk who never had sex and avoided women! So now I use the Natural House system, which I find so accurate…and so much better as a ‘fit’ for women. Now, if you have a Tenth House stellium then your career will be transformed. It will take three years and have a happy ending in 2020, if you do the work. You may enter quite another field and excel there, or even add one more profession to whatever you already do – and again – succeed. It’s going to be challenging but rewarding. And slow.

  31. Hello Jessica
    I have Salacia 19 and South Node 20 in Capricorn. How is 2018 looking for me?
    My career in grant-making was massively affected in 2008 by one of the bank crashes in the UK. It never really recovered and it’s been a long haul to find my feet again in a new career of fundraising. My compensation to myself was to work part-time so I could have some free time.
    All the best for Christmas and New Year and thank you for your remarkable insights over the year.

    1. Thank you Pauline and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You answered your own question there, in that you were forced to work part-time (and get free time) despite the bank crash. Sometimes destiny makes us do things our soul actually needed to do. You will have your South Node Return by 2020, along with Jupiter and Saturn crossing that point in your chart. It’s a total transformation, no other word for it. You will utterly change your life path, ambition, position and mission in that time and by 2020 as Jupiter crosses Salacia and the South Node, be given the opportunity to benefit from huge breakthroughs or solutions which enable you to work in a way which is a departure from the real world. By that, I mean Salacia describes how you operate in a non-real, rather unreal, roles. Nothing that most of us would call a regular job or position in life. When Jupiter passes 19, 20 in March and October 2020 I suspect you’ll find the best was always ‘yet to come’ and it does. Yet, you don’t get there without a journey and the journey is most obvious to you when Saturn passes 19, 20 in December 2019. That’s Christmas into New Year and you are yet another person having transits then! This has to be Brexit or a change at the top of US politics because I am seeing the same months repeat for everyone in terms of projects ending/starting or jobs ending/starting. Take a deep breath and go through it, because 2020 is going to be a truly happy New Year once you have crossed that bridge. I realise you are also a carer and if you identify more with that as your true calling or vocation by 2019, it may well be that caring role which is at the heart of all this.

  32. Wow Jessica, you are truly gifted. Such a fascinating and well written article!
    I have Saturn at 4 degrees in Capricorn and Psyche at 16 deg Capricorn. I am Aquarian and South Node is in Aquarius.
    If you wouldn’t mind giving me a brief description how this may effect me personally Would appreciate Thankyou

    1. Thank you very much. Your Saturn Return is coming up and you are now on the path to becoming who/what you are supposed to be. In fact you will be part of The Age of Aquarius, which begins in 2021. Your Sun and South Node in Aquarius tell me you have been involved with groups of all kinds over many lifetimes and in fact will become strongly identified with, and involved with, a group/band/club/team/union/party/network from 2021 and you already know one or two of the friends involved, now or in 2018. That’s a past life connection. Aquarius is very much about realising that a community of people can share the rewards together and have things they could never do alone. It is also about people power changing the world. You have done it before and you will do it again. But how do you get there? Well, your career is the answer. One of the things that will ultimately push you in that direction is a challenge in January, February 2018. This is obviously the time of year we see reshuffles in career so you will be affected 1 through 6 degrees of separation about those reshuffles in your chosen field or work space. Your Saturn Return peaks again in July 2018 and the final pass is October, then it’s over. You will learn what you need to learn about success, achievement, ambition and ‘the system’ itself. Psyche in Capricorn describes what lives forever about you, and it will be your career achievement. It will outlast you, in fact. February 2019 will be very, very hard work regarding that but you have to remember you are leaving a legacy. Saturn crosses 16 Capricorn then, and again – because of the time of year – it feels like a reshuffle around you, or a project/job which begins or ends. Ultimately all your experiences with structures with a tiny number of people at the top, and a whole lot of people down the bottom (typically bosses and workers) will lead you to strike out in favour of a totally different way of living and working as the Age of Aquarius arrives, when power rests with everyone – for everyone! And not just the privileged few.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    This is completely brilliant! A big “Thank You” for all that you share. Thanks to your web team also.

    P.S Looking forward to the Forum – I’ll have quite a few questions I’m afraid, what with my second Saturn Return (Saturn 01) plus five other factors in Capricorn including my Sun.

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that onto James, Justin, Alyas, Jodi and Kerry. The Forum is exactly the right place to ask about Capricorn and your Saturn Return. I am also covering the Saturn Return in Part Two of The Capricorn Effect, which will appear on Boxing Day.

  34. Dear Jessica,

    I had written to you some time ago that I was slotted for a promotion. It never happened. After three years of harrassment under my former manager, he made sure to leave me with his awful legacy. I’m in a terrible situation work wise. It’s a deeply depressing and unhealthy environment and I’m wondering what the next three years might have in store for me. Thank you

    1. I am very sorry you have been ‘Plutoed’ and affected by Pluto in Capricorn. You are not alone and actually millions of people have been going through this. Please know that all Pluto bullies and control freaks are eventually sacked, resign, or somehow moved out. And any system which dominates people is eventually destroyed. It is a law of nature with Pluto cycles. In Part Two of The Capricorn Effect I am going to look at this very subject! I call it ‘Little Hitler Syndrome’ because Pluto was found in 1930 as Hitler rose to power – and that’s no accident. Okay, moving right along from that, what can you do about this awful legacy your former manager has left you? Well, you are part of the problem if you don’t become part of the solution. That’s the first thing. I know it is tough but actually you have to work with others to change the set-up. If you try and honestly cannot do that, then please see that you are inside something which is doomed to fall apart through natural causes by 2020 and ask yourself if you really want to be inside that. Pluto gave you a gift, weirdly enough. It is the potential gift of empowerment. You could actually wind up being far more powerful than you know, in this career or quite another, but it begins with willpower and self-control. Saying ‘No’ to yourself about particular things. You may want to read more about Pluto on this website, or try the Amazon Kindle free 30-day offer with my ebook, if you happen to be reading this in Australia or Britain. There is a lot about Pluto inside.

  35. Thank you so much for this amazing post! 3 years seems so long but when we look back 3 years ago it all seems like just happened yesterday. I have Jupiter 03° Capricorn on my chart I hope Jupiter will give me strength and luck to really make my mark in the next 3 years. Will that be the case?

    In 2008 I moved into my current career in the airline industry. It’s been super fun and crazy lifestyle. Had few rough bumps in the past few years but survived. As the future ahead looks like a dead end I was lost and scared until the light shine through almost 3 years ago and decided what my next step should be.

    It’s been a long journey to be where I am now, 3/4 of myself still in the old industry 1/4 is out for new adventure working in the wellness industry. My mind is 100% in the new and wants to leave my current job but financially isn’t allow me to take the leap. I’m just working and walking my path day by day for new opportunities. Mercury retrograde totally throws me off my confidence with chaos but also a good chance to review what works and what needs to be changed.

    I’ve been equipping myself with education and now putting what I have learnt in developing my new career. Finger crossed I can have a smooth transition. Will these planet changes allow it happen smoothly? or has to be a big shocking way even though I have been preparing myself and put a lot of work and my whole heart in for the change? I hope the chance of starting a new chapter in my career is within reach in few months although I still don’t see it yet at the moment.
    Thanks Jessica for any insight and happy holiday!

    1. Jupiter at 3 Capricorn is in your Tenth House of success and you will always be protected, even when times are tough in the airline and wellness industries – and when things are good, you’ll be so lucky with your career. So, you’re in career transition – that’s good – but I suspect you would be tempted back to the airline business, even part-time in 2019 when the industry changes for the better. Until then you are waiting for your Jupiter Return in Capricorn in December 2019. I am amazed at how many people have transits across December, January of any year. It’s almost as if the world is waiting for deadlines and I suspect it’s going to be Brexit, but maybe a change in the USA as well – right at the top, or within the constitution. Why? Massive ripple effect on jobs. You will be very fortunate in December 2019, with the end/start of a project or position taking you into January 2020. This follows a great deal of learning you do much earlier in the cycle when Saturn at 3 Capricorn conjuncts your Jupiter in January 2018. Again, this feels like the stop/start of a project or job, because it is that time of year.

  36. Great article, Jessica!
    I am concerned. My sun rising is in Capricorn and I have Salacia at 22*Capricorn. Since 2008 life has been extremely challenging and I feel exhausted. How will I deal with the next 3 years? Jessica, please tell what am I looking at during this Saturn in Capricorn cycle. Thanks in advance for your insightful advice!

    1. Exhaustion is often because you are fighting your chart. By that I mean the transits/trends are pushing you to change, but you are not changing. Resisting the obvious change you need to make (usually ignoring the inner voice) can often mean you are actually pushing back against yourself and that can be so tiring. A lot of people stay in a bad marriage, for example, when they have tough Seventh House transits, even though they should be leaving it. The result is tiredness. Beyond that I am sure you have seen a doctor, non? Salacia in Capricorn is really about working in a role (or even not working at all) which is an escape from the real world. It is not ‘real’ or ordinary, regular or normal. January 2020 challenges that for you, as Saturn crosses 22 Capricorn, but we also find Jupiter approaching that position in 2020, so you go from a reality check about the non-real and unreal, to an amazing opportunity to rethink it. Without knowing anything at all about your career or other vocation in life – because you haven’t told me – that is about as specific as I can get for you! I hope it helps.

  37. Hi Jessica, amazing- and so interesting. I work within the NHS – very much a goat hanging on in the middle of this hugely complicated and challenged institution.

    I am fascinated what the next 3 years brings both for the NHS and the medical profession (I am not a medic) and hear your views on how both might reinvent with this influence.

    On a personal level I have mercury retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn which your article suggests that I am going to be majorly affected around the 12th January 2020 ? I also have the moon at 8 degrees Scorpio and Uranus at 9 degrees Virgo so I assume these are all going to be triggered- are you able to shed light on the type of story this might infer?

    1. Thank you! The NHS is up for three years of serious financial juggling and in fact needs a huge overhaul. Neptune is at work in the UK astrological chart and we associate Neptune with vision, funnily enough, so one of the biggest concerns is NHS funding of eye tests, glasses and contact lenses. A clever political leader would take that on and make it work. It is still possible it could happen. The other issue for the NHS is obviously the EU and Europe-Britain arrangements in general and that is a very wild ride for three years. Again, it could be fixed so maybe we should be optimistic! Your line-up at 8 and 9 degrees of Capricorn, Scorpio and Virgo is typical of people who work within the medical field and what you are really waiting for is Saturn to cross 8 and 9 Capricorn in March, April, May 2018 then again in December next year. He then vanishes, so you might say that 2018 is as tough as it’s going to get, before you head towards an exact repeat of a very familiar professional situation in December 2019, January 2020, when the South Node goes to 8 and 9 Capricorn. In January 2020 Jupiter also goes to 8, 9 Capricorn so you don’t have to be an astrologer to see your future. Christmas is usually when projects or jobs begin/end so Christmas 2019 is a massive turning point for you with an historic, unforgettable entry into the New Year for January 2020 – very beneficial to you, as Jupiter always is. Scorpio rules finance, Virgo rules work and Capricorn rules ambition so you are in an excellent position then.

  38. Oh my word, what an interesting article… I have Capricorn in my chart. Am pregnant after many, many, many years of trying (you told me it will be difficult but that my hubby and I will get there. Your support meant so much to me and I’m so grateful to you). Due next spring. Fingers crossed all goes well. However, my career is at all time low. Been in pharmaceutical field for over 12 years now. Although I’ve learnt and contributed a great deal (my management always calls on me in time of crisis – I even won an award for my work) a significant career rise has eluded me and I’ve seen so many less able people been promoted again and again. Although I truly wish them well, I wish that’s me as well. It feels like 12 years of one step forward, two back, and four sideways but nothing forward. Am hoping that the Capricorn weather finally brings me the promotion and pay rise I feel I deserve. Any chance of even a little bit of It? Thanks.

    1. I am thrilled you are pregnant – and thank you very much – that means a lot to me. The fact that you’ve won an award but not been promoted may actually be about the part children and younger people are to play in your destiny. In other words, if you look at your chart you can see Cancer (motherhood) right opposite Capricorn (career) in the 12 noon and 6 o’clock position on the wheel. They are literally pulling you in two directions and I do wonder if there is a part of you which secretly feels it’s all or nothing for either, which is why your soul has found a way to delay promotion until you had the child, so you could give more time and energy to that young person. This is often the case with the Cancer-Capricorn axis of the chart, and you’ve had Pluto crossing that for about eight years. I do think you’ll be figuring out this time/energy split about both roles in 2018, 2019 but will resolve it in 2020.

  39. Hi Jessica, great article. I have a few planets in Capricorn and keen to know how it’s going to affect or reshape my professional and personal life? I have already moved in my life three times and changed careers thrice so don’t know what to expect or look out for! Many thanks for your guidance.

    1. What you’ll notice most is the repetition of career situations you already know and remember so well, after the South Node enters Capricorn and your Tenth House on November 7th, 2018. Changing your career three times gives you a fair bit of experience to call on, and it may well be that you change a fourth time in 2020, but only because it’s irresistible. You have a choice, anyway.

  40. Dear Jessica ,

    Can you share your thoughts on the generation that has Uranus and Neptune at 18% Capricorn? They are often referred to as Indigo kids and are here to change the planet.


    1. Thanks Elaine. They are two very different kinds of people. Uranus in Capricorn individuals will not really come into their own until we have that line-up in January 2020, with one group who have Uranus at 22 Capricorn, born 1994, taking on the karma of inventing the ‘new’ government and corporate systems. Uranus in the chart shows where a whole generation creates, innovates, invents and gives birth to a new order. All the Sixties babies grew up to do that with Obamacare, the NHS, vegetarianism, yoga and so on – as Virgo rules the body. They also grew up to experiment with pharmaceuticals like Prozac, the contraceptive pill, Viagra and the rest! The changes coming are really on that scale. These 1994 babies are old souls who have experienced many lifetimes of feudal systems, big business, and other regimes. The second group of Uranus in Capricorn people who change the system in January 2020 were born with Uranus at 8 Capricorn in 1990. This is really interesting because they are turning 30 in 2020 which suggests some kind of pension/superannuation law change for them, or another age-dependent ruling. The biggest change of all comes from their big push at new business – starting their own companies which may well only exist on cryptocurrency and other innovations. If they can’t make it in the old white man’s set-up, they will do their own thing and by 2020 could be living the dream, aged around 30! It would be forced out of them, though, as 2018 and 2019 are so hard.

      The Neptune in Capricorn babies are not here to be the catalysts for a revolution – they are here to encourage their generation to dream bigger. These are the people who escape from everything by playing with success/status. It’s their fix, if you like, which is why so many of them wear suits and watched Suits with Meghan Markle! She herself is a Neptune in Capricorn fantasy as she is marrying up the social ladder. For them, the cycle is rather different, with some very tough reality checks about being unemployed, for a start, or having to deal with the take-down of their bosses and the shattering of their department or company. Yet – their dreams continue and in 2020 they will take their place with the Uranus in Capricorn people, who want to build a better business model. We might call them ‘the new suits’ and I suspect skyrocketing promotions at a young age will be part of that, but also they will be turning their professional fantasies into realities and creating business success on their own terms, on their own way, in their own digital space. No more ‘working for the man!’ for many of these people.

  41. Oh Gosh, I guess I “hit” the jackpot again with Ceres at 22 Capricorn. I guess I should expect three more years of “lessons”?!? … because I can honestly say that the past five years brought me nothing else other than disappointments, struggle and tears…

    1. Actually you have Jupiter (opportunity) making a great sextile to your Ceres as he passes 23 Scorpio at the end of February – so this is other people/organisations having a big financial breakthrough, which helps you find your niche at work. You have been doing it tough because Uranus (radical change) has been at 23 Aries, exactly square your Ceres. Looking ahead, you will be astonished at the overhaul and fantastic transformation of your career in 2020 – when you have your Ceres Return at 23 Capricorn in January 2020. Saturn crosses Ceres at 23 Capricorn in the same month so this is one of the biggest challenges of your life, but it brings only good things, as from that point on, you find Jupiter at 23 Capricorn right on your Ceres in March, July, November. This is a change in life direction which benefits you. You will need to compromise and cut deals about your work, but you are going to be thrilled at what comes. January 2020 is the hard part. From that point on, three times that year, big doors open for you.

      1. Jessica, thank you with all my heart for taking your time and answering! I appreciate you and your articles so much! I truly forgot what inner peace and joy feels like….
        But nothing is ever in vain! I know that I needed all this struggle to help me become who I want to be and I did LEARN a lot about myself! I discovered a mountain of inner strength and determination inside my soul that I never knew I possessed!
        I’m ready to learn more and I’m hoping the Universe will indeed give me a little support to heal and to move on and hopefully somehow help me to always help others!
        Merry Christmas, Jessica and may this New Year bring you everything you wish for! Thank you for everything you’re doing!

  42. I am hoping you will see this message Jessica. Thank you for the interesting blog posts, I love reading them, sometimes too many times to get strength, positive vibes and hope. I am keen to get my teeth into becoming more financially independent so this post is very timely too. Saturn transits over the last 4 years has changed me to a more serious, frugal and austere person, who is scared to dream, reading your blogs gives me so much hope. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2018. X Jos

    1. Dream, to be sure, because forces bigger than you and me are coming from May 2018 which will set so many people free from the old system! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jos. Thank you.

  43. Thank you for another post, chock full with intriguing observations. Regarding NAFTA. It’s my understanding that if any parties revoke or withdraw, it automatically reverts to the Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement. Reached by negotiators for Canada and the United States on October 4, 1987 and signed by the leaders of both countries on January 2, 1988. Interesting times ahead.

    1. I am very grateful for this, thank you. Mercury Retrograde ruled when they signed the October 4th 1987 deal so it was never going to stick, or last in its original form – and Mercury was in Scorpio, too, the big business sign. On January 2nd 1988 Mercury stood at 16 Capricorn which is quite unbelievable, as Pluto is now hovering around 16 Capricorn and Saturn will go there too. So Canada and the USA are approaching a critical point for that trade relationship and the story starts now! Let’s watch the news headlines.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I have Neptune, Jupiter and my IC in Capricorn. I was hoping a few things would become possible with Capricorn moving out of Sagittarius. First I was hoping to make a career change next year from my job I’ve been at for 10 years, by making side business that I have been working on the last few years into my full-time career. Second, hopefully finding a stable relationship since my current boyfriend just broke up with me. Third, moving into my own apartment by myself or with a significant other. Fingers crossed.

    1. I think you mean to say, Saturn moving out of Sagittarius, and that is correct. You have a ton of goals which is very good for someone with that combination in Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition. You are very lucky to be heading for your Jupiter Return in 2020 – as I am sure you know, the IC or Immum Coeli is also about where you come from; your roots, heritage, culture, family tree and history. This does rather feel as if you are going to take a deep breath and try to do the complete life turnaround and it is entirely possible. Slow and steady wins the race. What Saturn will do, though, is test you about what you want. So your side business, for example, or the particular kind of partnership you are seeking. Saturn will give you a few life exams to see if you were actually serious! From there you go to 2020 and that Jupiter Return which will bring so many solutions and opportunities for you.

  45. As you can see from my subscription chart I have: Venus 29° Capricorn 43′ 10″, Salacia 23° Capricorn 51′ 58″, Diana 15° Capricorn 01′ 40″ and Aesculapia 05° Capricorn 31′ 46″

    I’ve been through a bit of a rough patch for several years. Tried to cultivate a bit of joy by community gardening and beekeeping.

    I’m keen to know what that bunch might have in store for me.

    1. I am not surprised you have been through a rough patch as Pluto has crossed through most of your Capricorn, Tenth House factors since 2008 and that can be extremely tough in career terms, but also with your life direction in general. It commonly results in feeling ‘Plutoed’ or sat on every heavily by other people, big organisations or just the universe. As you have chart factors from the start of Capricorn to the very end, you are now writing a new life story – which will be evident when Saturn goes to Aesculapia at 5 Capricorn in February 2018 and again in June, November. Aesculapia is that part of you which performs miracles and brings projects, places, people or organisations back from the brink. Just when everybody thinks something/someone is ‘over’ or not long for this world along comes the Roman healing god who pulls them back. I am sure you know the symbol is a snake around a staff and I have seen people get all kinds of snake symbolism/synchronicity when they have this cycle! It’s going to be hard work and you will be tested, but there is some part of your career or your other calling in life which you may have dismissed, but it appears to be coming back. Also coming back is your ability to bring back to life, what is supposed to be fading fast. I suspect this story will run for years for you, ending with 2020 which is extraordinary, as Jupiter crosses Venus that year and there is quite obviously a career partnership, professional double-act or perhaps a plain old relationship, but it feels more like a win-win success partnership than anything else. One way to use this transit – set a high goal, a mountain peak, for 2020 and start climbing. You will learn a lot no matter what happens and you may hit the peak. It is possible.

  46. Wonderful article Jessica!! I’ve have so much precise Capricorn energy happening in 2020, I don’t know where to start. I have Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn at 29 and 24 degrees, respectively. That year, I am having both my Saturn and Jupiter returns, while transiting Pluto sweeps back and forth across my natal Saturn at Capricorn 24, exactly inconjunct the natal north node in Leo 24. My birthday also falls on November 1, the Halloween weekend that you mention in another post could be a lightening rod for a flash crash of some kind … Transiting Jupiter and Saturn form a tight conjunction over my natal Jupiter in Capricorn 29 on December 17 (which is also where my progressed Saturn happens to be) …. and my progressed ascendant is exactly conjunct my natal Saturn …. I can’t help but think this is going to be a watershed year for me and I’d like to work hard, focus my talents and resources and prepare for it as much as I possibly can!!! The last few years have been difficult to say the least, but I believe any hand dealt by destiny can be a winning hand if you play it with enough zen-like flair and grace 😉 I’m a singer/songwriter and teacher with a passion for lyrics and my dearest wish is to share that gift with the world in the best way I can. I would also like to create a beautiful home for my family. I’ve won awards for my lyric-writing, my love of which only burst upon me unexpectedly when Pluto entered Capricorn back in 2008. I also have a few novels under the bed and a very funny verse play to keep them company 🙂 What do you see for me in 2020 and how can I begin to lay the foundations for a vibrant and successful future? Thanks Jessica!!

    1. Yes, this is a total reshape of your life direction, ambition, position and mission. I don’t work with progressions, but the transits are certainly pretty powerful. Jupiter at 29 Capricorn and Saturn at 24 Capricorn are all about your Everest. The Nodes in Leo/Aquarius also under transit are about younger people and groups – both. You are obviously committed to writing, in many different mediums – and congratulations for your awards. I think if your projects embrace children, teenagers or young adults you might have your clue right there. 2020 will be rather like climbing to the peak of Everest having spent 2018 and 2019 moving up from base camp in tough conditions. But when you get there…wow.

  47. hi Jessica – crikey – what an article and lots to think about. I have Virgo, libra, scorpio and Gem stelliums and Ops and Salacia 21 Capricorn. Having been thru a horrendus 2012 – 2015, 2016 began to look up. 2017 was definitely an improvement although the finale in December did not end with the promotion/job I had hoped for and I am still caught up in a legal battle. The legal issue is one I am resigned to the fact is going to grind on and on. Interestingly, the outcome, if in my favour, may well impact those favoured middleaged white males (we live in hope). Can you give me any pointers for the this period, please? I am thinking about relocating for career late next year. Many thanks for a really interesting article.

    1. Thank you. The Ops and Salacia placements are the key as first Pluto crosses 21 Capricorn and your Tenth House of career, in January, February 2019 then of course Saturn follows December 2019, January 2020. This feels like you are ending/starting a job because it’s the end/start of a year, on both occasions – or likely, the end/start of a major project that defines your career. On both occasions read the fine print on contracts, deadlines, and the rest as this emphasis on the finish/beginning of each year is so pronounced. It’s hard to comment on the legal battle without having the charts of those against you. But – your career could benefit just from knowing those simple facts about Pluto, then Saturn, crossing 21 degrees and conjuncting your Ops and Salacia, also at 21 Capricorn. Of course in mythology Ops and Saturn were married – I am sure you know that.

      1. Thanks Jessica. No, I didn’t realise Ops and Saturn were married. I can be a bit dense sometimes, is this just a tidbit of information or did you mean that this would be a male/female working relationship/partnership? Cheers 🙂

        1. The mythology in astrology is the key to everything, so you need to know that Ops was married to Saturn and because he had been cursed by being ‘overthrown’ by his own children – possibly fearing they would kill him or castrate him, which he had done to his own father Uranus – he decided to eat his babies. Every time Ops had another child he consumed it. When Jupiter came along Ops was so sick of this, that she fooled Saturn with a rock in a blanket – which he swallowed. Jupiter escaped, ran away to become an amazing young god, came back, vindicated his mother and (kindly) sent his father Saturn off with his scythe to invent agriculture in Italy, which made him so popular they revered him in the end. So if you want people politics in your year, you have people politics! I suggest looking up the myth and all art associated with it, it may end up speaking to you.

          1. Ha – people politics. My fave. NOT! But then again, sometimes you have to be in it to win it, non?

  48. Hello Jess,

    Merry Christmas to you and thank you for the amazing insight you provide in your articles. They are really amazing. I read your article thinking that I didn’t have anything in Capricorn – woops. I was wrong! I’m a Sun Libran and thinking about making a big move across the water from Sydney to London (or other English speaking city on that side of the world!). What you’ve written above really hits home for me – I’m not eligible for any special visas, might find it hard to be sponsored (because thanks Brexit) AND I have a wee person (will be three shortly) that I’ll be dragging along behind me. So I’ve figured that I will need to be ‘clever’ in how I get over there – just not feeling very clever at the moment! Any insight on what to expect from the next three years? I’m anticipating some very hard slog.
    IC 23° Capricorn 58′ 48″
    Diana 17° Capricorn 24′ 59
    Aesculapia 18° Capricorn 42′ 30″
    Cupido 04° Capricorn 39′ 32″

    Also, how do these transits impact on children? My three year old has quite a bit of Capricorn in her!
    Sun 6° Capricorn 16′ 36″
    Mercury 17° Capricorn 27′ 56″
    Venus 21° Capricorn 51′ 33″
    Pluto 13° Capricorn 1′ 48″
    MC 19° Capricorn 17′
    (and I haven’t even LOOKED at her asteroids!)

    1. Thank you. You are trying to do with this Pluto crossing your Diana and Aesculapia in the Tenth House of career, and also crossing your child’s Mercury and MC (Midheaven) which is her role in life. This is pretty high-pressure, even without trying to move countries. You are also thinking about this with Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius which rules emigration. Maybe this needs a second, closer look beyond 10th January when Mercury is finally moving normally. Your child’s Capricorn chart signature is about her education. Mercury rules reading and writing, and speech, so the accent difference/pre-school difference would really impact her now as Pluto goes across her Mercury. She would have that anyway, but it may feel as if it’s all about being in a foreign country to her, even at the age of three, and once Pluto goes to her MC or status, there may also be issues here about class, background and the rest. Pluto then goes on to your IC which rules your family, heritage, culture, roots, property and the rest so you are both being heavily ‘Plutoed’ and you may want to do a ton of research both on Great Britain in 2018, 2019 as well as what expats are saying about their own experience.

  49. Dear Jessica,

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2018!
    Thnx for this new blog post!

    I have Descendant 18:53 in Capricorn and Bachus 15 Capricorn!

    I was told today that I will have to move at the End of January 2017 into another country, that of my origin for a another assignment!

    I was promised a job promotion!

    But, I do not know and I am being sceptical about this promise. To be honest, I do not trust this people who made this offer to me and I am anxious, what do I have to expect from this move and change of my assignment!

    I am a Premium Member too!

    Sun sign Scorpio.

    Please can you provide me with some insight on my question above?

    I am really anxious!

    Thank you for your time and energy


    1. Thanks Juno and Merry Christmas. This does sound rather stressful. Mercury is Retrograde in Sagittarius which rules foreign people and places, emigration and the rest. So this is not really about your Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of career, although they do matter. You may want to see what happens by 10th January as Mercury (contracts, negotiations) is going backwards and forwards until then. Get everything in writing and then read the fine print – also get a second opinion. Those are the Mercury Retrograde rules. Good luck.

  50. Excellent article as ever, Jessica! Feels like challenging but exciting times are coming our way. I am wondering how my personal birth horoscope will be affected. Many thanks and my best wishes for this 2018.

    1. What we’re seeing, and will see with more intensity, is the crumbling of a white, male system with one person at the top and the masses down below. This creates massive strain for men and the ‘crisis in masculinity’ you sometimes hear about is real. For a start, the awful truth is, men die years younger than women. They have far higher rates of suicide, jail terms and the rest. It’s really all tied up with maleness, as society sells it to men, and that is in turn all bound up with ‘the system’ of government, big business and the rest. As it also happens to be the same system that is shutting out so many people, and having an impact on the environment, nature is about to put her foot down. In your personal life and professional life you are going to be affected by men who can no longer take it, or men who just need to change. There will be resignations and perhaps sackings – there may be health crises – separations/divorces and the rest. You will need to take on the power you may have not tapped before and use it as a result. That is the thing you will notice most by 2020.

  51. Hi Jessica, I have been reading all your replies to posts, fascinating thank you. I have my south Node at 0 Cap and North Node at 0 Cancer. I also have Salacia at 19 Cap and a Stellium In Virgo. I a Self Employed Natural Medicine Practitioner of 20 years working with my Mum. My work has been very hard to find getting tougher and tougher over the last 2 years. I was wondering if you had any insights for me please as I would like to transition into a more fulfilling work and family situation. Thanks – hope you are able to reply. Cheers Kim

    1. Thank you Kim. I am finally back at my desk in Melbourne, today. (One of my many desks!) Your work situation is typical of something that will be utterly changed within three years, partly because you make it happen, but also because the universe makes it happen. Working with your mother is typical of Cancer-Capricorn nodes. Her Majesty the Queen has her nodes in the same signs and of course she worked alongside her mother too. Her father’s passing, promoted her. We tend to get this theme of the family’s choices massively influencing your own status or position in life, and it can happen even at young school age. There is often a switch at some point, so one leaves behind the family, roots, home town and the rest to climb higher in life, going up and up the mountain of success and status. I do feel your ultimate choices will be about this, but it will work out for you in the end. There will be a climate change right now in December as Saturn passes 0 Capricorn so pay attention to anything new in the atmosphere and follow it up, preferably in the second half of January when Mercury is behaving himself and things settle down. You are also very likely to have a ‘get real’ Christmas about your Mum or another family member. This whole issue of home, family, belonging, security, roots, ambition, career is mixed up together and I do think it’s worth doing a ton of hard thinking and maybe some online research across the holidays, ahead of this cycle, which will see Saturn cross Salacia. Pluto is virtually already there.

  52. Excellent compilation of so many factors! In terms of potent forces you may like to view this old post of mine from 2011 looking at Japan’s nuclear history. There is a Saturn resonance from August 1945 echoing in June 2019 = 18 Cancer. My checklist in anticipating major environmental effects is to see whether the Galactic Centre is activated [ currently 27 mutable / 12 cardinal ] Japan 1945 = tick. June 2019 full moon 26 mutable = tick – again homes families environmental effects = intense but not maximum alert. Then Jan 2020 extremely entangled at full moon but no devastating environmental indicator there or in other relevant lunations/eclipses so the restructuring seems very focussed in political/institutional/financial contexts with reflex activity affecting homes & families. A financial & real estate crash is well within the realm of possibility.

    1. Thank you so much. Nicholas Campion gives three charts for Japan in The Book of World Horoscopes and I have scribbled on 11th February 1889, 12.00 noon, Tokyo. I wonder if that is the chart you are using? It’s been selected from the three because earthquakes line up exactly with it. We have the fantasy of shopping/the bubble of the Tiger economy there with Neptune in Taurus. The latest possible chart in her history is 28th April 1952 at 1.30pm in Tokyo and that gives us Uranus at 10 Cancer which would be absolutely hit by Saturn and the South Node at 10 Capricorn, then Jupiter. So, one has to wonder. I will have a look at your blog and then find some time to run the three Japan charts through tests.

    1. Thank you. This is very important. I was meditating the other day and my guide said ‘Japan’ to me. I then promptly forgot it and you have reminded me. I need to dig out the Japanese chart and write about it.

  53. Good Evening Jessica,
    What an amazing article; I read it twice and took notes. I have stellium in Capricorn and so much going on at work. How is this going to impact me and what should I be looking for? Thanks

    1. Thank you! Part Two of The Capricorn Effect will appear on Boxing Day. Basically, as you suspect, work is going to be a journey not just a quick trip. The journey is starting now, as Saturn begins to take up residence in your Tenth House. The houses of your chart are like a real-life house with twelve rooms. Saturn coming to stay in the Tenth House is like having an old, powerful, slightly paranoid, serious, unstoppable, methodical man arrive with his baggage. This is really a symbol of the man, woman or organisation which you just ‘got’ has some of that going on. Pessimistic perhaps? Hard work? Harder work than usual? Dealing with pressure and then passing that on to you in some way? Mercury is retrograde at the moment until 10th January so you may want to wait until 11th January and beyond to talk. To ask questions and get answers. You are going to need some kind of system in 2018, even if it’s just a bridge to get you over a few things. Then as 2019 and 2020 evolve around you, you will understand the full meaning of The Capricorn Effect. It is here to change your ambition and mission by testing you, to see if you really, really need and want what you’re climbing towards. By 2020 you will be far, far higher up your mountain or on a new one.

  54. Seasons Greetings Jessica! I just wanted to share a positive ‘Saturn’ story with you & my fellow members. (Although, come to thing of it I’m not 100% sure if it was actually Saturn’s doing or maybe other planets in combination hit all the right places. Maybe you can confirm.) I’ve been analysing astrology by reading old journals WHILE cross-referencing w/ ephemeris. My10th house: MC @ 3 deg., Diana 1, Fortuna 14, Salacia 27 Retro. Last time Saturn transited it, I was 17, already on my own, typical story of a hard-luck Kid struggling to make it in the Big City Performing Arts Scene. Enter Saturn 1988-’91. Result? I’ve always said to anyone who would listen (& this is pre-knowledge of anything astrology) that These Specific 3 yrs were THE Best/Happiest/Most Fulfilling of my ENTIRE LIFE! My dreams of becoming a pro working musician manifested completely. Even the day of Saturn’s ingress into my 10th hse (Feb. 14, 1988) was significant: a routine night at the cinema became the catalyst for me to choose which instrument to focus on. (Up to that point I’d been a multi-instrumentalist yet film playing that night influenced me so much that I chose to laser-focus my path on just 1 instrument – which I ADORE still to this day, can’t get enough! I’m sure this was a turning point). Also the week prior to xmas ’89 I got call back for job I’d applied for 9 mos prior. This led me to more Networking Opportunities than ever w/Big-Name Contacts, which led to Big Time stuff. So… about Saturn – a lot of people seem worried but my past experience was Extremely Positive! Fast-forward to Present Day: My booking agent is wondering when I’ll be back on my feet – so, despite my age, looks like I could still get work in my Heart’s Career. Although In my Current Reality the Odds are stacked as I’ve been plagued by illness w/ no solution yet. But, call it “Xmas Crazy” or Optimism: Hope for repeat Saturn Goodness this time ’round.
    Safe Holidays to All!
    P.S. As I was about to hit the “Send” button for this comment, the 1979 Chuck Mangione tune “Give It All You Got” started playing on my radio. If THAT’S not hope inducing! 😉

    1. This is great, thank you! Although our Capricorn weather now is different (Pluto is there, which he was not in 1988) this story about your career is a really good example of why it’s good to find a mountain on this cycle and climb it. Literally, as your song ‘Give It All You Got’ suggests. If you are going to climb Everest, you give it all you have. The issue this time round for all of us will be, is this the right mountain – and what do we do when extreme weather comes? Yet, the achievement of 2020 for so many people will be rather like your own, in the late Eighties.

  55. HI jessica
    I am diligent and ardent follower of your predictions

    I have been through a lot of hardships for the past 9 years or so, I had to dig in deep into my will power and determination resources, what’s is store for me, wonder you can change my bad period with your good insight with my chart, would be grateful for that

    24° Aries 56′ 41″
    07° Capricorn 44′ 35″
    10° Taurus 52′ 03″
    19° Pisces 47′ 53″
    10° Leo 02′ 34″
    02° Aries 42′ 56″
    21° Aquarius 14′ 17″
    01° Virgo 23′ 46″ R
    14° Scorpio 49′ 34″ R
    09° Virgo 51′ 12″ R
    13° Pisces 09′ 22″
    12° Virgo 11′ 36″ R
    17° Virgo 13′ 14″ R
    04° Virgo 30′ 59″ R
    02° Virgo 02′ 51″
    02° Pisces 02′ 51″
    29° Scorpio 40′ 11″
    29° Taurus 40′ 11″
    00° Aries 31′ 17″
    15° Pisces 44′ 22″
    02° Pisces 23′ 46″
    12° Pisces 00′ 18″
    12° Gemini 06′ 05″
    13° Taurus 44′ 52″
    13° Aries 21′ 51″
    04° Sagittarius 08′ 51″ R
    00° Gemini 41′ 07″
    20° Capricorn 25′ 50″
    15° Aries 12′ 44″
    24° Capricorn 08′ 40″
    05° Aquarius 30′ 53″
    19° Scorpio 38′ 10″ R
    24° Cancer 47′ 05″ R
    24° Capricorn 47′ 05″ R

    This is the first time ever I had subscribed for astrology predictions in my life

    By the way you are wonderful with insight and predictions, spot on

    1. Thank you I am glad the astrology is spot on for you. You have been through a very, very difficult time and you need healing, rest, repair and recovery. I understand exactly what has been going on, looking at your chart. This too shall pass. You will fix yourself and as a result respect yourself all the more. This relationship with ‘Me’ is at the heart of what has happened. Once you get that self-esteem and self-confidence, as a result of literally being your own best therapist/helper/healer – it will be there forever. You needed to become a new person and you will become a new person. Take it slowly, one step at a time. There may be some hurt to deal with, but that must also be dealt with in order to become whole again. As you are doing this, a new day will dawn. It will become brighter and lighter. Not so dark. When you are finally, absolutely a new person again you can have the most amazing life. You would be tempted to travel or move and start again and there is something beautiful waiting for you in a new place.

  56. Jessica, Thank you for this detailed article. I have a question about the 2020 American presidential election.
    With the shift you describe, I can’t imagine how that could come about with a reelection of this administration (or any Republican administration if Trump does not complete his term).
    “Pluto takes away power and then redistributes it. People who had no power before, find they acquire it. Those who dominated, lose that dominance.”
    Should we be hopeful that we will see a progressive swing in American politics in 2020?
    “Of course, Pluto continues in Capricorn. He will not leave until November 19th 2024.”
    Or is it possible we will have to wait until 2024? When you speak about the power shift I just don’t see how that could possibly happen within the current political power, but I am confused about what the astrology is saying. Is the Pluto in Capricorn the final reckoning for government, meaning the ending of their rein of power (2024)? Or the reckoning of those that were governing and have already been dethroned (2020)?

    I hope my question makes sense,
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you! Your question does make sense and it’s a good one. I can only hark back to 2008 when Obama opened up the White House to people of colour and Joe Biden did the same for Roman Catholics. You have to think like an (Ancient) Roman with this kind of astrology and to them, Jupiter was Optimus Maximus – he was about hope, optimism and ‘the maximum’ of everything. Jupiter is about expanding, broadening, opening up. Every 12 years he goes through Capricorn we see that escalating at the very top of power. So now America has seen a black man in the White House and a Catholic too, you have to ask yourself who/what else is going to arrive. That has to be a woman. Finally. I suspect it may also be extremely young people; more none-white Americans; people of different physical abilities – whatever would take power to a new level. This is not going to be a normal transition to a normal election. It rocks the American chart, just as she was rocked at her founding on the separation with Britain. It’s that big. But it ends happily so we have to hang onto that.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    Merry Christmas and thank you for this gift! As you can see from my chart I am heavily Capricorn with 10 factors with the majority within 10 – 18 degrees. I have so many heart wrenching things happening in my life now and I am not sure if this is related to the effects of Capricorn or other factors in my chart. I am just wrapping up a 25 year career after being severed last December 2016. My last days have been underwhelming and very hurtful. After 25 years of service of total dedication and contribution, I am leaving with little acknowledgement from the company. It feels like none of it made a difference and I was not recognized, appreciated, or even thanked. All at the same time, my husband of 28 years told me that we are married but do not have a marriage. He removed his wedding ring and said it will not be long before we separate. He cheated on me approximately 18 years ago and this all seems very familiar now. I am not saying that he is cheating now but certainly I am feeling hurt, invisible and forgotten. I traveling through the dark days of my soul. Now what? How do I make it to the other side Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

    1. Pluto is at 18 Capricorn now, and began the year at 16 Capricorn, so he just spent 12 months slowly, slowly crossing just 2 degrees of the sign, and will have had an impact (Pluto conjunction) on anything at 15, 16, 17, 18 – and still does. Your severance happened when he was at 15, 16 in December last year. I am very sorry to hear this as to be ‘Plutoed’ can be quite devastating. You can only have this happen every 240 years and unfortunately it just did. The double whammy with your husband wanting to separate and having been unfaithful must be so painful and yes, this is also Pluto. I should explain that Capricorn rules your Tenth House not only of career, but also of social status. Most of all you must be devastated at the way these people have been so unkind and unfair to you. I have to say it – on Pluto transits, sometimes people behave like bastards. As it is Christmas let us have a look at what gifts the universe can give you. The first one is to realise that those who run roughshod over others never, ever last on this transit. Bullies, dominators, exploiters and the rest always meet their downfall. If you are going to channel Pluto then you get the same fate as Pluto. In the second part of The Capricorn Effect on Boxing Day I am going to talk about Hitler, Mussolini and the rest, who rose to power when Pluto was discovered and fell from power within a few years. So please trust the future and know that if people need to learn, they will be forced to learn! Okay, the other thing to do is to reclaim your power. Do not give it away by sitting on the internet, particularly on Facebook, figuring out what your husband is doing, or what other people at work are doing. That is throwing your core energy away, rather like throwing food away. So take ‘me’ back and find out who ‘me’ is. The truth about this transit, when Pluto crosses your Capricorn factors, is that your mountain of success has been hit by extreme weather, rather like the top of Everest being wiped out by earthquakes and landslides. So you need to look at the mountain. That takes great honesty and courage because it took you years to climb it. Find out what you got from the climb. You can get it again but from a different mountain. I really mean that. When Jupiter comes along in 2020, you can literally get it all back, but from better sources, in a more powerful way, and in more authentic way. I suspect that you have assumed others were more powerful than you at some point. Your boss or husband. The company. This is not true at all and being hit like this, is really about understanding you hold the controls. Your chart now is not unlike Great Britain in 1939 and 1940. They stood alone against the might of the German army which was just across the water. The fear was very great, but they discovered themselves. They did every single thing they could to defend themselves and they did it. And eventually they won the war. They rationed themselves, grew their own food, sent the children away – the lot. They did this because they found their spirit. You need to find yours. You are caught between the present and the future. You are stuck, dangling, no doubt paralysed by what has happened to you – but when the time is right you will move. You need to get back to your family tree. Your roots. This may be your mother or father’s side of the family. For the moment, do not feel as if you have to do anything at all until you are ready, but 2018, 2019 will surely tempt you to make a deep connection with where you come from and who you are. In fact I think you should do your family tree, or redo it, to connect. This period of dangling is going to enlighten you spiritually and wake you up to your core self, or higher self. I also strongly suggest you find the books or YouTube clips which make sense to you on that level. It may be Buddhism, it may be Christianity, or Paganism. Whatever speaks to you. That will carry you through Christmas and beyond and in fact it will change your life. I also strongly recommend you do yoga if you are not already trying it. It will help you physically, and that helps you mentally and spiritually. The actual bending and flexing makes you literally more adaptable so that you will move on, and move on more easily. Moving on does not mean drastic changes to begin with, it means remembering that you come from this place, and from this side of the family, and that side of the family too, and using that as the support to hoist yourself into a new life. When the time is right you will release yourself into the wild and be utterly free. You will be stronger, sexier, more spiritually enlightened and you could have the most astonishing life.

  58. Dear, Jessica,

    Merry Christmas to you and your team!

    I have 7 asteroids in Capricon. How it will affect my career, finances in 2018.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Merry Christmas, I will pass this on to my friends and colleagues. If you have a large stellium in Capricorn then a ‘climate change’ right now begins to make itself known – you may have to get real about the core essence of what you do, and how you do it – and who else is involved. Being a realist about things is a smart idea. Life will not be the same, for whatever reason, and perhaps you are already having hunches about the need to cover yourself a little better, or make allowances for various scenarios. Your entire life direction and life path will transform now through 2020, ending in tremendous expansion, optimism, hope and some brilliant solutions all round. Climb slowly, keep stopping and checking, and get the best advice you can, along the way. It is not going to be easy, but it does take you somewhere higher.

  59. Wow, thank you again for a comprehensive article.

    I’m particularly intrigued by the 12th January 2020. I’ve written to you many times about the subject of Pluto and Ceres, but this time they are thrown together and Saturn is there too. It’s all on my node for good measure.

    Can you shed some light on this for me please? This looks like a real horror show from where I’m looking.

    Keep up the good work in 2018.

    1. Thank you. KC if this triple transit is on your Node, it’s not a horror show, but it’s a moment of truth about both home and success. Family, origins, roots, culture, heritage, history – and the climb to the top, in terms of ambition or status. The Nodes in Cancer-Capricorn are always a double-act so although the issues then are professional, the full story is about where you come from and who you are in terms of the family. Her Majesty the Queen has the Nodes across Cancer-Capricorn and her family (Cancer) dictated her career (Capricorn) when her father passed away. We often see the themes of leaving home/moving away from home/returning home played out with Cancer-Capricorn nodes and I think your career situation in January 2020 will be along these lines. Ceres is always about making a deal with God. Saturn is the unavoidable and inevitable. Pluto is total transformation and a change in the balance of power. You’re looking at a reshuffle in your job or wider industry and it will have an impact on where you come from and where you belong. Jupiter then comes along to resolve everything for you, weeks later.

  60. Hello Jessica,

    Great article again, thank you.

    I have capricorn factors at 0 and 8. I understand that this could mean major changes in my career during the transit. This is particularly meaningful to me as I am starting a new business venture early 2018.

    Yet I am a bit concerned as saturn will be in my 12th house during the whole transit. From what I understand the 12th house is not the most action oriented house, and maybe not the best ally career wise.

    Any thoughts on this ?

    Thanks and happy holidays.

    1. Saturn won’t be in your Twelfth House using Natural Houses, he will be in your Tenth House of career, and he is there right now, conjunct your 0 degree factors – which is why you are starting a new business venture. Saturn then moves slowly but surely to 8 degrees over the course of the year. You may want to do a bit more research rather than assume or guess as conditions are new. People often try to repeat what they did earlier in their careers on a Saturn transit only to find the weather has changed. You need to read the weather, particularly as new business ventures are bound to be affected by Brexit or the Trump tax cuts.

  61. Hi Jessica! Happy holidays, and thank you for all that you do–I find your articles absolutely fascinating, and I love the resources on this website. I wanted to ask your thoughts on my chart, as it looks like I’ll be affected by the Capricorn Effect quite soon! (and it makes me a little apprehensive!) I’m a Leo Sun with my IC and Neptune at 3 degrees Cap, which I believe aspects a number of other factors in my chart, and Mars at 12 Cap. I write fantasy novels (Neptune influence?!) and am both on deadline for a new one, plus my publisher is releasing the paperback edition of my first book in January. Am I right in thinking this will affect both my daily writing workload, and my career in general? So grateful to be done with my Saturn return in Sag, though! Thank you so much for any insights!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to James, Justin, Alyas, Jodi and Kerry. Your Neptune at 3 Capricorn is most certainly writing fantasy novels as you escape from the real world through your career. Saturn crossing that is just your deadline and the paperback edition of your book. You may find it moves more slowly than you expected or there are a few hoops to jump through. Sometimes the issue is more serious depending in your publisher/editor’s chart. As Saturn then moves to Mars at 12 Capricorn this does feel like an ongoing story, around the books (new and current) and you may want to look at January 2018 when Saturn goes to 3 Capricorn, July when he returns, August, October that year for timing. If the new book is out in 2019 that would also fit as Saturn goes to 12 Capricorn in January that year. I suspect the issue may be your actual publisher or a particular part of the business being ‘Saturned’ which affects your own life. As always, keep climbing, take your time, take good advice, but stop every so often to make sure you are on the right mountain.

  62. Hi Jessica, I greatly enjoy your modern approach to astrology w asteroids, also your fabulous predictions and intuitive, thoughtful responses to your readers. Like Pauline (one of your readers) I too am a caregiver, have been for many years and have been honored to be of service to my two loved ones, and fulfill this call (SN Cancer) While doing so I was still able to complete my graduate degree, which kept my spirits lifted, wrote a book based on my unique research (while Uranus hit my early Aries planets). I also maintained a Virgoish wellness business (yep major stellium), until 2011 when part time caring (from 2005) became full time. Nevertheless in my highly energetic Aries fashion and natural optimism, I thought I could tackle it all by myself (along with spiritual grace), and was doing fine until I became overwhelmed, tired and then withdrawn after one beloved passed away. I couldn’t keep it all going, let go of the past business and tried to begin publishing process, but as I’ve learned from you, timing wrong – struggle with Saturn in Sagittarius and squaring my stelliums, after difficult Saturn in Scorpio cycle along with the ongoing Pluto transformation! I used to have fabulous intuitive timing, and began two business that way- have been mostly self employed (Uranus in Virgo) in my life. Next year I plan to resume the climb of my personal Everest, move toward publishing which also involves foreign cultures and ancient wisdom, travel again (after many years), and improve my work/care balance (nodal axis Cancer/Capricorn), finally rekindle my excitement, motivation and feel fulfilled about my own life goals again. Based on your writing and comments to other readers, it looks like astrological timing should work out well for travel, publishing, teaching career goals soon. Does May look like a good window to finally publish for me in particular? After mercury retrograde, but in my case Uranus trine Uranus comes along with the change of signs, and would prep for Upcoming Jupiter in Sag. Any feedback you may have is welcomed. NJ

    1. Thank you. I always think of you carers at Christmas because of all that you do. Now, your climb to the top is very much about Capricorn and your Tenth House, but this traffic in the heavens really is about a three-year mission. Even if you were to get a book deal or organise a publishing deadline by May 2018, you would find that whole year pretty heavy going. In contrast Jupiter (expansion, opportunity, solutions, breakthroughs) in Sagittarius (digital and traditional publishing) from November 2018 is wonderful to see and 2019 is packed with open doors for what you want to do. If one door is not right, another will open.

      1. Thank you, and for such a prompt reply! I generally gathered as much from your comments to others that a 3 year mission was in the works, and Jupiter in Sag the best for timing for publishing. However, with Saturn trinIng Virgo stellium MC, and sextile Pisces, IC coming up throughout the year I thought perhaps (hoped) more confirmation with building the initial steps, priming and resuming career goals (toward publication) was in order. Any specifics on these other aspects or my South node return in Cap that I should look out for during 2018? Also curious about aspects to Vulcano in Cap as part of my stellium – haven’t seen inquires about that online yet?

        1. My apologies, of course, start now – the writing is in the rewriting – but if you are looking for your dream publishing experience you’ll go hard when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius, November 2018 and persist in 2019. We are talking new technology, new forms, new sales outlets – the works. Big, big publishing news with the majors like Penguin, HarperCollins and the rest. Start now and evolve – draft to draft – but if you are serious about using astrology you won’t even look for a deal or an indie pub experience until November next year.

          1. Yes! I was exactly planning to do rewriting, researching and reviewing anew, in light of where I am now and figuring best way forward – after such a long delay. Thank you for confirmation, and advice to wait for Jupiter in Sag. I’ve had quite enough heavy going, stuckness and indeed wanted some outside insight – which you gave me and for which I am delighted. Much appreciation and happy holiday season!

  63. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all the thorough information you provide. I am a sun sign Pisces and I have a bunch of planets in my tenth house. Saturn now conjuncts my natal Saturn. At this turning point, could you tell me what I can expect in the next few years – e.g. career change, relationship, money…?

    1. This is your Saturn Return. The Saturn Return is famous for a good reason – the choices we make then decide the rest of our lives! The choices typically feel so tough. Age 28, 29, 30 is the transition and that is when people marry, swap careers, have babies and go through other epic experiences. You should really read widely on Saturn and maybe keep a journal. The trick to this cycle is to go slowly, give yourself a ton of rest/naps/walks/baths and try to learn from what others have experienced. I personally had my Saturn Return when I quit full-time magazine work as an editor to go freelance as an astrologer. Scarey but the right thing to do – I am still doing it years later!

  64. Thank you Jessica! Your words are so profound and speak to my soul. I will have to read them and reread many times as I know there are truths that I need to hear-really hear. Thank you for encouragement and inspiration. I will take your advice and go slowly, focus on me and trust the future. I think I will start with yoga….
    Thank you once again and I am truly grateful for the time you have dedicated to guide and help me. Have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you so much for such a kind message and please, please do start yoga and try it – or Pilates – or any kind of physical stretch. It will make such a difference to you emotionally and spiritually. Merry Christmas!

  65. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoy reading your article. Great one as always. I look at my horoscope and there are six planets in my Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto alongside Mars and Panacea in my Scorpio. I am a recent graduate looking for a job now. And my boyfriend broke up with me about half a year ago. I expect that in the years ahead, it would be very challenging for me. Could you please give me some suggestions? Thank you.


    1. Thank you Chelsea. You are part of the change. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ I think it’s very interesting that you have the same name as the former President’s daughter (and easily the most powerful woman in American politics, last year). You also have the same name as one of the world’s richest football teams! Names sometimes speak the truth about our life path so yours is about power, success, status and finance and now through 2020 you are going to learn so much from being part of a system – yet also wanting to alter that system and improve it. In fact in 2020 you will be part of the new wave. You will travel widely or emigrate and possibly backpack or live very simply, before you start your massive conquest. This is basically you leaving home, home town, homeland and getting out there in the world, or across your country. This changes you and changes your life. You could easily master some massive ambition in another place, or take the trip and return, with renewed ambition. You have a ton of stuff to learn about the ‘mountains’ of high rise corporations and towering government structures and some of that learning will be made through very, very tricky situations – yet you gain – and go on – if you’re just enough prepared. I do urge you to ask an awful lot of questions and listen to good advice when it comes. Really tune into that.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    A great and fascinating write up as always. Can you shed more light on what I can look forward to with my Capricorn factors. My love life has been really non existence for years now, but I recently finished grad school and looking forward to better job opportunities in the coming year. Have a very Merry Christmas and a great 2018.

    1. You’ll find that you can ‘read’ what is going on around you better than most people, because you have an instinct for those big, towering structures that we find in business and government, and also the civil/public service. You are actually a multi-tasker and the more you show the world who you are – gifted not only with money, but also with emotional intelligence (unusual) the greater the lure for a potential lover, who gets you and understands you. This is all within three years. By 2020 I would expect you to be self-employed or in a ‘department of one’ doing it your way, and performing miracles and magic across your desk. Cultivate your psychic/spiritual/mediumistic side as you may know you are a natural channel. I get that you’ll ultimately be doing something very special, unique and alone. Yet – advertising and promoting yourself in that capacity pulls in potential dates who want to be around you, for who you are. It takes time. It takes 2-3 years.

  67. Jessica. Wishing you a Happy Christmas & a Prosperous Brilliant New Year. Thanks for all your wisdom and insight. I’m concerned with being a Pisces and having 6 planets in Capricorn. MARS – 03 Deg Capricorn. JUNO – 10 Deg Capricorn. IC – 19 Deg Capricorn. BACCHUS – 08 Deg Capricorn. HYGEIA – 13 Deg Capricorn. SALACIA – 10 Deg Capricorn. With having a small business and no interest in social media and very limited social life; how will this affect me? You mentioned that 8 degrees Cap will be affected first? I do desire to connect remotely with new clients for work – again a challenge with my current social situation. Any pearls of wisdom please? ME

    1. Mars is hit first by Saturn then it’s a process to 2020. Slow down and learn more – Mars can push and thrust in career, but also networking. You love success, and success loves you, but this is a whole different ball game. Global changes ahead mean different tactics are required. Pace yourself and read more/listen more. You will love 2020 but the success then would not happen without the life exams ahead.

  68. Jessica,

    Thank you so much for all your articles ! Saturn really seems to be speaking to me. Recently my little food company lost its kitchen. Next, my husbands job which he took to help us get through tbe great recession in 2008, seems to be in Major transition and jeopardy . YET, on the 21st , he received a call after nearly a decade to go back to his original career. At this point, it would it would mean he would have to leave our home (or I leave with him- rent it or sell it ) and move if he gets this new big offer job. He is 10/11/66.
    We have already been through so much and prevailed but our money is getting very tight. I have put my company up for sale while I still have product. Two questions please, 1. are we as a couple a Capricorn as I read on synastry site? 2. We both feel we are meant to be leaders in our family and community and be financially well off – it’s weird to feel like this but to continue to be in a Tornado. Will this box we have been in for so many dark years get a fresh air/door?

    1. You are having classic Cancer-Capricorn issues and the Full Moon in January 2018 (look up to see it) brings things to a head about career and home for both of you. Try to take care of the basics then. It is hard to say more without both your charts in front of me.

  69. HI Jessica, I’m an Aquarius with five planets in Capricorn and I’m wondering how Saturn in Capricorn will affect my chart.

    1. Grab every opportunity you can by November 2018 with success, ambition, achievement options and focus hard on climbing at least one mountain. This will help you so much in the sweeping career transformation to come. By 2020 you will know why 2018 and 2019 had to happen and see them as part of a pattern across three years. You will end up where you belong and were always meant to be. A male role model perhaps in the family is the guiding force.

      1. Thank you so much! I’m more than prepared to work extra hard this coming year. I feel like I have no other choice. I have a lot of anxiety on how things will be especially in my industry which is dying the way it is right now. I hope I can make it. It’s pretty scary right now. There are no male role models in my family or in my life at the moment. Hopefully I meet one soon 🙂 .

        Thank you very much for your help. I always read your horoscopes and website and use oracle too. God Bless you in the coming year!

  70. Merry Christmas Jessica
    Wishing u loads of happiness…
    My question is regarding the Capricorn effect on the future of my daughter 12th Feb 2003 born at 7:10am India …she has to choose a subject for her future… .we are confused as to which field will best suit her where she can shine….these are crucial years of decision of her future career n there is this Capricorn effect in 2017-2020….so any insights which u can shed to help her identify her best potential in specific fields n help her choose the right path for her future…thnx n much love to u

    1. Merry Christmas. Your daughter will find her path in 2021 and from 2024 it is clear she belongs with a group. This may be a team, club or other collection of people. To help her now, get her involved in the netball team, school orchestra, Amnesty International or similar communities. She is part of the Age of Aquarius to come.

  71. Hello Jessica,

    I am a Cappy and my birthday is 12th Jan1983, from my chart I can see l have Capricorn factors – Sun 21 Cap, Moon 01 Cap, Mercury 29 cap, MC 05 Cap, Diana, 00 Cap, Aesculapia 00 Cap and South Node 04 Capricorn. Just wanted to know if the next three years leading up to 2020 and beyond will be positive for me in terms of career, wealth, and love? The last couple of years have been both the good and trying times for me. I was seeing a guy who I found out had another girl on the side and that hit me hard and I’m still trying to figure out and deal with that heartache and I’m not sure about where my life is headed now. Would appreciate any positive good news,
    thank you

  72. waow a very well and detailed article… im very fascinated by the saturn effects! im a Capricorn moon 16 degrees, i have read some articles and saw some youtubers talking about that saturn will almost “Crucify” Cap moons! any thoughts about whats Saturn in capricorn can mean to a cap moon . by the way saturn now entered my 3 rd house

    1. YouTube is full of bad astrologers which my friend Victor Olliver was talking about recently. Please ignore them. And Saturn is not in your Third House in the Natural House system, it is in your Tenth House of career. Saturn on your Moon, and Pluto too, teaches you how to climb the mountain of ambition and stay there. And how not to climb! The great Capricorn Moon failing is using people to get ahead, professionally or socially. Another one is taking shortcuts to success. If you are guilty of either, you will learn a hard lesson but that will help you succeed in 2020. Just knowing about these two pitfalls will help you avoid them. Capricorn Moon people learn bad habits from their mothers or grandmothers regarding social climbing and ambition so take a look at yours. It is never too late to ditch a habit!

  73. HI Jessica
    Thank you so much for the response, I greatly appreciate it, gives me spirit lift to move forward positively

    I am contemplating on making few decisions, structuring platform for the new financial restructuring to happen in 2018, when Uranus enters Taurus in may,

    With Pluto in my Capricorn moon, Uranus in Aries
    I want to make it big this time, don’t want to miss out the target in this financial meddle of restructuring

    Any veiled hint, guidance, prudent suggestion caution would be great help for me

  74. Hello and Happy Holidays Jessica.

    As always, a great post!
    I have been preparing myself for Saturn in least I’ve been giving it great weight and thought – having Salacia 21 Capricorn and Ops 22 Capricorn, I keep ruminating about the possibility of not seeing clearly, whatever may come. I am hoping that Fortuna 23 Libra (who will be pulled in) will point the way…but then again, she can be fickle, no?

    I have been thinking ahead to where I wish to take my online presence and how to expand “my message” with my business/site. I will say, that all the hard work this past year has paid off and I’ve increased visitors to the site from 7000 (when I started last year) to 40k this year…

    Having NN/SN 7 Gemini/Sagittarius and Jupiter 29 Gemini – I’m wondering what this could all mean in the large context….but then there’s Uranus into Taurus, isn’t there? This will cut across my financial/home/property axis as I have IC/MC 2 Taurus/Scorpio….this bothers me but then again, I suppose if something unexpected and horrible occurs, it will be swift and then give me time to recover and work on it. I’m counting on Saturn being ruler of my chart to get me through.

    You have a great gift for being able to see the bigger picture and encapsulate it down to a few simple principles…so I ask – what may be the bigger picture for me this Capricorn cycle?

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on your website. Actually it’s a career reshape over the long-term as the transiting Nodes also come to Gemini-Sagittarius so the internet, multimedia, publishing is a destiny path but you will alter the way you do it. It will change your life. Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 is the way forward. I am not saying it won’t be tough with Saturn in your Tenth House of career. If your birth time is accurate then Uranus will also bring financial uncertainty to begin with. Yet, this may be the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl. You have past life good karma with the world of words and ideas, so it’s ultimately about collecting that, come what may.

    2. OMG! Uncanny. I have Ops Salacia at 21 Cap, Fortuna 18 Libra (Vulcano 23), and NN/SN 9 Gem/Sag – but IC/MC 4 Aries/Libra. Maybe we should compare notes!

  75. Hi Jessica,
    I was born on 18 Feb 1987 at 1.30pm in Mumbai, India. Going through a very tough time with marriage. How does the future look like?

    1. This is karma and it will be finished by the end of 2018. Once it is complete you will never again have such a complicated time in love. There are past life debts and credits to balance with this person which you both agreed in between lives.

  76. Merry Christmas Jessica and thank you for this great article!

    I am a Capricorn 18th degree Sun, i also have Venus in Capricorn at 15th degree.
    My Neptune and Mercury conjunct at 3 degree Capricorn and Bacchus is Retrograde
    at 7th degrees also Capricorn.
    My Moon and Uranus conjunct at 19th degree Sag, (really flirted with “negativity” with Saturn’s transit this year) i also live in Greece which is another factor of irritation and luck of confidence however i am a goat and i can’t just stare at the mountain !!
    I would like to see my love ,professional and family life reactivating.
    I had dramatic changes during the last 4 years as i lost many dear and important people.

    I would love your insight as i have learned so many things because of Pluto’s transit and i would like to put it all together despite the difficult change caused in every aspect of my life.

    Thank you so much!!

    Wish you a lovely, warm and cozy holiday season with your family!

    1. Thank you. I have to say, with Pluto conjunct your Venus and Sun, one after the other, and also semi-sextile your Moon-Uranus conjunction, you are giving me a really interesting chart to work with. Of course, you have to live it. Greece is hugely important to the future, as is the whole EU. Essentially Pluto over your Sun, then Saturn, then the South Node, then finally Jupiter by 2020 is a three-year transformation (slow but sure) of your professional identity and your profile. I can only think of Michelle Obama who has a terribly similar chart to yours. She transitioned to First Lady, then left – but may come back to Washington again. (There’s a hint!) You will know where you stand with Greece across this time-frame but I strongly suspect that in 2019 you will switch countries. The phrase ‘life reshape’ applies to you. Tough but worth it and you will very likely emigrate or even commute across countries from the very end of 2018 and certainly by the end of 2019.

  77. I have natal Jupiter at 23 degrees Capricorn second house. On January 12, 2020, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node will be conjunct natal Jupiter. I worry if this is total destruction or a positive new direction?

    1. Why would it be total destruction? You have your Jupiter Return in 2020. It will be intense but it will be very, very good for your direction in life, mission, position, status and ambition. Saturn is tough and Pluto always changes the balance of power, but if you are willing to do the work across the end of 2019, through 2020, you will be put ‘up where you belong’. This is usually about career but I always allow for people marrying a member of the royal family too! Please don’t worry. And do read up on the Jupiter Return. It’s so fortunate.

  78. Hi Jessica, I have been so impressed with your insight on Uranus/Taurus and crypto currency that I just became a member. Your Capricorn articles also captured my interest.

    I have Capricorn on my ascendant and Mars at 26 in the first. I also have a sun in Taurus in the fourth. Major 1st house transits, too.

    I can feel pressure building to rearrange my work life asap and I suddenly realize I don’t like my small business. The reasons I got into it are no longer meaningful or relevant in my life.

    As I have benefited already from cryptocurrency, does it make sense to take a leap and exit my current job/business? I also feel a strong desire to put down roots and maybe buy a house. Never felt that before.

    I would greatly appreciate any insights.

    Thanks, Jessica!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you found this website and have also profited from c-currency recently. I need to spin your chart as you use a different house system to me. Your Sun is in Taurus in the Second House in the Natural House system, and of course the Second House is all about business, houses and currency. Your Ascendant is also not that important – just your image, really – but you do have Vulcano in Capricorn too and he is an important asteroid for men to work with. The most important thing I can tell you about 2018 is to travel or move, so you can find the right environment for 2-3 ideas you have – or projects. This is really about Jupiter (opportunity, growth, exploration) going into Sagittarius, and thus your Ninth House of distant regions and countries. It is also very much about the Cancer-Capricorn axis of your chart, because you obviously have your angles there. Cancer as I am sure you know rules where you come from, and Capricorn rules where you are going to. Across 2018 you have Saturn (starting now) hitting that axis so it is time for patient, well-researched, thoughtful decisions. You can’t just export this and stay put; it feels as if you have to go with the projects. For someone who normally has go-faster stripes and basically sees life like an episode of Top Gear, you will be surprisingly hesitant or held up, but don’t wait too long. The thing is, you are in quite the wrong place for your concepts or projects. You must know this – nothing is really taking off as it should. There are no guarantees that some other region or country would perfectly deliver, of course, but you can at least do the homework. Sure, you could have other people take this away and do something with it, but you feel quite possessive about at least one of your plans and I reckon you might want to look after it all yourself. I am going to give you the big choice and say you could turn away from the choice to travel, move and ‘Roam if you want to’ as the B-52’s sang. That might feel familiar and comforting. But boy, are you going to get a sense of competition with the others who are heading out in front of you. There is this very strong Mars in your chart which is all about your inner Jeremy Clarkson and this chart reminds me of the need to rev your engine and go, rather than just sit there idling. It’s going to be a big leap, a lot of work, and a lot of challenge but you sound as if you might already be leaning there. On quite another note if you are into c-currency watch what Storm is doing. The lightning bolt on that currency is a dead giveaway for astrologers – it is the lighting bolt of Uranus and that planet is entering Taurus, and will conjunct your Sun. Just remember – storm by name, stormy by nature.

  79. I am new to all this regarding my birth chart and unsure how to read. I am currently without a job in my late 50’s and wondering what all this means to the new year and job prospects? Any direction or clarification at what I should be paying attention to in my chart?

    1. You are strongly Capricorn and the first thing that occurs is the need to honour the rules of whatever you enter into. I do appreciate you are new to this website, astrology and also your birth chart so that is one example. Researching, carefully and thoughtfully, whatever is de rigeur within your preferred profession or field is the right way. A lot of Capricorn the mountain goat in a horoscope sometimes shows up as a person who wants to leap ahead – rush and push – and that seldom works. Find out how to climb and how others get up/get ahead/go forward and copy them in your own inimitable style. I don’t know if you have seen the series Versailles, but it is rather like arriving at court and learning the ropes by observation, including etiquette, manners, approach and all the rest. This is how strongly Capricorn people end up achieving what they wish for so much. You’ll be shown this in 2018, 2019, 2020 and come to appreciate what that other strongly Capricorn maiden, Kate Middleton has discovered, that there is always a system somewhere in life and it pays to patiently observe and then fit into that system, no matter how new or different it may be. The professional field you enter into will not only be about the actual work, it will be about the actual people!

  80. Dear Jessica,

    Would you have time to comment on what will be coming on my Capricorn stellium chart and effect of Uranus in Taurus transit?

    Love and light

    1. If you have a Capricorn stellium then your social and professional ambition is a big part of your personality. We classically find people moving from small towns to capital cities, to ‘make it’ and there can also be a tremendous desire for a hot job which sometimes manifests in, shall we say, short cuts. Heavily Capricorn people tend to befriend important or useful types, rather than the homeless person on the corner. This is part of the mountain goat DNA as this is the creature who climbs to the top seeking those who have already made it. Saturn across your stellium will slow you down, educate you, test you and ultimately assist you to (maturely) take the solution which helps you skyrocket in 2020.

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