The World Cup – A Mercury Retrograde Mess

I can't quite believe that the World Cup draw has taken place on Mercury Retrograde Shadow, the cycle when information, communication and negotiation is a mess and a muddle.

I really love football but like so many football fans, I don’t love what some officials have done to the game over the years. And…I can’t quite believe that the World Cup draw has taken place on Mercury Retrograde Shadow.

This is the cycle when information, communication and negotiation goes forward, stops, then goes backwards, stops, then goes forward…you get the picture. It’s a mess and a muddle.

Beyond that, December 2017 is a crisis for FIFA. This is a really basic chart below but I am sure you can see Uranus (shock, revolution) at 29 Sagittarius. Football is in trouble and that World Cup was called at a very muddy time.



FIFA Uranus 29 Sagittarius 407x600 - The World Cup - A Mercury Retrograde Mess
Fifa Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde and Saturn hit 29 Sagittarius.



On Sunday 3rd December, Mercury stations (or stands still) right on 29 Sagittarius, hitting the FIFA chart. This is about the world game, and the world cup, and Sagittarius rules world connections, so it’s serious. On Wednesday 6th December, Mercury is at 28 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn at 28 Sagittarius, just one tiny degree away. How rare is this? It can only happen every 29 years.

How long will it take to unravel the misinformation, muddle, media madness and mess? Football fans are going to have to wait until Mercury passed that spot one more time and that’s Wednesday 10th January.

qws wa1jrkm - The World Cup - A Mercury Retrograde Mess

When is the beautiful game, not the beautiful game? When FIFA has Saturn on her Uranus and Mercury Retrograde too. The world game is going to experience the world turning upside down, as she goes towards Christmas. When is a World Cup draw, not a World Cup Draw? When you do it on the shadow! We can talk about this on Twitter if you like.

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6 Responses

  1. Hey Jessica! I’m not on twitter so I thought I’d post here instead in case you’re taking questions. Not about FIFA, but about mercury and some other stuff.

    As you can see I have quite a decent amount in the 28-29 degree range. I know you aren’t so big on the AC being too important, but I feel like mine has played a big role in my life especially with Neptune conjunct. (Birth time is accurate from my birth certificate) As for Mercury I’m usually pretty ok with the retrogrades as I’m a go with the flow person (thanks neptune conj AC and Salacia trine Sun) that has a hard time staying in this “reality”. This retro I’m a little worried with all that’s also happening at this time with Saturn (so glad when he’s out of Sag!)… I have some hard stuff happening this month with where I may be living at the end of it, my parents, writing and publishing stuff, and just a lot of big decisions. Any advice on how to handle all this end degrees of Sag stuff (plus all the aspects to Saturn, chiron, minerva, DC, AC, Neptune) coming up for me?

    My second question is about career. I know I have Libra MC which has never made sense to me. I’ve never wanted/cared about marriage and I’ve never wanted children (it’s my solar 5th). I’m so lost about career.. like epically lost. The thing I’ve wanted most in life was either money to not have to work (I know many think this, but my work “ethic” is almost non-existent) or my main focus, since I wasn’t born with an inheritance, a career I loved. I’ve never found this. I’ve literally despised every job I’ve ever had. I’m completely lost at this point… which is nothing new really, but I just want to not hate my life and since work is most of our lives and I don’t want kids/marriage I really need a career I care about. My solar 10th is Pisces and it’s empty… neptune plays a heavy role in my chart, but I pretty much just feel the confusion from him… Capricorn only has cupido and I don’t know what to do with that. Suggestions on where to look in chart/how to read career options from it??

    1. Give yourself time and space for the absolute end of the Saturn in Sagittarius/Mercury in Sagittarius cycle, which most definitely has an impact on publishing and writing. You really need to wait until 10th January when Mercury finally ends his retrograde shadow. The sense of relief and release will come sooner than that when Saturn leaves Sagittarius on 20th December but there will be a hangover effect from Mercury. Your Libra MC is about partnership, not necessarily marriage. It is common for people to fall into duets or pairs professionally with that particular Midheaven. Assuming your birth time is accurate that it really about a set of scales with you on one end, and he/she on the other. Moving right along to your whole chart, over the next twelve months you need to figure out if you want to rebuild and reshape what is there, or just move away from it and start something fresh. One thing to look at is the actual home or career set-up to figure out how you feel about it. We tend to confuse security sometimes with situations which frankly aren’t that inspiring and it will help to be honest about where you are in life. It may be by that this time next year you will have decided to completely ‘renovate’ what is there and do something far more interesting and engaging with it – or perhaps you’ll decide your energy is better used in moving right away (and probably ‘moving’ geographically) and just relocating your life. You have a big choice here. The Libra MC or Midheaven should have been obvious to you when Jupiter was going through Libra in late 2016 through 2017 with a substantial opportunity to get into a duet, pair or duo. If you did not have that, then please do look at your birth time again as it is possible you may have the MC in quite another sign. Sometimes it is the sign adjacent, so Virgo or Scorpio, perhaps.

      1. Thank you for the reply!

        Unless somehow I can get a “rectified” chart I have no idea how to find out if my time was off. Birth certificate is what I’ve always gone by for my time (since it’s not a round number I assumed it was correct) and my mom just remembers the hour not the minute. I’m very confident that my AC being Sag is correct as I’m very much Sag like and have had quite a lot of transits work out in life to that area. Saturn is a big player too and I’ve lined up events to previous squares and oppositions. Last time he moved into Capricorn and transited my AC I was adopted by my father (biological mother, but adoptive father) and my first Saturn square at the end of Capricorn my parents divorced and then remarried.

        Anyways, the MC is confusing and I can’t think of anything that happened at the end of 2016 through Oct 2017 that presented as an opportunity for some kind of duet. I have been trying to write and publish for some time now, but it’s been a rough road. Pluto has been messing with me for some time in his time in Cap which is my sun 8th. I’ve been working through massive power issues with friends and family in relation to all kinds of 8th house stuff. It’s coming to a head right now which is why I commented. At the end of the year I have to have made progress in my writing or get a regular job and move out again (I live with my parents right now).

        The only thing that ever made some sense with my Libra MC maybe was my heavy interest in psychology and all things related to why people do what they do/why people are how they are. I’m a really good peacemaker/mediator as well, probably bc I abhor conflict. I’m the black sheep of the family and have always been massively different than them and always had view/beliefs/opinions that were different. They are fundamentalist christians and I have never believed as them. Since their beliefs inform every part of their lives and worldview (as many people’s do of course) we have never had the best of relationships. In March there was major chart pressure with Uranus on IC, Jupiter on MC, and Saturn conj SN which brought some family issues to critical mass. I’m hoping this will be some kind of cycle that ends soon. I’m just tired of it all.

        I’m looking forward to my jupiter return next yr though. As I’ve found Jupiter is a major player for my life (maybe bc he’s the ruling planet, but not sure). I’ve done some Jupiter return charts before and have found them to be quite accurate in how a lot of my life plays out for the following 12ish years until the next one. He really pushes a focus in whatever house he’s in (according to whole sign system) and whatever sign the AC ends up in.

        Not sure if I’ll have until Jan 10th before a decision will have to be made for where to live and how for that matter. So, you’re definitely right about the life changing possibly moving situation. Right as Jupiter was moving into Scorpio he brought some new possibilities in the areas of 8th and 6th house stuff (investing/money and health) which may change life quite a lot if pursued and valid.

        I read your 20/20 book and I do have a Jupiter/Apollo/Bacchus grand fire trine. Though you said a Jupiter grand trine is really great to have I’m not 100% sure what it’s about. I assume my luck in relationships (romantic and platonic). I’m a super introvert loner, but I’m quite lucky at making friends without trying when I at least go out of the house and try to be somewhat social. But, not sure what else it might imply.
        I also have a large chunk of a grand sextile with Neptune, Ceres, Ops, Panacia, and Saturn that I don’t know what it means. I haven’t seen that mentioned on your site anywhere or in the book. Do you talk about this aspect anywhere? I have no clue how to read it as it has a few too many moving parts for me to decipher. It looks like a little house in my chart. I’m just missing the bottom point in gemini (according to your 1 degree rule). I was hoping maybe it would give me hints on a way for some stability or grounding in my life. I am very ungrounded naturally and most of time feel at a loss on how to live in this world. I’m often lost in books, mysticism, philosophy, dreaming, movies, tv, internet ect. Basically all the of the Sag/Gem/Neptune/Salacia stuff. It is the bulk of my life. Any info on this partial Grand Sextile I’d really appreciate?

        1. Thank you. For some reason your comment has ended up in a story about football and the World Cup! A sextile, as you ask, is about flow between two chart factors. They work together. They go hand in hand and things happen quickly and easily. There is no such thing as a grand sextile and I am not sure what that is. If you have a grand trine in fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – involving Jupiter, Apollo and Bacchus that is actually far more important. I am sure you know a trine is an incredible pyramid of energy. If you hit Search and look up Sacred Geometry you can see how a trine works. Essentially this is about the world of children and younger people, specifically in relation to foreign places, travel, publishing, the worldwide web, education and academia. When Jupiter moves into Sagittarius at the end of 2018 into 2019 he will trigger your grand trine as he returns and you may find yourself wonderfully involved with younger faces from other cultures and nationalities, for example.

          1. Thank you for the reply! Yes Jupiter has always been very good to me. I rarely ever deal with children in life, but I do seem to have a lot of luck in relationships when he comes around (sag is my sun 7th). As for the grand sextile its not something used often because its not very common to see one. With using the full pantheon as you do it’s probably a little more common. Its a little past my abilities to read for now. I’ve been into astrology for around 15+ yes, but I still feel like I don’t know anything. Lol. I figured you’d use the aspect since you have quite a bit on sacred geometry and it looks very pretty and noticeable in a chart. Here’s a link about it in case you just know it by another name. :).

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