Saturn in Capricorn Predictions

Saturn in Capricorn predictions for your personal birth chart. Your attitude towards work, success and home is about to be challenged.

Saturn in Capricorn Predictions

Saturn in Capricorn predictions for your personal birth chart. Do you have factors in Capricorn? Your attitude towards work, success and home is about to be challenged. Now read more.

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187 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica
    if i’m right Saturn is my rising planet. Where should I focus during its second return in my life? What should I expect to?

    Saturn on 12 Capricorn is standing opposite Aries in Cancer 11 cancer. These two include the big majority of the planets in my horoscope.

    Looking forward

    I thank you

    1. Vivi, you will have your Saturn Return and it’s opposite Mars in Cancer, so you are going to cross a Cancer-Capricorn bridge over a three-year period, beginning with a noticeable change in the environment or atmosphere at Christmas 2017, and taking you to 2020. This is really about figuring out where you come from and where you belong – versus your ambitions for higher status or greater career success. It will totally reshape your life direction and requires a lot of time, space and thought. As I have said to other people with this chart signature, it is about figuring out what success actually means to you. Not other people!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Very interesting, as always!!!

    I only have 1 factor in Capricorn, Bacchus at 10.
    …but I have Mars in Cancer at 11… and Pluto in Libra at 10, if it matters.
    Also the North Node at 12 Scorpio, and SN at 12 Taurus.

    This month I found myself in the initial stages of two businesses.
    One in real estate / construction with a Cancer, born in 1968 I believe – a biz which will start right away.
    The second in beauty / skincare, with a Scorpio born in 1970 – this is in the first steps phase, will meet for a first discussion around January 3rd or soon after.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on these.

    Thank you so much, you’re the best!!!

    1. There is enough in the early degrees of Taurus in the Second House of finance, property and business here to be attuned to 2018 and the changes ahead – stretching into 2019. This has nothing to do with Saturn but everything to do with Uranus, the planet of radical change, liberation, independence and rebellion entering the sign which rules currency, taxation and banking. Uranus tends to arrive with a bang as he is associated wit electrical storms and shock. He will land in Taurus in May 2018, spend some time there, then reappear from 2019 and for many years ahead, your entire approach to what you own, earn or owe will have to be reshaped, no matter if it is still real estate or beauty which concerns you. You may want to look at what is happening with Bitcoin right now. That is your first clue.

      1. Thanks a lot.

        I’m intrigued by Bitcoin, and have decided to start looking into it more.
        But I read somewhere (where you wrote about Uranus in Taurus or the Scorpio factors I believe) something to the effect “forget about Bitcoin”. I always wanted to ask what you meant?! Forget in the sense that it will crash/dissapear or become irrelevant… or forget because there will be better options coming, as of May 2018!? Right now, it annoys me that I didn’t buy some earlier. And I have to plan for investments for when I’m making money out of those business. ;))

        1. Thank you. It’s quite true that anyone who bought Bitcoin just made a fortune. Yet – once we get to Uranus in Taurus in May 2018 – we are going to see the full madness of digital one-world currency emerge. Bitcoin obviously already has competitors. What we are moving towards is a seven-year cycle of absolute revolution when banks and taxation will transform, so that by 2030 we no longer recognise them. You are strongly Taurus and as a simple start, I recommend you keep a journal and watch what happens with cash, shopping, selling, shares and the rest whenever the Moon goes into Taurus every month. Start to get a feeling for Taurus in your chart. When Uranus crosses your Jupiter there will be a shocking, sudden and radical change with the world of charity, property, money or business around you which changes your entire life. Start your journal now. Taurus is actually about values, at the end of the day. What you will or will not sell your soul for, and what you will gladly do for nothing.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    In terms of degrees my question always is: if it doesn’t hit the exact numbers, how will it trickle down to me?

    I am a Capricorn (as you can probably see) with 8 degrees in Sun/Mercury and 29 degrees in Mars?

    Have I already gone through the weather, like Pluto which really affected me between 2008-2011 — or am I going to experience the Capricorn weather later on?

    Thank you

    1. With Capricorn factors from 6 through 29 you will have your ambitions reshaped by Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in stages, now through 2020. Pluto is slowly but surely moving across your Tenth House of success, status, ambition and achievement. Saturn will follow and you will feel it quite early in the cycle, then finally Jupiter and Ceres within three years. I suspect wider changes in your chosen field will affect you. You do not say what your career or unpaid work actually is, but this kind of transit usually coincides with reshuffles, mergers, expansion or even more dramatic choices coming from the top – or sideways, within your actual profession or industry. It’s time to redefine what success actually means.

  4. Hello Jess,

    This one gave me the tingles! The ‘Capricorn’ side of me seems to have been dormant for years but has been slowly waking up – I am more driven than before but I wish I was raring to go! For inexplicable reasons, it’s taken me forever to acknowledge that I’m much more ambitious than I believed and that it was only fear holding me back.

    I only have one factor in Capricorn, MC at 23 degrees. Could I also benefit or see my work life impacted by these transits? Any pointers for me to make the most of it?

    As always, thank you for your guidance.


    1. Thank you. I just mentioned to another reader that I wrote much of this in Bude, Cornwall, where Pamela Colman Smith (the Tarot creator) spend her sixties, before finally passing there. I am sure Pamela was around when I put this online because of the tingles or shivers you are all receiving! S, your MC or Midheaven is doubly important because it is Tenth House anyway – about success – and the Tenth House belongs to Capricorn. Your entire C.V. will transform over a three-year period, slowly but surely. It begins with a climate change in your chosen field at Christmas. This may correspond with changes in the government/s around you or the share market – perhaps, big business. From there, you adapt and adjust, but end up with a completely different view of success by 2020, when life will be rather kind to you.

      1. That sounds wonderful Jess – so lovely to hear good things are in store that too on my birthday! What a great note to start the day on 🙂 Thank you so much for everything you do.

        Very warmly,

  5. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for this – very interesting. I have a question- when Minerva conjuncts Pluto in December they will both opportunities natal Venus. Is that significant and if so how? I am keen to know how this plays out for me. As always I am grateful for your insight.

    1. The opposition to Venus in Cancer pushes you back into your Cancerian side, which is very concerned with your history, heritage, culture and family tree. This is really about a sense of home, or home sickness, or belonging. It may involve your local area, the locals, your relatives or the natural environment – or heritage buildings. Venus in Cancer forms relationships with people who matter on a family or home level, so this is the person who connects, emotionally, through her place or her people. I have seen it in football team supporters whose relatives play on the team, who wave the flag for their suburb every weekend and also take the money at the door. You will have your own story. This part of you will be challenged by other people or life itself, but push back. Pushing back makes you feel more like yourself and that is a good thing.

  6. Good morning Jessica, as always, I am blown away by your writing. Many thanks for such insightful information about the Saturn in Capricorn predictions. I have a stellium in Capricorn with the sun at 19. I am wondering if you have any further advice as to how I should handle the up coming astrological aspects which will affect me so strongly. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. Well, this only happens every 240+ years so it’s big. Pluto crossing your Sun in Capricorn ultimately followed by Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres will have a big impact on your self-image. I also see other chart factors pulled into this pattern so it’s beyond identity, recognition, self-esteem or self-confidence. It reaches into other areas of your life too. I have said this to another reader with a strong Capricorn signature, but it is also true for you. It is time to look at your mountain. Your Everest or Kilimanjaro. Does it still tempt you or do you want another peak to climb? Look at status, success – particularly what success means to you – and think about an update. A lot of your ideas come from stuff that is years old now. You are going to see a massive change in the world, Christmas 2017 through Christmas 2020 and you need to get real about how it literally affects your ambitions or position. This is really what Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres achieve when they all follow each other across your Sun. It may be that you create your own version of success. It might take a long period of picking and choosing!

  7. Are you going to post the week of 11/20 -11/26? It is usually up by this time.


  8. Hi Jessica,

    I only have Capricorn as my ascendant at 3 degrees, does this effect me at all? Also i have many planets and asteroids placed in Cancer and i read that many of these placements will be in opposition with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, will this have a negative or positive affect for myself?

    1. If your birth time is correct then you do have a Capricorn Ascendant, but it is only your image or profile – not the real you. Some astrologers become quite obsessed with the Ascendant or Rising Sign, but it’s like your best jacket for a job interview or the way you present yourself on Twitter. It’s really not a big deal! The Cancer pattern in your chart is strong and important. Yes, it will be challenged by Saturn in Capricorn, then Jupiter and Ceres by 2020. What it will do is put you strongly in touch with your need for a family, a home, a local area/locals and a country/fellow countrymen and countrywomen. It will challenge you to push harder for your people and your place. It will be tremendously fulfilling and quite possibly the making of you, but you are going to have to ‘push back’ as we say in Melbourne! A typical example would be the council trying to knock down an art deco cinema so that a supermarket can be built in its place. Or a government that allows high-rise apartments to be built in a town where the community quite frankly do not want any more people. On a more personal note it may be about your household or family and how you define that and what you owe each other emotionally. Dig into your crab side and use it. It’s powerful.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Pluto and Minerva are going to conjuct my natal moon at 18 Capricorn. What should I look out for and what’s the best way to use the line-up positively?

    Thank you!

    x H

    1. You also have Ceres at 20 and Ops in Virgo pulls up the pattern in your chart (a knitting pattern, if you like). This looks like a change in the balance of power in your chosen field. It will be decisive, life-changing and take until 2020 to finally fall into place. Your Moon in Capricorn ‘needs to be needed’ in your career, and also by people who can help your ambition. Ceres close by suggests quite a lot of powerful and emotional questions here about success – and ‘making it’ – and also not making it, too. You will feel a change in the climate in your chosen field at Christmas as Saturn moves in, but it is Pluto which will bring a person, organisation or situation closer which you find quite dominating. Pluto will teach you to use self-control and willpower, to become empowered and find more control. Unless you do that you may find it quite hard work. From there, we go to Saturn’s pass over this area of your chart and finally Jupiter and Ceres by 2020. So this is more than ‘now’ it really is a rethink, reshape and redrawing of what you would consider to be success, status and achievement in your life.

  10. I’m looking forward to Saturn entering Capricorn, as it will trine my natal Saturn in Taurus. I just was not comfortable with Saturn in Sagittarius! The full moon should be interesting as my natal Saturn is at 11 degrees Taurus.

  11. Hi Jessica

    As always, thank you for the fab article. I have a quick question – I am a bit concerned as you suggest that there are big decisions looming if one has factors at 10,11,12 degrees Capricorn due to the full moon on 2nd Jan 2018; I have ceres at 12 degree Capricorn and more importantly my moon is at 11 degree cancer.

    I wanted to check how this would impact me – full moon in my house of work sounds ominous … I have not had the best time at work this year. Any insights would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

    1. Psyche and Uranus in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property and business are also triggered around the same time as you have quite a wide pattern around those degrees, including the Capricorn/Cancer placements. So clearly this is about work, family, home and money. You’re in a three-year reshape, essentially, starting with Saturn and Jupiter triggering those degrees, then by 2020 Ceres as well (your Ceres Return). Whatever is pulled into new shape in your life is like clay on the potter’s wheel. Let things recycle and transform, as they are meant to do, and also look at your Moon, too – you need to be needed by a relative or flatmate. This has to be balanced with your ambition. This works out for you, but it is also rather important over a three-year period so you may want to find out more about what it means to have those placements.

  12. Very interesting predictions, Jessica! I am wondering whether questions brought up by Saturn in Saggitarius will continue in the years to come. I mean questions migration, terrorism, nationalism, etc. On the other hand, I’ve got Capricorn in my MidHeaven. I am thinking how Saturn in Capricorn will affect my career. Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you. Actually, a bigger deal in your chart is the late degree patterns, and the early degree patterns. You have a lot of factors there taking you from the very end of a sign (past 29 degrees) to the start of the next (past 0 degrees). This is triggered, well and truly, now through 2019, as we find Saturn ending and starting a sign – and Uranus too. You are in transition. You may need to allow more time and space over the next 12 months for the slow end of the old and start of the new, in two or three areas of your life.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I’ll get the triple whammy -hits to sun conjunct saturn; pluto conjunct minerva; full moon 2/1/18 all thanks to my super capricorn stellium. Any further advice you would like to give to help me get through would be appreciated.


    1. Jen, you are strongly Capricorn and so will be dealing with the mountain, Christmas 2017 through 2020. You have to look at the mountain you are climbing now and ask yourself if you want to continue. Every ‘very’ Capricorn woman wants the top and reaches for it – prestige, glamour, success, awards, kudos, the lot! The mountain will change over three years. Even if you stick with your original Everest or Kilimanjaro, it will alter shape and require new tactics. It is also possible you will reject the climb and find another kind of mountain. Capricorn the goat is born to climb, but this unusual Capricorn weather (including Ceres in Capricorn later) means probably the biggest rethink of your life. It’s fine. But you need to figure out what it actually means to be successful.

  14. Jessica, the hairs on my body are all standing up.
    I am about to start a new job tomorrow…it has all fallen into place so easily… a long-advestised position, offered to me within minutes of a second interview. I should be so excited, yet I have the gnawing feeling that I don’t want to work fulltime, my life is too short ( I have four young granchildren). I am only doing so because I need financial independence as my partner offers none of this and in fact, I feel is reliant on me as a “backstop”. (we live in my house and he chooses to work in a commission-only field)
    Can you please shed more light? Do I follow my gut, or knuckle down to see what happens with this job, where all the indications of a very positive, inclusive company culture are evident thus far?
    many, many thanks for your help

    1. Hairs standing up mean your spirit guide just drew closer in your energy field and is inside your aura – the better to communicate with you. There is no perfect world and no ideal solution with this job, but the situation with your grandchildren will change anyway in 2018, 2019 no matter if you take the job or not. The bigger question is, are you comfortable with the power and control this gives you? Only you can answer that.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I have four factors in Capricorn. How will this affect 2018 when Saturn square my decan? How will it work with Jupiter in my 5th squaring Saturn in my 7th? Will Jupiter go bust because of Saturn?

    1. You have Minerva, Hygiea and Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, status, ambition and achievement. I won’t use the angle in Capricorn just in case you were not actually born right on the round hour! It is enough to work with those two asteroids and that Trans-Neptunian object. Basically, you are up for a three-year career reshape. I am using the Natural House system with 0-1 degree orbs so I am going to read your chart that way. Essentially, you already know about Pluto slowly passing through Capricorn and its impact on your professional expertise and wisdom (Minerva) your need to protect yourself and your plans (Hygiea) and your ability to live in a parallel universe or ‘holiday from reality’ with the work that you do (Salacia). Now, along comes Saturn to challenge your way of handling the real world, regarding this. Finally, Jupiter comes along to give you the solutions, breakthroughs and opportunities you have earned. I suspect you will be a mentor, guide, teacher or guru figure by the end – around 2020. Look at Minerva in art and sculpture for inspiration. Owls are her calling card.

  16. Hi Jessica

    Thanks very much for the heads up. My birthday is Oct 3 1972 (10:35 pm) and my life right now is all focused on three things – moving homes as my children go to university and parents need more help, trying to establish myself as a leader in my field, and thirdly – the money consequences involved. Challenging times is an understatement. From this blog, I am now very worried about December 21st. My Jupiter is at 0 degrees Capricorn, so with Saturn and the Sun arriving at that point on December 21st I am starting to wonder if I should be preparing for more trouble than I can handle. I always value your insights. Have a lovely holiday season.


    1. Jupiter at 0 Capricorn and the Node at 22 Capricorn is interesting, Padmini, because it is about good karma in your profession. The idea with astrology is not to worry, but to plan. So you will have Saturn conjunct your Jupiter quite dramatically near Christmas, then by 2020 see your Jupiter Return (the big opportunity, to take a big career opportunity). The two are linked. The reality check you take in December about your mission, position and ambition is not easy, but it will be the foundation stone of the most stunning success once Jupiter changes signs to 0 Capricorn later on. Jupiter in your natal chart is a protector. It is a helper and healer. So it will be well and truly triggered, but whatever takes place will assist you to reshape your position or role later on, with a pretty remarkable outcome.

  17. Hi Jessica..i have Diana at 10,fortuna at 25 and salacia at far this year its being a struggle with finances and home life,its just myself and my son,are we just on a long road of bad luck? My son had head injury in may,his friend took his anger out on my son..all because his sister was underage to get into nightclub,the cops are investigating because of the head injuries,i had to re train my son to walk,close doors etc,it was like having a 5yr old back,and hes 22..and today a letter arrived saying someone has put a personnel claim in against his car insurance..ive seen this guy who put the claim in,theres nothing wrong with him or the bike,but yet hes claiming for a new bike.My son is 29 scorpio,with Aesculapia 20,ascendent. 12,neptune21,uranus 23 in capricorn..its just never ending at the moment

    1. I am sorry about the struggle this year and particularly your son, who truly needs healing. I will come to him in a moment.You have to reach for the money and make it real. You could have a large lump sum within 12 months. You have Neptune and Proserpina in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, banks, settlements, allowances, inheritance, sales, interest rises and so on. This is the cycle of ‘money saved or money made’ but you have major issues about value, cash, reward and worth if you are being honest. Does this ring bells? You were born with Saturn (fear) in Taurus (money) at 16 degrees opposite your Proserpina at 16 degrees. Proserpina is the go-between or middle-person. You play that part, your whole life, with money, houses, possessions or apartments. At the same time, every episode you go through, you have the fear. I do feel you’re going to move mountains with your attitude within 12 months. The key is knowing that you deserve what is possible. Valuing it. Trying for it! We all have a lot of complicated games going on around wealth, value and the rest – much of it inherited from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. Try to see the next 12 months as an experiment. There is money there, or something of tremendous value you could sell. It is within reach as Jupiter (abundance, opportunity) goes through your Eighth House. Make it so. As for your son…his Sun at 29 Scorpio is very close to your Neptune at 29 Scorpio so not only do we have a classic past life connection, you are also both linked to the huge opportunity that is coming next year with money or property, timed for Jupiter’s pass over 29 Scorpio. Your son, by the way, will totally reshape his direction in life now through 2020 and his calling, vocation, paid or unpaid work will be transformed, with the final rewards later on. A woman will help. A strong woman. Not you.

  18. Hi Jessica as ever fascinating! I read with intrepidation what this means for me having 8 placements in Capricorn. I feel I have been reshaping and rebuilding all aspects of my life since 2013, career and social life has all had to be reinvented. 2013 fractured my self esteem and belief. Only stoic determination has got me to a more comfortable Place – the thought of any thing to upset what currently feels safe is concerning. Or is this asking me to build on what feels a solid foundations?

    1. You are strongly Capricorn and will be part of the change you want to see in the world 2018-2020. We are going to see a massive restructure of all the big institutions, like government, business and monarchy. If you can imagine the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Trump Tower going through reconstruction, that’s a good metaphor. You will be directly involved in one corner of that change, in your chosen city or town. There will be quite a dramatic rethink of the way the people at the top should operate and it will have a direct impact on the projects or plans you take up over the next three years. You believe in the system and you work well in the system, but the system is going to transform and you will assist it.

  19. Hi, I know that it was a duplicate comment, but it I was hoping for a response. It has been a long time since any of my comments have been responded to and the last time I did get a response it was to bizarrely to repost a response to a different article from some time ago. Nice new feature though to recognise a repost.
    Thanks, Jessica. This is really interesting. I am feeling a little on the cusp of change. I have hit the top of the mountain and definitely am perched there like a sturdy little goat wondering what next from a career perspective? (I am however, much more lion-like with a stellium of 7 factors in Leo) In particular, my questions are around, how much I still want to leave home, as I spend a lot of time working overseas (so I can see the cancer question in here?) I have my descendant at 14 Cap, (and as I think that refers to your partner, and that ambitious man who was also at the top of his field died last year) and I am wondering if that is my soulmate gone and dusted, or whether my future holds something more, I also have Salacia at 17 Cap, factors at 17 Scorpio, 17 Aquarius, and 18 Virgo. I think that is a square, but dont really know how to interpret that. Hopefully you will assist me there. Thank you so much for your thoughts on what this Capricorn Christmas eve may be presenting. Best wishes Zigi

    1. Zigi, that is the most Mercury Retrograde opening to a comment I have seen in a long time! Okay, so you want to know about Saturn in Capricorn. Your Descendant would only be in Capricorn if you really were born on the dot of 5.30am and I am often gently sceptical about round-hour, neat birth times. However, if your Descendant really is 14 Capricorn and your former partner has passed away, your birth time may be out – Pluto conjunct your Descendant can only happen every 240+ years and would have been typical of this sad kind of event – but if he left this life last year, your birth time may be slightly wrong. Okay – moving onto the real story here – you have Salacia at 17 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Salacia is a symbol of non-reality, parallel universes, escapes from the real world and holidays from reality as well. She was Neptune’s wife in mythology and is often portrayed with seaweed and shells. Like Neptune, she drifts, floats and cruises. In Capricorn, she is a symbol of the work that you do, paid or unpaid, and the extent to which it means departing from what is real, ordinary and normal. Salacia in Capricorn people regularly take up all kinds of unlikely roles or projects and it is very common in the freelance and self-employed world. The triple transit of Saturn, Ceres and Jupiter across your Salacia over the next three years will be very important and of course Pluto is also hovering in Capricorn too, right now, at 17 degrees. You have tight patterns around 17-18 degrees as you say, so this goes beyond ‘just’ a career development. It is about your whole life and personality. It will take time to evolve, but in general, it begins with a question about the people, the plan or the project and the power. The controls. From there, you go through the lessons (Saturn) and move onto the rewards (Jupiter). There is a lot more to this than you might think. For more, do look up Salacia.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Could you please interpret Neptune at 0 degrees in Capricorn.

    This is the only factor I have in Capricorn. Does it mean that person is not very ambitious towards career?

    Also I am thinking about career change. Looking at my birth chart, how this new cycle might affect me?

    Thank you for your insight.


    1. Justina, Neptune in Capricorn means you live in another reality when it comes to your career. You do not live in the real world at all, professionally, and can float in bubbles which aren’t really there! Sometimes the bubbles burst and that requires a lot of time and energy. Saturn crossing 0 Capricorn near Christmas will definitely mean you have to rethink a bubble. If some aspect of your career isn’t really ‘real’ or isn’t really there, it will be more obvious then. So too will any illusions you have had about success, status, work and so on. Later on, Jupiter will cross this same point, so the lesson you learn as 2017 goes into 2018 helps you with a tremendous opportunity by 2020.

    1. Your Jupiter at 3 Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, achievement, status and ambition helps you dole out quite generous favours and help to other people in your career, or in your social sphere, as you were born blessed – and a lot of your professional or social status comes with very little effort. Jupiter in Capricorn people walk into great jobs, or win awards, or get into relationships with people who can hoist them up the ladder in some way. They often know the right people who also help them climb higher with very little effort. In return, you are the kind of person who can assist others and not expect anything back. Largely because of your career, unpaid work or university degree (you do not say what you do, so I am stabbing in the dark) you will find this side of your life and personality is reshaped completely by 2020. First Saturn, then Jupiter and Ceres, cross 3 Capricorn so here we have a professional remodelling, assuming that you work. It is to your advantage but it’s tough at the beginning.

      1. You are so right Jessica! Right now I’m working on my new career as a health and fitness mindfulness teacher. It’s still early stage and the response has been good. Having some paid work and some service exchange (without paid) but I really enjoy what I’m doing and getting really tired of my current full-time job. I have invested a lot of time and money in my new career and hopefully I can take the leap and move on from my current job in few months. I’m glad that the planets are on my side. Is there any specific date or month I need to pay attention to work to my most advantage? Thank you so much really appreciated your insight.

        1. Always jump when the whole world jumps, so you should actually be reaching out when we see the Scorpio weather coming, from October next year. However, keep an eye on May 2018 as well as sudden financial, economic and business shocks will create waves around the planet. What you’re really looking for is out there as a result of that.

          1. Thanks Jessica! I have set myself a timeline to make a huge career change before May and hope the coming months the stars will lead me to a bright future ahead. Fingers crossed it will work as my mind and body already sending me signals that what I have been doing in the past 10 years no longer serve me.

  21. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for another interesting article. I am quite curious to know if Saturn or Pluto in Capricorn could have an important impact on my life next two years even if I don ´t have any planet or asteroid in Capricorn. It is finally only sign in my birth chart without any planet or asteroids.

    Thank you very much!

    1. You are Capricorn free, which means you are not defined by your career or your social status. It does not say anything about who you are. Saturn in Capricorn still has an impact, though, as you are a Sun Virgo and this planet will pass through your Fifth House, which rules lovers, children and young people. Pluto has been doing this since 2008 which may explain why the last 9 years or so, have brought such slow, steady and relentless changes in this area of your life. Saturn across here from Christmas will ask you to ‘get real’ and slow down, thinking carefully about who and what you take on. A pregnancy, for example, or a new lover, in 2018-2019 would be very hard work indeed.

  22. Hello Jessica,
    I was sooo looking forward to this piece (well, hoping you’d write it :)).
    Saturn going through my sun sign Sagittarius was not an easy process – felt deeply depressed when Saturn was conjunct my Sun.

    When Saturn moves to Capricorn, it is going to oppose my Jupiter in Cancer. How could this manifest? Serious issues currently with the taxman -they’re claiming (wrongly) a massive amount of cash from me, so I am disputing this through legal ways. I should probably not hold high hopes that I will be winning the case with Saturn opposite Jupiter throughout 2018 :(.

    Also, natal saturn in 0 degrees Virgo will be aspected by Saturn in Capricorn. Consolidation of my newly found business & establishing some healthy work routines??? Some “power struggles” with my business partner (aquarius stellium). Things will become more clear in that front???

    Thank you very much for your comments

    1. Thank you. This is financial, for you. You are already experiencing some of this, because you are dealing with the taxman. I work with two chart systems. One is your public chart, based on your Sagittarius Sun. The other is your private chart, based on your birth patterns. In your Sagittarius chart, we see three years of change with the money, house, apartment, business. You will have Saturn joining Pluto, and finally Ceres and Jupiter, all in the Second House of finance. That is a total reshaping of the way things work for you, and also how much value you place on things that matter. At the same time, you are strongly Taurus-Scorpio (which is typical of people in business) and Uranus moving into Taurus will radically change how you operate. You have Chiron at 2 Taurus and Uranus will slowly start moving towards 2 Taurus from May 2018. This can only happen once in your life and it is very close now. Uranus is a symbol of revolution, upheaval, independence and freedom. This will come at you from the outside world – to me, it feels like a massive shift with the global banking system, currency, the world economy and so on. It has a personal and direct impact on you, because you have a lifelong pattern of seeing what you can get away with (Chiron) when it comes to money (Taurus). You may want to get to know your Chiron in Taurus better because this side of you is about to wake up. This, combined with the Capricorn traffic in the other chart I use for you, suggests 2018-2020 is a total rethink of the price you put on the things money cannot buy. And of course, the true cost of whatever is happening on the business or property front. The taxation front too. It works out for you. Jupiter in Capricorn is a tremendous reward, in terms of solutions or breakthroughs, but to get to that point, you really will have to take a deep breath and plunge into the changes ahead.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I would love to know your thoughts on my chart and career given my Cappie stellium. As you know, I’ve been through the ringer in 2013- 2016, and have been out airing for a little while now. Career is not back yet (at all), and still in flux as I re-establish myself in a new country. I’ve tried going back to work at universities doing what I used too and got deafening silence. I don’t mind morphing but need security for my little one. So, I’m doing some work in an entirely new area, very grateful obviously. I had started questioning if I was really ambitious or had I lost this old side of myself entirely. I just want security, financial freedom, and to be present for my little one. I believe I’ve become more simple in my desires, and not aiming to the same lofty levels that I once aspired. The biggest focus of my thoughts is getting enough together again to allow my little one some life freedom when older. Really would love a block of land if I can get some Jupiter love to bless me again. Would love to know some outcomes of my unique lineup. xx

    1. This is a life remodel as you might suspect, with first Saturn, then Jupiter and Ceres, crossing the Capricorn-Cancer axis of your horoscope. It happens pretty early on, as you have early degree Capricorn patterns, so 2018 is really the reality check and the time of reckoning, when you will begin to change direction because you have to, pure and simple. You will have your Jupiter Return within a few years and so it is time to look at your ambition. Not just working – succeeding and making it in quite a dramatic way. This really is a long conversation with yourself, as with the Sun at 4 Capricorn in your chart, the very first thing you feel in the cycle is Saturn (reality checks, slow, stuck, serious situations) sitting on that – and decisions will need to be made. This leads to you being in the best possible position to take the opportunities that come when Jupiter conjuncts Jupiter, later on – the Jupiter Return. The strongly Capricorn person never ‘just’ wants security or financial freedom, or even ‘just’ motherhood. There is a basic need to climb. This is the sign Kate Middleton was born under, remember. What you will notice from Christmas is that the world changes around you, so you have to change to meet the world. This is very likely to take place within your chosen field, or one you would like to move into. There may be a shift in the job market for example or the way governments deal with economies. The Capricorn ‘weather’ across 2018, 2019, 2020 is a little like Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Everest. You will find your Everest then you have to figure out how to climb. This goes beyond career into social status. Saturn guarantees heavy weather at the start but then the peak really will be within reach. I should also mention the other Kate at this point. Kate Moss, also Capricorn, climbed from Croydon to Vogue.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    My North Node is in 11 Capricorn. Can you please tell me how it may effect me? Thanks a bunch!

    1. You have previous lifetimes at the top of your career, or the top of the social ladder, having climbed there from a much lower position, in terms of your family class, status or social position. It feels very familiar to climb, but there are also lessons on the way. The North Node is always karma and debts/credits from prior incarnations. When Saturn crosses your Node, there will be a new lesson about that. As AC/DC noted, ‘It’s a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll.)’ In fact, mountain climbing brings its own challenges as well as its rewards. You are most likely to feel this in connection with your career, although it is hard to say more, as you don’t say what you do – or even if you work. Saturn requires more time, space, thought, research, advice so when that familiar moment comes, seek someone who can advise you properly.

  25. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this.. I am going to have my Saturn return this time. And also, we have decided to stay back here in India. It took a lot of time to come up to the decision.
    How does one prepare or can they prepare for Saturn return? What particular dates do I look out for and put in my diary? Saturn return, as you explain, will affect the Capricorn generation. I relate to it. I can see how my friends relate to it. How very interesting! As I recall the birth dates of some of my friends, there is a stark difference in the approach/ style of those who can be classified as the Generation Capricorn and those born before.
    As always, my best wishes to you.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have factors across 1, 4, 8 and 9 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success and status. One of them is Saturn, so you will experience your Saturn Return at this time, but Saturn will actually cross all these factors, one after the other, so from Christmas 2017 into 2018 you will need to make some thoughtful choices about your career (if you work) or your unpaid work (if you have another role). Take your time about this because Saturn cycles cannot be rushed. You may benefit from advice from someone older and more experienced. In general, when Saturn returns, we need more time, more space, more sleep. Life can seem to slow down, or we find that if we rush, obstacles are placed in our path. You are now entering a time when you will need to examine your goals and ambitions very carefully to see what will stay and what will go. Capricorn is really about the top of the mountain – the peak – and it is natural for a heavily Capricorn person like yourself, to want to climb very far, and very high – moving right away from the place, class, family or social strata one was born into. We do associate Capricorn types with social climbing, social mountaineering, but also the kind of professional success that means climbing a ladder. When Saturn comes along, that is put to the test. Eventually Jupiter and Ceres follow by 2020 so this feels like a long-term reshaping of what success means to you.

  26. Jessica thank you for another fantastic article! I have been waiting patiently for this one. I have a Capricorn stellium as you can see. We talked about my December 2017 with Jupiter in Scorpio in a previous article so I am curious how Saturn will play into this. My Juno 1 Capricorn is first up which also trines my Chiron 1 Taurus. So I gather I’m going to commit to something in my career?? And somehow make the impossible possible? Then of course I’ll be hit almost all the way through this transit. Will I make it through this? Feel like I barely survived Saturn in Sagittarius. I appreciate your wisdom and guidance!

    1. Thank you. Chiron at 1 Taurus trine Juno at 1 Capricorn will be the thing you feel first. To translate, you have a lifelong pattern of pushing boundaries (Chiron) and seeing what you can get away with (Chiron) when it comes to money, charity, business, property, possessions. This is where your entire life is a statement about the so-called ‘impossible’ being possible. This goes hand-in-hand with your need to commit to your ambitions, your success and your own status, so one feeds the other. When first of all Saturn moves to 1 Capricorn, then by the middle of 2018, Uranus moves to 1 Taurus, you will experience a major change in your working life – so, from Christmas and then again after Easter, it looks as though there will be a period of testing with those career decisions you have already made. When Uranus comes along to conjunct Chiron, outside forces (market forces, perhaps) will challenge you to either stick to your usual financial path or change it. This whole situation to me feels like something bigger than you – a trend in your chosen field, or a national/global economic trend – which means you’re going to have to adapt and adjust. What you do in 2018 pays off later, as ultimately Jupiter comes along to that same spot, 1 Capricorn and by 2020 you will be in an incredible position. Yet, it does begin with change.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Great article which I related to on a couple of fronts.
    I’m a mid degree Cancer Sun (2nd House) and have the Pluto-Uranus Conjunction (1965) in Virgo which you mentioned in your article.
    I related to the article in 2x ways, my work has been undergoing a constant restructuring process for the past few years. To try and make it short, offshoring, job losses, wage stagnation etc. My dept is affected and we are waiting on how the offshoring will affect us, though this is occurring next year. There are people, including myself, affected by a higher work load, with more complicated works, placed on us by restructuring in other areas but no wage rise to compensate for the changes. There are rumblings within the dept via the Union and potential Industrial Action via the Industrial Relations Commission re the wage issue. Management brush it off, stating your job hasn’t changed.
    Secondly, I’ve being looking at moving, rather slowly, due to over development in the area I live. If I find the right property I will still move regardless of the market. I originally purchased my property during the last time Saturn was in Capricorn. I had issues with Realtors back then been disingenuous and took out a loan, poorly researched, which cost me allot of money to remove myself from. There are current reports that the housing market here is slowing and over supply is becoming an issue, I’ve been expecting as much for a few years now. So I’m wondering if you have any advice or thoughts on the above re Cap in Saturn and still in Pluto, though moving away but still within orb of my Sun.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. So, you are a strongly Virgo person born with the Sun in Cancer. You are almost at the end of the toughest work cycle in 29 years as a Cancerian, because Saturn (slow, stuck, serious situations) has been in your Sixth House, ruling your job. This ends a few days before Christmas. There will be a hangover effect until 10th January but from that point, life will be so much easier, after your increased work load and problems with greedy management! Also as a Cancerian, you have had Uranus in your Tenth House of career for several years, so nothing has been stable or settled. Again, this cycle is drawing to a close – you will have a break from it, from May 2018 and by 2019 it has gone for good. All this happens in your solar chart or Sun Sign chart which shows the public headlines of your life, so very publicly, you will experience a welcome shift in the situation by January, and from May, noticeably more settled conditions, with a totally different direction from 2019 onwards. Throughout this period we also find Uranus moving to Taurus where he will of course trine your Virgo factors. So – also in your personal birth chart we are seeing a major shift in terms of your lifestyle, daily routine, workload and so on. This may come about because there is progress within your current position at last, or because you move on to another way of living and working. I am glad you know about the need for property research when Saturn is in Capricorn and are aware of that opposition ahead – that would not be the time to pursue property sales or purchases as Saturn would be opposing your Sun in the Fourth House. With Minerva in Cancer, though (wisdom about real estate) you know what you’re doing!

    1. Chetan you have patterns across 13, 14 degrees of a few signs, so when Saturn moves across 13, 14 Capricorn (you have quite a long time to wait for that to happen) you will have to take a reality check about home and work at the same time. It comes to us all, and it will be fine. A typical example would be realising you are going to have to work two jobs to pay an increase in rent. Another example might be a fantastic house offer that also involves working longer hours.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I will have Pluto conjunct Minerva on my natal moon and opposite Prosperina Christmas eve. The full moon on Jan 2nd will be opposite my natal Vulcano. My South Node stands at 1 degree Capricorn and I’ve Cupido at 2 degrees Cancer. Can you please interpret what these represent and how I may be affected?


    1. Juno at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property and business is the other thing to watch, as Pluto and Minerva will conjunct your ambitious Tenth House Moon, but also sextile (by one degree) this pattern too – which is all about the commitment you make, to particular agreements about money, houses, apartments, charity, possessions or your company. It all seems to be tied in to your Nodes at 1 Cancer/Capricorn so the over-arching picture of Christmas and New Year is one of major decisions and discussions about the dollars (or anything that translates into dollars). I am sure you know the Nodes are karmic, so this is about some very old debts and credits with people you have known before. It feels as if one end of your life (work) affects the other (home) or career impacts family or personal relationships. Saturn as you probably also know is the reality check – the heavy hand of the real world – and yes, you are going to have to accept that. What happens is ultimately to your advantage, though, as your Juno in the Eighth House tends to look after you when it comes to lifestyle and security.

  29. Holy guacamole, just reading this feels significantly life-changing! It seems I have a stellium in Capricorn starting with Jupiter 1 degree Capricorn and 4 more factors all the way up to 24 degrees in Minerva in Cap to cap it all off! Jessica, I’d be grateful if you could shed some light on what you see as my Cap placements for this coming Saturn phase and the things I am hoping to achieve in higher education.

    I’ve been working in higher education since 2000 and I feel that my stellium in Aquarius has motivated me to buck against the established hierarchy in higher ed to pursue research and practice in the area of open education and edupunk to make higher ed more accessible. However, I’ve had to do this with one foot in and one foot outside of formal higher ed. I’ve spun out my PhD for as long as possible to attract bits of funding and fellowships here and there as the work I’ve been doing, which is now reaching thousands of informal learners and looks to be expanding, has not fit the traditional business model of formal higher ed. I’m now finishing up my PhD, which has also given me the flexibility to care for my mother who is in her final stages of life, and I feel I should now be able to secure a full-time position back in higher ed doing the work in the area I’ve carved out. My plan/ambition now is to gain security through a full-time and hopefully tenured position, so as to help transform higher ed as my work will continue to have a real-world accessibility focus. One of the original purposes for tenure was to ensure the security of academics who were engaged in research that involved some risk. I do believe that higher ed, like many social institutions and organisations, needs to be radically transformed so my focus now will be to infiltrate to subjugate formal higher education from within so to speak.

    1. Actually it’s all about your mother. Your IC at 4 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and MC at 4 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, will be crossed by Saturn at 4 Capricorn, then eventually by Jupiter and Ceres. By 2020 you will understand why there was so much karma with your mother and why past life experiences together, specifically about family issues versus ambition, had to come around again. This is quite separate to what happens in academia which will gladden your heart in 2019, when the opportunity is amazing and the connection with foreign faces and places very satisfying. The over-arching story, though, is about mother and daughter.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your insightful work. I have 17 degrees in Capricorn, my ascendant. Sorry, I’m really new to astrology, so I hope o explained that right. I’m having a hard time finding a job, and think about launching my own consulting business since I haven’t had success. I’m just terribly afraid that I’m not cut out to start this Consulting gig. What do you think this Saturn in Capricorn might be mean for my chart? Should I be looking for a job or start my own business?

    Thanks Jessica!

    1. Don’t worry too much about your Ascendant. It’s only your image. A bigger deal is your Jupiter at 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Jupiter is your protector, your safety net, your luck factor and your best friend. In Capricorn, it means ambition always serves you. In the Tenth House, it means success will come your whole life. Having said that – Saturn conjunct your Jupiter by this time next year is going to really make you work very hard. In fact, you are going to have a reality check. I just had another reader with this same pattern, so I will tell you, what I told her. You need to be a total realist about the way things really are in the field you want to work in, and if necessary climb down from anything that isn’t totally attuned to the way life is in 2018. Further ahead, you will be thrilled at what comes on your Jupiter Return in Capricorn, but you need to take the path that makes the most sense, next year. That may not be what you want. Ultimately, though, whatever learning you do in 2018, 2019 pays off wonderfully by 2020 and that seems to be your mountain top for quite a while – you could happily sit up there and stay there. You were made for a big, pyramid-like structure – politics or corporate life. You understand it and could do very well inside the pyramid.

  31. Hello Jessica:
    I came to your website late, but reading your past articles, I see I could have benefited immensely should I have read your blog as early as last year.
    My entire life has been roller coaster, to say modestly. Currently, I am going through a very difficult phase in my career. I was happy to read your articles about 2018, specially May 2018. But life has made it difficult for me to be optimistic.
    My birth date: April 9, 1966. I do not know my exact time of birth. North Node: Taurus.
    Saturn has never been a friend of mine. Will Saturn in Capricorn add more trouble for me?
    Thank you.

    1. Tom, I don’t think Saturn is anybody’s friend! Welcome to the website anyway. And thank you for your compliment. Your Nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio which is all you need to know. Don’t worry so much about Saturn in your case. You essentially need to become your own best expert on money, taxation, business and the rest, now through 2020 as we have first Jupiter in Scorpio then Uranus in Taurus on the way. You may, or may not care, about the art of saving or making money, but your Nodes suggests you have had many lifetimes dealing with the material or financial world, being both rich and poor, and you now need to bring that knowledge front and centre. Why? Particularly from May 2018 we are going to see some of the most radical changes to the global economy in our lifetime.

    1. Your Capricorn factors are at very late degrees so you really won’t see much change in 2018, but by 2019 you want to be watching what is happening in your chosen profession as there will be restructuring, mergers and for some organisations, collapse.

  32. Hello Jessica –
    Great article! I have stellium in Capricorn and few factors across the chart. How this will impact me? Appreciate your feedback. Regards

    1. Your South Node at 11 Capricorn in the middle of this stellium suggests you have had many lifetimes of being at the top of your profession, or the top of society, and so are very familiar with what it feels like to ‘make it’ and to know what it takes to do that. This will be at the heart of what develops for you in slow stages by 2020 as you will be shown the realities of the system you are in – this may be a professional system, a university system or a social class system. You don’t tell me what you do, so it’s hard to be specific here, but broadly speaking a heavily Capricorn person needs to spend years getting to the peak of achievement and accomplishment. It usually involves going up a class or leaving the family far behind. This is your path and it will intensify within three years, when you have some big choices to make about success and what you are prepared to do, to have it. I am seeing a butler clairvoyantly and feel you progressed to butler from servant in a household of very rich and well-connected people in another lifetime. In the next lifetime you may have become the head of a household and had a butler serving you.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    You may have missed my earlier post what jwith the Mercury retrograde so I’m reposting hoping you will consider my query.
    My chart indicates Mercury,Minerva,Salacia,Ascendant and Fortuna in Capricorn And Pluto,Uranus,moon,Ceres,Vesta and Juno in Virgo. I’m uncertain of next steps. I’m working in a cultural change space trying to address behaviours in the health arena. Your blog has prompted considerations of my current path. I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Frances, no Mercury Retrograde at work here, just a long list of over 4,000 people in the queue today! Health is of course ruled by Virgo and you have a huge stellium here, and your work involves health as a whole, so that’s not a surprise. There is also a stellium in Capricorn, which is your overall career. I’m wary of the birth time as people tend to not be born on the exact hour or half hour, so I won’t use the angles, but I can already see Minerva at 5 Capricorn trine Uranus at 5 Virgo. Consider this your ‘lead’ aspect though as a whole you are tremendously earthy, grounded, practical, ambitious and hard-working. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, often pictured with an owl, who was her father Jupiter’s advisor. She is your inner teacher, academic and expert. Uranus is the old Roman god of the sky who was rebelled against, and then became the catalyst for revolution, unwittingly giving rise to a new world. This is the part of you that is never still, never settled, and often at the heart of great change. You will have Saturn, then Jupiter and Ceres, crossing 5 Capricorn by 2020 and conjunct your Minerva, so this is clearly about your evolution as an instructor or expert in your field. It will be hard work to begin with, then it will be happily life-changing. You may also find that, together with others around your age, in your particular profession, you are the catalyst for a revolution. Once the dust settles in 2020 you will be higher up on the mountain, or have switched mountains, but you will be deeply satisfied, so take the journey. It will actually change your life and change other people’s lives as well. Have a closer look at Minerva.

  34. Hey Jessica,
    Thank you for all of your posts, I always enjoy reading your articles and horoscope predictions! This one really stuck out to me in particular though – – I was hoping you could shed some light?? My ascendant is at 01 Cancer, while my descendant is at 01 Capricorn. Additionally, I have both Uranus and Neptune at 19 Capricorn. I am still trying to understand how the planets in my natal chart relate to one another and form all those crazy angles; so I might have more planets in important positions, but I wouldn’t know it hahah. You wrote about changing perspectives in terms of career, which is something I have DEFINITELY felt over the last few months. I have always felt very clear about the direction that I was choosing to move in – in this area of my life – so this shift has felt really foreign and confusing. I know that a stellium means this is an important moment or defining point in my life, but beyond that, it seems like I am about to be thrown into the Capricorn fire here, is that correct? Thanks again!!

    1. Uranus conjunct Neptune at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is extremely important. Everything else falls away by comparison, in fact. You are changing your perspective on your career which is typical. There is more to come. Pluto will cross 19 Capricorn, followed by Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres and as you may have gathered from reading other comments here, this is a slow, three-year process of transformation. You really have to begin with what it means to have an exact Uranus-Neptune conjunction at 19 Capricorn, and yours is also opposite Mercury at 19 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, home, property, roots, heritage, culture and history. You can never have the career pattern without also pulling in this other pattern about your place, and your people. You may have even started life, as a baby or toddler, with a family that moved home, or one parent whose career changes very much affected your nursery existence. What is to come will ask you to examine your ambition, to either do well in your chosen field, or to climb higher on the social ladder. It will happen slowly and gradually over a period of three years, but by 2020 you will have been thrown enough challenges and opportunities to be absolutely clear about what your path is and what your position should be. We associate Cancer-Capricorn with people who leave home to get ahead, sometimes because they have to, and sometimes because they want to. It is the mark of the person who goes from the country to the city, or who has to leave behind the family or the class/culture in order to do well. I expect what goes on in your chosen profession, industry or part of the world by 2020 will ask you to look at all this.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    yet another interesting and great article from you, thank you.
    Please could you say how this works out in my case, having in Capricorn 11 Moon, 0 Jupiter and 26 North Node. Since the layoff, I am trying to find my ground, feel somewhat overwhelmed by the enormity of the chosen area (leadership coaching and development) and how to start my business prepared and with sense. Also, I feel the strong need to grow as a person, listening and reading spiritual topics, which helps me.
    Thank You.

    1. You have enough Capricorn elements in your Tenth House of career to warrant a big amount of research into your chosen field, but also in other fields as well, because Saturn across your Jupiter at 0 Capricorn in the Tenth House at Christmas will be a reality check. Saturn tends to show us the way people really are – and the way life actually is – and it can be rather challenging. At the same time, the challenge is to do the homework and research thoroughly before it happens. So now that you have time out from work, use it to pore over what is actually going on out there. It will pay off long-term when you have your Jupiter Return at the other end of the path you end up choosing. It is often the case that people bank on a particular career area then Saturn comes along and they realise there is no work there, or there is little security – so they have to choose something that is far less enticing but a lot more stable. Saturn basically says ‘This is the way it is’ and we have to deal, but after your initial adjustment across December-January it should start to make more sense and you can adapt.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I have my sun in Capricorn at 22, and ASC at 0 Cap, plus Vesta at 15 and Proserpina at 3
    I’m finishing up my Phd which was a complete change from my work in gender rights and I was wondering if I would go on to publishing or go back to my previous profession – my saturn is in 14 Cancer – I love your site – hope you’re enjoying the wild windy British weather x

    1. Starting with Bacchus at 4 then moving onto your Node at 9 Sagittarius, it is possible to see how Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 2018 will help you reshape your publishing career (or a path in education/academia) to your total delight. Jupiter was known to the Romans under many titles but one of them was Optimus Maximus so once he enters your Ninth House of knowledge, digital and traditional publishing, travel and foreign people and places the sky really is the limit. Lay the ground and prepare the foundations. It’s rather hard at the moment as Saturn is still there in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde too, but as 2018 rolls on, sharpen your focus on what you want and start creating fertile soil for something big to grow, because it will. This happens alongside the Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres and Pluto transits in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, so you’d have to say, Christmas 2017 through 2020 is going to permanently transform everything. You share Neptune in Sagittarius with millions of people who speak your language, but perhaps also your second language (if you have one – it is very common with strongly Sagittarian people to be bilingual). You also share the dreams of a generation, in terms of being perpetual students of life, as well as globe trotters, and I have a feeling that you can all dream bigger together in 2019.

  37. Hallo Jessica,

    Thank you for another great article!

    I have two values in Capricorn : Descendant 18.53 and Bachus 15:00 degrees.

    Please can you have a look at my Chart/values above on how am I going to be affected from Saturn in Capricorn?

    I am a Premium member too.! Hope this message won´t dissapear like the last two Messages from me .

    Thank you so much in advance,


    1. I am sorry about the disappearing messages – I can see the queue is now up to 4,465 people so perhaps something got lost there. Don’t worry so much about your Descendant and Bacchus in Capricorn. A far bigger deal is your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of finance, business, charity and property and your huge Taurus signature too. The time has come to start reading all the business and financial pages, J, with the biggest microscope you can find. You can make or save a lot of money by the final quarter of next year but you need to know what is going on out there, and you need the best advice you can afford. It may be tax breaks after new government budgets. It may be innovations like Bitcoin. Just get on it!

  38. Jessica, Now that is a great article and easy to understand, I remember the last Capricorn placements as a terrible memory, everything in my life especially 1990 was terribly hard with Jupiter opposite Saturn, have to say its keeping me awake at night now about what is to come especially as the eclipse opposite Pluto in July is on my birthday and my friend and several friends who all have Uranus at 19 or 20 degrees Cancer, You once said 6 degrees of separation, well, feels more like 2 degrees in my life just lately.( you taught me that about numbers) You also said that the women born in the 1950’s would feel better off with Jupiter in Scorpio ( giving us our pensions back)? do you still think that? it has hugely affected my self esteem and my lifestyle, now Saturn opposing with Pluto again I really am ready to throw in the towel. This morning awoke with “Stop the world I want to get off” Hilarious. Sorry so many questions. Thank you for your valuable time.

    1. You were born with Juno, Hygiea and Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition. Thus, you know how to make serious commitments to employers or organisations and are a good example of someone who can be married to the job. You are also extremely cautious about your career and tend to anticipate problems before they happen and take firm steps to protect yourself. Finally, Salacia suggests a professional life spent on projects and roles which are not real, nor ordinary, nor everyday; they are an escape from the real world on some level. I have absolutely no idea what you do, and you’re not telling me, so I am speaking in very general terms here! Essentially your mountain top will alter from Christmas through 2020, which is what I am saying to so many heavily Capricorn people. You may want a different peak or a different mountain to ascend. A transiting eclipse, by the way, is just a blind spot. No need to worry. Just skip that period for judgements as you won’t see/can’t see. I suspect the entire industry or profession will go through a moment of truth. And finally, yes, Jupiter in Scorpio will help any woman in her fifties, as Jupiter (opportunity) crosses your Neptune in the Eighth House of finance, taxation, property and insurance.

    1. Yes, you are dominated by Capricorn and so are ambitious, both in terms of social mountaineering and your chosen field in life. You were born to climb and now you are about to tackle the biggest adventure of your life, as Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres are all transiting your Tenth House of success, ambition, position and mission. Christmas through 2020 you will need to examine your C.V. to date and ask yourself if you are still on the right path up the right mountain. Sometimes people switch careers on this transit, quite dramatically, or decide to opt for a different role, like full-time volunteering, or full-time parenthood. I suspect that your particular profession (you don’t say if you work or not) is about to go through the biggest reality check in 29 years as Saturn will sweep through. However, whenever there are wake-up calls, people tend to make changes, and those benefit us later. This will also happen for you once Jupiter arrives.

  39. Hi Jessica!! Its been a while since I wrote. Saturn sends shivers down my spine when I think of it conjuncting my son’s Chiron at 13 Capricorn, and opposing his own natal Saturn at 8 Cancer. Learning to cope with life born with disabilities, my cheerful baby is a Virgo ascendant born on Aug 11, 2003, 0715am, 19.0759837, 72.8776559. Is there anything I can do to enhance his transit or make it easier for him?

    I also have a bunch of oppositions to my Cancer placements coming up. What should I look out for?

    1. Actually, the question about your son and your Cancer placements are related as you have a Cancer signature in the Fourth House of family. Your son didn’t actually have an opposition (unless you use really wide orbs) but Chiron in Capricorn is a symbol of someone who gets away with the so-called impossible, unthinkable or irrational in his life as a student, as a volunteer and finally as a professional working person. I am sure you know Chiron was the centaur who was also a teacher. He was not ‘supposed’ to have that role as a half-horse, half-human, but he did. Your son is also a Sun Leo who has Pluto in his Sixth solar house of body/workload/lifestyle for many years, having entered there in 2008, when he was about five years old. If he can use his willpower and self-control where his body is concerned he will become powerful and also find control. In fact, it is the path to empowerment for him. This means him saying ‘No’ to himself a lot when he wants to say ‘yes’ (over food, for example) and also forcing himself to do the work – whatever that work is. Yet, his self-esteem and self-respect will skyrocket. What you don’t want is someone who uses his disability to get what he wants, which I am sure you know all about – Pluto in the Sixth solar house of the Leo chart can sometimes lead to children or young teenagers actually trading on the illness, the disability, the medical condition (or whatever) to manipulate a situation. Mars, Saturn, Apollo and Ops in Cancer in your Fourth House will all be opposed by Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres from Christmas through 2020 and that’s really about digging more deeply into what it means to be a mother. Also what it means to belong to one or both sides of your family tree, very intensely. The oppositions challenge you to become what you are. He will obviously have conjunctions crossing his Chiron, which also helps him become who he is – the person whose very existence overturns other people’s ideas about what is possible/allowed where his chosen talents, skills or special interests areas are concerned. Thus, he teaches those around him. Saturn crossing 13 Capricorn is the hard part and Jupiter crossing 13 Capricorn is the reward. Your Mars at 15 Cancer is very close, so your son goes through a crossroads first, then you get it soon after that. When Jupiter crosses your Mars it will be a time of tremendous opportunity, solutions and breakthroughs for the family.

      1. I have tears in my eyes as I read this. Thank you so much for your detailed answer. My son has some brain damage due to which his functioning is affected. I started intense physical exercise with him, with the intention of forcing his neurons to cooperate and help his executive functioning, that’s the ability to say a tough no when needed. He loves being on stage(LEO all the way) and has been going for voiceover training. I have to dig in deep to help him overcome his challenges, and keep his self esteem and confidence sky-high. But I am proud to say I have been doing it, all by myself. Spirituality has been my anchor, and I won’t shy from saying your words have also given me a lot of solace in dark times. Bless you 🙂

        Loads of love

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I just became a Premium Member- If you can- would welcome any insight into my chart which has a lot of Libra & Sagitarious & Cancer in it. Especially how the coming Saturn/Pluto transit will affect me re: health/marriage of my spouse & me.Also how separated me & adult children will be in coming 2018 through 2020. My Birth information is born April 14, 1946 Sag Asc- Sun Aries- Moon & Jupiter/Neptune in Libra -Saturn & Mars in Cancer- Venus Taurus. So enjoy your articles, blog and the website. Thanks very much , Kathleen.

    1. Kathleen, you are not logged in so I can’t see your personal birth chart unfortunately, but in general you have some karma to complete with the children, which will end next year. This will actually go back several years into their childhood but also back several lifetimes too. Once the karma is complete then actually, you can settle into far more predictable and steady times. You will also find that your relationships with former, current or potential partners settle down after May 2018, then actually resolve into more predictable patterns from 2019. Your new challenge is to manage your money and the best financial advice you can afford after May 2018 is a smart idea. Thanks to the internet and smart phone technology, we are going to move into a fast-paced wild, wired, weird new world of ‘money’ over the next few years and you need to be on top of what is coming, in order to surf through the waves of change.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    There is so much happening in my chart. I am heavily Capricorn with 10 factors in Capricorn at least 5 of then at 16 17 18 Capricorn. I also have my south node at 18 degrees Aquarius. I am a generation Virgo with Virgo in both Uranus and Pluto. I several factor at 0 degrees and I am in my Saturn return. Of course Pluto is travelling through Capricorn just recently passing over my natal Capricorn 16. Apart from this have a direct impact on my ambition, success, etc. are there others areas of my life that will be impacted. Any guidance you can provide would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you!!

    1. You are heavily Capricorn and so have some intense weather as Pluto is followed by Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in this sign, over the next few years. Pluto is always about a deep change in the balance of power so you are going to see reshuffles, resignations, appointments, mergers, redundancies in your chosen field over a period of some time. Each time there is a game of musical chairs it is important that you find your chair when the music stops. Pluto will teach you how to become empowered – by using your self-control and willpower – because if you don’t, you are likely to find you have difficulty playing the game. Saturn is always a test of your ambition and mission. Give yourself more time and space and possibly more sleep hours, over this transit, which you will notice from Christmas – probably because of headline developments affecting your chosen field, industry or profession. This is the climate change in your chart. By the time Jupiter and Ceres arrive in Capricorn you will have done the work and taken the test. If your current path is not truly right for you, then it will have to change. I suspect that this is not just about you, it is about the entire pyramid-like or hierarchical structure in your chosen institution or organisation and the way that pyramid functions (or does not). You might call this corporate culture and if I knew that you worked for a corporation (you don’t say what you do) then it would be pretty obvious that middle management through to the board of directors is going to be powerfully affected by what is to come.

  42. Hello Jessica,

    I am curious as to how this Saturn in Capricorn will affect me as I will have a Saturn return at 25 degrees in 2020. That and the fact that I also have Uranus , Vulcano and Vesta also at 25 degrees makes me think this could be a big deal. What would be helpful for me to watch for?Thanks!

    1. Deirdre, you also have the Node very close by at the same degree in Leo, along with Uranus in Leo making an exact quincunx in your chart. All of which tells me…this is about your role as ‘Queen’ to a younger court (your own, or other people’s children – perhaps younger people as a whole). Capricorn and the Tenth House are always about mission, position and ambition, but as you encounter a tremendous test of intention on your Saturn Return, you will also automatically be looking at the relationship you have with younger faces, born 20+ years after you. You may want to look at the last time you had transits across this degree. The fact that the Node is triggered so soon afterwards suggests karma and past life debts and credits in your role as Queen to a younger court – perhaps your heirs or spares in this lifetime have relationships going back with you many generations. Leo is usually associated with godchildren, nieces, nephews, your own sons and daughters or grandchildren. It is occasionally about children en masse.

  43. Thank you so much for your reply Jessica, Salacia at 9 degrees Capricorn, yes, looking backwards at 1989 and 1990 yes I had cottoned on to 9 degree Capricorn when I lost the love of my life, I was a very professional estate agent, but, now I just make things.( Carer for husband) Anyway, thank you for answering all my questions a thousand times Jessica, appreciate it very much. PS.. on November 13th on the Jupiter/Venus conjunction, I had an email to say that the great Michael Mansfield QC is to take the 1950’s women stolen pensions on as a human rights issue, he he SOS, the Silence of Suicide, I thought you might like to know that, we have all collectively funded a film called “One Voice” coming out soon about the impact of having no State pension. So, no wonder the 1960’s women will rise up.

    1. That is so interesting about your film – and well done for making it happen. The Sixties women are most certainly rising up, it’s fascinating to watch. By 2020 we will see all those Capricorn trines to the Virgo placements of the Sixties women, taking effect. Forget corporations. It’s going to be about individual business and money-making/money-saving. No more pyramids but lots of sphinxes and minxes making a lot of cash out there.

  44. Hello again Jessica-I posted a comment on Nov. 23, 2017 & received general reply as I was not logged on as Premium member so my personal birth chart was not on view. I am posting this comment as I have logged on- hope my birth chart shows a forecast re: relations with my spouse, adult children, health & travel. Any information re 2017 through 2020 is much appreciated. Again thank you for such an informative website.-Kathleen Riley

    1. Thank you Kathleen. The most important thing I can pass on from your birth chart is that the worst is almost over with all the obstacles you have experienced, or the waiting games or disappointments. You have a huge Gemini-Sagittarius chart signature and Saturn has been sitting on that for about two years. Christmas is the relief and release; mid January is the green light. Even more importantly you have a ton of factors in Libra in the Seventh House of professional and romantic partnership. You were born to be in one or more pairs and can now spend a few years exploring that. You could work with an ‘other half’ and also balance the scales with a sexual partner. Beyond that, there is the set of scales you get to balance with your ex lover, and maybe one more double act. Your chart is basically Batman and Robin, Laverne and Shirley, French and Saunders, Bonnie and Clyde, Sonny and Cher. Two-ness is your life mission and you will be exploring that for years. I might also add Noah’s Ark as you will attract pairs of animals or birds. That’s your psychic news flash.

  45. Hi Jessica, I seem to have run out of steam with my current field of bodywork and wanting to go more into spiritual healing/ channeling etc remotely via Skype. Is this looking likely it’ll flow for me? I am ambitious and want to succeed however am not feeling guided as to how to bring it all into being and when.
    Also just started to work on an idea with Taurean partner to sell products online. I have 6 planets in Capricorn so how will this affect me with these ideas please? It feels like a lot of energy/planets in Capricorn compared to the others in my chart. Appreciate your insight as always. ME

    1. ME, you are trying to do all this while Saturn is still in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of internet, education, teaching and the rest. Mercury Retrograde is also there. Use now through January 10th as a first attempt or dress rehearsal then figure out what you are doing once we are finally in the clear next year, second half of January. That would be my straight astrological advice. Your Taurus partner is also being affected by this Saturn/Mercury cycle. I am seeing greeting cards or e-cards or postcards, clairvoyantly. What does that mean to you?

  46. Dear Jessica

    Hope you see this. Another astrologer wrote this for Libra Career 2017 prediction –

    Life is going to get harder from 2018 and you will regret not having grabbed your opportunities to change your life in 2017 – saturn in Capricorn.

    Is that true?

    Saturn will oppose Diana & south node in Cancer. What would it be like? Becoming a single mother of three earlier inthe month I am just worried I may not make the ends meet. For the moment, I make sure that children study well and feel well. I sponsor a child’s education since June 2017.

    Thank you for all comments in the past.

    1. I disagree. The fact is, if you have the Sun in Libra (you are a Libran) then you are experiencing not only Saturn in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and unpaid work, but also Pluto, then ultimately Jupiter and Ceres. You can’t really isolate 2018 from a long-term, three-year pattern and it has the most wonderful ending. Your worries are money, and your children, and also the child you sponsor (well done). Are you bilingual? Would you be willing to take free lessons online? You are strongly Gemini and could work from home doing administration, organisation, digital assisting and so on. Not now, but beyond the second half of February. You also need to reach out to a woman who could (and should) be helping you. You are also not the only one. There are a bunch of women who are also single-parenting and you can help each other, also. Look to the world of books, websites, social media, education and academia for your breaks. If you really want to reshape your life direction, you will. Saturn will be tough at the start but he is no more important than Ceres, who comes along later. She will empower you if you want it.

  47. Dear Jessica ,

    Hope you are well , have enjoyed reading your articles . Thank you so much for sharing .
    This one in particular I find intriguing , could you please share your insights on what you think may unfold for me in the months ahead .
    I have two Capricorn factors –
    26° Capricorn 30′ 33″ R ,
    14° Capricorn 38′ 54″

    my dob :4.7.1968 ( 12 :05am )
    son : 25.3.2005 ( 4:07 pm )

    After months of effort have managed to find a part time job , finding one was big challenge for a single parent .

    I have also been thinking of starting an event ( film festival ) utilizing contacts from previous line of work , do you think it would be worthwhile , profitable , if yes when do you think would be a good time to launch it and when a favourable time to begin work on it .

    I am so very worried about sons schooling , will I be able to keep him in the same school , organize fees ? Mercury retrograde always a challenging time and not feeling very confident at the moment , will appreciate your valuable advice , thank you so much for your time .

    1. Thank you. Salacia in Capricorn is most certainly about the film world, as she is a symbol of ‘other realities’ and anyone with Salacia in her Tenth House tends to work in one or two ‘other worlds’ which don’t really bear much relationship with the ordinary and everyday. You could certainly set this up as a long-term goal and give yourself the whole Capricorn transit to get there – right up until 2020 when Jupiter arrives. If you wanted to pursue this, wait at least until Mercury is out of shadow, from the second half of January. I suspect your best bet would be international or foreign language films as we are about to enter the glorious Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle in 2019 and the whole world will want to meet…the whole world. Salacia is usually about two lines of work so your part-time job could easily be the second one, or you may actually find a full-time job but keep your film festival idea to one side. I am sorry you are worried about your son’s school fees but your little Aries is not the only child in this situation. Ask around and find out how other people are managing. He is actually up for a few useful years of discovering what the real world is like and although the lessons will be hard work, they will pay off for him as an adult. He will always be able to take life on the chin and be practical about it. I also get that you need to look at the ‘extras’ in his school and see what they cost.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    I have south node in Capricorn at 21 degrees and I’m a Gemini with Libra rising. Does having south node in Capricorn in the natural 10th house chart mean that the Saturn in Capricorn transit will bring more demanding work or difficult work prospects? I’m currently employed, don’t enjoy my workplace, planning to return to my former freelance career next spring.

    1. You need to read your whole chart to get the full picture, but in general, Saturn conjunct your South Node in the Tenth House will bring tests and trials relating to your ambitions, as you have had many lifetimes of climbing to the top. This time round you are still scaling that mountain, searching for success or status, but Saturn will slow you down and make you think harder about what ‘making it’ actually means. This is part of a total life direction reshape, as not long after this, Ceres and Jupiter will also conjunct your Node.

  49. Jessica- Very grateful for your insights re my chart – you have lifted my spirits for upcoming future. Very best wishes to you in the time ahead, Kathleen R.

  50. Hi Jessica, great article. I am one of those Virgo individuals born with the Pluto Uranus conjunctions with an exact Saturn opposition from Pisces. I have Neptune in Scorpio sextiling (somewhat closely) my Virgo placements. Based on your article, I’m very curious how the Saturn Jupiter Ceres in Capricorn placements will impact my future career. I’m currently revising my career goals but quite unsure which direction to turn. With Salacia and Ops in Capricorn not sure how the coming Capricorn weather will affect any new career options I may decide on. Could you expand on what this upcoming 3 years might bring for me? Thank you so much Jessica, I find your way of imparting the astrology story so beautiful and insightful.

    1. You could pretty much just take your opposition from Saturn at 14 Pisces in your Twelfth House to Uranus at 14 Virgo in your Sixth House, and Pluto at 15 Virgo in your Sixth House – and work on that for the rest of your life! Fortuna at 14 Libra in your Seventh House is also part of the pattern. If your career is your priority, it helps to remember that you were born as part of a generation who incarnated to take charge of work. In previous lives you may have been working class or ‘in service’ as part of a household, for example. This time round you still have that keen work ethic but you are being given the tools to be your own boss, or work from home. As we are about to see a long, slow transit of Saturn, then Jupiter and Ceres at 14, 15 Capricorn this will be well and truly triggered over the next three years, as massive change in the corporate and government sectors puts you in a position where you have no choice but to discover just how much will power and self-control you have; this will help you turn around your working life. The Libra placement is really about the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partners and for some reason, this always goes front and centre in your life, every time the work options come around too.

  51. Hi Jessica, Saturn in Sagittarius has been a hard slog, but I have to say I’m dreading Saturn in Capricorn … I don’t know I can weather the financial pressure transiting my eight house, as I’m going into this with absolutely nothing (lost everything in the divorce and aftermath) and currently no job!! It seems grim!
    Further, whilst I have my ascendant in Capricorn, I’m also going to be affected when Saturn opposes my Cancer factors? Give it to me straight – what can I expect?! How can I prepare, or deal with this?
    Thank you!

    1. Hmmm, well you have to read both house systems to see the money picture. Publicly, as a Gemini, you will have a total reshape of your money, business and home through 2018-2020 but remember it ends with 12 months of Jupiter’s abundance, luck and opportunity. Privately, the same house (Eighth House) is ruled by Scorpio in your chart and you have Neptune there at 18 degrees, so when Jupiter moves to 18 Scorpio you will have a huge, happy holiday from reality. Your whole generation will experience it actually, so I am wondering what the government has in store for you all, or perhaps the economy in general. So, yes, a total reshape – in both house systems I use for you, public and private, it’s really clear that you will use absolutely all your existing resources (even though you have forgotten about, or perhaps do not value) plus new options, to turn everything around. Don’t worry about your Capricorn Ascendant, it’s just your image. Nothing more.

  52. Jessica, I feel quite concerned about
    the future. Having had my life turned upside down in 2007-08. Again in 2013-14 – finally I have found peace in 2017.
    I am watching blockchain and crypto currencies and have a strong feeling I am supposed to DO something but have not an idea of what. I have 5 aspects in Capricorn and nodes are Scorpio / Taurus. I am an Aries with Scorpio moon but feel like a Libra as I am all about balance. Please give me insight how best to navigate upcoming changes. Thanks SO much!

    1. You are way too early, actually. Probably anticipating the changes six months before they start to happen. Keep on watching the strange new world of cybercurrency and staying on top of it. You would be further ahead than most people who are in denial about what is taking place. You are also way ahead of your life direction change which happens in stages from Christmas now through 2020. Essentially you are a climber. You will change the mountain you want to climb in 2018, either switching peaks or actually finding a new Everest for yourself. You do well in structures, hierarchies and systems but you also need to find a new game to play over the next three years, as the game is changing. By 2020 you will be absolutely on top of where you need to be in terms of your life direction, status and ambitions.

  53. Hi Jessica. Brilliant article. Was wondering what the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter to my natal Pluto and Fortuna represents. I have a job interview next week but it doesn’t seem something promising. I have been trying really hard to get a job and all year has been dominated by challenges and brick walls, a truly painful Saturn Return. Furthermore, Saturn conjuncting my Neptune – what could that mean? Aside from my chart, clairvoyantly can you give me any advises regarding Jupiter? Huge thanks in advance .

    1. Thank you. I am sorry the job situation has been so tough. Jupiter is really about expansion, growth and solutions and as he passes Pluto and Fortuna in Scorpio in your Eighth House, you will find you are empowered (Pluto) and passionate (Pluto again) about what can be done with the house, business, apartment, charity or money. The door will open so go straight through. Fortuna is that part of you which spins the wheel of fortune for others, without realising what you are doing, so this sense of you controlling things in quite a powerful way is very strong. As always with Pluto you have to be aware of what is fair and balanced. It’s so easy to power-trip others over the finances, property, company or whatever. I am sure you would not want to do that. Yet it is pretty clear you are going to be in a potentially quite controlling position. A typical example would be realising that you are the landlady and your friend just became the tenant!

  54. Hello Jessica, I hope I’m not too late to receive a reply. Just noticed this blog and since I have 8 aspects of Capricorn in my natal chart including my North node any advise you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. Just wrapped up a almost 4 year divorce. I could use some guidance going forward. Thank you. Admire you so much. Beverly Farquhar

    1. Beverly I am sure you are pleased to have ended the divorce. You are now in life direction reshape mode. It starts quite intensely in December (now) and from January you will be talking quite seriously about your role, no matter if this is paid work or unpaid work. Capricorn is really about ambition to get to the top in terms of status or success and although 2018 will really test your resolve it is the beginning of the most important climb of your life. You will find that by 2020 you have made remarkable progress and at last understood what it means to be the mountain goat who scales impossible heights, one step at a time. You will need more time, space and rest to do this as 2018 and 2019 will really test you, but it will also be the making of you, as you will see in 2020.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    So I’ve been looking at the January ephemeris, and holding it up to patterns in my chart, to try and get a working feel for your approach.

    Because of the late December Jupiter transit, I started with a simple Mercury 16 Cap sextile Proserpina 16 Scorpio, (though of course 16 degrees is also close to my MC axis at 17 Leo).

    What I didn’t anticipate and what I’m looking at now is the traffic of Jupiter, the Nodes, Cupido, Mars, Diana, Ceres, the Sun, Venus, Psyche, Fortuna, and Proserpina all hitting the 16 degree mark, and many of them conjunct those signs and forming a fixed sign t-square during January.
    Suddenly, that little two-planet pattern had a lot of company :-).

    My question is about putting it all together.

    I’m reading the sextile as a communications skillset that enables me to be a go-between in a deeply serious business arrangement between two powerful people.

    I see the skillset being activated by some karmic transits, and that the outcome of this agreement can impact the destinies of those involved in some way and also leave some kind of legacy that outlives the arrangement.

    But then I get to Cupido and Diana, and Venus and I can’t quite fold that all in, except maybe to watch out for seduction in business?

    Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with this. Years ago I studied with the great Alice Howell, but was more on the Jungian side of things. Your approach inspires me because it’s fun–it has a conversational quality to it–and I love all of these characters, facets of ourselves.

    Thanks so much again for your insights and lovely work. You are a truly blessing. Have a wonderful holiday season.


    1. Thank you! How amazing to have studied with Alice Howell. As a Jungian you will be very interested in the synchronicity around Mercury and Proserpina because those symbols (the winged messenger, the pomegranate) tend to turn up when we have transits. You do have a ton of ‘weather’ crossing that sextile in your chart, which will bring it alive. You are reading your sextile correctly. You may want to go into the myth more, especially about Proserpina. This period of weather will benefit you as Jupiter expands whatever he touches and there is also quite a close aspect to your MC. If your birth time was spot on then you will also see your ambitions coming to life at the same time that you stand to gain or save through money, property, business, charity and the rest. Proserpina was a powerful person because she was so important to two sides/two people/two worlds. Mercury is rather similar as he was the go-between who connected gods and humans. So in general that transit of Jupiter (the leading planet here) along with the asteroids and faster-moving planets, suggests 2018 is really about a major deal or agreement with you at the centre of it. This also reminds me of the book, The Go-Between, by L.P. Hartley, for some reason!

      1. Ooh, I’ll have to revisit that book.:-) Synchronicities abound. It just so happens I watched the movie “Norman” last night, about a New York fixer–amid reports of a Coyote sighting in my neighborhood. Too funny. Really looking forward to downloading your classes in the Spring. Thanks so much for all of it. X

  56. Greetings Jessica!

    I am off topic, but I just had to let you know this! Last June 7th you answered a question for me regarding a “real estate” deal my boyfriend and I were dealing with.

    One that was greatly delayed and turned legal with a contentious and greedy Scorpio(n).

    You suggested that if we could hold-off until Oct-Nov. things could turn around as the astrological climate would shift more favorably in our signs (Leo,Libra).


    We have purchased the home (outside) of dealing with that woman, who was the executor of her late sisters estate (of whom she hated).

    Everything ended up flowing rather smoothly once she was removed.

    You of course, as we all know, are fantastically AWESOME and truly gifted!

    Thank you again sincerely for giving me the confidence to follow your sage advice and put patience into motion!

    Your generosity in offering your wisdom and insight, of answering our questions (personally), is such an unselfish and caring act that I value tremendously!

    Many Blessings and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  57. Jessica,

    I just joined as a member as I really enjoy your site. No idea whether I have any Capricorn factors and how Saturn in transit would affect. Would be very grateful if you can provide any insight.


      1. Jessica, if you can see my chart now, would greatly appreciate your response. I know you are WAY too busy so no rush. Best, A.

          1. Hi Jessica. It appears I have Minerva at 0 Capricorn and Bacchus at 5 Capricorn. How will Saturn transit in early Capricorn affect me? Would be very grateful if you can provide any insight.

          2. Well, you can figure this out with my book, 2020 Astrology, which is free to read on Amazon now. Minerva in Capricorn is your wisdom about your career or other role in life. You will have Saturn (reality checks) passing Minerva within days so you obviously have to adjust and adapt your role (you don’t say what you do, which makes my life harder!) to a rather new set of circumstances. Saturn is about people, organisations and trends which are unavoidable, somewhat inevitable and always hard work. But really, my book has it all laid out for you. Don’t worry about Bacchus yet. Focus on Minerva.

          3. Jessica, it’s wonderful to read your replies. Thank you. i just want to inform you that your 2020 Astrology book is not available for free here in the States. Classic Mercury Retro?

  58. Hi Jessica i am trying to sell my house and I have no luck will you please guide me when the stars are changeing in my favor . Thanks

    1. It’s hard to say without your chart, or even your Sun Sign, but in general it sounds as if Mercury Retrograde is affecting the situation. This planet goes forward, leaving the shadow, on 10th January.

  59. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article! My ascendant is 0 Capricorn and I read above on some of the other comments that this is about your image. So does this mean I don’t have to worry about it affecting my work (work has been very difficult, stressful and demanding for a very long time, I have been trying for years to get into a new position however everything keeps falling through)? I have already started worrying thinking that my work cannot possibly get any worse (though every time I say something along those lines it does hahaha). Anyways, thank you and I hope you are well!

    1. It sounds as if you have another factor in Capricorn and the Tenth House (career) apart from your Ascendant. If work has been hard for years, that sounds like the slow-moving planet Pluto, which entered Capricorn in January 2008 and is roughly halfway through the cycle now.

  60. Oh my…

    I just realized I have a stellium in Capricorn including Saturn!

    Would you mind touching base on what I might expect with this line-up?

    Thank you..thank you again!


    1. If you have a stellium in Capricorn in the Tenth House, including Saturn, then you express your personality through climbing to the top, particularly in your career, but also in terms of society and social status in general. Heavily Capricorn people tend to do this slowly and patiently keeping their eyes on the prize, then hang on there for dear life, by being cautious, somewhat conservative and very careful. The sign of Capricorn is an ancient symbol going back at least two millennia, and it is associated with those creatures who scale impossible heights by never putting a foot wrong. This is exaggerated in your case because you also have Saturn there, so you tend to move up your mountain with even more plotting and planning than the average person. The Saturn Return (at 28 through 30 years of age) is usually a lesson, and can feel rather heavy. It is also unforgettable and tends to set the Saturn in Capricorn person off on a particular course for the rest of her/his life. This would be true in your case. What happens as we have Saturn himself, and Pluto, and then Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn for the next three years will challenge you to examine your ambition and see if it is worth it for you. It will challenge you to look at serious questions about ‘success’ and what it actually means. I daresay that one particular company, corporation, business or institution will be your teacher, especially if it has a mountain-like structure, or pyramid structure (a hierarchy). Go slowly and take the best advice you can find.

  61. Hi Jessica, do you see any new love potential for me? As you mentioned a while back, about being in a marry/split cycle, I think my current relationship is fizzling out, it’s been that way for a while and we both know it. I recall a while back you said something about being happy in love final quarter of 2017 going into 2018, but at the moment, I couldn’t be further from happy in love…
    Is that about to change soon? 2018 is feeling like it could be a bit bleak on the love front.
    Thanks so much for your time and Merry Christmas! xx

    1. Can I just check that you are logged in? If you are a Premium Member, and it sounds as if you are, then for some reason your birth chart is not showing up. There may be some technical issues here as we are into Mercury Retrograde, for which I apologise. But – please check first. Then I can look at specifics.

      1. Hey Jessica, thanks so much. I must have hit on some Mercury madness, because it keeps saying I am logged in……..can you see my chart yet? xx

        1. I am going to use the Tarot for you, because I cannot see your chart. I don’t think it’s you, I think it’s a Mercury Retrograde issue. What we have here is the Queen of Cups. I am using the Pamela Colman-Smith deck. Over the next three years you will have a relationship to ponder. It is an emotional relationship, and very likely sexual if you want it to be. It will not make sense to you. It will be unconventional, unusual and all the other ‘un’ words. It is still of tremendous value! One of the issues is, your own personality and position makes it hard to fit it into your life. In other words don’t ignore the fact that you could become more grounded, more settled, more practical about yourself and your life – taking huge steps to change if necessary – and thus find a way to make this rather odd but fascinating relationship work. It’s not him/her, it’s also you, in other words. I do feel there is a memory here of a pregnancy that never happened, a child who was actually born (and is obviously now a teen or adult) and finally, of the potential for parenthood that never came to pass. You need to look at that because you’re sitting on it but can’t see it and it is actually at the very foundation of your situation. You may want to look at the Neptune/Pisces in your chart because you’re the Queen in this card and coming across as rather ungrounded, dreamy, not really ‘real’ or realistic about life. Yet, if you were to focus on what might hold you and ground you, so much would be possible. It also means drastic life change, though, and maybe you don’t want that. I think the relationship is precious enough to try, though.

          1. Thank you. I know I have a lot of work to keep doing on myself and this confirmed it for me. I’m blessed with lots of my own children here on Earth as well as lots that went straight to heaven. I need to change and if the father of my children doesn’t want to make it work, then I hope this “Un-everything” relationship pans out. It sounds amazing! I can’t thank you enough in words alone. Have a Merry Christmas. xx

  62. Hello Jessica. Really Cool article.
    I think I’ve already been feeling this upcoming Saturn change.
    I’ve 4 factors in Cap incl. MC @ 3 & Diana @ 1.

    It’s now 4 yrs moving from Big City back to small home town & it’s Official:
    I tried Very hard, but I Can’t live here.
    I feel I’m living for Others, here, now. (eldery parents: they’ve been emotionally abusive to me all my life). Despite trying Very Hard to adapt & to find fulfillment here, I still feel the Big City Ambition Pulsating in me like wires strung across poles on country roads.
    Unfortunately, My long-time lover’s $ support is The Only way for me to secure housing back in Big City again. Meaning: he’d have to be onboard & get another job transfer (repeat what he did for us to come here in the 1st place!). Problem is, he’s grown to really like it here…
    With Saturn about to move, do the hits on my chart factors show me getting another chance to move back to Big City? If So, When?
    (p.s. my Jupiter Return: I’d been hoping for a windfall, but none came…)

    1. Thank you. First of all, your Jupiter Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House is not necessarily (ever) about a windfall, but it is most certainly about an opportunity to fix an issue or open a door to growth. This can happen in thousands of ways and it is important that you go back to that week in question and try to remember what you saw or heard. So, you want to move back to the big city. That really has nothing to do with Saturn in Capricorn, but everything to do with Jupiter in Sagittarius, which happens in about 12 months’ time, moving on to dominate 2019. Let me explain – Jupiter is the planet of good outcomes, bigger horizons and greater possibilities. When he enters your Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius, he moves into a chart zone which is all about travel, emigration, foreigners and also education, publishing and the web. The big picture! So even though you *may* move before then, I would say the chance to relocate is absolutely in front of you, late 2018 through 2019.

  63. Dear Jessica

    I am an embattled Virgo with Saturn in Taurus (11-9-69, 1325 BST, Wiltshire) and I have just read your weekly forecast about Saturn changing sign. Almost to the day Saturn entered Sagittarius I had problems with my Leo ex, we broke up in May 2015, but I have spent two years wishing I had not left. However just this week I am starting to look differently about all that I have achieved and done as a result of the painful lesson. My life is transformed, I live in a different country now and I feel January I am ready to embrace a more global view, free of past ties. My question, will this Saturn cycle be better for me? Will it bring me new love, new commitment? With someone new? (Yes embers still smoke on my part at least). I want to move on physically, geographically, emotionally and career wise. It feels like the end of something. Neil

    1. Neil, it sounds as if the break-up was actually about emigrating and travelling, so your Leo ex was the catalyst to something that had to happen. One way or another you were always going to relocate. This is part of a bigger plan for your life as you will see when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius at the end of 2018 and particularly 2019. This is a massive cycle of learning, growth and exploration and it is very likely that your next partner will teach you about a different culture. Prince Harry is a Virgo like you and he just found his princess not only across the pond, but with a non-white family tree. They will obviously share a life filled with travel on royal duty. So there you go. Harry had it first. You’ll get it, if you want it!

  64. Jessica, how do I evaluate this if I have no Capricorn factors in my chart? Does this affect me in some other way?
    Thank you for all your insight!
    Happy holidays!

    1. It’s about other people. Watch December, January for the promotions, mergers, resignations, sackings and redundancies. This will affect you through six degrees of separation. In 2018, 2019, 2020 we are going to see a sweeping restructure and reform of government and corporations around the world. This will also affect you.

  65. Hi Jessica,
    How is sunny Dubai?
    As usual I really enjoyed your article.
    Could you please help me understand what is going on?
    I have just realised that I have a stellium in Capricorn-Jupiter 27, Saturn 26, IC 16 and Salacia 17. I am wondering if this is why things have been so hard for me and my family over many years? At the start of this year I lost my job and as a result of this I can’t see myself going back into mainstream employment. My house is literally decaying around me , I have approached three builders and they all have said no to the work. A few weeks ago I found out that I need a knee replacement and a few days ago I hurt my back really badly, so I am currently bedridden. So I am wondering what is going on? I am really being stopped, but I don’t seem to be getting it. I have become such a burden to those around me and I feel really helpless. I also have a stellium in Pisces and Scorpio.
    I hope you can give me some insight and help me understand what I am not getting.
    Kindest Regards
    Amazon Heart xx

    1. Thank you Amazon Heart. I am actually answering reader questions and comments from an Emirates flight, so no longer in Dubai, but somewhere above the ocean, en route to Western Australia! I am sorry you have been put through such a hard time with your job loss, house problems and also, most importantly, your health. Pluto has been crawling through Capricorn from 1 through 17 degrees, so he has just passed your IC/MC axis and is conjunct your Salacia now. In a nutshell, when it comes to home and career, you are being challenged to find your willpower to take control of your own self and own life, so that you can achieve empowerment which will never leave you. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and is associated with vast amounts of power (the quest for nuclear weapons began in 1930) and of course you know that 1930 was the beginning of the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Churchill and other towering figures who would, between them, control what happened to the world during the Second World War. What you have been going through feels a bit like 1930. Sometimes you have actual people or organisations behaving like some kind of dictatorship, manipulating you and trying to walk all over you. And sometimes it just feels as if the universe is dominating you! Because your IC or Immum Coeli rules your family and home, and we find it in Capricorn, you are literally seeing that with the decaying house, but also the transformation of the family hierarchy or system. I am sure at one point you were looking after others; now they are looking after you. At the same time you have your MC or Midheaven in Cancer, which actually does rule property, family, local area, country and all ideas about belonging to a place, or a tribe. So it’s a double whammy. Salacia is really about the ability to live in two worlds at once, neither of them particularly real, and in Capricorn this has classically been about the roles or projects you take on, either paid or unpaid. Pluto conjunct Salacia or sitting on her, also gives you that feeling of being utterly dominated. What is the answer? Keep calm and carry on. Look at who/what is trying to take over and push back hard. You will be able to do this by tremendous self-discipline. It may be cutting your budget and learning to create/make your own wealth. It may be steeling yourself to discover the opportunities to earn online (there are many) and doing whatever it takes to train yourself to work from your computer. I could go on, but it is your life, not mine. You will transform your home and career and family life over three years ending with the most amazing achievements and accomplishments in 2020. Your chart reminds me of Great Britain in 1939. You will win. In fact you will triumph. But you have to be stoic.

      1. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your amazing and informative reply. Your explanation, analogies and compassion touched me and resonated so deeply I am actually crying. I also think that it is just great to hear something positive after a long period (years) of many negatives. Well stoic is my middle name, so I will continue on and embrace the life lessons I am being offered. Hopefully in the process I can be a positive role model for my children and others around me. In my heart I would consider it a honor and blessing if I was able to come out of this and help others. Safe travelling and enjoy Western Australia… I am sure you will. I have never been there, but it is a place I have wanted to visit for a long time. Lots of love and thanks again Amazon Heart xx

  66. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve just renewed my subscription and so glad to read such an interesting article.

    I have Ceres in Capricorn at 19 degrees. Are you able to give me some insight into what this might mean for my chart please?


    1. Thank you. Essentially you have a lifelong pattern with your career, unpaid work or university life which is being reactivated now through 2020. Ceres was the Roman goddess who was powerful, productive and creative – she controlled the four seasons – but she also had to deal with loss when her daughter Proserpina was taken by Pluto, another powerful god. A compromise was reached, whereby Ceres had her daughter for six months a year, and Pluto for the other six. Thus, we associate Ceres in Capricorn in your Tenth House with tremendous power and productivity in your chosen field, but a fated path of enforced compromise and deal-making, both with others and with the universe itself. It’s intense. As you go into December and particularly January (when the Sun will conjunct your Ceres and expose and illuminate what the situation is going to be) you begin an epic three-year cycle of deep transformation when you will need to put your ambitions to the test and see what is going to stay and what is going to go. By 2020 there will be an unforgettable period of growth and opportunity.

  67. Dear Jessica, thank you for your reply, interesting that you mention Harry and his US connection as I have family connections in Boston and this was a possible plan for late 2018. Interesting times.

  68. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your reply on 11/23. During the last Saturn in Capricorn transit, I was pregnant in 1988, gave birth in 89, moved to Germany right after, pregnant in 90, moved back to the States in 91, gave birth right after. That pretty much covers my Leo in NM. Those 2 children are now 28 and 26 and are currently not supporting themselves without varying degrees of assistance. I’m feeling apprehensive about what Saturn in Capricorn will mean for me this time around. Any ideas?

    1. I suspect this is about your ‘job’ as mother. You don’t say if you work or not. If you identify with the parenting role as your true mission, position and ambition, then Saturn in Capricorn will be about that. If you are supporting your older children then that will be tested quite thoroughly in 2018, 2019 to see if it works for you. Both of your offspring are also having a Saturn Return so it is also time for them to see if they are content to continue being supported by you.

      1. Many many thanks Jessica! Yes I do work and now being single and with the last child born in 99 getting ready to enter college in the fall, I do have great hope that the other 2 become fully self sufficient. Sounds like I’ll need to buckle up and ride this one out.
        Best wishes to you Jessica!

  69. Dear Jessica ,

    Dear Jessica , Thank you so much for sharing this.

    I have just sold an internet business affair which has been successful but emotionally stressful.
    As I am thinking of starting a new venture (internet related too), so I am trying to understand how this long transit could impact my project and myself. I have vesta at 0, Venus at 8 and ops at 14. My understanding is that these factors will be neutral business wise. Is that correct ?

    Thanks again

    1. Thank you. You may want to wait until Mercury Retrograde is over. The final shadow finishes in January. This affects us all so much that you may want to clear Wednesday 10th January 2018 before you start a new venture. If it’s about the web, then Jupiter (growth) in Sagittarius (global reach) from November 2018 will be your best friend.

  70. Hi Jessica,
    I keep coming back to this article, I wonder if my Capricorn factors are being triggered? I started working as an agent in 2010 and it has just occurred to me, that for the first time I have earned a bonus. At the same time another offer has come my way, which could potentially be profitable though I am starting to think, what am I doing this for.

    Happy happy Christmas

  71. Jessica thank you !
    for your intuitive and grounded information especially regarding Trump and US….
    I am looking forward to the feminine- energy-exciting -move into 2 earth planets, Saturn and Uranus…
    as a 12th house Pisces 3-17-47 6:55am Chariton Iowa……..and a 4’Cap MC..I am so interested in your input on a Lilith return @2’Capricorn….
    Thank you! I am not finished with life on this planet yet!..I feel like I want to create a helpful new movement of wisdom for my next 20 years!….
    Candace Meils

  72. Dear dear Jessica,

    Thank you very much for your great articles and time you spend for your readers.
    I am fascinated that the predictions you made resonated deeply with my experience this year.
    I would like to know what is in the future for me based on my chart? Also could you briefly answer on the big events of my life. I have been trying to learn the astrology and been trying to read the birth chart of mine. Your answers would help tremendously on my learning journey and of course in my life.
    I have been living with incurable autoimmune disease, which affects my appearance a lot, since 10 years old; family life was not good, problems with siblings, relatives and property; I moved to the States back in August 2008 right after graduating the university; I lost my dad unexpectedly in June 2015, I was completely crushed at that news and since been dealing with depression; in September 2016 started immigration process however It stopped in December 2016 and felt total failure; I bought a business with my friend whose mom lent us the big sum of money in May 2017 now we are in the process of separation, though; I started the immigration process again in September 2017 again and it is in the process. Lastly, I have been single forever and met someone whom I think The One in April 2015, however we didn’t get together for so many reasons.

    Please shed some light on me, Jessica, with your answers.


    PS: this is my second attempt to post it in comment section. Hope mercury retrograde won’t lose it again 😉

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about your disease, GG. There is a lot of pain in your past and you are responding to Pluto (transformation) entering Capricorn (ambition) in 2008; Saturn (difficulty) in Sagittarius (emigration) aspecting Neptune (fantasy) in September 2016; Mars (challenge) in Cancer (family) in June 2015; the Node (karma) entering Aquarius (friendship) in May 2017 – and April 2015 you had the Node in Libra (love)! In other words you have a habit of making massive life choices at the most difficult times you could choose. Of course you did not choose the timing of your father’s passing, which must have affected you so much – but you definitely managed to make life tougher for yourself by trying immigration on Saturn in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places. You now need to time your life right. Learning astrology will help. Read the sections on Saturn and Pluto in particular (free) in my book 2020 Astrology – and look at 2019 for a new life in a new place. Find it now at Amazon.

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