Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius 2017

Mercury Retrograde Shadow in Sagittarius brings weeks of muddled travel plans for all of us, as we go into the Christmas holiday season.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow in Sagittarius begins on Wednesday 15th November, bringing weeks of muddled travel plans for all of us, as we go into the Christmas holiday season. In fact, the cycle won’t end until the final shadow on Wednesday 10th January. How will it affect your personal horoscope and what can you do?

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60 Responses

    1. I am so much iffy about emigrating now that mercury retrograde is exactly when we have to travel.
      Jessica, in December 2016, for the proximity to our parents, we came back to India after many years of staying in the U.K.
      Now, although he is in the same IT company he was in when there, my Scorpio husband seems to not like it at all here because the work culture is not up to his liking. He is very professional and likes things how Britain does it. More so because he has lived there for so long. The last year had been very tough for him.
      I am a financial writer myself and can very much relate to all that you have to say.

      1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde should not stop anyone from doing anything, but if you have the luxury of being able to emigrate at any time, you may want to wait. Apart from anything else, you just know that Brexit will be chaotic!

        1. Thank you Jessica again.
          Much as I may wish, the world is not a fairy tale. There are borders and prejudices. Sometimes for the good. After all, the citizens should decide who to share their country with. The social circle that I am in expects us to move because it apparently is nice to move to a more developed country. I wish to ask you and I am sorry I have been asking so many questions, do you suggest we stay put here in India? Could you please have a look at my chart and advise?
          Having read your Brexit article just now, I believe that if a country decides to limit the number of emigrants, it is not the best to move to that country, out of respect.

          1. Staying in India is a question that affects you, your family and friends, so actually it’s an intensely personal question and you need to use your Astrology Oracle to navigate that. Armed with one chart, I can’t really comment. As for Brexit, you might want to look at the stories I’ve been writing about that (including the feature which predicted it). Great Britain only gets one Uranus in Taurus transit every century and you need to be absolutely clear about what is going to happen to pound sterling.

      1. Thank you. This helps. I am in awe of you! Every time I read an article by you, I like you a little more than before.
        All the best.

          1. Hello! I follow your website. Although I am not a premium member yet. I have a query and was hoping if you would know about it. The coming new moon is conjunct my Saturn at 27 degrees and mercury at 26 degrees. I also have sun in Scorpio at 5.
            I am awaiting the result of a project I submitted at my workplace. I have been anticipating a promotion as well. New moon signify new beginnings. But the conjunction to Saturn is good or bad? Thanks a ton!!

          2. Any New Moon is a new beginning and conjunct your Mercury and Saturn (within one degree) this is a new beginning about a serious (Saturn) piece of paperwork (Mercury) where security (Saturn) is under discussion (Mercury). Saturn is never good nor bad, it’s just very hard work. So, you might find your project gets a green light but it means heavy responsibility and a great deal of effort. Or – the project/promotion may not go through this time, so you have to turn to something else instead. The New Moon does rather suggest a green light though so I would not be surprised to hear that your concept gets the go-ahead, on paper. Take your time going further with it, though, as you need to be a total realist about what you’re shouldering.

  1. My hear just sank – I’m just booking a trip to see my love departing 16 Nov …
    I’m somewhat reassured that you’re not deterred from traveling.
    But what do you think of my south node at 13 Sag and Christmas Day?
    Thank you!

    1. There is some karma there with foreign people and places, and Christmas Day brings it around again. This is a common placement in the charts of migrants, for example, who have many lifetimes of being caught between two countries. Whatever your situation, it is bound to be affected by delays or changes to the original plan. Mercury Retrograde catches up with us all eventually but it’s just about awareness.

  2. Another fantastic article! Thank you so much Jessica. I look forward to everything you write and definitely heed your advice on mercury retrogrades. Really interesting about how during mercury retrograde people lie too! I’ve experienced that this year with a particular person who only shows up during a mercury retrograde and I end up getting lied to and rejected! I’m hoping I can avoid it this time around. But I do have a Sagittarius stellium with mercury 22 sagittarius in particular. I have two short trips planned on November 23-26th to the beach and another December 20-24th to the Smokey mountains. Both road trips thank goodness but I might run into some trouble it seems. Also sad To hear I have to wait until Jan 10th to celebrate saturn leaving Sagittarius. Saturn in the 12th House is no bed of roses and I won’t miss it to say the least. But perhaps I’ll be fortunate with all my Jupiter in Scorpio going on and the worst I’ll get is Maybe to have my white Christmas I wanted in the Smokey mountains? Any tips or advice on how to best handle my travels? Thanks as always for your amazing Astrology site. Has changed my life! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodie. The whole phenomenon of people lying (or being ‘creative’ with the truth) on Mercury Retrograde is something I should probably write a longer feature on so that we are all aware. Hitler lied to the British on this cycle so the Prime Minister declared ‘Peace in our time’ which is probably the most famous erroneous statement in political history! I am glad you have identified that one particular person always turns up on this cycle and starts spinning stories. The Smokey Mountains trip sounds so appealing but you really do need to be on top of the weather – and read the fine print on bookings. And just to correct you, Saturn is out of Sagittarius just before Christmas, but what we have here is Mercury Retrograde hanging around in Sagittarius through 10th January.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I would love for you to write more about lies and Mercury retrograde. It’s absolutely fascinating! And thank you for correcting me. I’ve literally been looking forward to Dec 20th since I read your article on Saturn in Sagittarius. It’s been rough! But thank you and I will absolutely stay on top of the weather and triple check my bookings. Many blessings to you!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for this great article about Mercury retrograde. Having factors in sagittarius, I’m wondering if I will be impacted? I have two majors headlines in my life : I should be moving into my new house before Christmas (well… I hope so) and my publisher should launch my book in January (should we wait ?). Merci !

    1. Thank you. If your new house is in a ‘foreign’ part of town, or in a distant part of your country – or even overseas – then you would certainly want to get second opinions on the paperwork or do some extra checking. I have known people move house between Britain and America on this cycle and assume everything is fine, only to find they wish they’d researched their real estate agent more for internet reviews. So…I will leave that with you. If you can publish your book any time you may want to wait until Mercury is out of Retrograde Shadow in your Ninth House of publishing. Beyond 10th January. If you do go ahead, the sky is not going to fall, but again – I have seen people publish books on this cycle with errors and misprints. I’ve also seen magazines launch, fail, get pulled and then relaunch. I have to be honest with you here.

  4. Hi Jessica, I believe I have 7 aspects in Sagittarius, including my Sun, 12/14/83 if you can’t see my chart. I was trying to file for custody of my daughter before Mercury Retrograde, but the earliest appointment I could get was Nov. 17th. My ex is across the country and has been very tough to deal with basically abandoning us, refusing to talk to me, not calling my daughter when he’s not in town, and not giving me money for the past year. I’m very anxious about resolving this quickly so I don’t have to worry about him trying to take her across the country (he’s threatened this before). Will Mercury Retrograde affect the situation? His birth date is 3/18/87. Thank you in advance!

    1. I am so sorry that your ex is being difficult about your daughter. It will get a lot better from May 2018, and you will have a long break from the situation which has dominated your life for so many years. There will be one last thing to resolve then from 2019 the uncertainty is over. The Sagittarius part of the deal would only matter if your problem was the fact that he is foreign, or in a foreign country – and you don’t say if that’s the case, so I can’t tell. Or, for example, if you have issues about visas, passports, residency. (If this is the case for all three of you then please allow for delays and reversals for some weeks). That aside, please trust in the knowledge that parenthood will never be this up-and-down again and the security, stability and peace of mind you need – knowing where you stand – will come in stages, with a major break next year, and lasting results from 2019.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I have Jupiter in Sag @ 25 degree and Desc @ 24 Sag .. Also some other placements in the degree range but not in Sag. Could you provide your great knowledge as to how this Mercury retro can / will affect me.


    1. You are strongly Sagittarian with a big Ninth House signature so clearly foreign people and places, travel and travellers, education and academia, publishing and the worldwide web are a big part of who you are. I think you’ll feel the classic Mercury messy ‘weather’ through the end of this month into early January as part of a global trend, so just make sure your plans are backed up. Mercury Retrograde on your Jupiter just makes an open door seem stuck! You’d like to go through it but it won’t shift. (It will, later on). Your Descendant is about your former, current or potential partner, in the context of travel/foreign influences/education/web/books. Again, there will be news or discussion which is central to your relationship with this person but it will go back and forth.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all this information it is so great. I am a little concerned because I will be on a cruise Dec 1-4th. My Mars is 17 in Sagittarius. We have a full moon Dec 3rd. Is there anything I should be careful of other then the norm?
    Thank you

    1. We can’t be careful about everything in the world and a cruise is a cruise! I would say, just read the fine print on your travel insurance and double-check arrangements at the time, so if you do find X factors you have Plan B.

  7. Hello Jessica, I’m new to this site. The reason why I got premium membership immediately is bcz I’m stunned by your forecast for this year. Although it is not related to this article, may I ask you about 1999 flashback for Aquarius? You mentioned Karma with one person, and this is how it seems to be unfolding in my life now. In late July this year, I met my first boyfriend from 1999-2000 after 17 years. There had been some delays in communication until mid September – also as you stated. From mid September till the end of October, it seemed we were growing in feelings for each other. Yet another setback came when I had questions about his availability. Upon my questions by text, he remains silent for one week now. It seems we may be over like this. Would you please provide your insight over this matter? My DOB is 3 Feb 1981 11:59 (Seoul) and he was born on 3 July 1979. You mentioned an ultimate closure with the person from 2000. Does it mean we wouldn’t be together once we pay back each other what is due? Is there any possibility that we may end up toghther? Although it is with the same person, the current situation with him does not seem like the one in the past – or reverse in power relations. I do not feel as secure with him as in 2000. My insecurity could also come from broken engagement with another cancer in June this year after over 3 years of friendship. I feel my life has got out of my control since 2014 with amazing and terrible events. This year has been particularly tough. I am no longer sure if I can achieve something by making efforts. Things that really impact me seem beyond my power.

    1. Thank you for taking out Premium Membership. As a Sun Aquarius person you are experiencing past life karma as the North Node (reincarnation) goes through Leo, the sign which rules your former, current or potential partner. These things work in cycles and we had major patterns across this axis of your chart around the year 2000 so it sounds as if you two have been caught in a loop with each other. I am very sorry you had a broken engagement in June, that must have been very hard to go through. I understand why you are concerned about this other man, too. Please think about if you want to continue with him in 2018, 2019, 2020 as it would be very hard work for you. There are other men to date who are much easier. You two certainly do have some past life debts and credits and you have incarnated as souls to ‘pay’ each other spiritually. Once this is done, perhaps it is no longer necessary to spend any more time together. Just because he was your old boyfriend does not mean he is your long-term ‘right’ lover. I want to reassure you that your love life will work out for you eventually and that things will be far happier than they have been. You also need to know that you will be moving over the next few years and perhaps even switching regions/countries and that is going to powerfully affect your relationships. The new home will be very different to the old one, and so will the freedom it brings you. The 3rd July 1979 person is going to put his next lover through an obstacle course for the next 2-3 years so ask yourself if you want to be on that obstacle course.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Well written and balanced article as always. Thank you! I was wondering about those of us who are born with Mercury in retrograde. Do these Mercury retrograde cycles help or hurt us?

    1. I am often asked this question. To be born with Mercury Retrograde means you go through regular cycles of delayed, stuck or fluctuating communication with other people. The sign and house of Mercury Retrograde tells you about what. In Libra, this is always about your former, current or potential partners. It may often be about your opponents, rivals or enemies. You won’t feel it all the time, but whenever planets or asteroids or Nodes pass through Libra, and conjunct (or line up with) your Mercury, it will all be triggered. As a general rule the Sun is in Libra from the final week of September to the third week of October every year, so around that time – every year – you are more prone to errors, waiting games, reversals and so on, within partnerships – or feuds. Don’t get married then or you’ll read out the wrong name on the certificate!

  9. Hello Jessica,
    Another great read, I always look forward to your every post!
    A Sagittarius stellium here, so 10th of January cannot arrive quickly enough for me.
    I have started a new business (since 19th July – date of company’s incorporation) with a business partner (Aquarius stellium…) and I can now see how different we are in the way we approach things. This is not necessarily bad as we complement each other on many work fronts, but equally there are a lot of differing opinions which lead a lot of friction (not an obvious one…but you can sense the atmosphere when we disagree…). I have started having second thoughts already about going into business with this person, although they have great networking skills which is helpful for bringing in business. They have no technical skills though, so looks like I will do all the “dirty office” work, while the other person does the networking. So, was wondering how best to use this transit to crystallize my thoughts, make the right decisions and filter my gut instincts. Thank you very much

    1. Yes, Saturn conjuncting all your Sagittarian factors one after another must have made life seem like flying in a lead balloon. It’s nearly over and normal flight will be resumed. I would be very careful about financial and business contracts with this person as you have Pluto in Capricorn in your Second House of money, for several years to come. You’re already feeling it. Pluto is about power and control issues, as I am sure you know, and although I do not have this person’s horoscope, it is also true that some people can’t ‘play nicely’ as everything is interpreted as some kind of contest for the upper hand. You have found the good things that do work – but if you are having doubts about going into business – listen hard. We are about to commence an epic cycle in your money zone with Saturn joining Pluto at Christmas so if you did end up in an uncomfortable business partnership it would be very hard work indeed. Those are my thoughts.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        You often mention that you use a house system that places Aries in the first house…so Capricorn, as you mention in many other responses, is the 10th house. And yet, here you say her Pluto in Capricorn is in her second house of money. What? Don’t you mean that her Pluto in Capricorn is in the 10th of career? Or do you only use your system (Aries in first house) for transits? I’m so confused.

        1. I use two house systems together for accuracy. The first one is Natural House which is the personal birth chart based on time, place and date of birth and the second one is Solar House which I use for sun sign prediction – the kind you read every day, week, month here on this website. I could explain more but I can’t see your chart as you are not logged on. Hit Search for ‘Natural House’ and ‘houses/house’ to see more.

  10. Hi Jessica!

    Eeeek! I’m a little concerned because I am emigrating on Nov. 15th to a different province. I’ve just shipped a few boxes via UPS and hoping I won’t run into issues with those. I’m actually flying out on Nov. 15 with four large suitcases! I’ll be moving in with my new housemates that very day and starting a new job on Nov. 20th, however, the contract was signed much in advance.

    Can you advise how I’ll be impacted by this mercury retrograde?

    Thank you very much!

    1. If you have read the fine print, have Plan B and possibly Plan C, you will be well equipped for this Mercury Retrograde. Moving always means a fair bit of ‘Don’t know/can’t see’ though, so maybe do twice the usual asking and homework before you go. Bon voyage AJ.

  11. Thanks for the useful information.
    Just a question though. In this article and comments, you have indicated a bit of negativity about Brexit. In your earlier blogs, I felt that words always indicated a positive outcome for Britain. Have I misunderstood? Thanks in advance for clarifying.

    1. Brexit is going to happen. It was always going to happen. Nothing still stop it from happening. The EU is dying. The Euro will go. Global digital currency will take over. Boom boom!

  12. Gosh,
    Would you believe as fate has it, I’m patiently working through – and with – TWO Gemini sun/Sagg rising colleagues! One is currently in hibernation (re my teaching) however the other is a young woman ex client a years back, who has asked to collaborate; she runs a new digital marketing biz – it’s been stop and start 3 times over 2 years and finally I agreed and said yes to her doing my website and assisting to promote retreats (50/50 on attendee$. Our deadline I was really clear on 1 November (before mX etc) and she’s already mused this due to a)
    Deciding to get back with Indian husband and go to India at Xmas (so she won’t be coming with me on first retreat end Jan) and b) just way too busy to make our calls. My intuition tells me that I’ve been fair and knowingly anticipated this – and therefore have another retreat professional lined up to meet next Tuesday.

    Your post has added another layer of thought as I’m really mindful of not over reacting also – given it’s been a hard slog and I’m like a Warrior Boss – so, am I being too hard and cautious? Will we pull this off or should I wait now until next year to ramp up these retreats – still working with her?

    Thanks as always (am also hoping to keep the time to get back to Melbourne for astro conference )

    1. Thank you. It’s funny how often we can see our Mercury in Sagittarius situations before they appear! I suspect that there is more than just Sagittarius Rising to these people’s horoscopes. Anyone who reunites with her Indian husband to return to India who can’t use a telephone is definitely your Mercury in Sagittarius experience made incarnate. Even without astrology your common sense should tell you that anyone who is stop-start for two years is not exactly rock-steady reliable. If this person does have other Sagittarian factors that might also explain it, as she would have had Saturn (delays) sitting in her Ninth House of foreign people and places. And publishing. And the worldwide web. If you can do this thing any time, you may want to check in with her after January 10th.

  13. Hi Jessica, I’ve had the hardest time finding a job this year. This caused some serious depression, and lack of self confidence. Which in turn, hasn’t allowed me to make progress in anything else at home. Do you think I’ll land a job after Sagittarius transit?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Your Ascendant at 17 Capricorn is in the Tenth House of career using the Natural House system. Your Ascendant, also known as your Rising Sign, shows your image, profile, role, name, reputation and personal appearance. Capricorn is the sign that rules ambition, career and success. What has been going on this year can only happen every 240+ years. Pluto has been slowly crossing over 17 Capricorn! Pluto rules transformation and if you use self control you will gain control. If you use willpower you will become powerful. The issue here is about how you present and package yourself. I am very sorry you have been rejected after job interviews or applications and can understand how depressing this feels. You need to change. Actually, you need to transform. It can feel as if other people, large organisations or life itself is dominating you, and that’s hard, but you are being dominated for a reason – so that you realise if you control yourself and ‘run’ yourself, you will become powerful. Pluto always tells you to (for example) get in shape, figure out your wardrobe in a new way, fix the errors on your C.V., organise your hair differently, use your voice or body language differently and so on. I have never known this transit not coincide with heavenly help so if a library book about presentation skills falls off the shelf when you walk by, borrow it. I am not being personal here – I just know from experience that Pluto basically wants you to transform for whatever reason and this is obviously about image. It is also possible that the job you want, and end up getting, will be all about the look.

  14. Dear Jessica,

    I only joined recently but I understood it seems like there are extraordinary times ahead, according to the information on this amazing website. As Jupiter is transiting my birth Jupiter, Mars is transiting my birth Mars (Libra) and those houses together with my Saggitarius house are the strongest, I am wondering what all this means.
    It’s too complex for a beginner to analyze on my own.
    I hope you have a bit of time for an insight to help prepare for that period.

    Many thanks in advance.

    10° Scorpio 08′ 22″
    04° Sagittarius 21′ 14″
    26° Sagittarius 30′ 14″
    27° Sagittarius 21′ 42″
    21° Scorpio 55′ 39″
    08° Sagittarius 45′ 08″
    00° Scorpio 43′ 38″
    04° Scorpio 33′ 49″
    07° Scorpio 23′ 53″

    1. Welcome to Premium Membership, I hope you get the most out of it that you can. You have your Jupiter Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House of your chart which rules money, property, possessions, business, charity. You will have an opportunity to resolve any issues and pursue growth, improvement, expansion. This is very common when people are made a new work offer which adds thousands to their annual income, for example. You are coming to the end of the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle when all your unrealistic dreams and fantasies (Neptune) about travel (Sagittarius) emigration (Sagittarius) publishing or study (also ruled by this sign) are put to the test by the real world. If you are prone to being fuzzy about boundaries or confused about borders – or not respecting them – this will also be put to the test, especially when it comes to Sagittarian areas like religion, foreign people and places, and the rest. Saturn tests Neptune’s lack of reality. You also have Juno here, which shows that you have a lifetime pattern of ‘marrying’ particular foreign places, cultures and people and again, this will be put to the test by Saturn. This pattern is common with people who adopt an exotic country and its beliefs as if it was their own, for example. Once you are ‘done’ with the Sagittarius cycle from January 10th 2018 when Mercury Retrograde Shadow ends in Sagittarius, you are well and truly equipped with life lessons and can put these to good use in the wonderful Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle which begins in the final quarter of 2018. Until then you are really all about the money made, or the money saved, and you need to use the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle as much as you can while it is there. When Jupiter crosses Ceres at 21 Scorpio (watch your daily planet positions on this website) there will be a major compromise over cash or property – perhaps business – with a share-out of some kind, which benefits you enormously.

  15. Dear Jessica
    I am in the process of making inroads into the worlds of: words-images (3rd house- with immense support from a brotherly figure) and worldwide web-publishing (9th house) through:
    (1) launching my own webpage
    (2) write ups on 9th house themes: culture, religion (buddhism), philosophy

    Keeping the astrology in mind I am well aware that:
    (1) I have my exact saturn return in sag (9th house), in december
    (2) mercury retrograde starts right on my natal saturn, in december
    (3) saturn in capricorn will be in my solar 3rd house, in december (I have my natal jupiter at 3 gemini)

    (4) On the date of my exact saturn return, jupiter will conjunct my sun (15 scorp) and nodes will square my sun.
    (5) Full moon in Gemini falls right across my vulcano (11gem) and psyche (10sag).
    (6) New moon in sag is conjunct aesculapia (26sag) in my chart.

    I will be more than grateful if you can guide me to the right time, astrology wise. I was thinking of new moon in capricorn in january of 2018. Please dont ask me to wait for jupiter in sag.

    Please know that my ideas are very unique. The birth of this vision took place when jupiter in libra trined my natal jupiter at 3 gem. It was an unusual trip. This vision went up a notch with jupiter’s entry into scorpio and another unusual trip- ‘a leap of faith’ (jupiter-uranus oppostion). (This trip also bought me divine healing. Can you tell me why? )

    I am posting my chart details and my brother’s. He is very jupiterian in nature- helping me with both funds and contacts. I met him after 18 years in May of 2017, just a day before the new moon at 4 gemini. A few days ago I travelled to see his entire family to the same place where I lived 18 years ago (nodes in action). The day we discussed my plans, ideas- mercury at 3 sag was opposite my natal jupiter and trine my midheaven (2 leo- 1 degree orb). His jupiter is at 1 sag.

    My chart details: (my birth time is correct)
    Asc- 0 scorp, Desc- 0 taurus
    Moon-vesta conj- 27-28 libra
    Cupido- 26 virgo
    Juno- 29 leo
    Saturn-uranus conj- 28-29 sag
    Aesculapia- 26 sag
    Mars- 0 aries
    Sun- 15 scorp

    Vulcano- 11 gem
    South node- 12 virgo, NN- 12 pisces
    Venus- 10 libra
    Pluto- 12 scorp
    Psyche- 10 sag
    Diana- 10 pisces

    Apollo- 19 virgo
    Fortuna- 19 scorp
    Proserpina- 19 aqua
    Bacchus- 17 sag
    Ceres- 17 pisces

    Jupiter- 3 gem (solar 8th house)
    MH- 2 leo, IC- 2 aqua
    Panacea- 2 libra
    Mercury- hygie conj.- 2 scorp.

    Ops- 22 libra
    Salacia- 22 aqua

    Neptune- 8 cap
    Chiron- 6 cancer

    My brother’s (posting the details with his knowledge):
    Asc- 25 aries, MC- 16 cap
    Sun- 15 le0
    Moon- 14 leo
    Jupiter- 1 sag.
    North node- 23 gemini, South node- 23 sag

    Neptune- 26 sag
    Saturn- 28 libra
    Pluto- 27 libra
    Apollo- 29 leo
    Fortuna- 4 leo
    Psyche- 13 scorpio
    Bacchus- 15 gem
    Panacea- 14 virgo
    Hygiea- 1 scorp
    Salacia- 16 aqua
    Juno- 0 taurus

    I am well aware of the long post, but believe it or not, this is a reader who started learning astrology from your site 3 years ago, only to see it play out in daily lives.

    Thank you for all that you do. Filled with gratitude 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. Before I go any further Mercury (communication) is going retrograde (appearing to go backwards, stand still, reverse and do other bonkers things) in the sign of Sagittarius (the worldwide web, publishing) in three days. It then hangs around until 10th January so you and your brother may want to use the next few weeks to rethink, review, have a go at a first attempt, not the finished outcome, and so on. From 10th January look at what is possible in the final quarter of the year when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. From that point until 2019 you are in a golden zone when it comes to your words, ideas and concepts as Jupiter slowly prepares to conjunct your Neptune and Node. I suspect some of the good news comes from new technology or new versions of the web as your entire generation will experience it. The personal part is the Node-Jupiter connection and that is past life. You and your brother have been involved before, probably with similar issues/concerns.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I’m interested in your thoughts in regards to the current Same Sex Marriage vote that was announced ironically on the 15th November. The same day as the start of the Mercury retrograde shadow. Do you think this will have an impact on the discussions involving passing the actual law?

    Curious to see what the stars have planned for that as everyone is celebrating already & my feeling is there will be hiccups……



    1. Thanks Jaqui. I suspect the issue will be residency and citizenship, as Mercury Retrograde is in Sagittarius and the Ninth House – foreign people and places. It may be that the continuing fiasco with Australian politicians and their legal status may have an impact on the paperwork. There is no doubt that this was a Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Scorpio landmark and that pattern can only happen every 12 years – in the sign of sex and money/sex and property – but yes, we can’t forget Mercury!

  17. Hi Jessica!! Great read as always very informative. I have a Sagittarius stellum and my boyfriend is in the UK and I’m in portland OR. I am a premium member so I’ve been looking at my chart and wonder if this is going to make us being together for the holidays not possible. It’s already been a Shit show (excuse the language) of a year and I just want the past couple of years to go away… and better times to breeze on in haha

    1. Much as I’d love to say it’s all smooth sailing, because you are so strongly Sagittarian you are going to feel the impact of this cycle so make sure you have some back-up plans. You will enjoy Jupiter in Sagittarius from the end of next year, though. An amazing vacation or move would be yours by early 2019 if you wanted it.

  18. Day One Mercury Retrograde – the car has a puncture and will need new tyres. 🙁
    Travel plans for the next few days all turned on their head.
    I hope this is not how it’s going to be for me until January?
    Happy travelling Jessica
    Pauline x

  19. Ugh!

    Jessica! Help! I know we should avoid signing papers during mercury retrograde, but, I might have to for my new house. I am trying to negotiate to close it on or after 23rd, but, not sure if it will happen. I already know that there is some work that needs to be done for the house, but, is there anything else that you see in my chart in the future regarding this purchase, please?

    Thanks a bunch!!

    1. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius in your Ninth House is only an issue if you are buying the house somewhere foreign to you – and you don’t sound as if you are emigrating from your message. In any case you have Jupiter in your Ninth House which is always protection. A bigger deal would be anyone else and his/her horoscope who is involved and you don’t say if you have a partner, for example. As a general rule, just take more care than you usually would. Don’t just assume anything – double check and do some homework. Go online to forums – they can be particularly helpful.

  20. Hello Jessica 🙂
    I’m so glad to back on as a premium member after a few glitches in the renewal system in the last few days (Mercury retro effect already…?).
    If you have time, please would you comment on my chart? I have the sun at 7 and Venus at 13 Sagittarius. I’m looking forward to Saturn leaving! I work as an academic and have recently applied for tenure at my university – which is also going through some serious industrial disputes with our union at the moment (for the last two years). I have just moved in with my partner and I’m still trying to work out financials/houses and access to my daughter with my ex husband.
    Any comments will be, as usual, gratefully received. I’m so glad to be back on here! I really love your work. Best of luck in your upcoming travels too xx

    1. I’m sorry you have had Mercury Retrograde Shadow issues. You have a Capricorn-Cancer pattern in your chart which is well and truly about to wake up, as Capricorn rules your Tenth House of career and Cancer rules your Fourth House of family. So, this is about your university job, but also your daughter and former husband. Saturn is moving into Capricorn at Christmas and will spend just over two years crossing this area of your chart. He is joined by Jupiter later. So, this whole period through 2018, 2019 and 2020 will be about rethinking family versus ambition. In fact, it will reshape your world. Give yourself a lot of time and space though. And get the best advice you can afford.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I need to tell you this :). A few months back, you replied one of my query about my ex boyfriend ( he was born on 10 May 1978 at 16:30 pm in Chester, UK) and you mentioned that if we will be back together it will happen during the last 4 months of 2017.

    Here is the thing; after 13 months of no communication at all, he called me up on the 2nd of November out of the blue telling me that he still have feelings for me and he wants to talk the things between me and him. We both work in the humanitarian and development field and due to work/residing in different countries etc. we could only arrange to meet in mid December in a country where we first met and spend most of our relationship together. (Funny enough I am moving back to this country in mid December after 2 years. )

    I hope Mercury retrograde will not have negative effects on us as I really want to listen to him, understand each other and hopefully get back together.

    Your insights are very appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

    1. I am very happy that your big chance at reconciliation has taken place. Don’t worry about Mercury Retrograde so much. It is in Sagittarius, so obviously anything to do with travel, foreigners, education, publishing will stall or get complicated until mid-January. Obviously the conversation you must both have through 2018, 2019 (if you decide to hang in there with him) will be about emigrating or travelling. If you need a focus, then focus on that. There will be one country and culture in particular that draws you both. Maybe a second one, competing for time and energy, but the compromise will need to be on the number one priority. Keep the ping-pong game of conversation going and expect the game to change, until January 10th. From that point forward it all makes a lot more sense and if the feelings are real then from the final quarter of 2018 through 2019 when Jupiter (joy) goes into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of foreigners, travel, emigration and the rest – you will find a way to make it work. I don’t need to tell you that his entire issue is money. If you dig down deeply enough you’ll find it’s about the cash and obviously a home, but everything is possible. Reach out to the country, locals and culture/history of what draws you because their ancestors will help you, to help them. If you want it!

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a big fan of yours for a long time now, and have known about Mercury retrograde effect ever since. I always listened to your advice to be extra careful during this period with travel, publishing, signing contracts etc. I’ve been trying to sell my business for a long time without success. But just yesterday an offer came along and Mercury starts its retrograde motion today. What do I do? I couldn’t reject the long awaited offer. And the other party is extremely keen to take over by the middle of December or the latest the 19th of December. They don’t follow astrology and have no idea. I can not convince them to wait because they just want it now or they will walk away. I’m WORRIED. I have South Node at 22 Sag, Sun 10 Libra, Venus 27 Leo, Mars 11 Leo, Mercury 0 Libra, Saturn 29 Aquarius. Please help. Sincerely, Venera

    1. Mercury Retrograde is in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which rules foreigners, travel, publishing, academia, the web and education (all the big picture stuff). If your business is characterised by those areas of life, Venera, then you are bound to experience the classic stop-start of the cycle. If not (maybe the business has nothing to do with books, or study, or foreign people and places) then the issues are reduced. In any case, just observe the usual rules. Read the fine print. Get it in writing. Have Plan A, B and C – take more care than you normally would. Please don’t worry, just check and check again. We have actually had Mercury Retrograde Shadow since November, by the way.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I love your posts. I’m particularly feeling this retrograde as I have a number of Sag factors. Not only am I getting lost in traffic and the online world hates me, but I’m also having some HUGE miscommunication issues with someone I was revisiting a long distance relationship with – he’s broken it off just in the last day or so. In fact, he may have reached out to try again around the time mercury was going shadow! We’ve attempted this relationship three times now! So my question is, considering everything I say at the moment seems to come out wrong, is it better to try and wait out mercury retrograde before trying to fix things with this person? I know that things that start or end on mercury retrograde tends not to be the final story, but I’m very conflicted. My birth data is 24 September 1983 – 730am in Sydney. His is 14 March 1971 in Cambridge (no birth time).

    1. Thank you. Yes, wait until Mercury is out of retrograde shadow if you can, which is 10th January. Your chart is rather similar to British PM Theresa May who is also having a hell of a time with her ‘talks’ over Brexit. Your talks are similar, it is about a special relationship with someone living in another country. Try not to add to the complications even though I know you long to fix this. If you can possibly wait until Mercury is out of shadow you will have your best chance of fixing this. It may not happen, but at least you will keep the level of stress to a minimum, as going further with discussion now could make things harder.

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