How May 2018 Changes Everything

In the space of just a few days, starting on Sunday 13th May, we will be thrown into the biggest revolution of our lives. It will affect taxation. It will affect currency. It will affect the sharemarkets.

How May 2018 Changes Everything

May 2018 changes everything in astrology – and in your life. No wonder this piggy bank has such a stunned expression on its face. In the space of just a few days, starting on Sunday 13th May, we will be thrown into the biggest revolution of our lives. It will affect taxation. It will affect currency. It will affect the sharemarkets.

pelskgra2nu 600x400 - How May 2018 Changes Everything
The Piggy Bank here looks stunned, but why? (Photo Fabian Blank).


Dates to Watch in May 2018

On Sunday May 13th at 12.40pm in London, quite a few interesting lunches will take place between the Piggies (as George Harrison used to call them) of international banking and business. At that moment, Mercury enters Taurus, the money sign, and the conversations, text messages or e-mails will fly. Normally this would not be a big deal, as we find Mercury the planet of communication in Taurus, the planet of money, every year. This time, though, it’s different. Within days, what happens will affect the U.S. dollar (below) and every world currency.


jw6r 0cpyec 1 600x400 - How May 2018 Changes Everything
The US Dollar will not survive Uranus in Taurus.


Uranus the Planet of Revolution

Within hours on Sunday 13th May, the Moon also enters Taurus, at 6.15pm so from lunch to supper in London, a great deal will go down – beyond the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. What is interesting about this time is that anybody who is not using astrology will have no idea at all about the shocks ahead.

What we’re seeing is a classic case of Mercury starting discussion, deals and paperwork – and probably some confident announcements – and the New Moon on Tuesday 15th May bringing a new beginning. Then, the shock. Uranus is the planet which always hails revolution and it tends to happen when people least expect it, in a way that they least expect.

On Tuesday 15th May at 11.47am, we see a New Moon with the Sun and Moon in the same place, at Taurus 24. This is then followed hours later by the arrival of Uranus in Taurus at 3.16pm. Zap!

What to Expect – the Unexpected

On Wednesday 23rd May, Mercury at 16 Taurus opposes Jupiter at 16 Scorpio and as both these signs are associated with deadly serious finance, big business and banking, we are likely to see some huge announcements within 24 hours. Uranus at 0 Taurus on the same day will also conjunct Panacea at 0 Taurus. That’s a shock.

Two days later on Friday 25th May, Jupiter at 16 Scorpio is trine Neptune at 16 Pisces. For billions of people who were born with Neptune at 16 Scorpio, back in the 1960’s, this is a phenomenal ‘bubble’ of opportunity.

These people, who have risen to become the CEOs or leaders of the world, will experience a personal Big Bubble which must logically be coming out of a global big bubble.

This is just one of the reasons that May 2018 changes everything. This is especially true for the United Kingdom. The horoscope is below, set for 1st January 1801 when the country became a new nation. She was born with four factors in Taurus in the Second House of currency, business, trade and the economy. She was also born with Neptune (bubbles) in Scorpio, right opposite.

Brexit and May 2018

Starting in May 2018, with a bang and a boom, the United Kingdom will see her pounds and pence reshaped over the course of many years as Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom and independence, slowly crosses every Taurus factor she has. Could the United Kingdom walk away from the European Union without a deal? In May 2018 many will be pushing for that result as Uranus is not about compromise or co-operation, it is about rebellion. This goes beyond trade, though, into the actual nature of the currency itself. Forget Bitcoin. The new one-world digital currency is coming from May 2018 and the United Kingdom will be pulled into a revolution. If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart, look for Taurus and Scorpio factors. If you have more than six across both signs then May 2018 is also going to change your financial future. Watch this space.



1801 UK HOROSCOPE 600x332 - How May 2018 Changes Everything
The UK astrological chart

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124 Responses

  1. Wow Jessica, that does sound scary, or maybe not? I have loads of Scorpio factors- should I worry about Uranus opposing all the factors there?
    I also have Chiron at 2 degrees of Taurus (so uranus will touch that by July 2018). How can this manifest?
    Thank you

    1. Psyche at 1 Scorpio opposite Chiron at 2 Taurus in your chart is a statement about seeing what you can get away with (Chiron) in terms of charity, business, property, finance (Taurus). Your lifestyle and security may revolve around experiments to see where the line can be moved to! Chiron was a centaur in Roman mythology who is known to us primarily as a teacher. In your chart, Chiron will teach you that the so-called impossible can become possible, and the so-called unthinkable can be acceptable. You take a punk approach to taxation, perhaps, or to renting/owning a home – those are common outcomes of Chiron in Taurus. You will have your own story going on. Psyche opposite by only one degree’s difference is important as she describes what outlives you and outlasts you. This is clearly the house, apartment, land or precious possessions named in your will. There is often a rocky road associated with Psyche which comes good in the end, but tests and trials are common. Carl Jung had a similar pattern in his chart and of course his famous residence at Bollingen survives him and his material legacy (the books which go on selling) benefits his descendants – but his personal life was indeed complicated. Now, the transit of Jupiter over all this so recently has opened the door to solutions and given you the key to opportunities to have more. So far so good. When Uranus goes across 1, 2 Taurus next year, please don’t be scared, but do get the best financial advice you can afford and watch – so closely – what is changing in your national economy and in the world. You need to move with the times but I suspect as Uranus conjuncts Chiron in your Second House you will be teaching us all about values through radical decisions you will be making, in a radical new financial, property or business climate.

  2. Hi Jessica, so far you were right about everything. I asked in the previous columns about my daughter and you said it’s going to be okay and voila, everything changed the way you said it would. How does Uranus moving into Taurus affect my chart? I’m an Aquarius with Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio moon. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad the astrology proved to be correct about your daughter. Your Moon at 11 Scorpio and Mars at 22 Taurus will take a long time to be triggered by Uranus in Taurus coming to 11, then 22 degrees of that sign. However, you should watch what happens in May 2018 as Uranus entering your Second House is a little like having a new house guest come to stay in one room of your residence. Getting to know this new house guest will save you time and trouble later. So, read widely and ask a financial professional who is tried, tested and trusted, as soon as the changes with currency, taxation, global trade and the sharemarkets reveal themselves that month. Don’t worry so much about your Ascendant it’s really the Moon and Mars which are the keys here. Naturally there will be dramatic changes to the way the world handles its money and you will be personally involved and affected within a few years. It’s good to know the way the wind is blowing but as Uranus is the planet of shock, what goes down in May will be a stunning reversal or turnaround and you really need to just be open to what you see, read and hear that month – no earlier.

  3. I don’t have many Taurus, Scorpio factors but I do have the nodes at 16 Taurus/Scorpio and Neptune at 20 Scorpio. After a lifetime of struggle and instability despite successes I wonder if this signals a change for me. I am at point where my previous profession isn’t viable now and despite a clear vision and absolute determination, my new profession as a (Healing)martial arts instructor is not yet in a position to sustain me. Once again, I have to do this with the skin of my teeth including recovering from almost total physical breakdown in the last couple of years. Although, it is exactly at noon, my birth time is accurate. Hope you chance upon my query. I could really do with your insight. May seems crucial for me as I am taking 5-6 months out to rebuild my health and some intense training and rest and restart my life all over again, when I come back in May.
    Many many thanks

    1. Healing martial arts is a fascinating field to work in. You have obviously been led there because of your almost total physical breakdown. Whenever people ask about health or the body, we go straight to anything in Virgo in the horoscope and the Sixth House, which rules the connection between body, mind and spirit. Sure enough, you have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House. Venus at 26 Virgo, Uranus at 21 Virgo, Pluto at 18 Virgo, Vesta at 21 Virgo. Any time a slow-moving outer planet crosses 18, 21, 26 degrees you feel it, and you have been going through Saturn at 18, 21, 26 degrees of Sagittarius, making what is known as a ‘square’ to your Virgo stuff. Of course, along with the body, Virgo rules the job! Saturn always ‘freezes’ things and slows them down, sometimes for very difficult reasons, and he has only recently been at 18 and 21 Sagittarius – he is now on his way to 26 and then this series of squares will be over. You stand to gain in the years ahead, by figuring out the mind, body and spirit connection in the context of work, service and duty. That is your path. Why do you gain? Because Saturn will go away at Christmas and you will then enjoy many years of the life-changing trines of Uranus in Taurus to your Virgo stuff. Pluto is also slowly making a trine from Capricorn and eventually Saturn (again) and then Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, will also trine your Virgo stellium. So, as you probably suspect, everything happens for a reason and you have been led to the issue of healing because you are supposed to be mastering it. Intuitively I feel you will try more modalities apart from martial arts. The time is absolutely right. The transformation is no doubt very challenging but sometimes you are hauled out of one lifestyle and into another and just have to go with it. It is great to have the belt in martial arts.The belt is knowledge. You may be able to take that knowledge via the worldwide web, YouTube, and so on – around your region or across the world. Experiment with the idea that you can be powerful (Pluto in Virgo) and be the channel for transformation for others. I do feel you need to look at other locations/places to find what works for you, long-term. On a psychic level I urge you to look at your throat and heart chakra. Anyway – you have a lot to look forward to, and a lot to achieve!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    This is going to be an extraordinary event and thank you for sharing with us at this early stage. Can i ask you how these changes will affect me, I am a Virgo sign, with Aquarius ascendant, and Gemini moon. You have always been very accurate, thank you so much.

    1. Thanks, I am glad the astrology has been accurate for you. First of all, never bother about your Ascendant – it’s just your image, profile, appearance and ‘packaging’ for better or worse. Your interpretation of your Ascendant or Rising Sign and the very particular way you choose to manifest it, is what people ‘clock’ about you at first sight, or first impression. Your Virgo Sun is really the key to what is going on, 2018 and beyond. You will experience Uranus in Taurus trine your Sun in Virgo. You don’t say when you were born so I can’t tell which year, but essentially the revolution (Uranus) in Taurus (the global economy) which liberates us (Uranus) from stuck, old, confining systems (the banking industry) will directly impact how you shine (the Sun) at work (Virgo).

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I have mars in Taurus in my 10th house. Natal Uranus in 4th. How could this affect me?
    Hopefully in a positive way:/

    1. Mars in Taurus is in your Second House in the Natural House system, so you are highly energetic, active and motivated when it comes to money, charity, business, collecting, buying, selling or economics. You may also have a few feuds or falling-out episodes in your history. You don’t give your chart but it is highly unlikely Uranus is in your Fourth House! Essentially, whatever degree Mars is at in Taurus, is what you need to look at. When Uranus passes that degree (number) in the years ahead, you will undergo a revolution that will change your financial life forever and hopefully set you free, if you realise that the path to freedom is to leave the past behind.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for writing this post which leaves me on the panicky side about my own personal chart which has 7 Taurus and Scorpio factors.

    Sun – 26° Taurus 54′ 19″
    Mercury – 09° Taurus 55′ 29″
    Jupiter – 27° Scorpio 09′ 17″ R
    Neptune – 05° Scorpio 00′ 49″ R
    Apollo – 00° Taurus 36′ 09″
    Ops – 07° Taurus 46′ 47″
    Proserpina – 15° Taurus 47′ 18″

    Can you help me understand what is ahead for me during the “what to expect” period. I am green on this subject so I thank you for any guidance you might be able to offer.


    1. Thank you Maud, but ‘Don’t panic! Don’t panic!” to quote Clive Dunn in Dad’s Army. You are quite right to be curious, though, as you have a huge line-up in Taurus and Scorpio, the two signs we associate with charity fundraisers, businesswomen and all that we ‘earn, own or owe’ in life. I do feel you will be personally affected by wider trends in business or the economy. There is a wave building right now – a wave of tremendous change, innovation and invention – and you are being invited to surf it. As Taurus is associated with values it is essential that you don’t sell out. Stick to your value system and be true to what you would never sell your soul for. Uranus, the planet which is poised to enter Taurus and conjunct your Apollo first of all (in May 2018) is very much about flipping. We associate Uranus with reversals, flips and ‘the world turned upside-down.’ I have seen these patterns with people who could not give a fig about money, becoming quite wealthy and having to deal with that! You also find it when people who are in love with money, end up with losses that force them to fall in love with other things in life, becoming far happier in the process. The most important thing of all, Maud, is that you have your Jupiter Return building slowly right now. Jupiter is the planet of hope, opportunity, gain, rewards, happy endings, solutions and the rest. He will return to his original spot in your chart at 27 Scorpio in 2018 so please use that open doorway. If you think back to what happened around age 12, 24 and so on you may get some clues about Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of valuable possessions, money, ‘cash in kind’, property and the rest. I have known people who (as young children, around their 12th birthday) were given an inheritance by a relative, for example. Sometimes children around this age win prizes in competitions or the family becomes wealthier, resulting in them ending up with a new bike, new computer and so on – all around 11 through 13. I hope this gives you a start, but please do use this next 12 months to snap up opportunities to make or save money. With Apollo in Taurus you are a born leader when it comes to values, business, charity, making or saving cash, collecting – and so on. Uranus crossing that in May will shock you, liberate you, change you – and you will change other people too. It is in the nature of the thing that it can’t be specifically predicted!

  7. Hi Jessica, Another interesting article. Thank you. These are the sort of articles that prompted me to become a premium member recently.

    Can you let me know how this set of events will impact me please?

    On the professional level, I am trying to change my area of expertise within the same industry. My current expertise does not seem to have a future. Have been trying to upskill myself in a new area (which uses some of my previous skills) for the last 1-2 years with little to show .. Haven’t been fully committed, I admit. At my current workplace, I am contributing to a project using my current expertise since June. This is a project in the new area I am trying to upskill in. I have tried to get involved in those aspects of the project, but my attempts have not been successful. Though the managers assure to get me involved, not much has happened on the ground. This week they spoke more positive than before, but after a number of false positives, I am sceptical. On the upskilling front, I have been working more vigorously since the beginning of October, have enrolled on some courses to keep myself focused on the task. The main course is from Feb to July 2018.

    How well will my attempt to transition to a different profile work out ? I am worried. How are my career prospects over the next few years.

    Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for letting me know that! Okay, so you are in career transition and for this we look to Virgo and Capricorn in your chart. You have Juno at 4 Virgo in the Sixth House of work. The MC (Midheaven) at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success. You have Bacchus, the asteroid of pure pleasure, at 11 Capricorn and Aesculapia at 14 Virgo. Here we have someone who revels in ambition and success and genuinely enjoys climbing to the top. At the same time, you have the ability to resurrect, revive and ‘rebirth’ projects, positions or even organisations as Aesculapia was the Roman god who presided over miracle cures and comebacks – primarily medical – but as a symbol in the chart you have what it takes to pull things back from the brink. Finally you have passionate Vulcano at 21 Virgo. As I write this now, Pluto at 17 Capricorn has already transformed Juno, Bacchus and Aesculapia in your horoscope and he is on the way to triggering Vulcano and the Midheaven. This is a period of total, sweeping change in your career which can only happen every 240+ years and we will have Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres all in Capricorn, from Christmas 2017 through Christmas 2020. For this reason, you need to work steadily, slowly and patiently through what will ultimately turn out to be the biggest change in your career for many years. It will evolve now through Christmas 2020 in stages, rather like chapters in a very long book. Please do not be worried. There will be opportunities, growth, expansion and amazing outcomes from this, but as you are so strongly Capricorn, I suggest finding out what your ‘top of the mountain is’ and then figure out a strategy to climb towards it. Understanding your Capricorn nature will help, so please hit Search for that. The Virgo side of your nature is dedicated to service and duty, perfecting the tiny details of your craft or skill and always putting others first. I don’t need to tell you that this combination of striving for the top – and meeting others needs – is a dynamite mix! Very, very successful people have it and if you can stick with the process, you will be very successful. I am seeing a school gym, clairvoyantly. This may hold a message about your past, or perhaps it is one of those future visions! I hope it helps.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I would very much appreciate your insight
    I have Hygeia, Proserpina & Bacchus in Taurus and Psyche, Neptune & Panacea in Scorpio. Proserpina & Neptune oppose each other at 13 degrees.
    Reading your previous post re the Scorpio birthday year, you mentioned the North Node moving into Cancer in 2018. My NN is 20 Cancer.
    I have a big decision to make regarding selling my home & have been going backwards & forwards for some time over this. It will be a life changing thing for the family. Something I don’t really want to do as a Cancerian because I love it but will almost certainly ‘have’ to.
    With these aspects, would there even be a favourable or supportive time period over the next 1-2 years for this? I think Saturn 22 Aquarius will square Panacea 22 Scorpio at some stage as well as Saturn transiting Capricorn where my South Node is also.
    Thank you so much for helping us all.

    1. Selling your home is typical of a North Node return in Cancer. Of course your South Node is at 20 Capricorn and we currently have good old Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, edging towards 20 Capricorn. You can’t really avoid Pluto transits and there is no right time to do anything – just a case of ‘it is now or never.’ You mention your family and I suspect the real issue here is your role within the family – presumably your ‘job’ as mother. This all reminds me of The Durrells. Have you been watching it? Louisa Durrell moved the family to Corfu and left England behind, utterly changing their lives and destinies forever and – they all acquired new ‘jobs’ or roles within the family network. Larry became a novelist. Even little Gerald changed from being a school failure to a very small, very successful future zoologist! So you see, it doesn’t always have to be what we expect – but I really have to say, with Jupiter and Saturn also moving into Capricorn and opposite your Cancer Nodes, by 2020 at the very latest it’s all rather inevitable. The trick here is knowing what is best for each of you within the family and I can’t comment on that without the charts, but I strongly suggest you try using your Astrology Oracle. That is what it is there for. Ask as many questions as you like. I do feel your job (perhaps even your real job) but also your position as mother will be at the heart of what alters and the balance of power will alter too. This goes way beyond the removal van or the four walls!

  9. Hi Jessica

    I have 5 Scorpio factors and 3 Taurus factors. How could this affect me please? I am looking for a job and hoping to be gainfully employed way before May 2018.


    1. Lani, just to continue a discussion from another part of the website – there are quite a few options for you with work, training and also the way you juggle your finances, yet beyond life after May 2018, you will also need to get right on top of what is happening with the new one-world digital currency which is coming as well as other very, very different, internet and smart-phone led innovations. I just paid my taxi driver from Stonehenge with his little Paypal machine. That would have been unthinkable ten years ago! You get the picture. You’ll be fine, but think laterally, move your mind sideways, examine all options and be creative in your approach to the new world of work and money for you out there.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    So are you saying that the US Dollar would plumit down? As you can see in my chart I have 5 Taurus and 5 Scorpio factors. Is there anything I should especially be concerned with? Also my live in partner has 6 Taurus factors and 2 Scorpio. I’m including the chart info on his as well. Anything for us to watch out for with so many Taurus and Scorpio factors between us? Should we prepare to lose our money or anything scary??

    His Taurus and Scorpio factors are:

    02° Taurus
    20° Taurus
    21° Taurus
    23° Taurus
    27° Taurus
    27° Taurus
    23° Scorpio
    27° Scorpio

    Thanks Jessica you are always such a big help! And correct!!

    1. I am not saying the US dollar will plunge *at all* because I don’t have an astrological chart for the ‘birth’ of the US dollar! However, on a global level we are going to see a revolution and yes, Uranus will conjunct Mercury at 2 Taurus very early on. Those other degrees of Taurus are rather late so it will take years for the radical changes to hit home. The trick, as I have just been saying to another reader with a Scorpio signature, is to get the best financial advice you can afford and to keep moving. We become very used to a particular set-up with taxation, business, trade and so on. This is based entirely on the government(s) of the day and things like the banking system. Uranus in Taurus is going to alter all that and it will be genuinely liberating, in that we had no idea how trapped or stifled our world was, until this cycle came along to blow it all sideways. The ‘brave new world’ really will be very brave – and very new. Your partner has that Mercury (negotiation, paperwork, agreement) at 2 Taurus but also the IC/MC axis at 23 Taurus-Scorpio. Now, the latter depends on an accurate birth time, but if the time is correct, then the New Moon on Tuesday 15th May 2018 is going to be absolutely pivotal as it falls with the Sun and Moon both at 24 Taurus (close!) and at the same time Mercury is at 3 Taurus (close again!) semi-sextile Salacia at 3 Aries. That is a pretty hefty clue about a brand new chapter for your partner, very close to the middle of May next year. You have enough at 24, 25 degrees to feel it, specifically Minerva (wisdom) in Cancer (your house or apartment, any property investments) so increasingly 15th May or thereabouts, next year, is looking like a necessary choice about the lease, mortgage or home. It would be made against a wildly changing background on a national or world stage as Uranus will leap into Taurus just four days later. The trick with this cycle is, to quote Madness, ‘Keep Moving.’ It can be very exciting even though the next few years are undeniably also going to be unpredictable and full of flux.

  11. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you very much for your reply. That is all making more sense now.
    And thanks for reminding me of Gerald Durrell ! My Family and Other Animals was given to me by my father when I was young and became one of our favourite books.
    Will give that a read again and look into the Durrells. That will remind me not to be fixed on an outcome but to work with all possibilities and even take a leap of faith.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. I am a medium as well as an astrologer, which some of my readers know, and I was given that message for you by the spirit world. I am glad that you immediately thought of your father’s present. And do watch the TV series – the Durrells in spirit are behind it, and as a result it’s special. So very, very special.

  12. Hi Jessica, I have a few factors in Taurus (Psyche, Panacea, Vesta, Mercury) at various degrees – some earlier, some late. When can I expect to be hit by Uranus, so to speak?!
    Anything especially momentous that I should look out for? I’m hoping when Panacea is pinged that it particularly fortuitous, because that’s a forever story… I take on board all your advice!
    Many thanks!

    1. Sorry – that was meant to be Psyche of course. Panacea I should be looking at ethical considerations….

    2. Beginning with an electrical storm in May, you will see your country and the world starting to change on a financial, business and economic level. Tune into what you are discovering as it is the start of a brand new story for your own money or property which will run for years. Your Taurus stellium is about rethinking how you earn, own or owe and although this experiment will be exciting, good financial advice will be essential.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I see you’ve made the comment to a few people not to worry about their ascendant. My ascendant is 29 degrees Taurus. My Pisces sun is 17 degrees in my 11th house, and it looks like Neptune will be conjunct my sun soon after Uranus enters Taurus. I have Neptune 13 degrees Scorpio. Any clues about how these big changes will affect me? Your articles are wonderful, and love being a subscriber who gets to read all that your write. Thank you!
    With gratitude, Carmen

    1. The Ascendant is just the image and in fact, people often have it wrong, because their birth time is out. Some internet astrologers spend an awful lot of time on the Ascendant but it’s essentially your mask – that’s it. Your Pisces Sun is in the Twelfth House in the Natural House system. Carmen, I prefer to see a whole chart before I say anything dramatic about transits, but your Neptune in Scorpio is about to be crossed by Jupiter so expect an opportunity to build a bigger financial or property bubble. You’ll enjoy it but try to keep the bubble planted on planet earth.

  14. I’ve been following this for a while now, being a small business and e-shop owner. I am seing how things are changing and I really do hope that banks have less power and that we can have alternative ways of doing business and making money without these institutions. Since I have North node in Scorpio, I guess I am affected too more on a business level than personal. Thanks !

    1. Your Nodes on the Scorpio-Taurus axis are evidence of several past lives dealing with charity, business, money, trade and so on. You will spearhead the movement for change within your own part of the web. Keep tracking what is on offer next year.

  15. WOW!
    This is so beautiful!! Finally :-))
    I am actually feel so happy about it even though other people might be scared…, I AM NOT!
    Hi Jess, would you tell me please why I feel this way? LOL

    Love & Hugs

  16. Hi Jessica,

    can you please provide some insight on the Mercury / Jupiter opposition where Jupiter will close conjunction my Neptune as Uranus squares my Sun? Also, are there any other influences to consider?
    Thankyou in advance.

    1. Neptune at 15 Scorpio is one to watch, David, as what goes down by next year will be generational/global but also affect you personally. I suspect we are about to see the arrival of zero interest loans, for example. 2018 will be crazy in terms of what we are offered from banks and bank competitors, but also online trading. You definitely stand to gain but just make sure your bubble is not too big – try to keep it real and manageable. The Uranus square to your Sun in May is rather more about your love life, or the part that pregnancy, babies or children play in your world.

  17. Dear Jessica,
    i love your website. It’s the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at at night. Thank you for all your information. I am a new premium member. I would like to know if you see anything happening for me regarding a job, a move and a possible romance. Thank you again.

    1. Logged in now! I’m glad you love the website, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodie. Okay, so you will be given at least one amazing career opportunity, possibly two or three, within 11 months. The project or the position will open up your world and you could easily move if you wanted to, or at least travel. Love? Old karma with a past life face – your former or potential partner – gives you a chance to organise debts and credits from another incarnation you two shared.

  18. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your wonderful web sight. I have just started my premium membership. I am really looking forward to reading and learning so much.
    Do you see anything to look forward to for me? A job, romance?
    Thank you again for making astrology so much fun!

  19. Hello Jessica,
    After having lived through a horrid year 2017, cant wait till it is over. I am dreading what is in my futjre in 2018, I’m a gemini born on 30.05.1964, and I have many factors in taurus and scorpio for ebg,IC 46′ 38″”in Scorpio, Mars 04’22” Taurus Mercury Jupiter 24’05” Taurus,Neptune 50′ 58″ Scorpio, Juno 37′ 49″Scorpio, MC 46′ 38″ Taurus, Minerva 52′ 42″ Taurus, any info you can give me is very much appreciated, thank you Cecilia.

    1. Never dread the future Cecilia. I can see why you had a horrid year so far, though. You’ll make or save rather a nice amount of money between now and the end of 2018. Long-term you need to adjust and adapt as the world changes around you – don’t get left behind.

  20. HI Jessica
    I’ve got Taurus ascendant and 6 factors in Scorpio.
    I’m 51 and still haven’t worked out what I’m going to do when I grow up 😉
    Will May ’18 provide some astro support for me career-wise or monetarily?

    1. Too funny, Anthony. You’re actually a ‘representative’ of your generation, in that everything the fiftysomethings want to change about their money beyond 2018, also hooks into your life as well – and perhaps your career. You don’t say what you do, but you would be a natural for the new digital economies/marketplaces that are coming after 2018.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I have 5 factors in Scorpio and 2 in Taurus, including the North and South nodes. I am in the process of changing residencies and jobs. There is a lot of pressure involving my personal life and for the past year, I have been juggling personal and professional lives. Now, I am at the crossroads. How bad can it get?

    1. There really is no ‘bad’ in astrology, and in fact you stand to make or save quite a lot of money as Jupiter crosses your Scorpio placements in the Eighth House of finance, insurance, banks, currency exchange, business, taxation and the rest. Just be flexible beyond 2018, though. Duck and dive.

  22. Hello Jessica. Love your website!! Thank you!
    This year has been a horrible rollercoaster ride for me. A “friend”/neighbor borrowed a substantial amount almost 3 yrs ago; Neighbor signed a contract, promising payment within a year. After begging to return my money, the stress took a toll and I suffered a mini stroke in May this year.

    Subsequently, I sold my house (stress n tension) in.August and moved away. Filed in.court n court date has been set for Dec 14th.
    I just signed a contract to purchase a house.
    Extremely worried if I made the right decision and worry about the court case. Help!!

    1. I am so very sorry to hear about this awful story and completely understand your stress about the dreadful neighbour (no other word for this person) and can see that the court case and house purchase are raising a bit of tension for you. Actually I suspect you are depressed, but there is good news so please keep reading. The new life, home, security and lifestyle you want is within reach. There is also a group who can help you. This group would be a relief and a release. It may be a support group, book club, tennis association or whatever. I urge you to take some time out from your losses and look – and you will see – that this community of people of all ages, genders, classes and probably nationalities too is exactly what you need to escape from everything. You will be fine in your 2018 home, which will be your castle and your keep. You have some healing to do. This goes way beyond the original neighbour, into other close connections as well. I feel as though you have lost not just one person, but perhaps two or three in the last year – in terms of trust, closeness, emotional support and the rest. Another thing I would urge you to do is get out of your mourning long enough to see that you are very lucky to have one or two other – solid gold – relationships within reach. You have become so focussed on what and who you have lost, that you are not seeing what you have. I would describe these people as ‘having your back’ and you must make more of them, because they are right there – you are just not appreciating them. I will leave it up to you, to decide what to do about the neighbour and others. You can either put in the work to restore and repair the relationships (believe it or not, this could happen with enough time and effort) or – you can kick over the traces of the past and walk right away. I also think you should look at ways to heal your soul and spirit. If you feel you have medically defined anxiety or depression then of course see a doctor if you have not already done so. There are complementary therapies which can also help, ranging from free Reiki and spiritual distance healing (look online) to meditation, yoga, mindfulness and so on. These really do work quite powerfully for some people and it would be an added bonus or gift from the universe if this wretched experience actually gave you an opportunity to stumble across a therapy or treatment which would not only see you reborn – but be there for the rest of your life as the most fantastic tool in your toolkit. Beyond that keep your eyes on your future home and please dream your dreams, no matter if you want lovely flowers in a window box on the ledge or a particular look for your kitchen. Those one or two very special people should be your first guests.

  23. It is not the first time you mention this big revolution on the blog!
    I’ve been trying to keep an eye on possible changes and maybe some clues, especially since I’m a small business owner and, possibly a small e-shop owner in the future.
    I’m betting it all on my small corner of the internet and I’ve been trying to make it work and prepare for any eventualities.

    I do have Hygeia and Minerva in Taurus. And Pluto, Moon, and Ceres in Scorpio.
    Could you tell me how this will affect me? Any advice on how to handle May 2018 revolution?

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Sometimes the issue is not so much the money or business, with a Scorpio signature – it is about the emotions and the heart. I am sure you know that the Moon in Scorpio in the Eighth House can bring quite close but complicated connections with other people. Dig deeper and we find the house, the money, the apartment and so on at the core. However, the next 12 month is really about figuring out the relationships, especially as Pluto and Ceres were ‘family’ in the myth and these two are usually at the centre of a transformation. I do feel some work needs to be done, but if you both/all dedicate yourselves to that, you will all end up with something so special.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Great article! I think this is exciting? I have a lot of Scorpio in my chart and Taurus on my IC. I’m not sure how to view this (other than getting professional financial advice). How will this impact the business that my husband and I are slowly growing (will we earn enough so I can quit my day job?) and our home? We have the opportunity to purchase a newer, but a more expensive home that we think will better fit our needs, but the mortgage will be significantly higher, so we haven’t moved on this. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

    1. It’s very early days. You were born with Jupiter at 6 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and will experience Saturn at 6 Capricorn in the short-term, followed by your Jupiter Return, also at 6 Capricorn. Your career is being reshaped in slow stages and you also have the North Node at 18 Capricorn so Pluto (change) is sitting on that at the moment and has been for months. The home is a separate issue and your husband is part of that story so without a chart it’s not possible to comment. Your own success, though, is very much in the frame and you would benefit by doing your homework on your chosen field – and wider trends in that field – particularly from Christmas 2017, but also as late as 2020, when you have your wonderful Jupiter Return. It is also entirely possible you could switch to another field altogether.

  25. Hi Jessica
    You have mentioned the revolutionary times with regards to currencies & financial markets in several previous columns. Generally I get quite excited as I love revolutions, yet despite trying hard to stay open to what or how I might save or make money from next May, I remain fearful and cannot see anything positive about my financial future….low income work, no savings, several properties that I cannot sell as they are worth half what I bought them for and hence no future pension either.
    With 9 Taurus and Scorpio factors I wonder what could shift so dramatically in the financial markets to benefit my situation….so far my mind has expanded to the following seemingly impossible personal revolutions…winning the lottery, meeting a very wealthy partner, house prices triple in the next 12 months, the mortgage companies going bust and they write off my mortgage debts, I dream up a successful and very lucrative online idea to help people in some way or I write a best selling book!
    I would greatly value any advice to help me shift my current pessimistic outlook and initiate my own financial revolution. Thank you so much.

    1. Jupiter will fix a few issues for you on the way through but it is Uranus at 1 Taurus conjunct your Diana at 1 Taurus that seems certain to set you free. It sounds as if you are quite trapped by your ‘several properties’ and so on. Fear is not necessary nor useful. It might help to know exactly what Diana and Uranus (and Taurus) are all about as this pattern develops after May 2018. Essentially you are a free spirit when it comes to all that you earn, own or owe – and fiercely independent. Diana was the daughter of Jupiter and as her own mother had been put through a bad experience giving birth to her, Diana begged Jupiter to release her from marriage and motherhood. He made her goddess of the hunt – the Greeks call her Artemis. You are a true ‘huntress’ when it comes to property, money and business and do it independently. Uranus by transit will challenge and confront this part of you, very suddenly, with the usual feeling of being galvanised or jolted awake/alive that comes on this cycle. It is undoubtedly linked to wider economic or sharemarket trends where you live. At that point I suspect you will put a price on freedom and do your sums differently. Some people would even say freedom is priceless. I like your ‘impossible personal revolutions’ list but you could make it longer.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    I have 6 Scorpio/Taurus factors and with Neptune and my MC at 13 Scorpio and IC at 13 Taurus and Ceres close by at 12 Taurus. In addition, I also have my SN in aquarius which will also be crossing over this area, I believe around the same time. Having lost my job recently at the age of 55, I am not sure if I should retire or start looking for a new job. I work in Human Resources and I have a professional accounting degree, but I’m not sure If i want to get back into the corporate world. Crazy as it sounds, I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. You have a Capricorn stellium (unusually high number of factors) in your Tenth House of career and for the first and last time in your life, from Christmas 2017 through Christmas 2020 you experience Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn, travelling over this part of your horoscope. I am sorry you lost your job but also not surprised as your direction in life is being reshaped slowly over a 2-3 year period. Give yourself time and space to figure things out, but I suspect your ambitions will rise again, perhaps in a new direction. Certainly Jupiter in Capricorn from late 2019 onwards will throw you more than one amazing opportunity to show what you can do.

  27. I have mine at 16′ Scorpio true north node, how will this affect me please?
    Thanks Jessica

    1. Well, the website will tell you and so will your ebooks – the Nodes are your karma. In Scorpio/Taurus you have had several lifetimes finding out what it means to be poor and rich. Now, Jupiter crossing that point gives you some useful karma to enjoy, as money (or cash in kind) can be made or saved. You are too early for this at the moment but when Jupiter crosses 16 Scorpio you will probably hear some Australian government announcements about interest rates, for example.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been a long time reader of your free and generously provided horoscopes but only recently joined a Premium Member, and am glad I did. I’ve been reading all night!
    I have Chiron in Taurus and a few Scorpio factors in my natal chart. I’m wondering how this weather will affect me seeing as I’m currently at a crossroads about which way to go with my career and earning capacity. I feel I need to make a decision about finally being able to set up financially but at the cost of being full-time with more stress and broader career opportunities versus a career with significantly less pay but with better health and parenting outcomes. This feels karmic as I feel lessons about money, work and security have been learned so far, but I sense there are more to learn.
    I currently work in online education but due to study (perenial student with a student debt to prove it!) in a similar area (librarianship) feel very conflicted.
    Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that comment onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodie. There are a few things going on here. Whenever study or librarianship comes up, the astrologer always looks to Sagittarius and the Ninth House, which rule these things. Not only do you have a stellium in Sagittarius, your MC or Midheaven (life direction) is also there. It may be useful to know that you have been put through the toughest cycle in 29 years, as Saturn (hardship, delays, restriction) has been moving through Sagittarius and your Ninth House, sitting heavily on every single factor. Now, Christmas will help you sign off from this cycle, more or less, with some tidying-up to do in January – but after that, you are in the clear. In fact, from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019 you will be thrilled with the opportunities and solutions that come your way to pursue the world of books, education or academia as you wish. New technology will help you, but so will some big, open doors to the kind of projects and roles that fulfil you the most. By 2019 you will come to appreciate that you did actually learn a great deal of useful life skills in the tough 2016-2017 period. Now, looking across to money – Chiron at 1 Taurus will be crossed first by Uranus at 1 Taurus, in 2018, before he goes on to reshape that whole Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart, which as you say is about your earning capacity, security and money. I would say May 2018 is a punk rock moment for you. Chiron was discovered in 1977, the year that punk rock broke. He was also a ‘punk’ in mythology as he was the centaur who dared to play a teaching role – in fact, he was a part-time music teacher. I am sure you know old punks who also became music teachers! Chiron in your chart describes how you see what you can get away with. Chiron is about stretching what is ‘possible’ or ‘allowed’ and in Taurus, it’s about money, business, charity, possessions, houses, apartments. Uranus conjunct Chiron will wake him up, rather suddenly and in the most electrifying, exciting but confronting way. At that point you are going to have to take a deep breath and do what comes naturally. It will set you free. You are reading your own chart correctly. Over many years you have karmic lessons about money, work and security. If I give you the image of Sid Vicious, who was a Taurus, receiving his cheque from the record company outside Buckingham Palace, that is pretty fitting. There is a real ‘Oh bondage, up yours!’ feeling to Uranus conjunct Chiron, and I quote Poly Styrene here, because she never sold out. The bottom line for you over many years, but especially in 2019 when the world of ideas gladdens your heart, is that you cannot purchase fulfilment. You will be putting an actual cash value on the things that money cannot buy, like freedom, job satisfaction, creative contentment, the pleasure of particular people’s company and so on.

  29. Hi Jessica. The topic of financial revolution has gripped me for months.

    Have you any thoughts on blockchain technology? I read this article today and it dings so loud. A quick google on blockchain after I read it confirmed how big this will be, the fastest growing skill in the finance world.

    What are your thoughts on Dubai already using this system, saving millions of hours of resource already? And do you think London could benefit via brexit and a cutting of it’s financial chains with Europe?

    1. Thank you for letting me know about Dubai and blockchain. This is ringing bells with me, as a number of readers have written to me about blockchain technology. I am going to look at the dates for the evolution of blockchain and see what tallies. I suspect a few charts would show Taurus or Scorpio signatures and that will tell us, if this is going to be the big, Uranus in Taurus revolution after May 2018. As for Brexit, we are already seeing millions of British savers gain from the historic interest rate change – that was literally yesterday! There will be more gains ahead, as Jupiter (growth, good fortune) goes through Scorpio (finance) but at the same time, we have to be realists and say Uranus in Taurus will shock the British Isles as it has seldom been shocked before. Jupiter will act as a buffer, but from the final quarter of 2018 and certainly into 2019, 2020 we are going to see the total transformation of one country’s corporate and business life. It won’t be pain-free. For people who ‘get’ the revolution, though, and can understand how Asia is going to feed the new nation, there will be thrills ahead. The EU will fight amongst itself in the future – Britain will be supplied by Asia. That’s how it looks. And the Brexit model will be Swiss. That’s also how it looks, astrologically!

  30. Dear Jessica,
    Six months ago you wrote about the Uranus transit into Taurus, and of course being. a Taurus woman, I was riveted. My question relates to the following: Moonin Tarus at 1 degree, MC 5 Taurus, North Node 14 Taurus, Sun 17 Taurus, and Mercury 27 Taurus. It is the Moon that will be highly affected with trines to Mars 25 Leo ( and my rising sign), trine Jupiter 28retrograde Sagittarius in the 5th House. The Moon sextiles natal Uranus at 25 degrees Gemini and Venus 0 degree Cancer. I hope this note is not cumbersome, but I welcome your insights.
    Sincere thanks,

    Carol P.

    1. Thank you Carol P, and your note is not cumbersome at all, it’s a pleasure to answer your question. I use the Natural House system as it is most accurate for prediction, by the way. That puts Jupiter in your Ninth House, not your Fifth. Let me look at Uranus and the impact on your horoscope when he moves into Taurus. You have a stellium in Taurus – an unusually high number of factors – all in your Second House, which describes money, economics, charity, business, trade and related areas like retail, insurance, sharemarkets and so on. A large part of who you are, and how your life has been, relates to your value system as a result. What you will (or will not) sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be precious and perhaps priceless. We find this chart pattern with wealthy business moguls like Richard Branson but also Communists! Given that Uranus is a symbol of revolution, freedom, independence and radical change, I am sure you can see that Uranus conjunct your Moon at 1 Taurus, from May 2018, will profoundly transform your ‘need to be needed’ when it comes to money and the material world. This sometimes occurs when women who channel their maternal instinct into financially supporting their children, suddenly realise the children don’t need that any more. It liberates both of them. There are many examples and you will have your own (I don’t know anything about your life, obviously). The thing to remember is, an ingress (when a planet arrives in a new zodiac sign) is like having a new house guest or flatmate take up residence in your home. A room is now occupied by a completely different resident and it changes the way the whole ‘house’ operates. Uranus in your Second House is like having a constant crackling, electrifying, changeable, unpredictable presence in the room where you store your money or keep your possessions. As he will be conjunct, or lined up with, so many of your Taurus factors, you can see how wider economic, government, political or business trends after May 2018 will have an ongoing impact on your life, in the most personal way. The best way to deal with this cycle is to be open to change and to understand the golden rule with Uranus. You are often liberated from situations, organisations or people which restricted you, trapped you and confined you – though it takes considerable insight to see it. I have seen so many people with Uranus in Virgo natally in their Sixth House of work, for example, who are regularly made redundant or dropped from their jobs every few years. Inevitably, despite the loss of security, they have to admit that they felt utterly imprisoned and ‘kept small’ by their bosses or firms. And…it always works out for them, if they are prepared to be super flexible. I would say the same thing about Uranus going through Taurus. Anything or anybody that keeps you small, confined or otherwise prevents you from being who you truly are, will not last the distance – or if it does, the arrangement will be dramatically reshaped. I hope this helps.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you so much for your response. You have given me so much to assess, and you have nailed my job situation, where I have been satisfied and happy until the last year, for the reasons you identified.

        I continue find your analyses liberating.

        With respect,
        Carol P.

  31. Hi Jessica. I so appreciate your wisdom and spiritual insight. I’m concerned about my financial situation as it’s precarious with a small massage business and how that will affect me. You said forget Bitcoin? Is there going to be another global currency come to the fore? Any ideas?
    I have 3 factors in Scorpio & Taurus. NEPTUNE – 00 Deg Scorpio, VESTA – 10 Deg Scorpio, ASC – 00 Deg Scorpio. Also DESC – 00 Deg Taurus, OPS – 07 Deg Taurus and Vulcano – 09 Deg Taurus. Thank you so much. I really look to you/ astrology for guidance and insight. ME

    1. You could work with Neptune at 0 Scorpio all by himself and really use it with your business interests, money, house, charity, possessions, apartment. I don’t believe I’ve ever written the words ‘forget Bitcoin’ in my life, but once Uranus (invention, innovation) goes into Taurus (currency) from May 2018 we will see a radical new version of Bitcoin – or a rival which makes serious headway. You may want to keep a journal at this point, and record what happened when Jupiter recently crossed 0 Scorpio and lined up with your Neptune. I suspect it was a shift with interest rates, taxation or similar as everyone born with Neptune at 0 Scorpio was affected, but there may also have been a personal reason for the opportunity (Jupiter) to build a bigger bubble (Neptune) which allows you to escape from the real world. The trick is knowing how to successfully reshape the bubble when Uranus (change) comes along at 0 Taurus in May 2018 to oppose that. And that’s how you do astrology, ME.

  32. Hi. I’ve got a couple of close friends who work in IT for banks and I try to talk to them about this stuff, but my Astro talk comes across as some form of necromancy lol.

    So I keep digging and make Google dance to find more info to help build a clearer picture in the hope it clicks and then they can help me with useful insight from the banking perspective. Today I found Wells Fargo is one of the big four American banks. Founded March 18, 1852 in San Francisco. Having a look at the chart for that time shows Pluto 29°34 Aries, Uranus, Saturn and Venus at 2,2 & 7° Taurus.

    If I understand your articles on the digital financial revolution correctly, is this bank in particular going to be affected massively?

    1. You’re a natural astrologer so don’t pay any attention to your friends. Wells Fargo? Interesting. Pluto at 29 Aries is the image of the organisation. The keys you have picked up at 2, 2, 7 Taurus are massive. Well done. I would never in a million years have looked at Wells Fargo, but is it okay with you if I write about this further? Meanwhile, do your own thing and let people know – have a look at the other organisations WF is hooked into, because it’s not solely about them. It seems to be 1-2 partners and we’re talking a flashback or rewind some months. I’m sniffing the air like Samantha in Bewitched over this one! Thank you!

      1. I just found these links, on Wells Fargo and blockchain if at all useful. I was interested to see if Wells Fargo was involved in the Ripple, the ‘banks exchange cryptocurrency’ as it’s known to the cyberpunks of the crypto world. Most crypto purists don’t want to buy into Ripple because they don’t want the banks to win. But this doesn’t stop them ‘pumping and dumping’ to get profit when they can. 🙂 Ripple is the word that stuck in my head for weeks after listening to your Scorpio podcast.

        1. Now that is fascinating. Ripple is also Neptune in Pisces. It is, in fact, transiting Neptune in Pisces trine the natal Neptune in Scorpio (finance) of an entire generation born with that pattern, in the Sixties. I had never heard of Ripple until you posted this and I am very grateful to you for the heads-up and also the links. Ripples are also risky and that would fit – when Uranus slowly begins to oppose Neptune in Scorpio we could be looking at a tough tidal wave.

  33. Hello Jessica.
    I’m one of those 60’s babies and also having a wonderful Scorpio year which is supposed to carry on to October next year. Will this May be a bump in the road for me or another opportunity junction? I have only 5 factors in Scorpio and Taurus.
    Thank you so much for your contributions, I’ve become a massive fan of astrology because of you.
    Sincerely. AC

    1. Thank you AC, you are very kind. Your Scorpio factors are triggered next year and you will see the classic opportunity to save or make money, or to benefit from ‘cash in kind’ offers and options. May won’t really affect you, but you seem certain to be offered some kind of government-funded or big business/big bank breakthrough, as you are one of the 60’s babies, as you say, born with Neptune in Scorpio, so it looks like millions of you together will benefit from the same kind of thing – at much the same time. Interest rates might be the story here! Neptune is about bubbles which are not real. Yet, this is a bubble you can enjoy.

  34. Hi Jessica.
    Very impressive work!
    I am an Aries Sun and MC with Venus at 24 Taurus and (at the moment a very happy) Moon at 15 Scorpio. Mars at 20 Capricorn.
    The company I work for is being sold as we speak, I am supposed to transfer to the new company with my present contract. BUT I am feeling itchy, needing change.
    To risk it or not, that is the question.
    Any ideas?

    1. Thank you, Aphrodite. Actually the only factor that is relevant here is Mars at 20 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. As Saturn enters Capricorn at Christmas and will slowly pass Mars at 20 Capricorn within 2-3 years, you may want to go over the terms of the contract with a second opinion, if you take the job. I don’t have a chart to see, here, so I can only comment on Mars in your chart, but as this cycle can only happen every 29 years and it is rather heavy and demanding, you would certainly want a microscope to read the fine print on the new position.

      1. Thank you Jessica. That is what I have been thinking.
        The possibility to transfer is only there because my present employer set it as one of the pre-conditions for the sale. Obviously, I do not want to be taken for a ride.
        I just have to avoid too drastic actions because finding a new job at my age is not very likely. I cannot afford to end up empty-handed.
        Will think about this.

        Thank you again.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    Thank-you so much for this intriguing post … I’m a native Scorpio with seven factors across both Scorpio (6) and Taurus (1) and was wondering what kind of personal impact the larger events of May 2018 might have on my chart? I’m at a huge financial crossroads in my life right now … much thanks!!

    1. The huge financial crossroads is typical of someone who has factors across Taurus-Scorpio and this is quite a slow, evolving story in your life over many years. It’s about your values. You will reshape your core beliefs and ideas about money, possessions, shopping, houses, apartments and the rest. This may bring in issues like taxation, but also your concept of ‘wealth’ and what wealth actually means. This is the cycle where you have to hang a price tag on the things that money cannot buy, like integrity, independence, privacy, popularity or peace of mind. You may be sharply aware of that now. If not, 2018, 2019 will alert you to the fact that a chain of events, over a period of time, is supposed to get you to question all your old values and change the way you ‘do business’ with the universe. I suspect that one of the issues for you will be a close family relationship, or a close personal one, like a marriage. You may want to hit ‘Scorpio’ on Search to find out more about this side of yourself. Over the short-term, you will be given some stunning solutions and opportunities to sort things out. Over the long-term, Uranus in Taurus will utterly change your life, and the trick with this cycle is to stay very light on your feet. Don’t tie yourself down with arrangements or commitments which are too heavily binding, as you need to be flexible enough to zig-zag, after 2018. If you are given the chance to talk to a good financial advisor, now through 2018, you may want to have a chat.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    Nathanial Popper (NY Times) here gives a great history and mentions what you have mentioned- the possibility of competitor digital currencies

    thanks for setting us onto this: we are all able to keep abreast of developments in the skies and the cloud/s (!) with you!

    1. Aren’t you nice. Thank you so much for the link to the Nathaniel Popper story – I will listen now, online. Competing digital currencies does sound like the future. It will be anarchy, but on the plus side, we will be free to choose.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    I feel I am slightly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though monetary gains have not been in the picture.
    My Cupido is in 15deg, prosperina in 13deg, Chiron in 15deg, Diana in 25deg in Taurus and Scorpio factors are moon in 2deg, juno in 5deg, and uranus in 29deg.

    How do I gain in May 2018?


    1. You have Scorpio factors ranging from 2 through 29 in your Eighth House so you will experience the opportunities or solutions of Jupiter in Scorpio affecting finance, charity, business, property from the very start of this cycle, to the very end. You already had one door open, did you go through it? Sometimes people turn an option down then forget they did it. Don’t worry. More doors will open, now through late 2018 and you will gain or save.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I’m new to your site and quite confused on how to read the last 2 numbers in my birth chart. what does the 50′ and 57″” mean? And looking at my Taurus at 22 degrees to the moon, how can I tell which house it’s affecting?
    22° Taurus 50′ 57″

    I have been following your daily horoscopes and I have to say they have been extremely accurate to the exact date for a recent property purchase! Even my friends were shocked when I show them what was predicted on the day. Thank you!

    1. I am glad your daily horoscope helped with your property purchase. When you read Moon 22 Taurus 50 57 in your chart, please ignore the 50 57 and only pay attention to the 22. You read the first number and ignore the last two. The first number shows you the degree, the others show you tiny amounts of time which only astrologers bother with. Similarly your Sun at 21 Leo 29 39 means you have the Sun at 21 Leo. I hope that makes sense.

  39. Thank you Jessica for your reply. Appreciate your insight and guidance. You are so right! Lost more than l wrote. Hopefully the courts will settle in my favor. Have a written contract.
    Thank you again!!

  40. Great article once again Jessica!
    This is going to be an extraordinary event and thank you for sharing with us at this early stage. Can i ask you how these changes will affect me,? /in January I am going to the court against a bank about my mortgage..
    Sincere Thanks

    1. Marina you were born with Jupiter at 26 Scorpio so you have your fortunate Jupiter Return in 2018 in your Eighth House of finance, business and property. You will make or save a small fortune next year and it may well be the bank – if not, it will come from another source, but you will benefit. Good luck with the court case.

  41. Hi Jessica, will the is the release of the Paradise papers be connected to May 2018? I wonder if the legal avoidance of tax avoidance will once and finally be resolved, now even the Queen (or her advisors) is implicated? If you have time, could you have a quick look at my chart, what do I need to be looking out for in May 2018, I run my own business, which is struggling at the moment and I’m worried about it. Many thanks x

    1. The Paradise Papers came to shock us, on a Full Moon at 11 Taurus, so although May 2018 is the start of something quite shocking (and liberating) in terms of the world economy, it may not be until Uranus finally moves to 11 Taurus over the long-term (far beyond 2018) that we see the ‘answering call’ of what just happened now. As Her Majesty is of advanced age, as is her husband, you would have to speculate that if one or both pass, their tax situation will be central and at that point, Uranus would be hovering at the same spot where we just saw that ‘Paradise Papers’ Full Moon. If you are running your own business and struggling, try not to lose heart. You have Ops at 19 Capricorn and Mercury at 20 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and you are going through Pluto in Capricorn, slowly crossing 19, 20 degrees – for the first time in 240+ years. No wonder you are having a hard time. Essentially your entire career will be reshaped now through 2020. It ends happily with a great solution for you. However, changes are coming and some hard decisions too. Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres will all move over 19, 20 Capricorn between now and 2020, as will Pluto, so you may find that you end up in a different field altogether, or in a substantially changed business. Ops is about your optimism in the face of difficulty and your ability to find solutions in a practical way. This is a very tough, determined, positive part of you. Mercury as I am sure you know is that part of you which translates, communicates, negotiates and above all – uses the internet. Put that together and it is quite a statement about your ambition. So far so good, but with all that weather coming in Capricorn, you are going to find that you cannot resist change and must now rethink everything. Yet – Jupiter (solutions, growth, opportunities, good outcomes) is there too so we have to say, despite the intensity, this puts you in just the right place, at the top of the mountain. You can and will get to the top, with one particular ambition.

      1. Thank you so much for such a detailed reply, you have given me lots of hope and positivity x

  42. Hello Jessica. A fascinating article. Certainly the trine between cautious conservative Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus the revolutionary in Aries has been interesting in economics and politics. Are we having a revolution or going back to tried and trusted? You suggest the move of Uranus into Solid fixed Taurus will pull the scales down on the side of change. Interesting times ahead.

    I have five factors in a Scorpio, including Sun and Neptune, three in Taurus and Capricorn. Natal moon in process of being conjunted by Pluto, which will Trine factors in Virgo and Taurus. I have been doing a lot of voluntary work and feel Virgo device has. Been very active. In many things I have been blocked. I have a passion for music and singing, but have difficulty getting any proper recognition and choirs who think they are a cut above everyone else won’t even listen to me. I have also been looking for paid work in the service field, but nothing has worked out for many years. Fortunately my husband (30.4.60) has a well paid job and investments. How will we both fair during this revolutionary change.

    Many thanks.


    1. Thank you Jane. We’re definitely on track for a global economic revolution and I don’t think the public will stand much more in terms of Panama Papers or the latest – Paradise Papers. It sounds as if you are looking for a professional outlet but have been blocked. For that we go to Virgo and/or Capricorn factors in your chart as Virgo rules paid and unpaid work – service and duty to others – and of course Capricorn is about ambition, achievement and success. Salacia at 18 Capricorn conjunct the Moon at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House tells you the whole story, here. Pluto is moving slowly across this spot in your horoscope, and once Saturn and Jupiter enter Capricorn across the 2018, 2019, 2020 period a huge story begins to develop in association with your highest goals. Pluto transits empower you if you use your willpower. You are obviously going to be dealing with someone/something absolutely relentless and rather dominating, no matter if this is a person, an organisation or a wider trend. If you are able to use your self-control, then you will win control. I suspect there may be a flashback here to your old working life, as once upon a time you also had outer planets in Capricorn and no matter how dusty those pages of your C.V. are, they will become relevant over the next three years. As Jupiter (growth, opportunity, expansion, improvement, solutions) moves across this Moon-Salacia conjunction you should be well and truly rewarded with your place on top of the mountain. The mountain itself will be within view in January 2018 as the Sun crosses those degrees and you glimpse it for the first time. We associate Capricorn with not only work and unpaid work, but also with social status. The Duchess of Cambridge, for example, is a Sun Capricorn who married up. If you are curious about Salacia, look at the art. She was Neptune’s wife and frequently describes people who live out their ambitions in two places at once, or two fields at once. Neither of them will be ‘real’ in terms of being everyday and ordinary, so perhaps you will be led to music. Do look at what you were doing, back in the days when Uranus was in Capricorn, though, and Neptune as well – I think there is something you left behind there which is about to make a comeback. By 2020 you will be in an utterly different position on your mountain.

  43. Really interesting article Jessica. Another one!

    Jessica I have my IC at 13 degrees Scorpio with the Part of Fortune conjunct. I’m thinking of moving house in the near future. Should I move before May 2018 or wait until later, especially as transit Neptune has been opposing my natal Saturn for quite some time now and won’t finalise for a year or so?

    My solar arc Jupiter has just progressed to 1 degree Taurus, my solar arc Ascendant is at 3 degrees Scorpio and my solar arc Moon is just minutes away from conjuncting my Ascendant at 27 Leo. Is any of this significant at all?

    1. Thank you. I don’t use the Part of Fortune or solar arcs, but if your question is about moving, then it’s essentially about Cancer factors and your Fourth House (using the Natural House system). Sure enough, you have Uranus at 1 Cancer so one of the reasons you are itching for change, is the fact that transiting Uranus will move to 1 Taurus next year and form a sextile to itself. At the same time you also have Mercury at 1 Aries and Mars at 1 Libra, so you were actually born with a T-Square involving the Fourth House of family and property, the First House of image and identity and the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. Uranus triggering that T-Square is almost like an express train that won’t wait for you, and the sense of sudden, exciting, liberating change after May 2018 is undeniable. I am sure you know that a T-Square can be rather tense and I don’t expect next year will be smooth sailing, but there is something about Uranus that has a mind of its own, and it’s often the case that you just have to jump on board. For you, I suspect wider changes within Great Britain, no doubt involving Brexit or even a change of government, will have a direct impact on property prices and mortgage interest rates (for example) and that is why you will have this very sudden moment of truth about a particular house or apartment. You may want to dig into your T-Square much more, as it is a huge part of your chart, your life, yor personality and your history and it is about to wake up – once more! This goes beyond moving (which seems very likely to happen). It’s also about your roots. Your culture, heritage, history, home town and sense of homeland. Have a look at that too.

  44. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks to your advice I did manage to survive a taugh situation with an opponent and recover from a severe health collapse this year. I am still fighting though, trying to drag myself to the end of the year:)).
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jessica, for the hope that you gave me!

    I am from the generation which will turn 52 next year. How can I protect my finances:)?

    Here you can see Scorpio and Taurus in my chart.

    19° Scorpio 25′ 49″
    03° Taurus 43′ 58″
    21° Taurus 08′ 49″ R
    21° Scorpio 08′ 49″ R

    Thank you so much for your advice!

    1. I am glad the astrology helped with your health and also the person who was against you. You will notice Uranus conjunct your Vulcano first of all. You are normally self-controlled (Vulcano) and thus quite powerful when it comes to money, property, charity, business, possessions. This is bound to change as Uranus crosses 3 Taurus, not because of anything you do, but because of the way the world will turn. I am sure you have just seen the Paradise Papers scandal hit the news. This was only a Full Moon in Taurus and look what happened. There will be radical reforms affecting the global taxation avoidance ‘system’ from May 2018 on and of course this will affect big business, the sharemarkets and government spending. For you, the best way forward is to accept what comes and change, as life changes around you. Yet – you have had past life experience with being both wealthy and poor, as your Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio suggest several lifetimes which revolve around the handling of money. You will love what happens when Jupiter moves to 21 Scorpio next year, which will benefit you – as you save or make substantial amounts. Even the opposition from Jupiter to your North Node at that time will be helpful. Many, many years into the future Uranus will cross that point, of course, and I suspect that your past life experience/memories will come in very useful, as you deal with more revolutionary changes sweeping the world, in terms of digital currency, taxation, trade deals, banks, big business and the rest.

  45. Hello, Jessica.

    Can you please let me know how the changes in May 2018 might impact me? I have 7 Taurus factors, including Hygeia at 0 Taurus, Sun at 5 Taurus, and Bacchus at 6 Taurus, so Uranus will hit these points in 2018-2019. Also, Uranus will immediately trine my natal Jupiter at 0 Virgo once it crosses into Taurus. I am especially curious about how it might impact my career and finance because I am actively trying to figure out a new direction, and the road really is not clear. I keep getting into situations where my hard work is just rewarded with more work instead of promotions and significant pay increases, so I am trying to change careers not because I am unhappy with what I do, but because I am sick of managers just taking advantage of me instead of helping me to grow within an organization. I have been advised by different psychic mediums and an astrologer to pursue a career in a new age healing modality of my choosing, but this just does not resonate with me right now; maybe I simply haven’t found the right modality. In any event, I am not happy with the current career situation, but I don’t know what direction to take, so I would greatly appreciate any insights you have to offer.

    Thank you!

    1. Hygiea at 0 Taurus trines Jupiter at 0 Virgo in your birth chart, as you know. So, this is a lifetime statement about salary and work for you, and also your values (what you will, or will not, sell your soul for – who and what you consider to be priceless) as well as your work ethic. The thing about Uranus is – it’s sudden, fast and frequently shocking. What happens when Uranus moves to 0 Taurus in May 2018 to conjunct (sit on) your Hygiea and trine Jupiter will turn your world upside-down, but in a way that benefits you. Why? Jupiter is ‘the greater benefic’ and here we have a picture of an electrifying, exciting situation which will utterly change (Uranus) the way you ‘protect the future’ of your finances, security and lifestyle – Hygiea describes how you screen or shield yourself; how you immunise yourself. At the same time there are gains to be made with your sense of job satisfaction and work fulfilment. Uranus always brings tremendous freedom and independence so it will feel as if the chains have been unshackled. If you are frustrated with your job now I would be very surprised if it stays intact across this time – if it does, it would be substantially changed. Of course Jupiter in Virgo is a signature for ‘mind, body and spirit’ which may be why so many psychics have urged you to pursue healing, and that is a possibility. Yet – Virgo at its core is about the way your physical condition, and physical state, defines what you do – in terms of your duty and service to other people – so it’s not just about the body in terms of what you do – it’s about your body and how it describes what you’re capable of. Good things are possible here – even great things – and as Uranus goes on to ultimately conjunct your other Taurus/Second House placements, this feels like a lifestyle change, but also a change in your values. This is not a bad time to sit down with yourself and examine exactly what those values are. What price freedom, integrity, independence, honesty and the rest? Try to steer this transit consciously with full awareness, otherwise Uranus has a habit of ‘flipping’ everything in order to force you onto a path you really should have chosen anyway! Yet – Uranus trine Jupiter also wakes up vast potential that has been dormant so you should feel energised and ready for change.

  46. Hey Jessica, thanks for all the great info 🙂 Does my chart say anything related to business or good news/ what to look for..good or to handle, etc? Also wondering how the upcoming transit of Saturn in Capricorn will play out…Saturn in Sag has been a tough one but I can see how it has helped a particular relationship become unbreakable, so I am ok with that 😉 Thanks for your time!

    1. The South Node at 18 Cancer trine Pluto at 17 Scorpio (almost exact by one degree) is one to watch in terms of your house or apartment situation, or your land (or boat/caravan!) Jupiter moves to 17, 18 Scorpio to create a stunning pyramid of power for you next year. This is in your birth chart, and it’s about finance, security and lifestyle – but also using your Leo chart I’m seeing major opportunities with your place in the world – or the place you long to move to. We have a New Moon at 17 Virgo on Sunday 9th September which is beautifully aligned with that, and in your Leo chart it happens in the cash zone – so I think September is on the money. Jupiter is at 18 Scorpio sextile the Sun at 18 Virgo on Tuesday 11th September so that is the month to use. Don’t worry too much about Saturn in Capricorn at this stage but do pursue ‘home is where the heart is.’

  47. Hi. When Uranus last entered Taurus, Pluto was 23° Cancer. Next year when Uranus returns there, Pluto is 21° Capricorn. The nodes are also opposite on the Leo/Aquarius axis.

    I realise I’m fishing a bit here, but your arricles mention that you think Brexit will likely result in Britain opting for the Swiss model for trade. As the infamous secrecy around Swiss banking was created in 1934, I was wondering if the combination of the Pluto and Nodes reversals and Uranus charged freedom may mean that instead of secret banking being enshrined in law, that open and transparent banking will be part of how global finance transforms? Especially with Jupiter in Scorpio this year…

    1. Now that’s fascinating. Yes, I would say that we are going to see more hacked financial secrets exposed – possibly in May 2018 when we have that New Moon at 24 Taurus on Tuesday 15th May, followed by Uranus entering Taurus a few hours later at 0 degrees. As if that wasn’t enough, Bacchus and Mercury are both in Taurus that day, along with the Sun. Cue drama! I have a feeling the hackers are saving the best until last and the shock will be felt around the world. This is also very close to May Day, of course, so perhaps we will see global Anonymous protests synchronised with more front-page releases. This alone would help to blow open the Swiss banking secrecy and you are right – it was written in 1934 and could be about to be unwritten. That would help Britain pursue a Swiss-style Brexit!

  48. Hello Jessica
    I have been a premium member for some years and have never posted before. Your interesting article prompted me to write this time. Having had a very stressful two years financially and a rollercoaster ten years emotionally, I am aching for a more settled life and financially stable situation. I need more control over my life. How will May 2018 affect me? Many thanks, Chrissy

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member, Chrissy. Your financial problems will lift enormously just before Christmas and after a final piece of paperwork or discussion in January, the worst is over. In fact you will make or save quite a lot of money from the end of 2018 into 2019. You are also in the best possible cycle in 12 years to resolve things with your former, current or potential partner and in fact should be talking right now! Your luck holds with the person and situation until the end of next year. A solution is so close.

  49. Wow, this seems scary! It is a global depression of some kind?

    I’m planning on selling my house. Should I seal the deal before May 2018?

    1. Have a look at your Tarot cards and if you are pulling The Tower (for example) in May 2018 then you may be personally affected by the great instability ahead and want to sell beforehand. Of course, some people always gain when lightning strikes. They dance in the storm and do very well from the fall-out, but if your Tarot readings say otherwise, you know what to do.

  50. Hi Jessica! I had posted earlier regarding my Taurus factors and how I might fare in May 2018, but as I have been studying my chart and came across a more pressing question relating to my chart. I’ve been avidly reading your 2020 book and really enjoying it. I hadn’t really understood aspects until today as I played with my chart. I’m hoping you can tell me if I’m interpreting this correctly as I’m looking at a particular future date that caught my eye. Specifically December 13th as Jupiter will be at 13 Scorpio. I have Diana and Psyche 13 scorpio. I noticed today that I also have quite a few conjunctions, semi-sextiles, and sextiles between Diana, Psyche, and my Sun 14 Capricorn. So if I understand these aspects the work well together and compliment each other. Then I realized on December 13 that Venus 15 Sagittarius will also be happening. Venus will semi-sextile my Sun 14 Cap, conjunct my Neptune 16 Sagittarius, semi-sextile my Uranus 15 Scorpio, and sextile my IC 15 Aquarius. Plus the Sun 21 Sagittarius conjunct Mercury 20 Sagittarius will trigger my Mercury 22 Sagittarius. And if I’m looking correctly the Moon 2 Scorpio conjunct Mars 2 Scorpio on this day as well. I’m curious about this because there is a lot going on in my finance sector and Venus also rules finance. Of course Mercury will effect things, but I’m not sure how it all works if at all. I know Diana is about independence and Psyche is how we are immortalized so to speak. And the Sun will be how I shine. Am I way off or does this look like a good financial opportunity for me with all these favorable aspects going on? Thank you in advance. 🙂

    1. On 14th December Jupiter is at 13 Scorpio and Minerva is at 13 Capricorn, which also picks up your Diana-Psyche conjunction at 13 Scorpio and is very close to your Sun at 14 Capricorn. You are reading your chart correctly and it will be interesting for you to watch December in terms of your money, business interests, charity, property – and your career or other role. The two will work together. Diana in Scorpio in the Eighth House is about your intensely independent, no-compromise approach to sexual/financial contracts but also house, apartment or business agreements in general. I suspect you would have problems settling for a standard marriage/mortgage deal, for example. Diana refused marriage and motherhood and here she is, in your sector of couple and family finance. She is next to Psyche. Psyche is that part of you which lives forever, so this is clearly about what you own, in terms of money, possessions, property or other assets – and the fact that it will outlive you. It’s rather like Beatrix Potter owning huge tracts of the Lake District and leaving it to the National Trust for posterity. Jupiter dancing around that spot brings opportunities, solutions, breakthroughs, hope for the future, good outcomes and huge open doors. Just keep it simple to start with and ‘read’ Diana-Psyche and watch Jupiter around the time that he links to Minerva, a symbol of wisdom. You stand to gain a great deal then.

      1. Thank you Jessica. And thank you for taking the time to teach us all. You’re guidance is truly appreciated. 🙂

  51. Hi Jessica – fascinating article as always! I simply love your work and how much you help people. I have a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio and would be very grateful for your thoughts about what may be in store. Many thanks for your help

    1. Thank you. Mercury, Venus and Mars all across that Taurus-Scorpio axis is really unusual and you have incarnated to use your knowledge about money, wealth, poverty and charity from previous lifetimes. This is the classic hallmark of someone who is here to ‘do business’ either because they literally end up with a business career, or because they make strong choices about fundraising, giving money away – or strong choices about a very particular way of dealing with property, taxation and so on. Your entire life will change in May. Uranus will come along at 0 Taurus to conjunct Venus and Mars in the Second House. Dance in the electrical storm and find the new soundtrack to your life. Try not to hang onto the past or cling to what you know/what you had/what you valued. The whole point of this cycle is to open up to what comes and to be prepared to change. Your values (what you will, or will not, sell your soul for) and what is precious to you (what is beyond price) is at the heart of this. On the surface, May or perhaps June will be about a house, bank account, apartment or similar. Underneath it is about your value system and the need to change.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    Very interesting article indeed, do you think it will be positive change overall? I only have 2 scorpio factors and 1 Taurus. Could you please tell me how those events next year may impact me, also do any of those factors trigger a career change, relocation or greater stability?

    1. Jupiter is the great protector and helper of astrology so for most of 2018 you will have little pots of golds and some strong safety nets. However from 2019 you will have to get real, for many years, about the new world of money we will all be living with. Stay updated all the time. You need to know what is going on with digital currency/cyber currency in particular, 2019, 2020 and beyond. You’ll be set free by it, but you need to be on top of it!

  53. Hi Jessica,

    I have a total of eight Taurus and Scorpio factors – I’m considering changing jobs next year, would that be unwise given the upheaval we will see globally?


    1. Blimey NK, it would take more than the craziness of Uranus in Taurus to stop me from changing jobs! Some people will do very nicely from the madness to come, as people always do, when the old systems begin to break down. Just keep reading the financial newspapers. You’ll spot a lot of opportunities that were not there before. Apart from anything else, Brexit is rolling and the Trumptanic is sinking. Life may not be smooth, but if you have a strong Taurus-Scorpio signature you have a natural nose for business and know how to cut deals people like. The question is how much do you actually care about money? You may need to make yourself care a little bit more, so you can squeeze the most potential from this time. Long-term, though, get a good financial advisor who is skilled at surfing waves.

  54. Hello Jessica, This is so scarying. I am member of your site with 02 April 1976 cascais portugal, 16h15. I have a Uranus in Scorpio, moon and Jupiter in Taurus, sun and mercury house 8 and Pluto in house 2. I guess a lot of Taurus and Scorpio?

    what can that mean to me? Is it easy to predict?
    thank you

    1. I’m not sure why you’re scared, Vanessa, because you will be one of the women making the changes happen. How? By shopping differently, or handling property differently, or doing business in a new way. Pluto is not in your Second House, by the way (in the Natural House system). Still, you have enough of a Taurus-Scorpio signature to reveal really interesting potential in the new world. This is the cycle which turns shopaholics into non-consumers. It turns people who are dependent on bank credit and mortgages into anti-bankers. At the same time, as Uranus always reveals a back-flip, if you never cared about cash or objects at all, you can sometimes end up a capitalist collector.

  55. HI Jessica, thanks for such a promising article, a joy to read! I am in a bit of a muddle at present, which will naturally affect my financial situation as time goes by…I’m studying for work with children, but at the same time I’m literally being filled to the brim with ideas for writing articles. They are just pouring out of me, during dreams or sudden flashes of intuition. I can hardly explain it. Naturally I’m jotting everything down, including keeping a dream diary. But whilst I’m writing articles for an imaginary position at a magazine, I am also having trouble keeping focussed/motivated on my studies. My time availability is crazy limited with a full house to run as well, so I’m not really certain whether to focus on one or the other. I’m not really one to do anything by halves, and my mind is so restless at the moment, it’s hard to rely on intuition alone or whether fate will step in somewhere soon. I simply don’t know what direction to take and would very much appreciate your insights. Thank you!

    1. Mercury rules your mind and you were born with Mercury at 6 Gemini aspecting Pluto at 6 Libra and other factors at 6 degrees too. A restless mind, too many ideas, over-thinking things – are all indications of an overloaded Mercury. The solution is simple. Get back into your body. You are living in your head. To get back into your body, try yoga or meditation which focusses on the chakras below your throat. Walk more, preferably barefoot. Do boring, sensible things like peeling potatoes and cleaning shelves. If you are curious about Mercury in your chart, look up Mercury Trine Pluto in your favourite astrology book. It is commonly associated with obsessive thinking as Mercury rules the mind and Pluto rules obsession. However, you also have Mercury at 6 Gemini aspecting Apollo, Salacia and Vulcano – all at 6 degrees. So what we have here is a mind (Mercury) which dominates everything else. It needs balancing. Housework is boring but housework will save you, if you can learn to do it to music and shut off your busy brain while you are doing the chores. The Buddhists were pretty good at this kind of thing – ‘Carry water, chop wood’ and all that kind of thing!’ Perhaps you need a mindfulness course, or a little DIY mindfulness training. All of it will help your Mercury in Gemini switch off. You do need to honour this for an hour or so a day, writing – but beyond that, you are not your Mercury!

  56. Hi Jessica

    Let me just say’I’ve been to hell and back ….it’s ok,lessons learned.karma paid,all protocol observed.

    Now I’m waiting for a payment from overseas that’s going to change my life and my family’s life for ever.,……when do you see it happening ?…..and also I feel a soul connection with my Pisces ex……I wanna get back with it possible?

    1. It really depends on the karma, as you have the Nodes (past life and this life debts/credits) in your finance zones until next year. If you have earned the good karma then the payment will come. I can’t comment on your Pisces ex without seeing his chart, I’m afraid.

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