The Scorpio Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Scorpio, this next year will be about scratching the itch to expand your horizons both personally and professionally.

Scorpio, this next year will be about scratching the itch to expand your horizons both personally and professionally.

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49 Responses

  1. HI Jessica,

    Many thanks for your insightful 2018 for both Libra and Scorpio.

    I am a Libra with an ascendent sign in Sagittarius:
    23° Sagittarius 07′ 35″
    and many Scorpios in the following:
    Venus: 23° Scorpio 10′ 24″
    Mars: 04° Scorpio 15′ 49″
    Uranus: 06° Scorpio 30′ 21″
    Vulcano: 24° Scorpio 00′ 47″
    North node: 03° Scorpio 35′ 41″
    Aesculapia : 04° Scorpio 38′ 00″

    2017 has been challenging for me so far (even though Jupiter is in Libra) and I am not sure if 2018 would be better for me. Since I have Jupiter running through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius in 3 consecutive years (2017-2019) for me…I was wondering if you could advise me what am I to expect ahead for my career and my relationship?

    Many thanks Jessica!


    1. Thank you Ben. Actually it’s your Sagittarius (belief, faith) signature and your Pisces cycles (solitude, being a hermit) that my eye is drawn to. This is not about career or love. This is about you taking time out to be by yourself to get what you need – your spiritual connection with ‘the light’ (as some call it) and God (as others call it). I feel the computer or laptop is your key to so much but nothing will deliver what you want and need (which is the powerful, soulful part of existence) until you remove all the distraction, noise, people and madness of the planet and take the time to find out who you are. Who you are, can only be found when you are by yourself. And when you are by yourself (Pisces/Twelfth House in your chart) you see the light (Sagittarius/Ninth House in your chart). This is rather like Lou Reed, I have to say. ‘I’m beginning to see the light…’ I am not sure if you are a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Atheist, Astrologer, Buddhist – but something very, very powerful wants to call you in, to help change you.

  2. Hi Jessica!

    I have a question about my chart. I have a lot of Sagittarius factors in my chart as well as NN in Capricorn? Are they related to each other and how will it play out if they are connected.

    Thank you for a great blog and all that you do!


    1. Thank you.Sriti, within 12 months you will be able to move or travel more ambitiously. You will be so tempted to relocate, or take weeks/months away. You have a plan, qualification, idea or concept to take to a more suitable place. Not much can grow or expand where you are. You could do this online but I think you’ll pack your bags. Don’t forget the other project, though, you need to ‘work’ both of them.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I am new to the site and really enjoy this website.
    I am a Leo with Taurus Ascendant and I have a few planets in Scorpio.
    With Leo and Aquarius eclipses in 2017 – 2019, Saturn in Capricorn as of December 2017 and Jupiter now in Scorpio, I am hoping for some relief.
    I recently read Uranus will be in Taurus May 2018 – July 2025, a long time. I have a lot of planets in Taurus.
    Property, relationship, new job are all topics for me 2017 – 2019. Do you see any progress in sight?

    Sun 11° Leo 34′ 15″
    Mercury 24° Leo 32’39’
    Moon 00° Taurus 41′ 54″
    Saturn 08° Taurus 41′ 30″
    ASC 01° Taurus 02′ 37″
    ASC 01° Taurus 02′ 37″
    Psyche 08° Aquarius 14′ 42″ R
    Ceres 02° Aquarius 59′ 24″ R
    MC 17° Capricorn 04′ 42″
    Desc 01° Scorpio 02’37’
    Neptune 25° Scorpio 56’34 ’R
    Jupiter 03° Libra 00’18’
    Mars 06 ° Sagittarius 19’15’’
    Venus 01° Cancer 01’58’
    Pluto 23° Virgo 23’18’
    Uranus 01° Libra 16’49’


    1. From Sunday 13th May 2018, when Mercury enters Taurus and opposes Scorpio (picking up the money axis of your horoscope) you will begin to hear/read some of the most important news of the year, regarding everything that you own, earn or owe. This goes beyond your bank account or home, into your values. What you will (or will not) sell out for. Who or what you consider to be priceless! The combination of Jupiter, the planet of solutions, in Scorpio – crossing your Scorpio factors and opposing your Taurus factors – then Uranus, the planet of revolution, crossing your Taurus factors – and opposing your Scorpio factors – makes this late part of 2017 and 2018 as a whole, unforgettable in terms of the permanent impact on how you see money and materialism. On Tuesday 15th May, 2018 you will experience a New Moon in Taurus in your Second House of possessions, charity, finance and business. It falls at 24 Taurus, opposite your Neptune at 25 Scorpio. If you can reduce the bubbles in your life right now, that would be a good idea. By ‘bubbles’ I mean housing bubbles, or bubbles of non-reality regarding credit cards, borrowing or the illusion that X is worth Y forever! Property prices are a good example of that. Please get the best financial advice you can afford. Most of all, though, have a look at who and what you value most, because that New Moon will ask you to make decisions about it. I suspect you are one of the people who will be personally and directly affected, and involved, in the new one-world digital currency which is coming. With Saturn at 8 Taurus, though, you need to be aware that when Uranus eventually moves to 8 Taurus, it will change your life. You are bound to get lucky – or feel lucky – within 12 months and yet at the same time, you need to be very, very shrewd about future property, financial and business trends out there.

  4. Hi Jessica, I am 30 Oct 1980 born at 2.20am. I have had many challenging relationships and it had been difficult to continue and enjoy anything I did. What do you suggest about this year?

    1. Uranus in Taurus, the opposite sign to Scorpio, will change your life from May 2018. The chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partners will shift, allowing freedom in the door. The same is true of your enemies, rivals or opponents. Liberation and independence are easy things for me to write down, but you will actually live them – in a way that changes your life. This takes years! May is just the start. But, one way or another, you are going to be set free from patterns or people that locked you down. It is very common to not even be aware of just how restricted one was, on this cycle, but I do feel your eyes will be opened very quickly in May 2018. Your question has prompted me to write a story about that month, actually. It’s very important.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I tried to submit a post on the Scorpio stellium forum but fairly sure it didn’t work – I currently don’t have access to a PC with Firefox which seems to be the only way to post on forums – and just so happens this is the biggest stellium in my chart which is amusing. Can you let me know when it will close in case I can get to a PC with Firefox before it does.

    1. Sorry about that, Mark. Although I will ask my webmasters to look at that PC/Firefox question. Yes, you have a stellium which sweeps right across the sign of Scorpio in the Eighth House of your chart, using the Natural House system. The typical process of expansion, growth, improvement and opportunity has already started and Jupiter is associated with open doors, big answers and most of all, hope for a bigger and better future. Whatever has gone down with the economy or business picture where you live/work is specific to your personal interests – the general becomes personal. We have obviously seen a new record for the Dow – I am not sure if that is relevant – but there would be other useful changes taking place which will ‘get you where you live’ and assist you in making or saving a small fortune. Jupiter stands at 4 Scorpio today, Sunday 29th October and he will sweep across your chart for about another 12 months. You have the Moon at 7 Scorpio conjunct Fortuna at 8 Scorpio so you should certainly feel the benefits of transiting (travelling) Jupiter conjunct Venus, the planet of complex relationships, on Monday 13th November. On that day for the first time in 12 years Jupiter stands at 7 Scorpio 20 and Venus is at 7 Scorpio 20. Allow a few days either side for Fortuna to catch this too, but the Wheel of Fortune should spin randomly in your favour then, catching you on the upswing with a specific sum of money, negotiation, house, business, charity, apartment, valuable item and so on. This is part of a story which is still being told next year. You may want to keep a journal to track what is going on. The only issue is the best financial advice you can afford and a flexible attitude because from May 2018 Uranus (radical change, revolution) will move into Taurus and slowly begin to oppose that Scorpio stellium, challenging you to alter your direction in life with all that you earn, own or owe. Uranus moves slowly and begins with an opposition to your Sun, so you can be fairly sure that May-June 2018 is about the need to move lightly and quickly, zig-zagging when the conditions do, around you. The core meaning of what happens is about your values. What you will and will not sell out for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. The best example I can give you is the American war of independence against the British and the whirlwind of 1781 when King George III and British taxation was thrown out, and the first serious legal challenge to the slave trade was made. You can just imagine…The people who ended up on top of that wave were those who saw the writing on the wall and were happy to invent/innovate/co-create a new and liberated future for the new, new, new New York! I mention this because you have the kind of highly unusual chart which means the personal is the national/global and vice versa. I don’t know if this is the sharemarket or something else but your individual destiny is going to be swept along with wider questions. The trick is to keep moving and keep asking.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I have a few questions about the Uranus transit and the Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

    These are my factors in Taurus : MC 13 deg Taurus 32′ 06″

    and these are my factors in Scorpio:
    Venus 03 deg Scorpio 18′ 03″
    Pluto 05 deg Scorpio 27′ 28″
    IC 13 deg Scorpio 32′ 06″
    Cupido 27 deg Scorpio 54′ 25″

    Can you please tell me how I am affected by these factors in the next year?
    Thank you so much- Sar

    1. Sar, as you might expect there will be opportunities (Jupiter) to increase the cash flow in your life, or to make substantial savings – and these are already in motion as Jupiter moves slowly through the first degrees of Scorpio. You also have Cupido at the later degrees of the sign so right through 2018 you can keep building one or two situations to your advantage. One thing about Jupiter is that you need to go beyond the first opportunity. If you are lucky enough to land an ‘acorn’ in your life, raise the oak, but remember that one oak can give you more acorns, so really maximise what you are actually being thrown in your life and take it as far as you can. I can also see a Sagittarius stellium in your chart in the Ninth House, which we associate with beliefs, philosophy and religion. Saturn will leave Sagittarius at Christmas and Jupiter will move in, later next year. This is really important and I feel you’re going to hit a huge crossroads with what you believe, spiritually, and why you believe it. If you were a Roman Catholic I would suggest you were off to the Vatican!

  7. Hi Jessica – thank you so much for your clarity. I am definitely in the area if growing with new oppurtunities arising and I am actively seeking a new job so I can grow in all directions of life. I was recently offered an amazing position out of the blue and I decided to accept however I have had no response after I asked some questions about the position before accepting. Does this transit mean I will grow once I continuously push on? I want a new job , I feel like I cannot grow where I currently am. I am also a full time night student, have my own business on the side and lately my mind has been growing crazy with new ideas. Help!

    1. You have the Sun and Mercury in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and study – and Mercury (planet of the mind) also rules Virgo. This pattern is common in people who identify so much with being great workers – and who overthink things so much – that they end up feeling stretched. Your career will never be an issue, as people will always want to employ someone who is so dedicated. However, you may want to look at your body, spirit, mind connection at the moment and make sure that your physical condition is not coming second to your studies and business. Your body is your friend and actually, if you can figure all that out (through yoga, swimming, walking or whatever) you will find that the work issues feel far more normal and attainable for you.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    (I am posting this again, sorry.)

    Great news about the yacht! My best wishes to you. May it be a beautiful journey for you..

    I had written to you earlier asking about my daughter since we are emigrating due to my husband’s relocation there. The thing is a country where I know very few people, with a small baby, I fear I may make mistakes.

    According to you, the Leo factors affect children. Jessica, I don’t have any factors in my fifth house as you can see. My husband who is a Scorpio sun has only Ceres and Diana in the fifth house of Leo. Is it bad? Does it matter? Please help me out.

    Thank you very much, again.

    1. Thank you very much – life on the water is great for someone like me who is heavily Piscean. Okay, so you have Chiron at 4 Cancer and the MC or Midheaven at 22 Cancer – and this is the zodiac sign we look to for family and property – also home town and homeland. Yes, Leo rules the Fifth House and children but you are talking ‘family’ as this is your daughter and husband, and yourself. This will work out for you, although there may be a slow start, or a few hurdles to jump at the beginning (assuming you are heading off in December/January or planning to do so). Allow for that but also look forward to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and improvement making stunning trines to your Chiron and Midheaven. It will help to do as much homework/research as you can before you go, but also to keep learning when you get there. Read the fine print.

  9. Hi Jessica

    How does having Saturn in Scorpio affect my chart now that Saturn moves to Scorpio ftom 2018? Also broke up friendship with a friend born 25.06.83 on 26.10.17. Looks serious?

    1. Saturn does not move to Scorpio from 2018, you will be pleased to know. I am sorry you broke up your friendship. January could easily see you figuring out the issues together. If there are issues here about who is more powerful/who is in charge/who is in control then drop them.

      1. Thank heavens -for both. Mostly Saturn. Looking at my chart you know what I mean. Its all about who is in charge. And more powerful. We both are. In different ways. He just doesnt get it. He can be in control. Always! 🙁

  10. Hi jessica…i just joined your premium and im amazed i have 9 planets in scorpio.the last 6mts have been awful…head injury 20 may which i had to do a lot of healing and rest,and 2 incidents with car,1 of them has cost me money,being my fault.With jupiter in scorpio bring any luck as i have i think 5/6 planets in leo.i read your your leo weather and i dont think im in for a good single,no kids and live with my mam.shes a gemini with a lot of planets in cancer and leo..9th june 1970..20.25..she has being under a lot of stress trying to take care of me.and is also a premium member.i think the planets around the 19th of may are going to be in same position 11th of november a bit scared of apprentice electrian and hoping to travel to college next year..please help..

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member. I am sorry you have been through these car accidents and also your head injury. The world needs more good electricians, though, so let’s see where you’re going in life. You have a stellium (cluster) in Cancer in the Fourth House of home, family and mother so not only do you live in your mum’s residence, you are also training in a trade linked to house and apartment building and renovation. You will save or make money (or gain from cash in kind) between now and late 2018. That will help you a lot. I can also see a chain of oppositions to your Cancer stellium coming up, first from Saturn, then from Jupiter and Pluto. Thus, from Christmas 2017, through 2020, you’re very likely to move, change your own property situation and also take a different angle with your life as an electrician – you may take that training in a different direction or find an alternative way to work in the field of houses, apartments, property and so on. Your mother goes through a similar cycle – she has a lot of planets in Cancer, you say? Well, it’s really clear that the two of you are going to figure out a new way to live your lives together, and specifically in terms of the actual property set-up and the family unit. All change!

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I have both Bacchus and Proserpina at 26 Scorpio – could you please tell my what kind of impact this month’s new moon on that same degree is likely to have for me in coming weeks or even beyond? Much thanks – I just love your Star-wisdom btw!! ❤️

    1. That’s a nice, easy one for you to interpret. Bacchus conjunct Proserpina at 26 Scorpio describes someone who gives and receives pleasure through finance, property, business, charity, precious possessions – and she also operates as a go-between, bridging the gap between powerful people or organisations. The New Moon is always a new beginning so as it crosses that spot, you have a fresh chapter to write. Much later in 2018 when Jupiter (growth) crosses 26 Scorpio, you will realise that you were planting an acorn, ready to become an oak.

    1. You have a stellium in Libra, Kristie, so I understand why you’re obsessed with love. We have a lot of traffic passing through Libra now through Christmas which will help you – you can hit ‘Libra’ and ‘Libra Weather’ on Search for specific details – I posted a story on this a while back.

  12. Hi Jessica! Thank you for such a great article, as always! So far I have had several realizations using the travel aspect (due to my stellium in Sag). I understand that Jupiter in Scorpio is about meeting a partner halfway and what I need to do in order for this to happen and thrive. I’m a bit confused about scaling the Everest of the past aspect you mentioned regarding ambition, mission and position? Can this apply to meeting a romantic partner as well and / or help me in anyway? So far the work-related travel aspect has interfered with me meeting someone and has stressed me out. But yet I feel like it is crucial for my realizations, growth and boom in life. Trying to combine the travel aspect with meeting a life partner has worked well for my ‘image’ but still hasn’t helped me meet someone who would warm the “cockles of my heart” and also empower me. I’m also a sun in scorp with stelliums in Sag, Libra, Cap and Aqua. To complicate things further I’m privy to a kinda behind-the-scenes relationship (majority of the people know about it – some agree with it others don’t) between two people but not a direct part. The situation has been kind of like me being the convenient ‘joker card’ being used by the 2 parties in the relationship to keep the behind-the-scenes action going. I’ve revolted both spiritually and strategically and that’s changed the dynamics of the relationship between the 2 people directly involved in it – this seems to be happening for the better. However, even though the next phase has opened I’m still feeling like the default joker card going forward. It has drained me to be this person although people seem to admire my courage. I am the daughter of one of the 2 parties in the relationship. I have been honest about feeling hurt leaving myself exposed to hidden agendas of several connected parties but felt like that was a courageous thing to do. I don’t know what to do going forward? How can I use astrology to make more dynamic changes and also meet a partner? Somehow understanding the vibe behind the setting of words that you use leads to aha moments for me and I can move forward. I appreciate any advice from you. A million thanks. Sanam~~

    1. There is lots going on here Sanam. You have been the go-between in what sounds like a love affair involving one of your parents and you have said no. You also want to meet a partner. Let’s look at the go-between role and the family first. Proserpina at 28 Scorpio aligned with Chiron at 28 Gemini in your chart tells the story. Proserpina is always the person in the middle. In mythology she went between her husband and her mother. In your life, you have been the bridge between one of your parents and his/her secret lover. Scorpio rules sex, money and property as I am sure you know. I guess one of the issues for you here is that – or it certainly is for a parent, who would have to face the courts if it all got out. Chiron is your inner punk. She wants to see what she can get away with. In Gemini, it’s about using the phone or the computer to do that. I suspect you have been used as a messenger girl. It is time for all this to be over. The pattern is at 28 in your chart and Jupiter just passed 28, Saturn is on the way there, and so is Uranus. By 2018 this should be completely finished. As for your own love life, it will change radically from May 2018 and by 2019 you will realise everything you thought you knew about love, sex and marriage no longer applies. I suspect this will be because of a new relationship which appears in the second half of next year or first half of 2019. This cycle goes for many years and it will revolutionise how you see partnership. Try to go with the changes.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    What happens when transiting Ceres passes over your Uranus in Leo and the node transits over your Vesta in Leo at around the same time, like within a week or so of each other?

    Thank you,


    1. CG, this is (as you probably suspect) about the world of pregnancy, babies, children or much younger people. Sometimes it is about a lover or partner who is central to those issues. Ceres is always about the need to share/divide/compromise and of course in the original myth, Ceres was forced to share her daughter for half the year with her son-in-law Pluto. Vesta in Leo in the Fifth House is always about gender imbalance and you sometimes see it when a man is manipulating a situation with two or more women. You also see it when a little boy in a family has his mother and grandmother competing for his approval. The transiting Node suggests a very, very familiar situation around this gender imbalance for you so look back over the years and recognise a pattern. To be born with Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is often to be a catalyst for sudden, shocking, radical change when it comes to both the world of children and lovers and it is often the issue in cases of unwanted pregnancy, or child custody/parenthood in instances where a child was not planned, but born nevertheless. I will leave it to you to apply that to your personal life.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I just recently became a premium member, and my love life has been all over the place with one relationship in particular- is there any advice for what is coming up? should I keep trying with the current situation, or just let it go?

    1. Your love life will work out, with this person or another. You can either fix things by 2018, or if you decide to leave, find another person to date who opens all kinds of doors for you. Ask for what you want and need.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    I have Diana at 25 degrees Scorpio as well as all these other aspects at 24-26 degrees, how will the scorpio weather affect me. (Apollo 26 Leo, fortuna 26 cap, asc 26 libra dec 26 aires, mars 24 R cancer, jupiter 26 gemini R and saturn 27 leo R). I have been having horrible luck with relationships as well as finances since May. It feels like all doors are closed. Please help with any insights.

    1. We are nearing the end of several cycles at once and the planets are all crossing 26 degrees, so your year is about endings, not beginnings, which is why you are seeing the door close on relationships and money. Jupiter just crossed 26 Libra, Saturn is crossing 26 Sagittarius, Uranus is crossing 26 Aries – all in this time-frame of 2017/2018. That is perfectly fine if you can accept that sometimes you have to let the wheel turn and particular people/situations move on, as they played no part in your long-term future. I can see Jupiter approaching your natal Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House of business, property and finance, though – so by this time next year you will have had a rare opportunity (and a good one) to accept radical changes – even a revolution – and let life change all around you. This would set you free and it is probably time to be honest about how much one situation has restricted you, as much as it has restricted others.

  16. Nothing more complicated than 4,306 people in the Comments queue – and the fact that whenever I do have time to pick up the questions, I see (and answer) the first few at the top of the list that I see. For guaranteed answers to questions, you would need to have waitlisted for a 2018 horoscope. The 2019 waiting list is now open. Thank you.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been meaning to ask you … my sun is at Scorpio 8 and my Neptune at Scorpio 10. What impact is the upcoming Venus-Jupiter conjunction at Scorpio 7 likely to have on both my love and professional lives? I’m currently single and looking for a way to turn my artistic talents (I’m a painter/sculptor and singer/songwriter) into a healthy income stream. Any advice as to how the astrological weather might help me is greatly appreciated!!

    1. Don’t worry about Neptune, he’s miles away. Your Sun at 8 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity, possessions and business describes how you shine – Jupiter crossing that will give you a special opportunity not possible in 12 years, to do just that – to stand out, feel proud of yourself and gain attention. Venus there too suggests a relationship, between yourself and another, which will be complicated but rewarding, as Jupiter is there. You are one degree out so it may take a bit of time to evolve but I would be amazed if you didn’t know about the main story by December. From that point on Jupiter heads towards Neptune, quite slowly, and there will be a huge holiday from your usual financial, business or property reality. Scorpio is associated with sex and money (the dowry, the marriage-mortgage) but also with deadly serious finance (legacies, the last will and testament, all property – usually – as it tends to pass onto family or back to the bank!) I hope that helps you make sense of what is ahead for you.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you see this message – the node thing of friends from the late 90’s coming back keeps happening, I went to two memorial services in the past two weeks and had two totally different groups of old friends at each.

    At least it has been pleasant.

    it’s been too much on this node transit to be coincidence.

    Thank you –


  19. Hi Jessica

    I wish to know more on what 2018 will bring in terms of relationships, as I had a lot of changes and heartaches. I don’t know what information I need to give you, so I am copying my birth chart from your site.

    14° Scorpio 55′ 25″
    04° Virgo 09′ 32″
    07° Sagittarius 53′ 14″
    27° Libra 12′ 48″
    06° Libra 44′ 41″
    09° Aquarius 05′ 01″
    28° Scorpio 51′ 28″
    16° Sagittarius 15′ 42″
    01° Capricorn 40′ 41″
    05° Scorpio 05′ 38″
    13° Gemini 25′ 48″ R
    11° Scorpio 11′ 17″
    19° Sagittarius 01′ 06″
    02° Virgo 15′ 59″
    27° Libra 54′ 10″
    27° Aries 54′ 10″
    07° Capricorn 07′ 52″
    07° Cancer 07′ 52″
    02° Virgo 17′ 12″
    06° Capricorn 43′ 32″
    25° Sagittarius 53′ 54″
    17° Capricorn 38′ 10″
    05° Scorpio 13′ 36″
    01° Gemini 17′ 53″ R
    21° Aries 16′ 54″ R
    08° Aquarius 22′ 59″
    25° Scorpio 17′ 17″
    18° Aquarius 01′ 37″
    02° Cancer 49′ 21″ R
    20° Libra 30′ 48″
    29° Pisces 26′ 02″ R
    19° Gemini 10′ 37″ R
    09° Taurus 10′ 38″
    09° Scorpio 10′ 38″

    Thank you!

    1. You have been through a cycle which can only happen every 7-8 decades and it will never affect you again. I know that what you went through was disruptive and disturbing, like an electrical storm with electric shocks – but it has also set you free. It takes great insight to see that and it may take years but if you had entered into a permanent relationship or marriage it would have completely trapped you. You have a Libra stellium and are here to balance the scale in partnerships and will do that your whole life. However it will never be this hard again. Rather than be obsessive about relationships you can make it just another part of your life and get on with the rest of it. Don’t look for it, but it will come.

  20. Hi Jessica, I am a premium member and love your website and service.

    Below is my birth chart from your site.
    24° Scorpio 08′ 58″
    14° Gemini 22′ 24″
    09° Sagittarius 02′ 44″ R
    07° Libra 38′ 12″
    18° Scorpio 25′ 11″
    08° Sagittarius 44′ 05″
    04° Capricorn 27′ 21″
    21° Leo 01′ 50″
    07° Scorpio 20′ 21″
    06° Virgo 02′ 42″
    22° Aquarius 47′ 31″
    21° Scorpio 09′ 07″
    05° Scorpio 31′ 03″
    21° Sagittarius 22′ 31″
    26° Gemini 08′ 40″
    26° Sagittarius 08′ 40″
    26° Virgo 24′ 22″
    26° Pisces 24′ 22″
    09° Gemini 54′ 27″ R
    24° Pisces 14′ 59″
    15° Taurus 49′ 30″ R
    01° Capricorn 28′ 07″
    23° Leo 34′ 04″
    08° Scorpio 34′ 26″
    26° Leo 28′ 09″
    29° Pisces 07′ 51″
    06° Cancer 52′ 51″ R
    13° Capricorn 07′ 51″
    28° Gemini 10′ 51″ R
    14° Sagittarius 30′ 05″
    19° Libra 30′ 24″
    11° Aquarius 54′ 13″
    02° Libra 43′ 10″ R
    02° Aries 43′ 10″ R

    As you can see I have quite a few Sagittarius factors. I have a few projects on the go, which look very promising but have not delivered financially yet. The last couple of years have been very difficult financially without an end in sight so far.

    Do you have any insights or suggestions for me going forward from here please?

    Thank you.

    1. This is the turning point for money as you were born with Neptune at 7 Scorpio and Aesculapia at 8 Scorpio – and today, Venus and Jupiter move to 7 Scorpio, in a pattern not possible in 12 years. You should have a holiday from reality very soon, in terms of the money, house, apartment, business or possessions. It would be to your benefit and also involve a complex relationship. Aesculapia always brings projects, people or plans back from the brink. Just when you assumed you had seen the last of something or someone, it revives. Thus, there may be some kind of miraculous resurrection in financial, material or property terms. This promising November episode then grows in slow stages through 2018 and as Jupiter will conjunct, or move to the same zodiac sign (Scorpio) and degree (number) as your Sun, Mars and Juno I suspect this is the making of you. If you are wondering why the last 2-3 years have been so dire financially, it is because you have had Saturn (restriction, waiting games, obstacles) moving through the Second House of your solar chart. Even wealthy Scorpio people have been shouldering a very heavy burden and a hard reality check at this time, yet this cycle ends at Christmas.

  21. Hi Jess
    I am a newcomer to astrology but I am learning from your excellent articles. If your birthday falls on anew moon does this have greater significance? I appreciate your comments. Thankyou.

  22. Hello Jessica,

    I have six factors in Sagittarius, does this mean I could be up for much more change than usual or in more ways? I found the travelling insight fascinating as my wife, three young kids and I are going on a 5 week holiday December 7th to Asia, Europe and USA. I didn’t get a marketing director promotion recently but I do feel change will happen within the year from a work point of view as I’ve been doing this job for 5 years which is the longest I’ve done by far, I’m even considering going into semi retirement if my share investments work out as they have been over the last few months continues.

    Thank you very much for your insights.

    1. You’re so strongly Sagittarian (a natural explorer and lifelong ‘student’ type) that with your stellium in the Ninth House of journeys, you will undoubtedly feel the forthcoming Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius very strongly, so you may want to do more double-checking than usual across the five weeks you’re travelling. Mercury is the age-old symbol of transportation, information, communication and negotiation so don’t just assume – check – and have Plan B. You also have a strong Scorpio signature in the Eighth House of finance, and Jupiter criss-crosses that through late 2018 so there will be more than one opportunity to save or make money, quite possibly as a result of your shares or another turning point.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    This is a weird time for me, It was my 30th birthday 2 weeks ago. (Born: 6/11/87 approx 22hrs in London)
    I went for dinner and my table did not look how I thought it would look. People who I thought would be there were not. I never thought 30years old looked like this. I feel like I have so much work to do.
    This year I feel like I worked out finally what is most important to my existence. Being a good mother and sharing all that I have with my loved ones. Becoming a mother has introduced me to anxiety and hypertension. I care so much, I push myself beyond. So I am trying to learn how to relax and not control everything (hard). I have made some amazing connections this year (weird, crazy high level… where I’m thinking what is the purpose of this connection). I run my own business and the last 2 years I have got the travel bug indeed. I feel like I am not supposed to settle where I currently reside and I am trying to navigate how this will unfold. The business, the stress of my relationship with my children’s father. I feel like he is blocking me from my blessings. He is very negative (2/9/82 – virgo) . I just feel so cloudy in my mind, I used to be someone who always followed there inner knowing. I feel like currently i’m just making step after step, in faith not really knowing if I am actually moving in the right direction. Somehow I managed to make my way through by the time my solar return came although my health has been abysmal. Really hoping to build on the progress I have made and have a successful 2018 with my business. I Just want to be financially secure and give my children a good life. Any insight for my new solar year. Sending you, Love & Light x

    1. There is a career reshape for you, from Christmas through 2020, owing to the big line-up in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, which triggers your chart’s Capricorn factors. In the short term you will have the opportunity to take a holiday from reality with money or property next year as Jupiter in Scorpio conjuncts your Neptune. Long-term, life is about a switch in direction. You may be redefining success for yourself, especially where the role of mother is concerned, and also with your own business. You’ll figure it out in 2018 as Saturn asks you to get real. When Jupiter finally winds up in Capricorn by 2020 the reality check starts to pay off. It is very unlikely you’ll stay with your current work model!

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