The Libra Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Libra, this next year will focus on breaking free from your past and seeing your future clearly.

Libra, this next year will focus on breaking free from your past and seeing your future clearly.

Breaking Free – Psychologically, Emotionally

Libra, starting on Thursday 28th September 2017, you will be free to break free from a situation which is about your past, not your future. You have been living with the planet Uranus in your house of opponents, conflict and attacks for such a long time, that I understand why you still feel encircled by old problems. You have battle scars, right?

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51 Responses

  1. Great read. So, how do I go back to the one(s) who hurt me in order to set myself free? I feel like I have absolutely been in chains for entirely too long now. Could you elaborate on what you mean by setting myself free? I don’t want to miss this opportunity. TIA

    1. Okay, so you may have been avoiding/evading your ex (one in particular) but actually, your ex can help liberate you. Either you convert this person into a friend or work ally (for example) or you actually go right up to the experience you had with them and use some aspect of it to become clearer. I had a reader whose old boyfriend, a Frenchman, made her miserable for years. He ended up betraying her trust by getting a woman pregnant. She never thought about him or saw him after that (which you can understand) but strangely, the French she had picked up by living with him came to be a huge asset. She used him, the way he had used her and got a bilingual job. She then realised that being with him hadn’t been the waste of time she had assumed. He was capable of helping her over email with her French – even if it was all he could offer – and actually that was her key to feeling better about him. I hope this example helps.

      1. Yes, it does, thank you. I do have an ex I’ve avoided, but his wife has become very interested in my business this year. As weird as it was, it has brought me some peace. I still don’t trust either one of them and have had no interaction with my ex, only his wife. Lately, I’ve had some anger towards my ex-mother-in-law surface. I’ll have to give this all some thought. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Jessica.

    Based on this article, birth date 2017 thru 2018 should be interesting. I have 2 questions for you. Why do I need to go back to the person who hurt me to be liberated. Also, I am currently stuck between two potential partners. A Gemini and Aquarius women. The Aquarius, you have told me will be a very challenging journey but eventually workout in the end. The Gemini recently came back into my life but is in a complicated relationship. What can I expect the new birthdate year in regards to potential relationships. Thank you.

    1. You are actually going far into the future here, beyond your actual birth year, as Gemini would work out very long term in 2019, whereas Aquarius is really about completing past life karma with you. You don’t have to go back to the person who hurt you to be free. You have to go back to the wound and then use that to liberate yourself. I hope that makes sense. Rather than feel stuck with it or trapped by it, you take a deep breath and actually confront and use it, so you can at last see clearly and make a few life choices further down the road.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for this birthday forecast! It really resonated with me because recently I’ve realized that I have to liberate myself by being more direct and honest with someone rather than waiting for them to put all the puzzle pieces together. It’s scary though because you never know how the other party will react. I have a Libra stellium and an Aries stellium so I’m wondering if this means I’m doubly affected by Uranus’ current position.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are feeling the need to break free more strongly than other people as you are in the middle of that Uranus opposition and have been for some time. It can feel scarey to just suddenly make a big move, though, so you may want to do this with a real game plan and strategy in mind. I think it’s true that the people who have hurt you the most, or the situations which have most threatened or trapped you, can become the means by which you liberate your soul. So you use them/it to actually set yourself free.

      1. This makes a lot of sense because I can see a pattern from a previous relationship showing up here which is causing a lot of stress. I’m going to reflect on what happened then and think about how I can do things differently this time. Thank you!

  4. Hi Jessica

    I am currently unemployed, re-thinking the type of work arrangement that best compliments my health (both mental and physical – I have been suffering for a while now and it has been a recurring issue), single but don’t want to pursue any of the love things past or present until I’ve done some ‘life gardening’ to use your vocab! Since I have moved back home with my mother (6 December 1959, Dhaka Bangladesh) and sister (31 March 1992, Dhaka Bangladesh, 11AM), we are involved in a house construction project and this house, I can’t consider as my ‘place I can call home’, rather a emergency home/grounding/safe place. I would like to have something that’s mine – rent or purchase/loan. However, with very limited personal savings (I’d be homeless if I didn’t have family), my own space seems far-away. I would like to know what opportunities are coming up and how best to actually take advantage of them and any obstacles in the way.

    Thank you

    1. Shaolee, your own apartment or house (or a room with a view) is definitely far away, but it is not out of reach. So start small. You need to look at your mental and physical health as a whole. Once you take steps to fix that, then your own space suddenly becomes easier to find and reach. There are a ton of issues here about seeing clearly/seeing yourself as you are/seeing life as it is/seeing others as they truly are. There is also a great need to liberate your body as well as your head. I will leave this with you. None of this has to cost. I am sure you know all about yoga and meditation. There is also walking meditation.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    Outstanding! Thank you so much for this information. You have shown me the keys for the future and been correct about the past. Of course I will continue being a Premium Member as I have found no one to match or come close to you with your generosity and understanding. Wishing you success in all your endeavors, Don

  6. Lovely read very informative love to hear about cylces and how they affect the psychological as well as practical life.

  7. Thank you for the birthday present.

    I am always scared of leaving the marriage and living alone. My 16 year marriage was very challenging. His family caused a lot of problems as they dont acknowledge his problematic behavior . (06/12/1968 – 18:30 Batticaloa, Sri Lanka) . He had addictive problems when he quit that he replaced it with tense behavior and violence. His family saw it as my failure. I have openly told them I want to go nseparate.

    He can still cause trouble as the EX.

    Do you see myself as a single mother successfully bringing up three children?

    Thank you kindly

    1. This is a horrible situation to be in and I sympathise. You have a couple of good ideas, projects or plans ahead. You can take these to the world, across the worldwide web. Assuming you are in Perth, Western Australia (and not Perth, Scotland) you are at a convenient gateway to the rest of the globe, but also inland, to other states of Australia. Over the next year and more, you should begin to look at reaching out to other faces in other places. Hold on tightly to the plan which you feel best able to implement, and don’t forget the second one either. You need to expand your horizons outside the bad marriage, the children and your current town – and look right across the world for what you need. After that, the rest can come. You could easily find aa new home and new life. ‘From little acorns, big oak trees grow.’ Whatever these ideas or concepts are, they could thrive. Hang onto your ambitions for status and success and begin reaching out.

  8. Hi Jessica…this was just a lovely read! I have 5 planets in Libra and 3 planets (Venus, Uranus, Ceres) at 26/27 degrees. Guess this will strongly impact me. I’m hoping the coming months/year could be a resurgence in many ways (work, identity etc) but what I’m still struggling with is a blurry uncertain vision of the future. Given my current income, I don’t know how creating a home for myself will be possible anytime soon but I do hope I can zero in on where I belong.

    I really wish I’d discovered you and your work much sooner. Your insights have changed my perspective towards so many aspects of life.

    I’m now really..really.. looking forward to the ‘The Scorpio Birthday Horoscope’ for next year.


    1. Thank you S. You will gain financially by September 2018 as Jupiter moves into Scorpio and the Eighth House of your horoscope, which rules government handouts, donations, allowances, settlements and the last will and testament of family members (inheritance). This will be enough to make a difference. After that you can pool money with someone else who is also happily on the receiving end and together create a home to call your own.

  9. Dear Jessica

    What can I say but ‘wow’!

    Eyesight – I have had problems in one eye whilst wearing my glasses for some months now and I wondered what was wrong. I have worked out that it is just my prescription that has changed.

    Property – my husband and I had some extension plans accepted in 2008, a couple of days after my dad died after a short illness. This coincided with the recession and I am self employed, so after a few years we did the front extension but did not feel brave enough to commit to continuing with the plans. This was also around the time of a property lease dispute in 2011 on a couple of flats that we own and had been given incorrect legal advice when they were purchased. It was about five awful years until they were resolved (which you too correctly predicted). Anyway over the last few weeks we have decided that work/income are hopefully in a better place now to eventually go forward with the rest of our building plans. The time has just felt right for my family and me.

    Then I have just read your forecast – hence the ‘wow’! You seem to have a tremendous skill of really knowing the finer details, and how the translates into people’s lives.

    Is there anything else that I should please bear in mind?

    As always, thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for the validation. There will be chopping and changing involving your family tree and roots over the next 12 months. It may happen rather quickly and a Mars type (an action man, perhaps a family member) will be involved. It is quite true that the family cannot grow and remain sturdy without change. Like any tree it needs ‘gardening’ to prosper. The only issue is how fast and hard change should occur, and how extreme it should be. You should negotiate with this man and come to an agreement so you are more comfortable about the pace and approach.

  10. I am very sorry you have lost your home after your illness, M. The good news is, Jupiter (abundance, generosity, solutions) is moving into Scorpio and your Eighth House of money. Over the next 12 months you will gratefully receive. I heard the phrase ‘run down’ clairaudiently for you. Time to repair and heal. You obviously need the cash to do that so reach out. Over the long-term you will find another sanctuary – it is waiting for you.

  11. Hi Jessica, thanks for such an insightful look at the next 12 months for us Librans. Having a Libra stellium in my chart I identity very strongly with the idea of being “trapped”. For me this is about my day job as a lawyer which pays the bill so I can live my dream life as a writer. My book is ready to go out into the world & find a publisher but I feel I can’t quit my day job quite yet as I need to be fiscally responsible. I recently bought a house in the country that I use on weekends & am yearning to spend more time up there writing but the mortgage won’t pay itself! Curious to hear how this situation will play out cosmically over the next 12mths? Will I finally be set free from corporania?
    All the best, Victoria

    1. Victoria, you are trying to do this with Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn rules obstacles and waiting games. Sagittarius rules publishing. This difficult cycle ends at Christmas. From the final quarter of 2018 Jupiter (opportunity, rewards, solutions) goes into Sagittarius so the time is then far more suitable for you – right into 2019. It’s worth waiting for.

  12. Dear Jessica

    First and foremost thank you for providing such a wonderful and insightful resource. It’s very much appreciated.

    I have been experiencing great turmoil in my life over the past 4-5 years due to illness which has impacted on every area of my life to the extent I have recently lost my home (and my whole sense of belonging and community that I had around me and cherished greatly); my business (which I am extremely passionate about and attracted amazing opportunities and clients) has gone down the gurgler. It has also resulted in loss of friends. I am now facing the daunting task of rebuilding my entire life from scratch at the age of 42 (soon to be 43). I am also single. In all honesty, I feel scared, alone (even though I have family and friends I don’t see them every day and am concious of burdening them with my worries), and exhausted. It feels relentless and with no improvement in my health, it is quite a feat. I am hoping you might be able to shed some light on my situation and how you see it unfolding. Also anything you see that I could do to breakthrough this challenge. I practice affirmations, visualisation and exercise as well as keep a gratitude journal.

    Thank you once again for this wonderful resource.


    1. M, you need to get right away from everybody and become a hermit for a while. You need to find your faith and spirituality again. Like a monk or nun on retreat, you must withdraw to do that. ‘There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out’ to quote The Smiths. And the darkest hour is before the dawn. When you are quite alone, in peace and quiet, you will find the universe twinkling away and can open your eyes to a great truth. Your body has been an issue, sure, but you actually need to get your soul back. You can do this when you shut out the world and find the light. Use that as your guiding star for a new life, once your retreat is over.You need to remember who you are, because the real you is hidden away underneath some very heavy layers. Get back to this person when the time is right and enjoy shedding a skin and having a rebirth.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this annual horoscope. It was only a couple of months ago that I was telling my optometrist ‘I don’t know what’s happening with my eyes’ and after many tries, the lenses I ended up with are still less than perfect. Now I know why. At the very end of August 2016 I severed ties with a job and colleagues I had for 10 years because I felt so embattled, I was becoming this angry person I did not like, and not making one bit of difference anyway. Until December 2016 I was in what I call ’emotional freefall’ and just started picking up the pieces and creating something new just this past June, 2017. I am starting a small technology based learning company with my brother (March 5, 1976) and I enjoy it very much and we are still very excited but we have made some expensive false starts and still have some difficulty attracting customers. It would break my heart if this did not work out and my brother ended up suffering losses I can’t make up for. Do we have any chances of success? By the way, our company was incorporated July 19, 2017 and I consider that its birthday.

    Thanks again,

    1. Your Pisces brother is in an unpredictable business and money cycle now, which may explain the ups and downs, but the cycle breaks up in 2018 and by 2019 he is free of it, which will also help you. The company itself is Cancerian so it needs to be local, not global. Padmini, a Cancerian business always thrives when it involves family, which is certainly the case with you, but as Cancer the crab is tied to his tribe and also the shell which shelters him, you need to find a way to serve your place and your people. If you can do that, you’ll be more successful. If you are open to omens see if any crabs cross your path. Crabs in general and the way they live their lives have a little bit to show you and teach you about business.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this wonderfully lifting birthday horoscope. So, what do I need to break free from?
    Very grateful if you could have a look.


    1. Your chart suggests that a mother or grandmother had pretty hard and fast rules about life, and you have absorbed these. Not all rules are useful and some can really cramp our style. It might be worth looking back at the female side of your family to see what you might believe or know, that is also restricting your right to be truly free. Often what we believe or ‘know’ ain’t necessarily so.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the insight once again. I was in a relationship for some time and the last couple of years, I have been going through a lengthy custody battle and divorce. I can say that now the divorce is finalised , with some financial issues still to be finalised. I can say that the last 2 years of my life were the most challenging I have faced to date. I feel a sense of freedom now with the ability to start looking forward. I am in the middle of the process of relocating again with my current job to another country in order to be closer to my daughter, who currently lives overseas. At the same time I am looking into some potential business opportunities outside of my main job, which I have sense will come to fruition. What does my chart state on this area? Funnily enough when it comes to investments, I set a goal in September 2017, that I will buy a property by the beach by Xmas 2019, as a place to calll home and set a foundation. All that said the current climate at work is a current day by day challenge as the company is going through many changes and redundancies and there is quite A lot of uncertainties of job security in that sense and hence why my urge to start looking at other business opportunities outside of my main job.
    Thank you again

    1. You will know where you stand with your job situation in December, January, as we have a major shift in Capricorn in the Tenth House of your chart, which rules your career – Saturn moves across 0 Capricorn which triggers your horoscope. Then you can finally make some decisions about goals for 2018, 2019, 2020. I am sorry you have been through the stress of a custody battle and divorce. You also have enough factors in Scorpio to make the next 12 months really rewarding if you want to take an opportunity. This is going to depend on you meeting others halfway and being quite proactive, but it sounds as if you are already there! You’ll actually have a chain of doors open to you, if you want to add to your income or just save – and you may also be offered ‘keys’ to some kind of asset. Stay open and keep talking.

  16. Hi Jessica, great content on your website. Truly eye opener and quite informative. I was going through Birthday Horoscopes – Scorpio 2017-18. It gives certain dates to watch out in Feb-April 2016. Could you please see if these relate to 2018 dates?


    1. That sounds like a misprint to me. I am sorry if you are seeing 2016 on the web page instead of 2018! Let me take a look at the Scorpio Birthday Horoscope.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    can you please tell me how this may apply to me with the three factors that I have in Libra?
    Much appreciated x.

    1. Just go back to the former, current or potential partner who still holds the most possibility for you, building on what has been happening over the last 11 months or so. This person is still the key. I’ve seen charts like this where people reach out to an ex boyfriend and start a business with them. I’ve also seen these patterns with people who have had, shall we say, ‘expressions of interest’ from possible lovers. It does take work. But with Jupiter, a great deal is still yours to try.

      1. thanks Jessica! although it’s funny cause I don’t actually have any exes…just a current partner, but he and I are like a walking disaster zone together and have been for probably the past year!? I’m so confused!

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another in depth forecast and hoping that all the positives in there will be a turning point for me financially as the last few years have definitely been a challenge. Would really appreciate if you could have a quick look at my chart to see if that might be the case. Also it was lovely to meet and have a beer with you at the recent tarot workshop in Melbourne. My husband Mick and I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to read your book on Pamela Colman Smith when its finished.

    1. Hello Fiona, and hello to Mick. It was lovely to meet you in Melbourne at the Tarot workshop. You have Mercury (deals, paperwork) at 2 Scorpio (finance, property, business) in the Eighth House of serious money. Better still, you have Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) crossing 2 Scorpio for the first time in 12 years, by Christmas. So, now through Christmas, there is a fantastic answer or breakthrough for you with your bank account, house, apartment, possessions or business. You can build on it too. As you have a feeling for oracle cards, try The Astrology Oracle on this website for a little more information.

  19. Thanks for the birthday article Jessica. I’ve been reading other members’ comments with your replies to see if I can answer my own question before asking of you again; but haven’t been able to. Questions:
    How far back in time is wound? Is it the same timeframe for all Librans? Does my chart yield clues as to what or who, or What And Who, it is regarding? Thank you again, such a pleasure to read your articles.

    1. You would know exactly what/who hurt most and how long it has been. I would say it is the person or situation which you most need to escape from, or perhaps even deny. It’s like a child who is scared, shutting her eyes so ‘it goes away.’ Well, something or someone has not gone away. Yet, if you are courageous enough to use the experience (which is ancient history now) in an active way, to help yourself, you will be able to set yourself free. And when you set yourself free you can finally see straight. No more denial or avoidance. Also, no more fear. Once you have done that you can see your way to a very different future, and a very particular kind of home life will be calling you.

  20. Hello Jessica
    I habe jist necome premium and posted my birth date details of 21 september 1960 on Tuesday nit the birthchart i teceived is incorrect! Its for 1 kanuary at 3.00am 1970! Can thos please be rectifoed asap as i am soo excited to get started

    1. Please reach out to Support – you will see the button on the right-hand side of this website. The issue may be your keyboard, as there are quite a few keyboard strike mistakes on your message. Thank you.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I’m new to your site and truly love your viewpoint. I am definitely worn with battle scars & ready to break free. My son is as well (10-13-05, 6:11AM CST) with his peer group dissolving (at one point bullying tho now they’re nice again) so it’s like we’re both struggling to find sure footing. At least I have Sag rising which has given a little respite to Uranus but with his Libra Asc as well it’s been awful. He’s making new friends quickly but it’s been hard- on all of us & the entire family has emotional wounds & is very reactive. We’ve been going through it together for so long though on different levels/ways. I am finally taking my gifts seriously & following a long overdue path of official study to be an astrologist, tarot & akashic records reader, etc & just opening myself up to these possibilities. I’d like to use these aspects in work (all creative pursuits) to help others but I’ve always been afraid of the judgment so I’ve never pursued it professionally or claimed it publicly tho I’ve always been involved behind the scenes and helped people in this way my whole life. My son and I both have Yod’s pointing to exactly what needs attention (of course!) but I am on emotional overload as is he (and my husband too) and not sure how to handle these emotions constructively. In that I mean, finally letting go what needs releasing, getting outside the old stories, learning new behaviors to adapt to and accept change without so much internal drama. Basically enough reevaluating everything for the umpteenth time & second guessing & Simply moving Forward. Does this make sense? I know I used a broad brush here but can you give me any insight to work through this for myself as well as helping my son?
    Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Within 12 months you will receive, dream up or be given a stunning new concept or plan. It is very important that you reach for it and make it real, otherwise it may not hang around very long. This is the kind of idea which could result in long-term growth. Your questions about your son are actually less important long-term than your paid or unpaid work. I understand the emotional challenges of what he has been through, and you as well, but if you can trust in your ability to nurture a brilliant notion by October 2018, then the family home will ultimately take care of itself. You have Bacchus conjunct the Ascendant in Sagittarius with just one degree’s difference and Jupiter will cross that once he is in Sagittarius next year. That’s huge. Other transits across early Sagittarius by (even) the Moon, every month will also put you on the right path.

  22. Hi,

    I was terminated from my job after 12 years service due to lies by one person who has been there for 6 months (husband works there as a manager). How does karma work? I am too old & tired to look for a new job.
    PS: I have been looking forward to this time astrologically

    1. I am very sorry that you lost your job because of this deceitful person and it must be even harder because your husband works there as a manager. You will be given an opportunity to move right away from the place where you live, within 12 months. This would help you start all over again with a new life in a new location. I think this would help you. At the same time, please remember you have friendships around you and particularly groups, clubs, teams or other communities of people, which would be by your side. So don’t forget there is more to life than your husband. In fact I think you could use particular friends or groups around you, to be the ‘wind beneath your wings’ to help you fly into a new place for a fresh start.

  23. This is all very insightful, Jessica. I did acquire a new partner during the past few years, but I have also, as you noted, gained many battle scars since 2011. Much nastiness thrown at me that wasn’t earned, and I have held too much to bitterness because it all felt so unfair and unwarranted. My wonderful partner and I have our sights set on creating “home” in another region of the our country right now, and this is tentatively set to happen in June 2018. We both feel the great importance of “home” on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. What you wrote above affirms much for me. Thank you!

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Ive tried over and over again to figure out your productions according to my birth chart with no prevail. I resonate with libra more than my sun especially about the nodes and effects its supposed to have on my friendships. Ive read everything about the nodes and cant figure out the what and why everything in my personal life is so messed up,besides the Leo Saturn aspect. I had the best of luck back in 1998-2000, thats when i met my now ex husband. He is a Leo with a Leo saturn aspect as well and the past few years have been rough from him as well personally but hes’ finally met someone and is happy. Can I expect a shift any time soon? We do share 2 children.

    1. You’re an Aquarius with the North Node travelling through Leo and your Seventh House, in your Sun Sign chart. Your Sun Sign chart gives you the headlines of your life, so your ‘news story’ is about karma (the North Node) with your former, current or potential partner (Seventh House). In fact, you are living the prediction by asking the question, as every reader who comes by, can now publicly see that you have a messed up personal life and an ex-husband who just met someone! (I am quoting you). So your chart is working on the Sun Sign/headlines level. You obviously have past life debts and credits to figure out with your former husband and I am sorry these are so painful for you. Looking at your birth chart, which shows the personal side of your world (behind the news headlines) I can tell you that your two children are the core issue. Why? Your Leo factors. This Node is also going over everything you have in Leo in the Fifth House of your personal chart, so you can see how the two ‘stories’ are backing each other up. The Node cannot be rushed or hurried. You have to do the karma. Once you have done the karma with the children then you can move on. It is very likely that one or both children were involved with you in a prior incarnation and you are old souls together who may have been parent/child before or even partners. Read more on the Nodes to understand how the wheel of karma turns and why we have to turn with it.

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