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Your Jupiter Luck in October

Your Jupiter luck in October rolls from Tuesday 10th as the planet of opportunity, solutions, growth and improvement enters his new sign of Scorpio.

Your Jupiter Luck in October rolls from the very first day that the planet of opportunity changes signs – that’s Tuesday 10th October. I have all the dates for you here, if you’re a Premium Member and I’ll look at what the new luck source in your life means for your usual zodiac sign – as well as the personal secrets about your birth chart you need to know.

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158 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    i feel so relieved to know that the planet of beneficence has finally arrived. after many years of alternative housing (housesitting and live-in) i have taken the plunge to build a house for myself in regional victoria – a big plunge for a pensioner – and already the stress of limited financial resources is weighing heavily on me. taxes and duties and other fees are steadily eroding my little house nest egg to the point where i am regretting my decision. it’s been a very hard 12 years of scrimping and saving – could you kindly advise me as to how to actively capitalise on jupiter’s influence. thank you always for your great work.

    1. You will love the freedom and the sense of adventure that comes by September 2018. Beyond the new home there is also travel. This all unfolds within 12 months. You have a stellium in Sagittarius so you are a natural explorer or wanderer. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius in the final quarter of 2018. Your natural optimism, faith in the universe and lust for life will be revived. In a way this is even more important than your actual trip or big move. You need to feel fully alive and in love with life, which happens when you travel light and keep an open mind. The only thing I would say is that you need to do more research and homework. I don’t even think you’re going to stay home, once you have built it. Yet, for all your wandering, you also need a compass, a guide book and some good advice to help you. Don’t leap before you look.

    1. NP Scorpio rules sexual relationships, like marriages, affairs, or common-law marriages. Jupiter will give you the chance to break an unhealthy pattern with your former, current or potential lover.

  2. HI, Jessica
    I have Ops 3 Leo and Mercury 3 Libra and my Jupiter 3 Libra
    How it will affect me?
    Ross Mery

    1. Ross Mery, my eyes are drawn more to your Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups. You were born with Saturn at 18 Aquarius and many other factors close by at 18, 19 degrees. This is about the way pairs or couples operate within a wider network of people. Perhaps you are one half of that already. You don’t say if you are single, married or in a relationship. In any case, this club, team, circle, community, association, society, band, charity (or whatever) is structured around one or two couples. Together you must decide if you are going to succeed or fail, as a group. This reminds me of the R.A.F. flying in the Battle of Britain. It was all about teamwork. Communication. There is no battle but you are all collectively going to need to figure out your direction and strategy – including those couples or pairs – as Pluto moves to 18 Capricorn by Christmas and this pattern can only occur every 240+ years. Pluto will change everything but you all need to decide, with your hive mind (but also with face-to-face talking) if you are going to land beautifully in the right place, or just scatter with a thud. Your destiny also reminds me of Slade deciding to break up or stick together in the 1970’s.

  3. Hi Jessica, love reading your Jupiter posts! I have Uranus 3 Scorpio and a driving desire to work for myself and start travelling again. Can you see anything else in my chart that gives more clues?
    Thanks again

    1. Thank you. Yes, you will travel or move. It is too tempting for you not to! You have a stellium in Sagittarius and Jupiter (opportunity) will eventually reach that sign in the final quarter of 2018. You may already be in another region or country by then – but find it all becomes far more rewarding – or that might be the point at which you book your ship or plane. You will take 2-3 ideas or projects with you. One of them will be a priority, which is fine, but there are 1-2 more you should not neglect. Try to nurture them all equally.

  4. I am so looking forward to October– it’s looking so good with 0, 1, 2 Scorpio and also a 1 Virgo, which could be very exciting. I’m hoping it’s a new job!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Why are the signs and how they are affected, different from what we normally associate each sign with. E.g Cancer would normally be associated with home town, property, apartments, tenants etc. But above it describes this as Leo being affected. Leo we would normally associate with children babies etc, but it says Cancer is associated with them. Sorry but I am a bit confused.

    1. Michelle, this is about prediction. Yes, Cancer is normally about houses and Leo is normally about children. But this is a list of the life department which is about to open up and offer opportunities, not the sign. I hope that makes sense. Cancer (with Jupiter in Scorpio) can expect breakthroughs with sons and daughters. Leo (with Jupiter in Scorpio also passing through) can expect a bargain deal on a beach house and/or second home.

      1. Hi,
        I’m still confused. Does this mean that you’re looking at the progressed houses?

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I am a Leo, with two factors with Scorpio factors :

    Aesculapia at 18 Scorpio
    Jupiter at 26 Scorpio

    Would you advise what is the impacts, please?

    1. You won’t feel this until 2018 but you have your Jupiter Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House, right after you have Jupiter conjunct Aesculapia, in the same zone. It begins with a miraculous return, revival or resurrection involving your finances, business or property. What/who you had written off comes back to you. You then follow with the most sensational opportunity in 12 years. A true solution.

  7. Spot on Jessica. I have Uranus 0 Scorpio and at the end of October, I am due a pay increase at work (backdated – woohoo!). I have a few other asteroids between 0 and 4 degrees. I am intrigued most with the 04 Libra Cupido. What does this mean? Many thanks in advance as always!

    1. There you go. The astrology is working, some three weeks before a dated prediction for you. I can’t really comment on Libra unless I know if you are gay, straight, lesbian, child-free, marriage-free, married or in a relationship. Libra is about all that and it’s personal!

  8. Hello Jess!!!
    Always fantastic reading your publications. So much of what you projected for this year has come to fruition.
    So for Jupiter in Scorpio, what good and positive things may be coming my way? Vulcan and Saturn at 0 and 3 Taurus, my moon is Scorpio 2.

    So hope you are well. Be safe in your travels.


    1. I am glad the predictions have come true for you Kymberlee. The Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart is really important as on a personal level you will be affected by global trends, October 2017 through November 2018 (to start) and then into 2019. Everything is going to change and you could benefit but you are going to – perhaps – need a pro financial advisor on hand. Not only Jupiter (solutions) but then Uranus (radical and revolutionary change) will cross this axis in your chart by the second half of next year so you do need to be on top of what is going on out there especially with currency exchange, interest rates and so on.

  9. Hi Jessica
    If I’m reading my chart correctly I have seven signs in 0-4 in with some showing up at multiple degrees (all listed below). This seems like a huge amount all happening at once – can you please help me understand how I should read this? Thanks!
    0 Leo
    0 Libra
    0 Pisces
    0 Virgo
    0,4 Scorpio
    1 Aries
    3, 3 Sagittarius

    1. You do have Jupiter aspecting many factors here. In general Jupiter feels like a wave of optimism, a surge of hope, an episode of expansion. It usually involves men, or male-dominated organisations and companies. This picks you up and lets you ride to a better destination. You actually have Jupiter crossing 0, 4 Scorpio very soon after he changes signs around October 10th/11th so you should see what/who is going to give you major financial and property answers by Halloween. October in general will reveal how much is possible for you in so many other areas of your life too. You do not say if you are gay, straight, married, single, child-free and so on – so I can’t really comment on the Leo and Libra placements.

  10. Hi Jessica

    I have my natal Venus at 1 Scorpio, Sun at 3 Scorpio and ASC at 4 Scorpio, how will the Jupiter transit affect me?


    1. Just as you would expect. Venus is about a one-on-one complicated relationship, connected to your finances or house/apartment. This is in general an area where you shine – you could gain an outstanding reputation in business, for example, or with charity work. You have been through hard times with this as you have had some serious, heavy transits through your Eighth House some years ago. However, now good karma is rolling in and you will be stunned at how many answers come, starting with a big bang in October 2017.

  11. Hi Jessica, I do several planets in Scorpio, but those are at later degrees, I am curious what Mercury and Neptune in Sagittarius both at 0 degrees and Minerva in Libra @ 1 degree have in store for me. Last year you replied to a post of mine, without quoting, told me your house is where you shine look to December . In fact I did move Last December to a house I really love, but it is not permanent. So I find myself looking for a house to purchase, no luck so far. My areas of concern is with my children, my work, and my partner. Any insight wpuld help

    1. I am glad your prediction came true and you moved in December. That house has let you shine even though it is not permanent. You are going to notice the shift in the atmosphere in favour of finances/property as early as October 2017 because of national or global trends which give you Reasons To Be Cheerful, to quote Ian Dury and the Blockheads. By October 2018 you will be amazed at how affordable (or even free) one residence will be.

  12. Hi Jessica. I am looking to potentially purchase a home in another state in October with my partner. Can you please see if this is a wise decision or not so? Thankyou

    1. I do not have your partner’s birth chart (he/she is not a Premium Member, it seems) so it is hard to say. Have you used your Astrology Oracle? That will give you a straight road into the situation.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I have a big stellium in Scorpio. If you can give me some insight on what to expect when Jupiter enters Scorpio. I’m hoping to compare my notes to your comments. Thank you for any response you give. Have a wonderful day.


    1. It’s exactly what you would expect. When it comes to your money, Amber, or your house/apartment, you will be given some fantastic opportunities to improve your situation and by October/November 2018 could be considerably better off. It is hard to tell you more without knowing if you are a multi-millionaire or skint. But in general, what comes your way by Christmas should make you very optimistic.

  14. Hello Jessica

    Boy I am hoping all you say is good for me. A few months ago I left my full-time job to take a risk on freelance work – I’m no entrepreneur unfortunately but with Venus at 1 degree Scorpio and Jupiter working its way through my Scorpio stellium I’m hoping for some support – it has been good so far. It coincides with the end of my Saturn return – yippee, sometimes one feels one’s really earned a break!

    Thanks for all your postings.

    Yours, Angela

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Hope all is well with you! Im excited to see what Jupiter has to offer hoping all my hard work these past few years will finally pay off, or at least be acknowledged. Things have already begun getting better, staying positive! Is there anything i should watch for or avoid, or go for…lol! Btw thanks for all the learning material last month!!!

    1. Thank you. You have a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House and Jupiter (solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities) will conjunct that, with the first ‘bump’ of a new atmosphere showing around October 11th 2017. By October 2018 you will have been given one answer after another to make or save money, or cash in kind (a property for example).

  16. I love you different slant on astrology. I do not know whether you can see my chart. I have the sun at 27 degrees Scorpio. Mercury 7 degrees Sagittarius and Mars and Venus 19 degrees Sagittarius and Moon Capricorn 19 degrees. Feeling the sand shifting under my feet all the time. I have been looking for a career breakthrough for years. Work hard doing a number of voluntary jobs. Would really like paid work that is satisfying where I can use my talents and have some financial independence rather than having to rely on my husband. What do you see many thanks. Jane

    1. I can see your chart, Jane, as all Premium Member charts pop up automatically when you ask a question or make a comment. You will get into healing in the next 12 months, if you are not already doing that. Chart patterns which are common with people who become involved with everything from hospitals and health care to spiritual healing and counselling are showing up. Sometimes people have this transit and are healed/fixed so they become inspired to take on this role for others. And sometimes you are just offered a gig – or train for one. I see these chart patterns turn up for people who train as Reiki healers (paying work) and also in more regular medical reception roles. See what comes up over the next 12 months but your Virgo stuff (mind, body, spirit, service, duty, workload) is being well and truly triggered, to your total advantage.

  17. Hello Jessica,
    My name is Juli born 21 March 1974
    I changed country 2 years before . If you could tell me if I will find a better job, and about my career, I will appreciate. Thank you in advance

  18. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your interesting article. I have a number of degrees at 00-04 in my chart and feel quite excited about what might be coming up in October.

    00,02,04 Scorpio
    00 Leo
    00 Sagittarius
    02 Virgo
    01 Libra

    What does this Jupiter cycle mean for me? My current personal situation is that I’m married, straight and have no children.
    Thank you

    1. You, or those who are important to you, seem ready to move or travel quite ambitiously. The 0 Sagittarius placement in your chart is about travel and travellers, emigration, relocation and escape. This is the most important development of the next 12 months as later on Jupiter will go to 0 Sagittarius. There does seem to be a child involved here so it can’t be you, unless your life as a godmother or aunt is concerned. It may be people who are destined to move by September 2018 but their choice powerfully affects your own destiny in some way. New life, new hope.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you’re well!

    The first thing that stuck out to me is that my Jupiter is in Scorpio at 10 degrees and Mars is in Libra at 4 degrees – what does this say to you? Does this speak to an expansion in my career being influenced by… justice, being involved in the law or meditation? I’m not in those roles currently… I actually took a leave from my work (at a uni) to finish my undergrad but sorting out the paperwork has been excruciating and it doesn’t look like I’ll get in for this term… wondering if maybe it’s related.

    1. You may want to look at the information here about Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House (finance, property) and Mars in Libra in the Seventh House (former, current or potential partner). Nothing to do with your career, justice, the law or meditation. Over the next 12 months you can come to terms with pregnancies or children from your past, or in your potential future. You don’t say if you have children or not, yet Libra-Scorpio is frequently about choices you made years ago to either become pregnant, or have a termination, or deal with a miscarriage and so on. We also associate this cycle with children you might adopt, or foster, or become a stepparent to, or become an active godparent to. So you see it’s really all about that and over the next 12 months you will do a really incredible amount of healing and transition/change work about this. I do feel you could reach for children in your life, even if it’s through work, but you’re going to have to do some transformation.

      1. Hi Jessica, thanks for the insight. Very accurate, and I didn’t think to go there. Hmmm, well I had a termination in my early 20s. I’ve also recently been asked to become a godmother to a girlfriend I met around the time I had my termination. Additionally, I’m in a relationship where my partner has two children although I’m not sure this is going to work out… I would like it to – we live together and are at the point of make or break, but there’s a lot to forgive.

  20. Hello,

    i was wondering what jupiter could do for me, i saw in my chart that Jupiter is square uranus. I can only hope jupiter will bring me luck in the money department. I am always careful with my money. Since i know for a time now that the square is in my chart. Im especially affraid when uranus goes taurus next year.

    I would love to buy a house , but im affraid to buy one.
    Thank you for reading this.

    1. Coco, so much fear and I’m not sure why! Uranus transits of Taurus can be liberating if you are prepared to change your ways. Between now and September 2018 you will think about moving or travelling quite ambitiously. You will be convinced that a better future and more potential is in quite a different place and you are correct. Staying where you are would not enable your plans to grow and you have a few of them! I would say, reach out to people who are already living or working in the place you want to move or travel to. Do some research. Connect and communicate. You could stay put but I think you are going to be so tempted by distant horizons.

      1. Dear Jessica

        A warming thank you for your reply! True i have So many plans, and feel I want to move , because people and situations where I live Now are draining.. always being there for family and friends. Its weighing me down.
        I So want to move forward. But I am always insecure about things.

        As if I dont deserve it and feel obligated to stay and help. Im always looking to far ahead, especially money wise. Keeping tight on my savings cause Im always affraid for rainy days.
        The biggest fear is not having money and lose my appartement. Been there a few times. (Lost money helping others)
        An astrologer once said that with Uranus in my 2nd I would always have money troubles. Thats not really the case. But the troubles came when I helped another out. Im not a big spender where I would lose all of my savings. Since I heard that from the astrologer I became frighthened. Like I said I want to buy my own house and Maybe start a family, I know I wont have many kids, Maybe I even wont have one because of my age.

        But overal Im happy more happier than I have ever been. And I count my blessings.. your reply is one of them. So thank you again! For taking the time to reply.

        Have a Nice day

  21. Jupiter 0 Leo, Apollo 1 Leo.
    Also curious about the nodes 16Taurus/ Scorpio
    Sounds eventful, promising even! Although the last 3 years of turmoil in all areas of life are barely letting up. Except, the gorgeous new man I met back in February, even if it is temporary. He is married.
    I get the feeling this also might have something to do with my son (25/09/90)
    Still not too good at reading my chart, despite your brilliant articles. I am posting this just in case it catches your eye! Would love your insight.

    1. Thank you. One thing you can see in your chart is the Gemini-Sagittarius pattern. This really is important long term, not about married men, not about your son – but about a group of people and one high-potential plan or project. The world of ideas and plans is ruled by Gemini-Sagittarius and we are seeing the exit of transiting Saturn from this sign at Christmas and then the arrival of Jupiter (growth, hope, results, rewards) in Sagittarius in the final quarter of 2018 into 2019. So, if you want success, you will need to overcome gaps or differences with others in the group and unite to build something special together. A lot of the differences will be because of culture/nationality/background or perhaps actual physical location (like London talking to Berlin). Yet, if you can realise you are all very similar people in terms of your headspace you can close the gaps and co-create a really amazing thing together. Watch.

  22. Dear Jessica,

    I have uranus in 0 deg Scorpio, then Satur in 0 deg Leo, IC 01deg Geminy, MC 01deg Sagitarius..
    In which way Jupiter show its influence as for my chart?

    Thank you very much!!

    1. Well, you know, you can read your own chart here. Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House – you attract change with money, property, business. You trigger change, sometimes without meaning to. If you are smart you will use the change to become liberated. Free. I heard ‘It’s started’ for you clairaudiently so in fact the process has begun. Saturn in Leo is about lovers, babies, children. Past, present, potential. Sometimes young people as a whole. This is where you have a fair bit of fear, built up through previous very tough experiences. Yet – old fear that built brick walls can be converted. Again, I’ve heard ‘kids’ for you clairaudiently, so you had them – or didn’t have them – or lost them. However, useful change is coming.

  23. Jessica, I’ve a Stellium x 3 with Scorpio & Taurus. Also a Stellium x 6 in Capricorn. How will that affect me with Jupiter in Leo please? ME

    1. I heard the word ‘accomplice’ for you clairaudiently, so I don’t know if you have one, need one or will get one within 12 months but it’s important. I also heard the word ‘data’ so I am truly hoping you will figure out why this matters eventually! Now I’m being told ‘purpose.’ For some reason this morning I am hearing quite a lot for readers. I also just heard ‘high school.’ This is now becoming a jigsaw puzzle,so I will leave it with you but I hope the pieces will fall into place.

  24. Hi
    I am very new to Astrology. And to be honest, I am very intrigued too. I found you, Jessica, through an article in Vogue. I am learning about astrology through your website and I really want to thank you for all the words here. It’s like you speak to me.
    These are my details :
    Sun 28 Sag
    Moon 15 Taurus
    Mercury 8 Capricorn
    Venus 2 Sag
    Mars 14 Aries
    Jupiter 27 Taurus
    Saturn 4 Capricorn
    Uranus 1 Capricorn
    Neptune 9 Capricorn
    Pluto 14 Scorpio

    Your insight would help me. Please tell me what is in store for me in the coming months.
    God bless you,

    1. A few people come here because of the Vogue website. You are asking at the right time because Saturn is about to go into Capricorn at Christmas and ultimately Jupiter will be in Capricorn too. You have a stellium in Capricorn in the Tenth House of status, success, ambition and position. Your entire role will be reshaped, now through 2020 so please take good advice at every step. I heard the world ‘volume’ for you clairaudiently just then. I don’t know what that means to you, or what it will mean. You will see changes very quickly, from December 2017 into January 2018. Read all you can about Capricorn and the Tenth House. This is where you need to craft a very different future.

  25. Thank you Jess,
    I’ve widowed almost three years now. I am single and live with my teen son. It has been a lot of struggle and now I started to feel stable again. I haven’t dated anyone but I have a friend that I don’t have too much contact and he lives in another country, that I am interested in. Don’t know what would happen with that friendship.

    1. This must be so hard for you, congratulations on not only being the mother of a teenage son, but also surviving life without your partner for almost three years. Honestly, I moan and complain about silly things like British trains, but you have done it tough. Okay, so I heard the phrase ‘dicky bird’ for you clairaudiently. I have chills. I think this is your partner. Does this mean anything to you, or will it? For some reason I am hearing a lot clairaudiently this morning as I write replies. Anyway – beyond this – over the next 12 months – wow, sorry, I really am having quite a strong presence here. You must feel it too. Do you feel your partner around you or get information? I am being shown a pencil sharpener. You need to sharpen your pencil. Do you want to write or study?

  26. Hi Jessica! I have a Scorpio stellium with Moon 22, Uranus 15, Vesta 17, ASC 8, Diana 13, and Psyche 13 all Scorpio. Also have Chiron 1 Taurus, Hygeia 3 Sagittarius, and Juno 1 Capricorn. Hoping Jupiter will bring me lots of luck in 2018. Anything I need to pay attention to with these placements? Thank you!!

    1. You have a Leo stellium too, which will be triggered by the North Node in Leo by September 2018. You don’t say if you are married with children (or not) but you could easily become a parent. Failing that, a godparent, aunt or stepmother. It is very common for babies to be born on this cycle who transform your world, or for specific children to come centre-stage in your life and make a fantastic difference. You could adopt, for example, or move nearer to your godchild, and take a far more active role in her upbringing. I hope this helps. I heard ‘Liverpool’ for you clairaudiently. Perhaps that will make sense to you within the year.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another interesting article.
    I have:
    Jupiter at 0 Virgo
    Apollo at 2 Virgo
    MC at 4 Virgo
    Vesta at 0 Gemini
    Venus at 3 Gemini
    Ops 2 Taurus
    Moon a 4 Capricorn
    IC 4 Pisces
    Can you please tell me what’s in store for me? Currently single with a potential partner who lives in another town. And I see Virgo coming in here a lot, my current work situation is in a steady(12yrs) but unrewarding job not can it be a very pleasant environment, it has only just turned this way.
    Thank u in advance for your insight.

    1. I clairvoyantly heard ‘North West Coast’ for you. I am not sure if this is where your potential lover lives. Maybe it’s where you need to look, for whatever reason. I am now hearing ‘Hamlet.’ This is quite unusual because I don’t often switch to clairaudience with astrology questions, but I hope over the next year you will come to see what it means. Or maybe it is relevant now? These are clues; hints; suggestions to explore.

  28. Hi Jessica

    Another question from me- I wish you did personal consultations as I value your take on the astrology and how you relate it to everyday life
    Anyway, I digress… please tell me….

    What my Jupiter return means!

    I’ve been told it occurs on the 11th October and I’ve also been told that Jupiter is in my relationships mid October! Do the effects last over the month or yrs into the future?

    As an aside question- I’m having a numerology and palm reading next week and was wondering if my birth chart and astrology is all linked?

    Thx a million

    1. Your Jupiter Return can be seen at work in your life around every 12 years. So your 12th, 24th, 36th birthday (and so on) tend to deliver, in terms of golden opportunities, which can become glittering prizes, if you do the work. The sign and house of natal Jupiter show you where the opportunities and possible rewards will come from. Now, M, you can do a little work on your own chart and test the results. Hit ‘Jupiter’ on Search and pick up all I have written for you about decoding your chart.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I’m very excited about moving into Jupiter because frankly, I’m needing some good luck. Can you tell me what’s in store for me? I am currently single with two kids. I have property I’m wanting to sell that would help pay off a large amount of debt and the rest could be used to purchase a home. Will Jupiter in Scorpio make this happen?


    1. J, you will meet a potential new partner by September 2018 and you two could easily move in together or marry. The children would dominate discussion.You could then find a new mutual home. Of course, sometimes people get back together with their former partners on this cycle, or reach a peace accord which helps with both children and property. I would say all that is possible for you. You have free choice. Watch economic/property trends closely now through Christmas to gain, if you wish to sell. We’re going to see a ton of change.

  30. Hi Jessica, I have been having a lot of dramas with my love life. Do you see any resolution in my future? I am thinking of the man who is currently in my life at the moment.

    1. This man is not living in the real world and never will. If you want to share his space you will have to swim up to him, and join him on his non-reality island! He is strongly dominated by Pisces or Neptune in his horoscope. He floats. He cruises. He does not see the world as you and I see it, and in fact may have vision issues; be spaced out; be strongly affected by drugs or alcohol. He is fascinating and I can see why you are so drawn to him, but you are also drawn to what he represents – an escape from the real world. You will have to meet him on his terms not yours. I don’t really see any signs here of someone who wants to settle down, have children, or be part of normal life. Yet, you could ‘Sail away, sail away’ to quote Enya, with this chap. I hope this information is useful. If you can become the mermaid he wants, you can drift over to him, but he is really not for any other kind of woman. He simply is not grounded enough.

  31. Greetings Jessica,

    I have an assortment of planets at 0-4 degrees.

    Would you be so kind as to decipher what my line-up means exactly?

    It sounds like October will bring a huge amount of positive vibes for many people, and I am hoping I am on the list!

    Thank you so much for your valuable time and endless positive energy !

    1. Thank you. The Libra and Scorpio elements in your birth chart are triggered by some lunar cycles. You and your former, current or potential partner will be at a major crossroads. Stay or go? Together or apart? Together-but-apart? The partnership will be at this hurdle thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio, snapping at your heels, presenting both of you with major solutions or opportunities involving the money, house, business or apartment. You can’t hang on any longer because it really is now or never, if you want to gain, or fix an issue. You will be on that new path by Christmas.

  32. Dear Jessica,

    I’m in desperate need of Jupiter’s luck. I started an IVF cycle and the results don’t look promising so far. Your Leo horoscope for this week is spot on. Ex delaying divorce filing and property split, but I’m hoping this will sort out soon. Is there anything you see worth noting for me? Thank you!

    1. I am sorry you are having a challenge with IVF. You have a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House, which rules IVF, fertility, pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting and so on. It also rules children en masse. There are no hard and fast rules with this stellium, but in general, by 2019 you will have completed some old karma with your former partner, but also with the younger face who wants to become part of your world. You probably knew this younger face in another lifetime. Try to be open to what comes. Sometimes your own soul path can be about taking on another person’s child from a previous marriage, for example, or realising that actually the mission is with a friend’s small child, who becomes your godson. I wish you well.

  33. This is so fascinating and I love to hear your predictions. Thank you for the article! if anything looking interesting in my chart, please do tell! And many thanks, cheers!

    1. Thank you. You have your Jupiter Return coming up, as Jupiter travels (or transits) through Scorpio and your Eighth House of money, property, charity, possessions and business. You also have quite a few Scorpio factors so Jupiter will trigger those too. This planet is all about solutions, growth, improvement, expansion and opportunity. Put all that together and you can see why by October 2018 you will be so much better off.

  34. Dear Jessica,
    I need to make a big decision regarding where I live. The UK or Australia. I need to make this decision whilst Jupiter is in Scorpio. I’m constantly weighing up each option and seeing both sides of the argument but finding it hard to choose a direction. Any advice? – I have my Jupiter Return fast approaching – 0 Scorpio.

    Thanking You.

    1. You were born with Fortuna at 6 Scorpio and Jupiter is actually her father. When he also moves to 6 Scorpio alongside other faster moving bodies, like the Sun, the Wheel of Fortune spins in your favour with money, property, business, charity or possessions – the process starts in October and peaks by November.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    From what I can work out with my VERY limited knowledge of astrology, I have a lot of things going on this month, am I right?
    I’m intrigued to know if I’m going to have some kind of breakthrough or let up financially this month, as I seem to have been taking a few difficult hits in that area in the last month or so.
    Any insight you can throw my way is greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. With the Moon and Pluto in early degrees of Scorpio (low numbers) you are going to be among the first to benefit from positive new changes coming which could help you make more money, or save rather a lot of money, thanks to offers or opportunities involving things you would normally have to pay a fair bit for. Thomasin, you only get Jupiter ‘on’ your Moon and Pluto every 12 years so this is quite rare and you should see the change in atmosphere this month and November too, as not only Jupiter but also the Sun passes over your Scorpio factors. A typical example would be the friend who comes to stay in your spare room who suddenly offers you money for it. Or the former lover who reappears and offers you the keys to her flat for a few months. Of course if you are on Wall Street, the doors are a lot bigger than that!

  36. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating articles, really interesting, so thank you.

    I have Scorpio factors so I am tying in the Jupiter / October 2017 link into the Taurus/Scorpio change in 2018. Will this be a prosperous financial time going forward for me?

    Also on the same subject of financial change, does the launch date of either January 3, 2009 show anything out of the ordinary?

    1. Thank you. You will be given a chance to make more money, or given access to something quite valuable that would normally be too expensive. Perhaps both. The trick is going through the door when it opens. Sometimes Jupiter people/organisations show up in your life (they are quite open and positive) but unless you play your part, and do your bit, they can vanish just as quickly! There may be hints now or you could be seeing something definite by November, as not only Jupiter but also the Sun crosses through Scorpio and your Eighth House of lifestyle, money and security. Of course Uranus in Taurus from May 2018 is going to bring change, but as long as you are flexible, you will be able to adapt to that.

  37. Hi Jessica, these are all the parts of my birth chart with factors from 0-4, can you tell me how I will be effected throughout October? I have been unemployed of months now and cannot seem to get a job no matter how much I apply. I am really hoping to break into journalism and have recently applied for my dream job and have my heart set on it!

    Thank you,


    04° Cancer 24′ 18″
    04° Capricorn 24′ 18″
    03° Libra 20′ 34″
    03° Aries 20′ 34″

    1. You are strongly ‘cardinal’ as they say in astrology and this can make your life extreme – it never rains but it pours. I am sorry you have been without work for such a long time, and I’m wondering what is going on, far beyond the cardinal Grand Cross. A very simple explanation is that you have Neptune in Capricorn and need to lose your illusion. Whenever people talk about dream jobs, I look for Neptune, as this planet rules dreams. You have him in your Tenth House of career, yet Neptune has been crossed by Pluto for the first time in 248 years and that can force you to change the dream. If your vision is more fantasy than fact, it may be that you have to take a reality check and come back down to earth, reaching for work that is more practical and achievable. It may also be that you need to train or upskill. All of this would make sense as Saturn is about to move into Capricorn at Christmas and will trigger your Grand Cross. Time to get real, get serious, seek the best free advice on career you can.

      1. I also have my asc, des, mc and ic in those exact same positions as Kathryn-Louise but my neptune is in scorpio. I’m thinking of leaving a stable but dull job in order to pursue a freelance career and healthier lifestyle. Am I on the right path?

        1. You can’t really tell much from just the angles of the chart, I’m afraid, and resigning from a job is a huge decision that really needs a full birth chart reading.

  38. Hi Jessica!

    Thank you for such an insightful post, as always! I have my Sun in Scorpio with stelliums in Scorp and Sag. What is my Jupiter luck going to be like in October? I’m also eagerly waiting for your special Jupiter in Scorpio post so that it can guide me to map out my year ahead. I feel like Jupiter in Libra was all about balancing acts but now I want to go my own way which is a very Scorp thing. I’d also like to use Jupiter in Scorp well so that I can benefit from Jupiter in Sag the following year. Any suggestions or clues for what to look out for or be wary about with Jupiter in Scorp? Thanks so much, Sanam.

    1. Thank you Sanam, your Jupiter in Scorpio cycle is really about understanding how a Jupiter personality type can meet you halfway in terms of giving you unusual chances to save or make money. What are Jupiter people like? They tend to be quite generous, bountiful and open, and are very happy to make offers and open doors. Sometimes you get a Jupiter organisation or department on this cycle, too – rather like a government department which makes grants possible. The trick is doing your part. You have to work it. Yet, by December you should be aware of just how much you have to gain.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    Like a lot of your readers, I’m excited by your posts on October and what Jupiter’s move will bring as I have a few planets at 0-4 degrees in my chart. I wonder if you see anything significant in my chart that will be affected by the transit?

    Previously you’ve mentioned that I should be better off financially from this month onwards and I’m hopeful that my freelance writing (which is secondary income at the moment) will start to payoff or I get another offer that is better for me than my current day job.

    The other thing that is affecting me right now is a previous love interest, who I first met 12 years ago, is keen to get involved again, although I like him and there’s a strong connection I can’t decide if we should (indecisive libra rising!). Wondering if there is any connection with Jupiter’s 12 year cycle?! Thank you in advance!

    1. Jupiter is actually about your previous love interest, because Jupiter in Scorpio is about to pass through your Eighth House of love, sex, money and property. So your former lover comes with a house or apartment question for you. Of course you may decide to do nothing, but the door is open, which is typical of this cycle. You may also find doors open with income from writing or another job offer, of course, but the reappearance of your ex is the most likely manifestation of Jupiter in Scorpio. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he also had Scorpio chart factors.

  40. Jessica, I have Mars, Diana and Neptune in Scorpio along with many 0, 1 degree aspect points in my chart. I have interviewed for many roles in the past 2 years with no movement at all. Do you foresee any career/lifestyle improvements for me in the near future? I’m feeling that I need to move on from my current location and totally reinvent my career but not knowing where and what that would be. Thanks for your insight!

    1. You actually need to retrain or ‘upskill’ and I’m sure you know that, but I wonder why you haven’t mentioned that in your question. Perhaps you are being held back by Saturn (delays) in Sagittarius (education) in your Ninth House (learning). Actually, Jupiter going into Sagittarius at the end of next year makes it even more likely that a new qualification or knowledge base in another area would serve you. I am sorry you have had no luck with your interviews but sometimes it’s good to break a pattern.

  41. Hi Jessica
    I am a premium nember.
    I am Leo…I have filled in my birth chart.
    I have lived in my current home for the last five years…which is Sydney.
    I have had a strong feeling I may have to move out of this area as my current home may be sold.
    I can see myself moving to a smaller city near the ocean. This is where I lived since I was 12 y.o. to 28 y.o. Some of my family and friends live there.
    I feel I am going back..
    Do you have any insight for me.

    Thank you

    1. Yes, you could easily move by October 2018, as property or rental prices would move in your favour, or you may even be thrown a house-sitting opportunity. Keep watching the news. You would know about it as early as the second half of October, November this year. It sounds as if you are renting, so do look at the way property prices and interest rates are going to shift, this quarter.

  42. Dear Jessica,

    I am heavily Scorpio:
    Sun in Scorpio 12,31,
    Mercury 10 .55,
    Mars 18.33, Uranus 07.47
    North Node in scorpio and South Node in Taurus 3.35.

    I feel I am about to take a new Road. I feel changes in my life .
    Please can you elaborate what does it mean Jupiter in Scorpio for me ?

    I appreciate your insights, and want thank you in advance,

    1. It will take a little time for the financial, business or property breakthroughs to appear, but you will feel ‘climate change’ in your chart from the middle of this month, as the mood lifts, your horizons expand and so much more seems possible. Making or saving money (or cash in kind) is now at your fingertips and it’s really about 2018 being a year to use every open door you receive.

  43. Dear Jessica, I’m a premium member with so much going on in my life. My chart has so much going on with it too. I have no clue how to figure it out. Can you help me…….please. Thanks So Much. Beverly

    1. Juno at 18 and Saturn at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House tell a story about repeat episodes involving the money, the business, the house, the charity, the possessions or the apartment. Perhaps you’ve had a couple of really tough, unforgettable chapters here. Juno is about commitment. Who or what you ‘wed’ yourself to. Saturn is about hard karma – sometimes you are visited by events that are simply not your fault, sometimes you stumble into something you would have given anything to avoid! The good news is, Jupiter is the helper and healer of astrology and he is moving into Scorpio, and you will notice a mood lift and atmosphere change from the middle of October. By 2018 when Jupiter is up to 18 and 21 Scorpio, you can reshape your destiny with money and security, and go a very long way to fixing some of the fears or concerns you still have, based on what went down a few years ago. When Jupiter crosses Juno, that’s a ‘marriage’ or other commitment involving money – like ‘wedding’ yourself to a person or organisation which can benefit you. You can hit Scorpio on Search and also Juno, Jupiter and Saturn if you want to know more.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    Love your work and thank you for being such an amazing inspiration.

    I wonder if I would feel the atmosphere lift with Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio as I would sure use some luck, financially and in getting a full time job.

    I have an on and off (and indeed complicated) relationship with a person since Jan 2016 (we do not live together) which was a foreigner to me (albeit after such a long time, not so much anymore, but I guess Saturn keeps kicking in). He has seen me struggling with freelancing and applying to jobs and he is the COO and co-owner of a company that employs about 100 people only in my specific field. I explained him that I am aware that I am putting him in a difficult position but I do have the skills and the work experience required for the jobs that his company advertises, especially since he himself is the decision maker and I told him I would work even for minimum wage, just to give me an opportunity. I literally begged him as his company is very international and since I live in Germany I am limited by the jobs that I can get due to language barrier. He refused, he wouldn’t let me even apply for a job at his company and I am trying to put myself back together. His date of birth is Sep 3, 1981.
    I have lived in quite a few cities and at the moment I am trying to make home this city where I have moved last year (and which I really love) but the job uncertainty makes it really difficult. And having lived abroad in different cities all my life, all of them seem foreign to me now.
    I know the issues will not completely resolve themselves until Saturn leaves Sag but I am concerned that he will then conjunct my Neptune and hope Jupiter’s arrival in Scorpio will do some good (as back in 2013 Saturn really did a number on an apartment that I had rented at the time). I am sure Jupiter’s entry into Sag would change the picture but it seems terrible to think I cannot settle and get a job before the end of 2018 as relocating somewhere else doesn’t seem like an option now.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. You’ll be fine. I appreciate you have had a rotten time with work and money, but take a deep breath, because a lot of different options for you are going to open up, starting in a small way in October, and more richly obvious to you by 2018. The key phrase in your comment is ‘language barrier’ which is a direct translation of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is the barrier. Sagittarius is foreign language. You would benefit from looking more closely at what you fear about learning other languages and seeing what is possible. In fact, Jupiter in Sagittarius will make that easier for you from the end of next year, as there will be new technology, teachers, classes and so on which enables you to improve your skills or even amaze yourself with what you can do. Until then, Jupiter in Scorpio is really about other ways to saving money, or making it. Not the path you have been down but another one. Stay open and keep watching/reading. This September 3rd Virgo has taken up enough time and energy. Put that behind you, if you can, and start seeing what is working for other people. While you were wasting time on him, they were discovering ‘the new’ especially online and that is where you should be looking first.

  45. Hi, Jessica. I am a Capricorn with Aries rising and moon (Dec 22, 1955 1:20 pm in Winnipeg, Manitoba). I have just purchased a motor home and will be living in it full time for at least a couple of years. I bought it in the middle of a mercury retrograde phase but had been involved in the research previous to the retrograde. Do you see this going well for me? Any input you could provide would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Lorna, you may find your motor home requires a few adjustments, or the journey/territory does, as I can’t deny that any purchase made on Mercury Retrograde usually involves a rethink. I see you have the Nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius and so you have done this before! It may have been on a gypsy caravan or The Sloop John B rather than in a motor home, but this idea of travelling/living on the move is probably very familiar to you. I have to say, you also embarked on your purchase with Saturn right across those Nodes, but by the time Jupiter gets to the same point in 2019 you should be very happy with your travels. In fact I suspect you will travel further and wider than you imagine at the moment.

  46. Dear Jessica,

    I have many Scorpio factors and am really wondering how this weather could effect me. My husband is applying for jobs that might require moving, and we are considering expanding our family. I also have several writing projects that will require several more months to complete, but I’m hoping will sell eventually. I have been looking for additional part time work (although I really want to stay home with our little one!). Our finances have been tight, and I am really hoping that we can bring in more income. Anything I should look out for or consider? Thank you so much!

    1. You’re very lucky to have so many Scorpio factors as Jupiter will touch all of them on his way through. Scorpio is primarily about sexual/financial relationship so here we have to look to your husband first, who seems very likely to get a job that will involve a new, better home and perhaps a new baby as well. Without seeing his chart it is hard to call, but in general, by November at the very latest you will see a door open to financial or property improvement. You may personally also be able to bring in more income on this cycle, which begins with a sliver of light showing through an open doorway then becomes a dazzling new world, the more work you put into opening the door!

  47. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve had an incredible year full of travels all over the world, just as you predicted it would be. Interesting read of Jupiter going into Scorpio, looks like I need to put more focus into my business, it is steadily growing and I am in a good place with it. Still learning to read my chart but any improvement on the love life side? That seems so stagnant for a while now.
    Anything else I should take into considerstion as Jupiter moves into Scorpio?
    Thanks alot!

    1. I’m glad the prediction came true and you have enjoyed a year of great travel. You were born with Uranus at 11 Scorpio so when it comes to finance, property and business you are a catalyst for radical change and tend to invent/create/produce new ways to earn, own or owe – almost by accident – or as the result of regular ‘revolutions’ in your life. There will be a rare opportunity to do this in a new, beneficial way when Jupiter moves to 11 Scorpio. It may feel like an electrical storm for a while, but like all storms it will be a relief and a release, and it will bring what is needed, for new things to grow. You will see some early signs and clues almost as soon as Jupiter gets into Scorpio, which is days away now, but it is his shift to 11 Scorpio later on which will mark the start of a whole new era.

      1. Does this include love life? I’m very much interested in this part too. Noone on the horizon and no one of interest. I remember you writing for Aqarians some of us would have to face someone from the past, even for just closure. Does this still apply for 2018?

        1. You could easily date a younger potential lover, with a strong fire sign signature – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – over the next 12 months. This is the kind of person who always has a bright idea or a big plan. A born traveller, too!

  48. Dear Jessica
    My question is specific towards a gemini man DOB 10 unexpected 1969, time perhaps 10 am, India
    Long story in short…Met him in mid of 2011 when he bonded wid my child….Promised marriage BT left me for other ..,..On N off popping in life n I waiting for him to cm back..
    Jupiter in libra cycle…One day in end of oct 2016 CMS back heartbroken frm his partner N life….I thought coming back …. To TK things slowly we work on a book together….
    Near 11 April 2017 when again requestioned tht WD he marry, he refused…We cut contact….Near sept 28 now I found out he has a child now N is happy with his current partner……

    So basically Jupiter in libra cycle HS left me with no hope….I HV loved him truly N waited for his return…….BT now just a question will future bring him back to me N my child or atleast make him see N realize how much I loved him N waited for his return ….The release date of book still in between us.

    My DOB 28-march 1977, 11:37 pm India……WD appreciate ur insights….Whr do stars in future point towards….Kindly guide..thnks

    1. I am sorry your heart has been broken. Waiting for a man to come back is never a good idea and you don’t need astrology to tell you that. Get on with your life. Did you know that you fell in love with a Gemini on the toughest love life cycle (for him) in three decades? And you also tried to publish a book together on the toughest publishing cycle (for the book trade) in three decades? Saturn in Sagittarius is the answer to both of those. The good news is, Saturn leaves Sagittarius at Christmas and you will both be far happier. In the meantime there are other opportunities in the world of dating but you won’t even notice them if you remain obsessed with someone who is definitely out of your life.

  49. Dear Jessica,
    I’m a Scorpio ascendant cancer. Just got married one year ago. My husband doesn’t seem to want kids anymore ( he has two already). It’s destroying our couple. Do you see Jupiters arrival as good news for me on the baby front?
    Thank you so much for your insight!

    1. Your husband does not want children, but you want a baby? (Strokes chin, thoughtfully). You have Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House of pregnancy, and that could be extremely hard work for you, if you were to proceed with a pregnancy against his wishes or even behind his back. The choice is yours. This is so personal for you, I suggest you use your Astrology Oracle to get another angle on the situation.

      1. Thank so much for your reply. He finds the ivf process straining. We did one and he didn’t want to do another one. Now that he realized that he can loose me over this decision. He has changed his mind. But I think that deep down, he would rather not have kids agin. Let’s say he is doing it for me…although I have no guarantee of it the way he is a Gemini/Gemini . where can I find the astrology oracle you are talking about?
        Thank you dear Jessica. Your work is incredible!

  50. Hi Jessica,

    I am a relatively newly self employed Leo and I’m wondering what affect Jupiter will have on my finances. I have decisions to make as well regarding purchasing a home with savings or continuing to pay a pretty high rent. That along with a recent break up, I’m hoping for some stability. Can you shed any light for me?

    Thank You!

    1. If you can wait for the second half of October to roll around, you may be in a better position to make those kinds of decisions, as according to all the laws of astrology, when Jupiter slips through 0, 1 Scorpio he will benefit you, regarding money and a home. You have enough in your horoscope at 0, 1 degrees to feel this cycle personally, too. Go ‘fishing’ for options too. Stay open and keep talking/looking for what you want and you may be pleasantly surprised. Yes, you will have a house or apartment that feels like a home, following your break-up.

  51. Hi Jessica, is 00 degree the same as 0? I’m thinking yes and yes I feel like this is a stupid question. If so thats my MC & IC, and other than that I’m stretching a degree to 5 in Pluto and then there’s 6 in Mercury?…Thank you

    1. That’s a good question. Yes, 0 is the same as 00 – so you have the MC at 00 or 0 Leo. And the IC at 00 or 0 Aquarius. Jupiter at 0 Scorpio will aspect both of those, so there will be some gains through children or younger family members, and also your friends. Just remember the MC and IC depend on an accurate birth time. Thank you.

  52. Hi Jessica!
    I hope this finds you well.

    I have Vuclano 0 Scorpio
    MC 2 Scorpio/IC 2 Taurus
    Juno 1 Aquarius
    Venus 3 Scorpio
    Moon 2 Gemini
    (Aesculapius 5 Scorpio, Vesta 5 Cancer – these last due to 1degree orb).

    I launched my website in 2015 during my Jupiter Return and have had some pretty decent success – not as much as I’d like, but I’m getting there. I wrote to you this year about launching my online tarot university, but did not do it, as I wasn’t feeling it. I do feel that this is better astro weather for me, since Jupiter in Scorpio will transiting my 3rd house, however, won’t make launch date around October 17-19th as Ive read. From where you sit, would there be another “auspicious” time during the next two months (Nov-Dec).

    Also, old scorpion male is OUT. A new one has stepped in (I swear, I almost ran from But this one has a “different” quality to him. He’s a 3rd house scorpion, exec with a large tech company, and is TOTALLY into with me and has asked me to move in with him!
    I am thinking of accepting his offer…but not sure…at least not yet.

    Funny thing though is he has a most unfortunate Mercury, it squares almost everything in his chart AND it also squares my Mercury – yet, we speak, write, text all day, everyday and can’t seem to stop talking to each other.

    Yes, we cut across each other all the time when speaking, but we have FANTASTIC conversations – about everything. Even when we don’t “get” the other’s perspective right away, we make a concerted effort to “find the words”.

    I don’t think this is coincidence – him transiting across my 3rd house at this time….and I’m sure there are lessons here to be learned, but Jessica…I have read, read, read all your articles on synchronicity and I understand this for what it is, yet my question is, as an astrologer, do you see “synchronicities” like this happen often and why do you think it would coincide with my “leap” into bigger/better things with my work?

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Tara, be really careful with Mr. Scorpio. You need to be aware that he has Uranus poised to enter his Seventh House from May 2018 and it will remain there for many years. This is a separate question to your business issue. You need to be aware that Uranus in Taurus will oppose your Scorpio factors, and conjunct his – and at the same time, in his solar chart (Sun Sign chart) rip through his house of partnerships, duets and duos. Read your Tarot here, and use The Astrology Oracle but I don’t want you to walk into something that could cause you issues later. There may be another way to play this and use the connection, rather than moving in right away and racing into a commitment. Those are my thoughts.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    I have these elements in the first 3 degrees of signs. Can you please provide your valued insights?
    Sun  00° Leo 42′ 27″
    NorthNode  01° Cancer 57′ 48″ R
    SouthNode  01° Capricorn 57′ 48″ R
    Cupido  02° Cancer 55′ 22″
    Fortuna  02° Leo 04′ 11″
    Saturn  03° Pisces 53′ 36″ R

    Thankyou, David

    1. Lucky you. Jupiter crossing 0, 1, 2, 3 Scorpio will create a story (now through Christmas) which helps you to expand and improve two key areas of your life. One is your sense of place – home, roots, belonging, heritage, culture, history. The other is the world of babies, children and younger people in general. What makes it all possible? People, organisations or trends which bring benefits your way, via property, money, business, charity. They are just passing through – strictly temporary – but what is being created in your life will help you to connect in much closer and more satisfying ways with the next generation (born 20 years after you) and also assist so much with your home town or homeland. Reach out. I suspect some of the faces, plans or places are already showing themselves to you.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    I am wondering if the moving to a foreign country for work will happen. I have been thinking to move to New York on a temporary B1 work visa but all odds seem against it as the company I work for would have to pay the fee for visa etc. And not sure they will do this. As I’m a Pisces and Jupiter is in my 9th house will this make it easier for me to move against all odds to the different location office abroad?

    Are there also any love factors in my chart with this Jupiter luck?


    1. You could easily move across your region/across the world within 12 months and a new life in a different place is close. However, you need to sort things out with the group. This may be your work group or some other kind of circle/community/network. This is actually standing in your way and until you connect and communicate with the others so that you are all heading in the same direction (the right direction!) you won’t be in a position to shift. It is your Mercury in Aquarius I am looking at here. You need to draw on that ability to read ‘the hive mind’ to play your part in getting everyone to hit the same target and get the very best from a situation. Unless that happens, the group won’t actually reach its full potential and that would be a shame because a successful outcome would definitely help you to relocate. Of course it could all fall in a heap, and you could walk away (and still pack your bags) but I think you’d much rather have a success story behind you, non?

  55. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your articles; It’s helping me to deepen my understanding of astrology (and tarot). In March, the electrical storm you mentioned hit me and I ran towards it like you suggested. I lost my job (a blessing in disguise) and decided to go ahead and start my own business. I’m a psychologist in private practice now (single, no kids, though I sometimes work with them). I’m wondering what I need to focus on in the coming year and how Saturn moving into Capricorn factors into this. Thanks for your wisdom.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments. Your Libra stellium is the focus now through October 2018. It is very important that the scales are balanced and there may be a legal outcome here, or perhaps the Universe will intervene to bring about justice. `That sense of equilibrium that you need will come to you. I do feel it will be you and he/she or you and they – perhaps more than once. There is a sense of ‘two’ about your chart over the next 12 months and learning how two sides can be different, yet equal, will be a revelation for you. Expect harmony and fairness – what happens will deepen your understanding of the Libra side of your personality.

  56. Hi, I’m a sun Scorpio (2°15’) Gemini (23°08’) Mercury (29°20’) Venus and mars in Virgo , Jupiter,Uranus and Neptune in Sag and Pluto in libra (29°). I’ve heard the 29th degree in a birth chart is significant? Also think it’s interesting what you said recently in one of your scopes about many scorpios being involved in love triangles . Managed to caught up in an emotional one (from afar not in person) but it’s done now interestingly came to a head around the eclipse time.

    1. Hello. The 29th degree is not significant, but your Sagittarius stellium certainly is. You will travel or travel in the mind and love every moment, from the end of 2018 into 2019.

  57. Thank you for the article and the podcast,,I have my sun at 3 degrees cancer and I am wondering what may be opening up for me particularly on October 26th as Jupiter will be at 3 degrees at that time?

    1. Good question. Jupiter at 3 Scorpio from the Eighth House of finance, property and business will trine your Sun at 3 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and home – also home town and homeland. So putting this together, you can see how around those dates, you will gain from (Jupiter) an opportunity or solution (Jupiter) coming from an organisation/people concerned with finance or property (Scorpio, Eighth House) which directly helps you ‘shine’ in terms of your family or home.

  58. Dear Jessica,
    I follow your posts but haven’t figured out how to read my chart yet. Hopefully someday I will learn more through you. I do have various factors between 0 to 5 degrees. Could you kindly shed some light?
    I moved to another continent end of Feb 2017, and not sure if it could be permanent, financially and otherwise. Money, work and stability have been a big concern for years, although I have been building my own project digitally since 2015 (which I have to put money in). I have had a rocky love life (to put it mildly) and hope for some genuine affection. My past great love has made a reappearance in my life digitally since end of July (not looking for romance, lives in another continent), and I’ve been cautious but tried to be open. His birthdate is 1 April 1978, if that helps.
    In short, love, home, family, money, career, creative growth have all been up in the air for a few years. And I can’t eye those balls to catch them.
    Chiron 00° Gemini 47′ 36″
    MC 00° Leo 04′ 49″
    Jupiter 02° Sagittarius 00′ 00″ R
    Mars 03° Cancer 24′ 16″
    Panacea 04° Virgo 03′ 36″
    Cupido 04° Capricorn 56′ 16″ R
    Mercury 05° Cancer 22′ 23″
    Uranus 05° Sagittarius 44′ 18″ R
    Thank you!

    1. You are definitely figuring out your astrology here, noting your placements at 0 through 5 degrees – good work. Watch as Jupiter-type people, organisations and situations slowly come through to help you with your internet ideas/plans (Chiron in Gemini), the children or younger people in your life, and the lovers/potential lovers (MC in Leo, if your birth time is correct). Watch particularly for opportunities related to travel or travel in the mind (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Later on, we will see benefits at home (Mars and Mercury in Cancer) work (Panacea in Virgo, Cupido in Capricorn) and again, with travel or travel in the mind (Uranus in Sagittarius). You’re talking about love, and I’m not seeing love on that list, but without a doubt, the most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is that Jupiter in Scorpio will bring welcome change involving family members or other more distant relatives who have come before you. In other words, this is likely to be about the family tree leaves and branches which have fallen. I am particularly looking at your Cancer placements here, which rules your roots, heritage, home town, homeland and extended family. A wonderful connection to your people and your place will come into being and it will change your life. I am not sure if you believe in life after life, but from the point of view of family who have passed on, what happens for you, also happens for them, and they will applaud it. Interesting!

  59. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this. I have quite a lot of Scorpio, including Juno at 0 and Pluto at 3.
    Jupiter through Libra (my sun) did give me a shiny new title and role at work, also was accepted into a very prestigious school in my field. I have grown quite a bit, however it has not been by any means comfortable. I also stayed single all through this transit. I am also doing incredibly poor financially (I work for a non-profit).
    Do you see things becoming easier, as I hope?

    1. Congratulations on your new title and role with Jupiter conjunct your Sun. Excellent work. The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is that justice will be done, in terms of a fair, even and balanced outcome for you. This may be about yourself and another person/another side, or just about the principle of Libran equality and equilibrium. You see, we still have quite a few Libra factors passing through the heavens and the Libra weather continues (you can search Libra Weather if you are curious). The scales are still shining for you.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    I have been trying to sell my home and Jupiter just hit my MH 0 scorpio I have an offer not for full price but an offer, Ju will square my Ve ruler of my 4th in a few days, do you feel that the inspections will be fine and the deal will go thru? I bought another house and are living in it and loving it, just don’t want to be paying 2 sets of bills…
    Thanx, Lisa

    1. See it all the way through Lisa, keep your focus and don’t let up as you are moving into the best potential cycle for this in many years – if your birth time is spot-on then Jupiter on your MC (but more importantly opposite your IC) is a fantastic encourager.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Can you see any Jupiter luck for me in October? Please tell me you see new live on the horizon.

    Thanks very much

  62. Hi Jessica,

    I have my second house cusp at scorpio 1 degrees and 8th house taurus 1 degrees. But also uranus transiting close to my moon in libra in the 1st house what will the near Future bring?

    I work for my brother in sales, and they are going up and down. Especially libra is also in his 2nd house. We experience the ups and downs quite frankly lately.

    Hoping Jupiter will help us (me) out.

    Thank you for reading


  63. Hi, second post, different question. First one was about my son which I hope you get a chance to respond to because I worry about him very much. This question is about me, I’m not feeling lucky, I’m feeling I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I’m seriously considering a divorce with my Libra husband. I’ve been contemplating this for many many years. I live in a no fault state meaning it doesn’t matter why you want a divorce, it’s pretty much no questions asked. The house would be split, and the amount of alimony, husbands pension and IRA’s would be pretty much up to the judge. I don’t have a career, I’ve worked part time and raised the children. I’m 57 the thought of starting something now isn’t inviting nor does it seem possible that it would be able to make ends me. I feel absolute lost and trapped.

    1. Thank you for your patience. You need to make your life real. At the moment you are confused by things which are not real. Fears and hopes. Daydreams and imaginary troubles. You have a Pisces stellium so you are a great ‘thinker’ and live in your head with so many different potentials, possibilities, anxieties and temptations! Actually, you could have money, possessions and a home. It is within reach but you need to make choices and be a realist. Reach for it so it’s not cloud cuckoo land. I would also urge you to banish the idea of particular people or situations being ‘bad’ or ‘scarey’ or the rest of it. It’s all in your head. I think you could be very happy with the financial and property security available to you, and far happier if you get rid of people who quite honestly repel you or threaten you (though it is actually the idea of them, or the thought of them, which is the problem, not necessarily the actual people). Perhaps start in a small way. Sit down with a journal and see what you currently view as ‘potential’ or ‘wishing and hoping’ or ‘maybe’ about a particular house, apartment or holiday home. Money or precious possessions, like jewellery, too. Set some intentions and do something practical to make things happen. Commit and act. Start small and see what happens. If you are going to do something major like change your life you need to prove to yourself that you can actually make the ‘unreal’ real and then go from there. But it’s all out there for you if you can pull yourself out of Pisces land. Don’t feel lost or trapped – do begin to stop the confusion. I would suggest that anything or anybody who clouds your judgement, fogs your mind or similar could be shown the door immediately. You urgently need clarity, because a true, clear, firm vision will change your life.

    1. Next year you will have the opportunity to play the go-between over a financial, charity, business or property matter which is good for you, and good for everyone else. You would be keeping both sides happy. The results would outlive you and outlast you. For example if you were the daughter in a family with assets to pass on, you would negotiate between both sides and end up with an inheritance. You don’t tell me anything about your life so I can’t be more specific, but I hope you get the general message. 2018 could be so good.

  64. Hi Jessica, one quick question.
    Jupiter luck for an Aries you state business, money etc. There is one person who tries to compete with me nvm there is none from my side (Aries, DOB April 9th, 1977) and we have completely different types of business. She’s just relocated hers but I feel like she needs to compete to prove something, someone who has always been envious of my success/life. How do you see this Jupiter luck affecting her? Would be great to know your thoughts.

    1. Too funny. The Aries problem. Here is an old trick, but a good trick. Look in the mirror and write down your unique qualities. You are you, she is she. You are actually missing out on a vast potential market of people (call them your customers or clients) who seriously want what you have to uniquely offer but you are wasting your amazing energy and time on trying to compete. Forget that. You have about one year left of Uranus in Aries. Uranus is independence. Do your own thing independently of her. Forget any so-called ‘competition’ and be utterly yourself. Her gift to you, though you have not seen it, is that she is forcing you to dump boring contests and actually get back into yourself, fully and completely. Knowing and serving yourself – being who you are – holds so many rewards. Kindred spirits find you more easily, you don’t have to fake it – and actually you can change the world. Seriously.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    Hope you’re well. I posted a comment many days ago but didn’t receive a response so trying my luck again.

    I have a Libra stellium – 5 factors in Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Juno. I also have Diana in Taurus and Minerva in Sagg (0 deg), Ops in Leo (1 deg), Asc/Desc in Taurus & Scorpio (2 deg), Vesta in Virgo (3 deg) and Jupiter in Libra (4 deg).

    Could you please take a look at my chart and guide me on what I should be mindful of in the coming weeks? Thank you.


    1. Thank you S, I have been on my boat working on your 2018 horoscope so out of radio range. Apologies for the delay. So you have some late Libra weather here to enjoy. You missed an obvious opportunity with your former, current or potential lover/partner but it hasn’t gone away! Now through Christmas you two can try a different plate on the Sushi Bar together. Two pieces for two people. You have a ton of aspects involving Jupiter touching so many different areas of your life so I would urge you (without knowing anything about your private life) to focus on the other person and what he/she needs and how you two can create a win-win even though the timing was previously wrong.

    1. Easy. You have a pattern of dividing, sharing and compromising (Ceres) over money, business, property, charity, possessions (Scorpio). This works to your total advantage (Jupiter) with opportunities only possible every 12 years (Jupiter) as this slow-moving and mighty planet crosses your Ceres. Huge wow-factors here. Go for it. A whole new world with your bank account, house, apartment or company is possible by the end of November.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. It seems it was written to me!
    The fact is that I’m looking for a second home for quite a few months and now I think I’ve found the one. I don’t have enough money and I need my mother’s help. She was born 10/January/1946, no idea of the hour, sorry. Will she help me? Will it happen soon?
    Anyway, as I see you keep asking in other comments, I’m single but with an interest in someone, male, Pisces, 8/March/1969, no idea of the hour again. Will Scorpio in Jupiter change the situation?
    Thank you for all your advices.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad the article spoke to you personally. Within 12 months you will be helped in the most powerful way by a rather magical sort of person who is in full control of money, relationships, life, the universe and everything. This is a man with a feminine side, or a woman with a masculine side. What you might call a well-balanced human being. I hope this is your Pisces, but if not, it will be another person who is open, upfront, direct, energetic and ‘when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears’ as they say. You have Neptune at 0 Sagittarius you see, and Jupiter (opportunity, growth, solutions) will cross 0 Sagittarius at the end of 2018. Sagittarius and your Ninth House are about learning, knowledge, faith and all good things. I see tremendous travel in the mind for you with this person and yes, if you want it, there is powerful sexual intimacy there. Of course it’s a two-way street, you also awaken the Kundalini in this person. The situation will be previewed and built very slowly in stages, but the real growth will come at the end of next year. This is the most important thing I can tell you, and this goes far, far beyond questions about your mother or the second home, okay?

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