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When you hit a crisis - you're dumped in a relationship - you're sacked from your job - you lose someone from your world - the first thing you want is an explanation.

When you hit a crisis – you’re dumped in a relationship – you’re sacked from your job – you lose someone from your world – the first thing you want is an explanation. More information! SOS Astrology can help you with that. Here’s how…

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28 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, me and my partner split up in may, I moved back home to the UK, I got a job with my old employer, but I’m living with my friend and her family, I’m hoping to get my own place after Christmas, but I’ve been estranged from my daughter’s for three years, will they ever speak again to me, thanks xx

    1. You have a strong Gemini-Sagittarius horoscope signature which will be activated over the next 12-24 months. Gemini-Sagittarius is about travel, exploration, ideas, projects, plans, moving and the worldwide web. You could easily emigrate actually. If not emigration, then certainly a shift across the country is possible. This will make all the difference to how you feel emotionally about your former partner and your estranged daughters. What is set to happen is Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) entering Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years, and crossing that Gemini-Sagittarius axis in your horoscope. The odd thing about your situation is, you need to settle with property and work in your current location, before you can pack your bags. So you have to stabilise and get grounded, before you can take off.

  2. Hey Jessica,

    Your website has helped me out a lot – I’m currently going through a stage of SOS Astrology (I’ve dabbled in it for a little while anyways), my ex dumped me late August, he’s an Aries, and your monthly horoscope and such for his sign make a lot of sense in terms of why things have happened they way they have.

    I’m trying to see whether or not we’ll be back to being friends in the near future but can’t really figure out my chart well enough to see :/

    I was wondering if you could help me out??

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Forget the man, the girlfriends are more important. You have a stellium in Aquarius which will be crossed by the South Node in Aquarius over the next six months. You are/will be involved in a very special group effort where you all join forces. There will be celebration and togetherness. You may as well target something really big that you can all enjoy together because your chart is pulling you towards teamwork. Sometimes it’s a female-male group (like a band or a political party) but your chart suggests more feminine influence.

  3. Hello,
    what am I waiting for with the opposition Uranus – Jupiter?
    Shall I focus to other bodies involved?

    Thank you

    1. Vivi, you have the South Node at 15 Pisces locked into patterns with other horoscope factors very close to 15 degrees. Pluto is transiting close to 15 degrees too, so the Pisces part of yourself and your life is being activated. What does your South Node in Pisces mean? It means that you are a dreamer or fantasist who needs to make the dreams real. You could have the money you want. You could have the house, apartment or holiday home you want. You are in a cycle when you have to reach for it and bring it down to earth so it can happen. Take it out of your head and make it part of your life.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. I already find out Pluto was opposing my Moon and square my Pluto and Mercury, and it still didn’t ended. After this Pluto will square my Mars and than conjunct my Ascendant. So, I guess life will not get easy anytime soon, even with Saturn going to Capricorn. It still will take some time until Uranus goes over my Sun, but I feel that maybe I don’t have anything to do than waiting it to happen. I Hope life will change in 2020 when Pluto will be 1 degree from my Ascendant and Uranus 1 degree from my Sun.

    1. Have a look at your ebooks and a long, long piece I wrote called Astrology for Absolute Beginners. There is absolutely no reason to be negative about your future and you are not using asteroids for some reason – and also using really wide orbs. Good things are in store but I will let you figure that out.

  5. Hi Jessica. About a year ago I submitted a claim for compensation from our Veteran Affairs agency. I not received a Rejection Notice so that is encouraging. Since we have a new moon in Virgo and other planetary aspects in Virgo, is it a good time to submit a followup letter requesting status or should I have done that during Mercury Retrograde? In a previous comment you mentioned I have a stellium (6) in Virgo so that why I was thinking I should act now. If not now then when? Thanks in advance.

    1. Just keep going. This has been a truly awful Mercury Retrograde for so many people with a lot of Virgo in their charts, but the tide is turning. Virgo is a very nitpicking and detail conscious sign so just keep plodding away and keep copies of everything. We are now out of Mercury Retrograde Shadow and it’s time for the big clean-up and clear-up. Good luck.

  6. Hello Jessica,
    So, Uranus will touch my Chiron at 2 degrees Taurus. How will uranus-jupiter opposition play out? Also, Saturn sitting opposite my moon in Gemini at the moment. Any comments on this please ?
    Thank you

    1. I was replying to another reader with a similar Sagittarius-Gemini line-up to you just a few minutes ago. It is very important to realise that you and others (particularly in a group or circle) are so similar in your thinking and ideas. It may seem as if there are huge gaps between you over the next 12 months but by September 2018, if you all want to join forces, you can. Saturn opposing the Moon in Gemini from Sagittarius can make you or another feel as if there is no possible unity or agreement to be had, and emotions can run high over what is basically a point of thought or principle. However, Jupiter going into Sagittarius later next year will have a healing effect and you could all collectively pull together, get on the same page and co-create something pretty amazing. Your chart reminds me of the way Ringo Starr felt on the Australian Beatles’ tour. But that worked out in the end!

  7. Dear Jessica ,

    thank you very much for another interesting article. I appreciate a lot your will and effort to teach us to understand our birth chart. I really try to find out what is going on for me but I think it will take time to have a self confidence as for reading my chart only by myself.
    As for SOS astrolgy I think it will happend for me exactly next year as I will have my Uranus in natal chart in 0deg in Scorpio opposed by Uranus in 0deg in Taurus. I am starting to be little bit affraid because I have started my own bussines this year and it advances really very slowly ad nothing is stable yet . As for 2018 and this opposition should I expect somrone will come to my life and will want influence my bussines and income? Can I be in a risk to loose my business and be without any income? And normally you dont have birth chart of any person so how I can feel or know that this is this person with for example Pluto in 0 Scorpio or another important heavenly body in this degree.

    Thank you!

    1. Please don’t be afraid of Uranus in Taurus. The key is to be flexible, and super bendy. People who have problems with Uranus resist change. That is all. If you embrace change (and the whole world is going to do this) then you will be fine. I heard the word ‘socialist’ clairaudiently for you. I don’t know what that means now, or over the next 12 months, but it may be a useful insight coming to you from spirit.

  8. Dear Jessica
    I lost my partner in 2006….Another man 10 June 1969 time unsure perhaps 10am,India walked in my life N promised me N my child a world BT soon he dumped us for other……Life HS been so cruel in love deptt for me….Despite my sincerity to a relationship I am forced to stay alone by my stars…nothing makes sense like this as now I HV lost faith in the power of true love…….Could u plz shed some light so tht I CN understand the play of stars….Is there NY hope of reunion with the Gemini man or a hope of receiving true comitted love…..Just lost hope as even jupiter in libra cycle didn’t help N now even this cycle seems to end….My DOB is 28th March 1977, 11:37 pm India…..Ur wisdom is priceless N acts as a beacon of hope…WD be grateful if u reply

    1. Huge questions like this, without a birth chart, are hard to answer. You had a Gemini in your life. It didn’t work. No surprise – Gemini is going through the toughest love and sex cycle in 29 years. Gemini will be in a very different place by 2019 but with you, or another, it is hard to say. You are an Aries who still has two weeks to go, of Jupiter in your Seventh House of love, sex, relationships and marriage. So actually there is hope. Hope for what? Exactly what you need to learn to be happier in love next time. Open up to what you need to learn. A door is open.

  9. Jessica!

    Under the Jupiter-Uranus opposition article I posted my prediction and you said I was correct and could be a great astrologer…. well, here we are at the opposition….. I have been struggling with Uranus in my 10th house for awhile and I thought it was past but guess what? Today I got sacked from my job…I am not even sad about it! The universe is removing the blockage (I want to be stable but it’s not stable)….. My point is I have wrote to you and many times you have told me that Uranus would set me free and I have felt it in my soul. I actually feel good about getting sacked but as a newbie astrologer, I fell real good about my future…I think the abundance from the solar eclipse may be hitting me soon but I can’t see it in my chart. All I know is I feel awesome and free. Can you provide some guidance or predictions regarding my chart? I feel great awesome things on the horizon but I don’t want to be let down!!!

    Again, Thank you Jessica for all you do for us newbie astrologers!!!!

    1. Jupiter-Uranus oppositions do liberate us and you have read your own chart correctly, though of course being sacked is always pretty confronting. You have seen this as a positive – being set free – and that’s true. Now, more than ever, you need to be flexible and take what comes. Be open rather than trying to control things, impose rules on other people or your world, and as much as you can – embrace possibilities. Uranus-Jupiter is very much about that, and people who do best on this transit, tend to be super-receptive to new people, new options, new ideas and so on. Thank you.

  10. I’m not sure what is changing, but I feel calmer about my situation. I have a lot of triggers this month, the full moon I’m wondering about , also Venus / Mars and the Capricorn action.
    Is this the month for a slight change?

    1. Jupiter in Scorpio is announcing himself already in your chart, and in the charts of people around you, so there is a chain-reaction of optimism, positive thinking and ‘glass half full’ around at the moment. I am glad you are picking it up.

  11. Hi Jessica, I’ve heard a lot about Saturn return and I’m anxious about it, since I’ve had major life struggles coincide with slow-moving planetary transits. I have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all retrograde in my chart. During a period of time between 2012 – 2013 I experienced a Uranus Moon Opposition, a Pluto Venus square and a Uranus Ascendant conjunction, often overlapping. During this time I fell madly in love with my friend’s longtime boyfriend and it destroyed me. It shattered their relationship and her. I also had moved out of state in the midst of that, started my dream graduate school program, attempted suicide, barely finished the program, strained my family and lost several close friends by the end of all these transits. In late 2014/early 2015 I was in the early stages of my Saturn return and I moved across the country for a new job. I also rekindled and then ended the stormy relationship with that same man (my former friend’s ex- bf). From mid 2015 until now I have been with a new partner, we live together and we have weathered many ups and downs, including infidelity which left me depressed for several months since he and the other woman are a better astrological match than he and I. My Saturn return will end in November, however Saturn will square my moon starting in January 2018 and it will happen multiple times up until 2019. Saturn will also square my ascendant repeatedly in 2018 and will oppose my Venus multiple times as well. My Saturn is Sag in the 9th house, my ascendant is Aries, my moon is Libra in the 7th house and my Venus is Cancer in the 4th and 5th house. I’m worried about large scale upheaval in my life again, like my last stressful astrological year which almost ended me. Looking at the transits it seems like I’ll be uprooted from my life and will face many domestic and relationship struggles next year which could leave me isolated, far from home and depressed. My partner’s Saturn return ends in December, but he has Saturn (Sag, 5th house) squaring his Sun (Cancer, 12th house) for 2018 as well. Any guidance to help me prepare and weather this storm would be appreciated, I’m so anxious to hold onto my stability!

    1. Saturn 26 Sagittarius, Uranus 27 Sagittarius is the key to your chart. I am sorry you have struggled with depression like this. I also understand why you are anxious, but I can reassure you. The transits you are ‘seeing’ and the way you are interpreting your chart does not tally with what I am seeing. Actually, you are on your way to a rethink of your Ninth House, ruled by Sagittarius, and by 2019, a relaunch of all that the Ninth House means in your life. This area of your chart is about graduate school, of course, and tellingly, this is where you had an early challenge. If we go beyond the idea of study/education/academia/teaching/learning though we also find core issues like faith, philosophy and belief. As astrology is a belief system I would encourage you to really take it apart, find out more about it, and if you want to, even throw it out! That may seem like a curious thing for an astrologer to say, but like any ‘way of seeing’ astrology can be rejected, just as religion can be rejected. Space does now allow me to go into the meaning of a Saturn-Uranus conjunction but you can hit Search (Decoding Astrology) to find out more in-depth information, and of course the rest of my website, and your ebooks, also has some detail. The reason I am seeing a rethink and reshaping of what you ‘know’, what you believe, what you have faith in, is that Saturn will of course cross your Saturn-Uranus conjunction shortly. We then go into the new Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, final quarter of 2018, and most of 2019. If ever there was a time to dig deeply into what you think you know, and why you think it’s true, this is it. Face your fears. Don’t run away from them. That is, pure and simple, what this cycle is all about. The Ninth House commonly turns up as a source in the charts of people with depression. Why? Because they wrestle with meaning. They often wrestle with or reject God. There are major concerns about there being anything at all out there/up there. And I think you need to go on a search. Please do turn to tried, tested and trusted sources to help you. If you were Jewish I would suggest a Rabbi. You might also want to look at the myth of Uranus and Saturn to understand how these two archetypes play out in your chart. I wish you the very best.

      1. Thank you for this insight! It has helped to alleviate my worry and with the part about education is interesting since I work for a science/technology education company and we are developing new artificial intelligence courses for youth, as well as undergoing significant restructuring by opening franchises in multiple foreign countries, which is brand new for us. This will begin in early 2018! Maybe my fear about upheaval and my relationships has distracted me from what’s going on, so I’ll definitely read more about the Saturn-Uranus conjunct

  12. HI jessica

    I am going through heavy weather, fierce oppositions regarding a property to be settled on 28th October. You mention there will be a go-between or a middle person emerging this month. Would it be one of my children ? If not, who is the middle person ? I have to finance the property as soon as possible.
    Always grateful for your wise insights and solution.
    Thank you kindly.

    1. Just get on with the property process, please, with Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and family finance, the laws of astrology state that this is one of the very best times in your life to proceed. Don’t worry too much about who the middle person is!

  13. Me again! Well, my husband blew up yesterday, very violent and aggressive. I told him to stay at his mother’s as he is disrupting the family.
    He has an appointment with a previous councillor today.
    I don’t want him back now or in the future,but think he needs home stability to help with his mental problems.

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