Love and the Last Libra Weather

By December 9th 2017, Mars in Libra will end a cycle with fantastic potential, no matter if you need to settle your differences, start a relationship, or make a commitment to pregnancy or marriage. We're all affected!

The last of the Libra ‘weather’ is coming and it has a profound impact on your relationship with lovers – past, present or potential. By December 9th 2017, Mars in Libra will end a cycle with fantastic potential, no matter if you need to settle your differences, start a relationship, or make a commitment to pregnancy or marriage. We’re all affected!

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47 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for the article on love & the last Liberian weather. I’m learning so much from your work 🙂
    With the Leo weather still in play, I’m wondering if you have any info on how having Cupido at 22″ in Leo will effect me or what events might transpire for me ? Kind regards Roshelle

    1. Roshelle, now through January 2019 brings about a total transformation when you will need to accept the new day dawning – but only after you have let the past go. Pluto is going across major points in your chart, for the first time in 240+ years and so now through the start of 2019 will permanently change the landscape, particularly with your ideas about what home or family should be. This allows you to begin a completely new life, if you wish it, later on.

  2. Thank you Jessica for the article. The themes ringing very true as my partner (21/10) and I are intensely discussing mortgage, marriage and babies at the moment. And the follow on Scorpio weather makes me feel this situation is going to carry on for some time to come!

    Is there any particular significance for me with Libra placements (Pluto, Minerva,Desc) and the North Node in Leo? Appreciate any insights or wisdom with many thanks x

    1. Over the next couple of years (until August 2019) it is very important to understand how men are – and they are raised to be the king, the emperor, the boss, the heavy father figure, the authority – and so on. This is what you are going to be dealing with in love. Does this sound like your partner? You will be doing all your negotiating with ‘maleness’ in the realm of love and it will help you to try and read hearts and minds, because you’re going to have to approach this completely differently – this is an uber masculine influence in your life – and it’s certainly a million miles away from dealing with a female friend! There is no doubt at all here about having a solid rock to lean on. This is pure Capricorn/Aries energy hitting your chart so we have all the strength and energy of Aries, mixed with the ‘immovable’ sturdy qualities of Capricorn. It’s sexy and it’s impressive. It’s also rather intimidating. Yet – once you can ‘read’ this very masculine approach through his eyes and ears, you’ll know how to get what you want, or at least meet halfway. This will be a big, big story in your life now through August 2019. I am reading this over two years because of the intense gathering Capricorn weather which begins to hit your chart.

  3. Dear Jessica – I appreciate the time you put in to writing your articles. I have a libra stellium in 5/6 house and just had a major job opportunity come up which after hesitating in June, I decided to take in August. I am hoping I did the right thing. It feels right but somewhat risky leaving the security I currently have. Jupiter has been working hard for me.

    There is a person in my work life who helped me immensely. It feels like so much more than work this connection. This feeling has been there since November and got stronger in March and has just increased since then. I want to appreciate this for what it is but it feels like there is so much more. Is this Neptune? Am I delusional? Thanks again for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Thank you. The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is that you are ready to take ‘the great leap forward’ to quote Billy Bragg. You could easily emigrate, move or take a very ambitious trip. Jupiter is moving into Sagittarius, the sign associated with journeys and also with hope, optimism and – another musical quote – Lust For Life (Iggy Pop). All this is great but you will need to do some research and be a little more cautious and aware than you might normally be. Nobody should ever really pack the bags and go, without figuring out the map and the weather. That’s a symbolic message for you. But – I don’t think you’re going to hang around staying in the same place with the same life. I have seen people go through this transit and take a leaf out of Jack Kerouac’s book and hit the road, for example. I suspect your ambitions (career) will have a lot to do with what transpires, now through August 2018.

  4. Fascinating article, Jessica! Thank you for pointing out that Jupiter creates healing so that new seeds can be sown from endings. What I notice in my chart is that I have a few Scorpio factors – Neptune being the big one, but also Psyche, Panacia, and path of fortune. I’m working on a creative project and also have celebrated a year with a new guy just recently. Also, as Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and I’ve had Pluto transiting my sun for the last few years, I have been transforming my identity and relationships. Does Jupiter in Scorpio affect that Pluto transiting too? Or my natal Pluto? Any significant things to watch out for or keep in mind? Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you JD. Don’t use the part of fortune, if that is what you mean by the ‘path of fortune.’ The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is to take not only the main project, but others, into a new part of your country, and perhaps a new part of the world. You may already be contemplating doing that, or even making some major journey or relocation. This cycle turns up when people move and even emigrate. Even if you decide that you are going to stay put, you may want to think about how to export your concepts. Don’t lose sight of all of them. You need to juggle, not just throw a lot of energy and hope into one, and assume the rest will look after themselves. You’ll need a major strategy here but by August 2018 could easily be in a new place, watching 2-3 new plans flourish, thrive and grow. It’s down to your time and energy.

  5. Jessica,

    I have had some pretty bad luck in the area of love/partnership and was wondering if you could look at my chart and give me some insight as to what might be going on. I don’t have much going on in Libra but quite a few Scorpio factors including a pluto/mars conjunction. I have just, in the past month came out of an on/off relationship that has completely drained me and I feel has completely changed my personality but I really do feel like somethings shifted and I am ready to let it go. Any insight would be very much appreciated….


    1. I am sorry you have had a hard time in love K. There is a lot of solid gold emotional support and joy there for you over the next 12 months but you will need to reach for it and make it real. The Scorpio factors are part of a lot of Scorpio (Jupiter) Cancer and Pisces weather and as I am sure you know, these three water signs are about emotions. I do feel your cup will run over. You could be stunned by how much is on offer for you and it would be a totally new beginning – but you do have to turn this from speculation and imagination into reality. Wishing, hoping and imagining is not going to get you anywhere, but if you do convert this into something that becomes part of normal life, you will really feel quite blessed.

  6. Hi Jessica, excited to see what the weather brings in for this Libran! Any insights into the love stuff with my libra stellium?
    00° Libra 29′ 33″
    15° Libra 57′ 29″
    17° Libra 02′ 59″
    14° Libra 50′ 32″
    28° Libra 18′ 28″
    16° Libra 28′ 53″
    Many thanks, Victoria

    1. Thank you Victoria. The choice you have with relationships over the next 12 months is to recreate them, restructure them and renovate them – or to walk away and begin something new which you feel would be far better for you than just revisiting the past. You don’t say if you are single or in a relationship which makes it hard to judge. You also don’t say if you have children or not, or if you want them or not, and that also makes it hard to judge. In general, you have Uranus transits across your whole horoscope now through August 2018 which suggest major choices about putting particular relationships on the potter’s wheel and reshaping them (same clay different structure) or just deciding you want a new potter’s wheel somewhere else, with someone else.

  7. Thanks for this article, Jessica! I’m wondering if you have any insight for my chart – I’m perpetually single and the only “should I stay or should I go” decision I’m considering is whether to move away from my current city. Thank you for any info!

    1. I think you will end up moving. I am sure you have very good reasons to want to move right away and start a new life in a new place. Even though your total focus is on the journey, spare a thought for one or more groups you could be part of. They would involve friends. The right networks or circles of people can accompany you online, and the worldwide web is portable in terms of friendships. Don’t overlook that. If you do decide to go, there is no guarantee of a sexual relationship at the other end, but then – there is no guarantee there won’t be one either! In other words it’s a blank sheet of paper. You could literally write your own story once you relocate and if you want to write a love story, or a lust story, then you can. I think it’s very important that if you do want love, sex, commitment or whatever – you start finding out more about how reality works and begin shaping your world with very specific intentions. In the meantime, don’t forget that group, club, team or whatever it is.

  8. Wow, again perfectly written! Thank you Jessica.
    So spot on, you predicted I will have to make an important decision by September with a relationship and how right you were. Im finding closure very soon, and how difficult it might seem, Sun will always come after rain.
    I have a question regarding the combo Leo/Libra.
    What does it say when I have my NN in 24 Libra, and the man in question has Juno in 22 Libra and 25 Libra in his twelfth house. Do you see anything meaningfull with this or anything else that can guide me through this transition periode Leo/Libra weather?

    Thanks so much!

    1. I am glad the astrology prediction was spot on. Thank you. You are the only person who can liberate yourself. By August 2018 you could be free. You can’t really do very much in terms of travel or property, until you get rid of who/what binds you and also blinds you. I am sure you could hang around waiting for someone to rescue you, but actually, you would be much better off taking firm action and using your intuition to guide you to the perfect moment to release yourself. Uranus is the planet of radical change and liberation and he is visiting your chart by this time next year. Once you set yourself free, you can also see clearly again and take off the blindfold. From there you could so easily move, travel or just explore different places and people which offer you a big, wide world of new possibilities.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    The last decade has been so tough and now perhaps some kind of crossroads ahead. Looking at my chart – is my world going to blow apart or is there a happy ending? I have no idea what’s ahead for me, but for some reason Sept – Dec, and your article terrifies me rather than excites me. Will my chart be strongly affected by Jupiter in Libra, then Scorpio? Any words of wisdom? Thanks xx

  10. Hi Jess,

    I enjoy reading your articles, love horoscopes but must be honest – I’m just amateur in astrology.
    Please, would be awesome to see a positive input from my birth chart if you see any goodies in Libra Weather for me:-) Please, note that my birth time is uncertain, only I know it was day time before 2-3 pm (That’s my Mom only remember:-))
    It is been hard for a few years (money department) and continue not getting better.
    Thank you!
    Have a Blessed Day!!!

    1. Thank you. Without a birth time I can only do part of the story, but we have Leo weather (children) as well as Libra weather. You don’t say if you have children or not, but in general, you can expect wonderful breakthroughs involving a child, or perhaps the birth of a child. Sometimes it’s your own sometimes it’s a godchild, niece or nephew. By August 2018 you will be celebrating, for example, a pregnancy, Christening, scholarship or other award for a child, or perhaps new status as an Aunt or Godmother.

  11. Hi Jessica. Great article. I met an Aquarius women back in March of which you had foreseen. It started out great at the beginning but now things have cooled off a lot. I know she is interested in me because we still see each other as friends of and on. My horoscope talk about balancing the scales and reaching a compromise with my current or future partner. Will things get back to being good again. She is Aquarius born 1/21/76

    1. I am glad the astrology prediction worked for you. I mention healing in the story and only healing is going to solve things. Friendship can be nice if it is genuine friendship but within 12 months either she, or you, could fall in love with someone else. There may also be an ex, on either side. What we are seeing here is a love triangle and it may be painful. Perhaps you already know this. The healing can and will happen, and that’s a good thing, but it may take a long time, a lot of effort, and quite a process. Not just for you and she, but also the third person – because your chart suggests a triangular situation. I don’t know if you want to stay emotionally involved with your Aquarian for that reason. Yes, it would work out in the end, but it would have to be a three-way agreement and I’m not sure you want that. Would you rather have a more simple, less complicated involvement with a different person? That may be worth looking at.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for all of your amazing content, and for all of the work you do responding to so many people! I have never posted before, so I’m a little nervous, but with all of this Leo/Aquarius/Libra weather, I just can’t help myself! I have Leo and Aquarius stelliums, and am married to a Sun Libra. We have a small child, and are thinking about adding another. I also just wrote a book for children with a friend that we are trying to get published, and I am starting to work on rewriting a previous (solo) novel from scratch. I’m so curious–what could the current weather mean for me? I know this isn’t much to go on, but I would greatly appreciate any insight you have!

    1. Oh! I forgot to mention–my friend/co-author is a Leo, too! (And also a member and huge fan of your site!!)

    2. Thank you. My travel schedule does not allow me to reply to everybody and my queue of questions is now approaching 4,000 people but I am happy to pick up the Comments mailbag whenever I can. You will benefit from the Node in Aquarius passing through your chart and as Aquarius rules groups of friends, you will become involved with a group project, or perhaps just a very important social media circle of people, which changes your life. You may take a responsible or creative role with at least one group, possibly two. There are certainly some high-profile names in the picture – stars – and although the publishing and entertainment world are full of stars, everyone can reach for them or be touched by them. This is very true for you. A second baby is a distinct possibility. You’ll love what unfolds by September 2018.

  13. Jessica can you please tell me what will happen in my case. I am going through a divorce and going through hell especially since Jan last year and have been looking so much forward to my Jupiter return with Jupiter coming to Scorpio but from December when Saturn changes into Capricorn it is my Saturn return. Scary. My ascendant is in Sagittarius and with Saturn in Sagittarius I’ve gone through hell. I am worried. Please answer me. Thank you so much.

    1. I am sorry you have been going through hell with your divorce. The issue has not been your Sagittarius Ascendant. You will need to put the money first by September 2018 and really search for it. This may be a divorce settlement or some other financial or business matter, but it is very important that you bring in the right people to help. You need the best people on the case, and you do need to get to the bottom of what is there, or not there. Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of cash will open that up for you.

  14. Hi there, looking forward to you announcing dates for Dublin!

    So Libra rising 7 and Libra Pluto 21…I’ve had my heart thrown around and have never been too lucky in matters of the heart…only short term fun here and there which sometimes suits but between now and December am I to expect more of the same with closure on a door I never wanted to close or something far more uplifting and exciting with my amour?! <3

    1. I look forward to seeing you in Dublin next year. You have major potential with money and property (never mind love) by December. Love, we can park in another category. Money and property are crucial as Jupiter (opportunity) crosses your chart for the first time in 12 years. If you want either or both, you have to make them real. Reach out for them and pull them down to earth, to make them part of your own real world. If the house, apartment or money remains as just a dream, a possibility or mere potential – nothing will happen. Please be proactive as this will enrich your life so much and then you can think about who you want in your (newly decorated) bedroom by 2018.

  15. Jessica,

    Jupiter in Libra may have done something in the dark that I can’t see. Will Jupiter in Scorpio be any different for my love life?

    1. Jupiter is still in Libra, until October. You do not say if you are single or in a relationship. If you are single you have been shown a person who would like to date you, or even sleep with you, but you may have rejected this person or not read a small sign properly. Go back and think about it.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    I have just came back from the unplanned summer vacation spent with someone I met two years ago (when you see a person across the room and you think this is it, that kind of story). But nothing happened then, it just stopped, we were meeting occasionally at parties, concerts… Unexpectedly, me and the Aries man ended up spending this summer holiday together, and again I felt the same thing as two years ago, maybe even stronger. We are very different personalities, I am quite an introvert and a real Virgo overthinker but little by little everything seemed so easy, I enjoyed very much… But now I am wondering what is wrong with me, was it just my mind playing tricks, I really thought he enjoyed spending time together as much as I did but again it seems that nothing will grow out of this. I came back full of energy, haven’t felt like that for a very long time, the whole summer was very unusual for me actually but now I feel it will all just vanish… I love it when you mention music in your readings, this whole summer for me was really like a Cure or The Go-Betweens song, it crossed my mind several times how it all matched to what was and still is happening in me… Thank you.

    1. Sometimes it’s a case of ‘Kiss the joy as it flies’ as the poet said. And sometimes desire and romance are really like a Cure or Go-Betweens song and just like music, we put it on and then take it off again. Far more important than love by September 2018 is money. With money you can do so much, in terms of the family tree, your roots (the place where you were born, or where your family comes from) and also with your career ambitions. You will have a substantial amount of money on offer thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio. It is also entirely possible that this will come from a man you could have a relationship with. But focus on the cash first! A little can be made to go a long way and it will hugely improve your future.

  17. I hope you could see this. I am trying to find a refuge to go with children after 16 yrs of marriage. I put this off many times wanting to live like a family. It is quite depressing. The last thing the children need is two depressed parents. Feb Leo eclipse fell close to my venus..when my partner punched me on my face. . Family members mediated and I stayed together but it is not getting better. I have made up my mind to leave. When in crisis I couldn’t leave or call the police so planning to leave whe n things are calm. HaveI made the right decision? Thanks

    1. Domestic violence is a crime. Please call the police. Please also call or write support networks for women in your region, and in your nearest capital city, immediately. You are not alone. I do not know what your religion is, or what your husband and family’s religion is, but over the next 12 months you need to explore that. This reminds me of a Catholic priest advising a couple, or a Rabbi advising a Jewish couple. It also reminds me of the marriage vow itself which is usually made under religious authority. Please go back to whatever vows or promises were made. If there is a religious advisor, coach or elder in your world and you trust this person, reach out to them. You need to go back to the ‘bible’ whatever that bible is for your culture and nationality. That is your first big, big step. The next steps will come after that. Please also light a candle or some incense and say a prayer for yourself and your children and ask for guidance. I wish you the very best and know there are answers for you, during this Libra weather. Libra is about justice, fairness, balance and equality and you are in a strong position to find that. Good luck.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I’m not sure my comment went through, I’m reposting it. I’ve had a difficult couple of years with my partner. But as things started to improve between us, I met that woman in July and I must admit that I have developed a stupid crush for her. I’m totally ashamed about it as she’s 13 years younger than me and she doesn’t live in the same country. We’re still in touch on Facebook but I’m really not sure what she feels and I’m myself confused about my feelings. She was born on 24 April 1988. Thanks for your help.

    1. All comments go through but in a queue of 3,814 messages I literally can’t see beyond the first few pages, unfortunately. I wish it was different but I will be teaching Premium Members free DIY astrology from the final quarter of 2018 so you can all become your own pro astrologers! Okay – so you have a crush on someone on Facebook 13 years younger. I am sorry this is so confusing for you – and no crush is stupid – it is just your heart talking. Far more important in the next 12 months is a particular house or apartment. Obviously this involves choices about love, but you should begin with the house or apartment first, as you could easily relocate. The area itself would offer a whole new field of potential. Walking back from that, for a minute, I can see you being excited about a major idea or course which could bear fruit. You need to make it real and actually do it. It’s like Steve Jobs having the idea for Apple or Marie Curie realising she can study her special subject. And so you need to ‘do’ this the way Steve and Marie did it. Then the property choice comes. Love will fit itself into your property choice, one way or another.

  19. Hi Jessica, as a Sun and Libra Ascendant I’m really interested in what you say about Jupiter not always being straightforward and easy, also perhaps with the cycle of oppositions to Uranus in Aries it has been going through in mind. Every other astrologer seems to go on and on about how great a cycle this is for Libra sun/rising, but my experience has been the complete opposite. 12 months ago I was blissfully engaged to a man I loved dearly and trying to make the logistics work to move to a family home we had found together. My creative work was reaching its final, exciting stages too. The promise of Jupiter in Libra felt tangible and soon to be realised. Now as the Libra weather is getting towards its conclusion, as if from nowhere I have no partner, no family house, my work feels stuck beyond belief and my bank balance is really suffering. Sure, I’ve had to learn a lot about myself these last few months, but the promise of expansion still seems a long way off and the process of getting there incredibly painful still. Does the end of this weather look healing in any way? It feels like if life can’t be good now, then when will it ever be? Especially because love and happiness with a partner and my creative work mean so much to me. Is this the Uranus opposition talking and teaching me a lesson? Or is it maybe partially also to do with having Saturn Return at the same time? (I doubt it helped that my ex-partner is an Aries and also has Saturn and Uranus at late degrees of Sag). I hope Jupiter’s impact on my Scorpio planets will be more positive. I’d be really grateful and interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. I am so sorry you have been wiped out like this. You have the North Node/South Node axis in Aries-Libra and you are quite right, you have had Uranus in Aries triggering that, while Jupiter has been at the other end. I am sure you know the Nodes are about past life karma, so you and your former fiancee have at least one past life together, possibly more. You have made a soul contract to explore spiritual issues together and the truth is, soul contracts are often built on the back of the most unbelievably intense experiences. People who were together in World War One or World War Two, for example. can agree to come back and fix karma. Caroline Myss is really the expert on soul contracts but they are very real and I am sure you have felt this quite strongly with your ex – that there is a history that goes beyond this lifetime. If you are curious about this please read up on the Nodes. Over the next 12 months the most important thing I can tell you is – there will be a massive shift in your career, unpaid work or academic life. We’re talking a coup, sudden resignation/rehiring or other reshuffle. This will affect you and you must seize the day. The shake down of the Queen/King of the castle going through this reshuffle, is that there will be a lot of things up for grabs. Projects. Plans. Positions. You’re going to have to stake your claim and shake your mane. You can let it all go past you without acting but you will miss a rare chance to stick your colours to the mast, choose your captain and your crew and strike out in a new direction. Beyond this one turning point, there will be other ambitions to conquer and mountains to climb. This all reminds me of the Abdication in the late 1930s or perhaps the US election of 2016. It’s a real changing of the guard and it will have a direct impact on your own desire to conquer a particular Everest, professionally speaking. I could also talk to you about flings and passing passions, yet I suspect you only really want to know about the big love life stuff and that will arrive later!

      1. Thank you Jessica, for taking the time to respond so extensively, I really appreciate it. Myopically, I’d never even considered that the Nodes were involved, despite seeing them on my chart, so it’s amazing to have that insight. I’d been too preoccupied with my Sun placement, Jupiter & Uranus themselves, Saturn, eclipses… but I will certainly read up on them now. I’m really excited by what you have said about career – it sounds like a phenomenal opportunity there for the taking. But I’m also still really apprehensive about the final Jupiter/Uranus opposition on the 28th September and the shift on October 10th, especially as from what you’ve written elsewhere it sounds very make or break, at a time when my romantic healing is so precarious and my resources to deal with any more downturns so depleted. I just hope these flings and the (good) big love life stuff aren’t too far off! I’m sure you can tell from my chart how much I long to hear about and live out matters of the heart! Thank you again.

  20. Hi again:

    Please let me know how am I going to come out of this Libra weather, as I have no factors in Libra? Thanks!

    1. You are not personally affected but someone with a Libra stellium certainly will be. He/She has decisions to make about a former, current or potential partner and there actually is a time limit – the clock is ticking. This strongly affects you too.

  21. Mercury Retrograde Shadow, Louise! Please give me a specific question as this could be about your former, current or potential partner – sexual or pure business – and I need to know which man or woman is at the heart of your query. Thank you.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I recently met someone who seems promising – total gentleman and really sweet person, and we have been going out for about 2 months now. His birth date is 25 Januray 1984, Sun Aquarius and our Venus signs are well-matched too. He does travel a lot for work so I wanted to see if this is a match that could go well and has potential to go the distance??

    1. Yvette, he certainly is a traveller. He also rushes too much! This has very good potential for you by September 2018 but he needs to slow down and cool down. You two cannot put down roots while he is so frantic. I wonder why that is. Look at the chemistry you two share and the situation between you. Is there something in this, that is making him so ungrounded, or in such a tremendous hurry? He is a knight in shining armour, and that’s sexy, but unless you can persuade him to become steadier, more relaxed – it will be hard to keep in step or create security together. That’s my reading of you two over the next 12 months. He is tremendously defensive, and I wonder where that comes from. Maybe it’s his job or his past relationship history, but he would also gain by understanding that you don’t always have to wave a big sword. Does this man push the speed limit in his car, or on a motorbike? He seems the type!

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I think Jupiter in Libra has been great for me over the last couple of months. I’ve set higher standards for myself and cut off ties with toxic partners. But I’m starting to come to the point where I can’t open myself up to meet people anymore and feel like dating is way too hard. Do my placements in Jupiter paint a good picture? I hope there’s some light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. I suspect your Leo placements are the key to everything as the Node (karma) is going through Leo now and will start to affect your chart in 2018. Leo of course rules your Fifth House, where we find the decision to have children or not. You don’t say if you are a parent, or not. The decisions about love, sex and marriage will be powerfully affected by these issues about parenthood and step-parenting, for example. You will see why next year – but again, I just don’t know if you have children. If you do, from a previous partner, then this would be the obvious new story in your life – some kind of resolution, with karmic implications.

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