The Virgo Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Virgo, it's time for long-term thinking about money. Everything you make or save in the year ahead is part of a long financial cycle with rich potential.

If you have the Sun in Virgo then between August 2017 and September 2018, it’s time to think long-term about money, as everything you make or save over the next 12 months is part of a long financial cycle of many years, with rich potential.

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37 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica thank you I have been waiting for this. How I wish to tell u about my life. It has never been an easy or peaceful one. I had an arranged marriage because my dad who was also a Virgo was very abusive treating us like we were of no use( we are only two girls). But everyday I thank God for giving me a good husband, (18 May 1964) he is older by eleven years. But we struggle a lot it happiness is a luxury it doesnt last long. It even came to me to think maybe I am jinxed I will never be happy in this life. How I wish things will improve. I am a premium member and i thank you for helping me see through this.

    1. Arranged marriage to someone 11 years older than you? Wow. To feel happy you need to accept that love and affection can come in strange packages. It’s not anything you know how to handle, sure, but it’s also solid gold and very special. The most important thing I can tell you about life until your birthday in 2018 is that you can make one relationship your own (is it with your husband or someone else, I wonder?) It’s unique. If this relationship was on Antiques Roadshow it would be valued as priceless. It is also not regular. Part of your problem lies in not knowing if you belong in the real world or not. You are better off in the real world. Come back to earth and stay there.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I have been waiting for this post. Thank you. Very interested in seeing how this unfolds. Unremarkable, I have for the last month been saying to my family…I need to move back to the farm where I grew up. I have started putting the wheels in motion then I read your post. Amazing! Well done.

  3. Thank you for this! I’ve been looking forward to it all month. I seem to have a lot of planets in Leo too…. will that affect me? Is my big turn around coming?

    I have been down so many dead end roads career wise and financially these past few years I am desperate for a BIG change. I pray and mediate on it every day lately. I have so many irons in the fire, and my biggest one I want to “pop” is with a businesswoman friend. A huge multimedia project that could change everything, but so far it’s moving at a glacial pace. Ugh.

    Ifeel like I just keep planting seeds and connecting people to help them out – and I do love to help my friends -.but I would like me time to come soon. I don’t want to appear selfish, I’ve just been a very frustrated Virgo for quite a long time now! Any guidance you have would be welcome. Thank you!!

    1. Once you are in the right environment you will be extremely happy and you have choices about that by August 2018. It’s like finding the right house or apartment, or the right land, park or garden. This will be a hugely important turning point in your destiny and rather than being chained to the idea of regular work, this is about doing it your way. You will be able to create growth and abundance in your life. Just remember to harvest what you end up with and replant. Remember – once the setting is right, you will be right. It’s out there for you to find or create.

  4. Hi Jessica – I feel like I’m at a real cross-road regarding all aspects of my life – and what I read gives me hope.

    I’m feeling incredibly fragile with regards:

    – work – my fledgling podcasting business has little to no cashflow – I’m on the verge of abandoning it for a ‘real’ job to pay the bills/mortgage
    – business – I invested my nest egg in a China venture that I think has tanked
    – relationships – I am circled by potential partners that seek to control rather than merge

    And I am exhausted by keeping myself positive and on track – I feel overwhelmed most of the time.

    Your wisdom and guidance please.

    Love and light

    1. The situation with your family and extended family by August 2018 will answer a lot of questions for you. This is very important. These leaves and branches on your family tree may have fallen many years ago, but there needs to be a shift. Scorpio and its association with your Eighth House is the reason for this – Jupiter (progress) is moving into Scorpio. Jupiter conjunct or ‘on’ your Scorpio placements. We associate Scorpio with the legacy of personality – what one inherits from the soul of those who came before us – but also actual legacies too, of course, which may be a factor.

  5. Hi Jessica, I was reading this and a lot of it hit close to home for me. It’s been a great year but look forward to launching my own business, a lot of it is based online and also finding true love and happiness. I wanted to hear from you if this coming year will be favourable in terms of my love life and finding a partner, commitment, creating a family and the rest. It’s been challenging the past few years on this front – lot of it also related to me needing to first connect to myself and hold my own and being financially independent – but I feel ready to a new chapter in terms of love and a partnership – keen to get your guidance and advice on this. Many thanks.

    1. You will have a solid-gold offer of affection by August 2018 but it may not tick your boxes of what a relationship is supposed to be, or a regular lover is supposed to be. Can you make it work? Yes, if you want to. The more you ground yourself in the real world the better. Try to keep your life on a firm footing as you are always so close to losing that precious sense of reality/normality when faced with your own heart and other people’s hearts as well. This whole saga will relate to babies you had – or never had – in the past. That’s the history. The choice will be within 12 months.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this awesome post ! I would like to ask you for some specific insights related with my birth chart for next period. Specific means finding a job (currently seeking for it more than a year) and new relationship (nothing for a long time). My profession is not related with web and such things, but with management in construction or eventually aeronautics.
    Many thanks !

    1. By August 2018, you (or people close) move. This may be just moving across town or across the world. It really depends on the financial realities at the time. You have had no job and no relationship for a long time and must be completely fed up. I have to say “Downhearted’ is a wonderful song (by Australian Crawl) but not an option for the rest of your life. Take the hurt and make it work for you. Let all you have suffered with rejections and make it the key you need to make it across to a new place and a new life. I have no idea, and you have no idea what waits at the other side, but the very fact that you are getting the momentum and courage to cross – to move, travel, shift – will in itself be energising. This that classic story about the journey mattering more/as much as the goal. We are talking within one year. A person, place or organisation starting with B is so vital. Please ‘colour in’ your destination/goals/ambitions/hopes/dreams from a blank colouring in page and make your future happen as you wish and deserve. There is a group/friends who can and should help but the time and place are wrong. Stay in touch and stay connected as eventually this could be a rich part of your world. It’s just timing. Who is Bernard?

  7. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for a wonderful read, I would love to know more about what the next year has in store for me. I feel I am finally able to move forward & plan for changes, as my health is improving & I’m returning to a more resorceful & positive state of mind. You have told me earlier, that with a strong Virgo stellium, my body, mind & spirit are so closely entwined, that my physical condition rules my state of mind much more than I might have been aware of. I have been working with that & it has helped me greatly. I’ve been able to move on from resisting the limitations of less mobility & physical pain to focusing solely on healing & self care. It took a while to stop my mind churning, but a daily meditation & small yoga practice, have done wonders, so thank you ever so much for pointing that out to me 🙂

    I live in the city & have spent the better part of my working life sitting down using my mind, but it feels tedious now. I feel a deep longing for a simple life in nature, growing food & using my body instead. Finding my own space & embracing the feeling of belonging really speaks to me & I’m hoping you see pointers in my chart to support this.

    In a previous comment you said to watch Pluto moving over my Nodal degrees & time my big mission for that & mentioned that it is all past life stuff & that I am dealing with two core reasons for coming back onto the planet. What a whopper! & at the time I wasn’t quite ready to take in that information, so I didn’t inquire further. But now I am & with the conjunction approaching as well as transiting South Node soon to conjunct my Saturn, I am eager to know more. I soo long for heavyness to dimmer in favour of more lightheartedness & frolicking about in the future.

    Thank you again, you do a great job & I am gobsmacked by the amount of work you put into this. Your blog posts are a delight to read, containing so much information & inspiration. <3

    ( I've signed up for the 2018 waitlist & hoping big time for a free spot to show up. Do you know when you'll announce it, should I be so lucky?)

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology has helped you a little bit, and any cancellations I do have for 2018 year-ahead charts will reach Premium Members like you first. Over the next 12 months you will be interested in both a man and a project you find very tempting. The project has incredible potential but it needs a practical helping hand. This man will not push you, but the offer will be there. This could develop into one of the great bonds of your life. You may already know who I am talking about, but if he is yet to appear, he will do so by August 2018. I strongly recommend you find the time and space for his plans and devote yourself to thinking about how to create a win-win.

      1. Thank you very much for that prediction! I am currently contemplating getting involved in a project, but it is with a woman friend & involves moving to another country, so it’s a big decision for me. It would absolutely be more than lovely if a man was to show up in my world, of the romantic version that is. Getting involved in a project with a man is however a whole different story for me, as the previous ones I’ve engaged myself in, all have had disatrous outcomes, to say the least. One with a family member & another with a former husband. Family & money/ or sex & money are combinations I’ve wowed to never ever explore again. So, could your prediction possibly be related to my woman friend, or could the project with a man be based on a platonic relation?

          1. Thank you again & wonderful to know that the previous disasters will be transformed into valuable lessons. I am very grateful for that, indeed. If you have the time to elaborate: is this prediction is based on the upcoming conjunctions of transit pluto/ natal south node & transit south node/natal Saturn? I am ever so keen to learn more & improve my understanding of how to interpret transitions. <3

          2. The transits for people with the Sun in Virgo? All based on solar houses, so actually – not natal south node at all. You can find out more about Sun Sign astrology and solar houses by hitting Search. Thank you.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Always a pleasure to read, checking on a friend of mine (Sept 13, 1972). Ups and downs in his marriage and business too, stays for the kids (wife Aries April 9, 1977). Never seem to strike it lucky but on the downside he seems to always be getting into some trouble, even little stuff. Marriage and business wise what do you see in the next year? Wife can be abit controlling but I keep my distance even if he is a dear old friend.
    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Without a chart it is hard to be more than general, but until this man gets real about his wife, he will never really get real about much else, either. The cycle ends in 2025.

  9. It’s me again Jessica!
    You have been so helpful recently, and spot on.
    So, the alcoholic husband, the presenting/hosting job, the family business my ageing father can’t handle anymore or my children leaving school and moving on with their lives; is one area dominant this coming year?
    I think I see pretty much all of these in this horoscope!

    1. In my opinion (and other astrologers may disagree) the most important thing about the next 12 months is the huge idea you need to ground in the real world. Only once you have taken a vast concept and made it grow, can you turn your attention to property and family. If you don’t do anything practical about this very special plan, then it would be a frightful waste. So put that first. That’s my opinion.

      1. The idea l am nursing concerns my work. My company is part of a global company. I think the UK market can be increased if we target the youngsters, possibly a five year plan.
        I am hospitality, my bosses are marketing. I have been pushing for a few years to be more involved in marketing. I think this may be the concept you mean.

        Thank you for everything, one query, why do you think other astrologers would disagree?

        1. Not all astrologers agree with each other. You are on the right track with young people and also with global reach, as Jupiter (growth) goes into Sagittarius (globalisation) from the end of 2018. We also have a huge new focus on Leo Weather now until January 2019 and people want to work harder on progressing the relationship with the young. So – the climate is right. It may be the project you speak of or a variation on a theme.

  10. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the wonderful post, I was looking forward to it. My birth date is 03.09.88 and I have been trying to establish my business for the last 3 years and also to find love but unsuccessfully. Can you please help if I am going to see any light at the end of the tunnel soon? Thank you for your help.

    1. Three years is a long time for no results in business or love. Over the next 12 months the most important thing I can pass on is that you will learn a great deal from a rather magical person who can give you the tools and resources you need to make things happen. I suspect this is a man, or a woman who is not particularly male or female. By August 2018 you will be shown how to work things out financially, but also with the worldwide web, communication and also relationships. It’s rather like going to the School of Life and having the ultimate teacher! I think you’ll find it irresistible. It’s like going to cooking classes but this guru/mentor/guide will teach you how to cook the recipe of your life in a new way and I think some quite amazing things could unfold for you once you figure out the lessons with money, relationships, projects and so on. This person may be a physical presence or you could be learning long-distance or even through a book. An unforgettable guru!

    2. Thank you for the encouraging words, Jessica and thank you for everything you do to help people.

  11. Hello Jessica and I hope you are well.

    Wanted to share with you my month of August. Yes, eclipses hide things…The two majors for me were discovering my daughter’s father lost his job (affects child support), but the huge surprise was Hurricane Harvey. We saw it coming. We did not see his intensity. I’m in Corpus Christi, TX and luckily the eye just passed us by miles, but we been without power for almost a week now.

    You need to know, that you have played a MAJOR role in getting through this. You wrote of SN Aquarius and all the different people involved in my groups.
    You are my inspiration and last year, I monetized my website by creating a membership, just as you’ve done. It was through this act that the people in my group came to aid when i needed it most.
    They sent me donations! I was astounded by both the level of compassion and generosity of this. One client sent a donation all the way from New Zealand.
    On this bit of miraculousness, it really all came down to you and what you do and how you do it here on your site and for this, I am forever grateful.

    Now, moving into September, I am still on the fence about my online Tarot classes… I just haven’t been feeling it, but about a week before The Eclipse, my feelings began to change…. I read somewhere here the dates of October 13-19, 2017, would be really good dates to launch/sign or get something started. Luckily, although I’ve not felt motivated to launch the course, I have been working on the syllabus anyway. Any thoughts on the dates that would be auspicious for launch?

    Lastly, I am hoping to move…Saturn in Sagittarius has kept me “stuck” where I am at the moment. In one way, this was a blessing, as i suffered no damage/losses to property during the storm. In another way, I need more room/space.. Particularly for my books.

    In pulling my own Lenormands, The Rider, The Key, The House keep coming up, over & over…Yet, the curious thing is that The Man keeps showing up with them. This latter card stumps me. I’m still single, nursing a broken heart over The Scorpion male. I’ve also just met a Ram male…But the Lenormands give me no clue as to the identity of The Man (card) that keeps showing up…So i just ignore it and keep it moving on my own projects/work. LOL
    Neptune in my 7th…It really is a strange journey.

    Thank you so much Jessica, for all you do.

    1. Tara that is quite a remarkable story about Hurricane Harvey. Thank you for letting me know what happened. September is the end of Mercury Retrograde Shadow. October is better for any new launch. Why? Jupiter (growth, hope) enters Scorpio (business) for the first time in 12 years and everybody is going to feel it.

  12. Hi Jessica. I had been waiting since January for this! Will I find love between now and September 2018? It is the only thing I truly want im my life. I know I may come across as being obsessed in this area of my life, but I really do want to settle down and get married. Many thanks as always for taking the time to answer my question.

    1. You want to get married by September 18th 2018? These things take time, to quote Morrissey. What you certainly can do is figure out how you feel about children. Do you want babies or not? Would you be happy to become a step-parent, or adopt? What about just taking on a partner’s godchildren, nieces or nephews. What is going to work with you, with a long-term view to a partnership, is spending the next 12 months figuring out just exactly how you want to lead the next generation. It all comes back to that. Once you know for sure, send a strong, clear message about that on the internet. Take it into the real world as well. Become who you are. We have a ton of Leo weather affecting you until January 2019 (so beyond your deadline) and you will be powerfully affected by that – perhaps wonderfully. I have no idea if you have children or not, want them or not and so on. But it all comes back to parenthood or substitute parenthood and your choices about that as a single person. From there, you use your computer to make the plans that get you closer to the kind of partner who can share that path with you.

  13. Brilliant write-up and insight! I’m in a new job and had my ups and downs in life but never compromised on ethics! I’m sure this new job will bring me and my family stability and prosperity. The astrology looks inspiring for Virgos. Thank you Jessica!

  14. Hi Jessica, thank you for your informative articles. I reconnected with a man from a dating site in April of this year. We are dating and in a monogamous relationship. He is unlike anyone I have dated before as he is of India culture, though born and raised in Kenya. He has been working in the states since 85. We are both divorced, me 14 years and he, 10. His Birthday October 15, 1957, 758pm Nairobi Kenya. His sun is 1 degree from my Venus and his mars and Jupiter 1 degree from my mercury. We are both enjoying this relationship. He treats me with honor and respect, things I did not receive after my long marriage ended. I would love your advice on this relationship.
    The only thing missing for me currently, is fulfilling part time employment. I’m a nurse who has been out nursing for 23 years except for working in a plastic surgeons office for 1 year, 2015-2016. Too much drama and backstabbing there.
    I continue to look. Any advice ? I don’t seem to get many interviews for the hospital setting. It may be my age…?
    Thank you TG

    1. Thank you TG. I am glad you are having this relationship after the end of your marriage. The most important thing to know about the next 12 months is that we have major Aquarius weather (the Node) and it triggers your chart. Aquarius rules groups, and team work/team harmony as well as conflicts between the individual and the tribe. The thing to remember, when it happens, is that any gap or separation with the other people is best solved by common sense. Rather than battle ideas, emails, social media posts, opinions and the rest – try to see that you are all ridiculously alike, when it comes to what you all think! In other words, you will all do better together, than you will apart. Do not waste precious time and energy on fighting others when you could help pull them together, as well as yourself, and actually create something amazing as a team. To do this you will need to ground yourself, get in a firm position, centre yourself and fix the distance issues, as it looks as if there will be regions/countries/cultures/nationalities separating you and them. The sooner you fix it the more time there is to co-create something good.

  15. Hi there, Jessica!

    Your insights for Virgo (and for this Virgo rising) are spot on with what I’ve been thinking and feeling lately! After many fits and starts with different business ideas, nonprofit jobs and financial insecurity (Uranus in Aries 8th house transit), I’ve come to the realization that I want to become a broadcaster (natal North Node in Taurus, 9th house). I studied journalism and mass communication in college and have experience with news reporting for print. I have a natural writing talent but am interested in using that talent in a more creative and heart-centered way. I just feel so lit up and on the right path when I am able to share a message that inspires others and I hope to be able to create the stability and beauty I crave while doing so. I also love displaying my Venusian traits via video.

    There are just a few issues: 1) I don’t know what message I want to share or if I have the stamina (Neptune 7th house transit) to build a large enough audience that would satisfy my 11th house Sun and Mars! 2 ) My Jupiter in Cancer transit in 2013 has helped me clear some limiting beliefs I had about being in the ‘spotlight’. However, I still feel some shame about wanting to be in the ‘spotlight’ vs. helping others from behind the scenes as I have done in my past professional roles. 3) Since my Libra partner (my relationship with him is probably a story for another day, but would love any insight about love for me) became a real estate agent this year, I’m being prompted by my family to do that instead and I wonder if they are right.

    I’ve toyed with the idea of creating an online course with video being the course delivery method. Or perhaps creating a YouTube channel. Or maybe I should follow a more traditional path by working at an already established media outlet.

    Any key dates or insights I should be aware of? How should I use my Leo/Aquarius factors? Any clues to how I can attract (or seek) the right people, places, and opportunities to help me on my path?

    Thank you so much for all that you do, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is spot on for you. You are clearly longing for a brand new life and an Awfully Big Adventure. You can have it, by September 2018. The only issue is doing your research and homework. Before you take the big leap forward into the great unknown, please heed the cautions and advice of others. You are taking a risk here and if you realise it, you can find another way to seek more space, freedom and excitement from life. I am not sure if your big move forward is about a specific internet project, or a different ambition – this prediction really covers the next 12 months. However, it is clear to me that you will be at your happiest and at your most impressive if you do depart the known, for the unknown. The only caveat, as I say, is that you don’t just plunge in! Please sharpen your awareness of possible issues and tune in to those who can see what you are not seeing. There may well be a smarter way to get the adventure you crave. I wish you well on your exciting new journey as I do feel it will make you come alive – it will make your heart sing – but please look at strategy.

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