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It will not come as a surprise to anyone to learn that Australia is one of the most group-focussed and heavily Aquarian countries in the world.

Australia is a nation of groups, and her famous swimming teams, cricket teams, indigenous tribes and bands are part of that identity. It will not come as a surprise to anyone to learn that Australia is one of the most group-focussed and heavily Aquarian countries in the world. Most people assume Australia was ‘born’ on Australia Day, January 26th 1788, but in actual fact, she did not acquire official status in the eyes of the law until February 7th 1788 at 11.00am in Sydney (history leaves us an eye-witness account if you are curious). She would also be an Aquarian if ‘born’ on what is known as Australia Day, but the official 7th February date also shows the challenges of her white settlement, as neither the convicts nor the first Australians can have known about the difficult years ahead.



There are several competing dates for Australian astrology and horoscope predictions can work in a number of charts, with astrologers using different techniques. I really like this collection of badges that my friend Catherine Yarham sent on Twitter because they show just a handful of the ‘birthdays’ we might use. For the moment, though, let’s stick to February 7th 1788 at 11.00am as it’s nicely on the public record. For more on Australia’s many birthdays see this official summary. 


Australia Day Dates - Australian Horoscope Predictions
Twitter post helps Australian horoscope choices.


The formal establishment of the Colony of New South Wales  did not occur until 7 February 1788, when the formal proclamation of the colony and of Arthur Phillip’s governorship were read out. There are some Wikipedia references here if you are curious – the he vesting of all land in the reigning monarch King George III also dates from 7th February 1788.[9][10][11]

The resulting horoscope, which you can see below (click to enlarge) gives the land down under Bacchus, Mercury, the Moon, Pluto, the Sun and Saturn all in  Aquarius. This is not a united nation, nor is it even One Nation, as politician Pauline Hanson hopes. It’s more like a collection of radical tribes – all of whom manage to remain friends – most of the time. Aquarius is about the community (an Aquarius was the Roman water-carrier who fed the communal Roman baths). What we have here is a nation of swimming pools. All the tribes get in together at Bondi Beach, too.

The Natural House system is used here and all the heavenly bodies of modern astrology. You can see the intensity surrounding ‘the mother country’, Great Britain, from the start. Australia was born with an exact Moon-Pluto conjunction. The Moon is at 15 Aquarius and Pluto is at 15 Aquarius. It will be fascinating to see what happens to Australia when transiting Pluto eventually moves to 15 Aquarius in the distant future. If the Moon means ‘mother’ and Pluto is about a change in the balance of power, this remarkable exact conjunction rings true. It rang true back on 7th February 1788 for convicts who had been taken from their homes in Great Britain and for indigenous Australians who were about to suffer the British trying to take their homes away too. Classic Pluto-Moon conjunction. This is the chart.


Australia1 - Australian Horoscope Predictions


The rest of the world knows Australia through her tribal identity. There are famous Olympic swimming teams, cricket teams and rock bands (like AC/DC) as well as  powerful indigenous people, like Nova Peris, newly appointed Labor politician. Original AC/DC frontman Bon Scott was a Scottish migrant – another tribe. Visitors to Australia watch SBS, the multicultural television channel which tries to serve all the different migrant groups in the country in their own language. The national fixation with sport is partly tribal, particularly in Melbourne where village football teams like Collingwood, Essendon, North Melbourne, Carlton and St. Kilda are a statewide obsession.

imgres1 - Australian Horoscope Predictions97807333116661 - Australian Horoscope Predictions



Some of the most iconic images of Australia are taken from bush fires. In all these shots, taken from public Twitter feeds, you can see the Aquarian logo – the water-bearer – brought to life. In Ancient Rome an Aquarius was a water-supplier who supplied community. Bush fires bring out community spirit in Australians, from volunteer teams of fire fighters to the people power which raises funds for rebuilding, or donates for homeless Australian animals. Aquarius is the sign which sources for the community. The first water-bearer is in this famous photograph of a sheltering Tasmanian family – look right for the Aquarian water bottle  (@thetodayshow on Twitter). Other Twitter images here show Australia  in motion.


Images of Australia @thetodayshow - Australian Horoscope Predictions

From @thetodayshow on Twitter

Images of Australia II Twitter @Badra  - Australian Horoscope Predictions

From @Badra on Twitter

Images of Australia TWITTER @wires - Australian Horoscope Predictions

From @wires on Twitter



What happens when a country is ‘born’ with Psyche, Vulcano and Cupido in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, business, banking, shares and wealth?  That’s Cupid in the painting below (right) with his famous bow and arrow. Cupid shows passion and desire. One look at Melbourne and Sydney and you’ll see a nation in love with property investment. The Economist recently ranked Melbourne the world’s most liveable city. Wonder why?

 Advance Australia Fair.

Australians all let us rejoice
For we are young and free
We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil,
Our home is girt by sea:
Our land abounds in nature’s gifts…



The national anthem, Advance Australia Fair, also describes Australia’s vast migrant population – at the heart of her tribes, along with her indigenous people. Famous migrants to Australia include recent PM Tony Abbott, who was born in London (and came here by boat) and his predecessor, former PM Julia Gillard, from Wales. The North Node, Panacea and Ops are in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of the Australian horoscope. That’s a big statement about citizenship, emigrants, passports and visas. You can also see this chart pattern in the national anthem. When Saturn (reality checks, tough lessons) passed through Sagittarius and the Ninth House in 2017, Australia woke up to find that an embarassing number of her politicians and leaders had not renounced their citizenship in other countries and were thus illegally in their jobs.

For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share



Even when she was born on a hot morning in 1788 in Sydney,  with that incredible Aquarian stellium, Australia was tribal from the start. Women were kept apart from the men. Convicts were separated from the ruling classes. And the indigenous people, who owned the land, were not given any control over it. Why have the power issues always been there between the different tribes? Because of the exact Moon-Pluto conjunction. This John Pilger documentary, Utopia, describes that Moon-Pluto conjunction.




I predicted a possible push for a Republic in July 2014, when transiting Jupiter in Cancer made a perfect conjunction to Australia’s Uranus, in the Fourth House. It was her best chance for independence from the mother country in 12 years. I wrote at the time “Winter 2014 down under, could easily be the end of Her Majesty The Queen or the future King Charles for Australia. And that raises the  intriguing possibility that PM Tony Abbott will either be replaced by then, or have his authority seriously undermined by republicans in his own party, like Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop. Why? Because PM Abbott is a famous monarchist. That Jupiter-Uranus conjunction does make the chance of the future King William ruling Australia shrink dramatically, though…”

Well, looking back in 2017, we certainly did end up with former leader of the Republican referendum, Malcolm Turnbull, as Prime Minister (watch out Prince William). There was no fresh push for a new referendum in July 2014, though, even though the national horoscope was set up for it.



Being founded with Uranus in the Fourth House sets Australia up for revolution and independence – especially in terms of her ties to the Mother Country (Mother England) – and she has been achieving this in slow stages since 1788. That chart placement, which speaks of one push for liberation, after another,  also describes the fight by Eddie Mabo to see justice done for his people, the original owners of the land. Australia was born with Uranus at 27 Cancer in the Fourth House so you could predict that when Capricorn moves to 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House and opposes Uranus in her national horoscope, we will see the end of Australia’s place in the Commonwealth and the end of Buckingham Palace rule over the Land Down Under. This would be fitting as a prediction because Pluto takes just over a quarter-century to reach this point and any break with the Monarchy would have to be historic.



What we ‘re looking for here is Pluto to pass 27 Capricorn. He does this in February 2022 when we also find Mercury at 27 Capricorn and the Nodes at 27 Taurus and Scorpio. February 2022 will either see a date set for a referendum on the Republic in Australia, a debate on a referendum in parliament, or an actual referendum itself.



The next pass is December 2022  and January 2023. Again, this is when we will see a date set for a referendum or an actual vote. Depending on how fast things move in February 2022, Australia could break with the Monarchy in January 2023 in time for the New Year. The final part of the story is September 2023 as Pluto is at 27 Capricorn in that fated spot from there until November, so the Christmas message to the Commonwealth might skip Australia by Christmas that year. The biggest chance for a Republic in 240 years for Australia occurs in 2022 and by Christmas 2023 she could drop the Monarchy. It’s always interesting to confirm these things with a Tarot reading and my trusty deck from Pamela Colman-Smith tells me that she will make a final break for independence in 2023 as The Fool sums up her destiny that year.

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  1. Hi Jessica
    It was reported on 14 August that the Queen has said if she’s still alive in four years time she’ll make Charles Prince Regent, effectively handing over the reins of power. I’m guessing that time (or her death) is when Australia has the best chance of becoming a republic as neither Charles nor Camilla are particularly popular, especially after their treatment of Diana who, as you correctly predicted, is reaching out from the grave 20 years after her death to remind us of it! If we don’t become a republic then, we’re unlikely to do so once the much more popular son of Diana ascends to the throne.

    1. I’m well fascinated with this information, which had passed me by, during the Eclipse and the big focus on America. Thank you very much. I’m going to have a look at this right now, cheers.

  2. This is so astounding to read this, it totally sums up the feeling of what it is like to live in Australia, the feeling of being aware of a tribe that lives over the hill, be it Aboriginal tribe or a tribe who are bonded by a lifestyle or religion awareness even if you never meet…. Amazing! I look forward to 2022!

  3. G’day Jesicca. Fascinating forecasts as usual but I would take issue with your use of the term ‘Commonwealth’, if you don’t mind. See:

    Even if Australia obtains greater independence from the UK, or eventually becomes a republic, I hope it will never leave the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’.

    The ‘Commonwealth’, as it is usually known, is an intergovernmental organisation of 52 member states that are mostly former territories of the British Empire. It operates by intergovernmental consensus of those member states, organised through the Commonwealth Secretariat and non-governmental organisations, organised through the Commonwealth Foundation.

    After Brexit the UK will need Australia and the other Commonwealth countries more than ever – but as equal partners rather than daughters. Given that the transitional arrangements governing Brexit will probably come to an end in 2022, at the time of the next UK general election, your timescale for a change in the relationship between Australia and the UK seems highly probable.

    My regards to you and all your Australian readers.

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