December 3 Supermoon Predictions

You may have an inner conflict to resolve. You may have to deal with polar opposites in your world. The 'what' of the message depends on what you have at 11 degrees in your chart.

Astrology Predictions about the 3rd December 2017 Supermoon

We have a Full Moon on Sunday 3rd December 2017 and this one is a Supermoon. It falls with the Sun at 11 Sagittarius and Moon at 11 Gemini. We also have a number of other patterns at 11 degrees. If your chart has factors at 10, 11, 12 degrees you will feel typical Full Moon effects. You may have an inner conflict to resolve. You may have to deal with polar opposites in your world. The ‘what’ of the message depends on what you have at 11 degrees in your chart. This Supermoon is our Christmas present for December 2017. Why? Because if all goes well, a substantial amount of money will be released into the world economy. Let’s hope.

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The Supermoon and You – What to Expect from Christmas 2017

Even if you have nothing at 10, 11, 12 in your personal birth chart, you are still going to see major financial and business stories near 3rd December. The reason for this is Jupiter (abundance) in Scorpio (dollars, pounds and euros). You will see this in your professional or personal life. We’re also going to receive major headlines about particular economies, currencies or trade deals – probably on Monday 4th December, the first business day after the Supermoon.

This Supermoon picks up the following patterns in the sign of Scorpio and if you happen to have factors at Scorpio 10, 11, 12 then already have a major statement about money (or cash in kind) being made in your chart. The Supermoon will pick up on that. Here are the patterns on Sunday 3rd December.

Apollo 11 Scorpio semi-sextile Sun 11 Sagittarius
Jupiter 11 Scorpio trine Neptune 11 Pisces
Jupiter 11 Scorpio semi-sextile Sun 11 Sagittarius
Apollo 11 Scorpio trine Neptune 11 Pisces
Jupiter 11 Scorpio conjunct Apollo 11 Scorpio


Let’s Make a Deal on the December 2017 Supermoon

We tend to see ricochet effects from unusual patterns like the one above. You might also call them ripple effects. It’s time to make a deal, on the back of another (bigger) deal which could be made by anyone from a President, to a Prime Minister, to a CEO. The big question on this Supermoon? How can I do so much more with the substantial amount of money I hold in my hands, so that I can create future growth and abundance?  In the world around you expect to see more focus than usual on year-end bonuses, annual profits, year-end mergers and so on. Okay, so this is about George Harrison’s Piggies. Capitalist pigs and bulging piggy banks. But – we could all gain.

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The Twelve-Year Patterns of the December 3 2017 Supermoon

Only once every 12 years do we see this. Jupiter (opportunity) conjunct Apollo (leadership) in Scorpio (finance). The Supermoon picks this right up. The issues are going to be those inner conflicts or polar opposites I mentioned. If you or anyone else is in a good position financially there will be yes/no and green light/red light questions. Yet, anyone can take one look at the potential in terms of business or other possibilities and see that what is created now on this cycle could blossom into something even bigger, another 12 years from now. Why? We’ll have another Jupiter in Scorpio cycle then.

Supermoons have zodiac signs and this one falls in Gemini-Sagittarius so it’s about connecting and communicating globally. This is about the bigger picture.

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Supermoon World Predictions

The Moon is a symbol of women (as the Moon takes around one month, or moonth, to repeat her patterns and this is also the timing of a woman’s monthly period). Sure, men are affected by the Supermoon. Yet, the world will belong to one key woman and her political and financial decision.

We are going to see a female political leader or CEO take centre-stage close to Sunday 3rd December. This may be obvious to us on the final working day of the previous week, Friday 1st December – or the following Monday, 4th December. This woman will hold in her hands the future of at least one currency, economy or sharemarket. This may be Brexit. Watch the Swiss banks closely near the  Supermoon of Sunday 3rd December as although they will be background issue – it’s a big one. This is not just about one woman’s choices affecting economies, sharemarkets or currencies – it is also about the role that Switzerland plays in the world’s finances!

In astrology we pay attention to omens just as our ancestors did at Stonehenge and in the indigenous Australian sacred site at Wurdi Youang in Victoria (even older than Stonehenge). Unusual signs in the sky, no matter if they are annual solstice events or very bright, very big Full Moons (Supermoons) are timing devices. Astrology is basically centuries of observation and because history repeats (thematically) we use our unique alternative time in the horoscope to make predictions. You can be in your twenties in 2017 and feel the impact, just as the first human family members did, thousands of years ago.


Mansions on the Moon Cover 1920x930 600x291 - December 3 Supermoon Predictions
Mansions on the Moon


The Supermoon and Values – Who and What Do We Price Highly?

There is always a deeper message in astrology. So, as December 2017 begins, this is not only about deal-making, future growth and money. It goes into what we value most and why we value it. Do we value holding on over letting go, financially? Do we value the status that money can bring? Do we have a problem with money? A very big concern close to the Supermoon on 3rd December is the value of the environment and natural world, which must be weighed against the value of a particular dollar, pound or euro sum. That is a decision for all of us.

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44 Responses

  1. HI Jessica, does my whopper of 11 degree factors offer positive financial hope? To say we’ve been struggling for a long time, is an embarrassing understatement. Thank you for your time.

    1. What would help is getting rid of the dead wood from the family tree. Is that a hardline statement? You also need to take strong action to exploit ways you could be making money. You won’t know until you look, and you can’t look until you take a really bold step. Of course this may be someone else – you say ‘we’ so I take it you have a partner who also earns. December is about being proactive, a little ruthless, dynamic and totally determined to get rid of who/what is stunting growth – and to actively look for new ways to connect with others and do some kind of trade.

  2. Hi Jessica, I have the 11 degrees factor in Aries, libra, Capricorn and cancer … is it indicative of a dilemma of being pulled in different directions? Please do share your insights. It’s always helpful. Thank you.

    1. Yes, being pulled in different directions is typical. You can combine the cardinal signs (as they are known) to your advantage by really working quite hard to combine them in your chart. Think about a partnership (Libra) which brings two sides together, in the interests of the family (Cancer) and home (Cancer). Not just any old home, either. Quite a high status one (Capricorn). Of course, it takes energy (Aries). Yet all these in combination can work for you long term.

  3. P.S. I thought it would be beneficial to be more specific. The changes involve selling our house (currently under contract) and moving back to the U.S. after living abroad for five years. It is very much about a fresh start. A new life, new jobs, more time with family and the continued healing (or the ending) of an almost broken marriage of 20+ years. I am also wrapping up a novel that spans sixty years and hope to put it out to literary agents as well. All this should be unfolding between October and January. The big picture is overwhelming, but the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other approach has been manageable. On this path, there is simply no going back to the old life…nor do I want to. I would love to hear any advice you can give…Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you. It does help astrologers and psychics to have specifics. The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is that you will be working steadily and making money. This all helps your future ambitions for yet another home (believe it or not) or perhaps a bigger version of the one you are moving to. I don’t know if you have a day job. If you are a full time writer you would be working on a chain of projects, all very similar, all paying steady income. You will develop a craft like no other and become a reliable, valued source for a polished kind of end product. This all reminds me of journalism or short story writing, but – if this is your day job, whatever it is you do, you’ll be hammering out one beautiful little project after another.

  4. Dear, Jessica,
    I have Sun 06 in Sagittarius , Moon 21 in Gemini , Venus 11 in Sagittarius, Psyche 12 in Virgo, Cupido 12 in Capricon. What good to expect?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is to join forces with your female friends and use girl power to do something amazing together. You could be not only celebrating but enjoying practical rewards from what you all co-create. You may all be very different women but there is power between you – this is rather like telling someone to join Bananarama back in the Eighties!

  5. Hi Jessica

    At the outset, love reading your articles and predictions; i eagerly look forward to every new post. I have a bunch of factors at 11 and 12 degrees including Uranus which is my chart ruler at 12 degrees Scorpio and Psysce also at 12 degree in scorpio; my Moon at near 12 degree cancer; my ceres at 12 degree Capricorn.

    I am really curious to know how this Super moon may impact me with regards to my career/job and if it is an indication of good and positive things to come! Any insights would be greatly appreciated….

    Thanks so much in advance

    1. Thank you very much. You will have opportunities to work, travel or study overseas within 12 months and be spoiled for choice between Europe and the United States. Not so much the Super Moon. Other factors in your chart. Focus on just once place and go for it. You can’t do them all.

  6. I have a 12 degree sun in aries and 10 degree Jupiter in Sagittarius and a bunch of gemini and Sagittarius stellium. Will I find better paying jobs or increase income sources?

    1. You need to cut out the dead wood from your life as it is holding everything back. So much more could grow financially if you or someone else got rid of what was not needed and did a bit of life gardening. This will be possible for you by December but you have to make it happen.

  7. Hi Jessica I have some 12 degree factors including Sun in aquarius and 10 degree factors in my ascending and descending although my birth time is not accurate. How does this affect me? My husband was born on 08.02.73 (no birth time) in London and he is very unhappy at work and needs some positive change. Can you help?

    1. Jupiter the planet of abundance is moving into Scorpio and your Eighth House of finance. This can only happen every 12 years. Between October 2017 and the end of 2018 you and your extended family will benefit from a wonderful money or property situation. It is very important that you use what is on offer and put it to work for you. You have Scorpio factors in your chart and Jupiter will conjunct, or trigger them. When in doubt turn to either side of the family to see what can be shared between you.

  8. Hello Jessica. I have Sun 11° Scorpio 37′ 38″. It’s fair to say that things have been going very well for me recently. After a number of years not moving anywhere financially my recent investments of the last few months have significantly improved our situation (My wife is also Scorpio, married 19 years). I plan to hold these investments for the next year (May-July). This month I’m also in the mix for a big promotion and at the end of the year we are going on our first family World Holiday leaving December 7th. It all seems to be happening pretty fast for me recently. Does this Supermoon mark a change for me? What should I look out for?

    1. You must have a family, if you’re going on a family World Holiday. You could easily have another child by August 2018. You have major Leo weather unfolding. Equally there could be a new godchild, niece, nephew or even some other kind of arrival – if you want to be a substitute parent. Assuming you already have children, one son or daughter will change your life in wonderful and unforgettable ways. Your connection with, and understanding of, much younger faces in general will have a massive impact on every part of your life. That’s the most important thing I can tell you about your chart.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    12 Cupido Capricon that’s the only factor, that seems the closest. How would I best harness it?
    Thank you.

    1. This really isn’t a big deal but Jupiter in Scorpio (money) certainly is. This cycle starts in October 2017 and takes you through 2018. Jupiter is abundance and Scorpio is finance. Opposite Scorpio we find Taurus which is investment and growth. You have a ton of Taurus-Scorpio in your chart, so don’t worry about the Supermoon. By the end of 2018 it is so important that you have sensibly negotiated, used and invested the available money. This could ‘grow’ something that still repays in 12 years. It’s worth all the thinking required.

  10. Sun and ascendant, major triggers for me?
    Libra, alcoholic partner?
    Virgo, my service to my work?
    Thanks Jessica!

    1. You are going to have to cut something and someone out of your life over the next 12 months. Of course, you could let the situation go on, but you would be vulnerable and it may end up being rather a strain. Make an effort to take your ‘blindfold’ off. The Eclipse on 21st August hits your chart and you have a blind spot. You can’t see and don’t know, even though I am sure you feel you must do something drastic. The trick between now and August 2018 is to get clear, get 20/20 vision on the situation, yourself and other people and then make some really strong moves. So much is out there for you with friends, groups, minor and major goals – further ahead – but nothing will change unless you take firm action. No blindfold.

  11. Hello Jessicia,
    Thanks for all the great articles, it sure helps a novice in astrology.
    I have my Sun in Scorpio 10, Minerva 12 Scorpio, Panacea 12 Scorpio & North node also at 10 Scorpio . Also have 11 & 12 degrees thru my chart.
    Can you tell me what I should watch for this SuperMoon ?

    1. Thank you. There will be an important sum of money to use in a practical way, over the next 12 months. It may be a bonus, offer, purchase, trade, new income source, legacy or similar. Scorpio rules all these things. You are going to have to negotiate. Once you have the money think about increasing it by hard work as there is a high-potential work or property situation waiting.

  12. Hi Jessica!
    I only have Uranos in Capricorn 10 but I am really curious to know how this Super moon may impact me? Specially with regards to my freelance business/career. Hopefully it’s an indication of good and positive things to come?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks so much in advance

    1. Actually, the most important thing about life until August 2018 is a chance to either move (total relocation) or at least take a long break from things. You may want to travel, for example. You will have to decide if you’re going to return to some solid-gold bonds of affection in your life later. It may be that they will look totally different to you in another setting, at another time. Perhaps you’ll never go back at all. This is a very important departure for you when you will go in search of yourself and hopefully find yourself. You have choices.

      1. Wow, mind blowing. Actually, I’ve just signed up for a course in my country that will make me leave home until August 2018. The course will give me more tools for my business and, at the same time, set my health, mind, and body straight. I’m coming back to have a break and, with distance and time, being “me” again. Since the situation at home is far from ideal for me.

        The big question is if I will come back or change my life drastically after this year. That will mean leave my husband but when my own health is at stake, it’s something to consider!

        1. I am glad the astrology was mind-blowing. When you get to the final decision use your Astrology Oracle to help guide you regarding your husband.

  13. Hi Jessica l have Jupiter at 11degrees Aries and north and south nodes at 11 degrees does this relate to my career ?

    1. Yes. You will make a good, steady amount of income over the next 12 months as you get into the groove with your skills and talents and concentrate on producing one successful product or project after another. The long distance aim revolves around a house or apartment and your ability to gather in the money will help you draw closer to that. You will also perfect your particular abilities and gain a lot of satisfaction from your achievements.

  14. Dear Jessica,


    I have my Uranus in 12 deg Scorpio, salacia in 10 deg Aquarius, cupido in 12 deg Leo and psyche in 10 deg Scorpio.
    What’s changing for me in love?


    1. I try to be fair in the way I reply to people and I seem to remember answering you quite recently VSN. Actually I wrote two very long features where you can look up all this yourself and see how it’s going to work for you – begin with Cupido in Leo in your Fifth House.

  15. Good Evening,
    10′ Uranus in Virgo, Chiron in Pisces
    11′ Mercury, south and north nodes in Capricorn.
    What should I expect from this event?

    1. The next 12 months as a whole might be a useful place to start, rather than just these temporary events – especially as I am not sure when we will meet again in the queue of questions. Negotiate over the money. It is not a huge amount by August 2018 but it is enough to do something amazing with over the long-term. I am reminded of Anita Roddick from The Body Shop, who I met in Sydney once. She said to me ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’ and that inspired me to write my first book, Astrology for Women. You have a decent amount of money by August 2018 to claim, borrow, reclaim or plant. Really look at the work or property prospects; perhaps business, garden, land, future growth with projects which could start small and become big. There are always power issues with money, but strike a deal and make a bargain. We all need growth – it helps us all – and you are a grower.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for all your efforts.
    I have Sun 10 Gemini, Mars 11 Gemini, Psyche 12 Scorpio and Cupid 12 Capricorn.
    I really want to go back to work/live at overseas as I was doing for 10 years until 2016. This supermoon could be any help ?
    Your insights are greatly appreciated

    1. Over the next 12 months the wonderful Jupiter in Scorpio cycle will bring you a decent amount of money to make strong decisions with. In fact, it will be the turning point for you, in terms of your choices about work, ambition, your roots, your family tree and the rest. Take your time, take good advice and handle this carefully and thoughtfully as ‘from little acorns big oak trees grow’ and it may not take very much money at all to fund some real future growth in your life. Jupiter will cross Psyche in your chart – this could outlast you – in other words, what you end up achieving with your home and work by August 2018 could still be there long after you have gone!

  17. pluto / libra 12. what can happen? I am publishing a book of mine, I have founded an independent publisher and I have had difficulties.

    1. Mmm, you are trying to self-publish with Saturn (difficulty) in Sagittarius (books) and you would be much better off using the rest of this year as a rehearsal/try-out time, rather than imagine this is the end of a project. Jupiter (growth) in Sagittarius (the publishing business) from the end of 2018 into 2019 is a much better time to go ahead. Apart from anything else the worldwide web will shift in favour of writers.

  18. I think I’ve looked at this Scorpio stellium before – yes, you will have the opportunity to save or make quite a lot of money, starting slowly in October 2017 and peaking by 2018.

  19. Hi Jessica
    Scales have not been balanced since a long time.

    Asc- 0 scorp, Desc- 0 taurus
    Moon-vesta conj- 27-28 libra (trust me i followed your advice here- ‘run’ but only too late)
    Cupido- 26 virgo
    Juno- 29 leo
    Saturn-uranus conj- 28-29 sag
    Aesculapia- 26 sag
    Mars- 0 aries
    Sun- 15 scorp

    Vulcano- 11 gem
    South node- 12 virgo, NN- 12 pisces
    Venus- 10 libra
    Pluto- 12 scorp
    Psyche- 10 sag
    Diana- 10 pisces

    Apollo- 19 virgo
    Fortuna- 19 scorp
    Proserpina- 19 aqua
    Bacchus- 17 sag
    Ceres- 17 pisces

    Jupiter- 3 gem
    MH- 2 leo, IC- 2 aqua
    Panacea- 2 libra
    Mercury- hygie conj.- 2 scorp.

    Ops- 22 libra
    Salacia- 22 aqua

    Neptune- 8 cap
    Chiron- 6 cancer

    I need your wisdom beyond astrology because I have not healed completely. You have no idea how much I have learnt from you. I can sense that diana and minerva make alot of patterns in your chart.
    Thank you.

    1. If you want to heal because you have had your heart broken, then you are in the right place, at the right time to do that. Hit ‘Jupiter in Libra’ on search to see. You have a similar cycle to the one experienced by Hillary Clinton. One heart ache cures another. Read more on Jupiter in Libra and see how it crosses your chart. Read more on Ops and Jupiter. Jupiter at 22 Libra will conjunct Ops at 22 Libra. Healing time is now.

  20. Mine sun is at 11º Taurus, Venus and IC at 10º Aries, and MC at 10º Libra. Some insight of what this dilema can be?

    1. The Sun in Taurus is the key. You have financial decisions to make, not just across the Supermoon, but over the next few years. If you do not already have the best financial advice you can afford, try to get some. We have a cycle called Uranus in Taurus which will ask you to make changes, next few years, so having an expert on hand will really help you. Even now.

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