The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017

It’s time to make a deal. There is abundance here. Jupiter is about ‘more’ and there is more to be gained, if you are prepared to strike terms.

It is extremely unusual to see Jupiter opposite Uranus. The planet of opportunity is opposite the planet of freedom on Thursday 28th September, with Jupiter standing at 27 Libra, and Uranus at 27 Aries.


If you have any chart factors at all at 26, 27, 28 then the astrological weather at the end of September will sweep you along. Really get to know what is in your personal birth chart at those degrees, because this is where we are seeing major change, not just in September – but through 2018 as well. Why? A lot of transiting or travelling planets ‘massaging’ it to life in your chart. The really big news, though, is this Jupiter-Uranus opposition at 27 degrees that’s coming your way.

It’s time to make a deal. There is abundance here. Jupiter is about ‘more’ and there is more to be gained, if you are prepared to strike terms. There is so much on offer here for you and others. Liberation. Disentanglement. Freedom. Money. Property. The good life.

Whenever we have an opposition we always have ‘them’ and ‘us’ to deal with. You and him, or you and her. Two sides who must figure something out between them.

Uranus in Aries is tough. Hard line. Jupiter in Libra is all about balancing two sides, though, and making it work both ways. What is required as September ends is a good heart, an open mind, and above all – an eye on the prize. You can see Aries and Libra (below) right opposite each other on the horoscope wheel. Aries the Ram is tough, hardline, self-centred and usually quite difficult to shift. Libra (the scales) is all about ‘the two of us’ and making both sides of the scales work.


Fotolia 78040257 Subscription Monthly M 600x600 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017



If you have one or more 28 degree placements then read more on the sign involved, as well as the horoscope factor in your chart. This is where the triggers for change will be. Not only Jupiter and Uranus are moving around 28 degrees, but also Saturn (at 28 Sagittarius, later on) and the aftermath of the August eclipse, also ‘massaging’ your 28 degree placement/s.

When we see a chain of transits to one point in the chart, there is always a sense that part of your personality/fate is being brought to life.

If you had the Sun at 28 Aries, for example, it would be about your ability to shine (Sun) through self-promotion (Aries). If you had the Moon at 28 Taurus it would be about your need to be needed (Moon) through money (Taurus). If you had Mercury at 28 Gemini it would be about your ability to connect and communicate (Mercury) through the internet (Gemini). If you had Venus at 28 Cancer it would be about your relationship skills (Venus) with a family member or flatmate (Cancer).

I hope you get the picture! If you have anything at 28 in your chart, or even more than one placement there, it will be well and truly brought to life and reshaped, as we go from 2017 into 2018.

rvmfi8xsyx8 407x600 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017


Uranus in Aries is the very picture of a knight, king or warrior figure who has all the hard-headed approach we would expect from the sign of Aries. Uranus was himself a ‘heavy’ male in Roman mythology, god of the sky and a tyrant! In modern life we might associate Uranus in Aries with the President, Minister, Prime Minister, King, Boss or CEO who has tremendous power.  The Treasurer or the man holding the money is the key to Uranus in Aries.

You will see men like this holding centre court in your own life, and the lives of the people around you. On the world stage, the end of September is about just this kind of man, making headlines. He is moving from non-negotiable to negotiable and that will be a big deal for your world, and the world in general.


In astrology we look at every factor tied into a pattern, so this is not just about the ‘Mr Big’ of Uranus at 27 Aries. It is also about Mercury at 27 Virgo, the sign we associate with hard work, labour and the working class. We could allow a day either side for this pattern, so let’s say September 27th, 28th, 29th for the full impact of the deals to come.

In fact, on the day in question, Thursday 28th September, Mercury at 27 Virgo will semi-sextile Jupiter at 27 Libra. That suggests a big trade-off, transaction, treaty and so on – with money at the centre. You will feel the ripple effect in your own world of what happens at the top. Yet, if your personal chart is also affected, there may be some kind of transaction or bargaining going on.

The fact is, one cannot be Mr Big without becoming trapped, stuck and rather lost – every Mr Big needs to pay for help, in the end. There is only an extent to which the man at the top can do everything and there is a substantial deal or negotiation waiting to be struck. That’s the Virgo side of the pattern!

This makes the end of September a milestone for industrial relations and the trade unions all over the world, and their relationship with the Mr Bigs.

ygmjjhtqml8 600x450 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017


Jupiter in Libra is the bridge that these men will have to cross to get what they want and need. Tremendous growth is possible, in terms of money and property, business and industry – but it can’t happen unless a rather overgrown situation is cleared up.

Life gardening is required if things are to move forward, and this is rather like two sides, or two people, meeting in the middle to make something happen!


Jupiter in Libra is always open to diplomatic negotiation and fair exchange. Very close to Thursday 28th September you’re going to see this played out in the media, through local and world news, but also in your own life.

Jupiter in Libra is rather like Arthur Daley in Minder, promising he could be so good for you – but you’ll have to figure out the cost, or the price. Jupiter always has a lot to offer, though, so this is worth the effort.

Nobody and nothing can gain access to the vast potential on offer without getting across the wall at the end of September. It’s worth working on tactics and strategy. It’s also worth remembering that Mr Big needs others, just as much as they need him. In fact, he won’t have the freedom to reach out for other opportunities until others weigh in.

taqspfwom04 600x400 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017


AMERICA 600x563 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017

My favourite chart for the US is set for 2nd January 1776. It shows Juno at 28 Libra – so what is ahead for America on this historic Jupiter-Uranus opposition, just one degree away at 27 Libra? On, or close to, Thursday 28th September 2017 we are going to see a moment of truth for the Special Relationship with Great Britain (one partner may be left feeling quite cut off from the other) and a time of reckoning, in terms of America’s military action and enemies. Jupiter is the planet of hope and healing so everything is possible. At this point, the United States may have to ask herself what it would take to get Great Britain back into bed with her. There is a feeling of ‘America alone’ at the end of September 2017 just as England stood alone in 1940, but the fact is, life as a single nation, all alone, was never going to suit a country with Juno in Libra and it is time to do some serious work on the special relationship. And now, the Australian horoscope, also affected. Both countries will be triggered in different ways across the Jupiter-Uranus opposition.

poydluw0tyw 600x400 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017


Australia Juno 0 Cancer Mars 8 Cancer Uranus 27 Cancer IC 29 Cancer 600x332 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017
The Australian horoscope set for February 7th 1788 at 11.00am.


There are a few charts for modern Australia. The one based on data held at the University of Wollongong is useful as it shows the moment Australia officially became a nation. This happened a few days after January 26th, Australia Day/Invasion Day and we have an historical record.

As you can see, from her constitutionally correct February birthday, modern Australia was ‘born’ with Saturn at 29 Aquarius. She has Hygiea at 28 Libra. Uranus at 27 Cancer. Remember, this chart shows the birth of white Australia, while the First Australians looked on.

Aquarius rules groups and tribes. Libra rules two sides, often in conflict, but also the potential for two sides to be in partnership. Cancer rules nationhood. What a line-up.

Saturn is hard realities – the unavoidable, inevitable facts of life. Hygiea is the need to protect the future. Uranus is about radical change. Revolution. Shock.

I am sure this worked across both sides, indigenous and British, on the day in question.

dtzcw9csot4 600x397 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017

 So how does the forthcoming Jupiter-Uranus opposition pan out for Australia? On, or very close to, Thursday 28th September 2017 we are going to see the most fantastic outcome for indigenous Australia and white Australia. The background issue is the Republic and Monarchy question, hovering above Buckingham Palace. The immediate story for Australia as September ends, though, is a hugely important treaty, pact or compromise which will have a healing effect on the nation. Two tribes can give to each other at this point. Remember, Jupiter is always about help, healing and hope. He’s making patterns in the Australian chart which are only possible every 12 years and the opportunity for progress will be irresistible.



Uranus in Aries types can be resistant to change, but they need it. In fact, these people are ‘change waiting to happen’ and although Aries is a tough nut to crack – and a hard man to deal with – the end of September will see so many people like this in your world, and the world in general, finally seeing the point of shifting position and doing things differently.

Even if you don’t have anything at 28 degrees in your personal birth chart, other people do, so you may be carried along by deals, bargains, transactions, treaties, trade partnerships and so on. The outcome is not guaranteed. This will just be negotiation. But let’s be hopeful and aim for a financial or economic win-win for particular regions, countries and the world very close to the end of September 2017. We seldom see a Jupiter-Uranus opposition like this.

tu1b56dfn2a 600x400 - The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition of 2017

Jupiter in Libra is a deal to be struck. Jupiter is about abundance – ‘plenty’ – and always win-win outcomes. We find Jupiter in the sign of the scales which must be balanced, so there will be two sides on the line here, and the need for both to bear in mind the potential gains. This goes beyond money into property, too.

On a global level the end of September will see the potential for substantial progress with world economies, currencies, banks, big business and the rest. This is the final stage of Jupiter’s path through diplomatic Libra until he reaches Scorpio, the sign of serious money. So, if the late September transactions come off – the best is yet to come. Real growth for 2018.

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127 Responses

  1. Yikes! Jupiter 28 Gem and Ceres 28 Pisces here. Good luck in communications and forced to share behind the scenes?

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. I have a number of factors as mentioned and feel a lot of transformation over the last couple of months. Could you please enlighten me as to what this period could mean for me

    Many thanks

    1. You do have a long list of factors on/near that opposition, and so you can bank on a rethink about what security means to you. This will work on many levels, with groups/friends (emotionally) but also with the nuts and bolts of your practical life, so money and home. You will be able to play off some things against others and make a deal with yourself, trading a little risk, for a little more space and room to experiment. You may want to do this in stages as if you do it all at once it could be quite overwhelming. Your Astrology Oracle will help you with specifics as you don’t mention any details – try it and see what you are being shown about life now through the first half of 2018.

  3. Saturn and Ceres are being triggered for me. Is something happening with my presenting and hospitality job?
    Kind Regards, S

    1. Saturn is in Pisces, so no – but Ceres is in Gemini – so yes. You’ll have to figure out a way to compromise over the actual project (presenting) or plan – but also with details like the technology, or target. I recognise your chart as you often ask me questions so here is a long story for you, which will help you decode your Ceres in more depth and detail.

  4. Hi Jessica
    What an interesting read – thank you. I have Asc 26 Leo, Dsc 26 Aquarius, Minerva 26 Pisces, Diana 26 Aries and Vesta 28 Virgo. How will this transit play out for me ?
    Appreciate your insight very much.

    1. As I am sure you know, you need to figure out the politics with your work, unpaid work or university degree. This will happen slowly but by the first half of 2018 you will have found a way to be of service, and to do your duty, in some considerable detail – without necessarily ignoring yoru own needs, particularly on a lifestyle level. By 2020 you could be pursuing quite a different way of working, partly as a result of what starts now.

  5. Hi jessica, this looks promising! Thanks for the information. I have

    moon at 27 aries,
    Venus at 28 scorpio
    Cupido at 29 scorpio

    How will this effect me. And if you don’t mind, my husband has Saturn at 27 Cancer. Do these factors collectively have any significance for us?

    Thank you so much for your time…

    1. You often ask me questions so you may want to read this long piece I just posted helping you to read your own chart, so you really get to know those Scorpio factors which trine your husband’s Cancer factors. Of course this is about your house, apartment or joint bank account if you have one. The conversations begin shortly and by this time next year you two will have found a way to do things quite differently, to your advantage. Can’t put a price on passion, though!

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating stuff! Especially what has been happening politically in August- Barnaby Joyce is a dual citizen and is the deputy PM of Australia, the Liberals hold a one seat majority, a Melbourne local council has decided to ditch Australia Day celebrations last night. Talk about left of field but right on as you predicted!
    I have several things in 26, 27, 28 degrees in my chart. What do they mean for the 2017-2018 ahead?
    Uranus 28 Libra
    Asc 28 Sag
    Desc 28 Gemini
    Chiron 27 Aries
    Minerva 26 Leo
    Proserpine 26 Aquarius
    Many thanks as always for your illuminating articles and posts.

    1. Minerva and Uranus are the keys here. Now through 2018 as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus cross over this area of your chart (following the Nodes) you will need to take a different angle on your former, current or potential lover. You don’t say if you have children or not, or want them or not, but this is the lens through which you will see the angle. It’s like going from one camera to another and you could be making a firm decision as a result by the first half of next year. Thank you.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Once again, such a great and informative article, thank you so much ! I have Pluto 27 Libra, Saturn 28 Libra, Bacchus 28 Pisces, Neptune 28 Sagittarius , Chiron 28 Taurus, Ceres 26 Aquarius and Minerva 26 Gemini.
    Still suffering from a breakup that happened almost a year ago.
    What should I expect from Jupiter – Uranus opposition of September ? Liberation from suffering may be?

    Thanks a lot !

    1. You will recover from your break-up and in fact find that the healing process does more for you than you dreamed, and over the next few weeks, ending in October. Your Pluto-Saturn conjunction has been very hard work and it has affected everything else in your chart and your life as well. You will realise what your patterns are and how to reshape the way you approach love, sex, commitment and life in general.

  8. Dear Jessica,

    I feel like September 2017 will be a big break point for me. There will be New Moon exactly on my birthday in 20th of September in 27deg Virgo (my Sun is in the same degree) . And as for Uranus -Jupiter oposition – I have few factors in 27, 28 deg – Sun 27deg Virgo, Moon 28deg Pisces, Chiron 27deg Aries.
    But I am little bit stressed because what if I missed comming opportunities, what if I am not going to recognise them?
    And you are absolutely right as for Uranus in Aries. At least last four years are challenging for me – I feel like I lost my stability. I was used to work hard in every area of my life and get the result for a hard work. But these last years I try to find again balance in my personal and work life but I feel to be locked on the same place without any progress.
    I hope that I will soon find new balance and satisfaction.

    Thank you very much for your guidance 🙂

    1. Virgo is about work and that is the key here. It’s very Virgoan to worry about missing opportunities, too, but you won’t! In general work is reshaped now through mid 2018 as you come to a different appreciation of what it means to offer duty and service to people. I am sorry Uranus in Aries has knocked you around but you will find a way to approach work quite differently by 2018 and by 2020 will be in a totally different environment or on a remarkably different set of goals. You can find out more about your chart here.

  9. Hi Jessica, although I have been expecting change for a couple of years, life has felt more like a broken record. Based on your post, I am hoping I may finally hear some new tunes from late September: I have IC/MC at 27 Taurus/Scorpio and ASC/DESC at 27 Capricorn/Cancer, as well as Mercury at 28 Leo. I also wonder if this change may invole my husband as he has Ceres at 27 Libra and Psyche at 26 Scorpio. I would be grateful for any insight as to what these patterns may mean. Thank you.

    1. You’ve asked me questions before as I recall your chart, so you will be happy to know there is a long piece here on how to decode it in more depth for yourself. Yes, your husband will be part of the story for you and by October he will need to share/compromise rather differently with you, as you are the partner showing up in his Seventh House.

  10. Hi Jessica

    I hope that all is good with you.

    The above article of yours is really interesting, thank you. Particularly given the posturing that is seen in the world at the present time. I have just had a look at my chart and I have seven factors at 26, 27 and 28 degrees, so I am guessing the end of September could be mighty interesting for me as a Libra. Could you please be so kind and to give me a greater understanding of what to look out for?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Yes, you’ll feel that opposition at the end of September. Actually it goes beyond there into 2018. The relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner will be reshaped and remoulded like clay on a potter’s wheel. You can become more aware of what is fair/unfair about the chemistry between the pair of you and take a chance to do something about that.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I have 28 mars in sag ,29 Minerva in Leo and 29 sun cap… I have some major decisions now til end of 2018. How can I make use of this event?


    1. Chetan, as you often ask me questions, I have just posted a long feature on your birth chart so you can start decoding this for yourself. You can look up all these factors here. What you will notice most of all is Mars in Sagittarius (foreign people and places) as it’s under Saturn’s influence but relief and release come by Christmas.

  12. Oh wow, I just understood what you were telling me in comments (Leo Birthday horoscope) that I had to deal with male authority (I guess that that’s my saturn in Cancer). My finances and business are directly affected by this man. I just realized who he was upon reading this article ! He is struggling and having issues as he was once a prosperous business man and now is being let down by former partners, and an economy that has completely changed. My business is closely related to his, and he has started making offers for partnership. The only thing is that (I don’t know his birthdate) but he seems strongly neptunian (I never know what he is really thinking, he is a little hazy). But what I know for sure is that I have a lot to learn from this situation and that it could be a key for upgrading my financial situation. Thanks Jessica

    1. I’m glad you recognised who I was talking about in the prediction. He’s your man. He needs to realise that you can help liberate him. That’s the key. He is so bogged down. His financial garden needs weeding. Have a little snip and see how he feels.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I have Neptune at 28° Sagittarius, Moon at 29° Aries, NNode at 29° Taurus, Proserpina at 27° Pisces. What does it mean regarding to this September transit? I might have a big decision to make in September about getting “on board” with a start up project or not and in what capacity.
    Thanks xx

    1. Wait until you know where the startup is at further along in September as we have the mother of all Mercury Retrogrades about to go through Virgo (work) then vanish. So keep an open mind and stay sexy-flexy until you have this written down and have it double-checked.

  14. Hi Jessica! Another fantastic article and so well written. Really appreciate your insight. I have Jupiter 29 in Gemini and Saturn 29 in Leo. Not exact but very close. I feel something is brewing in my life. Like a change is coming. Not dreading it actually but rather optimistic these days. I didn’t have a chance to post on your eclipse article and of course I have Saturn 29 Leo so this will be triggered. Was hoping you can give me some insight how the eclipse into September will play out for me. I know Saturn is hard work which for me is just more of the same lol. But also curious how Jupiter may fit in. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your day! 🙂

    1. You’ll notice the transits to your Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House the most. Lots of Leo weather going across there recently with more on the way by January 2019. You don’t say if you have children or not, or want them or not. That’s the key to Leo. Saturn is where you built walls, your whole life, to make yourself feel protected and less vulnerable about very threatening past situations. So now the walls are going to be painted and rebuilt as transits come over 29 degrees from Jupiter, Saturn himself and Uranus – through early 2018. You can find out more here.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica! I do have two children 15 and 20. And a grandchild. And my oldest is pregnant again which was definitely a shock. I personally am not wanting anymore kids. So Leo has always been an area where I’ve dedicated a lot of my focus. Also thank you for the link. I’m always reading your articles and bought your 2020 book and about half way through that. I was delighted to see that you’ll be teaching online courses next year as I had been thinking how nice it would be if you did (law of attraction working for me). I do well figuring out the sign and house and when, but tend to get lost on the sextiles, conjunts, squares, etc. So you’re class will be very beneficial to me as I desire to be able to interpret my own chart. So thank you for the opportunity next year. Looking forward to it. 🙂

        1. Thank you very much. I look forward to you being in our classes online – and I will do as many workshops around the world as possible in 2019. I will have fun busting the Law of Attraction myth for you, though!

  15. Hi Jessica
    I can’t believe it.
    I did a oracle card reading after entering the first comment – Cupid and eighth house card turned up.

  16. Jessica! Another thrilling article – thank you for writing! Please help me understand what’s up for me as I have my sun at 26 Libra and many more at 26 and 28 degrees. How does this play out for me personally? Thank you!

    1. You’ll be pleased to know that I just posted an in-depth analysis of your chart today as you regularly ask me questions! So here you go – knowing that you have Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus crossing 26, 27, 28 over your Libra Sun, you can now decode that in terms of your former, current and potential partner. Now read on.

  17. Wow, thank you for this post.

    I have natal Venus at 27 Cancer and Uranus at 28 Libra. Can you help me understand what these transits might look like for me?

    1. Sure. Jupiter is abundance and aspecting Venus in Cancer this is about your relationship with your own property, land, garden. Money does not grow on trees, but it can grow in other ways. Look at how you could save or make money from your immediate home or property investment (if you have one) and also in terms of your local area and region. Dig deeply into questions about land value, for example, mortgages, rent and so on. You gain. Uranus in Libra may describe a former, current or potential partner who is involved, but you don’t say if you are single or not.

      1. Thank you! I have been happily married for four years. We struggled with infertility, and lost both our mothers last year (and an aunt, and two grandmothers this year) — interesting because all of it is during a transit Pluto/Natal Saturn opposition — but our relationship and marriage has never been stronger.

        Thank you so much. You are such a gift to the world.

        1. I am so sorry that your mothers have passed to spirit but also know – from experience – that they will both be helping you from that side of life.

  18. Dear Jessica
    Another amazing article!!
    Just a little question to understand it more… My natal chart shows:

    Jupiter in taurus 28 degree
    Lilith in taurus 27 degree
    Chiron in Aries 29 degree
    V house in Aries 29 degree
    XI house in Libra 29degree

    What does that mean???How do I decode these planetary positions???
    My DOB is 28th March 1977, 11:40 pm, India

    1. Why are you using Lilith, who is a Jewish symbol? Astrology is Roman/Latin and it’s like putting a Tarot card in a playing card deck or vice versa. I also don’t understand the house system you are using. Sorry, you need to come back with a chart that makes sense then I can read it. Thank you.

  19. Hello, Jessica! I am a strong Aries, and have Prosperina at 26° in Aries, with my Jupiter at 06° Capricorn and my Uranus at 16° Libra. So, this is my Ambition opposite my Relationships?

    1. You may want to attend online classes next year as you can learn how to read your chart correctly. In the meantime please hit Search so you can find out how your personal horoscope actually works, and what all that means. This has actually nothing to do with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Thank you.

  20. Such volatile times!

    Great article, Jessica. Living in US, there is a lot of apprehension attached to the outcome of these times on the country and the people. Hoping for better times for sure.
    i have couple of placements at 28* and 26*, could you please tell what it means for me? Thanks!

    1. Lots of chopping and changing is required in your world on this opposition. Your Cancer placements are in the Fourth House – your family tree – and that needs to be cleaned up and cleared up so something new can grow. Your family tree is well overdue for life gardening. You also need to look at a group in your life. It may be Twitter. It may be a Smiths cover band. All the chopping and changing and family ‘work’ should not distract you from that cluster of people which needs your input, time, care, thought and attention.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I have a couple of things at 28 and a couple at 26 (premium member, so I know you can see them) – could you tell me how they may play out and which parts of my life will be affected? I notice that Saturn is at 26 – should I be worried?
    Many thanks

    1. Saturn at 26 is about stuck/slow progress on the path to enlightenment. He is in your Twelfth House in Pisces. You are in line for a spiritual awakening and may discover you are a psychic, a medium or just connected to the Divine in a way you had never known before. This will not happen without you dangling for a while. You will be caught between your old life and the potential new life. The waiting game forces you to dig deeply inside for your inner light – soul, spirit, higher self – call it what you like. You are about to discover what it means to have Saturn (serious knowledge) in Pisces (intuition) in the Twelfth House (solitary soul development). It’s time.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Exciting times! I have Pluto at 28 degrees in Virgo and Aesculapia at 26 degrees in Scorpio. Does that mean a opportunity to change my daily routine and the resurrection of my love life? Thanks for another great article.

    1. I love the way people always gallop to their love life – classic Scorpio placement stuff. Actually Scorpio is about deadly serious financial arrangements, like a last will and testament, as well as marriage/mortgage. Pluto in Virgo you are interpreting correctly. You’re on your way.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    My Jupiter is in Scorpio 27 so this would transit would semi sextile that and square my sun in Cap – so shining a light on my career and luck / opportunity in financial matters? Am I reading this correctly – nice things at last. Surely not!
    Would love your insight. xx

  24. Hi Jessica, wow, seems like we are collectively in for a thrilling ride at the end of September. I have 8 factors in the 26-28 range so I assume I’ll be holding onto my hat as I ride along with this unusual energy! I’m in the early stages of submitting my 1st children’s book to potential agents/publishers so I’m curious to see if Jupiter or Uranus will be helping or hindering (esp with my sag/Gemini placements at 26/27). Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks for all that you do!

    1. We’re still in the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle for publishing, so the book world, literary agents and editorial departments are still labouring through the heaviest, hardest conditions in 29 years. Unfortunately the industry’s failure to ‘get’ the internet when Pluto was back in Sagittarius at the start of 2000 has now rebounded. Thus, you are asking if you can find help with a children’s book on a cycle they are struggling with. The cycle ends at Christmas. I have actually found myself how desperate some literary agents are for money at the moment – it seems to be a crisis, even for big names – and that’s part of the Saturn cycle. Jupiter in Sagittarius kicks off at the end of 2018 and we are going to see a huge boom in independent publishing from that point on, with authors creating their own publishing houses and outlets, and their own communities for social media. That is where you come in. It will revolutionise what is still a deeply unfair industry where so many writers feel ripped off – and you will be able to control your creative output and revenue without giving away a large percentage to a literary agent and an even larger percentage to a publishing company and book shop!

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I have alot of factors at 26,27,28 so need a bit of help from you with this.
    Panacea 28 Cancer
    Aesculapia 27 Aquarius, South node 28 Aquarius
    Nth Node 28 Leo
    Saturn 27 Capricorn
    Juno 26 Pisces
    Hope you can help.

    1. Michelle you need to reshape things – Cancer rules home and household, family too – Capricorn rules career, or other place in the world. You can go back and directly rebuild or restructure on the opposition, or leave the situation where it is, and go on to reshape your world in terms of creating something quite new. You do have a crossroads choice here. Use your Astrology Oracle for more help when the time comes.

  26. Hey Jessica,
    With Ceres at 28 deg Libra & Apollo at 26 deg Leo. What does this mean for me?

    1. Ceres is the carve-up and compromise. The balance of power is reshaped. Libra is your former, current or potential partner. Also your enemy, rival or opponent. Now through 2018 that person is at the heart of the most intense change in years.

  27. Hi Jessica, it’s so great to know about this in advance! I have Jupiter at 28 Leo, Uranus 26 Virgo, N Node 27 Libra, S Node 27 Aries. Would this be a good time for relationship work?

    1. Yes. You don’t say if you have children or not, if you want them or not – but this is about a Christening font, so a baby (past or potential). There is a lot to gain here and a lot to take. Jupiter always makes you feel as if your cup runneth over. This opposition is quite amazing but you are going to have to reach for the promise of the Christening font (babies, children) if you want it. Your Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House is the story here. If you were made a godparent many years ago I would say look to your godchild.

  28. Proserpina in Scorpio is the key. She is in your Eighth House of business and money. A decent amount of cash or a valuable asset is there to be traded, repaid or negotiated on the opposition. September may very well see the beginning of Trump’s own Watergate so we do not have long to wait until that particular dark cyclone in America has passed us all by.

  29. Do you think the number of comments on your fabulous articles is a result of jupiter in libra??! Thanks for birth chart article. I also loved your detailed pieces on Leo, it has certainly evolved my sense of self. I am off with work related stress so have plenty of time to decode!. My question ….is it possible to have the nodes included in current planetary positions?

    1. I am very pleased to hear you have time off work – and hope you can see how the astrology is working with these new features. I will ask Asporea Consulting if they can arrange for the North Node and South Node to appear every day. Thank you for raising it.

  30. Dear Jessica,

    I have Mars
    29° Capricorn 38′ 42″ in the 10th house and Uranus 28° Scorpio 20′ 05″ in the 8th

    How will this affect me?

    1. You can put this together for yourself using the information on this website – Mars is action, Capricorn is career, Uranus is change and Scorpio is finance. As you watch Jupiter and Uranus go over 28, 29 you will have opportunities (Jupiter) and even more changes (Uranus) to reshape that. Uranus usually spells freedom too. You’ll have more independence from this new direction in your professional life. You’ll be your own person.

  31. Dear Jessica, thank you for the informative article on reading birth charts. This is my first attempt at trying to decipher the meaning myself so thank you for your guidance in advance!

    I have Jupiter 26° Taurus 04′ 00″ and with the opposition with Uranus, I wonder if this might negatively affect a job advancement and better financial prospects – I am slotted for a promotion in the next couple of months (pending confirmation!).

    I also have Apollo 28° Leo 39′ 12″ and wondering if this might affect my decision to freeze my eggs to alleviate time-pressure related to conception – the procedure is at the end of September!

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You really do need to read the information on astrology because Jupiter in Taurus will never let you down with work and money. No wonder you are slotted in for promotion. Your whole life you will either make or save a fortune – or get wondrously rescued should you ever hit a tough patch. Over the next 12 months the most important thing I can tell you is to learn meditation. Maybe you already do it. You are overdue for a spiritual awakening. You may be left waiting for your life to really begin, for a while. That’s okay. Don’t sweat it. Learn how to tap into your higher self and prepare to wake up to your spiritual side. There may also be a psychic awakening. When you are ready, make your big move and come back to the world. Your family tree is there to be rediscovered, for a start.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Wow, it looks like life is about to get even more interesting!
    I have Diana in Leo at 28º, Jupiter in Capricorn at 27º, Uranus in Leo at 27º, Ceres in Taurus at 26º, Cupido & North Node in Leo at 26º and the South Node in Aquarius at 26º. Could there be more time and money freedom coming from business opportunities/partnerships I am or will be involved with?
    Can you please shed some light on what this means for me?
    Thank you x

    1. You have Uranus (freedom) transiting all of that so freedom is coming within 12 months. You could do amazing things if you were genuinely independent and did not feel hampered by circumstances. The only person who can release yourself, is you! You could wait for someone else to come in and rescue you, but that’s a waste of time, when you could be taking a deep breath and doing whatever is required, to be your own person. There is a real travel and also property opportunity for you if you can do what it takes – to liberate yourself and do your own thing, too.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    With the chart factors I have at these numbers, could I say that if I set a writing routine, collate the stories from family members and write from the heart, I could use this time wisely? Many thanks

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your recent articles, you must really work non stop.
    I am going to a guess on my chart. I have some 26/27/28 and 29 placements.
    Here goes, Jupiter at 26 Gemini, luck with communications . I have Mars at 27 cancer, I am hoping that this is a positive, and that there will be some positive action or steps towards buy a house.
    I have Saturn at 28 Leo, I still cannot figure this out, I putting this down to the eclipse, I cannot see the problem yet.
    I also have vesta at 29 Scorpio and Ceres at 29 Sagittarius will these be impacted by the September’s weather?
    I am not sure if I have read this correctly? Any views you have time to offer are greatly appreciated.


    1. Thank you Rosey. I don’t work non-stop at all, I just type fast. Yes, luck with communication. You got that bit spot-on. We have not yet had the eclipse so actually there is nothing to see about your 28 Leo Saturn! I will look at the next 12 months and the most important thing I can tell you about your chart. You will have your dream home by August 2018 with enough space for a bedroom you and your lover will (naturally) love and also younger faces to enjoy too. If you already have something like this, you’ll just renovate/improve so it’s bigger and better. Jupiter in Scorpio is your friend.

  35. This is fascinating! And also a little bit overwhelming… My Sun is 28 Libra (and MC 27 Cancer, Ops 29 Aquarius) so I’m guessing there’s something going on here for me! Like a typical Libra I feel like I’m constantly juggling between people and mediating between loved ones pulling me in different directions, sometimes even between different parts of myself. The really big issue in my life at the moment is whether to potentially resurrect a relationship with a man who is an absolutely typical Aries, just like you describe. The only problem is that my family, who are also strong characters in their own ways and who I am emotionally and financially (through property, as you kind of hit on as well) more reliant on than I’d like to be, are completely against the idea. My Libra negotiating skills seem like they are going to need to be at the most potent with all Jupiter’s blessings to make this situation work and if I don’t end up having to choose my heart over my family. The pressure of their judgement is causing an enormous amount of stress for both him and me, but I wish they could trust me to make my own decision. I’m also hoping to bring a creative work project to fruition soon and hoping that might give me some more independence. Are there any guiding points you can see? My Aries partner (dob 1/4/87 in London) has Uranus at 26 Sag (and Saturn at 21 Sag – a horrible Saturn Return seems like it might have exacerbated the problems we had earlier this year and led to us splitting), and Mars at 27 Taurus. Any pointers would be so appreciated – I can’t tell you how accurate and helpful your work has been to me.

    1. This sounds like Last Tango in Halifax. Please don’t tell me you’re from the North! The horoscope has a message for you which may (or may not) include your Aries. You need to look towards Europe and Europeans, or America and Americans. You don’t say what his nationality is or where he is from. The future looks fascinating for you. There is tremendous sexual passion waiting but I think you’ll be travelling or moving to get it, or welcoming in a new Brexit import from another country. Make sure you do more than shag, though. Have your bags packed and get ready to explore. this unfolds probably by New Year, certainly by 2018. Of course you might just stick with someone who I would describe as ‘true Brit.’ Again I don’t know if this is your Aries. This lover would be hugely patriotic, wave the flag, support the team – and be your pitted choice against a European or American lover.

  36. Hi Jessica, thank you for your article. I have following degrees that I cannot cohesively put together.
    Fortuna 28 Scorpio
    MC 26 Virgo
    IC 26 Pisces
    Uranus 26 Scorpio
    Sun 26 Leo

    Truthfully, things have been happening in my life nonstop since last summer. One after the other, of big magnitude and meaning, there were a lot of breakthroughs and traumas – I cannot characterize them as wholly bad, or wholly good, but I would say that I have been spread thin and keep waiting for things to settle down, for the path forward to show itself and actually feel like I can finally breathe and live, vs. just survive and battle one thing after the other. I was hoping that this fall would be the culmination of almost two-year cycle…

    1. You will move and use everything that has gone wrong, to transport you. You also need to look at a group, club, team society, band or other network of people which will support you. Once you are in your new work or home location you can start again. It’s a blank page. Learn from everything and use it. Do your homework about the new place and the locals and see what is possible. Good luck.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you again for the wonderful insights. I have been having the most horrible luck since May as you predicted any insight as to changes I can expect, I feel so lost at the moment. I’m floating without an anchor. Iv lost my employment, my previous parter has moved on with someone new and I have had no one special in my life for years.

    1. Within 12 months you will be plugged into a family situation (yours or somebody else’s) where there is more than enough money to go around. Make sure it goes beyond lifestyle or security though. All generations in this family need to be needed. And – yes – cash flow does make other things flow as well, including education, career and love.

  38. Hi Jessica!
    First of all, just wanted to say I love your site and enjoy reading and learning from it. So far, I have been able to gather the following factors about me.:
    26 Mars in Cancer (Cancer is in house XI, my Juno is in Cancer)
    27 Leo in Jupiter
    28 Aquarius in 6th house (Pallas is in my Aquarius)
    28 Leo in house 12 (My moon and POF are also in Leo)
    The past couple of years, life has been rough on me. I am in the processes of changing my career goals and getting out of a dead end situation. Do you see anything I should be aware of? Astrology can be so confusing. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. Your houses are all very strange, to my eyes, so I think you need to get your chart done using the Natural House system. Astrology can be confusing unless you put it to the test. Astrologers can either predict the future or they can’t! Don’t shop around. Okay, so you have a ton of factors at 26, 27, 28. The most important thing here is Jupiter in Leo at 27 degrees in your Fifth House which rules younger people. You will rule over a younger court. Read about Leo Weather (hit Search) to find out what I wrote for people with a Leo chart signature. You will guide, mentor and lead children or young people and it’s going to be a fertile period for you with one or two projects or goals, which you need to plant. Growth will come. You need to get into your Leo side and use it. You’re the Queen. Or maybe the King. I have no idea if you’re male or female! Good luck.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    Wow my Venus in 28 Pisces, MC 28 Pisces, Minerva 28 capricorn, Uranus 29 Scorpio. How am I going to get affected?


    1. Give this time – some months – but Uranus in Scorpio is the key. This is about money. It is about liberating yourself and others from feeling as if there is no money available. Actually, there is. It’s about changing your head space. Actually seeing what is there. This is a long story in your life and it may extend into 2018 too, but try to shake yourself out of an old mindset about money. I feel someone else is involved too, as Scorpio is always about two or three way situations. With effort and ingenuity you can at least try to reach out, for where the money might be.

  40. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the article.
    I have Ascendant at 26 Sagittarius, Descendant 26 Gemini, Diana 28 Pisces, Minerva 28 Virgo, North Node 27 Leo & South Node 27 Aquarius. what does this mean for me?
    I have a ‘friend’ who lives a little way away whom I would love something more with, he gets close & then pulls away. Now my work situation has suddenly turned into a very unpleasant place, its a 2 person office, its the personality, not the work (been in my job 12 years, she’s been there a year), she can be nice as pie, then goes complete opposite. I’m getting the opposite a lot these days, very stressful. The days can get rather lonely & very long, I don’t really have many other people around me.
    Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you are having such a hard time with this person at work – and the man who pulls away. The next 12 months is extremely important for you and you will have to decide if you are going to take the same future path with your opposite number, or call it a day and do your own thing. I wish I could tell you if this was the person at work, or a lover! The truth is it could be either. Jupiter in Scorpio is nipping at your heels. This is an opportunity tied to money or property and it starts moving towards you from October 2017 and is an amazing reality by the end of 2018. Sometimes people don’t move unless they are given a push. I do feel you and he or she, will get the most tremendous push and you will need to figure out a) how ambitious you are b) how adventurous you are and c) where you belong. You will feel as if the other person is totally different to you. Not so. This is like saying a black spaniel is the opposite of a ginger spaniel. They are both spaniels! Try to see that when the decision comes. You could honestly both move forward together but you are going to have to figure out very special rules to make it work for both of you. Compromise, sharing, space, tolerance and teamwork will be vital, yet at least you will both know where you are headed if you go for the same destination. If you go your separate ways that’s fine but there is no map. The best thing of all you two can do is talk, talk, talk. Be honest and respectful. This is about the next 12 months, not the next 12 minutes, so there is time – but I suspect it will be a New Moon or Full Moon that calls the decision. Good luck.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    I love your insights and have enjoyed reading your posts for years.

    I have my sun in Taurus at 28 degrees in the 5th house. And Jupiter in Gemini opposite Uranus in Virgo – which is part of a stellium which includes Pluto Fortuna, Mars, Uranus and Vulcano. I am not rrally sure what this all means but I have felt for a while that August and September would be significant months.
    I would really appreciate any light you could shine on these aspects for me.
    I am intending to relaunch some online health programs in September, so hopefully this is a good time to do this?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Without a chart I can only look at your Sun in Taurus at 28 degrees but that is significant. It’s about money, business, property. It’s about who and what you value most. This area of your life becomes increasingly important now through 2018 and in fact, by the time Uranus reaches your Sun in many years’ time you will realise that being reborn financially was a process that began in the final quarter of 2017. You may want to read about Uranus in Taurus (hit Search) and the one-world digital currency revolution which is coming. You may be part of it.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    What changes can I expect in the Uranus Jupiter opposition..
    My Saturn in 28 deg leo, ops in 27 deg virgo, n.node in 29 deg virgo and s.node in 29 deg Pisces.

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Virgo rules the body, from head to foot. It rules dentists and doctors and also Reiki healers. By August 2018 you should have achieved important healing with a very dramatic change. Being fixed or cured does more than just take care of what ails you – it also enables you to do something really remarkable in the world. Of course, Virgo can flip in the chart, so it ends up you playing doctor, nurse or healer to someone else who desperately needs assistance. Maybe you’ll try both, VSN, you don’t say what you do for a living.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    My previous message seems to have lost somewhere, so I’m writing again…
    I have several factors in degrees 27 and 28, and will certainly be under influence. Can you give some insight on what this means for me? My compliments for your article and a new design of the website.

    1. Thank you – James and Justin are behind the new design so I will pass that onto them. There is a physical rebirth by August 2018 which allows you to experience what it feels like to be ‘born again’ as your mind, body and spirit go through a dramatic renewal and relaunch. You have a lot of Aries in your chart which is about self-interest, the body, how one projects an image – how one shines in a world where everybody wants to be an internet star on social media. You will do your own thing in your own way. You may take on board changes with fitness or food. It begins with your body.

  44. Dear Jessica,

    I am curious what you see in my birth chart since I am very exhausted from the world situation and from European regulations.

    I am an owner of my own brand of superior-quality essential oils and oils. I wanted to start with my own cosmetics, but I was disgusted by stupid European regulations for small businesses. I hope we will see massive deregulation of European countries so that I could start with my own brand of cosmetic products. These times are terrible since we have so many regulations, restrictions and sanctions.

    1. I have had quite a few messages since my Brexit prediction about Europe and trade. You want to know what Brexit will mean for your essential oil and cosmetics global business. Within five years there will be a major legal judgement which sets everyone free. For you personally I feel this is about a legacy or estate. In other words the names involved have died. The new laws will have an impact on historic firms, contracts or deals which have been passed on in at least one family name. Good luck.

  45. Hi Jessica! Great article! I don’t really understand oppositions in 2 transiting planets so I am not sure if this transit is difficult or easy. I have many factors at 26-28 so I think this will impact me a lot! I am going to try to interpret how this will affect me at the end of September based on my natal factors:

    Their will be either a decision or an opportunity regarding my former, current or potential partner (or enemy or rival) . There will have to be compromises (ceres 26 libra), self control (Vulcano 27 libra), commitment (Juno 28 libra) which will could lead to a solution that may have ethical challenges (panacea 27 libra). There will be communication (mercury 28 Gemini) and possibly some kind of conflict or realization about my image as a feminist or woman-man dynamics (vesta 26 Aries) and possibly overcoming some sort of fear or karma regarding how am seen in the world (Saturn 24 Aries). Finally perhaps I may get some sort of escape or vacation from work which may or may not be related to the above (salacia 26 Capricorn ). I am presuming all of this will be beneficial (transiting Jupiter in libra) and maybe quite sudden and liberating (transiting Uranus in Aries). Did I get it right? Am I even close? Thanks for all you do to help us newbie astrologers to use astrology in our own lives. Bless you!!

    1. Yes, you called that right – congratulations. I know that Libra/Seventh House can be annoyingly multi-layered as we never know if it’s going to be about your lover or your enemies. Actually if you think about it, the Seventh House makes sense. We get married, divorce and hate our ex, or our ex’s new wife. Or we get married and our wife becomes our ally in the war against the boss we are fighting. The best way to think about the Seventh House is ‘Special Relationship.’ America and Britain have it. They are in bed together to fight a common enemy and yet at one point were enemies themselves. So, yes, compromise and self-control will be required to get to the solution which is all about communication (Gemini) and also a wake-up call about your image – Aries/Saturn/Vesta can be a little bit too concerned with the group versus the individual, and also coming across as the battle-scarred warrior. You could get a ton out of reading further by hitting search on all this. Then keep a journal and work with it. You could be a great astrologer by the way, make sure you pick up the free classes coming late 2018 for Premium Members.

  46. Good Evening Jessica,
    I have Apollo 27 Virgo, and Ceres 28 Scorpio.
    What do see happening in September?

    1. I try to take one question at a time, from a reader, to be fair as there are now 3,688 people waiting – so moving right along to your next question…

  47. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you very much for this article.
    I’ve got a number of factors at 28 degrees – Mars in Virgo; Panacea in Leo and also Proserpina at 28 Capricorn. What can you see for me over the next year?
    You might be able to see from other posts I’ve made on your site that I’m still living between ‘homes’ and trying to find something more permanent with my current partner (my ex husband is still in the old ‘family home’ and my current partner is still waiting on his ex wife to move out of their family home – so we can move in there). And I have still been unable to resolve that living situation with respect to my 11yo daughter. Also things at work are a bit hard at the moment – I’m coming up for probation and am hoping that I get through it.
    Thanks so much, Jessica xx

    1. Oui, je comprends. You have that classic situation of 2/3 things to solve, and all connected. Meanwhile we are trained to live for the present or near future and want it all now. The horoscope is a pattern of life from the cradle to the grave so it takes a longer view of happiness or at least answers. The 28 pattern pulls into work, with Proserpina in Capricorn – working hard for the money (and you probably will once you realise just what rewards work can get you). This in turn draws in issues about your child, relationships, exes, potential love and the rest. The most vital thing for the next 12 months is that you get sound, sane, grounded, possibly quite boring financial advice. You will have money to invest, money to save and money to plough back into future money-making options. There is an ambition there which has never gone away. Anyone involved in co-creating money with you also needs to stop and smell the roses. Abundance is shabundance until it stops being speculative and becomes real. To be richer – and that is the key to so much – you must look at what you or others earn/own and replant it. It could be amazing.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    It is interesting that the parts of my chart being activated a lot with the node transit will be triggered even further with this.

    My MC 28 Aq/IC 28 Leo

    I have been seeing this at work for some time, and it just keeps going. This week a friend of mine from the mid/late 90’s passed away the morning of the eclipse. She was ill for a while and we were able to have a meaningful last few months, no regrets. She was in her late 70’s. Just one example of how friends from that time keep coming back into my life now needing help of some kind. I was able to help get her on hospice and am helping her son with some stuff now. Of all the people she could have reached out to, I still can’t believe she reached out to me. It is very humbling.

    I also have Mercury 28 Scorpio and this is something I am still learning.

    My friend I always ask about has Moon 28 Virgo – a need to be needed in his career? And Vulcano 28 Gemini – keeping his cool in his communication?

    The node transit has really blown my mind. Thanks for your work.


  49. Hello and Greetings!
    I don’t have anything at 27, the closest I have is Jupiter in Libra @ 28 degrees . Aries as the 1st house this would be 7th house? What could this mean? I am already happily married, how would Uranus affect me? Will something unexpected happen to change that?
    In my relationship I always try to be fair. I like taking turns treating others to lunch for example.
    I’ve read that taurus does not like change. It is true for me.
    I would be so grateful for anything you could tell me. Love and hugs

    1. Jupiter is at 28 Libra in your Seventh House, which describes the relationship you share with your former, current and potential partners. This is clearly about your husband and in general, the fact that you are having your Jupiter Return this year (Jupiter travels past 28 Libra and conjuncts your natal Jupiter) is a stunning, rare opportunity to fix issues or expand and enlarge the partnership. You need your whole chart done, though. I shouldn’t really just be looking at one planet!

  50. Uhhh, well this looks like it’s gonna be a fun shake up!

    Saturn at 26 Sag
    Uranus at 27 Sag
    Psyche at 28 Sco
    ASC at 28 Sco
    DSC at 28 Tau

    I’m probably going to make an ass of myself here, but this looks like this will trigger a negotiation of the image that I project, the personality piece mirrored in partner/enemy, and the tests and trials to create something that survives in my power and finance zones. In addition to flaring up my self-sabotaging coping mechanisms and rebellious streak concerning travel, learning, beliefs, foreign or regional ties, and the internet.

    It’s not clear how I’m going to come out of the bargaining, but these things definitely need to be balanced for the better. Regardless whether it affects me positively or not, these are all things I’ll do differently from now through 2018. Right?

    (Unrelated, but I think I busted out in hives when you said 3,688 comments waiting in a previous comment. Good grief. You are amazing and thanks so much for your insight and time.)

    1. Thank you. There is usually a conflict between spiritual enlightenment, education, learning and intellectual growth – and the need to secure property roots through an apartment, land, house, investment – when you end up with this kind of combination. You have an opposition between Scorpio-Taurus which will always form what is called a T-Square in astrology, whenever any transiting planet stops in Leo or Aquarius. You have both going on as the Nodes have been hovering around that spot. T stands for tension. You can’t move, but you can’t stay stuck either. At a certain point you will realise that you have to take action and the period for spiritual enlightenment is well and truly over. By then you will be more than ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into this important question of home – and perhaps roots.

  51. Hello Jessica, I have the following factors and wondering what they might mean. Thank you.

    – Pluto 27° Libra 02′ 58″
    – Mars 28° Cancer 23′ 01″
    – Cupido 28° Sagittarius 33′ 08″ R

    1. You have your best chance in 12 years to heal the past in terms of your former or current partner, and by October 2017 you will have made great progress with some very old issues about power and partnerships. This will help you have more successful relationships in future, either with a present lover or potential partner.

  52. Hello Jessica,
    the only 26-28 degree factors I have are Vesta at 28 and Diana at 26, both in Libra. I am finding it difficult to interpret this – vesta and diane are so different from each other…if I understand their descriptions right? So, please can you help me interpret this? Some background info: married to an Aries/Virgo stellium (difficult man to deal with is an understatement), two young children, I recently relocated with my kids while husband visits us (commutes between two countries). Divorce not an option for me but my move hopefully makes him realise how serious things were and how I should not be taken for granted any longer.
    Thank you

    1. I am sorry your marriage is so difficult and divorce is not an option. Aries-Virgo can be pushy and picky which is very hard to live with. Vesta and Diana are worth reading more about. Interpret them as a pair in your chart. You are actually playing both out so rather than looking at your husband the whole time, begin by looking at your own need to play Diana/Vesta stories out.Okay, so the most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is to focus on just one part of Europe, America or Australasia – because you may have your head turned by many options at the same time. You could so easily move to a new country, or become heavily involved with someone from a different culture and nationality. Of course there may just be crucial travel on offer. You have to make it real. If you want to move, or connect powerfully with the most intriguing people from another country, then make a decision and act. This is tied to your sexuality – within 12 months you will know if this is going to be about some revival with your husband, or a tempting liason with someone who has a different passport/accent to yours.

  53. , thanks jessica.
    I have sun in leo 26,
    MC 26 pisces,
    IC 26 virgo,
    psyche 27 virgo,
    proserpina 28 cancer.
    what does it mean?

    1. You can read your own chart here. Leo rules the Fifth House – babies, children, young people, lovers. There is solid gold emotional treasure here, for you to enjoy, by August 2018. The feelings are real and the connection is sincere – and precious. Give and take is the key. You can and should be very proud of this particular relationship – that is your Sun in Leo. Proserpina in Cancer is the go-between. There is a feeling here of you/someone else ‘going between’ one place and another and it’s an emotional journey as well as a geographical one. Enjoy it.

  54. Correction. 28 deg natal Pluto in 8 house and natal Jupiter 0 deg vigro in 8 house major up set on 21 August 2017 eclipse. All had square from natal Saturn at 29 deg in Scorpio 11 house.

    Gosh, Jessica, I do hope there a positive break through in either a good job that I do not carry fear with children. Or I win lotto!!
    Thank you just had to do the mercury revise the correction in my previously typing

    1. Jupiter in Scorpio is about giving and receiving money and you will learn a lot about that by August 2018 as you will be in a position to donate to charities or people who need it, but you will also yourself be on the receiving end. There is a huge amount of money to be distributed, actually, and so nobody in the situation will feel short – but there is a question here about what money actually means in terms of power and also in empowerment/disempowerment. That is what Jupiter teaches you by August 2018.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    I have IC, MC and Juno at these degree. I am not sure my ASC and DSC are accurate in degree number(maybe yes). Could you please help look what may happen? I try to figure it out but IC and MC are too unfamiliar to me.

    I am at a situation I don’t know I should leave or stay. This is driving me crazy. If it has to do with my relationship, please do let me know. Thank you very much! Highly appreciate all your effort and replies.

    1. By August 2018 you will have had an opportunity to leave and although I can’t read your mind, you may well take it. The feeling of freedom will be fantastic. Just remember to do your homework so that you are not plunging into a precarious situation. You can certainly head off and out of where you are now – and you’ll love the space and choice – but do some research and use your common-sense so you don’t come a cropper.

  56. Dear Jessica, I have The following degree info:
    27″ virgo in Pluto
    26″ capricon in Vesta
    26″ scorpio in Jupiter
    Could you let me know the impact please?

    1. This is really about reshaping the way you work, eat and exercise. Also the way you sleep. It’s a wholesale lifestyle change waiting to happen and actually, it may come about because of outside factors – you have to adjust and adapt to a new way of working and living, because the world is shifting around you. A nice feeling of empowerment comes when you use your willpower to control your 24 hours a day. Look for the methods that suit you. It may be nouvelle cuisine. It may be using an egg timer to make sure you have work breaks. The little things can change your life as you will see.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    My life has felt like scorched earth for a long time now – death, divorce, serious illness, with a big dose of betrayal. The past four or five years have been pretty awful, and the future holds major surgery. So I’m trying to stay sane in the present…
    Any reprieve in store? My faith is wavering.

    Thank you

    1. I am sorry you have had such a rotten time. Your chart has all the classic signs of someone whose mind rules her body. In fact you need to urgently find the right meditation, cognitive therapy or other ‘headspace’ approach that works for you. Sometimes it’s yoga or mindfulness. Many of these books are in the local library and the courses are free. Your anxiety and negative thinking are having an impact on your sleep. You can’t function if you can’t sleep. The Virgo-Pisces axis of your chart has been crossed by some heavy weather. Virgo rules the body. Pisces rules sleep, dreams and the unconscious mind. Virgo also rules the mind, body and spirit connection. If you are prepared to do just one thing, to get through one night, in a different way – meditation, mantras, YouTube sleep music, self-hypnosis, even colouring-in for mindfulness – it will be worth the experiment. I also strongly recommend Dorothy Rowe and her books to you (I met her years ago) and also the work of Dr. Claire Weekes. You can and will conquer this but you need to get out of your head as it has become like prison bars and you do not need the mental anguish. You deserve to be happy with the chance of a new life – and you can be – but you must face yourself in the mirror and realise just how much you are contributing to your own unhappiness. Mental attitude is everything and it takes huge work but it is so worth it.

  58. Hi Jessica, I have some parts of my chart at the stated degrees:
    26 Aries MC & Libra IC
    26 Libra Pluto
    26 Sagittarius Neptune
    27 Capricorn Moon
    Please do you see any discernable impact? Thank you

    1. You are ready for a guru, teacher, lecturer, life-changing author, professor or similar with Neptune in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of knowledge. Now through September 2018 this person will emerge, or perhaps reappear, and you have a huge amount to gain if you commit to the course or the teachings. If I had your full birth chart I could tell you more, but the most you need to know is that your PhD in Life is waiting for you.

  59. Just reposting. ( know you are flat out. x)

    Good Morning Jessica,

    Curiosity and jetlag have me re-reading over your amazing blogs that i’ve been reading while traveling in the UK and USA. I seem to have Fortuna at 27 Libra, and Mars at 27 Scorpio as the only ones within this placement. What will these little beauties activate in my chart?

    I left out the 25 degrees as my closest to the 26, 27, 28 degrees you mentioned. Do you think they might be important or not. Vulcano, 25 Leo, Moon, 25 Virgo

    Hugely appreciative as always. Take care

    1. Thank you! Not flat out, but not always able to answer all the Comments as quickly as I’d like, I guess. Now – Mars is the key here. I am sure you know Mars is the god of war. If you were in the military, rather than working as a career coach, I would tell you that the next 12 months was about your own army unit, but also the enemy. As you are presumably not in the army, navy or air force – this is still about war, but on the corporate or business level. Wars come from battles. If you remove the oxygen from a battle it does not take place. The most vital thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is to remove the tools, weapons, oxygen and other ‘feeds’ from a potentially militant situation. A group is involved (Node in Aquarius passing through your Eleventh House is the trigger). Your Mars should rise to the occasion. Take action, do it quickly and remove each and every factor which could perpetuate a battle. You do not want nor need the battle that becomes the war.

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