Astrological Dramas August 3rd-4th

The whole point of astrology is to help us understand what is going on and what it all means.

I am writing this on 30th July, 2017,  gazing at some astrological dramas unfolding on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th August (allow a day either side for world time zone differences). The whole point of astrology is to help us understand what is going on and what it all means. There will be a couple of horoscope messages to take in. We are looking at major change. On a global level we will need to decide if we’re going to go back and rebuild, or start again. The focus here is the top of power. Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign which rules the heads of government, monarchy and big business.

Uranus stands still (stations retrograde) alongside a major Pluto pattern. Uranus rules electrical storms. Pluto rules earthquakes. This will make no sense to rational minds, but again and again, astrology proves to us that wild weather and nature’s patterns, fall in with ancient astrological symbols. There is an increased risk of major electrical storms and earthquakes on, or very close to, August 3rd and 4th 2017.

North Korea

The astrological chart for North Korea will be affected. It is set for 12.00 on 10th September 1948 in P’Yongyang (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion).

North Korea was ‘born’ with Saturn at 28 Leo and on Thursday 3rd August, Uranus stations retrograde at 28 Aries. That’s not the only big change being unleashed. On Friday 4th August Pluto at 17 Capricorn squares Jupiter at 17 Libra and picks up the Sun at 17 Virgo in the North Korea chart. On, or close to, August 3rd and 4th 2017 we will see a sudden shock at the top of government and/or the United Nations which puts North Korea at the centre of deep change.

President Donald Trump

With two competing birth times (one in contradiction to his own mother’s) Trump has historically given no astrologers trustworthy data to work with, when casting a horoscope. We can, however, look at general trends for the American chart. All eyes on Trump Towers. All of them. I will explain why there is a huge emphasis on towers, skyscrapers and high-rise apartments in a moment. The best-known Trump Tower is in New York, of course – but there are others.

The Travel Industry

The Moon is in Sagittarius (the travel industry, airlines, export, tourism) throughout these epic patterns on Thursday and Friday. That gives us another message. Saturn (lessons) is also in Sagittarius so we all need to remember the lessons we learned about travel, foreign people and places – these last few years. Saturn reminds us that no matter how much we think we know – we should never assume. It is always time to go back and check – and check again. There are risks here for the Brexit process, for the America-Russia relationship, for the North Korea-World relationship and more.

Migration and Refugees

The Moon in Sagittarius is also likely to teach us some hard lessons about migration and refugees unless we heed warnings and remember that others have been there before us with tried, tested and trusted experience.

Corporations, Monarchies and Governments

We are going to see the end of several top jobs, or a dramatic change in the balance of power, involving people at the top – close to August 3rd, 4th 2017. This could involve a range of global corporations, monarchies and governments, so we are looking at the CEO, reigning monarch or Prime Minister/President of more than one nation in this wave of change. Uranus rules sudden change. Lighting bolts. Everything happens in a flash. Normally this would not be such a big deal – Uranus standing station retrograde on Thursday 3rd August – but it is followed the next day by the ‘plates shifting’ when Pluto squares Jupiter. The rocks at the top will shake, rattle and roll (below) and we must decide what to do next.


t1xlqvdqt 4 400x600 - Astrological Dramas August 3rd-4th
Photo by Deniz Altindas


High-Rise Apartments, Skyscrapers

Astrology is a symbolic language. Capricorn is the sign which rules mountains, and Capricorn is the mountain goat. We associate patterns in this sign with ‘mountains’ in big cities – so, towering high-rise apartments, tower blocks, skyscrapers and so on. This is why I think the lightning bolt which affects the White House will be about one of the Trump ‘towers’ as much as it is about his administration. We don’t need a long-standing birth chart at all for Trump to see this play out.

Grenfell Tower was a dreadful tragedy and I watched it, probably as you did, remembering the Twin Towers. Since then questions have been raised around the world about high-rise apartments and tower blocks and their safety – or lack of it. Again, this is deep Capricorn symbolism. The mountain is the tower. As I write this, Australia (where I spend a lot of my time) is undergoing sweeping recommendations about its high-rise housing.

High-Rise Tower Blocks, Skyscraper Centres, Sky-High Apartments and Penthouses

This is going to be a developing story for developers! In fact, once Saturn enters Capricorn in December 2017, we are looking at 2018-2019 transformation of these places, the rules regarding them, and the wisdom or otherwise of making them ‘home’ to so many people. Again, this is astrological symbolism. Capricorn is opposite Cancer. Capricorn rules big business and big government (property developers, politicians and councils) but Cancer rules home town, homeland and above all – home as security and shelter. This is going to be an unforgettable and very hard cycle.


1. Self-interest and narcissism make us blind – we need to tune into other people and stay connected.
2. Old structures are not meant to be there forever – when they change – try to reach out for progress.
3. Don’t assume anything when the astrological weather is this wild – ask, enquire, think, plot and plan.

5.30am Uranus stations retrograde 28 Aries
6.48pm Jupiter 17 Libra square Pluto 17 Capricorn

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59 Responses

  1. Hi, holding on to the seat edges kind of time, Jessica. Thank you for the detailed and insightful article. Your writing style and in depth articles are always make for a great read.
    Learning a lot about astrology through your writings.

  2. A previous article by you was Brexit was eventually going to be good news for Britain likely in about two years. I agree it had to happen and am still very hopeful but Policy still seems quite muddled. When do you think our government will realise that this not the time for fighting from old scripts and start telling everyone about the new opportunities.

    North Korea and American agrression also is cause for great concern. A much more frightening scenario for the whole world than even earthquakes amd storms as horrendous as they are. Looking foreard to meeting and hearing you in November.

    1. Brexit is going through as the astrology predicted and I’m sure you just saw the headlines about EU free movement ending.The Asian money is yet to come in, but it will be there. I look forward to seeing you in November too. London calling!

  3. It must be hard not to scream this from the rooftops Jessica, your gift can be a burden. Thank you for sharing this information. It’s a heavy time. There are fires burning in our province and the structures of whole communities at risk, especially this weekend with soaring temperatures, if there’s wind it will be a conflagration. Makes me quake inside. Hope for the best, prepare for the worse. Take good care.

  4. Hasn’t Trump got Regulus and Mars on his ascendant at 28/29 degrees? I think it’s possible something is going to happen there and it could be his Icarus moment. Long overdue, might I add. However, he’s pretty well connected to be saved.

    Was going to ask you the meaning of having Mars at 28 degrees as it’s in my chart on in my Virgo 1st house but, I have found since putting my birth details in here it’s completely reversed my horoscope (have put right time and lats). I know longer know who I am, Jessica, LOL! My chart is something I completely resonate with, so a bit confuddled with the 180 flip? I signed up because I wanted to ask you when would be the best time to properly launch a self-publishing business? I released a few books a week ago but have yet to get round to promoting them but, I have a few more in the pipeline almost ready to release but, have read to stay well away from the lunar/solar eclipse. Perhaps it’s best to just keep my head down and keep writing? I’ve been unemployed now for so long, just wanted to take my career in my own hands and hopefully get a break but, all this Neptune and the August eclipse is putting quite a squash on it all.

    Great blog by the way!

    1. The trouble with Trump is that historically, his chart data has been suspect from the beginning. There are two competing birth times. The first ‘certificate’ released was not a regular birth certificate at all. I stopped using his data last year and will now only work with the American chart. Regarding your horoscope – I use the Natural House system and you are probably using Placidus. If you want to know why I use this house system just click on Search. You are also trying to self-publish with Saturn going through your Ninth House of books – Saturn being slow, stuck and serious – you may want to wait until he shifts, at Christmas. Jupiter in your Ninth House starts final quarter of 2018 – much, much better!

  5. Well! Read this article this morning. During the day i read a piece in the UK press about unexpected changes in the top senior staff at the palace. (People who were expected to stay until regime change are announcing they are leaving right now.) This evening’s news: new White House Chief of Staff installed this morning, Scaramucci fired this evening.
    Your accuracy is just spooky, possum.
    And it’s only Monday.
    Pass me the Xanax, please.

    1. Thank you – and I do like being called possum (I used to share my office with one). I didn’t know about the Buckingham Palace reshuffles. I just found out about the White House. I have to say, this is just the start. I know, we’re only at Tuesday!

  6. Hi Jessica – I find this completely fascinating – and am a bit in awe and now apprehensive- as my sun is at 17 degrees Capricorn and assume this is going to affect me. Weirdly – I had a roofer to look at my roof today and he said the chimney is crumbling – but will fix it probably on Thursday and Friday – I am now anxious that some accident could happen – should I ask him to avoid working on the chimney over this time!

    1. Thank you. The chimney on your roof is a symbol of what is going on with your ambition. I’m sure your roofer knows what he is doing (and I don’t have his horoscope)! Basically, think about the roof as the peak of your achievement with career, academia, status, success. That needs repair. Why? Because of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) issues. I hope you can see this. Your chart is talking and so is your life. Astrology is symbolic. Your question – do you rebuild and repair ambition, too, or let it crumble? Hmmm.

  7. Jessica, what does the North Korea chart look like when placed over Kim Jong Un’s? The thing is, once he’s removed, another will take his place. There must be plenty of spiritually unevolved men in his cabinet to take the reigns because there is no way he, and he alone, put’s the fear into the public/Army/Close circle. He’s obviously backed by his supporters who allow his behavior to run amok. Otherwise, he would have been taken out by now.

    What is it with these dictatorial men? Half the planet is under dictatorships and always seems to be rooted in misogyny and some twisted sense of overblown masculinity. It’s interesting that there is a correlation between all terrorists regardless of race or culture. Almost all of them have a domestic violence history behind them. I suppose dictators of countries are just vile misogynistic bullies who made it to the top?

    The world today is like being stuck in a spin cycle and living in a virtual reality of Game of Thrones. It’s deeply fractious. Each group, be they bad or good; dictators, politicians, misogynists, feminists, the LGBT groups, environmental activists, immigrants & refugee’s, etc, are all trying to get to their throne and implement a change over their environment. It’s all very patriarchal, isn’t it? I think patriarchy has had its day, to be honest. Perhaps, this is what the change in the wind is? The Roman Empire has been and gone. Humanity needs to evolve from that.

    1. That is a very good question, but the dear leader’s birth data is seriously in question. It is easier to explain what is going on with dictatorial men. Pluto (power) is in Capricorn (ambition) so everybody wants to rule the world, to quote the Tears for Fears song. This cycle began in 2008 and we are halfway through. Overblown masculinity is one face of Pluto. He was found in 1930 when dictators were on the rise, from Hitler to Mussolini. You will be pleased to hear that Pluto types always get brought down if you wait long enough. It will happen in this cycle too. In fact, you will have your jaw on the floor when Saturn also goes through Capricorn and joins Pluto, Christmas 2017 onwards. We will probably see constitutional and world economic change which makes it impossible for these ‘great dictators’ to do what they have been doing to us, for the last nine years or so!

  8. Hi Jessica,

    On a personal level I have my MC and IC at 28 Aquarius and Leo, and I have Pluto at 17 Virgo and Uranus at 18 Virgo.

    I am starting a new job, should I be concerned?


    1. You’ll just see the classic reshape of Pluto-Jupiter – assuming your new job is part of a wider shake-up, there may be lots of jostling and moving around you. You have the same choice as everyone with this pattern, to either restructure and rebuild, or maybe leave it. With all that Virgo you tend to be rather dutiful so I think you’ll just be throwing yourself into the repatterning of the work space and relationships.

      1. Thank you, it is a small company and I have lots of space so I just want to jump in and work hard.

        I am hopeful as we go into Jupiter in Scorpio that this will work out. There is the potential there for me to prosper.


  9. Hello Jessica. I’ve secretly been put in the mix for a promotion this month. My competitors aren’t big fans of mine so it has the potential to be a volatile month (potentially starting this Friday). With your writings above and my horiscope this week and month I’m worried about all of the factors that seem to be impacting me this month. Do you have any hints for me? Are there days to avoid for interviews etc? Thank you very much.

    1. Please don’t worry. It’s hard to say if you are being affected without knowing the work you do. However, please stay tuned until next week, as it may be that other people are in an all-change situation and that is also going to have a ripple effect on your own life. I will give you an example. Just in the last two days, Prince Phillip has stepped down and so has one of Trump’s main advisors. Imagine how that reshapes the hierarchy and chain of command. Others will be affected by that and you may also find that you are dealing with other people’s politics. Long term your career chances are excellent as people really appreciate your angle on things – you can always find the perspective they haven’t thought of.

  10. I am afraid that something was wrong with my comment which I left on 30th of July. If I send them many times, please forgive me
    Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this precious article!
    Could you please tell me, how this will affect me? I have Pluto 17 Virgo…nothing in Capricorn or Libra or Aries at the degrees you mentioned.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Nothing wrong with your comment – my website crashed when Trump played Bohemian Rhapsody and it looked like my White House predictions this week were coming true! Your Pluto in Virgo is really about something you know really well, which is the need to rethink the way you are balancing your daily workload, housework with your food, doctor, fitness, drink, drugs, healers and the rest. It may feel as if it is a constant battle to do this but all the willpower you summon up will pay off. Why? You will feel in amazing new control. And it will make you very powerful if you can pull it off, now through 2018.

  11. A fascinating article, thank you so much, I really do admire your insight. As a Cancer I am teased relentlessly for my “preparedness” in case of an emergency, earthquake or otherwise. My moon is 28 Sagittarius 11’41, I’m going through a bit of a waiting period in my life and wonder if I should be prepared for a “shake” up???

    1. It’s good to be prepared with Saturn crossing your Moon and a ton of faster moving planets also moving around there, November/December. Basically the Moon is your need to be needed. It shows how you care, how you nurture and how you protect who/what matters most. All this takes place in the context of travel, foreigners, migrants, migration, education, the worldwide web and publishing across this time. Take it slowly and take very good advice. I am seeing some readers who have this placement who are affected by the U.S. rules on immigration coming through and the proposed U.K. rules on EU citizens, for example.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your service. I’m truly learning and appreciating the “as above, so below” theme in life. I’m extremely new to horoscope education. During last mercury retrograde in April, I was in confusion/ mental pain and still somewhat reeling from it. Do you know how my chart will survive this mercury retrograde? And is it a positive outlook with landing a new career opportunity to my satisfaction?

    Thanks Jessica

    1. Mercury Retrograde wasn’t behind that. One of the reasons you are going through a hard time is Saturn in Sagittarius, sitting hard on your own Sagittarius factors. A lot of who you are, and what you do, has been squashed flat by that. The cycle ends at Christmas. You will be offered a work project (or even a role) in the first quarter of 2018 which is like a holiday from the real world. Very tempting.

  13. Hi
    Hope I am second time lucky.

    Thank you for this wonderful article.

    Jupiter conjuncts Natal Uranus 17 Libra and involve in this Pluto square. What can I expect Jessica?

    Thank you kindly

    1. You have a lifelong pattern of being the catalyst for radical change with former, current and potential partners. That’s a long-winded way of saying you create your own upsets – you set up your own upsets – so that one way or another, you and she/he can find freedom. This is what’s actually going on here as Jupiter triggers Uranus with a particular person. Uranus always leads to independence one way or another.

  14. Jessica, my astrology knowledge is increasing weekly, thanks to you! After reading this, as well as the prelude to this week’s personal horoscopes, I’ve a small question: Given that my Libra Sun is @ 2 degs in 7th hse, my Aries Asc @ 8 deg, & my four Capricorn factors in 10th house (including the – I assume? – significant MC) are no where near the 17 & 28 degrees mentioned, can I interpret this to mean my factors won’t be Directly affected? I’ve had pretty much enough change & drama for a while! 😉 Thanks again. Love your site, BEST on the web!

    1. I’m glad you are learning astrology in real time. The best way! And that’s a huge compliment thank you. Your Capricorn career reshape will take many years to complete, actually. You’re not being much affected by this traffic in the long term.

      1. Cool. I Really Am starting to get this! 🙂
        ** Places a virtual apple on virtual desk of Teacher **

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Reposting here as my last browser doesn’t appear to work. I’m shaky and a little uncertain as To how the drama could unfold for me. I’m travelling for vacation with family and although it’s great to get away it’s a time when we fall out most.


  16. Thanks for a fascinating read as always. As another commenter said, I too am holding on to the edges of my seat. Really hope that this weather will result in a better future, a better system, someday. Happy belated birthday!

    1. Ah, thank you. It looks as though the astrology is already working out in specific ways as Prince Phillip has obviously just stood down, alongside Trump’s Bohemian Rhapsody! Watch this space. All astrology is calculated for London time so it may not be until Saturday that we get the full measure of all these changes at the top. I am also watching North Korea as we all are.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Wow once again your predictions were so accurate, to the day! A job I had been waiting to hear about suddenly fell through due to shake-ups behind the scenes, and with Vulcano 27 Aries I got the news on August 3rd! Sounds like things won’t get better for me until December and into 2018? (I have lots of placements in Capricorn too).

    1. Thank you E.C. although I am sorry the job fell through. You were meant to be more powerful than you are, in terms of your role and the projects, so you are being picked up and shaken around by Pluto in Capricorn. This cycle is relentless. You either step up to the plate and use your willpower to make massive changes about work, in particular, or you end up feeling controlled by destiny which is not fun. You are entering a life changing cycle for success, ambition and position and in time will see that this was part of the story to get you to where you had to be. I am clairvoyantly being shown bricks being laid.

  18. Hi Jessica

    I going to have the full moon and eclipse ( both) on my natal Venus 7 aug then. August22 Pluto.

    I am lost in my life. Trying to start a new teaching career but Australia doesn’t like 61 year old teachers. Try for university. But a lot of rejects. So I am lost how do I earn a wage to pay the basic bills. Do you think this eclipse will shift the out side controls to allow me to transform into a job gain.


    1. Hello Trisha. This is not so much about the eclipse or Venus, but you are very lucky to be ahead of the curve as a teacher because from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019 we are going to see a boom in teaching, especially online, but also in new ways. For now you have the bills to worry about, which I understand, but you will take care of these when you look outside teaching for short term ways to save or make money. Further along please go online, and extensively so, using language translation if necessary, final quarter of next year. Right time, right place.

  19. Astrology prediction winner! Friday Aug. 4, 2017 Major telecom power outage affects thousands in several provinces of Eastern Canada: cellphones out, landlines intermittent, tv & internet too, and flights delayed. Bravo, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Have to say, when Uranus makes a station, we do see electrical mayhem. Plus Mercury Retrograde – the shadow warned us a while ago!

  20. Hi Jessica, thanks for the encouragement on how to get through these tough days of August. I am been directly hit ‘hard’ this month, although in saying that since Pluto entered Capricorn years ago, ( I have hated life).

    Now I do not know who I am or where I am going as in forward in life in all areas. Lost lover, lost income, lost security in money. All the plans I think are right do not unfold. Especially with employment.

    I am really tied which comes with my age bracket (60) plus any way. Just constantly worried.

    As a bobby boomer now aged, how do we get through the next 10 years.

    Thanks you for taken the time to,read my words. The natal chart although says it all! (Pluto) and (eclipse/ moons)

    1. Hard to say without a chart in front of my nose, but I think you need to check out my friend Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols website which has free readings and is a very good beginning point. Sabian Symbols were channelled by Elsie Wheeler last century and together with Marc Edmund Jones, Elsie was tapping something so helpful. Constant worry is best replaced by some metaphysics so break up some worry patterns and start working with divination. I trust the Sabians and it is generous of Lynda to offer this free. I believe it’s I also strongly recommend you tap into your dreams and begin by looking at another friend, Jane Teresa Anderson, and her magnificent dream coaching website. You can find her on Twitter, along with me. I have given a workshop with JTA which I saw change people’s lives. Again she is very generous with her expertise and advice so I suggest you start exploring.

  21. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for writing about these specific dates. What just happened? I’ve been in the process of buying the perfect little income/vacation home and then out of nowhere my landlord (of our primary home- a rental) dropped the news he is selling and we’ll have to move. It was the email we almost never saw at the last minute to back out. I had to drop out of the purchase to try to regroup and figure out the best way to proceed. Or did I? What just happened? I’m so lost right now.

    1. It’s just Mercury Retrograde on top of Uranus Station and Jupiter-Pluto Square. In your particular case, I am so sorry about the property complication. You’ll actually do better in the long run, especially after October. In fact you will make or save money.

  22. My daughter is still not speaking to me due to her fathers alienating behavior. I’m an Aquarius with Scorpio moon and both my daughter and her dad are virgos. I’m trying to keep connection via email and hoping and praying she will understand I’m not a bad person. This is very disheartening to me. I hope something changes but I don’t know what to do.

    1. It will get hugely better at Christmas if you can just hang in there. Your daughter and her father are in a cycle which is not your fault, nor theirs, and you will breathe out at Christmas and fully exhale by January. Further ahead, you will all make some radical changes, or accept them, from May 2018. This will give the three of you tons more space. This does work out!

  23. Earthquake reported in the Highlands of Scotland on 4th August of all places!! We get them but it’s rare.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the earthquake in Scotland. That Jupiter-Pluto square was also rare. I think that was your biggest quake in thirty years…

  24. Hi Jessica!! Life has been a roller coaster the last few years. I feel I am getting a grasp of things and then the ride starts all over again. There is a lot going on with me.
    * I am paying the last installment on my first house this week.
    * I have to decide about my mother’s second house, to repair and rent, or sell.(her birthday is March 27, 1942)
    * My son changed his school to a more inclusive setup and I am hoping for his happiness(sun, venus, jupiter @18, 15 and 26 Leo)
    *My husband has his ascendant @ 8 Leo. I am struggling to hold our marriage together, but he sweeps everything under the carpet. But now if the past weekend is any indication, I am afraid things will blow out of control.
    * I am studying further to update myself, and be able to utilise my skills more effectively.

    Though I do not have any Leo factors in my own chart, my family does. How do I deal with the dramas sure to unfold? 🙁

    1. The most important thing I can tell you until Christmas 2017 is to sort out your group. People are not united. They should be. We have too much ego and not enough co-operation and collaboration. There is strength in unity. Whatever it takes, make all of you come together, to work together. We have an Aquarius-Leo eclipse current now which is all about the collective or community and the would-be leaders. This is what is paramount for you. Together you can do anything. Separately or against each other, nothing happens! You have about five/six months to triumph here.

  25. Hi Jessica
    I live in beautiful Sydney
    We are having a sunny beautiful winter..
    The news this morning on Trump’s threat to North Korea has left a chill in my heart.
    He said he will unleash fury like the worl has never seen.
    We, down under, still feel relatively safe, but for how long.
    I see these two leaders as a definite threat to humanity not to mention our planet.
    Male egos are at play here.!!!
    How do we stop these two maniacs from destroying us.
    Your thoughts are eagerly awaited.
    Best Regards

    1. Thank you. Fear not. There is massive investment in property here and tremendous greed. We are never going to see those precious high-rises go up in a mushroom cloud. Cheers!

  26. Thank you. I think I have said this before, but your Gemini-Sagittarius cycles are all about communication, language, learning, study, knowledge, education – and it’s global. You can move if you want to, but you can explore the world staying put. It’s all about the dual process of learning and teaching. Now through 2019.

  27. This is so fascinating! Specially in the current context of events that are unfolding. Add to that the fact that the Great American Eclipse is just around the corner. Call me freaked out, but I’ve been feeling weirdly jittery about all the goings on. There seems to be a storm brewing somewhere, not just for the world, but personally, I have quite a bit of Leo in my charts, and the eclipse is on my 28 Leo, I think, so everything feels like a knife’s edge now. 🙁

    1. Just steer clear of big judgement calls or action plans involving lovers, babies, children or young people on the day before, during and after that eclipse. In general August is very, very tough for a large number of people so we will all need time and space, and have to give time and space as well. That will help you too.

  28. Dear Jess, great articles on eclipses and I have just finished the book entitled “Murder of a Princess’ which basically points the finger at Charles and the CIA. I have also noticed my own life is heavily influenced by eclipses. I am a Virgo so had my own series the last two years (virgo moon), Scorpio rising, 11/9/1969 pm birth with Leo in Venus. I met my Spanish Ex who is a Leo (Leo moon) in 2012 and I moved to Spain in 2014 before returning in May 2015. All of those significant moves were made on mercury retrogrades, particularly around work. Then in September 2016 (eclipse) I made the decision to return, got a house sale on the December eclipse, bought here in the February eclipse and now I am having ‘unresolved drama’ with my Leo ex around these eclipses. I think I got to the bottom of what really made me leave in 2015, but at the same time there seems so much unresolved with my Leo Ex (3/8/1972). Is this a cover up, uncovering or re-coupling going on? I love your articles can you do another to make me feel better about Britain please!

    1. Thank you. I must read that book about Princess Diana and Prince Charles. If your former lover is a Leo there is a ton of work for this person ahead, in terms of the babies born, or the babies not born/avoided. This goes back to the past. You don’t say if you had children or not. The choices may involve you, they may not, but by January 2019 this Leo will know where the land lies for years. Just avoid the eclipse period.

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