The Leo Birthday Horoscope 2017- 2018

Happy Birthday Leo. Life-changing decisions about your former, current or potential mate are in store between July 2017 and August 2018

Happy Birthday Leo. Life-changing decisions about your former, current or potential mate are in store between July 2017 and August 2018. The fated arrival of the South Node in your opposite sign of Aquarius, along with Aquarius eclipses, puts your opposite number in life at the centre of your decisions.

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103 Responses

  1. I have quite the line up in Leo I’m hoping for my daughter to become more financially stable and my son may have another grandchild. Do these hopes have any hope? Lol

    1. You’re another one of these strongly Leo people who also have a big Aquarius chart signature. Aquarius rules groups, teams, clubs and friends. You will have some work to do, now through January 2019, to make sure that your circle of people has good communication. You all need to be on the same page so you land in the right place. There is huge potential here. It’s like looking at the chart for someone involved with Arsenal or Led Zeppelin. Worth all your effort. If you don’t try, though – no guarantees.

  2. The last two years have turned my world upside down. I sure hope there is light at the end of the tunnel! Do you see it?

    1. You will be travelling more ambitiously than ever before, but I suspect you will probably move. You may even emigrate. There is certainly a Leo Grand Tour ahead by August 2018. There is an important relationship or partnership involved and it will split you between two locations – possibly two cities, but even two countries. It’s time to ‘live your Leo’ and remember you are the monarch of all you survey. You can be so stylish and impressive when you want to be. I think that the actual act of travelling or relocating is going to trigger that. This cycle (Uranus in Aries) is also about the broader intellectual, academic or spiritual picture. So this feels like you gathering up knowledge, or passing it on. Maybe both.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica. I didn’t one you were a Leo as well… Explains why you’re so on point

  3. hi Jessica,
    I’m wrestling with property / family decisions that are looming. Can you please add any insight to my considerations in my new solar year?

    1. The most important thing I can tell you until August 2018, is about love, sex and commitment. This will change your life. I am sure property and family come into this, but actually, it’s much more about the stuff of poetry and music. The only thing is, you need to break free of who/what traps both of you. Remember a lot of stuff is other people’s concept of right, wrong, good, bad and the rest. And much of life is lived in the imagination or in fictional ideas about the future. As you and your former, current or potential lover work your way through this amazing episode, just remember that you both decide what is real and not real. And liberty just means working together, to be free. Then you can make up your own minds, about how you want to be with each other.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Any good news to look forward regarding business, travel, personal life …. from now till my 2018 birthday? Been through tough and many challenging experiences for many years now.
    Thanks a lot !

    1. Like so many Leo people you will have a passionate relationship on offer. You don’t say if you are single or in a relationship at the moment, but it sounds as if you might be free. You are going to have to work quite hard to get yourselves into a position where you can establish a healthy partnership, as despite the profound sexual attraction, there are a ton of issues here about what is right or wrong – and how restricted or trapped you both feel. Yet, all things are possible and it just takes consciousness and conscious effort. The result could be quite a remarkable partnership with unforgettable chemistry.

      1. Thanks a lot Jessica. yes I’m currently free.
        Happy Birthday, wish you a great year :)!

  5. Have a happy birthday Jessica. Your birthday is a month before mine. No wonder you’re psychic – having the double 7s – 25/07. I’m a day 7 and a life-path 7. I have a talent for predicting not-so nice things. You’re always spot on with your astro predictions.

  6. I’m looking forward to this Leo season. With 4 planets in Leo, I am not sure what to expect. I divorced after 26 years of marriage in fall of 2015. I keep getting the feeling that we are not done yet and there is still some closure to come. I’m in my 2nd Saturn return is Sagittarius and it has definitely been a rocky one.

    1. Was there a child? A young man is showing up in your chart. If this is not your son, or godson, or an important nephew – it may well be a potential lover who is your junior. The best way to connect with people like this, is to understand the project, the plan or the course. This is really where this younger man is coming from. And it’s going to be very important. Far more important than your former husband.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Any thoughts on personal life for me in the coming year please, hope you had a good birthday.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you, I did have a lovely birthday in Tasmania. Rest, recovery and recuperation is ahead for you. Then rebirth! All this Leo weather is taking place in your First House (physical body, appearance, identity, name, role, position) in the regular Solar Chart system I use for you. In the personal chart system I use for you, of course, the accent is on the younger generation – children or those born 20+ years after us. That is one very spiritual, rich issue to contemplate. it plays its part in your awakening, or (to quote W.B. Yeats) your ‘Second Coming.’ I have no idea what part pregnancy or children have played in your past, or play in your present or potential future – but getting to the heart of things is a big part of the year ahead. You have some past pain and conflicts – hurts – maybe even some physical surgery or other issues you’ve gone through. When the time is right, you can resurrect yourself.

  8. After reading through my chart and your posts I’m so curious as to whether I’ll ever meet anyone… There was someone recently but it ended very badly! We have history too which seems to show in the predictions. After such an awful year last year and surprisingly still being alive I’m just wondering if it will ever get better. Ps love your work!!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been through a bad break-up. The central thing about life until August 2018 (apart from what I have already written for Leo) is about your beliefs. You have major transits in the Ninth House, which rules religion, astrology, faith and philosophy. We associate the Ninth House with the Pope and the Vatican, for example. However it is also about beliefs which have nothing to do with the Bible and everything to do with our own personal ‘bibles’ or good books. Humanism is another kind of Ninth House belief. I think you’re going to have a vivid confrontation with who and what you put your faith in, by August 2018. The outcome will be tremendously important. It may even be the whole business of love, sex and marriage that makes you think harder about that.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Happy birthday! I really enjoy this website.
    Do you see any changes in my love life? I met someone special in January, but we are in July and there were no real developments. He is a Pisces, born on 08/March/1969 on the same city as I. I really would like to know why I keep thinking about him.
    The truth is that although he doesn’t know, several things changed for good in my life. People I met because of him, places I now go, changes I did into my life.
    I am not sure if I am just wasting my time on another “dream” since I am a big romantic dreamer.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the website, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. You could easily have a wonderful relationship with this Pisces man, or actually another Pisces man. Let me focus on the one who was born in 1969. He has a lot to give. He is sincere, certain – and I think you would find him sexually, emotionally and spiritually extremely tempting. It’s like being offered something really great on the menu of life. There is distance between you but he seems prepared to travel that. Would he move? Would you move? That’s a discussion for another time. I am not sure if he is ready to settle down but he is certainly a very tempting proposition for you. And he means it.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Just wondering if you can tell me about my career? Where is it heading ? Is there potential for it to be amazing? Soon ?

    1. Yes, your career (or your academic career) could be amazing by August 2018. You could easily move or commit to ambitious travel. You need to accept your own star quality and work with it. People are looking for a star. You could successfully devote equal time to two locations so that you move between both. A typical example would be a NYLON career (New York/London) or if you are in Britain, we might find you hopping between city and country. For long-term success it is very important that you look after both locations or organisations equally well.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I wish you a very happy birth day. I am a Libra and it seems like I missed a good opportunity last year-2016 in my career. do you see any second chance for me in coming months?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. Arun, it is hard to say without your chart – but if you are a Libran then the next major decision time for career, education and so on, is the Sun’s transit through Pisces, which begins in the final week of February 2018 and lasts until the third week of March.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    I am not sure if there was technical problem, but my inquiry had no response.

    I got divorced after 19 years… a capricorn showed up and we had an amazing long distance affair that ended – wrong timing, too soon.

    recently I met someone new and it feels good…

    still hoping to find the right opportunity to further my career and that has gone very slow.

    any insights on where I need to focus to manifest my happiness in better ways is highly appreciated – especially with this leo energy!

    1. I have 3,542 comments in the queue today, and I answer them as they arrive, when I have a chance to log onto the website. There are no technical problems, just one of me and 3000+ questions! Between now and August 2018 there will be a major decision made about your legacy, or the legacy of a family member – perhaps your former partner. You have transits in your Eighth House in your solar chart (Leo) ruled by Pisces and also in your natal chart, as Jupiter also passes through the Eighth House. What is this house of your chart? It rules the last will and testament, the family tree, and legal judgements about inheritance. It rules those who have gone before you, and those who come after you. It is very important that you get the best advice you can afford from tried, tested and trusted experience as this is a major turning point for you.

  13. My husband and I have been separated for the last 4 months. I’m undecided whether to proceed with divorce. He doesn’t seem to want to divorce, but is very happy with the separation. I’m also at an age where if I don’t have children in the coming year or so, I may as well kiss that dream goodbye (although adoption is always an option). Is there light at the end of this tunnel? Thank you Jessica and belated happy birthday!

    1. Be the heroine who cleans up a difficult situation. Until August 2018 you must find your inner Leo (think Boadicea or Queen Elizabeth I as your role models) and sort out, fix and tidy up what is undeniably pretty painful. Only when you do this can you move on. You have some work to do and by using your sense of humour and wisdom, you can do that work and clear the air – and prepare the ground for new growth in your life. Everything is possible after that. You could join a group (like a team, club or society) which would be the most refreshing and relaxing experience for you. You could move or travel. It is very important that you remove any further grounds for conflict between yourself and your former husband and there may be a third person. Get rid of any possible tools or excuses for further issues – that leaves you free to bury the hatchet and finally, finally move on. You are going to take off a few layers here, change your look, find out who you are and become the Leo you really are! Once you know yourself and advertise yourself that way/present yourself that way, you will be amazed at who finds you.

  14. Thank you so much for you insight. Over last few years my relationship with my wife has been detoriating and seems to be stretched to breaking point. We have our kids to consider. I would really like to work things out but unsure if she can. Your article on Leo Birthday speaks directly to this point. Do you see that for us? My wife has
    Sun 29° Aquarius 22′ 58″
    Moon 28° Cancer 05′ 14″
    Mercury 06° Aquarius 31′ 51″
    Venus 05° Pisces 19′ 06″
    Mars 18° Aries 01′ 08″
    Ceres 09° Pisces 28′ 03″
    Jupiter 05° Scorpio 58′ 00″
    NorthNode 11° Pisces 50′ 54″ R
    SouthNode 11° Virgo 50′ 54″ R

    Thank you so much for all your insights. You are unbelievably accurate.

    1. I am sorry your marriage is rocky, and with children it is even harder, of course. You need to look at your finances. If you do decide to break up, or even make changes in the marriage, you are going to have to address the issue of what is fair, equal and just – with the money. There seems to be a huge gap here between the haves and the have-nots. Transits through Libra put a big focus on outcomes being balanced. You also need to look at the balance of power and the way it is being played out through money. Whatever comes out of this has to feel right for both sides. And you may want to go more deeply into questions about who/what is priceless and beyond mere money, too. Human values and all that. It helps.

  15. Hi Jessica, absolutely love your website!
    Being a leo with sun in leo and moon in aquarius, I wonder how hard the eclipses of 7 august and 21 august will struck me. For some reason I have a negative feeling about this.

    1. This a rebirth, recovery and resurrection year for you and by August 2018 you will have been given the choice to start over. Much of this is to do with the mind, body and spirit. Sometimes we just need to heal and repair from life, in order to make a fresh start. There are also Ninth House transits here which make faith, belief and spiritually extremely important in the mix. The eclipses themselves are just blind spots – common sense says, steer around them.

  16. Hi Jessica
    Greetings from Sydney
    Born on 17 August
    Since I have retired two years ago I have been drifting along aimlessly unsure of whats next in the last chapter of my life.
    I enjoy volunteering but am basically alone but do have a few friends. One adult unmarried son not living in Sydney.
    I still feel an exciting in my futre but what is there ?? Sometimes I think …Is this it ? Is this all there is ?
    Thanks Jessica

    1. So you’re a Leo and you’re looking for a purpose. The answer rests with your son – and if not him, then another young face who could be like a son to you, or a daughter for that matter. If you are volunteering then look to young people. That’s your mission.

  17. Happy Leo Birthday Jessica!
    I am interested in how this time period can affect Leo rising people – my asc at 03 degrees Leo 28′ 18″, Minerva 08 Leo, Proserpina 20 Leo, Pluto 19 Leo, South Node 27 Leo. Many thanks for any information. I am interested in the possibility regarding past partners (Sun Leo, Sun Aquarius), as well as financial concerns. Also, do you regard personal readings as necessary for the coming year, as there are many changes afoot?

    1. Thank you. You have not closed the book entirely with at least one past partner (possibly more) and you will be rewriting that chapter through to January 2019. There are lots of questions here about how to be ‘Queen’ – do you find a way to help that person play the Prince or King with you, or are we talking about a courtier here? There is certainly more to say and more to decide between you.

  18. Hi Jessica, a lot of what you talked about it in terms love and past partners are definitely in the picture for me. I am going through custody of my 11-yo boy thing with my ex husband and hope that after 6 years of uncertainty we finally resolve it both in terms of setting legal rights, decision making and child support. Also my one year old relationship broke apart under the pressures of this year many stresses, but we still care about each other very much and it doesn’t feel as the end. Can you shed a light on those two things. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad this makes sense. It will take time. Rather than try to make up your mind now you may want to wait and see – what the realities are – especially November, December. The short relationship is not resolved and there is more discussion ahead. Read the Leo Weather story I wrote, which is rather long, but covers your bases too.

  19. Hello Jessica,
    As always you provide us all with such great information ! I say thank you.

    I have moved to my home state, and I am in process of looking for work. My industry is cluttered with people. It is very competitive ! I have been on three interviews in the last couple of days, and have another on Aug 2. I feel a great push coming over me, and I do feel optimistic.

    Could you please provide some in site on my employment ? With these eclipse and Mercury going retro I am a little nervous starting a new job and even starting a new relationship. Which by the way would be great to find a nice fellow to date.

    All the Best to you !

    1. Thank you very much. Actually, you are interviewing them, as much as they are interviewing you. That is why you are doing all this running around with a job search. It needs to be right and so you also have to do a lot of selecting. The eclipses are in Leo and not really about your job unless you are involved with much younger people, for example, in a leadership role. Mercury Retrograde just means, read the fine print, get it in writing, and have Plan B. This will work out eventually but stay pretty flexible as other people will have slightly scatty schedules and that will of course affect you.

  20. Jessica, my birthday is August 7th. Where is the love again? I thought marriage in your late forties was impossible these days. Do I really have hope?

    1. Who told you marriage in your late forties was impossible? Too funny. You’re ripe for a fling, or even something far more serious, now through the Leo weather of January 2019. And the most intense phase of all could come as late as 2025 and beyond, believe it or not.

  21. Hi Jessica. I’ve been married for 3 year and 7 years of being together, i’ve been through a LOT. I don’t think my marriage is going to work for too long. There’s someone special (he has a 9 year old son) I met by the end of last year that is in a relationship (8 months) and It was so strange meeting him because I felt familiarized with him as I met him before. By January we talked about being together but he just dissapeared for a while to comeback again like 10 days ago and just got honest with me and that He wants to be with me because i make him happy without even kissing, because we both are very respectful with our partners, and I will be honest; we’re crazy for each other like a fairytale, we haven’t even kissed or touched. I am currently waiting for my residency (legal papers) that me and my husband are going through, bc without it i cant stay in the US and i want to stay here. What’s that about thw babies thing? I’m freaking out? Am I divorcing from my husband? Marrying the other? Or just nothing happens? Please let me know any important info you see.

    1. You’ll be able to make all the important choices about these two men by October and there may be some last minute discussion or paperwork by November, at the latest. By then you will be sure about yes/no and stay/go. It really is your choice – it’s your bridge to cross – no matter if you just make huge changes with your husband or part company. The residency issue will be well and truly known by Christmas. I hope that helps.

  22. Hi jessica

    At the outset, I wanted to say how much I love reading your eerily accurate predictions for my sign.

    I wanted to check in on any insights – the past year has been a bit of a turmoil (putting it mildy) with regards to my love life (which you had predicted in my last birthday horoscope as the guy came in around the August 22nd eclipse and I jumped in even though you had warned that it would lead to complications).

    Heart wrenching and I am now back at the drawing board sort of situation and a lot of angst along the way.

    Career/work seem to be at a stand still as I dont know where I am heading with this job and generally with my career.

    I would truly appreciate any insights for this year. Also since you suggest in the article that something will come back from a point of no return – is there any hope of me and this August 22 guy getting back together (DOB 5th Jan 1980).

    Thanks so much in advance

    1. He has choices to make about you or another past, present or potential lover in August. That decides things. Your fallback position is excellent so please do not worry about this – but there is a very good chance he’ll see the light. Thanks for the feedback about eerily accurate prediction!

  23. A big hello to you Jessica 🙂
    Thank you so much for your website, I absolutely love reading your work.
    My dob is 28/7/68 at 4.45pm Melbourne Australia.
    While reading your Leo article above, I couldn’t help but wonder about whether a man (dob 3rd April 75) whom l love dearly will return & want to make a commitment with me. We 1st got together in 2006 & then have been on/off till this last 7th April 17 when I let him go & told him to find another partner. Well, he did just that ! She is a lot younger with a small child. I have a teenager & he has an 11 yr old son. I don’t know why but I keep thinking he needs to do this to see who he is & to see what we had & could have. Is it crazy for me to think this September 17 that he might reappear in my life ? If he stays with this other woman then I know this is over for good. I sure hope I don’t have to continue with this uncertainty & heart ache for another year. It would be greatly appreciated if you had any thoughts on my current situation ? Thank you. Kind Regards Roshelle

    1. Thank you – passing that compliment onto James, Justin and Alyas. Roshelle, I will look at your love life until August 2018. Actually the real issue is your workload. You take care of everything and everybody. Way too much. It’s back-breaking responsibility and the key issue is not the passionate distraction of a lover – it is figuring out your lifestyle. You are being well and truly ‘Plutoed’ by Pluto in your zone of daily chores, tasks, workload, psychological responsibility for other people – and so on. You have the potential of a secure and lovely home life and heaven knows who you could invite into your bedroom, once you get there! Yet, to get to the home, you have to drop the load. Delegate the work, chores, housework or drop some. It may also be affecting your spine or general vitality. Sorry, nothing about the guy – all about you!

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your reply. I am thinking maybe I should be looking at another sun sign forecast on your site since your reply indicates that the next 12 months are pertaining to my work load & me rather than my past/current/potential lovers & the guy I inquired about is no where to be seen. I have one child who is completing 12 & due for her 3rd open heart surgery over the next year and I have no family (l am also a single parent). So, there is ni one to delegate responsabilties to with the workload you wrote about. Not sure which area of your site I should be researching when investigating the birthday forecast for the 12 months ahead ? If it’s all about my work load should I be reading just my rising sign on your site ? Thank you, kind regards Roshelle

        1. Roshelle, just read your Sun Sign, not your Rising Sign. These things are worked out on your Solar Chart and it is accurate. You also need to read the story I wrote on Leo Weather which is specifically about your child. I wish you the very best with her health and care.

          1. Thank you Jessica for your reply & best wishes. I will re read your Leo weather story & take note. 🙂

  24. My academic career seems interrupted, I can not resume. I’ve been trying for some financial stability for years. I had two years of tranquility, but that is gone. I also worry about something karmic with a younger person with whom I broke contact. Your last report seems very difficult for me, I am sure? There´s hope (laughs) ?

    I have north node in Libra, and I have south node in Aries.
    Ascendant in Gemini, and mars in twins.

    Thanks, you´re the best.

    1. Thank you. You have two choices, now through August 2018. You can either reshape and rebuild, or you can walk away and start again, aiming for a better world. Both will work out for you. There is something pretty amazing about a restructured structure, and the person who triumphs in doing that. One also has to admire the brave person who shrugs off the past and builds a new future. You will succeed in either role. As you may know. There is a sister, or sister-like figure who will help you. So much.

  25. My Leo brother who is born August 7th, 1951 is married to an Aquarius born February 11th, 1957 has been struggling with his marriage for a long time. There is a long history of unfaithfulness on her part. They both live under the same roof, but not as a real man and wife. I read your Leo Birthday horoscope and it says things about coming back from a point of no return. Do you think this will happen with them? Or is this the time they end it for good? They have 2 adult children one a Female Taurus and a Virgo Male. Also, I had read your column about the August Eclipses. Can you give me any insight as to how or if they will effect my life and my husbands life. Especially the August 21st Eclipse. My husband was born on February 22, 1947 and I was born on May 6th, 1957 at 2:20 PM. Thank you for any advice you have.

    1. Got it. I can do one question at a time, so I will look at your Leo brother. Now through August 2018, he needs to come back to your family. I mean, the whole family tree, as well as his own. No point in blaming him or judging him. He suffers from depression, or some other medical/clinical condition which means he is not on the planet. There may be prescribed or illegal drugs at work, alcohol or just a mental condition. You can help him by drawing him back to family, roots, heritage, culture, past, origins. It’s going to be hard work, but worth it for the young male involved.

  26. Hi Jessica, Always exciting to read my birthday horoscope ! Do you see anything for me financially ? I am running my business and have other projects. I am working really hard to be financially free and not have to work a second job to pay the bills ! thanks !

    1. It’s really about understanding your boss, or the father figure – might be Dad, might be a far older lover. This chap is the key to what you want, on every level. This goes far beyond mere cash – into status, position, ambition, mission and the rest. So you are using money as a reason to get to your soul – and your soul is on track for an encounter with male authority. You have to deal with him/this – it’s part of the Uranus cycle.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you can offer some insights to my coming year. I am married but this relationship has hit rocky times over the past couple of years, in particular over the last year. (FYI: I do not have any children from my marriage.) During the past year another male has been brought into my life via my work whom I have developed feelings for. There is something ‘there’ between us but I get the sense he has a complex love life, although he is not married and does not have children, I get the feeling he is linked to someone. I really don’t know what to do move forward with this situation and feel my love life has become stuck. Am wondering whether the upcoming eclipse on 21st August will have an impact? Since the full moon on the 7th August I have felt nothing more than frustrated and rather down about this complex emotional situation.

    Any advice would be much appreciated 🙂

    1. I am sorry you are so stuck with love. Now through August 2018 the most important thing I can pass on is – travel and relocation are coming. This is you. Or your lover. It’s going to connect you (or your lover) to two different cities or countries. It’s part of an overall understanding between both of you. You are both hugely different but equal. Your two ‘places’ are equal but different. This is by no means an average or normal partnership but if you can savour the gaps between you and the different locations it will work, bella!

  28. Hi Jessica

    I’m thrilled to read you are another Leo! I did leave a comment the day after my birthday but I’m sure you’ve been so busy you didn’t see it. Anyway would be so grateful if you can give me some insight into my year ahead. Currently I have been researching plans of all sizes-looking into creating a family, revamping my website and online presence and selling my flat. Thing is these are all about to start and I just realised Mercury is going Retrograde next week! Will my plans bear fruit and should I delay putting them into action (have started the ball rolling on all of them). I would so appreciate your insight, thanks in advance

    1. You will have sold your flat – to your total advantage – October through December. You have younger leaves on your family tree who could help you to grow – and vice versa. I hope that helps. It’s all in place by 2018 if you want it!

  29. Thank you Jessica, I had October in mind as a time the flat would be sold, all being well so that is exciting. And more importantly the younger leaves-Even more thrilling. Thank you!

  30. Hi jessica ,

    I am an Aries sun and have Leo in my north node at 28.52,I also have mars at 26.21 in Leo, am I in the center of the storm, what will i see. I am single and have not been involved in any relationship so far. will this be something to do with that or any thing else? The information about this eclipse is very stressing to me because I think that something uneasy might happen to me? I never felt much about the 7th eclipse yet

    1. Eclipses are just cover-ups or blind spots, so avoid the day in question for big judgements, and the day before and after – that’s it. No need to be anxious. You want a relationship? You have an opportunity, now through October. This may be something or someone you did not do more with, some months ago. The door is open and it may be the same door, opened twice.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been looking at this post and the Leo weather post which are both insightful and interesting but finding it hard to navigate my way through the weather post as I think I’m getting confused as to how I should best interpret the info. Could you tell me, are there any key dates in February 2018 and early March that are highlighted in my chart at all?
    Thanks so much in advance,

    1. Thomasin you will make a chain of decisions about the role children and young people should play in your life, now through January 2018, which will certainly dominate your personal life. On the surface it looks like choices about dating or commitment (you don’t say what your situation is) but actually, the bigger picture is about the younger faces who inherit the legacy of your personality. The other biggest change of all will come from your career from May 2018 when you get a first glimpse of what freedom is going to look like.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you for this; I am currently pregnant and the weight of being ‘good enough’ and the dynamics this baby will grow up around (immediate family included) is weighing heavily on me. There is a lot of animosity between myself and my husband’s family and I feel very misunderstood; questions about this child being around them makes me very anxious and obviously has an impact on my relationship with my husband.
        I feel very unprepared and financially unstable and so this also is a concern, but I wonder if the freedom within my career you mention is partly money based?
        I also wonder if it’s clear in my chart that I’m undergoing some personal challenges, as I am so often torn between giving to much to others and doing what is right for me and the fear that comes attached to both of those?
        Thanks Jessica

        1. Lots of questions here. You are the Queen and this is your heir to the throne so concentrate on mentoring and guiding your prince/princess the right way and don’t worry too much about the others around your court. Every Royal has her in-laws (Princess Diana certainly had hers) but you can’t go wrong by focussing entirely on the right way to bring up your child, so he/she can inherit the legacy of your personality and truly be your heir. Own your Leo side which is strong! You have a large lump sum you can save or make shortly but you are going to have to make it real. It is not there to be imagined or guessed at – you have to reach for it and be practical.

  32. Hi Jessica. A big fan of your work . My son is 24 July 1976 ( India , Jodhpur, 7:35 pm). Am looking to change my career and maybe become a hypnotherapist ? Also am married and looking to divorce and find my sm.. any pointers would be deeply appreciated

  33. Hi Jessica,
    Happy Birthday!
    Im a Leo too, with the sun at 28″56′. I’ve spent most of this year in tears over a break up at the end of last year, only just starting to recover – I thought he was “the one”. His family, who I was quite close to, is encouraging me to hold on to the hope of a reunion. He’s a Scorpion (30th Oct) and there’s no indication of interest of starting over from him- he might have even moved on. Reading about Aesculapia in Aquarius gives me hope. I’m 32 in a few days so panicking about running out of time to have kids. I’m a little bit excited about the eclipse next week as an opportunity for a re-birth. Hold on for a bit longer or take the eclipse and Move on? Anything else exciting on the horizon?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about this painful break-up. There is no ‘one’ and only ‘one’ who suits your life at the time, because of whatever massive lesson you have to learn, or whatever huge gift you have to receive. The eclipse is not a rebirth. It is best avoided. You may want to hit Search and read about eclipses, and also about the Leo weather story I wrote.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and detailed insight!
    As a Leo sun, I just had my b-day. Looking ahead, I see Jupiter conjunct my MC and Uranus until the end of the year, the NN over my sun and of course the big shift from Uranus in May ’18. I do not have a partner or partner-like associate in my life right now and my professional situation is a (well-paid) marathon in a rat maze (frustrating). All areas feel very intertwined and lock jammed, cancelling each other out constantly. So, with regards to your Leo Birthday Horoscope, do you see any new people, improvement and/or movement in these areas? I feel like I need some outside influence to help me get my mojo back, or is there a different point I am just not seeing?
    All the best & thanks for taking time with all the forum questions!

    1. Thank you very much. You will have a solid opportunity to revive things with your ex or begin a new relationship between now and January 2019. The clues are there now. You may also want to use your Astrology Oracle to ask the simple question ‘What is standing in my way?’ and ‘What can I pursue, in 2018, to get what I want from love?’ In general, your Virgo-Capricorn is running your life, which commonly happens when Pluto goes through one and slowly trines the other over many years. You are living through your work role, which makes you successful, but you may want to look at a different kind of music. It’s like being classical at work and punk at home. Clairvoyantly I see music for you.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the year ahead, always nice to read the pointers!
    Wondering if you can tell me something more about the path of lovers for me this year. Im currently struggling with my Leo partner, on the edge of divorce (no kids) I have a career, he doesnt want me to proceed with that. I feel my career and lovelife and pushing me abroad, moving somewhere else. This has also to do with the attraction of a married virgo man (&kids) with lots of leo factors.
    I always choose the save path and always feel like im missing out on something big. Now I wonder if for once I should close my eyes and just jump into the known unknown. I know you can not make my decisions, however I would love to hear your insights based on the signs.


    1. I am so sorry about the possible divorce. The married man with children is not a good idea – we have eclipses in Leo in August, and heavy Leo weather through January 2019, and this rules potential stepchildren, like his own. You have other paths apart from this one. If you want to get into your choices use your Astrology Oracle. This will help with the Virgo in particular as you don’t give his data. As a whole, be prepared for a long and winding road with love, sex and possible stepchildren or pregnancy, through January 2019 as the Leo weather is ongoing. I wrote a long piece about that if you want to hit Search.

  36. As you may already be guessing – perhaps – the time has come to reshape the relationship you have with younger faces, and you are going to be shown many different ways to do that, now through January 2019. You can do it in a sexual partnership for obvious reasons. You can do it by teaching. You can do it by involving yourself in a charity project which embraces children. Louisa, you may want to use your Astrology Oracle for the more personal questions. Yet, nothing has really started yet. You need to give this time and then you will see just how the paths are opening up. The younger generation is fated to meet you halfway, but you control how it is to happen.

    1. Louisa – children’s books are best considered when Jupiter (opportunity) goes into publishing (Sagittarius) which starts with a trickle in the final quarter of 2018 and is a flow by 2019. We are going to see new technology and new portals for independent and traditional publishing by that stage. You would certainly know your stuff. I suspect there is just as much of a market for storytellers, actually! Thank you for the compliment on the new design, I will pass that onto James and Justin.

  37. Hi Jessica
    Am curious if I will find love or the company of a gentleman again. Have been on my own for a few years now. Am quite happy with my life but would enjoy a man’s company again.
    I am a few years above middle age…born on 17 August.
    In a previous email to you I mentioned I am a volunteer. Your reply was that my mission is to work with children. Only the day before I applied to volunteer at Camp Quality ….children going through cancer treatments. Very big self funded charity in Australia. Children and their families are taken on Camp somewhere to spend weekends just having fun…also days out.
    I am proud to say I was accepted and am looking forward to, I hope, to make a diference and give something back, as I have had a pretty good life so far..
    I am about to become a premium member once again as I love the chinese horoscope and fortune cookies etc.
    Best Regards

    1. I am so pleased you are working with children at Camp Quality and your mission is unfolding. You could easily date someone with children, or find his godchildren/nieces/nephews become part of your own world – now through January 2019. Well done on all that you are achieving, you will never be forgotten by either the children or their families. I’m glad you love the fortune cookies, I will pass that compliment onto James and Justin, who created them.

  38. Thank you so much for this! The virgo has as below;
    Sun virgo 16^42
    Moon cancer 8^36
    Mercury virgo 4^44
    Venus leo 14^41
    Mars leo 29^37
    Jupiter Aquarius 8^03
    Saturn Scorpio 23^06
    Uranus sagi 14^06
    Neptune capr 0^ 52
    Pluto scorpio 2^53
    Asc scorpio 10^28
    Midh virgo 2^27

    Sorry hope you understand this. He too is struggling with marriage/sex as he was not sure if his first child was his, luckely this is the case.
    As for my husband, it is clear that we don not see eye to eye about how to have a family/career in the future. However we do respect and care for eachother very much!!

    Thanks again Jessica!

    1. This is all about the children (both first and second child) as here you have someone with Mars in the Fifth House of parenthood in Leo at 29 degrees who is about to have an eclipse right there – as well as a ton of traffic. He needs to figure out his Leo side which is all about being King to the younger court and mentoring/guiding younger faces to his throne. This will be his path now through January 2019 and his love and sex life will have to cleave towards that. Ultimately fatherhood is going to have to come first. He has a ton of Leo weather now through January 2019 on the way. For more on that hit Search and look for Leo Weather.

  39. Hello Jessica. Thank you for your wonderful insights .
    My dob is 24/07/1976 at 7:35 pm in India , Jodhpur. Sun in Leo, moon in cancer and Aquarius asc.
    I have had a turbulent marriage of 16 years with two kids .I have been looking to find my soul mate and divorce my husband. I have not found what I’m looking for .. I’m running on empty for so long .. am I destined to have karmic bonds with my husband and never be loved the way it’s meant to be .
    I’m a highly sensitive creative person who likes drawing and singing… secretly wish to be an actress … but recently I have been looking at hypnotherapy as a way to set up my own biz… please guide me .. very confused soul … Thank you much appreciated…x

    1. The key words for Neptune are ‘confused’ and ‘hypnotherapy’ so I expect you have a strong Neptune chart signature. It’s worth finding out. Neptune in your chart making exact or close aspects to other horoscope factors is the likely culprit here. (Far more important than your Ascendant). There is no soul mate. There are people who you have relationships with, which may occasionally settle karmic ties, but that’s about it. You will make the final decision about your children by January 2019 and it will be with you for many years. It’s not about the marriage or your love life, it’s about the young people who inherit the legacy of your personality and you’ll figure that out, now through the end of 2018.

  40. Hi Jessica.
    Happy Biryhday to all Leo’s everywhere!!
    I recently (July) met a man who lives 3,300kms away. I feel a deep connection to him and whilst it is very early days, I wonder if the coming year relates to him?

    Love you’re predictions – always so accurate and on time!!
    D xx

    1. Thank you D. And Happy Birthday to all August Leo people too. You have possibly the right man, certainly at the right time – if nothing else – but without knowing his chart it’s hard to say. In general, any former, current or potential lover floating Leo’s boat at the moment could be the story by next year.

  41. Hi Jessica, any insight from my chart about how the next 12 months going to be career and relationship wise? Am I going to meet someone new also a new career? Thanks!

    1. You’ll make or save enough money to travel or move. That could take you anywhere in terms of love or work. It’s a small but significant sum which you’ll need to claim, trade over or invest in the most intelligent way. Your family tree is also calling you. You haven’t even looked there yet but there are distinct possibilities for a nicer life.

      1. Family free calling? something like inherent? Can’t think of any because all are pretty broke 🙁 met up a few people that I haven’t seen for awhile during mercury retrograde will see what it leads to. Definitely open to foreign relationships in fact I really want to leave the city I’m currently at in next few years. Also Jessica I would like to know is it wise not to plan/do anything during eclipse (especially upcoming solar eclipse in Leo) still a bit confused after reading all the articles I just keep that day as simple as possible. I have to take an educational course just two day during 1st week of September and I know it’s mercury retrograde sadly that’s the only time I’m free to do it otherwise would be a wait to November which is far too long. My travel is flexible but I avoid booking my flight ticket during the solar eclipse so I decided to wait 2-3 days after and hope it’s a right decision to make and hope mercury retrograde won’t have too much impact on learning something that I already had some knowledge about?

        1. There is a lot of rubbish on the internet about eclipses. I’m seeing ‘It’s great!’ and I’m seeing ‘It’s terrible!’ and actually an eclipse is neither of those things. It’s just what history tells us. A big cover-up. There are usually 2-3 cover-ups that affect the world as a whole. It might be Lance Armstrong lying about drugs. It might be the French telling us Diana’s death was an accident. It might be a Moscow bombing that – amazingly – ends up in Putin becoming President a few months later! Just be aware that you can’t know/don’t see at the moment. This will be a world thing but in your own life, on an educational course (or whatever) – travel – try not to assume too much. I looked at your chart, and this 21st August eclipse is about understanding there is a big blind spot here about people who have ideas or opinions which are virtually identical, and could thus collaborate and co-operate – but one person in question just can’t see it. This may be you, it may be another. There is a real inability here to truly see where the backing or support might come from. Classic eclipse. Let it pass.

          1. Thanks Jessica! I had a brief talk with a business about a potential collaboration. we both believe in astrology and they are currently reviewing their business and make official changes after mercury retrograde. Our chat was pretty casual and plan to go into more detail after the eclipse I guess it’s good for either side as we can see things more clear after the eclipse?

          2. Yes. In general, hold off until Mercury Retrograde Shadow is over in September. And the eclipse is now behind you as the Moon is in Virgo, having finished its rather dramatic display in Leo. I am hearing from people (across this eclipse) about individuals who are shadowy or shady in some way. Some may either be rather dark, or keep people in the dark. Check back over your emails, Twitter and real-world conversations over the last three days and see where your antennae go up. That’s where you want to really ask a lot of questions. People who withhold information, make a show of being mysterious, don’t fully reply to questions, don’t divulge enough – are classic ‘Eclipse’ people. I don’t have the charts of your business associates, of course. Perhaps this is your personal life. Don’t engage fully with people who play games, basically.

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