What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope

Aesculapia is a symbol of miraculous comeback. The position of this asteroid shows you where you can be like the Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks.

Aesculapia is a symbol of resurrection, revival and a miraculous comeback in your horoscope. By sign and house, the position of this asteroid shows you where you can be like the Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks. Just when you think someone/something is over, it comes back from the brink. I used this asteroid to predict the outcome of the 2017 UK Election. By the way, thanks for all your messages about that.

Predicting the Future With Aesculapia

Whenever this powerful asteroid makes exact aspects (patterns) in your chart, you just know there’s going to be a Phantom return. This is exactly what happened on the day that Prime Minister Theresa May called her election. And so, to the prediction, which was based on Aesculapia.

This is what you read.

“To predict the future for groups (political parties) you always use Aquarius, which rules the Eleventh House (communities). Using the Natural House system here, we can see Diana at 6 Aquarius, Panacea at 22 Aquarius, the South Node at 26 Aquarius and Aesculapius at 27 Aquarius. That last one interests me. Why? Aesculapius is a symbol of resurrection. It describes people coming back from the brink – just when you thought someone’s political career was over, it isn’t! There is a real feeling of ‘Ghost Who Walks’ on June 8th and it’s rather like The Phantom. If you are curious about Aesculapius, you can look him up in your ebooks if you are a Premium Member. He’s a powerful asteroid and a relative of Jupiter in our astrological family tree. If you had the plague/were plagued, then you went to this god, in Ancient Rome, for a miraculous cure.”

Predicting a Dead Woman Walking in the 2017 Election

So who was the Ghost Who Walks? Prime Minister Theresa May. When you use asteroids in astrology, you can make predictions that almost repeat the newspaper headlines.

DEAD WOMAN WALKING II - What Aesculapia means in your HoroscopeDEAD WOMAN WALKING 485x600 - What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope


Understanding How to Work With Asteroids

The asteroids like Aesculapia (also known as Aesculapius/Asklepios) can be found at a glance if you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart from me. He is in Jupiter’s family tree. All modern astrology is based on these Roman family trees, which began with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn – and later added Uranus (father of Saturn) in 1781, then Neptune (Jupiter’s brother, in 1846) and Pluto (another of Jupiter’s brothers, in 1930).

The best way to understand how Aesculapia works in your chart is to look back at your own past to find out how you have experienced revivals, comebacks, returns and the rest. If you have Aesculapia in Leo in the Fifth House, for example, you may have paid or unpaid work which brings children back from the point of no return – perhaps in medicine or even in children’s charities. (Leo rules children and young people). At the same time, Leo and the Fifth House are associated with lovers, so perhaps you are the kind of person who can resurrect a dead love affair, not just once, but many times.

Aesculapia and Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was born with Aesculapia at 27 Sagittarius exactly aspecting Ops, another asteroid (Jupiter’s mother) at 27 Taurus. Florence Nightingale became famous nursing dying soldiers back to life as they lay in their hospital beds, far from home in England, during  the Crimean War. Sagittarius, of course, rules foreign places and people.

This asteroid was found in 1923 and the other connection with nursing/medicine/healing/surgery/the life force comes from the simple fact that in 1923, insulin was discovered. As you can see below, the twisting spiral of DNA resembles the twisting snake on the famous Rod of Aesculapia. You will see the god holding this snake, or staff, with a serpent wrapped around it in most museums. Today, the symbol can be seen on the side of New York ambulances.

AESCULAPIA JPEG 432x600 - What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope

Discovering Aesculapia in the British Museum

I am often asked when I will be teaching astrology – particularly Sun Sign astrology – and the answer is, 2019. These lessons and events will be free to Premium Members. One of the very first field trips we will take will be to the British Museum, where you can begin discovering the meaning of asteroids like Aesculapia by looking at surviving sculpture and other artefacts from Ancient Rome. Rome was where our modern astrology was born, after a long period of trial and error, involving Mesopotamia and Greece. The Romans took Britain, and imported their gods and goddesses. These powerful archetypes found their way into British astrology, thus by 1930 when Tombaugh was discovering Pluto and Burney was naming him, London stargazers were identifying this planet with the Roman god who ruled Hades – Pluto the ruler of the Underworld. It all comes from those long-ago exported Italian gods.

Pluto and Aesculapia

Pluto is important in the story of Aesculapia by the way. Pluto wanted human souls in his realm of the dead. Aesculapia made it his business to save those souls, and haul them back before they ever had a chance to enter Hades. A battle ensued. Today in the British Museum you can see the god on the ground floor, a little worn by time, but still holding his famous rod and snake. It is not only a symbol of DNA but of the Chakra system in Indian healing. Those Romans knew a thing or two. Sometimes the snake or serpent symbol will turn up in your life when you are having a transit to  your natal (birth) Aesculapia – or he is crossing something crucial in your chart. I photographed this on a day when a friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived. Sometimes astrology and synchronicity can be powerful.

The Romans and the Plague

Plagued by the fear of a hung parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May came back from the brink, as we’ve seen. In fact, the Romans set up special temples (their version of hospitals) where people who were ill with the plague would sleep overnight, tended by priests, carrying snakes – hoping to see Aesculapia in their dreams with a cure or solution. Occasionally miraculous recovery would be reported, overnight. In the British Museum, you can see Roman offerings to the gods, shaped to mimic the painful body part. This is a gammy leg (left) and you can see a miniature version of Aesculapia, to the right. The British Museum also has a collection of other body part casts.

Asclepius Leg 449x600 - What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope


Healing, Health and Medicine in Astrology

Old 20th century astrology taught in the mainstream gave us Chiron as ‘wounded healer’ but the Romans didn’t particularly associate him with medicine or surgery – he was associated with herbal medicine, but he was also associated with music, and teaching. Found in 1977 he has been linked to the healing process for 40 years, by some astrologers, but others – notably the late Dennis Elwell – disagreed.

In actual fact the Romans would have thought horoscope-watchers were mad to give Chiron such a big role. And he wasn’t a wounded (past tense) healer at all. He was wounded, in the myth, but he didn’t spring to life and start galloping around rural Italy with his herbal potions. He crawled into a cave.

The Hippocratic Oath which has been such a part of medical history cites Aesculapia and every member of his family, instead. Men of medicine used to swear allegiance to Apollo, who is the father of Aesculapia – and then the god himself. Crucially, the oath also mentioned the two daughters of Aesculapia – Hygiea and Panacea. Of course all these asteroids are in your chart too and just understanding the family tree of healers and helpers, can give you new insights. You can see the famous Aesculapian snake in painting and sculpture showing his daughter Hygiea. She is often shown with a snake and a bowl. In fact, that symbol can be seen on Spanish pharmacy windows.

Chiron is not a Wounded Healer

Chiron, photographed below in Melbourne near our Celtic Club astrology gatherings, challenges our ideas about what is acceptable, or possible. He’s the centaur who gallops through the pages of mythology, testing everybody’s ideas about what a centaur could, or should be!

Chiron does occasionally turn up in medical matters. In the year they found him, 1977, scientists began developing a test-tube baby. As you can see from my picture, Chiron is all man – rather like any hipster you’ll meet in a Melbourne pub – until you get to his waist. However, he is far less a symbol of healing than Aesculapius and his family.

Chiron confronts us. Sometimes, that confrontation happens within a hospital or doctor’s surgery, but if you’re looking at the true family of healers remember the Hippocratic Oath is all about Aesculapius, his father, and his daughters. In fact – swearing a modified version of the Oath is still a ritual for medical graduates.

“I swear by Apollo the Healer, by Asclepius, by Hygieia, by Panacea, and by all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture.”

Chiron Melbourne 2015 450x600 - What Aesculapia means in your Horoscope

Panacea and Hygiea in Your Chart

Once you have gone to Lempriere (now free online) or other classical sources for your information on these ancient astrological symbols, look to your chart to decode their role. The best way to see how they all work in your personal birth chart is just to look at the zodiac sign and house. Apollo was a multi-tasker god who was a leader of men – and he had the ability to heal, just as he was also psychic and musical. Aesculapia, as we’ve seen, was the miracle-worker who could save you from the plague, or pull you back from the point of no return.

His daughter Hygiea, found in the year they made breakthroughs with cholera, is about ‘prevention not cure’ and we get the word hygiene from her. Her sister, Panacea, is about remedies, cures and solutions with an ethical or moral component. To give you a famous example, a sugar pill (a placebo) can be a panacea for some doctors, but is it correct to deceive a patient, if it also means he/she will be cured?

I hope you get more from your astrological chart by understanding how the family works in your horoscope. Of course, like all chart symbols, these asteroids work symbolically. Sometimes there are literal health issues, if the Sixth House and Virgo are involved, and sometimes Aries and the First House. In general, though, you’ll be looking at broad, general translations of what Aesculapia, Apollo, Hygiea and Panacea mean. (If you have Aesculapia in your Fourth House of property, for example, you may have a job as a builder, specialising in renovating dying buildings).

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143 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,


    In the past you’ve answered questions re sacred geometry and my Aesculapia 11 Virgo and Mercury 11 Capricorn – career revival. You’ve also commented on my Pluto at 3 Virgo and perhaps a healing modality as a new career push – funnily enough just recently mentioned by a very good Medium I had a sitting with. I’m not sure if this is for me though but we’ll see – if I get any more Pluto power kicking I may just completely give up the ghost! I was reminded of your previous Sacred Geometry blog and Q&As reading through this – so interesting bits of synchronicity.

    I have a question about my Hygeia 10 Gemini which squares Aessculapia and how that ‘squares’ in my chart. Does it hinder in any way?

    Didn’t know Pluto and Aesculapia had a power struggle going on – so interesting! Is this relevant to me as they are both in Virgo?

    Look forward to your comments. xx

    1. Thank you very much. The exact square from Aesculapia at 11 Virgo in your Sixth House of work (and the body) and Mercury at 11 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and academia is pretty provocative. It won’t be there all the time, but whenever it’s triggered by slow-moving outer planet transits at 11 degrees (set to happen with Saturn moving towards 11 Capricorn in the short-term) you’ll see it come alive. Mercury wants to negotiate, write, use multimedia, use the worldwide web and be the messenger – in your career or academic career. This is sometimes impossible to square with aspects of your actual work, or even body issues, which spell resurrection, survival and revival. You have Hygiea at 10 Gemini aspecting this square and this is about ‘prevention is better than cure’ and a certain caution with projects, papers, articles, books, multimedia presentations, websites and the rest. So you can see the story being told three times. Watch Saturn.

  2. Hello Jessica,
    another fascinating article!

    I wonder why you keep referring to the names as Roman while they are actually greek – the writing on the “gammy leg” (as you call it in your article) is actually in greek language. This is a votive relief for the cure of a bad leg. The inscription says : Tyche [dedicated this] to Aesclepios and Hygieia as a thanking gift.

    It was found in 1828 in a sanctuary in Milos, Aegean Sea, Greece.

    Aesclepios was the Son of Apollo, first Doctor and father of Medicine.

    Thank you

    1. Yes, the cure is written in Greek, as you say – but the Romans took most of the Greek gods and goddesses, as I am sure you know, and the names were usually translated. Sometimes a whole new Italian god came from the Greek god, so Zeus became Jupiter. Astrology has been thrown like a ball from one culture to the next – the last really big ‘throw’ was from Ancient Rome to Britain so we still find all these gods and goddesses immortalised in stone, scattered across the British Isles. Thank you for raising this before a ton of other Greek translators do!

  3. Hi Jessica
    I hope to join one of yourinteresting field trips in 2019 to the Museum discovering the asteroids.

    Thanks for taking the time to teach us more about Chiron who confronts us and Aesculapia who belongs to a family of healers. I have Chiron 5 degs Aesculapia 5 degs Aquarius in Eleventh House of family groups, friends, people power. How does these asteroids work out in my personal birth chart? My elderly mother Capricon Sun, Moon in 5 degs Aquarius , Neptune in 12 deg Leo h NN in Leo 14 degs as been verbally abused by her adult grandson living with her. I am not sure if there is a cure/solution in family groups because sometimes family members dont want to be saved.

    Your helpful insights are really appreciated.

    1. Thank you. You would be very welcome on a museum field trip (pub lunch afterwards in Bloomsbury). I am very sorry your elderly mother is being verbally abused by her adult grandson. You have a huge Cancer signature in your chart in the Fourth House of family. Nothing to do with Aesculapia. However – over the next five years your grandson will need help and healing. He is of course his own worst enemy. Words are his weapons, as you say. Reach out to him. If you can’t personally bear to do that, have someone else reach out. He seems to think that everyone’s ideas, opinions and so on are against him. Actually he’s not that different from everyone else. I do think there are issues with his peace of mind and state of mind. If this person was in my family I would offer support and pay for the bills if necessary.

  4. Hi Jessica, can you please explain how it affects me with Apollo at 6 degrees, as I have so many other planets also at 6 degrees also! thank you for your time xx

    1. Apollo is hooked into a large pattern in your chart so you are right to wonder about him. This asteroid describes Jupiter’s ‘golden boy’, his son Apollo, so he is part of Jupiter’s fortunate family tree. Apollo was a leader and this asteroid turns up in the charts of Churchill and Thatcher. He could be cruel to his enemies, but in general, he was more associated with prophecy, music and miracles. In Aries in your First House this is the image you project – the persona or profile you show. In Rome the boys used to style their hair like Apollo’s in homage to him. His sister was Diana and they had a complicated sibling relationship. There’s a bit for you to play with there!

  5. Hi Jessica, thanks for your article about Aesculpia. I have it at 19° Virgo, what does it mean ? Thanks a lot.

    1. You also have Vulcano and Juno in Virgo in the Sixth House so your mind, body and spirit connection is involved with everything you do. Your body type, condition and state defines how you are seen, who you are and the way you work/where you work. Neither of these three is any more important than the other. Yet, what you will notice most is that you have what it takes to revive, resurrect and ‘rebirth’ yourself physically. Juno is about the commitments you make to your own body. Vulcano describes tremendous self-control and willpower, rather like holding back a volcano of emotion. If you don’t already have an outlet for this you need one. Yoga? Fencing? Swimming? Boxing? Boxing was of course beloved by the Ancient World and that moment when the boxer is down for the count and leaps back to life is so typical of Aesculapius. This chart is also the mark of someone who can help out with charities which save lives (like Medecins sans Frontieres) or a person whose understanding of the body’s importance to the soul, leads them into physical activities like hiking. You are the best interpreter of your own chart. You have the facts about your health, after all!

  6. Wow! So many blogs lately. I love Aesculapia. I especially looked closely at it in the British museum. It squares my Saturn and Minerva (all wisdom and not easy answers, right?) and trine my Moon in Capricorn. Would love to know your insights on that.

    1. You have a T-Square with Aesculapia at 14 Virgo in the Sixth House of the body and daily workload. It pulls in serious Saturn at 15 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, academia, beliefs, publishing and the worldwide web. At the other end we find Minerva the goddess of wisdom at 13 Gemini in the Third House of multimedia, writing, and all communication. The Moon at 14 Capricorn angles the T-Square in your Tenth House of career or study. T stands for ‘tension’ and the best way to defuse it (this aspect would mostly show itself through work or education) is to add other people to your life. You can hit ‘Sacred Geometry’ on Search to find out how to do that.

  7. HI Jessica,
    I have Aesculapia in Pisces (12 house for me?) exactly conjoint with Mercury. Can you tell me how this shows up? Do they effect Hygiea and Panacea in my chart?
    I am looking forward to the online classes!
    Thank you!

    1. They are both square the Moon at 20 Gemini, so you have a double whammy going on there with writing and all forms of communication, as Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. This is really about being psychic. I am sure you have already found out your dreams are prophetic, or you a natural medium or channel – perhaps you have a gift for Tarot, or just know hidden information – literally the ‘occult.’ Pisces rules the Twelfth House and whatever lurks beneath the surface. The Third House is information.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating, as always!

    I have Aesculapia in 15 Virgo, and noticed Prosephina at 15 Aries.
    Caring for the health or other people, and sharing health info daily, is a big part of my life. So is alternative medicine, and creating natural products.

    I wonder what else this means, and how should I work with it.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. You are using this unusual pattern with Aesculapia perfectly as he is in Virgo in your Sixth House of the body, in quincunx to Proserpina in your First House – which also rules the body as ‘packaging’ or presentation. You have what it takes to use your own health and wellbeing as an example, to help others come back from the brink of illness or other health issues. I would suspect your actual body is your advertising. Aries is gifted at self-promotion. Proserpina is the go-between who bridges things.

  9. Dear Jessica, I always enjoy your art/ museum references and photographs. You deliver so much soul in your articles! I have Aesculapia in Pisces opposite Juno in Virgo does this perhaps explain why I was not the least bit interested in being married until I was in my thirties? Suddenly I was mad for the idea (-:

    I also suffered a terrible accident on my horse during a high level competition back in ”88. Looking at my chart, I notice Ceres was transiting conjunct my natal Aesculapia. I recovered, praise the Lord from quadriplegia within hours, but it ended my equestrian career. Is this a classic example of Ceres – loss to gain and Aesculapia – back from the brink?

    Any thoughts on his current influence in my chart will be greatly appreciated.
    Warm regards, Catherine

    1. I am seeing some fascinating comments about Aesculapia here – thank you! When you had your riding accident and Ceres was conjunct your Aesculapia you recovered from quadriplegia within hours, but your equestrian career was over. Catherine, if you go back to your chart again you will see that you actually have a huge pattern surrounding Aesculapia. He sits at 18 Pisces in your Twelfth House, which is your unconscious mind. Vulcano is at 19 Leo in the Fifth House, next to Jupiter at 18 Leo, also in the Fifth House. We do associate riding with Leo and the Fifth House because Polo is the sport of Kings, as they say – but Leo is also about any activity which binds the generations together and from Pony Club to dressage, that fits. Crucially all this is tied into your Juno (commitment) at 17 Virgo in the Sixth House, which rules the body. We also find Pluto next door at 19 Virgo, also in the house of the body. There was a whole lot of stuff going on when that accident occurred. I suspect some of it has to do with the world of lovers, pregnancy, babies, children and young people. I wonder if you thought about teaching younger people to ride after that fateful day. Just one possibility.

  10. Hi Jessica, I am so glad the ghost that walks was Theresa May, although Jeremy Corbyn raised his game too, (you was right there was more than one come-back) Does astrology say she will hang on to power and see us through Brexit? There is a lot of despondency around right now. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. Theresa May has no birth time for us, so I will turn to the Smith-Waite Tarot, to answer your question. Will she hang onto power and see Britain through Brexit? I have drawn The Magician, which is peculiar, because this same card turns up on the front cover of The Economist, which had an homage to the Smith-Waite Tarot on its January 2017 cover. (You can hit search for ‘Tarot’ to find that article). This is a powerful, multi-talented, gifted person who has budget cuts to make (the sword), positions at Westminster to axe (again, the sword) and a tremendous concern with the economy (the coin on the table). This is not Theresa May. I can see red roses in the card which always reminds me of the Tudors. There is something of the Wars of the Roses about Theresa May’s political career. Does it all work out well with Brexit? The Swiss colours are in the card – the Magician is wearing a white tunic and red cloak – and although I have said this several times before, I really do think the country is heading towards a Swiss-style model.

  11. Great article! I would definitely be interested in doing this course in 2019. My Aesculapia is at 24 degrees in Leo, along with Venus, Juno and others. What does this mean for me? Is it a fortunate placement to have? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. You would be very welcome to learn online astrology in 2019 and come along to field trips around the world with other Premium Members. Your Leo stellium is in the Fifth House which describes the business of desire, courtly love (crushes, these days), seduction, and not necessarily partnership. Partnership is Libra, rather like the King and Queen ruling the court as equal partners. The royal bedchamber, the heirs to the throne, pretenders to the throne and so on, are Leo. I hope you can see the difference. Leo is associated with royalty and the lion has long been a symbol of monarchy. Monarchy of course depends on ‘the firm’ (as the current Queen calls it) staying together and the heirs and spares, like Prince George and Princess Charlotte are part of the business. This is why Leo is also concerned with children born out of wedlock (unplanned pregnancy) as of course, in days of old – as now – it was a potential disaster for any royal family. You have a huge and varied Leo stellium so I suspect your love life, to date, has been like the Bayeux Tapestry in terms of action, colour and the rest. Aesculapia is no more important than the other heavenly bodies – they all tell a story together – but as I am sure you have found out, you can break up with someone and then get back together more than once. I have seen this placement with people who break up and make up on a regular basis, then finally part for several years – while one person goes off and marries someone else. Even then it does not stop them! You may want to take apart your whole Leo complex in the chart and really dig around with it, especially as the Node is going through Leo now through 2018 and old patterns revive.

  12. On Astrology and synchronicity: I found myself reading this post and seeing this photo while in the waiting room after having rushed my 86-year-old mom to the hospital. She too survived.:-) it does not escape me that Aesculapia is transiting both Hygeia and the moon in my chart, the south node having just passed over, approaching the IC. I had never looked at some of these asteroids before becoming acquainted with your work, it’s quite something. Blessings and thanks. x

    1. This is extraordinary to hear, thank you. So you read the post, looked at the photograph and your 86-year-old mom just came through an emergency hospital situation. And you also have Aesculapia transiting your chart? Incredible. As you say, it’s synchronicity. I am so happy for both of you that this episode is over.

  13. Hi Jessica!

    With Aessculapia 02° Cancer 52′ 21″ in my chart…is there anything you can share with me which stands out?

    Thank you!

    1. You have a stellium (unusually high number) of Cancer factors. Mercury the planet of communication is also exactly conjunct, or next to, Aesculapia at 2 Cancer so that’s a really strong statement about your family tree, heritage, homeland, culture, home town, roots, history – and your approach to owning or renting homes, land, property and so on. You will find relatives or family situations boomerang. You think something/someone is over and it returns. You may assume that a relative is a missing person in the family tree, for example, but he/she comes back. You can also bring old houses or public buildings back from the point of no return. It’s the same with the environment. Just when people think the council has signed a death warrant on local trees, people like you bring it back. Cancer is associated with your mother and her side of the family. So there may be a lot of boomeranging going on there.

  14. Hi Jessica – this is fascinating. I have not learned anything about Aesculapia until now. What can you tell me about how it affects my chart? It looks to be at 12 degrees Taurus. Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much. You were born with an almost exact conjunction of the Moon at 11 Taurus and Aesculapia at 12 Taurus, both in the Second House, which describes your money, house, apartment, possessions, business, charity commitments and above all – your values. What you will and will not sell out for. Who and what you consider to be priceless. Taurus is concerned with the economy, with shares, with being rich and poor. The Moon describes your ‘need to be needed’ so you show that you care, by spending on people (for example) or by looking after them on a property, business or financial level. This is the classic hallmark of a philanthropist. Aesculapia next door suggests that you go in cycles with this. Just when you think something/someone is over for you financially, or it is dead and gone, it comes back. It will be triggered whenever an outer, slow-moving planet like Jupiter, Saturn and the rest goes over 11 degrees-12 degrees of any sign. You will be able to see for yourself when Saturn moves to 11, 12 Capricorn in January 2019. You also have Uranus going over 11, 12 Taurus in May 2021 which will change your financial life forever. If you do not already have the best financial advice you can afford it may be time to commit to a professional who understands changing economic trends because they will affect you at that point. What you will learn then is that freedom is priceless.

  15. Hello Jessica,
    Another interesting read! I must admit that I have myself quite confused. I have been an ardent follower of yours and am trying to understand the “natural” house method you utilize. I had been following the site for many years and believe it is the Placidus chart they use, and it has my planets in very different houses than yours. Therefore, there is confusion on where my planets are placed and currently transiting that has me confused, to say the least!

    I am all over the place as to what is “really” going on in my life!

    Towards the end of this article, you mentioned the possibility of “literal” health issues if one has Virgo in the 6th house and Aries in the 1st. I do believe I have both line-ups according to the “Natural” house chart.

    I do in fact have many health issues and have concerns about a very serious issue that has manifested. If you would be so kind as to check my chart, could you please confirm theses placements “I think” I have and how best I should approach them?

    I try to rely solely on holistic and alternative medicine and any insight you can provide is extremely helpful and very much respected.

    Thank you a 1000x over for all that you do!


    1. Thank you Cat. If you are curious about house systems just hit Placidus or ‘houses’ on Search, but a new Premium Members’ ebook is coming along shortly which will explain the Natural House System. So you have a serious health issue. Using the Natural House system we look to Virgo and the Sixth House, which rules the body and your daily workload. You were born with Pluto at 4 Virgo in the Sixth House exactly conjunct Apollo, also at 4 Virgo. They are both trine Vesta at 4 Capricorn in the Tenth House, which rules your status and career. Right away we know there is a link between your illness/medical condition and your job situation. We also find Bacchus at 4 Libra in the Seventh House, and Vulcano pretty close by at 3 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. So the body issue spreads out into many other areas of your personality and life. In astrology we look at Virgo as ‘mind, body, spirit’ so your physical condition and physical state influences who you are, what you do, how you fit into the world. Tall people become basketballers. Beautiful people become models. That’s an over-simplification, but in general, when there is something amiss with the body, especially if it affects your workload, housework, degree, chores, daily tasks, role, status – you have to question the soul to find out what it wants. I hope that makes sense. You could hit ‘Virgo’ on search as well as I have written extensively about this sign before and specifically for people born with Pluto or Uranus in Virgo, like you.

  16. Wow, Jessica you have blown me away, thanks for the great insight. I had been looking at my Saturn placement at Leo 29 and then read this which made me inquire about Aesculpia which was also at 29 Capricorn, my own sign. Is this the resurrection of career and lover?

    1. You need to have your chart read in full for those kinds of questions and I can’t see it here – taking Aesculapia out of context when there are 33 other chart factors isn’t really going to give you any specific answer, unfortunately.

  17. Nobody has mentioned the Capricorn placement yet, l have some other asteroids at 5 degrees as well. Any effects for me?

    1. Thank you Sian. Aesculapia in Capricorn in your Tenth House is about the boomerang effect on your career, unpaid work, full-time parenting or university degree. Your mission and vocation, in other words. Rather than read just one asteroid in isolation we have to look at the whole chart to see what is going on. So as a lifetime pattern, Mars at 5 Leo and Minerva at 5 Libra are tied into the pattern. Mars is about conflict, and conflict avoidance, but also attack and defence. This seems to be triggered on a recurring basis, every time you get an outer planet passing 5 degrees. Minerva, strangely enough, was also associated with conflict avoidance/management in Rome. I just mentioned to another reader with Aesculapius in Capricorn that it can be like a dormant volcano. You think it’s dead and then it springs back to life. This is the case with your ambition, mission and position. Each time it happens you will find you have to call on your strategies (Minerva was a great strategist) to figure out how to handle Mars, who was the Roman god of war. There is something very Shakespearean about this chart!

  18. Hi Jessica. Enjoyed the article and it got me thinking about which direction in life I need to go. I have Aesculapia 4 Taurus. I’m retired from work so I now look after sickly brothers, mom, uncle and others. Seems that is my mission in life now. Been feeling like its time to do something for myself. Shall I go back to school? I would love to take your astrology class and travel with you but my mom especially keeps me here. Can you tell what else Aesculapia will be bringing back into my life in the near future? Thanks in advance.

    1. Your family is ruled by Cancer in your chart and Virgo is also illness. Those would also be in this story, along with Sagittarius as you want to go back to school. I will look at the next five years. It looks brilliant for you. The natural healing and caring ability you have in your chart could expand to become professional – even though you are retired – you could either do this as paid work, or become employed on a voluntary basis (unpaid work). You will have the choice to join a group of people involved with health, wellbeing, fitness and so on. You have a strong Virgo chart signature – service, duty, the body, healing – which runs side-by-side with your need to connect with groups. If you want that, it’s there.

  19. Hi Jess,
    I’ve got Aesculapia at 17 degrees Leo. Does this mean a man whom I haven’t been on speaking terms with for 7 years will come back into my life and we can be friends again? If so when? He is a Taurean.

  20. Hi Jessica! Another great article thank you – I have Aesculapia in my 12th house but I don’t really know how to interpret that – does it mean the situations which come back from the brink occur via work done behind the scenes? Would appreciate your insights. x

    1. Thank you. Your Aesculapia is in Taurus in your Second House, using the Natural House system. You also have Venus, the IC, Proserpina and the Node there. That’s a cluster of three or more factors – a stellium. Stelliums show where you mostly express yourself. Taurus and the Second House are about charity, business, houses, apartments, finance, precious possessions and the material world – we associate Taurus with economies, land, banks and also values like Communism, Socialism, Capitalism. You will find your own way through this in many different ways over your lifetime. You will also find that just when you think something is dead and gone – over – it comes back. Further ahead, your financial situation will go through a revolution once Uranus enters Taurus from May 2018 and you will need to be ahead of the game so please have the best financial advice you can afford from a professional who is tried, tested and trusted. The cycle runs for years.

  21. Hello Jessica, and thanks for another great article – you seem to be ‘on fire’ right now.

    I have Aesculapius at 4 Aquarius, Chiron at 5 Aquarius and Juno at 3 Scorpio. Can you please tell me what this might mean in my chart?

    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you, H. So how do Aesculapius and Chiron manifest in your chart? Just as you suspect, in a square to Juno. Juno in Scorpio in your Eighth House is about sexual/financial relationships. The marriage and mortgage is typical, so is the divorce and asset carve-up. Scorpio is about that very passionate, dramatic kind of love story where there is always an edge – some danger. Our astrologer ancestors deliberately chose scorpions to represent the sign because scorpions can kill each other during sex – by cannibalism or stinging! This was their rather wry way of commenting on those kinds of marriages or financially based relationships where our hearts can be attacked. And of course sometimes it is not about the money, it is about the house, the apartment, the business or the possessions. Juno is about commitment. She describes how you ‘wed’ yourself to something or someone. You may want to read more about Juno. The square from the Aquarius pattern suggests groups or friends are involved, somehow. Of course Aesculapius is the miracle worker who revives and resurrects so whenever this pattern is triggered in your life you may find your heart is in injury time, but somehow the ‘surgery’ happens and it heals once again. You may want to use your Astrology Oracle to dig into this deeper if it’s ringing bells for you. Ask a lot of questions!

  22. Another interesting article, thank you!!! I found it enlightening where you contrasted Chiron and Aesculapius with their healing attributes as Chiron was always explained a bit differently in other circles. I have asked other astrologers in the past about the aspect between my NN Pisces and Chiron Aries at 8* but never got much of a reply. Couldnt help but wonder if you have some insight on it??
    And as far as Aesculapius goes I have it at Leo 11* trining Ceres in Aries11*.
    So bringing back from the brink children, lovers etc by compromising??
    Thanks again for another thought provoking article…its like having xmas all year!!

    1. Thank you. The article is an edited extract from a new ebook for Premium Members, Basics, and you will find much more information about Aesculapius and Chiron there – I am hoping to publish this in July for you. Chiron in your chart is part of the huge Aries-Libra pattern going on. I am sure you know that Aries is the tough action man/action woman who is quite fearless when it comes to axing who/what needs to be axed. The phrase ‘speak sharply and carry a big stick’ springs to mind. At the same time you are strongly Libran so you are fiercely focussed on the scales. The scales of marriage, divorce, common law marriage, separation. The scales of justice, the courts, the law – and fairness in general. There is always something a little punk rock about Chiron. He was found in 1977. So there is a punk part of you which is powerfully Aries (bloody tough, mate, as they say in Australia) – and yet utterly committed to balance in all things. Gender balance in the face of misogyny. Equality for gay and lesbian people. Justice for animals. The lot! And of course if anyone gets into a sexual relationship with you where you are treated unfairly – kapow. Your chart reminds me of a band called The Slits and a song called Typical Girls.

  23. Hi Jessica, wonderful article! I have Aesculapia at 27 Aquarius and after having a quick squizz at the current planetary transits I see that this is exactly where Aesculpia is transiting. And yet I’ve noticed nothing resurrecting itself with regards to my friendship groups/community. Any insight as to how this will impact me would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Victoria

    1. Thanks Victoria. Yes, you are having your Aesculapius Return in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups. The asteroid is retrograde (moving backwards) so the issues here about revival, resurrection, rebirth may also go backwards. In the first week of July, for example, Aesculapia reverses to 26 Aquarius. Of course it may be that a friend is coming back from the brink – doing a Theresa May, perhaps, or just overcoming a critical condition. Watch what happens when the asteroid goes back to 27 again. He does keep sliding back for a while, to 25 Aquarius in the second half of July.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    I have been struggling with weightgain for the past 4 years. Can you please comment on this asteroid which is in aquarius in natal chart.
    Thank you

    1. Weight gain is sometimes shown by the zodiac sign Cancer in the chart because it is ruled by the Moon, which we associate with breastfeeding. From this can comfort eating or issues with dairy in the diet. Sometimes there is a question about weight gain after pregnancy (baby fat) which is never lost, as well. Finally, carrying fat, especially around the stomach, can be a way of protecting ourselves. It’s like an extra layer of defence. Fat can also be there because of past life memories about starving/being poor so you sometimes find people who have problems letting go of money (giving it away or spending it) can put weight on. I am not sure if any of this is resonating with you, but you have the IC or Immum Coeli in Cancer and the South Node there too. I am immediately thinking about a person in your family tree who had the same story with food taking place. Perhaps it was your mother or grandmother. The South Node is past life so I think you may be carrying around memories of being in poverty/starving. If you find it really hard to let money ‘flow’ or lend it/give it/spend it then that may be a clue. If you want to fix your weight problem I suggest starting with The Astrology Oracle which is personal, just for you – in every reading.

  25. Thank you Jessica.
    You are so correct. My mother is overweight and my grandmother was obese.
    I am very concerned about the weight I am carrying about my midsection and I certainly have major issues with lending / Spending the money from my hand.
    Would you be able to please do a reading for me. This weight is really worrying me. I do not eat fast food at all and cook all my food at home. Still go overboard with snacks and so the weight does not come off. Also I sometimes eat when no one is looking. Its all in my head.

    I joined weight watchers program but the weight goes down a little bit and comes back on within 2 weeks. It has been so so hard for me to maintain consistency and get the weight off. I am a very emotional eater.

    I want to lost the weight fully in the second half of 2017 and Trying to pray/meditate/ do deep breathing at this point. I am praying for my horoscope planets to assist me.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for validating that reading. I thought your mother and grandmother may have been overweight and there may also be issues with you lending and spending. I am glad you have figured out you are an emotional eater. So you want to lose all the fat July through December 2017. Okay. What is the best way for you to do that? Go right into your family history. Your family tree. You will find these issues about money and obesity go back one, two generations or more. If you are interested in meditation, see what comes – ask yourself if you can reach back for a past life memory as well. That will help you figure out a few things about your family, because it is the family tree which is the issue here. You may have been a plump child, or there may be family album photographs showing other relatives who were fat little children! You even get dogs which are overfed/sedentary with a chart like this. Breaking the family pattern and the early family brainwashing/conditioning will help you. Find your favourite way to do that. Some people use hypnosis. There seems to be a connection between your family feeling wealthy, abundant, prosperous, secure – and the food. Look at fruit in your diet. Look at alcohol. Look at chicken. Look at bread. You may also want to use your issues about lending/spending to help you lose weight. You could save a fortune if you switched to fruit and vegetables but then you know that! I feel more than anything else it is your grandmother who is in the picture. Her weight must surely have affected her health, her state of mind and the rest. I am very sorry but if you don’t want to go down that path you have to deal with the family patterns. What you want to do is radical and perhaps a total rebellion/departure against where you come from and who you are, and that can be very difficult, but the alternative is not that great. Have a look at the way money was given, lent, donated or used within the family too, and again look at your grandmother.

  26. Dear Jessica,

    what an interessting article. I have Aesculapia in 23deg in Leo as you have little bit decribed in this article yet. When I look back in my own past I don ´t know if I had some very important experience with children . Except that I tried to have my own without success – but it is more about my saturn in Leo.
    I would like to ask you if Aesculapia in Leo in my birth chart have some connection / influence on my North node and South node which are in 23deg Taurus (SN) and 23deg Scorpio (ND).

    Thank you for your explanation!

    1. You just answered your own question. You tried to have children without success. Aesculapia in Leo in the Fifth House has been associated with reincarnation. If you miscarried or terminated the soul may return in the shape of a godchild, for example. Even if you didn’t get that far with pregnancy, it is entirely possible that there will be a past life connection with the children or younger people who come into your life if, say, you become a stepmother or even a step-grandmother one day.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    Would really appreciate it if you could advise how I am affected with my Aesculapia being 15° Virgo.

    Thank you kindly, much appreciated.

    Best regards.

    1. You also have Juno and Vulcano in Virgo in your house of work, talent, skill, labour and the rest. You could easily be married to your job. You have what it takes to be a productive, practical person on a scale many would envy. And there’s a circular or cyclical nature to what you do, so nothing is every lost or gone – it returns, one way or another. Vulcano is about self-control and willpower. He was a lame blacksmith who worked with fire and steel (to quote China Crisis) and he was the craftsperson and artisan of Roman mythology. The only issue here is really your body and how your work affects your physical self – I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up having really good reasons for being fascinated by healing and healers.

  28. Dearest Jessica,
    I was born with Aesculapia at 16° Capricorn conjoint with my DESC, and exactly aspecting Uranus at 16° Virgo. Can you please explain how it will affect my academic career/body/and daily workload?
    I am learning from you every day, and really looking forward to join your online classes in 2019!

    1. You would be very welcome to learn astrology online in 2019 – it should be a really interesting group. There is actually a huge pile-up at 16 degrees. Aesculapia at 16 Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition (climb every mountain). Uranus and Pluto conjunct at 16 Virgo in your Sixth House of duty, service, work – and the body. Your Descendant at 17 Capricorn conjunct Aesculapia at 16 Capricorn completes the picture. Essentially your life is like farming – it’s seasonal, with your career, status, success, achievement and the rest. Just when you think everything has ‘died’ or is in permanent hibernation, it crops up again. What you planted last time always appears again. Uranus and Pluto conjunct are about power and control – and also freedom issues. You are a powerful player (especially if finances, business, cashflow is concerned) but you are also quite restricted and rather tied up a lot of the time – I would expect that periodically you want to just let go of it all. The Descendant is your opponent, enemy, rival as well as your past, present, potential partner. So various people will play this role with you as part of the story. There are some questions here about your body type and condition and how that affects the work you choose and the duty/serve you perform.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I loved how spot on your election prediction was and those headlines are spooky! It’s so interesting that Jeremy corbyn had been written off and his revival was so huge, while Theresa may is indeed now a dead woman walking, I could not see this coming even three months ago. In my own chart I have Aesculapia in Capricorn in the fourth house I think, would this mean bringing back career or home situations from the brink? Thanks!

    1. Thank you – it was very strange to see both Corbyn and May act out the meaning of the asteroid in two different ways. You have the same asteroid in Capricorn in your Tenth, not your Fourth (Natural Houses). Just when you think one job or role is over it comes back. Just when you think one organisation or workplace has gone, it boomerangs.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your work. I am really excited by the thought of an online course.

    Your predictions are really playing out for me. This week I and a group of friends have been successful in a local community election and witnessed the toppling of the old guard. Under their control, the local council had been brought to its knees. This is linked with other voluntary work which I have been doing, fighting a major developer who seeks to destroy acres of beautiful countryside near my home (the final decision on this is January, 2018). We even had to take our seats at the election count alongside the opposition, and I have just re-read your reference to musical chairs in your June prediction for Virgo.

    As I was reading your Aesculapia article, I received a phone call from a neighbour who told me that in view of all the hard work I have been putting in behind the scenes, I should now come forward and lead the newly-elected group (and, essentially, resurrect the council). This is not something I had even considered. I checked to see where Aesculapia is in my chart and was amazed to see him in Cancer. I wonder if my Pluto and Saturn placements are relevant, too? Would this work out for me and, importantly, for the community?

    Your July prediction for Virgo is absolutely fascinating, and I am very aware of the influence of Neptune at the moment, but I am afraid that I don’t understand the reference to parallel universes. Perhaps you could write about these some time?

    Many thanks.

    1. You are living your chart in a powerful way, fighting the developer and becoming involved with resurrecting the council. This is a textbook example of Aesculapia in Cancer in the Fourth House. In fact this will become a mission for many years. You will do it with your own home, renovating and repairing. You will also take on the Capricorn types – social climbers, corporations, politicians – and together with other heavily Cancerian people pull off a few miracles. Parallel universes – part of astrological reality. If you are curious please go to YouTube and watch the BBC documentary about Hugh Everett III and parallel worlds.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    I have Aesculapia 21° Scorpio 20′ 36″ Would you please explain its affect on a newby like myself?

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you Lisa. Basically you will see this for yourself in October, November 2017 and very strongly in 2018. A financial, business, property or charity arrangement you had assumed was over will come back. It will be to your total advantage as Jupiter (expansion, growth, solutions, opportunity) will cross 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, for the first time in 12 years.

  32. Hello Jessica,

    I checked my husband’s chart and his Aesculapius @29’29” Pisces is conjunct Mercury @27’57”. He is a counsel, argues legal matters in court, and is known for winning cases everyone has given up on !! Isn’t it amazing! He has Saturn @29 Gemini tying into this.

    My Aesculapius @14 Taurus only seems to connect to Jupiter @13 Pisces, perhaps Mars @15 Cancer. I am not sure how it plays out in my life. If Taurus is considered the base of my value system, then yes, I have demolished and reinvented my core philosophies multiple times, after agonizing study of spiritual and philosophical literature. Tubthumping by Chumbawamba was my anthem for years – “I get knocked down, but I get up again
    You’re never gonna keep me down”.

    My financial status too has, on the surface, gone through ups and downs. I had attributed it to the Libran Uranus in my second house according to Placidus house system. Perhaps Aesculapius was the protector.

    My son has a stellium in Leo – Sun @18Leo, Venus @15 Leo, Jupiter @26 Leo and Aesculapius @ 20 Leo.

    As you may recollect, he is a special needs child, and I am devoted to his development to my best ability. Would this healing asteroid have a role to play in my life?

    Thanks and warm regards.

    1. It looks as though this asteroid has a personal place in your family. Your husband is a good example. Your values do indeed keep returning, a la Tubthumping. Your financial patterns, up and down, are typical of Aesculapia. Your son has this asteroid very close to his Sun. When he is much older he will have relationships which never truly are over – that’s one way of using the asteroid. A better way is to invest time and energy in children and their needs. A charity which brings children back from the brink, for example. You say he is special needs. Perhaps he can share his gift for understanding that with other special needs youngsters.

  33. hello, I have recently ‘discovered’ you and am thoroughly enjoying your posts.
    I have Aesculapia in Virgo in my 6th but it is square my Sun, Saturn and Uranus who are in a tight conjunction in my 2nd house in very early Gemini.
    I do have an inherited medical condition which is being treated and am in good health all things considered. However my sister passed from the same condition as hers was identified quite late in its progress. Mine was identified early as a result of a fluke really, albeit a negative one that resulted in finding and treating a potentially far more serious condition. This might have the qualities of coming back from the brink you suggest with this asteroid. My sister was not so lucky. This condition is one that I anticipate will end like my sister’s – especially with that square to my Sun – tho’ I expect I still have about 10 yrs left. What is your take on the square to those planets?

    Appreciate your feedback.

    1. Thank you very much. Your Second House is actually Taurus, not Gemini, in the Natural House system. I am sorry you have been dealing with this serious health issue and very sorry to hear about your sister’s passing. You are asking some major life and death questions here. You have also not logged in – I can’t see a chart unfortunately. In any case I would suggest you begin with the Astrology Oracle cards and start working with those.

  34. Hello Jessica, a very insightful article! I have Aesculapia at 27 Aquarius and after having a quick look at the current planetary transits I see that this is exactly where Aesculpia is transiting. Any insight as to how this will impact me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sue

    1. You have an Aesculapia Return, Sue. A friendship or group involvement that always boomerangs back to life, will do it again. It is karmic in nature as the Node is also across Aquarius.

  35. Hello,
    My son is a Leo born 20th August 1979 at 4.00 p.m south of London and I wonder if the eclipse affect him as I wish for him to settle down and would love grandchildren. Jenny

    1. He will find those kinds of decisions much easier once Christmas is over and in fact will have an opportunity to become a father, adopt or acquire stepchildren from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019. Of course he has to make that choice, Jenny.

  36. Dear Jessica,
    What a powerful article you have shared with us–thank you. I have Aesculapia at 19 degrees Pisces, conjunct my 17 degree Pisces sun in the 11th house. I also have Eros at 17 degrees Pisces. Your work continually inspires me to pay attention to the asteroids and I’m grateful. Work as a mental health counselor and finances related to this job have been extremely challenging since August/Sept. 2016. I also moved in March 2016, right after the March 8 eclipse (my birthday) and am closer to the ocean in Florida. If you have any insight about Aesculapia and/or my chart, I’d be so grateful.
    With peace and gratitude,

    1. Thank you Carmen. You are the third person who has Aesculapia in Pisces in the Twelfth House who has left a comment today. Don’t use Eros, though, he’s Greek and our modern astrology is Roman/Latin (derived from the Greek). We find that Pisces and the Twelfth House usually brings whopping secrets. The kind that would change everything if they got out. Sometimes people with a strong Twelfth House live their life on a lie for part of the time – for whatever reason. It is usually up to the soul or spirit to decide about the ‘whiteness’ of the lie. The Twelfth House is also about the unconscious mind, which of course you work with in your mental health counselling, so may be closer to your own unconscious than most people. We associate it with the aura and chakras as well – the gateway to parallel worlds of time and space. You will see constant comebacks and resurrections with all this, over the course of your lifetime.

  37. Hi again:

    Yes, sorry – thought I had provided my birth deets. My Uranus, Saturn and Sun are in my 2nd house but just at the start of Gemini. I believe Uranus is at 0, Saturn at 2, and Sun at 4 degrees. The 3rd house starts at 8 degrees Gemini I believe.

    You will see I am not a young chick tho’ I am fortunate to be an example of Geminis aging well; people always think I’m 20 yrs younger than my age. Even my doctors are amazed. Having said that the square to the Sun by my Aesculapia does not frighten me. After all, I’ve had it all my life haven’t I? And its trine to my MC has borne out to be true – I once had a sudden and unexpected resurrection of my career which ultimately led to a lifelong beneficial change.

    But your take on those Uranus, Saturn, Sun squares to ol’ Aescap would be appreciated . I have lived with their placement effects to other areas of my life so I’m not expecting a sweet bunny hop at this stage…..

    Thanks again.

    1. We use a different house system so I need to spin your chart. Your profile still doesn’t have your birth information so please log in, or ask the chaps for help (Support button). Thank you.

      1. OK, I think you’ll have my deets now! I know what I was doing wrong .

        And admit I find your system confusing…. am going to do more research on it so things make better sense to me.

        We’ll try one more time….


  38. Thank you so much, he has such a stressful job and I worry for him as mothers do!!

  39. Hi Jessica
    I see from reading the above questions that many of us don’t seem to understand how to read which house Aesculapia is in.
    The birth chart you have produced for me does not show the houses. Is it possible to clarify if i am correct in reading that Aesculapia is at 28 Gemini in my 5th house with the system you use?
    And if it is retrograde, does this change it’s effect on it’s interpretation?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You need to hit the website to get the information you need about houses. I use the Natural House system and so you have Aesculapia in Gemini in your Third House of communication. Computers, microphones and telephones will often ‘die’ then come back. Projects, courses, concepts, multimedia, publishing, education – will also make constant comebacks for you. This is the idea you have one year, that you give up on, that comes back another year. The retrograde means whenever this asteroid is triggered by transits of the travelling planets through Gemini, you go back and forth with the course, concept, project, idea for a while.

  40. Aesclapia and the family tree is so interesting. Your perspective on Chiron too – who I am pleased to hear not described as a wounded healer – I much prefer the herbs and music association!

    I’m not sure what to make of my Aesclapia placement and all the aspects to planets at 6º and 7º? I can’t think of any revivals of the mind (12th house), only a few near death experiences while Pluto was in Scorpio…Would love your thoughts if you have time.

    1. Thank you. Your near death experiences are your Aesculapia in Pisces in the Twelfth House. I just wrote a long explanation of that for another reader who has your placement. Your question has come up after that – but the same answer applies. You died and came back – possibly anaesthetics were involved or at least your soul and its transition between life and death.

  41. Excellent article…I have Aesculapia in the 12 House in Piscisis…show this is affecting me?


    1. People often find the Twelfth House hard to understand. It is best described by the fact that it is ruled by Neptune and thus Pisces in the natural zodiac. Neptune was discovered in 1846 when anaesthetic was publicly used for the first time. Thus, we associate this planet with altered states, and parallel realities. You can be unconscious on an operating table, but in a state where you are neither alive, as we know it, or dead as we know it! This brings us to questions about the inner life, the soul and the spirit. Also the unconscious mind as Jung and Freud knew it. When you have an operation you are naked and exposed to strangers – what is normally hidden is public. Anaesthetic (and in fact alcohol which used to be used as an anaesthetic) can also expose our secrets, if it loosens our tongue. So the Neptune/Pisces/Twelfth House is associated with what we hide and conceal. To have Aesculapia there is to see repeated patterns in your life where a secret you had assumed was dead, or dying, returns. Aspects of your unconscious mind, soul or spirit you had also thought were gone forever can boomerang back.

  42. What an interesting article Jessica and to be honest I’d never, ever heard of Aesculapia before. Another learning curve!

    Now I see that it’s exactly conjunct my natal Jupiter (25 Aquarius – 11th house) and close to my natal Venus (19), Cupido (26) and Descendant (27). It’s also trine Fortuna (25 Libra – 7), Moon (20 Gemini – 3) and sextile Chiron, Hygeia and Ceres (21, 20 and 18 Sagittarius – 9).

    Jupiter has always been important for me as it seemed to be a ‘way out’ of a 1 degree cardinal T-square (Mars, Mercury and Uranus). Now I see that it is in fact a grand-cross, LOL, with Vulcanas, Apollo and Salacia thrown into the mix.

    What does all of this mean for me Jessica, especially in relation to transit Aesculapia conjuncting my Descendant, natal Aesculapia, Jupiter and Cupido right now?

    1. This asteroid is part of the Roman family tree that came back to us with new technology. Thanks to Stephanie Johnson’s Solar Fire we can now see where all the pieces of the jigsaw are. In your own chart, the exact conjunction is important, as Jupiter was the grandfather of Aesculapius. In the Eleventh House this is about the friendship who never dies; the friend who comes back from the brink; the group which is never truly over. Transits to 25 Aquarius will always trigger it and we have the Node crossing 25 Aquarius – so this is karmic. I am sure you can see the past life connections. Watch for snakes/snake symbolism – asteroids trigger synchronicity.

  43. I have Panacea@ 22 aquarius is conjunct my jupiter. Sth node at 26 aquarius is conjunct my moon and so is Aesculapia . I wonder what this signifies besides health problems although I have just been told I have venous eczema which has been a surprise. Thought the rash was a combination of heat and sensitivity to elastic but ever the optimist there must be some good news somewhere.
    Hope you can find the time to answer this question jessica thank you

    1. You have this asteroid in Capricorn so nothing to do with eczema – but your career, academic career or unpaid work will always come back, just when you think a particular project, line of work, position is over – it returns. It can take years but it’s never finished.

  44. OK, I think you’ll have my deets now! I know what I was doing wrong .

    And admit I find your system confusing…. am going to do more research on it so things make better sense to me.

    We’ll try one more time….


    1. You are strongly Gemini and have the classic double initial name that heavily ‘twin’ people often possess. The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is that new answers for your mind, body and spirit which can only come about every 12 years will be at your fingertips. There may be breakthroughs in the world of science, medicine, fitness, food, drugs, doctors or alternative health. Watch out for them. Watch the news October, November in particular. Thank you.

  45. I have Aesculapia 9 degrees Sagittarius 25″ 52″ R, what does this mean to me.

    1. You think a foreign country or person is over for you – and it never is. It’s like throwing three coins in the fountain at Trevi in Rome!

  46. Hi Jessica,

    Please could you tell me what Aesculapia means for me please. I’m single without children and have not had a love life for years now!



    1. Helen a ton of Leo placements in your chart put you through the mill for years with sex, potential/planned/unplanned/unwanted pregnancy, stepchildren, former/current/potential partners and the rest. You not only had outer planets passing through your Fifth House of parenthood and Seventh House of marriage, you also (in your birth chart) found those same horoscope zones being dramatically triggered. If you want a love life you can have one, but you’re going to have go ‘back in there’ again. For heavily Leo people this can feel like a jungle, but I have some good news for you. In 2018 Jupiter goes through this zone of your chart and at least one golden door will open. Maybe more.

  47. Hi Jessica, I have this asteroid at 8 Cap. I’m feeling a bit at the brink but of what I’m not sure. Also, some owls have taken up residence near us and I hear them day and night. I’m feeling very drawn to them, protective, and wish I could protect them somehow. Not very realistic but it makes me wonder about Minerva and if she is at work in our lives right now. Thank you.

    1. You were born with Minerva in Aquarius and the Node just moved there, so the owls are reminding you that by 2018 it is time to use your wisdom about groups, clubs, teams, and other networks of friends. Actually Minerva will have more of an impact than anything at 8 Capricorn.

  48. Hi Jessica, Thank you for such a great article. Somehow, your way with words makes me reflect a lot on the realities in my life. I have Aesculapia in Libra. I am basically a Sun in Scorpio with stelliums in Sag, Libra and Cap (in that order of increasing factors). I am beginning to see the benefits of Jupiter in Libra leading up to Jupiter in Scorpio this year which you have me all excited about !!! Any idea on how my Aesculapia in Libra ties into all this ? I have close Libra relatives and always attract indecisive Librans who find my strong Scorp side to be very comforting. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to take an online course with you. I would specifically be interested in learning about how astrology indirectly affects fashion trends (since that’s my line of work). That would be way cool. Thanks a ton. – Sanam

    1. Sanam, if you want to take an online course it’s a good idea to get on board with Premium Membership, as you will need about a year of practise/reading to be ready when I start this in 2019. Jupiter crossing your Sun will give you an opportunity to shine with finance, business, property or charity not possible in 12 years so enjoy it. Yes, fashion trends will be part of the online course too – I’ve worked for Vogue so it’s been on my radar.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your wonderful horoscopes. I am going through a possible end to my marriage, is there any hope of returning from the brink or “point of no return. My monthly horoscope was all about love. I have:
    23° Scorpio 46′ 01″
    20° Cancer 15′ 54″
    14° Virgo 48′ 11″
    11° Libra 01′ 14”

    Thank you!

    1. You would have an opportunity to return to an old financial/property arrangement with your partner when Jupiter crosses Aesculapia next year at 23 Scorpio. You would have a fair idea of where you stand across October, November this year as Jupiter changes signs to this zone of your chart bringing open doors – and the Sun begins to move across that spot too.

  50. Hi Jessica, thanks for another interesting article. My Aesculapia is at 15*Libra. How does this affect me?
    Appreciate your insight!

    1. It’s very simple. Relationships with former, current or potential partners always come back – just when you think they’re over. It’s the same for enemies, rivals, opponents. Nothing ever really ends, even if takes years.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    I love reading your work! I have:

    19° Aries 16′ 59″ R
    08° Aries 10′ 38″ R

    What does this mean for me?

    Thank you xx

    1. Thank you.Those two are in Aries in your First House of ‘Me’ so your title, reputation, wardrobe, body/appearance and general ‘front’ in life does quite a lot of work for you. It is where you see what you can get away with. It is also where you revive old looks, old titles or names/nicknames and the old you never quite goes away.

  52. I do not understand that answer. I am 78 and retired . I paint for my own pleasure not as a career so is that all these placements mean?

  53. Thank you for your insightful article. I have just discovered that Aesculapia is at 14 degrees Leo in my birth chart though I am not sure what that means for me.

    I wondered if you used the progressed natal Sun at all – approximately one degree per year. I had a difficult few years when it hit a natal Pluto/Saturn conjunction in my birth chart but then there was a major revival in my life. In fact I met a Tibetan Buddhist Master for the first time and began to have visions of a previous life in Tibet.

    I am reliably informed this usually only happens when circumstances in this life are or have been difficult. However the meeting also coincided with the progressed sun hitting Aesculapia so my question is: do you think Aesculapia could be responsible for triggering memories from previous incarnations/past lives?

    1. Thank you. Aesculapia in Leo in your Fifth House means the love affairs or the intensely sexual/romantic phase of a partnership – never quite die. You can go back to old flames or revive a flagging marriage, for example. I don’t use progressions I’m sorry.

      1. Fascinating.

        Sexual bliss is the same as the bliss experienced in near death experiences and in deeper levels of meditation. It can never die, even if submerged for a while.

  54. Dear Jessica

    This is such an interesting article – along with this week’s horoscope. Thank you for the depth of your insights.

    I have Aesculapia at 1 Libra. I also have Venus and Diana in Libra at different degrees and am just having to deal with a relationship that may be breaking. This is such a sad time – when I thought the underlying friendship would last but I think I have been deluding myself. Is Neptune somewhere in this mix??!

    As an aside I don’t understand houses! I have followed astrology since the age of ten – and this is still my Achilles heel!

    Any guidance you can provide on this would be helpful. Apologies for the delay.

    Thank you

    H x

    1. Thank you H. You have Bacchus at Libra too, quite late in the sign, and Jupiter will conjunct Bacchus as he ends the cycle in Libra, across September-October. That’s hugely enjoyable so you will either have some genuine fun (believe it or not) with a new lover or find you have one of those classic ‘long goodbye’ good times. Houses are a choice in astrology. They all work, just as all different languages work. I use the Natural House system which puts Aries 0 on the first house cusp – so your Libran stellium ends up in your Seventh House which describes your past, present and potential partner. It may make sense when you realise you go down both paths in love. Venus wanted mad romance, even if it was complicated. Diana wanted to be free – no marriage, no children – but she had a lover who she visited while he was asleep! I suspect you will end up exactly where you want to end up, at least by October.

      1. Thank you Jessica!

        I look forward to the fun 🙂

        Well, yes Venus and Diana – what a conflict. That is me; I cannot be in a relationship where I feel suffocated! Diana’s antics – very interesting. I’m not saying any more!

        Ah bring on October – it has been a long wait!

        Thank you so much
        H x

  55. Hi Jessica, Loved this article and the last one about Cancer. I love all of your articles actually. I have Aescalapia at 24 Aquarius, MC at 13 Aquarius and Salacia here too. I have Diana at 26 Cancer Sun 26 Capricorn Moon 2 Cancer, Jupiter, Venus, Bacchus & Mercury all in Capricorn. The last few years Saturn transit through Scorpio was horrid, and I have still not been able to move past it emotionally. Well will this group issue be likely to improve – or should I give up and move on? When we married he agreed that we would move and forge our own lives. 15 years later, we’re still here – his family have a huge influence (he is Cancer Rising & his mum is also a December born Capricorn). Uranus has made me very restless, and if it wasn’t for my children and my beliefs about commitment, I think I would have left two years ago when things were at there worst. Hard when I live in a small country town that my husband is unlikely to move from. Your usually correct insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. You sound as if you are going through something major, here, so we would expect an outer planet transit to be playing a part, because they take so long to travel through your chart – and their patterns are once-in-a-lifetime things. You have Pluto going through Capricorn very slowly and this rules your Tenth House of position, status, role, ambition, mission and so on. I see that this sign turns up elsewhere – his mother – and so I would not be surprised to hear you making your mind up now through 2020 as Saturn goes over Capricorn and then Jupiter (the solution). A lot of this for you is tied up with your highest hopes for your own place in the world – being a mother is a huge job – but there are other goals too. Christmas of any year, now through 2020 will crystallise all this for you as the Sun also moves through Capricorn. You would have to suspect that the situation with his mother and her life will cross over yours.

  56. So, Aesculapia in 12th house means repeated patterns where secrets you assumed dead returns. But in Aries, how it macht? Hiden drives return? Something like this? Thank you!

    1. You have Aesculapia in Aries, so in the First House (Natural House System) and you have lifetime patterns of reviving your reputation, bringing old clothes/hairstyles/glasses/photographs/portraits back from the brink, and even old nicknames may come back to you.

  57. Elaine
    July 6, 2017 at 9:07 am | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi Jessica,

    I read your two other replies above re having Aesculapia in Scorpio (mine’s @ 14º 53′). Re 8th House matters, is there a way to tell from my birth chart whether in my case this would have to do solely with money or property belonging to others/or held jointly or whether perhaps it might relate to other 8th House areas such as sex, endings, things to be discarded, surgery, prizes, and/or inheritances? I noted your mentioning Jupiter’s transit to that area (for me that would be from Dec. 15 – 26, -5:00 GMT) and was wondering with my Diana @ 16º 29′ of Aquarius (approx. 36′ over the 1º orb that you use regarding my Aesculapia’s placement), “if” my Diana was square to my Aesculapia, how that might influence this upcoming Jupiter-Aesculapia conjunction? Is there anything else currently going on in my birth chart that I should be taking note of? — Thank you very much, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. The Eighth House (Scorpio) does rule sex, and inheritance, but I am not sure where you found the information about surgery and prizes! Of course with Aesculapia here, you would see a lifetime pattern of money, houses, apartments, business and possessions coming back into your life even if you had assumed they were virtually history for you. Jupiter in Scorpio from October this year is a beneficial opportunity to gain from who/what comes back from the point of no return, financially. The square won’t really have much of an impact.

  58. Hi Jessica, I still have no idea how to understand my birth chart haha! What does the above mean for me? My birthday is on the 6-Jul-1990 at 12:30 (52.486243,-1.890401).

    I keep having this overpowering feeling that I will be offered a job abroad very soon, I don’t know why as right now my job situation isn’t great and I have been struggling with unemployment and short-term work for a long time but am trying to make it into tv presenting.

    Thank you,


    1. Kate, this isn’t really about your job at all, but your employment situation will settle down after May 2018 – from that point you will be involved with a group project which gives you a lot of freedom. Longer-term everything you experienced professionally since 2011 will be just a memory as you are able to commit to a line of work which is an escape from reality – so perhaps television is right – it certainly won’t be ordinary and it will keep you occupied for many years. In fact your ultimate profession will be like a holiday from the real world.

    1. Friendships never end, groups never end – individual friends may come back from the brink, or point of no return – and so you see regular miracles occurring. In Rome they went to Aesculapia for miracles.

  59. So what does my Aseculapia said about me? I am still new to the site and cannot really understand why there is a discrepancy on my ascendent with other sites and I wonder its significant.

    1. Could you let me know the issue with your Ascendant or Rising Sign, please. What zodiac sign and degree are you seeing from other astrology websites? Thank you.

  60. Hello~
    I have Aries in Aseculapia in the eighth house as I have Aries on the cusp of the eighth. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I searched and cannot find any helpful information regarding this placement.

    thank you

    1. You have Mars at 3 Leo opposite Saturn, almost exactly, at 4 Aquarius. This is a bigger deal than Aesculapia in Aries, though they are similar. Mars is about action, conflict and this planet also rules Aries. Clashing with Saturn, there are lifetime patterns about dispute and resolution. Maybe you instantly recognise that. Your lifetime patterns are like a one-woman U.N. peacekeeping force! Aquarius rules groups so it’s always going to be about the circle of friends, the society, team, club, association, band, political party and so on. Something to learn (Saturn) is why you attract these quite dicey situations (sometimes the family is the group, or the share household is the group) and what you can do to change the picture, because this does take up rather a lot of time and energy, no matter if you are fixing the issues, or have contributed to, or created the issues, so it gives you a dramatic role (Leo) in the unfolding action. Phew, lots to think about there, Iola.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Hope the Melbourne workshop went really well this weekend and fun and passion in the stars was had by all!

    When I read this article I had another ‘ah ha’ moment as frequently your articles, especially the ones which most closely resonate with our own charts, truly help us to better understand ourselves.

    In my case I discovered that my Aesculapia is in my birth sign of Sagittarius (7 factors), Hygeia is in Virgo (4 factors) and Panacea is in Gemini (5 factors). So I am laughing as I work in health in a role that includes a lot of communication and often teaching, and I have a passionate interest in factors assisting disease prevention, and quality and safety and continuous improvement.

    The online course is a fantastic idea but I am conflicted with timing as I am hoping to focus on further work related study in 2018-19. Hopefully the courses might become a regular event. We learn so much from your articles but there is so much to learn and understand.

    Thank you so much for inspiring and guiding us.

    Kindest regards,

    1. Thank you Patricia. The Melbourne Tarot workshops were wonderful – actually, unforgettable. I will be teaching permanently from 2019 so sooner or later, we can discuss. The message with your Sagittarius-Gemini factors over the next 12 months is that the worldwide web can be an uncertain place. The clue is in the logo WWW and we have some strong action in Aquarius the water-bearer (the glyph is WWW) which suggests you will need to rethink how you use the internet. You may want to rebuild your life online, or just try something different, or even move right away from the web. Gemini-Sagittarius is very much about communication online and so that Node transit in Aquarius in particular seems likely to make you think harder about the way it all works for you. Especially in groups – the tribes you like, or belong to, on social media – for example. I do feel you need to rethink your place in the world. Your part of the map. Your region, and other regions of where you live – perhaps ultimately extending overseas. It’s also going to teach you (over 12 months) so much about other people’s heritage, background, nationality, roots and so on. Much as we’d love to think we are all the same, Saturn in Sagittarius tells us – we’re not. So you might gain from doing some homework about the way those around you think/feel, as a direct result of their heritage. Remember Gemini-Sagittarius is the communication control tower of the world. You are part of that. If you need to rebuild, then we all will. It will work! Or – if you need to create a totally different paradigm – that will also be an amazing achievement.

      1. Thanks Jessica,

        I am delighted Melbourne was a great success.

        You are as usual so incredibly accurate. I have already started to question and withdraw from my online presence socially. And if I was to be accepted into the course of future study it would include overseas travel. I have travelled quite a bit and lived in difference places and it is becoming more difficult to settle these days!

        I really appreciate your advice.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    Are the 22 degree placements in my chart linked with Aesculapia, or is Apollo at 21 more relevant? Trying to read better my own chart, rather than bother you all the time Jessica! Ta

  63. Hi Jessica. I have Aesculapia at 01 degrees Gemini 42′ 24″. Please tell what this means for me.
    Also, I am so glad I found your site! Great articles. I am just beginning to learn. Please be patient with me, as I may have more questions.


    1. Thank you Carol. Aesculapia in Gemini is in your Third House, which rules the internet, multimedia, education, publishing and all forms of communication. If you know that Aesculapia is about people/situations coming back from the brink, then you have a lifetime of projects or plans which are never over – they always come back. You may also find phones and computers come back too!

  64. Hi Jessica,

    Interesting article. I have Aesculapia at 00° Cancer 25′ 42″ R and I’m Cancer rising at 00 as well (Capricorn sun) Cancer rules my first house, the only other thing I have there is the north node (at 11) I’d love to know what these means.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Thank you. Cancer rules your Fourth House, using the Natural House system, Anna. Aesculapia and the North Node, and your Ascendant all in the Fourth House make a stellium – three or more factors in one place, in the same sign. You will have a chain of karmic choices across your lifetime, whereby your family dictates your school/career future, then your school/career situation dictates your home, and so on. Round and round. Her Majesty the Queen has a Cancer emphasis in her chart too. She was born into a family which dictated her job. Sometimes you have to go back a generation or two.

  65. Hello,
    Thank you for the always incredibly interesting articles and information you send out! Can you give any insight on Aesculapia in my chart at 7 scorpio, perhaps? Actually, Ive been curious about Scorpio as a whole in my chart- as you can see its a significant stellium with Diana, Apollo, Jupiter, Ceres, and Ops all there with him. I know stelliums are big parts of one’s personality (right?), and I don’t seem to fully under stand what all these placements may be saying about my Scorpio side. I have had an extremely trying two years with my career and ambitions, and with Jupiter coming to this part of my chart- any insight is always greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all that you do.

    1. You have the Sun in Aquarius square Ceres in Scorpio by one degree. Every time there is a transit through Taurus (in the case of the Moon, once a month) you end up with a T-Square which can keep you stuck or dangling in your life. There is the potential for you to make a really solid life with property, business and lifestyle growth in general but you are going to have to put tons of effort in to become proactive and make it happen. When people are stuck it is usually because they can’t reconcile different parts of themselves and their lives. On the plus side, the more you dangle, the more spiritually enlightened you become. This is the chart of a yoga person. But it’s the chart of a yoga person who needs to realise how much there is to gain from Scorpio activities – really working property/financial potential to make the family tree stronger. Because you can pass on the benefits to other branches and leaves on the tree.

  66. I have 3,380 people waiting for a reply in the Comments section and I answer questions when I can. So I am answering yours. That’s the reason. You don’t have a computer problem. The queue moves on every hour. If you want a guaranteed answer to your questions then please wait list for a 2019 personal horoscope (the 2018 list is booked out) and then you can be part of 12 annual monthly forums.

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